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Cool, mysterious white male protagonist Anonymous 08/02/2021 (Mon) 17:48:32 No.1831
Because cinema needs this type of character. All suggestions are welcome.
Open file (148.96 KB 1920x1080 259.jpg)
Open file (609.04 KB 1200x600 17.37.39.png)
>>1831 >Clint Eastwood Jew >>1832 >>1835 OP was asking for white male protagonists, not cryptojews.
>>1841 fuck off back to /pol/, kid
Thank y'all for recommend. I guess I should have a look through Alain Delon filmography, he surely plays this type of character often. The Western genre also has a lot of examples but I'm not too keen, since Western plots can be quite repetitive. Anyone has more suggestions, just throw in, thanks.
>>1843 How is stating the obvious, in this case, even remotely political or related to /pol/ in any way? The thread and its subject are more stupid than anything else and far more suited to /pol/ than my comment. It's not exactly revolutionary or controversial to state that most people in hollywood are jews. >>1844 Are you actually thanking anons for recommending gatsby and batman? Your taste is shit.
Open file (272.11 KB 976x1477 redscop.jpg)
>>1843 OP asked for white leads, so a jew according to tons of genetic studies should not be counted. What's wrong with that? is being on-topic "/pol/"? if so then /b/ would be more up your taste, bud. >>1844 Do Dolph Lundgren movies count? you can hardly go whiter than him and writers rarely script a coherent backstory for his characters so he ends up being "mysterious" or unexplained by default. But because you didn't say "good" movies i will therefor recommend the Dolph.
Open file (263.81 KB 547x1000 8027156501_d0d3485e11_b.jpg)
Open file (188.26 KB 1280x720 image-w1280.jpg)
>>1845 >Are you actually thanking anons for recommending gatsby and batman? I was being polite >>1848 >writers rarely script a coherent backstory for his characters so he ends up being "mysterious" or unexplained Kek this is right, happens a lot in B-movies. I still enjoy them for what they are, so thanks. I also found out about the 1987 original version of Man on Fire, starring Scott Glenn as a former CIA agent who goes rogue when the girl he protects is kidnapped. A 1-star review on Letterboxd said: "This version has a painful and lengthy build-up, but when stuff is supposed to start happening, very little still happens and director √Člie Chouraqui still thinks he's directing a fucking French New Wave film or something." Looks like fun.
>>1845 >>1848 fuck off back to /pol/, kid
>>1841 None of those people are Jewish. You should get checked out for schizophrenia. >>1845 >It's not exactly revolutionary or controversial to state that most people in hollywood are jews. >most people in hollywood are jews >most people Yes, it is. Jews being overrepresented in Hollywood doesn't mean that most people are Jews. Put down the crack pipe.
>>1888 >>1889 >JIDF in a noble obscure forum like this At least contribute to the thread like they did
Open file (16.72 KB 600x600 1532292011684.png)
>>1890 >muh JIDF You're going to have to try harder than that.
>>1890 It's over cafe bros, only hipsters frequent these off-shoot boards now
Delon kinos are so comfy
>>1893 >it's over It's over, only cuckchan posts these """"off shoot""" boards now.
Open file (107.88 KB 667x1000 obligatory.jpg)
>Travis Bickle's wasn't a Vietnam War veteran at all, and his behavior could indicate a man so disturbed, that he chose a war veteran look as a way to somehow connect to the post-war society
This was awesome. Mann, Friedkin and Hill have some cool dashing male antiheroes.
Open file (38.07 KB 315x474 450_1000.jpg)
>>2056 I considered Hill movies a lot but i didn't really consider The Driver as "cool", if anything he seems to be a barely functioning human who is very capable at driving but a massive sore thumb when meeting other people who are not drivers. The Streetfighter is also great but the two main protags are a mountain crimean tatar and a trigueno (amerindian with strong caucasian features), so maybe OP would've not considered them, and in The Warriors it's more about the gang than Swan himself, and the gang is full of ghetto dwellers and african-americans pretending to be injuns. Would've rec'd Extreme Prejudice but i haven't seen it, it's supposedly one of Nolte's best. Hill really is an interesting subject to watch, his early 3 movies (4 if you count Alien) are some of the best pure action stuff in the 70's but he simply was ignored other than the pervasive word-of-mouth of avid cinema goers and the japanese market.
>>2057 What Streetfighter are you talking about? People with Caucasian features might be alright lol.
Open file (1.15 MB 1000x1500 luchador.jpg)
>>2059 The Streetfighter from 1975, Hill's first movie as director. Starring good ol' Charly Bronson and James Coburn, the former acting as a mysterious, wandering stone-fisted brawler and the latter as a talkative pimp-like promoter. It's in my opinion as good as The Driver but different due to aesthetics of the era and protagonist dynamic, Driver had the guy and the investigator going head to head to see who would win the bet of holding the money while Streetfighter has both being on the same team dealing with their careers and personal lives. Also known as Hard Times, you might've seen it already but it's still worthwhile to mention due to their script being very similar but ending with considerably different movies, does speak high of Hill's abilities that both came out pretty good even when he considers them to be part of his not-good section from his career. A strange fellow, he rarely thinks his best movies are good and gets frustrated when the trashy ones get trashed.
>>2060 Ah I know about this one as Hard Times, haven't watched it though. Thanks for reviewing it here. A modern worthy mention is Olivier Marchal, a French director who's made a few gritty crime movies and TV show (Braquo) which I enjoy a lot. They remind me of 1970's cop movies with dark aesthetics, characters crossing the lines and overall cynicism. They're also fucking based and not (yet) succumb to woke politics (Carbone even has some Jew jokes, if you want to look for that). I'm really look forward to whatever he will put out.
Open file (25.66 KB 270x369 Mesrine_2008_poster.jpg)
>>2061 >Les Lyonnais I've been throwing that one in my backlog for, not gonna lie, almost 10 years now along with Mesrine. It has a donmeh as a protagonist (Karyo) but i like his acting from the 90's and i still think he's one of the most underused actors ever in a James Bond movie, a series famously known for either not using their actors at their full capacity or by trying to squeeze blood out of stones with some others. Speaking of Mesrine, the guy is not that mysterious at all but might fit into the cool white dude scheme with his 4-hour movie from 2008, supposedly pretty good but also on my the backburner for who knows how long, some anon recommended it to me one of the first times i posted in /tv/ around the movie's original run.
>>2062 Mesrine has been in my backlog for years too (damn, time flies). Speaking of French gangster movies, Cedric Jimenez made La French about the French heroin connection which is pretty cool. His new film BAC Nord is about cops in melting pot Marseille dealing with criminals who happen to be PoC acting like apes. I should change the thread into "cool white male protagonist" instead lol, macho men in mature genre movies.
>>1892 >>1893 Cuckchan spotted.
Open file (15.60 KB 255x234 1629944387738.jpg)
>>2200 >still has no argument months later
>>2201 >everybody who disagrees with me is the same person >bumps thread even when discussion is off-topic >another halfchan filename Cuckchan spotted.
Open file (1.19 MB 750x920 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.08 MB 1486x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.71 MB 1173x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (612.48 KB 580x859 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2206 >rambling about jews/JIDF isn't off topic and cuckchan behavior >unix timestamps are cuckchan Your (sub-80 IQ) brain on cuckchan /pol/.
>>1888 Fuck off back to your hasbara fellowship kike lol. You will never be White
>>2234 Your influence is peaking jew. Your people will not survive in the long term :) the great gathering of jews has already begun

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