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Welcome to /film/ discussion | #film @ irc.brokensphere.net

/film/ Meta Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 12:13:48 No.1
Is this our home now?
Edited last time by 11811 on 09/14/2020 (Mon) 06:12:37.
>>1721 At first I thought they are just dumb qboomers who don't understand how imageboards work. The site seems completely dead too. >/v/ with 5 users Lmao
>>1721 >I'm kinda sad that we have to discontinue the original board on 8kun. There were so much content, can't believe it was once so active newfag, nobody was ever posting on 8coom, it's an old 8ch /film/ that pig watkins appropriated
>>1721 >Does anon.cafe have a limit for the number of posts or storage for each board? Maybe it's ten pages with ten threads per page. I'm not sure.
>>1736 >Anon.cafe's limit is 80 threads (8 pages) >>>/meta/15097
>>1898 Yes?
newfag here, is there no other boards or sites to discuss real film with, this shits disheartening. Wanted something that could challenge me and open my eyes to all the movies Ive been missing
>>1905 If you wanted to lurk to learn then bad luck, although this board never had the big numbers; if you wanted to ask questions then you can always try, personally i discovered the medium by reading waves by country and their directors. You can try doing that, if you want a quick start then the board's old Top 250 (or 150+ something) is also a good start, if not then go to the "comment last film watched" and pick something you might find interesting, then ask for more. Many are still here but waiting for something too good that regards a post or for a question to appear and reply to. >discuss real film With our level of liberty i think not really, at least not in significant numbers. >something that could challenge me and open my eyes to all the movies Ive been missing >all the movies That's quite the item that would do such thing, step by step is how you get to know world cinema.
Alright found the top 250 thats a great place to start. Its really wild how much is out there, Ive always felt Im pretty knowledgeable on film and Ive seen a good amount of that 250 but some Ive straight up never heard of and same for alot of the threads Ive seen on this board. Exciting to see theres still so much to discover, thanks
The problem of lack of users persists. I was thinking of maybe bringing some alt/tv/'s together, for instance there's a /vhs/ on zzz. But seemingly like every board on that site it's kinda normalfaggy and will bring the quality of the this place down. We need to start solving this issue anons.
>>1922 Tvch's /tv/ is full of retarded normie shit, just like /tv/ from 4chan. They'll ruin the board for sure. I don't want us to be plagued with retarded threads like Emma Stone's feet or tranny discussions. /tv/ is all about celebrities and publicity, they give no shit about actual films. I prefer good discussions, not a bunch of trashy threads created and recycled within minutes. But yeah, the lack of user problem persists.
>>1922 I think many (can i use many?) of us will not agree with recruiting but speaking seriously i think that's a topic that has to be touched sooner or later, it was not that long ago... i think. Someone made an IRC channel near the cinema trackers to make a presence, dunno if that worked but i think two new/old anons appeared here, the next logical step is controversial but it would be talking about this place in the tracker forums. Thing is depending on the tracker and areas the users are knowledgeable but "uninitiated", the main thing about us is media file attachments and absolute free will towards language and tone so if i use the completely normal word "nigger" in a review i will soon they might be shocked without knowing it's fully normal. To be precise they are simply foreign to such concept, which might be too cool for them or considered the devil. SCinema has its fair share of liberals but the pendulum strikes and some disgruntled users might like this shack, KaraG has pretty much every side and do share a similar tone to us but their forums practically go the same speed as us too or at least that's what i saw last time, perhaps i should check again yet i feel uneasy trying to shill the place, i don't know how to without feeling awkward, perhaps in a thread about other cinema discussion places? just feels so strange trying to think a way. >bringing some alt/tv/'s together My impression is that /vhs/ was made to somewhat counter us, after all they picked speed and posted a bit of banter against us in the very days of the cunny cinema thread incident. I've lurked there and sure enough they are newbies in the medium, the ones in Zzz don't seem to be shitposters but i think they are too comfortable there. Correction: I checked again and it seems they fell a little down the stairs in terms of quality but they don't seem bad chaps, just maybe a bit too leaning towards mainstream/contemporary screenings which is the inevitable culture shock some have. Now that i remember we had a couple of good argies back in the 8, i know some of their bunkers so maybe we can poke them a bit? i might try to discuss some films there to raise a flame but i don't think they will like my flag.
>>1922 /film/ is a slow board, get used to it. >alt/tv/'s Do you really want to see gen z memers discuss how the snydercut is a masterpiece (lol)?
>>1924 Shilling is a natural process of getting your board out there that existed since forever. As long as you're not obnoxious it's not something to look down on. And without it the board will soon completely fade away I feel. >>1925 >/film/ is a slow board It's a dead board and no, it's not something we should get used to. Back on 8chan we had maybe 10 anons but at least there was a steady posting process going on.
This faggot spams this shit thread on every board >>1937 Have no qualms deleting it.
>>1938 Very well, akin to what other boards do i will post why i cleaned it up to make things clear plus to not cross the Inconnu BO: Deleted thread no. >>1937 and post no. >>1936 "War of the Buttons (1994)" >Reason: Spam >Notes: Known spam, have also personally seen said post with identical image and OP text being repeatedly posted among various webring boards in different occasions too
Open file (11.64 MB 449x480 approved.gif)
Looks like we are spammed by shit /tv/ threads.
>>1946 I don't like it either but this board got its fame back in the day for discussing things in form seriously no matter how trashy a subject was, i don't know exactly the BO's stance towards suspected shit /tv/ threads nowadays but i can recommend posting, even/especially if bitterly sarcastic, just to prove our stances without opting for the jannie actions. Who knows, some outsiders might even like our position of entertaining ideas without ideally being fans of them.
>>1949 >just embrace the hehpill bro! Yeah no, fuck off obvious /tv/ poster. This board got it's fame for not being /tv/ and not having shitposting threads.
>>1950 You picked the wrong tree to bark at, i am extremely against the hehpill shittery that happened before which fucked various boards (and even sites) but truth is we always discussed most things thrown at us aggressively with a knife, which eventually made the /tv/ shitposters pick another place. Remember back in the early 8 this board practically forced them to make another board which became their own version of /tv/? >Fame for not being /tv/ and not having shitposting threads. Correct, "discussing" means going at it with intention, being to shit at the OP for being a shitposter scrub or to discuss the attributes of something rather than make one sentence compliments or silly inside jokes. I don't mind them getting deleted but that's BO's instructions to make, i am speaking from the position of enforcing our stance firmly rather than deleting anything we don't like.
Open file (80.03 KB 1110x600 н4.jpg)
We did it anons, 2000 posts for the 4th iteration of /film/.
Open file (254.96 KB 604x886 8chansept2014.jpg)
Also /film/ is now seven years old Created 2014-09-19 15:20:27
>>2000 >4th I count 3, is there another bunker? >>2001 Funny to think most of those boards/small communities don't exist anymore, we are persistent after all.
>>2002 >I count 3, is there another bunker? 8chan → endchan → julay → anon.cafe >>2002 >Funny to think most of those boards/small communities don't exist anymore That's what happens when you don't have a contingency plan. After 8ch got nuked everyone was caught with their pants between their legs, except for maybe /a/. It's the inherent downside with having free board creation sites, sure, anyone can make a board but it leads to a lot of these small made-on-a-whim boards that turn into equally small casual communities. It's slow comfy posting but they have zero organization or even often ownership behind them. Once anything happens they are gone with the wind, unable to reorganize.
>>2003 >endchan Damn, didn't remember that, i even used it many moons ago in the Next debacle i think. >What's what happens when you don't have contingency Agreed, and speaking of which... we do have one right? there's the IRC channel and i suppose endchan is still there so i guess that's the official route, no?
>>2005 >we do have one right? Well all the previous ones are still up. Julay one is hidden but it exists. With the webring we're relatively safe, nobody will take all the sites down and at once.
>>2006 >No one will take down all the sites at once They will if you don't shut the fuck up about it and keep giving them the idea.
>>2007 They won't because they're boomers who don't know anything about internet. Also >saging on a dead board
>>2003 > except for maybe /a/ Where's that? And where's the board I could start practising pixel art in?
>>2009 >Where's that? https://smuglo.li/
>>2007 >keep giving them the idea Anyone who can will probably form the idea on their own, silly goose >>2009 >practising pixel art in? smuglo.li's /a/ but for that one maybe /agdg/ is a better choice, they have a board but they function more of a thread thing, right now i don't know in which /v/ they reside.
Should there be a general discussion thread? It seems to me that /film/ communities usually do better in a general thread than in separate threads about very specific things. If we take into account the extra small userbase here, it might not be a bad idea to unite all of it under one thread, get some energy going, etc.
>>2035 At least spent 2 minutes browsing the catalog >>34
>>2036 I know about it, but it's more of a thread for left-over stuff than a general discussion thread, and the inactivity proves it. But whatever, I'm just trying to think of ways to have more activity here.
>>2037 It's the same thing. Also generals don't add activity to the board, they remove it.
>>2009 don't use that shithole, go to /animu/ instead https://prolikewoah.com/animu/catalog.html
>>2037 We're not going to condense the board into one thread, but you can post there as if it is
>>2039 /animu/ is a shithole too though. Spergs and their autistic board wars.
>>2035 >>2037 Go back to your cuckchan general faggot
>>2042 >/animu/ is a shithole too though it's not though, cope
>>2046 It is though, cope
Deleted thread no. >>2072 "War of the Buttons (1994)" >Reason: Spam >Notes: Butt Nekids poster strikes again
>>2047 >n-no u back to tvch
Deleted thread no. >>2096 "create without tracing out existing movies" aka Breakdancing Among Us Astronaut >Reason: De-facto Spam >Notes: Confirmed crosspost with more than 2 iterations that was vague enough not to start any specific debate, discontent by presumably couple users made me offer OP to repost his question in supplied thread links but said offer was not followed after 6 days. Due to the board (almost) hitting its existing threads loop i took the decision to clean it rather than let it sink. If this was over the top feel free to notice me
Anons, pull it together.
An archive of the anime thread from old fullchan: https://archive.li/HLWkT
Greetings, /film/. As our contribution of the webring Christmas event this year, we at /yuri/ decided to put together a 7-day war film marathon starting December 18. Film lineup, schedule, and details are on pic related. We'd be honored if you would join us on this special time of the year. https://streamchan.org/#shizuruslovehut For direct streaming https://streamchan.org/hls/shizuruslovehut.m3u8 rtmp://streamchan.org/live/shizuruslovehut.flv Questions or concerns? https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/21.html Feel free to pay us a visit https://smuglo.li/yuri/
Open file (52.65 KB 219x281 spurdo tired.jpg)
/film/ is bretti cool!! :------DDDD

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