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Open file (245.50 KB 256x180 verticalroll.gif)
Open Thread 08/31/2020 (Mon) 21:01:08 No.34
[JW01 ~ 08/24/2019] There aren't many people here, but this bunker needs more content. Post something interesting that doesn't fit into other threads.
Edited last time by Lensman on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 21:33:59.
>>205 Could also be /scanners/
Anyone able to download these? Password protected vimeo streams. It's a little tricky to get it to work. https://fractofilm.com/Baillie-Strand-Stream
A few days late but https://filmarchiv.hu/en/news/hungarian-classics-free-to-watch <The National Film Institute offers free online access to 39 Hungarian Classics with subtitles – literary adaptations, historical films and animations contributing to digital education introduced in Hungary due to the coronavirus outbreak. Precious entertainment for all members of the family staying at home.
>>208 >fifth seal and psyche in 1080p Someone needs to rip that shit
Some of these were not on the other page. I recommend The Witness / A tanú (1969), dir. Péter Bacsó - https://filmarchiv.hu/en/news/unforgettable-comedies-free-online >>209 The Fifth Seal and The Round Up are both essential. There are better versions of Narcissus and Psyche - https://rarbg.to/torrent/19apqix
Open file (29.19 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
This pic was taken by Alexandra Avakian in Iran in 1999, in every interview she mentions it was a movie shoot, but she never mentions anything else like the name of the film for example, does anyone recognize the actress/movie?
>>211 According to her site. >The director was the dissident Bahram Beyzaii. This is his wife, actress Mozhdeh Shamsai. I think the movie is a short called Dialogue with the Wind (1998) but I can't find it online. Maybe someone else will find it.
>>212 Thank you for the quick reply, I'm asking around in the Arabian corners of the world for the short, seems lost
Same director as Marg Yazdgerd? I need to see more of his films. Stunning photo, I love the traditional Persian garb.
Where could I find high quality music videos? I really need some kind of advice because I'm hitting dead ends
>>215 Same here buddy, tried the same you are doing and it seems that kind of content was missed by archivists on the free net. I found 2 places with "possibly" the most content in terms of music videos (the golden era at least, 90's to mid-00's .vob files) one is MusicVids tracker which is supposedly hard as nails to enter and doesn't have a lot of freeleech anyways, and the other is The Central Box, a good old forum with a quite abusive charging system, you have to pay for premium sections and it's limited by number of downloads/days and/or both IIRC, something like 1000 downloads over the course of a month or some sort of deal like that; it still has a bunch of videos for free if you make an account there. There's also a russian site which i always forget the name and Archive.Org, they also have some of those but it has its limitations in terms of selection and quality. That kind of content doesn't get re-releases due to its inherent nature: It's a side product of a heavily copyrighted item, directors have no power over it and the artists don't really care about that unless they have tons of videos (Madonna, for example) One of my thread ideas here in /film/ some years ago was making a thread about that while also uploading those .vob files but so far i haven't really amassed a big collection to make it worthwhile for y'all along with college/mental blocks making me stop downloading more of those.
>>216 That's awesome to know that there are more people interested in this as well, and I agree, music videos are often overlooked and just like that they become rare. I have a very small advantage because RAI releases literally never-before broadcasted music videos in a program called Techetechete, but even that show itself is very rare, only broadcasted a few times a year, they then upload the episode for a only a couple of days into their digital platform, I've managed to get some gems out of that but apart from ripping TV broadcasts I really want sure where to go. This is one of the few complete episodes I managed to rip. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cxQWxunkOJLfgOT4izBOk3b9-gp5_tns/view?usp=drivesdk This is from another episode but it's quite literally some of the rarest footage I've seen when it comes to Italian artists on tour. RAI is so far up its own ass that they cut the Rock Your Baby scream for the sake of publicity breaks, fuck that https://youtu.be/5J0Cz1xoWxM Thank you again for your advice on those trackers, I'll leave you some of the footage I'm searching for just in case(?) https://youtu.be/xup73IJVeZY https://youtu.be/VAr8F1Cynm4 https://youtu.be/sen_orj_dWU https://youtu.be/pT2Ku4dfpBQ We should make a music video thread, let me know, I'll gather some stuff up in the mean time
I used to see invite offers for MusicVids but not anymore. I think they required new users to have high quality content to share. I'm surprised people would be so possessive about music videos. https://www.invitehawk.com/topic/105390-musicvids-mv-music-videos-2019-review/ There's a newer site Concertos that claims to offer music videos. They have invite threads on some sites. It seems fairly small though https://concertos.live/
>>216 Forgot to mention, I used to own this dvd and it featured alot of early 2000's techno/house video clips, I'll try to buy the series (they are 6 or 7 "years" of compilations) the resolution won't be the best obviously but at least it won't be compressed by online hosting https://www.discogs.com/Various-Mas-Nescaf%C3%A9-A%C3%B1o-Uno/release/1684413
>>217 >We should make a music video thread I'm getting kicked in the knees until the 17th, from them on i'm free half of the day for a month so i think we can rap, although my content would be mostly "mainstream" stuff but bundled by director instead of by artist. Yes, it is also very motivating to know people like the music video genre, it was like video art but with higher budget. >Techetechete Like the reggaeton song :^)? still that's very interesting, anthology programs are a vast rarity in my sector so i don't have that advantage, in terms of rarity for the sake of it i do have a local channel that shows only local music videos with high budget sponsored by cartel money featuring dudes in jacuzzis with tons of ladies and weapons so i guess not really... >>218 >I'm surprised people would be so possessive about music videos. My guess would be because in the mid to late 00's the digital jukebox rental scene was still a thing, you know those consoles that looked like an arcade cabinet that played music from an immense playlist and many featured music videos attached, that's where i think the music video scene became possessive, the more videos the more attractive the service was (especially because some cabinets had projectors included) so a good video catalogue meant money, and the less pixelation/audio channel muddling the better. What i find odd is how they still horde those files like gold, i mean i still see those cabinets from time to time in old town beer parties but it's not like it's worth bitcoin. It seems that Hawk fellow has a point system and one of the rewards is a MV account. Unlike what many said i have never heard or seen bad stuff about those shady invite sellers so i guess there's some water behind that reward thingy. Even if we had access i think the well known aspect that it is tough to keep ratio/no freeleech makes it an eternal venture, same reason Bibliotik/Cinematik gets a lot of flack although much more the former. >>219 >Mas Nescafé Año Uno >Born Too Slow by The Crystal Method I swear i had that video but i cannot find it, pretty cool, love me some John Garcia. Now i'm realizing i lost some stuff in an old HDD shortly before i bought this new machine, so there's that. >the resolution won't be the best Good or "Premium" .vob files, which are usually claimed to be source files, are around 480p but quite heavy, 150mb or higher for 4 minutes or so. DVD files are very normally the top of what you can get for that era as i don't recall seeing HD releases of music videos from the 90's. Quite the genre you lurk, electronica is tough to get due to the quantity released but europeans, notably the germans, are obsessed over it so maybe some things can be found for free. P.D. Fucking hell, i checked some old accounts and i saw that the Central Box changed their rulings, so nothing is free there anymore, asks for donations for download tokens, which in the long run aren't any cheap. And checking some others sites (found the russian one) it seems they also uploaded everything again but behind Premium accounts now or culled old stuff due to inactivity. Tough pill to swallow, some months ago you could still find stuff. Jesus, it's odd to think uploading old music videos for sharing seems to be a revolutionary/maverick thing to do now. If anything that's more motivation for me now.
>>220 It's the greedy tentacles of the entertainment industry that revolutionized "copyright" we should revert back to popular jongleury
>>217 Look what i found, here's an upload for you I changed the formatting a bit tho, at least from what i wanted to upload for the board back in the day at the old place. >https://anonfiles.com/f9Vck4y1o2/_-film-_MsVd_Large_Sommers_rar
>>222 Oh man that's great, I was really hoping to find this one clip, thank you! What do you mean by format? What did you want to upload before?
>>223 >What do you mean by format? Sorry i thought i typed that part there, i meant to say back in the day i would've uploaded just a single video by artist-name-director, but nowadays/next weeks i would rather make bundles by director and divide each video by year and then artist, so director-year-name-artist. And inside a jacket folder with an obscure enough name zipped as a solid file to avoid bots and the host from knowing it's copyrighted content. One can never be too sure. It's going to take a while (years or money) to get a complete director's field of work on .vob so i guess i will have to think of something decent for us to track what we have.
>>224 Geez oh man, seems like the ENTIRE collection was being shared just a couple of years ago, definitely missed that boat because every torrent I find is dead and buried without seeders https://www.taringa.net/posts/musica/1946984/_mas-Nescafe-Collection-_1_2_3_4_5_-6-y-7_-_empo.html This is an example of the menu I think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb_jy-B2Osk
Open file (15.29 KB 200x300 Nescafe Kool.jpg)
>>225 >taringa.net That community got the copyright hammer really hard many years ago, i find interesting you even stumbled upon that post. Some dudes from it in that drama mayhem made another site, Identi, nowadays it seems some of their URLs redirect to other sites so there must've been drama i didn't know about, i stopped uploading because i didn't have the "rank" but they still have content, As trivia it's probably the biggest place for spanish dubs which are a highly-sought commodity in latin america, so now you know where they gather their own. Still i searched for the Nescafe DVDs there and there's 2 posts, one for the 2nd Nescafe but links are dead, so that party also finished time ago. You are making me scared about these recent purges buddy, so here's a "secret" archive.org/details/musicvideobin few are in good quality but it's a good start, there's some italian stuff but i didn't see any you are looking for, it was just Righeira and Laura Pausini.
>>54 you wouldn't fucking believe it's like people are literally blind
[05/13/2020] Annd we're back
The heck happened? Is Julay gone forever nao?
>>229 I'm not sure, I haven't followed all the drama
>>230 One of the globals indicated that he wasn't going to delete CP because he was upset with the BO of /v/, so everyone is jumping ship.
>>231 That's an oversimplified way of explaining it. Long story to avoid confusion the old BO of /v/ was talked into being lenient to the point of only enforcing global rules, then some days later Fatchan /v/ was taken down and all the refugees came into his place after hearing about it in the webring (even when they were antagonistic to it a month ago) the strategy backfired and had to go hands in again but was too late, weeks later things got even more awry after a hyped media game leaked and it devolved into all kinds of random and banter discussion that would've been usually out of line a month ago, so he used his old stance and it tremendously backfired because the board was already infested. So he quitted and the board was handed to the guy who talked him into being lenient in the first place, so when he realized he got it (he was surprised) he went onto say no more rules other than global rules in a pinned thread and everyone started going even more at it because they disliked the previous owner's stance on meaningful discussion aka no duplicates or off-topic threads, so someone posted manga and hentai of the loli variety and some global started deleting it without realizing that rule about deleting it was no more after Robi, the admin, changed hosting due to a previous controversy over it. So the new BO completely turned against the administration and started publicly condemning and antagonizing these guys by creating a narrative via IRC cropped screencaps and because, in clean terms, the administration couldn't do anything other than feel bad about it they decided to get a new janitor to handle that place instead of them putting their hands at it again to avoid direct trouble, but the new janitor was booted by the new BO (he still had site-wide powers) because that new janitor deleted borderline CP images (child modeling images from the start of a set when the girl was still dressed) without them being explicitly illegal (although the poster ended up actually posting the illegal ones sooner or later) so the administration went angry again and took his powers away because the janitor was global support and he quitted on the spot too, leaving the site without one again. Here it seems the order to "not delete the CP" came from after the Gvol told the old BO, who was still trying to help cleaning the place, to not act unless said so to make the new one clean anything he wanted unless the real nasty ones appeared and they could legally act upon it. After this action shit went straight into the fan and everyone got angry, Robi halted his dev time and yelled a little, closed the site after shit splattered, either due to maintenance or hosting issues, and when it returned the new /v/ owner deleted the board. So he was expelled and the majority of the refugees jumped ship, while the old userbase did a week ago in dissatisfaction when old threads got bumped out due to internal spam to pressure the old BO. In a personal note this is a prime example you need to do ban sprees mercilessly to give a message in situations when a board is being overcome by newcomers. W.T. Snacks said so and he effectively gave his old board one more year of life due to it, at the cost of being fired.
>>232 Great analysis Anon, thanks. >at the cost of being fired. m00t was very likely already turning coat by that stage, however.
The best Japanese film of every year – from 1925 to now https://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/news-bfi/lists/best-japanese-film-every-year
>>234 I love numbered female prisoners, I've only seen a handful of Japanese movies tho (rashomon, page of madness, ichi, skycrawlers) so thanks for the list
Open file (157.51 KB 980x725 07-Rita-Repulsa.jpg)
>>217 >>220 So, let's rap
>>236 Completely honest to God i wanted to use the Rita image as a way to say i was free at last after a long time, and now after a while i realized it fits with the Female Convict Scorpion's pics which i only very briefly saw some hours before. Talk about urgent subconscious imagery.
>>236 I asked for the record label if they were still selling the DVDs but they're temporarily corona'd
>>204 >>239 Signups open for a short time https://vhstapes.org/users/register
>>240 Damn, missed it
So VHStapes is over. It sounds like the sysop has a history of being a moron. https://old.reddit.com/r/trackers/comments/i7v5r7/stanky_aka_bmo_laserdisc_is_to_retire_for_the/ <He handed the site over to one of his alt accounts, because he couldn't attract any more dopes to donate money. <Stop seeding stuff, and stop giving this dude money. <This cycle repeats itself at least once a year. He will come back with a new web design, some new rules and then he's gonna hit the users up for some more donations
>>242 God forums are cancer, just look at that shit.
>>89 The 4k restoration of Son of the White Mare is now playing in virtual cinemas (what a weird thing). I'm not sure how good the translation is, but based on the trailer it seems somewhat basic. But I don't even think it's possible to translate some expressions to English, the language is just way too complex for that. They probably just called the 'Hétszűnyű Kapanyányi Monyók' Dwarf cause good luck translating that shit. http://arbelosfilms.com/distribution/films/son-of-the-white-mare/
>>244 >virtual cinemas Pay per stream? Also streaming a 4k movie needs tons of buffering time or the fastest internet in the world. Silly as clown hell.
>>244 That's great news since I still haven't seen it. I just found out that a subtitling class at the University of Debrecen worked on this film a few years ago. I wonder how their translation compares to the retail releases.
>>245 It's not streaming in 4k. It's a 4k restoration streaming at 1080p.
Open file (9.08 KB 225x225 riton.jpg)
[End of Dump JW01 ~ 08/25/2020] So here goes the first step, this was the most extensive one i think so this should be done quicker now. All me tbh fam
>>54 It sounds like a marketing ploy more than anything. >>132 >Sounds like a fancy excuse to add more DRM to me. I don't understand, did I miss something?
Why is fauxteur so based?
>>248 Impressive autism tbh smh.
>>691 Which one, there are so many today?
There were two movies that I saw maybe around 2004 to 2005. I don't remember the titles, perhaps someone also has seen them? One was a black and white samurai film that maybe was from the '50s or '60s. I just remember that there was a samurai running around a small village and getting shot to death, it had a real sad feeling to it. Maybe it's just a Kurosawa film? The second was a snowboarding video that was possibly made for no money by a bunch of friends. I remember that it was a mockumentary and the title may have been a play on of This is Spinal Tap. Thank you.
>>694 Yojimbo is a Kurosawa film where a samurai runs around a small village, but I don't remember him getting shot

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