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Quote Thread Blackshirt 02/09/2021 (Tue) 16:23:05 ID: ae0493 No.22691
I am updating some of my old quotes that I have made by making them look more streamlined, so I thought I'd post them here as I do make them, and save some good quotes that other anons share in the meantime.
What is the best way to make quotes like this?
Open file (1.17 MB 1057x484 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (884.33 KB 1036x459 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (969.25 KB 1123x539 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22769 Photoshop or Gimp. Either one should work good. I used Photoshop for the ones in the OP personally. For a more simple quote, you can really just save one of these >>22691, delete the text and put another photo over the image and insert the quote text that you want with it. I've done that numerous times personally. For ones like the ones in the OP that I made, they're really only composed of four parts. One is the background image which I tried to tangentially relate to the theme of the quote, the second is a layer filled in black with the paint bucket tool so the text is readable and the image of the person is well-visible. The third is obviously the text, and then fourth (and probably most time-consuming) is finding a good image and cutting the figure out from the rest of the photo. I attached a few pics showing it. Turns out decent for how simple it is.
>>22772 > you can really just save one of these >>22691, I meant to link >>22766 not my OP
Open file (902.43 KB 5000x2000 tarrant quote new.jpg)
Open file (850.28 KB 5000x2000 tarrant quote new 2.jpg)
Open file (43.57 KB 1080x493 a.jpg)
Open file (25.45 KB 850x400 d.jpg)
Open file (84.50 KB 640x1136 f.jpg)
Open file (25.83 KB 320x413 g.jpg)
Open file (41.05 KB 500x722 s.jpg)
Based thread. On a slightly related note, I believe fake quotes have great memetic potential. There are some normalfags engaging is such stuff, for example pics related: this is from a kikebook page that slaps comments from christian fb users on pictures of saints and theologians. It's witty, funny and normalfag friendly. The same could be done slapping based quotes from our guys on pictures of globohomo people, and subtly spread the quotes this way.
>>22826 Best example is this, I think. In reality it is apparently a Kevin Alfred Strom quote
>>22826 >On a slightly related note, I believe fake quotes have great memetic potential. Unless they are obviously fake I think this is harmful. Our strength is that what we say is true. When we try to promote our views with lies it discredits us. When people look deeper and see that it is false they will see our views as being false and based on lies and misinformation. It can give strength to our enemies.
>>23118 You missed the point completely: it isn't meant to spread false quotes, but real quotes by fascists and national socialists associated to pictures of globohomo celebrities. When the normalcattle will read the quote it will almost certainly agree with its justness, finding out that it was not the globohomo celebrity who actually said it is part of the memetic power where we induce the normie to agree with fascist ideas on the level of pure power and justness of the idea. Similar stuff is already been done in slightly different ways, for example by asking people if a quote was from Hitler, Ghandi, Marx or any other famous politician/philosopher, or if they agreed with such quote. Well, since people are completely brainwashed by kike education they didn't even notice when they agreed with Hitler himself, because the quote was agreeable for what it is. Cannot find the jewtube video right now.
Open file (747.25 KB 1806x721 MLK_MostPrecious_Long.jpg)
>>23154 >>23118 Something like this? One one hand it's "false", but on the other hand normies and even leftists and blacks will agree with it immediately at first glance.
>>23156 DAS RITE
>>23156 Would he be based if he actually said that?
>>23196 Is a nigger commie ever based?
>>23156 I could certainly see niggers posting this around.
>>23650 Under the idea thavhe the want a nigger communist that is.
>>23659 *Under the idea that he wasn't a nigger communist

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