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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

Open file (237.39 KB 1400x1050 planet of the apes.jpg)
Open file (298.15 KB 538x302 white women kneel 2.png)
Open file (129.56 KB 800x533 zogbots kneel 2.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 528x760 white women kneel.png)
BLM Riot and Protests Thread Blackshirt 06/10/2020 (Wed) 15:35:45 No.816
Since this clown-show doesn't look like it will fade away anytime in the immediate future, I thought I'd make a thread on it. To me, this looks not like the beginning of race war, but yet another step towards it. Events such as this, completely supported by the Jewish oligarchs, will become more and more common as the demographic balance in America tips against our favor. What disturbs me most out of all of this is the behavior of whites towards these niggers. Attached to my post are only a few of the examples of what has been going on in numerous places across the United States. White women are forced to kneel in front of black people, whites kneel en masse to prostrate themselves and apologize for their ancestors actually having master morality and not being utter cucks and just today we see that there are whites actually washing nigger feet to atone in some bizarre practice akin to a sick final form of Christianity. When will this madness end? /fascist/ doesn't usually do news but this is a thread it might be good for. OLD THREAD https://archive.fo/srfvL
>When will this madness end? When incidents such vidrelated will become non-stop.
It's all going as Globohomo wills. Whites are blamed for all that's "wrong" today (in this case, Negro criminality). None of the riots have done any damage of note to the system since they're part of the system. Property damage at worst will simply be repaired with emergency funds. The only outcome of this is that blacks and Antifa LARPers have gotten the message that they can kill whitey with no threat of punishment. Nigs will get their gibs. https://therightstuff.biz/2020/06/09/strike-mike-episode-115-market-stalinist-revolution/ All of the calls to dismantle the cops are just a scheme to purge cops who don't toe the homo party line loud enough and attack unions and lay the groundwork for the next form of Globohomo law enforcement.
https://twitter.com/Thamster2/status/1266615977577312263 >This is the center of these riots. The framing of white supremacy takes racial antagonism and police brutality, transfers it to a big Other (whites) as the cause for why blacks are in poverty. The riots get them gibs, whites are further demonized, and the system wins. https://twitter.com/MikePsJuice/status/1266574639733620736 >This is not a protest against the ruling class. This was instigated by the ruling class and informed by their values. The POC rioters lack any kind of consciousness and merely want to steal and burn, the white antifa elements are acting out a phony Jewish revolutionary fantasy.
>>831 Top kek. I feel like this incident has already been repeated over and over in various forms over the last few weeks. A lot of whites are going to have to realize that no matter what they do blacks are going to hate them and lash out at them. There is no appeasing them. >>836 >>833 Thanks for the podcast link, I'll give it a listen. I saw you (?) post about this yesterday. I thought it seemed very possible. I can't wait for Coca Cola death squads or federalized ZOGbots. I'm surprised that people aren't talking about this more.
Open file (543.90 KB 1470x960 chaz.jpg)
Open file (202.94 KB 1125x1198 CHAZ 2.jpg)
Open file (408.89 KB 1820x928 COMMUNISTS CHAZ.jpg)
HAPPENING Antifa and BLM have taken over a small area of a couple blocks in Seattle a day ago and are announcing it as "Free Capitol Hill" or the "Capital Hill Autonomous Zone - CHAZ". There are solid barricades on the road with "you are now leaving the USA signs" and the nearby buildings have been claimed as property of CHAZ. Local business owners have been strong armed into giving them money. CHAZ demands: TL;DR - reparations, abolition of imprisonment, all non-whites deserve retrials for violent crimes, prisoners should vote, dismantle police https://medium.com/@seattleblmanon3/the-demands-of-the-collective-black-voices-at-free-capitol-hill-to-the-government-of-seattle-ddaee51d3e47 Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitol_Hill_Autonomous_Zone Info tweets: https://twitter.com/mrandyngo/status/1270375353614123010 https://twitter.com/brrn_fed/status/1270345660617891842 https://archive.is/VhagM https://mobile.twitter.com/PartyPrat/status/1270296294204903424 (map maker) Map https://usa.liveuamap.com/ WHERE THE FREIKORPS WHEN YOU NEED THEM? COMMIES ARE GOING WEIMAR MODE ALREADY
Open file (8.16 MB 640x360 rwds.mp4)
>>839 >>838 It will be fun to watch this inevitably implode from internal problems before anything else. I heard they already have tranny drama and they can't enforce shit https://twitter.com/TheWholeStory6/status/1270659706709610496
>>838 One of their leader is faggot "lauracouç" , pretending to be a "woman and dyke", who sexually abused his girlfriend "Commie-Mama #bIm"(who actually is a male pretending to be a woman too), because "she" make a joke about "throwing him into gulag". lauracouç account: https://twitter.com/anarchomastia Commie-Mama #bIm account: https://twitter.com/MeganMegoonVevo It's all so tiresome and hilarious in the same time.
Open file (3.25 MB 2048x3648 tranny revolutionary.jpg)
Open file (390.22 KB 953x1331 1591813885452.png)
https://twitter.com/TheWholeStory6/status/1270659706709610496 ITS ALREADY IMPLODING!!!!! there was a fight about someone spraypainting and a community policer tryed to descalate and it resulted in a fight. COMMUNITY POLICE BURTALITY
Open file (874.59 KB 2544x4000 hilarious pepe.jpg)
>>845 Is this the power of leftist de-escalation squads?
>>870 >soy products Enjoy this low effort OC
>>844 pew, pew thanks for the AK faggot
Open file (710.20 KB 3318x2024 SMALLER farce marx.jpg)
>>877 Let me make that smaller
>>848 top comment on the 4pol thread about this was "how long will it be until they kill a black guy"
Open file (596.88 KB 1071x1044 1591831124022.png)
>>879 Pffft, holy fuck, they're already starving
>>884 The dude in the car did literally nothing wrong. If that dumb nigger didn't want to get shot he shouldn't have attacked the man in his car and reached for the steering wheel. They're lucky he did blow that jogger's brains all over the pavement for what he did. I would have. >>899 Kek that would be poetic.
Open file (413.86 KB 960x1200 RAZ.jpg)
https://twitter.com/RHGR/status/1270814875200245760 they're saying the spray paint incident is related to some kang nigger named '"RAZ" who they are calling a war lord. he has an armed crew that is policing seattle now. >i only knew from 3 years ago when he gave all my staff his mixtape when he came into my work
Open file (134.64 KB 837x1158 payupracist.jpg)
Open file (87.53 KB 592x280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (79.25 KB 790x224 ClipboardImage.png)
>>906 /leftypol/ is gurgling his BBC right now This dude is making me think of that "Commissar Jamal" screencap from 4/pol/
>>907 >gibs money so we can protect you >from us unironically communism, Trump must be laughing his ass off
https://gofile.io/d/IffAr1 heres a 55minute video of the spray painting incident. is this police brutality or are we still waiting for a classic commie purge?
>>913 at 4:30 you can see someone wearing a tail and "paws".
Open file (497.71 KB 1280x958 chaz is a fucking dump.jpg)
Open file (359.69 KB 958x1280 chaz dump 8.jpg)
Open file (480.78 KB 1280x958 chaz dump 6.jpg)
Open file (2.96 MB 3024x4032 chaz dump 7.jpg)
Open file (384.73 KB 958x1280 chaz dump 9.jpg)
Some /pol/ guy is taking pictures from the heart of CHAZ, get a load of this dump. I can smell it from here >>912 Surprised he hasn't tweeted about it yet, though if he were smart he wouldn't give this biohazard any oxygen. Like people are saying it's probably gonna implode due to commie-tier planning and tranny drama within a few days
can't wait to see the furfag on CNN, elected speaker of CHAZ, meeowing and purring throughout the interview
this place could turn into skid row if the homeless find it favorable. kikepedia says theres 12.5k homeless in seattle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homelessness_in_Seattle
Open file (593.75 KB 1280x958 tents chaz.jpg)
>>914 Seattle has to be the most fucked up city on this planet outside of San Francisco. >>919 It probably already is heading that way. Looks like people are already setting up tents. If this last more than a few weeks with out imploding for one reason or another it will be an absolute shithole.
>>920 something i've noticed in these pictures and even streams of the riots, is the large proportion of white people.
Open file (199.04 KB 252x330 chad kaczynski.PNG)
>>921 >Those who are most sensitive about “politically incorrect” terminology are not the average black ghetto- dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any “oppressed” group but come from privileged strata of society. Political correctness has its stronghold among university professors, who have secure employment with comfortable salaries, and the majority of whom are heterosexual white males from middle- to upper-middle-class families.
>>878 >taking an airsoft ak lol noguns
>>924 >Political correctness has its stronghold among university professors, who have secure employment with comfortable salaries, and the majority of whom are heterosexual (((white males))) from middle- to upper-middle-class families. I wonder how different his view on things would have been if he had noticed the (((coincidences))).
>>945 I’ve often wondered that myself when reading Ted. You’d think a guy like him would have no qualms recognizing the more “unsavory” facts surrounding race and a certain tribe. He certainly recognizes that anti-racism measures are merely tools of the technological society, but he never speaks on broader issues. Maybe if he is redpilled on this he wants to stay tightly focused. Lots of people speak on Jews, but not many on technology.
Dumb leftists pull down a Confederate statue and smash a jogger’s skull. Even in death the man depicted in the statue still serves. https://youtube.com/watch?v=dgHC1i3m8xQ
>Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. Kinda based, not going to lie. He won’t do shit though. The orange kike is all bark
>>909 >spoiler I was thinking the exact same thing. Does anyone have that image by chance? I want to show it to a friend of mine.
>>844 Hahahaha what race is this? >>910 This is hilarious, keep going.
>>953 its in his best interest to not do anything. the only power the antifatrannyblacklivesmatter alliance has is optics and frame. if big mean daddy trump shuts down the slumber party then it only fuels their power because of how theyve situated their frame. if he does nothing and the whole thing turns into a shithole then the truth will come out.
>>969 >its in his best interest to not do anything Sure? I'd like to think so, too but the dems will rather let their cities fall apart than begging him for help and anarchy in the streets reflects badly on him even when he's not at fault.
>>969 Getting called on his bluffs repeatedly shows his weakness. He won't do shit, nigger. The orange kike has failed to deliver on every single promise.
>>920 Californians are to blame for Seattle though.
Rather than "de-funding" police the US should consider abolishing the courts and the "legal profession." There's more failure there than there is on the streets. A lot more. The reality is police get it right, or substantially right much of the time. The sole purpose of the rest of the system (all the lawyers, judges, juries, appeals, post conviction proceedings) is to catch the other few. It actually catches practically none of it. It says alot on how there is so much agitation against them and not a word about the massive failure of lawyers, judges and courts. New York's "Civil Rights Law" 50-A is a case in point. To put a government secrecy statute in the chapter called "Civil Rights Law" to begin with. Then to enforce it as over and against the constitutional right of a criminal defendant to confrontation. And that's all on the judiciary.
Open file (125.53 KB 812x531 commissar jamal.jpg)
>>956 >Does anyone have that image by chance? Here you go
Open file (1.93 MB 1415x1261 chaz extortion.png)
Armed People at Seattle Autonomous Zone Checking IDs, Extorting Businesses >People with guns are checking the identification of individuals trying to enter an area in Seattle run by far-left activists and groups like Antifa, the Seattle Police Department said. >“We have been hearing from community members that they have been subjected to barricades set up by the protesters, with some armed individuals running them as checkpoints into the neighborhood,” Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette told reporters on Wednesday. >“While they have a constitutionally protected right to bear arms, and while Washington is an open carry state, there is no legal right for those arms to be used to intimidate community members,” she added. >Police officials have also heard of businesses and citizens being asked to pay a fee to operate in the area, which is known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and includes about 500 houses. That would be the crime of extortion, Nollette said. >Anyone feeling threatened, intimidated, or extorted should call 911, she added. https://www.theepochtimes.com/armed-people-at-seattle-autonomous-zone-checking-ids-extorting-businesses-police_3384801.html >>969 This thing is an optics disaster for Antifa and BLM though. If Trump is going to give this any attention at all, he should be deadly serious in what he says on Twitter. He needs to grow some balls and put down the boot at some point - I'm not talking some sort of RWDS fantasy, I'm talking about stopping anti-white communists from asserting "autonomy" and extorting businesses in the middle of an American city. If he does not act, he is a cuck. An effective leader would have these people running from the hills with a mere a threat of action against this commie shithole, but Trump always cucks out and doesn't do anything.
Cops in Blue Lands like Minneapolis are filled with cucks, Affirmative Action hires, refuse from the Zogbots, low-quality males who'd submit to a woman if she said she'd touch his dick. Just about every example of actual police brutality like when that cunt cop shot a kid pointing a Wiimote at her is done by such. Low-quality men who want to show they're "hard" to make some cunt paper-pusher or wannabe man suck his dick. Women who've been told by their fathers that they can DO IT or they're little princesses who get a gun and get triggered into triggy-happy. Rejects from defending OUR GREATEST ALLY. The problem isn't having cops. The problem is that the cops are too many.
>>994 >>838 >Seattle Commune The more time pases the more organized crime will take hold of that place, leftists are so easy to infiltrate by criminal organizations as they seek reduced police-presence
>>1024 It's going to be particularly fun to watch the unwashed masses of homeless flood into the area, especially as they're handing out free shit. I just heard that they "disbanded" though. I haven't taken the time to see whether this is true or not but they're probably shitting their pants over the Trump tweets. Some hardcore Bolsheviks these are.
Open file (31.05 KB 602x270 ClipboardImage.png)
New Trump tweets from an hour ago. Tweet on the top is a rehash of yesterdays.
>>1028 >they "disbanded" though. This s the worst part about modern leftists, they give up way before it gets fun Just like with the Spanish Rep*blicans, in-fighting is their greatest weakness, now worse with how opinionated everyone is
Open file (247.30 KB 640x480 jogger gets scalped.webm)
>>951 If you watch closely you can see his skull revealed as he gets scalped
Open file (56.04 KB 400x476 162.jpg)
>>1030 >This s the worst part about modern leftists, they give up way before it gets fun They're just as domesticated and feminized as most other people in our societies, even more so in fact. Back in the late 19th and 20th centuries at least the average dedicated leftist was an actual industrial worker living in squalor and working in dangerous conditions. They were mainly people whose hardships were preyed upon by certain (((ideologies))).
>>1032 In the south of Mexico you still get working-class leftists who actually work; they are all (mental) slaves, but that is the kind of people these ideologies attract. I do not doubt manny leftists back then had a reason to be, but I am also sure that most leftist mack then (just like with the rest of society) were slaves too. Asking for better-working conditions somehow turned into the officialization of slave-menthality
Open file (287.00 KB 1543x1600 scales.jpeg)
>>1044 >Asking for better-working conditions somehow turned into the officialization of slave-menthality It's easy to see how it happened, but it was by no means inevitable. Workers had genuine greviances and expressed them in more or less formulated ways. But these are just uneducated workers at the end of the day, and there's only so much they can accomplish, especially when they are working twelve plus hours a day. With the worker problem becoming a bigger and bigger social issue, it inevitably begins to attract attention from different parts of society. The unorganized mass with its spontaneous protests gradually get co-opted by Jews who formulate these spontaneous protests for better conditions and a different future into grand doctrines and formulas. Marx's doctrines sidelined nearly every other form of socialism, pozzing the entire movement with internationalism, promises of some future utopia, sacralization of social conflict as a progressive force and all other sorts of subversive doctrines. A lot of these people were likely already slave moralists even prior to this, envying the lives of the capitalists who appeared to reap all the benefits while the workers toiled away for them endlessly. Envy, hatred, ressentiment, a feeling of being rootless - all very base and volatile emotions, easily manipulated by certain forces. I'm not even saying that there are some real issues pointed out here that are destructive to a harmonious society, but the way they approach it has clearly born fruit time and time again in the most gruesome of manners.
Open file (534.83 KB 379x577 ClipboardImage.png)
https://twitter.com/spookyMN/status/1270313836210466816 George Floyd had threatened a pregnant woman with a gun. Does anyone have a solid source on that?
>>1254 Funny to see Raz get #MeToo'd >>1255 It comes from this document, but it is not mentioned that the woman was pregnant. If anyone has a source on that claim I'd like to see it. This document does say though that she had a one-year old child in the house at the time and had a gun held to her abdomen. Just as bad tbh
>>1258 That's just as good. Where did you find that document? Was it on a reputable enough news source like Breitbart?
>>994 >If he does not act, he is a cuck Wasnt he a cuck the moment he let his daughter marry a jew?
Open file (125.74 KB 629x960 CHAZ Food supply 1.jpg)
Open file (413.18 KB 1280x958 CHAZ Food supply 2.jpg)
Open file (196.24 KB 768x1024 CHAZ Food supply 3.jpg)
Wow... >>1080 The democratization of speech was a mistake
Open file (180.64 KB 217x280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (34.12 KB 952x374 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1288 (heil'd) Pic rel is the funniest part of that third picture. You can just feel the despair radiating off it. I wonder if they've gotten their cow yet.
>>1288 >the people's garden looks some people will be substantially thinner at the end of summer also nice Hitler dubs heil'd
>>1292 >You can just feel the despair radiating off it. lmfao, I can't wait to see the cow arrive, eat all that's in the people's retards garden and die a week later anyways while the corpse is fiercely protected from the starving masses by the equally starving vegans.
>>1288 >The democratization of speech was a mistake I wish we could go back to an age where no one paid heed to the banal and ill-formed opinions of the masses and simply ignored them. Democracy and things like social media were a mistake.
>>1295 The elite are the ones who tell the masses what to say. Not the other way around.
>>1296 No, you're definitely right about that. Government and elites in general can't follow public opinion, it's too volatile, ill-informed and would lead to schizophrenic and irrational governing. So through institutions like education, media and entertainment the elites shape the worldviews of the masses and make them conform to that of the elite. Maybe it would have been better for me to criticize the type of individualism that is prevalent today where everyone thinks that they are the center of the universe and have ideas worth listening to.
Doss have a link to a site with the full unedited arrest of George Flolyd? Atheism Is Unstoppable showed it in one of his videos.
Open file (164.54 KB 216x489 CHAZ Pose.png)
>>1292 >>1294 That picture is beautiful >>1296 What I meant is the idea that every opinion matters no matter who you are, or course these people are unable of coming up with their own opinions, but sure they are vocal about them and demand to be heard
>>1301 Here's a few different things, might not be exactly what you wanted: >Some surveillance video of arrest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUhatOhtnPI >Some heavily redacted body cam footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyUtGpSe_hQ >Full video from bystander https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8hGKB5QDhw
Compare the amount of tents in this pic to a few days ago >>920.
Listen to this insane anti-white diatribe https://streamable.com/4tmd40
>>1338 Do they really believe that tiny garden will produce enough to feed even one person for two days if they stretched it out as far as possible?
>>1342 Nah, let these retarded urbanite subhumans find out the hard way.
>>1343 >>1338 The fuck? Is that just potting soil spread on top of cardboard because their 'occupy' movement is too pussy to tear up the grass?
>>1343 white hate/dehumanization is the new religion of the atheists.
>>1352 Apparently the roots can go through the cardboard and the grass underneath will die from a lack of sunlight. Not sure if it’s true or not but that’s what some retards on /leftypol/ were saying. To me though it looks like they don’t have near enough soil, but them being weak pussies is probably a part of this. Look at this beauty in the background >>1353 Atheists of an Abrahamic strand, at least. They’ve scavenged the bare basics of its slave morality from the corpse of God. I always laugh at these cucked atheists who can’t even accept any sort of “might is right” or amoralism.
>>1338 Can't wait for them all to starve to death because 1. They don't know that plants take entire fucking seasons to grow and produce food. 2. They didn't actually work out how much food their little garden will actually produce. 3. They don't water and weed it and it dies within a week because none of them wants to do actual work.
>>1354 >Apparently the roots can go through the cardboard and the grass underneath will die from a lack of sunlight That's not how grass works, you'll kill the blades, but the roots will still be there sucking up nutrients, and there's a pretty good chance that it'll just grow through the cardboard. Grass is the single hardiest type of plant on the fucking planet, you could start a massive firestorm that wipes out all life in Seattle and grass would be one of the first things to come back with zero issues right after cockroaches.
>>1358 You think commies know how grass works? They still haven't figured out how food works.
>>1343 >Basil >Fucking dies on you You have to try in order to kill it, maybe commies simply kill everything they plant t. /fascist/ department of agriculture
>>1363 Well it's only planted on what I can assume to be an inch of potting soil on top of cardboard which sits on top of grass so it probably couldn't actually take root in the insufficient soil they gave it because the commies are too weak to pull up some fucking grass.
>>1354 I don't get it, why don't they just buy the fucking food? why are they camping on this shithole? don't these fags have homes? do they actually believe they declared indenpendence from the USA? what does this have to do with blm? how can there be this amount of people and not a single competent braincell?
>>816 >the behavior of whites towards these niggers I'm more disappointed at their behavior to their own kind, including their children.
>>1368 God, I would feel nothing but embarrassment if a bunch of whites approached me with such petty >>1364 Surely there is no way any commie thinks that a few centimeters of soil is enough. I do not even know how they managed to have those plants stand up with so little support. Worst-case-scenario: They trimmed the root system so they could fit in the tiny layer of soil, killing the plant , you can trim almost all leaves from a plant, but you do not fuck with the roots.
>>1343 >pic one glad to see the white leftist scum won't get anything, tho there's not much to share to begin with honestly >pic two LMFAO I've never seen plants wasted that quick and I'm gardening for decades >>1354 >Apparently the roots can go through the cardboard and the grass underneath will die from a lack of sunlight. Not sure if it’s true well ..... my neighbors tried once to kill the grass in a part of their garden by putting black tarpaulin over it so they could plant more easily, in fact it literally preserved the grass. It was much greener and fresher than elsewhere after some months lol also, that pic, that's the worst elephant toe I've seen for a long time, jesus ...
>>1370 >Surely there is no way any commie thinks that a few centimeters of soil is enough. That would imply that commies think though.
Some hobo occupied the dindu garden and refuse soygoys and chimp to walk in. https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1271632963109679104
Open file (109.24 KB 620x851 milk is rape.jpeg)
Harvesting milk from cow is "rape", according to pantifa.
>>1389 >still can't get her into the trailer Is this a LARP? No way they can't handle a cow but who knows, maybe that cow is just red-pilled and won't have anything to do with CHAZ
>>1389 That poor cow knows it’s going to its death if it steps in that trailer
>>1388 I was going to make a « White man teaching africans agriculture (2020) » but he is not farming nor fixing their farm, he is just waisting his time >>1390 >redpilled Is she from the Right-Wing Grass-feed squad?
>>1395 Antifa started dumpster fire and calling a firefighters to take this away. Take this, nazi-crapitalist scum ! https://twitter.com/Julio_Rosas11/status/1270968437179740160/photo/1
Open file (107.36 KB 1080x589 nigger cuts throat.jpg)
A nigger just cut a white man's throat in London. Here's a video of it occurring: https://twitter.com/AnonWoken/status/1271854426375032832 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip1AYakhl1c
Right-wing & BLM protesters face off in London, police intervene >Right-wing demonstrators have hit the streets of Britain’s capital, vowing to “protect” historical monuments from anti-racism protesters. The gathering escalated into scuffles with police, as well as with rival protesters. >Following days of unrest involving protests against racism and police brutality, right-wing groups took to the streets of London on Saturday. The protesters condemned Black Lives Matter demonstrators and vowed to protect historical monuments from them. >While the demonstration remained peaceful for a while, some protesters became unruly and scuffled with the police, who have a heavy presence in central London. Some right-wing demonstrators were seen making gestures that appeared to be Nazi salutes. >Some protesters became hostile towards the press, and several reporters were attacked. Footage from the scene shows a reporter with a bloody nose being led away by police while protesters hurl insults at him. https://www.rt.com/uk/491721-london-statues-blm-protest/
Open file (2.04 MB 380x360 atlanta shooting.webm)
Open file (248.16 KB 1125x1341 atlanta.jpg)
Are we about to see a mythical category six chimp out?
Open file (583.13 KB 661x329 ClipboardImage.png)
These last few weeks, having seen what I've seen, has made me so much more racist it's not even funny. Here's some more fuel: >I want you to find, by the time you leave (...) to give 10 dollars to one African American person from this autonomous zone >And if you find it difficult you have to think - in the future - are you actually (going to) give up (on) power and land when you have it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UCEvWpWDHI
If you're blackpilled just look at the comment section of this video, normal name and rl avatar people lit talking about same shit we do, "they want a race war" "animals" "savages" etc. How the cops don't do anything, how it's censored by msm(the JQ is missing in them). How their country is against all whites. etc etc They know what's up. Only the kikes want people to believe this fake nonsense that everyone is "against us" and that people aren't receptive and attentive. People are really starting to fucking get it now.
>>1439 That's definitely no /pol/ raid of that comment section, that's for sure. I don't know what (((their))) goals are this year (beyond their ultimate ones, of course), but the Jews are going pedal to the metal with no concerns for the consequences. Of course one should never interrupt their enemy while they're making a mistake, but from seeing stuff like this, and even talking with some friends and family about racial issues and demographics recently, people are getting fed up with this 24/7 subversion and anti-white madness.
Open file (80.61 KB 510x680 niggerzogbot.jpeg)
g*rman zogbots bending the knee, breaking their oath of office and showing solidarity with pantifa terrorists. Worth noting though that besides the obvious nigger cop only the last one to the left might be actually German. Looks like med though Anyway, that happens when you let foreigners into the forces.
>>1443 mind you, some German police were reprimanded when they had a small German flag in their squad car during the soccer championchip because it was supposedly a break of their professional neutrality. Now kneeling in front of niggers like a twobit whore ready to swallow will be obviously totally okay ....
Open file (1.28 MB 320x180 merkel flag.gif)
>>1445 >some German police were reprimanded when they had a small German flag in their squad car during the soccer championchip because it was supposedly a break of their professional neutrality. Not even surprised at this point.
>>1443 >>1445 Well, that's what all zogbots do, sycophantic authoritarians who follow orders from the kikes no exceptions. Traitors. There are no good cops left in 2020, just remember that. They are not public servicemen as they used to be, they are a gang. The ZOG Gang. Nobody can work within this garbage society as a cop with without being quite literally an ego driven authoritarian psychopath/sociopathic. You can't work as a cop without noticing what's actually going on, on the city street every single fucking day. Remember they cover up black crimes everyday, black rape of whites, black murder, black terror, do the opposite for whites and skew it. Yeah they fucking know. It's not just their bosses, dont think they don't know? What do you think they talk about with their literal gang member colleagues?(a fellow cop to them is brother above goyim and in the work enviroment, just like a gang). Just Imagine accepting and working for this sick system with all its fucking disgusting bullshit while they could get ANY other job. Psychotic animals. They see this shit and cover it up every day. You have to be a leftist antifa mentally to not get that. They are all traitors. Except for, perhaps, maybe the country village cop but he's so small he doesn't matter in the full context to even be counted. It's so plain today when what we have going on that they have come to terms with this treason. Police are nothing but despicable fucking traitors. Any decent human being has gotten out of that garbage, what we see today in police aka "public servicemen" are worst of the worst USSR tier subhuman golems by the likes of the NKVD shabbos goy psycho Vasili M. Blokhin. Don't think the traitors wouldn't shoot "racists" like us if schlomo ordered them. These traitors do whatever the fuck they can get away with. It would be fun.
>Phone theft in broad daylight due to no law and order Check >innocent preachers being harassed and choked out for no reason Check! Yup, it's a communist paradise! Remember, this is what their America would look like if they controlled it: https://twitter.com/livesmattershow/status/1271944180571312128 https://twitter.com/The_Real_Fly/status/1271949695548522502 https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1271922987810254848 https://twitter.com/charliekirk11/status/1271923102461513728
>>1456 i love it, its becoming a sitcom. the people who made the office, parks and rec, should make a new sitcom based off the autonomous zone.
>>1458 This is honestly my favorite thing to have come out of this entire chimpout so far. Whether it's the gardens, the anti-white diatribes, the rampant crime - it's all kino and the perfect demonstration of why these people are subhumans. They're actively discrediting themselves
There's no denying that the point of the Deep State encouraging CHAZ is to discredit any future calls for secession in the eyes of White America by tying it to Niggers and Degenerates combined with experimenting to make new forms of Anarcho-Tyranny (cops disengage, Niggers and Degenerates run wild, "private" security gets brought in).
>>1466 I was wondering earlier if the hands-off approach by ZOG so far is some sort of 4D chess move to drive conservatives further into pro-police / pro-ZOG stances by scaring them with highly publicized images of what happens when their beloved “boys in blue” depart from the scene. I think you or whoever pointed out the potential police privatization or federalization scheme might be onto something, but as of now I’m not sure how it would fit into the puzzle regarding this clownshow
>>1414 It’s already begun
>>1469 >I was wondering earlier if the hands-off approach by ZOG so far is some sort of 4D chess The goal is probably pic related
>>1469 >hands off approach by ZOG is 4d chess i think youre being naive. Theyre trying to setup autonomous zones in other cities now too. what you are seeing is revolution being put in place to usher in ZOG 2.0.
>>1481 >Theyre trying to setup autonomous zones in other cities now too Source? It wouldn’t surprise me
Open file (943.34 KB 1073x1833 CHAZ REDDIT.png)
Open file (41.79 KB 984x600 2591019920094.jpg)
>>1494 >secure a tent >locking a tent holy shit hahahaha this human trash is retarded
Open file (467.25 KB 2064x1548 nashville.jpg)
>>1500 Thank you for the links, I'm surprised I was unaware of this, since the Nashville one seems to have been declared two days ago now. If I had any faith in ZOG at all (and I don't) I'd be wondering why they are so impotent when it comes to these little experiments, but it's clear whose side they are on here. This takeover is so frustrating to watch.
Epic thread on plebbit where antifa member complaining that someone robbed his tent and stolen expensive laptop. Comment section is hillarious. https://www.reddit.com/r/CapHillAutonomousZone/comments/h8n6ad/psa_locksecure_your_tents_before_leaving_it_carry/
>>1504 >mfw you know they’re trolling but there are actually people who believe this out there right now probably
>>1504 enter the world of sheltered 3000$ macbook state supported revolutionaries this got me laughing hard, this fag is some local boss there LOL
Open file (117.53 KB 1205x595 deleted post.png)
>>1504 >>1505 >>1506 Fug , it was deleted. Somebody saved it ?
>>1505 >commie squatters couldn't possibly be robbing eachother blind in the tent city!!! >no way!!
>>844 This is a toy gun, for anyone wondering. Both the sling as well as the hop up switch below the ejection port, as well as the full auto switch gives it away. You also can't forget the mag wheel on the bottom of themag which is clearly visible. There are no screws holding a real AK stock together unless it polymer, the grip is wrong and the trigger's too thin.
Open file (61.29 KB 396x374 1273793156304.jpg)
>>1506 >Unplanned donations Had to dust off the image macro folder for this.
Open file (185.72 KB 503x283 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1512 I can't imagine being perpetually fifteen and posing with fake guns thinking I'm a badass
Open file (49.94 KB 600x640 1548013339470.jpg)
Why can't slaves just behave?
>>1516 I got a few airsoft guns when I was a teenager, but my mistake was getting ones of guns that I thought were cool that I would never own like an MP5 or a G36, both of which were wastes of money, good Airsoft guns, but I should have gone with an AR15 or something as I actually have those. I've made up the training time with them, though. I don't lack marksmanship ability at all and I dominated in airsoft because of that fact. I really should get back into that for the sake of team communication and dynamic room clearing practice, tbh.
>>1520 I also wonder how effective team radio comms would be with airsoft, tbh. I have all the real gear for it and I've larped at the range with it, but I don't have money to spend to get an airsoft fun or anything right now and am poor in general.
>>1518 Whites have become infected with a morality that shames their natural status as the highest of humanity, and any attempt to exercise their natural instincts is condemned as evil, abominable. The White man died the day he stopped thinking of himself as the master. Now niggers are allowed to be uppity all of the time and we think that appeasing them will fix the issues
>>1494 >lock your tent Even when there were cops around a burglar wouldn't be inclined to walk away from an easily cut open tent if he knew there were valuables inside. This is the kind of person who wants to lead a "revolution".
>>1522 >and we think that appeasing them will fix the issues Well, i don't think >we believe that, but normalniggers have been brainwashed into it. Capitulating to evil never works. Commonsense, history, and the Bible all tell you this. Evil has to be excised for peace to exist for a community.
>>1494 >live around niggers >get surprised when they steal your shit >expect someone to "investigate" the crime after you abolished police This is so funny >>1503 > why they are so impotent Incorrect. This shit is openly ALLOWED. They didn't do a single thing to stop this, they wouldn't even need to send the army, because cutting electricity in the blocks would have done the trick pretty fast. Imagine if it were white people trying similar shit: they would have been waco'd immediately
So basically,Their own country is 8 blocks of a city. Even the Vatican City is bigger than that!
>>1576 They are just LARPing >Unable to do something about all the hobbos moving in >Unale to fix fire situations, called Seattle's fire department to put-out a literal dumpsterfire >Started a garden without any considerations of soil, climate, production, time, etc. They did it for the looks and not results >Apparently some rapper turned into a warlord for a day If anything CHAZ has being a blessing for giving us something to laugh about. Thanks, CHAZ
>>1579 Still technically their own nation. Not a well thought out plan for a nation, but a nation nonetheless
>>1579 Can't wait to see how long this nation lasts though.
>>1579 One man gets killed and everything goes to shit. Sound familiar?
>>1579 Who else can't wait to see how long this lasts?
Open file (445.03 KB 1080x1731 based chaz.jpg)
Not gonna lie, pic related is pretty based. >>1573 >Well, i don't think >we believe that, but normalniggers have been brainwashed into it Yeah, that's what I meant. People here and in similar circles have obviously gone far beyond such views, but the average white is programmed through white guilt and various media to support, at least to the degree that they don't actively resist them, various types of 'social justice' measures. >>1574 >Imagine if it were white people trying similar shit: they would have been waco'd immediately Undoubtedly. With stuff like Ruby Ridge too it's clear that ZOG will go as far as killing your wife with her baby in her arms, your dog and son over some gay gun charge, not to mention anything more substantial like CHAZ. There'd be bodies littering the streets if these were whites and the media would be kvetching harder than the world has ever seen.
Open file (38.42 KB 601x351 cucked trump.png)
Open file (7.38 KB 1127x98 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (27.12 KB 376x565 William pierce cat.jpg)
>>1618 We keep making the same mistakes over and over again. At least people here realize that the so-called "silent majority" will never wake up. >During the 1960s, when Blacks were rioting and burning our cities, middle-class Whites refused to take a strong stand against them because that would disrupt the country even more and would be bad for business; instead they tried to appease the Blacks with all sorts of new civil rights laws and other government programs. They tried to buy them off. The Whites just wanted to continue indulging themselves; they didn’t want to do anything that might require a bit of austerity in return for the long-term improvement of the country. >Of course, many middle-class Whites were concerned about the degenerative trends which were all too obvious in America during the 1960s and 1970s. They just weren’t concerned enough to do anything. Their solution was just to vote Republican and keep making as much money as possible, so that they could insulate themselves and their own immediate families from what was happening around them, and to hell with everyone else. And so we had the Reagan era, and the White middle class thought that their strategy of compromise and appeasement and selfishness had worked. >Well, of course, it hadn’t worked. Such strategies never work in the long run. People who will not fight eventually will be eaten by people who will fight. A community whose members are so self-centered that they will work only for their own personal benefit and not for the common good eventually will be destroyed by its enemies. https://www.bitchute.com/video/3AEOksQUqtRh/
>>1618 He broke all his promises so he'll break this as well, won't he ? Did he just reinvent himself as Blackmon Trump ? What next, will he share an early rape experience ? Survivor Trump? Is this 5D chess lol? Stay tuned on this channel for more amazing revelations ! Please Russia just please nuke us
Open file (71.52 KB 500x500 migatard.jpg)
>>1621 I'm so glad I voted for Trump so that he could crow about these "historically low black unemployment rates" Fucking based
>>1587 If you think CHAZ isn't backed by the government, you're a silly goose. Where do you think the NO GUNZ guys suddenly got all those guns?
>>1638 They're undoubtedly being implicitly supported by the government. If they were a true threat to ZOG in any way they would be stamped out.
>>1638 >Where do you think the NO GUNZ guys suddenly got all those guns? Soros?
>niggers threaten to tear down statues in Kentucky >evil whitey defends the statues by standing around with guns >niggers don' tear down statues >niggers threaten and proceed to tear down statues in Virginia >no countering this whatsoever from what I can tell What the fuck, are there no groups that are going to keep the uppity monkeys from destroying the history of the fucking state with the capital of the Confederacy or have I just been too retarded to find them?
>>1638 >Where do you think the NO GUNZ guys suddenly got all those guns? Probably the same (((people))) who left pallets of bricks laying around.
>>1660 Is he trying that thing jews do where you repeat a lie over and over for a long period of time until people think it's the truth, but all at once?
Open file (40.12 KB 427x854 15762189238.jpg)
>>1660 kek This is a visual materialization of impotence. I don't know why they are so hell bent in getting rid of Trump, maybe they have an autistic schedule to respect for the realization of Totalitarian Globohomoism and cannot afford another 4 years of delay? But it's telling of how much they need to regain total control if they deemed necessary to start now a colored communist revolution on american soil after all their attempts at impeachment failed. Well, now the orange buffoon is stuck: he can't use force sending the army against his own citizens and by doing nothing he is losing the trust of his voter base. I think the idiotic plan of the kikes is to have Biden win at all costs, even using any frauds they will be able to conduct, and as soon as the old perv will be sworn it the "protests" against racism will magically stop.
>>1666 Kek . Who knows, maybe it works.
>>1660 HE RETWEETED IT >>1681 >maybe they have an autistic schedule to respect for the realization of Totalitarian Globohomoism and cannot afford another 4 years of delay? That’s my theory. Within the two heads of ZOG there is one side that wants to pedal to the metal, and other that just works its way steadily down the road – these both go the same direction and have the same goals of course. It seems in 2020 that the big Jews up at the very top are getting impatient. Trump has become a total joke. He’s clearly a crypto-kike or a puppet who thinks he’s not a puppet. I can’t imagine what this retard is thinking or if he really thinks these tweets do anything, or if he’s so cucked at this point that these pathetic whimpers are all he can do not to totally lose face in front of the NPCs that are still his fans somehow
>>1694 Do you think it is a good time for National Socialists to take over that "Nation"
>>1710 I'm not saying that that wouldn't be entertaining, but I don't even think we're powerful enough for something like that. And for what end? Sure, assuming that we (1) got enough people, (2) were able to smash commies and take it over, there is still the point of 'for what purpose?' ZOG will come and smash the NatSocs. I'm not trying to put off a cowardly position of never risking life or limb for anything, but as of right now I'm not sure it'd be worth putting one's neck out for. If people really want to dedicate time to something, especially in light of recent events, it would be self-discipline, redpilling people around you and finding some way to locate people to seriously organize with. Not saying I'd complain if some Tarrant wannabe showed up though
>>1711 OK you have a good point, but let me know if some Adolf Hitler wannabe decides to take over that "Nation".
>>1711 Also o you think than the nsm (National Socialist Movement) will try to take over CHAZ?
Open file (1.70 MB 984x654 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1713 >Also o you think than the nsm (National Socialist Movement) will try to take over CHAZ? The NSM is cringe. They were literally taken over legally by a black activist last year, Schoep has now denounced racism and there's some fat dude running it now.
>>1715 Since when was the last time the National Socialist Movement had a Rally, though?
>>1716 Who knows, I think they're irrelevant honestly. The only movement that I check up on occasionally is Patriot Front and playing with ideas of how something would best be done organizationally-speaking in my head.
>>1719 Interesting,Also if the U.S decided to let more political parties run in elections, how many of them would be National Socialist?
>>816 Understand why all the megacorporations are supporting this movement. They don't want pic related to happen.
>>1720 >how many of them would be National Socialist? Probably not that many
>>1721 What happened in pic related?
>>1723 >On Sunday, June 25, 1961, Rockwell and ten troopers attended a Black Muslim rally at Uline Arena in Washington. They watched in awe as convoys of chartered buses unloaded hundreds of passengers outside the arena and the Muslim vendors made a killing on official souvenirs and literature. The Nazis were frisked at the door of the arena by several well-dressed but stern-looking Fruit of Islam guards—the Gestapo of the Nation of Islam. A special guard greeted Rockwell, said into his walkie-talkie that the “big man was coming now,” and escorted them to seats near the stage in the center, surrounded by eight thousand Black Muslims. They were encircled by black journalists, who wanted to know Rockwell’s thoughts. He told reporters he considered the Muslims “black Nazis.” “I am fully in concert with their program and I have the highest respect for Mr. Elijah Muhammad.” Rockwell pointed out his only disagreement with the Muslims was over territory. ‘‘They want a chunk of America and I prefer that they go to Africa.” http://www.renegadetribune.com/when-george-lincoln-rockwell-elijah-muhammad-and-malcolm-x-shared-the-same-stage/
>>1721 I suspect this was all planed by China (Who have their yellow hands in all corporations) to divide and weaken the US, it was already being confirmed that they injected fake dollars into your economy and then there is the Wuhan Flu. One after the other while They pretend to be stronger. So I would put on hold all balkanization plans and concentrate in China. Easier said than done since there IS a strong case for division as most Blacks are beasts, we must convince the intelligent ones that they are being used once again. I am aware that this will be exchanging one evil for another evil, but the US is SLIGHTLY less evil, plus, I do not want to learn Chinese since it is an ugly language >>1724 Rockwell was what I think of an American Gentleman. Direct, Honest, Capable, but Friendly, Respectful and a « Live and Let Live » attitude.
Open file (77.04 KB 1024x585 CHAZ FLAG.png)
>> >>1711 I think this should be the flag for CHAZ (or CHOP)
>>1788 (heil'd) >"Atlanta police officers are refusing to answer the radio and walking off of the job. The county can go screw themselves. If you want a society without police we’ll give you one. Let it burn!" quote from ATL police officer That's the spirit
>>1790 "Viva La Revolucion!" Quote by people trying to secede from the U.S
>>1794 I don't recall someone saying that trying to secede from the U.S. I do recall them saying that after being invaded tho
Can someone give me a good source Rayshard or whatever that Nig's name is's criminal record?
Open file (926.04 KB 1390x1342 rayshard record.jpg)
>>1829 I've seen this image going around but when I look on the arrest records site that this was taken from nothing shows up. I'm left wondering whether they (((shut it down))) or not. This site though goes some information that might be what you're looking for: https://weba.co.clayton.ga.us/casinqcgi-bin/wci011r.pgm?rtype=E&dvt=C&ctt=A&lname=brooks&fname=rayshard&btnSrch=Submit+Name+Search
>>1842 « Rayshard » sounds like the MacGuffin of a bad science-fiction young-adult novel
>>1847 Kek it really does. I really wonder how niggers name their kids sometimes, I swear they just mash together syllables and go with what sounds cool
>>1849 LeShawn Wakanda Blackmon III typical nigger name
Open file (181.21 KB 826x672 george washington.gif)
Is this why the 1790 Naturalization Law only wanted to give citizenship to immigrants who were free whites of good moral character? Imagine the future we could have had. I don't like Washington that much do to some of the beliefs that the Founders held that indirectly (and of course unintentionally) culminated in this hellworld of today, but this man is likely rolling in his grave seeing as how the country he helped found is a negrified multicultural amalgam with white minority status and no culture except for consuming cheap Chinese products and washing nigger feet
>>1888 But it's just a block party guys everyone gets shot at a block party!
Open file (150.80 KB 1059x1884 JUNETEENTH PSYOP.jpg)
Has anyone here legitimately heard of this fake holiday before like three days ago?
>>1898 No >Virginia, Maryland, Delaware area the darkest As if there was any doubt it's a psyop before. Anything to come out of that region is guaranteed to be glownigger shit.
>>1849 My favorite is still La-a, pronounced "La dash a."
>>1898 It's just like Kwanza, made up shit so niggers can pretend to have culture. Also like Kwanza, niggers don't actually know what it is.
>>1898 I was thinking the same thing. Less egregious of an example of this – to me at least – is them propping up more and more each year stuff like “International Women’s Day” that no one ever heard about really until two or three years ago, at least as something heavily shilled.
Daily reminder always to capitalize White and and never to capitalize ‘jew’
>some bizarre practice akin to a sick final form of Christianity.
>>1912 >Trying to lump the American niggers and African niggers in one group That seems pretty racist when the Africans don't give a single fuck about some American nigger.
>>1935 Even some African blacks hate the nigger mutts that live here in America. From my experiences in school the Africans either kept to themselves more or they turned into hyper-niggers and went full degenerate. Of course though they're just breeds of the same problem.
Open file (687.47 KB 1071x759 chaz shooting.png)
Open file (2.06 MB 636x354 chaz shooting.mp4)
Open file (1.64 MB 636x354 camera video.mp4)
Open file (499.70 KB 320x568 nudist chaz.mp4)
And the craziness continues...shootings, deaths, nudists...
>>1939 not even a christfag but this place is literally Sodom and Gomorrah, can't wait to see it purged with fire
Open file (63.28 KB 745x508 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (141.81 KB 686x357 ClipboardImage.png)
One reported dead, one wounded in overnight Capitol Hill protest zone shooting — UPDATE >Multiple people reported hearing three to six gunshots from the area of 10th and Pine around 2:20 AM. Police radio updates described people seen fleeing to the north on 11th from Pine and through Cal Anderson. >One victim was reported undergoing CPR in front of the Rancho Bravo restaurant at 10th and Pine before he was transported to Harborview by the protest camp medical volunteers. According to Seattle Police radio updates the man was dead when he arrived at Harborview. Livestreams from the camp in the wake of the shooting also showed a video of an announcement of the man’s death to the protest camp >A second victim was reported with a gunshot wound to the arm and chest. Seattle Fire was called to treat the victim but they too were driven by private vehicle to Harborview. We do not have more information on the second victim’s condition. >Arriving police reported encountering hostile crowds after a large force assembled on the edge of the protest zone and entered the area on E Pine to secure the victim. He had already been driven from the scene by the time police arrived, according to East Precinct radio updates. >Police were collecting shell casings and evidence in the area and East Precinct radio reported video of the incident was being provided. <UPDATE: A security employee working in the area reported the shooter had been in a black SUV that arrived in the area on E Pine. A 911 caller told police a man carried a rifle out of the SUV before gunfire erupted, according to East Precinct radio updates. Camp security was following suspect after the shooting. There have been no reported arrests by police. https://www.capitolhillseattle.com/2020/06/one-reported-dead-one-wounded-in-overnight-capitol-hill-protest-zone-shooting/ http://archive.is/5zkp >>1940 I'm by no means a Christfag either, but the metaphor is apt. No matter what ancient religion or tradition we're talking about, their ideas of what constituted the height of depravity were remarkably similar. Go to around the 9 minute mark in here for what is apparently what this place looks like it at night, more specifically shortly before the police arrived last night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anQFFNNt6JY
Open file (449.06 KB 640x640 Dare I say....mp4)
Open file (554.28 KB 240x291 azusa laugh.gif)
>>2090 All animal-lovers are Nazis at heart, even if they don't know it kek
>>2091 When I saw that I immediately thought of replying with « B-but I like animals... » Almost makes me want to have an anonymous twitter profile just for shitposting and being an obnoxious asshole to these people
>>2092 You'd be shadowbanned almost immediately if not outright banned, unfortunately. I've made a Twitter a few times for various reasons and I'm also marked as a bot or banned for being a bad goy. Truly the fun days of the Internet are almost gone.
>>2093 >Truly the fun days of the Internet are almost gone. Nah. New useful idiots are being born every day Anon. There will always be new vistas for engagement with each new generation.
>>2094 >New useful idiots are being born every day Anon This is especially important to keep in mind IRL
>>2093 Speedrunning a twitter ban is a thing for a reason
>another shooting I wonder how long ZOG wants to keep their little experiment going.
>>2142 Well, one ca't really be surprised that anarchy would've arised in an anarchist insurrection
>>1939 I like when women get indignant and start pointing their fingers. Always gets a chuckle out of me. It's like a child: "Aw, she thinks she's in charge!"
Open file (70.80 KB 500x464 aryan woman baby.jpg)
>>2153 I know, I can't take angry women seriously. They should really be scolding children instead of grown men. Feminism has really inflated their egos
>>2154 >>2153 To de fair, are modern men any different from children?
Open file (355.59 KB 1280x830 young girls.jpg)
>>2155 Modern men are certainly pathetic as well, perpetual children. Classical masculine virtues are nowhere to be found. Despite this, it pains me more to see women corrupted so much and shoved into what is essentially a masculine mould. This is doubtlessly because I'm a man myself and pay more attention to looking for good women.
>>2155 (check'd) The number of genuinely "modern" men is way smaller than watching the electric jew might make it seem. The problem is not men having changed it's a plethora of laws keeping us down.
>>2159 I don't know... it depends on how you define what exactly a "modern man" is. Certainly not all men are feminized soyboys, especially the ones that are older, but there is a certain level of decadence, passivity and weakness even in these men. To see how much man has decayed one merely has to look at ancient epics and virtues.
Open file (376.01 KB 1800x1300 Involution.png)
>>2162 >>2159 >Men Haven't Changed >Muh Cyclical History >Somehow man is product of his environment and not the other way around >implyign these alledged "Europeans" that allow themselves to be trampled all over are doing it because of External rules and not because they are spineless fucks from Kali Yuga get a load of this, faggots
>>2163 *implying holy shit my fucking sausage fingers today
>>2163 >Somehow man is product of his environment and not the other way around You act like it has has to be strictly one or the other. Man has innate nature, but he is also subject to influences in his environment. It might help to look into the distinction made by many Pre-Socratic Greeks and Sophists between nomos (convention) and physis (nature). Today, I'd argue, the vast majority of things considered just and right by the elite, i.e. just according to nomos are directly hostile to the Natural Order, conflicting with the nature of man, resulting in neuroses, anxiety, depression, a sense of powerlessness, meaninglessness, etc. Harm follows if we do not obey the Natural Order. Kali Yuga bullshit is fatalistic nonsense. "Oh woe is me, we live in the dark age and there shall never be anything but decline... we cannot change the flow of time to deeper and deeper levels of decadence and depravity..."
Open file (465.84 KB 2324x2196 Orthodox2.jpg)
>>2167 that is a very good reply and i agree with you, however i personally think that even if Man can be somewhat conditioned by his environment the Man of Spirit and Gnosis will always by his own Divine condition will end up using and manipulating his own circumstances, or at the very least his attitude towards them, to his own Aims, so ultimately it is not really the Environment but the Man that confronts it, > Harm follows if we do not obey the Natural Order >Kali Yuga bullshit is fatalistic nonsense how can you both Affirm natural order and then say that it's Fatalistic nonsense, the Cycle of Yugas is Natural Law, and indeed, it cannot be counterbalanced nor changed, the jurisdiction on that comes from a Divine Power that is beyond You and I, and it is only through this same Divine Power (The Coming of Kalki) that it shall end and give way to the Next Golden Age, if you want think this is nonsense and fight aganist this impenetrable Law then be my guest, opose it and you will end up just like the Axis powers after WWII, cloven asunder under the Boots of the Wicked, the Kali Yuga is there for a Reason, and that Reason is the Ultimate Test of Man, the ability to live in Complete Darkness, and despite this,be able rekindle himself with his own True Self, Face the Darkness and Archieve Gnosis,
Open file (227.66 KB 850x400 hitler struggle quote.png)
>>2169 There very well could be larger cosmic cycles that I am ignorant about, I don't totally reject the idea. Though I am skeptical about the idea that there is some of effect that the cycle has that would inescapably prevent us from ordering society in accordance with the Natural Order. Unlike you seem to imply, there was nothing cosmically speaking that ordained that the Third Reich had to necessarily be destroyed. Your 'solution' seems to be very defeatist and individualistic. Life is eternal struggle. Might will make right.
Seattle will move to dismantle 'Chaz' occupied protest zone, mayor says >Seattle officials announced on Monday that they would begin to dismantle the six blocks of occupied streets known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or “Chaz”, following two shootings at the site in 48 hours. >“It’s time for people to go home. It is time for us to restore Cal Anderson and Capitol Hill so it can be a vibrant part of the community,” said the Seattle mayor, Jenny Durkan, during a press conference. “We can still accommodate people who want to protest peacefully, come there and gather. But the impacts on the businesses and residents and community are now too much.” https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/22/seattle-dismantle-chaz-protest-zone
>>2212 And all it took was a murder. There was a small whitepill when a statue of President Jackson was saved recently.
>>2219 At the risk of sounding like one of those retards who live for "triggering the libs", this was one of the best statues that could have been saved, given the fact that he was behind Injun removal and is hated so much by leftists for owning slaves
>>2221 It's pretty fitting that Stonewall stood longer than the others. He's also hated by kikes for breaking the central bank, though his victory was only temporary as Wilson later implemented the federal reserve we still have today.
>>2223 Ah, I mistakenly referred to the wrong Jackson - the President was not nicknamed Stonewall. I should have said Old Hickory.
>>2182 Why are his eyes brown in that photo? they were not brown, find a real picture.
>>816 So, the chimpout has red pilled my previously heavily blue pilled family. A couple of weeks ago I showed some of the real footage from the riots to my parents and just pointed out that only people who supported this are niggers, Antifa (the rioters them self) and jews. Then I showed piece of news support my claims. The migrant crisis wasn't enough to red pill my parents about jews but somehow this time it worked. Since a week ago or so, my parents has been digging on the happenings on their own and now they are finally saying how disgusted they are with jews and niggers (they actually used the word) Yesterday I heard my parents discussing World War II and my parents came to the conclusion that Hitler didn't commit suicide and that "there will be a day when we will get the truth about those who are regarded as heroes now" Sorry for blog posting, but I just want to point out that the riots can present a very useful opportunities for waking up blue pilled normies.
Open file (556.17 KB 675x1000 hitler color.png)
Open file (227.33 KB 850x400 hitler struggle quote.png)
>>2235 Fuck these kikes who color these images. Here, I edited both the quote and the original pic
Open file (103.06 KB 718x382 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2265 What I don't get is doesn't he notice ranting while not acting makes him look impotent? Doesn't he care? Is it just habit by now? Or does he really want to do something and is setup by his handlers to fail? This man's ego is a mystery to me.
Open file (267.32 KB 499x375 creepy_joe.png)
>>2287 He's stuck (conveniently put in this position by his opponents, both dems and reps): if he orders national guard or army to retaliate on civilians media will finally have confirmed the "literally Hitler" narrative. If he does nothing - like he is now - his supporters and normies in general get upset that violent thugs are left free to do what they want. They had to resort to anarchists and nigger chimpouts because all their previous attempts (Russiagate, Ucraine etc.) failed miserably. They ushered the decrepit pervert Biden in the presidential run because their master plan is to have a successful color revolution deliberately tailored to cause violence, and the moment someone from the whitey sides will retaliate they will blame it on toxic hateful atmosphere created by Trump administration, pushing for his resignation before vote. If this will not be achieved, my guess is that they'll simply resort to good old voter fraud (Trump is aware of this, that's why he screeches about mail votes on twatter, and twatter promptly censored his tweets). Both sides want him gone for some reason (my guess is that he was too much of a stranger to parties' inner circles, compare him with a pure "swamp creature" like Biden who's been a puppet on political stage for 40 years): so reps are okay with getting rid of him via resignation, and dems want to just get rid of him by any means necessary, period.
>>2288 (heil'd) That's how I look, too, kinda, what I don't get is rahter more why didn't he start sooner to fight back. I don't really buy he had no idea to what lengths the deep staters would go yet he let them go unchecked for years or even tried to appease them. He should've also started to go after Silicon Valley, Amazon post, the whole fake news complex etc. on day one, not now with some EO when it's almost too late. Unlike others I think he's still pretty aware of what's going on and not half as erratic as he's made out to be. I think he just wanted to ride on a booming economy into the next term but that ship has sailed, I guess
>>2288 Trump's role is to be American Milosevic, and he is being attacked by pretty much the same gang. If he does something concrete, he risks ending up the same. It's a big question how much control does he actually have, or how much he cares in the first place. I wonder where are all those Jewish advisers of his now... But he does have options, plenty of them.
>>2291 >But he does have options, plenty of them. As in? I don't know, I think we've reached the point that even if re-elected Trump will just become more quiet to complete his second term without too much fuss and that's it (because imo if he will not stay quiet they will lose patience and just JFK him or one of his children).
>>2292 >Kikes JFking Trump. I don´t know, this isn´t the 60s anymore, with a relatively cohesive and homogeneous and without knowledge of the shit their government can do society. If Trump still in office for another term and try to kill them (don´t know why (((they))) would do that, he still a puppet after all). It could easily descent into Civil War 2.0: Burger Bogaloo.
Open file (122.02 KB 500x900 trump.png)
>>2292 >>2297 It's actually best for ZOG to keep Trump in the White House for a few more years. He has pacified huge numbers of Whites, making them think that they have a guy in office who is standing up for their interests (even if he doesn't fulfill any promises they don't seem to care). Democrats in office is actually better for getting people redpilled in large numbers when they start going pedal to the metal in their astroturfing of pozz. Killing him or doing anything drastic would be a huge mistake.
>>2300 >Democrats in office is actually better for getting people redpilled in large numbers when they start going pedal to the metal in their astroturfing of pozz well okay but by that logic you could say the Soviet union was the best thing to happen too because it red-pilled so many people .... 80 years later
>>2301 What we live under now is a thousand times worse than communism. Communism kills the body, but liberalism rots the soul. Communism was the Jews practicing "might makes right" through the masses of atomized and uprooted workers. It made its threatening character obvious. It made its intentions obvious. Liberalism, on the other hand, is a mask worn by the Jew with a friendly face on the front. In pursuit of freedom, equality, happiness, human rights and other nonsense the Jew destroys tradition, values, hierarchy, identity and everything else until you're left with a soulless grey world where coffee-colored consumers live vicariously through products. Communism is when your nation is driven right through with a sword, while liberalism is death by a thousand cuts. To properly accelerate, you can't just let your enemies continue their forward march, you have to reveal what is going on to the masses and redpill them. This works better when people are being placated by a crypto-kike in office who promises to help them. If you just accelerate without doing anything though you're being a retarded doormat. Even still, it's not 100% necessary, as even with Trump in office, more and more people are being redpilled. Our enemies never stop working regardless of who is in office, and this is getting more and more obvious with how much the anti-white agitation has ramped up in recent weeks, along with the other moves by ZOG this year to assume direct control over movement and interactions.
>>2297 Given the absolute state of USA, I hardly doubt people would go to civil war over Trump's death. It would bring chaos for sure, but I don't see americans going into the streets in urban warfare asset because former reality tv star turned president was killed by some kike golem.
>>2306 Yes, I know the civil war wouldn't start with Trumptards trying to avenge their kike semi-god. But, aminstd that chaos, diferente factions could start to rise to take as much power as possible in different zones, including between them the fascist that could take over the whitest zones from the US and start from scracht. Althoug I'm not american, so all this is foreing guessing.
>>2312 I would hope that fascists would be in such a position to do something like that, but as it stands now most of the WN movement here is absolutely pathetic excepting a counterexample or two. Whites really need to get off their asses here and get race-conscious. Every other group is race-conscious and push their tribal interests, and we alone here are too pussy to affirm our own.
>>1726 >working with other races Good luck with that. With so many anons believing in the ethnoglobe approach, I'd think you may not be welcome here soon mehzito anon.
>>2483 I support ethnoglobe as a concept, but I do not believe it out of malice or edginess, personally I think it would be an almost inevitable solution in a globalized world where the power disparity between Whites and non-whites has become less unequal. The struggle becomes global, the population of the world just keeps growing. The one's who would really bear the brunt of an ethnoglobe policy would be Africans, Indians and Chinese more than anyone. But I'm just a dude sitting in my basement so this is all just empty talk Mestizo anon is based and one of the better posters here, so I hope he sticks around.
>>2492 Hunting down every last white would take far more resources than you could ever muster. It would be like hunting roaches. A better plan is to build walls around them and let them kill each other off then reclaim the land. They would be safari parks and zoos to laugh at on live streams
>>2537 I've thought that before as well. To literally stamp out every last non-white isn't even worth it as far as I'm concerned. As long as their numbers were reduced majorly (for racial reasons and for general overpopulation reasons) I really don't care that much. Cutting off aid and trade with them alone would go a long way, maybe using biological weapons on high concentrations of them as well.
>>2540 >Cutting off aid This alone with mother nature doing the rest should see a reduction of 90% of their numbers. If not they can still be sterilized.
>>2537 >>2540 >>2547 Rip mehzito anon. Its so funny if he agrees with the ethnoglobe. Not just him, I mean any non-white.
>>2557 I think he thinks that some sort of racial cooperation is possible. Honestly I’d love to be able to come to a solution where both sides reach an equitable settlement and just agree to separate completely from each other, but with the nature of blacks and most non-whites (I’m thinking of here in the US in particular), they seem to harbor some delusions that they are entitled access to white people’s neighborhoods, areas and benefits. Add the Jews into the picture and we can quickly see why I think that we’re sliding into a race war head-first.
>>2483 >>2492 If the board ever goes against me then I will still stick around out just to piss-off insecure wh*teloids, only those who suffer from slave mentality are this needlessly aggressive, so it would signify the end of intelligent discussion anyways, might as well use the place for amusement until I get banned. >>2557 Oh, cut the aid and let the poor starve, I only care for the top 5% of Mexicans. In reality the plan would be less dramatic, but reducing this useless portion of the population is a must for every third-world nation. However, this is something we must do to ourselves, and thus any external force trying to reduce our numbers for their own goals will be considered an enemy. My friendship, while easy to obtain is not unconditional.
>>2560 Spics, just like faggots try to co-opt things they consider dangerous. What I find funny is how tolerant so called pro-white people are of non-whites. If you're running a pro-white space of any kind and you tolerate even one non-white you're a race traitor. Either you're pro-white or you aren't. There is no room for one based nigger and failure to remove them only proves you don't believe your own ideals. Years ago I ran across a group wanting to make a pro-white magazine of some kind. I was interested in helping produce some content until I found out their editor was Asian. They saw nothing wrong with filtering the whole magazine through an Asian and claimed to be pro-white. I've never forgot how most people claiming to be pro-white are larpers who won't disconnect themselves from non-whites willingly. I don't mean having no choice but to use a non-white in daily life when no other option presents it's self but this is online. You can control who you allow in your spaces and you're allowing mutts, asians and arabs run amuck.
>>2564 >reducing this useless portion of the population is a must for every third-world nation It's not just about third-worlders. White societies are dysgenic as well, perhaps more than nigger tier countries. Just look around you at these retarded kids born with birth defects by wh*te libtard mothers who are way too old to have children. If we left things up to nature not fostering weaklings with free food and maybe even more important healthcare it would be to the benefit of all, white and non-white. I'd rather have people not been born, hence my comment on sterilization, than see them starve or die at five years from something like tuberculosis but this planet is full and should not inhabitated by more than one billion people.
>>2566 White societies are certainly more degenerate than nigger-tier countries. The West has drifted further from the Laws of Nature than any other area on Earth. Like you point out, just look at the all neurosis, mental illness, obesity, porn-addiction, weak bodily constitution, acceptance of homosexuality, trannies, erasure of any survival instinct, etc. We have even Christcucks here in the states who have made it a felony to knowingly abort a fetus with Downs. Full-on Clownworld.
>>2564 One has to understand americans are highly insecure about other races because their gov has been throwing everything they find at them on the pit, it is of no surprise they see an italian they get scared. It is important to tolerate that fear they have but one thing that cannot be slided is how they want to affirm in all authority how fascism is white only as if they were a single race instead of looking that germanics and a couple of mediterraneans were the only ones using it with competency, that sets aside most americans i will omit the mutt jokes for their mental sanity the point about this board (i think) is discussing the ideology for its proper execution which doesn't discard races (at least not ones who have pulled important things) because the movement itself isolates the nations properly while opening a window around small commercial exchanges on certain commodities. If that wasn't the case then Germany wouldn't aligned with the japs and tibetans, let alone some caucasian areas which were basically half arabs in majority, and this alliance was not purely a research one so we can set that one aside. It's an ideology that preserves a nation while making it work and extol itself while scheming competent defense mechanisms from aggressive and usurping nations or hegemonies. It is obvious european or highly disciplined nations are the best for this but it is not excluded by race unless it is refined into another ideology, and by that i don't mean the implementation arguments like Mussolini did but more like what Himmler wrote about (Ancient civilizations and their heir apparent in the Germanics)
>>2566 That goes without saying, nowadays the concept of the white-race has being subverted to much that it has become a pejorative, one which is superficially provable. I too see reduction and stabilization of–I will call them « Fascist »–societies as necessary, but I never mention it as it can very easily be taken the wrong way. I ignore which would be the ideal worldwide population, nor what is the real percentage of people we would keep, so I do not know if this « clean-up » plan would require for the further reduction in numbers of all Fascist societies, or if the clean-up would give us some room to grow before stabilizing. Population reduction is something which will weaken you unless everyone else agrees to it, so cooperation and understanding are essential. >>2565 This is a Fascist board, not a generic white-nationalist board >>2577 I have noticed a great deal of misunderstanding from Americans, they completely discard manny things because all they know is their American version, which due to the uniqueness of the country and that they have being (((Their))) testing ground since its inception does not serve as a proper representation of anything. If all I knew was American Christianity then I would too hate Christianity, if all I knew was American free market then I would too hate the free market, if all I knew was the American road system then I would too hate cars. Just like with blacks and Mexico's underground, these people need to see the world.
>>2582 If I want the opinion of a shit skin.. Oh wait I never will. Fuck off nigger.
>>2582 >Population reduction is something which will weaken you unless everyone else agrees to it, so cooperation and understanding are essential. As I see it population reduction is already a fact in every white country so we wouldn't need to take additional measures. Measures need to be taken though as concerns quality of those born so the first birth should happen around 20 at latest and not 40 when the risk of many genetic disorders has drastically increased. We should strive for - some - more kids but certainly not the double digit numbers families had in the past. It's just not sustainable and we couldn't beat the lesser races at the number's game anyways. As for what number of people should dwell on earth I would leave that up to real scientists who will need to establish a number that can live harmonious with nature. I think one billion would be sustainable but if science says more or less I'm agnostic to that.
Open file (117.39 KB 950x960 chaika salt.jpg)
>>2584 But if I were to fuck-off where would we get our daily-dose of butthurt? >they called me a shitshin again :'( >>2586 But it is being done for the wrong reasons. The overall population in Civilized countries is going down, but if you divide them by race you will see that this reduction is very discerning. Everything between espresso and cappuccino is still going up, is is only whites (who for now make-up the majority of population in their countries) who are going down. The conclusion of this is not reduction, it is replacement. And for what? all hedonistic reasons, misguided ecological conclusions, or the result of propaganda about how guilty you should feel. If you care about the environment then it is better to raise two to one environmentally-conscious kids than letting your values die with you and having China take over, if you care about society then it is better to raise two to one kids with a strong sense of justice and morality than letting the current middle east propagate. Sure, let the liberals die, but we must not confuse the current reduction with the measures we should put in place
>>2590 I didn't refer to all the shades of nigger in white countries. They will be removed one way or the other once political will is there. My point is what happens after and I question the wisdom of increasing white births massively by whichever means. If there will be 500 million whites on this planet after the liberation war is won that's fine by me.
>>2582 Agreed. >Just like with blacks, these people need to see the world. That one i don't know, they have seen it and still make a mess if they even ever return to their village. Ironically the very best examples of africans doing something to the benefit of their own are the ones who know how to read and have done so with absurd amounts of resources while never actually going outside unless it's to get a paper from a college. The handful of architects and doctors who come from there usually are already experienced by reading theory and experimenting in their own environment although overly belittled by their own race, the only ones who get shit done are the military strongmen who merely do so with charisma and proper behavior. They are niggers, after all.
>>2590 You're alright with me, Synarchist-anon.
>>2584 Synarchist anon has been here, if I am remembering correctly, since the old, old days when the current BO (who is original BO) was still running the board. He's a honest-to-God oldfag and contributes to the board, I don't see why people are getting butthurt all of the sudden t. NatSoc
>>2595 >t. Nigger lover Remove niggers or become one.
>>2598 You're acting like a nigger. This isn't /pol/, you absolute retard.
>>2599 Shut up nigger. Why are you anti white? Weeaboo race traitor loves niggers. Who saw that coming?
Open file (326.54 KB 1338x710 synarchist anon.png)
>>2602 >>2598 Fuck off newfag
Open file (1.36 MB 1100x1200 brown.png)
>>2604 I think there are two mexicans who browse here I am more of a California Gold, but being a meme is still nice The other one is less showy but knows a lot and makes me feel insecure about my own mexicanism, conversations with him are always productive. >>2593 What I mean is something I was talking about with a friend yesterday, basically marginalized communities find themselves in a cycle of mediocrity: their situation makes them raise their kids in marginalization, these kids thus develop a worldview where this situation is normal, they grow up and take pride in it (thug culture), and then begin harassing anyone who does not conform to this mediocre lifestyle as their idea of improvement is limited to marginalization, this causes a positive feedback and you get an entire sector of the population incapable of becoming better. An interesting phenomenon is when you take these people out—when, for example, some mexican jumps the border to live in the US—and get to know a different culture, this experience ruins them, as their worldview makes it impossible for them to adapt to their new society, but if they were to ever go back to their communities they would be rejected as they would no longer want to conform to their mediocre hay of live, they have tasted something different and they are now constantly thinking about it even if it will ever be out of their reach. They are also insufferable with a inferiority complex towards their host community, so then a « Pocho » (Mexican-born; lives in the US) comes back to Mexico they act as if L.A. was the most beautiful and civilized place on Earth, even if they are gardeners themselves they will act superior to every Mexican in a sort of « I used to be a nobody here, but now I am a nobody there! » I suppose the same happens to blacks when they leave their ghettos and pursuit a better life, we all know how blacks take pride in how thug-nigga they are. It must be sad to be an African capable of thinking « Maybe I should do something » only to have those around you periodically destroy your everything. Worst-case scenario, these people embrace slave mentality and become the king of slaves, then they become a danger to other communities
>>2616 >I suppose the same happens to blacks when they leave their ghettos and pursuit a better life, we all know how blacks take pride in how thug-nigga they are. They usually, from what I've experienced, put on one act or another - either they act "white," as in "respectful, decently-spoken and polite" around whites and normal around their brethren, or act normal around whites and act like gorillas around other niggers so they "fit in." I haven't been able to pin down which with certainty but it's most likely the latter. Either way, it's a pathetic situation.
>>2618 >I haven't been able to pin down which with certainty You do realize it can be both, right? Non-whites aren't just magically all one exact same person per race. That's a dangerously oversimplified worldview I've noticed a lot here.
Synarchist spic anon is literally autistic so he can pass as a monkey mascot of a board or something, also he is quite open about his origin unlike (((certain))) anons. That being said, only whites can make fascism (or any other system for that matter) work long term and he is seriously deluding himself that Mexicans (on a whole) have any value whatsoever. Maybe 5-10% of them tops, and those would mostly be the ones with higher white admixture. The rest belong in the oven. But the real reason for him being out of the place here is that he tolerates niggers and has a lot of SJW views.
>>2618 I would go for the latter too, they « white » behavior is completely conditional, a mask they wear to achieve something—having a job—, their real identity is black, and their communities understand this dynamic, so for this I do not expect as much social shunning except for the absolute biggest retards who think you cannot be black unless you « be jogging all day », but I am sure most black do not care about acting white as long as it brings them money. They never actually embrace this new culture. Now that I am thinking about it, the back that black-american culture developed alongside white-american culture worries me, as they have found a way to make their mediocrity coexist with the constant reminder of a better life right besides them, I guess slave-mentality is in gull-gear with these people. Sad! You may remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWulZOKANB4 >>2620 Pretty sure he is talking about generalized behavior, the hump of the bell-curve >>2622 >Maybe 5-10% of them tops, [...]. The rest belong in the oven Congrats, we came to the same conclusion >has a lot of SJW views. I really do not like useless conflict, but I am very curious on what these views are, is it because I shout « trans-rights! » before going to sleep every night?
>>2623 >is it because I shout « trans-rights! » before going to sleep every night? W-wait, you do this too??
Open file (70.95 KB 427x450 kagami sigh.jpg)
I just got five reports for posts in this thread screeching about non-whites and niggers.
>>2620 As >>2623 said I meant "on average." A nigger raised by niggers pretending to be white/well-off niggers will put on the mask of being "hood" around niggers, but in general I think the opposite is true. Anyway, just saying "it's not magically this" sarcastically is something children do. Cut that out. >>2625 I've noticed a lot of people claim that trannies/traps are fascists but I've never actually seen a fascist tranny or trap that wasn't just an attention whore.
Open file (765.41 KB 1503x1506 diaper tranny nazis.png)
>>2662 >I've noticed a lot of people claim that trannies/traps are fascists but I've never actually seen a fascist tranny or trap that wasn't just an attention whore. Their attraction to National Socialism and Fascism is all edge and mental illness. Like you said, it's attention-whoring. Unfortunately since the Jews have made this type of politics somewhat of the "ultimate transgression" many weirdos seem to be attracted to it (pic related)
>>2662 >>2666 The psychology of the male who feels drawn to becoming a poor simulacrum of a woman and the man who becomes redpilled is more similar than one would think. Both feel there is something wrong either with either themselves or society. They both feel that the future is heading in a certain direction (perhaps even subconsciously), what differs is their reaction. Many /r9k/ and incel-types have realized that the archetypal human of modernity is the female and that males have been made obsolete. The state has usurped all of the functions of the male. The female thrives in modern society, is showered with attention, less mentally ill and is more in tune with her natural instincts than the modern male, and men know it, seeing as how they are offing themselves at record rates and are much more likely to have depression. The tranny reaction is one of defeat and resignation to the future mixed with some degree of sexual fetishism, the redpill reaction is to desire to fight back against this trend. At times this mutates into tranny Nazis through some sort of severe cognitive dissonance. There will be more and more soyboys, trannies and women in the future if this trend continues. I hope you like dresses and estrogen, anons.
Open file (337.91 KB 900x1926 327434527.jpg)
>>2662 >>2666 The « pink-pill » is a thread all by itself. If I remember correctly early BDSM—and thus early modern homosexuality— was inspired by the uniforms of the third reich. Probably something about slaves being incapable of understanding authority without oppression and suffering, and their cumbrains filling in the gaps with fetichism. There is probably a lot of documentation on this, but I would rather popularize gift-giving and bug-chasing in the LGBTQP2BBQBBCBDSM+ crowd than learning about why people like latex so much. >>2659 It is the life you choose...
Open file (554.28 KB 240x291 azusa laugh.gif)
>>2672 Top kek, loving the OC. Saved
>>2659 >five reports for posts in this thread screeching about non-whites Whoa rude, americans are good posters too!
Board is full of nigger lovers and pajeet worshippers. Would be better off posting on 4/pol/
Open file (20.66 KB 474x355 pepe sunglasses.jpg)
>>2684 You haven't even seen the final form of this board. Prepare yourself
Open file (96.59 KB 1280x720 12023051527.jpg)
>>2684 >pajeet worshippers what? im a pajeet and i wanna worship white people
>>2692 It's yet another case of someone not understanding the Aryan origins of the Vedic religion. Many such cases.
Open file (2.94 MB 568x320 kushner.gif)
TRUMPS REGRETS KUSHNER ADVICE HE TRUSTED A JEW >President Trump has told people in recent days that he regrets following some of son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner's political advice — including supporting criminal justice reform — and will stick closer to his own instincts, three people with direct knowledge of the president's thinking tell Axios. >One person who spoke with the president interpreted his thinking this way: "No more of Jared's woke s***." Another said Trump has indicated that following Kushner's advice has harmed him politically. >Trump has made clear he wants to support law enforcement unequivocally, and won't do anything that could be seen as undercutting police. https://archive.fo/shYUq
>>2698 Too late, he should have not kick out Bannon to appease his kike son in law.
>>2700 Problem is not Kushner, it's all the zogged swamp creatures and deep staters he stands for. They told Trump in secret how awesome he was, that he just had to do them some little favor here and there, and he could be one of them. Trump thought he could play them instead he got schooled.
Open file (430.60 KB 1000x1000 jared kushner israel.png)
>>2701 I agree that Kushner is only one part of a much larger issue, but in many ways he's one of the most dangerous given the fact that he sold his own daughter to this kike and brought Jewish grandchildren into this world. They have him by the throat. Of course getting rid of him wouldn't change anything much. I was a big Trumpfag in 2015-2016 (I was purplepilled and a first-time voter), but now I am left wondering how sincere his rhetoric against the Deep State even was in the first place.
>>2697 Yeah, that's quite the problem. Many streetpoopers don't get that part well. Heck if the indians were supposedly Aryan, then I can say that I'm smart and good looking because I'd be White.
Open file (45.61 KB 486x361 ClipboardImage.png)
Thank you for the notification, kind reporter, I shall deal with this miscreant at once.
I love how afraid negroes get as soon as a White brandishes a weapon
>>2734 "Mama" was axing for it. Anyway, Antifa/BLM are protesting and chanting about Israel. Looks like the kikes are losing control of their golems.
>>2735 Even Israel rhetoric is not necessarily redpilled. These would be the first people to throw us under the bus if someone pointed out that the problem isn't merely the nation-state of Israel, but rather this tribe of people, regardless of where they may be, as a whole. So long as golems are pushing for more (((equality))), (((progress))), (((anti-racism))) and other measures, the golems remain firmly within the acceptable limits of discourse, even if the controlled opposition throws a fuss
>>2736 I didn't mean to imply they are red-pilled, only to laugh at the kikes for pushing them far enough that their own false nation was caught in the crossfire.
>>2734 I don't get what's happening.
>>2747 >Social media posts from a person identified as a relative indicated that police arrested the white woman and confiscated her guns. The Oakland County Sheriff's Office plans to address the incident in a Thursday press conference.
Open file (5.34 MB 2500x1667 clownworld breivk.png)
>>2768 You can't even bump into a sheboon in America now without it escalating to having to pull out your gun because those apes won't leave you alone. They probably wanted it to escalate so they could play victim, notice how they were all recording it too. >niggers threaten you and prevent you from leaving >pull gun when they won't fuck off >get charged Honk
Open file (29.97 KB 480x480 1547668776050.jpg)
>CHAZ / CHOP / Soylent Union / Ancapistan is dead
>>2794 Aren't they trying to start another one in jew york?
>>2794 Yeah, no more cringe news and lulz. Oh well, that's the fate of every useful idiot: this time around they've been lucky to be just kicked out. When their so longed-for globohomo totalitarian communist utopia will be fully implemented, they will probably receive the bullet like the cattle they are.
Open file (712.12 KB 805x669 sad shera.PNG)
>>2795 I heard that too. I thought there was another one in Nashville too but it really seems like on this front in particular they're losing steam. Not surprised though, seeing as how laughable their efforts were from this thread's evidence alone. I feel like this type of stuff is only a precursor for more stuff in the future when things get worse. >>2794 The thread has gone quiet on /leftypol/...it was once so active...the revolution was coming. What went wrong, anarchobros??
>>2736 Of course they're not "redpilled", but the moment any of the kikes' puppet groups start doing this they mysteriously lose all support, like what happened when femen tried to set up shop in Israel.
Open file (686.40 KB 1428x2572 black militia.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 320x320 nigger militia.mp4)
Open file (640.09 KB 2048x1536 nigger army 2.jpg)
Open file (1.54 MB 4298x2870 nigger army.jpg)
>>2890 The moment some WiPyPo open up on them, they will scatter just like, well, like niggers. Anyone who's ever had to serve as zogbot alongside niggers knows just how unreliable they are as soldiers. Not only are they almost all brainlets, but they are individually cowardly as well. There's no real manhood in them--as their women could readily testify.
>>2905 I definitely think this more about a threatening appearance than anything else. I'm sure half of those niggers don't even know how to use the weapon properly, and many of them in these photos are overweight. I don't see this as too much more threatening than those boomers who showed up in Virginia a few months ago and embarrassed themselves majorly when they got ignored and had even more restrictions passed against firearms literally within the same day. Still, this will probably make Whites even more nervous. Nearly 8.3 million firearms have been sold in the US since March apparently. People realizing there's something going on with all of this (((Virus))) and (((BLM))) fuckery.
Open file (392.82 KB 571x549 1461062245707.png)
>>2890 Those are some gay 22LRs and sirsofts they're carring. just throw them a pair of Nike's and watch them kill each other over it. gay false flag averted.
Open file (2.12 MB 1992x1920 nigger army.png)
Open file (874.59 KB 2544x4000 hilarious pepe.jpg)
The pic had the bottom left with the negress had my sides flying into orbit
>>2908 Don't underestimate 22LR, it's good enough to put a hole in your skull at 200 yards repeatedly in non retard nigger hands.
>>2920 >Don't underestimate 22LR, it's good enough to put a hole in your skull at 200 yards repeatedly >in non retard nigger hands. Then I guess we have nothing to worry about.
Open file (1.52 MB 4298x2870 shopped.jpg)
>>2890 The fourth pic is shopped. Someone pasted in a black man's face where I circled. Notice the jagged outline and the higher resolution of the pasted in face compared to the rest of the photo.
>>2935 Good catch, once you zoom in it's very obvious that that is shopped.
>>2890 >nigger with a megaphone The white race is finished!
>>2935 Now that you've pointed that out, a lot of the faces in the image look shopped on. They're done better than that particularly egregious example (that they put right in front...) but they still stand out when you're looking for it.
Open file (413.96 KB 550x259 ClipboardImage.png)
Georgia declares state of emergency and authorises deployment of National Guard after violent weekend >Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has declared a state of emergency after more than 30 people were injured and five people – including an 8-year-old girl – were killed during a violent Fourth of July weekend. >The Republican governor's order authorises the state to deploy National Guard troops to support state buildings, Confederate monuments and statues honouring segregationists, and the governor's mansion, after he had threatened Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to "take action" amid growing unrest. >"Peaceful protests were hijacked by criminals with a dangerous, destructive agenda," Governor Kemp said in a statement. "Now innocent Georgians are being targeted, shot and left for dead." >The governor said his order "will allow troops to protect state property and dispatch state law enforcement officers to patrol our streets." https://archive.fo/vuSLZ Honestly bros it's hilarious how fast this shithole of a country is spiraling towards third-world status
>>2963 not fast enough fren ACCELERATE!
>>2964 Sometimes these days it feels like the Jews are the ones doing acceleration on their own accord. I wonder why though; why do they feel the need to speed up their total control and risk everything when it would, I think, be much more prudent of them to continue genocide and demoralizing us slowly? I think they're making a mistake by going full iconoclast mode, but this can only be good for us. ACCELERATE
>>2963 Calling it now: All this """random""" nigger violence will suddenly magically evaporate after Donald Trump wins the 2nd term as POTUS this November. This latest batch of niggenings will backfire on the glowniggers, and Whites will cast more votes than ever before in US history. Is George Soros still a dual-citizen atp or did Trump run him out on a rail by EO yet?
>>2971 Your prediction's probably right, I've heard a lot of people saying this. It's like a sine wave of subversion that hits in waves, keeping the goyim in a constant state of stimulation, distracted. Like you said, more and more Whites will vote red thinking that Trump will magically put a stop to this (hint: he won't). The peripheral issues and psyops are what everyone is focused on, diverting their attention from more fundamental issues like demographic change. I've been diverting more and more effort to redpilling IRL lately. The atmosphere's ripe, and soon it's probably good to find some group or lads to team up with. And yeah Soros is a dual-citizen still as far as I know.
>>2971 Well, their goal is to have Biden as winner but yes, that's how they probably laid down their masterplan.
>>2989 >Well, their goal is to have Biden as winner but yes Yea, that's a given. It will backfire on them yet again.
>>2989 Maybe I'm being too generous here in thinking that the opinions of lemmings are in any way changeable once set but I can't imagine Biden's campaign not being a complete disaster once he actually has to debate Trump. The dude's completely senile. I'm sure they'll use (((Coronavirus))) as an excuse to wave debates aside though.
>>2997 I agree. I cannot for the life of me understand why the fuck they chose such a weak candidate. Maybe they never had the intention to let the election regularly happen anyway, maybe when they saw all their attempts at impeachment fail they decided that it was time to disrupt the "democratic process" farce for good and go full communist uprising.
>>3000 You don't understand how it works - Americans almost always re-elect, so it's typical to choose a weak candidate and save your heavy hitters for the real elections. Biden is to the dems what Romney was to republicans in 2012.
>>3005 Well, if they are so desperate to get rid of Trump they should have risked a better candidate this time. But I guess logic is not really something this creatures are good at.
>>3029 thing is, they have no better candidate, they needed one opportunist (read centrist) who has appeal to Whites, is no woman and appeals to niggers (because Obama). That said, the candidate doesn't matter if the election is rigged.
Open file (76.12 KB 780x438 jew wall trump.jpg)
>>3029 I'm still not sure of their real opinion towards Trump. It's clear that the bread and circuses put out by ZOG subsidiaries like the media and Democrats want you to despise Trump and get him out of office, pretending that he is some sort of existential threat, but I highly, highly doubt that this attitude prevails at the very top of ZOG. I'm not just talking about oligarchs that everyone on the street has heard of, I'm talking about the anonymous giga-kikes at the very top. It is likely that they don't give a shit about these tiny squabbles over puppets, red versus blue, etc. They have an agenda and they are pushing it forward regardless of petty differences at the lower levels of ZOG. Trump is complicit in White Genocide and capitalism and that's really all that matters
>>2935 >>2947 >>2954 i-is this a joke? his head was obviously shopped as a joke. it was from a meme.
>>3049 I'm the anon who posted >>2890 originally, I just took it from 4/pol/ and missed the fact that someone had made a subtle edit.
>>3000 >I cannot for the life of me understand why the fuck they chose such a weak candidate. then you can't know much about politics. theyre not going to bring their a-game to a popular candidate after 1 term. but believe it or not biden is one of their few strong candidates. liberals in america worship celebrities and want familiar faces, biden is a familiar face and they dont have many others. keep in mind their last A-game was hillary. bernie is the runner up but once they leave the theatre of the DNC he would quickly be made into a laughing stock. his quotes about white women wanting to be raped by black men, his defense of literal communism is going to kill him. they are celebrity worshippers. the next celebrity they have is andrea cortez. The DNC as a party is collapsing. Republicans are much better for americans from a social standpoint, but have a horrible foreign policy. fortunately only key members of the party are compromised. a huge portion of the republican party would love an "extreme" version of trump from the lefts perspective. keep in mind in lower levels of offices republicans have no problem voting holocaust "deniers" and "neo nazis" into office. its just the closer you get to the federal stage the more controlled it is, however they will lose control as more "extreme" policies are what make people popular, which is the current case thanks to trump believe it or not. he is a steppign stone for what's to come. theyre going to try to replace trump with a middle-ground candidate, like a george bush. but a candidate like that after trump is going to seem like a democrat, someone is going to have to top trump as far as how trump sells himself (not in practice, of course) and there is going to be plenty of people wanting to fill his place.
>>3051 It has occurred to me on a couple occasions that Trump almost seems like a democratic, burger version of Kaiser Wilhelm, mostly well meaning, but a little retarded and surrounded by jews. Trump is probably more capable as a statesman and hustler/persuader/conman though. Anti-semitism didn't really kick in until Germany had been thoroughly fucked by the rest of the world and it's own jewish population during the war by (((mass stikes))). People forget that Germany then was like America now in terms of it's jewish population and media control. I think there is a lot of similarities in the historic situation, but NatSocs have made a mistake in identifying the period or timing, thinking that Hitler could happen without the Empire falling first (I'm not comparing Trump to Hitler, just to be clear). I don't know though, I'm not a burger.

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