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All-purpose anti-wrong ontology/metaphysics/history views thread Blackshirt 08/12/2020 (Wed) 20:05:46 ID: 4c4cd4 No.5376
It's about time we had one. In this thread, we take on wrong or misguided views when it comes to ontology and metaphysics and history. Examples of such: >"Materialism" as peddled by your Dan Dennetts and your Richard Dawks with it being framed in opposition to "idealism >The notion of there being "separate, floating, atomized, souls/brains" as opposed to something like Plotinus' teachings. >The Big Bang and other cases of stealth Abrahamic metaphysics And so on. Any and all info or sources is acceptable.
Here’s a classic one: >evolution is directionless, random and haphazard, there is no better or worse in this process (Darwinism) >nature cannot be a source of values, only facts This has always seemed kikey to me. I am unable to provide any links at the moment, but ever since Hume said that one cannot derive an ‘ought’ from an ‘is’, people seem to just repeat it like a mantra or cry ‘naturalistic fallacy’! Just because one has said this doesn’t end the debate, however. For millennia prior to this man nature WAS viewed as a source of values, especially those which were unalterable and divine. The Greeks understood that there was a difference between physis (Nature or reality) and nomos (human conventions). Only the latter was truly changeable and varied from place to place. Physis was referred to by Hippias (iirc) as “unwritten laws” handed down by the gods. I haven’t quite clarified my thoughts on this completely, but National Socialism evidently *does* draw values from something roughly reminiscent of physis, that is the Natural Order. Regardless of our opinion of it, it simply is and we if we flaunt it we eventually pay the price in one way or another. >use-inheritance / acquired characteristics (Lamarckism) is totally debunked https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22029461-700-mouse-memory-inheritance-may-revitalise-lamarckism/ https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn24677-fear-of-a-smell-can-be-passed-down-several-generations/ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/phenomena/2013/12/01/mice-inherit-specific-memories-because-epigenetics/
Focus on countering Globohomo approved narratives of consciousness.
>>5519 >mass prayers can stop wars HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
>>5519 99% of that shit is borderline schizo nu-health Sprout's Marketplace tier shit. These ideas and theories only live in the heads of dying boomers. The only thing real on there is fermented foods, which are genuinely good for you.
>>5519 >Nature is Symbiosis, not competition >Time is cyclical >Kali Yuga >Trauma is hereditary >Microchimerism The first one is partially true, the rest are true. Not sure about the rest, I would have to investigate.
>>5558 >>5562 >redditors
>>5519 Some of these are probably true.
Open file (47.79 KB 658x396 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (27.33 KB 735x280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5622 This sort of model always makes me think of Empedocles' cosmology
http://www.unz.com/isteve/big-if-true https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/653279v1 >But now these new researchers, with access to giant amounts of data, are suggesting that genetic differences among racial populations have been underestimated. I haven’t read the paper yet, and I’m out of practice at interpreting these numbers, so let me leave it at that for now.
>>5519 Most of the shit on here is not true, and the fact that the idiots on Twitter claiming that it is true is further proof that all twatters are retarded.
>>7078 Each layer seems to have at least one thing that is true or likely true in it. I'm not well-read enough to detect what is outright false in all of it though. >>7063 Hopefully we will return one day to where we were in the late 19th century where some biologists went as far as to label other races as different species altogether.
>>7079 In the sense where many animals consists of different species, all races are considered as species too. Unless you're calling the other races as species because they're barbaric animals.
>>7082 Both honestly. At the very least I can not understand why they are already not labeled sub-species at minimum. As Ernst Haeckel said in his 'The History of Creation', "Varieties are commencing species". For over ten thousand years we had separation in very different environments, where groups encountered very different ways of life. New environments induce new ways of living which, over time, doubtlessly change the people themselves. And for groups living in tropical areas year round for hundreds of generations, it is clear that generation after generation of easy living, instant self-gratification and no need for much abstract or long-term planning has had some effect and produced, like you said, what seems to be "barbaric animals" to the eyes of Whites. It makes me sound a bit Lamarckian to stress habit and habitat so much, but I don't think it's totally false, natural selection plays a role as well though. Just look at moles, some varieties have lost their eyesight. Why? Because they don't use their eyes. Same with some types of fish
>>5519 >orgone, etc. I think electromagnetic radiation can be detrimental to your health (even if it isn't ionizing) but it can be used to enhance healing and immune system as well. Robert O. Becker wrote a book called 'Cross Currents'' which redpilled me on health benefits/dangers associated with EM radiation. >precognition, remote viewing, ESP I think it is legit, but most of the World's population can't get results that are meaningful outside lab. I used to think the CIA got just scammed by SRI, but A Blackshirt redpilled me on Holographic Universe (Read Talbot's book) https://www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/answers/crvmanual/ https://www.sacred-texts.com/psi/mrad/index.htm Also, read Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe and Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. >Binaural beats Binaural beats can offer similar benefits to meditation. Actually, I view binaural beats as kind of "training wheels" for meditation. >vaccines I think they work but new vaccines are a scam created by big pharma. >No fluoride, more iodine >No Aluminium >Kali Yuga is real yes. >>5558 >mass prayers can stop wars Personally, I believe that memes can influence real world events (see pdf related) But I also believe that meme magic is real (see webm related), however I doubt that you can stop wars with it, tho. At most you can influence the number of casualties a little.
https://wmbriggs.com/post/32392/ Here's a Catholic look.
I want to know how Marxists are so stupid that they think that our ideas and societies are shaped by material and economic forces, yet they totally neglect the idea of their being any sort of more or less fixed human nature that isn't affected by changing economic systems and ideologies. It's just insane.

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