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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

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Fascist Anti-Intellectualism, or The Unity of Thought and Action Blackshirt 06/20/2020 (Sat) 15:31:17 No.1922
To know and not act is to not truly know. Only thoughts we live out have any value. This is the core of the much-slandered “anti-intellectualism” of fascism. It is not a glorification of stupidity, quite the opposite, but a reaction against the endless pilpul and navel-gazing of weakling intellectuals, individuals who often have produced great works but never set out themselves to apply their visions or follow their teachings. On the other hand there is a type of person who foolishly acts upon impulse without engaging in the slightest thought or reflection. The true fascist is a synthesis of the principle of actual and the principle of knowledge — the “cultured thug” of Bowden, or a man like Mishima, himself an admirer of Yangmingism, a Neo-Confucian philosophy which emphasizes the inseparability of these two principles. You cannot be a fascist if you do not apply your principles to your life. These are the true LARPers. Do you truly know?
Open file (96.48 KB 343x252 ClipboardImage.png)
"Fascism draws out of the Mazzinian truth, thought and action, it's most rigorous significance, identifying the two terms in order to have them perfectly coincide, no longer to attribute any value to thought that is not translated or expressed in action. That is the source of all the expressions of "anti-intellectualist" polemics that constitutes one of Fascism's most recurrent themes. It is a polemic that is eminently Mazzininian, because "intellectualism" divorces thought from action, science from life, the brain from the heart, and theory from practice. It is the posture of the talker and the skeptic, of the one who entrenches himself behind the maxim that it is one thing to say something and another thing to do it; it is the utopian who is the fabricator of systems that will never face concrete reality; it is the talk of the poet, the scientist, the philosopher, who confine themselves to fantasy and to speculation..." t. Giovanni Gentile
>kill all the intellectuals Mao and Stalin are happy with you
>>2428 I love how clear it is that you didn't read the thread.
Open file (205.99 KB 487x423 pol pot 2.PNG)
>>2428 Let's be real, intellectuals are scum. They're anemic, navel-gazing, living in ivory towers, divorced from reality, their heads in the clouds. If WNs ever got into power I'd dump 95% of them into a mass grave.
>>2428 >>2457 >>2615 Hold on, define a intellectual.
>>2632 I think the target of this thread is clearly the type of stereotypical intellectual that I mentioned in my post, and the similar characterization of them and people like them in OP’s two posts. Basically the type of person who is content with just speculating, theorizing and watching from afar, never participating in life or acting on his thoughts and values. There is an opposition between thought and action here. These individuals who side wholly with thought are what fascism criticizes. I don’t even think that “intellectuals” as a group then are what this thread criticizes, but rather any type of disconnected person. Just imagine a hypothetical poster to this board who fully supports fascist philosophy in his convictions, is moved by works of fascists and speeches of Hitler and similar figures, yet he never applies his knowledge, he never acts according to this knowledge. He is internally “redpilled” in a superficial sense, but outwardly he behaves just as he did before, like a lemming or a degenerate. Can he said to be truly redpilled? I think not, his redpill would not be actualized.

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