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Open file (74.12 KB 706x531 Ordet-1955.jpg)
Nordic Cinema Anonymous 07/25/2021 (Sun) 20:12:01 No.1728 [Reply]
A thread for Nordic cinema. Woke shit not welcome.
The modern Scandinavian countries are the worst liberal shithole ever, so I avoid most of their new stuff. I like the scenery and atmosphere of the place, which could be a great setting or background for films. Could you recommend some brooding, atmospheric films from this region? On a not very related note, does anyone find viking stuff in current pop culture so fucking gay? Everything about vikings from Hollywood and their allies, even a fucking Japanese comic (Vinland Saga) also features a tranny character in the Middle Ages. Is it because they're trying to feminize masculine characters into emotionally driven, bumbling idiots who submit at the will of women? On the other hand, I'm watching the Raven trilogy by Hrafn Gunnlaugsson and really enjoy them. Classic "Spaghetti Western" in Iceland and with Vikings. I've completed the first one, When the Raven Flies, which is said to be based on Yojimbo. There's something charming about the type of hero that sets a goal and follow it with determination and competence (at first). It's fun to follow them on their journey and look for their next success, or failure. The music imitates western films but is played on synthesizer, sounds hilarious but also... charming. I guess I like western as a genre and reinventing it in an exotic setting is very enjoyable.
In the Shadow of the Raven (1988), second movie of the Raven trilogy.
Open file (119.07 KB 822x1028 390298653102417.jpg)
>>1729 >does anyone find viking stuff in current pop culture so fucking gay? Yes. It's token and watered-down "right-wing/trad" media to give white men a bone to chew on and idolize (and get income off of), and has been pop-cultured, subverted, appropriated, and marginalized to death only 2nd to Hawaiian culture to where I wonder if non-Nordic understanding of it is as good as theirs. >Is it because they're trying to feminize masculine characters into emotionally driven, bumbling idiots I can attest it is so for Vinland Saga as the preface message in the early volumes by the mangaka stated that he is a cowardly man who wonders why he'd make such a comic, that men are stupid for wasting their mother's love to die on a battlefield, and generally the sickeningly preachy shoehorned ideal that post-war Japanese have to stride towards peace and liberalism.

Open file (96.34 KB 1000x1462 FTL.jpg)
Shorts Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 17:24:39 No.516 [Reply]
[JW13 ~ 04/07/2020] I'm going to get things started here with the first of 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIUIh7dxlnI
7 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>859 Just found this, sounds great: >Cinetrain: Russian Winter (2013) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t99k6_OlUqs >A unique journey through winter Russia from Murmansk to the Baikal. Six awarded short films taking a fresh look at the most common stereotypes about Russia: Cold weather, Women, Vodka, Lada cars, Bears and the “Russian soul”… There’s always more to stereotypes than one may think. >Cinetrain is a documentary filmmaking experience. It’s a working method that is inspired by the work of Alexander Medvedkin and his Cinetrain in 1930’s Soviet Russia. For this project, in January 2013, a group of 21 filmmakers from 14 countries met for the first time in Moscow. On the next day they were sent on a trip to make films that would explore widespread stereotypes about Russia. Over the following month, they shot and edited the 6 short films that compose this almanach. They traveled 10 000 km by train to engage in a dialog with the Russian people and to understand the ideas the Russians have about themselves. Same style as the Norilsk documentary. Russia is such an extreme, yet beautiful and misunderstood place.
>>859 Today is in fact the last day of sunlight in Norilsk Polar winter lasts until January 13
Open file (93.74 KB 833x640 hungry grass.jpg)
What is the best method for saving private videos from Vimeo in 2022? I can locate the .json for the stream but I'm not able to download anything (with youtube-dl) https://digitalfilmarchive.net/media/the-hungry-grass-1901
>>2483 try yt-dlp anon
>>2485 Thanks! That's a better downloader and I managed to get it to work.

Open file (247.23 KB 1008x772 Get_Carter_poster.jpg)
Britbong media Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 19:35:11 No.620 [Reply]
[JW18 ~ 12/01/2019] A thread for bong media, both for bongs and for fags from elsewhere who want to see something non-pozed so expect the thread to be weighted towards older shows and films. Starting with an absolute classic from the last decade before British culture started to disappear in the face of American cultural dominance. Also Michael Caine. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E40A5E9641 8B1F77E22FF71A2DAC E9F31BA7FCB9 remove the spaces but I can't speak as to the quality of the torrent, if someone knows where to hunt for better ones with active seeders I'm all ears
16 posts omitted.
>>636 Opposite here. Bug sounds kind of childish which is odd as usually the bong/commonwealth english version is the less formal name.
>>635 I'm speaking of culture which is relatively a whole other bag of worms not language and while British English is hardly better you're right that the American English language has infected every language it's encountered, for example in Russia it's extremely common to use a transliteration of an English word rather than the a term that exists for it.
>>627 The old "TV plays" (usually from BBC) are fertile creative ground with a good stable of directors, sometimes reaching the quality level of a standalone film.
[End of Dump JW18 ~ 02/25/2020] Quite a thinly-veiled /britfeel/ thread
Open file (267.55 KB 763x573 1 (9)_1.jpg)
>>627 Here's a better version of Nuts in May https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0-dx09puVk https://inv.riverside.rocks/watch?v=R0-dx09puVk After watching you might enjoy this discussion of the film with Neema Parvini (aka Academic Agent on youtube) and Frodi Mitjord. Mitjord is surprised this film does not have a larger cult following due to its quotability. Parvini outlines three different way to read the events of the film. https://anonfiles.com/X8S3X2X3x6/

Open file (575.91 KB 1502x1224 20210722_013251.jpg)
B-movies: Schlock N' Sleaze Anonymous 07/21/2021 (Wed) 18:56:07 No.1674 [Reply]
A thread for the cheesefest and sleazefest. Embrace the schlockness.
10 posts and 14 images omitted.
Open file (140.02 KB 716x1000 Amuck 1972.jpg)
Open file (48.33 KB 455x620 Amer 2009.jpg)
Amuck (1972) / Amer (2009)
Open file (196.99 KB 650x952 battletruck.jpg)
>>1766 >My experience from CG people is that I don't really understand their sense of humor Do you mean humor on the forums? What specifically confuses you? The main users have thousands of posts. I don't find their smug interpersonal banter very funny. But torrent descriptions for bad movies can be entertaining.
>>1766 I'm curious why you generalize CG that much, are you looking at the Boob thread?... I know you are! Jokes aside, I understand what you mean but I'm sure that if you look into serious films you'll find an informative discourse on CG. Maybe you're stuck on the sludge-fest (which in my opinion should be celebrated, even though I do agree "B-film audience" can even be used as a derogative, there's no place like CG. Same goes for KG, and both of their forums should never be forgotten, specially posts dating before 2010...) >>2404 I haven't seen that one, from the trailer it looks very interesting. I watched Let the Corpses Tan and I hate to say that I hated it. It started off promising, with the colorful setting (reminded me of Le Mepris) but the final act and the abrupt editing with the ticking clock really took me out of the film, and I was looking forward to it.
>>2410 I saw Amer soon after it was released so my memory is fuzzy. It's divided into discrete segments -- basically individual short films tied together by a larger premise. I don't remember the ending as anything amazing, but the film is more about exploring suspenseful situations while reviving giallo style.
>>2411 I definitely got that vibe from the trailer, the one I saw was strangely very low res and it showed ambiguous scenes shot in red and black so I can't really say anything until I properly watch it

Open file (77.68 KB 1100x581 index.jpeg)
Open file (78.88 KB 1200x675 index2.jpeg)
Cinema is shite Anonymous 07/24/2021 (Sat) 17:24:18 No.1710 [Reply]
Almost everything has a slant, a bias, a nauseating moral tale behind that makes the act of watching unbearable once you're old and receptive. Terrible characters with terrible motivations, fake love stories, manichean villains, clumsy writing… the dreaded sense of being preached for 2 hours. I would go to the church or read the news if I wanted that. To me the only good films are those where all pretense is abandoned like a whore on the side of the road; films where the director embarks it almost like a scientific experiment, deprived of tropes, where the characters have their own motivation and not those of the director/writer/politics of the time. Abstraction, simplification; expression limited to stylistic & narrative choices. Nonexistent psychological studies; characters should be like microbes under the microscope of the filmmaker -absolute objectivity in the writing aspect. Something like Un Flic by Jean Pierre Melville is the perfect example of a film deprived of all the ills that plague the medium. Only films like these are the ones I can watch without feeling repulsive afterwards.
9 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>1773 I'm going to say that there isn't despite hating them because it is sure to upset you.
>>1710 It seems you have problems with moralization? At least partially. I think part of this is, the "will of power" of artists to change reality according to their beliefs and values. Even popular film reviewers seem to want to make films "more moral". As in; "I want to create a society that is more beneficial to what I perceive my best interests to be." See: Why Modern Movies Suck - They Teach Us Awful Lessons The Critical Drinker https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Dnuqp4_K7ik 10:49 Another rather similar thought is; what I think is, the honest belief amongst people that others thinking for themselves is dangerous to them or what they value in some way, and must be destroyed. Also: https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Moralfag
>>2399 *will to power
>>2399 >films "more moral". As in; "I want to create a society that is more beneficial to what I perceive my best interests to be." Ironically that's the artist's personal reflection on his work, many like to put their values into their work, others prefer to showcase things as is ("realism") but problem is how to do such things. It's the case of doctrines around the "show don't tell" and "character/context consistency" a director and the writer have to do, in modern mainstream films for cattle these aspects are done poorly with many "lessons" being done telling but not showing but when they do show it the context the film was building itself around bends or stop existing to cater to said consequential actions that don't seem like consequences but inventions made out of thin air and annexed. Capeshit, to use a popular example, is chuck filled with this kind of antics but the nigger cattle ignores it for the sake of the romanticized ending, an example would be Spiderman 2, considered a classic in the genre but with a frankly horrible ending not even kids with consciousness could eat back in the day. The other popular examples of this do the other way, they "subvert" or create an anti-thesis of said effect but end up being as horrible because they do not build anything to create the necessary context to show it, they merely do the same but in the ending they commit the same mistakes but with a non-happy ending but still as romanticized or go cold turkey and stop it out of nowhere with no consequential inertia towards the previous actions. Jews should not be allowed in any writing department, hell, jews shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a film. Fuck it, jews shouldn't be allowed. >Moralfag Kinda a strange example of these phenomena, it was used as a pejorative back in the day by both edgy kids who wanted senseless mayhem or by some with a valid reason that some things were using standards too defined of another level of context or work. The classic example was Fist of the North Star, many hated that the main character despite being powerful used most of his power to do good and not create himself a harem while others rightfully said the premise was too rigid, invariable and the character too ideologically strong and unchanging for such a juvenile program meant for teenagers looking for people to get hit.

Open file (2.48 MB 1000x1426 mummy.png)
Open file (55.41 KB 520x713 armor 2.jpg)
Open file (236.22 KB 1000x1500 tr.jpg)
Open file (213.18 KB 1012x1500 tin.jpg)
Globe-trotting treasure-hunting adventure films Anonymous 09/03/2021 (Fri) 10:55:25 No.1918 [Reply]
So I'm a big fan of the genre, trying to gather the best examples. Indiana Jones trilogy as well as Young Indiana Jones chronicles – goes without saying these are the best. The Mummy 1, 2 – probably the next best thing. Just all around well made wholesome entertainment. Armor of God 2 – so Jackie Chan wanted to make his version of Indiana Jones and I have to say he succeeded. It's great both as a Jackie film and a treasure seeking film. The first Armor of God is also alright but it's always been a bit too dry and boring for me, especially in comparison to the sequel. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – I was actually surprised how decent this was for what it is. Surprisingly well-made. Peak Jolie too. The sequel is kinda crap and what you'd actually expect from something like this, and the NuBoot should be avoided like plague. The Adventures of Tintin – despite being obnoxious in-your-face 3D, it eventually grows on you and definitely scratches that globe-trotting treasure-hunting itch real good. I wish this was made earlier when Spilerberg was still a real director. National treasure – it's kinda silly and derivative, being a Yidsney movie for younger audiences, but the first film just about passes as enjoyable and well enough made which was still a thing in 2004.
19 posts and 17 images omitted.
>>2138 Naturally. It was made to capitalize on the Indy hype. The original novel is 100% nigger-based.
One of the primary inspirations for Raiders of the Lost Ark was Otto Rahn, a folklorist author turned SS officer who believed he could find the Holy Grail https://web.archive.org/web/20110516164742/http://www.forteantimes.com/features/articles/5407/raiders_of_the_lost_grail.html Richard Stanley made a documentary on Otto Rahn entitled The Secret Glory https://inv.riverside.rocks/watch?v=r0YOeuxMOww https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0YOeuxMOww
>>2273 TL;DR on this?
>>1918 >wholesome Agreed, it's very wholesome and soulful, poggers!
>>2278 Literature should be mandatory for film buffs.

Open file (2.91 MB 920x1836 2020_.png)
Top flicks of the year 08/03/2021 (Tue) 13:25:01 No.1834 [Reply]
Hello anons, what were your top flicks of the year 2020?
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
Posthumous Ruiz
Open file (671.31 KB 920x2140 2019_.jpg)
>>1847 It's a video essay about anorexia that occasionally experiments with the form in interesting ways. I've put it on my list of top flicks of 2020 so yeah, I've seen it. I've had White Noise on my 2019 list. La vie nue seems to be online but it's a short video art piece, I really liked the idea of using thermal cameras for the photos but I don't know if it was edited all that well.
>>1834 >>1858 I'd like to request that you enumerate your graphics with titles. The aesthetics are stunning and I don't want to bug you with 7+ separate questions about where they come from
>>2130 much appreciated

Film books Anonymous 12/12/2020 (Sat) 02:01:11 No.963 [Reply]
A thread to discuss and share books about films. Pic related is "The Film Book" by DK Publishing. I love picture books from DK when I was small, and now being an adult, I bought a physical copy of this. It consists of general knowledge about the history of cinema, how a film is made, and the large part of the book is about genres, cinema from different countries, top 100 directors and top 100 films. The book is not too in-depth and doesn't feature anything too obscure. It works well as a beginner guide for film enthusiasts. A lot of non-Hollywood films and directors are featured so it's a plus. The book is contained in a tin box and presented really nicely (like all DK products). Anyway, I saw this laughable 1-star rating on Goodreads: "...no Tarantino in the list of directors?! REALLY!?! And no Pulp Fiction in the list of best movies?! REALLY!?!" Kek. Hope this thread will help us find more reading materials and more films/directors to watch.
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
Open file (17.00 KB 313x474 index.jpeg)
Any good books about film making? I've already read pic related, looking for something similar. Preferably by people outside of Hollywood.
I've been reading introduction to a true history of cinema and television (caboose english version) while trying to watch godard chronologically. also reading harocki's godard book, speaking about godard. i'm at la chinoise now. any recs on other good books on godard?
Does somebody know of a decent uploading service? i used AnonFiles but they pulled a good one on me and deleted 10+gb despite being under a user due to i suppose lack of downloads, so there goes using it as an official library. I want to give Mega a try due to not taking down anything from me, or that anon who posted that one controversial german girl robot movie, but i think they check your IP for amount of accounts linked there but i could be wrong. I have a hand grenade of a couple hundred books ranging some of the technical sides of movies (filmmaking) and i know if i don't do it soon i won't until much later. >>2151 >any recs You could try staying sane and not watching him but there's a widely circulated PDF called The Films of Jean-Luc Godard: Seeing the Invisible. Can't say if it is good but if there's something about Godard fans is that they know very well how to spin his work into seeming mostly interesting rather than okayish.
>>2171 thanks for the rec. not sure if mega tracks IP, i always use it for uploading stuff for people. I must have tens of accounts by now

Suspense/Thriller General Anonymous 07/19/2021 (Mon) 12:29:53 No.1651 [Reply]
Films that keep you on the edge of your seats. Be it action, crime, spy, political, psychological... all thrills are welcome.
21 posts and 24 images omitted.
>>1794 >Aaand if you want vulgar, homosexual and sometimes bizarre visages look no further to Johnny To's hong kong gossip rumors, that's why i knew of him in the beginning, he's had very nasty and hilarious stories (that i guess are most fake) that fortunately are usually shadowed by his films. When i researched the asian action scene in the beginning there was always jokes about him, old IMDB forums had some of them. I haven't heard of any nasty stories involving Johnnie To lol. Maybe the Asians are more silent when it comes to that stuff. >still haven't tackled him as Tsui Hark and Chang Cheh have proven to be long experiences for me. I'm not interested martial arts movies tbh; also you not being an Asian (I assume) will have harder time getting into that genre from the Chinese. They tend to use a lot of classic literature references and the dialogue could become weird/lost in translation into English. On the other hand, Hong Kong action movies (from directors like John Woo, Johnnie To, Andrew Lau etc.) are more accessible to the western audience. >it's honestly quite cheesy as to appeal to campy asian mainstream sensibilities but still if one can pass the melodramatic nature of it at times (slow-motion death scenes with melancholic music-tier). Haha I totally understand this, the melodrama is indeed popular in mainstream Hong Kong/Chinese movies (not what I like tbh). I like Drug War because it's gritty and void of that thing, and so are the Election movies. >i still hate the co-protagonist's actor Andy Lau for it, such a good dastardly soulless dog-eating chink performance that i cannot see away when watching his other movies, even when he plays fairy tale good guys I totally agree lol, he's kinda wooden and has this wide-eyed expression all the time which becomes annoying after you've watched for long. This kind of one-note acting is more on display when he plays good characters and make me hard to root for him, which comes off as a boring idealistic determined good guy. Besides the plot and dialogue, the actor's approach to portray the character is also very important to make it ring with the audience I guess.
>>1798 >will have harder time getting into that genre from the Chinese It was a steep curve and i bet i haven't and will not get most of the classical references, but after seeing tons of movies i can suspect what they say, the writing in kung fu stuff is VERY formulaic and the references made explicit (Monkey King, The Water Margins, Confucius singing his teachings, Taoist esoterics). It's trash and you would be in the clean for ignoring it, but it's crack for me and it's either that or porn lol. My difficulty with them is that they are so many, but in terms of Cheh's i know the reason, he was fronting for his aides and associates. English subtitles don't help either, they are worse than the dubbing sometimes which is no small feat, still it's mostly cheap entertainment for the stunts and the classical chinese pre-surgery beauties, no wonder almost no actress made more than 10 movies, all the dudes married them and threw them right into the kitchen, the levels of mainlander rural girl trafficking must've been insane back then. >he's kinda wooden and has this wide-eyed expression Glad it's not only me, pretty spot-on with the wide-eyed lol, they seem to worship the fucker and i recall seeing extras working better than him. I guess it's because he did soap operas for the mainland and they respect him for that, don't wanna sound like a girl but the guy bottles even the love scenes, he kisses like a fish and it's one of the very rare instances where i notice that because any dude can munch a pretty girl out. Bet he's a To Boy. >make me hard to root for him Absolutely, in the first KW Wong film (with Andrew Lau camera) i remember waiting for someone to glass him but he keeps going and even does his cousin at one point, i didn't know if i had to celebrate or wait for someone else to take the helm but it was all just his show. >Asians are more silent when it comes to that stuff. Massively more silent but that didn't stop asian sharpshooters from photographing To french kissing a dude at a premiere private party, it was a main actor too but i don't really remember it being Simon Yam, i still have that image somewhere, never deleted it (no homo) because i don't remember seeing it mentioned and i fear the chicoms are saving the face of some people (read: scraping the internet) like they did with Jackie Chan's drugged up son or Eric Tsang fondling tig ol bitties of promo girls. I think i need to come up with non-asian thrillers, this has more rice than a take-out, but so far anyone seeing these will have a good time.
>>1801 >it's crack for me and it's either that or porn That's a pretty weird thing to get high on/jack off to, lol. >Bet he's a To Boy Nope, he isn't. Louis Koo is a To boy (frequent collaborator), you can watch him in Drug War and the Election movies, I like his acting. Andy Lau is famous because he acted a lot in television (those wuxia series) and is also a singer. Asian celebrities who are popular for television work and singing tend to be not great actors, lol. >never deleted it (no homo) That's very homo bro And yeah, I want more non-Asian stuff too. Kinda bored of rice at this time. Gibraltar (2013) is a nice thriller about a man working as an informant for the French border patrol. Its neo-noir quality is shown in the shadowy cinematography and the dark world of moral compromise and treachery. A straight up story, no annoying reference of unrelated politics or stupid casting (like Hollywood often insert to their neo-noir - gotta make some woke social commentary huh) Please excuse the watermark.
Aside from it being cold war propaganda, Panic in Year Zero is a very entertaining thriller.
>>1689 The first time I watched it I wasn't too impressed. But after a second viewing I enjoyed it a lot more. I think if I'd of known the first time that the plot was based off a real unsolved case I would of felt better about the pacing.

Open file (465.62 KB 780x532 tarantino.png)
Least Favorite Directors Anonymous 07/30/2021 (Fri) 19:40:46 No.1771 [Reply]
I recreate this thread from the old site. Post directors that you dislike. There are ones whose works are considered "great" by some but don't appeal to you for some reason or you think are overrated; there are also directors who are inept at their job and make awful films. Controversial opinions are welcome. I think these two are overrated. Lars von Tryhard is an edgy kike and so are his movies. Taratino is underwhelming to me, his films are riddled with pointless, shitty humor (or the films are the pointless, humor themselves), typical of underwhelming "American independent cinema".
21 posts and 17 images omitted.
>>1771 I never like Lars Vor Trier. Even as a dumb teenager I thought his films were pretentious as fuck with little to no meaningful substance.
>>1982 I like Europa and I thought The Element of Crime was at least visually impressive, but yeah everything else is fucking terrible
Don't hate him but Clint Eastwood. Lot of self-insertion or playing himself in movies he directs, blatant diet conservatism that feel like a necessity on his part to stuff into the film to personally counter-balance Hollywood's leftism (though that could just be me), the facade he carries of being a rural tough guy who fought in Korea when he's really a well-mannered guy who grew up in suburbia and was a lifeguard during that war. Films he directed weren't "captivating" or original, and were made to tell a political moral or something of his own interest.
>>1986 I actually like him for that. His movies, albeit political, are subtler than the "left-wing" counterparts for sure.
>>1987 Yes, they aren't horrible and function better than anything Hollywood puts out but it feels like virtue signaling and playing the role of the token conservative. A good portion of his directorials are self-serving personal projects for the sake of himself wanting to make a film for fun and not for "high art", and not that there's anything loathsome or narcissistic with having the money to make your own movies and star in them because you can, but it doesn't make for a good or relevant film so-to-say.

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