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Women in Politics Blackshirt 09/15/2020 (Tue) 22:23:07 ID: f83e3f No.8346
Why didn't any of you fuckers tell me a woman this cute existed and she shared some of my values? Anyways, this gets me on an interesting topic. In an idealized state, would women be allowed anywhere near politics? If you want my opinion, I'd say no since I understand how politics usually end when women get involved (a sex that focuses more on emotion rather than empirical/objective logic); however, I often hear the counter-argument that such a perspective is akin to how Mudslimes treat their women. I don't want women to be forced to wear full hijabs but I do want them to be forced to dress modestly. The problem is that I don't know how this can be enforced legally. From the victorian era, if I remember correctly, women dressed how they did because of their husbands/fathers, rather than the state actually having anything in place. Forcing women out of politics could potentially be something that can be enforced legally - if someone sees a potential downside please let me know, I could be overlooking it - but other rules like how women should dress or behave may be best left to their parents. First, of course, men and women alike would need to be instilled the values of modesty for this to ever really be enforced in a family hierarchy, and for that I think religion would need to be a stressed virtue - particularly Christianity. We could get into how difficult nourishing religion widely in society would be in a different thread. The scope of this one is to discuss where women should sit in matters of politics
Open file (21.06 KB 236x354 example 3.jpg)
Open file (247.46 KB 400x313 example 2.png)
Open file (207.13 KB 237x400 modesty example 1.png)
>>8346 Women shouldn't be involved at all. Anyone who says that "b-but that's what Mudslimes do!" should be ignored, because if we went by that standard, many things that traditional European societies have done in the past would have to be discarded outright. It should all hinge on what are the pros and cons of having women involved in politics. I agree with you personally. They're too emotional and easily swayed. This said, so are many men. Democracy hinges on the idea on idea that voters are rational and know their best interests. Rejecting this (as I do), most men should not be involved in politics either. >I do want them to be forced to dress modestly. The problem is that I don't know how this can be enforced legally. This can only be fixed gradually. The entire media apparatus controlled by our enemies today will have to be pulled from their control, firstly, and begin instilling our values - i.e. pro-modesty, pro-family, pro-complementarianism (as opposed to equality of the genders). Begin scrubbing all the filth and feminist propaganda from the minds of the people and imparting our values through the educational system and people will massively change in a decade. People follow their leaders as well. Have them be moral paragons and role-models and all the world will follow. Just think of the massive social-engineering of our enemies reversed. The difference for us is that we work on humans norms and attitudes with millennia worth of a track-record. It might even be faster to restore, but it certainly won't be overnight. Regarding the level of modesty. I don't see much reason to aim for anything more extreme than in the pics I attached. And by the standards of the modern West, this is super modest. I don't think it's that radical though. They look nice on the women in the pictures, and more importantly it doesn't show every curve on their body. They have some basic self-respect and you won't be cucked by other men in public leering at your wife Suggested steps: >ban porn >strengthen obscenity laws for media in general >stop treating women like a sex commodity in advertising, etc >enforce through educational standards, school uniforms, gender segregation in schools, etc >encourage people to have large families through incentives and state-support (so the woman will not need to work) Regarding Christianity, I will have to disagree for the typical reasons you can probably guess, but you're 100% right that we need an overarching "civic creed" alongside other very important factors like blood-relations.
>>8348 Also it goes without saying to start now. A lot of my post hinges on having state-control of media. Guide your girlfriends or wives away from unmodest clothing, and encourage through various means and skillful complimenting of their clothing the wearing of more modest dress.
>>8346 wait isn't this the girl that founded the party that mosley mention as a failure >The British Union of Fascists came into existence in October, 1932, when Sir Oswald Mosley, the Leader, published “Greater Britain. It is true that before that event there had existed other Fascist organisations, chiefly the British Fascists which recently became bankrupt, and the Imperial Fascist League. Neither of these organisations, however, had gained any numerical strength, and their influence on English public life was negligible. Their policy, if they had one at all, was of a reactionary character. The Tories, from their point of view, were not severe enough on the Socialists and Communists, and these so-called Fascists were anxious to create an organisation that was merely negative and anti-Socialist Sounds pathetic to me, so i would have to say to keep woman out of politics, because it's likely that all of their beliefs would come from reactionarism, she also seems to have called mosley a near-communist which makes one wonder what she would think of the falange and republican fascist italy
>>8350 She didn’t get married and had no children either. Sad. She looks too masc for me in the face honestly. I like really feminine women only
>>8346 >Dependent on alcohol and drugs,[16] rumours about her private life began to damage her reputation, until her mother stopped her funding amid lurid tales of drink, drugs and orgies.[17] Taken ill in 1933, she was sidelined from the British Fascists, with effective control passing to Mrs D. G. Harnett, who sought to breathe new life into the group by seeking to ally it with Ulster loyalism.[18] >She died at the age of 40 on 10 March 1935 at Santa Brígida, Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, with her organisation all but defunct. Her body was buried at Las Palmas' 'English Cemetery'.[19] All women are whores, no exception. Only cucks will allow them to participate in politics. [16]Dorril, Blackshirt, p. 198 [17]Thurlow, Fascism in Britain, p. 37 [18]Griffiths, Fellow Travellers on the Right, p. 92 [19]Entry for Rotha Lintorn-Orman in the Findagrave website (2019).
Open file (347.58 KB 1162x947 45815.JPG)
Women can definitely be useful in community based politics like festival planning and beautification committees. Women are lemmings, when Nationalists take over even the biggest faghags will report their homosexual friends to the authorities within months days if there's a Day of the Rope. Although I like modesty as a rule, I'm also sympathetic to the non-sexualized nudism of NS Nacktkultur.
>>8426 I've heard of Nacktkultur and how it was promoted in art, culture and through certain magazines and books such as Hans Surén's "Mensch und Sonne – Arisch-olympischer Geist", but I've read in several different places that National Socialists banned nudist groups. The German wiki page on Surén (where everything should be taken with a huge grain of salt) says the following: >Adolf Hitler kannte Suréns Buch und verehrte ihn und seine Ideen "Adolf Hitler knew Surén's book and admired him and his ideas". There must have been a reason why they banned some nudist groups and then went on to promote their own version of it. There must have been some degenerate associations in the ones banned is all I can think.
>>8444 Probably, they promoted nudism as a sexuality rather than nudism as a way to admire a healthy or admirable physique.
>>8374 >only female fascist leader I've ever heard of >is a massive degenerate What a coincidence

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