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Open file (411.54 KB 256x175 key.gif)
Request & Share Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:51:06 No.277 [Reply] [Last]
[JW03 ~ 09/11/2019] Friendly link exchange
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Anyone got a link to the Belgian exploitation flick The Devil's Nightmare (1971) dir. Jean Brismée? It's also known as La plus longue nuit du diable. I've tried a handful of torrents on Russian public trackers but they all seem dead. I would suck hog for a remux...
Open file (523.21 KB 1198x884 7cvINIU.jpg)
Open file (959.17 KB 2455x1766 orda-2012-.jpg)
Does anyone know where I can find a Russian language film from 2012 called Orda or The Horde in English? It was about two Russian Orthdox monks held captive by the Mongols. They had to perform a miracle by restoring the sight of the blind Mongol queen, or else the Mongols would burn down Moscow. Prefer 1080p mkv with English subs but I am willing to settle for other formats and resolutions as long as I can basically understand what people are saying and the cinematography still looks good. I've checked in a few torrent sights, but none of them were seeded. There was also a 720 version on YT but I think it got removed.
>>2876 You're a legend mate. Thanks a lot.
Does anyone know where I could find the original cut of The Passion of Joan of Arc? Wikipedia claims the original cut was 110 minutes long and contained a scene where St. Joan gained stigmata, while the rip I have is 82 minutes long and contains no such scene.

Open file (245.50 KB 256x180 verticalroll.gif)
Open Thread Open Thread 08/31/2020 (Mon) 21:01:08 No.34 [Reply] [Last]
[JW01 ~ 08/24/2019] There aren't many people here, but this bunker needs more content. Post something interesting that doesn't fit into other threads.
Edited last time by 11811 on 10/04/2021 (Mon) 15:32:03.
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>>2909 Neat! Thanks Anon, welcome!
Open file (12.56 KB 560x416 a9wmsm.jpg)
Reposting this list for future reference The Fallow Field (2009) Angel Mine (1978) Dead Funny (1994) White dwarf (1995) Biohazard: The Alien Force (1994) I'm the Elephant, U Are the Mouse (1994) Forevermore: Biography of a Leach Lord (1989) Eliza's Horoscope (1975) Defenceless: A Blood Symphony (2004) Kung Fu: The Movie (1986) The House of Dies Drear (1984) The Blue Light (2004) Urchin (2007) Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace (2004) Revenge on the Highway (1992)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

OK i need a site/repository to upload cinema PDFs and not have it taken down or purged. Zippyshare got the boot, AnonFiles purges pretty quickly if the link is inactive (which is fair of course) and Mega has that limit which is okay but many might want to download a lot, also the fact it detects copyright material and i plan to have tons of it. I don't want to dump it here because admins have said they rather have space for posts and images rather than PDFs and i agree with them. Internet Archive is constantly being threatened too. What do, i am suspecting i might have to use Mega with solid and locked RAR archives, MediaFire is okay but it's been ages that i don't use it, Torrent i can do but i am doubting i will be able to seed it due to upcoming events.
>>2980 Mega works until you forget to login and lose all your files. Libgen might last longer? It has an upload feature though I haven't used it myself yet.
Open file (332.79 KB 1280x720 I-vitelloni.jpg)
>>2980 make a torrent; takes seconds/minutes to create one. share the magnet in a /t/ thread on 4ch. You'll have atleast one autist with a seedbox keep it alive for a month. Copy it over here and the KG elite permaseeders here will take it from there.

Open file (902.10 KB 500x369 kinoeye.gif)
Comment on the last film you watched Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 05:38:31 No.682 [Reply] [Last]
What was the last thing you watched, and what did you think of it?
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Open file (1.17 MB 736x536 oh_hi_mark.webm)
I recently watched Mystery of the Wax Museum and then Doctor X, its sister movie from the year before. I'd say they're pretty standard movies, but the two-color Technicolor look is a nice gimmick. It feels really strange to see people like Fay Wray, Frank McHugh, Leila Bennett, and even Mae Busch in color back at the heights of their careers. I recall seeing Lionel Atwill in Son of Frankenstein but didn't remember what he looked like. I'd recommend Mystery of the Wax Museum over Doctor X. I found Glenda Farrell's reporter character to be more likeable than Lee Tracy's and the wax museum setting to be more memorable than the relatively run-of-the-mill medical academy featured in Doctor X. I thought the Doctor X climax was pretty good, but that to me was the best part of the story. The mad scientist equipment looked pretty cool, I'll give it that. They're nothing spectacular but are interesting for the novelty value.
>>2972 I watched Wax Museum a couple years ago. I forgot about the wisecracking reporter character. I've noticed that newspapers seemed to be a topic of great interest in films of that era. Maybe there's nothing to it -- journalism is a handy narrative device and newspapers were the primary method of mass communication at the time. But there was no similar trend of films about the television industry when that technology was eventually adopted.
Open file (624.10 KB 1576x1600 Blood-on-the-Sun-2.jpg)
>>2973 >I watched Wax Museum a couple years ago. I forgot about the wisecracking reporter character. I've noticed that newspapers seemed to be a topic of great interest in films of that era. Maybe there's nothing to it -- journalism is a handy narrative device and newspapers were the primary method of mass communication at the time. But there was no similar trend of films about the television industry when that technology was eventually adopted. I don't know how long the trend continued for, but I immediately thought of While the City Sleeps. But I suppose that was made at a time when TV was just catching on. I do think that it's more of a narrative device than anything. In a sense the audience can put themselves in the shoes of the reporter, since both are just gradually figuring out what's really going. It's an easy way to get away with exposition that could otherwise seem clumsy and also provides motivation for a character to involve themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Incidentally, I learned that Glenda Farrell continued playing a reporter like she did in Mystery of the Wax Museum with by starring in most of the Torchy Blane movies. Her portrayal provided the basis for Lois Lane in the Superman comics. The name "Lois Lane" came from Lola Lane, who was one of the two other actress to play the role. I've never seen any of those movies, so I can't say how much they really have in common. >Big News >Robert Armstrong I should watch that one. I've always liked Robert Armstrong's over-the-top acting style in the movies I've seen him in. I should give Blood on the Sun a try at some point too. Not only does it feature Robert Armstrong, but it has him in yellowface playing Hideki Tojo. It sounds pretty wacky. Plus James Cagney's the star, and he's probably my favorite actor. Robert Armstrong was an honorary member of the "Irish Mafia," so I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise that him and Cagney had a few movies together. >Libeled Lady I feel like I watched this one years ago because William Powell was in it but unfortunately don't remember much of it. Maybe I'm confusing it with My Man Godfrey, or maybe I saw both and don't remember either of them very well.
The last movie I watched (that wasn't a rewatch) was this Invasion of the Body Snatchers copycat. While I wouldn't say it gets the feeling of hopelessness and paranoia across as well, it's a decent variant of the formula. The protagonist is the wife in a newly married couple who realizes something's wrong with her husband. He's stopped showing interest in her and comes across like a completely different man from the one she fell in love with. There seem to be homosexual undertones, and interestingly enough the actor playing the husband ended up dying of HIV-related complications in the early '90s. It can't touch Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but I think it gets a bit overlooked due to the title sounding about as cliche as you can get for a '50s science fiction movie.
Open file (1.53 MB 1431x596 the-big-country-62.png)
In William Wyler's The Big Country, New England seaman Gregory Peck takes a galloping stagecoach to meet his Texas fiancee, only to find her cattle baron father locked in a violent feud with a neighboring rancher. Speaking out against the use of violence, Peck becomes openly critical of his prospective in-laws as the feud escalates. Peck is supposed to garner the audience's admiration for his moral clarity. He's correct that the family is being too vindictive toward their enemies, but his aloof, antagonistic attitude towards these country folk is more annoying than any misbehavior on their part. What fun is a western move that henpecks western tropes and western people? The story tries to pump up the masculinity of wet-blanket Peck -- devising situations where he does see fit to use violence -- but this just makes his flamboyant moralizing seem arbitrary. I also note the ugly scenery of this film. There's nothing appealing about empty flatlands of dead grass stretching to the horizon. Also, most of the action takes place on a cattle ranch that is said to contain thousands of animals, Yet as characters ride horse all around the area there's not a cow in sight. A much better Gregory Peck western is William Wellman's noirish Yellow Sky, where the actor is cast against type as a bank robber on the run. I'd recommend it more than Wellman's more popular The Ox Bow Incident.

Film restoration/recovery Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 16:19:58 No.429 [Reply] [Last]
[JW08 ~ 08/27/2019] Recently started to dig up some "forgotten" films that need love in order to restore or redistribute them. Let me know if you want me to look up a specific film you're interested in, right now we just finished a second try restoration for Madness by Cesare Rau https://youtube.com/watch?v=PI_wY7EUU_M ...and next we want to move onto Cerco de Terror and Appuntamento a Dallas. (The first edition of Madness had a bit of color correction problems, it was too fucking dark at times) On 8chan someone requested Gillo Pontecorvo's La Grande Strada Azzurra, so we're currently working on that too.
99 posts and 25 images omitted.
>>2709 I agree that it looks like the same video upscaled (or re-encoded) But since you bring up logo removal, I know people have had good results with InpaintDelogo https://github.com/Purfview/InpaintDelogo Here is the short guide posted at karagarga ______ 0) Read help/manual(in script) about parameters mentioned below. 1) Run this function to get "Loc" values: InpaintLoc(Loc="100,100,-100,-100"). Adjust "Loc" crop parameters around logo (aka "Left,Top,-Right,-Bottom"). Use even(mod2) numbers. 2) Prepare the "mask" manually, or start InpaintDelogo with "Automask=1" and "Analyze=2", automask result can be adjusted with"aMix". Some basic delogo parameters for non-transparent logo: InpaintDelogo( mask="D:\mask.bmp", Automask=0, aMix=0, Loc="100,100,-100,-100", Mode="Inpaint") Subtitle extractor parameters: SubsMask2Img( ImgDir="", CorrTh=0.8, SubTune=235, SubMinDur=12, SubSuspect=0, ImgType="png", ImgInflate=0, ImgInvert=0, ImgSize=1 )
>>2713 thanks! I'll definitely look into that. now I just need to find someone who can translate this film so I can actually watch it
>>450 >Also, the start of this movie is like an alternative dimension version of Xavier: Renegade Angel. WHICH MOVIE WAS IT, ANON?!
>>2978 This, also interested as i don't recall that
It looks like that was originally posted on julay so who knows...

Iranian Cinema Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 15:17:57 No.366 [Reply] [Last]
[JW05 ~ 05/10/2020] Iranian cinema warrants its own thread as the style of them and their directors are distinct enough to stand out and level up with Europeans. The 5 movies here are classics or well-known to start with. The Death of Yazdgerd recalls the kangaroo court upon a family of accusing the refuging last shah of the Sassanian dynasty. Where Is the Friend's Home details a child trying to give his friend his homework he took on accident lest his friend be expelled. Atom Heart Mother is some paranormal mystery thriller during the recession I didn't have subtitles for it. Ballad of Tara is about a women giving away her grandfather's possessions to her village as she can't keep them but finds no one who will accept his shamshir. The Night Bus is about an Iranian prisoner convoy of Arab POWs in 1983 during the Iran-Iraq War.
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Open file (35.02 KB 389x540 8jmm99.jpg)
>>2617 >it's very interesting to see so many of the films discussed here have Wind in their titles, Yes I like how the word is used in those titles -- evocative of a mystical, unseen force Several more examples. There's definitely something to it. The Wind Will Carry Us Walking with the Wind (book of poetry) The Lovers Wind Resting Against the Wind Willow and Wind Letters in the Wind Dialogue with the Wind Shouting at the Wind The Wind Carpet The Wind of Jinn - in this case "wind" is part of religious ritual in the south https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0934790/
>>2619 > in this case "wind" is part of religious ritual in the south Upon further review, the religious ritual counteracts the "wind of jinn" which supposedly scatters people around the world via "many emigrations". I don't know how this odd phenomenon developed, but perhaps it all makes sense in the documentary.
>>1299 here's an upscale cause I couldn't find a better res out there
>>2360 I finally watched Tall Shadows of the Wind. It's a real gut punch, even though I already knew the basic concept of the film. The villagers aren't as superstitious as plot summaries make it sound, though. They're mostly reasonable until they're confronted by terrifying circumstances.
Open file (121.13 KB 1280x720 image-w1280 (1).jpg)

Open file (1.66 MB 500x303 cc.gif)
Anonymous 04/25/2021 (Sun) 05:31:11 No.1521 [Reply]
We can all agree they're reddit right? Had two normalfags in class bring it up in their project, Part of me even wanted to step out of my comfort zone and go "Haha EPIC I too have seen films that are part of the Criterion Collection!" but thankfully didn't. In addition to the fact that towards the end of 2020 when they dropped a physical release bomb or something dozens of people made exposure videos that all got hundreds of thousands of views, we can all agree that as of 2020, they are officially Reddit right? Maybe in the 2010's they were obscure enough to be relegated to only cuckchan tier but now that normalfags jump up in excitement at the name, we can just confirm that it's reddit right?
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Open file (4.78 MB 880x544 1438408175360.webm)
Girls have never posted here. But what is "player piano", I missed that discussion
>>2954 ofc i do, what a stupid question. I was also on endchan and julay. i come back every so often >>2955 missed dubs. vegan girl who has trash taste and liked EO makes those collages. I think in 2014 there were these two anons who were arguing about what constituted kino. one of them said top tier was 1977 player piano, fucking jfl
>>2957 >vegan girl who has trash taste and liked EO makes those collages. That's a polish fanook not a vegan girl >one of them said top tier was 1977 player piano Deep lore, I don't remember that
>>2960 >fanook I gave him the benefit of the doubt. explains his shit taste tho
>>2957 >i come back every so often >I think in 2014 there were these two anons who were arguing You have an iron memory, i do not recall that hence my doubts

/film/ Meta Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 12:13:48 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Is this our home now?
Edited last time by 11811 on 09/14/2020 (Mon) 06:12:37.
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>>2901 >cuckchan kill yourself nigger
>>2869 Da Vinci Resolve, bud. Free although a different flow from Premiere. >>2901 >I found you 9 years later? although to be fair the board hasn't been fast for 6 years but have to say without a shadow of a doubt this is among the boards with the most loyal users as they always come back once in a long while. >>2937 B-but we already are! >>2938 Lurked there not long ago in my curiosity and to me they seem the same as back in the days except in behavior as they act like kids, their topic discussions are similar and don't really go into mainstream shit. Puzzling as i thought they would be no more, they even have new-ish charts, there is still hope out there in man but in my opinion posting behavior is key.
We're here to watch stinky films. Only the stinkiest are allowed.
What's up with the gifs... some are auro-animated and some are not
>>2976 clear cache?

Open file (247.56 KB 438x329 snapshot0.png)
Documentaries Thread Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 22:43:44 No.542 [Reply] [Last]
[JW02 ~ 04/16/2020] A thread to post and request good documentaries on the variety of subjects. I'll start with some choice docus on ancient Egypt. All are selected for quality of presentation, study of subject as well as absence of current year agendas, we wuz kangz niggers etc. Romer's Egypt (3 episodes; 1982) and Ancient Lives (4 episodes; 1984) – the finest and quintessential ancient Egypt presentation; a soothing, in-depth look into ancient Egypt’s life and culture. It has that unmistakable classy 80s look that elevates it above the rest. https://www.invidio.us/channel/UC4gF7P8JKlJ9xAz8MF6AhFw/videos https://www.invidio.us/user/xinistri/videos Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids (4 episodes; 2001) – somewhat similar to Romer’s; not as in-depth or classy but still an enjoyable watch. https://www.dailymotion.com/search/Egypt%3A%20Beyond%20the%20Pyramids The Robot, The Dentist and the Pyramid (1 episode; 2020) – an excellent amateur documentary about the latest attempt to explore the shaft of the Great Pyramid. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=rhsddHgybTo Immortal Egypt (4 episodes; 2016) – despite being modern and hosted by a wommyn, it surprisingly manages to somehow avoid the current year pozz and is very much watchable. Probably the best HD series on the matter.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (18.00 MB 1280x720 Hail Columbia.mp4)
HAIL COLUMBIA WASP America's Faustian Spirit was still alive for the glorious launch of the first space shuttle in 1981. The country had seemingly recovered from the tumultuous 1970s and was reaching into the cosmos. What is disappointing about this IMAX documentary is the frequency of "non-IMAX" footage. The shuttle did not have an IMAX camera aboard, so all space footage is sourced from NASA's still photographs and their grainy video cameras.
If Adam Curtis started entertaining reactionary ideas, his projects would resemble Every Angel is Terrifying This short video essay is made by tech chameleon Riva Tez, in connection with a planned city project called "Praxis". This video doesn't promote a new city as much as the concepts of vitalism, values and virtue. As with Curtis' work, a major hook of this video is exposing the viewer to secret knowledge unknown to the masses, which is introduced by the stock phrase "If the news is fake, imagine history." The fake history in question is the works of ancient writers like Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, texts that curiously lay undiscovered until several centuries after they died. Can we trust texts discovered closer to our current time than the supposed time of their creation? Admittedly I haven't studied the history of philosophy and I'm not going to dump Seneca's works just yet, but I'm interested to investigate this subject in more detail. At any rate, it's a thoughtful, engaging video that promotes a positive approach toward the future. This format has great propaganda potential and it's not hard to duplicate. You just need a collection of interesting film clips paired with strong, well-written ideas, including some completely unorthodox claims to blow minds. https://inv.riverside.rocks/watch?v=FECyn_sGk4M https://youtube.com/watch?v=FECyn_sGk4M In the course of writing this review I discovered that Riva Tez appears to be one of the high-IQ trannies Steve Sailer has written about -- not quite as trad as it first seemed. But it's interesting how these Silicon Valley types seem to have ample spare time to glean knowledge from old books, a la Curtis Yarvin
Open file (14.02 KB 992x151 Third Eye.png)
Open file (30.51 KB 1280x720 wayg4.jpg)
>>2934 >Can we trust texts discovered closer to our current time than the supposed time of their creation? That's one of the factors in the texts of Nag Hammadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls, both discovered more than 1500 years later (aka last century) and the latter being handled by jews with a bias against the content itself. The thing is comparing it to the actions of the people in their eras, sometimes things get easy and past things reference stuff found recently, sometimes things get murky. The content of those texts i mentioned is controversial because it really gives weight into Jesus Christ being much more related to the mystics of Asia in his 20-year gap and the philosophers of Greece than the isolated Son of God in the Levant area that one day returned to get baptized. Religion and possibly the entire western culture of the last millennia would've probably been quite different if those texts had stayed inside The Book, even antagonists like Simon Magus were a massive pain for the church despite his story with the apostles being passed as oral tradition in certain parts of Europe. But that second image is deceptive, indeed we live in a very recent era (in context of the entire known civilization) after the greeks started working these social values and, most importantly, after being able to write them and past them to the next generations. Thing is we live in another very new era, modernism/post-french revolution was a massive event that changed how things usually work, we are talking a paradigm almost on the same level of Jesus and His behavioral teachings coupled with His philosophy contemporaries in Athens, or the fish-guy Oannes who came out the water to teach Sumerians about societal systems. The "evidence found" might be closer to coalburner psyop girl than greek man but perhaps the work was found before the era of changing shit up from ancient feudal order/holy strongman in throne to scientism and new world order, or like some call it the ancien régime. And depending who finds it and how it is presented we can discern part of how they want us to check it aka bias. Still it seems the video does acknowledges this factor anyways, might as well finish it before writing more. >planned city project called "Praxis" Articles about it paint it in two extremes, occultist "tech bros" wanting a state in the mediterrean to gay IT dudes wanting diversity near the beach. Perhaps a video manifesto is their starting step. Pairing tech-centric bros, trannies, Nietzche and planning a city which is not planned but developed over time perhaps the concept itself of the video/project, as a city is build and done by its citizens' practices aka Praxis, citizens move to a different place and can make a similar city but a city lived by a different group becomes a different place, hence planning and incentivizing the practices of a city is planning and incentivizing the practices of a man well then, what is a man!? all these sounds like full-on veiled satanism but admittingly a very interesting idea to entertain, particularly because the work does seem to preach the opposite. >History is fake Quite sweeping, perhaps refocused into a narrative but not quite fake as a whole. Either way finding a really, really old source text almost contemporary to the source event is still a key hence why jews hide the oldest bibles under a bunker if not downright destroyed. Some others have old traces found by accident, some Plato and Aristocrates texts from before 9th century were found in places somewhat foreign to their origins, one in hidden christian gnostic from 2-3th century and the other i think as stuffing paper inside a mummy or something related in Egypt. Very puzzling how and why the creator is a tranny, i end up with that statement: London-born, San Francisco native, she-dude who is a tranny... why? it seems counterpositioned towards the message of natural hierarchy.
>>2948 >>2934 I don't quite understand why certain stoics being fake affects anything today. Maybe I need to watch the video again, but what is the sinister purpose of inventing such a fraud? The lack of heroism and nobility in our current time is not due to an widespread devotion to stoicism. I'm curious who concocted this theory in the first place.
>>2748 Glorious. Thanks Anon!

"Identify this film I barely remember!" thread italodisco 03/13/2022 (Sun) 21:58:51 No.2381 [Reply] [Last]
Figured it would be good for others, I've been scratching my brain for hours (unhealthy?) trying to remember where the he'll I saw this scene: A man wearing a hat steps outside to smoke a cigarette, when a phantasmagorical hand appears from thin air and seems to bother his psyche... The weirdest thing about this is that it felt like a silent film, but the elements like the man and his hat felt very noir-ish... And this might be the years of substance abuse catching up to me but I even remember the scene being purple tinted and the floating hand yellow tinted... Or was it the other way round! Am I losing it!
54 posts and 34 images omitted.
>>2890 I hope you're not trolling because I just spent a whole three minutes googling a mix of bluecheese sandwich + black cop in alaska in different order and... nothing.
Open file (808.86 KB 1025x536 1463439199465.png)
I think this was a British movie. It opened up with some kids entering a sewer lid or some sort of bunker into a mound and the ones going into it were getting hazed or some shit. This is all very vague and I barely remember what this was about or if it was even British. If anything like this is remotely familiar help me out. The director might've been arthouse and celebrated at the time.
>>2935 More details, it was a handful of both kids and teenagers.
>>2935 You absolutely sure you're not thinking of The Goonies?
>>2940 Yes.

Open file (16.81 MB 716x572 no other love.mp4)
mp4/webm Anonymous 04/26/2021 (Mon) 23:28:13 No.1533 [Reply] [Last]
Video Clips: Old and New
59 posts and 75 images omitted.
Open file (883.72 KB 1920x804 death in june sound.webm)
Open file (10.48 MB 1280x720 ted.mp4)
Open file (10.11 MB 1408x1080 butlinland.mp4)
Open file (6.24 MB 460x252 simian war.mp4)
Open file (13.66 MB 1280x720 netflix twink king.mp4)
a few new vids
Open file (478.39 KB 696x472 drill.mp4)
Open file (13.58 MB 1280x668 roman parade.mp4)
Open file (8.12 MB 944x720 mirrors.mp4)
Open file (3.75 MB 854x480 The Holy Mountain.webm)
Open file (15.87 MB 720x576 Miners Hymn.mp4)
Open file (5.55 MB 702x340 Colt.mp4)
Open file (7.31 MB 654x572 1985676.webm)
Open file (8.89 MB 674x478 B-52.mp4)
Open file (7.41 MB 968x720 klan.mp4)

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