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/film/ Meta Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 12:13:48 No.1
Is this our home now?
Edited last time by 11811 on 09/14/2020 (Mon) 06:12:37.
>>2599 Hi /film/. If we don't hear back from you in the next couple of days, we will remove your team from this year's ICUP due to lack of interest.
>>2599 Here is the intro and goal music. Someone else can choose strategy. I suppose we should consider how other teams are playing.
>>2624 Well, technically, that was within a couple of days, with an hour to spare. Congratulations, you're in, although we will need some tactics in the next week or two.
Open file (200.34 KB 1230x1144 ICUP7 Draw Stream.png)
The draw stream is going to happen on Friday this week, 18:00 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup The attached image shows the start time in various timezones (from https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?p1=1440&iso=20220812T18&msg=Draw%20Stream ). End time is unknown, but it should last an hour or two at least because it will be used to run test matches, and will probably fail catastrophically at some point. We do need to get still some tactics from you guys. You have until August 15th to submit them. If you need help with those just drop by and ask.
Open file (13.27 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. https://fedimovie.com/c/icup_stream7/videos?s=1 Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay.
Yeah, tactics. What happened to the guy who knew what he was doing re: icup?
>>2658 No idea what happened with him but at this point the best thing you guys can do is drop by /icup/ and ask for help on tactics.
Open file (2.89 KB 885x45 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (333.20 KB 640x480 bWuupUcG.png)
Any last-minute tweaks before we submit this... /film/ Strategy Guide Formation: 4-3-3 Attacking Instructions Attacking Styles: Counter Attack Build Up: Long Pass Attacking Area: Wide Positioning: Flexible Support Range: 6 Defensive Instructions Defensive Styles: Frontline Pressure Containment: Middle Pressuring: Conservative Defensive Line: 6 Compactness: 5 Advanced Instructions: Attack 1: Centring Targets Attack 2: False Fullbacks (when trailing) Defence 1: Counter Target Defence 2: Gegenpress (if trailing in the second half) Substitution Strategies: Sub off most tired defender at 60' Sub off two most tired non-medals at 75' Sub off two most tired players at beginning of extra time
>>2664 Make it 4-1-4-1
>>2430 Oh, just saw the original roster is 3-3-4. That could work too
>>2666 Good point, we'll go with that
Open file (142.60 KB 480x600 filmlineup.png)
>>2667 Will this be correct?
>>2671 Thanks, looks good. We'll see how that works for us.
Open file (28.86 KB 500x562 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this weekend. Also can someone answer this question? >>>/icup/4170
I know the board is kinda slow but we'd really appreciate it if you could complete your roster page https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//film//Roster
Starting stream in an hour https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>2682 /film/ 3 - 4 /eris/
>>2683 Low defense strategy didn't pan out but it could be worse
Open file (27.12 KB 513x579 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this week's set of matches.
Ciao guys, could you tell me if this roster page is accurate? https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//film//Roster
Open file (664.47 KB 256x134 wfc.gif)
>>2686 Nice. I originally missed the White French Chinese reference
>>2685 You lost 1 - 3 against /ita/. Replay's coming soon.
Open file (21.13 KB 268x606 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this weekend's matches. >>2691 https://archive.org/download/ICUP7/Raw%20mkv%20files/Day%204%20Part%201.mkv (Starts at 14:31)
Starting in one hour. You'll be fighting for your tournament lives against /fscchan/ in the fourth match of the day. https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>2701 /film/ 4 - 2 /fscchan/
>>2703 YES!
Open file (1.45 MB 400x299 wedidit.gif)
So now that we're not total losers, has anyone scouted the matches to find improvements for the gameplay tactics?
>>2706 The matches have been posted in this thread, unless you mean the matches cut which are here: https://archive.org/details/ic7_20220825_20220825 For now your first match is in there, but the other ones will be uploaded in the next days.
Open file (512.13 KB 1920x1080 Infinity Cup 7.png)
Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned for the award winners over at our /icup/ board. Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!
>>2729 Thanks for all your work in organizing this event
Open file (128.75 KB 330x468 kafuka.png)
Great board. Never fails on me finding enthusiastic anons posting interesting stuff here.
Does anyone know how to find good new releases? Not like A24 but actual independent films, such as films similar to those of Ming-liang Tsai, Reygadas, Dumont etc.. Perhaps even more experimental in nature. Blogs like this for example: https://davefilmblog.com/ except with a broader scope. My local arthouses definitely have interesting films, but online repositories are nice to have in these matters. There used to be an anon here who annually would share best new releases and if he still is here, I'd appreciate some wisdom. thanks
>>2768 this is what i refer to: >>2219 obviously has knowledge into new releases even if he's a gatekeeper and Titane was mediocre
Open file (37.86 KB 648x486 JU50fS.jpg)
>>2769 I've been failing to post lately with very little time for the last 2 months. Hopefully that will change next year. >>2768 He's a good poster with plenty of knowledge. I suppose we don't have enough engagement here to keep him coming back.
>>2770 it goes both ways, if you bring real engagement and not just exhibitionism you'll get slightly more engagement than what he gets, he seems to have a very hard time just sharing the names of the movies (gatekeeping) i just want to know where he finds the movies, but i would have to guess that he goes to festivals or has a very well curated theater near him
>>2768 >good releases >Reygadas Does not compute Usually the listing in medium-sized festivals is a good indicator, cannot say small festivals because their subjects are pretty hard to come by to watch them. That one anon saw lots of stuff but cannot say where he checked on them, perhaps one of the underground torrent sites? Haven't posted lately because i entered the workforce/wage life and time has been severely limited, when i am in front of the cumputar i usually listen to music or waste time reading rather than engaging in something to share, don't even watch films due to thinking i have to wake up early next day. I think by next year too i would've nailed my routine and manage my time better.
>>2772 Reygadas is must watch, although I dont know about anything he's made in the past several years. Literally essential viewing for developing a palette. What are your favorite filmmakers? Do you mean the subjects are hard to come by as in the films themselves are hard to find?
>>2773 >Reygadas is must watch >Literally essential viewing for developing a palette. I agree because that's how you spot a hack and see the vane attempts from some people, his conceptual development is very abstract and the way he portrays it on film is both shallow and deep: The latter because the meaning is indeed more than what meets the eye but shallow because it is senseless and says nothing, it is just a complex fantasy played out for the sake of trying to do something. He also likes to mix both extremes of what the medium has, for example his cinematography/photographic approach is quite straightforward/pure as he isn't ashamed of giving several minutes of a single frame developing over time, quite like a moving photograph (or motion picture) for example the infamous sunrise in Luz Silenciosa i think, yet it doesn't say anything but to showcase both the beauty of said moment and that he could film like most people can if they had a camera and a tripod. At the other extreme he attempts to move with "heavy" use of dialogue (heavy as in too much because nothing is happening) as in no action speaks for itself but the words yet both the subject at hand is both badly portrayed (the mennonites in said Luz Silenciosa) and overuses the little words he makes us hear because the stories themselves tell even few things. Had Reygadas not been jewish i don't think he would've passed past his local indie scene, and "indie" is not a very good description of his jobs as he was heavily sponsored by the usual suspects, namely the Iberoamericana funds. >What are your favorite filmmakers? Does it matter? i argued his work's qualities not the comparison with my favorite filmmakers, which enter in the realm of more balanced styles regarding storytelling and visuals. I agree Film has more shades than merely telling a story but it is extremely crucial to give a palatable product because it is product at the end of the day, its intention is to be consumed as entertainment; if someone wants to do his full expression into film regardless of narrative then it is fine too but it should at least be worthwhile in terms of craftsmanship and integral intention, something Tarkovsky had plenty for example but Reygadas has none as the latter doesn't master anything to make plenty of people pay 10 dollars and take a bus at 8pm, wait till 11pm at some obscure screening with seats that smell like weed and most of the viewers are radical femoids, rampant homosexuals or pervs looking to hook something from either group... just to pay 15 more to get back at home, sleep 4 and be at work at 7am because damn hipsters like to screen their shit on wednesdays so film students can discuss their crap on friday (weekends are for partying/networking) tl;dr Reygadas has all the right to make whatever he likes but i simply find him boring to the point of me questioning his ethnicity's role regarding his success and continuous work. If he floats your boat then alrighty but you cannot expect him to be a pallbearer for good taste because there's no strong taste at all in his dishes, it's a regular plate with regular ingredients just with an unorthodox plating. Perhaps i should read a couple books and re-watch his well-known films? >as in the films themselves are hard to find? Yes, KG might have them but your normal denizen on the interwebz might find hard to get that one indie flick from Germany that came out three months ago with subtitles. Some festivals had the films on some websites in low quality (480p which is enough for most) but sometime recently they stopped doing that for some reason, ironically in pandemic times, which i find odd because you need to send them a video file to get in the contest to begin with (along with an advanced synopsis akin to a bullet point script), they should have those files ready at all times.
>>2770 >pic care to share the name of this one?
>>2771 Yeah he's not forthcoming with anything unless you start a conversation about one of the films he's watched. That approach doesn't work so well on a small board, so I assume that guy still posts more on 4chan. You could probably find his 2022 list by searching the archive. I remember once we maneuvered him into writing a longish film review. That was a rare case. >>2775 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0311692/
>>2776 What archive? Where was this long review written? I rarely go on 4chan but I imagine he posts on the /film/ threads? >>2774 I don't entirely understand your criticisms in your first paragraph. The whole idea of filmmakers being pushed by an agenda is very interesting to me, and I generally agree that these things could and do happen. But I generally believe that it goes beyond nepotism or tribal/ethnic ties. If such a thing were to occur, it makes more sense to me that the end goal is to somehow push an agenda or brainwash people. With Reygadas and some of his more degenerate inclinations, I can see that. I don't think he's a master, but I think Japon is a good film and a must-watch for people who are into exploring different avenues of cinema. I just watched Post Tenebras Lux last night and it was interesting, but I don't think that it was overall very good, and it entirely lacked the subtlety and restraint of Japon. the fuck was up with the head getting ripped off at the end? >Does it matter? Yeah, what's your top 10? I'm curious to know what types of movies you like because I don't agree with the blanket statement that Reygadas is not good.
>>2777 Archive: https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/ He usually starts his own thread just like here. But I didn't find anything with a quick search.
Open file (8.60 MB 488x360 Post Lux Cervisia.mp4)
>>2777 I apologize for not having replied earlier, i didn't see it on the overboard >With Reygadas and some of his more degenerate inclinations, I can see that He was an atomic bomb in the "getting your movie financed by the government" in Mexico due to the unnaturality of his appearance first hand experience via talking with two producers jaded as fuck who said nepotism got a strong part of it the problem was not so much the act of pulling someone out of your ass, which happens very often in latin american ventures, but because he represented an artistic circuit most associated with deconstructivism (and the mostly-jews who represent it via a certain educational institution) which renders the abstract artistic justification much harder to explain because it uses the meta of it much more than the mere intention. For example financing by the usual suspects might be easier to get if i make a movie about social criticism in its topic but the fact i plan to use the project as a criticism towards the state government in position (opposing the federal government) while also planning to give recycled toilet paper as napkins at work lunch as part of the ecological impact blablablah will grant it a lot more possibilities than someone wanting to do a road movie with a strong script that will also propel tourism in a certain niche area with mostly local businesses. This happens while the same judges give financing to big studios who didn't need any but used that said meta to push it, said meta being first used before in silly ideas to grant a justification that the nephew of the treasurer is the director of the winning entry. In terms of artistic intention that's where the shallow and deep comes, he goes deep in the meta but the acts on screen are somewhat shallow or "trivial". Of course every director has his agenda, it is part of every artist, but there's mostly artistic agendas and then there's mostly social ones; one can say a small message of protest about civil security forces' uselessness while doing a very compact action movie while others can drag on two hours saying something very vane while showing three hobos loving each other under a public park's floodlights. I think one leaves empty after seeing his works, many movies feel like that and that isn't the problem but one learns or particularly enjoys nothing at all after them, at least in a trashy kung fu film you enjoy chinamen kicking each other or learn that they fry with green onions for the flavor, in eastern european stuff you learn about crippling pessimism or enjoy great acting, with Reygadas work i don't even enjoy the lighting which is one of his trademarks, i see better stuff of the same vein in 00's skateboard tapes and their subsequent artsy stoner reels... and they don't have transgressive content for the sake of it like traditional disembodied mexican heads or grannies kissing chicks. >I'm curious to know what types of movies you like That's my suicide pill, i always think and fall into the same ones and i honestly think they all can be trashed yet i have strong opinions about them, in many facets they tailored liking or i saw them very young and use them as standards. Very well, hang me because i might deserve it, i still believe a movie should have a digestible entertainment factor in it because that's the easiest way to make the common someone eat something (food being the message/agenda/the skills and our ego wanting to show how we do something). Will divide them in a) camera, b) story/acting and c) "because", mind you i think they also have flaws or even massive ones and i will name them. Also i like visuals a lot, bit hypocritical from my part while banging on someone's storytelling and narrative intention. They are my "top 10" as of right now and in terms of how i would define my tastes (not the best 10 i've ever seen) tomorrow i might change 3 or even 4 names, next week i might put them back and replace other two, you know how it goes but i think they are a good representation and i still need to watch many essential pieces which i sidetracked to watch other things that might be considered much inferior. a) Tsui Hark's Knock-Off (massive flaws: The Introduction, Protagonist's justification/backstory regarding his abilities, most of the Tritagonist's existence, Deuteragonist being Rod Schneider despite probably doing the best acting of his career) if i may add there's also an extended version seemingly lost which would skew the final act's timing a lot more but features things which would make it more unique than it already is. Certainly the most criticized movie of this list but also the most ignored, not in my case because i still think of it often, has the audacity and fearlessness that i can compare to stuff like Peewee's Big Adventure, as in unorthodox movies that spell death sentences to careers and the ballsy/mentally ill directors who still made them out of their own pleasure/craziness. Script is also a great exercise in overuse of a concept, done by one of the masters of action Stevee De Souza. Kar-Wai Wong's Ashes of Time (flaws: Dependency in knowing the source material to "get" the characters who are Dragon Ball-tier famous in Hong Kong but not anywhere else due to lack of translation, deleted scenes from the first version change the plot a bit and were excluded later for who knows why, bit extended at times to present us with feelings/narration rather than just using the natural discourse aka melodramatic timing, adding to this it does use narration too much which is a problem with Wong's works at times as he doesn't show as much as he should) Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (massive flaws: Harrison Ford's work and lack of acting comprehension towards the character and the entire thing, Scott being a dumbass over 35 years about the characters' origins and intentions despite them being clear in the shooting list and screenplay, this made the thing have different editions and voice overs for no reason but to fuck around, did i say Harrison Ford already?) It's been memed to death but if you take Ford out of the equation for a bit we find ourselves with a world and atmosphere building that was effectively used too, there's not much to truly criticize (aside from personal tastes) if we fathom to imagine and see the thing without the imbecilic handling of the protagonist. Had this movie been directed by Walter Hill or had his involvement as a "guardian angel" towards Ridley i think it would've been more enjoyable, specially with good actors like Tommy Lee Jones or Nick Nolte as protag. Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi (massive flaws: While explicitly using the concept of the Hopi visions the film seems to use it as a justification for the cool shots despite said montages fitting perfectly towards such teachings and them not being fully shown or explained in the movie, the paraphrased part about "being replaced by a more advanced form of people, not malevolent but just different and they would too get their demise" fits to a t. and gives a more forgiving and complete feeling after the nuclear bomb references about the boxes of sand that will burn the skies and boil the seas of their land which are over Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona where they lived; these words give the movie a more complete concept and doesn't make it seem like an afterthought to look cool) b) Fred Zinnemann's The Day of the Jackal ("flaws": Very pragmatic cinematography which isn't a flaw but leans much more towards utilitarian photography direction, Jackal finds how good a man who tends pidgeons shoots, the interesting bilingual version is hard to find for some reason). Paul Verhoeven's "Robocop" yes yes, the suggestion itself gets memed a lot but it is that good in terms of concept and execution ("flaws": People either see it as an action movie or a satire yet it's not either specifically but both at the same time and also a drama and a psychological piece, dubbing works have missed the aforementioned point and either get worked as fully serious or fully comedy) Commenting on said point this movie is one of the very few films i've seen that combine many different ideas and still pull it off while having its own specific style/identity, it's a masterpiece in integral work and even the script has its own custom font. Mind you i don't think it's a master at any of the specific things it intends to do but the combination of all its pieces into a single digestible product without feeling disjointed is extremely hard to pull off, we can even add a layer of religiousness without irony and the movie still works. A Gesamtkunstwerk in commercial cinema, even the soundtrack was made both to convey emotion and to be pleasing, sometimes they are pleasing but foreign to the work at hand and sometimes they evoke emotions but are frankly not very musically sound (like Hans Zimmer, theoretically good but not really "catchy" or something to brag about on the radio). Chan-Wook Park's Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance ("flaws": Should've used the chaotic free jazz soundtrack a bit more to reflect the urban settings in contrast to the silence of the rural areas but the diegetic parts make up for it, sex scene feels like the director wanted to rub one off or make the co-protagonist a favour) It's a great movie, maybe not a classic but i always get back to it, it might be considered boring but i feel it didn't get anything wrong or unbalanced like Oldboy or Lady Vengeance did, the former was action gold but went a bit melodramatic while Lady Vengeance was too much of a reflective ride without much substance or gritty reality like Mr. V did. Gillo Pontecorvo's Battle of Algiers ("flaws": Many people might be disappointed that Mathieu's character is a composite of a couple guys rather than a single entity that existed and that this movie pretends to be a docudrama aka real facts remade in sets, melodramatic soundtrack in "sad" scenes rather than just showing the fact by itself in silence) Despite being made by a commie and the subjects being commies the italian director showed great restraint in leaning towards a side or ideology so much that no side who was represented liked the movie, this can be seen and resulted in an excellent product albeit a bit skewed from real life's facts because Gillo didn't want to be hit by algerians or bite the hand of his contractors too much. c) Takeshi Kitano's Boiling Point ("flaws": No soundtrack although when it occurs it is extremely crucial towards the inherent concept of the story, making us believe the Protagonist could pick chicks with only his bike but this wasn't the case OR WILL IT) I think i enjoy some other Kitano works a bit more somedays but this movie is the prime example you can carry a movie forward with the sheer power of an interesting supporting cast and a well-made script even if simple. The protagonist is a sack of rocks and he was fully intended to be so, the directing is very solid and inspiring to me due to us seeing what can be done with relatively little money to hire top notch actors or locations. Servando Gonzalez' Black Wind ("flaws": Scenes that nail the government into a tree got cut out of butthurt which are hard to find on any release and this already on a movie which not very subtly bashes on the ethnic group that composed said gov, not many movies made with the same quality due to this being a fancy venture by a private company being repaid for political favours which would come again later on but paid differently) A manly movie made by men for men and which also had the skill to criticize the bad things few dare to speak and did so despite said silly group composing another group that allowed this product as a political gold coin. There you go, you can now disregard my opinion but at least i tried to explain at times lol
Deleted posts no. >>2751 and post no. >>2837 >Reason: Turk with suspicious link, pajeetoid comment on sensible thread
rip /film/, we couldn't do it
>>2862 Give it a break and just post something you ding a ling, board is still here
Open file (5.34 MB 960x720 nothingisover.mp4)
NOTHINGISOVER do I need adobe bloatware or something simpler to make edits like this...

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