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Welcome to /film/ discussion.

/film/ Meta Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 12:13:48 No.1
Is this our home now?
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Our board is now working at https://spqrchan.xyz/film/ and bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/film Julay fallback information (save locally): https://spqrchan.xyz/.static/fallback.txt
Open file (1.55 MB 1912x800 m92b26.png)
Julay is down for maintenance!
Change is complete down at Julay but where the hell is /film/?
It looks like a whimsical decision to exclude our board with no explanation
>>6 Fucking hell, no wonder someone posted we should back the board if something happened. I didn't because i doubted, at least i have material to post a thread i always wanted to do but this sucks anyway. Still, knowing those guys they should at least have an old archive from a couple months ago.
>>6 >not expecting tricks from Rabbi Lol
>>8 At this point everyone has dirt on their shoes other than maybe the guys here.
Open file (2.31 KB 750x14 bords.png)
>>8 >>11 Looks like it's only a mata of time.
Open file (181.59 KB 875x354 truedat.png)
>>12 Ok cool. Here's that cryptic message btw.
>>13 It seems our clairvoyant friend was half right and the admin forgot to back the place up, he has all the posts but not the files itself. Things can be reverted if everyone posts the files as he has written a special script for it but that seems like a ton of files, not to mention if we all still have them and we are all in the same spot. What's your move, inconnu BO?
>>14 We can try to restore the board and see how it goes. I'm not a big fan of the new URL though. For backup I was stupidly focused on trying to learn python so I could get the multiscraper to work, but if I ran HTTrack instead we'd have no problems.
>>16 >I'm not a big fan of the new URL though. Me neither although it was a smart move from their part, they have been pestered and given the responsibility of being the main hub of the webring while in reality they were just a small group of people trolling some e-celebs into oblivion. The name change and refocus simply reflects their original vision; it also does casts their silly nature, they originally weren't going to keep certain boards yet they did, while confirmed ones did not (our case here is one of them). Their help has been appreciated at least from my part, but that one is a pants-on-head move. I can go for it, but i feel some may want it here? I don't know if you are a greek democratic type of fellow but i guess we can also do a vote, and we can post one of the files we uploaded there as proof of nativity to avoid foreign meddling. Just an idea tho, i'll go for what you decide.
>>16 >>17 Robi fucked up with this one but now that everything has been moved I don't see any changes for julay in the foreseeable future. So I'd rather we stayed there than try and redo the board from scratch a fucking gain. Not to mention I know nothing about anon.cafe and have zero confidence that it will be around even for a year. With julay you at least know it's not going down one day with no explanation.
>>18 I don't mind staying here. Or bugging Mark to make a /film/ on his site
>>19 >Or bugging Mark to make a /film/ on his site Why don't you go back to cuckchan at this point you absolute faggot.
>>20 Aside from the /a/ bunker his shit seems to be the only thing that can last longer then a couple months Unless you want to make your own site and see how long that lasts
>>18 >again BO can pass the threads here but they will very probably be without images and videos. In terms of written archives it's a safe bet, but threads like the screencaps and webm ones would be def need to be redone. >I know nothing about anon.cafe and have zero confidence that it will be around even for a year. It's been around since October i think, the owner(s) are widely seen as the only true neutrals of this whole webring affair and hasn't been attacked in months, the only one who did was the dolphin guy and he basically did it once to every board except 8moe. >With julay you at least know it's not going down one day with no explanation. It's been down without explanation twice although it recovered from both of those, and Julay currently doesn't exists anymore as we knew it, it's a niche site now with the few off-shot boards being owned by inner circle members themselves. I also don't see any dramatic changes for them in the future, they adopted probably their final form although they still have a few enemies out there. >>19 >bugging Mark to make a /film/ on his site Might as well burn a children's hospital while you are at it. If you don't know why then i will try to quickly recap it by mentioning the current state: Their owners/investors are well-known individuals who certainly like the attention, they have notorious stories with federal authorities in the U.S. and their actions as posters have reached widespread disdain in many communities (and their followers/ex-followers carry the stigma of their names). I can go further but that alone makes it questionable, Julay has its detractors in the form of small groups of people (not anons as they already outed themselves with identities) but 8moe has entire webrings as antagonists. Now in my opinion i think at some point Anon.Cafe in the mid to long future will grow a bit but unload itself from a bunch of boards (it's currently the big cheese while months ago it was one of the smallest) due to server size, yet the original concept is a relaxed/artistic environment focused on quality. If said discharge was to happen /film/ would thematically be one of the safe bets so no worries if a transition was made. A-Log Space (inside joke for Asshole) seems to be also a safe bet at this point, although they clearly didn't remember the board existed they seem to be quick on repairing any wrongdoing, thematically speaking it does seem out of place now that their /mu/ and /vg/ refugee camp are dead on the water. By thematic i mean user culture/overboard interactions. If Anon.Cafe were to discharge /film/ it would be only on the grounds of data storage savings, in which case /p/ would also get the nip due to high-size images, /f/ with their files and probably /loomis/ if they start uploading pngs and pdfs, that's a new site in itself and (i insist) probably the core users this place envisions to keep. Both ALogSpace and AnonCafe are decent places but my vote would be this site, not exactly because it's the centralized meeting area but because it's the gathering point for many specific users with similar interests, those being the visual arts.
Open file (61.45 KB 1007x1285 ded.png)
>>21 Go fuck yourself, Mark. Nobody is going to your dead shithole.
>>22 >It's been down without explanation twice although I meant permanently. >>22 >not exactly because it's the centralized meeting area but because it's the gathering point for many specific users with similar interests, those being the visual arts. Nah, it's becoming the new julay and will burst in the exact same manner. Staying on a now small and niche site like julay2 is way better in my opinion. At this point any site larger than 5-7 boards accepting news boards is pretty much doomed.
>>24 >burst in the exact same manner Don't doubt it, but so far nobody has found an excuse to attack it. I don't know if it is due to romanian hosts but so far it's working. >Staying on a now small and niche site like julay2 is way better in my opinion. That's true, although i still have my reservations with their little war against the former /int/ guys. >any site larger than 5-7 boards accepting news boards is pretty much doomed. The trick here is that AnonCafe so far doesn't seem to be accepting anybody new since a while ago, but still it's somewhat bloated by now. If somehow they link all the thumbnails successfully back there all of this would be just a hypothetical matter i think, it would be business as usual although i kick myself for not saving those webms. >>21 >Aside from the /a/ bunker his shit seems to be the only thing that can last longer then a couple months This place and /tv/'s site are stable enough in terms of tech, but the ogrelord at TVch did get his shit glowed hard recently, not to mention moving there would be a completely suicidal move. Mark is a dude who can legitimately get killed at any time if someone recognizes him on the street, and his arms vendor associate/drama lover is someone who hardly inspires confidence so i don't think anybody will take that option seriously, no offense to you here of course, just stating what i feel and see from the rest.
I emailed admin @ theguntretort.com two days ago, no response, but I'll try to get his attention later. I'm not opposed to moving here since it's a better thematic fit, but we should also move relevant threads. Like I said, I was trying to get multiscraper to work, originally planning to mirror threads from 8chan. Since I'm not well-versed in python, mongoDB, mySQL, there's a learning curve for this tool. If you can help speed up the process, drop me a line at film@tutamail.com. https://gitgud.io/rb/MultiScraper/blob/master/IMPLEMENTING.md UPDATE: Today I found Robi on IRC and he said he'd respond to the email. (He still has not responded.) I'm hoping to start testing the scraper this week. It's taken a while just to install and setup the programs needed for it to work, but I've been making progress every night.
Edited last time by 11811 on 08/10/2020 (Mon) 04:53:02.
Open file (237.32 KB 725x525 suspicioustechnician.jpg)
>>26 So, do we wait?
>>27 I finally got control of the other board so I have been focused on that. I just updated the CSS. If you have files from old threads please add them here: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/film/res/1081.html Robi said he's going to write a script to fix the images this week. So I'd like to restore whatever we can.
>>28 Right, i'll see what i saved. Very interested in the board, looking forward to any updates.
I'm pretty close but I'm still working though some errors that prevent me from using it. This has happened every step of the way. I spend 10 minutes installing a big new program, then I get an error the first time I run it. I have to google for solutions until I find something that works. EDIT: Yesterday I finally got to the point where I could run multiscraper. I quickly hit yet another error. I'm not completely sure how this tool is supposed to work, so my next task is to find Robi and ask for guidance. I might not be able to move threads to any board without gaining certain permissions from the site owner. For now I am aiming to backup the board(s) and understand what the tool can do. Then if anyone is still around we can discuss our options.
Edited last time by 11811 on 08/22/2020 (Sat) 01:50:17.
Open file (39.41 KB 803x118 Happening.jpg)
>>30 Welp, pretty shady move from Robi to not tell us in my opinion, a shameful display. We might as well move out at this point Inconnu BO; if you want to migrate threads i think copypasting every post from the old boards, with its respective image, might work faster than scraping them for a tech migration. I'm at disposition to do it, it's just a matter of planning if we are going to merge similar threads, leave some out or copy as in, i dare to say it can be done in a day's work. If everyone/most of us agree, you guys just need to say the word and i can roll.
>>31 Robi would not help me with the script so we're on our own. I made a post here for anyone who's still around. https://alogs.theguntretort.com/film/res/2.html#1150
>>32 Yeah let's move BO.
>>31 Do you have an account here? I can add you as a vol if you want. Too bad there's no way to edit images. We could keep improving threads whenever possible.
>>420 If you want me then sure, i would just correct some mistakes i made for aesthetic reasons (i hit my keyboard because of the [Embed]'s i missed) Might as well doxx myself here account is Lensman, posting extensively i realized the site does lack some stuff i thought it had, there's no pink text, (((posting))) nor embeds so we cannot fully replicate the old style, although i think we can request the pink text stuff as it is an easy tweak. At least we have audio now. What are you going to do with Julay's board after we are finished?
Wait, so the plan was to replace missing images with google search? I'm kinda anal with what images I post so this triggers my autism now.
Open file (58.94 KB 682x512 IU.jpg)
>>444 I tried to search in the Wayback Machine but the site was fairly niche so it didn't save every thread and there's only 2 screencaps from the catalogue in the archive, a recent one and another before christmas. I either don't post one (unless it's an OP, i search anything there) or use one that looks similar to the one i recall from my memory although i might've missed the shot entirely in some cases (i think i did with the Spanish Civil War post). >I'm kinda anal with what images I post Me too so i can understand your frustration, tells us which post is bothering and somebody might unlink the images :^)
>>464 I have the archive of the documentaries and Slav animation threads. https://archive.is/pBUpl https://archive.is/7UoYJ From there I went ahead and re-screencapped all my images, reverse searched images that weren't screencaps and was able to save a slightly larger thumbs of other anon's screencaps. Is it possible to re-import the thread with these put back into place? https://easyupload.io/8nr9mr
Open file (35.53 KB 984x334 1020.jpg)
>>517 >Is it possible to re-import the thread with these put back into place? Well, i am doing it manually post by post like i said i would, i guess i can delete them and try again although in the case of the slav animation i don't think they are that vital to be completely fair. Also can't access that easyupload link bud
>>522 >although in the case of the slav animation i don't think they are that vital to be completely fair Well the OP image is vital and the other one is just 1 pic, might as well add it too. https://workupload.com/file/waKg2CemKbK
>>523 >might as well add it too How? i'm just a random user and as far as i know from the BO tools one can only unlink files or spoil them, cannot add some, edit post just opens the text window. But sure enough, i guess i'll redo it, i'll come back in an hour time for classes
>>524 Well the slav animation thread isn't even here yet, right? I meant add them once you, or whoever, moves the thread.
>>525 >right? >>505, guess i went too fast, same with the docu thread >>249
>>526 Well you can just add it again and BO will delete the previous one. Thankfully we're in no rush so take all the time you need, anon.
By the way, BO, don't forget to make this board public now.
>>428 You're added. Thanks for doing all this work. >What are you going to do with Julay's board after we are finished? I'm going to leave it there unlisted. >>528 I was keeping it private until we're finished restoring threads. Otherwise it could monopolize the overboard with posts from 5 months ago.
>>529 Thanks bud, my pleasure to keep this boat-a-rocking The axis of visual art boards will reign supreme
Nicely done. We're back in business lads.
>>529 >overboard Nobody is using that though.
Is the 8kunt board still around?
>>575 I am offended by this. t. anon.cafe user, just scroll past all the /fascist/ junk and it's fine
>>575 That's silly talk, many are using it hence why /fascist/ gets a lot of flack, they are half the overboard and many are angry at only seeing their discussion, not because they are fascist or anything although they have stopped talking about it to focus on american politics The BO made a good decision to unlist the board, waiting for all to be migrated and avoid taking the other half of the overboard. Also i haven't finished, i apologize profusely as i felt asleep and after waking up stumbled into very bizarre late-night TV programs i've never seen. It's morning now and 9 threads to go.
>>579 >many are using it literally nobody is using it >they are half the overboard nobody cares because nobody is using it
>unironically using the overboard People do this?
>>580 >>581 I use it. It's how I found this thread.
>>577 I think the old requests thread must be indexed by a search engine because all recent posters seem to be new to imageboards. Also 8kun still doesn't work very well. The front page is a week behind, missing a number of new posts.
>>580 >>581 There's at least 3 users here that use it, including an implied outsider. That's enough to justify its existence and awareness of it. >nobody cares because nobody is using it Why are you here?
Open file (29.78 KB 340x240 cptn.jpg)
I think that's that for the dumps, took more than expected because i'm kind of a dummy in terms of concentration, slept more than usual and meddled with some distractions. Left out some threads in the end: >Thread #20, Books on Film, due to lack of essential files >Every thread previously selected from 8kun due to the current availability/archived nature itself Ignore the fact there's no thread 11 >Thread 12 & 17, Film Music and Comment on Last Film Watched This last one is a very tough cookie, it's practically the board's bread & butter yet it has a ton of missing files correspondent to personal screencaps. Recently someone updated that thread with 5 screencaps and 2 webms (one from the excellent The Leopard) along with the OP's image but i personally feel it would be better for every anon to repost their own favorite comments in the upcoming thread, either from enjoyable movies or criticisms they liked to write, so any potential newcomer can feel what the board is like in the personal preference of every individual user. I would also humbly suggest said thread to be pinned (but not cycling). On a quick glance i think if someone makes the next threads we are good to go like nothing happened: >Meta/BO thread (can be this same one re-edited a bit) >Open Thread/Question Box/QTDDTOT >Comment on Last Film Watched >Film OSTs >WebM thread >/film/ Resources The last 4 can be ignited with re-posts so it shouldn't be rocket science, probably, maybe. On a technical note the site's admin said a board's limit is 50 threads, every thread reaches 500 posts until autosage, 1000 posts until lockdown. The CSS theme is a bit rough right now because i recall Anon.Cafe has some differences compared to Julay.World, so Inconnu BO here's a CSS i made time ago so you can inspect it and identify things you might want to change, don't know about CSS so i moved numbers until things shiny. I used /film/'s own CSS as template so thank you for that: https://zerobin.net/?1a9eae9c53029cb5#SjF6ADsUaBDAfmNPx2BVsELMKJdxPXI5Kwxo4X0LmI8= Now i apologize to >>527 anon if i made myself sound harsh, not the intention but still my posts have a tone i don't like so i feel necessary to beg your pardon. To finish, i got vol powers but i shouldn't post identifying as one again until something bad happens, for now i will just edit/fix trivial things anons request from time to time. pls post
Edited last time by Lensman on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 21:27:46.
>>581 Yes. This isn't julay or 8kun where the exponentially busy boards became so large and fast that it makes the overboard worthless. The overboard is useful for finding new or active topics and broadening horizons. It's literally how I found out that /film/ moved here.
>>671 [forgot image]
Open file (4.13 KB 171x46 board_name.png)
Open file (27.33 KB 89x600 FSleft30.png)
Open file (174.17 KB 521x232 filmgrain.png)
>>669 > Anon.Cafe has some differences compared to Julay.World Do you happen to remember those differences? My first gripe is that thumbnails are 56px smaller. Maybe I will upscale them.
>>674 Honestly don't remember very well, images were one for sure, i think the separation between a last post of one thread and the OP of another was also a factor i couldn't find. Others i didn't recall back or were different in Julay were the recaptcha window, report window of individual posts, the bottom strip of the board (under Report/Delete/Moderation tab), catalog and i think the More tab also was different. Took me a while to complete a decent enough version, but so far here seems more than usable. I will tweak it to match the palette and post a version if you like.
>>676 Here's the CSS with some minor tweaks and rules into it, mainly for the buttons and Settings/Moderation/ReCaptcha forms. Will update if i see something weird or if we need something else but other than that it seems to be dandy. >https://zerobin.net/?21f7ab295d4b1fff#Zfp8AKXd8hznssLUAw3StQoxZNhEv7mkHhKDld52AxI= As a sidenote: Can't access the site like i usually do, seems i can only reach here via Tor so probably some users will be forced to take some vacations.
>>696 Thanks, I've been too busy to deal with it. The site has been unreachable often but I don't know why. Testing the mp3 player.
Open file (7.20 KB 480x90 Banner.gif)
So, all in all we probably survived in theory Seems the site was hit by technical issues the same day the migration process began but it's still very much usable... by our normal posting schedules aka every once in a while. To commemorate our seemingly persistence on quality how about some banners? i fixed this puppy just for us :^)
We need some plan to keep /film/ alive.
>>770 Well, just like many other hobby boards, how can we "force" people to post? it's not like they stopped doing what they do, they just don't talk about it.
>>771 It's not about forcing people to post. There are no people. It's about getting people here. We lost a lot of people while moving from 8chan, then lost the rest while staying on julay and moving here. Some moderate shilling campaign needs to be organized.
>>772 >Some moderate shilling campaign needs to be organized. If you guys do it right and subtly enough you can definitely pick up a few users, I bet. That's what I do for my board. It also helps to try to post as much as possible (as long as the posts aren't utterly frivolous)
>>772 >>773 Agreed but it needs to be done very smoothly and choose the poison. We have commodities here, good ones like no sign ups, no PC enforcement and decent file uploading but some people are just thick-headed and might look for something else, so far the share thread and the possible resources one with a big dump are strong too. That might be the poison, next the victim i suppose and i think that's the hard part of this ordeal, where? and then the how. Charts with the board name? video reviews? straight-out posting the board name to potential, singled-out candidates after researching and softening them up?
>>774 The best way to shill is to make a stream to watch some films. Then you can easily shill it across boards together with board name.
>>775 One would think most people here check the webring tab and/or browse the overboard, hence my suspicion they know the board but opt not to post for a variety of reasons (intimidated, nothing to post, don't want to) But still that's a nice idea, it did work for some boards back in the day and with the seemingly more tightly-knitted community here it might do the job again, another the thing is: Could we use that to reach "outsider" communities? I'm all about avoiding open shilling out in the fields but there might exist an open possibility we could fly a banner with it, somehow. Attempts have been made softly, IIRC some anon (maybe the BO) did a letterbox account with the board's name + direction and posted our long reviews from the "recently watched films" thread. I don't know if it worked but that seemed like a great idea.
>>776 >One would think most people here check the webring tab and/or browse the overboard They don't. Unless you're on the webring for a long time it's not something that's immediately apparent to you. And even if they do, there are a lot of boards on the webring. Finding /film/ when it's not in the active boards zone is not so easy. Hence we we need direct approach. >Could we use that to reach "outsider" communities? What do you mean? Outside of the webring? I don't think that's a good idea, that's just asking normalfags to come and stay and it's impossible to get rid of them.
>>778 Fair enough, i used to think my ways were the usual ones but it's clear by now, for me at least after checking many boards' meta threads, people simply don't use all the UI features even if they shine like rainbows. >What do you mean? Posting a stream notice in potential places, say for example /late/ or /comfy/ (/kind/?) and if we get to stream a movie with a specific topic or craft invite even /christian/ (religious movies), /k/ (war stuff) or /retro/ (strong decade-themed movies). Those boards have meta or general threads so we can hypothetically post there without making a thread and potentially shitting their space. Just an idea. >Outside of the webring? I don't think that's a good idea That would be perilous, no way, but sooner or later we might have to do that. Hope we don't reach that point but better to be mentally prepared than not, the normalfag menace is real and i don't think there's a reasonable way to reach them "softly" anyways so... last resort there. Even inside the webring there's some shady spots, some anons are very playful and might become dust devils, not malevolent but certainly not very used to the customs. For example TVch is an interesting place, i think many in the Cafe post there to vent out, shitpost and return here to be more calm or serious, but the actual locals there seem to be jesters in nature and those are not fun to sleep with in the same room. Another one is ZZZChan, nice concept but it's suspicious due to its main population: ex-8kun /v/ users, which means a melting pot of people brought from normalfag spots and really jaded & desperate anons, a dangerous combination when moved out of their main hobby. ALog is a desert but there's still some good elements there with the italians, still i don't know if someone there would be interested. We can also use the absurd measure of searching past users, i remember two argentinians and those guys lost track after 8ch went down, currently it seems they are at Endch and i recall they knew their films. I mean i'm just winding ideas here, might as well.
>>779 At the end of the day we just need to show people that /film/ is still around and active. Some people would come back. You can still see anons discovering the webring after the fall of 8ch now.
Open file (38.85 KB 726x388 bcti.jpg)
We might get a trickle of traffic from 8kun but that board keeps rolling back to August 17. I have tried several times to get the catalog to properly update over there, but it never sticks for more than a few hours.
>>785 Yeah, saw that bug a couple of weeks ago, the first page doesn't update either. It also deletes some newer posts unless there's a couple of mods checking every new post in a bunch of boards. That boat is pretty damn shaky.
>>785 8coom is dead, what possible use do we have of it?
>>804 I check threads for reference sometime. Now the stupid site error makes it possible the board will get deleted sometime because all posting has stopped.
I guess BO isn't planning on doing anything. Oh well.
>>804 I plan on occasionally checking out 8kuck after December or January by the time the electoral shit blows itself out the ass, see if after all is said and done Jim managed to salvage something, after all I already invest time into going into every other fucking imageboard in existance to scrap up posts.
/film/ is my favorite film community. I'm fed up with reddit and other forums/networks that are full of casual hipsters with stinky political stances. Too bad I've only watched genre/trash movies recently. Those are not /film/-tier enough to discuss here I'm afraid :/
>>836 /film/ never positioned itself like some pretentious art house community. People simply went here because they wanted to actually discuss films. You can discuss any films here, even Transformers, if you think there are some merits you want to talk about.
>>838 Thanks, I'll try to participate more here :)
Open file (27.37 KB 600x399 o87.jpg)
>>840 >:) You're not on reddit anymore.
>>804 8kun is epicccccc
>>841 Ok sir
I wonder if creating an irc for /film/ would be nice
>>867 We had a Discord back in the day that wasn't particularly interesting.
>>868 >We had a Discord We did? i don't think anyone would've liked that idea in the first place but i could be wrong.
>>868 I think irc would have more freedom and anonymity compared to discord.

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