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Open file (62.96 KB 381x399 ClipboardImage.png)
QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads Anonymous Board owner 04/06/2020 (Mon) 15:03:45 No.3
Self-explanatory. If you have a one-liner question won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, post it here.
Are threads from the Julay iteration archived? Specifically looking for the old literature thread.
>>26 Yes, many threads of the threads have been archived. I put the archive for the literature thread at the bottom of this post. It’s not entirely out of the question though that we’re gonna get all of our content saved. It seems like this will possibly become our primary bunker again, as we now have a place here with /liberty/ and /monarchy/ — http://hoppe-sama.xyz/fascist/index.html It’s a bit barebones for my liking right now, especially on the moderation side, but hopefjllh Robi will be able to port everything from Julay right onto there. We’ll see. http://archive.fo/m9CP1
How relaxed is /fascist/? Because anon.cafe is for relaxed boards, so we gotta make sure you're relaxed enough to be here.
>>29 Fairly relaxed. We’re a lot slower than /pol/ and have a higher effort post to shitpost ratio than a lot of boards. We have the occasional shitflinging trash-fire thread but that happens to everyone. There won’t be any problems.
Edited last time by FashBO on 05/01/2020 (Fri) 14:07:35.
>>30 >>29 Hope there's a reason for multiple people to have the same name, or if you're samefagging.
>>31 Well that answers that.
>>31 >>32 Embarrassing.
Anybody ever addressed this?
>>145 I think it could be argued that with what the Founding Fathers wrote up they sowed the seeds for all of the degeneracy that followed and was justified through their ideas. Being a "white nationalist" doesn't cut it when you one is still deluded on liberal lies like "all men are created equal" and that democracy is any form of desirable government. The key flaw, of course, is that one phrase "all men are created equal". Just as the spiritual equality of Cucktianity lead to the egalitarianism of today, so does the mere positing of different people being exactly equal by virtue of their creation pave the way for all sorts of people to claim that they deserve just as much as the white people who built the United States. There's no doubt that they would be appalled by the freak-show that we live in today, but they're really the spiritual successors of almost every problem in America today. A system founded on such a nebulous idea of freedom has its logical conclusion in anarchy and degeneracy.
>>145 It would be very difficult to address any of it from any perspective because of how it's formatted and how it is clearly a dialogue happening in real time about several distinct topics at once and not a deliberate presentation of a specific idea or thesis. There are things all parties say that are true and there are things that all parties say that aren't and there are allot of things all parties say that are partially-to-mostly true and presented in awkward ways that make their applications less than ideal. Truth is difficult, the best anyone can really hope for is being the least wrong. >>147 I think that's an incredibly uncharitable way to look at it. The founding fathers lived in their particular time in history, had access to their particular sets of data and were educated to understand the world through a particular heuristic. We simply live in a different context now and it's grossly unfair to judge them by the standards of our context rather than the standards of theirs. Equality in all of it's forms (political, spiritual, biological, economic, etc) had a different meaning to them than it does to us because we are living in the light of the "free" society they created rather than looking forward to what it could be - as only they could. The 18th century in general is such a peculiar time in human history and there's a reason it sort of ends up in the minds of most people as a kind of year zero for all of both human progress and regress alike. It sets the a-priori base assumptions that we make when it comes to how we evaluate civilizational success and failure. Even those who claim to stand in opposition to the ideals that were championed in that day can't help but evaluate it on the terms it defines. Nobody looks at the 18th century and evaluates it through a medieval world-view or antiquitous world-view, we are, for good or ill, the grand-children of the 18th century and have inherited it's peculiarities. My 15 minutes of imageboard fame came when I was trying to synthesize American patriotic sentiment with more overtly Fascistic elements in what I called the New Federalist Party (if anyone here remembers that, it's been like 5 years) because in reading primary source documents on what the founders actually believed and thought and wanted to try and accomplish with the American experiment I saw a very real overlap in how they saw the world and how the 20th century far right saw the world. The truth is the founders, like all people, were inconsistent in their beliefs and different topics especially when you compare one individual with another. James Madison discussed obliquely the idea of establishing a Christian secret police to protect public morals and public worship against the deistic and sometimes atheistic tendencies of his co-founders. And while a lot of those with a fascistic streak in their politics would gawk at the notion as Madison would have implemented it the method and the sentiment to protect public morals and crack down on degenerate belief systems is one they can whole-heatedly support. I bring that up to illustrate a point, we have a particular charicature of the founding fathers based on the way their legacy has been passed down to and received by us, this perception of them that we have is a general amalgamation of different and competing ideas and beliefs that they had, sometimes in common, sometimes in opposition, with one another but there can and does exist an alternate amalgamation made up of the ideas that did not win-out culturally or historically and if we view the founders of light of that alternate amalgamation they are often more hardcore in their beliefs than any of us anons are. Ben Franklin, after all, is the one who wrote that only white peoples should be allowed to populate north america and that the french didn't count as white. Anon's can't decide whether or not we accept greeks or italians but Benny Franks cuts a level deeper and throws France out of the club.
>>147 >Sowed the seeds I think that's a fair assessment, and never thought otherwise but they aren't responible for intentional misuse and intentional misinterpretation of their ideas, that blame lies with the corrupters, Traitors and jews both. >Deluded on liberal lies Do have to say that to me, at least, it's clear that few of them believed that creed of "All Men created equal" and it was more of a propagandistic lie to get funding from sources other than The bank of England or other central banks as their own currencies were invalidated and a new one couldn't be created until they were freed of English control, and they did hate Democracy, that much is clear from the structure and actions of the early US, that poison came from elsewhere, i think, though they didn't create a sufficient defense of what they created which left us vulnerable. >founded on freedom I disagree, that that was their idea, or even their intent, I suspect that is a corruption by others of what they had in mind. I think they wanted by protecting our freedoms, to foster the creation of a people who, by nature of having their rulers involved in their lives as little as possible, would become very closely tied together and very self sufficient, yet generous with each other, and it is obvious they intended to base this on the common blood all Europeans share, it worked and did that, then we forgot to defend it, and let it be corrupted. That aside, I meant specifically the claims about Freemasonry and the actions of Hitler described therein, I know that reflecting the american spirit in some sort of NatSoc/Fascist movement is a difficult task but I have made it my mission to do so, and am just looking for the Truth on this.
>>148 >The founding fathers lived in their particular time in history, had access to their particular sets of data and were educated to understand the world through a particular heuristic. We simply live in a different context now and it's grossly unfair to judge them by the standards of our context rather than the standards of theirs Of course. They undeniably had no way of knowing how their ideas would be twisted over the course of time, that's true, and it is definitely possible that their conceptions of certain words such as "equality" may have changed, but the fact is that much of what they created was the beginning of the problems today in embryo, I certainly don't believe that they were kikes rubbing their hands together or anything, though the Freemason association does make me a bit suspicious of them, I'm not going to lie. >because in reading primary source documents on what the founders actually believed and thought and wanted to try and accomplish with the American experiment I saw a very real overlap in how they saw the world and how the 20th century far right saw the world. Okay, I'm slightly interested. What would you recommend that I read?
>>149 I realize now I probably should have asked directly about the freemasonry in my first post\ >>150 The Federalist Papers, the original ones are a good start, Most of the founders stuff is available freely on the internet not yet being Banned documents to twist our history, so you could probably start anywhere just looking at the Big Six, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin, and the other Adams, I think.
>>151 >The Federalist Papers, the original ones are a good start Thank you.
>>152 Oh and the instead of the second Adams the last of the big six is Paine, don't know why I blanked on that.
Is ALL modern art degenerate? I understand why most of it is hated by our movement, but I don't think it's all bad. The art of Mario Radice (first picture) decorated the Casa del Fascio in Como, Italy, and the Italian Futurist art movement (second picture) was very tied to Fascism. I actually think this connection is a good example of why Fascism is "third position", because it glorifies the past AND embraces the future.
>>187 Most modern art is degenerate. That first piece I would say is utterly devoid of artistic value. I could probably make something like that in Photoshop if I wanted to if I spent the time manipulating some geometric shapes for a little bit and it would probably be on par in quality or artistic talent. With futurism, it might not necessarily be my cup of tea, but I at least see that the works are works of some degree of talent and creativity. And even then it would depend on what exactly this art is depicting.
>>187 Not all but a lot. It goes to what the artist's purpose is in creating the art. If I saw your first example on a fixture or piece of furniture as a decoration or ornamentation or even as the part of a pattern on a shirt I wouldn't have any kind of issue with it. If it were being presented or appraised as high art then I would think of it as degenerate. There's a kind of scale at work where art rates a certain amount of merit and as long as it it utilized to the purpose it rates then it's fine but when you try to place it above it's station or even place great art below it's station then it's immediately clear that that's inappropriate. It is not degenerate for children to make childish art It is not degenerate for the untrained or untalented to make mediocre art It is degenerate for great artists to make childish and mediocre art purposefully to subvert great art.
This art talk reminds me of something fun from Table Talk when Hitler was talking about how the Jews in control of the papers, with the help of art-critics, stir up buzz about degenerate modern art, making the people think that this shit is the height of all art. Jews bid against each other, driving up the prices. They fraudulently sell this garbage, depreciating the works of true value, buying them all up through this scheme. Hitler claims that after they began seizing Jewish property that they came across countless Jews hording valuable pieces, the prices of which had been depreciated. Think about how they to this day run stories about all of the very valuable art eeevil Hitler took from Jews.
>>187 Yeah, your art needs more... ummm... Movement F A S C H I S M is revolutionary, not conservative; it seeks rebirth, not conservation of the rotten status quo; it is youthful, not old; energetic, not frozen in space-time; it is a revolt, not an adherence to the rules of man. While conservatives live in the static foundations laid by their ancestors, and liberals try to destroy it we will built upon the work on top of it and go up and trough the stars until we find the most spectacular death.
>>205 This may be a dumb question, but why do some shit on post-modernism and dada but appreciate futurism at the same time?
>>206 Post-modernism can be described as « For the sake of it », it deconstructs and profanes everything not even for shits and giggles. Dada is a vanguard similar in some aspects since F U T U R I S M O took some aspects from it, but it was ultimately mental masturbation, it was just nothing, absurd for the sake of absurd F U T U R I S M O was about speed, hyper-violence, the future, machines and bombing museums because they are the embodiment of « Shut the Fuck Up, Boomer », even before boomers became a thing. F U T U R I S M O was about dreaming about the possibilities new technology (like airplanes, they loved airplanes) and new ideas (like F A S C I S M O ) Now, which one is Dada, which one is Cubism and which one is F U T U R I S M O
Open file (316.37 KB 760x1080 Roma.jpg)
Open file (52.54 KB 547x800 Zang Tumb Tumb.jpg)
>>209 Yes I do agree that Dada doesn't really create anything new, it just tergivises something that already exists, which is why some do despise it looking back to it. It kind of kickstarted the "subversive" idea of art, not in the sense of challenging expectations of the viewer, but in challenging the standards of him, for another lack of words. Which is why a lot of it looks ugly. Though now that you mentioned Cubism I would like it if you explained your thoughts more of it, I haven't seen much heads or tails of it
>>209 >Post-modernism can be described as « For the sake of it », it deconstructs and profanes everything not even for shits and giggles. Not entirely true, what you think of is Destruktivism, later renamed as Deconstructivism. It's part of Post-Modernism but that's an umbrella term, many aspects of it do result in a mangled product but with intention which might be making the spectator see the true nature or irony of a product/art or think about it differently, so it simply and completely forced the spectator to think and not just go for a "i like it" fluoride approval, problem is people didn't even think about it and just went on with it being pure art. Futurismo is not about bombing and denigrating the past, it was more about "OK Boomer" rather than "The Future is Now, Old Man" if you want me to go down on being a meme-spouting fuck. It gloated on the future possibilities and technology like you very well said there, but it didn't want to destroy the past, if anything they wanted the betterment of it. What you probably look for is Stridentism, which is a late off-shot that wanted something of a brand new order with cool shit over the old lame ones. It is of no wonder nobody really gave it a go because it was founded by edgy college dropouts on drugs or alcohol (that last part is crucial)
>>227 Maybe that is what futurism became once it materialized into the real world, but in the fire of its conception it really was the personification of « Shut the Fuck up, Boomer », you can see the tenth point in their manifiesto, if I remember correctly it was because they see it as worshiping the past, not because they wanted to destroy it, but because they wanted to move forward, it was less of a target and more of colateral damage; their airplanes were pointing in the oposite direction, but their engine's exhaust burned everything being them Yes, I know they had no jet engines back then, but the analogy was just too good. Still, I am glad Futurism later respected the past, but I also find the insolent « The Future is Now, Old Man » attitude quite amusing. >>224 I am not an expert o art, all I know is that the multi-dimensional and multi-perspective technique of cubism was very popular in F U T U R I S M O since they were interested in speed, which is movement and time. I donot hold any particular opinions on it aside from a vapid « Hey, that's cool », but I do hold some grudges against some specific artists. Frankly, my problem with most modern art is not that « It looks weird » but the message behind it and how lazy most of it is.
Open file (1.43 MB 540x360 Nachos.mp4)
>>251 >but in the fire of its conception it really was the personification of « Shut the Fuck up, Boomer » Well that makes more sense, i agree, futuristas were pretty emphatic on paper but on execution they were more respectful. >not because they wanted to destroy it, but because they wanted to move forward That's it, that's the spot. Yeah they were still some insolence out there, Stridentism had some of their actual, serious points read something that almost always, invariably, remind me of webm related (which is also a good example of deranged dadaism, although made for amusement rather than message)
Open file (152.41 KB 662x732 Futurist Manifiesto.png)
>>253 I actually forgot to add the image of the point about museums, must I might as well post all articles. I suppose that the reason they mellowed down is that they found an opportunity in Fascism and at that time only that portion of Art.10 and some aspects of Art.8 were antagonistic to Fascism, but recognized it as the most violent, vanguardist, and fasted movement of all time. But article 11 may go against the ideas of modern Fascists, but ecology is a very modern concept, not like futurists would have cared. Art.8 is quite romantic, it would make an interesting collage or typographic piece Now, What's /fascist/ stand on getting vertical, being radical, chilling-out, and « Cool CDs »?
Does anyone here know the name of the speaker, or name of video, or have the video about how the greatest generation was the worst? I don't think it was a william pierce video, but it may have been. i remember the mouth was edited to look like he was speaking in a strange way. It was a good video focusing on how the greatest generation were either worshiping authority of military, or worshiped professors, but completely lacked moral courage. I've been looking for hours and i can't find it anywhere. I likely have it saved somewhere but the filename is likely gibberish.
>>448 Found it. its a 50mb file so i cant post it easily. I think i originally got it from endchan/pol/ but it was called Bob Whitaker "The Weakest Generation" if anyone is curious. I don't like how the video was edited, but its a great speech that really hits the nail on the head describing "the greatest generation" and explaining why they are the way they are.
What kikery is this? Neinchan down for anybody else? vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/catalog.html
>>524 Same here. Happened the same last week when it stayed down for 24 hours, but admin said it was not due to attacks.
>>524 Down for me again too
How is everyone enjoying the chimpout?
Open file (3.27 MB 1440x1793 jew in the flames.png)
>>533 Loving it, honestly. Some people are saying that this is the start of race war but to me it's only another step towards race war. Sadly though many people are probably being pulled into the false dichotomy of rioters versus ZOGbots. Hopefully many people will get redpilled on joggers though
>>534 The shills really hate it when you mention that both the zogbot and the nignog worked at the same nightclub, and that nightclub was in the same building as a mason lodge.
>>534 With them doubling down like this more Americans will be redpilled this year than the last 4. True reactionary politics is going to become very popular in the next decade.
>>535 >that nightclub was in the same building as a mason lodge. Was it really? I will have to look that up. because that would be far too suspicious. I thought that them working together in the first place was a bit weird but a Masonic lodge would basically confirm that this was started on a false flag >>536 I agree, we're going to see a mass-redpilling from this. The riots in 2014 in Ferguson really redpilled me on many things personally, and I'm sure that this, being much bigger, will do the same to many. >True reactionary politics is going to become very popular in the next decade. This decade is going to be wild, I feel. The 2020s is when the demographic reality is finally beginning to be felt. Brazilification is full swing.
Is there such thing as a fascist that isn't also a purity spiraller?
>>543 Define purity spiraler
>>539 The problem is that all you "red pilled" people aren't actually causing any problems. If you sit at home posting on an image board you're not any sort of disruption or threat. These niggers constantly cause problems and demand "solutions" to the problems they cause, which in turn gets them more gibs me dats. If fascists had been serious about a take over of any western country then corona would of been the time to go full retard and have a fire sale. All the politicians you hate are going to be home, all their families are going to be at home. What better chance to RWDS's have of cleaning them all out? It was a once in a life time chance and no one took it, not a single person. Lets play your game for a minute though. You said there will be a big reactionary increase due to this. Assuming that's whites and maybe some roof top koreans you're still being out bred by the chimps doing this. If anything this is going to get more chimpettes and nigs together to have even more babies (nigs will fuck anything that moves remember). So even if you have a big reactionary shift (9/11 style shift against muslims) it only lasts a decade at most because the demographics are still against you. You're still out numbered and going to lose in any democratic situation. The message you should be taking from this is that mass violence gets results in the system. Jerking off to anime doesn't get you anything. I'm not even encouraging people to do that sort of thing. I'm pointing out it doesn't matter how many you red pill if none of them are willing to take action while a million chimps (and fertile white women, lets not forget) are willing to take action for the nigger population. You lose because you never play and they always play to win even over the smallest possible situation. These people are violent, semi organized and been raised all their lives to think whitey hates them and puts a bullet in the back of their heads every chance he gets. What do you think that's going to look like when it gains power? South Africa will look like Disney land.
>>546 Whites are too cucked and deracinated to do anything, period, and will remain so as long as those in power are able to provide us with bread and circuses. Lemmings don’t see race as important or worth risking their hide over. This is exactly why acceleration is the only viable solution in the current year. These conditions need brought about intentionally for white lemmings to wake up and this can only be brought about by taking ZOG’s ability to provide bread and circuses away. Basically America and the West will need to be turned into a shithole far worse than it is now for any whites to get their fat asses off the couch. The Jews have a total grip on the white mind from cradle to grave through MSM, public education, entertainment and laws. Things are very bad, but we’re converging towards a point where the demographic balance in America will hit a critical point and whites will be faced with the fact that they have become a minority. Either then they will begin to wake up, or they will stay docile and cucked. This nigger and communist riot right now is likely redpilling millions on niggers consciously or subconsciously, but as long as the hand that feeds them punishes politically incorrect behavior like this, it is almost hopeless. “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.” – Adolf Hitler
>>524 It's up now
Ignoring how this is obvious fedposting, Niggers are supported by the Deep State and its tentacles (mass media, celebrities, etc.). Niggers do not pose any more of a threat to the system than they did in the 60s. Niggers are PART of the system. Fascists are not supported by the Deep State. Do you really think White Nationalists or whatever wouldn't be drone striked if they tried doing a mass movement against the Deep State with no major support from the elites and their tools? Look up how Shay's Rebellion went. ALL successful revolutions in places that didn't turn into shitholes afterwards depend on one or both of the following: A. Support from within the local elite. B. A foreign land who can provide support.
>>563 Best comment about the chimpouts I Have read so far.
https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/may/30/celebrities-called-out-donating-protester-bail-fun/ https://twitter.com/ReadLinkola/status/1267521110742110208 Do not take fedposters seriously. Star Wars and Harry Potter lied to you. There aren't spontaneous revolutions that happen just from the rulers being meanies. None that are successful. See also the crushing of the Injuns and Celts
>>569 >There aren't spontaneous revolutions that happen just from the rulers being meanies. This is true. Very rarely do things like this happen spontaneously, and this is a good example of an astroturfed event. Some thug with many prior crimes dies, the MSM latches onto the story and stirs up nigger and Antifa anger, and gets them out onto the streets to loot and destroy. There’s always a controlling brain to what would otherwise be an brainless herd.

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