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Open file (245.50 KB 256x180 verticalroll.gif)
Open Thread 08/31/2020 (Mon) 21:01:08 No.34
[JW01 ~ 08/24/2019] There aren't many people here, but this bunker needs more content. Post something interesting that doesn't fit into other threads.
Edited last time by Lensman on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 21:33:59.
Open file (17.21 KB 250x190 Yur.jpg)
>>745 >What does this kind of closed community achieve? >And, most importantly, for whom? My, oh my Ironically Yuri's anti-subversion talks are getting subverted in the mainstream media
Open file (1.08 MB 1280x720 VNNayOE.png)
It's odd he doesn't understand why a private community would exist to serve itself instead of the entire globe. Although Cinemageddon used to be open signups with torrents indexed on google. But that model is difficult to sustain with a vast library of copyrighted material. Best to fly under the radar.
>>745 Is his conclusion that distributors should share thousands of titles for free to garner mass audiences? Good luck with that. People interested in these types of films are already seeing them.
Open file (873.42 KB 1280x720 Hiroshi Shimizu.png)
Another beautiful retrospective trailer from French Cinematheque, promoting the work of Hiroshi Shimizu https://vimeo.com/459407644 Music:Hako Yamasaki - Mukaikaze
What's the easiest way to get around youtube country limitations? I don't know if a free proxy will last long enough for me to download 1 GB.
>>791 There's some web sites that connect via magical IP thingies to a YT version of another country. For downloading i think manually getting the links and using a normal YT downloader will do the trick, if it is en-masse then JDOwnloader is another option. I think that's what you meant right? or do you mean continuous streaming?
Open file (832.92 KB 1280x720 Arte_2020_10_07_22_52.png)
>>792 I wanted content from Arte so I found this program to easily download online programming from several French television stations https://captvty.fr/ Similar for Germany https://mediathekview.de/download/
Open file (10.97 KB 374x253 filmboards.png)
Let's see what they're discussing at Filmboards
Can anyone recommend a lightweight video editor? Adobe Premiere is probably a huge program at this point and pirating Adobe is kind of a pain (the program may stop working eventually). I've also heard good things about Sony Vegas (for effects) but I never tried it. Really I just need to do basic cut + splice, work with audio, save as mp4 in a nice interface. Thanks.
>>797 Why is Premiere a huge problem?
>>796 Kinda off-topic but that kind of whipping irony made me remember that i was seeding that christian samurai movie, Shiro Tokisada, and after getting a good internet speed upgrade it seems i've shared it 85 times. There's been 85 people downloading an obscure title from a second-tier (in terms of popularity) director from Japan, which is a must-see country in terms of cinema but still an unorthodox choice for the mainstream, especially when the movie isn't from a popular stylistic wave: It is neither a femboy sitcom, nor a chanbara, nor a schoolgirl slasher, nor a surrealistic trip but it is a pessimistic/nihilistic protagonist journey but situated in a non-urban era and made 60 years ago. Taking into account many people download to archive and see later (my case) and that i'm not the only one seeding nor is it the only source available, let's suppose 50 watched that movie downright in the last 3 months. Checking sites it seems only two persons have commented on that in the time span, who said it was good to great, and another in a shill site (who seems to be ranked as a top critic) scoring it as mediocre at best. That makes me wonder, are the vast majority of niche film enthusiasts silent? i can understand most people not watching that kind of movies but i still find the number considerable enough to be more actual discussion or a group leaving some kind of collective feedback. One even mentioned that the view source was YT so the number is potentially higher. Just rambling about, it's one of the first real tacit examples, from my point of view, where i could see the proportions of action men vs. silent masses even when the example itself is a bit inconsequential. >>797 Everyone seems to be using DaVinci Resolve, i tried it once and it is better than Premiere in UI experience but nothing "lightweight" about it. I think one year ago i tried to search for the same thing, basic cut, audio levels and simple export. I don't recall finding a good alternative but i never went big into it as i had no urgency. All the cutting i do it using Avidemux, which isn't perfect, and the audio i edit it separately in Audacity and replace it; it's a ghetto workflow but i was in ghetto situations trying to deliver ghetto goods so no big deal. Vegas was the go-to years ago but i think they bit the dust time ago, or at least got overtaken really hard. Premiere is a RAM whore and Resolve got tons of shill power behind it but at some point justifiable so, it is good but nothing express. Adobe went full into the "software as service" and it is getting annoying to crack, i only use Photoshop 2018 because they stopped working with Windows 7/8 and they can easily reach 2GB of RAM use now, instead of optimizing stuff it seems the best solution is to buy more RAM.
>>796 The fat woman thread is on CG as well.
>>796 Celebration of the revolting and vile has been a typical trick going on for at least 2 decades now.
>>826 Nothing wrong with thicc girls and gilfs you prude, there is plenty of wrong in discussing movies solely for that.
Open file (205.72 KB 607x546 boobsonglass.png)
>>825 I hadn't seen that thread, but generally I appreciate CG horntposting as a throwback to simpler times
>>828 >Nothing wrong with thicc girls and gilfs you prude Yes there is. It's degenerating to the society at large, and literally destructive to the fat lardasses who can take comfort that they are 'celebrated' while they stuff more toxins down their voracious maws. The entire intent is to corrupt the culture and weaken it. Celebrating the healthy, the virile, the virtuous would be counterproductive to their plots for the West.
Open file (1.97 MB 980x2160 actors.png)
Jan Svankmajer’s Genius Revealed in Documentary ‘Alchemical Furnace’ https://variety.com/2020/film/global/jan-svankmajer-alchemical-furnace-1234820992/ Given Svankmajer's distinctive animation style, I'm very interested to learn more about his creative methods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OUpMiMDm6M
>>830 >fat lardasses Well you know i didn't really see that "fat" as in obese women but more around "chubby" or "voluptuous". In terms of actually FAT women then yes, you are right to the t. Still nothing wrong with checking gilfs out, older women need love too especially from their male partners and it celebrates them taking care of themselves up to a higher age.
Open file (467.09 KB 1024x436 ezgif.png)
Open file (490.39 KB 1024x436 gimp.png)
Half of the new images on KG are in the WebP format which isn't widely supported. Supposedly webp uses a lossless compression method, so how do I losslessly restore the original image? https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmXxxKiRCWa6L7Cc5jDm6QAvF3r95EyYQoyqhZrk4VEA8D/vlcsnap-_01_29_19_2020-11-12-14h30m16s317.webp Converting with ezgif and GIMP produces two different pngs.
>>833 <Post something interesting that doesn't fit into other threads. >posts a documentary >there's a documentaries thread
>>853 It's a trailer for an upcoming release, not a documentary I've seen and can comment on Similar posts ITT >>64 >>69 >>81
I'm annoyed that a lot of good soviet/russian films don't have english subs. How to deal with this?
>>942 Learn Russian.
Open file (228.87 KB 706x1000 134543.jpg)
Open file (271.08 KB 712x556 Chernaya chayka 1.png)
Open file (330.30 KB 712x556 Chernaya chayka 2.png)
Open file (409.81 KB 712x556 Chernaya chayka 3.png)
Open file (360.22 KB 712x556 Chernaya chayka 4.png)
>>942 >a lot of good soviet/russian films don't have english subs Examples? One I'd like to watch with subtitles is Chyornaya chayka (1962)
Open file (32.97 KB 257x386 Russian_Field.jpg)
>>944 I tried to but it's hard. Also don't have enough time for it. >>946 I'd like to watch Russian Field (1972), and more films in the catalogues of famous soviet directors
Open file (239.72 KB 240x192 mosfilm.gif)
Thinking of Soviet cinema I found this cool promotional video for Mosfilm studio as it currently exists. It's still a huge operation. I wonder if they are hurting financially due to the global lockdowns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFnI0YARdYA
>>953 Yeah I read about Mosfilm and get really interested in it. A huge studio with so much history, which produces some of the best films of all time. They're supported by the government so I guess they're doing fine. You can book a tour to visit it apparently. Here's a recent blogpost about a trip inside the studio: http://kiddingherself.com/mosfilm-studio-tour/
Open file (31.87 KB 485x368 monk.jpg)
How do I go about understanding a film?
I once saw a quote that went something like "Hollywood turns men into sissies and women into prostitutes." I thought it was from Raymond Chandler but I've been unable to find it again. Any ideas?
>>985 What don't you understand? That's a broad question.
Open file (29.28 KB 280x309 untieable knot.jpg)
>>1038 I wasn't clear with what I meant. Describing any film in words is rather difficult to do (for me*). What usually happens is; I'll make an effort to describe a film, but all that is processed in my head are simply explanations for the very obvious metaphors/symbolism in the film. For example, a political film with historical context is rather easy to describe/analyse as a lot of the film's metaphors & symbols have direct relation to events and attitudes of that context. And yet if I were to describe a film that fits into this description; The Swimmer, the result would be words "stuck together" with very simple explanations, or a bunch of nonsense. Most of the time any attempt to make explanations about the film will turn into a "knot". I might be a little bit retarded.
Open file (25.54 KB 432x171 webp.jpg)
>>852 It would be really cool if webp worked on anon.cafe. The animations are superior to gif. Steven Lynx says the engine supports it. https://smelle.xyz/lynx/last/1916.html#2023
Merry Christmas, /film/. I hope your next year is well. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=ZTzyC9CZuOA
Open file (18.58 MB 704x480 Christmas.mp4)
>>1146 Merry Christmas!
CG Christmas freeleech
Open file (18.63 KB 720x544 6pg58Ef.jpg)
>>1162 Any recs? Site is pretty slow.
>>1170 >Site is pretty slow. Well, you should get used to that, it's been slow for a very long time now, way before cafe. Why do people keep complaining about this? Does anyone know where this board was linked besides 4shit? Anyways, CG has a lot of old, shitty xvid encodes but there are some rare movies that I haven't seen in other formats. There's some nice soundtracks there if you listen to a lot of music. I don't know, what are your preferences? It has a pretty wide array of options.
What a shame this page went offline a few months ago HISTORICAL FILMS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER https://web.archive.org/web/20200710123757/http://www.vernonjohns.org/snuffy1186/movies.html I checked the page for a list of films about prehistory (like Quest for Fire) but he doesn't offer much substance on that front
Open file (71.96 KB 403x630 1609124754524-1.jpg)
There's this griffithfag on tvch/tv/ who made a Lillian Gish birthday thread and has been updating it for a few months now. At least one other anon and myself have been somewhat regularly archiving it. I haven't taken the time to archive the photos full res but the thumbnails are included. Since the thread still exists you can see the images at full resolution by clicking them but that will take you to the image itself on tvch, but not to the thread. Good reading if you care for it. https://archive.vn/IMf60 http://archive.today/2020.12.28-235932/https://tvch.moe/tv/res/107706.html
>>1190 I never understood why that guy puts effort into /tv/posting
>>1170 >Site is pretty slow. The site is unusable so the FL is basically a waste of time. It's not hard to keep good stats on CG. Protip for next time: preload torrents beforehand.
>>1228 >>1171 >>1170 >>1162 It's over /film/ until next time
>>1229 Don't leave..
>>1231 he meant cg fl
Open file (21.80 KB 640x480 french.jpg)
>>1246 Honestly can't stand this channel.
>>1228 >FL is basically a waste of time It could be a waste on an individual basis, but FL is healthy for a site because it encourages all users to download, thereby lengthening the life of most torrents

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