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Open file (411.54 KB 256x175 key.gif)
Request & Share Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:51:06 No.277
[JW03 ~ 09/11/2019] Friendly link exchange
Open file (48.51 KB 918x253 autumndayssubs.jpg)
>>2594 Progress update
>>2595 Thanks for the update. No rush or anything, I was just wondering about it. Cheers
anyone have Frederick Wiseman documentaries for me or know where to watch or download them for free? I'm looking for Ballet (1995) & Model (1981). it's on Kanopy, AmazonUS and MoMa but I don't live in the US so I can't watch them :(
does anyone have The Company of Strangers (1990) dir. by Cynthia Scott? alternative titles are "Le fabuleux gang des sept" and "Strangers in Good Company". i've been looking for it for 3 months now and i can't find it anywhere because it's too obscure
>>347 sorry this is so late but here is a link if you see this https://mega.nz/file/WQ4jCbjZ#AAs925aAF8aMoxbOAiX7jRcpJ7lZkTa_9rFWLjQFYm0 I was wondering if anyone would have links to michael robinson's filmography? in particular: All Through the Night 2008 And We All Shine On 2008 These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us 2010 Onward Lossless Follows 2017
Does anyone know where I can find White Mountains (1964) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2144017/ Thanks
Open file (157.38 KB 640x480 belye_17.png)
Does anyone know where I can find Sherman Acres (1992) by George Kuchar?
any one got a link for this?
Open file (63.41 KB 550x792 33872.jpg)
anyone have a link to The Blindflyers (Die Blindgänger) (2004) dir. Bernd Sahling?
Anyone got a link to the new Criterion Blu-Ray of Walker (1987) dir. Alex Cox?
>>2595 Any news?
>>2741 here are the subtitles
Open file (100.81 KB 1024x426 vlcsnap-00037.jpg)
>>2133 Link still working
Open file (604.36 KB 1400x2000 poster.jpg)
Does anyone have a link to a copy of Heimkehr (1941) with English subs? it's endlessly frustrating that a good HD master with subs exists but the kikes keep it locked away
Hi, do you have Lacrima Christi by Téo Hernández?
Looking for earthearthearth, or at least any other works by Daïchi Saïto.
Open file (69.28 KB 297x297 ikarus.png)
Looking for a decent version of Hans Breder - Ikarus https://www.vdb.org/titles/ikarus
Does anyone have any of Rong Guang Rong's films, namely Nameless Soldiers – In Search of Dreams (2017) and Children Are Not Afraid of Death, Children Are Afraid of Ghosts (2017)?
>>2851 Good enough i guess, thanks. I'll try to upload it to mega if i manage to download it.
Open file (4.11 MB 640x360 89567456.mp4)
Anyone know where I can find Earthling (2010)? The movie looks bad and obviously didn't get any attention upon release, but I'm wondering if it's a case of "so bad it's art"
Anyone got a link to the Belgian exploitation flick The Devil's Nightmare (1971) dir. Jean Brismée? It's also known as La plus longue nuit du diable. I've tried a handful of torrents on Russian public trackers but they all seem dead. I would suck hog for a remux...
Open file (523.21 KB 1198x884 7cvINIU.jpg)
Open file (959.17 KB 2455x1766 orda-2012-.jpg)
Does anyone know where I can find a Russian language film from 2012 called Orda or The Horde in English? It was about two Russian Orthdox monks held captive by the Mongols. They had to perform a miracle by restoring the sight of the blind Mongol queen, or else the Mongols would burn down Moscow. Prefer 1080p mkv with English subs but I am willing to settle for other formats and resolutions as long as I can basically understand what people are saying and the cinematography still looks good. I've checked in a few torrent sights, but none of them were seeded. There was also a 720 version on YT but I think it got removed.
>>2876 You're a legend mate. Thanks a lot.
Does anyone know where I could find the original cut of The Passion of Joan of Arc? Wikipedia claims the original cut was 110 minutes long and contained a scene where St. Joan gained stigmata, while the rip I have is 82 minutes long and contains no such scene.
>>2986 I don' t know if that information is correct. Gaumont restored the Norwegian version in 2015, which was used for the Criterion release that runs 81 or 97 min depending on framerate
TorrentLeech up for registers due to RARBG's demise Also RARBG is dun' which is a shame due to the high-quality rips from BluRays, the scene will carry on i suppose
Open file (58.91 KB 536x768 229t07.jpg)
>>2989 An old rarbg torrent I recommend is Na.Srebrnym.Globie.1988.POLISH.1080p.WEBRip.AAC2.0.x264-WELP.mkv but you should be able to find it elsewhere. The japanese bluray is optically censored for nudity. There's also a documentary about the making of the film called Escape.to.the.Silver.Globe.2022.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTb.mkv
I signed up to TL but I don't know how much I'll use it. The site forces a cloudflare browser check every time I come back to it.
>>2991 TL is pretty shit /film/-wise. I got in on an open signup a year back and haven't found what I wanted in any of the searches made. That said, it's probably paradise for a capeshitter - with all those 35gig Marvel Remuxes on permanent freeleech.
Looking for 'Nárcisz és Psyché' by Gábor Bódy. Any link?
Open file (1.90 MB 1527x2154 Redl.jpg)
This is a long shot, but can anyone seed Colonel.Redl.1985.1080p.BluRay.x264-USURY or direct me to a live torrent of the blu-ray? My private tracker used to have this but my reseed request failed...
does anyone know where i can watch Blood Countess 1992 by Fred H. Berger? i can only find some small clips on youtube but not the full thing itself. https://letterboxd.com/film/blood-countess-1992/
>>3101 It's on CG. You're not there obviously... Are you?
>>3101 lmk if you want invite. Post ten favorite cg related films.
>>3103 i would like an invite very much. my ten favs are: "Fade to Black", "Sweet Home", "Let's Scare Jessica To Death", "Martin", "Blood & Donuts", "Evil Dead Trap", "Murder Obsession" "Muscle" and, "Dark City"
>>3110 what's your email? you'll find blood countess there
>>3113 it's daturakiss@mail.com thank you so much
Open file (189.41 KB 753x500 2qs4gumfan171.jpg)
Open file (31.99 KB 640x360 sfc0l4nfan171.jpg)
does anyone have a download link for "Goth" (2008) dir. by Gen Takahashi
>>3118 sent
Does anyone perchance know where I can peep Amazon Garden: Uniform Lesbians (1992) dir. Takahisa Zeze. https://mubi.com/en/us/films/amazon-garden-uniform-lesbians

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