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Open file (245.50 KB 256x180 verticalroll.gif)
Open Thread Open Thread 08/31/2020 (Mon) 21:01:08 No.34 [Reply] [Last]
[JW01 ~ 08/24/2019] There aren't many people here, but this bunker needs more content. Post something interesting that doesn't fit into other threads.
Edited last time by 11811 on 10/04/2021 (Mon) 15:32:03.
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I can't find what Tarkovsky said about his opinions on modern life and that he'd preferred to have been living in the pre-Rennaisance. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
>>2892 Always saw posting in private trackers as playing russian roulette, sooner or later some ill jannitoid/mod will slap you for wrongthink
Open file (3.79 MB 632x174 niptrain.webm)
Does anyone know what this is from? The aspect-ratio is so W I D E!
>>2894 Was it from a book, interview or documentary? >>2896 Salaryman 6, experimental bugman short film
Open file (104.90 KB 750x1111 0o309w6.jpg)
Open file (146.31 KB 1494x1053 Nina_Menkes.jpg)
>>2892 >>2895 Source https://karagarga.in/details.php?id=321889 Too many people were shitting on his upload from feminist hobgoblin Nina Menkes

Open file (16.81 MB 716x572 no other love.mp4)
mp4/webm Anonymous 04/26/2021 (Mon) 23:28:13 No.1533 [Reply] [Last]
Video Clips: Old and New
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>>2878 >ywn bale hay alongside 3DPD in tutus
12 yo Shirley Temple meets MGM producer Arthur Freed, a pervert who tries to prey on her
Open file (883.72 KB 1920x804 death in june sound.webm)
Open file (10.48 MB 1280x720 ted.mp4)
Open file (10.11 MB 1408x1080 butlinland.mp4)
Open file (6.24 MB 460x252 simian war.mp4)
Open file (13.66 MB 1280x720 netflix twink king.mp4)
a few new vids
Open file (478.39 KB 696x472 drill.mp4)
Open file (13.58 MB 1280x668 roman parade.mp4)
Open file (8.12 MB 944x720 mirrors.mp4)

"Identify this film I barely remember!" thread italodisco 03/13/2022 (Sun) 21:58:51 No.2381 [Reply] [Last]
Figured it would be good for others, I've been scratching my brain for hours (unhealthy?) trying to remember where the he'll I saw this scene: A man wearing a hat steps outside to smoke a cigarette, when a phantasmagorical hand appears from thin air and seems to bother his psyche... The weirdest thing about this is that it felt like a silent film, but the elements like the man and his hat felt very noir-ish... And this might be the years of substance abuse catching up to me but I even remember the scene being purple tinted and the floating hand yellow tinted... Or was it the other way round! Am I losing it!
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>>2842 Night of the Living Dummy?
>>2842 Ok, the only part that matches is the flashlight scene and it's in Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes, but that might not be what you're looking for.
Open file (326.04 KB 450x543 Help.png)
Scene from a movie, where I think it was either Will Smith or another black actor that looked a lot like him, playing a cop in Alaska. There's a scene where he goes in a diner and steals some dude's sandwich and eats it in front of him and mentions how there's bleu cheese in it. That's all I can remember from it.
>>2850 What?!
Open file (73.14 KB 640x469 YOU HEARD ME.jpg)

Open file (411.54 KB 256x175 key.gif)
Request & Share Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:51:06 No.277 [Reply] [Last]
[JW03 ~ 09/11/2019] Friendly link exchange
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Open file (4.11 MB 640x360 89567456.mp4)
Anyone know where I can find Earthling (2010)? The movie looks bad and obviously didn't get any attention upon release, but I'm wondering if it's a case of "so bad it's art"
Anyone got a link to the Belgian exploitation flick The Devil's Nightmare (1971) dir. Jean Brismée? It's also known as La plus longue nuit du diable. I've tried a handful of torrents on Russian public trackers but they all seem dead. I would suck hog for a remux...
Open file (523.21 KB 1198x884 7cvINIU.jpg)
Open file (959.17 KB 2455x1766 orda-2012-.jpg)
Does anyone know where I can find a Russian language film from 2012 called Orda or The Horde in English? It was about two Russian Orthdox monks held captive by the Mongols. They had to perform a miracle by restoring the sight of the blind Mongol queen, or else the Mongols would burn down Moscow. Prefer 1080p mkv with English subs but I am willing to settle for other formats and resolutions as long as I can basically understand what people are saying and the cinematography still looks good. I've checked in a few torrent sights, but none of them were seeded. There was also a 720 version on YT but I think it got removed.
>>2876 You're a legend mate. Thanks a lot.

Open file (4.31 MB 920x2140 2022_.png)
Top flicks of the year 2022 Anonymous 12/29/2022 (Thu) 13:45:37 No.2792 [Reply]
Hello anons, what were your top flicks of the year 2022?
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>>2792 i dont really have any. it was another year of marxist jew trash. stick to the classics
>>2879 the classics are jewish marxist shit
>>2882 You have terrible opinions.
>>2883 I only speak in objective facts. The TRUTH. Unlike your jewish subjectivity. I am literally never wrong you kike.
>>2884 you should take another look, especially at classic German films. you don't seem know much about it

Open file (39.05 KB 802x441 5.jpg)
Animated Films you Enjoyed Anonymous 02/12/2023 (Sun) 23:07:08 No.2864 [Reply]
What are some animated films you enjoyed? I saw Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind a while back and I thought it was pretty well composed for an animu. I really like the comfy aesthetics and anachronistic technology. That said some parts were a little unbelievable like the princess beating eight men by herself in a sword fight or her dress magically changing from pink to blue. Also thought the giant's flesh sloughing off was a little bit gross especially for a kid's movie. What are some other animated films worth watching?
Open file (23.78 KB 700x352 Ninja-Scroll-2.jpg)
Beat me to it, was gonna start reviewing in the animation thread >a little unbelievable like the princess beating eight men by herself in a sword fight After all it's an anime on a fantasy world >other animated films worth watching There's not that many anime films, go with the essentials first like Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Ninja Scroll.
Open file (640.14 KB 608x1067 unnamed.png)
>>2865 >Akira >Ghost in the Shell >Ninja Scroll Any good stuff from outside Japan? Picrel is on my backlog
Open file (2.18 MB 1800x1199 wizardsfootage.jpg)
>>2864 >Yellow Submarine This was my first real introduction to the music of The Beatles when I was a teenager and always appreciated the psychedelic imagery. >Fantastic Planet Saw this one a few times over the years and appreciate the weirdness of it, although there's something about it I find depressing for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. I think it's the probably the dreary color schemes , gloomy landscapes, and sunless skies combined with seeing humans reduced to animals by their alien masters. >Felix the Cat: The Movie I wouldn't recommend it for adults, but it was one of my favorites as a kid and still find a lot of the worldbuilding to be really creative even if the movie is lacking in a lot of ways. >The Hobbit I haven't seen it since I was in elementary school, but I recall it being really enjoyable. Disney movies are an obvious thing to bring up, but most of my favorites have always been ones from before the Renaissance era like The Sword in the Stone, The Rescuers, and The Black Cauldron. In more recent years I've watched a bunch of Hayao Miyazaki's movies. I liked all his flicks from the '80s to varying degrees. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind I remember being my least favorite but still could definitely appreciate it the one time I watched it. As far as other anime movies go, I remember having a positive experience with Vampire Hunter D and found Fist of the North Star to be pretty likeable. I've seen Ninja Scroll but don't think I was fully giving it my attention. >>2866 I'm not a big fan of Wizards, but I've always loved the rotoscoped look and the aesthetics of the villains. The whole patchwork mutant-Nazi-demon-Zulu-knight style of Blackwolf's army was badass. I always wished the good guys had a cooler gimmick instead of just being elves, fairies, and dwarves. I think the movie also might have led me to watching Alexander Nevsky too, so I'm thankful for that.

Open file (25.64 KB 279x402 SCNY.jpg)
Films that revolve around a protagonist in a dead end life serve as a cautionary tale to viewers Anonymous 03/04/2022 (Fri) 20:39:48 No.2364 [Reply]
Hey all, what are some films similar to these two?
Woah, Caden was not in a dead end life, Caden had every chance in that movie to make things work, twice, if not thrice. He had two daughters and still abandoned both, he had two potential partners and still rejected them. It's only after they both leave him that he regrets letting them go. The entire point of the movie is that outlook and decisions change things, you're not stuck in a dead end unless you think you are. It's almost antithetical to the genre you want.
>>2365 Are you forgetting about his (Caden's) mental illness(es)? Check this out: >Repetition compulsion is a psychological phenomenon in which a person repeats an event or its circumstances over and over again. This includes re-enacting the event or putting oneself in situations where the event is likely to happen again. This "re-living" can also take the form of dreams in which memories and feelings of what happened are repeated, and even hallucinated. >Repetition compulsion can also be used to cover the repetition of behaviour or life patterns more broadly: a "key component in Freud's understanding of mental life, 'repetition compulsion' ... describes the pattern whereby people endlessly repeat patterns of behaviour which were difficult or distressing in earlier life". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repetition_compulsion
Motivational Growth - but it goes the "gf solves life crisis" route which ruins the movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToRhJWIBZrE
>>2528 What an amazing and surprisingly obscure film! Thank you very much.
Open file (166.49 KB 500x750 ClipboardImage.png)

/film/ Meta Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 12:13:48 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Is this our home now?
Edited last time by 11811 on 09/14/2020 (Mon) 06:12:37.
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Open file (8.60 MB 488x360 Post Lux Cervisia.mp4)
>>2777 I apologize for not having replied earlier, i didn't see it on the overboard >With Reygadas and some of his more degenerate inclinations, I can see that He was an atomic bomb in the "getting your movie financed by the government" in Mexico due to the unnaturality of his appearance first hand experience via talking with two producers jaded as fuck who said nepotism got a strong part of it the problem was not so much the act of pulling someone out of your ass, which happens very often in latin american ventures, but because he represented an artistic circuit most associated with deconstructivism (and the mostly-jews who represent it via a certain educational institution) which renders the abstract artistic justification much harder to explain because it uses the meta of it much more than the mere intention. For example financing by the usual suspects might be easier to get if i make a movie about social criticism in its topic but the fact i plan to use the project as a criticism towards the state government in position (opposing the federal government) while also planning to give recycled toilet paper as napkins at work lunch as part of the ecological impact blablablah will grant it a lot more possibilities than someone wanting to do a road movie with a strong script that will also propel tourism in a certain niche area with mostly local businesses. This happens while the same judges give financing to big studios who didn't need any but used that said meta to push it, said meta being first used before in silly ideas to grant a justification that the nephew of the treasurer is the director of the winning entry. In terms of artistic intention that's where the shallow and deep comes, he goes deep in the meta but the acts on screen are somewhat shallow or "trivial". Of course every director has his agenda, it is part of every artist, but there's mostly artistic agendas and then there's mostly social ones; one can say a small message of protest about civil security forces' uselessness while doing a very compact action movie while others can drag on two hours saying something very vane while showing three hobos loving each other under a public park's floodlights. I think one leaves empty after seeing his works, many movies feel like that and that isn't the problem but one learns or particularly enjoys nothing at all after them, at least in a trashy kung fu film you enjoy chinamen kicking each other or learn that they fry with green onions for the flavor, in eastern european stuff you learn about crippling pessimism or enjoy great acting, with Reygadas work i don't even enjoy the lighting which is one of his trademarks, i see better stuff of the same vein in 00's skateboard tapes and their subsequent artsy stoner reels... and they don't have transgressive content for the sake of it like traditional disembodied mexican heads or grannies kissing chicks. >I'm curious to know what types of movies you like That's my suicide pill, i always think and fall into the same ones and i honestly think they all can be trashed yet i have strong opinions about them, in many facets they tailored liking or i saw them very young and use them as standards. Very well, hang me because i might deserve it, i still believe a movie should have a digestible entertainment factor in it because that's the easiest way to make the common someone eat something (food being the message/agenda/the skills and our ego wanting to show how we do something). Will divide them in a) camera, b) story/acting and c) "because", mind you i think they also have flaws or even massive ones and i will name them. Also i like visuals a lot, bit hypocritical from my part while banging on someone's storytelling and narrative intention. They are my "top 10" as of right now and in terms of how i would define my tastes (not the best 10 i've ever seen) tomorrow i might change 3 or even 4 names, next week i might put them back and replace other two, you know how it goes but i think they are a good representation and i still need to watch many essential pieces which i sidetracked to watch other things that might be considered much inferior. a) Tsui Hark's Knock-Off (massive flaws: The Introduction, Protagonist's justification/backstory regarding his abilities, most of the Tritagonist's existence, Deuteragonist being Rod Schneider despite probably doing the best acting of his career) if i may add there's also an extended version seemingly lost which would skew the final act's timing a lot more but features things which would make it more unique than it already is. Certainly the most criticized movie of this list but also the most ignored, not in my case because i still think of it often, has the audacity and fearlessness that i can compare to stuff like Peewee's Big Adventure, as in unorthodox movies that spell death sentences to careers and the ballsy/mentally ill directors who still made them out of their own pleasure/craziness. Script is also a great exercise in overuse of a concept, done by one of the masters of action Stevee De Souza. Kar-Wai Wong's Ashes of Time (flaws: Dependency in knowing the source material to "get" the characters who are Dragon Ball-tier famous in Hong Kong but not anywhere else due to lack of translation, deleted scenes from the first version change the plot a bit and were excluded later for who knows why, bit extended at times to present us with feelings/narration rather than just using the natural discourse aka melodramatic timing, adding to this it does use narration too much which is a problem with Wong's works at times as he doesn't show as much as he should)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Deleted posts no. >>2751 and post no. >>2837 >Reason: Turk with suspicious link, pajeetoid comment on sensible thread
rip /film/, we couldn't do it
>>2862 Give it a break and just post something you ding a ling, board is still here
Open file (5.34 MB 960x720 nothingisover.mp4)
NOTHINGISOVER do I need adobe bloatware or something simpler to make edits like this...

Soviet/Russian Art Anonymous 07/24/2021 (Sat) 09:33:57 No.1699 [Reply]
The Russians are great at art. This is a thread for their crafts, mainly films/tv, but other interesting forms of art are welcome too. The Criterion's restoration of War and Peace is simply gorgeous.
12 posts and 23 images omitted.
Open file (192.08 KB 474x562 yufit.png)
No necrorealism?
>>2030 ну че ты братишка, ну я же арт хаус!
>>1699 Inside the Saint Petersburg academy of art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7cAeuSCnCs

Open file (902.10 KB 500x369 kinoeye.gif)
Comment on the last film you watched Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 05:38:31 No.682 [Reply] [Last]
What was the last thing you watched, and what did you think of it?
102 posts and 115 images omitted.
Il mulino del Po AKA The Mill on the Po (1949) A bit of a hidden gem here -- underrated on imdb with Carlo Ponti producing a Fellini screenplay, photographed by Aldo Tonti. Factional disputes arise in a farming community along Italy's greatest river, pitting the local land baron against his peasant workers, labor organizers against individualist entrepreneurs, the king's tax collectors against a tax-dodging business, and two families of a prospective marriage. Most of these factions get a realistic rendering from Fellini, who avoids puerile advocacy for one side or another. Instead he creates characters who posses a mixture of noble intentions and moral failings, with a healthy sprinkling of provincial idiosyncrasies to keep the story entertaining. But as everything builds toward an exciting climax (and hopeful resolution to the community's many divides), the story takes a poorly-motivated divergence to an entirely new conflict, bringing the film to an unsatisfying end.
Saw The House That Jack Built (2018). It felt like jew propaganda aimed at intj types.
>>2742 It's not good, but I still think it's one of the better Lars Von Tryhard films.
Open file (34.11 KB 363x500 s-l500.jpg)
La Haine Someone wanted to watch this with me (very out of character, in hindsight), and I figured I'd finally give La Haine a try. It was very well done, and I wish I could give a good writeup on it for you guys, but my experience watching it was overwhelmed by one thing: Fuck the french. I really enjoyed the acting, writing, and cinematography, and it had a lot of memorable moments; the problem is that it's french lowlifes, french police brutality, and ugly french architecture. I look at the movie as a whole and instead of thinking about characters or themes (which I can think of for fragmentary moments), I find myself asking: what the fuck is wrong with France? Why are they like this? It's as though they used to have something beautiful, then pissed all over it and themselves. I realise that the filmmaker likely intended this on some level, but he and his film are part of this as well: this disgusting Parisian, post-French Revolution rot on a nation that used to be beautiful and likely still is in places. This film feels as though it is turning me into an inverse ouiaboo. It gives me a desire to seek out and learn more about the French so I can learn how they disgust me so and what they had before they succame to this disease. Yuck.
>>2752 >this disgusting Parisian, post-French Revolution rot on a nation that used to be beautiful and likely still is in places. >This film feels as though it is turning me into an inverse ouiaboo. It gives me a desire to seek out and learn more about the French so I can learn how they disgust me so and what they had before they succame to this disease. I feel the same way about America and when it wrong, and because of film, memory, and anecdotal proximity we can contrast how much had changed in 10, 40, 100 years across psyche, race, emotions, logic, and architecture among its people whereas you're going to have to crack open some books and dig on the internet for say France. As for the French what the great Aryan chimpout of 1789 entailed for the rest of the country was the genocide minorities, by tongue or lives, and Paris' cementation as the nation's cultural hegemon. Every minority language in France is dead or languishing except Elsässisch and Basque (I think) which have significantly fallen in the number of speakers whereas the rest of the country has vague or superficial notions of a true local culture like yankee v. southerner in America. Many people I feel do not understand the scope, damage, and similarity to the Russian Revolution that the French Revolution's ramifications had on a cultural level, what liberalism and nationalism were when they were new and paving the way for other petty governmental ideologies, what was lost, the insanity of the new age religions that sprang up, and what it turned the people into. Were the French always so snooty and insufferable? Or is that just Parisians, as Paris still composes and makes up the country as its cultural epicenter deeming what is and isn't and how it is like Hollywood does for American culture. How many voices have been ignored or silenced in 230+ years or tinged by perception of stereotypes of France and Paris. It puts into perspective that we've been living in the same political era for 2 centuries and that mindsets have not changed much to an extent.

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