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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

Open file (3.20 MB 557x768 hitlerkalkiodin.gif)
New Age Pan-Religious Esoteric Mystic Ethno-Monotheism Is The Way Forward Blackshirt 06/06/2020 (Sat) 23:53:27 ID: 8d68ba No.708
After reading the amazing, mature and insightful religious discussions here, i have concluded that this is the answer. We can all feel this, that we NEED this, and we are all desperately searching for it in different religions. Sadly though we must be bold enough to admit, every religion out there does not fully align with all of our values and does not stand up to intellectual scrutiny. Because of this, any current religious system can only carry with it the danger of subversion to the movements we hope to establish in our lifetime. One religion will provide proper guidance in one area, while failing in another, either not being explicit on some matters or worse yet giving the worst stance possible such as denial of race which should be the most egregious sin possible. I will attempt to breakdown each term in the lengthy title i have given to this. i hope these explanations will give understanding enough that arguments and criticisms stemming from confusion of terminology wont arise here. >New Age By new age i dont mean crystals and hippies and loony rich white people. By new age, i mean overcoming purist and dogmatic viewpoints pertaining to a certain religion. They are all bad and need to be abandoned. i will briefly cover this here for each one i can think of. >Paganism - Most of it is destroyed and forever lost - At best a re-enactment, otherwise known as LARPing - phallus worship, human sacrifices, other barbaric acts - at best a fucking LARP - failed to preserve itself from christianity - a LARP >Christianity - Explicit tenets of racial universalism, this should immediately disqualify it, nothing could be more subversive and dangerous - Non-White Origin - Not racially exclusive, millions of nigger believers - strong roots in judaic world - End of the World Doomsday Cult - pozzed by thousands of nigger believers, not exclusive to the white race. >Islam - Explicit tenets of racial universalism, this should immediately disqualify it, nothing could be more subversive and dangerous - Non-White Origin - Not racially exclusive, millions of nigger believers - strong roots in judaic world - End of the World Doomsday Cult >Buddhism - Racially Universal - Not racially exclusive - Nihilistic - Anti-Existence - Anti-Family, Anti-Procreation >Vedic - Racially universal - Not Racially exclusive - Lacks explicit instructions regarding race - fails to explicitly condemn lots of immoral acts, such as homosexuality - been pozzed to hell and back by dark skinned dravidians and possibly jews. - End of the World Death Cult - Anti-Family, Anti-Procreation >Zoroastrianism - Excludes anyone not already born into it, making it a larp - failed to preserve itself from islam. - End of the World Doomsday Cult When i say New Age i mean a new system that does not yet exist and a rejection of a dogmatic purist belief in any of the old currently existing religions. >Pan-Religious Despite what i just wrote, the new system of belief that we need will be built from a perceived common thread in all religions. the already extant religious systems are not all bad and they all have something good in them that each anon here is attracted to. Fortunately it is not the worst of these elements that anons are attracted to and rejecting the worst elements in no way collapses the good in them. I doubt that anyone was attracted to Zoroastrianism or Christianity because it contains a doomsday prophecy where everything we ever worked for was for nothing and the whole world and our race is destroyed by the will of an unverifiable god who we are supposed to love for doing so. >Esoteric Mystic This ties in to the pan-religious element. Esoteric meaning hidden, Mystic meaning mystery, This means rejecting literal interpretations of all existing religions but instead using a rational inquiry looking for a hidden truth placed within the legends and stories and statements of each one that coalesce into one truth. This is entirely possible and has been tried already by many people such as serrano, laying a foundation for this work. >Ethno-Monotheism Ethno-Monotheism means that the race and the monotheistic element are intertwined. The 14 words is our holiest mantra, but being aware of dysgenics and eugenics, a monotheistic metaphysical principle that is based on the values of strength, beauty, and truth is the best way to safeguard against degeneracy and dysgenic drift. The form of the Aryan Ubermensch should be seen as a manifestation that is closer to the monotheistic principle and the untermensch seen as drifting away from it. This is in no way a rejection of polytheism and polytheism can be embraced, each deity worshipped should somehow be a manifestation of the central metaphysical principle, or a certain individual who exemplified those values such as hitler or odin.
An archive of your thread in case you want to reply to anything you missed: https://archive.fo/vNPtK
>>817 thank you
Open file (946.94 KB 2880x1800 galaxy_eternity.jpg)
Open file (281.10 KB 1244x1647 lord-kapila.jpg)
Does anyone see a problem with using samkhya philosophy to create a backbone for cosmotheist sentiment and objective? approprating this philosophy comes with the advantage that it is credited to an ancient sage that was described as having blonde hair and fair skin.
Open file (32.87 KB 468x487 superman.jpg)
>>834 My only question would be - and this is independent of whether Samkhya is compatible with what Dr. Pierce laid out - is whether there is really anything that is lacking in Cosmotheism as it stands today. Personally, I do not think that it lacking anything. It's basics are simple and very intuitive: >There is but one reality. >That reality is the Whole. >It is the Creator, the self-created. >I am of the Whole. >I am of the Creator, of the self-created. >My purpose is the Creator’s purpose. >My path is the path of the Creator’s self-realization. >My path is the path of divine consciousness. >My destiny is godhood. The universe is an evolving entity, never static, evolving as a whole towards higher and higher states of self-conscious. It is a teleological pantheism of sorts. Our race represents the pinnacle of human evolution thus far and must be kept genetically separate from the lower races. Racial progress can be achieved through self-selection, eugenics, and struggle as the means of advancing the White race towards a sort of "Higher Man". Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, Adolf Hitler and apparently people like Hegel and Fichte were major influences, as well as a long pantheistic tradition The three fundamental essays explaining Cosmotheism: https://nationalvanguard.org/2010/09/cosmotheism-the-path/ https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/02/cosmotheism-on-living-things-updated/ https://nationalvanguard.org/2010/09/cosmotheism-on-society/ An interesting essay from Savitri Devi with many similar insights: http://www.savitridevi.org/superman.html
>>851 >is there anything lacking in cosmotheism it doesnt seem defined enough to avoid subversion. how long will it be until jews start writing how being trans or some made up gender is the next teleological step for the creation, that pooping in your hand and eating it is the next evolution for the whole because then we have evolved past the need for agriculture. the godman can sustain himself off his own excrement. what is there to stop this insanity?
>>708 <Buddhism >Racially Universal >Not racially exclusive that's true... >Nihilistic >Anti-Existence >Anti-Family, Anti-Procreation lol no, this is way off-base. the first two points are a plebeian, uninformed stereotype of Buddhism. yes there's detachment, but there's also compassion for sentients, and the Noble Eightfold Path is directly concerned with proper living. there's much more that I won't get into now. I don't know where you get anti-natalism from. family/descendants are perfectly acceptable, especially since being human is considered an excellent rebirth. the only restrictions are for monks who live a monastic lifestyle, but that's always a fraction of the population anyway.
>>864 >it doesnt seem defined enough to avoid subversion. how long will it be until jews start writing how being trans or some made up gender is the next teleological step for the creation, that pooping in your hand and eating it is the next evolution for the whole because then we have evolved past the need for agriculture. the godman can sustain himself off his own excrement. what is there to stop this insanity? Eating shit and mutilating your genitals will never result in health families, communities or individuals. Judge a tree by its fruits. Serving the Creator's Purpose would include (but isn't limited to) developing our minds, characters, bodies, families, communities, and so on. Anyone who claims to know what the next teleological step in evolution is liar, plain and simple.
>>895 if we dont know what the next step is how can we know what we are supposed to do. the metaphysical principles of samkhya and jainism(a religion literally about acheiving godhood) are sound and provide a teleological guidance by stating what we are now. they only need to be altered a little bit so that they arent anti-existence death cults.
>>871 buddhism is anti-existence. the goal of buddhism is to end reincarnation on the material plane. that is anti-existence.
>>898 infact, it is an easy argument, and a horrible fatal flaw that is very much overlooked, that ALL religions, dharmic, or abrahamic, are inherently anti-existence whose ultimate aim is to escape to a fantasy world never to come back here again.
>>897 >if we dont know what the next step is how can we know what we are supposed to do. It's impossible to know the future, but we know how Nature works and how it selects. This is where positive and negative eugenics come into the picture and other National Socialist measures for the betterment of our race. When the Cosmotheist affirmation says "My destiny is godhood" one needs to think of Nietzsche. Man will beget the Superman. And the Superman may be a step toward an even higher being. Extrapolating this indefinitely - and who knows how long this could go on, or what the upper limit would be - we reach a state that could only be referred to as "godhood". Cosmotheism teaches that we can be agents in this process, that we need to serve it. Personally, I focus on only the next step up for now. Pave the way for the Superman, the Superman will pave the way for his successors.
>>898 I wouldn't call nirvana anti-existence, but yes. however, you're forgetting bodhisattvas, enlightened beings who stay behind to assist other sentients. Buddhism is no more nihilistic than any other major world religion that beckons people to paradise or the kingdom of heaven, as >>900 pointed out.
>being anti existence is bad now It's just the best conclusion if you accept the evidence that was laid out by men like Plotinus and Plato that "empiricism" (really worship of instrumentalism and muh lived experience) is garbage. Indeed, the problems you see today root in how Jew and Gentile alike is an "atheist" who fears his own death but doesn't really want to live. So he'll burn the world down and coom to porn until his demise.
Open file (39.76 KB 1024x768 reach for the sun.jpg)
>>991 >being anti existence is bad now >now Only a profoundly sick mind could be anti-existence. Life should be affirmed. We have built a profoundly artificial civilization and think that the meaning of life is simply to be happy and indulge in pleasures, bodily or otherwise. People today are atomized, mentally ill golems with no higher goals as either an individual or as a collective. Ironically the age we seek to prolong our lives as long as possible is the most boring and unfulfilling age in human existence. National Socialism is the greatest affirmation of life. It does not seek to hide from the more "unsavory" facets of our world such as eternal struggle, the transitory nature of our individual lives or anything else. God in the traditional sense is not necessary and is in fact a fiction.
Jainism and Buddhism are (((Dravidian))) Nastika T R A S H
>>1033 >We have built a profoundly artificial civilization and think that the meaning of life is simply to be happy and indulge in pleasures, bodily or otherwise. That's just the ultimate conclusion of thinking that there's nothing that matters beyond "this life" as they say. Men will always degenerate into beasts without a firm hand to tell them what to and recognizing one should look beyond the impermenant. Become bugmen or coomers. And without something more important than the transient. >People today are atomized, mentally ill golems with no higher goals as either an individual or as a collective. And why shouldn't they be so? They're taught they're just wubba dub random starstuff. And like the good Abrahamics they are they see the world as "broken", needing to be fought rather than accepted and learned from. >Ironically the age we seek to prolong our lives as long as possible is the most boring and unfulfilling age in human existence. If you teach society to attach yourself to the transient, the aging, to the decaying, then it's no surprise you get rotted Boomers yapping about stopping Trump like they're in the damn 60s. >National Socialism is the greatest affirmation of life. It does not seek to hide from the more "unsavory" facets of our world such as eternal struggle, the transitory nature of our individual lives or anything else. God in the traditional sense is not necessary and is in fact a fiction. Alright.
>>1040 Overcoming The World fails. We must struggle with the world, in biographical time, one universe with real, linear time. The problem is the ideas of cyclical time, multiverse, and reincarnation. Transcendental thinking is the true source of degeneracy. Thinking there will be another chance. Thinking this is not the real reality that counts. Radical Pragmatism is the true path.
>>988 >Buddhism is no more nihilistic than any other major world religion that beckons people to paradise or the kingdom of heaven yearning for the kingdom of heaven isnt nihilism, and yearning for the kingdom of heaven is short of the ultimate goal of buddhism. >>1034 buddha was a white man who came from an aryan clan was he not? other than the smear word of being nastika, what exactly is so dravidian about jainism and buddhism that isnt found in vedic religion? >National Socialism is the greatest affirmation of life. It does not seek to hide from the more "unsavory" facets of our world such as eternal struggle, the transitory nature of our individual lives or anything else. God in the traditional sense is not necessary and is in fact a fiction. i agree with this except for the god part. hitler certainly believed in all those things and a higher power.
Book three >>1042 Learn Things. Screenshot related (((Mahavira))) starved himself to death in the name of fuckin Pacifsn.
>>1041 this path eventually leads to the same conclusions of buddhism and jainism. he basically is saying to forget about the whole forest and just focus on the trees, because nobody can see the whole forest we dont even know if it exists. eventually though, if he starts at the tree he eventually finds the whole forest as said by ancient sages does indeed exist. we dont need to whimsically dismiss these "transcendental ideas" but to repurpose them, change how we use this information.
>>1046 >learn things >(((mahavira))) are you saying i dont know who mahavira is? are you saying that mahavira is a jew? thats what echoes mean you fucking dumbass. youre stupid, everything you say is stupid, and your book is stupid. Mahavira didnt "starve to death" he conquered his self and thus reality itself and attained literal omniscience and omnipotence otherwise known as literal godhood, he didnt need to eat to live and he did poop either (thus being on the level of kim jong il). you dismissing these "transcendental ideas" exposes you as a stupid dimwitted nigger tier atheist who is no better than an animal and aspires to nothing else. go back to 4chan and be edgy over there where you can talk about shit you know nothing about. fucking materialist scum.
>>1050 Transcendental thought is a misunderstanding of Noumena/Phenomena. Consciousness is a mechanical process. It makes a quick sketch for quick action. We cannot ever trust what it sketches, the models are always inaccurate. There really is Maya, and it's consciousness. The real world is more like what is described by contemporary physics. It is a noumenon. We can never perceive it directly. Vedanta must be dismissed because it is simply the deification of consciousness, which we acknowledge is a liar.
>>1052 nigger
>>1051 Yeah okay (((Dravidian)))
>>1052 i can already tell youre the same stupid fucktard who thinks he knows fuck all about anything. you do nothing but disrupt conversation with the stupidest most animal level nigger tier atheist materialist "hur hur hur i know it all everyone else thoughout untold millennia doesnt know at all" attitude. you are nothing more than an insane schizophrenic rudely shouting his mental illness at an assembly of peaceful, respectful, sophisticated scholars with your misunderstanding of pretty much everything ever written.
>>1054 you dont even know how to use echoes, dravidians =/= jews. echoes means jew. i swear to god you are either cointelpro agent sent here to disrupt conversation or you are just literally an infantile adolescent retard who thinks he knows more than a lineage of ancient sages going back untold millenia. die you materialist scum, you will rot in the bowels of hell for your stupid and haughty arrogance.
Open file (139.80 KB 447x447 1wz3as.jpg)
>a lineage of ancient sages going back untold millenia argumentum ad antiquitatem
>>1057 you dumb fuck, you compare yourself to jesus? are you literally analockman?
>>1058 argumentum ad dumbass
>>1060 S E E T H I N G If you actually knew your shit you wouldn't get btfo'd so bad. Read more
>>1061 i am seething, i am seething that dumbass niggers like you exist. you misunderstand every concept anyone here is talking about, then you claim it to be wrong (because you never understood it in the first place) then declare yourself to be jesus and that anyone who talked to you is somehow btfo'd. trying to talk to you is literally like talking to a nigger. you are a nigger. do you understand that? that you are a nigger? i bet you arent even over 25 and that youve never held a job. fuck off and leave this board, you dont fucking belong here.
Open file (19.69 KB 804x213 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1038 Nah. I only support antinatalism for non-whites
>>1062 Fucking make me
>>1064 i cant
Open file (108.14 KB 736x957 ubermensch.jpg)
>>1040 >That's just the ultimate conclusion of thinking that there's nothing that matters beyond "this life" as they say Necessarily so? I don't think so. I don't believe that there is anything beyond "this life", yet it is far from clear that the only choice there is is just to play with my cock and entertainment myself until I pass away, having lived a long yet utterly useless life. Just over a century ago, men such as Thomas Galton, having disposed with the primitive superstitions of Abrahamists, were speculating that eugenics and the improvement of our stock could take on a religious nature as we co-operate with the workings of nature to bring about healthy, more vigorous, more intelligent human beings. http://galton.org/essays/1900-1911/galton-1904-am-journ-soc-eugenics-scope-aims.htm In 1913 an Oxford scholar, Allen G. Roper, wrote a prize essay on eugenics, in which he said the following: >“Organic evolution has changed our whole perspective. We see our wills as temporary manifestations of a greater Will: our sense of time and causation has opened out to the infinite, and we are learning to subordinate the individual lot to the destiny of the species.” This is our true goal, and it is no empty goal to reach higher and higher and higher towards our destiny. Who cannot see purpose in contributing to the improvement of our race as a duty in conjunction with the workings of nature, with God, who is no being radically different from the universe, but is the universe itself.
>>1064 i love you, and hitler loves you too.
>>1066 >eugenics and the improvement of our stock could take on a religious nature thats some shit i can get behind
>>1067 Heil
>>1068 C R I S P R
Open file (14.31 MB 640x352 Our Purpose.mp4)
>>1068 Like I've been saying, bro, this is Cosmotheism, and by extension this is National Socialism
Open file (203.97 KB 1173x1107 AoqHDpu.jpg)
Open file (391.90 KB 1544x1214 MgAxhQe.jpg)
We need to use CRISPR to become Eusocial. Dharma hardcoded
Open file (26.30 KB 600x405 1-newgeneticed.jpg)
https://archive.is/Qq7rC We must become B E T T E R
>>1073 >>1076 Have fun with that when the Jews are genetically modifying your children into abominations. I wouldn't touch that shit with a ten foot pole. Cultivate the good, remove the bad. That's all that needs done as far as I'm concerned.
>>1079 Cede the field to kikes and get what you asked for. Take control of the future for the white race
>>1073 Having fun with those CRISPR babies literally falling apart in those labs in Israel? >You should totally become an artificial abomination like us goy! Becoming a golem is actually worse than physical extinction. >>1079 Their goal is to completely erase everything natural and replace it with artificial things. Remember, once you completely cut ties with your natural, emergent essence, a fate much worse than death awaits you.
>>1073 are these pictures of whats happening inside china?
>>1085 >>1089 Luddite af This is why nationalist PRC is owning the fucking world. They're actually DOING fascism
>>1085 >a fate much worse than death awaits you you mean like agriculture and other technological innovations culminating into the civilization we are all desperately trying to stop here right now?
>>1090 i dont want to be a bug though. i'd rather die white than die a bug-like automaton. race is a fluid concept and if you act like bugs you'll become bugs and then everything you were fighting for will become lost forever anyway. if you have to become a monster to defeat a monster then what was the difference between your victory and your defeat.
"natural" and "artificial" are distinction without a difference meme. Everything is always already changing everything all the time, artifice is natural emergence. The distinction is nonsense based on abrahamic thought.
>>1094 im not really talking about natural and artificial, im talking about chinese vs european. infact the modern chinese probably arent even like the old chinese either. theres a reason people make jokes about the chinese being insects and its not because they are an efficient state.
>>1093 Why would we be bugs? We'd be superior humans. We wouldn't become ants unless we chose to. Just choose superior ability and superior attitude. This is just a superior form of Eugenics. Eugenics is passive, CRISPR is active
>>1096 You weirdo, do you even know any chinks? They aren't remotely buglike.
>>1097 >we wouldnt become ants unless we chose to what we "choose" to do is an illusion. 99% what we are doing is not exactly what we think we are choosing to do and the outcome is rarely what we intended and even when the outcome is what we wanted we more often than not find out that its not what we wanted after all.
>>1099 Yes, welcome to reality. You try and fail. I always expect to fail. I fight anyway, and sometime I win
>>1094 You're right in a sense, what is created by man is merely his own techniques - much like a bee builds a beehive or an otter a dam. Of course the difference with us is that we are creative and able to learn, modify and innovate, while the creations of these lesser creations are static, at least compared to us. I'm not really sure what your point is though. Artificial just designates something made by humans, of course it is still part of Nature. Nature encompasses everything. We are part and parcel of Nature, unlike what Abrahamists teach. If you're saying this in relation to genetic modification, I don't think this means that we shouldn't have caution and just edit to our heart's content with no concern for the consequences. Man is merely part of Nature become self-conscious. What nature does blindly, slowly, man can do quickly and with farsightedness. I want stronger, healthier, more vigorous humans and happy communities. I do not see how you or anyone else in particular knows precisely what is desirable for our future outside of the fact that we can contribute to paving the way from man to Higher Man, to the next step
>>1101 Why do you assume this would be done stupidly by idiots?
>>1098 we dont live in a static world, we live in a constantly changing world. we are always becoming but never truly being. what we do defines what we are and what we are defines what we can do. there was another thread in here that was calling this idea "process philosophy". If white people all adopt nigger culture then they would eventually converge to an indistinguishable single entity.
>>1104 Yes, so why refuse to use CRISPR?
>>1102 Because I don't have boundless hope in human goodness and infallibility? >>1104 Process metaphysics are the final redpill
>>1105 im not against crispr, im just saying that we should be cautious in using existential success as a rolemodel for our own behavior and the direction of our people. seeing that ants are successful at one thing or the chinese doesnt mean we should start emulating them.
>>1106 actual the final redpill is realizing the self, the observer, that which never changes is uncreated and never destroyed in contrast to the constantly changing physical world. the duality of purusha and prakriti.
>>1108 Vedanta is bullshit. Consciousness is a liar. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjak6YgCVdc
>>1108 Here's a hell of a redpill, especially in context of Process Metaphysics. https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=F2B96F5C3C01BD1499EA844CCE6D463A
>>1108 >posts a fucking TED talk >is a phoneposter No wonder your posts are so shitty
>>1110 consciousness is the symptom of the self, not the self exactly. also vedanta is not the only way to perceive it. going by the jain theory of anekantavada nobody really can describe it and know it fully without acheiving omniscience.
>>1113 are you replying to the wrong person? i havent posted a TED talk, and what does it matter if im on a phone. is an idea different if i post it with a phone or a computer?
>>1115 I was replying to the other guy, I was about to reply to your post but felt like shitposting and forgot I had clicked you
>>1116 lol, i didnt click his link yet. he can say vedanta is bullshit all he wants but truly knowing vedanta is experiencing the self yourself. the self beholds the self, by means of the self. once you have reached this point no one can ever tell you otherwise.
Open file (594.71 KB 2560x2560 91lnl1Q5lhL.jpg)
>>1113 https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=4A21D7EAFAEBF07271E6520153E4639F Source (he wrote two others, you can see his lab's web page too if you want. Faggot.)
>>1116 >>1113 not all ted talks are bad >Why is india so fily? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf1VA5jqmRo >The surprising truth of open defecation in India https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V35Vw29tay0
https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=C5EC3A76537902D7DC4C5BC68ED1434B Similar result to Graziano, from philosophical perspective
>>1118 What's even your point though? Are you just trying to undermine the other poster's view of an eternal and indestructible self?
>>1114 >>1117 The bliss of consciousness modelling itself in a feedback loop like a video camera pointed at it's output monitor. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OWnC9tSA3iA
Open file (69.72 KB 400x600 pid_16473.jpg)
>>1122 I'm exposing you guys to interesting literature from very alien perspectives. Here's a good one that is pro-ego. Too bad it's not scanned yet.
>>1122 i think thats what hes doing. this is a great conversation though, because the conclusion eventually is always the same.
>>1124 im not reading all these damn books man. ive got a coombrain, my parents put me on too many drugs as a kid and i did too many drugs as a young adult. im sorry i know it sounds untermensch as fuck but its just what it is.
>>1122 That Bhagavad Gita shit is a mindfuck, it's just Dissociation. That's fine, a good tool to control people. People need to be controlled. If you follow and practice Vedanta or Buddhism, or Jainism, it's all Depersonalization and Dissociation. This life is REAL. YOU ARE REAL. YOU WILL DIE AND THIS LIFE MATTERS. The only Maya is in your mind, it's consciousness.
>>1124 what do you think about this?
>>1126 Just this once, save it for yourself and stop derailing. Otherwise, it's intentional and you're nothing short of a shill.
>>1127 the world being real and being of consequence is very much affirmed by the bhagavad gita and jainism, especially vishnu oriented sects. shiva sects are the ones that tend to deny that the material world is at all real. >“A man died, leaving behind 17 elephants as his only wealth. He had three sons, According to his will; the first son should get one-half of his wealth, the second one-third and the third one-ninth. Now how could the sons divide 17 elephants among themselves in the manner stipulated? The king, who happened to be passing by on his elephant, said he would solve the problem. He alighted from his elephant and put it beside the 17 of the dead man’s. He said he had added his elephant to the 17 to make the number even. So the first son got one-half of the 18 that is nine elephants. The second got one-third of the 18 that is six. The third got two, one-ninth of the 18 elephants. The king said: “This leaves one elephant, the one I added to your father’s collection. I take it back now that the division of the elephants among you is over.” The sons were happy that the division was in accordance with their father’s will.
>>1129 Isn't he the OP?
>>1129 my pharmeceutical coombrain cant comprehend what you are saying. how can i even derail this thread, im the fuckin OP
>>1127 >This life is REAL. YOU ARE REAL. YOU WILL DIE AND THIS LIFE MATTERS. I don't get the point about the consciousness autism, but I can at least agree with you on this point.
Open file (232.69 KB 1391x783 mrbones.jpg)
>>1133 >you will die
>>1128 Trika is just Samkhya with Dravidian characteristics
>>1135 i can see that. the original samkhya tattvas are 24 and dont include god. do you see though how they place the mind, the ego, and the inuition, below the soul?
>>1136 Soul or life force is Energy. Energy is intelligent. See David Bohm's work with self-organizing plasmas and Jeremy England's Dissipation Driven Adaptation.
>>1136 To clarify, Consciousness is a process, which is structural and can exist in energy. Energy animates solid matter. It is the Energy that is the active subject. But consciousness makes this inaccurate model of the real.
Open file (306.68 KB 1920x1080 UngerTrilogy.jpg)
>>1133 You'd really like the Unger books then
Open file (142.09 KB 511x719 14_Gunasthanas.jpg)
>>1137 you cant disprove the soul anymore than you can prove it. you can only bring up supporting evidence and make inferences for either argument. when you are ready for that realization, you will attain it, and then the rest of the journey will continue. >Those who are seers of the truth have concluded that of the nonexistent there is no endurance, and of the existent there is no cessation. This seers have concluded by studying the nature of both. >Know that which pervades the entire body is indestructible. No one is able to destroy the imperishable soul. >Only the material body of the indestructible, immeasurable and eternal living entity is subject to destruction; therefore, fight, O descendant of Bharata. >For the soul there is never birth nor death. Nor, having once been, does he ever cease to be. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.
>>1139 that path will eventually lead you to realizing the self.
>>1142 Conservation of Energy. Not incompatible. >>1143 I've been taken to Vrindavan and saw Krishna myself, in 1996, from two months of intense daily meditation. This is not incompatible.
>>1123 really when you think about it, its the ultimate coom. there is no coom to match it. when you orgasm your vital energy and fluids pour out of your penis, when its a habit its like a faucet for your life force. ancient wisdom the world over says that 1 drop of semen is worth many drops of blood. when you ejaculate you are literally bleeding death. ancient wisdom also states that the energy, the life force, of the body is carried in blood. imagine no longer masturbating, and the energy and blood of your body builds up, imagine no longer eating because everything you eat ends up in your blood and dilutes it, making it less potent. imagine following this process for days, months. you dont think about anything else like family, politics, you dont worry about spending mental energy (ayurveda states the activities of the mind consume more energy than the body) on worries and stresses that the human race is always bothered and distracted by. you begin to realize that humanity never gets peace, only one distraction to the next distraction. mean while your bodily processes are continuing. you arent using your penis to ejaculate, instead of a faucet its like a knot, and since you have been eating as little as possible and only the cleanest food, your blood is thinning but becoming more energetically potent. we all know that if you dont masturbate you eventually have wet dreams, or can even spontaneously cum your pants from a small amount of stimuli. you barely sleep though either, and are always seated in padmasana. padmasana, redirects the blood in your legs (theres a lot in your legs) and pushes it into the body. the spine is straight and is like an electrical system that is perfectly mashed up against itself. eventually your body cant take it. there is too much energy, and you acheive enlightenment. all the energy and blood, the posture of your body, the conditions are perfect and everything flows up the spine and YOU COOOOM. you have made you whole body a penis, and with it you penetrate not a mundane vagina, but the entire cosmos. you become enlightened. C O S M I C C O O M
>>1144 i thought i was arguing with you about whether or not the eternal self exists. are you saying that not only the soul is real, but the supersoul as well?
>>1144 if you did that in 1996 does that mean youre over 25 and have probably held a job before? who else goes to vrindavan in 96 then ends up on an obscure far-right imageboard..... ...are you the dharmanation guy?
>>1145 Tantra is fucking (((DRAVIDIAN)))
>>1147 I'm 36 , actually. I've had several jobs. Everything from fast food to factories to a sanitarium. Sanitarium was actually nice, mainly read books and checked beds. Get attacked by schizos now and then but whatever. Miss that job. Fucking privatization.
>>1145 But yes, Kundalini and Advaita in general is the consciousness modeling itself, thus masterbation.
Back on topic, what should be the Cosmology? Is this going to be Western European? How about this book as a start? Are we going with purely European shit? https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=52780700F734978F1E87A73EC8F7A8CC
>>1149 i dont know if thats tantra or not. i dont know much about it. that was just my own thoughts. dont masturbate, instead evolve into a higher form of penis. become the cosmic penis. i think then your soul is supposed to shoot out of your head and then you go to other planets or even a spiritual world, but im saying we should use that energy and power to spread "dharma" on this realm, rather than abandoning the material realm we conquer it and turn it into a higher realm, rejecting the finite nature of the universe and turning dharmic philosophy and yoga on its head, perhaps committing the greatest heresy by rejecting "the spiritual world" or an existence in the brahman
>>1153 Indeed, seriously give The Self Awakened a read. I like your attitude
>>1151 i've often thought this, and figured that saying the point of existence is to coom entirely would be dismissing all the unique things of existence, like music, beautiful women, the pleasantries of nature and the woods, etc etc. where im at now, is that we should live our lives in asceticism and meditation to acheive the ultimate coom, but we coom that energy back into the earth, cooming again and again, conquering the universe, rejecting the finite cosmology and fighting entropy once and for all. thus the metaphysics have been established and then government and culture and daily life is all built around preserving energy as the purusha, and then cooming it into the prakriti, creating more and more. the cycle of creation never ending. each great coom creates something superior before the other coom, because we bypass the law of preservation of energy by drawing from the self, which is connected to the brahman, for infinite coom power, the purpose being not the remain with the energy like the old ways, but to coom it back out into the amterial world, the feminine, making creations that can coom even harder and harder.
>>1152 >Are we going with purely European shit? I wouldn’t think so – this might be an unpopular opinion, but to limit ourselves to European stuff is narrow-minded, and I don’t mean that in the Jewish way, I mean that truth can be expressed in different ways and from different sources. Traditionally European pagan views often have a lot of truth in them, but as I see them they are merely one cluster of perspectives and interpretations of the nature of reality from the mindset of racially European people. To an extent I think paganism has been superceded by our modern understandings of things, but there is still much of value, especially in what the more intellectual pagans of the past said.
Open file (136.91 KB 523x1024 523px-Atum.svg.png)
>>1155 That's basically the cosmogony of Kemet, Egypt.
>>1157 I really feel in this era, a totally naturalized and abstract system would be preferable. No having to learn weird names and so on. A kind of deconstruction method. Present the actual philosophy.
>>1130 The world is relatively real. But there's a "deeper world." This is obvious from both hidden traditions not meant for the NPCs, the "Hard Problem" of consciousness...
>>1157 thats like the gaudiya vaishnava interpretation of vedic religion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MM3eddoFCY
>>1158 well they definetly didnt conquer the earth and universe fighting against entropy. what happened to them? they still were unable to counter the kali yuga.
>>1160 Ah, yes. Noumena and Phenomena in Kant. Implicate and Explicate Orders in Bohm. Universe-A and Universe-B in Bertiaux. And Consciousness Modeling vs physics model. I think these all describe the same thing.
>>1159 i feel the same way. i like the gaudiya vaishnava philosophy, but i dont like it because of how obsessed they are with name and form, basically still falling into the same trap as advaita by rejecting any mode of existence that doesnt involve the interaction with a blue cowherd boy in vrindavan.
>>1163 Just read Plato and his successors. Or just look up the utter failure to locate "consciousness" within the brain (see NDEs, men missing significant chunks of the brain yet being functional"). Proclus already nailed it down.
>>1152 >what should be the cosmology? we dont have to, and probably shouldnt make statements like that. all tradition religions state that the universe is finite and destined to be destroyed. we should embrace an infinite never ending universe. >Is this going to be western european i dont know much about western european religion. i think the most western european thing we can do though is embrace the infinite nature of reality and that it should be ever explored and the limits of reality ever pressed and explored. >>1159 >totality naturalized and abstract system would be preferable >not having to learn weird names doing this would allow us to do the pan-religious thing
>>1159 Paganism is more natural to our natures than the Abrahamic religions – thus objectively less harmful, but to me both of them are equally primitive attempts to explain reality and the meaning of life. Jewish egoistic materialism is what guides 99.9% of people today. Living in the moment, having lots of sex, drinking alcohol, having a nice television, etc. We will not survive if this worldview is not deconstructed and revealed as the nihilistic anti-life “Last Man” creed that it is. Usually when I talk with people IRL I break out the high-flung Cosmotheist-like talking points about evolution, the destiny of man, living for eternity and not in the moment, and usually the NPCs eyes gloss over, but for me it is one of the most powerful messages that anyone can readily accept merely from introspection and observation.
Open file (14.39 KB 480x360 hqdefault (5).jpg)
>>1167 > Usually when I talk with people IRL I break out the high-flung Cosmotheist-like talking points about evolution, the destiny of man, living for eternity and not in the moment, and usually the NPCs eyes gloss over,
>>1165 I have read Plato and Aristotle and Pretty much all the good Greeks. Epictetus is very good. I enjoy pre-socratics the most. You're right about hedonism being degenerate, ofc.
>>1166 You're a pragmatist!
Open file (702.94 KB 1200x817 hitler.jpeg)
>>1168 a charismatic preacher and an aesthetic that speaks on a subconscious level is more important than the technicalities and actual creed of a philosophy. i think this power really comes from an inner energy and possessing that energy is related to the cosmic and eternal laws of the universe that are in practice synonymous with true morality.
>>1171 Hegel, Schopenhauer, Spengler et al Historical Egregore, Will-to-live &c
>>1172 i already told you im not reading your damn books. i dont have enough braincells, the attention span, left for that shit. just spit it out the best parts here in your own words.
>>1168 Kek, pretty much. This said though, I’m not too surprised. Imagine living a simple life consuming cheap products and playing with your penis in front of a glowing screen while working a miserable wagecuck job and suddenly being told that everything you are doing is meaningless or even harmful, that you are directly responsible for the future and have a grand destiny or purpose that you can partake in. Do they accept this and change everything in their lives or do they want to fade into oblivion, keep up their shallow lives of pleasure with no concern for anything but the now?
>>1173 >i already told you im not reading your damn books. i dont have enough braincells, the attention span, left for that shit. Never gonna make it. This is cope. I had a long period as a teen where I didn’t read shit. I wasted five or six years playing video games and jerking off before I got redpilled and started reading again. At first it was pure hell and even reading a few pages was excruciating, but I pushed on and gradually learned to power through and enjoy it again as I did before I fried my brain. Attention span and related problems can be fixed with effort. >wahh Jewpills fried my brain, I can’t do anything! Good goy
>>1172 >>1171 the metaphysics and morality of jainism are united. there is a prevalent theme in jainism, not so much that might makes right, but that right makes might. their tirthankars are supposedly to be unbelievably powerful, and as you progress spiritually you become more powerful, but indulging in these powers are seen as a deviance from the path because it is technically a smaller coom, and you want to save up energy and avoid karma to acheive the ultimate coom. in the tattvartha sutra book i have, somewhere it makes a reference that the power of speech is fueled by something translated as "speech clusters". i wonder if there is someway to understand this system to be exploited, and then we can make amazing speeches like hitler and get normies to poop in their hand and eat it if we want
>>1175 the purity of the heart is superior to the discipline of the mind.
>>1176 Jainism without Ahimsa. So dig into Shramana stuff that Jainism and Buddhism developed from. But it's going to disappoint because it's Overcoming The World, quietism.
>>1178 Jains are fanatically ahimsic, but they are not pacifist. pacifisim is only for the monks. there are many jains today that serve in the military, even the united states military, and they themselves purport that jainism is the original religion of the kshatriya class of peoples. going even further, they claim that king ashoka, infamous for being a brutal warlord who had an epiphany of nonviolence and converted to buddhism, was originally jain and converted to buddhism because jainism was in support of the wars he waged.
>>1178 are you saying you dont believe in jain metaphysics? i feel like their metaphysics are transcendent, that they are eternally true even up against process philosophy. are you opposed to taking advantage of it to create god men ubermensches? are you opposed to a unified morality and metaphysical view where right creates might?
>>1178 If you recognize a deeper world, then it's foolish to teach this world is of supreme importance rather than just important. All we have points to the "deep world" being so unlike this one that when death comes there's practically no afterlife since nothing really carries over. Which is actually in line with traditions like in India on this subject.
>>1176 All I have to say is read Madhvacharya, but I feel we need a more contemporary praxis. Basically all this Cosmology is Samkhya.
>>1178 >overcoming the world quietism this is true, but they also have a cosmology of a static finite universe. we should adopt a cosmology that the universe is dynamic and is principally changeble by the sentient beings that inhabit it (us) and that it is infinite in size also. if we neglect our sacred duty the universe can fall into a state of terrible darkness, but if we perform our religious duties (which will be preservation of race, expansion, power, etc), if you change the cosmology in this way from a static finite infallible universe into a dynamic infinite and fallible universe then expanding across the universe spreading our people and way of life and morality logically becomes the new moral imperative inplace of escaping to siddhasila, a magical land, where you do nothing for eternity
>>1183 jain cosmology and metaphysics are opposed to that presented by samkhya and the upanishads. what is it in madhvacarya you want me to read?
>>1182 >If you recognize a deeper world, then it's foolish to teach this world is of supreme importance rather than just important. what is the evidence for the existence of this deeper world?
>>1186 Read Plato and his successors first off.
>>1186 Physics, man. The world described by Physics. >>1185 Book related is actually very short, just has huge appendices.
>>1189 >>1188 >>1187 you guys and your damn books. books at most should be skimmed over, then never read again and only recklessly referenced on imageboards
>>1189 >>1188 >>1187 why cant you just give the QRD in your own words, if you cant do that then i have reason to believe you never understood the book to a practical level
>>1190 >>1191 They're not heavy reading, lamebrain
>>1191 What, never heard of Analogy of the Cave?
>>1190 >books at most should be skimmed over, then never read again
>>1192 then it shouldnt be difficult to give the QRD in your own words here.
>>1196 I take it you certainly oppose the "monism" in Plato to Proclus' work (Plato was indeed an advocate of such)?
>>1196 how does any of this information translate into a practical means of living that will facilitate the values of concern to the memebers of this board.
>>1190 Taste of Master Game
>>1198 I'm partial to nahua concept of Teotl. That other guy gets it. Process Philosophy is the good shit
>>1201 do you think that the theory of karma is similar to process philosophy? what do you think about karma in general? there are different ideas and interpretations for how it works and what exactly it is
>>1201 What I peaked at in Madhva Vedanta doesn't seem to be at odds with Plato or even Proclus.
>>1202 The hinayana Buddhist concept is correct, it's simply momentum. Objects in motion. The Physics of the frequency domain.
>>1204 I didn't say I'm a sadh Vaishnava, did I? Just interesting ideas to consider
Open file (108.49 KB 1361x934 aTflJQ1.png)
>>1204 I enjoyed Madhvacharya's pluralism and hierarchy.
>>1203 are you a librarian or something? there is a book for every opinion and every subject, and when two people read the same book they can get different conclusions and not know it thinking they both have the same understanding. i dont care about the contents of another book, i care about the thoughts and understanding of the people around me.
>>1207 Hmm, what physicists or other science men would you recommend who could get across what you say to someone not interested in esoteric learning but "hard science"?
>Leaving aside reincarnation and the mental gymnastics it foists on the believer, the central focus of Buddhism’s three-ring circus remains the state or non-state of enlightenment, which, like Jesus’ ethereal theme park, is an appetizing carrot suspended in the darkness of life’s suffering, if you are one of those who are sensitive enough to life’s suffering. However, to get that carrot you must first kowtow to dogmatic authorities that cannot be told apart from those of Christianity, spiritual ministers who strong-arm you to do some things and not do others under pain of not becoming enlightened. >But here is the real catch: If you want to become enlightened you will never become enlightened, because in Buddhism wanting things is just the thing that keeps you from getting the thing you want. Less circuitously, if you want to end your suffering, you will never end your suffering. This is the “wanting paradox,” or “paradox of desire,” and Buddhists are at the ready with both rational and non-rational propositions as to why this paradox is not a paradox. How to understand these propositions is past understanding, because, per Buddhism, there is nothing to understand and no one to understand it. And as long as you think there is something to understand and someone to understand it, you are doomed. Trying for this understanding is the most trying thing of all. Yet trying not to try for it is just as trying. There is nothing more futile than to consciously look for something to save you. But consciousness makes this fact seem otherwise. Consciousness makes it seem as if (1) there is something to do; (2) there is somewhere to go; (3) there is something to be; (4) there is someone to know. This is what makes consciousness the parent of all horrors, the thing that makes us try to do something, go somewhere, be something, and know someone, such as ourselves, so that we can escape our MALIGNANTLY USELESS being and think that being alive is all right rather than that which should not be. >The Buddhist “wanting paradox” might be regarded as correlative to Zapffe’s Paradox (the paradox of conscious beings attempting to disclaim their consciousness of the flagrantly joyless possibilities of their lives). The difference between Buddhism’s Paradox and Zapffe’s Paradox is that the latter is not amenable to being resolved, explained away, or denied, either rationally or non-rationally. It can only be left unacknowledged so that we can continue to live as we have all these years, or at least as long as we can before the paradox demands acknowledgment to the extent that we cannot live with ourselves as beings whose existence is terribly false and paradoxical, things so uncanny that we can no longer even look at one another or hold our heads steady. Until that day, we will keep living as obstinate selves who affirm that being conscious is an enlightened way to be and that being alive is all right. (Conspiracy Against The Human Race)
>>1208 >More provocative than it is astonishing, Zapffe’s thought is perhaps the most elementary in the history of philosophical pessimism. As penetrable as it is cheerless, it rests on taboo commonplaces and outlawed truisms while eschewing the recondite brain-twisters of his forerunners, all of whom engaged in the kind of convoluted cerebration that for thousands of years has been philosophy’s stock in trade. For example, The World as Will and Representation (two volumes, 1819 and 1844) by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer lays out one of the most absorbingly intricate metaphysical systems ever contrived—a quasi-mystical elaboration of a “Will-to-live” as the hypostasis of reality, a mindless and untiring master of all being, a directionless force that makes everything do what it does, an imbecilic puppeteer that sustains the ruckus of our world. But Schopenhauer’s Will-to-live, commendable as it may seem as a hypothesis, is too overwrought in the proving to be anything more than another intellectual labyrinth for specialists in perplexity. Comparatively, Zapffe’s principles are non-technical and could never arouse the passion of professors or practitioners of philosophy, who typically circle around the minutiae of theories and not the gross facts of our lives. If we must think, it should be done only in circles, outside of which lies the unthinkable. Evidence: While commentators on Schopenhauer’s thought have seized upon it as a philosophical system ripe for academic analysis, they do not emphasize that its ideal endpoint—the denial of the Will-to-live—is a construct for the end of human existence. But even Schopenhauer himself did not push this as aspect of his philosophy to its ideal endpoint, which has kept him in fair repute as a philosopher. (ibid)
Specifically: If we must think, it should be done only in circles, outside of which lies the unthinkable
How does he know it's possible to escape from "existence"?
>>1218 Why I love Unger's Radical Pragmatism
Open file (100.83 KB 800x400 IMG_20200110_093751.jpg)
>>1209 >What is life-lecture: Jeremy England https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e91D5UAz-f4 >No Turning Back: The Nonequilibrium Statistical Thermodynamics of becoming (and remaining) Life-Like Jeremy England https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ka8573QQKW4
So, to be practical, I recommend the basic approach of Alexander Dugin, Unger and from the left, Bookchin: Experimentalist Communities, basically Municipalism. Do the thing irl, be a living example,
Bookchin's writing engrossing
>>1225 He's like an inverted Dugin or Southgate
There's also the Datura based Lycanthropy cults of heathen Europe. (From Outside The Circles Of Time and Hallucinogens And Shamanism, respectively)
>>1174 >Do they accept this and change everything in their lives or do they want to fade into oblivion, keep up their shallow lives of pleasure with no concern for anything but the now? Where's a good place to start?
>>1247 Start at >>1189
Open file (175.01 KB 400x440 image.png)
>muh books
>>1247 >Where's a good place to start? I'd probably take the time to read these four essays. The first one is a great introduction that covers a lot of what I said in the post you're replying to. More specifically, it focuses on a question that is essential - Why should the white race be preserved in the first place? It also talks on the need to free ourselves as a society from Jewish egoism and materialism, and a conception of life based merely on "happiness" rather than larger imperatives that transcend us. If you're asking this in a more practical sense (though I'd of course advise to read the essays anyway, they are well worth it), one could probably suggest developing our minds, characters, bodies, families, communities, and so on, as well as asking ourselves how we can best serve our people in a way that actually counts or contributes. https://www.counter-currents.com/2011/01/our-cause/ https://nationalvanguard.org/2010/09/cosmotheism-the-path/ https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/02/cosmotheism-on-living-things-updated/ https://nationalvanguard.org/2010/09/cosmotheism-on-society/
>>1221 Who said the words in that picture?
>>1256 Jim Dekorne in pic/book related >Psychedelic Shamanism https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=692421A0026D1868CC9D3E390B2C1416
>>1269 Would Jeremy England agree with what you've been saying in this thread? Be honest.
>>1269 leave your damn books out of this thread, you are clogging up the actual discussion. go make a thread for book suggestions if thats what you really want to do instead of having an actual conversation
Open file (200.81 KB 378x207 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1304 The dude asked for a source and he gave the source, calm down. Pic related is you
>>1297 Possibly, he's religious.
>>1304 >Don't read, goyim Fuck off, Shlomo
>>1315 He is? Don't tell me he's a Kike or Christian.
Open file (308.36 KB 887x1200 Adolf Hitler.jpg)
Open file (24.63 KB 605x417 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (19.69 KB 596x330 ClipboardImage.png)
Daily reminder that /fascist/ is a pro-books board.
>>1335 ah, yes, i remember as well reading about how hitler carried a huge bag of books with him everywhere he went, and whenever someone engaged him in conversation he would give a smug smile saying "i have a book just for that" he would dig into his magic bag of books, which grew by the day, and give them a book, walking away, not saying another word. Do you remember the great speeches he would give? where he would spout off a list of books that everyone in the crowd should read, then leave the platform. It was unorthodox when, even at the height of the war, in his military meetings when he was presented with the situation he would squint his eyes in concentration thinking, then reach into his bag of books hand all the generals and military officials the relevant books, then he would leave the room, not saying a word even.
if only all of humanity just always had the right book, at just the right time, we wouldnt ever have to speak to eachother and all the worlds problems would be solved. im pretty sure that you are the exact kind of "intellectual" that he hated.
>>1345 >>1346 You sound like some anti-intellectual Maoist peasant who thinks he is above books, when the reality is that he doesn’t even have the attention span to read a paragraph, let alone understand it.
>>1347 i made a thread for you.
>>1345 ~t. Too Dumb To Read A Cereal Box
>>1355 >t. Too autistic to have a conversation
>>1387 Stick to your Harry Potter and Marvel movies.
I'm happy to have a discussion. Lead the way: what do you want to discuss?
>>1397 what is your opinion on New Age Pan-Religious Esoteric Mystic Ethno-Monotheism? is creating a new religion and philosophy that is exclusive to the white race a viable means of uniting the scattered traditionalists into a semi-autonomous hivemind?
>>1406 I say to use books on comparative Indo-European myth to create a deconstruction combination of the basic mythopoetic system. Then construct a system using culturally stripped terms (Lightning for Thor-Indra-Zeus) and then expound a Dharma (but strip that term too, say for instance System or Mechanism) according to your vision
ITT: People who didn't take the Serranopill yet
>>1488 GLORIOUS POST 1488 this has been weighing on my mind that the closer i get to what i think whites need, has already been done by serrano and savitri. this glorious post by post #1488 has indeed confirmed this suspicion of mine although quite regrettably this means i will have to read a book to continue my work.
Open file (251.08 KB 2425x1629 heil breivik.jpg)
Open file (284.68 KB 1197x866 car heil salute.jpg)
Open file (101.27 KB 1000x563 manshaus heil.jpg)
Open file (79.64 KB 597x400 hitler salute.jpg)
>>1488 Those digits... GIVE THIS MAN A HEIL
>>1488 i tried to read serrano before but he was making so many references to so many things i had to stop, i didnt know what he was talking about. do you have any links or sources that can help explain serrano? https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/20006-dc-miguel-serrano-1295970.html
>>1533 Yeah, the DSM-5, Serrano was completely schizo
Open file (874.59 KB 2544x4000 hilarious pepe.jpg)
>>1540 >Oy gevalt! Something something about Soviet kikes declaring political opponents crazy and locking them in asylums, medicalization of dissent, no? >>1542 Did you switch IP's or you actually have a sidekick? Or you are just a bot? Hard to tell with your types. >>1533 https://www.kalkiweisthor.net/four-teachers-guido-von-list-karl-maria-wiligut-savitri-devi-and-miguel-serrano/ https://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Miguel_Serrano https://jasonthompkins.wordpress.com/tag/miguel-serrano/ These give a decent intro, but you'd need to read it and see it for yourself. I can post some books in English if you'd like.
>>1554 Is Serrano/Devi Vaishnav?
>>1565 Savitri Devi is complicated. I wouldn't call her inconsistent, it's possible her views evolved through time and it doesn't help that she never provides an precise account in one space of what she believed precisely. Source included as a PDF.
>>1565 I read 2 pages of nos and id have to say, serrano is probably not vaishnav
>>1571 >>1567 I ask because they both see Hitler as an Avatar of Vishnu. I know they're prob. not Vaishnav in a traditional sense but more of an extremely eclectical sense.
>>1565 >>1577 Yes, but not in dogmatic way. Rather, he identifies attributes assigned to that deity and builds upon them, recognizing them manifest in people like Hitler. It's about archetypes, but also about literal deities as archetypes can manifest as gods in a very literal sense. They are not necessarily real in a physical sense and are more about symbolism and allegory, but can become real if proper conditions are met. Potential, actualization etc. This is why kikes are seething so much about something that appears utterly ridiculous at a first glance.
Spinoza and Schopenhauer are just about the only worthy post-Antiquity philosophers.
>>1962 I just picked up Spinoza's Ethics. I doubt I'll agree with his ethical conclusions, but I am most interested in his exposition of pantheism more than anything. I know he was a Jew, but apparently he got shunned by his fellow Jews and even his own family so he must have pissed them off badly. As part of my book-haul too I picked up some Schopenhauer stuff too, but I don't think it's his main work or anything, so I don't know how enlightening it will be. Hopefully they will be some good reading.
If anyone wants to join a chat discussing potential White race-unifying religions, there's one at >https://riot.im/app/#/room/#altreligion:200acres.org
Open file (56.65 KB 300x407 Hermetism 3.jpeg)
>>1488 (Heiled) currently Reading "Lightning and the Sun" right after reading the Baghavad Gita, i know that Serrano was huge on Gnosticism, do you reccomend me to finish the Nag Hammadi before delving into him? to be honest i really do think people ITT are missing the point on Esotericism in general, im seeing too many people getting dragged on in Post-Illustrasion Philosophy and Snowflake metaphysics, at best i can see some anons talking about Buddhism (then proceeding to make retarded remarks like Nirvana being Anti-Existance) not a single mention of Actual Gnosticism or Hermetism, fuck we are talking about Esotericism and Evola and Guenón haven´t been mentioned yet despite being 200+ posts in, (that i've seen, maybe i've missed a post or two) and anons seem to be completely Warped by their Modern Positivistic Worldview, the whole idea of "Creating" a Religion that fits in with whatever Snowflake idea Anon has on Natsocialism, instead of trying to Understand Truth in itself and changing itself towards it is a dead givaway that not many people here know what the fuck are they doing,
>>2151 > i can see some anons talking about Buddhism (then proceeding to make retarded remarks like Nirvana being Anti-Existance) See, Buddhism just sort of gives me a weird taste in my mouth. I accept impermanence as a self-evident fact. Life being "suffering" or "unsatisfactory" (or whatever translation one would like to use), seems to be a judgement drawn from a very certain type of psychological state-of-mind. I think Siddhartha Gautama merely got blown out on too much indulgence and went right over to extreme self-hatred of the body to the point of almost killing himself. All Dharmic traditions have this sort of strange life-denying complex where the ultimate goal is to never be born again. Not to say Buddhism is all bad, some of the basic observations and recommendations of things like the Middle Way / Golden Mean are good wisdom.
Open file (297.68 KB 726x1024 Hermetism 5.jpeg)
>>2160 that's the thing though, Truth is One and Absolute, for the Monad is One and Absolute, but since Man is varied and equality is a Joke there are many different ways and perspectives to Understand and see the Truth, little do you know that the same concept of Maya and the World as Samsara is the same thing the Hermetics said by saying that the Cosmos is the Mental Creation of God, or the same thing that the Gnostics meant when saying that the Physical realm was but the Creation of the Demiurg, Esotericism is the Secret Doctrine of Truth, all its offshoots, The Chaldean Oracles and Zoroastrianism, Buddhism (The Actual doctrines of Buddha, not fucking New Age trash nignogs follow today), Tantrism, Zen, Hermetism, Gnosticism, Neplatonism, Classical Philosphy from Plato to Aristotle, even fucking Christian Mysticism, Scholasticism and all that Jazz, even the Fucking Sepher Yetzirah, and some components of Jewish Esotericism that are actually Chaldean in their Roots, and they are the Same Shit stated in Different Words and looked from a Different Perspective The Warrior picks Asceticism and Follows Tantra and Buddhism The Priest studies the Papyrus of Ani and the Wisdom of Hermes each according to his Ability and Ontology i do not think people around here realize this judging from how OP didn't make a distinction between Exoteric Religion and its True Esoteric Component (IE:He noted Down Islam but completely Ignored Sufism, noted down Buddhism but didn't bother with distinguishing it from Tantra and the Other Brands of it) and how Anons talk about these differents Doctrines as if they were Different Teachings that just so happen to coincide in some points, instead of knowing that they are the Same teachings but in a Different Light and just like i said Before, i see all this talk and mention of Cosmotheism and all this Revisions and Discourses on Esotericism written by all these Modern Fags, Tomas Ligotti this Jim Dekorne that, at best you have Overhyped Illustration-Post-Illustration Era fags like Hegel and Spengler Where the Fuck is Evola? the absolute Madman that wrote one of the most Extensive Corpus of work of Western Esotericism and the only one who wrote on the Decay of the World from a Reactionary Perspective? What about Guenon? the man who Brought Orientalism and the Vedas to the West in the same light Evola recompiled most Traditional Wisdom in his Books Hermetism? Gnosticism? i would mention Crowley or Bardón since those fucks actually Practiced meditation and were able to Tap into the Waters of Life but then some might cry about the fact that Crowley did Hard-Drugs to amplify his meditations and other Crazy stuff the list goes fucking on, has anyone of you aside from Serranoposter and that guy who Read the Baghavad Gita, Actually delved into Esotericism beyond "Lets look at some Detached Axioms and a Metaphysics that we don't actually believe in so we can have a comprehensive ideogram to Standarize our Political Movement" then again i have always been a Isolationist and since i Began Treading the Path of Gnosis i've become more and more detached from this World and People around me, wich i do not consider it to be a bad thing, but it may be why i lack this somewhat Collectivistic Drive towards making a Ideogram for a Movement instead of creating the Movement from Like-Minded Individuals like the Ur Group was
>>2171 Jim DeKorne is a Gnostic esoteric. His second book The Cracking Tower is about Alchemy you fucking mongoloid. I actually got exposed to Gnosticism through Psychedelic Shamanism in the 90s. Why don't you take a deep breath and stfu
Open file (35.83 KB 300x222 Hermetism 6.jpeg)
>>2173 >Jim DeKorne is a Gnostic esoteric. His second book The Cracking Tower is about Alchemy shure, that's fucking Great then, but still, what about the Originals?, i remember some anon a long ass time ago in a Thread long Forgotten about something similar to this Thread, it was a Reading List on Esoteric matters, the Anon in question advocated for Actually reading the Classics, as in, go the fuck back and read the Corpus Hermeticum instead of Looking at someone else's Discourse on that Bitch, and i can say he is 100% Right, i know its kind of ironic of me to say this since i did recommend Bardon and Evola and all that Jazz, and i don't think that they are Useless, to the contrary they truly are good Guides and Introductions to these things, but there is certainly a Difference between Reading New Age stuff and "Distilled" sort of speak, by someone else than reading the Classics and thinking for yourself what they mean, and indeed, there is a lot of Difference between reading whatever comentary there is out there on the Corpus hermeticum and some gay ass book on the History of Hermetism than Reading the Actual Corpus Hermeticum and the Asclepius >I actually got exposed to Gnosticism through Psychedelic Shamanism in the 90s. well then all the more in my favour, i don't know if you got exposed in a practical way or in a Theoretical one, but if you really got through the Practical ones you may have been going balls to the wall on Alchemy and know a whole fucking lot about, yet forget basic components about it, a example of this is Franz Bardon who has extensive Work on Meditation and Whatnot but he knows Fuck all about who the fuck Hermes Actually Was Then Again, the Thread next Door has the Baghavad Gita and other Orientalist Tractates and still fall for the Paganism v Christianity meme despite the fact that, like i said before, Esotericism can be Reconciled no matter its apparent Theme, and Christian Mysticism can be Reconciled with Orientalist Doctrines, so i guess at the End of the day, it really comes Down to the Spirit of the Man and not what he Does, since the most retarded idiot can read the Baghavad Gita and STILL miss the fucking point
>>2171 I'll tell you what sets Cosmotheism apart from all of this other mumbo jumbo — it's actually concerned with the future of our people and is grounded in reality
>>2176 You ever read Giordano Bruno? Good shit
>>2188 (Heil'd) Giordano Bruno called Jews "The excrement of Egypt" He got burned on the stake, pure coheincidence
>>2186 Reminder there's no solid argument against "idealism."
>>2186 wellp now i know all i needed to know, none of you aside from >>2173 who is a Gnostic, the Serrano poster and the Few anons that have read anything about the subject and actually earnestly seek Gnosis/Truth actually give any shit about this aside from how can you fit this into your Snowflake Political Movement, i could write a 9813982935829358 Page essay disprooving all sorts of myths about the modern world, from how Modern Science ends up Proving most Hermetic Axioms, to the Faustian Myth, how Race Actually has a Spiritual Root and saving Everything White by virtue of Being White is retarded because Most Modern Europeans are Spiritual Niggers, but that would be wasting my fucking time, and Evola already did everything i stated above, go ahead and keep stagnating in your little LARP where you get to save Europe without understanding Anything about How the World Actually Works or about what Europe Actually Is
>>2201 >saving Everything White by virtue of Being White is retarded Cosmotheism has higher goals than merely “White”, it’s a mere step. Your apparent advocation for apoliticality and “gnosis” rather than a forceful assertion of our will to live despite all of the odds is just asking to be treaded upon by others, to be ruled by others, to renounce struggle to navel-gaze
>>2201 >from how Modern Science ends up Proving most Hermetic Axioms, to the Faustian Myth You could talk about those. They're interesting to discuss here.
For me, it's Christian Deism There is a Creator who made this universe (or more) that we live in, but he made it with laws and rules that he set in motion which we can learn eventually. He made Man, but very indirectly and to what degree we may never know. Christ was an intervention of his in this world, and let the world know that Salvation was not just for a 'chosen' Jewish people, the ones he had originally revealed many of his teachings to. They had not spread them, and had turned away from them, worshiping false idols. I do not believe 'white' or 'aryan' or 'germanic' people are specifically and divinely chosen for anything, I simply think they are the finest and most fit examples of humanity yet. And humanity, created or influenced in God's image, is meant to spread and prosper through His creation. If some forms of humanity are in the way of this they must be removed. A Darwinist outlook on Creation - yes all can be Saved, and should hear His word. But there can and should be conflict between the races of humanity, there should be competition spread throughout Creation.
>>708 >>2171 >>2176 >New Age See: Proof The New Age Movement Is Satanic Steven Bancarz https://invidio.us/watch?v=DtkGgtExLcY TL;DR the starters of the New Age movement we're LITERAL satan worshipers.
>>2210 There's problems with the New Age movement, and it's not "muh Satan"
>>2210 >>2214 Will you people ever read the OP? >New Age >By new age i dont mean crystals and hippies and loony rich white people. By new age, i mean overcoming purist and dogmatic viewpoints pertaining to a certain religion. They are all bad and need to be abandoned. i will briefly cover this here for each one i can think of.
>>2171 >>2151 For me, the "dharmic" worldview, philosophies, traditions, answers all my questions and i dont want to dedicate time away from it to start studying the western traditions. at some point i think i will be motivated to do so if studying "dharmic" philosophies starts to give me diminishing returns on time spent in it. i made this thread open ended and without some of my more specific opinions because i was hoping anons who knew about the western traditions (yourself) would add their input and fill in those gaps of what i was missing, making this a collaborative effort. i did not leave it open ended so that someone with the information and learning i was seeking could come in here and complain about that information and learning being absent.
>>2202 You're just trying to make Whitey a Man-God.
http://makingupminds.com/index.php/2020/02/01/aversions-to-idealism/ >“Idealism certainly covers the bases. It banishes problems associated with causal interaction between minds and the material universe, and it does so in a way that bypasses worries associated with parallelism and occasionalism. Righly understood, idealism is consistent with all the evidence you could possible muster. Moreover, idealism has a kind of elegant simplicity of the sort valued in the sciences. Idealism postulates nothing more than minds and their contents, and explains all the phenomena by appeals to these without needing to resort to messy theories concerning extra-mental material objects and events. Perhaps this is why some scientists, including prominent physicists, have embraced idealism.”
Open file (17.05 KB 233x344 David_Bohm.jpg)
>>1210 >(((D. Bohm)))
Open file (36.00 KB 647x659 YES CHAD.jpg)
>>2238 Only a decadent would not want to actualize our potentials and grow better and better.
>>2238 i see no other gods before me. why not?
>>1967 >Schopenhauer You should get at least somewhat acquainted with his works and philosophy. He was a big fan of the Upanishads. Max Muller's translation is quite good. >>2151 I'd recommend that you read some works of Evola first, then Secret of the Runes (by Guido von List), then some Gnostic texts, then some stuff from Jung etc. You seem to already be acquainted with Hermeticism. But Serrano references so many concepts that you may want to pause, read another book to understand what he is referencing, then get back to it. Vedas, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Mythology, Jungian psychology, NS authors, various esoteric schools... He was a man who spent his life in search of something very particular and probably one of most redpilled people who lived post WW2. Not only in political, but metaphysical sense as well. >Warped by their Modern Positivistic Worldview, the whole idea of "Creating" a Religion that fits in with whatever Snowflake idea Anon has on Natsocialism You don't understand, we are merely trying to find the most optimal belief system for our racial revival. Well, the 3 of us who are not kikes and non-whites kek As much as I'm inclined to go into complex and profound esoteric subjects, we must also make something far more profane to reclaim our NPC's from the kikes. Otherwise we remain severed heads. >instead of trying to Understand Truth in itself Without diverging from it >and changing itself towards it Truth is not absolute, it's about making a full circle. First, you change yourself towards it, then you change reality towards yourself (by previously integrating the truth). Objective and subjective become completely synchronized. Reason and Will. By projecting the subjective through the lens of objective you are pretty much attaining the mind of god. But it requires the most sublime mastery, lest one drifts towards either absolute subjectivism (solipsism, magical thinking) or absolute 'objectivism' (complete denial of the Self, free will and certain phenomena)
>>2171 >for the Monad is One and Absolute People should really stop making that error already, I understand that convergence was a huge discovery in ancient Egypt and that the wrong conclusions drawn from it haunt us to this day, but it's really not applicable in open (infinite) systems. Reality neither begins, nor ends with the number one, although you may designate it as the prime marker/mover. Monad is one within zero, hence it's symbol being a point inside a circle, just as 10 and 11 are ultimate numbers as they represent the synchronicity and taking the role of creator after making a full circle. >The Chaldean Oracles Do you have some good texts about those? >and they are the Same Shit Universalism is a false god. It's pretty much evident at this point that some truths are true from their own frame of reference, and not true within another frame of reference (system). These frames share a lot of elements (including the universal framework, which people mistakenly recognize as the ultimate "truth" by it's virtue of being the common denominator) , but are not the same, not the same. Imagine two trees, one being just a trunk while another has a lot of branches, is much longer and has deeper roots, fruits etc. What they could both agree on being the observable reality is that the trunk is real, since they both possess it. This trunk represents the physical world. The more the kikes corrupt the world, minds of people and mix the races, the more the tree loses it's branches, it's roots, it's fruits, until only a dry, dead trunk remains as the shared reality. It's way more complex than that, but this is actually the metaphysical agenda of the slaves of Saturn. >then again i have always been a Isolationist and since i Began Treading the Path of Gnosis That's natural, but you will make a full circle eventually and reclaim the world. That's the metaphysical agenda of [ourguys] >>2201 >how Race Actually has a Spiritual Root and saving Everything White by virtue of Being White is retarded because Most Modern Europeans are Spiritual Niggers This guy gets it. Kikes have first destroyed and corrupted our spiritual foundations, then our culture and history, then our very genes. As one hardly goes without another. But most people aren't even supposed to be spiritual. Their role is to carry the genes, to carry the potential. Then, from that potential, historical people and people of high culture can develop. (I'd call most other races ahistorical, but that's another subject). Only from that genetic and cultural/memetic (successively) potential, may highly spiritual people (souls) actualize themselves. This is basic chain of being and why saving even the white spiritual niggers is important, although those need to be culled too if we are to restore the optimal proportion of hyletics, psychics and pneumatics. Which would be done best by separating wheat from the chaff. >>2202 One does not exclude another actually. You can seek gnosis while simultaneously asserting your Will on the world >>2204 >I do not believe 'white' or 'aryan' or 'germanic' people are specifically and divinely chosen for anything, I simply think they are the finest and most fit examples of humanity yet. And that's exactly true. There is no such thing as "choseness" >>2210 Satan was pretty much [ourguy]
>>2280 >Kikes have first destroyed and corrupted our spiritual foundations, then our culture and history, then our very genes. No they haven't and the genes is more bullshit you dumbass, don't project us whites with your mutt genes Amerifat. >Satan was pretty much [ourguy No it isn't he's the guy for the kikes, you're a mutt I see this common trend among Hispanic fascist who think satanism is le based it's nothing more but semetic degeneracy and it's fucking shit. The last fascist who were satanist were spergy faggots who were either schizo or literally part Jew.
>>2248 Alright trannyhumanist. >>2262 >tip the fedora
>>2286 >Alright trannyhumanist. Strawman. It's simple — the highest state interest must become the improvement our stock. Ascending life shall be elevated and given room to flourish and multiply. Degenerating life must be shoved under and shoved aside with no mercy whatsoever— there is no "right to reproduce", "right to be born", no "right to life". What is being done here is merely the alignment of state-policy with the Natural Order.
>>2286 >>2296 A S T A R T E
Don't mind me, just bumpshilling for >>2126
so nobdy else has any ideas besides me??
>>2273 >I'd recommend that you read some works of Evola first too late, i already read most of his stuff currently reading up on Dante's Divine Comedy after reading "The Metaphysics of Dante" by Guenon, thanks for the tips Anon, i don't know if i'll read Jung, i've seen way too many post XIXth Century niggers like Atkinson project their "Enlightened Ideas" and as a result i've grown pretty much Disdainful and Suspicious of anyone who isnt Evola or wasn't born Before the Age of "Illustration" but i will most definetly consider it i can indeed agree with the rest of your post, but like you said in the spoiler it does seem that there's only like 3-4 Anons genuinely trying to make a "Standarized" Doctrine of Divine Wisdom, but from what i am reading, it seems the rest of the Post is missing the point and just falling for the most baseline Racial totemismlook at how >>2280 mistook me saying "One" for the Actual number 1 instead of seeing that i meant it as "The Monad is Complete and not Lacking", and he then proceeds to set up the Physical world as the common denominator despite the fact that the only thing the Ancients actually agreed on beyond Doctrine was the Existance of the Divine, just to place an example of anons missing the point
>outright rejecting religions instead of knowing >shitposting over high importance shit like this >arguing as if this was a hard subject to grasp >ctrl-f alfred rosenberg, myth 20th century. zero mention op of the esoteric mystic thread on julay.world. i have failed.
>>2894 >>outright rejecting religions instead of knowing What do you mean?
>>2897 The rites, culture, virtues, and power of these religions are present. It is no mistake that the masses of its followers cannot grasp the higher ideas of these things, for the same reason a mass of people should not decide the fate of a nation. A learned scholar of these things must understand and know as much as they can about all of it. If they understand, than they will know what is vestigial and what is true. It is the same thing with cultures and people and other sciences.
>>2804 Jung had to rewrite many of his works after the war for them to be kosher enough for wider publication and academic circles, but his original (pre-war) publications were quite insightful. He was a sellout, but his theories help a lot. >"The Metaphysics of Dante" by Guenon Do you have a copy? It was me who wrote the other post that you are referencing, you could have used complete instead of one, but this type of semantics indicates that you are controlled by those who control the language. And it is precisely racial totemism that we should return to, just in a much more advanced form. Yes, it was a common deception in certain circles to observe the Divine as something absolute and singular while considering anything physical (worlds and forms of life on them) to be the ever-shifting multitude of it's manifestations. Yet I am here to show you that the inverse is true, that the physical world is subject to different Wills of different Divinities, all self-existent and independent from any supposed "supreme being" , which is but an impostor. Physical is the most common denominator, for our sources might have originated from very different "places" beyond. That being said, the only other common denominator is the Law.

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