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/fascist/ OC general Blackshirt 07/04/2020 (Sat) 10:31:45 ID: 934ffe No.2800
For OC and /fascist/-related content.
Open file (2.58 MB 3000x3536 Grace x Integralist.png)
Open file (2.75 MB 3000x3536 Grace x Int x.png)
gift from /monarchy/
Open file (79.86 KB 655x655 anti-racist fascist.png)
Open file (204.37 KB 680x566 fascist meme.png)
Open file (87.61 KB 427x448 the nazbol fascist.png)
>>2802 Based /monarchy/, I love that artist.
>>2808 kek, good ones
>>2848 The third one was based off a real poster who got banned, I'm not sure about the first one
Open file (161.63 KB 815x1840 Amerialchemy.jpg)
>>2849 Ah, comrade Pidor Zhidovsky, his contributions won't be forgotten. First one is more like a generic El aberracion or a tranny who wants to larp as a fascist.
Does anyone have the pic of the guy in Waffen SS camo holding a book with an Evola quote next to him? It was a drawing.
>>2807 Lesson three now available.
Here are a few more to fill in the gap's in the other anon's good dump. If you want the diapered Integralists or the especially lewd ones I can't help you here
>>2800 Wtf is this garbage
>>3127 I dislike the 3rd one so much it got remastered as >>2802, lol. it's the doughy face and stupid big breasts that drawfag made I also have the non-/abdl/ lewds w/o edits, but idk >>3130 This OC has been here for years, anon. What rock have you been under?
OP's bumping of this thread a bit ago made me draw pic related. I felt like it had been too long since I'd made anything. Kinda rushed but I am happy. I will likely use it against the occasional whiners that pop up. >>3130 Integralist-chan has been around since at least June 2018, newfag >>3131 I like the remastered version of Grace much more.
>>3320 I was about to criticize it for being too chad-like but I realized that was the point of the meme kek
Open file (185.59 KB 790x659 fascist mutt.png)
>>3593 >>3594 You know, you remind me of AdolfStalin
>>3629 I thought the exact same thing as soon as I saw him make another post just to add a flag. Very weird.
>>3593 Looks like another drawfag has entered the arena.
>>3648 He got permabanned though today. RIP
Open file (2.49 MB 2808x2042 Grace n Integralist.png)
Open file (2.45 MB 2808x2042 Integralist n Aurelia.png)
>>4792 >>4793 I think julayworld also is shut down finally. This commemorates the julay trio that had predominance there.
>>4794 Julay world is still alive just got rebranded and it purged the boards it promised it would. We may be scattered across different boards but as long as our userbase is still active, we'll alwawys be close. t. /liberty/
>>4792 >>4793 Fantastic job!
Open file (271.23 KB 723x725 integralist qtddtot.png)
This is less OC and more of an edit but I'll post it anyway
>>5129 It is a pretty good edit. The moment I saw it, I was impressed.
>>5196 Thank you, anon! It kind of got me in the mood for more OC so I will probably be trying to do something here in the near future.
Open file (2.29 MB 5984x1108 the saints (2).jpg)
In another thread, someone posted a picture of The Saints, but there was no St. Bowers. I took him from another picture and added him. Just a cut/paste.
>>5254 Very nice, it's pretty Whitepilling how over half of them are from the last year or two alone.
Open file (140.84 KB 786x939 Fascist loli.jpg)
>>5254 When we get one more, we'll need 2 rows.
>>5260 Peak /fascist/, no one can deny it >>5261 I might have to try to make a Balliet one tomorrow.
>>2800 i want to make some oc. suggestions?
>>5700 What type of stuff are you able to create?
Open file (981.66 KB 600x600 loading.gif)
>>5706 Haven't done too much but I can make some cringy fashwave and animated gifs.
Open file (820.47 KB 742x742 text.mp4)
>>5746 how does this look?
>>5755 It would look better with a background, a different font, and all the pieces settling into place on the same frame. Also, in photoshop there is an option to stop .gif files from looping - I recommend using it (pirated) to make animated OC unless the video has sound.
Open file (4.28 MB 600x600 fascist.gif)
Open file (3.56 MB 3211x1828 winnin_son.png)
i made a 3d version of her
>>5800 What program did you make that in? it wasn't...HONEY SELECT was it? (^:
>>5800 Top kek, I'd love to see more like this. Nice job >>5802 Seconding this question
Open file (385.70 KB 626x770 the meximutt.png)
>>5800 Get out spicluster.
>>5800 Why is Integralist so thicc?
>>5839 Because it's racemixing propaganda
>>5802 It was koikatsu lole
>>5835 Stop using this picture incorrectly. It was made to make fun of Synarchist anon for bitching about loli-posting. It is implying that it lives rent-free in his head, and he can't stop thinking about Charlie and his 9-year old wife. Unless you're loli-posting it makes little sense to use. >>5839 Her body is preparing itself to bear babies for the Brazilian nation. >>5841 Would it be possible to recreate stuff like the pictures I have attached? I'm not sure how flexible the program is, I am just curious, don't feel compelled to do any of these if you don't want to.
Open file (111.30 KB 600x898 integralist poster.jpg)
I think I will try to make something with this outfit pictured here soon. It is very cute and I think Integralist-chan would look great in it.
>>5766 They still don't settle at quite the same time, and the lower text is off-center.
>>5841 I could tell. I was just joking around. good work, even if it is a little bit lewd. I am certain many of the other anons here would appreciate it if you could make them polina or another White board tan. They'd probably appreciate that. I am kind of disappointed by the fact that the integralist shill nigger has ruined the image of integralist chan and intergralism as a whole on /fascist/. BO, can people still post with the integralist flag without being banned?
>>5846 >BO, can people still post with the integralist flag without being banned? Yeah, they’re good. It’s just happened so far that most regular posters with that flag have been total garbage, but I definitely won’t ban it on sight. I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying Integralist-kun even without him using a flag – which is probably why he seems to have disappeared now. I don’t think Integralist-chan’s image has been damaged by the shill though. She’s always had a hard time, but I find it funny at this point.
>>5842 its veeeerrrry flexible. the image i posted didn't use any photoshop. other than to fix some clipping.
I plan to make these 3, aswell as White board tan.
wait this board is pro-pedo? and besides Brazil is a non-White country. unless this board supports nationalism of any kind whichinthwt case you guys can't be with neinchan since they believe in ethnoglobe
>>5874 Sh-she’s a growing girl..
>>5865 Nobody's promoting pedophilia. Some folks have taken the loli pill though.
>>5939 Do you think Grace ever gets sad that she's not as well-endowed?
>>5940 Of course.
>>5939 Their hips are l way, way too wide. Good lord.
>>5950 That's my only criticism as well. It's to an extent that it looks ridiculous
>>5956 >>5950 I'll be sure to edit them to be less big. Thanks for the advice.
Next I will deck out each character with custom outfits aswell as tweak them to perfection. Give me any critiques or suggestions you have.
Open file (88.66 KB 450x509 Grace glare.jpg)
I must have less petite Grace pics! Bigger.
Open file (2.54 MB 3225x3082 Grace repulsed!.png)
>>6015 It is just her dress makes her look petite.
>>6063 Get the fuck out.
Open file (33.97 KB 318x488 Eliminate the gays.jpeg)
>>6063 You are a faggot, fuck off
Open file (795.38 KB 1280x720 faggots btfo.webm)
>>6063 Begone, sodomite
This is what happens when you let trannime faggots co-op your movement
>>6235 All this will end up doing is making you kill yourself.
>>6467 Don't see the lie actually, anime is degenerate I have not met a single anime fan who isn't a faggot.
>>6468 There is no lie, it's just that he has posted this same thing multiple times
Open file (303.45 KB 397x773 20200826184319.png)
i like the board but i had to do it
>>6471 It'd be funnier if the combinations made sense. The last one is funny though
>>6471 >Strasserist tranny How the fuck is that even thing? I mean sure the Strasserists were pretty fucking gay, but how do you even come with the idea to combine Strasserist retarded ideals and tranny sexuality together?
Open file (765.41 KB 1503x1506 diaper tranny nazis.png)
>>6473 The politics is just a fashion statement, they don't really believe it. Pic related
Open file (633.86 KB 1190x437 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6471 >implying it's not actually like this
Open file (11.30 MB 1920x1080 Terry on CIA niggers.mp4)
>>6474 Jesus fucking christ, I hope those faggots shilling homo shit aren't from these type of discords.
>>6479 They definitely are, but i don't remember having so many of them poping up in julay, what's making them so proiminent here on anon.cafe
>>6479 They probably are. >>6480 Now we are the top board here. We're the first thing people see when they come onto this site, and all our posts usually fill the "Latest Posts" box. We're also not that hard to find through a google search. If we look up "fascist literature" we also pop up on Duckduckgo within the first thirty or so results, and I assume that this is the same with many other topics. We're not a huge board, but we do have some reach believe or not, and with that comes accessibility
>>6464 >one faggot is a faggot <all anime is for cucks You can't be serious.
>>6483 >one islamic terrorist kills 60+ people <all muslims are bad You can't be serious. :^)
>>6483 It's not too late turn back before you become a gay pedo tranny
>>6486 How is that a even a comparison?
>>6483 Anime is for cucks though. That might be a picture of a single individual, but there are literally millions of atomized young White men who are carbon copies of that sad individual. The first image that >>6464 posted is a very valid critique. Anime is a product of contact with the West, more specifically the (((United States))) after WWII, the product of a castrated and feminized culture. Certain patterns of behavior are seen again and again in anime fans that are impossible to NOT to notice. If one says that these signs don't say something about anime, you're probably undermining your own criteria for realizing that there is a problem among non-White races and Jews. I will be making an anime thread soon.
>>6475 Idk I think the ethnoglobe is just Karp, but it is still a possibility.
>>6500 larp*
>>6493 >problem among non-White races and Jews. How is anime related to them?
>>6500 >>6501 Ethnoglobe seems far-fetched, but it is founded on sound principles that seemingly necessitate depopulation of White countries. It should not be seen as a primary goal – that is of course the 14 words – but it is a solution to certain issues are faced with. >>6503 That post is saying if one is able to recognize and call out certain behavior trends in Jews and non-Whites due to their frequency, they should be doing the same for otaku degenerates
>>7033 Cope and based are both faggy cuckchan memes that have no business being posted here.
>>6504 The fourteen words themselves are all one needs to justify ethnoglobe, by ensuring the existence of your own you are inherently pushing against the others existence and their very existence threatens yours and the future for White children.
Open file (1.20 MB 1920x1280 credit card.png)
Is it in bad taste to advertise ourselves through simple fashwave type stuff? It's subtle and spreads ideas at the same time. Pic related, I just made this. I might play with alternative designs and color balances later though
>>7348 It very much is. Internal use is fine but external is generally counterproductive. The parent genre is inherently focused on corporatism. The whole blue and purple aesthetic is attached to the vaporwave visual themes and its close relatives, and its inherent values make it too difficult to overwrite that. Secondly, it tend to not be subtle (your one is an exception, it's subtle). Fashwave may sometimes be ambiguous as to which ideology it supports but if you put equally left things in place you would immediately see how untasteful it is to pre-converts.
>>7380 Thanks for the info and critique, anon. It's not my favorite aesthetic either, but unfortunately it is easy to whip up in Gimp or Photoshop. I will have to experiment with making some images that are simultaneously a good way to spread our ideas in a subtle way, and that are more in line with our aesthetic sensibilities here.
Open file (197.30 KB 1040x1400 smugtegralist 1.png)
Nothing special or unique, but I thought I would try to post something. This just came from me experimenting with coloring some stuff in and trying to vectorize it before coloring it in.
>>5874 >>5939 >>5945 >>5970 >>5800 Hey 3D anon, check out the /icup/ thread, maybe you could help us get a model for the cup, see >>8677
>>5874 Stop posting this retarded brown gook tune whore, fucking retarded faggot.
>>8806 “No”
Why doesn't Integralist-chan have a proper name like Grace or Aurelia?
>>8823 I remember that some ideas were thrown back and forth back on 8chan, but nothing really stuck and by that time basically everyone knew her as Integralist-chan
>>8824 Eva, is a suggestion
>>3631 no I'm Adolf Stalin, still here, just use the flag whenever I feel like, and when I don't, I don't.
Open file (1.06 MB 735x497 1597085247740.png)
>>8823 >>8824 >>8847 I suggest Tainara or Tainá (Are national and popular indigenous names with traditional origins), sound more brazilian.
>>8852 Tainara sounds nice, but I would think it should be left up to multiple anons rather than just the two of us.
Open file (2.46 MB 500x500 fashish.gif)
>>5802 another gif for you guys. i don't want to flood the thread with animeshit so please suggest some /fascist/ text animations and image edits.
Open file (2.46 MB 500x500 fashish.gif)
>>9452 didn't mean to reply to that.
Open file (13.51 KB 833x203 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9452 Something is up with your files.
>>5835 >everyone I don't like is synarchist anon Don't worry, I will never leave, unless the place gets boring
Someone from /loomis/ made this. Based
>>9476 Hey, it looks good.
Open file (1.49 MB 2048x3048 loomis fascist 2.png)
Another version. Here's the thread by the way >>>/loomis/876
>>9460 Huhhh? But >>5766 worked. I'll try and fix it.
>>9526 Yeah, it's strange, something must have fucked up.
>>9526 Please work.
Open file (1.14 MB 500x500 nanananananann.gif)
>>9529 Nice, it took a second to get moving smoothly, but it's definitely working on my end now.
>>9530 any suggestions?
>>9535 It might look good if you put a black sun behind the words /fascist/ and have it rise from the bottom of the screen like a sunrise. Not sure of what colors I’d recommend but that’s one idea.
>>9537 I agree about having it rise instead of descend. The sun might be better off stationary with the "fascist" text in another color, though. Or, the text might be stationary with the sun moving, but then we're talking about a different image entirely.
Open file (1.90 MB 700x394 black sun glitch.gif)
>>9545 Yeah, it would be interesting to see a few different variants of the /fascist/ texts and a black sun of some form. All of those sound pretty good, honestly.
>>9497 They make Integralist so busty these days. It is a nice OC, although I'd give her a horse whip like Mussolini. Anchovy from Girls und Panzer has that.
>>9579 I know, her breasts have certainly expanded recently compared to the original, kek. >It is a nice OC, although I'd give her a horse whip like Mussolini. Anchovy from Girls und Panzer has that. Interestingly Hitler was known to do that too.
Open file (462.24 KB 769x904 red edit integralist.png)
>>9581 I'll do a regular-chested one in the near future, after I've finished Grace.
>>9587 Based Artchad. Can't wait to see your rendition of Grace too.
Open file (615.99 KB 1700x2048 u5DJfJxw.jpg large.jpg)
>>9587 I look forward to your gift, artchad. If you do "/monarchy/", also give me on that says "/monarchia/".
>>>/loomis/884 Grace is finished.
Open file (100.96 KB 610x383 fascist a pagan board.png)
Wasn't going for quality on this one.
>>3124 >>3127 >>5800 >>9497 >>9588 glad we have such good artists here. this totally doesn't make us look like a bunch of needle dick losers
Open file (96.89 KB 900x740 reallynow.jpg)
>>10558 >being triggered by a busty mulatto cartoon Do you know where you are?
>>10584 So if fascists aren't racist?
>>10591 Go back to /pol/
>>10591 Being racist and getting bent out of shape over a cartoon are different things. If someone posted a nigger or mulatto human and said, "this represents /fascist/" most anons wouldn't put up with it/it would get banned. Anyway integralist/tainara was designed with this kind of reaction in mind.
>>10591 Newfag detected, I've seen the BO explain this shit a thousand times by now. Whether he is crying or laughing at this point is a mystery >>10594 Based Nagatoro chad
>>10594 So /fascist/ doesn't recognize the jewish problem? Are you supporters of multiculturalism and racemixing? That's kinda disappointing if so.. >>10595 I'm having a hard time believing the words you say, correct me if i'm wrong, so /fascist/ uses shitskin as a mascot in order to filter out racist anons that don't like shitskin mascots? But why? >>10596 Of course as a newfag i don't know your board's lore and history, so why is it so surprising that the first impression i'm getting when i see a shitskin mascot isn't very flattering? The impression that i'm getting is that you are a board of shitskin fascists, i'm not saying that's a bad thing, perhaps its a good thing if shitskins turn to fascism.
>>10604 Most of this can be answered with a single "lurk more, faggot" if you have to ask about if we support multiculturalism and racism. >so /fascist/ uses shitskin as a mascot in order to filter out racist anons that don't like shitskin mascots? But why? It was created back in the 8chan does of this board nearly two years ago from shitposting about the Kuruminha meme that was going on in the meta thread there at the time. I worked up a shitty image of the character, posted it and people started making their own art. It caused some people to sperg, it was funny, and so people posted it more. It's not to filter out "racists" - it's too filter out bottom of the barrel /pol/ types who get triggered by cartoons. /fascist/ was created because 8chan /pol/ was so shitty under ImKampfy, If someone can’t handle some anime image, that’s on them. It’s stupid, ultimately and I don’t attach importance to it. for the discussion and the sharing of information on fascism and the third position wherever it has popped up in the world. It is like what Mosley said in his 100 Questions book on what Fascism is – he said that Fascism is one movement which manifests in different expressions in each nation according to different cultures, conditions and racial characteristics. Being a fascist myself, I want to learn more about fascism and talk more about fascism, therefore /fascist/ exists. /fascist/ exists because I was unable to satisfy this desire on 8/pol/, so I created a board for to attract like-minded people who were willing and able to discuss these kinds of things on a board that wouldn’t just be endless one-liner shitposts, and it has worked for the most part with a few bumps and retards here and there along the way. The board is mainly aimed towards White /pol/ users, and this is reflected in the fact that it’s mostly NatSocs who use this board. In fact, /fascist/ is more NatSoc than ever, and had more Strasserist and NazBol types in the beginning than it does now. Most of them fucked off or were banned at some point. And there is only a handful of non-White posters Another inspiration for this board was Cultured Thug. I love how he reads so many books from different fascist and third position thinkers and makes detailed breakdowns of the works. I tried to create something like this in board form. This is part of the reason why there is discussion of fascist and third position movements from all over here.
>>10604 Race mixing is not strictly incompatible with fascist government, and can be used to unite a people.
Open file (272.95 KB 600x750 zyklon pepe.png)
>>10608 This is why non-NatSocs will forever be cringe
I have updated the evolution of /fascist/ meme. The original 2020 image was made at the high-point of India-posting. We obviously still get that, but the trends of 2020 have become much clearer as of now late in the year.
>>10606 Are you in agreement with this >>10608 ?
>>10612 That's how you destroy peoples, not unite them. If there are multiple races in one state, there's not one people, there're many people. Mixing them together will create a nation of mongrels, bringing down the average level of the people and severing them from their culture, traditions and ancestors. There's a 95% chance that post was made to make the board look bad. There are a hand full of people who false flag and try to stir up shit due to various grudges they hold.
>>10613 Yeah, alright. >There are a hand full of people who false flag and try to stir up shit due to various grudges they hold. Perhaps it would be better to not give them free ammo then, that mascot sends mixed signals.
>>10604 I want /pol/ gone. High strung faggot the lot of you.
>>10618 Solution: more Integralist. Also, BO, you have the patience of a saint, but don’t spoonfeed newfags, if they have to be given as essay first they’re not worth bothering with
>>10618 >>10619 Its really telling that you have a problem with me, but not with >>10608 Don't worry, i'm gone.
>>10622 >can’t even lurk long enough to find out what this board thinks of Jews or basic questions (would take less than ten minutes) >wonders why people are rude with him and ignoring some dumb shitpost probably made to trigger you Pottery
>>10622 >implying one should worry about what a retard tornigger says
>mfw Integralist-chan is getting bullied again
>>10622 Yes because he's not serious (or if he is he's a kike), /pol/ turns everything into the tight assed environment that I left for this board years ago.
Open file (275.91 KB 2048x1170 gytLfhvd.jpg large.jpg)
I think Mexican anon will like this. So I'm posting it here.
>>11078 Grace looks good in almost anything it seems.
Open file (712.07 KB 1112x1246 integralist finger final.png)
>>11631 Your art is getting better, anon.
Open file (305.49 KB 794x847 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (412.41 KB 804x846 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (13.83 KB 241x399 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11634 I tried some new things that worked out good, I think. Usually when I vectorize the drawing in color it fucks with the colors in a way I do not like, but it does not do it, I learned today, when you vectorize it in black-and-White. So once I did that, I experimented a bit, and ended up taking the colors layer and hitting the "color" option, and it made the perfect overlay, while retaining the smooth vectorized lines. Another thing I'm really happy with is the new way for blending shadowed areas with unshadowed areas. In the past I've just made it a direct break between one and the other, but I recently discovered (lol) the mixer brush tool, which you can really see at work on her jacket. You can definitely see the difference between the final pic here and >>11631
Open file (92.82 KB 508x524 pvUGsLV3.jpg small.jpg)
>>11636 I think the lines need to be less wobbly, but other than that the pics are looking great. \ >Another thing I'm really happy with is the new way for blending shadowed areas with unshadowed areas. Shading is definitely an important skill to improve on. ... Do you use mouse or a tablet?
>>11637 Yeah I need to work on my lines a lot. I'll have to look into that. I use a tablet though for most of it. I think it's a Wacom Intuos. It was like a cheap $70 one but it works good
>>11638 I think some drawfags use a line or curve tool in whatever they're using.
I found this on /v/ 8moe. Looks like they did a 7th anniversary pic. And they added Integralist--nice of them.
>>11750 Very nice to see that they still included her even though we're just a bunker there now
>>11751 It's funny how Porky is between us. And Aurelia is standing near /leftypol/'s mascot. Does /liberty/ still use their board tan?
The full picture
Open file (25.56 KB 247x394 Integralist smile.jpg)
Possibly off topic, but does anyone have the "Kyle was right" Rittenhouse poster? Some bluecheck was kvetching about it.
>>13293 Off-topic for the entire board imo, better to ask in QTTDOT or to just leave as nobody here is likely to care about some spic just because he shot a few jews in self defense.
>>11753 I'll admit, I like /liberty/ in this.
>>13519 They also made this long ago.
>>13899 Based and Dharmapilled
>>13899 Notice how the ancap musters up a fake lol when all really all he's laughing at are people so comfortable with their own ideologies that they don't need to delete some of the most retarded, hostile, bait-unserious questions OP's in the world as with 99.9% of factions on the internet.
>>2800 They were actually real threads, but it was a cherrypicked and misleading image. >Gay thread There were no pro-gay voices in the thread at all and fags were condemned and exposed as freaks of nature >Islam thread Shill thread, but a good shitstorm >Bushido thread Forerunner of the Japan thread
>>13941 Meant for >>13940
Open file (117.35 KB 600x800 download.jpeg)
>>13504 Nevermind, I found it. It was on R.A.M.'s telegram.
Might as well bump this, and attach some OC that anons have likely seen, but that has not been put in this thread.

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