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/es/ General Blackshirt 01/14/2021 (Thu) 02:35:16 ID: d3d100 No.19195
(EN) This Thread is for discussion in Spanish of things like fascism, White nationalism, etc. (ES) Este hilo es para la discusión en español de cosas como Fascismo, Nacionalismo Blanco, etcétera.
>>19195 La caída de Franco fue su fe en Juan Carlos. El heredero fue un fiasco. - traducido por Joogle
>>19243 Bien dicho mi amigo angloide! Juan Carlos es un mariconaso! -traducido por mi, un asturiano.
Open file (308.14 KB 1638x2048 Nazbol tranny.jfif)
>>19263 >Canción ledesmista. Me gusta el personaje en si, pero me despierta escepticismo que tire demasiado hacía un rollo nacional bolchevique, viendo el estado de su contraparte strasserista.
>>19271 Por qué son todos los strasseristas travelos?
>>19271 Lo siento soy un gringo y eso no se tradujo muy bien. Qué quieres decir exactamente?
>>19275 That all nazbol type "fascists" happen to be into some form of degeneracy in one way of another. Not only now, look at Röhm in the 1930s. Ledesma wasn´t involved in any shit like that for what I know. But his disdain of the church (acceptable if it wasn´t for the next fact) and his alabations to Stalin´s URSS make him definitely the Strassers to Jose Antonio´s Hitler. He died before WW2 so I can give him some benefit of the doubt on those opinions but his thinking seems highly destinated to end as poozed as Strasserism.
>>19282 I suppose so
So you guys are spics, eh? What about brown mexicans? Are they allowed in your movement or like they have their own separate movement?
>>19297 I´m a spaniard, so while I support the struggle of White southamericans even argentinians, I left that topic for them. But also I STRONGLY wouldn´t mind if they kept those criminal motherfuckers out of Spain, so yeah, not a fun of those.
Open file (970.64 KB 615x960 ClipboardImage.png)
¿Qué opinan del Carlismo?
>>19461 Comenzó con buenas intenciones de expulsar del país al germen liberaloide, pero con el tiempo su agenda regionalista degeneró en el "nacionalismo" vasco y catalán, con todo lo malo que eso conlleva. Eso si, si un Borbón tiene que gobernar España que sea Sixto: https://archive.fo/LQXg2 El otro pretendiente en comparación es un rojeras.
>>19300 And the Castizos that would like to return? How do you feel about them? I understand not letting brown spics since they already have a party that serves them. The current president is part of that party. Of course within the Castizos would be few that would stay and try to revive National Synarchism.
>>19195 What happened to the Synarchist anon?
>>19604 I've been wondering that too. I know there was some Torfag who would start sperging out every time he posted, so maybe he got tired of it and left. Very sad, because he made lots of good effortposts and was an oldfag from the 8chan days. I hope he comes back.
>>19606 Yes, it's quite sad, he may have been a shitskin, but he was still one of the best contributors
>>19585 Most castizos here in Spain are at best cuckservatives (PP/VOX trash-tier) that keep his elitism thinking they are hot shit here too, those are generally Venezuelans. The worst though are the commies making a California and fleeing their ruined countries here to try again the shitshow that ruin their countries to begin with. Those are generally argetinians who are not better for me than a spic thug. Not opposed in concept to White latinamericans going here, but the current stock we have currently turn my opinion against it.
>>19604 He most likely left because it was boring for him or he got bullied off of here because he's a spic or something. Likely the latter.

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