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/film/ Meta Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 12:13:48 No.1
Is this our home now?
Edited last time by 11811 on 09/14/2020 (Mon) 06:12:37.
Our board is now working at https://spqrchan.xyz/film/ and bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/film Julay fallback information (save locally): https://spqrchan.xyz/.static/fallback.txt
Open file (1.55 MB 1912x800 m92b26.png)
Julay is down for maintenance!
Change is complete down at Julay but where the hell is /film/?
It looks like a whimsical decision to exclude our board with no explanation
>>6 Fucking hell, no wonder someone posted we should back the board if something happened. I didn't because i doubted, at least i have material to post a thread i always wanted to do but this sucks anyway. Still, knowing those guys they should at least have an old archive from a couple months ago.
>>6 >not expecting tricks from Rabbi Lol
>>8 At this point everyone has dirt on their shoes other than maybe the guys here.
Open file (2.31 KB 750x14 bords.png)
>>8 >>11 Looks like it's only a mata of time.
Open file (181.59 KB 875x354 truedat.png)
>>12 Ok cool. Here's that cryptic message btw.
>>13 It seems our clairvoyant friend was half right and the admin forgot to back the place up, he has all the posts but not the files itself. Things can be reverted if everyone posts the files as he has written a special script for it but that seems like a ton of files, not to mention if we all still have them and we are all in the same spot. What's your move, inconnu BO?
>>14 We can try to restore the board and see how it goes. I'm not a big fan of the new URL though. For backup I was stupidly focused on trying to learn python so I could get the multiscraper to work, but if I ran HTTrack instead we'd have no problems.
>>16 >I'm not a big fan of the new URL though. Me neither although it was a smart move from their part, they have been pestered and given the responsibility of being the main hub of the webring while in reality they were just a small group of people trolling some e-celebs into oblivion. The name change and refocus simply reflects their original vision; it also does casts their silly nature, they originally weren't going to keep certain boards yet they did, while confirmed ones did not (our case here is one of them). Their help has been appreciated at least from my part, but that one is a pants-on-head move. I can go for it, but i feel some may want it here? I don't know if you are a greek democratic type of fellow but i guess we can also do a vote, and we can post one of the files we uploaded there as proof of nativity to avoid foreign meddling. Just an idea tho, i'll go for what you decide.
>>16 >>17 Robi fucked up with this one but now that everything has been moved I don't see any changes for julay in the foreseeable future. So I'd rather we stayed there than try and redo the board from scratch a fucking gain. Not to mention I know nothing about anon.cafe and have zero confidence that it will be around even for a year. With julay you at least know it's not going down one day with no explanation.
>>18 I don't mind staying here. Or bugging Mark to make a /film/ on his site
>>19 >Or bugging Mark to make a /film/ on his site Why don't you go back to cuckchan at this point you absolute faggot.
>>20 Aside from the /a/ bunker his shit seems to be the only thing that can last longer then a couple months Unless you want to make your own site and see how long that lasts
>>18 >again BO can pass the threads here but they will very probably be without images and videos. In terms of written archives it's a safe bet, but threads like the screencaps and webm ones would be def need to be redone. >I know nothing about anon.cafe and have zero confidence that it will be around even for a year. It's been around since October i think, the owner(s) are widely seen as the only true neutrals of this whole webring affair and hasn't been attacked in months, the only one who did was the dolphin guy and he basically did it once to every board except 8moe. >With julay you at least know it's not going down one day with no explanation. It's been down without explanation twice although it recovered from both of those, and Julay currently doesn't exists anymore as we knew it, it's a niche site now with the few off-shot boards being owned by inner circle members themselves. I also don't see any dramatic changes for them in the future, they adopted probably their final form although they still have a few enemies out there. >>19 >bugging Mark to make a /film/ on his site Might as well burn a children's hospital while you are at it. If you don't know why then i will try to quickly recap it by mentioning the current state: Their owners/investors are well-known individuals who certainly like the attention, they have notorious stories with federal authorities in the U.S. and their actions as posters have reached widespread disdain in many communities (and their followers/ex-followers carry the stigma of their names). I can go further but that alone makes it questionable, Julay has its detractors in the form of small groups of people (not anons as they already outed themselves with identities) but 8moe has entire webrings as antagonists. Now in my opinion i think at some point Anon.Cafe in the mid to long future will grow a bit but unload itself from a bunch of boards (it's currently the big cheese while months ago it was one of the smallest) due to server size, yet the original concept is a relaxed/artistic environment focused on quality. If said discharge was to happen /film/ would thematically be one of the safe bets so no worries if a transition was made. A-Log Space (inside joke for Asshole) seems to be also a safe bet at this point, although they clearly didn't remember the board existed they seem to be quick on repairing any wrongdoing, thematically speaking it does seem out of place now that their /mu/ and /vg/ refugee camp are dead on the water. By thematic i mean user culture/overboard interactions. If Anon.Cafe were to discharge /film/ it would be only on the grounds of data storage savings, in which case /p/ would also get the nip due to high-size images, /f/ with their files and probably /loomis/ if they start uploading pngs and pdfs, that's a new site in itself and (i insist) probably the core users this place envisions to keep. Both ALogSpace and AnonCafe are decent places but my vote would be this site, not exactly because it's the centralized meeting area but because it's the gathering point for many specific users with similar interests, those being the visual arts.
Open file (61.45 KB 1007x1285 ded.png)
>>21 Go fuck yourself, Mark. Nobody is going to your dead shithole.
>>22 >It's been down without explanation twice although I meant permanently. >>22 >not exactly because it's the centralized meeting area but because it's the gathering point for many specific users with similar interests, those being the visual arts. Nah, it's becoming the new julay and will burst in the exact same manner. Staying on a now small and niche site like julay2 is way better in my opinion. At this point any site larger than 5-7 boards accepting news boards is pretty much doomed.
>>24 >burst in the exact same manner Don't doubt it, but so far nobody has found an excuse to attack it. I don't know if it is due to romanian hosts but so far it's working. >Staying on a now small and niche site like julay2 is way better in my opinion. That's true, although i still have my reservations with their little war against the former /int/ guys. >any site larger than 5-7 boards accepting news boards is pretty much doomed. The trick here is that AnonCafe so far doesn't seem to be accepting anybody new since a while ago, but still it's somewhat bloated by now. If somehow they link all the thumbnails successfully back there all of this would be just a hypothetical matter i think, it would be business as usual although i kick myself for not saving those webms. >>21 >Aside from the /a/ bunker his shit seems to be the only thing that can last longer then a couple months This place and /tv/'s site are stable enough in terms of tech, but the ogrelord at TVch did get his shit glowed hard recently, not to mention moving there would be a completely suicidal move. Mark is a dude who can legitimately get killed at any time if someone recognizes him on the street, and his arms vendor associate/drama lover is someone who hardly inspires confidence so i don't think anybody will take that option seriously, no offense to you here of course, just stating what i feel and see from the rest.
I emailed admin @ theguntretort.com two days ago, no response, but I'll try to get his attention later. I'm not opposed to moving here since it's a better thematic fit, but we should also move relevant threads. Like I said, I was trying to get multiscraper to work, originally planning to mirror threads from 8chan. Since I'm not well-versed in python, mongoDB, mySQL, there's a learning curve for this tool. If you can help speed up the process, drop me a line at film@tutamail.com. https://gitgud.io/rb/MultiScraper/blob/master/IMPLEMENTING.md UPDATE: Today I found Robi on IRC and he said he'd respond to the email. (He still has not responded.) I'm hoping to start testing the scraper this week. It's taken a while just to install and setup the programs needed for it to work, but I've been making progress every night.
Edited last time by 11811 on 08/10/2020 (Mon) 04:53:02.
Open file (237.32 KB 725x525 suspicioustechnician.jpg)
>>26 So, do we wait?
>>27 I finally got control of the other board so I have been focused on that. I just updated the CSS. If you have files from old threads please add them here: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/film/res/1081.html Robi said he's going to write a script to fix the images this week. So I'd like to restore whatever we can.
>>28 Right, i'll see what i saved. Very interested in the board, looking forward to any updates.
I'm pretty close but I'm still working though some errors that prevent me from using it. This has happened every step of the way. I spend 10 minutes installing a big new program, then I get an error the first time I run it. I have to google for solutions until I find something that works. EDIT: Yesterday I finally got to the point where I could run multiscraper. I quickly hit yet another error. I'm not completely sure how this tool is supposed to work, so my next task is to find Robi and ask for guidance. I might not be able to move threads to any board without gaining certain permissions from the site owner. For now I am aiming to backup the board(s) and understand what the tool can do. Then if anyone is still around we can discuss our options.
Edited last time by 11811 on 08/22/2020 (Sat) 01:50:17.
Open file (39.41 KB 803x118 Happening.jpg)
>>30 Welp, pretty shady move from Robi to not tell us in my opinion, a shameful display. We might as well move out at this point Inconnu BO; if you want to migrate threads i think copypasting every post from the old boards, with its respective image, might work faster than scraping them for a tech migration. I'm at disposition to do it, it's just a matter of planning if we are going to merge similar threads, leave some out or copy as in, i dare to say it can be done in a day's work. If everyone/most of us agree, you guys just need to say the word and i can roll.
>>31 Robi would not help me with the script so we're on our own. I made a post here for anyone who's still around. https://alogs.theguntretort.com/film/res/2.html#1150
>>32 Yeah let's move BO.
>>31 Do you have an account here? I can add you as a vol if you want. Too bad there's no way to edit images. We could keep improving threads whenever possible.
>>420 If you want me then sure, i would just correct some mistakes i made for aesthetic reasons (i hit my keyboard because of the [Embed]'s i missed) Might as well doxx myself here account is Lensman, posting extensively i realized the site does lack some stuff i thought it had, there's no pink text, (((posting))) nor embeds so we cannot fully replicate the old style, although i think we can request the pink text stuff as it is an easy tweak. At least we have audio now. What are you going to do with Julay's board after we are finished?
Wait, so the plan was to replace missing images with google search? I'm kinda anal with what images I post so this triggers my autism now.
Open file (58.94 KB 682x512 IU.jpg)
>>444 I tried to search in the Wayback Machine but the site was fairly niche so it didn't save every thread and there's only 2 screencaps from the catalogue in the archive, a recent one and another before christmas. I either don't post one (unless it's an OP, i search anything there) or use one that looks similar to the one i recall from my memory although i might've missed the shot entirely in some cases (i think i did with the Spanish Civil War post). >I'm kinda anal with what images I post Me too so i can understand your frustration, tells us which post is bothering and somebody might unlink the images :^)
>>464 I have the archive of the documentaries and Slav animation threads. https://archive.is/pBUpl https://archive.is/7UoYJ From there I went ahead and re-screencapped all my images, reverse searched images that weren't screencaps and was able to save a slightly larger thumbs of other anon's screencaps. Is it possible to re-import the thread with these put back into place? https://easyupload.io/8nr9mr
Open file (35.53 KB 984x334 1020.jpg)
>>517 >Is it possible to re-import the thread with these put back into place? Well, i am doing it manually post by post like i said i would, i guess i can delete them and try again although in the case of the slav animation i don't think they are that vital to be completely fair. Also can't access that easyupload link bud
>>522 >although in the case of the slav animation i don't think they are that vital to be completely fair Well the OP image is vital and the other one is just 1 pic, might as well add it too. https://workupload.com/file/waKg2CemKbK
>>523 >might as well add it too How? i'm just a random user and as far as i know from the BO tools one can only unlink files or spoil them, cannot add some, edit post just opens the text window. But sure enough, i guess i'll redo it, i'll come back in an hour time for classes
>>524 Well the slav animation thread isn't even here yet, right? I meant add them once you, or whoever, moves the thread.
>>525 >right? >>505, guess i went too fast, same with the docu thread >>249
>>526 Well you can just add it again and BO will delete the previous one. Thankfully we're in no rush so take all the time you need, anon.
By the way, BO, don't forget to make this board public now.
>>428 You're added. Thanks for doing all this work. >What are you going to do with Julay's board after we are finished? I'm going to leave it there unlisted. >>528 I was keeping it private until we're finished restoring threads. Otherwise it could monopolize the overboard with posts from 5 months ago.
>>529 Thanks bud, my pleasure to keep this boat-a-rocking The axis of visual art boards will reign supreme
Nicely done. We're back in business lads.
>>529 >overboard Nobody is using that though.
Is the 8kunt board still around?
>>575 I am offended by this. t. anon.cafe user, just scroll past all the /fascist/ junk and it's fine
>>575 That's silly talk, many are using it hence why /fascist/ gets a lot of flack, they are half the overboard and many are angry at only seeing their discussion, not because they are fascist or anything although they have stopped talking about it to focus on american politics The BO made a good decision to unlist the board, waiting for all to be migrated and avoid taking the other half of the overboard. Also i haven't finished, i apologize profusely as i felt asleep and after waking up stumbled into very bizarre late-night TV programs i've never seen. It's morning now and 9 threads to go.
>>579 >many are using it literally nobody is using it >they are half the overboard nobody cares because nobody is using it
>unironically using the overboard People do this?
>>580 >>581 I use it. It's how I found this thread.
>>577 I think the old requests thread must be indexed by a search engine because all recent posters seem to be new to imageboards. Also 8kun still doesn't work very well. The front page is a week behind, missing a number of new posts.
>>580 >>581 There's at least 3 users here that use it, including an implied outsider. That's enough to justify its existence and awareness of it. >nobody cares because nobody is using it Why are you here?
Open file (29.78 KB 340x240 cptn.jpg)
I think that's that for the dumps, took more than expected because i'm kind of a dummy in terms of concentration, slept more than usual and meddled with some distractions. Left out some threads in the end: >Thread #20, Books on Film, due to lack of essential files >Every thread previously selected from 8kun due to the current availability/archived nature itself Ignore the fact there's no thread 11 >Thread 12 & 17, Film Music and Comment on Last Film Watched This last one is a very tough cookie, it's practically the board's bread & butter yet it has a ton of missing files correspondent to personal screencaps. Recently someone updated that thread with 5 screencaps and 2 webms (one from the excellent The Leopard) along with the OP's image but i personally feel it would be better for every anon to repost their own favorite comments in the upcoming thread, either from enjoyable movies or criticisms they liked to write, so any potential newcomer can feel what the board is like in the personal preference of every individual user. I would also humbly suggest said thread to be pinned (but not cycling). On a quick glance i think if someone makes the next threads we are good to go like nothing happened: >Meta/BO thread (can be this same one re-edited a bit) >Open Thread/Question Box/QTDDTOT >Comment on Last Film Watched >Film OSTs >WebM thread >/film/ Resources The last 4 can be ignited with re-posts so it shouldn't be rocket science, probably, maybe. On a technical note the site's admin said a board's limit is 50 threads, every thread reaches 500 posts until autosage, 1000 posts until lockdown. The CSS theme is a bit rough right now because i recall Anon.Cafe has some differences compared to Julay.World, so Inconnu BO here's a CSS i made time ago so you can inspect it and identify things you might want to change, don't know about CSS so i moved numbers until things shiny. I used /film/'s own CSS as template so thank you for that: https://zerobin.net/?1a9eae9c53029cb5#SjF6ADsUaBDAfmNPx2BVsELMKJdxPXI5Kwxo4X0LmI8= Now i apologize to >>527 anon if i made myself sound harsh, not the intention but still my posts have a tone i don't like so i feel necessary to beg your pardon. To finish, i got vol powers but i shouldn't post identifying as one again until something bad happens, for now i will just edit/fix trivial things anons request from time to time. pls post
Edited last time by Lensman on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 21:27:46.
>>581 Yes. This isn't julay or 8kun where the exponentially busy boards became so large and fast that it makes the overboard worthless. The overboard is useful for finding new or active topics and broadening horizons. It's literally how I found out that /film/ moved here.
>>671 [forgot image]
Open file (4.13 KB 171x46 board_name.png)
Open file (27.33 KB 89x600 FSleft30.png)
Open file (174.17 KB 521x232 filmgrain.png)
>>669 > Anon.Cafe has some differences compared to Julay.World Do you happen to remember those differences? My first gripe is that thumbnails are 56px smaller. Maybe I will upscale them.
>>674 Honestly don't remember very well, images were one for sure, i think the separation between a last post of one thread and the OP of another was also a factor i couldn't find. Others i didn't recall back or were different in Julay were the recaptcha window, report window of individual posts, the bottom strip of the board (under Report/Delete/Moderation tab), catalog and i think the More tab also was different. Took me a while to complete a decent enough version, but so far here seems more than usable. I will tweak it to match the palette and post a version if you like.
>>676 Here's the CSS with some minor tweaks and rules into it, mainly for the buttons and Settings/Moderation/ReCaptcha forms. Will update if i see something weird or if we need something else but other than that it seems to be dandy. >https://zerobin.net/?21f7ab295d4b1fff#Zfp8AKXd8hznssLUAw3StQoxZNhEv7mkHhKDld52AxI= As a sidenote: Can't access the site like i usually do, seems i can only reach here via Tor so probably some users will be forced to take some vacations.
>>696 Thanks, I've been too busy to deal with it. The site has been unreachable often but I don't know why. Testing the mp3 player.
Open file (7.20 KB 480x90 Banner.gif)
So, all in all we probably survived in theory Seems the site was hit by technical issues the same day the migration process began but it's still very much usable... by our normal posting schedules aka every once in a while. To commemorate our seemingly persistence on quality how about some banners? i fixed this puppy just for us :^)
We need some plan to keep /film/ alive.
>>770 Well, just like many other hobby boards, how can we "force" people to post? it's not like they stopped doing what they do, they just don't talk about it.
>>771 It's not about forcing people to post. There are no people. It's about getting people here. We lost a lot of people while moving from 8chan, then lost the rest while staying on julay and moving here. Some moderate shilling campaign needs to be organized.
>>772 >Some moderate shilling campaign needs to be organized. If you guys do it right and subtly enough you can definitely pick up a few users, I bet. That's what I do for my board. It also helps to try to post as much as possible (as long as the posts aren't utterly frivolous)
>>772 >>773 Agreed but it needs to be done very smoothly and choose the poison. We have commodities here, good ones like no sign ups, no PC enforcement and decent file uploading but some people are just thick-headed and might look for something else, so far the share thread and the possible resources one with a big dump are strong too. That might be the poison, next the victim i suppose and i think that's the hard part of this ordeal, where? and then the how. Charts with the board name? video reviews? straight-out posting the board name to potential, singled-out candidates after researching and softening them up?
>>774 The best way to shill is to make a stream to watch some films. Then you can easily shill it across boards together with board name.
>>775 One would think most people here check the webring tab and/or browse the overboard, hence my suspicion they know the board but opt not to post for a variety of reasons (intimidated, nothing to post, don't want to) But still that's a nice idea, it did work for some boards back in the day and with the seemingly more tightly-knitted community here it might do the job again, another the thing is: Could we use that to reach "outsider" communities? I'm all about avoiding open shilling out in the fields but there might exist an open possibility we could fly a banner with it, somehow. Attempts have been made softly, IIRC some anon (maybe the BO) did a letterbox account with the board's name + direction and posted our long reviews from the "recently watched films" thread. I don't know if it worked but that seemed like a great idea.
>>776 >One would think most people here check the webring tab and/or browse the overboard They don't. Unless you're on the webring for a long time it's not something that's immediately apparent to you. And even if they do, there are a lot of boards on the webring. Finding /film/ when it's not in the active boards zone is not so easy. Hence we we need direct approach. >Could we use that to reach "outsider" communities? What do you mean? Outside of the webring? I don't think that's a good idea, that's just asking normalfags to come and stay and it's impossible to get rid of them.
>>778 Fair enough, i used to think my ways were the usual ones but it's clear by now, for me at least after checking many boards' meta threads, people simply don't use all the UI features even if they shine like rainbows. >What do you mean? Posting a stream notice in potential places, say for example /late/ or /comfy/ (/kind/?) and if we get to stream a movie with a specific topic or craft invite even /christian/ (religious movies), /k/ (war stuff) or /retro/ (strong decade-themed movies). Those boards have meta or general threads so we can hypothetically post there without making a thread and potentially shitting their space. Just an idea. >Outside of the webring? I don't think that's a good idea That would be perilous, no way, but sooner or later we might have to do that. Hope we don't reach that point but better to be mentally prepared than not, the normalfag menace is real and i don't think there's a reasonable way to reach them "softly" anyways so... last resort there. Even inside the webring there's some shady spots, some anons are very playful and might become dust devils, not malevolent but certainly not very used to the customs. For example TVch is an interesting place, i think many in the Cafe post there to vent out, shitpost and return here to be more calm or serious, but the actual locals there seem to be jesters in nature and those are not fun to sleep with in the same room. Another one is ZZZChan, nice concept but it's suspicious due to its main population: ex-8kun /v/ users, which means a melting pot of people brought from normalfag spots and really jaded & desperate anons, a dangerous combination when moved out of their main hobby. ALog is a desert but there's still some good elements there with the italians, still i don't know if someone there would be interested. We can also use the absurd measure of searching past users, i remember two argentinians and those guys lost track after 8ch went down, currently it seems they are at Endch and i recall they knew their films. I mean i'm just winding ideas here, might as well.
>>779 At the end of the day we just need to show people that /film/ is still around and active. Some people would come back. You can still see anons discovering the webring after the fall of 8ch now.
Open file (38.85 KB 726x388 bcti.jpg)
We might get a trickle of traffic from 8kun but that board keeps rolling back to August 17. I have tried several times to get the catalog to properly update over there, but it never sticks for more than a few hours.
>>785 Yeah, saw that bug a couple of weeks ago, the first page doesn't update either. It also deletes some newer posts unless there's a couple of mods checking every new post in a bunch of boards. That boat is pretty damn shaky.
>>785 8coom is dead, what possible use do we have of it?
>>804 I check threads for reference sometime. Now the stupid site error makes it possible the board will get deleted sometime because all posting has stopped.
I guess BO isn't planning on doing anything. Oh well.
>>804 I plan on occasionally checking out 8kuck after December or January by the time the electoral shit blows itself out the ass, see if after all is said and done Jim managed to salvage something, after all I already invest time into going into every other fucking imageboard in existance to scrap up posts.
/film/ is my favorite film community. I'm fed up with reddit and other forums/networks that are full of casual hipsters with stinky political stances. Too bad I've only watched genre/trash movies recently. Those are not /film/-tier enough to discuss here I'm afraid :/
>>836 /film/ never positioned itself like some pretentious art house community. People simply went here because they wanted to actually discuss films. You can discuss any films here, even Transformers, if you think there are some merits you want to talk about.
>>838 Thanks, I'll try to participate more here :)
Open file (27.37 KB 600x399 o87.jpg)
>>840 >:) You're not on reddit anymore.
>>804 8kun is epicccccc
>>841 Ok sir
I wonder if creating an irc for /film/ would be nice
>>867 We had a Discord back in the day that wasn't particularly interesting.
>>868 >We had a Discord We did? i don't think anyone would've liked that idea in the first place but i could be wrong.
>>868 I think irc would have more freedom and anonymity compared to discord.
Open file (961.46 KB 1200x720 polly.png)
>>867 Are you on IRC much? I remember a /film/ channel on Rizon but I don't think they are connected to this board. >>869 I only remember that weird Polish guy spamming his discord channel about 50 times. I never used it but someone called it a well-practiced circlejerk.
>>872 >>869 I used it for all of 15 minutes after getting into a heated debate about Tarkovsky in the general chat and then never again because everything else was boring.
>>872 What channel on Rizon?
Open file (76.65 KB 1186x99 rizon.jpg)
>>875 There is a Rizon channel called #film with 6 people. I don't know anything about them.
Open file (25.32 KB 441x203 turafilmo.png)
Do any of you know about this "Man Hands and Swollen Glans"? I'm trying to get every Tura apppearance but this gives me no results
>>876 Looks rather cringeworthy, not the place I would like. I guess I gotta stick with tracker irc channels. Thanks anyway.
>>880 I haven't been on those in a while, but I tried since you mentioned IRC. I couldn't join Brokensphere with SSL because their certificate was invalid. When I was on before I remember CG was kind of hostile, KG barely talked about films, cinematik was a graveyard
>>882 >CG was kind of hostile I always find kind of odd how the "bad movie" enthusiasts are aggressive and belligerent in their demeanor even when their niche is basically having a carefree and relaxed mind towards low-quality budget projects made for fun or naivety. It's like they only want to watch those movies to trash its feats and laugh at their creators instead of sincerely enjoying them.
Open file (120.59 KB 559x753 city.jpg)
>>883 >It's like they only want to watch those movies to trash its feats and laugh at their creators instead of sincerely enjoying them. Anybody who watches bad movies for this reason is due to MST3000 and all that horrible stuff. >I always find kind of odd how the "bad movie" enthusiasts are aggressive and belligerent That only describes the MST crowd. CG is actually very fun for the most part, it's unfortunate to know that their IRC sucks, it's probably more territorial than anything like how you'll only ever see the same ten users on THC shoutbox On a related note, many years ago when I was a freshman at uni, I autistically killed a viewing party for Phantasm because everyone was laughing at it and after the viewing I aggressively rattled on about how good the ideas were and how much more imaginative it is than most horror films. But all they wanted was to make fun of Coscarelli. I never was invited to another one. Good.
Open file (78.09 KB 608x336 Editorsroomjap.jpg)
>>884 Debating with arguments a movie in a viewing party? first mistake there friendo, those kind of activities are only done for casual social points, real longpenised cinema enthusiasts only invite 3 or 4 individuals in a darkly-lit illuminated room filled with liquor and tobacco. Kidding aside i once went into one uninvited and was shocked to see social arts students knowing very little about what makes a movie, even when many of them had been studying theater or voice work for some years. It puts into light how most creatively successful directors are medium outcasts or mavericks in their own circles, also made me respect the few actors or technicians who jump over and direct movies themselves without prodigious sidekicks in roles of assistant directors or cinematographers. That viewing was bombed when someone put Scott Pilgrim, even when the place were mostly bleeding trendy hipsters none could sit down and watch it other than the host himself, i always ask myself how was that flick even successful when i haven't met or read a single soul that liked it. I didn't say anything as i was raiding the kitchen silently and ate several invitees' rations during the whole ordeal. >That only describes the MST crowd It's the whole backseat critic audience, most of us are all there but some take it to the extreme of backsitting obviously flawed or unfulfilled risky projects to laugh at their failures while not recognizing their insanity/balls to do it for starters, i never liked that but if those guys weren't there they would be laughing at something else, it's after all a kind of humor some people have.
>>785 That error still persists as of today. Pretty sad that we've lost a lot of posters. Could there be any way to invite more people in?
Just 200 posts and we'll tie the previous iteration. We can do it bros.
>>868 >>869 >>872 >>874 I was a part of this discord for a little bit, I wasn't too active there but it seemed really cool. I don't know what happened to it; either it got deleted or I left it but regardless I'm not there anymore. It might be a good idea to make a new one, since 8chan is so fucky lately. I actually came back on here today to try to find the discord lol.
>>903 I think irc would be better in case we discuss piracy-related stuff. Discord is more anal about it. But I'll go with the majority, if most people here prefers discord I'll join too. As long as we have a platform for chatting about movies.
These days I use telegram because there's less censorship than discord. I suppose that doesn't help form a consensus...
>>904 >>909 imo discord or telegram would be better than IRC, seems like less fucking around. but to be fair, I don't have any experience with IRCs so I guess I'd be down to try it-- but I do like the idea of having a mobile app like discord and telegram have
>>912 I'm not really comfortable using my phone number to create a telegram account. Anyone who has my number can see my account, right? That's creepy
>>913 oh word, i didn't know that was a thing. and yeah that kinda sucks. I remember in the last discord we had there were megas shared pretty frequently without any issues of censorship. I would still say that discord would be our best bet, most people already have it and it can still be moderated pretty closely.
>>915 I don't mean to sound rude but why does anyone want to use discord instead of this very same board? What's the bonus feature(s) that incites users to post something there instead of here? are most of us even old IB users or has there been a shift in customs that i am not aware of?
>>918 personally I just don't really trust the stability of this board. It's been moved around so many times. This board is certainly fine for now, but all the nonsense with 8ch getting deleted and so on makes it feel like not very long-term. Also I kinda like the community aspect of discord, most of y'all on here are really cool and it might be nice to have more personal conversations with people.
>>918 Boards are like forums, they're great for "serious" discussion and archiving. Discord is for conversations and instant messaging.
>>920 >It's been moved around so many times I really don't see how is that an issue when there's backups and the mods who restored the place, at least manually. >i kinda like the community aspect of discord Buddy you are making me doubt you are from 'round these parts, we are all unknowns and partners at the same time, i don't see how a name attached to our posts changes our nature. If anything that's part of the fun, at least for me because i can recognize some posters sometimes, and the whole ambiguity of it is a good tool to avoid most kinds of drama in small communities.
>>922 fair point. and ya i am somewhat new around these parts lol i used to come on here a lot more often like a few years ago and am just now returning. I'm also in general more of a lurker i guess
>>922 >>923 but >>921 also makes a good point; the two definitely serve quite different purposes. I think having both to kind of substantiate the other would be pretty cool.
>>913 >I'm not really comfortable using my phone number to create a telegram account Me neither so I used a free text number. Granted it took several attempts to find one that worked, so maybe other people would have trouble joining.
The current /film/ thread on halfchan is rather retarded. Same with letterboxd users and reviews. There is almost no comfy film community these days. I wonder where you guys originated from?
>>957 >∞ died so long ago there are now people on the webring who don't even know its origins It was of course inevitable.
>>958 Mate I know this board is from 8chan lol. I was asking about what before that.
>>958 Honestly i discovered the board back in 2015 or so but browsed /tv/ around 2008 and i don't recall a /film/ thread, yet i think someone mentioned the concept started in isolated threads where people actually discussed films ("pretentious hipster shit" as known by the general user) instead of shitposting; that kind of threads i remember very well but i don't know if it is its true origin. What i am surprised is people currently browsing halfchan and posting in this place, it's a strange combination alright. >>957 >There is almost no comfy film community these days We are usually comfy enough (at the cost of very slow numbers) but last week has been hectic for some reason, winter break time?
>>960 This board is ultra comfy mate, it only needs more users. I was introduced to 8chan /film/ when imdb message boards died. I didn't even know wtf was going on back then because all I pay attention to is kagetsuhisoka's rating posts on every Japanese director's page. I was into Japanese movies at that time so never browsed the general boards or any hollywood cunt or capeshit's page, where the shitshow was going on. I love this board, but shilling it carelessly and get normies or obnoxious jerks here to ruin it. I've been reading a few /film/ threads on halfchan lately but they aren't very civil imo. You guys are much more mature.
>>961 >normies >halfchan fuck off back to cuckchan faggot
>>965 Duh I was referring to the normies and jerks on halfchan, not badmouthing you guys.
>>961 >>965 I meant to write "shilling this board carelessly could get normies or obnoxious jerks to here to ruin it."
>>961 >it only needs more users It needs more posts, not more users, if we invite numbers instead of letters we will go mad but we sure could get more characters to discuss other things. >>969 >not badmouthing you guys He meant that you used terminology "modern" enough to make a guess that you might be an outsider. That's the way to know who's who sometimes, every word is a clue.
The question still stands: how to get more people to come here?
>>993 Keep it this way, it's better
>>993 Only link in decent places that especially means no 4kike
>>996 Finding this isn't that hard for cuckchan users
>>996 You won't be able to link this on 4chan anyway, it will be blocked as spam
>>993 I would've come here sooner had I known about this place. I thought there was only a /film/ on julay, which I have long since abandoned.
>>1003 This is the same board. We migrated after julay admin went full retard and we lost all the images. Thankfully we just barely managed to recover here.
When was the last time you guys had sex?
Bad move there bud, pandering to the outsiders' opinion is never good.
>two outsiders come in and cry about movies being "creepy" >jannies lock it Reddit board
>>1047 >>1048 >creates a thread to discuss "hebe kinos" with little girls in them >obvious case of cuckchan rapefugees leaking from their pedo infested /tv/ board >trying to act like he belongs here According to the cuckchan archives, this image >>1012 was created there, and it looks like both this and the 8kunt /film/ board were mentioned there. No one wants you cuckchanners here, so fuck off back to your shithole.
>>1049 >According to the cuckchan archives, this image >>1012 was created there So what? i didn't post it nor was i, or others, discussing it, i was with the german movie about a robot being made in the form of a teenager that gets censored due to the taboo itself. Fuck off back to your hole nigger, no rule was being broken and out of nowhere pansies started crying about something that, at least for the moment, wasn't there.
>>1051 Well to be fair Cuckchan and Reddit are nearly the same at this point, the main problem here is that a thread was created, discussion was being made with a valid on-topic film issue appearing recently, nothing illegal happened mysterious coded links with legally-made content are not illegal and it still got locked due to the "creepy" tag appearing out of nowhere 2 weeks later after the thread was made. That attitude i don't know where it comes from but certainly not from a board who prides itself in discussing anything as long as it is a film, especially from users who lurk here constantly as the thread could've been shut down time ago but nobody had a problem other than, i suspect, overboard users who saw something. Ambiguousness leads to uncertainty, and while the cuckchan chart is just asking for trouble i don't know if it was enough because it is much more tamer than Beau Pere which, again, was posted time ago.
anon.cafe is clearly compromised and has been from the start. this board took a huge fucking dump. there was nothing suspicious about the hebe thread. cp is completely different from tasteful interest in a particular subject that a lot of good films choose to tackle. there was nothing pornographic about that thread, absolutely nothing. the new posters fucking suck and whatever old locals decided recruitment was a good idea should eat a bullet. unbelievable how much this sucks. because of your ruined attention spans and need for inane posts you attracted the lowest fucking denominator, niggers who clearly don't even watch /film/s but need to get attention on their anonymous lettershit accounts and don't even write well not a single international law was being broken and this type of censorship completely goes against what imageboards were originally about. might as well ban all movies that have sexual or erotic content now. the internet as a whole is in its final stages of either forced killing or total centralization. fuck this shit and fuck newfags who don't take the time to respect a board's existing culture, useful idiots that you are. please upload the german movie to anon files.
>>1054 >the new posters fucking suck They haven't even posted that much other than needed reviews, let them relax but making them know they should lurk enough as we have a different way of doing things compared to other mainstream places; and anyways lurking is tough because most of the old content is still stuck in 8glow... sounds apologetic but i swear i didn't promote the board nor i want to, that's dangerous enough, but they should check the rest of the site to see how we usually roll instead of planning the oven for them. Honestly i don't know why i didn't make that post before, i think i'm too lenient with other anons on this board. The rest i completely agree, i don't recall our BO bending knees before in my 5 years posting on this board so it comes as strange, he will probably have a field day when he reads this thread tomorrow.
>>1055 After this thread >>967 it was too late.
>>1052 >Ambiguousness leads to uncertainty, and while the cuckchan chart is just asking for trouble i don't know if it was enough because it is much more tamer than Beau Pere which, again, was posted time ago. Then let me explain further. Since this issue never come up before, I never made any rules about it. In the past I have been intentionally hands-off in moderating content. I don't care about underage nudity per se because it's part of watching rare films. Such films are included in both the Top 250 and the Film Club series. Plenty of these films are mentioned in old threads, including some videos which could break 8kun rules for all I know. But when increasingly young girls are the sole focus of a thread, I do get uncomfortable hosting it. It's no longer an incidental aspect of a broader topic. I locked the thread for two reasons. First, I don't want /film/ to be the source of problems for this site. The admins have rejected boards of this nature, so they seem to be risk averse. Second, I don't want to attract posters who are more interested in perving on little girls than discussing film, because that would degrade overall board quality. The thread in question does not have much film discussion. It's a lot of name-dropping. A neutral observer could reasonably infer that posters are, in fact, quite interested in perving on little girls. That may not be your intention, but you have to understand how it looks. Even so, I am not concerned with Beau Pere; I am concerned with with the notion of a grown man watching Matilda for the child actress (on a chart bearing the name of this board). The thread had gone in a bad direction, and given the subject matter it would probably continue in that direction (much moreso than a general discussion of sexy films).
Edited last time by 11811 on 12/20/2020 (Sun) 18:46:34.
>>1057 >But when increasingly young girls are the sole focus of a thread, I do get uncomfortable hosting it. If it’s not illegal, who cares what you think?
>>1057 I see, well i can understand your point but it does clash with some other ones. Because i don't want any bad blood while debating this i will start to choose my words carefully, so: First i would like to establish that this is a new rule i suppose? then this precedent also moves around the personal feelings of yours which is understandable as you are the owner himself, but the justification would merely involve only one of the aspects you touched upon which i will try to explain not in the act of trying to make anyone backtrack on any decision but to avoid any kind of "Ambiguity" later on. OK, first the primary reason i think can be valid is the notion we could inadvertently become a cunny-loving board by allowing discussion of movies that touch upon this, which i think is good enough reason when trying to focus discussion into movies and not the meta of those who appear there only. The problem comes from what is exactly prohibited, a thread discussing this as the main focus? a thread that succumbed into this focus? a series of posts discussing it? a single post talking about it? the mere act of lusting over an underage actress? if so then when is the line crossed? when someone declares the need for boning her? when pondering having a girl like that? i think i drove the point forward, it is a thin line that honestly is crossed often in jest between users of an imageboard or some legitimately ronery users who are caught typing without filters along with the odd actual perv, all which can be seen as the same by the uninitiated that might see this on the overboard and moan about it without ever posting something at all in this board other than complaining about using the NSFW Overboard and seeing something NSFW. I think that's where the controversy about that decision starts, many of us jumped ship from the old 4 place because such decisions were never explained and anything at any moment could be censored (outside of the free-for-all /b/ which always had that culture in-joke) hence why at least in my case rubs me the wrong way, and i will develop the second point which is why these things we mentioned are the only reason we can understand. The second point, avoiding this board to become a hotspot for trouble, is completely understandable but somewhat of a moot point, why? anon.cafe founded as a lax site focused on the arts and easy-going discussion currently hosts /fascist/, a board which started as a nice place to discuss a wrongly maligned political system but that ultimately segregated and persecuted many of their own posters due to niche views inside their already-niche ideology, this place hosts /islam/ which is a religion based on two things, one is boning everyone until they are arab and the forceful conquest of territory to bone more and more people, the second is teaching this to make it look like it's not like that; then this place also hosts /k/, which is basic outdoorsmanship and weapon discussion which can be viewed as american "prep" culture and militia-friendly, both which are as controversial as boning a kid in liberal-leaning territories. Anyways, the normal or simply uninitiated user, in all the good and bad connotations "normal" might mean, that does not use many boards or understand these places won't see a difference and will claim they are as dangerous if not worse than pervs, at least in their world view, so protecting the site against the view of being a discussion-friendly place for movies with underage subjects seems to be void when taking into consideration there's boards where even single race individuals are questioning the existence of their own fellow brethen because historically there might have been some intermixing in their territories with ancient variants of the same race branch but at the same time other people who mixed with completely alien tribes get a free pass because sauna, not to mention discussion of how to penetrate a kevlar vest with armor plating from a medium distance repeatedly "just in case hypothetically a squad of muggers with government-issued gear lands in my house or in the middle of a highway", which i think are valid discussions but are just as bad in the Romanian Code as discussing why Mathilda was a cute girl albeit a bit young when she appeared.
Having stated this i can assume, with all due respect, that only the discussion of your power as the board owner to reserve his rights and disallow cunny as a discussion topic to avoid a strong focus of the meta itself from developing, instead of the actual discussion of the medium, is valid because trying to protect the site from trouble is practically out of the question already in the eyes of the mainstream or any potential controversy-seeking pseudo-journalist. But the problem arises when we stumble upon the limits and thin lines we mentioned already: When is cunny allowed and when it is disallowed? that would usually fall into the personal criteria of the owner or janny but not writing or specifying the said criteria almost invariably leads to ambiguity when exerting this rule along with distrust of authority, and i can assure that the vast majority of the posters of /film/ never questioned any decision until now, and you know in imageboards you only need one time for something to be remembered negatively. So i appeal to your previously shown reason and ask you: What are the statutory limits of cunny posting by your personal and/or "morally correct" standards? because if we want to discuss the "legally" or "politically" correct standards then we can comfortably state that no laws were broken and no board limits were crossed that weren't previously discussed and accepted by behavior and time on any iteration of this grandiose place. I might add too, as a personal note of a hypothetical possible future, that no discernible discussion was being made in said thread in its last days simply because we were waiting for an anon to score us with a very recent and controversial movie that touched upon that topic in the range of ethics and was a talking point at festivals, leading me to believe one of us would discuss it later on when seen due to our shown interest, or at least that's what my plan was.
You guys having sex?
Open file (263.24 KB 2048x1536 supernatural.jpg)
>>1061 >unsubstantiated claim that only lonely men can see aesthetic appeal in lolita Tell that to Peter Whitehead, sore thumb faggot. This is backwards, BO, there is a ton of loli talk on /fascist/ alone. Why did the one thread really tick you off? The other anons have made a good enough case, and if this distills into personal preference alone, kindly be straight forward about it.
>>1059 >this is a new rule i suppose Topics with minors should focus on film discussion. Does that sound like a reasonable "rule" or posting guideline? I'm not interested in policing every post, but I would like the board to stay optical in general. A hypothetical topic like "List films with a naked 12 year old" may not break any laws, but it's a questionable request. >>1062 >if this distills into personal preference alone, kindly be straight forward about it. I have no ulterior motives and I've tried to be straightforward.
>>1063 >I would like the board to stay optical in general On a second read i saw it was optical instead of optimist, if we are talking about the optics game then that sentence is going to sit badly with many. >it's a questionable request It is and i would not reply to it, and i can suppose it's practically illegal because it's with the intention to whack the stick instead of discussing it, but it still is on the middle ground. >Topics with minors should focus on film discussion >Does that sound like a reasonable posting guideline? It does, but it makes this all the more puzzling. I don't want to push this any further but please be aware all this ruckus seems to be an impulsive decision from an active anon side of view, the thread in its last day or two was in fact not discussing the kids being butt naked or how the narrative inside the movie was being constructed to give any sentiments regarding etc etc and so and so on, the thread was only about people crying out of nowhere in a short time spawn after a week the topic was made (and which was already allowed in the userbase) and discussing how to get a movie we still to this date don't know if it futures a butt naked kid to begin with as we (or at least me) were focused on the narrative regarding some dude cloning some kid and interacting with it. It was discussing distribution of media, not naked minors nor a film itself, so the smoking gun that made you lock the vault is still in question as it appears from the naked eye that you took the side of the spontaneous complainers, that's why the discomfort among some of us. But OK, by that guideline i might assume the thin line is "Stay focused on the film technicals ONLY" which is understandable, it's not illegal to do otherwise but it's your rules and i suppose we will respect that, but from now on you drew a line in which you will have to delete or ban anything with a minor related that is not mentioning the technical or narrative aspects of the work it appears on, sooner or later something will appear that will sit in the middle and the controversy will arise again. My recommendation is to make it either extremely specific or merely say it's your personal point of view/ideology because prohibiting a topic that is neither illegal nor controversial among the users is always a tricky move. Thank you for your time and take care.
>>1062 >there is a ton of loli talk on /fascist/ alone The most lolipilled board on Anon Cafe, honestly. They were even reprimanded by the admins once kek
>>1063 Admittedly, I had a rather violent knee jerk reaction only because I'm really getting tired of the insane amounts of censorship on the internet. Over the past year it has been a whole new level of bad. What I'm talking about doesn't even relate to the topic, which I find basically no interest in. If you want to be as safe as possible, without getting rid of the thread altogether, perhaps fostering discussion and editing the op post would be an alright move? The thing is, for me, is that op didn't even post very "sexy" or erotic movies as examples. Travis Bickle is a socially delayed loser in that movie, the exorcist is the antithesis of arousing, and lolita is more of a discussion. I generally agree with >>1064 And to me, it seemed that a couple of newfags started bitching out of nowhere and you took their side without hesitation, which also contributed to my rather impulsive language.
>>1060 >cunny posting Back to cuckchan. You arent even trying to hide where you're from >>1066 >it seemed that a couple of newfags started bitching out of nowhere >newfags Lmao. This isn't an "omg they are discussing this topic or movie why is this allowed" thing. The thread was made by a cuckchanner to seek out films with underage girls in them, and posted a chart that lists films with little girls in them, made for people who wants to see ( be that naked or not) little girls. If you don't understand why thats wrong and why that shouldnt be allowed then I dont know what to tell you. It has nothing to do with the discussion that happened after that image was posted either (The Trouble with Being Born has fuck all to do with the topic anyway, what a retarded controversy).
>>1066 >heh, I'm such an oldfag, now why can't I discuss pedo shit freely! you're glowing
>not liking pedobait >newfag I don't recall /film/ embracing /hebe/ shit when that board existed on 8chan before. It's just dumb to throw "newfag" around as an insult when you're butthurt that your thread was closed. You already got a list of films with little girls to watch, please stop bitching now
I made >>967
>>1067 >Lmao I don't see what's wrong with it. The thing is, is that if the thread stated "show me hot girls under the age of consent" I'd imagine it would have been deleted right away. There's an obvious reason as to why it stayed open. As I made clear, I have no interest in the topic. I cannot emotionally relate to women that young so I have zero sexual interest. What is valuable in that kind of topic, is an open discussion, why do you think so many artists over hundreds of years have flirted with the topic? >>1068 No, not at all. Also it's not pedo shit. The reason I say this is because the thread did not seem prurient to me, as in, it was fairly broad and the language didn't strike me as being lewd. >>1069 It didn't as far as I remember, and so your point is as simple as, "we should just rehash the same topics over and over"? It's far more lazy and dumb to claim someone is a fed or a spook because they happen to be making a case for a rather tame thread. I called them newfags because they didn't seem familiar. Nothing about their writing or their glib comments reminded me of anons who posted before. They also were posting during this last couple weeks when the board's quality noticeably dipped. I won't post about this topic again. I don't care what happens to the thread.
/film/ was literally destroyed by two newfags and cucked BO. I wouldn't be surprised if the complainers were false flagging
>>1070 Go back to cuckchan and kill yourself then. >>1072 >DUDE I"M OLDFAG LMAO WHERE'S MY LOLIS XD You're glowing.
>>1067 >If you don't understand why seeing movies i think are wrong is wrong and why that shouldnt be allowed then I dont know what to tell you. Fuck off nigger, this kind of taboo topics have always been discussed freely, check the damn catalogue in the old place and come back if you claim otherwise. >what a retarded controversy Peddled by retards like you. >>1068 >>1073 >glowing Telltale sign you are not from around here, just don't fucking post if you don't like it you dry cunt. >>1072 Perhaps not false flagging but creating a new false narrative towards the censorship of topics not illegal nor bothersome to the userbase via outrage and complain which isn't normal to see in our board. The main stink here is that the words, language and timing do not fit what the normal userbase is used to, everyone here is avid to long-winded or flowery posts debating topics and none of the outraged anons have made a valid argument against this other than "i don't like it because it's controversial". But if you really want me to be a conspiracy maker and look into tiny details we can state that the board started dipping when 8moe and Zzzchan entered into the webring their new movie boards /vhs/. Both sites have a history of doing dirty deeds to counterparts so the antecedent is there, but what bothers me is that this board is too niche for that kind of job, they have nothing to gain doing this other than general demoralization. None of this makes sense and the petty but insistent nature of the complainers makes everyone with strong ideologies a candidate. The BO probably wanted to do good considering the complains but felt into a trap, either intentionally made or not. This same thing has happened in the last year in plenty of boards.
>>1064 >it appears from the naked eye that you took the side of the spontaneous complainers The negative comments had an effect but I already considered the thread questionable when the chart was posted a day or so earlier. >i would not reply to it, and i can suppose it's practically illegal because it's with the intention to whack the stick instead of discussing it, Okay, you see the problem, but this practically illegal thread would look like the chart in the real thread. >>1075 >The BO probably wanted to do good considering the complains but felt into a trap I agreed with them, but apparently I should have given a warning before acting. I was not expecting this type of reaction. >>1066 >If you want to be as safe as possible, without getting rid of the thread altogether, perhaps fostering discussion and editing the op post would be an alright move? We need an amicable resolution so we can move forward. I've been very busy, which made this situation drag out far too long. I'm not going to create a new board rule or an "improved" thread on the same topic. I'm going to attempt to refocus the original thread toward film discussion instead of (real or perceived) lasciviousness. I'm hereby calling your bluff if you claimed to be genuinely interested in exploring different aspects of this topic. If the thread causes problems with the admins they can delete it. Hide the thread if you don't like it. Thank you all for your feedback and patience.
>>1073 I'm going to not kill myself and instead watch the board go to shit because of muh newfags
>>1076 >practically illegal thread >practically So is it legal or not, and if not, prove it, or else fuck off
>>1078 Practically, not technically. >and if not, prove it Child Pornography, defined in the 2012 Criminal Code as "any material that shows a juvenile displaying a sexually explicit behavior or that, even if not presenting a real person, simulate a juvenile with such behavior in a credible manner". This includes, for example, realistic 3D renders of juveniles. >a juvenile displaying a sexually explicit behavior “Sexually explicit conduct“ means actual or simulated: sexual intercourse, bestiality, masturbation, sadistic or masochistic abuse, or lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area >lascivious exhibition “a depiction which displays or brings forth to view in order to attract notice to the genitals or pubic area in order to excite lustfulness or sexual stimulation in the viewer“ >lustfulness Anything can be lustful in the mind of horny rowdy people >sexual stimulation Read: Sexually Explicit. There you are, the new rule is firmly based on a preventive behavior rather than actual corrective action, hence a personal vision decision rather than a legally mandatory one because none of these appeared in the thread as razor edge it was. I don't like it none and i suppose we will have to go with it, although personally i will stop being kind or lenient to fellow anons here because it's clear some foreign agents will always take advantage when we let our guards down. >>1076 >this practically illegal thread would look like the chart in the real thread Perhaps, but a post is much easier to clean via post deletion rather than lock it, but i saw that as a warning itself so if that was the intention then a spoiler and post edit could've been much more effective. >I was not expecting this type of reaction. I am genuinely surprised you didn't, other boards have been hunted down in the last year for similar incidents like some anon said here, Julay for example had its biggest board fall into a similar controversy in the middle of a refugee scenario that ended in an administration coup, spam attack and posterior nuking of the place that left it sterile from much activity and still-present animosity. /mu/ by side-effects felt too and /k/ was about to get nipped two weeks ago from a single BO misstep, just to mention a few and not to say this is only one modus operandi, you have sites having their owners v&'d like Nein and Hoppe, everyone is livid as hell and defensive, this board was one of the few ones without any controversy in its lifespan so it was a matter of time. I had the bad luck of having lived through all of those 3 examples so if we were all in a public area i swear i would've also succumbed into a drunk bar rage and made a mess, if i could've slipped into my monitor to punch someone i would've. >We need an amicable resolution so we can move forward >I'm not going to create a new board rule >I'm going to attempt to refocus the original thread toward film discussion instead >I'm hereby calling your bluff Well i'll be, now it's our responsibility to actually post something interesting and related to film there. You have probably out-maneuvered this situation, now it's on us to back our hypothetical claims of possible discussion, well done homme inconnu.
>>1079 >"any material that shows a juvenile displaying a sexually explicit behavior or that, even if not presenting a real person, simulate a juvenile with such behavior in a credible manner" This doesn't apply then. You are grasping at straws
>first /k/ >now /film/ Is there any board here not ran by a nigger?
>>1080 Do you even know how to read to finish an entire post, you monkey? >>1081 Taste the pain you fucking nigger cattle newfag motherfucker, you can blackball actual discussion for so long until people wisen up to your tricks
>Weak ass BO got peer pressured into opening the pedo thread reminds me of julay/v/
What the fuck
>>1086 Except this time the BO didn't kill himself and let the hoards savage the place
>>1081 Those 2 are ran by pretty reasonable people, what i'm looking for are boards without retarded anons making shit up.
I don't know what's worse, the board being dead or the board being overtaken by literal cuckchanners...
>>1135 Fuck your board, faggot. Already linked this on 4chan multiple times, you sensitive little bitch. I can't wait to see you seethe over your secret little corner going to shit.
Open file (71.11 KB 832x258 4chan.png)
>>1135 It seems to me that regular posters are much more active this week >>1149 Why are today's teens so bitter
>>1150 It seems the controversy and the crossposting plague has made the original posters become a bit more reinvigorated and contribute more openly to pending questions and to spite the newfags, also some old friends like Italodisco visited thus more of a window for posts to appear. Then you have the extremely obvious >>1149 posts which basically prove that the whole cunny incident was an out of proportion case blown by insidious individuals with no intention to help or clean the site but to cause a ridge among the otherwise easy-going community. Let this be a lesson in jewish tricks applied to small-scale anonymous imageboards, the most dangerous frontier in board warfare. Now it's just about identifying the nature & motives of the suspicious anti-christian posters and we are set for the flavor of these last times' tactics in demoralization. >4chan.png I think cuckchan has "/film/" threads since a long time ago, this board concept came up from the some iterations of it 5-6 years ago before anyone not from here thinks this is a new refugee place: It is not right?
Open file (331.53 KB 360x240 Easter Man.gif)
Mery Kurismatsu, Mr. /film/
>>1152 >5-6 years ago Of course you did. Fuck your board.
Open file (1.20 MB 1908x1068 grow up.png)
>>1154 Sept 2014 in fact https://web.archive.org/web/20141011015533/https://8chan.co/film/res/329.html No one at 4chan cares about this place so you can stop making a scene
Merry Christmas from /co/!
>>1158 Okay. What film?
>>1161 I'm not quite sure. It was in an old folder of /film/ images.
Open file (27.90 KB 337x66 ClipboardImage.png)
What went wrong?
>>1210 one person spammed the board for some reason
>>1210 I remember a pedo kike spamming in the David Lynch thread. His posts were deleted now.
>>1210 >>1212 Just when i went to sleep, was it that bad or just random spam? Whoever advertised the board in a lax manner is still doing a number on us, even if indirectly.
>>1217 He was arguing with >>1179 and posted loli anime pics. I don't think he's a newfag.
If i were to make a stream night, which time would be the best possible? i am in the american continent but i suppose there's some yuros around. 2 movies with a 15 or 30 minute miscellaneous section in-between sounds good?
8kun admin message: # Please prepare your visitors for a tor only experience — by administrator at 01/11/21 (Mon) We may be deplatformed and TOR will be the only way to access 8kun at that time. http://www.jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion/
>>1259 who cares about 8coom
>>1260 The old board has so much archived content though.
>>1261 Well, why don't you grab it?
>>1262 Not him but that might be a good idea, do i grab it by screenshot only or does someone really want that text+images?
>>1263 There are many different ways. wget is a famous tool for doing such a thing. There's also another tool built here on the webring built just for grabbing entire boards at once. Those two approaches require some technical skills, but are easy to use (the whole point of them). The manual approach is easy to do but is tedious to perform. Either approach is better than no saved content however!
>>1264 Running wget on the 8kun /film/ catalog. I guess the site is as stable as it's ever going to be (right before it goes down indefinitely).
>>1265 You beat me to it, was trying to figure out how to use wget when i went to eat and start brushing outside. That's how much bored i was, i guess Terry Davis is right again.
>>1265 >>1266 Be sure to carefully check all the results you obtain. Better to discover your wget commandline only grabbed one level of file links while the source location is still available, than to be rudely awakened to that after the fact when it no longer is. In for a penny, in for a pound.
>>1268 I switched to a different program because wget wasn't staying within the parameters I wanted and I don't have time for command line troubleshooting. Also the 8kun media server wasn't working earlier so I took a break. It's been downloading without error for the last hour. Saved about 500MB.
>>1272 Sounds good Anon. What's the other program that's working for you?
>>1274 I used this program https://www.httrack.com/ 8kun media server was very flaky until my third attempt to copy the board. I saved 6.83GB of data with 182 files that were 404. I think those files were already lost because they won't load manually. I missed pdfs (stupidly forgot to include them) and the threads on the archive page (settings didn't scan deep enough). I'll see what I can do on those fronts.
>>1276 Good job. I imagine that HTTrack will simply update the already-saved location with just the new additions if you figure it out correctly Anon. So, do you have any plans how to help /film/ community out if 8kun is deplatformed completely? I assume this is the new home.
>>1276 I think i saved the PDFs but i mixed them with some i have, so i wouldn't worry about that very much.
>>1277 >do you have any plans how to help /film/ community out if 8kun is deplatformed completely? In what way? I was planning to share what I've saved when I get finished.
>>1277 >I assume this is the new home. I personally thought this (and Julay's version before) was the new spot since a little more than a year now. I don't think 8kun getting the cut will affect the board a lot if HTTrack anon achieved it, unless i missed dozens of posts that did not update in the front page on the old place. But if anything it will be to our advantage since the few outside will be redirected here, the new problem would be choosing a new bunker and the options that allow new boards don't seem promising: A place suspected of being a honeypot due to its untrustworthy leaders and a place made by the people who helped bust the site we previously used and feel good for it. I would rather bet on crashing on someone's board or making our own webring site. In the former i would say 4feuilles /art/ seems like an ok place if we want to keep going on with the joke about being francophilic cinema buffs, in the latter i have no idea how to set one but i couldn't imagine it being that expensive, i wouldn't mind handing out some dough for it as it seems it is the only considerable starting obstacle taking into account some admins and places have been very open on how to help anons about opening such a venture (excluding the Dolphin of course). The problem would be the security measures to avoid that place from getting knocked out, there's been a couple of promising sites who got cleaned out in a week due to DDoS attacks from unknown parties and the owners just rescinding from their efforts in frustration. Hell, it seems that /art/ board got deleted yesterday due to lack of use, so i guess we would have to think of somewhere else.
>>1279 >I was planning to share what I've saved when I get finished. That will do. Managing to 'share' 6+ GB of data will take a little thoughtful planning. Maybe you can get the site Admins to help you out with it over in >>>/meta/ >>1280 I hope you can figure it out Anon. Having your own site would be desirable, but comes with a boatload of issues/mgmt requirements. Probably easier just to stay here, and then approach one of the other, non-honeypot sites on the webring itself and ask for a bunkerboard setup.
Board has had no new post in days. How to make it active again?
Open file (22.57 KB 271x351 8kunfilm.jpg)
I have finished uploading the 8kun /film/ board archive to a mega folder. You can download it here: https://mega.nz/folder/xPIjzQxB#G6OMSO5v43pBYBLPyTu9eA It's easiest to grab with MegaDownloader and save everything to an "8kun film" folder. I preserved the original folder structure to facilitate future editing. Take note that I rar'd the thousands of individual files and threads into 700MB chunks for smoother downloading. You can unrar those archives in the folders where you find them. A few unresolved issues: - Country flags do not appear as they should - Topbar icons do not appear as they should - The archive page does not correctly link to the individual threads. As a workaround I added a separate page archive-index.html which links to the archive threads (albeit without thread titles). - When viewing the board, you may want to set your browser to Work Offline because the pages sometimes try to load ads from the 8kun server. I think I made a mistake of blocking the ad server from the scraper -- I should have downloaded the ads locally and deleted them; instead I allowed the live ad server to be hotlinked within the files. I did a test download and it seemed okay, but let me know if you have trouble.
>>1285 Very nice work Anon, you showed some real dedication. Proud of you guys! Any chance of the BO talking to the site Admins and seeing about moving your archive material to the board en masse? That's the only real practical way to do a mass migration like this. Anyway I would thank you for making this effort to preserve /film/s little corner of the imageboard universe. I wish there were more like you.
>>1285 Thank you for your great work! Will the threads be dumped here too? Anyway, would you oppose creating an irc channel for our board? I think it would be nice to have a conversation with people here. There isn't enough unpozzed film forums on the internet, if at all.
>>1286 >Any chance of the BO talking to the site Admins and seeing about moving your archive material to the board en masse The admins have stated they have limited server space, and they were reluctant to allow /film/ to come here in the first place. I don't want to bother them about hosting another 7GB when anon.cafe only uses 25GB. The old board might not fit here anyway if there's a sitewide page limit below 25. >>1317 >would you oppose creating an irc channel for our board IRC is fine with me. What server do you like? Anon.cafe goes down sometimes and we don't have a good bunker (all the old boards have problems). A chatroom could double as a backup for emergency situations. It's tempting to follow the siren song of Discord/Telegram but supporting trendy platforms is kind of offbrand for us. Also it's better to keep a chatroom bare-bones so it doesn't overshadow the main board.
>>1320 I didn't know anon.cafe is that limiting, which is kinda sad. But I appreciate them containing us. As for servers, I think it's better to use the servers which host tracker irc (so they wouldn't have problems with sharing contents?). http://www.irc.brokensphere.net/ is used for KG and SC so it's a good option imo.
>>1317 >would you oppose creating an irc channel for our board? I think it would be nice to have a conversation with people here Then post on the board you dumb faggot, not on some gay ass channels on a different site. And then you ask why the board isn't active.
>>1321 Okay. I started #film on brokensphere a few days ago. Maybe some of the torrent crowd will see the channel and become aware of this board. Server: irc.brokensphere.net Port: 6667 or +6697 Channel: #film I don't use chat very much, and I agree that this board should be the main place of action. But now a chat exists for those who want it.
>>1336 Thank you so much BO!
Where is everybody...
>>1341 Were you the guy who joined and left? I saw you lol
>>1336 You guys are joining and leaving pretty fast. If everyone stays in the room it might work.
>>1251 It seems the option i was checking, Cytube, doesn't have the option to actually stream from my computer but shows videos from a playlist linking to different services. I might use that but i was more interested on actually showing the movies from my archive. Does anyone know a better option or streams are just not a good idea? people seemed interested at one point.
>>1342 No! I wasn't, I was just asking because the board came to a complete stop or so it seemed lol
Faggot BO deleted the thread. Fuck commies Fuck niggers Fuck jannies and FUCK TRANNIES
>>1405 I was going to delete it too because we officially don't have rules neither here nor in the old place, which means anyone can post anything but mods can delete anything too, but i didn't want to step on the actual admin's toes because there was no report yet. Also your thread was practically a duplicate of the cunny thread so step it up bud. t. vol
Why is the board hidden?
>>1407 It was getting flooded with cuckchan-tier people again for some reason and people trying to stir up drama from what I saw.
>>1408 I doubt it was so bad that it necessitated hiding the board. Don't do it.
>>1409 Yeah it was annoying but I don't know if it was that bad, at least given what I saw before I got off the site last night. I'm not the BO or vol though. But hey, if it gets retards to stop coming in here briefly, it's cool with me, at least if it's for a short amount of time.
The deleted thread was one post about a film and 10 posts of insults. For the new people, low-quality content may be removed. Bumplock would solve this problem but I don't see the option to use it. I'd like to bumplock the Malkovich thread since it's gone in the same direction. >>1407 I don't know why we've attracted so many retards since moving here, but I wanted to remove this board from the overboard only. Turns out that functionality doesn't work properly. Instead it's unlisted but still on the overboard. Either way it's not a permanent move. EDIT: The overboard unindexing finally kicked in.
Edited last time by 11811 on 02/06/2021 (Sat) 17:05:38.
>>1411 I didn't know that shitting on kikes was low quality, sorry BO!
>>1412 I'm really torn between thinking you are legitimately retarded and thinking you're a glowie trying to make us look bad by acting as obnoxious as possible, the problem is that you're far from the only anon that leaves me like that.
>>1413 God damn you are the most Jewish and complaining piece of shit I have ever met.
Why the fuck the board is still hidden? Can you not fuck up for one month straight?
>>1418 See: >>1412 Long story short some low-effort/joke threads were made (duplicated from TVch, i know because i shitposted in it there) along with some quick shots from pseudo-fascist/tarrant-tier faggotry that also does happen in the /tv/ site, but here they got a bit heavy handed and gave nothing to the thread. Some decisions were made until they dissipate. I've seen some new controversy in /fascist/ regarding another site having a strange controversy regarding the userbase's attitudes towards certain topics central to them, some of them got here and soon after these fiery and mainly off-topic comments started appearing in a thread but in a very instigating nature, quite different from the OP who was confrontational but not really in the same manner as the others, at least he discussed something. I don't think anybody in this board or site can defend the jews in good conscience but these comments come up as false-flaggy or downright odd in their context, BO saw fit to stay under the radar for a while and i think that's fair. Honestly those who want to post here already know the board and i am seeing it in the webring tab anyways.
Open file (30.58 KB 498x185 toolong.jpg)
Can anyone post on the old board? I noticed there are no new posts all month so it needs some activity to stay alive. But after trying for a few days I can't get a single post through.
>>1475 this is the only board, retard
>>1475 It seems it happened one or two days ago, plenty are whining about it in another imageboard, not the 4 nor the 8, and many are bullying them (rightfully so) for not jumping before. >>1476 Rude but it's boggling that there was quite a few anons still there but who weren't seen because the first page in plenty boards doesn't update and even some threads load old versions, sometimes they load up to the date hence why there's some posts slipping in. Bizarre, i don't know how some users could use such a place.
>board died again gee good thing you made that discord tranny channel, huh
>>1490 I've been in an emotional drought lately but i'll continue, sooner or later, still something big is coming but i don't think it will produce any discussion >that discord tranny channel Making a discord channel is extremely counterproductive when the board is slow to begin with, but subversive niggers will subvert. Still i don't think most anons here replaced us for them... right?
Don't let the board die, fegs
I'm a lurker, but frankly I'm just a pleb. I really only like cult films like Johnny Mnemonic, or normalniggers action thriller/spy films, etc. Hardly interesting or appealing to the anons here I'm sure. OTOH, I'm indebted and grateful for the hard-to-find films that have been linked for download here. Maybe if you became a sort of repository for something like that then there would at least be that kind of traffic?
>>1642 I've been watching 90s B movies lately, can't really talk about those here.
>>1644 I've watched 60 or a maybe 70 (perhaps more) Hong Kong/Taiwan kung fu movies ranging from bad to okay in the general quality scale so same here, i don't want to fill the threads with that but also i want to post something because i've been watching those for a couple of years now. They are addictive, but i am making webms for that impending kung fu/stuntmanship thread. >>1643 >cult films like Johnny Mnemonic Now that's one cult i wouldn't want to be near >normalniggers action thriller/spy films I remember doing some really nigger cattle movie reviews and some anons appreciated them, particularly because i was always negative but tried to squeeze info into the plot consistency and visual aspects. I don't think anybody will bother you from doing any kind of comments if you are detailed and impartial towards them, especially if you can pull a webm from the most/only interesting or valuable part of the movie.
>>1643 >>1644 We've been over this already - /film/ is not a snob board. You can talk about anything, even capeshit if you feel something towards it.
Open file (961.46 KB 1200x720 polly.png)
I'm still here but I've been very busy since March. If I don't have time to watch or read anything I'm not sure what to poast. In the later days of 8chan I checked Twitter most days, following many film and art accounts. My timeline made it easy to contribute fresh content and interesting links to the board without investing hours of time. I stopped using Twitter a couple years ago but maybe I need to go back. It's tough to find anything worth discussing on film news sites.
>>1643 >>1644 >>1645 Those are the types I've watched lately too. Maybe we should make threads for them. It is stated multiple times that any kind of film is welcome to discussed here though. Don't let board die frens
>>1492 I don't think there is any discord? There's only an empty IRC channel which I don't think is the reason for the slowness of the board.
>>1648 Very well, i wanted to do a big dump on that stuntman thread but i guess i will do it one at a time. I can make it but i will take some days to write the context posts for the kung fu stuff, i wanted to write a quick guide to the general ideas/idiosyncrasy of them because they have tons of quirks that might go unexplained for many, and along with them some drawings to illustrate some of the points. >>1650 Someone did make a Shitscord but i don't know if it is used, i think only for links but i could be wrong.
>>1650 >>1652 >discancer >IRC terrible
>>1655 IRC as someone said serves as a support channel if something happens here or if someone lurking in the torrent sites sees it and asks what is it. The other one has no excuse but i guess it's a contemporary platform some younglings find "necessary" even when it's paradoxical for the nature of the site hence why most of us find it absurd. But IMO there's no point burning our heads over potentially swayed users, the ones who made noise here time ago and who moved to the suspiciously newly-founded /vhs/ also don't talk about movies that often & /tv/ isn't particularly known for it either. It's just a mata of posting even if small bits.
I'm kinda sad that we have to discontinue the original board on 8kun. There were so much content, can't believe it was once so active. Recently some shill (Ukrainian/American flag) has been bumping the old threads with bullshit links. Does anon.cafe have a limit for the number of posts or storage for each board?
>>1721 >I'm kinda sad that we have to discontinue the original board on 8kun You mean on 8chan. Yeah it's sad but life moves on and we at least were able to salvage as much as we could here.
>>1721 At first I thought they are just dumb qboomers who don't understand how imageboards work. The site seems completely dead too. >/v/ with 5 users Lmao
>>1721 >I'm kinda sad that we have to discontinue the original board on 8kun. There were so much content, can't believe it was once so active newfag, nobody was ever posting on 8coom, it's an old 8ch /film/ that pig watkins appropriated
>>1721 >Does anon.cafe have a limit for the number of posts or storage for each board? Maybe it's ten pages with ten threads per page. I'm not sure.
>>1736 >Anon.cafe's limit is 80 threads (8 pages) >>>/meta/15097
>>1898 Yes?
newfag here, is there no other boards or sites to discuss real film with, this shits disheartening. Wanted something that could challenge me and open my eyes to all the movies Ive been missing
>>1905 If you wanted to lurk to learn then bad luck, although this board never had the big numbers; if you wanted to ask questions then you can always try, personally i discovered the medium by reading waves by country and their directors. You can try doing that, if you want a quick start then the board's old Top 250 (or 150+ something) is also a good start, if not then go to the "comment last film watched" and pick something you might find interesting, then ask for more. Many are still here but waiting for something too good that regards a post or for a question to appear and reply to. >discuss real film With our level of liberty i think not really, at least not in significant numbers. >something that could challenge me and open my eyes to all the movies Ive been missing >all the movies That's quite the item that would do such thing, step by step is how you get to know world cinema.
Alright found the top 250 thats a great place to start. Its really wild how much is out there, Ive always felt Im pretty knowledgeable on film and Ive seen a good amount of that 250 but some Ive straight up never heard of and same for alot of the threads Ive seen on this board. Exciting to see theres still so much to discover, thanks
The problem of lack of users persists. I was thinking of maybe bringing some alt/tv/'s together, for instance there's a /vhs/ on zzz. But seemingly like every board on that site it's kinda normalfaggy and will bring the quality of the this place down. We need to start solving this issue anons.
>>1922 Tvch's /tv/ is full of retarded normie shit, just like /tv/ from 4chan. They'll ruin the board for sure. I don't want us to be plagued with retarded threads like Emma Stone's feet or tranny discussions. /tv/ is all about celebrities and publicity, they give no shit about actual films. I prefer good discussions, not a bunch of trashy threads created and recycled within minutes. But yeah, the lack of user problem persists.
>>1922 I think many (can i use many?) of us will not agree with recruiting but speaking seriously i think that's a topic that has to be touched sooner or later, it was not that long ago... i think. Someone made an IRC channel near the cinema trackers to make a presence, dunno if that worked but i think two new/old anons appeared here, the next logical step is controversial but it would be talking about this place in the tracker forums. Thing is depending on the tracker and areas the users are knowledgeable but "uninitiated", the main thing about us is media file attachments and absolute free will towards language and tone so if i use the completely normal word "nigger" in a review i will soon they might be shocked without knowing it's fully normal. To be precise they are simply foreign to such concept, which might be too cool for them or considered the devil. SCinema has its fair share of liberals but the pendulum strikes and some disgruntled users might like this shack, KaraG has pretty much every side and do share a similar tone to us but their forums practically go the same speed as us too or at least that's what i saw last time, perhaps i should check again yet i feel uneasy trying to shill the place, i don't know how to without feeling awkward, perhaps in a thread about other cinema discussion places? just feels so strange trying to think a way. >bringing some alt/tv/'s together My impression is that /vhs/ was made to somewhat counter us, after all they picked speed and posted a bit of banter against us in the very days of the cunny cinema thread incident. I've lurked there and sure enough they are newbies in the medium, the ones in Zzz don't seem to be shitposters but i think they are too comfortable there. Correction: I checked again and it seems they fell a little down the stairs in terms of quality but they don't seem bad chaps, just maybe a bit too leaning towards mainstream/contemporary screenings which is the inevitable culture shock some have. Now that i remember we had a couple of good argies back in the 8, i know some of their bunkers so maybe we can poke them a bit? i might try to discuss some films there to raise a flame but i don't think they will like my flag.
>>1922 /film/ is a slow board, get used to it. >alt/tv/'s Do you really want to see gen z memers discuss how the snydercut is a masterpiece (lol)?
>>1924 Shilling is a natural process of getting your board out there that existed since forever. As long as you're not obnoxious it's not something to look down on. And without it the board will soon completely fade away I feel. >>1925 >/film/ is a slow board It's a dead board and no, it's not something we should get used to. Back on 8chan we had maybe 10 anons but at least there was a steady posting process going on.
This faggot spams this shit thread on every board >>1937 Have no qualms deleting it.
>>1938 Very well, akin to what other boards do i will post why i cleaned it up to make things clear plus to not cross the Inconnu BO: Deleted thread no. >>1937 and post no. >>1936 "War of the Buttons (1994)" >Reason: Spam >Notes: Known spam, have also personally seen said post with identical image and OP text being repeatedly posted among various webring boards in different occasions too
Open file (11.64 MB 449x480 approved.gif)
Looks like we are spammed by shit /tv/ threads.
>>1946 I don't like it either but this board got its fame back in the day for discussing things in form seriously no matter how trashy a subject was, i don't know exactly the BO's stance towards suspected shit /tv/ threads nowadays but i can recommend posting, even/especially if bitterly sarcastic, just to prove our stances without opting for the jannie actions. Who knows, some outsiders might even like our position of entertaining ideas without ideally being fans of them.
>>1949 >just embrace the hehpill bro! Yeah no, fuck off obvious /tv/ poster. This board got it's fame for not being /tv/ and not having shitposting threads.
>>1950 You picked the wrong tree to bark at, i am extremely against the hehpill shittery that happened before which fucked various boards (and even sites) but truth is we always discussed most things thrown at us aggressively with a knife, which eventually made the /tv/ shitposters pick another place. Remember back in the early 8 this board practically forced them to make another board which became their own version of /tv/? >Fame for not being /tv/ and not having shitposting threads. Correct, "discussing" means going at it with intention, being to shit at the OP for being a shitposter scrub or to discuss the attributes of something rather than make one sentence compliments or silly inside jokes. I don't mind them getting deleted but that's BO's instructions to make, i am speaking from the position of enforcing our stance firmly rather than deleting anything we don't like.
Open file (80.03 KB 1110x600 н4.jpg)
We did it anons, 2000 posts for the 4th iteration of /film/.
Open file (254.96 KB 604x886 8chansept2014.jpg)
Also /film/ is now seven years old Created 2014-09-19 15:20:27
>>2000 >4th I count 3, is there another bunker? >>2001 Funny to think most of those boards/small communities don't exist anymore, we are persistent after all.
>>2002 >I count 3, is there another bunker? 8chan → endchan → julay → anon.cafe >>2002 >Funny to think most of those boards/small communities don't exist anymore That's what happens when you don't have a contingency plan. After 8ch got nuked everyone was caught with their pants between their legs, except for maybe /a/. It's the inherent downside with having free board creation sites, sure, anyone can make a board but it leads to a lot of these small made-on-a-whim boards that turn into equally small casual communities. It's slow comfy posting but they have zero organization or even often ownership behind them. Once anything happens they are gone with the wind, unable to reorganize.
>>2003 >endchan Damn, didn't remember that, i even used it many moons ago in the Next debacle i think. >What's what happens when you don't have contingency Agreed, and speaking of which... we do have one right? there's the IRC channel and i suppose endchan is still there so i guess that's the official route, no?
>>2005 >we do have one right? Well all the previous ones are still up. Julay one is hidden but it exists. With the webring we're relatively safe, nobody will take all the sites down and at once.
>>2006 >No one will take down all the sites at once They will if you don't shut the fuck up about it and keep giving them the idea.
>>2007 They won't because they're boomers who don't know anything about internet. Also >saging on a dead board
>>2003 > except for maybe /a/ Where's that? And where's the board I could start practising pixel art in?
>>2009 >Where's that? https://smuglo.li/
>>2007 >keep giving them the idea Anyone who can will probably form the idea on their own, silly goose >>2009 >practising pixel art in? smuglo.li's /a/ but for that one maybe /agdg/ is a better choice, they have a board but they function more of a thread thing, right now i don't know in which /v/ they reside.
Should there be a general discussion thread? It seems to me that /film/ communities usually do better in a general thread than in separate threads about very specific things. If we take into account the extra small userbase here, it might not be a bad idea to unite all of it under one thread, get some energy going, etc.
>>2035 At least spent 2 minutes browsing the catalog >>34
>>2036 I know about it, but it's more of a thread for left-over stuff than a general discussion thread, and the inactivity proves it. But whatever, I'm just trying to think of ways to have more activity here.
>>2037 It's the same thing. Also generals don't add activity to the board, they remove it.
>>2009 don't use that shithole, go to /animu/ instead https://prolikewoah.com/animu/catalog.html
>>2037 We're not going to condense the board into one thread, but you can post there as if it is
>>2039 /animu/ is a shithole too though. Spergs and their autistic board wars.
>>2035 >>2037 Go back to your cuckchan general faggot
>>2042 >/animu/ is a shithole too though it's not though, cope
>>2046 It is though, cope
Deleted thread no. >>2072 "War of the Buttons (1994)" >Reason: Spam >Notes: Butt Nekids poster strikes again
>>2047 >n-no u back to tvch
Deleted thread no. >>2096 "create without tracing out existing movies" aka Breakdancing Among Us Astronaut >Reason: De-facto Spam >Notes: Confirmed crosspost with more than 2 iterations that was vague enough not to start any specific debate, discontent by presumably couple users made me offer OP to repost his question in supplied thread links but said offer was not followed after 6 days. Due to the board (almost) hitting its existing threads loop i took the decision to clean it rather than let it sink. If this was over the top feel free to notice me
Anons, pull it together.
An archive of the anime thread from old fullchan: https://archive.li/HLWkT
Greetings, /film/. As our contribution of the webring Christmas event this year, we at /yuri/ decided to put together a 7-day war film marathon starting December 18. Film lineup, schedule, and details are on pic related. We'd be honored if you would join us on this special time of the year. https://streamchan.org/#shizuruslovehut For direct streaming https://streamchan.org/hls/shizuruslovehut.m3u8 rtmp://streamchan.org/live/shizuruslovehut.flv Questions or concerns? https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/21.html Feel free to pay us a visit https://smuglo.li/yuri/
Open file (52.65 KB 219x281 spurdo tired.jpg)
/film/ is bretti cool!! :------DDDD
The guys at >>>/icup/ are talking about starting a new tournament and I thought it could be cool to join it in some way. Whether through a dedicated movie night with sports films or by creating our own team from scratch. It could really boost our board's popularity within the webring as a whole, I reckon.
>>2348 I once inquired about a movie night but nobody seemed interested, who knows but i think it would be cool as an aperitif for the cup. >sports films I take you meant to say football films, r-right anon? surely you are not as reckless as to imply ape hoopz or handegg... right?
>>2349 To get interested there needs to be somebody here.
Open file (261.97 KB 1165x1500 81gZFaD4fzL._SL1500_.jpg)
Open file (36.44 KB 331x445 518EXSQS3CL._SY445_.jpg)
Open file (47.51 KB 346x500 51Lqt+TVg-L.jpg)
>>2349 >I take you meant to say football films, r-right anon? There's some sports kino out there and it's not strictly football related
>>2351 It's a football cup and movies should be football films >Mighty Cucks >Jigaboo Jam >Paul Blart Boom Americans are not allowed in football discussions, mister
>>2348 What does this entail? Do they get a bunch of "teams" and then play a tournament via simulation?
>>2352 >>2349 Fuck you just reminded me of this nightmare Jan Švankmajer's "Virile Games"
>>2351 go back to /tv/
>>2348 Sounds cool. Heck, we could participate even. I am already imagining a kit for our team.
Open file (35.91 KB 313x445 51zJwrk3egS._SY445_.jpg)
>>2354 Here's another movie we can complement for, long time ago i saw it on a fancy TV channel but i remember liking it. I can re-check it to be safe. Coup de Tete by JJ Annaud (The Quest for Fire, The Name of the Rose, The Bear, The Lover) and starring Dewaere which seems to have some cult in France, i didn't know as i haven't explored France post-1970 a lot.
>>2358 >A quick-tempered mill worker gets sacked and unjustly imprisoned for rape. But when a twist of fate turns him into a football hero, he decides to use his recognition to seek revenge on his tormentors. Sounds neat
>>2358 Add another to the pile, if you can find the subbed version: L'Allenatore nel Pallone by Sergio Martino. Italian soccer comedy about a manager being set up as the fall guy for his own team.
Open file (722.59 KB 926x1180 goalkeeper.jpg)
>>2361 And another one just in case, a movie more famous for its title (perhaps it was a popular phrase?) ok it's a nobel prize winning book, silly me Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter or The Goalie’s Anxiety At The Penalty Kick by Wim Wenders (Paris Texas, Wings of Desire, Road Trilogy) and written by the recently Nobel-awarded and widely jew-hated Peter Handke (Wings of Desire), this is a movie in theory i should've seen already but haven't for some reason although that applies to most of my backlog.
>>2348 How's about using this for a logo?
so what happened to the cup idea?
Open file (701.41 KB 1277x2000 109.jpg)
>>2406 Who want to design the kit? We should probably have a roster that is somewhat athletic. I don't think weak, skinny people like Tarkovsky are going to cut it in a football match. I nominate Toshirô Mifune Johnny Weissmuller Jean Gabin Franco Nero Sterling Hayden
>>2407 I'll do it, gimme half a day to get to work
Open file (16.07 KB 220x307 21esiecleportrait.jpg)
Open file (15.87 MB 576x240 ZZ21.mp4)
>>2407 Well, technically speaking we can nominate Zinedine Zidane as he starred and was conceptually involved in his own film about him playing a match.
>>2406 Still working on it I think we should use something like the intro theme to Home Movies for the intro anthem, https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=oeoaaQ65F9Q What do you think?
>>2414 I like the idea. What about goal scorers? We need a goal horn, no? >>2407 > I don't think weak, skinny people like Tarkovsky are going to cut it in a football match. They could always play as goalies, lol.
Rate my team: GK Andrei Tarkovsky LB Toshirô Mifune [Gold] [C] CB Jean Gabin [Bronze] RB Franco Nero [Bronze] LMF Abbas Kiarostami CMF Johnny Weissmuller [Silver] RMF White French Chinese (or The Burning of Yuan Ming Yuan) LWF Jan Švankmajer (or Virile Games) SS Zinedine Zidane RWF Movie Night Enjoyer CF Sterling Hayden ~ subs ~ GK B-Movie Sleaze GK Giuseppe Rotunno CB Piero Piccioni LMF Nobuhiko Obayashi LMF Ennio Morricone RMF Letterboxd LWF Hollywoodian Jinkling Keychain SS Michael Sicinski SS Joe Hisaishi RWF Lillian Gish RWF Wakaliwood CF Jean-Jacques Annaud (or Coup de Tete)
>>2430 I approve of this rooster >SS Zinedine Zidane Second Striker? bit advanced for him, he can be CMF or LMF, Kiarostami seems ironically a more in-joke striker as he is such a non-aggression proponent in contrast to high-impact sexual violence Hayden lol
>>2433 Righto lad Then let's go with LMF Zinedine Zidane SS Sterling Hayden CF Abbas Kiarostami
>>2435 Zinedine Zidane (the actor)
>>2435 >>2436 >Zidane... the actor Prime shitposting lmao, they will probably wonder why not Eric Cantona but at least ZZ starred in a good film once.
Finally got off my ass and started making kits. This one is for the goalkeeper, I wanted to depict a stereotypical movie director to give the vibe that we have an organized team. >>2437 >>2436 pfft
Open file (263.25 KB 2048x2048 film away.jpg)
>>2439 The away kit. Got the idea from a bunch of documentaries on how cgi is made.
Open file (252.81 KB 2048x2048 film home.jpg)
>>2442 Also the home one. Like it?
>>2442 >>2443 Sure, is there a way to preview them on a player? Do they actually have videos of these games? I never paid attention before.
>>2443 >>2442 Look good to me, like the concept of the GK being the director. I think they also request an anthem song as intro and a scoring theme
Open file (313.59 KB 1200x707 film logo.png)
>>2444 I am afraid I cannot do that (yet) as I don't have PES installed right now. Maybe I could attempt to get in touch with the admins of /icup/ and ask them for help. Anyhow, here's the logo!
>>2449 Nice job!
Open file (244.23 KB 500x497 autism cat.png)
The regular 'board is dead and we gotta do something' post.
How did we manage to keep the board active on 8ch I don't even remember already
>>2503 >How did we manage to keep the board active on 8ch I didn't post in the board in the first year or so but i did later until nowadays, i remember sometimes seeing only a new post once a week but that kept going for months, it never really died and here we are still, most of us are slow or don't know what to post but we are quite persistent. It had activity bumps when someone new came around (identified by flags) but i recall it was mostly from obituaries and movie comments/reviews, nowadays there's more varied activity ironically if still slow. Film as a medium is somewhat passive so doing activities around it that aren't seeing them in group or commenting about it seems hard to think, i can't think of anything other than doing charts, achieving or i dunno, OC?
Open file (2.37 MB 2369x2018 33333333333333333.jpg)
4jew 2005 og here. am i allowed here or are you lot too advanced for me? started watching cinema about a week ago
>>2508 >are you lot too advanced for me? I don't think anyone will look down upon you especially if you get into the advanced parts of a film, either technical or interpretative. >started watching cinema about a week ago u wot
>>2508 I was unimpressed by Markopoulos but maybe I'll try the titles you mentioned
Open file (180.06 KB 965x541 6vtk9q.jpg)
Open file (795.70 KB 800x576 x71kt7.png)
Open file (2.59 MB 1920x1080 9hx54y.png)
Open file (514.09 KB 800x576 vhm3hf.png)
Open file (14.16 MB 800x576 m9qvx3.gif)
>>2509 >>2509 >u wot obviously taking the piss. people that just got into cinema wouldnt watch experimental film >>2510 watch ming green by markopoulos, i love the usage of single frames in his editing. too bad he is one of those "35mm projection or gtfo" directors. none of his films have been released, all the stuff online is trash quality. try joseph bernard - prismatic music, the br is on ptp/kg/tik
Open file (127.74 KB 1184x448 Message to film.png)
>>2512 Ming Green was the only thing I've seen. I couldn't get into it. I like the style of superimposition and modulating exposure, but with more movement. Same with Werner Nekes - Hynningen. There was not enough happening (perhaps too low quality) for me to enjoy it. I'll check Joseph Bernard though. I haven't seen anything from him.
Open file (157.85 KB 1033x438 2022.png)
>>2523 the "happening" is in the editing, both the cutting and the superimpositions >enjoy it should cinema be solely made for enjoyment? furthermore, i enjoyed it immensely, rather subjective this enjoyment, innit
>>2529 It is a good point but Zulawski was the kind of guy who also said his wife was not for his own personal husband enjoyment either, if you catch my drift, so i don't know if his word about what should be or is could be taken into serious account. >should cinema be solely made for enjoyment? Perhaps in a certain definition it should not but i think the definition by a vast majority does regard the factor of said media that is to be consumed, so in its consumption it should take into consideration the dynamic to digest it better or "be entertaining", otherwise we go into the technical realm of crafting it for ideal presentation which disregards the artistic part or at least the conceptual gist of it.
Deleted posts no. >>2565 and no. >>2566 by "ruam123" >Reason(s): Spam, being a BR
>>2529 >rather subjective this enjoyment, innit Experimental films generate very subjective reactions, moreso than any other genre
Open file (163.37 KB 990x557 shaolin.jpg)
Hello /film/, ICUP 7 is still being worked on, and progress is still steady, but we need your help. If you have a good PC enough to run PES 2017 and to stream it, or if you are willing to commentate, please contact us at >>>/icup/. Currently we have three potential streamers, but the more the merrier. In regards to your team, it is currently valid, however you need to choose team colors (2 to 4), an opening anthem, goal celebration song/s, and team tactics. Even simple team tactics will be enough, but more detail is better. If you need help, ask on /icup/, or look at guides on the wiki. https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Team_Strategies https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Player_Cards For extra fun, I recommend uploading portrait images for each player (to replace the empty icons in the Game Plan view) here or preferably create your roster page: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//film//Roster They will be square (transparency encouraged) and about 75x75px in game, so consider pictures that will look good when downsized. You can also try and find 3D models in case we have extra time to add them. Finally, if you are capable of doing 3D modelling, creating OC, working on the wiki or just helping in any way possible feel free to reach out as well.
>>2599 Hi /film/. If we don't hear back from you in the next couple of days, we will remove your team from this year's ICUP due to lack of interest.
>>2599 Here is the intro and goal music. Someone else can choose strategy. I suppose we should consider how other teams are playing.
>>2624 Well, technically, that was within a couple of days, with an hour to spare. Congratulations, you're in, although we will need some tactics in the next week or two.
Open file (200.34 KB 1230x1144 ICUP7 Draw Stream.png)
The draw stream is going to happen on Friday this week, 18:00 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup The attached image shows the start time in various timezones (from https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?p1=1440&iso=20220812T18&msg=Draw%20Stream ). End time is unknown, but it should last an hour or two at least because it will be used to run test matches, and will probably fail catastrophically at some point. We do need to get still some tactics from you guys. You have until August 15th to submit them. If you need help with those just drop by and ask.
Open file (13.27 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. https://fedimovie.com/c/icup_stream7/videos?s=1 Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay.
Yeah, tactics. What happened to the guy who knew what he was doing re: icup?
>>2658 No idea what happened with him but at this point the best thing you guys can do is drop by /icup/ and ask for help on tactics.
Open file (2.89 KB 885x45 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (333.20 KB 640x480 bWuupUcG.png)
Any last-minute tweaks before we submit this... /film/ Strategy Guide Formation: 4-3-3 Attacking Instructions Attacking Styles: Counter Attack Build Up: Long Pass Attacking Area: Wide Positioning: Flexible Support Range: 6 Defensive Instructions Defensive Styles: Frontline Pressure Containment: Middle Pressuring: Conservative Defensive Line: 6 Compactness: 5 Advanced Instructions: Attack 1: Centring Targets Attack 2: False Fullbacks (when trailing) Defence 1: Counter Target Defence 2: Gegenpress (if trailing in the second half) Substitution Strategies: Sub off most tired defender at 60' Sub off two most tired non-medals at 75' Sub off two most tired players at beginning of extra time
>>2664 Make it 4-1-4-1
>>2430 Oh, just saw the original roster is 3-3-4. That could work too
>>2666 Good point, we'll go with that
Open file (142.60 KB 480x600 filmlineup.png)
>>2667 Will this be correct?
>>2671 Thanks, looks good. We'll see how that works for us.
Open file (28.86 KB 500x562 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this weekend. Also can someone answer this question? >>>/icup/4170
I know the board is kinda slow but we'd really appreciate it if you could complete your roster page https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//film//Roster
Starting stream in an hour https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>2682 /film/ 3 - 4 /eris/
>>2683 Low defense strategy didn't pan out but it could be worse
Open file (27.12 KB 513x579 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this week's set of matches.
Ciao guys, could you tell me if this roster page is accurate? https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//film//Roster
Open file (664.47 KB 256x134 wfc.gif)
>>2686 Nice. I originally missed the White French Chinese reference
>>2685 You lost 1 - 3 against /ita/. Replay's coming soon.
Open file (21.13 KB 268x606 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this weekend's matches. >>2691 https://archive.org/download/ICUP7/Raw%20mkv%20files/Day%204%20Part%201.mkv (Starts at 14:31)
Starting in one hour. You'll be fighting for your tournament lives against /fscchan/ in the fourth match of the day. https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>2701 /film/ 4 - 2 /fscchan/
>>2703 YES!
Open file (1.45 MB 400x299 wedidit.gif)
So now that we're not total losers, has anyone scouted the matches to find improvements for the gameplay tactics?
>>2706 The matches have been posted in this thread, unless you mean the matches cut which are here: https://archive.org/details/ic7_20220825_20220825 For now your first match is in there, but the other ones will be uploaded in the next days.
Open file (512.13 KB 1920x1080 Infinity Cup 7.png)
Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned for the award winners over at our /icup/ board. Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!
>>2729 Thanks for all your work in organizing this event
Open file (128.75 KB 330x468 kafuka.png)
Great board. Never fails on me finding enthusiastic anons posting interesting stuff here.
Does anyone know how to find good new releases? Not like A24 but actual independent films, such as films similar to those of Ming-liang Tsai, Reygadas, Dumont etc.. Perhaps even more experimental in nature. Blogs like this for example: https://davefilmblog.com/ except with a broader scope. My local arthouses definitely have interesting films, but online repositories are nice to have in these matters. There used to be an anon here who annually would share best new releases and if he still is here, I'd appreciate some wisdom. thanks
>>2768 this is what i refer to: >>2219 obviously has knowledge into new releases even if he's a gatekeeper and Titane was mediocre
Open file (37.86 KB 648x486 JU50fS.jpg)
>>2769 I've been failing to post lately with very little time for the last 2 months. Hopefully that will change next year. >>2768 He's a good poster with plenty of knowledge. I suppose we don't have enough engagement here to keep him coming back.
>>2770 it goes both ways, if you bring real engagement and not just exhibitionism you'll get slightly more engagement than what he gets, he seems to have a very hard time just sharing the names of the movies (gatekeeping) i just want to know where he finds the movies, but i would have to guess that he goes to festivals or has a very well curated theater near him
>>2768 >good releases >Reygadas Does not compute Usually the listing in medium-sized festivals is a good indicator, cannot say small festivals because their subjects are pretty hard to come by to watch them. That one anon saw lots of stuff but cannot say where he checked on them, perhaps one of the underground torrent sites? Haven't posted lately because i entered the workforce/wage life and time has been severely limited, when i am in front of the cumputar i usually listen to music or waste time reading rather than engaging in something to share, don't even watch films due to thinking i have to wake up early next day. I think by next year too i would've nailed my routine and manage my time better.
>>2772 Reygadas is must watch, although I dont know about anything he's made in the past several years. Literally essential viewing for developing a palette. What are your favorite filmmakers? Do you mean the subjects are hard to come by as in the films themselves are hard to find?
>>2773 >Reygadas is must watch >Literally essential viewing for developing a palette. I agree because that's how you spot a hack and see the vane attempts from some people, his conceptual development is very abstract and the way he portrays it on film is both shallow and deep: The latter because the meaning is indeed more than what meets the eye but shallow because it is senseless and says nothing, it is just a complex fantasy played out for the sake of trying to do something. He also likes to mix both extremes of what the medium has, for example his cinematography/photographic approach is quite straightforward/pure as he isn't ashamed of giving several minutes of a single frame developing over time, quite like a moving photograph (or motion picture) for example the infamous sunrise in Luz Silenciosa i think, yet it doesn't say anything but to showcase both the beauty of said moment and that he could film like most people can if they had a camera and a tripod. At the other extreme he attempts to move with "heavy" use of dialogue (heavy as in too much because nothing is happening) as in no action speaks for itself but the words yet both the subject at hand is both badly portrayed (the mennonites in said Luz Silenciosa) and overuses the little words he makes us hear because the stories themselves tell even few things. Had Reygadas not been jewish i don't think he would've passed past his local indie scene, and "indie" is not a very good description of his jobs as he was heavily sponsored by the usual suspects, namely the Iberoamericana funds. >What are your favorite filmmakers? Does it matter? i argued his work's qualities not the comparison with my favorite filmmakers, which enter in the realm of more balanced styles regarding storytelling and visuals. I agree Film has more shades than merely telling a story but it is extremely crucial to give a palatable product because it is product at the end of the day, its intention is to be consumed as entertainment; if someone wants to do his full expression into film regardless of narrative then it is fine too but it should at least be worthwhile in terms of craftsmanship and integral intention, something Tarkovsky had plenty for example but Reygadas has none as the latter doesn't master anything to make plenty of people pay 10 dollars and take a bus at 8pm, wait till 11pm at some obscure screening with seats that smell like weed and most of the viewers are radical femoids, rampant homosexuals or pervs looking to hook something from either group... just to pay 15 more to get back at home, sleep 4 and be at work at 7am because damn hipsters like to screen their shit on wednesdays so film students can discuss their crap on friday (weekends are for partying/networking) tl;dr Reygadas has all the right to make whatever he likes but i simply find him boring to the point of me questioning his ethnicity's role regarding his success and continuous work. If he floats your boat then alrighty but you cannot expect him to be a pallbearer for good taste because there's no strong taste at all in his dishes, it's a regular plate with regular ingredients just with an unorthodox plating. Perhaps i should read a couple books and re-watch his well-known films? >as in the films themselves are hard to find? Yes, KG might have them but your normal denizen on the interwebz might find hard to get that one indie flick from Germany that came out three months ago with subtitles. Some festivals had the films on some websites in low quality (480p which is enough for most) but sometime recently they stopped doing that for some reason, ironically in pandemic times, which i find odd because you need to send them a video file to get in the contest to begin with (along with an advanced synopsis akin to a bullet point script), they should have those files ready at all times.
>>2770 >pic care to share the name of this one?
>>2771 Yeah he's not forthcoming with anything unless you start a conversation about one of the films he's watched. That approach doesn't work so well on a small board, so I assume that guy still posts more on 4chan. You could probably find his 2022 list by searching the archive. I remember once we maneuvered him into writing a longish film review. That was a rare case. >>2775 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0311692/
>>2776 What archive? Where was this long review written? I rarely go on 4chan but I imagine he posts on the /film/ threads? >>2774 I don't entirely understand your criticisms in your first paragraph. The whole idea of filmmakers being pushed by an agenda is very interesting to me, and I generally agree that these things could and do happen. But I generally believe that it goes beyond nepotism or tribal/ethnic ties. If such a thing were to occur, it makes more sense to me that the end goal is to somehow push an agenda or brainwash people. With Reygadas and some of his more degenerate inclinations, I can see that. I don't think he's a master, but I think Japon is a good film and a must-watch for people who are into exploring different avenues of cinema. I just watched Post Tenebras Lux last night and it was interesting, but I don't think that it was overall very good, and it entirely lacked the subtlety and restraint of Japon. the fuck was up with the head getting ripped off at the end? >Does it matter? Yeah, what's your top 10? I'm curious to know what types of movies you like because I don't agree with the blanket statement that Reygadas is not good.
>>2777 Archive: https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/ He usually starts his own thread just like here. But I didn't find anything with a quick search.
Open file (8.60 MB 488x360 Post Lux Cervisia.mp4)
>>2777 I apologize for not having replied earlier, i didn't see it on the overboard >With Reygadas and some of his more degenerate inclinations, I can see that He was an atomic bomb in the "getting your movie financed by the government" in Mexico due to the unnaturality of his appearance first hand experience via talking with two producers jaded as fuck who said nepotism got a strong part of it the problem was not so much the act of pulling someone out of your ass, which happens very often in latin american ventures, but because he represented an artistic circuit most associated with deconstructivism (and the mostly-jews who represent it via a certain educational institution) which renders the abstract artistic justification much harder to explain because it uses the meta of it much more than the mere intention. For example financing by the usual suspects might be easier to get if i make a movie about social criticism in its topic but the fact i plan to use the project as a criticism towards the state government in position (opposing the federal government) while also planning to give recycled toilet paper as napkins at work lunch as part of the ecological impact blablablah will grant it a lot more possibilities than someone wanting to do a road movie with a strong script that will also propel tourism in a certain niche area with mostly local businesses. This happens while the same judges give financing to big studios who didn't need any but used that said meta to push it, said meta being first used before in silly ideas to grant a justification that the nephew of the treasurer is the director of the winning entry. In terms of artistic intention that's where the shallow and deep comes, he goes deep in the meta but the acts on screen are somewhat shallow or "trivial". Of course every director has his agenda, it is part of every artist, but there's mostly artistic agendas and then there's mostly social ones; one can say a small message of protest about civil security forces' uselessness while doing a very compact action movie while others can drag on two hours saying something very vane while showing three hobos loving each other under a public park's floodlights. I think one leaves empty after seeing his works, many movies feel like that and that isn't the problem but one learns or particularly enjoys nothing at all after them, at least in a trashy kung fu film you enjoy chinamen kicking each other or learn that they fry with green onions for the flavor, in eastern european stuff you learn about crippling pessimism or enjoy great acting, with Reygadas work i don't even enjoy the lighting which is one of his trademarks, i see better stuff of the same vein in 00's skateboard tapes and their subsequent artsy stoner reels... and they don't have transgressive content for the sake of it like traditional disembodied mexican heads or grannies kissing chicks. >I'm curious to know what types of movies you like That's my suicide pill, i always think and fall into the same ones and i honestly think they all can be trashed yet i have strong opinions about them, in many facets they tailored liking or i saw them very young and use them as standards. Very well, hang me because i might deserve it, i still believe a movie should have a digestible entertainment factor in it because that's the easiest way to make the common someone eat something (food being the message/agenda/the skills and our ego wanting to show how we do something). Will divide them in a) camera, b) story/acting and c) "because", mind you i think they also have flaws or even massive ones and i will name them. Also i like visuals a lot, bit hypocritical from my part while banging on someone's storytelling and narrative intention. They are my "top 10" as of right now and in terms of how i would define my tastes (not the best 10 i've ever seen) tomorrow i might change 3 or even 4 names, next week i might put them back and replace other two, you know how it goes but i think they are a good representation and i still need to watch many essential pieces which i sidetracked to watch other things that might be considered much inferior. a) Tsui Hark's Knock-Off (massive flaws: The Introduction, Protagonist's justification/backstory regarding his abilities, most of the Tritagonist's existence, Deuteragonist being Rod Schneider despite probably doing the best acting of his career) if i may add there's also an extended version seemingly lost which would skew the final act's timing a lot more but features things which would make it more unique than it already is. Certainly the most criticized movie of this list but also the most ignored, not in my case because i still think of it often, has the audacity and fearlessness that i can compare to stuff like Peewee's Big Adventure, as in unorthodox movies that spell death sentences to careers and the ballsy/mentally ill directors who still made them out of their own pleasure/craziness. Script is also a great exercise in overuse of a concept, done by one of the masters of action Stevee De Souza. Kar-Wai Wong's Ashes of Time (flaws: Dependency in knowing the source material to "get" the characters who are Dragon Ball-tier famous in Hong Kong but not anywhere else due to lack of translation, deleted scenes from the first version change the plot a bit and were excluded later for who knows why, bit extended at times to present us with feelings/narration rather than just using the natural discourse aka melodramatic timing, adding to this it does use narration too much which is a problem with Wong's works at times as he doesn't show as much as he should) Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (massive flaws: Harrison Ford's work and lack of acting comprehension towards the character and the entire thing, Scott being a dumbass over 35 years about the characters' origins and intentions despite them being clear in the shooting list and screenplay, this made the thing have different editions and voice overs for no reason but to fuck around, did i say Harrison Ford already?) It's been memed to death but if you take Ford out of the equation for a bit we find ourselves with a world and atmosphere building that was effectively used too, there's not much to truly criticize (aside from personal tastes) if we fathom to imagine and see the thing without the imbecilic handling of the protagonist. Had this movie been directed by Walter Hill or had his involvement as a "guardian angel" towards Ridley i think it would've been more enjoyable, specially with good actors like Tommy Lee Jones or Nick Nolte as protag. Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi (massive flaws: While explicitly using the concept of the Hopi visions the film seems to use it as a justification for the cool shots despite said montages fitting perfectly towards such teachings and them not being fully shown or explained in the movie, the paraphrased part about "being replaced by a more advanced form of people, not malevolent but just different and they would too get their demise" fits to a t. and gives a more forgiving and complete feeling after the nuclear bomb references about the boxes of sand that will burn the skies and boil the seas of their land which are over Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona where they lived; these words give the movie a more complete concept and doesn't make it seem like an afterthought to look cool) b) Fred Zinnemann's The Day of the Jackal ("flaws": Very pragmatic cinematography which isn't a flaw but leans much more towards utilitarian photography direction, Jackal finds how good a man who tends pidgeons shoots, the interesting bilingual version is hard to find for some reason). Paul Verhoeven's "Robocop" yes yes, the suggestion itself gets memed a lot but it is that good in terms of concept and execution ("flaws": People either see it as an action movie or a satire yet it's not either specifically but both at the same time and also a drama and a psychological piece, dubbing works have missed the aforementioned point and either get worked as fully serious or fully comedy) Commenting on said point this movie is one of the very few films i've seen that combine many different ideas and still pull it off while having its own specific style/identity, it's a masterpiece in integral work and even the script has its own custom font. Mind you i don't think it's a master at any of the specific things it intends to do but the combination of all its pieces into a single digestible product without feeling disjointed is extremely hard to pull off, we can even add a layer of religiousness without irony and the movie still works. A Gesamtkunstwerk in commercial cinema, even the soundtrack was made both to convey emotion and to be pleasing, sometimes they are pleasing but foreign to the work at hand and sometimes they evoke emotions but are frankly not very musically sound (like Hans Zimmer, theoretically good but not really "catchy" or something to brag about on the radio). Chan-Wook Park's Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance ("flaws": Should've used the chaotic free jazz soundtrack a bit more to reflect the urban settings in contrast to the silence of the rural areas but the diegetic parts make up for it, sex scene feels like the director wanted to rub one off or make the co-protagonist a favour) It's a great movie, maybe not a classic but i always get back to it, it might be considered boring but i feel it didn't get anything wrong or unbalanced like Oldboy or Lady Vengeance did, the former was action gold but went a bit melodramatic while Lady Vengeance was too much of a reflective ride without much substance or gritty reality like Mr. V did. Gillo Pontecorvo's Battle of Algiers ("flaws": Many people might be disappointed that Mathieu's character is a composite of a couple guys rather than a single entity that existed and that this movie pretends to be a docudrama aka real facts remade in sets, melodramatic soundtrack in "sad" scenes rather than just showing the fact by itself in silence) Despite being made by a commie and the subjects being commies the italian director showed great restraint in leaning towards a side or ideology so much that no side who was represented liked the movie, this can be seen and resulted in an excellent product albeit a bit skewed from real life's facts because Gillo didn't want to be hit by algerians or bite the hand of his contractors too much. c) Takeshi Kitano's Boiling Point ("flaws": No soundtrack although when it occurs it is extremely crucial towards the inherent concept of the story, making us believe the Protagonist could pick chicks with only his bike but this wasn't the case OR WILL IT) I think i enjoy some other Kitano works a bit more somedays but this movie is the prime example you can carry a movie forward with the sheer power of an interesting supporting cast and a well-made script even if simple. The protagonist is a sack of rocks and he was fully intended to be so, the directing is very solid and inspiring to me due to us seeing what can be done with relatively little money to hire top notch actors or locations. Servando Gonzalez' Black Wind ("flaws": Scenes that nail the government into a tree got cut out of butthurt which are hard to find on any release and this already on a movie which not very subtly bashes on the ethnic group that composed said gov, not many movies made with the same quality due to this being a fancy venture by a private company being repaid for political favours which would come again later on but paid differently) A manly movie made by men for men and which also had the skill to criticize the bad things few dare to speak and did so despite said silly group composing another group that allowed this product as a political gold coin. There you go, you can now disregard my opinion but at least i tried to explain at times lol
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