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We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children

Open file (71.08 KB 819x1024 1557139580139.jpg)
FIX YOUR SHIT YOU NIGGERS Blackshirt 07/30/2020 (Thu) 13:01:36 No.4276
FIX YOUR FUCKING SEC YOUR CYBERSEC YOUR OPSEC YOUR PHYSICAL SEC CyberSec This will be a novel, if you are impatient here is what you will do. Buy a spare/burner laptop, 2x usb drives, install GNU/Linux (Devuan/AntiX) toit. If wifi does not work, purchase a Linux Compatible wifi usb to plug into it. Follow the installer, watch videos on how to install one or the other with FULL DISK ENCRYPTION. And then use Tor to talk to your internet nazi frens. If you can't get a second computer, just install Tails to a usb and only talk to your internet frens through that. THE NOVEL Operating Systems, you have a lot of choices, none of them are Windows 7, 8, 10, 95, ME, XP, or OSX, or Android/ChromeOS. Your choices are BSDs, GNU/Linux Distros of varying types, research OSes for supernerds, and things that are beyond brainlets. Here is a list of recommended Operating Systems In all of your choices you want these two things, FDE (Full Disk Encryption), and no systemd. OpenBSD - Secure by DEFAULT, there are some functional losses of operation, but it is the most secuire Operating System out there, VeraCrypt support is iffy (come back and check this). Tor-Browser is one pkg_add torbrowser in the command line away, and other useful tools for security. Install XFCE or Mate for a desktop environment from the command line and you're solid. Ethernet is required for people who can't into command line wifi. FDE offers keydisk option for advanced users. GNU/LINUX Devuan - Debian without systemd, braindead simple to install and run things on. Everyone makes things for Ubuntu/Debian, almost everything that runs on them, will run on this. https://devuan.org/ Project WebSite https://mirror.leaseweb.com/devuan/devuan_beowulf/installer-iso/devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_amd64-desktop.iso Download Link AntiX - Debian, without systemd, run by leftists, but is a very good project. https://antixlinux.com/ Project WebSite iso.mxrepo.com/Downloads/Final/antiX-19.2/antiX-19.2.1_x64-base.iso Download Link Void - Advanced users only, high performance, BSDlike GNU/Linux distro, no systemd. https://voidlinux.org/ Project WebSite https://alpha.de.repo.voidlinux.org/live/current/void-live-x86_64-20191109-lxqt.iso Download Link Artix - Arch without systemd, advanced configuration required for FDE, but still doable. https://artixlinux.org/ Project Website https://download.artixlinux.org/iso/artix-lxqt-openrc-20200211-x86_64.iso Download Link Gentoo - Advanced users only, sakaki guide recommended for hardened gentoo. https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Sakaki%27s_EFI_Install_Guide Sakaki Install Guide https://www.gentoo.org/ Project WebSite https://www.gentoo.org/downloads/ Dowlnoad Portal Whonix - Secure by design, runs in a VM. The Whonix wiki is a great resource. Only inculded for people who cannot into anything else. SystemD is not an issue because it can be virtualized in a secure system. https://www.whonix.org/ Project WebSite https://www.whonix.org/#download Download Portal https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Documentation Whonix Wiki - Recommended Reading Alpine - Advanced users only, performance based Linux designed for servers, useful for virtual machines and webaspps. Not really a desktop system although it can be. FDE is for advanced users only, no systemd. https://www.alpinelinux.org/ Project WebSite Slackware - Advanced users only, fde is difficult to accomplish, but can be done, a truly patrician choice. http://www.slackware.com/ Project WebSite Sourcemage - Advanced nerd users only. https://sourcemage.org/ Project WebSite Software Browser - Torbrowser, Iridium, Ungoogled Chromium, Hardened-DePozzed Firefucks, Palemoon Chat - IRC(with gpg plugin), Mumble, Element/Riot Additional Important Software - tor, torsocks, macchanger, virtualbox or qemu/kvm, gpgp, openvpn Desktop Environment/GUI/Shell - XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate, LXQT, LXDE(for weak computers) Hardware CPUs Simple - Use a pre-sandybridge Intel Processor or an AMD processor for computer. Or, use a Raspberry PI with sufficient power(RPI 4, 4gb of RAM) Complex - Use a non x86 processor(advanced), use a librebooted x86 Processor(Advanced). Recommended Devices IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad, Dell Latitude, Panasonic Toughbook, GETAC, HP Elitebooks. OPSEC Everything before this was primarily software you should be using, now it is time to explain things you should and should not use. Some verbiage. Verbage Telemetry - The thing that tells Amazon you're looking to buy shoes or a video game. It is packets of information made in the background of your computer, without you knowing that can give away who you are, or where you are. Mirror - A webpage you download utility software from Javascript - A programming language that used to decorate modern websites, and can collect telemetry or introduce malicious code to your browser. Not all JS(Javascript) is bad, but not all JS is good. PGP - Pretty Good Privacy, this is used to authenticate information, and encrypt information so that people can not read the contents of a conversation. GPG is the GNU implementation of it. G
Open file (185.67 KB 512x467 1519524522511.png)
GPG - See PGP Stylometry - A person's style of writing. Persona Separation Everything has to be separate from one another, if you have a jew social media, separate it from who you are now. Everything must be a separate identity. If they are not, fix it to however much you can. The more places you have your linked accounts via name or picture, the easier it becomes for people to find out who you are. It can be eyebrows, it can be EXIF data in a jpeg. If you do not cover tracks, they will find you. Likewise, many of you will like to continue your public profile and non-internet connections. This is fine, but it must be consolidated to one device, and you must never overlap the two together. Why? Because Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. read everything on your phone to better target you for advertisements. They read everything on your computer they have access to, to as well, target you for advertisments. This is telemetry, and your computer does it all the time. So feed it shit. Nonsecure Communication Discord, Telegram Group Chats, Messenger, etc. All of them have anti-anonymity features in place by either requiring a phone, or they have invasive spyware in place to prevent anonymous communication. The chats are logged, infiltrated, or easily accessible by law enforcement. Do not be dumb on these. These are not safe places to chat, they are not safe places to organize. They are platforms for gaming, hookups, and boomers. Do dum, get the dum. Secure Communication IRC(freenode) with a GPG or PGP plugin, Signal, Email+PGP/GPG. Why all of the PGP/GPG? Because that means, once there is a ring, that communications can only be read by those inside the ring for communication. Even if the network connection is being snooped on, the information is still private. Signal is Open Source and secure and even Snowden recommends it. But it does require a phone number, have a way to acquire burner phone numbers you can use for accounts. Anonymous Communication All accounts, must be made over TOR or a VPN and only ever connected to through TOR or a VPN. Services that resist this, are not services that are secure for you to have internet fren talks on about putting up posters with funny faces in public. Some GUIs for Linux like Gnome use "System Proxies" which is a setting in the settings menu that lets you set a systemwide proxy. If you installed tor, this is as simple as setting it to for the ip and 9050 for the port. NEVER USE YOUR REAL NAME - This one, needs no explanations, but to say it for the dum, never, ever, EVER, USE YOUR REAL NAME. You exist, by name, somewhere on the web, therefore, you must never, ever use your real name. Don't even use anything that alludes to it, don't use anything that alludes to your physical features. NEVER TELL ANYONE WHERE YOU LIVE - This will be hard for some people. But again, you do not include any details of where you live on anything you own on the internet. Your facebook profile, your internet frens profile, it is too dangerous, and very dumb. NEVER POST PHOTOS OF YOURSELF TO YOUR INTERNET FRENS Email - Cock.li, disroot, free onion hosts, anywhere that you can sign up over tor or vpn and log in from tor or vpn. To stop spying you can copy and paste PGP or GPG text into the email text box to the person you are sending it to. If it supports a mail client like Claws, then that is better so you do not have to use their web interface which can run via proprietary js that invades your privacy and security. If it is just the web mail, then the copy paste GPG/PGP will still stop spying. Social Media for internet Frens - Gab.Ai(weak) is easily accessible to law enforcement. MAKE YOUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM - DO NOT DO ILLEGAL THINGS AND POST A VIDEO WITH NAME ATTACHED. GAB IS OPEN SOURCE
Open file (34.80 KB 327x356 nmiku 01.jpg)
PHSYICAL SEC & PERSEC Physical Preparedness Get /fit/. Have a fun. Know how to use it. Have spare parts for it. Do not provoke the police. The punishment for gamer jokes in public is the same as having a really big gamer moment in public. Police and jews will ruin your life, and keep you tied to a leash. Practice dry fire from the corners and angles in your house, can you fire from that position if there are a joggers breaking in? How long will it take you to be prepared? And likewise, what if you are surrounded by joggers in public, how do you handle this? Self-defense is illegal via selective enforcement. Have a plan. Data Destruction Securing your information/data. You should always keep track of your computer data that you save and access. It must also, if you are getting v&, be destroyable. A powerdrill and a hammer will take care of your hard drive full of gamer jokes. It will also take care of your phone. MicroSD cards are nice because they are easily hidden and destroyable. Why should you destroy data you encrypted and did much work to secure? That is easy, if you made a single mistake, and someone acquires your data, they can use it to impersonate you and acquire more information from your frens and then they will ruin you. In America, there is the Fifth Amendment, you have a right to not self-incriminate and because of the Fifth Amendment, if there is a password, you can choose not to hand it over to authorities, but to people who will have all the time in the world to break it down, they will inevitably succeed over a long enough period of time. Encryption extends this period of time by years and possibly aeons if implemented correctly. For people not in America, you have no such thing as a right not to self-incriminate, many people know that if they do not hand over the information in some countries like the UK or Australia, they will be guilty of another crime and imprisoned for that instead. Account Creation Signal and many other services you will require or desire need a phone number. The solution to this problem is to acquire a prepaid or a Google Voice that you can readily access. This is done via taking time out of your day, to go to public wifi with an Android phone with prepaid sim inside, and then setting up an account with Google that way. Once with google, give jewgle your prepaid sim number, and make the google voice. Use this google voice to acquire a better burner number via something in the app store (that you will pay to maintain), or to create your Signal account. If you cannot make an account over tor/vpn, make it over public wifi or through a vps (Virtual Private Server). Virtual Machines (VMs) Running an operating system inside of a piece of software like QEMU/KVM or VirtualBox. Uised to isolate programs from escaping to hardware and can hide a lot of data inside it. Adds many layers of security to what you are doing. How to install Linux https://invidio.us/watch?v=GEl2S5MI-WU Written because of dum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pbP5e5YyW4 https://apnews.com/632d18124f4f4c4b9b1a9f0dc0b460f2 (former doxbin oper8r) https://www.counterextremism.com/press/extremist-content-online-isis-releases-new-video-titled-%E2%80%9C-epic-battles-attrition-3%E2%80%9D-and-neo (the dum is being banned) These posts are for niggers who still have social media and come here with botnet and no proxy. You are not blending into a crowd. You are standing in a war-zone with no weapon and no armour.
Open file (90.83 KB 313x271 13581930633.png)
>he fell for the "systemD is literal botnet" meme >recommending a literal anarchist's distro project not an issue at all but you're on /fascist/ >recommending six advanced distros to people who you say can't even into opsec >recommending Gab, ever (mostly written by a anti-fascist jew and SJWs, then forked into a shit hack and neglected) not an issue if any of the developers were competent programmers; they aren't. >physical sec: "buy a gun lol" >implying any competent v& attempt will give you time for data destruction, implying a hammer and drill will have a high probability of destroying what you need destroyed, implying the jail sentence for intentional destruction of evidence is worth it unless you are a literal terrorist or child photographer >"phone numbers are ok for signal but not discord" >UNIRONICALLY RECOMMENDING A GOOGLE SERVICE IN AN OPSEC GUIDE, EVER 6/10 overall decent tech recommedasions, definitely a good start. Understandably overkill in some areas and utterly neglectful of others, resulting in a /tech/-paranoia cluster type of guide. t. posted from my Qubes dispvm. blackhat 31137 h4xx0r consultant: this shit is literally my profession. almost none of this software would be maintained and available to you under a fascist regime you short-sighted cuck.
Why ubuntu is bad? How to make TBB safe? How to destroy any EXIF data in images? Any guides/video tutorials on setting up a safe VM?
Open file (10.03 KB 720x540 15558934834.jpg)
>mfw I am not able to even understand three words in a row of all this stuff
>>4283 I feel you, anon. Tech anons assume we know all of their lingo and jargon. I just use Tor because of that
>>4281 systemd is shit and as init has failed me many times
Open file (256.92 KB 491x616 Hitler Through Wall.png)
An example of why I am angry. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2019/07/neo-nazi-swatters-target-dozens-of-journalists/ >we took action! https://krebsonsecurity.com/tag/doxbin/ >i messed up! >none of my stuff is encrypted! >CIAniggers have a complete map of my contacts and our conversations And just like that, people who did something, are gone. https://www.wired.com/story/neo-nazis-are-running-out-of-places-to-hide-online/ >>4281 >systemd is a botnet SystemD is shit, and is not audited. A bad process that runs on your computer can take advantage it is bad software by design. >commie distro The Distro is maintained better than Debian is. It is also not the only option. It is one of many. >recommending google voice Acceptable to use for twitter accounts as a burner number. Can be faked and acquired for short periods of time with some effort. This is not for anonymity, this if for people who are making groups irl. Anonymity/Obfuscation is the second or third priority. Secure is first, accessible is second, anonymity is third. Signal is accessible, Signal needs you to give a telephone number. Google Voice will suffice if a prepaid is not available, which is true for some people. This is a struggle, are you just talking to yourselves on imageboards or are you trying to talk to the larger public? You do not have to lead people here. But you do have to lead them away from the Jewlicon Valley. >destruction of data >just leave it there for them If you are caught, do you make it easy for someone to read your shit? No, instead you destroy as much as possible and give them fucking nothing. If they're going to put you in jail for fake shit what's stopping them right now? By the time they are on to you, you are already guilty. Make them waste their money trying to recover fucking nothing. You did encrypt your data right? [code]dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sdX bs=5000m[/code] >almost none of this software would be maintained and available to you under a fascist regime you short-sighted cuck. Where are you now you faggot? Are you in a fascist regime or ZOG world. Even still your fascist state sounds gay, why would you not want your people to run the best? >>4282 >ubuntu Ubuntu put Amazon integration into one of it's releases several years ago. They removed it, trust was broken though. https://askubuntu.com/questions/565746/why-does-the-latest-build-of-ubuntu-have-an-amazon-button Also this https://ubuntu.com/legal/data-privacy >tbb It is more secure than most stock web browsers at default. Use an Adblocker with it and set noscript to maximum no trust settings. Only enable js on websites you trust. Tor Browser Bundle does not proxy your torrents for you, it does not proxy any special connections you make with Google Chrome. It is not a system proxy, it is a browser with a built in proxy. The difference is, a system or transparent proxy will proxy all connections, a browser proxy is a defined setting in the browser for it's connections. >exif >lol just use gimp For Windows https://listoffreeware.com/free-exif-remover-software-windows/ >safe vm Install virtualbox, instructions vary by distro. https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch06.html#network_hostonly Use whichever network setting is going to work for you. The defauilt should be enough. Create a vm with the whonix iso you downloaded. Save the vm on a flash drive you encrypted with Veracrypt, Luks or SoftRaid. https://youtube.com/watch?v=8lqISJFB3ak https://youtube.com/watch?v=v7KOBgxqOBU >>4283 >>4284 Ask, and it will be explained. Or google it. This is written since **statistically a crossover of population from here to telegram/discord where no one is doing anything right exists. And you are all getting informed on by feds and activists from the ADL and SPLC. You may not out yourselves, but you are here the same.**
>>4289 the first three posts are essentially about this "Hi, my name is OP and while I know quite alot about technology, Im also a bullshitting aspie faggot giving you harmful advice in the process! Want to how much of a faggot I am? I want to titfuck Angel Dust. That's how much. I want his many arms to choke me, fist me, carress me and jerk my feminine cock all at once. I want to cum in him and raise an army of Arachno-Capitalist demon spawn." of course i would need some more lines to add more detail, but you get the idea source: recommending google, signal, single pass random wipe for antiforensics and openvpn
Open file (2.74 MB 1920x1080 SirWalterScott.png)
>>4302 >gay fantasies Faggot. >signal >recommending google They are the best provider of digital voip to sms in operation that is free. Find an alternative. >single pass It's an example. Here, have another. shred /dev/sdX This isn't a perfection guide, this is a first steps guide.
Pretty good posts OP. I have two questions. For full disk encryption, do you know if it is better to use Veracrypt or LUKS? Also: >>4278 >For people not in America, you have no such thing as a right not to self-incriminate, many people know that if they do not hand over the information in some countries like the UK or Australia, they will be guilty of another crime and imprisoned for that instead. Would Veracrypt's hidden volume/operating system solve that issue?
>>4304 >veracrypt or luks It depends on your filesystem. Veracrypt is accessible from any computer it can be installed on like a Mac or a PC or a Linux Box. So the data can be accessed across platforms. As long as data inside is formatted for NTFS which is usually the defauilt LUKS limits you to systems that support it 99% Linux and is dependent on the Linux Foundation for development. Videos for using Veracrypt on Windows https://invidio.us/watch?v=i_WkMELC790 https://invidio.us/watch?v=cxo8xosH_TI If you are using Linux on a niche device like a Raspberry Pi, you are limited to lvm+luks for FDE. But if you are using a regular computer with an Intel or AMD cpu then you can use Veracrypt. >would veracrypt solve that issue It depends where you are and if they believe you. Opening the false operating system should not show them a clean place, you should put some fake and embarassing things inside of it for them to push in your face, a clean opening of it and finding nothing will not deter someone. This is designed with people who have a foot both here and in meatspace in mind. Thus the Google Voice/Signal component. Ideally neither would be used, but if people cannot download it to their phone from jewgle then it is too much work for them. Normalniggers and people who are not anons can not into anonymity very quickly, but they can into encryption and security. Both are good for GNU/Linux, for encrypting usb drives or files you will share you should use VeraCrypt. Because you can easily share information on a Veracrypt drive to a comrade who is not so good with computers, but can install veracrypt and open things with it. Likewise, a google voice or prepaid can be used to make first contact with someone who is not good with computers but can be used to give them Signal information and to arrange secure email communication. And there are gpg plugins and extensions for automating the process with email.
>>4298 >Where are you now you faggot? Are you in a fascist regime or ZOG world. I'd say neither, hard-authoritarians and jews aren't welcome or powerful here. I have visited mu;ltiple authoritarian ZOG-free nations for business. >Even still your fascist state sounds gay, why would you not want your people to run the best? What is this, a fucking RP? This isn't about my idea of ideal fascism, it's about realism. Consider the following: >1) The purpose of this thread is to show ways to inhibit police and government agencies. >2) Fascism, being authoritarian, prioritizes the functioning of authority enforcement over your privileges. So what sane authoritarian government would tolerate civilians creating or possessing software that is being used to make the police's job harder? Why do you think current authoritarian states outlaw VPNs and Tor and shut off internet access? Civilians don't need the best, it just enables pedophiles, crimnals and enemies of the state to hide!!!1! 3) FLOSS is a socialist movement. It's fundamentally incompatible with fascist ideology.
>>4313 Enforcement branch is just that, enforcement. I can't believe people in CY + 5 still equate fascism with authoritarianism. If they enforce laws brought by ZOG, then it is bad. If they enforce laws brought by us, then it is good. Simple as.
Open file (75.40 KB 640x640 1590529428193.jpg)
>>4313 >zog free nations for business What White nation is zog-free? >realism Passively using software and services that gives jews money is supporting your enemy. Thankfully we have alternatives for almost everything. >my fascist state would work like this The struggle against ZOG does not work that way. It works the other way. You do not make it easy for your enemy to win. >socialism What is wrong with that? It is the superior model of long term development.
>>4318 >Enforcement branch is just that, enforcement. I can't believe people in CY + 5 still equate fascism with authoritarianism. They are not equal at all, one is a subset of the other. Communism and fascism are very very different, but both are authoritarian. If you don't think so, you probably aren't actually a fascist. Let's get some definitions: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism >Fascism (/ ˈ f æ ʃ ɪ z əm /) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Definitions_of_fascism >A significant number of scholars agree that a "fascist regime" is foremost an authoritarian form of government, although not all authoritarian regimes are fascist. Authoritarianism is thus a defining characteristic, but most scholars will say that more distinguishing traits are needed to make an authoritarian regime fascist.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] Benito Mussolini >"We are free to believe that this is the century of authority, a century tending to the 'right', a Fascist century." Basically, you're more of a faggot than the retard up there taking about gay sex. >>4318 >Passively using software and services that gives jews money is supporting your enemy. Thankfully we have alternatives for almost everything. This statement is irrelevant, but true. Many of the alternatives as we know them today would be considered subversive to authority and banned under fascism, the only options allowed would be state-controlled options which are going to be bugged to aid the authorityas a precaution. >>my fascist state would work like this Stop strawmanning and read my post. I am not RPing about "my" anything. I am describing what any and every functioning fascist state inherently does. Fascism is by definition authoritarian and an authoritarian state doesn't voluntarily allow citizens to be able to fuck over the police. That's a fundamental aspect of fascism. If you are trying to do such a thing, you are an enemy of the state. >>socialism >What is wrong with that? It is the superior model of long term development. Yes. However, fascism is generally defined as being both anti-communist and anti-socialist, with a common bias towards capitalism. Again, I'm not talking about my opinion or preference. I'm talking about defining features of fascism.
Open file (95.40 KB 563x750 lolwut.jpg)
>>4298 >The Distro is maintained better than Debian is. It's literally based on Debian. They're downstream of Debian. What on earth makes you claim it's better maintained than possibly the most well maintained distro in human history.
>>4320 >with a common bias towards capitalism. I thought that fascism had no fixed economic policy? that economic policies depend on the circumstances a nation faces. Am i retarded? >Basically, you're more of a faggot than the retard up there taking about gay sex. There is nothing gay about being male hooker, like bro don't tell me you nevah sucked a dick or two before >>4302 >spoiler lmao, fag kys. Angel dust looks at you directly, you see the story in his eyes, you wonder what were the circumstances that could have brought such a boy to his ruin. Angel feeling odd from your stare and not wanting you to delay further hastily begins caressing your body with his womanly fingers, pressing and playfully scratching your body. Without a warning he passionately starts kissing and biting your lips. Though you were supposed to be the top, you can't help but surrender to this beautiful incubus. Excited by such intimacy your manhood starts throbbing and growing in size. Your pants barely able to hold the beast trapped inside is torn into shreds slapping the face of that poor devil, now revealing your magnificent obelisk. it's rather small and pink head is compensated by a large White veiny base, you try to apologize but you notice that he did not heed your words. His eyes widened, his breath no longer synchronized he bites his lips in extreme arousal, slowly he grabs you by your face bringing the both of you closer to each other, whispering in his beautiful italian accent "Fuck me hard daddy, fuck me real hard". Part 2 soon
>>4313 This, honestly. I'd ban half this stuff if I was running an authoritarian state. I oppose censorship and control over things right now because they would undoubtedly end up in the claws of the Jews. So many people reveal their crypto-libertarian side as soon as this stuff is said. Does anyone honestly think that the Third Reich would allow things like Tor? Or uncontrolled Internet access?
Open file (406.21 KB 2193x2617 AWW SHIT NIGGA.jpg)
>>4324 We don't live in the Third Reich. We live in a time where people are arrested for wrongthink. The system is completely against you, why not take precautions against its intrusions? That goes for everyone here. Western governments are filthy, ran by jews, traitors, niggers, etc. Protect yourself.
>>4370 I completely agree with you. These tools are necessary to use against ZOG. If we did not have them they would be able to track us down and shut us down much easier.
>>4370 You are missing the entire point, again. Anons are talking about the future, not the present.
Open file (131.42 KB 826x1157 1577243370798.jpg)
>>4324 It does not matter if they would allow it or not. Can you stop it and if you can not what do you do about it? >>4321 It does not have systemd. That is how it was last time I installed it somewhere. It is to be an alternative for people in case Devuan dies. >>4375 >talking about the future I am talking about the present, because in the present every so called fascist is getting fucked because they are boomers with computers. I care about people now and whether or not people now can be successful. https://rosecityantifa.org/articles/evan-mccarty/ People who want to think about things the way they should be if they were the man in charge are no different than conservatives or utopian communists. They are people in the way.
>>4276 >no mention of QubesOS Come on, where's QubesOS on your list? It's by far the best Linux distro for security which you don't have to piss around with for hours to get working. >"b-b-but I don't like the OS' which come with it" So install others. >"b-b-but dom0 and systemd" Dom0 can't even connect to the internet. >"b-b-but it requires modern hardware and that has IME/PSP" So run MEcleaner and install Coreboot or buy a computer with it already disabled/neutered. >"b-b-but there's still some blobs left" Then don't use a computer or you can TRY your luck with an ARM CPU which doesn't have the ARM equivalent (sorry, I've forgotten the name of it). Also, you say nothing about phones. I'm a mobile telcom engineer in the UK (you 5G nutters are stupid, and for the paranoid a layer of aluminium foil will block it) and can have access to everything you do on your phone. If you have a sim card in your phone I, or anyone who is into cell tower manipulation can completely take over your phone. And before you say "airplane mode will save me", that does NOT disable the modem and your sim card will still communicate with cell towers. The issue with phones is that the sim card is THE most trusted piece of hardware in that device as soon as you put it in there, and all sim cards have backdoors. Your phones are slaves to the cell tower (as the tower is the only "trusted" host). Even if the alphabois don't utilise any of the backdoors in the sim, as long as you're within the radius of at least 2x 2/3/4G towers, we can get your near-exact location (give or take 2m). For 5G, you only need to be connected to just 1 tower as the antenna are directional. If you have the utmost value for your privacy and security, don't have a sim card in your phone. IF, however, you require a sim card, then there are only 2 phones I can actually recommend which are the Pinephone and the Librem 5 since they're the only 2 modern phones I know of which have hardware switches. I own a Pinephone and run PostmarketOS (full encryption) with a sim card inside BUT with the modem disabled, meaning that the sim card is off and not connected. I only enable it if/when I need to.
>>4395 >qubes I forgot about it. In hindsight I should have removed everything but Devuan and AntiX, and incluided Salix. >phones This is written with zoomers and neets with no bux as the target. I assume the people who are not secure already will not go all the way from just reading this. I hope that they can make small efforts over time to improve things. Things likeusing three ciphers and encrypting partitions iinside of encrypted hard drives. >sim There is also telemetry that the camera and microphone can supply. I am hoping that anons who are active both here and in meatspace grouips push people in their grouip to become better at opsec so that we have less of those people getting doxed on antifa blogs and twitter. I did not care about e-celebs who got doxed and harassed, but kids and genuine people makes me angry. And it is easy to not get caught. The linux phones still need work so I am not recommending them to people who will be using Balena Etcher to burn Devuan to usb as their big hacker moment for.
>>4395 >Come on, where's QubesOS on your list? >I own a Pinephone and run PostmarketOS Respect. t. post No.4281
>>4394 >It does not matter if they would allow it or not. Can you stop it and if you can not what do you do about it? It does matter. You can't stop it unless you personally are powerful enough to get three letter agencies to turn a blind eye (hahaha no) or you move to another country (doesn't solve the problem). Fascism is extremely effective at destroying enemies of the state, and that isn't limited to jews. It can be you. It will be you if you show people how to hide from the state. >I care about people now and whether or not people now can be successful. That is good but you should also care about tomorrow, because we know people can be successful now and we should make choices that keep it so ourselves and our children are able to be successful. 20 years ago, Microsoft Windows was a good option for privacy and security. If you cared about only the present, that would be one of the best options. Some people who thought about the future predicted potential issues with proprietary software and helped create alternatives and that's why we aren't forced into only Windows or OSX being usable systems now that Microsoft has gone full 1984. >the way they should be if they were the man in charge FOR THE THIRD TIME, NO-ONE IS FANTASIZING ABOUT BEING THE MAN IN CHARGE. NO-ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THEIR UTOPIA. Learn to read you nigger.
Open file (67.35 KB 1200x630 hitlerap370219040.jpg)
>>4396 >phones If an alphabetboi gets your number, you can be sure that it'll be the first thing they use to try to find you. Even if you only used the sim card 1 time to activate an account, a record of the IMEI, IMSI, TMSI, country of registration, phone make+mode, carrier, current cell ID (for the tower) signal strength, estimated location (MCC, MNC, LAC), what kind of data was send (SMS/call), the details of any SMS/call sent/received (all texts and calls are recorded fyi), etc. Your first priority should be to sort out your phone's security. How many people always have a phone on/near them? How many people even turn their phones off at night (modem is in a special "low energy" mode with almost all smartphones)? It doesn't take long at all. >camera and microphone Cell towers can view and record with them without notifying you. Any Qualcomm powered device (there's others too) can do this. >The linux phones still need work Agreed. But for texting/calling, they're still the best you can get. >>4397 Have a Happy Hitler :)
Speaking of phones, some basic info on how imsi catchers work. https://www.eff.org/wp/gotta-catch-em-all-understanding-how-imsi-catchers-exploit-cell-networks https://www.eff.org/pages/cell-site-simulatorsimsi-catchers Of course, they can use the cell networks themselves like anon mentioned, or law enforcement can use gear like Stingrays or similar. https://www.justsecurity.org/7200/military-targeting-based-cellphone-location/
>>4440 Here in the UK, the police will use the "Stingray" type of tools but for someone who's really wanted then the GCHQ (essentially our much stupider version of the NSA) will send a request through to the network operators for access to track X person. Cell tracking, for the most part,7 works for long distances (up to a couple of miles, 5G about 400-900 feet depending on the frequency) and both Bluetooth and WiFi tracking will work for up to 100m (300m if the attacker is using a good antenna, at least that's what I can get). One thing I find to be a really stupid move for our cops (that's saying something) is that they're their comms from regular radio's to what is essentially a 2008 "smart" phone running on the 4G network. When this happens (they are in the process of doing this) then any criminal with enough knowledge (doesn't have to be much, just got to know what to buy and what scripts to run) can drop their devices from the cellular network. And if they're using a regular kind of sim card, well, then you can transmit whatever you want through one of their devices to the whole network. By the Gods, I love what we can do with wireless technologies.
>Authoritarian dharmaniggers crying about censorship never change /fascist/, never change.
>>4529 Only crypto-lolberts are crying over censorship. To escape the Jewish panopticon is important, but to pretend that we would let our enemies run rampant under a fascist state is pretty funny. They will be crushed under our boots
>>4530 >To escape the Jewish panopticon is important, but to pretend that we would let our enemies run rampant under a fascist state is pretty funny. censorship is only bad if it affects me1!1!1!1 >They will be crushed under our boots "let us become the ones we hate the most" the post
Open file (36.00 KB 647x659 YES CHAD.jpg)
>>4533 >censorship is only bad if it affects me1!1!1!1 Yes.
>>4375 I'm here because I don't want to be ethnically replaced, not for the form of government. If we can secure our existence and have individual liberty, great. If not, then whatever it fucking takes. You sound more scared of hypothetical future government than being genocided. You fucking cuck bitch.
Open file (44.20 KB 1200x800 natcap.png)
>>4533 There is no libertarianism in future brown world. The kikes and crapskins will destroy individual liberty. They will bring down a bigger boot than you could imagine, and your descendants will become brown idiots, forever. You know this. Meanwhile you could own submachine gunes in WWII Germany.
Open file (75.59 KB 444x448 ClipboardImage.png)
Daily reminder to lolberts that in a world of competing nation-states and racial groups, the ones that are more organized, coordinated (authoritarian) and less selfish among their in-group have a competitive advantage over other groups. Individualist subhumans literally want to undermine the White survival advantage in the struggle for existence.
Apparently invidio.us is shutting down in September. Do you guys know any other good jewtube alternatives? Hooktube simply doesn't work half of the time.
>>4564 >You sound more scared of hypothetical future government than being genocided No, I believe that's a false dilemma. >>4530 The main issue is that humans are retarded and you don't choose your leader in a dictatorship whether by coup or assassination or corruption or manipulation or losing the revolution to a rival. Now in the not-unlikely scenario that an incompetent all-powerful leader shows up (like stalin for the commies) then suddenly censorship is bad again but there is no liberty and your basically left hoping you can revolt before the government straght up kill you without trial or warning. There is no second chance like in inefficient democracy which is too diverse to band together and kill all opposition. And opposition is not just racial enemies. It's anyone who isnt an NPC servant to the dictator.
>>4610 Invidious is open source, so there's multiple instances of it ran by different people. https://github.com/iv-org/invidious/wiki/Invidious-Instances
>>4665 >preaching negative liberty where the state is always a big bad who takes your "freedom" >shilling for democracy over dictatorship At least understand the fascist concept of the state before posting.
Open file (20.57 KB 629x396 1596739769576.jpg)
Open file (132.42 KB 1280x720 1596739657051.jpg)
Open file (20.18 KB 515x485 1596739788971.jpg)
>>4534 >>4564 >>4565 >>4567 >>4671 imagine not understanding basic economics
>>4825 Fuck off.
>>4825 >Austrian snekonomics Hitler was an Austrian and his economics worked fine.
>>4825 You are a liberal.
>>4825 >thinking jewish capitalism can ever be national good goy
>>4825 What's your plan to stop our ethnic replacement? The philosophy of liberty is an invention of European man. Whereas mongrels hate economic freedom and liberty. Our devolution into a rootless mixed latino race will not be the economic utopia you have in mind. Things are only going to get worse.
Open file (594.39 KB 600x827 1481345781461.png)
>>4475 I forgot to talk about stingrays, Reason more for pgp and tor. The inclusion of hardware switches to kill modem and microphone are the best reasons to use a Piinephone and Librem now better than other phones. >4399 >FOR THE THIRD TIME, NO-ONE IS FANTASIZING ABOUT BEING THE MAN IN CHARGE. NO-ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THEIR UTOPIA. Then what is >>4281 and >>4320 >almost none of this software would be maintained and available to you under a fascist regime you short-sighted cuck. >I am describing what any and every functioning fascist state inherently does. >Fascism is by definition authoritarian and an authoritarian state doesn't voluntarily allow citizens to be able to fuck over the police. That's a fundamental aspect of fascism. If you are trying to do such a thing, you are an enemy of the state. The poiint of this thread is to address the people who come here and share things to telegram and facebook. The men antifa catch are all from Telegram and Facebook that read reposts from here and /pol/. It is not for fantasy situations about security and state iintriigues agaiinst citiizens but for people who are engage in real things. If you want to crush enemies of state that are not good with computers. You can join antifa and ZOG as they will appreciate your assistance. >>4395 >Then don't use a computer or you can TRY your luck with an ARM CPU which doesn't have the ARM equivalent (sorry, I've forgotten the name of it). There is ARM offering for functional computers, and some are convergent phone conversiions, but they all require more technical knowledge than laymen and initiates possess. Some Galaxy and Pixel models are very good for this. Then there are SBCs that try to be compliant like the Pine coimpany make. However, they are all too much for starters. SPARC workstations, IBM powerstations, and Raptor Talos also provide alternative from Intel-Aviv. One can buy a SPARC or PPC rack and use that if workstation is not enough. >>4401 >phone security Signal for comms with comrades you know or already know your number. LineageOS if you can, GrapheneOS is better, the liinux things are not ready but experiment if you like. More iissues with phone security is that all options for more secure phones, the phones with no telemetry, are special phone deviices and people who do not have this device are likely not to get one. https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/ https://grapheneos.org/faq#supported-devices
>>4842 >Then what is >>4281 and >>4320 Are you sure you linked the right posts? Neither of those discuss a personal opinion on what state should do. The second post explains explicitly they are talking about inherent (not subjective, inherent) features of a fascist government. This is /fascist/, a board focused on discussing fascism. >If you want to crush enemies of state that are not good with computers The entire purpose of those quotes is to warn that implementing conventional fascism will crush enemies of state that are not good with computers, as well as those who are good with computers. Enemies of the state include those who want to discuss and improve it (this whole board. It won't be perfect first time and unless youre a cuck youll want to improve it.) I'm explaining to you that unless you are a larper, you are promoting a future where you (someone teaching people how to protect themselves) are an enemy of the state. Its almost as dumb as fighting for the ZOG. This isnt theory. It happened in my homeland more than once. It happens when they purge the commies and the jews and other state enemies, it's just talked about less because people care about the commies and jews more.
>>4844 So we don't promote a future where we're an enemy of the state. But instead we allow a future where our race is genocided and replaced with mongrels. You have no solutions.
>>4841 Your mistake is that >>4825 likely doesn't care about ethnic replacement, because he's still at the babby-politics stage when you just want your utilities to work and the state to leave you alone. What you need to explain instead is this : There is a reason why the great economic system(s) created in the west during the industrial revolution did not appear earlier, and largely never took off outside of areas under direct european rule, with a few exceptions (let's say Singapore and Japan). Now why is that ? The enlightenment man will tell you that it's because of our refining the thought of Plato and Aristotle into that of Smith, Locke and Descartes, but will fail to mention any reason why said refinement didn't occur earlier, or since. The marxist will tell you that it's because you have to accumulate a large surplus capital to kickstart capitalism, but that's obviously not enough, since there were immensely rich men in the past, to degrees that boggle the mind, like Crassus or Mansa Musa, and even classes of rich men, like the great arabic traders. Obviously, the determining factor was not capital, whether it be monetary or intellectual, as those can be earned : it was blood, or more scientifically speaking, intellectual ability. You can argue whether europeans got their edge from the rough conditions in the Ice Age or from the punisehment systems of the tenth to seventeenth centuries, or a mixture of both, but the fact remains. Now, when people say that getting an industrial society is a matter of intellectual ability, they tend to think it means that you need a few geniuses to think it up, and you're good. That's wrong, as there were plenty of geniuses in the past : what was actually lacking was non-retarded average joes. You see, industrial society fails when the masses that constitute it are unable to function in it, and as incredible as it seems to middle class kids of mid to high intelligence, people with an IQ of 85 cannot, by and large, function in a complex society : they are what Aristotle called natural slaves, as they are unsuited to any other condition : they must be managed, or left to idle in an environment both lenient enough to support them and resilient enough to shoulder the degradation their retardation inevitably brings. And THAT is why ethnic replacement is a problem, lolbert-kun : because if you want to admit subhumans in your society, you have only two models to follow : you can either slide into barbarism, or try a caste system with slaves and managers where you will be endlessly resented and outbred by slaves who hate you, and will eventually drag you or your descendants into option 1.
>>4907 Well said. It takes a certain critical mass of 120 and above IQ men to fill the professions and sustain infrastructure. Think engineers, scientists, doctors, mathematicians. Once you get above that threshold, there is a combinatorial explosion of wealth. Once you fall below it, you get the black holes of Africa and South America. Forever.
>>4910 > Forever. You know, I'm essentially devoid of anything that could be called faith, but there's one thing that fills me with awe : the fact that some packs of sub-80 IQ apes once managed to refine themselves into the best humanity has today. Just watching the crab baskets that are the current-day sub-100 communities, I can't for the life of me figure out how they did it, but it gives me hope : when I hear some fags talk about leaving ship to another country because they think nothing can be done to stem the brown tide, the thought of our visionnary ancestors who dragged retards kicking and screaming into the light is what gives me strength.
>>4944 They probably did it by being put under extreme evolutionary pressures that weeded out the bottom of the barrel, and were given a chance to diverge through large distance between them and other population centers. To re-evolve a people comparable to European stock you'd have to somehow recreate that scenario, probably after some cataclysmic event and separated by tens or hundres of thousands of years.
>>4849 >You have no solutions. Lolberts will never have any solutions. All they think of is money, economics and capitalism. That's all they care about. They're operating on an essentially Jewish paradigm and are little more than stooges for the Jews. We already know that all of their intellectuals are Jews, and that capitalism is a driving force in globalization, mass migration and open borders. They're subhumans. I can only imagine how loud these retards would be crying about "MUH SOCIALISM" back in the day when Hitler came to power and brought millions back to work in an economic miracle, and organized the system in such a way that the less well-off were assisted and given means to get themselves back on their feet. https://www.bitchute.com/video/fB022QUjFuqg/
>>4277 >>4276 I can't get whonix to run on vm. I keep getting Error In supR3HardNtChilld everytime I run VirtualBox
>>4277 >vpn
>>4825 The Ancap posters got booted out of 4cuck by Boomersand redditors and now they're here. Shame. This used to be a nice place.
>>4984 They crawl in here from 8moe’s /liberty/ from time to time. I think they’re masochistic honestly
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