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Decentralized Banned Book Library Librarian 01/11/2021 (Mon) 20:42:09 ID: ca7492 No.18749
Considering how amazon likes to either outright ban books that they don't like or artificially pump up the prices to insane amounts and libraries in my area at least don't like to have political books because according to one of them they get really damaged they think on purpose what if there was a website where you could loan out books (mostly books about fascism because we are the most vilified group) for a small fee to pay for shipping? I post this here because I use this place a lot and because I would like it to start on a smaller scale and for a cause I support. TLDR; Decentralized peer to peer library for banned books. Btw I'm only namefagging for this thread because I use multiple VPNs.
>>18749 It's a cool idea however I don't think people are so keen on giving up their Adresses you know,(considering we are under zog's fire) me included, in addition to if there were a site which has real information security would have to be top notch too and this is quite difficult. Another great idea I think would be to make an innocent and ubiquitous international book club organization, where it's all about "books" and then people who know the truth could if they so choose meetup and socialize through them irl when book events are posted, I think that would be really cool.
There was this onion site called Jotunbane book club or something along those lines that hosted a lot of so called forbidden books. I think it went down though like so many other sites on Tor. Anyone know if there was a successor?
>>18749 what we need is a decentralized, peer-to-peer repository of fascist and far-right literature that can be accessed through the web.
Didn't he say how he doesn't exactly hate the other races or something? He'd be considered a "fuck" for not being extreme enough in today's circles.
>>18780 I meant "cuck".
>>18780 >>18863 Why do keep standing up for shitskins in every thread?
>>18878 What do you mean? I'm just asking why Mosley was not extreme.
>>18780 In the context of his country at that time it wouldn't make sense for him to focus on race like Hitler did. Empires by definition can't be monoethnic but he surely didn't want Indians and Pakis in the isles.

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