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Open file (303.98 KB 800x1200 this piece of shit.jpg)
Thanks, I hate it. Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 18:33:10 No.1288 [Reply]
>Periodically attack the infinite backlog >Consult the spirits >They shit in my mouth For some reason, this was in the back of my mind as a highly rated movie to watch at some point. I read no review, no synopses, save maybe hearing it praised in passing some time around it's release. I got up to the part where the venal harlot begins openly cucking the soy-boy puppet man with his hippie retard pseudo-tranny gf and turned it off, because after being suckered in by the quirky aesthetic and the neat scene dressing like the tiny office, I found all the characters intensely detestable. Not even in a way that was pleasant to watch. Their personalities excite in me a deep gut-feeling of revulsion and hatred. I'm not qualified to be a puritan, but this is definitively a steaming degenerate Hollywood turd, and it has Jewish names all over it. -1000000/10, I hope every name associated with this production is hunted down and fed feet first into an autoclave. Feel free to regale me with tales of movies that you had the impression were rated highly, but turned out to have emanated from a diseased post-op axe-wound.
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Open file (135.41 KB 640x480 hank.png)
>>1431 I love Hank tho
>>1431 >>1432 >tfw jews try to make whites detestable, and fail miserably because we're such kind people. yeah, i like Hank too.
>>1431 >King of the Hill is also written in the same way. I don't see it that way other than Hank who is legitimately a shitty person for grilling meat with gas, the rest are also flawed but have redeeming values at the end. The injun is a societal scumbag but one that does support, morally speaking, anyone in his community for nothing in return. The chink/laos monkey is a total asshole of a person but a model citizen in all the technical stuff. Boomhauer is an unintelligible guy who seemingly does nothing all day (until the ending showed his true profession) but is level-headed and pro-active in the betterment of society with small actions. Granpa is also a shit dude, bordering the psychopath label, but one who risked his neck to help the country in need (for ZOG but he didn't knew that) It's a balance and most characters were written that way, whoever thinks they were written to be hated are simply shallow.
>>1431 >king of the hill >It's one of those "avant garde" 90s pieces where you're supposed to hate the characters, and enjoy hating them. I'm not sure, I see what you mean but I did not even grow up with this crap and I didn't really hate the characters kind of like a milder more boring version B&B, I didn't hate the characters there either, they're genuinely funny. It's just shallow eccentric ridicule humor for kicks, with a touch of what you said, but still it's broadly way more innocent than say family goy or american dad or simp-sons or other sewer trash the kikes pump out these days.
>>1288 yeah i dropped the movie really fast, it sucked so much I dont even know what it was about.

Open file (100.87 KB 800x486 babettes4.jpg)
essential religious /film/ Anonymous 07/20/2021 (Tue) 20:56:58 No.1664 [Reply]
What are some essential religious/spiritual /film/s? Doesn't have to be Christianity.
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Open file (14.49 MB 624x464 God speaks 4.gif)
Az ember tragédiája/The Tragedy of Man is a fantastic film that I've never seen discussed. It's based on the 1861 play of the same name – regarded as one of the greatest works of Hungarian literature – and follows Adam, guided by Lucifer, as he journeys through history, from humanity's inception in the Garden of Eden till its wretched end. Although the film began production in 1988, it wasn't released until 2011. After the collapse of Hungary's communist government, director Marcell Jankovics had to finance each of the film's fifteen segments individually, some of which were screened at film festivals or on Hungarian TV over the years. In fact, the end product had to be re-dubbed since the original voice actors were too old by the time the animation was complete. Jankovics actually believed that the play was better suited to the animation medium rather than the stage, which I agree with. Animation really unfetters the story and leaves it free to express itself on a grander scale, with each historical period being represented by the artstyle of the time. For example, the segment that takes place in Ancient Greece takes the form of engraved pottery, whereas the far future segment is all bold lines and part-monochrome to reflect the sterile and mechanical world. My personal favourite is the cross-hatched style in the Prague scene – aesthetics aside, it also visually represents the restricted thinking of the era, in contrast to the clean, fluid animation of the following French Revolution, reverting back to cross-hatching when said revolution fails. The film begins with the creation of the universe and the Fall of Man soon after. Having been cast out of Paradise, a prideful Adam is determined to pursue personal glory. In response, Lucifer whisks him away to Ancient Egypt – where Adam the pharaoh, having built a magnificent pyramid, has realised his desires at the cost of countless slave lives. He then reasons that equality between men is the true road to happiness, and is transported to a democratic Greece in chaos. The rest of the film follows this formula, with each of Adam's dreams being exposed as futile, and Adam himself growing older and wearier with each ensuing cycle. Eve also appears in each cycle of Adam's journey, providing him with the hope to strive on for a better outcome. In this way, she is ultimately his downfall. The ending is what really sets "Az ember tragédiája" apart, IMO. God is unfathomable, his intentions impossible to comprehend. Whether he truly has an unknowable plan for mankind, or is simply a callous creator, is left up to the viewer. >Man, I have spoken: Struggle and have faith! <The end is death; life is a struggle. And man's end is the struggle itself. And so, Adam resigns humanity to pushing the boulder up the hill until the last man's cold, miserable death. Overall, I think it's a beautiful film and I'm thankful to have seen it. Apparently the director felt the same way as he was in his 70s by the time his movie was finally released, lol. I highly recommend you check this one out.
>>1687 I love it and became very interested in the original play after watching the epic animated film. There are a couple live-action adaptations too but It's hard to imagine anything surpassing the effort by Marcell Jankovics.
>>1673 I vaguely remember watching a Russian movie about Orthodox monks being held hostage by the Mongols. I think it was called 'the Horde' or something.
Open file (113.69 KB 1280x536 snapshot 1.jpg)
Open file (117.38 KB 1280x536 snapshot 2.jpg)
Open file (88.69 KB 1280x536 snapshot 5.jpg)
Open file (137.87 KB 1280x536 snapshot 6.jpg)
Open file (201.54 KB 1280x536 snapshot 4.jpg)
>>1756 Indeed. 'Orda' in Russian, came out in 2012.
>>1687 Anonymous, thank you so much for this recommendation. It sparkled a interest in animation again in a former anime fan.

Open file (852.34 KB 300x225 babybird.gif)
Animated shorts and features Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 22:27:04 No.530 [Reply]
[JW09 ~ 10/27/2019] I saw this short by chance last night and really enjoyed it. Well-executed concept with a distinctive visual style. >Thursday >Dir: Matthias Hoegg / UK / 2010 https://invidio.us/watch?v=HQ1z0Zzqg5U <An everyday love story set in the not so distant future sees blackbirds battling with technology, automatic palm readers and power cuts. I looked for more content from Matthias Hoegg, but found that he's chosen a more profitable career as animator for hire. Still he's done interesting work for various corporate and non-profit clients. https://vimeo.com/matthiashoegg
36 posts and 21 images omitted.
Open file (1.24 MB 640x480 stairs.mp4)
I like the stairs of progress sequence in Scurta istorie, a short animation from Ion Popescu-Gopo. He both uses a man picking a flower and atomic energy again in his live-action feature A Bomb Was Stolen. https://inv.riverside.rocks/watch?v=jI53-N6mGX8
>>2556 * uses both
Open file (6.19 MB 600x480 Treasure.Island.mp4)
Building upon >>531 here's a handy twitter account that highlights animated gems from Eastern Europe https://nitter.net/EasternOoC A few months ago the account shared this clip from the 1989 Soviet version of Treasure Island. This film has frequent (rather annoying) live action interludes where actors dressed as pirates tell the young viewers about the benefits of things like physical fitness and moral behavior. They have a well-meaning message, especially compared to current children's programming made by the Cold War victors, but as usual the Soviet propaganda has no subtlety. It's heavy-handed and out-of-place for the Treasure Island story.
Open file (8.53 MB 480x480 sfx.mp4)
Karel Zeman i believe
EXORDIUM - a rotoscoped fantasy epic by Gorgonaut https://yewtu.be/watch?v=vxR-oKkwJLI Nietzschean. Epic. Trippy. Когда-то давно https://yewtu.be/watch?v=o5jgrUVNhWY The plot of the cartoon is the author's interpretation of the classic story about a monster kidnapping a beautiful girl, made in sci-fi style.

Open file (507.47 KB 1116x1798 show don_t tell.jpg)
Anonymous 10/04/2020 (Sun) 08:03:44 No.777 [Reply]
Opinions on Hunter x Hunter (1999)?
One of the last of its kind in terms of drawing aesthetics and viewer reach, but other than that i cannot say for sure, we never got that in my region as we were too busy with Dragon Ball and the seasonal hit series like Digimon, Medabots and so on. Did you know in some places Yu Yu Hakusho, one of the "mandatory" viewings, got beaten real good in popularity by the relatively obscure Shaman King? I never knew the former was that popular and also i didn't suspect so few watching the latter.
>>777 Go discuss shounenshit to /tv/.

advice/suggestions Anonymous 07/27/2022 (Wed) 02:36:15 No.2639 [Reply]
i've decided to go into a film class for the fall semester. i'm a bit embarrassed to admit that the reality just now hit me that it wouldn't just be discussing kinos the whole time. does anyone have advice on things i could prepare for or what to expect/learn in advance? thanks anons
Open file (48.66 KB 800x500 qi42fqqwftux-800x500.jpg)
Open file (134.84 KB 1440x1080 college-essay.jpg)
I just finished a class related to film and in the process of writing what i saw there to the resources thread. You might find some of the notes ok for an introduction to themes i surely hope you guys will see >advice on things Making a quick note on what i wanted to say later about my personal journey, and similar to other anons from what i've seen, is that i found myself with crippling anxiety when doing homework after years of tense studies in college. If you come from high school and you were decent/average enough in terms of discipline you will find yourself comfortable with the initial load but if you come already from some tough shit either in college or in some other thing like reform school or a forced, timed trade you might find that you simply can't start doing anything at all, you will always find an excuse and procrastinate indefinitely, due to this also advance very little. This happened to me and thanks to this course i learned the medium hard way that it is a fear which comes unfounded when i do things nowadays after them college days, fucking hell i even suffered it when thinking about writing or posting around here. The trick is that when you do get a massive grip and start to work you will realize you are enjoying yourself and time goes fast working and learning, at least in the initial quick homeworks. Never stop working even if it just doing basic research like looking at pictures and writing a very quick note or doddle recreating your visual thoughts, and when the medium to long one works start you will already find your timing and pace of work. What i discovered that happened to me in introspection was that i felt a sudden dread about starting something because i felt it wouldn't end soon, our university works lasted months to even a year-long (along with being cross-inspected by a board of vampires) so this feeling was unconsciously prospected when i tried to do even inane assignments like doing an initial single page of a short story, which can be made in 5 minutes. I used anything to procrastinate, imageboards included, to the point that when i read every single board i was slightly interested in along with many local news articles i ended up doing stuff that i usually don't do like cooking batches for days in advance or clean my entire apartment sans bathroom, when i still didn't find force to start i decided to fap a cheeky bit to relax and there were days that i would fap 5 times in a couple of hours until i gathered strength or felt asleep which made me restart the same process the next morning It's a special kind of hell but i recently realized what it was after thinking long and hard about it as another form of procrastinating lol that's the first step to fight it. Many anons have explained similar things to this and i fully relate to them, it's silly dumb to call it PSTD but it is something that works mildly similar with milder results. The only way to overcome it :^) is knowing what it is and starting to work without thinking about it until you realize you are liking what you do. TL;DR try to enjoy researching your subjects without stressing it out and merely immerse yourself when you start doing the easy initial assignments, don't even attempt to think about when you will finish when you start doing them if you come from a previous intensive education form, you will probably enjoy it soon enough and your focus will be naturally high. And don't stop doing this, you will chew the harder works later on without realizing it, it will be a relatively smooth difficulty curve. >what to expect/learn in advance Film studies wildly vary in curriculum, it will depend on your teacher/cadre of professors. Popularly he will be either a liberal theoric (highly contemplative, subjective cinema) or a classical worker with field experience (entertaining, explicit cinema), rarely the liberal with field experience (money launderer scam artist or hidden genius) and sometimes the conservative theory teacher who goes for the tried-and-true things (the standard old time teacher). You can learn a variety of things depending on the man but i recommend doing a concise list of works you like and start thinking what you really like about them, you will probably find a bunch of common traits (both visual and narratively) and based on those you might probably want to take special interest when they appear later on but this is mostly important to understand your own tastes which build up your own style; that is one of the most important things to have and despite what many believe you can develop it from very early on, just don't force it and let it form naturally.
Some people will say that you don't need film school and that you can learn everything you need online. That line of thinking ignores the fact that filmmaking is a cooperative effort. Networking with other students in your area is an important part of film school, unless you're planning to do every future project solo.

Open file (3.07 MB 920x1836 2021_.png)
Top flicks of the year 2021 Anonymous 12/21/2021 (Tue) 08:50:52 No.2219 [Reply]
Hello anons, what were your top flicks of the year 2021?
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
Open file (76.90 KB 1280x720 Wood and Water.jpg)
>>2226 I'll give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation, just in time for me to snatch it from Arte before it expires. It's watermarked but perhaps that's less obtrusive than hardcoded subtitles on the gooz version.
A quick glance at my letterboxd, pics related are the only things I gave a positive rating. It was a pretty shit year for film.
>>2232 >It was a pretty shit year for film Based on those two films I am pretty confident to say that you both have trash taste and watch trash.
>>2235 I just didn't watch many new releases this year, and most of what I did wasn't impressive.
>>2219 I literally only recognise one of these stills (Titane). can you give me the names of the others?

Open file (96.34 KB 1000x1462 FTL.jpg)
Shorts Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 17:24:39 No.516 [Reply]
[JW13 ~ 04/07/2020] I'm going to get things started here with the first of 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIUIh7dxlnI
7 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>859 Just found this, sounds great: >Cinetrain: Russian Winter (2013) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t99k6_OlUqs >A unique journey through winter Russia from Murmansk to the Baikal. Six awarded short films taking a fresh look at the most common stereotypes about Russia: Cold weather, Women, Vodka, Lada cars, Bears and the “Russian soul”… There’s always more to stereotypes than one may think. >Cinetrain is a documentary filmmaking experience. It’s a working method that is inspired by the work of Alexander Medvedkin and his Cinetrain in 1930’s Soviet Russia. For this project, in January 2013, a group of 21 filmmakers from 14 countries met for the first time in Moscow. On the next day they were sent on a trip to make films that would explore widespread stereotypes about Russia. Over the following month, they shot and edited the 6 short films that compose this almanach. They traveled 10 000 km by train to engage in a dialog with the Russian people and to understand the ideas the Russians have about themselves. Same style as the Norilsk documentary. Russia is such an extreme, yet beautiful and misunderstood place.
>>859 Today is in fact the last day of sunlight in Norilsk Polar winter lasts until January 13
Open file (93.74 KB 833x640 hungry grass.jpg)
What is the best method for saving private videos from Vimeo in 2022? I can locate the .json for the stream but I'm not able to download anything (with youtube-dl) https://digitalfilmarchive.net/media/the-hungry-grass-1901
>>2483 try yt-dlp anon
>>2485 Thanks! That's a better downloader and I managed to get it to work.

Open file (247.23 KB 1008x772 Get_Carter_poster.jpg)
Britbong media Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 19:35:11 No.620 [Reply]
[JW18 ~ 12/01/2019] A thread for bong media, both for bongs and for fags from elsewhere who want to see something non-pozed so expect the thread to be weighted towards older shows and films. Starting with an absolute classic from the last decade before British culture started to disappear in the face of American cultural dominance. Also Michael Caine. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E40A5E9641 8B1F77E22FF71A2DAC E9F31BA7FCB9 remove the spaces but I can't speak as to the quality of the torrent, if someone knows where to hunt for better ones with active seeders I'm all ears
16 posts omitted.
>>636 Opposite here. Bug sounds kind of childish which is odd as usually the bong/commonwealth english version is the less formal name.
>>635 I'm speaking of culture which is relatively a whole other bag of worms not language and while British English is hardly better you're right that the American English language has infected every language it's encountered, for example in Russia it's extremely common to use a transliteration of an English word rather than the a term that exists for it.
>>627 The old "TV plays" (usually from BBC) are fertile creative ground with a good stable of directors, sometimes reaching the quality level of a standalone film.
[End of Dump JW18 ~ 02/25/2020] Quite a thinly-veiled /britfeel/ thread
Open file (267.55 KB 763x573 1 (9)_1.jpg)
>>627 Here's a better version of Nuts in May https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0-dx09puVk https://inv.riverside.rocks/watch?v=R0-dx09puVk After watching you might enjoy this discussion of the film with Neema Parvini (aka Academic Agent on youtube) and Frodi Mitjord. Mitjord is surprised this film does not have a larger cult following due to its quotability. Parvini outlines three different way to read the events of the film. https://anonfiles.com/X8S3X2X3x6/

Open file (575.91 KB 1502x1224 20210722_013251.jpg)
B-movies: Schlock N' Sleaze Anonymous 07/21/2021 (Wed) 18:56:07 No.1674 [Reply]
A thread for the cheesefest and sleazefest. Embrace the schlockness.
10 posts and 14 images omitted.
Open file (140.02 KB 716x1000 Amuck 1972.jpg)
Open file (48.33 KB 455x620 Amer 2009.jpg)
Amuck (1972) / Amer (2009)
Open file (196.99 KB 650x952 battletruck.jpg)
>>1766 >My experience from CG people is that I don't really understand their sense of humor Do you mean humor on the forums? What specifically confuses you? The main users have thousands of posts. I don't find their smug interpersonal banter very funny. But torrent descriptions for bad movies can be entertaining.
>>1766 I'm curious why you generalize CG that much, are you looking at the Boob thread?... I know you are! Jokes aside, I understand what you mean but I'm sure that if you look into serious films you'll find an informative discourse on CG. Maybe you're stuck on the sludge-fest (which in my opinion should be celebrated, even though I do agree "B-film audience" can even be used as a derogative, there's no place like CG. Same goes for KG, and both of their forums should never be forgotten, specially posts dating before 2010...) >>2404 I haven't seen that one, from the trailer it looks very interesting. I watched Let the Corpses Tan and I hate to say that I hated it. It started off promising, with the colorful setting (reminded me of Le Mepris) but the final act and the abrupt editing with the ticking clock really took me out of the film, and I was looking forward to it.
>>2410 I saw Amer soon after it was released so my memory is fuzzy. It's divided into discrete segments -- basically individual short films tied together by a larger premise. I don't remember the ending as anything amazing, but the film is more about exploring suspenseful situations while reviving giallo style.
>>2411 I definitely got that vibe from the trailer, the one I saw was strangely very low res and it showed ambiguous scenes shot in red and black so I can't really say anything until I properly watch it

Open file (77.68 KB 1100x581 index.jpeg)
Open file (78.88 KB 1200x675 index2.jpeg)
Cinema is shite Anonymous 07/24/2021 (Sat) 17:24:18 No.1710 [Reply]
Almost everything has a slant, a bias, a nauseating moral tale behind that makes the act of watching unbearable once you're old and receptive. Terrible characters with terrible motivations, fake love stories, manichean villains, clumsy writing… the dreaded sense of being preached for 2 hours. I would go to the church or read the news if I wanted that. To me the only good films are those where all pretense is abandoned like a whore on the side of the road; films where the director embarks it almost like a scientific experiment, deprived of tropes, where the characters have their own motivation and not those of the director/writer/politics of the time. Abstraction, simplification; expression limited to stylistic & narrative choices. Nonexistent psychological studies; characters should be like microbes under the microscope of the filmmaker -absolute objectivity in the writing aspect. Something like Un Flic by Jean Pierre Melville is the perfect example of a film deprived of all the ills that plague the medium. Only films like these are the ones I can watch without feeling repulsive afterwards.
9 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>1773 I'm going to say that there isn't despite hating them because it is sure to upset you.
>>1710 It seems you have problems with moralization? At least partially. I think part of this is, the "will of power" of artists to change reality according to their beliefs and values. Even popular film reviewers seem to want to make films "more moral". As in; "I want to create a society that is more beneficial to what I perceive my best interests to be." See: Why Modern Movies Suck - They Teach Us Awful Lessons The Critical Drinker https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Dnuqp4_K7ik 10:49 Another rather similar thought is; what I think is, the honest belief amongst people that others thinking for themselves is dangerous to them or what they value in some way, and must be destroyed. Also: https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Moralfag
>>2399 *will to power
>>2399 >films "more moral". As in; "I want to create a society that is more beneficial to what I perceive my best interests to be." Ironically that's the artist's personal reflection on his work, many like to put their values into their work, others prefer to showcase things as is ("realism") but problem is how to do such things. It's the case of doctrines around the "show don't tell" and "character/context consistency" a director and the writer have to do, in modern mainstream films for cattle these aspects are done poorly with many "lessons" being done telling but not showing but when they do show it the context the film was building itself around bends or stop existing to cater to said consequential actions that don't seem like consequences but inventions made out of thin air and annexed. Capeshit, to use a popular example, is chuck filled with this kind of antics but the nigger cattle ignores it for the sake of the romanticized ending, an example would be Spiderman 2, considered a classic in the genre but with a frankly horrible ending not even kids with consciousness could eat back in the day. The other popular examples of this do the other way, they "subvert" or create an anti-thesis of said effect but end up being as horrible because they do not build anything to create the necessary context to show it, they merely do the same but in the ending they commit the same mistakes but with a non-happy ending but still as romanticized or go cold turkey and stop it out of nowhere with no consequential inertia towards the previous actions. Jews should not be allowed in any writing department, hell, jews shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a film. Fuck it, jews shouldn't be allowed. >Moralfag Kinda a strange example of these phenomena, it was used as a pejorative back in the day by both edgy kids who wanted senseless mayhem or by some with a valid reason that some things were using standards too defined of another level of context or work. The classic example was Fist of the North Star, many hated that the main character despite being powerful used most of his power to do good and not create himself a harem while others rightfully said the premise was too rigid, invariable and the character too ideologically strong and unchanging for such a juvenile program meant for teenagers looking for people to get hit.

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