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Open file (1.16 MB 1764x1080 a4.png)
Film Stills Anonymous 09/28/2021 (Tue) 06:30:15 No.2012
and lightweight gifs
Lyrisch nitraat
Open file (102.08 KB 1920x1080 bogus.png)
Open file (383.74 KB 720x416 i don't care.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 1280x720 375dg7.png)
Open file (519.28 KB 1024x552 6r5f9d.png)
Io la conoscevo bene
Open file (427.92 KB 400x222 unknown.gif)
Maybe I've posted this before, but it's amazing to me how the source of this gif has been so hard to track down!
I swear we had a stills thread. Was it back on 8ch?
Open file (643.76 KB 420x280 break.gif)
>>2025 >archive.org Wow! Thank you so much, that thread was one of my favorites, I thought it was gone forever...
Open file (144.08 KB 960x951 doge.jpg)
>>2025 >8chan was 2 years ago already
Open file (231.15 KB 656x432 X0aPLE1.png)
Open file (145.22 KB 764x592 5fd55c411952099.png)
Open file (536.92 KB 720x545 94b40d238443685.png)
Open file (367.38 KB 704x514 6d4cf7295086156.png)
Open file (486.29 KB 720x534 6b9d05187568289.png)
>>2049 So good
Open file (31.21 KB 636x480 LqTCfwP.jpg)
Open file (41.70 KB 632x480 XgrjNzp.jpg)
Open file (34.14 KB 640x480 p0dZDGE.jpg)
Open file (410.07 KB 708x540 BikHHkI.png)
Open file (508.56 KB 688x531 RvJucSk.jpg.png)
The Golden Boat
Open file (376.56 KB 827x458 lgcs1.png)
Open file (413.10 KB 827x458 lgcs2.png)
Open file (388.16 KB 827x458 lgcs3.png)
Open file (358.29 KB 827x458 lgcs4.png)
Open file (346.64 KB 827x458 lgcs5.png)
Li gui chan shen
Open file (196.13 KB 1440x1080 feeler1.jpg)
Open file (62.31 KB 1440x1080 feeler2.jpg)
Open file (104.94 KB 1440x1080 feeler3.jpg)
Open file (78.78 KB 1440x1080 feeler5.jpg)
Open file (104.36 KB 1443x1079 feeler7.jpg)
Open file (340.51 KB 1420x1080 whale7.jpg)
Open file (289.43 KB 1420x1080 whale10.jpg)
Open file (277.58 KB 1420x1080 whale3.jpg)
Open file (153.89 KB 1420x1080 whale9.jpg)
Open file (340.70 KB 1420x1080 whale13.jpg)
Open file (647.69 KB 1420x1080 whale2.jpg)
Open file (249.44 KB 1420x1080 whale12.jpg)
Open file (349.45 KB 1420x1080 whale11.jpg)
Open file (297.53 KB 1420x1080 whale5.jpg)
Open file (459.78 KB 1420x1080 whale1.jpg)
Open file (342.10 KB 384x288 À propos de Nice.gif)
Open file (2.68 MB 500x375 garden of allah.gif)
Open file (1.25 MB 365x158 kanto wanderer.gif)
Open file (2.54 MB 500x375 furies.gif)
Open file (1.88 MB 365x274 bugambilia.gif)
Open file (31.74 KB 1800x1080 azor2.jpg)
Open file (288.88 KB 1800x1080 azor9.jpg)
Open file (182.34 KB 1800x1080 azor20.jpg)
Open file (105.46 KB 1800x1080 azor13.jpg)
Open file (249.88 KB 1800x1080 azor17.jpg)
Open file (198.73 KB 1800x1080 azor11.jpg)
Open file (236.51 KB 1800x1080 azor8.jpg)
Open file (205.56 KB 1800x1080 azor19.jpg)
Open file (148.39 KB 1800x1080 azor5.jpg)
Open file (169.38 KB 1800x1080 azor14.jpg)
I want to read the stuff i said i would but i keep procrastinating and finding myself with jobby jobs to subsist. Still here's some old stills, might've posted them already in the old place but might as well, lost the habit of screencaping. Establishing shot of a french city amidst "resistance", set in 1944 "Outroduction" shot of a man whose normal life "ended" in the Salton sea, set in late 90's/early 00's Introduction shot of an unexplained side character in small town Japan, set in early 00's Freedom/Victory pose shot of protagonist/antagonist in big city Japan, set in late 90's/early 00's
"Artsy" read: narratively unjustified, out of nowhere, random, aesthetic study only, don't know how to call it shot of a drunk inconspicuous tourist in a latin american country, set in mid-00's 2 examples of negotiating characters against a man framed in visual composition to represent what feels to be the wild, the land, a place or a region; latter one even has him dress in national colours. Set in late 80's. Last one is clearly a joke, i said a joke, to parody certain collages made to enlarge certain movies' visual compositions, some done in cherrypicked and bad faith ways to win brownie points in social media due to their famous titles meaning something for some people despite disregarding main art direction or narrative devices used by said movies themselves. In this case an american mainstream comedy movie presented to make it look like a high-budget bitter love story amidst an action-packed context which isn't far off to be fair compared to the actual movie
Open file (376.01 KB 1920x1038 ffh1.jpg)
Open file (219.05 KB 1920x1038 ffh13.jpg)
Open file (131.90 KB 1920x1038 ffh4.jpg)
Open file (185.40 KB 1920x1038 ffh12.jpg)
Open file (270.72 KB 1920x1038 ffh3.jpg)
I watched this before I knew anything about Douglas Sirk. I barely remember it so I wonder if how it compares.
Open file (105.76 KB 1920x1038 ffh5.jpg)
Open file (232.42 KB 1920x1038 ffh9.jpg)
Open file (181.53 KB 1920x1038 ffh10.jpg)
Open file (319.30 KB 1920x1038 ffh97.jpg)
Open file (137.72 KB 1920x1038 ffh8.jpg)
Open file (5.03 MB 720x525 qW6LIPv.gif)
Brilliant gif from atomicamish
Open file (31.54 KB 1440x1080 ts1.jpg)
Open file (218.85 KB 1440x1080 ts2.jpg)
Open file (183.52 KB 1440x1080 ts16.jpg)
Open file (217.57 KB 1440x1080 ts6.jpg)
Open file (214.45 KB 1440x1080 ts9.jpg)
Open file (157.41 KB 1440x1080 a13.jpg)
Open file (180.08 KB 1440x1080 ts10.jpg)
Open file (193.75 KB 1440x1080 ts5.jpg)
Open file (153.51 KB 1440x1080 ts11.jpg)
Open file (193.32 KB 1440x1080 ts19.jpg)
Open file (76.25 KB 960x540 Rodeo1.jpg)
Open file (69.81 KB 960x540 Rodeo6.jpg)
Open file (122.04 KB 960x540 Rodeo10.jpg)
Open file (111.43 KB 960x540 Rodeo8.jpg)
Open file (109.33 KB 960x540 Rodeo2.jpg)
Open file (105.10 KB 960x540 Rodeo9.jpg)
Open file (121.48 KB 960x540 Rodeo3.jpg)
Open file (82.13 KB 960x540 Rodeo12.jpg)
Open file (83.90 KB 960x540 Rodeo7.jpg)
Open file (101.48 KB 960x540 Rodeo13.jpg)
>>2918 Names of first three? I recognize Cranes are flying
Open file (183.61 KB 1920x1036 01.jpg)
Open file (40.22 KB 560x416 02.jpg)
Open file (76.85 KB 956x576 03.jpg)
Open file (761.73 KB 1472x2213 napoleon frederick.jpg)
Napoleon at the Tomb of Frederick the Great painting vs film
Open file (283.23 KB 1920x1032 sacco1.jpg)
Open file (430.80 KB 1920x1032 sacco4.jpg)
Open file (218.91 KB 1920x1032 sacco8.jpg)
Open file (187.13 KB 1920x1032 sacco6.jpg)
Open file (340.52 KB 1920x1032 sacco22.jpg)
Have any of you guys seen this? I only found out about these two Ellis Island subversives recently. Now I see there's a movie about them (probably very sympathetic). Maybe the anti-communist scenes are good though.
>>3051 The same director made a movie about the Italian invasion of Ethiopia starring Nicholas Cage! I don't know why I never heard of this before.

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