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Open file (411.54 KB 256x175 key.gif)
Request & Share Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:51:06 No.277
[JW03 ~ 09/11/2019] Friendly link exchange
>>306 do you think you would still be able to upload lamentations? i've been looking for it everywhere and still can't find it
>>314 Elementary Phrases mega.nz/#!3EFCySZZ!Ycbf6VsKySdFUb5GLO9ssZU2AUx7PZUyIdOe4TKnzZw
does anybody have "Inland Empire Stories" the 40 minute interview with David Lynch on the DVD special features of Inland Empire where he talks about watching movies on your "fucking telephone"?
What was the name of the Canadian moose hunting documentary of dudes shooting the shit and was taglined with "The best of men, and worse (lol) of men".
>>324 do you think you could upload it again? i try extracting it and get an error message at 20% saying the file is corrupted.
>>326 I will take a look at it. Did anyone else get this error?
>>327 I was able to extract it just fine
>>326 Ok try this one. Completely different upload. https://mega.nz/file/nNtljAzC#ZkJPoOLQ7QNsmcRsTTFibVY84XJbi09TQcY5qbjQni4 While checking these links I noticed a change in the URL formatting. You'll get an error if you're using MegaDownloader. https://www.reddit.com/r/MEGA/comments/fxdziz/mega_downloader_says_no_valid_links_have_been/ >>328 Oh well I uploaded a new one anyway
>>329 yes this one worked thank you
does anyone have Remains to be Seen (1989) https://letterboxd.com/film/remains-to-be-seen-1989/
>>324 At which point does the TV become too small? I only have a 24 inch monitor
>>332 that clip came out in 2007 so im pretty sure he meant don't watch videos like pic related. a monitor is better than a laptop which is better than a phone. so i'd say you would be fine
>>332 >Not watching films on your 77 inch OLED
>>331 Essential ventilatorkino https://mega.nz/file/mUtDhCrJ#gG_2WSLFrSDX8RuHoNTvcUeV2Oh83XUZZiVxPR8DKA0 BONUS https://mega.nz/file/3RNwWKgS#DiMr3imUuES9se75XI3C6VqND3xFpdxmPu5cbBydcvo >>333 I watched Shiver of the Vampires and The Penthouse (1967) on a 2.5" iPod screen
does anybody have "Imaginary Light"? https://letterboxd.com/film/imaginary-light/
Anyone got a Joao Cesar Monteiro filmography torrent/MEGA?
I’m looking for a Sergei Eisenstein collection or at least Alexander Nevsky. Something high definition.
>>339 Here's Ivan I and II + Strike I'm surprised Nevsky isn't on this site https://rarbg.to/torrent/ihyl75j https://rarbg.to/torrent/bvc8pkq https://rarbg.to/torrent/gq3kyfh
I was curious if anyone had the blu ray rip off this movie, split directed by Chris Shaw?
>>341 Torrent sites only have the VHS version
Looking for Ah Ying (1983) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085144/ If anyone can find it I appreciate it.
>>343 mega.nz/file/icUTjCRI#h3W3kVU9OOuoKOSts7h2eM5pwUbIx7SaxoqlybTabiw VCD quality (very poor)
>>344 >VCD quality (very poor) But still very watchable. I just finished the whole movie, thanks. Something like Ah Ying is a product of its time, a nice snapshot of the earlier days of the Hong Kong New Wave. I've been watching some Hong Kong movies over the past couple of days because Boat People was featured on tvch's weekly film club last week. When I was watching Ah Ying I was reminded of Stephen Chow's The New King of Comedy which has a similar plot of a young woman who aspires to be a big actress, though I think Chow's The New King of Comedy is a little more refined and updated. In The New King of Comedy there's an audition sequence near the end of the movie, where main character acts out a scene from earlier in the movie where she broke up with her boyfriend, so the movie cuts between her audition and the scene from earlier where she broke up with her boyfriend but the character is playing both herself and her boyfriend in a dual role. So I thought something like that was really cool, showing how people draw from real world experiences in order to act and bring out feeling. But people gave The New King of Comedy a lot of flak for being a commercialized movie with a lot of product placement, Tencent stuff etc, cheaply made. I think Ah Ying and The New King of Comedy are both good movies but I prefer something like The New King of Comedy a little more because of that dual role scene which sticks out in my mind much more.
>>345 I wondered about the flac audio but here's the explanation from the source. The original version had a dub on the right channel. So the uploader fixed that problem while preserving the original audio quality. When skipping through the file I thought noticed some audio artifacts, not sure if that can happen during mp3>flac conversion. He also explains why the why this film is so rare and how it's unlike most other HK cinema (like you mentioned).
Does anyone have Makino's 2017 film "At the Horizon" ?
>>347 I don't see it anywhere, too bad https://www.25fps.hr/en/film/at-the-horizon https://makinotakashi.net/work_at_the_horizon.html The distribution site http://www.sixpackfilm.com/ is not loading for me right now. They are involved with the Index DVD series.
>>348 Site loads just fine for me
>>347 What do you like from Makino? I haven't explored very much of his work. I'd love to see his films screened in a proper theatre instead of my computer/TV.
Looking for La beauté du monde (1999) and Amour d'enfance (2001), dir. Yves Caumon
Does anyone have Han Ye (aka Cold Nights)? It's a 1955 film directed by Lee Sun-Fung. It makes multiple best of lists, but it doesn't seem to exist online anywhere.
>>352 It must have screened in US theatres at some point to get on those lists? I can't find it online either. There are open requests for Han-ye on KG and PTP It might have been on youtube, but deleted within the last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTWp1H1PJ6s
Anyone have this restored version? Rare Thai classic film. There are VHS Rips available but with worse quality. Really thankful if anyone could dig this up. PS- Another name for this movie - The Scar, 1977
[End of Dump JW03 ~ 07/25/2020]
>>341 https://mega.nz/file/8QwWHA5D#zYc_F-u_ceLXspCpf1dNO1oNuq1EDIWZLPoK-DFjfXY I hope you're still here. >>351 Those were never released it seems, just shown in festivals and theaters. I'll keep my eyes peeled >>352 I saw the archived thread on the other place. Don't know how the youtube video came to be. I also emailed HK archives just to see what possibilities there are of obtaining it.
If there are any screenwriters who visit /film/, this may be of interest. https://mega.nz/file/dJBjEAYb#sP7XmPAnorDz1e8yQ-7CFDPOgJkAll-Vg0VL8UDKZ8A They are a bunch of unreleased S. Craig Zahler screenplays (and a couple that have been made). His movies are trash but you might get something out of it.
>>680 Highly useful, thanks a lot. This will come handy as an example in practice for some screenplay PDFs i have around.
>>680 >His movies are trash How dare you
I'm excited that my favorite film with Jeanne Moreau hit the trackers with a new 1080p Amazon upgrade Directed by Tony Richardson, written by Marguerite Duras and Jean Genet https://rarbg.to/torrent/d6aobfn Wonderful black and white cinemascope throughout (I see comments that partial subs are still needed for non-English parts of this file)
Looking for Ima Boku Wa (2008)
>>722 First time I've seen NEET in a plot synopsis https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1294679/
Open file (36.30 KB 300x412 7o91sh.jpg)
Open file (65.62 KB 431x640 4k48t5.jpg)
Open file (56.50 KB 420x639 15uc5c.jpg)
Open file (94.48 KB 531x756 x6bdh1.jpg)
Open file (82.58 KB 690x1024 z02b50.jpg)
>>716 This film is part of an interesting list Booed at Cannes El AKA This Strange Passion [1953] L'avventura AKA The Adventure [1960] L'Eclisse AKA The Eclipse [1962] Gertrud [1964] La peau douce AKA The Soft Skin [1964] Seconds [1966] Mademoiselle [1966] La Maman et la putain AKA The Mother and the Whore [1973] Taxi Driver [1976] L'Argent AKA Money [1983] Sous le soleil de Satan AKA Under the Sun of Satan [1987] Wild at Heart [1990] La Voce della luna AKA The Voice of the Moon [1990] Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me [1992] Pulp Fiction [1994] Crash [1996] The Brave [1997] Idioterne AKA The Idiots AKA Dogme #2 [1998] L'humanité AKA Humanity [1999] Limbo [1999] Dancer in the Dark [2000] The Brown Bunny [2003] Sud pralad AKA Tropical Malady [2004] The Fountain [2006] The Da Vinci Code [2006] Southland Tales [2006] Marie Antoinette [2006] We Own the Night [2007] Synecdoche, New York [2008] Palermo Shooting [2008] La mujer sin cabeza AKA The Headless Woman [2008] La frontière de l'aube AKA Frontier of the Dawn [2008] Inglourious Basterds [2009] Antichrist [2009] Taking Woodstock [2009] Kinatay AKA The Execution of P [2009] The Tree of Life [2011] The Paperboy [2012] Post Tenebras Lux [2012] Only God Forgives [2013] Grace of Monaco [2014] The Captive [2014] Lost River [2014] The Sea of Trees [2015] Personal Shopper [2016] The Last Face [2016]
>>724 >Inglourious Basterds [2009] Really? I wonder which part/s.
>>724 >Under the Sun of Satan That's somewhat surprising. From 1990 and on it's clear that the audience was not easily amused with transgressive random actions or overly garish ones, but that seemed to stop from the mid 10's, perhaps due to the americans getting the rights to the festival.
Open file (916.95 KB 1200x720 n3304h.png)
>>726 >>725 I can't find anything for Inglourious Basterds but here's >Under the Sun of Satan' (1987), starring Gerard Depardieu and Sandrine Bonnaire, won the Palme D'Or, but director Maurice Pialat received boos at his acceptance speech and closed by telling the audience: 'I'm happy about the boos and the whistling. If you don't like me, I can tell you I don't like you either.'' Source from a few places. This WSJ slideshow is paywalled unfortunately https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887324766604578459254056340168 https://www.bam.org/film/2013/booed-at-cannes https://www.artforum.com/film/melissa-anderson-on-booed-at-cannes-at-bamcinematek-40769 > One boos a film at Cannes because one is at Cannes and booing is what happens there. Wanting to participate in this tetchy convention often reveals behavior more masochistic than sadistic: Two years ago, a colleague, rather than leave a film he despised very early on, stayed through all 127 minutes of it just so he could join the chorus of boos at the end. Sometimes, though, the vicious responses are genuine manifestations of near-pathological rage at the filmmaker, as I witnessed in 2009, when Lars von Trier, whose Antichrist had screened the night before to a din of jeers, was booed—at his own press conference.
>>727 >stayed through all 127 minutes of it just so he could join the chorus of boos at the end It's not like they can join another room and the point of the festival is to judge, most of the people there are not even enthusiasts but the toughest critics, merchants scooping talent, craftsmen and the film staff themselves. Hence the air of elitism but also high standards (at least back then) strange that some experienced directors don't realize that. I keep reading bad stuff from the festival in recent years so i don't know what to say, i am seeing politics and ego appeasement have taken a hold on the most popular festivals. Berlin is a far-left stronghold with its liberal critics and standards, Venice is a Hollywood distribution hub enclave with its explicit award handouts between friends (Shape of Water and Roma, Al Pacino and James Franco winning honorary prizes for their "masterful contribution to the world of cinema in directing") and Cannes became a red carpet/fashion runway that made most of their nominees pay their own expenses to travel to the festival and the judges have no credentials to do such a duty. >>722 >>723 It's a nip movie, so probably a translation for hikikomori that aged ironically. Let's see if i can pull it out from somewhere, it doesn't have seeders so it might take a while.
Open file (99.11 KB 252x356 Now, I.jpg)
>>722 >>728 There we go, get it while it's hot >https://mega.nz/file/qZpFxSJA#iiDb3fowFAvjQTYP5eyoCQLgu5msLL6WaTLfm73XErw whoever requested this, post review comment plox
>>730 not the guy that requested it but this could've been a great mockumentary asking the void here.. maybe someone has Sleep has her house (2019)..

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