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Welcome to /film/ discussion | #film @ irc.brokensphere.net

/film/ Meta Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 12:13:48 No.1
Is this our home now?
Edited last time by 11811 on 09/14/2020 (Mon) 06:12:37.
>>1277 >I assume this is the new home. I personally thought this (and Julay's version before) was the new spot since a little more than a year now. I don't think 8kun getting the cut will affect the board a lot if HTTrack anon achieved it, unless i missed dozens of posts that did not update in the front page on the old place. But if anything it will be to our advantage since the few outside will be redirected here, the new problem would be choosing a new bunker and the options that allow new boards don't seem promising: A place suspected of being a honeypot due to its untrustworthy leaders and a place made by the people who helped bust the site we previously used and feel good for it. I would rather bet on crashing on someone's board or making our own webring site. In the former i would say 4feuilles /art/ seems like an ok place if we want to keep going on with the joke about being francophilic cinema buffs, in the latter i have no idea how to set one but i couldn't imagine it being that expensive, i wouldn't mind handing out some dough for it as it seems it is the only considerable starting obstacle taking into account some admins and places have been very open on how to help anons about opening such a venture (excluding the Dolphin of course). The problem would be the security measures to avoid that place from getting knocked out, there's been a couple of promising sites who got cleaned out in a week due to DDoS attacks from unknown parties and the owners just rescinding from their efforts in frustration. Hell, it seems that /art/ board got deleted yesterday due to lack of use, so i guess we would have to think of somewhere else.
>>1279 >I was planning to share what I've saved when I get finished. That will do. Managing to 'share' 6+ GB of data will take a little thoughtful planning. Maybe you can get the site Admins to help you out with it over in >>>/meta/ >>1280 I hope you can figure it out Anon. Having your own site would be desirable, but comes with a boatload of issues/mgmt requirements. Probably easier just to stay here, and then approach one of the other, non-honeypot sites on the webring itself and ask for a bunkerboard setup.
Board has had no new post in days. How to make it active again?
Open file (22.57 KB 271x351 8kunfilm.jpg)
I have finished uploading the 8kun /film/ board archive to a mega folder. You can download it here: https://mega.nz/folder/xPIjzQxB#G6OMSO5v43pBYBLPyTu9eA It's easiest to grab with MegaDownloader and save everything to an "8kun film" folder. I preserved the original folder structure to facilitate future editing. Take note that I rar'd the thousands of individual files and threads into 700MB chunks for smoother downloading. You can unrar those archives in the folders where you find them. A few unresolved issues: - Country flags do not appear as they should - Topbar icons do not appear as they should - The archive page does not correctly link to the individual threads. As a workaround I added a separate page archive-index.html which links to the archive threads (albeit without thread titles). - When viewing the board, you may want to set your browser to Work Offline because the pages sometimes try to load ads from the 8kun server. I think I made a mistake of blocking the ad server from the scraper -- I should have downloaded the ads locally and deleted them; instead I allowed the live ad server to be hotlinked within the files. I did a test download and it seemed okay, but let me know if you have trouble.
>>1285 Very nice work Anon, you showed some real dedication. Proud of you guys! Any chance of the BO talking to the site Admins and seeing about moving your archive material to the board en masse? That's the only real practical way to do a mass migration like this. Anyway I would thank you for making this effort to preserve /film/s little corner of the imageboard universe. I wish there were more like you.
>>1285 Thank you for your great work! Will the threads be dumped here too? Anyway, would you oppose creating an irc channel for our board? I think it would be nice to have a conversation with people here. There isn't enough unpozzed film forums on the internet, if at all.
>>1286 >Any chance of the BO talking to the site Admins and seeing about moving your archive material to the board en masse The admins have stated they have limited server space, and they were reluctant to allow /film/ to come here in the first place. I don't want to bother them about hosting another 7GB when anon.cafe only uses 25GB. The old board might not fit here anyway if there's a sitewide page limit below 25. >>1317 >would you oppose creating an irc channel for our board IRC is fine with me. What server do you like? Anon.cafe goes down sometimes and we don't have a good bunker (all the old boards have problems). A chatroom could double as a backup for emergency situations. It's tempting to follow the siren song of Discord/Telegram but supporting trendy platforms is kind of offbrand for us. Also it's better to keep a chatroom bare-bones so it doesn't overshadow the main board.
>>1320 I didn't know anon.cafe is that limiting, which is kinda sad. But I appreciate them containing us. As for servers, I think it's better to use the servers which host tracker irc (so they wouldn't have problems with sharing contents?). http://www.irc.brokensphere.net/ is used for KG and SC so it's a good option imo.
>>1317 >would you oppose creating an irc channel for our board? I think it would be nice to have a conversation with people here Then post on the board you dumb faggot, not on some gay ass channels on a different site. And then you ask why the board isn't active.
>>1321 Okay. I started #film on brokensphere a few days ago. Maybe some of the torrent crowd will see the channel and become aware of this board. Server: irc.brokensphere.net Port: 6667 or +6697 Channel: #film I don't use chat very much, and I agree that this board should be the main place of action. But now a chat exists for those who want it.
>>1336 Thank you so much BO!
Where is everybody...
>>1341 Were you the guy who joined and left? I saw you lol
>>1336 You guys are joining and leaving pretty fast. If everyone stays in the room it might work.
>>1251 It seems the option i was checking, Cytube, doesn't have the option to actually stream from my computer but shows videos from a playlist linking to different services. I might use that but i was more interested on actually showing the movies from my archive. Does anyone know a better option or streams are just not a good idea? people seemed interested at one point.
>>1342 No! I wasn't, I was just asking because the board came to a complete stop or so it seemed lol
Faggot BO deleted the thread. Fuck commies Fuck niggers Fuck jannies and FUCK TRANNIES
>>1405 I was going to delete it too because we officially don't have rules neither here nor in the old place, which means anyone can post anything but mods can delete anything too, but i didn't want to step on the actual admin's toes because there was no report yet. Also your thread was practically a duplicate of the cunny thread so step it up bud. t. vol
Why is the board hidden?
>>1407 It was getting flooded with cuckchan-tier people again for some reason and people trying to stir up drama from what I saw.
>>1408 I doubt it was so bad that it necessitated hiding the board. Don't do it.
>>1409 Yeah it was annoying but I don't know if it was that bad, at least given what I saw before I got off the site last night. I'm not the BO or vol though. But hey, if it gets retards to stop coming in here briefly, it's cool with me, at least if it's for a short amount of time.
The deleted thread was one post about a film and 10 posts of insults. For the new people, low-quality content may be removed. Bumplock would solve this problem but I don't see the option to use it. I'd like to bumplock the Malkovich thread since it's gone in the same direction. >>1407 I don't know why we've attracted so many retards since moving here, but I wanted to remove this board from the overboard only. Turns out that functionality doesn't work properly. Instead it's unlisted but still on the overboard. Either way it's not a permanent move. EDIT: The overboard unindexing finally kicked in.
Edited last time by 11811 on 02/06/2021 (Sat) 17:05:38.
>>1411 I didn't know that shitting on kikes was low quality, sorry BO!
>>1412 I'm really torn between thinking you are legitimately retarded and thinking you're a glowie trying to make us look bad by acting as obnoxious as possible, the problem is that you're far from the only anon that leaves me like that.
>>1413 God damn you are the most Jewish and complaining piece of shit I have ever met.
Why the fuck the board is still hidden? Can you not fuck up for one month straight?
>>1418 See: >>1412 Long story short some low-effort/joke threads were made (duplicated from TVch, i know because i shitposted in it there) along with some quick shots from pseudo-fascist/tarrant-tier faggotry that also does happen in the /tv/ site, but here they got a bit heavy handed and gave nothing to the thread. Some decisions were made until they dissipate. I've seen some new controversy in /fascist/ regarding another site having a strange controversy regarding the userbase's attitudes towards certain topics central to them, some of them got here and soon after these fiery and mainly off-topic comments started appearing in a thread but in a very instigating nature, quite different from the OP who was confrontational but not really in the same manner as the others, at least he discussed something. I don't think anybody in this board or site can defend the jews in good conscience but these comments come up as false-flaggy or downright odd in their context, BO saw fit to stay under the radar for a while and i think that's fair. Honestly those who want to post here already know the board and i am seeing it in the webring tab anyways.
Open file (30.58 KB 498x185 toolong.jpg)
Can anyone post on the old board? I noticed there are no new posts all month so it needs some activity to stay alive. But after trying for a few days I can't get a single post through.
>>1475 this is the only board, retard
>>1475 It seems it happened one or two days ago, plenty are whining about it in another imageboard, not the 4 nor the 8, and many are bullying them (rightfully so) for not jumping before. >>1476 Rude but it's boggling that there was quite a few anons still there but who weren't seen because the first page in plenty boards doesn't update and even some threads load old versions, sometimes they load up to the date hence why there's some posts slipping in. Bizarre, i don't know how some users could use such a place.
>board died again gee good thing you made that discord tranny channel, huh
>>1490 I've been in an emotional drought lately but i'll continue, sooner or later, still something big is coming but i don't think it will produce any discussion >that discord tranny channel Making a discord channel is extremely counterproductive when the board is slow to begin with, but subversive niggers will subvert. Still i don't think most anons here replaced us for them... right?
Don't let the board die, fegs
I'm a lurker, but frankly I'm just a pleb. I really only like cult films like Johnny Mnemonic, or normalniggers action thriller/spy films, etc. Hardly interesting or appealing to the anons here I'm sure. OTOH, I'm indebted and grateful for the hard-to-find films that have been linked for download here. Maybe if you became a sort of repository for something like that then there would at least be that kind of traffic?
>>1642 I've been watching 90s B movies lately, can't really talk about those here.
>>1644 I've watched 60 or a maybe 70 (perhaps more) Hong Kong/Taiwan kung fu movies ranging from bad to okay in the general quality scale so same here, i don't want to fill the threads with that but also i want to post something because i've been watching those for a couple of years now. They are addictive, but i am making webms for that impending kung fu/stuntmanship thread. >>1643 >cult films like Johnny Mnemonic Now that's one cult i wouldn't want to be near >normalniggers action thriller/spy films I remember doing some really nigger cattle movie reviews and some anons appreciated them, particularly because i was always negative but tried to squeeze info into the plot consistency and visual aspects. I don't think anybody will bother you from doing any kind of comments if you are detailed and impartial towards them, especially if you can pull a webm from the most/only interesting or valuable part of the movie.
>>1643 >>1644 We've been over this already - /film/ is not a snob board. You can talk about anything, even capeshit if you feel something towards it.
Open file (961.46 KB 1200x720 polly.png)
I'm still here but I've been very busy since March. If I don't have time to watch or read anything I'm not sure what to poast. In the later days of 8chan I checked Twitter most days, following many film and art accounts. My timeline made it easy to contribute fresh content and interesting links to the board without investing hours of time. I stopped using Twitter a couple years ago but maybe I need to go back. It's tough to find anything worth discussing on film news sites.
>>1643 >>1644 >>1645 Those are the types I've watched lately too. Maybe we should make threads for them. It is stated multiple times that any kind of film is welcome to discussed here though. Don't let board die frens
>>1492 I don't think there is any discord? There's only an empty IRC channel which I don't think is the reason for the slowness of the board.
>>1648 Very well, i wanted to do a big dump on that stuntman thread but i guess i will do it one at a time. I can make it but i will take some days to write the context posts for the kung fu stuff, i wanted to write a quick guide to the general ideas/idiosyncrasy of them because they have tons of quirks that might go unexplained for many, and along with them some drawings to illustrate some of the points. >>1650 Someone did make a Shitscord but i don't know if it is used, i think only for links but i could be wrong.
>>1650 >>1652 >discancer >IRC terrible
>>1655 IRC as someone said serves as a support channel if something happens here or if someone lurking in the torrent sites sees it and asks what is it. The other one has no excuse but i guess it's a contemporary platform some younglings find "necessary" even when it's paradoxical for the nature of the site hence why most of us find it absurd. But IMO there's no point burning our heads over potentially swayed users, the ones who made noise here time ago and who moved to the suspiciously newly-founded /vhs/ also don't talk about movies that often & /tv/ isn't particularly known for it either. It's just a mata of posting even if small bits.
I'm kinda sad that we have to discontinue the original board on 8kun. There were so much content, can't believe it was once so active. Recently some shill (Ukrainian/American flag) has been bumping the old threads with bullshit links. Does anon.cafe have a limit for the number of posts or storage for each board?
>>1721 >I'm kinda sad that we have to discontinue the original board on 8kun You mean on 8chan. Yeah it's sad but life moves on and we at least were able to salvage as much as we could here.
>>1721 At first I thought they are just dumb qboomers who don't understand how imageboards work. The site seems completely dead too. >/v/ with 5 users Lmao
>>1721 >I'm kinda sad that we have to discontinue the original board on 8kun. There were so much content, can't believe it was once so active newfag, nobody was ever posting on 8coom, it's an old 8ch /film/ that pig watkins appropriated
>>1721 >Does anon.cafe have a limit for the number of posts or storage for each board? Maybe it's ten pages with ten threads per page. I'm not sure.

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