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Open file (411.54 KB 256x175 key.gif)
Request & Share Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:51:06 No.277
[JW03 ~ 09/11/2019] Friendly link exchange
>>2081 How coincidentally that I'm also getting interested in Serbian people and culture, would like some Serbian film recommendations. Films that shit on the country with the intent to appeal to western audience need not apply. (I notice this is also a problem with modern Russian cinema where the films that gets some western accolades always criticise the country in an incredibly repetitive and generic ways)
>>2081 >Serbia is still viewed negatively in the west The west/(((powers that be))) are still pissed Yugoslavia fought back not once but thrice their attempts to claw it, first by yugos selling half the country to pay back entirely the catastrophic IMF loan from the early 80's that butchered their economy so they could start again (aka pay the denbts), second one by going all-out war when the spheres grabbed Croatia and Slovenia and third time when they objected to the Albanian jihadist gambit in Kosovo which propelled the second part of the conflict. Americans try to forget they exist and brush them under the rug because in retrospective the american intervention was retarded and downright criminal while Europeans like to avoid them due to the fascistic connotations made by the media which even Zen Buddhists suffer so go figure lol. >>2083 I delved into their cinema, not as much as i would like due to laziness, but their writing and acting are good stuff even in their silly products for cattle like mainstream comedies, their theater-to-cinema transition was very blunt and it shows with their easily-identifiable characters and stories but somewhat plain camera work and the understandable lack of products hence the grainy and very contrasty film stock often used (which in turn helped them create the aesthetic part of their "Black Wave", webm related) I think i once posted a list with what i found to be "interesting" but might as well post it again, if you want me i can resume it much further because i compiled stuff that sounded remotely entertaining so we are talking more than a hundred names (and i didn't finish either). In reality you can do away with 20 or 30 names and from there pick directors or in their case writers, it's one of those industries where the writers were quite involved to the point of them acting as directors using their rehearsal experience and just picked experienced camera men to film the scenes and then paid some chump to edit it quickly. That's why i often say Kusturica is overrated, his first Palm d'Or was with an okay movie in a very dry year and the second one was practically the work of the writer which also acted as second camera unit, acting coach, conceptual artist, casting director and if the concept part means the basic things then it also means he did the attire design. >Films that shit on the country with the intent to appeal to western audience need not apply It's hard to gauge that, the country after all was communist-lite at times and the non-sense that came with it made everyone pissed and angry so it's usual for the movies to shit on the situation of everything, and taking into account Yugoslavia was a non-aligned leader nation (aka the original meaning of third world that jews perverted) means their products often pandered to either side, or sometimes none or even both in rare instances. >incredibly repetitive and generic ways I dislike this too, it's freedomz bait like some anon coined, but constantly shitting on the economy by mentioning you can't buy anything was a bold faced move back then and the viewership felt they got their money back just by the gall of it although into the 80's this became very normal and accepted so the edge was somewhat lost there. Soviets are a more extreme case but Yugos did enjoy seeing gypsies being portrayed as the rats they were/are back in the late Tito "pls don't fight" years, while in turn Kusturica made his career pandering to gypsies and muslims.
>>2084 >Albanian jihadist gambit in Kosovo Lmao delusional
>>2085 Care to prove me wrong? you can't
>>2086 It was a purely ethnic conflict. Kosovo was (and is) over 90% ethnically Albanian, and didn't want to live under Serbian rule, let alone be massacred by them. Sure, they got help from the globalists, but that's irrelevant to their cause. As for religion, Islam in Albania and Kosovo is almost entirely identitarian. It served as a way to differentiate themselves from Orthodox slavs, and is for the most part a cultural thing. Very, very far from being a religious conflict, let alone a "jihadist" conflict. You seem to be a bit too steep into /pol/ rhetoric. Not everything is black and white mate.
>>2087 >It was a purely ethnic conflict Then why did the albanians burn most of the churches in Pristina and chant verses after executing POWs? why use jihad to summon turkic and even algerian/moroccan combatants? couple thousands of them, didn't know Kosovo was near Morocco then. >90% ethnically Albanian Then why it wasn't in the 60's? Tito's regime still counted by the ethnics and the city was still half serb, certainly not majority albanian if you count macedonians and the odd bulgarian. >and didn't want to live under Serbian rule Then why did they when the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes decided to form? why it was considered a stronghold for serb royalty for centuries? we can argue because of the ottoman position of southern power but then again churches were still made and often rulers appeared with christian paraphernalia. >Islam is almost entirely identitarian Yet strongly used for visuals and justifying having foreigners as not mercenaries but actual credentialed units running amok rural areas. >Very, very far from being a religious conflict Obviously not the only factor but certainly one that played part, ignoring the whole orthodox three-finger salute, Mary jokes, Croatian catholicism making the Pope talk about war biased and the aforementioned jihadists appearing from the coast have been well documented, come on even Alija was seen talking to them multiple times yet he tried to deny such thing at the Hague, which was a formality for Bosnia anyways. >let alone a "jihadist" conflict. It is because the Kosovar War was an irredentism movement from a population that used religion, even if "symbolically" as you said, to advocate identity and occupation of a well-known place that identified said people as a part more of the population. >You seem to be a bit too steep into /pol/ rhetoric You seem like a dirty siptar trying to revizion the story, lucky for you most anons here aren't retards and can see not everything is black and white and that bad shit happened in the other side, perhaps just as bad if photographic evidence is presented (which cannot due to the site's current file limit reached). Let them decide by their own investigation so as not to derail the thread that much. Just for the kicks: >https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ--O0fT-KBoCsP5MW9_njzk85XkOlRjDvcEwGVFPbjgen6JfQMDi7GTfhpk-udllt8zlY&usqp=CAU Your man Alija with wholesome everyday bosniaks of heritage and tradition within the land >https://leejaywalker.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/mujahideen.jpg A balkan-looking bunch with certainly not arab/muslim items holding what seems to be a good movie prop >https://dengalnaserben.weebly.com/uploads/2/4/4/6/24463486/3883729_orig.jpg More high quality movie props in a beer cab attributed to a totally bosniak unit
>>2088 >was still half serb, certainly not majority albanian Yeah right https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographic_history_of_Kosovo#Communist_Yugoslavia >Alija, etc. All of those pictures can be traced back to Bosnia, not Kosovo. And in any case, jihadists coming to help a supposedly Muslim country is as irrelevant to the cause as the globalists are. External interests. >burn most of the churches, ignoring the whole orthodox three-finger salute, Mary jokes, etc. Orthodox churches were a symbol of Serbian oppression. Not that hard to grasp. Orthodox Albanians gave support to the KLA too. It was an ethnic-nationalist conflict. Religion was just another cultural layer of distinction of us vs. them. It certainly wasn't to spread Islam kek. Albanians don't even follow basic muslim practices. In any case, I couldn't care less about changing your mind, and much less on a /film/ board, so that's the last of this discussion from me.
>>2089 >much less on a /film/ board, so that's the last of this discussion from me. And now we are all left wondering: Where did the spaceman come from? what did he want?
>>2084 >a list with what i found to be "interesting" Please repost
Looking for Behind the Sun by Monira Al Qadiri 2014 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3527880/?ref_=nm_ov_bio_lk1 ...
>>2091 Damn, couldn't find it on this PC, will update to you later this day or early tomorrow.
>>2093 Thank you bro, you could create a separate thread for it too. Balkan art is interesting in itself. >>2092 It's nowhere to be found afaik
Open file (319.63 KB 1000x1500 woodlandsdark.jpg)
Open file (12.68 MB 1024x576 woodlandsdark.mp4)
Happy Halloween, /film/! Beware of spoilers if you watch this without seeing the major films discussed 🎃 https://mega.nz/folder/Kdk02S4A#TmC1qsDt4vQpohutaHqyYA 🎃
Open file (97.18 KB 780x1061 Potop.jpg)
Open file (327.60 KB 1167x1600 Adams Æbler.jpg)
I got scared because a website told me this /film/ was down for a week (which doesnt make sense) so I asked about it on 8k and I was surprised how bad that site looks like. Is it just a mirror? I didn't care to look for posting dates but damn, absolutely zero discussions about film it looks like https://8kun.top/film/res/15833.html
>>2146 I legitimately forgot 8kunt was a thing. Judging by the posts on v so did everyone else
>>2146 Anons, 8coom is dead, we all moved here from that shithole.
>>2146 If anything happens just go back to the old julay board, it's still there
Does anyone have Chain Letters by Mark Rappaport
Open file (1.48 MB 271x201 carcrash.gif)
>>2091 FUCK i forgot about your request, to top it i actually did put more names into the list but not all of them. It's long winded stuff, will paste it into a website later, right now i've seen very few compared and can only avail for the next names either for having seen their stuff or their names having a strong ubiquity, no particular order: Directors: 60's (The Black Wave): Dušan Makavejev, Aleksandar Petrović, Živojin Pavlović 70's (TV bigger than Cinema era): Goran Paskaljević (so i heard) 80's (Comedy era, economic crisis post-Tito): Slobodan Šijan, Goran Marković 90's (Yugo Wars era): Srđan Dragojević 00's (Post-War/U.N. pillage era): Srdan Golubović, Dejan Zečević (so i heard) 10's: Can't say Despite this the most famous one in the west is Emir Kusturica, honestly he's decent but personally i don't know if i would recommend it with a clear conscience, 1995's Underground is practically the next guy's movie... Writers: Dušan Kovačević, their quality kingpin from the 80's to the early 00's although not many filmed works, probably more focused on novels and theater stuff but his works do have him taking many creative decisions to the point of either being the de-facto director or the nominal one with the cinematographer acting as the technical side of everything. Cinematographers: I found their camera work is basic and pragmatic, nothing stands out that much but if i had to say one i would name Aleksandar Petković, maybe Božidar Nikolić, both are conservative and often are "camera as a tool" rather than "as a protagonist". I've enjoyed some Tomislav Pinter works too, all of these worked in tons of stuff so you will stumble upon them as often as the stock Belgrade Theater actors. Mind you i've only seen what was considered the mainstream and a couple of obscure ones but the main works of all of these is a good gauge for your own Yugo credentials, the really obscure stuff like for example... that one movie i forgot its name but had a great poster image was very tough to find i remember well and that's not including the subtitles which are the real trick, that's the main problem with these movies and you might sometimes find the usual yubraca.net DVDrip but not the actual words to check it. With some of these directors i've seen only one movie or they are universally backed but with others (Šijan, Marković) i've seen 3+ movies to make a decent opinion, they are good entertainment but can't say life changing although they did open my eyes fully about top-tier actors carrying entire movies in budget locations and budget camera work if the writing is decent enough, basically filmed theater. I just think they merely aren't bad in any regard and aren't on the nose with politics unless the title/premise says so, certainly works that won't make you feel dirty or having wasted time. Now i will finish that list from my bookmarks and return to you hopefully shortly, with this list you probably have at least a couple of works to check out.
17 GB of paintings mega.nz/folder/rVcExIbB#VN9alzay0OrctggvEn1DUg
>>2173 Thank you so much!
Open file (5.01 MB 640x360 ldapaint.mp4)
Open file (107.68 KB 600x800 95867482_611843.jpg)
Does anyone have a link to Maesta, la passion du Christ (Andy Guérif, 2015)?
>>2222 mega.nz/folder/mDhAxSLZ#myVhI4_YivnakJZSEgnKPw
>>2231 thanks
Looking for Grand Slam (1978). Said to be a Welsh classic produced by BBC. It's up on YouTube but the resolution is very poor. Requested on a British TV links subreddit yesterday and the sub got banned just hours back. https://imdb.com/title/tt0363653/reference
Open file (34.86 KB 384x538 darrigo-stefano.jpg)
Can anyone provide a link to Messina by Benjamin Geissler?
>>2251 Grazie mille anon!
Requesting this: https://boxd.it/81DI
>>2265 With Hardcoded English subs https://ok.ru/video/2169501190766
>>2265 Here's a link with soft subs from the same/only source https://mega.nz/file/6kwxXYLR#iab7RZCMIXaGlK0j5EOkviu0veXlFEXlJPpECZmkGRU
Open file (99.86 KB 630x1200 sandkang.jpg)
Long shot on a controversial flick that Saudis want to wipe from existence. Seems it hasn't had many releases besides a few private screenings but judging by this upload on youtube, there's gotta be atleast a SATRip floating around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvVb04Obj8g . A few links for reference http://caroolkersten.blogspot.com/2012/04/controversial-film-on-foundation-of.html https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3223362/reference
>>2268 Looks interesting. Why exactly is it controversial? Are the Saudis just butt-hurt that Ibn Saud isn't shown as some kind of morally perfect God?
>>2270 Pretty much. I'm just surprised how hard it is to get considering it was made in English.
Open file (94.88 KB 1200x798 5ff63390188ec.jpg)
Would anyone happen to know if Jerome Hiler's films exist online? Or are they exclusively on film?
>>2274 They seem to be film-only. This site says he never even screened publicly until 2010, despite working since 1964. https://lightcone.org/en/cineaste-12574-jerome-hiler Here's a book discussing Hiler wrt his friend Nathaniel Dorsky, whose work came online only recently. http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=786CFE3022D7C5C4FE44894E6B73FFBE
>>2275 >They seem to be film-only. Oh, that's unfortunate. They're doing a Dorsky and Hiler retrospective in my city and I missed my chance to watch Hiler's films today. But I did get to see some Dorsky yesterday and am expecting to see some more tomorrow.
>>2266 >>2267 Thanks
>>2289 Also requesting this, old mega is empty: https://letterboxd.com/film/conscience/
>>2290 https://ulozto.net/file/i6N9fsMPLgJl/ i attached the English subs if you need them. Change the file back to .srt
Looking for this
>>2291 Thanks anon
Open file (21.31 KB 240x333 3635739.jpg)
Looking for Buddha Bless America (Tai Ping, Tian Guo) from 1996. if the version you have is the VideoCD, all I need are English subtitles. if it's available in any higher quality, I'd really appreciate it. The only subtitle link I can find is dead
If I like the films of Eric Pauwles, what else would I like? Essay films that aren't too dense and full of pretty imagery is essentially what I'm looking for

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