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Open file (411.54 KB 256x175 key.gif)
Request & Share Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:51:06 No.277
[JW03 ~ 09/11/2019] Friendly link exchange
>>1091 Amazing! I just wanted to archive every Tura appearence on film and TV, I actually wanted upload a compilation yesterday but I couldnt find this episode for the life of me! Now it is complete. >>1093 Thank you for the tip. Yes, we are currently finishing the script but production was severely held back because of the covid restrictions in Italy, it got very complicated because we actually had some scenes in other countries such as England and the Netherlands, hopefully we can start shooting in a few months, I guess you can follow the project with the production name "Flying octopus" ( I just made that up but since I'm leading the project with my partner I will fly for now ) >>1095 Thank you again! That's very interesting, finding her in those pictures would be quite a find... I love this woman ever since I saw Faster Pussycat! What a mouth!
>>1095 Hey, this is amazing! I didn't you could get such a high res... I hope one day I can provide something good to TVV as a thank you. Does anyone know if this "Man Hands and Swollen Hands" is a joke? It certainly reads like one and there's no mention of it in IMDb...
>>754 I finally watched this film, and I really liked it. It is super relaxing, and the images are abstract and suggestive enough that I never was bored, plus the brisk run time doesn't overstay its welcome. I don't understand why this is referred to as a horror film. It's abstract, mysterious, and moody, but never terrifying. >now i somewhat regret saying we should watch it I get what you're saying, but I think it's worth a viewing if you don't require a story and are ok with an incredibly slow pace. It seems that this film works very well if you're already sleepy. It's nice that the director shares his work on KG for free
>>1095 TVV friend, could you check if the episode 13 titled "Lady in Limbo" from season one of Greatest Show on Earth with Lucille Ball is there too?
Open file (58.37 KB 500x722 1OUQBXy.jpg)
>>1098 Hey italodisco, do you need a TVV invite? I think I have your email from inviting you before. I don't use the site very much but maybe you would. They have a good selection of old/rare TV shows, though not much from Italy.
Shit maybe invites are closed. I have 4 but can't send any.
>>1100 It's not there. If you are on CG there's an invite thread for that tracker. There's a black and white version of that episode on kiketube >>1101 Lynch is a kike
Where the heck can i download La Piovra WITH SUBS? I can't find a damn thing other than ultra hard 1atatime download bullshit. plz help
Open file (25.32 KB 441x203 turafilm.png)
>>1098 (sorry in advance for clogging up the thread but fuck it, it's not like there's much traffic anyways...) Wow, I forgot pic related. I am almost sure it's a joke until someone tell me other wise
Did >>1104 delete his own post or did BO delete it because it showed private tracker comments?
Open file (105.91 KB 867x320 gsoe.png)
Open file (39.32 KB 597x444 gsoe-.png)
>>1107 I deleted it myself because the information isn't very useful and the video is on youtube
>>1108 Thank you anyways, I was hoping they might've had the color version even tho it was probably never released? I don't really know much about it other than it was filmed in color (and you can see a clip of it on youtube) but released in B&W
Open file (391.28 KB 874x581 limbo.png)
>>1109 >>1108 Nevermind, I shoulda read your pics first since they mentioned it. (I'm retarded) Also, I don't know what dawtrina is smoking but Tura is most definitely in the episode! You can see her two times (maybe more?) Once in the intro right when the title shows up, pic related. And also even more prominently at 29:34 in the youtube video...
>>1110 TVV only has Eps 5 and 7, that's what he's talking about. The youtube video comes from some other source.
>>1100 Sure, but like anon said it seems you are in for a bad spell, only 3 episodes there. >I hope one day I can provide something good to TVV They are pretty picky and the mods are known for being a bit bloodthirsty so better get us something good around here :^) although your company is enough A shame really, Jack Palance is guaranteed fun and Coburn is a good support character actor, old TV has some gold lost in the drain or unfortunate garage fire/arson incidents, there's TONS of stuff lost or unchecked that will someday fade if those magnetic tapes are not used. >>1037 I found odd how this movie, or flip/thai movies in general, have suspicious links with elaborate pages, even mimicking famous ones fairly closely. Still i found it, gonna have some sleep while it's uploading and then it's yours when i wake up. >>1016 Sounds silly but you can try asking some Palau authority or the World Tuna Organization if they know where to get it or see it.
Open file (663.50 KB 1509x2159 img20201003_22110028.jpg)
Open file (694.04 KB 1515x2159 img20201003_22092733.jpg)
Open file (599.25 KB 1489x2155 img20201003_22124450.jpg)
Open file (597.52 KB 1489x2155 img20201003_22141296.jpg)
Open file (650.66 KB 1495x2155 img20201003_22153509.jpg)
>>1105 It's released with subs by Aztec International in Australia, If your download doesn't have subs maybe these will work. http://www.opensubtitles.org/en/ssearch/sublanguageid-all/idmovie-38074
Open file (122.92 KB 762x576 Paranoid bank guard.jpg)
>>1037 >>1114 Git it while it's fresh >https://anonfiles.com/T6S2Sf12p8/FreeloadingFlippersGoToCannes_rar Looks interesting, might check it later It has a loli being given a bath in a slum, naughty request here
>>1114 >old TV has some gold lost in the drain or unfortunate garage fire/arson incidents Yes, but it was lost in a much larger sea of plodding and forgettable shit. I wonder what percentage of just ABC Movie(s) of the Week are actually worth a watch. Still sad though, and it goes way beyond tv
>>1125 > lost in a much larger sea of plodding and forgettable shit Yeah, even extant TV programming is barely watchable until the 1980s. Pick a random show from the 60s or 70s and you'll bail out before the first commercial break. The very early stuff is kind of interesting to see how it all got started, but exploring old TV is a big time investment so I don't bother. Maybe UK TV holds up better. There are plenty of quality episodes of Wednesday Play / Play for Today. I'm not sure there are many good TV movies from the US.
>>1126 >Maybe UK TV holds up better It's better written. Although I've read some great things about some ABC series such as Dark Shadows, but I've been intimidated to make the dive because there are so many episodes (over a 1000) >Play for Today I'm a big fan of Robin Redbreast. Also Ghost Stories for Christmas, while hit or miss, are generally good. BFI actually did those shows a solid. An image from an episode of Supernatural was posted the other day, and while that show is comparatively weaker, it's still good.
>>1116 Any none pinoy/thai reviews? I was interested in this because of the poster but the download keeps getting blocked for some reason, I give up.
Open file (111.97 KB 640x480 Rene.jpg)
>>1125 >sea of plodding and forgettable shit Sure, but for archivist reasons it's a tragedy, although i would say non-american/anglo TV being lost is a bigger sin because very few care. Those old but "expensive" Yugo productions, the latin american strange but creative late-night dramas (not the soap stuff) or even the supposedly good Hong Kong annual series which featured tons of the old Shaw Brothers/Golden Harvest figures in more mature roles (after probably more acting growth) and big investments in the pre-Handover era. I think most of it falls into the actual soap opera stuff but there must be some mini-series or regional documentaries that stand out, i mean there should be. But generally TV has tons of filler, hard to do it daily otherwise, i remember once wanting to check The Fugitive because both my parents praise it highly but was daunted to find it's a 90-hour drama, i highly doubted it was all plot so i ditched the idea preferring to download some similar anime but never getting to see that one either As a sidenote i recall some X-Files fans dividing their series' episodes via character centric, characterization/reference centric and filler centric, basically jumbling in groups why the FBI agents are seeking their motives, quirks that might be mentioned in said episodes and the rest are monster-of-the-week stuff. And sometimes they add their schedule, placing all the plot stuff with a couple of the best in filler, still reducing the amount of view time and reaching 80 or something episodes rather than 291. I wanted to do that venture semi-seriously with Renegade but dropped it after 5 or 6 episodes, it was not bad but there was nothing really special, i think that's TV in a general nutshell, you can watch it and pass the time but writing, categorizing or commenting about it turns difficult because it's not noteworthy enough or it plays every aspect at bare minimum and makes it hard to compartmentalize or simply divide by quality as everything is either so median or a jumbled mess of quirky features/characters/saucy boob fan service that the fan listing will always be controversial. I think someone did that thing with Seinfeld and it ended up being 20-something episodes while Friends was 100+, a philanthropic activity to say the least hence why i think it's even less popular than fan-edits even when this one saves dozens of hours. One thing's for sure, the women back then in TV weren't good actresses but they sure as hell were flamin' hot, unlike nowadays were they suck and you wouldn't want to be sucked by one. >>1129 >the download keeps getting blocked for some reason Same thing happened some days ago with the you-know-what robot movie, strange, but i can give you a quick review of the first 15 minutes: Nothing to do with the poster either stylistically and conceptually, the poster seems like a 00's movie trying to tackle 70's b or c-grade action/horror movies with the style but in reality it's a 10's movie trying to parody the indie/"sophisticated" film scene in South Asia with some preppy dudes trying to make a movie about a topic so miserable the western film circuit will pick it up due to liberal porn tastes about slum life, and then they will scum their way into traveling to Europe or America for a festival. The first 15 minutes is the "preview" or concept-proof of said idea then jumping into them laughing and coldly planning how to do it, hypocrite but that's the idea and honestly that's the reality, film festivals are misery lovers like i mention all the time, it's a cheaper and easier tactic to make the protagonist suffer and suffer via his background rather than writing a complex script. The slum part works and growing to hate the film students in a couple of minutes also works if that was the intention. If you keep having trouble i can fix you another joint, probably Mega but those put 1GB+ limits on downloaders, i'll think of something.
>>1130 Don't worry!
>>1130 >Those old but "expensive" Yugo productions, the latin american strange but creative late-night dramas (not the soap stuff) Very intriguing, do you know of any that are worth the time? I'm really only aware that Raul Ruiz made some miniseries for Chilean tv good taste with Rene, who is?
Open file (58.84 KB 550x350 Hora-marcada02.jpg)
>>1136 Yes, by expensive i meant they either blew all their allotted money in the cast due to most of them being ensemble works that "rented" the in-house theater residents for long periods of time rather than being a single one-time film job or went all-out with the sets which usually were WWII nazi soldier massacre porn that was/is still popular by some. If my old notepad is not wrong i listed some recommendations and stuff i found to have high potential: 1980's Vruc Vetar, 1995's Slozna Braca, 1984's Sivi Dom, 1991's Zaboravljeni, 1990's Aleksa Santic, 1976's Vise Od Igre, 1995's Kraj Dinastije Obrenovic and 1972's Kamiondzije, there's also the old war stuff with 1974's Otpisani. I put 1970's Diplomci there too, it looks cheap as hell but i suppose i placed it there because the main cast are most of my preferred actors from the Belgrade circle. With these yugo series i think only the writing quality is of concern because i have yet to this day see a balkan production pre-breakup with bad or even average acting, they always nail a good balance between scenery-chewing and reflective stoicism along with some dark humor, it comes down to personal tastes regarding actors and their specific character polishing or sometimes the humor paint job a writer wants to do (juvenile and cringe comedy is usually a writer's fault rather than actor's delivery). The ones made in the war i don't know, yugos are not known for their set design but values seem to plummet hard around that time, fake mustaches (!) included. It's worth nothing i haven't seen any of these because i have never found subtitles or download links for some, so after a while i stopped searching but nowadays there might be some advances. The latin american thing is a personal experience as i saw some stuff late at night that i have never seen or read again and they were quite mind-bending for me back then, i recall an argentine series or mini-series in which the characters were in a house, and while going from room to room the whole set lifted and another came by instead of just walking or the camera cutting to another shot, it was bizarre but somehow it worked because the acting was as quirky due to the narrative being some sort of family drama about inane things, kinda like a sitcom acted in deadpan. I also recall one, while not a fiction work, to be very interesting that i think was called Sicilia Desechable which was about the well-read host (a journalist surnamed Sicilia) talking how he will try to make the most interesting night show with varied content on a shoestring budget, i think he only had 20 bucks every episode, and just went onto trying to teach the audience something while also trying to get into free music shows/musicians playing on the street or anything he could think of to save money and about anything you could think of to entertain or fill minutes into the show. Most often he didn't even spend money so he saved it to other episodes, mind you this was in Venezuela just when the revolts and some small military skirmishes happened against parts of the population including the police thus criminals started to roam, around 2002-2004, so it came to a point he never went out of his house and just tried to explain/do stuff, like trying to imitate the tests of cleaning products from commercials or boil down Coca-Cola, until one day he just gave up and said that not even with money you could do things because shit was hitting the fan. He was criticized for trying to stir shit even when one of his rules was never meddle with politics but in the end he kinda was right, i saw the program years later of its original broadcast and it was always funny in a tragic way to see how the guy slowly realizes society was crumbling because everyone was paranoid and public trust was at some point non-existent; dude was quite revolutionary too, he was technically vlogging for a living in 2003 and did make a controversial joke about some trannies in a corner he filmed from far in a hotel room "you might laugh at those things now, but if we let our guards down they will rise to the top and crush us, society, in resentment". He was basically shitposting once a week on national (international) TV with no content limits. 1986's La Hora Marcada was also something interesting, a Twilight/Outer Limits latinamerican rip-off that was used as a medium to push or give experience to young directors and technicians, supposedly had some good episodes and i did see a couple but didn't find it to be that captivating although some people swear by it, for horror junkies it might be a goldmine. There might be more but you got me in a curve, actually never tried to list those so i guess i will from now on.
Open file (104.20 KB 800x1064 61026H5N4mL._AC_SL1087_.jpg)
Open file (55.49 KB 440x587 16797.jpg)
>>1136 Hell sorry about that lack of spacing. >good taste with Rene, who is? I named it Rene.jpg for Renegade, tons of stuff to talk about that fast food show, the chick is the aforementioned protag's girlfriend and the main plot of the show is him searching who wanted to kill him but got her a steel point to the head instead. Everytime he's about to score with a lady (which is very often) he will have a nasty flashback about either banging her on the beach or getting shot thus limiting his libido dramatically. Funny how almost all that footage of the beach bumming never repeats, implying they rolled lots of film to use, now that's a sweet job. Her name seems to be Deprise Brescia and looks like she was a premium piece of eye candy for commercials and Aerobics videos back then, and yeah i remember seeing a commercial made by the gay jew Ritts that had her around. They simply don't make 'em they used to.
>>1130 >If you keep having trouble i can fix you another joint, probably Mega but those put 1GB+ limits on downloaders, i'll think of something. I recommend MegaDownloader if anyone is having trouble grabbing Mega links. I don't remember hitting a GB limit for downloading just one film, but this program should wait and resume if you do. I use MegaDownloader to limit download speed so Mega doesn't monopolize my internet connection. http://megadownloaderapp.blogspot.com/2013/02/download-links-english.html
Open file (54.11 KB 607x143 benigni.png)
This is a strange request but it's been haunting me because I had the video in my hands and I didn't download it in time before they took it down for uuuhhh... political reasons? I guess Benigni angered alot of religious people by giving a speech about sex in the bible (most of the Italian populus is religious) The entire thing was displayed in HD on the RaiPlay website, 30+ minutes, and I think they took it down after a day or two. This was back in February so I was hoping someone had archived the thing or downloaded the upload. The only evidence there is of the upload is the dead link and this MSN website (pic related) that linked directly to the RaiPlay upload, it even shows the original length. www.raiplay.it/iframe/video/2020/02/sanremo-2020-roberto-benigni-il-cantico-dei-cantici-99002db8-7f1c-4266-88d6-489da47261a0.html
Open file (427.92 KB 400x222 film2 (1).gif)
Requesting the source of this fucking gif lol HOW does no one know where it came from?
On the subject of film ID, does anyone know the source of these files (from the old board)? webm is slightly lewd.
Created a discord server for sharing mega links. currently just under 3,000 working links. I'm looking for people who will upload stuff occasionally, but you can just stop by to check it out. Currently its just me in there so I promise I'll try not to make it too awkward. https://discord (dot) gg/ kj2NfxgVSv
Where is this footage from?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGUYCur6hwo
>>1496 I believe it is Anti -Clock
>>1253 I don't know much about italians but i studied the first two levels of the language and i remember my sweet blonde teacher mentioning how Benigni almost seemed to love being hated by Italy despite them trying to like him for his earlier roles. Talking crazy, portraying jews as humble/innocents, making a post-modernist Pinocchio, saying the northerners were sometimes ruthless but saying the sicilians were people of peace. Loved the stories of her (not an italian national) seeing the banter between the northerners against the south folks everywhere from banks to airports, i think she lived in Parma or somewhere around. Ben talking about sex from the Bible is just confirming that old story.
I remember on Julay someone posted video footage of two people in a room talking about professors indoctrinating their students, think it related to students protesting. Anyone know where exactly that footage came from? It was shot well so it had to be from some documentary.
Open file (11.22 MB 768x576 Chiefs.mp4)
>>1499 Oh I remember that. It was from Chiefs (1968).
>>1500 Something like this surely wouldn't get distributed today. Can someone make this available for download somewhere like anonfiles or catbox? I'd like to see the entire thing now.
>>1502 Thanks Anon.
Does anyone have a link to Selva. Un portrait de Parvaneh Navaï (1982) by Maria Klonaris?
Does anyone have The Dreamed Films (2010) by Eric Pauwels with English subtitles?
>>1520 Sure, hope you like it. mega.nz/folder/7Q8gSSCD#HeTLvK08pvbSZa90NpJJZg
>>1525 Thanks
Figured it's worth a shot but do you have Les Chants (I, II, III, IV, V) by Jean-Paul Dupuis?
Open file (206.02 KB 1920x1080 Zbehovia a pútnici HD.jpg)
Finally an HD upgrade for The Deserter and the Nomads, although it's a TV source as before https://ulozto.net/file/rMxYnNiPcffs/zbehovia-a-putnici-hd-mkv
>>1553 Are there English subs that sync to this version?
>>1562 Here are the old subs to sync to the new file. The filename should be changed to .srt. Scattered lines of dialogue are missing but I'll post an update if they get translated.
Remade the Begotten trailer using the amazing KG restoration https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XGYXpPjdbNU
>>1564 Looks great. It's a shame this still doesn't have a blu-ray release.

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