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Open file (117.68 KB 738x1146 Arno-Senpai.jpg)
A E S T H E T I C S . T H R E A D Blackshirt 06/11/2020 (Thu) 05:52:39 ID: 07132f No.961
For the discussion, sharing, development, nurturing and use of A E S T H E T I C S
Edited last time by FashBO on 06/11/2020 (Thu) 17:01:13.
>What are A E S T H E T I C S ? They are the most basal, perceivable expression of the metaphysical properties of a state of being, conveying implicit meaning that may be outside the realm of words in an almost pure delivery. >Why are they important They can serve as the most basic way of expressing your goals, without the cold interpretation of numbers or any other mundane metric, comparing A E S T H E T I C S is a good way of knowing if all aspects of your system are working in harmony towards your goal. They are also a source of inspiration and motivation, offering little pieces of what you fight for. >Are you going to write "A E S T H E T I C S" every single time? Yes
Open file (3.76 MB 1294x1939 Août 2019.png)
Open file (1.46 MB 1288x806 Septembre 2019.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 1287x652 Octobre 2019.png)
Open file (327.09 KB 1127x167 Novembre 2019.png)
Open file (864.46 KB 1288x490 Décembre 2019.png)
A few pictures until I figure-out how o upload music, or am I obligated to only upload .mp4's?
Open file (2.10 MB 1290x1128 Janvier 2020.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 1288x647 Février 2020.png)
Open file (931.15 KB 1294x492 Mars 2020.png)
Open file (1008.36 KB 1284x482 Avril 2020.png)
Open file (2.41 MB 1298x1293 Mai 2020.png)
Why does the modern world have to be so ugly, bros? It seems as if everything beautiful is scorned and seen as the greatest evil. >A E S T H E T I C S . T H E R A D >T H E R A D REE YOU MADE THE SUBJECT UN-A E S T H E T I C BY THAT ONE MISPELLING
>>1002 >typo Well boys, pack it all up, we are leaving this website and starting from Zero, it was god while it lasted but you know how things are done here.
>>1008 >Another typo I think I have a condition
Open file (354.96 KB 1280x830 1.jpg)
Open file (300.10 KB 1280x840 2.jpg)
Open file (385.89 KB 1280x836 3.jpg)
Open file (369.20 KB 1280x829 4.jpg)
Open file (432.24 KB 1280x835 5.jpg)
Open file (811.44 KB 1879x2451 4gy4a5takcf21.jpg)
Open file (130.83 KB 646x1062 mainyu.jpg)
Open file (108.04 KB 655x1080 asha.jpg)
Open file (122.36 KB 666x1084 vohu.jpg)
>>1002 >Why does the modern world have to be so ugly, bros? It seems as if everything beautiful is scorned and seen as the greatest evil. Reminds me of a quote from Runaway Horses when Isao, a young man who was arrested prior to pulling off his plot to murder capitalists is sitting in his prison-cell thinking: >"Why, why?" he thought, gritting his teeth. "Why are people not allowed to do what is most beautiful, when ugly, shoddy acts, acts for the sake of gain, are all freely allowed?"
>>1002 In the darkest night stars shine their brightest I would like to add in the idea of Fascist « Monopolization of Beauty », it would be a great differentiating factor, and it would intertwine Fascism with the inevitable and omnipresent; a « Deep-down, You are like me ». We must appropriate the ideas of strength and beauty, to create a connection between a—for example—beautiful landscape and Us, it would normalize and make our doctrine desirable
>>1268 I think true fascism does have a monopoly on beauty. Everything else that stands before us today, our enemies, are all indebted to a sort of crass modernism obsessed with superficial 'happiness', materialism and efficiency above all else. Likewise they are direct enemies of Nature. Savitri Devi said it best: "You cannot ‘de-Nazify’ Nature!" It is alone fascists who seem to have concern for aesthetics.
Open file (309.81 KB 752x1000 ohpium.jpg)
>>1278 Then let's make normies know that I want to live in a S O C I E T Y where making your own healthy food sourced from your own garden to be compared to the Shoah
Open file (81.13 KB 452x640 yukio mishima.jpg)
>>1287 >Then let's make normies know that First one has to embody their aesthetics to be successful, as I'm sure you know. I believe that Fascism and National Socialism are not merely commodities that one can pick up and interchange at ease, but instead embodies an entire way of living and looking at the world.
>>1306 I once heard that F A S C I S M was more similar to a religion than a mundane political ideology. I do believe it serves as the base for one which you would later modify to fit your culture, frankly, reducing it to yet another -ism is quite the disservice So maybe the proper thing would be to link >>926 I already linked this thread over there, it seems that / S I G / and A E S T H E T I C S are complementary
Open file (106.76 KB 400x548 arno breker.jpg)
Open file (16.84 KB 240x320 arno breker woman.jpg)
>>1314 >I once heard that F A S C I S M was more similar to a religion than a mundane political ideology Yes, I hear this a lot as well. Our enemies attempt to use this in a pejorative sense too- "oy vey, fascism and communism are political religions!" - I would say "yes" to both, but for wholly different reasons. Communism is just another ephemeral -ism with Abrahamic like conceptions of reality, while fascism, and especially National Socialism, in no way can be reduced to just another political ideology that someone pulled out of their ass one day. Like it was said in my earlier post quoting Devi - "You cannot ‘de-Nazify’ Nature!", and that is really at the heart of it in that we do not attempt to artificially bring about certain realities which go against all human nature and reason, but instead we work with Nature, accept Nature, and do not go against it where it possible. Also good idea to link the /sig/ thread. They definitely are complementary subjects in a way. It is good to be fit for health's sake alone, of course, but the aesthetics of the human body actualized are unparalleled. I'm not going to pretend that I'm some giga-Chad white Mishima sitting at my keyboard, but I realized at one point how absurd it was to feel "shame" about how my body used to look when skinny-fat and weak from chronic overuse.
>>1278 beauty is like a sublime and immediate proof beyond the trappings and pitfalls of language and reason
>>1278 larger version
>>1524 Awesome, thanks. Somewhere out there there is a video of it, I'll post it if I find it.
>>1536 >Awesome, thanks. Somewhere out there there is a video of it, I'll post it if I find it. yw
Open file (112.52 KB 743x990 119.jpg)
Open file (79.97 KB 750x1044 1910.jpg)
Open file (705.69 KB 1440x1800 3948eg.jpg)
Open file (115.94 KB 736x552 345678906543.jpg)
Open file (820.25 KB 2728x2124 1417097194303.jpg)
Post /fa/scism and Fascist-compatible /fa/
Open file (268.52 KB 960x1280 1450084439540.jpg)
Open file (41.41 KB 500x500 1465426405210.jpg)
Open file (139.64 KB 573x1013 1497924021411.jpg)
Open file (92.95 KB 675x675 1505696370345.jpg)
Open file (43.88 KB 564x857 1505917569087.jpg)
Open file (38.24 KB 564x701 1514985369637.jpg)
Open file (491.96 KB 948x1440 1532529403789.jpg)
Open file (2.95 MB 2288x2004 1545438038226.png)
Open file (77.63 KB 1000x1428 1546552603295.jpg)
Open file (85.43 KB 564x564 1546615473809.jpg)
Open file (1.12 MB 1067x800 1591139959827.jpg)
Open file (137.71 KB 1280x854 1591140063428.jpg)
Open file (114.93 KB 820x926 1591140738822.jpg)
Open file (843.38 KB 1920x1080 1591308097228.jpg)
Open file (61.93 KB 640x692 BigAnimeTiddies.jpg)
Open file (273.06 KB 322x472 blackshirt chad.png)
Open file (225.29 KB 1080x1194 Blouse.jpg)
Open file (49.75 KB 500x750 Dress.jpg)
Open file (26.39 KB 499x499 even docs.jpg)
Open file (3.91 MB 2478x3474 Fash_2.jpg)
Open file (1.88 MB 998x1303 The Gals.png)
Open file (243.10 KB 1224x1632 unnamed (5).jpg)
Open file (673.66 KB 1265x1810 Yukio Mishima.jpg)
Open file (22.06 KB 540x535 pepe bed.jpg)
>tfw no A E S T H E T I C gf to have a big family with I'm gonna have to go Mishima mode aren't I
Open file (18.16 KB 309x500 mishima pistol.jpg)
Open file (37.77 KB 320x425 mishima patriotism 2.jpg)
Open file (23.69 KB 464x713 mishima sword.jpg)
Open file (593.12 KB 769x1024 mishima.jpg)
Open file (127.48 KB 1024x768 mishima patriotism.jpg)
>>1616 >I'm gonna have to go Mishima mode aren't I Do it, don't just observe the aesthetic, become the aesthetic
>>1616 If you get your body on the level Mishima reached, you'll get a gf in no time.
Open file (123.61 KB 1200x900 Oswald_Mosley.jpg)
Can't have a /fa/ thread without Sir Oswald Mosley
Open file (108.14 KB 736x957 ubermensch.jpg)
>>1616 >>1763 Even beyond finding a good woman, every self-respecting man should aim to the highest degree of bodily perfection naturally possible. Both as an end in itself and for living one's ideal. A living example of Natural Socialism.
>>1758 Hi, I'm new here. What do you mean when you say "Mishima". Was there a notible man called "Mishima"? Is it a way of life? I'm interested in finding out more. I tried to find something on the internet, but only wikipedia and mainstream media articles showed up. So I'd rather don't read them, for reading them would bring me negative knowledge - a lie.
>>1770 Yukio Mishima was the pen-name for a Japanese writer, poet, actor and playwright. He's an interesting to figure, to say the least, and difficult to really decipher. Some people think he was a degenerate and a LARPer, but he's famous for a lot of his books, including a tetralogy that pretty much records the decline of Japan from 1912 until the 70s (The Sea of Fertility). He was also a prominent Japanese nationalist who formed a militia dedicated to the protection of the emperor. He died after taking a Japanese general hostage and delivering demands to the assembled troops below him, dying in a samurai-style seppuku. As you can see a lot of people admire him for his great physique as well.
Open file (41.51 KB 771x960 Martyr of Beauty.jpg)
>>1351 I forgot to tell you that yours is a beautiful conclusion >>1770 He is /monarchy/, /fascist/, /lit/, /fit/, /hm/and maybe /k/ in one person. He is the man who taught me that beauty is truly the most destructive path, and he achieved absolute beauty >>1616 If you are going to lift for someone else then do not lift for a hypothetical future woman, lift for Mishima instead, or a 2D waifu. But the best is to lift for yourself, love yourself first before you attempt to love someone else. Come >>926 and picture the A E S T H E T I C life you can achieve if you start /sig/ today. And do not think that you are going to be alone forever. While rare there are still good women in this world, so focus on developing yourself and once you forget about idealized relationships you will find a simple woman, maybe a bit of a normie, but with a good hearth who you can share your A E S T H E T I C life with. I trust that you will know how to approach her and your relationship once you achieve a lifestyle you can feel proud about.
Open file (134.18 KB 227x343 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1778 > He is the man who taught me that beauty is truly the most destructive path, and he achieved absolute beauty Well said. I recently learned that in Japanese he coined a term 美的テロリズム (bi-teki terorizumu) which encapsulates this concept, which translates to "aesthetic terrorism" or "beautiful terrorism". Apparently, at least according to the book I read on this subject (pic), the term is used by Mishima to suggest the inevitable antisocial or amoral consequences of an extreme form of aestheticism which puts beauty above all else and that Mishima pursued in his own life. It reminds me of Kiyoaki in Spring Snow and the purity of his love which led him to a tragic young death, or Isao in Runaway Horses where he pursued the perfection purity, action and living out his ideals above all else, leading to his own seppuku. Then we can of course contrast this with Honda, who lives a comfy and nihilistic exist as a mere observer of all of these fantastical figures who shine brilliantly for a moment before being snuffed out in an instant, while Honda on the other hand grows old, sickly, perverted and regretful as the Japan around him Americanizes and turns into a consumerist hellscape.
I've been really getting into learning about Yukio Mishima lately, both as a person and a creator. The more I learn from him the more I find myself correcting how I live my life. I'm currently reading the Hagakure at the moment, which from what I've heard was essentially Mishima's 'bible' that he followed for over 20 years. Does anybody know any other books he held close enough to shape his life like the Hagakure? I would love to read them too.
Open file (12.67 KB 500x182 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (220.20 KB 671x590 Nietzsche 2.jpg)
>>1802 I highly recommend looking more into Nietzsche if you want to understand Mishima better. The pic related from an article I post below mentions in specific 'The Birth of Tragedy' and I recall reading in Roy Starr's book on Mishima the same claim that he read that book with intense interest during the height of WWII. I can also recall various statements throughout Mishima's books in general that are very Nietzschean. This paragraph from the 'The Temple of Dawn'' made me think of the "Blond Beasts" in 'On the Genealogy of Morality': >On reflection, in the purest of tribes there was the smell of blood and the taint of savagery. Unlike the Spaniards, who preserved their national sport of bullfighting despite the accusations of animal lovers throughout the world, the Japanese, when the nation had embraced a new culture and ethic at the end of the last century, turned their efforts to eliminating the barbaric customs of preceding generations. As a result, the genuine, unadulterated national spirit was subordinated, its energy erupting from time to time in explosions of violence which repelled and alienated people even more. This passage reminded of this: >There is no mistaking the predator beneath the surface of all these noble races, the magnificent blond beast roaming lecherously in search of booty and victory; the energy of this hidden core needs to be discharged from time to time, the animal must emerge again, must return to the wilderness - Roman, Arab, German, Japanese nobility, Homeric heroes, Scandanavian Vikings, - they all share the same need.
>>1814 Thank you! I actually remember being recommended Nietzsche previously, but it escaped my mind through the other books I've been reading. I will check his works out immediately after I finish the Hagakure. I appreciate the response.
>>1820 Glad to help. Avoid anything like the plague though related to Nietzsche with the name (((Walter Kaufmann))) attached to it though, he is a pernicious Jewish scholar that built his career on preparing Nietzsche for liberal digestion, sanitizing it and pilpuling everything the man wrote. It's almost impossible to find books by Nietzsche today that aren't kiked in some way by footnotes or introductions, though footnotes aren't all bad, because he's somewhat difficult to read at times to my mind, but if you're redpilled enough to be on /fascist/ I assume you have critical thinking skills and can see through Jewish tricks. I had just saw a reading list for Nietzsche yesterday on a /lit/ archive but now I can't find it. I'll post it if I can dig it up again. Also here's Mishima's book on the Hagakure since you're reading it.
>>1824 Oh man your a life saver. I was looking for it on Internet Archive and they only had it on this weird 'borrow' scheme. I will keep an eye on the jew. I only became aware of the reality of what fascism is a few months ago through Cultured Thug, and it finally felt like I'd found that thing I've always wanted. To have something to believe in and give my life more purpose than just being some struggling college student that likes Nihon, that has no real goals (but plenty of empty ones) other than materialist consumerist desires. Since I watched all his videos and some videos from others I'm starting into books, and Mishima is that one person whose always interested me and helped in improving myself and motivating me to become a better person, hence the interest I have for him and who he looked up to. If you find that list pop it up if you wouldn't mind, but nonetheless I appreciate all this alot.
>>1828 I managed to find the list, so here you go. Another book which is kind of difficult to find (and extremely expensive if you ever want a paper copy), Sun and Steel is in the /sig/ thread here too. >I only became aware of the reality of what fascism is a few months ago through Cultured Thug That's great to hear, Cultured Thug really does a great service to people by doing all of those videos, Q&As and book-breakdown videos. For myself as well CT's videos are really what made me actually start reading about understanding fascism apart from just watching Hitler speeches and posting memes, and I'm sure that holds true for many people, and it looks like for you as well. I don't know how much Mishima you've read as of yet, but I'm sure you'll love his Runaway Horses when you get to The Sea of Fertility.
Has death ever been so aesthetic?
>>1830 Appreciate the work anon. I'll be getting to Runaway Horses soon. I'm about three quarters through 'Spring Snow' currently, but I'm holding off on finishing because I want to finish the 'Hagakure' and 'Confessions of a Mask' before I go any further into that book series. I've heard great things about Runaway though, so I'm excited to get to it soon.
Open file (127.48 KB 1024x768 mishima patriotism.jpg)
>>1873 What do you think of Confessions of a Mask? It was the first actual novel by him that I read. It was interesting from the semi-autobiographical perspective (though there's question to how in accordance with reality it is, of course), but on my first read-through I feel like I really missed out on some interesting themes that I discovered when reading a book which analyzed his life and work. Don't get me wrong though, it was certainly well-written and had good imagery and stuff. I'll probably end up re-reading a lot at some point, including the tetralogy. Right now I'm about 3/4ths through the last book of The Sea of Fertility. One thing you should read when you get a chance is Mishima's short story 'Patriotism'. That was the first thing I read from him and it was fantastic, I also enjoyed how all of the mundane events culminated in such a bloody and gory seppuku. You've got your plate full with books right now but you can knock this one out in one sitting
Open file (729.63 KB 514x662 wanderer 2.PNG)
Open file (208.47 KB 1024x768 mountain.JPG)
The aesthetics of the sublime in nature are my favorite. I'd be lying if I said that my aversion to modernity wasn't partially aesthetic.
Open file (304.09 KB 700x979 1553024866190.jpg)
>>1853 >just kill yourself, goy! i-it'll be fun! I prefer Patton, our little glownigger friend. I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country.
>>2098 You just don't appreciate Japanese aesthetics and stuff like mono no aware or the nobility of failure in Japanese culture. We're talking about aesthetics here, which almost necessarily transcend rationality or morality. I find the idea of young kamikaze pilots hurtling into their deaths as beautiful, as did many Japanese themselves, given the fact that they compared their lives to ephemeral cherry blossoms, dying for a cause larger themselves. De gustibus non est disputandum. Now, since you happened to mention Tarrant, from an aesthetic and practical point of view, suicide would have been the best path for him to take. I'll remind you of Zarathustra: >Many die too late, and some die too early. The teaching sounds strange: 'Die at the right time!' >Die at the right time: thus teaches Zarathustra.
>>1767 Of course; a woman is a small benefit but the main reason to achieve masculine aesthetics is for the sake of becoming the ideal.
>>2098 >being prepared to die for what you believe in is CIA behavior Anon, I think you're conflating "Mishima and kamikaze are aesthetically appealing" with "I want to live and die the way Mishima and kamikaze did."
>>2120 Yes, that seems to be what's happening here lauding the idea of taking your own life, which ofc only supports our enemies.
>>2128 I would hope anon would know better than to commit suicide before doing absolutely nothing. Not that he should take the coward's way out in any situation, of course, unless his only alternative is slaving for the ZOG until he dies an old man's ignoble death by shitting himself every day.
Open file (58.19 KB 1334x392 modern japan.PNG)
>>2128 >that seems to be what's happening here lauding the idea of taking your own life, which ofc only supports our enemies. No, what is happening here is me lauding a certain type of action, a certain type of suicide, not suicide in general. I have contempt for those who kill themselves out of despair and self-loathing. To things such as kamikaze fighters, or those events such as the Shinpuren Rebellion, I think there is a sort of tragic heroism that I find aesthetically pleasing. I have said nothing about myself. Having disdain as I do for depressives and other whiners, I love life and wait eagerly for the day where our people seize back control of our destinies. You are mistaking an aesthetic judgement of mine for a generalized and practical political guideline, which would be absurd and counterproductive.
>>2098 >>2128 HIs suicide was not some egotistical suicide with no regard to what happened afterwards, his act was profound and Mishima did just as much in life as in dead. His was a message that could only be said with his dead, an extreme brought up my modernity to show what a honorable death was, hopefully so the living can create a world where this is achievable without such extreme measure The man you posted, in the other hand...
>>1877 I don't really have a concrete opinion on it so far. What is immediately obvious though is his almost obsession with the man. Both in terms of the ideal concept of men, who they should be and how they should act, and live, as well as them themselves. He seems to have that level of obsession that borders the sexual. I for some reason don't see his 'love' for the likes of Omi as genuine love for him but more for the strong man named Omi. Its too on the nose for Mishima, at least comparing this to Spring Snow and the love there, there's no 'big things' going on there.
Open file (227.77 KB 269x403 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2099 >the nobility of failure in Japanese culture. Someone has the book by Mishima's friend, it seems.
Uploading these tracks here because they are not implicitly Fascist, although Luisa Ferida can be seen as a Fascist martyr, or at least as a victim of antifascism. Took me a while to learn enough ffmpeg to pull these off
>>2707 >that pic with Mishima holding the mic When will the movie come out in English, bros?
>>1824 >>1828 That PDF is shit, here is a better version that doesn't have 500 pages.
>>2707 >IANVA This is my favorite of theirs.
Looking at all these posts about Japan, where would I go to learn more about Japanese culture? What sites or books or PDFs are there that can help to teach me?
>>2707 >Took me a while to learn enough ffmpeg to pull these off Good job Anon, props for the effort.
Open file (116.20 KB 210x336 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (162.65 KB 213x340 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (198.20 KB 256x385 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (57.84 KB 217x336 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2985 I'd check out these maybe: >Hagakure This is of course a classic and of interest to anons here. It's all about how the ideal samurai should conduct himself and face life, along with a lot of other interesting things throughout >The Nobility of Failure: Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan (Ivan Morris) I'm reading this right now, but it's great. The author was actually a friend of Yukio Mishima and wrote this partially in response to his coup-attempt. Each chapter is about a particular Japanese cultural hero, starting from mythic times with Yamato Takeru up to nearly the present with Kamikaze squadrons. In contrast to Western culture where most of our heroes are often connected with achieving their goals and victory, many of the most famous Japanese heroes are marked by their failure and young deaths in tragic circumstances, as well being driven by such sincerity and purity that they do what they do regardless of the circumstances or whether it is a lost cause. This attitude is connected with a sort of natural pessimism where life is fleeting, impermanent and full of ups and downs. Japanese aesthetics is all about this mono no aware (pathos of things) >Evanescence and Form (Charles Shiro Inouye) Connected to the end of the previous paragraph, this book deals with the theme of evanescence / impermanence in Japanese culture from ancient times until today. This book was interesting to me, but it dragged a bit near the end when it started discussing postmodernism in Japan. There are lots of example poems about cherry blossoms and the fleetingness of life and how this very character of it is what makes it beautiful and sad at the same time. >Shinto: The Kami Way A short book which gives a basic introduction to the Shinto traditions of the Japanese. I have some books too on Aum Shinrikyo, new religions in Japan like Kuruzumikyou and a few things on anime from a critical perspective but I don't know if you'd be interested in those. Either way I've been planning on making a Japan thread here soon if people were interested, since there's been a lot of stuff in this thread about Mishima and Japan in general
Open file (347.45 KB 1100x1100 1549292264.jpg)
Open file (1020.08 KB 1087x1280 1549653268-2.png)
Open file (1.21 MB 809x965 1531353852.png)
From old /pol/ before it got shut down.
>>2998 >I have some books too on Aum Shinrikyo, new religions in Japan like Kuruzumikyou and a few things on anime from a critical perspective but I don't know if you'd be interested in those Not him but please do post those titles as well in the Japan thread.
Open file (1.26 MB 1694x1688 16-kali-yuga2.jpg)
Open file (642.35 KB 1185x1648 16-kali-yuga3.jpg)
Open file (66.69 KB 900x1200 4037-beaixxl.jpg)
Open file (925.01 KB 760x1020 1503166451-4.png)
Open file (276.41 KB 1500x1000 1553061391.jpg)
Open file (1.92 MB 3840x2160 1535491636.png)
Open file (1.60 MB 2440x1800 1559870025.jpeg)
Open file (682.54 KB 664x614 1570988125461.jpg)
Open file (653.45 KB 2000x1335 1473219935291-1.jpg)
>>3227 Will do, check there in like ten or fifteen minutes from now.
Open file (207.14 KB 683x1024 Cw-3buZUoAAu-Cs.jpg)
Open file (132.43 KB 900x1200 D4Tx5zkUwAA2nB6.jpg)
Open file (1.09 MB 2448x3264 download (1).jpg)
Open file (186.17 KB 1173x1600 EXMg1pOXgAE_sIY.jpg)
Open file (93.19 KB 736x527 hitler speech color.jpg)
Open file (44.60 KB 486x750 hitler statues.jpg)
Open file (97.79 KB 739x440 street color.jpg)
Open file (216.00 KB 1200x728 helmets color.jpg)
Open file (393.61 KB 1680x1050 colored heil.jpg)
Daily reminder that good = noble = beautiful = happy = beloved of God was the classical pre-Abrahamic view of reality. Monstrum in fronte monstrum in animo. This is proven by the Jews and other mudmen. Always listen to your inner aesthetic compass.
Open file (197.86 KB 798x1024 5844898778.jpg)
Open file (700.07 KB 469x596 aszysz_weles.png)
Open file (389.10 KB 1486x1200 Andrey-Shishkin-Zywia.jpg)
Open file (106.99 KB 600x765 234108709137941.jpg)
Open file (444.92 KB 1300x736 4131463566584596.jpeg)
Traditional slavic aesthetics are pretty nice.
Open file (450.06 KB 1200x1038 russian peasants 1909.jpg)
>>3298 Even Russians peasants a little over a century ago had a certain aesthetic flair to their clothing. Funny how literal peasant-clothing has more soul in it than what we wear today.
Open file (49.00 KB 540x620 Chopin.jpg)
Open file (328.46 KB 1080x1350 Garther.jpg)
Ya'll like Conservative Punk? (not the American kind) >Hassumann Urbanism >Suits, not because your jobs requires it, but because that is how a gentleman dresses >Either Catholic, Orthodox, or Hyper arian Hindu-Buddhism a-la Ште́рнберг. Ath*ists and Pr*otestants (specially the american variety) get the rope >Mishima-sama >Fast classic cars >Even faster classic morotcycles >Spanish and French Legions >L'Europe >Jeunesse >Révolution >Monarchist >Surfing / Dancing / Riding the Kali Yuga >An unexpected amount of Moomins >Ecofascism >Very sexual and probably going to steal your gf >Балаклава >C H I L D . B E A R I N G . H I P S >« Manners make the man », but in no way passive >Pocket knifes >Too busy being chads to care about your government programs >
Open file (68.83 KB 500x707 Contre-Courant.jpg)
Open file (252.13 KB 1172x790 Légion-étrangère 2.jpg)
Open file (28.31 KB 500x445 Légion-étrangère.jpg)
Open file (1.98 MB 350x280 Maserati 250f.gif)
Open file (1.22 MB 414x237 Me no frego 1.gif)
Open file (309.52 KB 960x1280 Le Diable rit avec nous.jpg)
Open file (193.96 KB 901x1080 Zentropa Orient-Express.jpg)
Open file (100.59 KB 1080x1058 Zona.jpg)
Open file (30.01 KB 800x599 mishima sword 2.jpg)
>>3338 >Mishima-sama >Jeunesse >Révolution >Monarchist >Surfing / Dancing / Riding the Kali Yuga >Ecofascism >Балаклава >C H I L D . B E A R I N G . H I P S >« Manners make the man », but in no way passive >Too busy being chads to care about your government programs Exquisite chad-taste. I'm not sure about suits though. It's undeniable that Heroic nudity is the final redpill though after you take the Mishima / Greek god-pill. Aesthetic violence is underrated too.
>>3339 >>3340 >>3341 What is it about French shit that makes it so kino?
>>3345 From what I sense from them is that they separate suits from corporative culture, they instead seek it for the «classical gentleman» look, although this is mostly the french. Italian and Slavic Conservative Punks seem to dress more in a kind of punk mixed with Terrorwave, not my favorite since I follow the rule of « dress for the job you want » and thus do not want to dress myself expecting to forever be the underbelly of the population. Still love their music, tho >>3356 A certain Je ne sais quoi
Open file (73.18 KB 1080x1342 12gvfug3oe331.jpg)
Fashy music reccs that isn't BM or anything too hard? (I like that kind of music but not what I'm looking for atm. I'm open to any genre that isn't straight up BM/NSBM.
>>4503 I like IANVA.
Open file (2.36 MB 1287x1289 July 2020.png)
>XCVIII A.F >Not using « Era Fascista » instead of the Georgian Calendar I seriously hope none of you do this >>4503 Repeating some of what has already being posted ITT. Very few are Fascist, but they all do invoke a certain A E S T H E T I C >IANVA: NeoFolk, Dark Cabaret They sing about Italian History, with no agenda, but also no remorse. They are not promoting Fascism, but celebrate Italy, even if it means singing against the « Liberating » bombardments by the US airforce, Gabriel D'Anunnzio, Rebellion against the post WWII order, and martyrs killed by anti-fascists. Listen to <Dissobbedisco « XII - IX - MCMXIX: Di Nuovo In Armi! <Dissobbedisco « Fuoco a Fiume » <Dissobbedisco « Dissobbedisco, « O' surdato 'nnammurato <Canone Europeo « Le Rital » <Canone Europeo « Hellas » <Canone Europeo « Patmos » <Italia: Ultimo Atto « Dov' eri tu quel giorno? » <Italia: Ultimo Atto « Luisa Ferida » <Italia: Ultimo Atto « Negli Occhi di un Ribelle » <Italia: Ultimo Atto « Bora » >Rome: NeoFolk Purely A E S T H E T I C, he has made albums about Rhodesia, the Exiled after the Spanish Civil War, and the European Spirit. Many from a critical point of view, so either don't expect validation, or do not listen <Le Ceneri di Heliodoro « A New Unfolding » <Le Ceneri di Heliodoro « The West knows Best » <Le Ceneri di Heliodoro « Feindberührung » <Le Ceneri di Heliodoro « Black Crane » <Flowers from Exile « The Secret Sons of Europe » <Flowers from Exile « To Die Among Strangers » <Flowers from Exile « Swords to Rust; Hearts to Dust » <A Passage to Rhodesia « One Fire » <A Passage to Rhodesia « A Country Denied » >Wappendbund: Martial Industrial Over to top and dramatic to the point of parody. Sort of experimental, they use MIDI and a lot of electronics, so it gives them a very peculiar sound which sometimes turns into just noise <Licht ist Leben II <Empires <Son of the Sun <Stille >Waffenruhe: Martial Industrial Their subject matter is pretty obvious. This and Wappendbund would make the soundtrack for edgy RWDS <Stuka « Jerico-Trompete » <Armed Resistance « Today we Fight » >Soldat, Martial Industrial More acustic when compared to its contemporaries. they only have two albums <Totalitarian « Herrenrasse » <Children of Ash (pretty small, just listen eh whole thing) >ZETAZEROALFA: Punk Rock Casapovnd's official band. They reflect an irreverent attitude towards the establishment, which due to their circumstances turned into being pro-Italy, but they sing more about what they like, so it is not all Italian Ultranationalist Punk Rock <Morimondo « Il Nome Mio » >>3387 <Morimondo « GhereGhereGhez! » <Morimondo « Marcia Oppure Crepa » <Disperato Amore « Disperato Amore » <Disperato Amore « Arrempa Sempre » <La Ballata Dello Stoccafisso « Cinghiamattanza » <La Ballata Dello Stoccafisso « Fare Bloco » >>3387 <La Ballata Dello Stoccafisso « Nero Bianco Rosso » >Ultima Frontiera: Punk Rock Similar to ZetaZeroAlfa, but with more emphasis on Italia The two linked >>3387 >Sol Invictus: Neofolk 100% A E S T H E T I C. I used to jog on rainy days in the streets of the former capital of New Galicia, in streets turned tunnels by century-old trees. To this day they make fe feel nostalgic, specially the « In a Garden Green » album <Thrones « Gods » <Thrones « Gonesville » <Thrones « No Gods » <In the Rain « » <In the Rain « Down the Years » <In the Rain « An English Garden » <In a Garden Green « Come the Morning » <In a Garden Green « Ave Maria » <In a Garden Green « In a Garden Green »
New Rome single « Kali Yuga über alles »
>>4895 Based Rome. Peak /fascist/
Here's some Slavic folk pictures featuring woman's work. Because working hard and helping the community is the best aesthetic.
Open file (163.44 KB 650x893 742709147097092079.jpg)
Open file (138.35 KB 770x685 17979641367979413739.jpg)
Open file (222.51 KB 770x705 3417800734694607461.jpg)
Open file (161.19 KB 600x813 CfXW7AtW8AAMPiZ.jfif)
Open file (121.27 KB 620x928 CkQS22tUgAA8F_A.jfif)
Open file (214.15 KB 819x1024 EfCXdHkXgAAF-3V.jpg)
Open file (172.76 KB 1200x1976 EfOJWmeXoAIsj8Y.jpg)
Open file (329.96 KB 1680x1274 EewfvtdU0AE9p99.jpg)
Open file (41.25 KB 600x819 EeCrXrzWoAMQFJr.jpg)
Open file (291.32 KB 1200x1506 samurai 2.jpg)
Open file (1.65 MB 1200x1765 samurai.png)
>>5582 Samurai are supremely aesthetic. I blame guns for ruining aesthetics in warfare. Daily reminder to read the Hagakure.
Open file (617.57 KB 1920x1080 1.jpg)
Open file (170.53 KB 880x580 2.jpg)
Open file (619.20 KB 1600x1000 3.jpg)
Open file (67.63 KB 550x413 4.jpg)
Open file (42.48 KB 420x315 5.jpg)
Nazi rally in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1938.
Open file (160.51 KB 1132x1600 1.jpg)
Open file (204.19 KB 1600x1136 2.jpg)
Open file (118.42 KB 1000x1366 3.jpg)
Open file (111.66 KB 1200x787 4.jpg)
Open file (118.43 KB 1600x1155 5.jpg)
Cathedral of Light during the Nuremberg Rally.
From a 1944 book “Deutsche Kriegsweihnacht”
More from the same book. The final quote from Hitler is from the 1943 version, reading: >All of nature is a violent struggle between strength and weakness, an eternal victory of the strong over the weak Pretty based for a Christmas book
"He shines upon men and deathless gods, and piercingly he gazes with his eyes from his golden helmet. Bright rays beam dazzlingly from him, and his bright locks streaming from the temples of his head gracefully enclose his far-seen face: a rich, fine-spun garment glows upon his body and flutters in the wind : and stallions carry him. Then, when he has stayed his golden-yoked chariot and horses, he rests there upon the highest point of heaven, until he marvellously drives them down again through heaven to Okeanos."
>>3338 >Hassumann urbanism As in Haussmann's renovation of Paris?
Since we're into aest, I remember briefly peering into some Japanese book that was not political but dealt with the description of furniture and architectural details. It's not a "big" book about principles and rules, the author kept it simple and persoonal and I think it's perhaps a few decades old at best, although it might be from the 80s or 90s, I can't remember. If I recall correctly, it once described the minutia with which outdoor lamps were crafted. Oh by the Gods if someone could please help me find this almost obscure reference!
>>5954 Probably. This process really "upcleaned" the filth in Paris and allowed for a good reorganization of the street plan. Cost was high though and many poorfags of this time were BTFO elsewhere. But now I think it's full of (real) rats and niggers.
Maybe this is more relevant for one of the religious threads but yesterday I discovered this very interesting book/photographic series called 'Wildermann' by Charles Fréger. It depicts Pagan/Shamanic traditions that are still kept alive in Europe.
>>6944 >>6945 >>6946 >>6947 Immediately thought of this song Also >ywn run in the snowy forest as you try to escape these beings
>>6944 >>6945 >>6946 >>6947 This stuff is really interesting. I can only imagine what it was like to see some sort of ritual with people dressed like this back in the heyday of this stuff two thousand years ago
>>6983 No, you dress up as one and chase niggers in the woods.
>>6988 Digits confirm
>>6944 >The rituals are centuries old and celebrate the seasonal cycle, fertility, life, and death. People literally put themselves into the skin of the "savage," in masquerades that stretch back centuries. By becoming a bear, a goat, a stag, a wild boar, a man of straw, a devil, or a monster with jaws of steel, these people celebrate the cycle of life and seasons. The costumes amaze with their extraordinary diversity and prodigious beauty. Work on this project took leading French photographer Charles Fréger to eighteen European countries in search of the mythological figure of the Wild Man. This actually seems to tie in what I jokingly said. It is a reflection of the dark and dangerous wilds, a way of taming it by becoming it. It’s the sort of nature we need to tap into again, the cunning predator who rules the wilds and conquers the dark places. Remember, the German guerrilla group was known as Wehrwolf
>>6988 >ywn chase negro-people out of your country by awkwardly chasing them wile wearing random horns, sticks and skins This is the kind of supernatural and bizarre which is missing from our lives, these rituals and iconography must be made common
>>7021 I’d love for such things to become common again. Everything today though seems so fake, and evreryone so jaded at times. Those who carried out these rituals in earnest must have been of a completely different mindset. These people looked around and saw a world utterly alive with personality and divinity. Just imagine looking at the sun and thinking that it was some literal sun god moving across the sky in a chariot, or that your house getting struck by lightning is the result of some sky god hurling a bolt at you. I guess I’m sort of a Romanticist. Reminds me of Schiller’s poem on the gods which ends: >Yes, home they went, and all things beautiful, >All things high they took with them >All colors, all the sounds of life, >And for us remained only the de-souled Word. >Torn out of the time-flood, they hover, >Saved, on the heights of Pindus. >What shall live immortal in song >In life is bound to go under
Open file (1.42 MB 1291x809 Août 2020.png)
>>7027 Right-Wing Chaman Squads when?
>>7021 Youre gonna be chased out of this board too, spic anon :(
>>7064 >Right-Wing Chaman Squads when? Soon. The spirits shall drive our enemies out. >>7071 I honestly think it is only one or two shills or Neinchan-types. Luckily Synarchist-kun seems to just mock them and ignore them.
Rome released a new album, « The Lone Furrow ». It contains: >Masters of the Earth (mp3 file in this post) >Tyriat Sig Tyrias >Ächtung, Baby! >Making Enemies in the New Age >The Angry Cup >The Twain >Kali Yuga über Alles >>4895 >The Weight of Light >The Lay of Iria >On Albion's Plain >Palmyra >Obsidian A Peak of One's Own I have always been very careful into not putting Rome into « Left » or « Right », instead I have always seen him as critical of the politics, but appreciative of the A E S T H E T I C. Bit his past Album « Le Ceneri di Heliodoro », had a lot of messages which an impulsive man would assume to be endorsement, and manny leftist Rome fans were left to do Damage Control (pic related). Still, I would think twice before thinking that Rome is some kind of Crypto-Fascist. Le Ceneri di Heliodoro is still better, tho However, the prologue —Masters of the Earth—, says a lot of things manny of us think of everyday
Open file (199.14 KB 1111x1200 6444543.jpg)
Open file (575.87 KB 803x800 7025058.png)
Open file (179.80 KB 599x596 8206753.jpg)
Just found this Psych-rock-black metal band, they're pretty good. "Our new beginning to lay new beliefs I swear the oath to you long live the king"
>>7225 Thanks for posting. I haven't liked much of Rome's music but this album was a very nice listen. >>7292 I tried the beginning of the first two albums you posted art for and I just couldn't get into it. I guess I just don't like black metal.
>>7430 I don't like the black metal parts that much either (I'm into black metal but they don't sound so good here) but the choruses are great, it sounds like something my dad would like. Also, I added a nice section from a NSBM song.
>>7292 That chorus hits all the right buttons. A pity because the cavernous voice is ruining this imho. I understand some f# like the genre but damn that chorus sorta deserved something less niche. Same usual problem with our side, it is like we make it a statement before the Gods to make the most non-popular music possible. I say it now, this deserves a cover.
>>7292 >>7440 Similar group, found about it on RPGCodex. >>7541 I think it's a problem a lot of fascist bands have; being targeted to a more niche audience and obviously not getting jewish financial backing, many fascist bands' older music had very poor recording quality because good equipment was really expensive and without it you were basically fucked for quality. You'll notice with ones who've been around a long time, the quality goes up over the years, and I think the reason for this is simply that recording equipment has gotten better and you can get higher quality at more affordable prices. Black Magick SS's most recent album, Rainbow Nights, has much better quality. Still sounds very slightly muffled, but I can't tell in its case whether that's actually poor recording fidelity or just the style they were going with. I do hope we'll see them re-record their older music at some point, especially Fallen Tale.
>>7292 >>7587 >hippie fascism What.
>>7589 There are quite a few hippie fascist bands, it's quite a curious thing. >>7587 I wonder if Black Magick SS lurks here, since they made their last album with that Hindu swastika.
>>7589 >>7638 Hippie culture actually has its origins in the Neo-Pagan movements of early 20th century Germany.
>>7589 Have you not heard about how Charles Manson tried to start a race war?
>>7662 No that guy was a crazed serial killer. He was right about the kikes and holocaust.
>>7641 The thing about Hippies is that they didn't understand anything about Astaru at all, just like most 19th to 21st century philosophers and researchers. And if im correct most of them were former Christians claiming to be pagan to be more counter culture agaisnt the current trends of being part of the religious nuclear family tradition or to show disdain agaisnt the neocons and other conservatives back then. Hippie culture is very degenerate and likely most of them probably added the idea of the Heaven and Hell ideas that Christianity is centered on, so I wouldn't consider them brothers at all.
>>7589 Read about Jost Turner and the National Socialist Kindred. https://www.stormfront.org/forum/blogs/u78345-e1501/
>>7667 I wasn't saying they were fellow fascists or anything. I just read this very interesting twitter thread recently about how hippie culture was started by immigrants from National-Socialist Germany to California and that their ideas had its origin in the various Pagan and nature-focused organizations that existed in that time in Germany, such as Wandervogel. I will try to find it and link it here when I do.
>>7565 Based loli armed with a sword to smite techno-optimists and kikes. >>7663 I still don't understand why some National Socialists back in the day started to idolize him so much though. I even think that AWD fags do to this day. >>7672 I have heard and read the same things before with Wandervogel and German Romanticism and all of that. I hope you are able to find it.
>>7587 >Still sounds very slightly muffled, but I can't tell in its case whether that's actually poor recording fidelity or just the style they were going with The crappy sound isn't what strikes me the most, one could say that it gives their production a substance and style, surfing on the grassroots 70s tape vibe. As a reminder, LedZep's oldest masters weren't of the greatest quality either. >>7688 checked >I still don't understand why some National Socialists back in the day started to idolize him so much though. Are they much different today? >_> Besides, I think I remember some autistic loon who dug the case and might have uncovered some odd looking rabbit. It's perhaps possible that Manson had a greater plan? >>7589 The hippie movement has a very good side to it. They rejected modern society in large parts, formed isolated communities which over time would have coalesced into clans, reconnected to Nature, tried mind-expanding drugs. Perhaps sort-of-Vargs. But they got ruined by the inverted rune, as it stands for death, the everlasting love shtick and lack of acknowledging of a justified violence. It sounds odd but when you think of it, it's less ridiculous than this nazbol crap because there is plenty of room for love within our movements: over our heritages, our countries, our kins, our moral values, our belief in a just future. Truth is, a hippe-fascist/ns culture with guns would make sense and would be fun to watch too.
>>7691 >uncovered some odd looking rabbit what
Careful, goyim, this sort of Romanticism and worship of A E S T H E T I C S is a sign of right-wing extremism! Stop loving nature and beauty! https://eeradicalization.com/romanticism-and-far-right-extremism/
>>7688 >I hope you are able to find it. Sadly, the specific account that posted it seems to have been deleted. However, I remember the person in question recommended the book 'Children of the Sun' by Gordon Kennedy, which is about this subject. So if you are really interested, I suppose you could read that instead.
>>7932 Thanks, anon, I'll have to check this out eventually. >>7691 > they got ruined by the inverted rune, as it stands for death I have wondered whether the choice of this symbol was purposely (((injected))) into these groups before. We all know how our enemies enjoy these types of ironies. I'm not so sure that I believe the account given in the link below: >The modern peace sign was designed by Gerald Holtom for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1958. The vertical line in the center represents the flag semaphore signal for the letter D, and the downward lines on either side represent the semaphore signal for the letter N. “N” and “D”, for nuclear disarmament, enclosed in a circle. Holtom also described the symbol as representing despair, with the central lines forming a human with its hands questioning at its sides against the backdrop of a White Earth. https://www.britannica.com/story/where-did-the-peace-sign-come-from
>>7921 The path towards beauty is one in which you trample and burn everything that gets in your way. Absolute beauty is a suicide charge
>>8664 Based post.
Open file (143.53 KB 1080x721 media_EhqeSeFXcAEwv3j.jpg)
Open file (76.71 KB 769x1024 media_EidMKaBXsAADRkv.jpg)
Open file (146.90 KB 1000x666 media_EiiLuL1XcAEpTPw.jpg)
Open file (274.37 KB 500x680 media_EiTdd2uXcAIy4aD.jpg)
Open file (121.27 KB 847x1024 media_EiTzj9PWoAkMYqO.jpg)
Open file (112.12 KB 735x946 ELmnjpOWwAAe3si.jpg)
Open file (101.00 KB 584x883 Egj_rpuXsAEBpew.jpg)
Open file (236.09 KB 720x1280 EgNOpCVUcAAgowJ.jpg)
Open file (64.51 KB 500x667 EDdQ-O3UcAAaq5v.jpg)
Open file (501.73 KB 2048x1416 Ed7zJsUXkAA43ql.jpg)
I read that's possibly Evola in the last photo (third from left).
Open file (152.84 KB 679x1024 Eh1MZqgUcAAtu6O.jpg)
Open file (447.63 KB 1600x973 EhKRCX7WoAE9INC.jpg)
Open file (587.61 KB 1840x1232 EhMMnOVX0AATjt7.jpg)
Open file (2.17 MB 3000x2255 EQFz0UTUcAA-TFm.jpg)
Open file (156.34 KB 1200x900 D6DlNYuWsAAApZp.jpg)
Open file (176.38 KB 1440x952 Eamp9B5UMAAhxOS.jpg)
Open file (102.23 KB 700x966 EatSzSaXYAAsjhQ.jpg)
Open file (204.74 KB 932x1280 EaYhDZvXYAAHT1Q.jpg)
Open file (918.08 KB 1427x2048 EZxUp8bXkAAtqjf.jpg)
Open file (20.19 KB 300x334 evola side.jpg)
>>9798 That's gotta be Evola, it looks just like him. Him brooding in the background is also fitting for him, I think. I wonder if he had a chance to really talk with Hitler at all.
Open file (98.67 KB 676x673 epic meme.jpg)
Open file (23.53 KB 600x600 laughing pepe emoji.jpg)
>>9813 >my legs hurt 10/10
Open file (1.05 MB 1289x650 Septembre 2020.png)
>>9798 Based 明治天皇
>>9796 >2nd pic Man, the überkraut who holds the smoke has nearly the same smug face as the currently popular Dicaprio meme. that awesome dress style, shits on modern Adidas/Puma life >>9798 >5th pic, 3rd from left That noble Greek nose is almost perfect. I don't think that's him, the nose is just not the same, with the way it aligns with the forehead. Evola's head is also more like a straight slope, but the unknown guy has a rounded forehead. Nose appears longer too. Needs more pictures for comparison. Could be the angle. Evola did some video interviews. >>9813 XD
Open file (314.88 KB 1600x1277 mussolini.jpg)
Lovers of A E S T H E T I C S, if you have anything related to Fascist Italy, put it ITT too: >>10263
Open file (116.65 KB 600x913 media_Ei0lxvVWAAAVYXs.jpg)
Open file (412.18 KB 1160x1600 media_EiUxscoUwAA6U7T.jpg)
Open file (316.31 KB 1038x891 media_Ej482QSXsAIyrdL.jpg)
Open file (234.90 KB 1080x1145 media_EjhZjlmXkAYy7sR.jpg)
Open file (207.52 KB 668x1147 media_Ej0HWq-XYAAOpjs.jpg)
Open file (723.18 KB 1280x1707 media_Ej14tzmX0AEJbaF.jpg)
Open file (196.78 KB 1012x1382 media_Ej91_ThWsAMgI-t.jpg)
Open file (112.96 KB 1125x1106 media_EjCBAsPWsAApxmx.jpg)
Open file (343.31 KB 1000x1240 media_EjCNfXEXcAAxY4U.jpg)
>>10317 1: "The earliest known depiction of a Siberian shaman, drawn by the Dutch explorer Nicolaes Witsen, who wrote an account of his travels among Samoyedic and Tungusic speaking peoples in 1692. Witsen labeled the illustration "Priest of the Devil," giving the figure demonic clawed feet."
>>10316 >that sniper-kun elk
>>10365 The hunted becomes the hunter
Open file (30.47 KB 600x399 Byu_42CIMAAf619.jpg)
Open file (96.58 KB 683x960 1586911380649.jpg)
Open file (28.80 KB 420x274 1586870690526.jpg)
Open file (65.19 KB 604x550 download (1).jfif)
any one got any more music/band suggestions?
So I went to Europe for most of last winter and took quite a few photos and I think some were really good photography wise. But I just made an Instagram account planing on editing some of them for propaganda. I’m only familiar with paint . Net and am not really sure how to edit them. I was thinking just throwing flags in backgrounds but that seems lame and I am not a huge fan of fashwave. Can anyone give me some aesthetic pics for inspiration?
>>11251 I guess to clarify most pictures are landscape or cities and art museum pieces.
>>11252 >>11251 Look into downloading Gimp, it's free. https://www.gimp.org/
>>11279 Oh thanks. That looks better than paint by a long shot.
>>11302 I usually use a pirated version of Photoshop myself out of habit, but Gimp seems just as good from all of the times that I've used it. There's a ton of tutorials on Youtube as well, as one would expect.
>>11251 GIMP is good for more « Numerical » edits (color balance, manny effects, pixel-level edits, etc). And I use Krita for more artistic things and vector graphics. It also has animation capabilities but I have never tried them. >propaganda careful not to get the Z U C C. I would do it like my Tumblr blog (>>9836) and only do A E S T H E T I C S from which fascism would arise, instead of things that flat-out say « Gas your local jew ». Fascism arises naturally from beauty, unlike communism which attaches itself to other things, take advantage of this. >went to Europe nice, I just came back from a trip in the south of Mexico, I took mostly nature shots since feminists attacked the city a few weeks ago, the streets were full of graffiti, and the city was just beginning repainting.And I finally got to relate to the >Would you agree to abandon your career, marry me, wear this XIX Century dress and dance in a wheatfield at least once a day? >No >:( >« D E M O C R A C Y . H A S . F A I L E D » meme Also, a little brown girl sold me a doll of Sub Comandante Marcos, I am not a leftist in any way, but the concept was so bizarre that I had to buy it.
>>11425 >Also, a little brown girl sold me a doll of Sub Comandante Marcos, I am not a leftist in any way, but the concept was so bizarre that I had to buy it. Kek, have a pic?
>>11425 Yeah I was just going to post European aesthetics and nationalist stuff not any overt hate speech. I’m just not sure how to go about it without doing overused fashwave
>>11462 Just show the overwhelming Power and Beauty of Nature, no need to go fashwave to do that a simple picture of a Mountain at sunset or other scenes that evoke that indescribable feeling of Nature putting emphasis on what is most wholesome and appealing to the soul of a man.
>>11462 >>11515 “You cannot de-Nazify nature”
>>11515 I should do an online course, all my nature pictures look really bland. My best pictures were in cities I think. I live in a pretty rural area near the mountains so I should start taking pictures around here.
Open file (1.71 MB 4032x3024 IMG_1298.jpeg)
>>11462 > I’m just not sure how to go about it without doing overused fashwave Like I said with my post, let fascism arise naturally from beauty, without getting into the method and specifics of propaganda, think of this simple process >Oh, this picture is nice >Makes me want to take it out of my screen and actually experience it >But I can't because of (((certain))) elements actively going against it >Living like in this pictures would mean that I must eliminate these elements separating me from my goals >Guess there's only one option... The main problem is to make people realize what these (((certain))) elements are, they don't need to know about the j00s, but act against them, so concentrate on making the antithesis of modernity desirable and reachable, this is more important than redpilling on the JQ, but the firmer does help in making people more susceptible to the JQ. <Every Act of Beauty is a Revolt Against the Modern World Since I did mentioned that these A E S T H E T I C S must be reachable I would say that you should /sig/ yourself and share it, have a garden and take pictures of your produce and set-up, go to the gym and take pictures without your face showing off, be the embodiment of the lifestyle you want to propagate. The « Conservative Punk » style I mentioned in >>3338 seems like a nice blueprint for an easy-to envision lifestyle, but you need to be an Überchad to pull it off. >>11434 Very crude, most probably made with scraps, but I am not going to say no to such a cute girl, nor to such a strange object
>>10937 I have some Neofolk recommendations.
>>12186 plenty more where that came from, not only that but the martial industrial and to an extent, the power electronics scene is full of NS and fascist projects. of course I'm mostly an EBM/rhythmic noise/aggrotech guy when it comes to that stuff lately.
>>12248 Oh yeah, same thing with metal.
>>11425 Hey anon, can you share your tumblr? I want to see the pictures you posted here >>9836 in better quality.
>>12473 https://jmb3x9z3kvfjutuw.tumblr.com There are a few pictures which I have deleted because the theme I am using—while clean—is not very flexible and some formats screw alignment. It also only shows the first image when displaying a gallery, so you can click on some posts to view more. I do not post any OC there, I am saving those to feed another persona of mine, where I upload my work, while it is not about me it would be much easer to trace me from there so content (while devilishly subversive) is curated much more carefully. The Tumblr blog is more like an archive for inspiration, I do not interact with anyone.
Open file (168.50 KB 1280x1588 1.jpg)
Open file (137.60 KB 1280x946 2.jpg)
Open file (236.32 KB 1193x1600 3.jpg)
Open file (231.84 KB 1280x1406 4.jpg)
Open file (47.12 KB 500x624 5.jpg)
>>12513 Thanks anon, your blog is great, the beauty in some of the images you post inspire me to better myself.
>>12543 >inspire me to better myself We got another one, lads
I was reading a paper recently which totally missed the point of aesthetics. Aesthetics is the nature of the beautiful, the sublime, good taste, etc — there is no ethical or moral component to it. Mishima in particular really grasped the amoral nature of aesthetics, so it was funny to read this person kvetch so hard over how this particular “aesthetics of depravity” subordinates human suffering to aesthetic tastes and demands. Of course it does! The must beautiful thing there is – Nature – is constantly filled with suffering, death, violence and destruction. And then there is the concept of the sublime, something which thrills, overwhelms and inspires awe. Violence and bloodshed can absolutely stimulate this. Brenton Tarrant’s livestream was a piece of avant-garde art, the experience of his livestream created an engaged aesthetic that effecting both viewers and witnesses. Bloodsports were extremely popular in Rome for a reason as well. Paper’s not worth reading, but here it is in case someone is curious: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09528822.2012.679036
>>7292 Sharing more Black Magick SS choruses, because I love this band. My Love "I lay down my sword and my armor by my side I no longer remember your eyes You took all that I used to be in my life My love... my love..." Endless Hallucinations "Flying past the stars Black wings take me far I live in endless hallucinations Drifting into the night To find a better life" Kali "Kali, Kali, Kali Mother of Death I call on thee Kali, Kali, Kali I give my soul eternally Kali, Kali, Kali Mother of Death I call on thee Kali, Kali, Kali Spill of the blood of my enemies tonight" Rainbow Nights "Rise up and reach for the sky Journey to rainbow nights You'll never take me away In rainbow nights I will stay"
>Some of the most striking claims of art for things outside the art world were responses to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The avant-garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen called them "the greatest work of art ever....the greatest work of art for the whole cosmos," "a jump out of security, the everyday." >Since aesthetics centers on direct sensory perception, it is clear that acts of terrorism have powerful aesthetic force. All those who experience the effects of terrorism – its chance victims, their relatives and associates, the organizations and institutions that are damaged, the general public, the social order – all can attest to its aesthetic impact. >Is there art in terrorism? It cannot be denied that much of the political effectiveness of terrorist acts comes from their carefully planned aesthetic impact. Indeed, their effect is primarily, often spectacularly theatrical. We can in fact say that such actions are deliberately designed to be high drama. In this sense, then, is theater any less appropriate a way to describe a spectacular act of terrorism than it is to designate military activities? Perhaps it now becomes understandable how an artist could consider a terrorist act a work of art. https://digitalcommons.risd.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1206&context=liberalarts_contempaesthetics
Open file (116.08 KB 960x780 media_En2O4_SXIAU_yep.jpg)
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