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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

/sig/ - Self Improvement General Blackshirt 06/11/2020 (Thu) 00:40:08 ID: c5b896 No.926
The quote attached to my post is apparently a fake quote, but the spirit of it ring true to my ear. A healthy body and a healthy mind are key components of fascist living and a perfect balance shall be a key component of any fascist resurgence to come just as it was in the Third Reich and other societies. Some books: >Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics) https://archive.org/details/ConvictConditioning_201602 >Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima (Attached)
Bump. I would rather roll if someone has a template
For /sig/ fuel come to >>961 Ignore all rumors of a typo in the title, those are « Fake News » as all the trendy kids like calling ti Now, to get the thread rolling, What order of /sig/ should one follow? If we are talking about basics then health is obviously the most important, out of this a healthy diet seems like the most obvious place to start; cut the soda, consume less refined carbohydrates (I am not getting into any meme diets, Diet Wars make the Yugoslav Wars look like a playground feud) and eat a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables instead the same tired starches, more often but in smaller portions. It is basic, but requires quite a lot of discipline. In my opinion, only then you should start thinking about exercise. However, like in the last thread I would instead recommend cleanliness as the first step. Cleanliness is a necessary habit you must take with you trough your entire life, just like health. But, unlike health, it is much more accesible, offers immediate gratification and can easily be sectioned for easy planing and understanding. Most people have a problem with starting, and things like diets and exercise have a bit of a learning curve to them, it is as easy as a few searches, but it's effects come with time, 30 minutes of cleaning and you will be able to see the results of your work immediately, something which will help with morale, hopefuly used to push yourself trough the learning curve that Nutrition and Exercise requires. So I would say that the first step in /sig/ is: >Clean your room >Clean your house >Clean your work-space >Make your bed as soon as you get up >Wash your dishes before too much accumulates >Clean your floors at least twice a week, if your house is small then broom daily. >Little by little, don't attempt to get everything done in a single sitting >Each week pay extra attention to something different >A lack of order can be excused for, but filth; never At the same time start working on your health, cutting sugary drinks and superfluous candy seems like the best place to start if you are new
>>1077 I needed to vacuum, thanks blackshirt Already quit sugar, no regrets
>>1148 >Already quit sugar, no regrets I will never quit sugar, my sweet-tooth is too massive, but I only consume it in sort-of special occasions, same with alcohol. I only drink alcohol with some meals, and I absolutely detest drunkenness, I have only being drunk once and it was because my family opened a bottle of wine and never touched it, I drank it all since I hate wasting and refrigerating an open wine of such quality is blasphemy. As for sugar I only eat high-quality pastries, or what I make every two or three months. Made Kouign Amann yesterday, ate a single piece and gave the rest away, I enjoy the process more than actually eating; the marriage between chemistry, economics, art, history and culture, not that I do not absolutely love sweets. I also tasted Cacao paste (Dark chocolate is Cacao paste + sugar), it bites but once you get used to it it is like coffee, I could totally see myself eating it over classical chocolate. >tl;dr: I only consume the good stuff and for a reason I guess this approach can also help people who want to quit sugars and alcohol altogether.
What method does /fascist/ use to curb their appetite? After work and exercise I'm so fucking hungry I basically eat enough calories to make the progress negligible when I should be on a deficit of them.
>>1369 A combination of things >Drink more water / tea >Get used to strict timed meals and avoid eating outside of these pre-set times >Eat more low-calorically-dense foods, like vegetables >Eat a variety of small things instead of a single big portion of a single dish
Best shit: >Zen In The Art Of Self-resistance http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/shenandoah/OBB/OBB.html >15 minute workout pdf http://www.sierraexercise.com/workout.html
Open file (202.18 KB 768x1024 1587707483.jpeg)
Open file (660.68 KB 1538x2560 91y+khg2w5L.jpg)
>>1369 Change your food. Try Keto, Paleo, Atkins &c
>>1369 I drink a lot of water. I probably go through a gallon or more per day. Tea is good, too.
What have you done thins week, /sig/? >>1525 >gallon That's too much, plus suddenly drinking lots of liquid can damage your kidneys.
>>1371 >Eat more low-calorically-dense foods, like vegetables This is the key, you want to aim for less calories per bite. It's extremely difficult to adjust to less volume of food, the stomach doesn't shrink overnight.
Open file (108.69 KB 612x792 1502654655813.jpg)
>>1534 Something else is serving-sizes, as we eat double or triple of what we should eat. Before agriculture people ate very little relatively high-nutrition food, after agriculture but before industrialization people ate a bit more less- nutritious food. But now we are eating a lot of highly nutritious food. I have a book containing a list of different ingredients with their serving size and nutricional value. These serving sizes are sometimes dictated by practicality (things that come in portions like sausages or slices) but the rest are standardized to be all around 100Kcal. A serving size of red meat is usually 30g, fish goes to around 50g, chicken 40g. Meanwhile there's lettuce with an obscenely huge serving size of 3 cups With how most people eat (Big slab of meat + vegetables and/or starch) it is very easy to overeat and meet your daily nutritional requirements in a single sitting, only to then have two other similar meals. Even I, who eat very little meat, know how ridiculous 30g is, so you are supposed to « save up » these portions for a single meal a day (I do it weekly) and eat very little meat for the rest of the time, same with starches and the sugar I love so much. I also eat mostly aged meats, they are usually high in fat, but you eat so little of them that you come-out the other end with a win. When it comes to eating there is a lot to get used to, something I have found works for me is trying to do as much as you can yourself. In an urban environment this means baking your own bread, not getting too efficient with it, maybe making it weekly, leaving starches mostly absent for the rest of the week. Raising your own meat is also great when you can, their life cycles, aging and processing serve as moderators for consumption if you keep it small-scale. Moderating mechanisms like this give you a why when lowering the volume of food you consume Right now I am proofing the last of a batch of croissants I made last Monday, my kitchen was too warm while making them so shaping them was impossible *thus no pictures since it is offensive to call those things croissants*, but I rather do this once a month and get good than to visit the bakery next to my house every-time I have a crave for bread.
>>1552 >eating a lot of highly nutritious food >corn starch, corn syrup and sugar >nutritious
>>1569 I said nutritious, not balanced
>>1528 Not all at once; but if you drink a cup of water at a time you only need to drink one every hour.
>>1528 I've been pushing myself more fitness-wise. I'm up to 30 pushups and 5 pullups, which is a dramatic strength improvement versus what I could do this time last year (10 pushups with a lot of exertion and no pullups).
>>2121 >>2122 I would advise to also take into account the water you consume in food, I would instead say 2.5L of liquids a day with the rest of the gallon being consumed with foods. The exact numbers depend on on the individual, but I am sure this a good place to start, Drinking the appropriate amount of liquids has very noticeable effects, I knew I was in the right path once my lips stoped cracking every winter, nowdays my motivator is a feeling of « Hey, I have not drink any water for a wile » instead of thirst. Although, about the kidneys, I did not necessarily meant that drinking a gallon in a short period of time was bad (But it is and takes a special kind of stupid), what I meant is that suddenly increasing your daily water intake by a lot can stress your kidneys since, while they are always working, they are used to a set flow, increasing this flow must be done gradually. >>2122 Do you keep a log of some sort? I have heard that it helps a lot with motivation, specially since improvement is very gradual and manny end up giving up for lack of noticeable change.
>>2127 >Do you keep a log of some sort? I have heard that it helps a lot with motivation, specially since improvement is very gradual and manny end up giving up for lack of noticeable change. I don't, I merely keep track of my progress in my head. My weight hasn't changed much but my physique has noticeably improved, especially my chest, arms, and upper back which is actually somewhat toned now. Seeing that improvement has pushed me to continue.
I haven’t gotten my haircut for nearly three and a half months now, so it’s starting to get pretty annoying, especially around the ears. What are some /fascist/-approved hairstyles? I’ve been having fun with my hair ever since this Covid psyop has started to wind down a bit. Just this weekend I shaved my moustache down to a Hitler stache and did some shopping. No one said anything, but I got some funny looks and some awkward customer service. Worth it though.
>>2281 Hitler youth, by far >>1600 Cut your hair to look good, not to fit a stereotype >>2131 Glad to hear that
>>2284 is there another name for hitler youth cut so It's not as awkard to ask from the barber? I might be getting a job interview soon and I need to make myself look as presentable as soon as possible.
Open file (76.01 KB 797x507 undercut wehrmacht.jpg)
>>2293 >is there another name for hitler youth cut I think it's some sort of undercut. You might have to be careful though, there's a thin line between fashy and hipster faggot. >>2284 >Cut your hair to look good, not to fit a stereotype Don't worry, anon, I always think of aesthetics before all.
>>2281 >I haven’t gotten my haircut for nearly three and a half months now, so it’s starting to get pretty annoying, especially around the ears I'd get a buzz cut, pretty easy to yourself and you'll get a lot of respect by the vets. As long as you don't dress and act like a retard like in the third picture everyone will think you served.
>>2304 I was probably going to go with a buzz cut to try something new. I don't think it'd look bad on me. >As long as you don't dress and act like a retard like in the third picture everyone will think you served. Kek this won't be surprising once I point it out but that pic's from a (((Challahwood))) movie
>>2293 I just show a picture to the barber, but the one I use is of myself, so I am not sharing it here. But I am sure you will find manny references as it is quite the common style, plus barbers are used to work with only references. >>2295 Your picture of Dylan Roof is what worried me, you can defend his actions and fashion sense; but not his hairstyle.
Open file (153.32 KB 938x808 roof bowlcut.jpg)
>>2307 >Your picture of Dylan Roof is what worried me Imagine not being bowlcut gang in the current year
>>2307 >Dissing the valiant and manly Tizoc Cut Shamefur dispray
>>1148 I recently cut a *massive* amount of sugar from my diet. It was my killer, that much I know. Since I've done that and have been using sweeteners in replacement (Which I know, aren't fantastic either but better than pure sugar) I've lost weight, feel better, and want to be better. I'll never be fully out of it and I still get urges, but I've done well so far.
>third pic >self improvement: go to jail, do not pass go lol
>>2281 Are you a homosexual trying to act like a woman? Do you want to virtue signal how you're brain dead? Get a fashy haircut today! Don't forget to visit your local Pool party for all your jewish rent boy needs! Get a haircut that suits you, not a meme one. Your head shape and build is going to define what looks good on you. You want to look well groomed and smart, which means short back and sides with whatever on top fits you. You stand a better chance of finding a good woman and having kids if you dress to suit yourself then if you larp as a 1940s German.
I'm dropping two books I read recently, the first is on diet for improving body composition and athletic performance, and the second is for incorporating functional movements into strength training. If anyone has any requests on specific topics related to lifting weights or diet drop a request, I have a small archive of all the training books I have read and found value in.
I still want to get /fit/ before I do any of this, but does anyone know how one would even start to look into founding their own group? Any guides on this stuff?
>>2474 >guides There are guides on getting people to like you and listen to you all over the place. As far as starting a fascist group, I'm not sure where to steer you.
>>2476 That's no problem, I assume with every case what exactly one would need to do would differ, especially since different founders have much differ visions politically, organizationally and goal-wise. I've been overdosing on Whitepills recently so once I'm a done with my own self-improvement I'll be itching to give my energies an outlet. My thinking is if you can't even bring yourself into good shape, how can one expect to help their own nation?
>>2494 >My thinking is if you can't even bring yourself into good shape, how can one expect to help their own nation? This is helpful thinking, Anon. I've been struggling with weight because I'm a gluttonous fuck, but I realize I need to do more for my folk and get to work or else I'm no help to them.
Open file (565.30 KB 2109x3200 mishima working out.jpg)
>>2518 I think it was from one of the Integralist ideas of "revolutionizing the self" that I got that concept from. It's definitely very intuitive though and a good motivator to begin to whip oneself back into shape with though. Plus as everyone knows it's just wholly beneficial for the self alone as well. Best of luck with your struggle anon, people are going to wish they had done these things when things get bad.
>>2525 Getting into shape and becoming a fetishized version of yourself isn't the same thing. It's good to be healthy, it's not good to be a hunk of meat who has zero stamina. Places like /fit/ are full of autistic asians trying to become men by masturbating to muscle. That's not healthy and requires a lot of effort to become unhealthy that way. Figuring out how to improve your life and taking those steps should come before going to the gym. Running, cycling and hiking will do more to improve you than a gym ever will. Gyms are like a microwave, you use them if you must not over an oven.
>>2534 I completely agree with you actually, but I can see how attaching a picture of Yukio Mishima — regardless of how much I like him as an author — might give the wrong idea (since he was undeniably a very narcissistic and outrageous figure in many ways)
>>2538 Let me help you improve anon. You said ching chong, ping pong, flied liceu chin ching. What you should of said is "I'm sorry for posting a gook, I won't promote non-whites again". If you want an ethnostate for your people you have to stop promoting other races in everything you do. Every asian you post is 1 less post a white man could of had.
Open file (654.74 KB 1211x1920 aryan ubermensch.jpg)
>>2539 Thanks for the advice, bro
>>2539 >should of
A Spartan lifestyle as well as other warrior lifestyles such as the Samurai or Roman Legions to name a few are good choices, ultra-discipline and high willpower will create a strong mind and body which is what everyone should have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAFl-gngwS8&t=331s
Open file (44.59 KB 1068x568 mishima violence.jpg)
>>2539 Imagine not liking Yukio Mishima.
Open file (1.20 MB 630x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2539 Judging by your very violent behavior, I don't think it's worth listening to you.
Open file (54.27 KB 713x551 index(2).jpg)
For those new to running that wish to boost stamina, couch to 5k is useful. Pic for ants related but there are other regimens.
>>2633 Here is the same image but without looking like shit.
Open file (628.73 KB 2576x3200 the_plan.jpg)
>>2635 wait a minute........ that pic....... familiar......
Everyone should read Ben Klassen’s work on salubrious living. https://archive.org/details/salubriousliving1982_201907
>>2928 That book is good in some parts, dubious in others. I'm not sure about adopting a "Fruititarian" diet, but I wouldn't say that book is wholly bad and is filled with good info when it comes to refraining from alcohol, soft drinks, processed foods, cosmetics and the like. Likewise there is some very obscure redpills involving shoes and feet in there (shoes deform your feet and make them soft and weak). It probably could have had some redpills about deodorant and spraying yourself with aluminum compounds daily
>>2949 I wonder what is is about diet that everyone has very different and strong opinions about it, we all know about how Vegans never shut up, but neither do Ketofags, carnivores, and every other fad diet. Your diet is holy arcane knowledge buried by evil corporations, and every other diet is evil. Completely ridiculous since we all know /med/ is the best diet and so no further discussion is required
Open file (362.11 KB 577x546 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2950 Med diet seems pretty tasty tbh
Open file (181.59 KB 1224x1176 Integrated Whole.png)
>>2518 >>2494 Microcosms and Macrocosms. Cultivate the self, harmonize with the Laws of Nature. Change in one dimension will ripple out and effect the Whole. https://www.bitchute.com/video/fB022QUjFuqg/
>>2950 >Med diet IIRC Italians had also a set of "unwritten" rules or at least not as well-known like their cuisine that put prohibitions or limits to certain stuff like not cooking meats with herbs or limiting the acidic content of certain stuff due to tomatoes/lime already present. I remember that very well because italian chefs get appalled and distressed when they see northern food like tacos de cabeza, gallina pinta, ceviche among other things (micheladas too i believe) because of them being meat stew with tons of herbs, some of them "poisonous" (bay leaf), and the others being acid bombs with vinegar, conserved tomato sauce and lime. It seems they claim such things either fuck you up with gastroesophageal reflux and mild indigestion with flatulence. They aren't wrong.
Open file (267.42 KB 1440x2560 U3m6Lao.jpg)
>>2950 IMHO the best diet for you is the one that your ancestors would have adhered to. So for example if your ancestors were Scandinavian, you want to eat a lot of fish and meats and not so many plants because of the short growing season. If your ancestors were Mediterranean, you'd eat traditional Mediterranean foods. If your ancestors' diet consited mostly of dairy, then consume dairy! And of course if you can obtain them, wild plants and animals are always better to eat than cultivated/domesticated/GMO/processed food.
Open file (188.34 KB 1080x1080 beautiful white girl.jpg)
>>3008 >tfw no loli daughter to give her lunch This is why I /sig/
Don't forget that self-improvement comes not only from improving the body, but the mind as well. Choose a subject or two that you are interested in and study them, anon. Mathematics or a language are good places to start.
Open file (45.83 KB 489x466 bdm girl league.jpg)
>>3018 >Just as, in general, racial quality is the preliminary condition for the mental efficiency of any given human material, the training, of the individual will first of all have to be directed towards the development of sound bodily health, for the general rule is that a strong and healthy mind is found only in a strong and healthy body. MK, Stalag edition pg. 456 >There must be a certain balance between mind and body. A degenerate body is not more beautiful because it houses a radiant spirit. >What has made the Greek ideal of beauty immortal is the wonderful union of splendid physical beauty with nobility of mind and spirit. MK, Stalag edition pg. 457-8 I also think that this sort of idea is what is touched on when speaks of the the fascist unity of thought and action as touched on by Gentile, Mishima and other (see >>1922), which necessarily condemns navel-gazing intellectualism at the expense of actualizing those ideals and living in touch with reality
>>3045 Right, that's why I said "the mind ''as well'" as it's undeniably essential to hone one's body to be beautiful. However, there is nothing to be lost by honing your mind as well - note the phrase "wonderful union of splendid physical beauty with nobility of mind and spirit." All aspects of a man are essential and none should be neglected - least of all the body, but the mind and spirit are important, too.
>>3047 I might not have made it as clear as I should have, but I was just adding some complementary quotes to your post for the hell of it. When you say "aspects of a man are essential and none should be neglected" you are 100% correct and I couldn't possibly disagree. Both the brainless meathead and sickly intellectual are two kinds of imbalance. A harmony is required.

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