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Open file (347.16 KB 400x548 george floyd body cam.png)
Weimerica Thread Blackshirt 08/26/2020 (Wed) 01:36:14 No.6330
Since this clown-show doesn't look like it will fade away anytime in the immediate future, it's worth having a thread to cover the happenings here surrounding BLM and other similar events. Last thread: >>816
Anyone know of good streams to watch stuff live? There used to be gloomtube and doomtube but they don't seem to be active.
Open file (751.69 KB 844x473 ClipboardImage.png)
I want Tommy Sotomayor to kill all the niggers.
>>6351 Starting with himself
>>6353 yawn >inb4 you support based shitskins Who cares? If anything it's good for them.
>>6361 >for them This is irrelevant though. It is not like they can ever be redeemed.
>>6361 >>6363 Don't you get it? The entire Earth is ours. God didn't make the other races. We are the only race that should've been the chosen one. And we are. We will cuck the other races by taking their land and genociding everything. We are perfect, there's totally nothing wrong with us.
>>6365 No, "he" made the jews unless somehow you think we're jews., which is just categorically untrue.
>>6365 You’re fundamentally right in a sense, but Christian Identity is cringe. You are not a Jew.
>>6366 >>6368 Not talking about CI. I'm just saying that if God is perfect and the White race is perfect, were the chosen race. All the nonWhite posters here, we will not save you. We will murder you. You think you can escape? We are barbarians. We will eat you alive. We hate you because of what you already are. All those muh attitude problem gtfoh. The truth is the nonWhites should die simply because they are nonWhites. That's all. You don't need to be a CI to say that.
>>6369 My main contention with this idea would be saying that the White race is “perfect”. I would disagree. We are not perfect, but we *are*, I think, closer to perfection (if such a state can ever be reached is another question) than the lower races of this Earth. This is probably fairly evident to most posters here, given the fact that the greatest specimens of our people are far more beautiful and far more intelligent and creative than any other thing that we know of in the Universe. Whites, like everything else, are not some static category though, we are changing / evolving. Right now I would say that we are degenerating though due to a whole host of familiar reasons and modern conditions in general. If our people approach this correctly, it will be little more than a rut to step out of and then on to continue our ascent.
>>6371 How are we going to step out of the rut? Ethnoglobe right?
>>6372 Global lebensraum while Hitler himself was unable to pull off regional lebensraum? I'm not hopeful on that point. I think the best course of action is to decommission all European governments and go guerilla in the woods, let the turds of the world nuke each other and hit from sides as convenient.
>>6386 >Hitler himself was unable to pull off regional lebensraum He could only be stopped by other aryans. The only thing that can hold us back is our own people.
https://www.ar15.com/forums/General/The-Great-Bolivian-Bogaloo-of-2019/5-2336897/ Not happening currently, obviously, but parallel to events today and later, showing how things can get spun up, how people will gather, etc.
>>6396 >investigating those who defended themselves rather than the rioters Do people still need proof the cops ain’t on your side? There it is.
>>6403 >Git 'is ayus <gets shot Ha. Good.
>>6372 Ethnoglobe is a noble future goal, but first we must reclaim our own countries before trying to reclaim the entire world. To get out of the rut we just have to do everything that we can to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Refuse to bend to degeneracy, redpill people around you, and find like minded people.
>>6426 >>6408 More and more proof by the day that Antifa and these niggers are virtually a protected class, not that we really needed much more proof at this point. They're likely afraid that if they were lenient on this guy - even if he was engaging in self-defense - it will make Whites more willing to stand up for themselves. At the end of the day, these riots are being allowed to happen.
>>6427 >They're likely afraid that if they were lenient on this guy - even if he was engaging in self-defense - it will make Whites more willing to stand up for themselves. But going harsh on them can only hurt their cause because if the White people who only try to defend themselves get jailed and the rioters go free the White people will lose all faith in the justice system and you would think that the last thing they would want is for the White people to go full on fuck the government mode.
>>6430 Time to look for some more ammo.
>>6430 I think the kikes are setting themselves up for a massive backlash. Whatever they do right now is a bit dangerous for them, it seems.
>>6434 I mean most of the police are quitting now because the job has become don't enforce the law for niggers or you go to jail while they fucking attack you constantly in their new found immunity to the law and White people have been the only ones really standing up for the police. Imagine if White people also turn on the police. They are all gonna fucking quit their jobs because not only will you have niggers attacking them constantly you're going to have goddamn White people ambushing them for failing to protect their right to defend themselves which they only have to do because the police refuse to enforce the law for niggers. If this is part of their plan then they are fucking retarded because they are just going to redpill every White person in the world and lose their enforcement arm in the process.
>>6436 > If this is part of their plan then they are fucking retarded because they are just going to redpill every White person in the world and lose their enforcement arm in the process. I know, I have been confused as to what exactly they are doing for some time, especially in 2020 with (((Coronavirus))) and now these endless riots. It's almost like they are overeager or something, accelerating everything like this. They see victory approaching, so the Jews, eyes filled with glee, decide to turn up the heat on the frog that they've been boiling for decades. What they doesn't seem to realize is that this frog will hop out if they turn it up too fast. It's important not to let this moment go to rest.
>>6439 >It's almost like they are overeager It's also the worst time in history to accelerate their plans because they made everyone quit the bread and circus cold turkey with all their race baiting bullshit they inserted into it so now EVERYONE is paying attention to everything they do. It's starting to feel like they just said fuck it at the worst possible time to do so.
>>6440 It's always important to remember that in Mein Kampf the final stage of Jewish infestation listed by Hitler was nothing less than the Jew destroying himself. Whether we're seeing something like this or not it's impossible to know, but I'm interested in seeing what the fuck happens next. I can only expect chaos surrounding the election. I've been thinking I need to start getting involved with WNs IRL though, because all the big events are gonna pass me by if I sit around for much longer.
>>6442 >It's always important to remember that in Mein Kampf the final stage of Jewish infestation listed by Hitler was nothing less than the Jew destroying himself I don't know if they are actually intending this though it kind of feels like their golems got away from them again because I seriously doubt they would be fucking stupid enough to fuck with the bread and circus intentionally. I don't know though maybe each successive generation of jews gets even more retarded because this is the most nonsense shit I have ever seen it feels like they are just more comically evil than a Captain Planet villain.
>>6443 I've said before that Jews are a lot dumber than most people think. They like to brag about their high IQs, but the main achievement of that is being skilled in pilpul and tricks rather than anything of any true value. It's chutzpah. Thinking themselves "Chosen", they think they can get away with anything and that the goyim will just take their shit over and over until they're finally bled dry. Of course, it's come back to bite them in the ass over 109 times now, but they never learn, in fact they seem to completely incapable of learning from their mistakes.
Open file (608.51 KB 515x553 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6465 Bring it nigger.
>>6440 But they were pushing for this. They are accelerating because they so much want to realize that sweet Zionist project of world domination, the rabbis pressure Netanyahu on a regular basis for this, and their own religious time table tells them it's soon over: they literally have a clock ticking so they're going all in. They simply cannot go back, which means they're prone to go too fast because they have to go fast, especially considering the rise of racial awakening. Their current plan is to create so much chaos that they will be able to move out while all other groups are at each other's throat. They always force nations to fight against each other while at the same time securing their own survival and power, made mostly mobile by control of capital. They want to retain enough control over our nations at the moment in order to make sure they can bring enough migrants into our countries, so that when the right time comes and all explodes, we Whites will be totally neutralized and Eurasians (Russia-China), their freshest allies, will even be able to cast their own influence and grab some land in our own territories. In due time, they'll organize something similar for those countries since the end goal is destruction of everything, with no more opposition to Israel. Jews can simply not reasonably believe they can maintain control over our nations. Their tyranny gets more blatant day after day. It will take more time for them to subdue all Asians, unless they manage to trick China into doing their bidding, because Jews have almost no Asian-looking members to infiltrate Asian countries. They'd need to send their own women to marry some gooks and corrupt Asian cultures and beliefs. This could take two or three generations but they'd get really close to the end of the 6000 years calendar. But they might try to push NATO into a war with Eurasians. If they manage to pull this off, they might obtain all they wanted in an even shorter schedule. But for this to succeed, they'd need to double down on the manipulation of the masses and the iron grip, which again is not working out so well today. This is why I believe Jews are betting on a collapse of the Western world, devoured by Muslims and other mystery meats, while already planning something similar in the near future for Eurasia. With tools like Putin, it might not be so hard to achieve. >>6443 >I don't know if they are actually intending this though It has nothing to do with intent but with their nature. The parasite will destroy the host, but once the host that maintains civilization (White man) is destroyed, the Jew is autopwnd. They still are at risk of being swarmed by sandniggers, and if they fail to maintain some form of power over nations that could be capable of lending military support in the Middle East, Israel would fall apart. Besides, Jews often overreach, rarely realizing how despicable they are to us.
>>6445 They are evil. Incapable of honesty. Incapable of learning. They continue to do today what they did in bible days. Cause problems, get into trouble, beg for forgiveness, are shown mercy, repeat. The high IQ isn't real. its the same phenomenon we see in China where they only let upper class/smart people take IQ tests while in most White countries it is a tool to measure people who are having problems. Chances are if you're american and have never had issues in school and had never been diagnosed with a learning disability, then you likely also have never taken an IQ test. However in israel/china its exclusively given to gifted students.
The only Jews who have IQ scores higher than the 90s are the ones with massive European mixture. All the other Kikes are just shitskins.
>>6445 Heck any other race is better than them.
>>6465 Jesus, someone tell her to control her spit.
>>high IQ Their "high IQ" is almost completely from their European admixture
Fucked up my post and someone else said the same thing about. Have a colorized Adolf as penance.
>>6488 That is what I think as well. It is the one case where their intentional intermixing with the locals has not totally destroyed them. For example in India with the Cochin Jews, or with the Lemba Jews in Africa, they themselves have become little better than poos and niggers. White admixture was a step up. >>6490 He wears that stache pretty good as well honestly.
>>6492 The only thing that stops Israel from being a shithole is that they can take Whitey's gibsmedats.
>>6508 I hope Palestine or whatever country takes care of them.
>>6512 Not gonna happen if Americans keep meddling in the area as cannon fodder.
IDGAF if the police are on our side everyone is cattle including the Jews
>>6521 Once American support stops they will be powerless to stop arabs from flooding in and mixing with them. Then they will lose their remaining European admixture and become full semite subhumans again.
>>6551 >Once American support stops Far-fetched, and still the jews are crazy enough to use their small nuclear warheads if open war happens, that would justify a world intervention thus WWIII. A long-game squeezing on them is more plausible but that would only move the noses to Europe or America as "refugees", which is just as bad as a WWIII for some countries.
>>6546 The only people who are on our side are Whites quickly waking up to the threat of nonWhites, and even then they are mostly anti-nigger only. The vast majority of cops are traitors doing it for a paycheck. On another topic: https://national-justice.com/kenosha-all-three-anarchist-rioters-shot-have-histories-violent-crime At least one confirmed jew, and the other two are very suspicious.
Open file (120.22 KB 1024x526 merchant irl.jpg)
>>6570 >Huber >Grosskreutz >Rosenbaum It wouldn't surprise me if all three of these were Jews. Some of these could just be German names, but I can't help but stop and wonder.
>>6576 Even if one or two are not, they’d still be traitors and deserve the worst as well.
>>6577 Agreed. Anyone who associates voluntarily with BLM and Antifa, especially if they are dedicated enough to actually go out to riot and loot, are basically assisting in the active destruction of our people. I have zero sympathy for Whites who work to undermine their own out of guilt or in a pathological drive to "help" niggers
Any intel on how kenosha went last night? I heard it was calmer, maybe something to do with three idiots getting shot. I wanted them to hit back harder but at least shit is still happening in places like minnesota.
>>6581 It doesn't seem like much happened in Kenosha last night. Like you, I was wanting (and expecting) a much greater backlash over the shootings. In Minnesota we had some nigs looting a Target (again) and of course the other dude (Who was a homocide suspect) who blew his brains out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6CDJwTaNcI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n_Lz4wMtkU
Open file (18.40 KB 640x295 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (977.18 KB 937x524 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (14.99 KB 630x217 ClipboardImage.png)
Even the Jew York Times now is saying that Kyle was shot at first https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/27/us/kyle-rittenhouse-kenosha-shooting-video.html
>>6585 Still being charged with murder to appease the mob. Fuck the cops.
>>6445 The expulsions were to protect them not something that bit them in the ass.
>>6591 Do you mean that the rulers of a given country or area kicked them out in order to protect them from the masses? It's definitely possible. Many of the European rulers were caught up in the Jews' web through usury, and really went the extra mile in attempting to protect the Jews from the people (pic related). I assume that some rulers occasionally kicked them out because they personally became aware of their tricks though
>>6570 >even then they are mostly anti-nigger Huh, what else you'd want them to be?
>>6439 I think they're truly panicking and are trying to go full speed ahead to make Whites afraid to go out and vote so they can get Harris in office so they can really go pedal to the metal without another 4 year wait. With mail in ballots it's almost certainly going to be rigged in their favor COVID was their saving grace and that's why they've overhyped it for nearly half a year.
My Democrat-voting father is complaining about “niggers” getting the NHL games tonight cancelled. I guess your people can get replaced for years on end but if you cancel Whitey’s sports games he’ll turn racist
>>6576 They're all jews. Your pic is a felon that shouldn't have had a gun, The first one shot had sex with a minor, and the 2nd one was a wifebeater.
>>6638 In order of who got shot btw >>6637 It's pretty fucking sad. My father atleast hates sports and niggers getting paid millions for it while the rest of us toil our whole lives to not make half as much. Sadly most boomers don't open their mouths about any of this until it interrupts their dopamine rush like absolute fucking lemmings.
>>6597 More like the plebes had enough and the king/prince could not risk some severe discontent or complete uprising; not that the population could do much in most cases, but there were other chads eyeing the thrones.
>>6639 >Sadly most boomers don't open their mouths about any of this until it interrupts their dopamine rush like absolute fucking lemmings. Pretty much. At this point I've heard more Whites in real life complain about Cops and Live PD being cancelled and Aunt Jemima than issues that really matter. The one Whitepill hidden within that though is that this gives people like us an opportunity to get people thinking differently, and to slip in redpills when appropriate. I've had great success steering someone I know towards our views lately off these sorts of openings.
>>6630 Anti other nonWhites too, especially jews. Too many of them see jews as White, just like niggers, or see them as God's Chosen people or a part of some end-times prophecy or something.
>>6659 Idk about you anon but I think they're starting to realize that kikes and Whites have different facial features. Some of them. That's why the redpilling is important for anybody.
>>6663 It helps that the kikes in congress are being so obvious.
>>6636 Considering the (((pure luck))) that the israelis were developing a corona vaccine just before the pandemic, I don't think it was a mere saving grace for them.
>>6637 That's why this recent shoehorning of the propaganda into the bread and circus is so confusing. Most of these retards would happily plod along to their own people's death as long as they could watch their sports ball. Why they would fuck with that is beyond me.
The waters are being muddied as we speak
Open file (372.79 KB 1440x2159 white bricked.jpg)
This is the future for White Americans https://streamable.com/ch5t29
>Trump said that Biden was being controlled by "people that you've never heard of. People that are in the dark shadows. They're people that are in the streets, they're people that are controlling the streets.” >The president added that funding for a “revolution” is coming from “very stupid rich people that have no idea that if their thing ever succeeded, which it won't, they would be thrown to the wolves like never before.” >“He's a hairsbreadth away from just pushing Illuminati, Freemasonry, and Rothschild conspiracy theories,” View tweeted. “Trump kept the identity of the ‘shadowy’ enemy vague, so conspiracy theorists can fill it with their favorite villain. Some choose China, the Deep State, or ‘Elites.’ Though some prefer the stronger antisemitic twang of ‘banking families.’” https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/wxqyaw/trump-just-went-full-qanon-in-a-fox-news-interview SHUT IT DOWN This would be amazing to hear if Trump himself wasn’t a bonafide Jew puppet
>>7085 Trump mystifies me in a way few political figures do, he's kind of fascinating.
>>7513 Same for me. Sometimes it seems like he knows exactly what is going on, but then he goes ahead and does all of this spineless, weak, pro-Jewish nonsense that shatters all illusions to anyone who has a brain. He's an enigma at times, but I don't think there is anything that he could do to win me back over at this point short of going full WN (which will never happen) Still always a good laugh to watch though
Open file (20.57 KB 1162x183 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (252.30 KB 979x727 1564317398857.png)
>>6476 Excellent post. I only want to add a mere observation about how much the kikes have been kvetching in the last year about the danger of right wing accelerationism, meanwhile adopting accelerationism for themselves. This alone should make you understand how so called "wignats" were right all along, while dumb conseriviMIGAtards were shitting their pants about muh optics and political solutions.
>>6984 >video removed Kill yourself for not just posting the video yourself nigger.
>>7513 He's not on our side but because of what he is meant to be and represent, he is forced to adopt some of our codes. This allows us to push our message into the greater world of flesh and thoughts. His usefulness rests only in our ability to consolidate our user base and improve on our preparedness for what is to come. The greatest windows of opportunity are the elections because this is exactly when Trump must wear the pro-US and largely pro-White hat, although it should never be forgotten that the United States are a malevolent entity that needs to go down. You don't stand for this rag of a flag full of stars and stripes but for your kin. In due time, better flags will be flying above our public buildings.
>>7085 >>The president added that funding for a “revolution” is coming from “very stupid rich people that have no idea that if their thing ever succeeded, which it won't, they would be thrown to the wolves like never before.” counter-currents.com/2013/10/wall-street-and-the-march-1917-russian-revolution/ It is however a half truth as a revolution is certainly needed, but nothing like what most people still think of.
>>7582 Trump doesn't push anything besides retarded boomer bullshit. Hillary was the accelerationist vote back in 2016, but Trump is the accelerationist vote today. What consolidates people is enemies and threats. We just happened to get ridiculously lucky this year and are heading towards a contested election, and by god will it be glorious.
>>7584 No, I think Trump will win handily. Most of the time Americans re-elect, and Biden is such a nothing candidate (a lot like Mondale in the 80s, even down to picking a VP with a hole) that he doesn't have a shot. But a contested vote would be great, I agree.
>>7590 It doesn't matter whether or not he will technically have more votes or win the election. With the massive voter by mail turnout the election results are said to be delayed significantly, perhaps by weeks. Both parties will claim to have won long before the results are finalized and all out war will break out.
Open file (609.36 KB 3000x1875 trump law and order.jpg)
>>7584 Trump was good for at living paying lip-service to certain ideas that were basically unthinkable before, such as deporting illegals en masse, banning Muslims, ending birthright citizenship, etc. At the very least he gave those sort of ideas a boost in prominence in the minds of the population, giving us a good starting point when we work on redpilling normalfag Republicans. Trump has pushed many people further right, but the negative to all of this, of course, is that many of his supporters function like a cult. They still suck his dick even though he has betrayed everything that he stood for. Even if he was a stooge the entire time (likely), it is annoying that they don't even seem to notice or care, but that's lemmings for you I guess > heading towards a contested election, and by god will it be glorious. This would be best case scenario now that I think about it.
>>7584 >>7605 I agree. The most accelerationist thing to happen in my opinion - the one that would possibly bring more chaos not only in USA but possibly worldwide - would be long months of both dems and reps arguing on who has won the election, with the losing side (realistically, Biden) refusing to recognize the results, then have Trump finally being sworn in and after a while have a lunatic antifa or nigger murder him.
>>7618 I can see it being Biden refusing to recognize the results easily as well. Already they have been running various narratives about how Trump is going to tamper with the election (just think of the "disappearing mailboxes" narrative). It's also worth noting that they've been trying to get the military involved or against Trump, see: https://www.rt.com/usa/499379-milley-military-trump-election/ And then of course just this week they are trying to drive a wedge between the military and Trump with the anonymous source saying that he "disparaged the war dead" or something
Open file (2.02 MB 720x720 1598886487565.mp4)
>>7584 >Hillary was the accelerationist vote back in 2016 t. Correct The Record Shill. Retarded opinion. Hillary wouldn't have accelerated anything. She was for the status quo. Everything would have continued the way it was with Whites slowly decaying. They would have likely accelerated Syria and finished the air defense plan for israel. The only silver lining would be 8 more years under the status quo would create another borderline candidate like trump, but better which is literally "dude, just wait for Hitler!" which is the opposite of acceleration. The only possible way Hilary would have accelerated anything was if in her election alone, Trump actually did something to have her investigated for fraud, and if it turned out she cheated in large enough numbers to turn a loss into a win (which voting for her would have actually contributed to the opposite) But as we've seen from his presidency we know he wouldn't have done anything anyway which now with 20/20 hindsight it makes the fact you fags were wrong in 2016 even more obvious.
>>7605 >Even if he was a stooge the entire time (likely), it is annoying that they don't even seem to notice or care, but that's lemmings for you I guess If they hadn't found imageboards at all this wouldn't be quite as irritating, if any evidence that he's a kike puppet gets posted when a q cultist happens to be observing the thread then it will immediately get flooded with walls of schizophrenic diatribes.
The best acceleration would be a destruction of the economy and/or a hit in the taxation IRS system. We should organize for a global refusal to pay for libtards, banksters, retards and niggers. This needs to be grouped though because isolated individuals will be crushed (Gordon Kahl iirc).
Open file (236.10 KB 773x1000 1584392078383.gif)
>>7692 Is taxation still an issue in a situation where they just push a button and create trillions literally out of nowhere?
>>7695 It's a bit more complicated than that. Something to keep in mind is that in some ways (but this is also complicated and weird, because the actual Fed board is populated by academics rather than proper bankers) the Fed isn't really what it's presented as to the public, it's more of a cartel of private banks rather than a singular entity. To my understanding, what is actually meant by "printing money" is that the Fed creates a deposit in the reserve account of the "primary dealer" member banks. That money doesn't actually enter circulation until loans are made by said banks. Of course, rules would probably bent or broken in a catastrophic funding scenario, but presently there isn't really any legal mechanism to fund the government with Fed funds. The actual day to day workings of the banking economy are mind-bendingly complicated. I've been trying to educate myself about these issues but it's incredible how opaque it all is. Even professional economists don't seem to really understand what's going on, watching an expert struggle to explain why overnight interbank lending rates spiked to unprecedented levels this time last year is both amusing and unsettling.
Everyone should read this long article by a Jew talking about how bad goyim are reacting to BLM and Covid. It's hilarious https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/why-ethno-nationalists-are-cheering-on-blm/
>>7646 I did not say Hillary was an accelerationist, I said voting for Hillary would have accelerated the west into radicalization faster with the information we had at that time. Trump's election turned a riled up voter base docile and lame. None of that matters now, but the point is that voting for Hillary, assuming votes mean anything, could easily be argued the accelerationist move. Today voting for Trump is the accelerationist move.
>>7892 Just because the more right leaning people were riled up doesn't mean they would have done anything had Hillary actually won. I mean for fucks sake they endured EIGHT YEARS of king nigger and didn't do shit about that what makes you think they would have done anything under Clinton?
>>7942 It might have accelerated the inevitable. I doubt people would have done anything, but the pozz would be amplified to a higher degree much sooner. Trump's presence in the White House makes boomers and generic Republicans feel like /theirguy/ is in the White House fighting for their interests. The more Democrats fuck things up, the angrier people get, and the harder it gets to ignore the obvious.
>>7944 >The more Democrats fuck things up, the angrier people get, and the harder it gets to ignore the obvious. Right but I would argue that they wouldn't be fucking up as hard or as fast if they didn't feel threatened by people not voting in the FISRT WAMEN president. Trump may not be Hitler or even close but if anything the very act of voting for someone who espoused for the saner positions of yesteryear has put (((them))) into a frenzy to the point where they will actually try and kick off a race war. Now why they think a race war will help (((them))) is a mystery to me but I have to believe that jewish shortsightedness is coming back to bite them in the ass.
Open file (48.83 KB 961x403 hysterical jews.png)
>>7950 It definitely seems like Trump is making our enemies absolutely hysterical right now. Is this just Jewish 4D chess? Possibly, but at some point the mental gymnastics get ridiculous with explaining how exactly Trump is in reality doing just what the other oligarchs want. Don't get me wrong, he is a kike-puppet, but for some reason he is not opportune, it seems, for whatever (((they))) are planning in the long-term. I've had a theory that ZOG is comprised of various factions of Jews and Judaized elites more or less in agreement on certain issues, but they differ among themselves on certain things like implementation or timescale. None of them are /ourguys/; they all want NWO and White genocide, but they can be utilized to our benefit. Just look at this headline, this is nuts. >Now why they think a race war will help (((them))) is a mystery to me but I have to believe that jewish shortsightedness is coming back to bite them in the ass. The way I have been thinking of it is that they are approaching their goal. They see it in their sights, and they are getting increasingly giddy and reckless, wanting to get there even faster and faster. As they do this, they are becoming less careful and more prone to making mistakes. This is why they tried to fool us all with this Coronavirus Psyop, and why all of the major corporations and media have aligned themselves with rioters, communists and Marxist BLM. Now and into the coming months is our time to capitalize on this rising chaos and mistrust in any way we can. Even redpilling people alone is a step in the right direction.
>>7951 >that pic I have seen multiple similar headlines, so it is clear that the next step in their masterplan is for the dems to refuse the vote result in case of Trump victory and fuel the agitators nationwide into an actual civil war, until they will reach their goal to eliminate the so called "Trump regime". It's a mystery as well to me why Trump is seen as such a danger by this accelerationist wing of the ZOG.
>>7976 I was listening to MSNBC in my car yesterday I love to torture myself and they were going on and on about how safe mail-in voting is, and how Trump is spreading so many lies about it. They also stopped to mention that "it's normal" or "to be expected" that counting the ballots in November could take several days and that it could come down to a razor-thin margin. It's very possible that the Dems could dispute the result if Trump wins since they were already priming the goyim with their narratives about disappearing mailboxes and Trump allegedly saying something about "voting twice" (haven't cared enough to investigate the background of this, I'm sure the words are twisted). The stage is set for an all-around shitshow and disputed result claims from both sides.
Does anyone have the pictures of recent arrests of rioters? There was one "White" with a huge yakub head, and a bunch of other really ugly faggots.
>>8020 the pictures are easy to find, they're all over facebook too. there are several dozens.
>>6369 >gtfoh that term is majority used by niggers....
>>7951 Who do you "coup d'etat" when you're (allegedly) the one in charge? Retards, in any other scenario it would be called "structural reorganization" or the like.
>>8023 https://antifawatch.us/ check this place out
Open file (2.17 MB 2880x3000 antifa subhumans.jpg)
>>8023 Physiognomy is real. "Monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo" -- "Monster in face, monster in soul". These leftists are routinely hideous, and they even go out of their way to look as ugly as possible with their piercings, tattoos, neon-colored hair and fat bodies. I don't know if it's just me, but I can tell these people are leftists just by looking at them. >>8026 I always take these dictionary sites with a grain of salt but it appears that the term "coup" can apply to something like. I think it's a bit odd though, I don't know if I'd have used it like that myself. >a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics > the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/coup%20d'%C3%A9tat
>>8058 If you're weak, defective and generally hideous inside and outside it's only natural to adhere to an ideology that relies on the bottom of the barrel of humanity to survive. Being a mess and indulging in your own putrefaction is much easier than self improving for the betterment of both the individual and whole society. Funniest thing is the amount of projection these creatures rely on to divert from their inner failure: remember that these are the people coming here or on /pol/ calling anons ugly incel losers.
>>7978 I think it was a campaign ad or a twitter post but he directly said vote twice, as in once in the mail and once in person.
>>8090 It's funny, back in 2015-16 I would have spent hours digging into this shit and preparing talking-points against normalfags, but I've lost all fervor for digging into what the media is claiming about Trump nowadays. It's more worth my time to redpill people on White genocide.
>>8061 Fucking hell. Just a passer by but this explains so fucking much. For a moment I was going to suggest that the hatred was likely because their oldest enemies were these incredibly fit, healthy people but it's likely because they know that even working on themselves to the same level, their genetics leaves thempredisposed to asthma, bad stomachs, etc. I'd go as far to argue that they couldn't become what their enemies were.
Open file (261.89 KB 959x1280 nietzsche 1.jpg)
>>8104 A lot starts to make sense once one understands the type of stuff talked about in posts like >>8058 and >>8061. Nietzsche was spot on when he says that this type of mindset (i.e. slave morality) springs almost entirely from feelings of resentment, envy, inferiority and weakness
Open file (409.99 KB 595x398 SUBHUMAN.png)
>>8109 That's why non-Whites can't improve.
>>8138 It's also why they will never be satisfied regardless of how many concessions Whites are forced to make by the Jews. They will devour the entire society and still want more.
>>8139 But will they ever improve? Maybe some. The rest will try to bring them down.
>>8143 That raises the question as to whether they even have a standard of 'improving' compatible with White standards
Open file (103.54 KB 1024x842 kneeling cop.jpg)
Open file (1.29 MB 1125x2436 ClipboardImage.png)
Fire is clearly being used as a weapon to terrorize the small towns along the highways. It’s an act of war.
>>8256 Everyone should read this article too. There's just too many arson cases. That guy is only one of many it seems like. I wonder how this is being organized. Very strange, but not surprising. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/sources-series-of-wildfires-may-be-coordinated-and-planned-attack/ https://twitter.com/StayAway_Music/status/1303852706365190144>>8256
>>8256 I've seen the (((FBI))) quickly dismiss this as fake news, a literal Comey appointee in Portland said this and I don't even know how could an exhaustive inquiry could even have started yet, let alone arrive to conclusion. But to be honest I am not a burger so I am not following the arsons matter closely. Are there actual proofs, like some of these antifaggots caught red handed? Is this Lopez guy proven antifa "activist"? I recall many burger saying that these commies would get rekt if they tried in White suburbs the shit they did in libtard cities, so this arson strategy might be just another step to add to their anarchist agitation 2 months before the election.
>>8195 >White standards should be about Whites only in White counties and states. Whether niggers evolve or not is none of our concern as long as they remain on the side of the frontier/wall/gun.
>>8259 It's a dangerous game though. One side tries to show that Trump is powerless, but the other side could really pour fuel on the conspiracy side of things and really point fingers at dems/antifas/leftykikes trying to bring this country down right before the elections. Also, if White areas are mainly targeted, it's going to weaken their voting power by disturbing the voting process. This, on top of the already well documented rigging that's been going on in this country for ages now.
>>8262 I agree. So long as niggers are not in our territories and not threatening our interests I don't care what they do. Don't know if I'd leave them wholly untouched though, they need their population kept in check.
>>8259 There’s been multiple arrests, some of them clad in black like antifa. They don’t have an official uniform or etc so there is plausible deniability but it’s totally commies doing this.
You can't make this stuff up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hk6OHHqwxJw
Open file (1.16 MB 768x956 1600171972185.png)
Really makes me think.
Open file (218.15 KB 1104x1129 bt39.png)
>>8385 I swear 2020 is the year of the never-ending ruse
>>8385 That map doesn’t track canadian or mexican wildfires. If you found one that did, there would be a lot less than in the us, though, for sure.
>>8433 This should be shown to any faggot who claims the GOP is a good vehicle for Fascism. They'd sooner elect tranny anarchists than an upstanding White man who wants to preserve his people.
>>8409 There is no mexican wild fires, our sierras are well maintained and there's always workers burning the underbrush like normal, civilized forest keepers and they are all cartel members/technicians
>>8470 Spic synarc anon is that you?
>>8409 It's pretty much nothing by comparison. At least at the moment.
>>8470 Some forest fires should be allowed to happen, they rejuvenate the forests.
>>8470 >and they are all cartel members/technicians Well yeah you can't have wild fires burning up all your drug crops.
>>8483 no >>8493 Exactly, it always happened but in some forests things get out of hand, and then there's California where they are batshit insane and refuse to do any kind of forest keeping along with flammable as fuck non-native trees. It goes against all conventions, even Smokey the Bear said fires happen but they are controlled. Honestly this all looks like mass forced plantation of flammable trees in obvious hot desertic state to burn huge chunks of territory unpunished and justify real estate/realtor shenanigans and sell more land by the rockies. Same happened in Israel where the jews planted eucalyptus into difficult border areas besides the red sea, they burned and the winds fucked a little with the natives on the other side, also blasted tons of holy cedar hills in the process. This was to push the border line further because they can't bulldoze their way in somewhat remote areas. >>8617 You are catching up. Imagine all that weed burning, nobody could work for days and birds would fly into people and inside houses.
>>8654 Trump has only appointed goyim so far to the Supreme Court. Will they really allow him to allow Jewish control of the Supreme Court to drop below 33%?
>>8654 Unfortunately a zionist is in charge so I'm sure he'll find some other jew to replace her.
Open file (66.90 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>8656 He's mentioned pic related.
>>8663 >mother is 3/4 irish 1/4 italian >dad is some dirty cuban no wonder he looks the way he looks, the ebin results of race mixing ah well, I can't think of a single person to put in who's actually fascistic so it's all the same to me who gets it at this point, since it's just either someone actively pushing every vector of gay imaginable or someone else silently assenting to it all.

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