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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

Pan-Nationalism Anonymous 04/18/2020 (Sat) 19:11:18 No.5
Imperialism and irredentism were common themes in fascist movements pre-WW2. Post WW2 what I've seen is more pan-nationalism, i.e. the idea that every fascist, whatever he is, must be united with his fellow fascists against globalism and degeneracy. Irredentism and imperialism only serve to divide our movements against each other, which is exactly what globalists want. Do you agree that we should encourage each other to put such conflicts on hold until we've got more power? Regardless of what you may think of other nations, their movements share many of the same goals as yours but for their people. I think we should be like George Lincoln Rockwell and Malcolm X(before he went to Mecca).
>>5 I have nothing wrong with others having some nationalistic sentiments, and see nothing wrong with cooperation if there are no conflicts in our goals, but when the rubber hits the road my nation comes first, even if others have to be crushed underfoot. Everyone, I think, believes this deep down regardless of what their position is, even Hitler supported alliances if they were mutually beneficial and did not harm the interests of his Volk. Now, as an American, I see little reason for much imperialism, and I think its legacy has been overall harmful for us, not out of any sympathy I have for non-whites effected by it. I do though see the establishment of autarky as necessary for America. Whether it is possible within the continental US, I do not know, but I think that Canada and Greenland should be annexed. Canada in particular is very economically independent on the US already, racially similar, culturally similar, etc. For resources and land as well it would be in our interests.
It is important to not confuse helping your neighbor, sometimes in his own house, and ditching our own homes to set up a commune. Only a stupid slave would think that helping your fellow fascist is wrong, but this is in no way an invitation to stay. So instead of pan-nationalism I would propose some kind of limited fascist brotherhood, we will all use slightly different methods in order to achieve superficially different goals, as the maximum of every race is different, but deep down it will al be for the same core-goals. Even if you want to close your nation off and never interfere with any other nation and will fiercely defend your independence, you should make sure your nation is situated in a friendly geopolitical neighborhood As for Rockwell, I like him as a person and figure, but I disagree with his vision —or my limited understanding of it—. As someone foreign to both America and Europe I can say that it seems absurd to want to base anything on generic whiteness, Europeans may be relatively similar to one-another, but there is more than enough difference between them to want to organize them in manny nations strong enough to be —mostly— self-sustainable. Instead of Pan-whiteness I would think it would be better to see Pan-Germanism, Pan-Iberianism and the like. For America I would propose something similar to what I have planned for my own country; an Empire. By this I do not mean an ever-expanding force who seeks to destroy its neighbors, but to divide the superficial nation in manny nations than then would again unite under an empire united by a shared history. It lets the groups of our massive nations express themselves as more than just generic American, while preventing separatism which ultimately will weaken us. This would be the closest to Pan-Nationalism I feel comfortable with t. spic
>>7 >>7 I agree with your vision of an 'Imperial' America as a multi-national Anglophone union. I think the administration of such a realm would be very similar to the Russian Federation, or perhaps the Soviet Union of old, in that there are several national republics, each covering a specific region of America. There would also be smaller autonomous republics for ethnic minorities, chiefly Indians and blacks.
>>12 >>12 >>12 The problem is going to be convincing others, manny have boomer-tier conceptions of administration and will not be satisfied with anything that is is not a generic Reich, I am sure that the way this system insinuates some kind of MULTIKULTUR is going to angry manny.
>>36 It wouldn't really be MULTIKULTUR though, since it would essentially be segregating races into their own homelands. Convincing them of that would help soothe a big portion of the possible complaints.
>>37 Yes, that was what Malcolm X wanted, separation. Rockwell wanted them sent to Liberia, but that's not feasible. Separation obviously is, but the question is how?
>>42 >Separation obviously is, but the question is how? Controlled balkanization. Complete removal is totally detached from reality today.
>>42 By bullet or boat
>>44 Probably every option available will be used as part of an overall strategy. Balkanization is a good one too. Push them out while drawing lines and expanding as needed.
>>46 Some populations will definitely be able to be pushed back or out to some extent. And you're right that there will likely be multiple methods used.
>>37 But just with Americans, do modern African-Americans have a homeland? If you say Africa then someone would make the case that White Americans have to go back to Europe. Of course your history in this country bounds you to thins land and none else, but the same applies with blacks. >>42 >but that's not feasible I know africans do not like basketball-americans, but I am sure an arrangement could be met. You could sell them the « Educated negro » meme and they will see it as a way of injecting educated people into their population, in reality they would just be the US trowing their problems into Africa so Winnie-the-Poh has to deal with it. A less malicious approach would be helping Liberia, stabilizing it and strengthening your relations with it, so it becomes a country blacks would want to live in and so they willingly go. Assuming the US-o-A stops being a stupid golem I will have no reason to have it balkanized, it is really only something I would propose for countries I want to fuck over, like China, fuck that place. Now, >>46 gave me the idea of using the excuse of balkanization just to push them into more manageable bits so you can then set up an American Empire made up of stable nations instead of mixed ones. Now, how to sell the idea to blacks, I do not know if I am being naïve because my B L E S S E D country has very few blacks, but I would first try to convince them, only if that fails I would try to force them. Ideally some king of KANG Fascism would appear and seek to improve blacks, and segregation would be a measure for it.
>>76 >Ideally some king of KANG Fascism would appear and seek to improve blacks, and segregation would be a measure for it. IIRC this is exactly what black nationalists attempted during the 1970s. They were neutralised and what energy they had gathered in the culture at large was redirected to trendy International Afrocentrism on proto-globohomo’s terms. The tactics presently being deployed on white nationalists were first honed on black nationalists.
>>42 Exterminating the negroes is also feasible, don't knock it or discard it out of hand, they are not our allies and neither are any africans we do not have to be kind to people we did not consent to being here and no blacks are not bound to this land, not in the way whites are, we have tended this land, pulled life from it, they have only used and abused, or been used and abused by jews and traitors to extract every fucking ounce of value from it that they can.
Open file (167.55 KB 878x420 pentti linkola war.png)
>>84 I definitely agree that extreme options such as this shouldn't be wholly discounted off hand. I have no qualms with such an option personally, although I'm not going to pretend that I would enjoy it or anything. But what will need to be done will be done. If we could reach an agreement where the two sides could live apart yet to some degree of harmony, that is good. If not - and this is far more likely - the issue will be dealt with to ensure that we survive. Overpopulation is a very really issue and solutions can start domestically.
>>86 My instincts tell me that we will have to kill almost all of every other race to see peace in our lifetime the only other nation that i see our movement leaving untouched is Japan, because they were beaten so thoroughly by my people that they do not ever, I think, want to see that happen to them ever again. I am 100% for the complete extermination of Jews,(including the Arab tribes from Iran to Palestine and beyond who claim they aren't jews when they all are) Chinks, and Niggers, though. I won't budge on it either they need to go everyone else can be just dramatically reduced in population particularly India and set up as puppet states or we help them rebuild to ingratiate them to us but at the same time remind them that we will end them if necessary.
Open file (118.78 KB 600x590 jew tumor.jpg)
>>91 Before globalization and modern means of transportation and communication some degree of co-existence was definitely more of a feasible solution. Nowadays, as you hint at, it seems increasingly unlikely that our problems will be solved without spilling tons of blood. And again before someone says that I'm a sadist jerking off over the idea of this - I'm not, I honestly do not see a peaceful solution to our problems if we are to reclaim our nations and definitively solve the Jewish problem. With Jews in particular, in the past it was possible to merely boot them across the border and restrict them by means of laws to stop their subversion for a few centuries. But in modern times, as was illustrated perfectly with the organization of Jewry against the Third Reich, the Jew has become truly international, global. There's nowhere for the Jews to be removed except for in a mass grave. How many times do these kikes have to be kicked out of states before people realize this? I think the Jews themselves know this to some degree, this is why they are so intent in brainwashing the goyim against any form of "anti-semitism". There will be a 110 and it will be expulsion from this planet.
>>95 I think you mean explusion from existence, sending off into space would juist give them a chance to ally with an alien species.
>>96 Kek yeah I definitely meant from existence, not literally sending them into space. That would only make the problem far worse
>>97 Haha, i can picture it already Tungsten Noses falling from the sky.
>>79 That sucks, there should be a way to try again, but I would not know how since I know zero (0) blacks, quite the miracle that I have faith in them while the only things I know from them come from the internet. But what I am sure of is that they should rise by themselves, this conversation should be done among blacks, not a White and a Mexican. >The tactics presently being deployed on white nationalists were first honed on black nationalists. One second pls Ahem... WE
>>106 WUZ >I would not know how since I know zero (0) blacks I envy you, but it can easily be said that there very existence propels millions of young whites into race realism. No matter how much they try to cope with "it's j-just they're culture!" deep down they know that the nigger is dumb, bestial and a lower form of life. I say this because I have gone through the same trajectory of coping and then finally accepting.
Conquest is good and inevitable. Talk of "balkanization" is just the old retreatism and embrace of cuck values that plagues "Right-Wing" (ugh) circles. Nature is not "peace." A balkanized America would be an America filled with war.
>>802 >Talk of "balkanization" is just the old retreatism and embrace of cuck values This really depends, I think. I talk about balkanization a lot, but I view it as less desirable and more of an inevitably in the short term for whites if we are to survive and get any territory whatsoever. America is hurdling down a path where it will eventually explode. Where balkanization talk becomes cucked is when we win our little patch of ground and just give up, acting like we're now content. Our race will not survive if we take our little pitch of land and cease struggle. If and when balkanization occurs it needs to be a goal to conquer back, in time, the entirety of the continental United States and more. The only real problem is that we've reached such a point here where we're absolutely swamped in non-whites. I wonder how we are going to remove or get rid of all of them. Every method I can think of is messy and not practical at all. Even going as far as saying kill them all - which I don't think will happen personally, but who knows- would be a historically unseen level of extermination.
>>802 >>815 The American multicultural experiment is a failure, but you are not going to be able to just get rid of all minorities with some splendid racewar, much less without causing so manny problems that they will almost make you miss the brownies. A somewhat peaceful balkanization will let you regroup, set up a strong base and distance yourself from minorities, at the same time it will weaken their states to the point that any action you may want to take will be much easy. You can use the image of Malcom X to get blacks to support your efforts, the Lost Mexican Territories will surely make even non-Aztlanist Latinos support balkanization, the rest of groups are not significant enough to be much trouble, and seeing you work with minorities will ease the international response. Your problem will be the federal government >tl;dr: Get rid of the dead-weight first
>>876 I think some sort of race war / civil war (let's be honest it'd be mostly on racial lines) is unironically approaching, but due to the presence of countless millions of non-whites in the continental United States alone, I agree that the idea of all minorities disappearing is unlikely, especially in any sort of spectacular fashion. Blacks, who are 13% of the population, alone constitute some 46 million people if I remember correctly. >You can use the image of Malcom X to get blacks to support your efforts, the Lost Mexican Territories will surely make even non-Aztlanist Latinos support balkanization, the rest of groups are not significant enough to be much trouble, and seeing you work with minorities will ease the international response. Your problem will be the federal government See, I think this is something that sounds good on paper, but would never work out as it sounds in real life. Non-whites, I've noticed, are extremely susceptible to slave morality. They often have an external locus of control and an inferiority complex towards whites, no matter how much they claim to hate us. As soon as some seemingly good-willed Jew comes along and plays to their most base impulses, i.e. hatred, envy, ressentiment and the like, they just can't help but eat it up and rebel against the alleged source of their inferiority complex. The current riots here are a classic "rebellion of everything that crawls on the ground against that which has height". It's just like communism, which is also fundamentally rooted in ressentiment. It's easier for blacks to be niggers and beg for gibs than actually better themselves and rise above glorifying crime, sex, and materialism. With this oppressor : oppressed dynamic they operate off they are extremely hard to deal with
>>876 >peaceful balkanization Has never happened. >Malcolm X A We Wuzzing Nigger. Anyway, if Niggers really wanted to be away from Whitey they'd just run off to Africa. They don't since they don't. Nig Nogs benefit deeply from Zog and want access to Whitey's stuff without being accountable to Whitey. The Blacks calling for segregation either expect that or think they built all they live in singlehandedly. THERE'S NOTHING that Blacks have when it comes to actual society that isn't dependant on Whitey in some way. The likes of Malcolm X are either delusional or dishonest. >Lost Mexican Territories What the fuck are you on about? Beaners are no better than Niggers in how much damage they do against Whitey and are environmental disasters. You need to let go of your cuck fantasy of the other races being in peace if Whitey just acts non-threatening and gives them whatever they want. You think that Blacks would better behaved towards Whitey if they were just handed their own country with no supervision?
Attention: Actual segregation depended on Whitey keeping Blacks behaved through all means.
>>891 >Has never happened. Because everyone waits until race-tensions boil over to do it. There is a first time for everything. >A We Wuzzing Nigger. What he was is not important, only what blacks see him as >they'd just run off to Africa I am sure not even they are that stupid >The likes of Malcolm X are either delusional or dishonest. The objective is segregation, not a prosperous black society. Again, the reality does not matter, only what blacks believe. Kangz are very prideful, they will easily accept segregation, thinking that they will be able to build a functioning state without whitey. Once they go the the other side of the wall you should only care that they do not come back, be it collapse, be it Wakanda. >>890 When I was reading « Blacks, who are 13% of the population,[...] » I was mentally preparing myself for a 13/50 joke But I would like to make something clear, the goal is a State for American Whites, what happens to other races should be irrelevant for you. It would be nice to see blacks having good, productive lives as someone you can see on your level, but if it is not possible then let then fall. Feasibility of these states is not important, only that others believe that they are possible, they they feel #woke. Maybe a dramatic balkanization is not possible, but maybe we should think one step at a time, first convincing everyone that multiculturalism is troublesome, then painting the federal government as the enemy, not each-other; « whitey is not the one oppressing you, is the Globohomo-reptilians from Saturn, they see you as tools, they see you as destabilizing agents, a proxy-animal for pseudo-zoophilic fantasies. But not us, we have so much faith in you that we will even help you gain independence you you may prosper on your own *looks at the camera* ». If a Race-war is inevitable then use it to scare them, and blame (((Them))) for setting it up, Whitey is not to blame for this, da J00z are, Whitey –being stupid– were being used by Them to exterminate and enslave Kangz, I mean, slave ships were jewish-owned... I mean, what does Whitey know about the struggle of our Brothas & Sisthas? Whites will never understand us KANGZ, only a Kang can help another Kang, only WE can help ourselves. Fuck those bitch-ass fake Jews, WE WUZ the original Isralites, DAS RITE
>>1018 >Because everyone waits until race-tensions boil over to do it. There is a first time for everything. No there isn't. That's not how animals work. >What he was is not important, only what blacks see him as And the Blacks who matter want to be around Whitey enough to take his stuff without being accountable. It's the elite who decide society, not NPCs. >I am sure not even they are that stupid It's the ultimate conclusion of demanding muh segregation. >The objective is segregation, not a prosperous black society. Again, the reality does not matter, only what blacks believe. Kangz are very prideful, they will easily accept segregation, thinking that they will be able to build a functioning state without whitey. Once they go the the other side of the wall you should only care that they do not come back, be it collapse, be it Wakanda. That won't happen. Take a look at the Niggers in BLM or even at that LARP Zone Playpen. They demand Whitey's stuff. They want to be able to go where they please without being accountable.
>>1018 For us to be able to convince "everyone that multiculturalism is troublesome" we'd have to control the media, which assumes that we come into power and dismantle the existing Jewish-controlled media apparatus. Even assuming that we got this far, the mere coming to power of a pro-white government, no matter milquetoast, would cause a chimpout the likes of which has never been seen on this planet. Just look at how they act with Trump. This alone would trigger a race-war. I think niggers are smart enough to know they're about to get shafted, and that's what would happen if we came to power, and I'm not even gonna pretend. The bargain would favor whites immensely.
>>1036 >>1035 Well then, so what should the plan be? I still believe the glory of the race-war is a meme and you must seek different, more subverting solutions, but if working with them is imposible then the plan has to be more offensive and less clean. >we'd have to control the media Only boomers listen to that, and modern propaganda is on a playing field which is much more accesible to us, a side-effect of Them trying to feel more approachable.
>>1045 >I still believe the glory of the race-war is a meme The race war, all memes aside, won't be glorious at all. It's going to be bloody, violent, and horrible. Such are all wars, but modern war in particular is like this. I don't want race war per se, I think it is inevitable. A small anecdote. Literally less than an hour ago my bluepilled boomer father said twice "they're (I assume he meant the media) pushing for a race war". I don't talk about WN shit openly with my family besides some subtle comments here and there and I was surprised to hear him say that. This is anecdotal of course and you have no way of knowing whether I'm bullshitting you or not, but stuff like this shows that this stuff is seeping into normalfag consciousness. Whites here feel that they're being replaced, they know it, but they aren't comfortable pointing it out. If an opportunity came up that would realistically allow us to go our separate ways without ethnic cleansing and racial conflict, of course I'd say it should be pursued so long as it upholds our interests. I am pessimistic in this regard though. It's hard to really have a plan when there's no good WN groups in America right now with any clout (Patriot Front looks okay though). Basically my peaceful solution is controlled balkanization by the government, but as I said in the post you're replying too, even that is fraught with problems.
>>1074 Obviously (((They))) set up the race-war for a reason, there is something (((They))) must want from it. Wypipo extermination is unlikely, and I do not think they are naïve enough to think that Brownies are going to b able to fight agains self-defensive whites. So what is the true intent behind all this?
>>1082 I'm not sure if they really want an open race war or now. I can't see how they would benefit. It's to the Jews benefit not to rock the boat too much and just continue their machinations forward as peacefully as possible through their control of education, media, entertainment and basically every other aspect of mass culture. I don't think they'll ever just wipe out white people entirely. It's far more fruitful just to domesticate them from birth, turn the males into sissy faggots and convince people either not to reproduce or to mix with brown people. I've been seeing these riots as brief interludes in the normal running of (((their))) system to serve as a pretext for more anti-white measures, diversity-shilling and the like.
I believe international cooperation between fascist movements is the right way to proceed after having already established a fascist government in your homeland. If a fascist nation emerges it will probably be targeted by ZOGs worldwide to get either invaded or couped, creating an alliance between fascist nations would ensure a better chance of survival for the ideology. As for imperialism, it should be avoided as much as possible, it will only give excuses for intervention by other nations and justify the propaganda against the country and regime. Irredentism is a complicated matter, I imagine that every nationalist regime want it's country to be unified, things get even worse when we talk about demographic border gore as occurs in Transylvania with Magyars. I would prefer a bilateral resolution between the nations involved, but a localized war would be acceptable too.
>>1279 Here we see cuck talk.
>>1281 Here we see fringe talk
Open file (22.35 KB 341x486 ewige jude.jpg)
>>1279 >justify the propaganda against the country and regime I don't wholly disagree, but this will happen no matter what we do, especially with a fascist government in power. Just look at the example of Germany - they started rearming after having their entire military dismantled, they peacefully reintegrated territories that were undeniably German in terms of ethnic composition, they left internationalist bodies such as the League of Nations and, most importantly, they began liberating their country from the Jew through peaceful means such as making laws prohibiting them from working in media, academia and other areas of influence, as well as preventing intermarriage between Jews and Germans, letting a large part of Germany's Jews to leave and take their wealth with them. What was the reaction of the international community? Kvetching unlike the world has ever seen. A nation was actually becoming free from (((their))) web. The Jews started raising a ruckus about "German aggression", boycotting them and more. No matter what happened the Jew exploited it. They seethed in rage and lashed out and provoked Germany in anyway they could, such as when the Jew Herschel Grynszpan assassinated a German diplomat in Paris, triggering the "pogroms" of Kristallnacht - which Hitler was opposed to - or when the Jew David Frankfurter killed the head of the Swiss NSDAP, Wilhelm Gustloff in 1936. I could give more examples, but you get the point. They don't need justifications, they'll trigger them themselves and lie. The real redpill is that the United States must fall or go fash in order for a lot of what we talk in favor of to happen.
>>1289 Yes, the (((international community))) will be a threat even if the country in question was some pacifist utopia. However acts such as the invasion of Ethiopia and Poland served to make the entire ideology lose credibility between common citizens. And in case of defeat they will serve to demonize the entire regime, just see what happened to Germany in the post war. I don't argue for pacifism or even an isolationist foreign policy, but war must have at least some good reason behind it to avoid things such as the actual image of the fascist nations as some kind of warmonger and power thirsty regimes ruled by mad dictators. And to left things clean, I understand that every invasion of neutral countries during WWII had a strategic reason to be so, I am just arguing that this kind of actions leads to justification of intervention for the public and propaganda fuel to the press.
>>1309 >However acts such as the invasion of... Poland served to make the entire ideology lose credibility between common citizens The invasion of Poland was absolutely necessary though, I can't comment on Ethiopia, I know it happened, but I don't know the details. Poland had been committing genocide and perpetrating widespread discrimination against ethnic Germans for years before 1939. The French were stringently pro-Polish and anti-German and so strove to give the Poles as much German territory as possible at the expense of Germany, setting up all sorts of bogus plebiscites, the results of which they never respected. Just look for a moment at the example of Austria, which was reduced a rump state after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian disintegrated. They had wanted to join Germany, but were disallowed by the Allies in a direct break from Wilson's policy of self-determination of peoples. The same happened in Poland as it did in places like Memelland in Lithuania and the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia, all of which were treated like dirt. Technically the Treaty of Versailles said that Germans and Poles alike could choose their citizenship in either Germany or Poland until January 1922. They would be allowed to bring their movable property with them and emigrate to the country they chose if it didn't coincide with their current country of residence, but article 297 of Treaty of Versailles enable Poland to liquidate the property of German citizens with a pittance of compensation, also allowing the new Polish government to immediately come into possession of any property belonging to the German Empire, Prussian State or Hohenzollern dynasty within their new lands. Of course the 1.1 million Germans who would soon find themselves stranded in a new land immediately began to protest and think of ways to avoid this, so many ethnic Germans in the East concocted a plan to secede as the eastern provinces of Prussia in armed defiance of Berlin, Poland and the Allies, forming an "Oststaat" before Versailles took effect so they would not have to become a part of Poland. Sadly though, military officials cucked and the plan came to naught. Still, many paramilitary groups of ethnic Germans were established and skirmishes between Germans defending their ancestral lands and Polish nationalists went on for some time. Soon after the 1.1 million became part of Poland the discrimination began almost immediately as an aggressive de-Germanization policy was enacted by the successive governments. Polish rapidly became the official language, German place names were Polishized, the government stopped doing correspondences in German and monolingual German-speaking bureaucrats were removed from government. Germans were systematically removed from public life, socially isolated by Poles and subject to widespread discriminations such as the denial by the government of German professionals state licenses, the ability to practice medicine and the withholding of state liquor licenses, crippling the ability of many Germans to operate inns. Likewise German public schools were closed down on spurious grounds, forcing German children into schools were they didn't speak the language. In 1925 land-reform was enacted under Piłsudski which disproportionately targeted the provinces with the highest amount of ethnic Germans, chopping up their estates and selling them to poor Poles. Its no surprise that during this time a minority of ethnic Germans began to leave Poland, thus having their property seized and distributed to Poles. Since many Germans were of socio-economic status, a brain-drain quickly took effect in the country. Hitler tried and tried to negotiate with Poland, proposing the creation of an international zone in the Corridor, also hoping to win back the majority German Danzig. The Jews cooked up an Anglo-Polish agreement shortly after Munich and they ceased negotiating with Germany. Hitler would do anything to protect his Volk, and eventually he ran out of patience.
>>1311 >>1309 And this is not even to mention the massacres that began to take place soon after the invasion. I would give the details about that but I just put out a TL;DR post so I'll refrain for now unless someone really wants to hear.
>>1311 >>1312 I am aware that persecution happened in Poland and don't deny that the invasion was justified. However, the idea that is perpetuated by the media will be of an aggressive power invading an inoffensive land. I understand that most of Germany's invasions are justified, but the thing is that they will be used as an excuse to invade and justify it to the public. Even before Hitler did anything aggressive the UK and France were preparing to war. The actions that took place between 1936 and 1939 were used to bolster the public against Germany and Italy. A modern fascist regime would have the entire stigma of the ideology on it's back, imperialist actions would be just the excuse needed by ZOGs to invade and avoid (or at least minimize) reactions like those of the Vietnam War.
>>1286 You will never get them to leave you alone just by being nice. That's not how nature works. >>1309 >he thinks the public decides policy They don't. How did protesting against Dubya's wars prevent any of them?
Open file (68.29 KB 168x287 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1328 In fact one needs to realize that if the public decided policy governing in any rational manner would be impossible. Funnily enough Jacques Ellul - a Christian anarchist for what it's worth - points this out in his work on propaganda, in which he does a great job disputing the underlying presupposition of democracy today, i.e. that all people are rational individuals capable of knowing what is in their best interests, arguing that in today's society government cannot follow public opinion, ideally public opinion will follow the government, and this is where the omnipresence of propaganda steps in. People today have a strange view where the masses are thought to matter far more than they actually do in light of their numbers. A very small number of people pull the strings in history and make things happen. The masses are cattle to be herded. Sounds edgy, but it's true.
Open file (30.06 KB 768x432 npcs.jfif)
>>1337 It all goes back to that NPC meme. The majority of people are NPC's with regard to national concerns, which is why they don't really matter that much. What matters is who programs them.
>>1760 >It all goes back to that NPC meme. It really does. When one begins to understand this a lot of things really fall into place. Many of the people who rail against egalitarianism today in less redpilled parts of the Internet are still in the grip of the idea of the rational individual, having faith in the masses. This kind of idea is also essential to really get accelerationism.
>>1765 The Lemming thing was an interesting read. Well articulated what makes the majority act the way they do. I don't really know what political ideology I would fit in. I'd like to think of myself as a free thinker.
>>1769 >I don't really know what political ideology I would fit in I wouldn't feel too pressing of a need, if I were you, of aligning yourself 100% with any sort of "political ideology". The non-NPC thing to do is to read and learn from all over the place and see where you broadly align. There was never a moment where I thought "I'm going to become a National Socialist". The more I read, the closer I came to realizing that National Socialism was most in accordance with how I viewed reality. And even with this said, I can't be fit directly in some Nazi-shaped box. Good luck with your search for knowledge.
Should a nonwhite be rooting for an ethnoglobe or ethnonationalism?

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