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Open file (14.42 KB 600x450 cat.jpg)
Crossposters thread and finding a new /pol/ thread Blackshirt 02/02/2021 (Tue) 18:39:44 No.21613
I am opening this thread with the permission of Fash BO so anons crossposting from Neinchan can discuss the current shitshow going on over there. Quick rundown: >Neinchan admins shows up in Hostile Observers threads >starts to agree with trolls and deradicalization shills >anons shit on him and call out his faggotry >he doubles down on his retarded statements >everyone tells him he can fuck off and remain alone on this board with bots and spammers >Dumbmin deletes the thread, opens a new one pretending no one witnessed is faggotry and keeps deleting anons' post calling him out on his idiocy Archive of the thread https://archive.is/IXfQp This thread can be used to discuss how to deal with the situation and eventually find a non-compromised /pol/ to regroup or build a brand new one on tor if there are enough skilled people willing to get involved in such a challenging task.
Here's an archive of the new thread in case that is deleted as well: https://archive.fo/afWdu
>>21613 OP here, sorry for the typos, I hit the post button without proof reading my shit. I was thinking if putting a link to this thread on Nein, but butthurt admin will surely delete it. I hope he will be wise enough to at least not come here to keep sperging. He humiliated himself enough already.
Yeah this is some strange twisted cuck shit. But chill the fuck out dramafags are fucking gay and have nothing of value. It's just literal stupidity. Which effeminate people do you think capitalizes on drama?
>>21620 No drama from anons, we literally stopped posting on there and came here to discuss what to do next just a couple days after the spergout. The dumbass admin KNOW he fucked up real big, or he wouldn't be trying to damage control by deleting his shit and pretend nothing happened.
>>21613 >archive.is archive of neinchan thread. anon, wat.
>>21620 There's of course a drama angle to this since the Internet loves drama, but I think that this is an extremely bad look for the site. A smart admin doesn't come out of the woodwork at random and start counter-signaling nearly everything the people on his site have said, and then start deleting the evidence of what he said, deleting the entire of thread of what he said, and then deleting any links to the archives of what he said. I mean, what is his end-game here? If he wasn't such a low-IQ nigger I'd think he'd be purposely destroying his own site.
>>21622 It actually works, surprisingly
Open file (21.38 KB 365x175 gamergateways.png)
imagine using neinchan
>>21624 Right, but that shit uses cuckflare. I'm not doing that google captcha.
>>21626 Any other better ways to archive stuff?
>>21623 Yes, this puzzled all of us. I am truly uncertain between believing the guy is an authentic retard (his writing style suggests this might be the real issue) or if he decided to destroy /pol/ on purpose by alienating the users. >>21625 Well, not anymore apparently. Suggest new options or fuck off out of my thread.
I'm still thinking of what to do about this. I just said a bit ago that "If it gets even worse though I will not hesitate to pull the plug there", and needless to say it has gotten even gayer and more retarded within the hour.
>>21628 why not just post here? What do they have there that we don't have here
>>21627 Best way would be to simply take a screenshot of the entire page, there are tools to do this out there. That kind of tool is built into the firefox browser for example. That's pretty much the only non-pozzed way of doing it.
>>21633 This is not /pol/ >>21630 kek true It fucking sucks, a tor only board was normalcattle proof and felt more secure. Other places like nanochan are already filled with kikes and anti White shitposters. What a mess.
>>21630 >>21637 the normal thing to do here is appeal to a higher authority. Get in this guy's irc or discord channels and start turning his friends and vols against him until he loses his shit and nukes the whole site, then turn up a competitor and rule it with an iron fist
Open file (54.13 KB 716x351 LMAOOOOOOO.png)
So he's a bad guy for saying that unnecessary violence is bad?
Open file (16.29 KB 771x929 pepe.png)
>>21640 The funniest part is that it's impossible to tell at this point where this is a genuine post from some pro-deradmin bootlicker, or a bait post to bait the retard into deleting the board and accelerating the collapse
Open file (1.28 MB 695x1003 1600010157995.gif)
>>21623 >>21621 Just put the chill on it friends, this is completely retarded. Better yet you pool the drama monkey brains into actually making another alternatives or shut the fuck up about it, kikes love this shit. in the end it's some guy's opinion and it's literally not constructive at all. Drama is cancer. But really I do find it weird though he'd suddenly come and counter signal against the board itself. Look at how ZOG or anyone involved with it literally NEVER denounce their savage multicultural killers and blm, anti White racist arab headchoppers, and whatever arsonists, they simp clearweb every single day for arson and murder and state takeover as long as it's against Whites, and play it double down so why the fuck should we not do the same? There is no reason. Always remember that racial and political violence is normalized in society at this point and it's unironically about which side can resist the most, and remove the most on the battlefields, this must be cashed in our favor at every turn, because even the boomers and even kids at this point know the system is anti White, nein is small anyway push push push radicalization further on the clearweb on many accounts my brothers this is truly what they fear. Not just posting on 1 or 2 imageboards >>21633 Nothing really, but since clearweb there are some (((problems)))
Open file (28.61 KB 450x325 cat2.jpg)
>>21639 This sounds like a nice idea. Too bad I don't hang out at any of these places. I am just a humble shitposter, giving my contribution to the cause the best I could.
>>21643 you don't "disavow the type" you take swift and decisive action against the fedposters
>>21643 You have to go back. Fash BO, now that Nein is empty of real users, the shills will move here. Take care of them.
I used to hang around on nein when /fascist/ was still on julays but eventually got estranged because the mods were always edgy retards who couldn't moderate for shit (nor wanted to but you're making a cow-tier drama out of this. I think for a start we should identify all threads that are worth saving, have some anon who isn't cuckflared archive them in a lets call it nein bunker thread and then just move on. Moving on in my case meant I'm 90 percent of my time on /fascist/ now which is much less rule-cucked than it was on julays the admin of which was a total sperg and hated any friendly relationship between the boards. I go only to nein for the bantz and so should you. Otherwise this. >>21620 >Which effeminate people do you think capitalizes on drama?
Open file (110.46 KB 551x681 bt110.png)
>>21649 I'll be extra vigilant.
>>21652 Gee I hope the russian artist anon does not get lost...
Open file (3.94 MB 480x360 triangles.webm)
let me know if you guys want nein destroyed, I'll call in some blackup and they won't know what hit them
Open file (852.45 KB 500x354 1600182627813.gif)
>>21643 >yesss just optics cuck in 2021 goyim >violence is only ok when it's the marxist doing goyim Nice joke, kys chaim >>21652 Just remove noncontributors and actual deradders like >>21643 it's telling really. Some people might be caught up in it but it's no big deal. >>21654 Lmao shut the fuck up kike
Open file (19.32 KB 739x178 9.png)
Open file (65.27 KB 1690x812 1.jpg)
Open file (25.93 KB 735x228 2.png)
Open file (77.24 KB 746x406 3.png)
Open file (86.03 KB 930x776 4.png)
For the lulz, reposting screengrabs posted by other anons in other threads. >>21654 They did a great job in destroying themselves without no one helping. Serves them right for falling into the traps set by the enemies their own users were warning you about. The original thread was fucking top notch. Now watch the board become a wasteland in no time.
>>21659 *were warning them about.
>>21659 He's correct about the symptom part though inevitably, hypothetically if people all decided to remove merchants in OSRS tomorrow they'd be fully eliminated and the rest would warmonger a bit as they are leaving, but their jewish plan would fail because there's more of us than (((them))). I guess he's too retarded to see the fact too that battling the symptoms too can also cause a race war, there's been at least 7 angry mudshit terror retaliations against tarrantino already, and that's a good thing, it cracks the entire system narrative, so they fear it, a lot. That's why derad shilling is a thing, they really fear nothing more than OSRS death match pvp.
>>21659 >3.png This on its own is really nothing. Staint Tarrant should've made a stand and an hero'd if he couldnt get away. Its a nobrainer actually
>>21661 I really doubt that if all villagers suddenly vanished, the zombies and skeletons would leave on their own. Not all of them.
>>21653 I'm here.
>>21664 Good to see you among the cobbers. We will work this out somehow. Are people on /pol/ru aware of this stuff happening on /pol/?
Open file (54.58 KB 872x406 ClipboardImage.png)
just a reminder that there have been dramafags trying to start shit in /k/ lately and this is suspiciously timed
>>21668 I don't know to be honest, I don't go to /pol/ru
Open file (10.48 KB 636x279 02-02-20.png)
>>21669 Top fucking kek. While normal posters got the fuck out, the shills took advantage of the situation to expand their shitposts (pic related was posted in the latest Tarrant thread, deleted by someone some time later) .
>>21670 This "drama" was all started by the admin himself. We've had trolls on Nein forever, but he brought this all on himself.
>>21673 yeah I understand the origin of the drama, but I am suspicious about the cause. I'm willing to bet someone has been priming Mourning Star for this and convincing him to adopt these opinions
>>21664 Glad to hear that.
>>21674 It doesn't matter, we tried to warn them by keeping up A WHOLE FUCKING THREAD about this issue. They didn't listen, they fell for the shilling tactics and now they will face the consequences. For starters, real anons stopped posting there.
>>21670 Yeah I think so too, kikes love drama, they thrive on it and try to create problems where really nothing much exists, simple d&c division bs, just don't fall for it. In the end it's onliner shit so relax my friends. We must chill and keep creating. Not like he was actually deleting people praising the saints at all. Just his own admittedly very silly opinion. The coverup move of his own sillyness was gay though, I don't get it. Anyway don't make a mountain out of a pebble.
>>21669 I guess they'll be left with only Christcucks and bots then kek
Open file (176.85 KB 605x858 popcorn tarrant 2.png)
>>21678 > In the end it's onliner shit so relax my friends. We must chill and keep creating. Don't know about the other lads, but I'm laughing my ass off
Open file (162.54 KB 828x1186 tasty.jpg)
>>21651 >for a start we should identify all threads that are worth saving, have some anon who isn't cuckflared archive them I can't archive myself because Torfag but I'll post threads already archived and those to do below so a sympathetic anon might help out. Nein-threads already archived The Brenton Threads obviously ) Brenton Tarrant meme thread http://archive.is/a5aDR 2) Lets Go Brenton Tarrant - The Letters http://archive.fo/LxW4E 3) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3 http://archive.ph/PCUfW 4) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.4 http://archive.md/7m8Hn 5) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.5 http://archive.is/geqQ7 6) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.6 https://archive.md/gRfw9 7) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.7 https://archive.md/piWw3 8) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.8 http://archive.is/Pxjtm 9) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.9 https://archive.md/j0NKT 10) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.10 https://archive.fo/mJnTC 11) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.11 https://archive.fo/EznxC 12) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.12 http://archive.is/WCtmF 13) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.13 http://archive.is/W8zp2 14) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.14 http://archive.is/7lReW 15) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.15 https://archive.is/EJeVs 16) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.16 https://archive.fo/LXTTZ 17) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.17 http://archive.is/VPDnm 18) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.18 http://archive.is/bOey2 19) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.19 https://archive.is/6MLZU 20) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.20 https://archive.fo/wip/6ax7k 21) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.21 https://archive.is/VwsOQ 22) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.22 https://archive.is/61u6u 23) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.23 https://archive.vn/91Asp The following onion threads are probably not archived. Please do your part if you can Brenton No 24 http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/42112.html German/pol/ - We Hitler now edition http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/20711.html Breivik 1 thread http://archive.is/gD9hl Breivik 2 http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/32901.html Fine Arts & Meme Making General http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/21231.html John Earnest Thread http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/13167.html SIEGE/AWD/NATSOC GENERAL vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/78.html Crusius 1 Thread https://archive.is/PGX69 Crusius 2 Thread http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/38307.html Balliet Thread no.1 https://archive.is/KfKPD Balliet Thread no.2 vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/38051.html OpSec Thread and VPN Question http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/21893.html Pixel artist looking for a coder to create a NS game http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/39857.html The Blue Men - Prep Thread (Bluethejew which was the only notable ops we ever had and should be repeated one day) http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/11202.html There's really more but that's the ones I remember for having mostly good content. Post others that you think should be saved. I cant do it alone lol >>21678 >In the end it's onliner shit so relax my friends. We must chill and keep creating. Correct fren, still we should prepared for the worst and despite the (((obviously))) overblown drama the mods at nein are shit at their job. @FashBO Image upload limit is 5 here. Could this be set higher, so we can save individual images from nein in cases where a whole thread isn't that important?
Open file (387.10 KB 650x637 1599961886585.png)
>>21677 >>21681 The real question that strikes me as strange is why didn't the guy just axe deradders and fags why suddenly take the opportunity to spout off literal good goy bullshit??? What to gain from that? I mean who fucking cares as It's literally a hidden service. Janny i know you are reading explain yourself.
NeinChan refugee reporting in. The only alternative I have is Picochan, sorry. http://picochanwvqfa2xsrfzlul4x4aqtog2eljll5qnj5iagpbhx2vmfqnid.onion/pol/
Open file (295.49 KB 542x650 baele crest meme.png)
Open file (104.79 KB 258x544 1600182077497.png)
>>21688 >powerless seething kike brags steals meme mfw I'm amused how much we make you fags butthurt, you'll never stop us KEK.
>>21688 Baele-sama, I kneel
>>21663 >failed samefag
>>21685 >Image upload limit is 5 here. Could this be set higher, so we can save individual images from nein in cases where a whole thread isn't that important? I will set it to ten and see if it works
Open file (209.70 KB 839x1129 bt33.png)
Open file (256.71 KB 937x1200 bt34.png)
Open file (309.02 KB 1089x1146 bt35.png)
Open file (314.30 KB 1118x1400 bt36.png)
Open file (259.09 KB 1200x1162 bt37.png)
Open file (71.29 KB 1054x398 satanist.png)
>trusting satanists >ever
>>21694 >>21685 Okay, it appears that five images is the global limit. Sorry anon
Open file (129.18 KB 550x592 fuck.jpg)
>>21696 Global limit means limit set by board admin or technical? Because nein has a limit of ten or so and I dont think their software is fundamentally different. Anyways, thanks for trying.
>>21697 I have always assumed it was set by the site admin, but it could just as easily be technical.
Looks like Columbine fag, cunnyposter , CREST-shill is the same troll who shitting catalog on Nein right now.
>>21699 Cunnyfag here, I'm not the Columbine shill or the CREST shill. There are two cunnyposters too
>>21685 >Brenton No 24 https://archive.vn/ROR6j >German/pol/ - We Hitler now edition https://archive.vn/DwIiD >Breivik 2 https://archive.vn/VXKFZ >Fine Arts & Meme Making General https://archive.vn/hszNl >John Earnest Thread https://archive.vn/NZ8we >SIEGE/AWD/NATSOC GENERAL https://archive.vn/tuQyG >Crusius 2 Thread https://archive.vn/7vYE3 >Balliet Thread no.2 https://archive.vn/diYn8 >OpSec Thread and VPN Question https://archive.vn/kI2C3 >Pixel artist looking for a coder to create a NS game https://archive.vn/fWWrz >The Blue Men - Prep Thread (Bluethejew which was the only notable ops we ever had and should be repeated one day) https://archive.vn/KuQP2 Done.
>>21687 >NeinChan refugee reporting in. The only alternative I have is Picochan, sorry. Nanochan is more active nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion/pol/
Open file (16.31 KB 1120x263 ClipboardImage.png)
>when you have no posts or images KEK
All Parsifal drawings saved from /btg/ board. Maybe not all, since he posted non-cartoon versions too, but at least what i found in original thread. https://archive.vn/YnQV8
>>21705 >>21702 >>21685 Good job anon. I will see if Nein/fascist/ has anything worthwhile
Open file (5.19 KB 143x140 thanks.jpeg)
>>21702 Thanks lad! >>21703 >nanochan I remember them deleting our threads when we had the bluethejew operation but otherwise moderation was strangely next to non-existant which was only not much of a problem because board was slow as fuck. I still think nein shouldnt be abandoned, it should just be seen for that it is, a place for shitposting and bantz, everything of worth should be taken elsewhere.
>>21706 Nothing worth it there. Most it is talking about anon.cafe downtime
I'll still lurk and post there if there's any value. I think this is being a bit blown out of proportion even if the admin is somewhat of a douchebag or had a drunk fit. If he's not censoring our main message (which he hasn't been doing, even still) it really doesn't matter much. There's value in having somenoe willing to host a tor board and keep it relatively clean. If that was easy and risk free there would be a ton of boards like that, but that's not the case. If admin is 90% on board with us that is probably still enough anyways. Places like /fascist/ could also easily get shut down too so we don't want to put all our eggs in one basket. And although this place is decent, and gotten better over time where it used to be full of nazbol and cultured thug types, it's not /pol/ and there is room for both styles of board.
>>21623 Or he just got a visit from some glowies and is desperately trying to counter signal in public hoping they don't return with anal probes. neinchan was part of the alt chan federation. It was okay with trannies and pedos. Sooner you move on the better.
>>21651 >Moving on in my case meant I'm 90 percent of my time on /fascist/ Don't be a faggot shut-in. Go outside and build a life for yourself. If all you do is read intellectual fart sniffing here you're no use to any one or any thing. The sooner you have a good enough life you never come back to image boards the sooner you help the White race. Find a good woman, pump some babies in her and raise them well. Neo spiritualism and screaming 1488 on websites is as bad as playing video games all day.
>>21714 >I'm 90 percent of my time on /fascist/ You don't seriously think I spend 10 hours a day on imageboards? Of the comparatively little time I spend online the time I spend on imageboards like fascist or nein I'm mostly on nein.
>>21719 fuck I deserve to die, I meant I'm mostly on fascist of course
>>21720 lol I was about to savage you
>>21704 He deleted them all kek.
>>21719 You wouldn't be the only person who does if you did.
>>21685 >>21702 Another threads, saved just in case: JQ and White genocide. >/wgg/ White Genocide General https://archive.vn/Bl5RX >jews showing their true colors https://archive.vn/xRQPk >Tikkun Olam Redpill https://archive.vn/fcEXn >awakening pills https://archive.vn/tkWL0 >Anti-White Watch https://archive.vn/q1ZUN >Christianity Hate Thread >https://archive.vn/fRD2h >Genocide Redpills >https://archive.vn/PG7jK OPSEC: >OPSEC https://archive.vn/WFWS3 >OpSec Thread and VPN Question https://archive.vn/kI2C3 Effortposters: >St. Roof Thread https://archive.vn/mwGdE >Robert Bowers anniversary https://archive.vn/Tt5qJ >Tobias Rathjen Meme Thread https://archive.vn/KCh3U >Philip Manshaus Trial Thread https://archive.vn/Kdapf >Rambo Rausch / Wald Rambo Thread https://archive.vn/duFnJ
>>21714 >playing vidya all day That and all I do is browse imageboards too.
>>21695 Why does every dumb motherfucker think we can hammer out the differences between Christcucks(under which Satanists and all varieties of abrahamist shills go) and Aryan spiritualists(everything from Dharmafags to Odinists and Cosmotheists), after we fight a war, do these fucking idiots miss the first rule of building or army? YOU ENFORCE THE SAME RIGID WORLDVIEW AND IDEOLOGY ON EVRYONE WHO JOINS, THIS IS WHAT THE SPARTANS DID, THIS IS WHAT THE ROMANS DID, THIS IS WHAT HITLER DID, WE CANNOT ACHIEVE SHIT OTHERWISE. These dumb niggers are gonna have to be shot, because they will shake the hand of a traitor, ending in our deaths, if we let them continue to exists among us.
>>21739 >Please kill 70% of your own race because they're Christian, goy! How about no?
>>21747 I don't know what the solution is either, but regardless, Abrahamists will subvert the group from within; they're too much of a liability to let in as is.
>>21748 Perhaps have two factions working towards the same goal is the best way.
Anyone else think that what happened on nein was an orchestrated FBInigger plot to turn the users against the board and kill it? Why now of all times would the admin faggot start sperging out?
>>21747 Thread. I doubt he's a crafty, insidious kike trying to trick enemies into slaughtering their own. No, he's probably just a run-of-the-mill demon-possessed sperg. And as such, just like his father, is out for the destruction of every man, woman and child. This whole type of behavior originates in Satan's hatred of God, and the subsequent attempt to destroy humans in a rage b/c we are in God's image. He knows his time is short, and so he's in a rage. God will laugh him and all his crew to derision before dinking the whole lot off into hell.
>>21751 Certainly gayops are going to increase significantly as glowniggers on-board more and more diversity hires during Bolshevik-in-Chief's rule. Obviously, the overall agenda will be to burn the entire IB ecosystem to the ground b/c dem ebil White Nahdzees.
>>21747 Christians will either get out of the way, or get ran over. The minute they make their jew-worship the grounds for harming the survival of our race long-term, is the moment they get a bullet. >>21751 That's what I can't figure out.
>>21747 Yes lets continue providing for the weak and traitorous among us that will truly aid our cause. >>21748 The solution is to kill them all, and that will be the solution, because they leave us absolutely no choice, they cannot, no worse WILL NOT put the race first, thus they are traitors, and we do not need traitors among us. >>21752 Begone from this place, traitor, we do not need you, nor do we want you.
>>21762 I think you overestimate the piety of the average Christcuck. Christianity is already dying here in the US at least, and it is similar in Europe. If a minority of Christians refuse to accept us, we will destroy them, no doubt about it. In truth what once has to do is make an example of a few and the vast majority of the rest, since the are lemmings, will fall in line. Slowly afterwards we can seek to eradicate the Christian virus from the brains of the masses.
>>21762 Besides Christianity, you think the other religions are dangerous? I'd find that Buddhism and Hinduism are ok.
>>21763 No, I really don't. They will oppose us, all of them, even the so-called atheists, areligious and the libertarians, all of them have one thing in common which as recent events continue to prove they choose as common ground over anything including race their morality, it is Abrahamic to the core, and that is what we must oppose and we do not have the luxury of doing it kindly like Hitler was going to.
>>21769 Buddhism and Hinduism(Specifically Sanatana Dharma) as Aryan originated Religions are fine, unless the person is following Abrahamic morality under a Hindu or Buddhist cover.
>>21770 I hope you are wrong, but I agree with you that the enemy we face, in the many diverse forms that you mentioned, is 100% Abrahamic. In the end, we will do what must be done. >>21769 Abrahamic religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Baha'i are all extremely dangerous. Marxism and Atheism need to be included here as well. Most others are fine, especially Dharmic religions.
>>21772 I am not wrong, though I wish I were, maybe some of them will surprise me and awaken the Aryan within, but I doubt it.
>>21739 More /pol/ shittery. Although /fascist/ was coming to this conclusion itself as evidenced in the christian thread so how much of this division was from /pol/ is questionable now. This board is tiring.
>>21793 I've been a /fascist/ user primarily, only once used nein/pol/, my posts are all over this board.
>>21700 Derad shill here. I can confirm that I'm neither the Columbine shill nor the Cunnyposter. I am also not affiliated with CREST.
Open file (115.34 KB 330x377 15897628952789.png)
>>21695 No one cares if he is a satanist or if he believes in Santa Claus, he acted the opposite way he claimed he would in that very screencap, falling for blatant troll tricks and destroying the board out of idiotic recklessness. >>21710 >we don't want to put all our eggs in one basket That's the main reason for this thread. The ideal thing would be creating a brand new imageboard from scratch, possibly tor only, for the cobbers to regroup and keep the coolposting on. Something similar to the hoppe-sama project but done the right way, with broad cooperation among tech savvy anons taking care of the building part and levelheaded anons monitoring and administrating the thing. We could have our beloved /pol/, a /fascist/ tor bunker, even more boards like a decent /k/ or /fit/. I am aware that this is pretty difficult to engage in, but not impossible if the right people cooperate. >>21712 >neinchan was part of the alt chan federation. It was okay with trannies and pedos. Sooner you move on the better. We should definitely set up new bunkers because it's useful, but this is just bullshit. The alt chan federation doesn't even exist anymore and when it was tried I remember Neinchan quit it and never associated with it again. They never allowed any degeneracy on Nein, no porn, no trannies and no pedos for sure. >>21751 These d&c e derad shills have been rampant on Nein since I can remember, so it was not a new thing for them to show up and do their usual tricks. As for the reason dumbmin came out of the woodwork and fell for them, I am inclined to believe he did it out of pure unbridled idiocy. Simple as. His current and pathetic damage control trying to pretend nothing happened by deleting the original Hostile Observers thread suggests this. If he wanted to quit with his infamous nazi website he could have simply shut it down and be done with it. It's not even a realistic conjecture that it was a honeypot, because it would be absolutely retarded to try to run a honeypot on fucking tor out of all places - you need to do that stuff on clearweb and social media. The very sad part is that with current cancel culture going pedal to the metal, if Nein remained consistent he could have grown bigger attracting a bunch of new radicalized users kicked out of Telepozzedgram, Parler and soon also GAB. Slowly but steadily, thanks to the alliance of Neinusers an Neinmods, in a couple of years the place gained a reputation (as recognized but our kike enemies themselves) and it could have legit become a polestar for White nationalists worldwide. The dumb faggot ruined everything in one day instead. Oh well.
>>21812 What should we call our new imageboard?
>>21827 14chan or 88chan
>>21762 >The solution is to kill them all, This is impossible and you know this.
>>21827 >>21829 No point in thinking of a cool name without finding the people able to start the actual thing first.
Quite a minor transgression tbh, retarded from everyone. Not like every anon can agree on everything.
Why are you guys so hell-bent on a new site? Nein was neat for a while but nothing great either and always slow. It just never really took off and it's not like a replacement is even needed. Nein's still good enough for shitposting, come here for the quality time.
Open file (15.44 KB 739x130 8.png)
Open file (70.89 KB 1267x800 5.png)
Open file (20.11 KB 732x164 6.png)
Open file (25.16 KB 738x185 7.png)
>>21836 If the administration doesn't do something tangible to prove they are not pozzed, there's no point in staying there. We all read site owner's bullshit, he spoke in identical way opticucks and derad shill have been doing all these years, disavowing the users and everything they stand for. If I wanted to stay in the same place as opticucks or grifters I'd stay on cuckchan or endchan. >>21834 He should have thought twice before acting like a nigger towards the people inhabiting his site, who were the true essence of it. Admins always seemed pretty flattered with the reputation their site had, well it came from OUR posting first and foremost. If they want their site back the way it was, well they better prove their loyalty - otherwise they can just invite plebbitors and cuckchanners to replace us and become just like 8kun. Posting the other screengrabs that are missing from previous post >>21659
>>21834 If one were to isolate one of the issues that arose within the last 48 hours by themselves, I might be able to get behind this line of thinking, but it is such a clusterfuck all together that I just can't buy into this. Not to mention that it culminated in the ultimate fag move, i.e. deleting the thread completely and engaging in extreme damage control. I am expecting a "I was just pretending to be retarded" soon.
The most suspicious thing is actually that nein is pitifully slow with a pph of like 5 posts a day yet here we have more posters than nein has in a week. There's some annoying issues with nein but this here is manufactured drama and not organic.
>>21762 Even if they don't put the race first, we'll need the women for breeding at the very least. Very few women give a shit about their species, maybe a hundredth of the number of men who do. If we're dead-set on exterminating them, you better be comfortable with the idea of becoming a battle-monk, because you won't be reproducing. If we take a pragmatic approach with the women and compel them to live morally and have children, there's no reason not to extend that logic to the men as well. Propagandize the idea of positive christianity, infiltrate one of our guys into every religious congregation, and force them into an ethical mindset through fear of being exposed by any one of their acquaintances. With education imprinting Aryan ethics and a morality of strength onto the next generation, christcuckery will die out within two generations, and if anything survives, it will be of an entirely different character and no different from cosmotheism with extra esoteric lore. We should still execute the greatest degenerates as soon as we find them, though. Anyone from those pro-fag protestant denominations and novus ordo catholics gets the bullet on the spot, and anyone salvage-able enough to see after their own interests will support it, other christcucks included. For pagans, every insurrectionist should be somewhat familiar with the ancient cults and their lore, so we can tell nu-pagans and wiccan degenerates apart from genuine and enlightened initiates. Fake pagans get the bullet too.
>>21845 If we assume that each poster here made several posts, it doesn't seem that off the mark. Let's say that Nein has a dozen regular users. Looking at the IDs of >>21762, >>21722, >>21709 we can guess that most people made 6 to 8 posts ITT. That would give us 96 posts if each of the dozen users posted 8 times each, and then with occasional IDs with only one posts and outliers who have posted above the average, we would land right around the 107 posts we have now. And we know that most of Nein has been ITT, given how even Parsifal was here.
>>21845 Most of us used to skim the board often and post rarely, a lot of the topics were practical in nature, and it's not like every anon will be mass-researching top kikes every day for the info thread. During the deradmin-induced shitstorm, there must have been over 20 posts per hour at its peak, as everyone skimming piled on to dab on the nigglet. This thread too will likely quieten down in a few days.
>>21812 Tor image boards are CP infested. They're also very hard to find and do nothing but act as a discord tranny hang out. If you can't be found on the clear net then you offer very little to any one but your clique of friends. No one new will come in and grow as a person, no one will find support when they're suffering clown world burn out and it will die a slow death. >>21847 If cuckchan mods are to be believed then 95% of all posts on their boards are by the same 20 users. There's a handful of power users who make most the threads and make up almost all of the conversation. Moot said the lurkers out number users 10 to 1, so by these two estimations you have 2.5% of the entire website making 95% of the posts. And that's assuming the posters are sticking to a single board instead of using multiples which makes it closer to 1%
>>21848 >Most of us used to skim the board often and post rarely That's kind of my point. There's not much going on there so what do people skim the board for then? I tried to create some threads to diversify it beyond the Tarrant threads but got not all that much replies while a month ago it was all retarded larp or fed-posting. People in this thread seem to have had high expectations but based on what? Nein is okay but nothing to get riled up over and yet this blew over like fuck? I remember the shitshow when fashBO was accused of being a pedo and this feels the same. I'm glad we archived the good threads from nein just in case but I bet my ass there are some CREST like creatures that try to use this to D&C
>>21851 >I remember the shitshow when fashBO was accused of being a pedo and this feels the same. That was another good example of deradmin being a fucking retard. People were told by the BO here if they wanted to discuss early marriages and AOC that they should go to Neinchan because there were no global rules against that, and someone posted the most SFW picture possible with a man and his daughter in the thread made there and the admin started sperging out like a fucking retard about 'MUH PEDOS!!!!'
>>21853 you'd think eventually people would figure out the jews are using your gut reactions against pedophilia to manipulate you but no they just keep infighting all this anti-pedo shit is BS. In a real fascist society (or honesstly any functional society) the father or brother or whoever the head of household is controls whether or not his daughter is married and kiddie fiddlers would get executed just the same as someone who fucked a daughter of any age without parental consent.
>>21851 I skimmed nein and posted to it because it covers topics that /fascist/ doesn't like practical effortposting tips, OC generation of the saints and disciples, and until recently, news. I'm not as interested in smoke jacket conversations about esoterics while our race is being purged at 120mph. Nothing against those conversations but they don't draw me in because I only have enough time to keep up with more practical matters related to direct action, the highest priority element we are lacking to save our race.
>>21857 This is the conclusion that I have come to as well. It is a hard redpill to swallow, but this is the historical norm.
>>21853 >MUH PEDOS!!!!' You can always tell which way TOR anon's bread is buttered can't you? All a bunch of pedos.
>>21845 Shut up, Nein was slow but had a pph similar and sometimes even higher than /fascist/ I know because I lurked there every day and posted almost every day. i liked to keep stuff always updated and neat. Not to mention that Neinchan had a considerable amount of lurkers or people that probably posted occasionally. I'd like to reiterate the fact that Neinchan had a certain reputation as a valid place to go if one wanted to quit the eternal 4chan subversion and read the opinion of people that was not there for the mere shitposting. That's one of the reasons why (((extremism experts))) were on high alert about Nein, because they saw how a real life effortposter blossomed from a former similar place - namely 8/pol/.
Open file (29.77 KB 746x378 ClipboardImage.png)
More woman-tier cringe. He can't even admit that these are his posts, they're all fake!
>>21861 I suggest you read >>21857
>>21849 Clearweb is fucking finished, it's DEAD. Get it into your thick skull. They will censor the President of the United States whenever they see fit, and they will find you and will put you in jail for posting funny edgy memes even yif you are fucking 12 years old. IT'S OVER. Move on or die with the rest of the niggercattle. >>21853 >>21857 kys c*nnyfaggots
>>21862 >shut up lmao make me tough guy >pph similar and sometimes even higher than /fascist/ lolwut, I can remember like two instances in over a year where this was the case, besides that you're delusional >lurkers dont post >>21863 I see no proofs either way, a screenshot really?
>>21851 What really set nein apart from the rest was the unyielding commitment to direct action and pragmatism. Any ideas that would lead to a weaker mindset and lower your willingness to fight would be ripped to shreds and violently rejected. /fascist/ is more intellectual in nature, and covers basically the same ideological frame as /pol/, but a no-nonsense race war 24/7 board is also needed to steel your nerves once in a while.
>>21867 This is an admin post, just to let other anons know
>>21865 Stop thinking with your dick. You're fetishizing an arbitrary age that has nothing to do with physical or emotional development. Sex isn't there for you to feel good or to satisfy your degenerate perversions, the only purpose of intercourse is procreation, which becomes feasible with puberty. If you're going to define sexual maturity based on mental maturity, you'll find that most women, if not people nowadays, maintain a childish mindset well into their 30s. We're not in a position to pick and choose, and once the brunt of the fighting is over, we'll need to maximize population growth above all else, and that will mean girls below the magical 18 number contributing to the survival of the race. It will also mean potentially forced marriages during the first generation, since most of the present thots won't willingly settle into socially productive, nuclear families.
>>21874 >and that will mean girls below the magical 18 number contributing to the survival of the race Why are you so intellectually dishonest? Nobody is taking issue with 16 or 17 year old wives, but the pedo promotion of sex with girls before they've gone through puberty.
>>21867 >I see no proofs either way, a screenshot really? See the archived thread, bottom part. https://archive.is/IXfQp
>>21877 When a girl has clearly begun puberty, she is ready for marriage. It's that simple.
>>21877 Fetishism of prepubescent girls is as degenerate as any other unnatural obsession. The issue isn't one of purity, or the sanctity of childhood, or whatever, but simple pragmatism. Why would you give sexual significance to a feature or trait that has nothing to do with sexual validity, or worse yet, is antithetical to it. Lusting after people who can't even reproduce is no better than lusting after your own sex. The "issue" of pedophilia is solved as soon as you apply a value system to sexually significant traits. Obviously a child won't have the skeletal structure required for birthing, developed mammary glands, or the stores of fat used as a nutritional buffer. The physique of a child doesn't embody any of the traits required for reproduction, which should be your tally for attractiveness.
>>21878 I'm glad people have archived this as it happened. I screencapped those posts for the lulz, I genuinely had no idea the idiot would actually go back and try to pretend they didn't happen. Literally all of us were there for the shitshow as it went down, what kind of sub-mongrel sewage entity would even think that "lol it didn't happen" will work? Deep web imageboard posters don't generally have chronic amnesia as a demographic.
>>21882 I think we are underestimating just how dumb this retard is, he even knows that we archived stuff, since he applied wordfilters to several of the archived links to prevent people from seeing them. And then after doing this he still pretends we made it all up. He probably thinks he is handling it well.
>>21882 >>21883 He's acting literally just like Hitler described the jew demagogy. Playing stupid and pretending like nothing happened.
>>21883 Who is he even trying to appeal to at this point? It's not like he's going to convince the people he's directly insulted that those posts never happened. Sweeping things under the rug might work on a constrained forum where not everyone would've seen the blowout as it happened, but that's not exactly the case with imageboards now, is it? He doesn't have a wider audience to appeal to and sway, so the only logical option is to apologize and own up to the mistakes. Obviously, though, the kind of intellectual niggard that would alienate his entire userbase in the first place, probably isn't inclined to use such boorish things as "logic" or "reason."
>>21874 not a single of these things has anything to do with posting pictures of prepubescent little girls on anonymous imageboards. kys >>21867 >you're delusional And you're a liar, I fucking told you I lurked there every day so I know what I am talking about. If you want to make a calculation, go to neinchan's graph page where you can find the daily pph.
>>21886 >posting pictures of prepubescent little girls on anonymous imageboards Who are you even trying to portray here? It seems you're fighting an imaginary enemy, anon. Godspeed, I can only wish you victory.
Open file (9.52 KB 676x98 ClipboardImage.png)
I have archived the current state of the hostile observers thread to get the post of him saying that these are all fake in case he tries to deny that he said this as well. I know, >cuckflare But there's no better way to archive these and for no one to argue they are fake and gay. https://archive.fo/6eBLa >>21884 Kek, you're not wrong. >>21885 >Who is he even trying to appeal to at this point? It's all ego at this point. It's not even about the board at this point for him, I would imagine, it would be trying to preserve his reputation as a faceless admin on a fucking imageboard. He knows he fucked up, but his ego is too large to apologize, and he wants to try to sweep it all under the rug and bury anything that points how much of a jew he has become. I would even be wary of any apologies at this point, because I am very confident that it would be another ego-based move rather than any sort of genuine realization that he fucked up. I am expecting either that or some sort of "I was just pretending to be retarded" very soon. He already said that we are merely "entertainment" for him
>>21886 >not a single of these things has anything to do with posting pictures of prepubescent little girls on anonymous imageboards. What the fuck are you talking about?
>>21887 I am talking about the cunnyposter trolls.
>>21890 Those are an entirely separate problem. >>21889 Stop fetishizing kids. If you like seeing healthy White children, do your part and make your own.
>>21891 >Stop fetishizing kids The fact that you see an image like that as 'fetishized' says more about you than anyone else.
>>21885 >He doesn't have a wider audience to appeal to and sway, so the only logical option is to apologize and own up to the mistakes. Exactly. He could just apologize for shitstorm he created and reference the main point of Pierce books, about "smart violence", and that's it. >21888 (checked) >It's all ego at this point. That's probably have to do with his obsession with satanism, where ego-centrism and sexual degeneracy are pillars.
More archives of the same thread: https://archive.fo/dMqYb
>>21893 I never considered the link with Satanism here, but I think you are spot on. I wouldn't expect much more from a follower of (((Howard Levey)))
>>21892 If that's not the reason you're posting them, then ok. Triggering people is a good way of exposing jewish programming loops, but there's a point where spamming should give way to reasoned discussion. There's no point in riling up people if they're not going to understand the reason for their outrage in the first place.
>>21897 I did post it piss off the other anon, I'll admit that much, mainly because it seemed like he was talking about something not even relevant to the other discussion. I'll stop being a faggot now though
>>21895 Funny thing is, he probably got baited into his incautious comments by the christcuck derad shill that has been infesting Nein since forever, He is so stupid that he probably doesn't even understand this. Niggerick clearly stated multiple times that his goal was to ruin the board because it was run by an antiChristian Satanist. What a dumbass LMAO
>>21893 The true ego-pill is realizing the intrinsic strengths and values of your own self, and their expression as outward beauty in the race and world. Using egocentrism as an excuse for degeneracy is weak, but if your own sense of "self" is so diluted as to allow it, there's no point in talking of an ego at all.
This really just a troll and shill thread at this point. Nowhere near at the level of intensity that nein ever had. Two posters replying within minutes to a post, totally natural hahahahaha at least we know now this is not CREST, they would probably act smarter
Open file (11.07 KB 260x244 asuka 2.jpg)
>>21901 Shut the fuck up, (((admin))).
>>21901 Eh, not every thread is going to be race war now 24/7. The entire point of the cross-poster thread was to let the whole thing play out as it might, and to have a lul at the admin's continued idiocy.
>>21902 kek Admin probably fuming because only now he understood he had a bigger userbase than he previously thought. You brought this upon yourself. Sell the site to someone else, idiot! Someone competent and consistent might even be successful with it.
>>21904 It's a lost cause at this point. The site itself is just a basic rehash of the standard imageboard engine, there's nothing to sell. The retard might as well accept that his userbase is now restricted to /pol/ru and cp spammers.
>>21907 I think another anon ITT or another made a very good prediction. If a significant chunk of good posters leave Neinchan after this, the deradmin will start another intense wave of shilling on Neinchan to get new cattle to "entertain" him
>>21771 >Abrahamjc mentality So would this mean that the dark skin Hindus and the chink Buddhists are doing that? Or do they follow the philosophy /fascist/ does?
>>21893 >Exactly. He could just apologize for shitstorm he created and reference the main point of Pierce books, about "smart violence", and that's it. +1
>>21911 >>21893 I hope you realize that if he reads this he will likely try to say that is what he has been saying all along. Beware
>>21909 It's possible he's talking about Westerners who adopt Hinduism or Buddhism but in a judaized way.
>>21771 Yes but stuff like Ahimsa is fully retarded though, I can get behind such concepts for animals and nature but not evil monsters like jews, if anything concepts like ahimsa should be more racial only if anything, we saw the divine AH try to dispense mercy to jew ZOG the last century in complete vain and he wanted ceasefire, multiple times, when in reality he should have firebombed them(like they did without question to his people's reich) The psychopath race of jews and their brain parasite golems only take mercy for granted, concepts of mercy and forgiveness is seen as weakness, its seen only as an opportunity to exploit, never forget this.
>>21917 And also there is this: http://archive.vn/QXcko >Many jews began their spiritual trek with the path of Buddha and continued by discovering their own heritage in Torah. A twofold process occurs: Buddhism has evolved more in the past thirty years than in all its history before, to the point that what is presented today in America as Buddhism is already more jewish than it is Buddhist. And, secondly, when those practicing "Jubus" return to jewish practice, they reject those aspects that are anathematic to Torah, while making good use of those aspects that are complimentary. >Many of the Buddhist practices and world-concepts are in direct opposition to the Torah concept of singular Divine providence. When it comes to Tibetan rites, for example, Shamanism abounds. Even if the intellectual Buddhist conceives of these notions in a highly abstract fashion, they are still the notions of idolatry against which our father Abraham struggled. For a jew to burn incense in front of a statue is horrifying, no matter what he will say are his inner intents. Similarly, the proclamation, "In Buddha I find refuge" is a catastrophe for the jewish soul. >On the other hand, the mental rigor and personal discipline of these practices have proven of great benefit to many in their praying and meditation (both of which are organic to Judaism). Furthermore, it is likely that the essential teachings of the original teacher who is now called Buddha contain much of the ancient wisdom that was lost. Buddha lived at the time of the Babylonian Exile, as did Lao Tse (according to some historians) and Pythagoras. At that time, the jews were deliberately transported to the frontiers of the Persian Empire. Along with them, they took their Torah knowledge and undoubtedly spread it to others. Perhaps we are now only sifting Solomon's lost jewels out of the mud in which they have been buried for two and a half millennia. On this, read The Palace & the Pigeons. >As for those who were born into Buddhist culture, I believe that they will find a particular path within the framework of the Noahide guidelines that leads them to the truth within their own heritage. In fact, I see at least one group in Japan quite close to this already.
>>21902 >((())) gay attempt at making an argument. Waited for it lol >>21911 >apologize Retard should rather apologize for having larping faggots and fedposters shit up his board up for months to the point of it being unusable and not doing anything about it. Most people here demanding an apology wouldnt even accept one if they are nein regulars at all and not just shills who are in for the lulz
>>21921 Fuck off retard
>>21921 >moooommyyyyyy lol faggot
>>21918 Ahimsa is a distorted idea in the Western mind. Many Westerners seem to have the idea that all Hindus are as radical as Jain monks in how they treat ahimsa, while in reality this is not true in the slightest. What people forget to focus on is the institution of varnashrama-dharma, i.e. the institutions of life-stages and castes. The svadharma of the kshatriya, for example, is to destroy those threaten dharma as warriors. The king is the highest expression of this. It is his natural role to maintain the divisions between the castes and enforce dharma / natural law over the land, and to root out "thorns" in society. jews are adharma personified, and there is plenty of ground for exterminating them according to the doctrines of Hinduism as I understand them. Even Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that when he comes to Earth, he comes not to redeem or save evildoers, but to utterly annihilate them. Also, the standards for a monk or an ascetic are not guidelines for the rest of society.
>>21918 >concepts of mercy and forgiveness is seen as weakness The real brain-parasite of Abrahamism is thinking that they aren't.
Open file (1.08 MB 857x560 ClipboardImage.png)
>>21924 Based and dharmapilled.
>>21921 >most people demanding an apology won't even accept one At this point, no. If you were man enough to at least own up to it directly and not pretend you're some unrelated long-time /pol/ power poster, we might have, but that point is long past. Seethe.
>>21925 Forgiveness can actually be a good thing within an in-group, as it keeps grudges and feuds from simmering and weakening internal unity, but even then there is a firm line between this and cuckery
>>21928 Forgiveness is redundant. If you've deviated from the ideal in any way, that should be apparent to you more than anyone else. An individual can grow past mistakes and recognize them as the corruptions they are, but I don't see why you should forgive them. You can interact with people even if they're not entirely free from blame, and most people aren't. In fact, I'd say that forgiveness, for most people, is an entirely fabricated term. Have you ever truly forgiven someone?
>>21927 >everybody who doesnt follow the lolcow hivemind must be admin Is this the power of midwits? I couldnt give a damn about this nigger, he's obviously unfit to have a succesful board. I figured that out months ago but he shines like the sun compared to you retards
>>21930 You're clearly no better than the rest of us. If you're above having a lol at the lolcow, why are you even in this thread?
Open file (1.39 MB 1080x1517 IMG_20210203_205610.png)
>>21927 >accept apology >At this point, no. I would, what he did was stupid but it isnt the biggest deal in the world, should just be a man square up and explain himself a bit this is all silly, his fault for not removing gay fag derad shills and his fault for taking the bait. We can all learn from this together if we give it an opportunity. pic related >>21928 Yes exactly and again christcucks and other religions miss the entire thing or deliberately misinterpret it or alter it because they want to be cuck feelgood or it's just totally dishonest because at the end of the day, whoever cooked up ahimsa but especially "turn the other cheek" surely would not even exist or have power if it were that they followed their own principles. Especially the leaders. Which we know in cuckstianity especially is the most perverse lie to spout.
Open file (344.79 KB 681x883 cuck pastor.png)
Open file (565.62 KB 435x580 cuck pastor 2.png)
Open file (154.06 KB 474x248 cuck pastor 3.png)
>>21929 >An individual can grow past mistakes and recognize them as the corruptions they are, but I don't see why you should forgive them I guess a lot of this depends on how you would define forgiveness. For me, I see it as something that is more internal than external. You decide to stop obsessing over the negative emotions and eventually get over it. Instead of seething all day over some event, you try to move on. Now, I may start to be sounding like a cuck here, so let me be clear that I don't support a radical version of this. If someone fucks with you, it's certainly permissible to fuck them up. Or with jews, they are an active danger and have been destroying European civilization for millennia. If we want to survive, which I assume all of us do here, the only logical choice is to exterminate them. After we do so though, we should not seethe about jews for the rest of eternity though. They will be gone, and we can move on.
>>21930 >You're clearly no better than the rest of us fair enough >If you're above having a lol at the lolcow but I have, the lolcow is you guys >why are you even in this thread? I liked nein for what it could've been and hate everyone mods and retards alike who ran it into the ground
>>21935 >we should not seethe about jews for the rest of eternity This is where our views differ. I don't see error or blame as exclusively temporary and local. Whatever deviance has happened, it is representative of some deeper, conceptual deviance, which can manifest again in the future. You cannot forgive a slight in isolation, without forgiving that slight universally. This is especially true with the jews. Even once they are gone, the potential is there for segments of the population to degenerate and segregate themselves into a destruction cult, just like the jews have. Kikery is endemic to their race, but not restricted to it. If we're not vigilant, kikery may soon arise from within, as it already has. Many of the financier families are pseudo-White enclaves that have adopted the same chaos mentality as the jew.
>>21936 Why do you type exactly like the admin, though? As in, down to the lack of capitalization and punctuation. It's uncanny, almost as if...
Should I delete obvious admin posts or leave them up? I've been leaving them up because they are mildly amusing
>>21940 Definitely leave them up. If you started deleting his posts, he might have to go so far as to fix up his grammar and syntax. The horror of it.
>>21941 Will do.
>>21939 >Why do you type exactly like the admin, though? As in, down to the lack of capitalization and punctuation. It's uncanny, almost as if... lolcow 101, really weak lad, i share that with like millions of others >>21940 You know what your biggest problem is? You're scared of your own user base. You know I'm not nein's retard admin which I'm sure doesn't give a damn like he never did about anything yet you pretend you find this funny when in fact you don't. Always trying to be on their good side but guess what they'll fuck you over in second nonetheless. >>21951 >Definitely leave them up. yes please do because my self worth depends on my words being kept forever in this nigger thread. dont forget to take screenshots and wank to them forever
>>21944 >You know what your biggest problem is? You're scared of your own user base. [...] Always trying to be on their good side but guess what they'll fuck you over in second nonetheless. If the users of this board ever decide to fuck me over, I'm sure they'll have a good reason for it. I'm not running this board as my own personal fiefdom, and I'd rather at least consult people here before unilaterally doing whatever the fuck I want just because I can.
>>21937 You're actually 100% right here. Even if the jewish race is destroyed, we will always have to remain vigilant against threats from within.
>>21944 Get over yourself. If you realize how strikingly bad your typing syntax is, then fix it. >always trying to be on their good side but guess what they'll fuck you over in second nonetheless All of your userbase leaving the site overnight really hurt that much, huh?
>>21945 >I'm sure they'll have a good reason for it Maybe maybe not. Someone might just claim you are a pedo, post some meaningless screencap taken out of context, say some completely unrelated's grammar and syntax is the same as yours and that'll be it. Like last time. You know the drill.
>>21944 >>21936 >>21930 >>21921 >>21901 >ur da reel lolcow!1!1 Anyone notice how lolcows always resort to this?
>>21951 Calling him a lolcow feels cruel at this point. The whole thing's gone way past being funny to the point where it's just sad.
Open file (61.10 KB 612x662 373.jpg)
Hello Star why can't you come forward and just apologize and/or at the very least explain yourself a little for something that could be seen as cucking out? What happened? Settle the score. I found some thing you wrote stupid, but others were sensible and not disagreeable at all. Really though this is maximum retarded drama blown out of proportions anyway and glowtrannies love drama, those jews are for sure trying to cash in on this itt. They hate nein. Listen We don't have to agree on everything all the time but understand why people would be pissed off with what you wrote, seeing this thread its a bit of banter in it too. We are all just united anons but we can learn from this if we simply just take a breather and give it the opportunity but pretty much starts with you at this point. We're more intelligent than this kind of shitty conduct anyway. It's effeminate, childish.
>>21953 Even on the off-chance he does come up and talk about it honestly, it's really telling that a random anon has to initiate this kind of mature mentality for the administrator of a site. This is just the adult way to deal with things, especially on an imageboard where you're not appealing to some wide audience, but addressing a closed circle of maybe a dozen active posters.
>>21955 >Even on the off-chance he does come up and talk about it honestly, it's really telling that a random anon has to initiate this kind of mature mentality for the administrator of a site. I think both sides are immature by now, star a bit more because he deleted the thread and pretending bs. But he's been a good guy actually contributing hosting a cool site for us you know. His one or two opinions even though it may be seen as stupid or is stupid has little or nothing to do with his action in contribution. Besides keep in mind that people can react differently and it's human and understandable, but we are White not subhuman retards, so act like it. Because In reality a bit of honest dialogue is all that's needed to overcome this stupidity. The worst thing to do is just clam up on it.
>>21957 Pretty much, yeah. His takes might be slightly more moderate than the average user's, but they're still sensible enough and can be argued for in good faith. His spicy comments on the Saints are a bit irritating, but somewhat understandable through the lens of a few pints of beer. None of the things he said or did were that scandalous, it's just this continued attitude of passive deflection that stops a resolution from being reached.
>>21955 >it's really telling that a random anon has to initiate this kind of mature mentality for the administrator of a site Not really admins are just other people they aren't demi-gods, so who cares if someone else initiates adult behavior. You're being dramatic.
>>21959 >it's just this continued attitude of passive deflection that stops a resolution from being reached. There doesn't need to be a resolution as long as he's not deleting our posts, and cleaning up most of the shills. Although some good faith message would be nice. The Tarrant and Crusius threads are still up and my shit never got deleted. If the end result of this is more of the drama faggots being shifted to /fascist/ and nein a bit slower I don't really care that much.
>>21961 Yeah I admit I was being a bit dramatic. I just feel that if you're going to take on the role of managing a site, you should be prepared to engage people honestly and directly, though we didn't give him much of a chance to, ourselves. He could have given himself more wiggle room by leaving the hostile observers thread up and just dealt with it, but whatever, it's not like it really matters at this point. >>21963 I still think some dialogue would be good, I don't want the admin feeling like he's straddled administrating a board full of fedposters, or the users thinking the entire platform is being kept up for the lulz and nothing else. We all get defensive when issues start to encroach on our pride, and that often takes the form of escapism and emotional deflection. Admin's "you are just entertainment for me" post struck deep, because I know that feeling all to well, whenever something you've put time, effort, and ultimately emotional significance into, starts to turn against you. We've all been there at some point. Admin, do you want to talk?
>>21935 >They'll be gone and we can move on. Move on with what though?
>>21964 If something good can come of this hopefully some anon gets inspired to start a new tor imageboard taking into account some of the lessons from /fascist/ and nein. Having more options is always good. If nobody picks up the torch then it's just back to business as usual.
>>21971 I think we should use this as an opportunity to stop posting online and start posting in meatspace. Places like this are just bread and circuses for free thinking Whites. Instead of posting, we should train, arm ourselves, and plan.
>>21969 Building back everything that was destroyed by our enemies.
>>21975 This. It's about time we enact the Aryan ideal beyond cyberspace.
>>21830 Nothing is impossible if you have the will to see it through, I have that will, even if I don't get to live to see the last christcuck die.
>>21846 >Even if they don't put the race first, we'll need the women for breeding at the very least. No shit we call these warbrides, they will submit and abandon christcuckery or they too will be slaughtered. >Very few women give a shit about their species, maybe a hundredth of the number of men who do. Stating the so obvious you shouldn't have even said it. >If we're dead-set on exterminating them, you better be comfortable with the idea of becoming a battle-monk, because you won't be reproducing. I am already reproducing at the direction of and with the aid of the gods, so, fuck you. >If we take a pragmatic approach with the women and compel them to live morally and have children, there's no reason not to extend that logic to the men as well. Yes there is, the men are threats to us and would provide an outlet and fodder for resistance against Aryan rule, the women will not have any hand in religious education of the children produced if they refuse to abandon their semitic death cult, and will be muted permanently when their wombs dry out so that their poison cannot spread this may include taking thumbs. >Propagandize the idea of positive christianity, infiltrate one of our guys into every religious congregation, and force them into an ethical mindset through fear of being exposed by any one of their acquaintances. This didn't work for Hitler and literally resulted in a cult very similar to CI, in fact the most popular purveyor of Christain Aryanism is both a jew and has several thousand followers on telegram, although I am sure a more popular one exists out there elsewhere though like William Finck of the CI niggers they're probably a jew. >With education imprinting Aryan ethics and a morality of strength onto the next generation, christcuckery will die out within two generations, and if anything survives, it will be of an entirely different character and no different from cosmotheism with extra esoteric lore. WE WILL NEVER HAVE INSTITUTIONAL POWER IN THIS WORLD, THIS BULLSHIT YOU SPEW HERE IS A FANTASY, IT IS BETTER TO EXCLUDE THEM ENTIRELY AND CREATE COMMUNITIES FREE OF THEIR INFLUENCE AND KILL THOSE WHO TRY TO INFILTRATE OUR COMMUNITIES THAN TO TRY AND DEAL WITH THEM USING FAILED STRATEGIES FROM THE PAST. Also nothing will survive of christianity because nothing from it has any merit. >We should still execute the greatest degenerates as soon as we find them, though. Anyone from those pro-fag protestant denominations and novus ordo catholics gets the bullet on the spot, and anyone salvage-able enough to see after their own interests will support it, other christcucks included. ALL christcucks are traitors, ALL OF THEM GET THE BULLET OR PERHAPS AN IRONIC CRUCIFIXION. >For pagans, every insurrectionist should be somewhat familiar with the ancient cults and their lore, so we can tell nu-pagans and wiccan degenerates apart from genuine and enlightened initiates. Fake pagans get the bullet too. of course.
>>21976 Yes. Although some here would see "enemies" differently. I think it's just the high ranking jews behind the fucking mess. You're free to criticize but it's just how I see it.
>>21997 >I think it's just the high ranking jews behind the fucking mess jews are the main enemy, obviously, but even without jews subversive / anti-natural strains of thought still have cropped up here and there from time to time independent of any clear jewish influence. For example half of the Sophists in Greece were just spouting off about atheism (Diagoras, Prodicus, etc), moral relativism, progress theories (Protagoras), nihilism (Gorgias) and other garbage. There was a communist offshoot of Zoroastrianism which called for the sharing of women as well as property. These people will never go away, but what will go away, one can hope, is jews pushing this degeneracy onto us as a weapon
Open file (15.44 KB 469x315 image.png)
>>21921 Cringe. But apparently the edgy satanist was actually a pacifist all along! What a plot twist! Well, now he can finally transform his site into the wonderful haven of christianposting and peaceful political solution seeking he always secretly desired. All's well that ends well! >>21927 I agree with this anon. The only thing that could salvage Neinchan as a White nationalist/ National Socialist platform at this point would be a complete change of ownership. I am aware of the fact that the original owner and founder of Neinchan at one point gave it to current owner but still keeps the server in his room or something like that. Anyway I hardly doubt the dumbmin will ever give up ownership and apologize to save face though. That's why it would be unironically easier to just find a new bunker or attempt to build a new one. >>21945 Based af >>21953 >they hate nein. And you know why the kikes hated Nein? Because of the content that WE, the anonymous posters, produced and that shaped Neinchan as it came out to be, TOGETHER WITH an administration that apparently supported us and boasted about being a bastion of National Socialism. The "drama", as you all call it, comes from the dumbmin playing in the hands of the enemies working 24/7 to destroy the hated nazi coven for good, which they accomplished. Once the mutual trust is gone, there is pretty much nothing more to talk about. >>21959 >good faith That's a big problem. You see, even if one wanted to turn a blind eye on admin's personal view about specific issues, this still will not rebuild trust in a guy who acted like a butthurt low IQ retard, and quite literally did it by falling for the scheming of the hostile enemies that were outlined in that thread he deleted. Re-reading that thread and realizing how fucking good it was before the retard showed up makes me sick to my stomach.
Open file (105.42 KB 278x197 baphchan.PNG)
all good things come to an end
Open file (36.93 KB 196x239 Immagine.png)
Open file (9.56 KB 1145x187 p.png)
Open file (45.78 KB 1157x275 screen.png)
Dumbmin deleted all posts again
>>22003 >But apparently the edgy satanist was actually a pacifist all along! Sounds like he just preferred pranking high value leadership targets. So not pacifism. The truth is not enough? What's your agenda that you feel the need to lie? >That's why it would be unironically easier to just find a new bunker or attempt to build a new one. Let us know when it's ready.
>>21996 Fair enough. I was thinking more along the lines of using the less-jewed christcucks as a sort of indentured workforce until we get the population up, like helots, but this works too. I have a rule of thumb that if someone's ideas are more radical than mine, they're probably right. >>22004 This is just part of the ongoing process of purification that keeps the userbase impervious to kike subversion. >>22012 He's really beyond salvage, isn't he? Me and several other anons have repeatedly given him the benefit of the doubt and the chance to settle the matter without losing face, on equal ground. The olive branch lies broken and trampled into the ground.
Open file (64.48 KB 456x532 nagatoro stare.jpg)
>>22012 >go to bed thinking he couldn't possibly get more retarded >he gets more retarded It's like he wants to look as retarded as possible. Perhaps the image >>22003 attached about the CREST tactic of making boards less interesting is involved. The deradmin turned into a complete faggot the exact same day that anons discovered these people. I think he has always been low IQ honestly, but I tolerated it, but now it's clear just how bad it really was
Open file (65.27 KB 1690x812 fools.jpg)
Open file (25.93 KB 735x228 fuckall.png)
>>22015 >posting Roof, Earnest, Tarrant and Breivik They've all been CONDEMNED as fools, sorry, anon
Open file (20.76 KB 739x178 Copy.png)
>>22015 >What's your agenda that you feel the need to lie? I told no lies. Let me just remind to you and to all nice anons here what the dumbmin's opinion about us was. He said that the people composing the core of his site's userbase were actually astroturfing his site into something it apparently never stood for, he said that people recognizing the sacrifice of the men depicted in the image you posted were just fuckall that acted out of desire to engage in nihilistic death and destruction (so much for being a self proclaimed satanist!), he added that the people composing the core of his site's userbase were actually malicious entities aiming to slander his website and shut it down. Apparently the christcuck spammer was right all along, and we were the real baddies! Thank Satan now we won't be there to slander him and his site ever again.
>>22022 He said a lot of dumb things that pissed me off, but you are still twisting his words in the worst possible interpretation. And calling someone pacifist who says he knows there is no political solution left and is advocating for killing ZOG VIPs is simply incorrect. This is why you are a drama fag you can't stick the facts when they are already bad enough. You have to exagerate and embellish and then when called out you can't just admit you were wrong on a detail and reel it back in to be realistic, you double down. Hopefully some of the infinitely outraged anons will make an alternative tor board though. That would be a net positive that offsets it all because all else being equal I'd rather have a better admin then the nein one if there's an alternative. And one that is stable, well run, and lasts for a long time not some flash in the pan false promise.
>>22029 Thinking that killing VIPs does anything is actually a bluepill as well.
Open file (336.74 KB 629x416 1559762775114.png)
>>22029 I literally quoted the words he said, how is this twisting to the worst interpretation? There was no interpretation, you all can read with your own eyes. As forfixating on small details, if these details were so irrelevant why did the faggot DELETE the entire thread in the attempt to hide his ludicrous behavior? He is a retard through and through, he deserves to be called out and laughed at and he deserves to fall into complete irrelevance after this. Other Nein mods I don't know if you are reading our grievances or what your opinion might be, but if you are not ok with your admin's behavior like the rest of us I am sorry but the owner has screwed up big time and squandered the constant improvement that you made together with all anons to grow Nein/pol/ these couple years.
Reminder that Neinchan has faced such minor troubles before that got blown out of proportions by dnc kikes and that the posts in the thread were deleted by a different admin because they're simply off topic. No one can blame anons for being upset but it's also important to remember that every Tor based image board ever will be a target of kikes and alphabets in order to make us spread out and lose traction. Smart anons will recognize these (((patterns))).
Do we have an alternative yet? I think we're going to have to make our own.
Open file (14.38 KB 192x255 laugh.jpg)
>>22037 >and that the posts in the thread were deleted by a different admin because they're simply off topic This is just embarrassing at this point
>>22037 Our complete intolerance of faggotry and cuckoldry are exactly what makes the shills' dnc attempts ineffective. If we were to keep using nein after this, then we would be liable to dnc and losing traction. What keeps imageboards like these engaging and effective is quality content. When you have a faggot retardmin lashing out against the content and opinions that make the site great, then deletes them, the platform is already subverted, with or without any external kikery. >>22038 >make our own I'm thinking about it.
Open file (1.19 MB 320x240 oven.gif)
>>22037 >i-it was a different admin!!! >it was off-topic (lol whole thread deleted)!!! Gas yourself
>>22041 Interesting points. However, you're forgetting that the quality of other threads doesn't suffer from one spergeout. It affects the perception of one admin, for sure - but I wouldn't go so far as to say that leaving boards due to such shitposts is good. After all - isn't that what the enemy wants? Do you think we will ever have an image board free of any trashposts from admins, mods or even the BO? It's bound to happen after time.
>>22035 He said he was a pacifist? >>22032 >Thinking that killing VIPs does anything is actually a bluepill as well. Agreed. There is no single ultimate ninja katana strike that will eliminate our problems in one blow. When we achieve victory and look back there will be a lot of milestones along the way, some of which were necessary in the time and context they happened but not sufficient on their own either.
>>22038 I have been thinking about this a lot (poorfag techlet here, sadly). Considering the already existing tor imageboards, what do we have? >nanochan it has been allowing tarrant meme threads but I noticed it is already colonized with antiWhite posters and kiked trolls. >picochan, balkanchan no idea who the owners are and if they would be ok in hosting national socialist and accelerationist posters. they seem pretty small >9chan is on clearweb+onion like anon cafe, don't know if it's the case tbh because they already are under scrutiny by FBIniggers since before Null left ownership and also by (((extermism researchers))) (as we know from the CREST paper). >8kun LMAO NO >others from pic related I have no idea if they are in a bad state or not, never went there What else is left? I remember last year there was a guy who came on Nein to advertise a new board he was building, which was called /pol/repository iirc It looked really promising and based but sadly it went down after very short time and never came back, this was the onion http://rnkfkmxa7mjubuwpwetwhfkogtljhsusrq2lnnubxfn7fyj4w6lsosqd.onion/pol/ If the guy that build this /pol/repository happens to be lurking here, it would be nice if he could tell us more about his project and why it didn't work, I'd like to ask him if he wanted to try again, maybe ask help to other keen and skilled anons. >>22043 >isn't that what the enemy wants? You don't get it, do you? Admin's questionable opinion could in theory be glossed over, but his shameful idiocy in being played by our enemies is simply unacceptable.
>>22041 >If we were to keep using nein after this, then we would be liable to dnc and losing traction. All we need is a viable alternative and we should be good to go. Everything is predicated on that happening.
>>22037 >>22039 >>22042 >and that the posts in the thread were deleted by a different admin because they're simply off topic Do you guys have Logs in Nein so you can check who deleted the posts? That would confirm or deny the claim made by >>22037.
>>22045 >Agreed. There is no single ultimate ninja katana strike that will eliminate our problems in one blow. When we achieve victory and look back there will be a lot of milestones along the way, some of which were necessary in the time and context they happened but not sufficient on their own either. Yes, you are right. I would certainly never condemn them
>>22049 Neinchan logs tell one literally nothing: http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/logs.js Also, it's bullshit. There's only one admin, and that's Mourning_Star. Also if it was just off-topic posts the entire thread wouldn't have been nuked, the archives wouldn't have been word-filtered, the second thread wouldn't have been nuked multiple times now and we would have heard this "explanation" several days ago. It's another attempt at damage control.
Open file (7.05 KB 755x212 020220.png)
>>22049 Last log is pic related on 02/02/20 http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/logs.js
>>22054 Emphasis on global logs. /pol/ logs aren't visible.
>>22043 He's removed one of the highest-quality threads due to a drunken fit of anger. Who's to say it won't happen again to another high-quality thread? Yes, the quality of other threads does suffer. >>22048 Another anon's suggestion of using an anonymous vps seems easy enough, especially with the imageboard engine literally deploying itself. I'm used to managing linux systems, and it seems you don't need specific experience with imageboards to make one. It's all down to the cost, basically. I do have several spare computers I could use to host it locally, but I'm not sure how risky that is. Does anyone have experience with hosting tor services locally?
Open file (26.90 KB 736x227 kek.png)
kek this is not necessary guys, it's like shooting fishes in a barrel at this point the best "punishment" is to leave the board and never post again. it was our posting that made the board great and put fear into the hearts of hook nosed vermin, once we leave it will either become irrelevant or will be invaded by cuckchan-tier normalniggers in best case scenario
You faggots already lost your chance to move boards. If you don't immediately jump as the drama happens people leave without finding the new place or stick around because they look past the drama and you don't have a critical mass to pull them with you. We saw it on cuckchan, we saw it on 8ch and now we see it here.
>>21945 Like when you tried to move the board to Acidman's honey pot despite the userbase telling you not to do it?
>>22060 Shut the fuck up, we're all still here and we're all looking forwards to a new board. I'll try to get something cooked up tomorrow.
>>22062 The people who come here and came here before aren't the entire board though are they? It's the same problem many boards have had on the webring. You have to find a place and say HERE! NOW! or people lose their fire and stay where they are.
>>22063 It basically is. Most of the quality posters are here, and if they jump ship, nobody's sticking around nein for its wide selection of shill spam and cunnyposters.
>>22064 The derad shills and christcuck spammers are going to feel so lonely now :( >>22061 In fact after consulting with anons again he accepted the advice to NOT remain on 8moe. Quit the shit faglord, Fash BO is a better BO and extremely collaborative and chill guy.
>>22065 As a Christian I condemn the cunnyposter(s) I didn't plan on destroying NeinChan, nor was CREST helping me, nor am I the Hispanic Niggerrick guy It's just that your admin said something stupid and it all went downhill naturally from there.
>>22061 I did push ahead without considering many of the warnings at first, but once it became clear that there were many more issues with 8chan.moe that I was not aware of, and that there was a good deal of resistance to the move, I changed my mind and realized that anon.cafe, the location that no one had an issue with, was the best location all along. I was prioritizing at the time Julay threads far too highly and believed that everyone wanted them as much as I did at the time. Nearly 8 months later, /fascist/ here at the Cafe is thriving, and is the biggest iteration of the board yet. The /fascist/s here made the right call, and I'm glad they were willing to beat me over the head until I started to listen to them.
>>22067 I don't care if one is christian as much as I didn't care the admin being a lolsatanist. All I cared was the wellbeing of the board, and that stupid faggot destroyed it. So let's just move on.
>>22067 Don't get me wrong, I'd take cunnyposters over christfags every day. At the very least they don't actually diddle children.
Open file (17.18 KB 453x292 1528975358716.jpg)
>>22070 top zozzle
>>22065 So it's okay to rat out your board to feds if you apologise later and go back to where you came from after? That's how you get people party vanned and go "oopsy, my bad sailor. I won't suck so much CIA nigger cock next time". >>22068 I was one of the fags who pushed back hardest against you because you did it impulsively and you over valued walls of text over the people. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the majority of /fascist/ is made up of intellectuals. Lazy, useless, worthless intellectuals. The type of person who would sit in a library reading mein kampf while a race war happened around them. As BO you should have realized by now that the value of /fascist/ isn't the posts here. They're worthless words, may as well be promoting sodomy and poz loads for all they matter. The value of the board is to give men doing things a place they can come to seek shelter and recuperate from clown world. When they're tired of all the insanity they know there is a board where they can find some sanity. Where they can get some reassurance and support to recover then carry on working towards the survival of the White race. Fuck books, fuck niggers, fuck kikes and trannies, but especially fuck White intellectuals. No one is going to fuck you, no one cares about your effort posts and you may as well collect funko pops for all the good you do for the White race. >>22064 Most of the quality posters aren't the entire board. Your thread to find a replacement has been derailed by the same trolls nein refused to deal with and you can no longer strike while the iron is hot.
>>22072 >the value of /fascist/ isn't the posts here Definitely not yours. >may as well be promoting sodomy and poz loads for all they matter I'm glad you have some self awareness. >a place they can come to seek shelter and recuperate from clown world If the clown world is too much, go out there and fight it. This isn't your panic-mode hugbox, we're here to discuss and prepare for the upcoming battles, which are drawing nearer by the day. If you can't stand the world as it is, oh boy do you have some fun coming your way. >No one is going to fuck you, no one cares about your effort posts and you may as well collect funko pops for all the good you do for the White race Your power of introspection doesn't fail to amaze me. >your thread to find a replacement has been derailed by the same trolls Yeah, I know, you're still here.
>>22072 Quit the demoralization efforts fag, suggest something practical instead.
>>22073 >We're here preparing for battles With pokemon cards? You're not preparing for shit. You're larping. You're a dumb nigger reading irrelevant books and arguing over religious bullshit while facing a direct extinction of your people. Religion doesn't matter when a nigger breaks down your front door holding a machete. >>22075 Stop reading bullshit stories by failures and start having White children. Start building your community instead of building web pages read by 100 people at most. Start learning to use weapons to defend yourself and working with others so you're able to protect your family when south africa hits you in the face.
>>22077 Then leave this board, ffs No one forces you to read the posts here. Go away.
>>22077 >implying we're not already doing all that Maybe your nigger brain can't do two tasks at once, but you can train and host a website at the same time. I know computers are too much for you, but some of us can code and defend ourselves.
>>22080 Rape whistles don't work with niggers nerd.
Open file (405.66 KB 736x404 acidmanfbi.png)
Open file (32.70 KB 598x468 triangleconspiracy.jpg)
>>22068 >8chan.moe lol reminder we have BOs and vols embedded in that site just to fuck with Acid Man and cause problems on as many boards as possible :3
>>22082 Fists do.
>>22083 What the kikes don't understand is that we are the true conspiracy.
Do you remember that there are three fascist archetypes: the warrior, the scholar, and the adventurer? The greatest National Socialists are all three. As >>22080 said, we can be both the scholar and the warrior. Scholars are required to use their knowledge to teach the masses the truth. A National Socialist will fight back against jewry, teach the masses the truth, and will enjoy life while still remembering his duty to his people. Brenton Tarrant became all three, why don't you?
>>22072 >implying You don't belong here. Our people are infinitely superior to yours, a bunch of soul less npc husks who eat jew shit for life while trying to pass it off as a feast acting hostile over the mere inconveniences in their script by a vast assortment of anonymous people online. Our team of based brothers also removes jews and kebabs irl. You're nothing.
>>22085 Don't forget medium or large dogs.
>>22017 Not having the Helots made up of their own race and educated along similar lines as the warriors is what led to Sparta's failure and collapse, they were too focused on martial matters, though I agree they could be used that way,, I see christianity to be a poison we cannot allow among us, not even if the person spouting it had the body and genes of the Spartan Kings, even then that man should be killed.
>>22098 Sparta's downfall is that they allowed the helots to exist too long as a buffer for the Spartans' eugenics program. We would do the same thing, using them for the industrial backing that we can't support with our numbers, but only for a single generation. There's simply too few based boys to man the mines and factories required for a sustained military conflict, but it only takes a single generation to change that. Still, all talks of eventualities are kinda pointless right now, since we still face the worst of the fighting and must use even the most marginally anti-zog demographics to destabilize our enemies.
>>22101 Oh, we can use them, but they cannot be, and are not, our comrades or brothers in arms, they will betray us, I feel it in my bones.
>>22041 I think that the so-called shills actually had some reasonable things to say. They're correct in saying that we need to play our cards right, and avoid jumping into counterproductive forms of violence prematurely.
>>22105 They already have, they're doing it as we speak, and will continue to do so in the future. Their very mode of existence is one of betrayal, we won't suffer them beyond their use. >>22107 There is no such thing as a counteractive form of violence, and there is no time that's premature. Every form of direct action helps destabilize the ZOG, and is therefore a good thing.
>>22089 From where would you derive the conclusion that a whole group of people consists of souless NPCs? Qualia is by definition not measurable.
>>22096 >>22085 plant these and put them by your fence these are called Coroa de Cristo, the sap can cause blindness and can burn your skin if you aren't careful t. Brazilian living in fairly big home.
>>22116 People described as "soulless NPCs" act as if they were soulless, at least when compared to healthy human beings. They are just cookie-cutter golems with no original thoughts, no critical thinking, etc. Their conscious life is extremely mundane, much like how that of a rat or a frog is seemingly less complex than that of a healthy, non-golemized human. They are not literal p-zombies.
>>22115 There will never be "public support." Not for DOTR, not for White Nationalism, not even for our existence. The only thing we have in our arsenal is ourselves, and we have to face the rest of the world with it. People have remained complacent as literal nigger hordes plow through their cities and the ZOG forces them to wear the cuck masks and isolate from their friends and families. They don't even value their own existence, do you think they'll value yours?
>>22115 The thing is though, that there will likely never be any critical mass of public support. The reason for this is the complete control that the jews have gradually assumed over every aspect of our lives in the West, specifically in the media, education, entertainment and the like. Sure, the control is not absolute and people do get redpilled, but the numbers currently are too small and at too slow of a rate (and this is even given the current acceleration of redpilling going on in places like the US to my eyes). If we wait for public support, I'm sad to say that we will go extinct. Any intelligent strategy must keep this in mind. The White revolution will very much be a battle of the underdog, at least in the earliest stages. Us awoken Whites must serve as a vanguard for the lemmings still under the brainwashing of the jews. There are many components to action that we must acknowledge. One of them is of course effortposting. This should never be viewed as a one-size-fits-all strategy. It has a place, I won't condemn it, but if one were to do this, they had better make it worth the cost. Beyond this though there are other ways to do this that may be more effective in the larger scheme, I refer anons to the second image I have attached for more on this topic. And of course, redpilling and propaganda both online and IRL absolutely CANNOT be neglected. Numbers of people are already awakening, but we need many, many, many more. The best strategy is what I would call controlled acceleration. Good accelerationism isn't reckless, it is very carefully considered and executed. One should have an immediate objective to achieve and an outcome that they hope to bring about for the benefit of their race.
>>22124 >Effort posters are just neets and weebs Some of them have been, yes. It doesn't matter though, unless you inherently value jewish wage-slavery and capitalism. It is the very fact that many of these people have been more or less free from these constraints that they have come to learn the truth of the world that we live in and have truly studied these matters in some depth. It is young men on the sidelines that have often been sources of discontent and instability in societies, this is very normal.
>>22124 You can pretend to be an alpha an-prim ultra chad all you want, the truth is we're all degenerated faggots, it's an inescapable truth that comes with the collapse of a civilization. At least places like these provide and propagate the ideal of physical strength and fitness, as well as dialectic pragmatism. Our entire generation is weak-willed and weak-bodies, and it's up to ourselves to change that.
The question that everything hinges on is: when is the ZOG least able to deal with individual combatants and small-scale resistance groups- now, or while they're implementing the "Debt Reset" ponzi scheme? By their own projections, all national logistic networks are going to fail following the universal basic income rollout, and they'll be posting their armed forces everywhere just to control the normalcattle dissidents and keep up some minimal resource distribution. Is that time optimal for separating from the state and taking direct action, or should we do it now? Is the ZOG, in this transitional period, capable of responding to lone wolf attacks and off-the-grid groups?
>>22131 True, very true. At least, though, imageboards like these and far-right groups in general have inspired me to exercise and train properly. Even physical strength alone is not a substitute for direct, personal force of will, and that's not something that can be learned from internet shitposts. I couldn't give less of a shit about protecting other people at this point, let the whores get raped. We will slaughter them and their nigglets all.
The time for violence is yesterday. The second best time is today. The third best time is tomorrow. You'll never get the magical moment of public support. >bro you gotta redpill all the lemmings first Won't happen. If you think this you are new, a christcuck, retarded, or a shill.
>>22134 What's your kill count, then, gamer?
What's with all of these posts looking down on anyone who attempts to better themselves or post any possible discussion of the best course of action? Also, everyone knows that /fascist/ has always been more intellectual - something which does not necessarily imply that we support intellectual solutions or complacency. This board should only be a means to an end, and not an end in itself. Many of the topics discussed here are valuable, even the more obscure ones, but they must not distract one completely from more important matters.
>>22134 We don't "body build" we craft our bodies into a beautiful machine for the purpose we were given them to hunt and kill, using Calisthenics like our ancestors.
>>22141 Bo, actually satays out of the religion stuff mostly, he discusses Dharma and shit from time to time and occasionally helps blow out christniggers but the rabid anti-christcuckery is me and another guy entirely.
>>22141 >approves of Indian religious teachings and being passive Religion is an excellent tool to better yourself and your people, if one knows what one doing. What's wrong with Indian religious teachings? This board does not advocate passivity, you're drawing unfounded conclusions; we all know the importance of violence. Effort posting is done here and in real life, in any case, we don't need to blog about how we're implementing our ethos in real life. >Self betterment is the betterment of your people around you Help yourself to help others. Leaders are always great men, great men are often forged. >Masturbating to anime I barely see any anime posters on here in the first place >reading books and lifting weights is no better I'm sure most of us understand the importance of action, regardless, constantly improving is seldom an undesirable endeavor. You seemed to have latched on to a false image of this place and are unwilling to let go.
>>22138 It's because you aren't really allowed to discuss action here because it's against anon cafe rules and would get /fascist/ shut down. It's why the BO gets tempted to delete a list of synagogue names and addresses before being bullied from doing so, and why he talks about how he'd delete posts that "glow" enough. This is why we need something like nein. Without an avenue to discuss action then discussion here will be the end not the means to an end for many. In practical terms, we need to work toward IRL effortposting and if the discussion ends before you get there it's not enough.
>>22149 Got it, so you're just an ooga booga attack nigger (with over 9000 kills) that's incapable of human speech.
>>22146 What if I already can? also why would I lift rocks or trees and shit, bodyweight exercises are how the Spartans did it motherfucker. And Dharma and it's discussion are Aryan they came from us and were spread to the dravidians by us through conquering, I am an Odinist/Cosmothiest btw, but I am not a rertard like you who shits on what our ancestors or their relations did in the world.
>>22141 >no better than buying funko pops, watching marvel on netflix and playing genshin impact all day Is that what you do?
>>22155 Dude you've got some amounts of pent-up rage to work through. Yeah, our ancestor's actions led up to our present circumstances. Does that change anything? You are here to ensure your survival and that of your blood, emotional baggage is redundant.
>>22155 The street shitting and nightmare we live in is a direct result of not following Dharma, aka Natural law, retard.
>>22161 No, I don't have anything I love. I will destroy the modern world, not because of some arbitrary ideas of anger and hate but because it is sub-optimal for my functioning. >>Nice attempt to find a new board At this point I'm tempted to drop half of the autistic security measures and just host it already. The race war is here, anyways, none of us will be using imageboards in 6 months, so most of the security is redundant. It's not like peace is an option.
Only an Abrahamist could hate this work so much. Himmler carried it with him wherever he went, and even Hitler has been said by some to have been inspired by its teachings. Savitri Devi relates stories from her time in India during WWII where children told her that Hitler was inspired by the Bhagavad Gita and was fighting the war to do away with the Bible. The list of Whites from the 19th century onwards in particular inspired by this book is endless. Anyone screaming about “poos” knows nothing about the Gita or its authors.
>>22161 Already covered that I am an odinist you fucking faggot, Dharma is still Natural Law, it is still Physis, it is still National Socialism, you have some fucking issues, if this isn't apparent to you.
>>22164 You are not suited for this, if you don't love our race and simply view it as a means to your own survival.
>>22157 Pics very related
Open file (307.81 KB 614x614 dx_garbage.png)
This thread is a trash can and you've all made me very sad.
>>22175 >expecting anything more from a drama thread, even if the drama is legitimate
Open file (403.26 KB 801x379 based.png)
>>22174 Some OC
I've avoided neinchan because it always seemed suspect and wrong somehow. this confirms my judgment.
>>22191 How so? The users acting... weird? I agree.
>>22191 Also curious. Never posted there. What did seem wrong with neinchan?
Open file (543.37 KB 770x2582 1.png)
Open file (45.17 KB 759x394 1548624472359.png)
>>22115 As predicted, the derad shill after destroying Nein thanks to dumbmin's stupidity has now moved here to torment us. Please BO, nuke this faggot on sight or you know how this will end. Pic related are the posts he made on Nein, as you can he always uses the same copypasted words and concepts that he is using here as well, he is a textbook deradicalization shill and also always does the classic kike trick of accusing you how of being what he in fact is (y-you're the CREST shill, not me!!!). Save these screenshots, you will quickly recognize him so you can report his shilling to Fash BO.
Open file (604.13 KB 998x2268 cointelpro_shilling.png)
Also, stop replying to this nigger who is clearly derailing ------> >>22161 >(Nice attempt to find a new board BTW. :) ) Probably a butthurt Nein mod with nothing else to do but delete cunnyposting and columbinefag spamming on his now useless board All of you faggots stop talking about shit that is not related to the thread, which is brainstorming to move to a new home because as >>22151 rightfully said, anon cafe is not the place to install a new nat soc /pol/
>>22191 >>22196 The posters there are just gooberish. They have no sort of formality.
Open file (1.58 MB 360x202 1539785176231.gif)
Is Neinchan currently down for you a well, lads?
>>22230 Update: no, it's up, but latest post where anons where invited to come here has been deleted and the faux new hostile observers thread has been erased of all comments again.
If you had the knowledge to run a board but didn't have the time to moderate one or the desire to get involved in drama or legal problems, how would you run it and what minimum rules would you have? Just a rule against pornography of any kind?
>>22188 What a fitting post for some Hitler dubs. Absolutely saved
>>22197 seconding call to ban this user on site p.s. shitposting in public is more valuable than effortposting in private
>>22237 sight, jfc
Open file (19.05 KB 540x489 1489674128764.jpg)
>>22233 >how would you run it and what minimum rules would you have? I would keep it as simple as possible: no degeneracy like porn/faggotry, no /b/ tier shitposting allowed, no 4cuck-tier cuckoldry allowed. To avoid dispersing an already small audience, I'd keep it focused on national socialism and related topics, so no need to have boards about inane stuff like videogames and anime (there's already the rest of the world wide web full of that stuff) and just stick to basic and useful boards such as /pol/, /k/, a library to keep a collection of helpful and censored literature, maybe a /fit/-/SIG/ section we could either keep as a dedicated board or just as a /general/ on /pol/. We could also host a /fascist/ bunker in case anon cafe gets shoaded. Personally I don't have the knowledge to build a board, I have pretty much non existent tech knowledge but I have time and will to help as a mod, if someone would provide me with a quick guide in the use of moderation tools. In the past I considered volunteering as Neinchan mod when they were searching for jannies, but then the lack of knowledge held me back and it seemed they got it covered so I didn't step forward and I was satisfied in contributing to the board by other means (effortposting, keeping cyclical threads updated, baking new threads when needed, reporting spammers and shills, OC production and so on). But now that Nein is ruined, I am willing to give my contribution to a new project, if it'll ever take shape.
Report derad shills and malicious derailers on sight and I will gas them. I am getting most of them finally, but I don’t want to miss any
>>22241 Based >>22240 Forgot to add, if building the whole thing is too difficult or simply no one has the willpower to come out and lead the project, we should at least discuss the already existing alternatives (some can be found here >>22047 ) analyze them and eventually go there and ask if our spicy posting will be allowed with the approval of like-minded individuals among the site owners/mods.
>>22242 I say Picochan's /pol/ is our best bet. I can't even find a rule page.
Any chance that the owner of VolkChan is still around and willing to republish his board?
>>22243 No way to contact the owner?
>>22250 Reported for low tier trolling
>>22249 We just make a thread contacting him and hope he sees it. The site doesn't get much posts so he's bound to see it.
>>22252 I say go for it, at least it's a first attempt.
>>22253 Already on it.
Open file (94.78 KB 750x747 itstime.jpg)
Ok I'm getting off my ass right now, should have a new /pol/ set up by this evening. Neuchan sound good to y'all?
>>22260 Holy shit based. Can we call it Heilchan or Tarrantchan? I'm fine with Neuchan though.
Open file (56.70 KB 800x800 145987236713.png)
>>22260 NNNNNNGGGHHHH don't play with my heart, anon. Please be real. The name is not the most relevant thing, but even a simple 1488chan would be nice.
>>22260 Please deliver anon. Your site will be historic when a real-life effortposter posts his Minecraft livestream on Neuchan and gets the high score.
Open file (74.91 KB 680x510 nevadatan.jpg)
>>22260 I've always wanted one called Nevada chan, after Girl A aka Nevada-tan from the Sasebo Slashing to honor those who take the lives of the undeserving
>>22265 Please no weabooism Let's stick to National Socialism, the board will be about that. Also what does Neuchan mean?
>>22266 Neu means new in German.
>>22266 >imageboards without weeaboos
>>22261 A bit on the nose but I don't hate it >>22262 >>22263 Setting up the VPS right now, shit's surprisingly easy and should be 100% untraceable to me. >>22265 Literally never heard of it and I think it's best to keep the board purely NS-focused. >>22268 A man can dream.
>>22266 Then neuchan isn't a good choice either. https://archive.vn/evybx
>>22271 Fuck off Neuchan will be great.
>>22272 I'd rather not trust the words of a nigger who can't even use commas.
>>22269 >Literally never heard of it the absolute state of newfags
>>22272 >Fuck off Neuchan :(
>>22260 >inb4 CREST honeypot For real though, absolutely based it you can get something up and going
Well, now I'm waiting for the server to get set up, hopefully I didn't fuck up the ssh settings. The first few days are likely going to be bumpy, seeing how I've never configured a Lynxchan board before. I also didn't even consider who's going to BO and mod /pol/. First come first served?
>>22278 My suggestion is that you should be the BO of /pol/, at least for now. I say this because the worst thing that could happen right off the bat is some sort of shill taking control of it. But whatever you choose to do in regards to the actual owner of /pol/, I could take up some minor jannie duties if needed
Edited last time by FashBO on 02/05/2021 (Fri) 18:24:57.
Is this Tor only or will there be clearnet options?
>>22281 Tor only is preferred.
>>22278 Godspeed anon, I wish I were able to give a tangible contribution in the set up, but the point I made here >>22240 still stands. I hope you are legit, that you are a good lad and not yet the umpteenth disappointment. I see a huge potential in this project if things will be done the right way with the right people taking care of them.
Open file (4.16 KB 949x118 pico.png)
More positive news: Picochan's admin responded positively to us former Neinchan community, either if we wish to become regular users of picochan's /pol/ or to consider it as a bunker in case we manage to set up a brand new home.
Just for the admin to take note, there's gonna be a lot of lurkers in your newly made board. That means nonWhites (let's be real the shitskins have been on neinchan in the shadows) are gonna know what Whites think and believe in.
>>22280 Will do, I'll probably have to run trial mod positions and vet someone that way. >>22281 Tor only. There's no good way to run a clearnet site while keeping the server untraceable to you, it also hardens it against attacks since you can't (usually) get the servers' IP. >>22283 Can't blame you, the process isn't hard but I still sat on it for 2 days like a retard, now I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for the back-end to be finished. Your post is basically how the site will be run. The /fascist/ bunker is definitely happening and I'm sure FashBO would be ok with managing it. Rules are going to be a lot more strict than Nein in regards to shills, absolutely no peacefagging allowed. Discussing propaganda and redpills is good and important, but the moment someone suggests doing it to the exclusion of effortposting, I'll be banishing that post to the shadow realm. We're careening towards a full-on guerilla war as soon as the mandatory vaccines roll out, we'll need to make the mujahideen look like greenpeace pussies if we want to survive.
Open file (52.30 KB 511x341 1458972154798.jpg)
>>22286 No one cares about shitskins' opinion. And we all now who the main lurkers will be, they wrote a lot of stuff about what we posted on Nein. >>22288 CHECKED AND BLESSED
>>22288 >The /fascist/ bunker is definitely happening and I'm sure FashBO would be ok with managing it. For sure, thanks, bro. I'm excited to see this place up and running. Godspeed.
>>22285 Nice. At least if Neuchan works out, we will still have multiple fallbacks with /fascist/ here and Picochan in case we need it. Glad to see that so far everything seems to be going rather smoothly.
>>22291 I hope so. I also hope Neinchan team of admin and mods will not try some trick because they are butthurt about us leaving and trying to move elsewhere. Newplacemoot please watch out, and be extremely careful in vetting the jannies.
>>22288 Based. If I ever go PvPing I'll share the livestream on Neuchan for all anons to learn from.
>>22293 I expect all sorts of tricks from them, honestly. He must be seething
>>22294 Nah. We want to strike cuckchan. Would be glorious to have it shut down for good, the goddamn honeypot.
>>22296 Holy shit based I never though of that. If I act during the Biden administration it could go down forever.
Open file (63.13 KB 602x666 1599871723849.jpg)
>>22297 Imagine the kvetching, ahah!
Open file (23.53 KB 600x600 laughing pepe emoji.jpg)
>mfw all of the CREST papers will be out of date as soon as Neuchan opens up Take that Stephane Baele
>>22300 I can't wait for them to start pumping out papers about Neuchan. "For those who find the explicit Nazism of Neinchan too tame"
>>22301 > "For those who find the explicit Nazism of Neinchan too tame" My fucking sides, how things have changed
>>22293 If anyone gets up to anything shady, they're out. There's not much you can do as a jannie except nuke random posts. >>22294 As the other anons said, post the direct link on cuckchan. You can then post an archive link of that page on other sites, since that's less likely to get them raided. >>22301 This is now the official board description... as soon as I manage to set up ssh and actually get lynx set up.
>>22304 Based, I actually contributed to something.
>Trusting the first retard setting up a board Enjoy your party van. Feds playing you like a fiddl
>>22307 I think you're even dumber to think that everyone is jumping into this with zero caution. I'm enthusiastic about a possible option popping up, but that does not mean that I'm going to trust it 100% for obvious reasons
>>22308 Reminds me of this quote from Brenton Tarrant: "No, but the next person to attack could be, so a healthy skepticism is a good thing. Just do not allow your skepticism to turn to paranoia and keep you from supporting those that want the best for you."
Open file (314.30 KB 1118x1400 bt36.png)
>>22309 Yeah, exactly.
>>22307 It's simply another option and there is still /fascist/ nein and picochan as backups. If you are using Tor with max security settings you shouldn't need much trust anyways, except for whether or not they will keep it running well and for long enough to deeply invest in. I hope another anon creates another board as well in case this new one doesn't work out or happen, because someone saying they are making something doesn't necessarily mean they will finish it properly. Hopefully he does it's just the reality of announced projects.
>tfw considered nein a final destination and potentially a website of historic magnitude >not just because of their previously based mods, but mainly because of it's selected choice of based anons >spent months btfoing anti-tarrant derad shills on 4cuck, always come home to nein >tfw even made majority of their headers >one of the mods now turns away from Saint Tarrant and betrays his holy message Rather painful. But then again, I would advice caution before jumping to conclusions. It is very strange this comes off this soon after a big as fuck NGO gets massive funding and focuses on Nein. Chances are that this is part of some operation against the website. Considering Nein's previously stellar backtrack, it seems strange to me. I would find it easier to believe that someone on Nein fucked up and either let some subversive kike get mod flag or some subversive kike got it itself, because someone on Nein fucked up. Technical issue is more believable to me, than previously utterly based mods suddenly turning 360 and walking away. Don't forget - Nein getting abandoned would be a big deal to many antiWhite forces. The jew fears indoor and outdoor acceleration farmer. And again, we are not talking about BO, but about a single mod. However, BO should step up and explain what is going on. Lack of communication does not help anyone. tl;dr - don't be like a zoomer girl who rather breaks up at first sign of some issue, and looks for a new tree branch to hold on, instead of walking the walk and truly looking up what is going on and possibly fixing things. Especially considering this >>22307
>>22316 >However, BO should step up and explain what is going on. He’s too busy deleting posts, adding wordfilters and false-flagging ITT right now
>>22317 And I forgot to mention pretending that the archives don’t exist and that we just all edited screencaps to incriminate him. He’s a little bitch
>>22317 >>22318 And it's 100% confirmed that it is the BO who is doing that, not just mod in question?
>>22319 It’s the admin mourning_star. The owner of /pol/ has a tag saying “board owner” as far as I understand it, just like FashBO here >>22280, while the owner of the site has an “admin” tag. Check out the archives ITT
>>22307 posting on Qubes+Whonix™
>>22307 It's not a honeypot, and I'm not saying this just because I'm legally required to. >>22313 I just spent 4 hours trying to figure out why my auth certificates aren't working, only to find out the VPS is shagging them up. I'm setting the server up manually now, tbh if I hadn't announced it publicly I probably would've given up on the whole thing by now. >>22321 If you'll believe it, some people post here on the clearnet site using Windows.
>>22325 Hi fellow Nazis Don't you hate feds? I hate feds. It takes 2 days to get approval to set up my honey pot, I mean server. I don't even want to do it, haha, I just said I would so I have to now. I'm lazy just like you guys. Haha. Glow nigger glow!
>>22327 >get approval to set up my honey pot You could not even begin to comprehend my power and authority, civvie.
>>22327 >stirring shit already Hi Antifa.
>>22330 Why would you trust some random faggot who turns up and sets up a server? Be my guest, become bubba's butt buddy in pound me in the ass prison.
>>22331 Doesn't hurt to try it out. I'm still a bit skeptical but I'll check it out and tell you guys if it's any good.
>>22332 If it's not immediately filled with CP by trolls it's a honey pot.
>>22329 >civvie? I can't believe I'm hearing that name in here. Of all places. Not a bad game reviewer. Although it's annoying to hear him bitch about WN.
Ok the VNC is shitting itself, I think I crashed their server farm twice, I'll look into a different one tomorrow.
>>22331 >Why would you trust some random faggot who turns up and sets up a server? Correct, you should never trust any imageboard. Same applies with Nein, same applies with here, same applies with 16chan, 4chan, 8moe, 8kun, etc. Every. Single. One. I knew that jews would scream "HONEYPOT" as soon as someone actually made a move to do anything, because there will never be a board that is 100% trustable and safe™, and you are retarded if you think there is.
Open file (139.63 KB 1078x255 ClipboardImage.png)
Does this look like the Neinchan admin falseflagging to anyone else? He even types exactly like him
>>22341 Holy shit the falseflagging is real.
Open file (10.40 KB 413x98 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22342 Lol this is just sad
I always suspected the admin was a fucking boomer cuckold.
Open file (202.38 KB 1366x768 6218euqgdu01.png)
Open file (178.51 KB 1366x658 6218euqgdu02.png)
>>21703 nanochan is kiked
neunchan is looking great fuck reradmin
>>22334 Monitoring the youtubes for the latest cool kid memes is what feds do. They think they can quote civvie or some other eceleb and it proves they're one of us. I'm even more suspicious now.
Open file (5.65 KB 566x150 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22348 >>22334 >muh irrelevant eceleb
The cunnyposter anon is spamming NeinChan right now. http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/43122.html#43180
>>22350 Is he /ourguy/ or is he a true chaotic neutral?
>>22351 He's replying to every thread... EVERY SINGLE THREAD
Open file (312.36 KB 843x497 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (966.04 KB 800x800 clean it up janny.png)
>>22353 meant for >>22352
>>22047 >picochan >accelerationist posters the title of the board suggests he'd be ok with that suff
Any updates on Neuchan yet?
>>22353 You're retarded, really.
>>22268 That's why I always liked forums Forums are great, if not IRC. Would anyone be up for that? Ironmarch 2.0 (fednigger free) edition?
>>22349 I apologize.
>>22265 That's fucked up. Unless you can tell me why a small girl killed a bunch of people? sage
>>22365 She was teased at school from what I call. Then jap artists started making loli porn of her.
>>22265 可愛い
>>22307 you don't know who runs this site you're posting on right now dipshit
>>22366 yeah it was sick as fuck, she took them out with a box cutter and slit one girl's throat. Day of the rope comes early for bullies :3
Open file (70.86 KB 697x781 uUcS9tD (1).jpg)
>>22370 >Day of the rope comes early for bullies Virgin cuckold detected.
>>22353 Nein catalog is completely fucked up right now, old threads have been necrobumped and the cunnyposter has spammed his disgusting shit all over the place. What a retard, cunnyposters will hang on DOTR. >>22341 Where's this from? >>22307 Fuck off dumbmin, this was all your fault. Deal with it like a man for once in your life, you mongoloid. >>22325 Please don't give up anon, seek help from other tech anons when needed >>22316 >It is very strange this comes off this soon after a big as fuck NGO gets massive funding and focuses on Nein. They had an even bigger focus on Nein when it still was on clearweb, in fact they worked really hard to deplatform it. It was a commendable move on Nein's part to keep the place up nonetheless, but what happened the other day it's the fault of the admin completely. It's not about him having personal views that clash with the opinion of some users, it's about him playing in the hands of the enemies by literally agreeing with blatant deradicalization shills and then instead of toning it down, he made things worse when he started insulting anons who pointed out his idiocy and when he finally deleted the proof of his spergout in an attempt to cover it up. If he was just a jannie the thing could have been adjusted by asking a mod to remove him, but he is the site owner. He screwed up too blatantly to pretend nothing happened. You don't side with the shills by shitting on your userbase, period. >Chances are that this is part of some operation against the website Yes of course there was an operation, it was the usual deradicalization shit that's been copypasted on Nein since forever (see screenshot here >>22197 ) and the dumbass site owner showed up and literally agreed with this shit like a retard who didn't even notice the subversion. >we are not talking about BO, but about a single mod No, it was the SITE OWNER, you literally cannot kick him out. >BO should step up and explain what is going on Nobody did it, even worse they deleted the spergout instead of dealing with the situation, now they pop up ITT with their butthurt and derailing attempts. Cannot deal with situation like adults, come on it's just sad. As for the rest (considering Nein as a home with based mods and based anons, being committed to keep quality up with your posts and OC) I feel exactly the same, but there's a breaking point after which trust cannot be retrieved. I hope the new project comes to fruition, or we could just try to start all over on Picochan - if there is something positive we can still gain from the mess this is the collective effort in building or finding several fallbacks for our community. I once again urge the lurkers who were involved in similar projects to step forward, even for just some tech advice.
>>22363 It's too easy to shill on chans Forums can at least be moderated easily
>>22374 Just stop it. I don't even need to get started on the giant security failures of a forum because they are well known by now. Do I have to remind you what happened with Iron March? Suggesting we go back to a form of communication where any type of identification of users exist is completely malicious from you.
>>22375 Just stop it. What a forum collects is no different from an imageboard, so long as you use a BS email or the board doesn't validate email addresses. t. sysadmin BTW, the idiots at Fascist Forge posted that sql dump themselves.
Just a quick update, I managed to get a BSD install finally running on this third-rate Somalian server host, I'm currently setting up the packages for Lynxchan and fingers crossed nothing will go tits up when I run the setup script. >>22373 >fuck off dumbmin If that's really him, keep in mind his own server is hosted in someone else's bedroom, probably unencrypted. >don't give up Not planning to, worst case scenarion I'll pull a Nein and use an old laptop as the host. If their server wasn't raided for this long, I might just be fine as well. >>22374 Even if you ran a forum as a tor hidden service, you're still significantly less protected than with an imageboard. The only thing feds have to go by on the chans are writing patterns, time frequency distributions, images with exif data, and whatever personal information you disclose like a dumb shit. It's all guesswork, ultimately, and if you make a bit of effort you could plausibly deny any involvement in a court. It probably won't save you if they're really out to get you, but it's something. Forums have password-secured accounts, which makes the job of identifying individual users infinitely easier. You're suddenly not running language analysis on post chains, but correlating an entire account's activity. You can then draw much more credible comparisons with the suspect's daily routine and phone GPS data. Beside being a fucktard and chatting on Telegram, that's the only way to get funposters. t. fed
>>22376 Posting on a forum is no different than using a social media platform or reddit: your complete post history can be retrieved by tracking your username. Every platform that requires any type of subscription is a fucking SCAM and will bring you tons of problems further down the road - see what happened with Telepozzedgram for example. Complete abandonment of kike controlled clearweb is our only true hope.
>>22377 No one is going to ID you on a .onion forum unless you ID yourself. Not an argument.
>>22377 >t. fed What did you mean by this?
>>22379 Except that they're going to notice that your posting times correlate to Tor traffic from your network, exactly when you are at home, and never, ever while you're doing something else, which they know you're doing because you take your phone around with you like a ghetto nigger then wonder how you got busted. You don't need to share any information about yourself, your posts are the information. Unless you hide a (de-fingerprinted) raspberry pi in a public library in another city, connect it to tor through a vpn, route your traffic through it, and write a script to upload your posts at random times when you're at work, you will get correlated. That applies to imageboards as well, but somewhat less so. >not an argument See you in the office tomorrow, agent Boyle.
>>21669 That cunnyposter is based and accelerationist pilled. does anyone have that image painting girl.png? >>21678 This is ture >>21694 Board Owner, is casual friendly cunnyposting allowed here? >>21700 >>21699 I am also a cunnyposter but I didn't make that thread, we're leaving that shithole. >>22350 >>22353 OUR GUY
>>22374 >>22376 >It's too easy to shill on chans and It's too easy to interact with like minded people on chans too. Imageboard software and chans image protocol is the best for /pol/
>>22376 Forums collect usernames/emails so you can correlate all posts by a user if the data is breached. A sysadmin perspective isn't enough you also have to consider infosec. Personally I wouldn't post on a forum but that's just me.
>>22384 Imagine reacting with violent anger just from seeing a little girl smiling. The absolute state of some people. >>22394 There's literally no reason to use forums anyway. What you gain in "vetting" members you lose in vetting ideas. The very mechanism of each user having a reputation leads to shitty environments where the most ridiculous ass bile is circulated because of social consensus. Anyone who's ever used a forum for any length of time knows how infected they are with dramafagging. Imagine the deradmin's behavior, but every user is like that as well. Shilling is irrelevant on forums because they don't have any worthwhile content in the first place. >>22394 A sysadmin perspective should be everything you need to know that forums are concentrated cancer. I know how much bullshit I can pull up on my users with a few keystrokes, why the hell would I want the same thing for myself?
>>22394 >>22397 you can turn on anonymous posting on forum software like phpBB.
>>22398 What's the point in having user accounts in the first place, then? Everyone hates namefags already.
>>22384 As long as it's kept casual and not in every thread and every post of yours, I assume it is fine. A cute girl can enhance any thread and any post. Plus they remind me of what the jews want to destroy.
Open file (14.84 KB 508x196 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22397 >I get banned from normal forums because I can't format posts properly and start drama We know. >>22370 Retards don't even know who nevada-tan is. She was "GIrl A" in a stabbing case, nicknamed Nevada because of her shirt. She was called chubby/fat online by one of the girls in her class. She got the girl alone and cut her with a box cutter. >>22392 /pol/ is dead and you're the last losers refusing to turn the light off. /pol/ was subverted over 5 years ago now and not a single /pol/ since then has been worth posting on. Nein included. They're the gamergate general board now. If you want happenings streams do it better and everything else is just spam and screaming shill like the fucktards you are. JIDF, Shill and now it's Crest being screeched.
Open file (56.47 KB 680x530 156398545713.jpg)
>>22414 kek >>22416 Fuck off demoralizationfag. Also, no one cares about your favorite anime girl. If we manage to build this thing, pic related will be our board-tan or board-girl or whatever the fuck it's called >>22384 >>22403 kill yourselves
>>22420 What a great White culture you will have. With all the anime and lolicon.
>>22416 >spacing out paragraphs Go back to facebook, it's much easier on your failing boomer eyes.
>>22431 >I love my race >Fuck any one older than 20 Are you White? Not many young White people any more.
>>22429 Even worse with the "cunnyposting".
Shut up and make new boards already
>>22444 It's almost there. I finally have an offshore server that works, I've dropped Lynx entirely after spending 2 days in dependency hell, and hopefully the more minimal one I've decided one should work, I'm about to finish up the configuration and try to get something online in the next few hours, at least as a sanity check, and if that works out, I'll then set up the hidden service and get the damn thing live. It'll be crusty as hell, webms will definitely not work in the near future, but it'll be a start, and it'll be 100% independent and theoretically un-vannable. Maybe. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
>>22465 cheers
>>22465 Based, accept death, embrace infamy, achieve victory!
>>22483 Fuck off demoralization faggot. We will win. I guarantee it.
>>22465 I fucking hope this goes well this time. >>22432 >if you are wary of posters that associate veiled pedophilia to fascist communities you are non White and a feminist Neck yourself, go find your friends among the LGBTP crowd, disgusting perv
>>22465 Any updates?
>>22403 Fuck off Pedophilia is degenerate and wrong
>>22539 >sees cute little girl >first thought is pedophilia Boomer
>>22539 how retarded would you have to be to think the users of a board about fascism, who just want to procreate and raise children in peace, are pedophiles serious question
>>22539 I don't see a problem with it if one keeps his pedo thoughts to himself and does not harm or sexualize kids in real life. /fascist/ lolibros are very much unlike the LGBTQP+ faggots you commonly see on sites like Twitter. Also /fascist/ is not and should not be a cunnyposting board, but there's literally nothing wrong with occasional lg posting.
Open file (431.12 KB 671x600 painting girl.png)
>>22384 >does anyone have that image painting girl.png?
>>22540 >post a picure of little girl >call it cunnyposting >get called out >lmao u triggered by pics of little girls sounds like u r the real pedo You guys aren't fooling anyone
>>22550 Cunny is a pedo word about sexualizing children and it's the same word pedos use so if they are so different why trumpet the same language?
Open file (4.40 KB 962x136 ppppppp.png)
Well lads, apparently Picochan's admin changed his mind.
>>22597 Wait, what made him change his mind?
>>22598 Someone posted the old discord "leaks" where the original founder of Neinchan spoke about spamming his site and shit, honestly I never listened to it fully as I could not care less about it. Dunno if this neeshy guy (admin of Picochan) fully understood that we Neinchan users are leaving the platform because of the retarded admin as well. Oh, well.
>>22599 Isn't that (allegedly) not even the current owner? Apparently there was some sort of switch over, but I haven't really bothered to investigate it that much myself. I've only been using Nein since late 2019 myself. Hopefully the admin at Pico will realize that it's the admin who's the problem. The users of Nein themselves are absolute lads
>>22600 Same here, I've never been interested in internet drama among namefags and such. I am not gonna beg this Picochan guy nor anyone to stay on their board tbh, if this new project never comes to light I'd rather wander here and there rather than beg some literally who to host my superior shitposting on his platform.
Open file (876.28 KB 245x309 bt11.gif)
>>22596 >>22595 Cunnyposter has been confirmed to be absolutely based though with his film about Brenton Tarrant that he released yesterday. He is officially /ourguy/
>>22601 Looking at the Neinchan refugee thread there, I honestly think it was a rather unnecessary request. We don't need a /neinpol/ board. We just need a based /pol/ to post on, no permissions or requests needed as far as I understand. I wouldn't even have a problem setting up Brenton Tarrant generals on 16chan. Though the best outcome of course would be the that the Neuchan thing yields results, but we'll see.
Open file (15.88 KB 958x456 qwerty.png)
>>22603 You are not wrong either. Honestly after two years I am pretty tired to deal with niggers like in pic related, I truly hope the "Neuchan" guy will give us good news because a platform of our own enhances our warfare real big. Debating with this sort of mental midgets pretty much diluites and dwindles our effortposting and memetic production.
Open file (265.62 KB 841x1083 comfy tarrant.png)
>>22604 It's honestly astounding how after nearly two years since Christchurch there are still retards going around asking the same two or three questions about Tarrant over and over. It's tiring honestly. So yes, I'm hoping that Neu will work out. We haven't heard anything in two days though, hopefully everything is going well. The best part about the community at Nein is that we were almost completely free of cucks and faggots and had little to no restrictions on what we could say. That is what we need.
>>22597 Seems like the Picochan admin just had some reservations. Still, he seems indecisive, and with posts like the pic related of >>22604 Picochan doesn't look very viable.
Open file (30.89 KB 634x672 xmwdj3kg1ob31.png)
>>22602 >Please allow us to taint your movement's public image with pedophilia, goyim! >He posted something in support of Tarrant, so he must be /ourguy/ >t. room temperature IQ
>>22550 >>22543 >>22540 The word "cunnyposting" itself implies sexualization. We need to keep a pristine public image as much as possible, the whole "muh optics cuckery" issue aside. Promoting the sexualization of children distorts our conception of sex and of the family. It would lead to a very dark path for Whites if we were to become LGBTP coomers.
Open file (291.37 KB 686x389 loli diversity.jpg)
>>22622 >Promoting the sexualization of children distorts our conception of sex and of the family. It would lead to a very dark path for Whites if we were to become LGBTP coomers. We completely agree here. What people are not doing is trying to replicate the current order of society and just extending our ability to date young girls. The entire structure today is rotten and supports promiscuity, gratuitous sexualization, family breakdown and degenerate hookup culture and dating. None of this is traditional, because none of this is conducive to a healthy society. You talk about a pristine public image, and this is entirely compatible with what people like propose. It is only (((societal))) programming that makes people think that even these proposals are "pedophilic", i.e. the proposals which would do away with the age of consent and put these matters back into the hands with fathers and restrict sexual activity to the confines of marriage. The benefits of this are far too numerous to lay out in this post without going TL;DR. These are all healthy natalist policies. And in a healthy world, girls would be married off to good young men approved of by the girls' fathers not long after they hit puberty. Perhaps the use of the term 'cunnyposting' is in bad taste when paired with this message though, I could agree with that. Personally I see it largely as an imageboard meme-term
Open file (2.63 MB 1073x1000 1609117804772.png)
RETARD CHADMIN FINALLY DELIVERS Holy shit this was way harder than it had any right to be. The board is literally barebones at the moment, I haven't even customized the html layout yet. Those gay links to 2ch will get nuked soon, then I'll slowly get the css changed to true /pol/ aesthetics. Webms are probably going to be broken, along with a bunch of other stuff, but feel free to post them, I'll see how the server handles different file types down the road. GET IN HERE YOU FAGGOTS I SPENT 4 DAYS SETTING THIS SHIT UP FOR YOU iwt7mcuk7y25svu74ppbtuehavgnxm32p2hbcxbbwpuwmidzny7qn7id.onion
>>22642 Guess I'm a Neuchan user now.
Open file (10.58 KB 945x63 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22642 Absolutely fucking based. The madman actually delivered. CREST BTFO DERADMIN BTFO JEWS BTFO
Open file (2.63 MB 1073x1000 1609117804772.png)
Make sure to complain about the board both here and on the neu/meta/ thread. Really. I have no way of knowing just how sub-par the engine currently is, suggestions and criticisms are more than welcome. There's stuff that only comes up during actual use, but for now I'll focus on getting the site layout to not be an attack on your eyesight and sanity.
>>22647 No idea how pic related got uploaded with this post, but whatever, this shitshow is worth double the soyjack.
>>22648 "The shilldom" doesn't link anywhere.
>>22632 >Perhaps the use of the term 'cunnyposting' is in bad taste when paired with this message though, I could agree with that. Personally I see it largely as an imageboard meme-term Just like faggots laughed about trap porn "ironically"- until it wasn't. It's not a meme term either it's the language actual pedophiles use to sexualize minors and you are adopting it supposedly ironically. Most of you just sound like deranged coomers paying only lip service to your supposed principles.
>>22649 Yeah it's supposed to link to CREST, the php script very specifically fucks up that one href no matter what.
>>22642 >Already being spammed with CP >Half the board isn't set up correctly and could have security holes from it >>22650 I remember ironic trap posting, which lead to trannies thinking they were welcome. It started with anime traps, lead to real ones and then trannies took over multiple boards like /co/ and /r9k/. On 4chan you can see the pedos moving across boards making stealth loli and shota threads. On the alt chans they make cunny threads and say age of consent is wrong. It's all subversive and designed to abuse children and leave them with damage to their reproductive organs.
>>22652 >already being spammed with CP This honestly gave me a start. No cp on my board yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. >Half the board isn't set up correctly and could have security holes from it There isn't such a thing as "correct" when setting up the barebones, barely functional shambling corpse that is TinyIB. For security holes, beside posts being literally stored as plaintext files, I can't think of any. Nothing on the server can be traced back to me, credentials are checked correctly for admin stuff, the only thing that's not hardened against are those magical management engine backdoors which could technically leak the bare IP, and even then the whole point with deep net imageboards is that there's not really all that much to hack. I'm much more concerned about how usable it is for normal posting, since our user base is already pretty small and the focus should be on decentralization over bells and whistles.
>>22650 oldfag here. When I hear language like "coomer" or "cunny" or "boipussy" it makes me want to fucking kill you and not in minecraft
Neuchan's down, what happened?
>>22642 >>22647 >apache test page Jesus fucking christ. And why are you using TinyIB? If you were going for minimalism, nanochan or picochan are the best out there. Anything using PHP is going to be bloated crap. If on the other hand you want a good feature set, there's lynxchan and jschan.
>>22653 Search for books on hardening Linux
Neuchan's down for a switchover to a far better engine. should be back up in a few minutes.
>>22658 It's just the simplest thing I could get working as a sanity check after going through dependency hell with Lynx. I'm swithing over to Tinyboard, which is still simple but functional.
>>22662 take your time securing the thing. vichan, lynx, tinyib, etc all have aspects about them that shouldn't be deemed trustworthy. I've been considering writing an IB with a more modern framework but I haven't thought much about how to keep contributions private or if it'd be worth the effort.
>>22653 Lynis is a good utility. It'll run checks for common CVA breaches and is incredibly useful for a hardened baseline image. Once you get something up and running, we can use your new board to discuss webdev stuff and possibilities. Wonder if we can set up a federated TOR ring...
Open file (7.51 KB 200x200 ssfeel.jpg)
Board switchover complete The address is now >iwt7mcuk7y25svu74ppbtuehavgnxm32p2hbcxbbwpuwmidzny7qn7id.onion/pol/ The new engine allows multiple boards to run on the site, I'll use this to setup the /fascist/ bunker. In the meantine, everything seems to be working. This amphetamine-fueled syadmin hellrun might be finally coming to a close.
>>22667 >amphetamine wojak BO mark would run a better board
>>22668 t. mark
Ok, that should be the system nice and secure now, the board functional, even an automatic catalog page. I guess all that remains to be done now is to play dress-up with the CSS until I match the /fascist/ aesthetic, but all in all I declare Neuchan officially launched. It should work now. iwt7mcuk7y25svu74ppbtuehavgnxm32p2hbcxbbwpuwmidzny7qn7id.onion/pol/
>>22670 I could throw the CSS file up I use up on anonfiles tomorrow if you’d want it. I know you’re busy with bug-fixing at the moment, but lemme know when you’re able to get me as BO of /fascist/ there and we’ll find a way for you to securely give me the login info
>>22632 I think people of color is an appropriated term. Aryans are the only people of color. With non-Whites, I only see differing shades of brown. I call non-Whites people of shade, or POS. That could also mean pieces of shit or puddles of piss for orientals.
>>22672 Exactly. Whites are the most beautiful and vibrant race. My theory is that non-Whites are closer to animals given the fact that they have far less distinctive individual features.
>>22671 I've actually tried to shamelessly copy your css stylesheet, unfortunately the engines use different tags, so I'll have to rice it manually either way. I've set up the /fascist/ board with an admin user account, you could post a public pgp key for me to encrypt the credentials, or if there's a convenient way to dm through anon.cafe that could work as well. Everything seems to be about fine just now, bug-fixing wise.
>>22670 Absolute madman, if you're legit and this will work you might become legendary, mate. I hope you will not fuck around like Nein's retardmin. I am the original baker of the Tarrant threads on Neinchan (I came up with the format for the opening post and started baking them progressively). When the thing will be deemed by you as stable and secure enough, just let us know and I'll be ready to start the engine properly. If you guys are ok, I propose to go back to the original 8/pol/ caption "Tarrant Memetic Warfare". You decide if you want to keep the progressive numbering from the Nein threads (n.25) or start over.
>>22664 >Wonder if we can set up a federated TOR ring... There's a thread on this topic on sleppy.
>>22675 The board was pretty much online, I was doing minor cosmetic touches but everything was ok. Until 5 minutes ago, when the entire fucking server crashes, exactly 24 hours after the vnc has set it up, exactly like the last one, like clockwork. I'm not sure what the hell is going on with their setup, or if I can have the thing recovered at this point, guess we'll just have to wait and see. At least I can get the board set back up in under a day if I have to start from scratch.
>>22678 That's too bad. I wish I knew how to help with this stuff, sorry.
>>22678 You're using VNC? That's one of the biggest and mose common security holes. Should be able to just SSH in and do stuff.
>>22674 >you could post a public pgp key for me to encrypt the credentials Would this site work? https://www.igolder.com/PGP/generate-key/ Would I just give you the public key thing on the right once I enter the password I want? Sorry if these are dumb questions, this sort of stuff is outside of my domain kek. The username can just be FashBO.
Open file (546.63 KB 508x644 peace-at-last.png)
Thrice dead now returned, Neuchan is back in business on an entirely different host in another country, this time it should not die randomly. Everything is set up, ready for use, properly configured, hardened, even the /fascist/ bunker is ready for the handover. The new and final address is: dibzdpeu52cpmeuvdynm5mf6nawoslxozxmhx3fjozjz44cksodhkaqd.onion/pol/ >>22683 Yeah I meant to say VPS, only the fancy hosts offer VNC anyway. >>22685 Eeeeeh not that it matters you can change the password, I'd just use gpg. Yeah you post the public key, I use that to encrypt the text, then you use the private key to decrypt it. I think that site's got a separate page for that.
>>22685 >>22699 >Not using GPG https://gnupg.org (on windows, you can install gpg4win (which has a GUI) or the windows version of git which comes with gpg)
>>22702 I'll try that then EDIT: I'll try to mess with this later, I'm a literal retard when it comes to this shit
Edited last time by FashBO on 02/09/2021 (Tue) 18:49:40.
>>22698 excellent, this one seems to be working. so is neuchan going to be the official name?
>>22702 you are right but you should have explained why! GPG (software) is an implementation of OpenPGP standard. the reason for using GPG keys is to encrypt/decrypt text (or email messages or files) is to secure your communications (the owners of the newchan probably want to use PGP key to send you a secure email) and/or to sign the text/email to prove your identity. OpenPGP is based on using 2 different keys (ie, the software generates both a private and a public key). you can share your public key with others but you must keep your private key 100% private and secure (you can only use it to decrypt messages that are sent to you) You use the public of Anon to encrypt content that's meant for him (you should also encrypt the same content with your key so you can also decrypt the contents) >How to use the gpg4win GUI? <https://ssd.eff.org/en/module/how-use-pgp-windows To generate a key pair with GPG (the command-line version): >https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GnuPG#Create_a_key_pair 1. To generate OpenPGP keys with GPG software you first type gpg --full-gen-key in the command prompt 2. When it asks for which kind of key to generate, you can just press Enter to use the default 3. Press Enter to use default keysize 4. Type 0 and press Enter so the key wont automatically expire (alternatively you can type 10y to make the key automatically expire after 10 years) 5. When it asks for "Real Name" just type your Internet nickname (others will see this) and press Enter to confirm 6. Next it asks for your email address (this will be visible to others). Press Enter to confirm 7. Leave the comment blank (this will be visible to others). Again, press Enter to confirm. 8. GPG now asks whether the info you supplied is correct. Press O to answer that the info is correct and that it's Okay to proceed to generate the key. 9. Enter a passphrase to protect your key pair (this should be kept secret from others) 10. Run gpg --list-keys to see your keys (the line that starts with uid contains the user id (i use FashBO as an example below) 11. Run gpg --export --armor --output public.key FashBO 12. Send contents of public.key file to neuchan admins. To decrypt/encrypt files: 1. Import neuchan admin's key from file (when they send one) gpg --import neuchan_public.key 2. To encrypt doc.txt run gpg --armor --hidden-recipient FashBO --hidden-recipient neuchan_admin --encrypt doc.txt which creates a new file that's encrypted 3. To decrypt a file run gpg --output doc.txt --decrypt doc.txt.gpg >How to use PGP to secure email communication? <https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/en/ p.s. Never share your private key
>>22711 Yeah, there were some good suggestions like 14chan and the like, but they don't roll off the tongue as well. The irony of nuchan being the alpha version of neinchan is also starting to grow on me. >nuchan >>22718 If I knew how to send an email to FashBO without him leaking his own addr- oh god he could have just made a burner address couldn't he? Well anyway, what I was going to do was just post the encrypted pgp stream in a post, FashBO could then unencrypt it, change his password, and remove the (massive fucking text stream) post because clutter. Posting a guerilla address here could solve this right away, but learning to use gpg is a good idea regardless. Great rundown all-around, every anon should learn this, every fed-run PRISM-mirrored comms channel is secure when you do the encryption yourself. Especially important now with war on the horizon.
>>22738 Here's a burner:
Edited last time by FashBO on 02/10/2021 (Wed) 01:56:23.
>>22738 >nu The commonplace, easily-recognizable dogwhistle for all things degenerate and kiked beyond redemption. Why the Admin chose that shit-name is beyond my comprehension unless he's a glownigger laughing in his sleeve at everyone.
Also, the GPG/GnuPG documentation is not very helpful since GPG has a lot of options that no one uses. Instead, I suggest the links in >>22718 and https://cheat.sh/gpg2 and https://cheat.sh/gpg (again, be very careful with your private/secret keys! don't export them if you don't have to or if you don't know what you are doing!)
>>22749 >nu Burger who can't pronounce German detected, the Neu is pronounced nothing like that
Open file (92.46 KB 256x280 you-cuck.png)
>>22749 Yes, I'm laughing my federal ass off at a virgin mispronunciation while dozens of anons are being galvanized against the government and (((protected assets))). >>22751 This is the reason I hate linux. The generational waves of soydevs have turned every supposedly minimal program into a clusterfuck of broken legacy options and arcane bit magic. ls is 130kb large. The worst offender by far is gcc. nobody, nobody has ever gotten the compile flags to work in the entire history of computing. >>22752 The uninitiated are not supposed to know the secret volkish modes of pronounciation.
>>22758 it's not all bad you just have to stay away from the pozzed distros like ubuntu and debian when you run into one of those fags who wants you to stop using master/slave tell them you won't do it until they first eliminate 'abort' as a gesture of good faith
>>22776 They removed raster font support from pango. This isn't just a problem of politics, the entire dev sphere is fucking deranged. Linux is officially dead to me the moment my distro drops support for 1.43, at that point I'm switching to ZenithOS and never looking back.
>>22752 Damn I completely missed your post. Hope you still have that tab open.
>>22786 Uhh I think I managed to access your burner inbox by literally typing fash into the user field. Yeah a pgp key is definitely required, otherwise some random funposter will will grab your account instantly.
>>22786 Nice, it should be with you now.
>>22786 >>22787 >>22794 Nothing showed up, plus if it was to the first email I closed that one out, here just send this shit to a cock.li I have so I don't have to worry about other people seeing it.
Edited last time by FashBO on 02/10/2021 (Wed) 02:46:11.
>>22799 You're helping to strengthen board federation and decentralization, I can't complain about sending an email or two.
>>22801 The email just arrived by the way, will try it out now.
>>22698 Is there a way to migrate content from here to there in case something happens to anoncafe?
Open file (105.53 KB 1024x725 database-feels.jpg)
>>22808 In theory, yeah, Lyxchan should also use an SQL database for its posts. In practice, they're almost definitely not formatted the same. I'll look into the table structure on my end, but I'll also need a sample table from here, possibly from a test board with only a few posts. I'm not experienced with databases, but judging by the html render scripts on Tinyboard it might literally be as easy as renaming a few fields and spoofing a few others. If this ends up happening, it'd only take a couple scripts more and you have a federated imageboard platform with posts being mirrored and backed up between independent sites. Think a peer-to-peer imageboard network that's immune to censorship.
Open file (18.72 KB 1073x313 lol.png)
The shill was feeling lonely on the deserted Neinchan so he quickly decided to move to the new place.
>>22825 Fun's over, I deleted all but neinmoot's posts and will do so on sight from now on. I might tidy up the rest of the meta thread too, not sure.
>>22825 Top kek, how the mighty have fallen. Deradmin went from an admin to a shill parasite latching onto a far more based more in a matter of days. By the way, should we make a new thread here in case there are technical difficulties or down time?
>>22818 >Lyxchan should also use an SQL database for its posts Lynxchan uses mongodb
>>22841 I'd like to have a crossposters general, yes. It would keep the topic contained.
>>22863 >>22841 Feel free
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i just found the link to this thread on nein, this will likely be my only post here. i had not been on nein since being removed. no, i didnt delete the thread, minty (board owner did) i was removed from admin over this. i didnt delete anything because im man enough to handle a difference of opinion. im not a petulant child or some woman that runs off emotion; i was simply trying to engage in serious discussion nein had become known for, it backfired. i do not and will not apologize for my views and opinions. i have the right to have them. you have the right to disagree with me. i will admit that my attempt to drum up a discussion backfired, but my board was dying before this, and i was simply trying to liven it up. i never said i was anti violence, im against the senseless violence against people who are unarmed. as a former professional soldier, i know the real enemies are the ones putting daycares in federal buildings and military targets in hospitals. the real enemies are the policy makers, the ones who are flaming the iraq war back up, the ones sending troops into syra at israels behest. yes, i criticised the saints, because i wanted us to do better. i wanted us to focus on actual targets that would enact real change. the edgy kids got butthurt that i criticized the spree killers, but each and every one of them are flawed individuals. i was trying to present a bigger picture view of our struggle. my goal was to try to view ourselves as more of soldiers and less as memelord shooters. the only people who cared about me being a satanist are the christ fags. maybe lavey had jewish roots, maybe he didnt. but his philosophy (i do not consider satanism a religion per se) broke me free from the chains of jew worship (christianity). it taught me to question everything. it taught me to look deeper within myself. it taught me to be more practical. it taught me to be the best i can be. if you have a problem with that, its not my fucking problem. i am a much deeper person than worrying about someone elses' religion 24 hours a day. i am not a moderate. i am practical. i get paid to solve other peoples problems each day as a job, and i simply wanted to share what i had learned with all of you. i would love to erradicate the international money jew, but currently, that is a pipe dream. so instead of having my head in the clouds i was trying to reach a practical solution to solve our groups problems in a real way. i made several points in my rants that night, and i stand by them. feel free to disagree. just because i have differing views than some of you doesnt make me a glowie or a kike. maybe we could one day have the conversations about it i was hoping to have. i firmly think that neuchan is glowchan. i know the small hats have been trying to break nein for sometime to get our people more closely monitored. it pains me that i contributed to that, but it was completely unintentional. yes i am a troll. yahoo stopped allowing comments because of me. i would say terrible terrible things in their pro jew articles using the most simple and mundane language possible, so no word filter could block me. it took me 2 years but they finally did it. the anons who clutched their pearls because i criticised the based supermarket shooter, are just as bad as the sjw's. they had made nein into such a stagnant fartbox that all true discussion was dying. theres nothing to be said if starts the purity spiralling bullshit and everyone agrees all the time. for far too long i have watched our groups regress from Whites wanting their sovereign destiny back and cooking themselves down into the caricature our enemies create to discredit us to the normies. my intent on the night in question, was to pull us back from that and try to get us on what i believed to be the right track. love me, hate me, it really doesnt matter at this point. i did my best to offer some solutions to problems we face, its clear they werent wanted, so i keep them to myself now. i had been admin of nein for over 2 years, june current year would have been 3, so i think i had a good run while it lasted. if youll excuse me now, i said my piece, i am going back to watching the world burn and become a fucked over tranniefaggot version of itself that sucks china/jew cocks. im out.
>>24191 >yes, i criticised the saints, because i wanted us to do better. i wanted us to focus on actual targets that would enact real change. the edgy kids got butthurt that i criticized the spree killers You didn't drop some dank logic bomb effortpost that just got a bad reaction. You made your points in the most childish, irreverant way possible while insulting everyone in the process. If you wanted to put out a nuanced view maybe you should have done that in a longer poster or two instead of the vomit you posted all over a shill watch thread over the course of mutiple hours. Calling all of your posters SJWs because they didn't like your hamfisted shitflinging is totally missing the point. It would be easiest if you didn't take it all so personally. You should also not post under your admin tag and become a lolcow in the process.

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