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Open file (86.41 KB 960x897 1610017785815.jpg)
Fascists are freer Blackshirt 01/11/2021 (Mon) 15:29:16 No.18704
It's odd that the most free place to have public discourse on a fascist image board. Why is it that a fascist image board allows more forms of discussion than other websites? Is it a character trait that causes this seemingly hypocritical combination of circumstances or is it something else entirely?
Because we arent afraid to debate people. Considering how we are constantly attacked we always need to improve our debate skills.,
Fascism is an expression of the Natural Order. Even if it is censored, the world will work according to its principles. It is not like Communism where the doublethink and lies have to be maintained by force—Nature itself testifies to truth of Fascism (esp. National Socialism)
>>18705 That and we know that we are right. It is sometimes said that fascism would always win in a free market of ideas. The only way that the masses can be convinced that we are wrong is if we are censored. Holocaust denialism is the perfect example of this. Objective evidence will prove that the Holocaust narrative we are taught in school is way overblown but this narrative is required for the Jewish elite to have an excuse to stay in power so rather than allow free discussion on the topic, people who delve into the inconsistencies of the narrative will simply be silenced.
>>18704 How is it odd? Most of us here know the value of speaking freely, we wouldn't be here if we, at least, weren't obsessed with the truth, and as the great David Lane said "the truth does not fear investigation". National Socialists have always been for free speech, as we are not deluded morons who think we cannot be wrong. That is a level of arrogance not even the gods have ever had. We seek and revel in not only the struggle of ideas, but that of all life against all other life and how that applies to us. Are we "heartless" like a liberal would say? No, I would argue we are the only people on earth who truly fight for, and with love. Love, first of oneself and then for our family, and then for our race. This quality is what makes us seem so hateful. The source of hatred is love, it is compassion, we seek to wipe the earth of the subhumans and traitors, and so on, not for hate, but for love, and ultimately to reduce the suffering of life on this earth to a minimum. This is because we see what our race, specifically the traitors, and our race's enemies, all of them, but most specifically the jews, are doing to this planet and all life on it. This suffering is what we seek to end, and we will endeavor to do this, even if it should end in failure, because we know we represent the truth and that in the end Nature will always win, even if its agents on this earth should perish and fail in their mission.
>>18712 Fascism = Authoritarian system = Lack of freedom Lack of freedom system allows free discourse.
>>18719 We do not lack freedom in Fascism or National Socialism, we fight for true freedom not some pussy liberal idea of negative liberty "the problem will solve itself if the government just leaves it alone", the government a National Socialist fights for is one, for the people, for the race, above all and if it acts in contravention of the interests of those people we will destroy it and put a new one in its place.
>>18719 Explain what freedoms you lose under fascism.
Some relevant images
>>18718 Rare to see a bright, capable nigger.
The only places that allow discussion of fascism have little to no censorship/moderation.
Open file (234.17 KB 1073x960 vote_dem.jpg)
>>18723 >Explain what freedoms you lose under fascism. Oh, you know. Freedom to lie. Freedom to actively harm society. Freedom to indulge your basest, most degenerate instincts. That's why libertarianism is a gateway drug to fascism.
I've seen plenty of deleted threads here (such as the 'You're not real fascists' thread debating about how the board user's overall focus of race realism and sexuality is not actually a part of fascism itself). What sites are you comparing them too? Of course if you're comparing it to normalfag sites we will be far freer.
>>18704 The same can be said about far-left imageboards. I think it's a necessary feature of 'radical' political imageboards that want serious discussion instead of cucked /pol/ memes. I've seen legitimate fascists explain and analyze the theories of Gentile for 300 posts on leftypol. The OP said they started a thread here too but I must have missed it. (I'm not a leftist, but I do read some of their economic theory in order to compare with flavors of fascist economic ideologies.)
I agree but what the fuck is with that image
>>18905 I went to a /b/ board, found the grossest thing I could to see whether or not the place is freer. So far the answer is yes, or the mods are asleep. But I would not complain if the image were deleted. It's funny but outright degenerate and not evidence of restricted discussion.
>>18704 What if I posted about Jews actually being alright and immigration being good for Europe?
>>18908 Getting dunked on isn't the same as getting censored.
>>18920 Sure, but if someone did it then you'd report it and he'd get banned for being a shill. If that's what you mean by "getting dunked on", that's fine.
>>18922 Not necessarily. I don't think I have ever seen anyone who was intelligently arguing banned or deleted here. There have been leftists before that have came here and tried to argue about various points, and they were never banned. Most of those who get banned are obvious bad agents or outsiders. As the meta thread says: >Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, non-fascists are permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs as long as they respect the rules of this board!
>>18908 In my experience, the mod admin is fine with that but you do get reported. The admin doesn't delete or edit posts just for debunking race realism or history revisionism. They're quite reasonable. >>18920 >three word replies >dunked on >>>/p­ol/
>>18892 >>18721 >if it acts in contravention of the interests of those people we will destroy it and put a new one in its place. How's that working out for Americans? What are you going to do, make it weaker so the people can overthrow it? Dictatorship comes at a big risk.
>thread about how free this board is supposed to be >post mocking OP for being a redditspacing redditor gets deleted Fantastic.
>>18991 Free like America.
>banned turbokikeroach iphopper spam shoo mudkike
>>18991 >free = zero moderation Hello, liberal
How come the admins don't care if non-Whites use the board? I mean some users advocate for ethnoglobe. So, do these so called niggers and shitskins agree with their own extinction and that's why they're allowed to roam in here?
>>18991 post likely got deleted for being low effort shit-flinging. >reddit spacing >go back to (insert site here) shit is tiresome and is often used by edgelord idiots and fed niggers practicing cointelpro, neither of which is constructive. no site anywhere truly has free speech, and some of the above mentioned responses are reasons why that is true here. people are free to discuss anything they like here, but if someone is just going to mock someone for what they preceive to be "reddit spacing", then I hope their post gets deleted. that shit is gay and counterproductive.
>>19015 these "people" have been infected with jewish marxism in the form of false narratives and historical lies, like most people. they need to have their cognitive dissonance broken just like everyone else. although their limited logical and reasoning skills often make this impossible, some do manage to break it. besides, the internet is the only community that can acceptably be global; White neighborhoods cannot. as far as i'm concerned, the savages are welcome here, so long as they lurk and learn.
>>19015 >How come the admins don't care if non-Whites use the board? I mean some users advocate for ethnoglobe I'm the OP of the ethnoglobe thread in the catalog. You're acting like for someone to believe this they have to have some seething and irrational hatred within them. Quite the opposite. The whole idea is based on cold, impassive logic. The planet's overpopulated, most of the planet is muds, we can't coexist with them quite obviously for a whole host of reasons, some of which are biologically-based, others based on historical and social factors, and we also need to preserve our people from extinction. The solution: wipe out most non-Whites and take out many birds with one stone. It's not worth my time to rigorously check if each and every single poster is White or not. It's clear to me that the vast majority are, and that's good enough for me, though I did set up /fascist/ in the first place to have a space to talk about fascism, third-positionism and related ideas for whoever wanted to talk about it, I am most concerned with talking with other White people. The board was not a complete break with /pol/. I wanted to attract the intelligent parts of the /pol/ audience for a board that was not solely focused on the latest news. If some shitskin reads the board and posts something I'm not going to sperg the fuck out because it's truly unavoidable on a website like this. If someone is making a big deal about how they aren't White, I may get rid of them then though. For example a few months ago there was some retard who cried in every thread how he was going to be killed in the ethnoglobe. People got sick of reading his shit. If I was in charge of a real life group doing actual political work the situation is completely different.
Edited last time by FashBO on 01/13/2021 (Wed) 01:13:50.
>>19025 Would it kill you to not type like a fucking nigger and use capital letters?
>>18724 >The more they lived as a community, the sharper their animosities would become This is backwards. Humans evolved as social creatures, and intra-tribal cohesion is hardwired to an extent, and acts as a biological limiter to complete liberty of action. However, remove the tribe and all bets are off.
>>19031 Valid take. Personally though, I'm also interested in normalising Fascism to non-Whites. I don't think global genocide is practical, by current means at least, even if there are strong arguments that it's desirable for the survival of our race. That, and even the lowly races will fight like demons when we come for their lives. The stamping out of even a single race is not a task to be committed to lightly. Arguably though, if you could convince the mid-tier nations to adopt Fascist ideals (places with forms of civilization, though inferior to our own, like Egypt, India, Syria, Turkey) and try to Lebensraum the shit outta their weaker neighbors, we could use them as proxies for the removal of problem races, whilst simultaneously "bleeding them White". Hell, sell weapons to both sides, exacerbate the conflict; the more casualties for them, the better for us. *ahem* I typed this up, and realized that this is basically what Jews do. So eh, take it or leave it.
>>19071 >I don't think global genocide is practical, by current means at least, even if there are strong arguments that it's desirable for the survival of our race. No, I definitely agree with you there. The arguments are certainly there, I think, but to carry out anything even close to that would involve such a massive change in paradigm among every White nation that matters that it would be hard to imagine almost. Most of what I imagine would be carried out via a cessation of trade and aid to non-White countries, as well as more 'subtle' means to lower their numbers.
>>19071 >this is basically what jews do its still a valid strategy and you’re right. i was browsing the comments on a (((bitchute))) video the other day and some faggot was sperging out about how brown muslims are killing brown christians in a brown country and acting like we need to protect tgese brown christians. fuck that, i say we find ways to encourage these acts of brown on brown violence. the kikes are repulsive, but regardless of who creates a strategy, it should be adopted by our side if it would benefit our people
>>19074 >>19076 "He who fights monsters" eh? I'm reluctant about the idea of embracing anything Semitic in nature, because in my mind it is synonymous with evil. However, I know Machiavelli would scold me for naivete.
>>19115 We always have to be careful to make a fine distinction between Semitism and particularistic survival strategies that work though. Sadly many people see how the Jews treat their own differently and cry out how deplorable this is. Of course it's not good for us that Jews do this, but for Whites to then shill for universalism in response is the bluepilled option. We must recognize our own particularistic worth and interests. Of course though, with us our end goal is not mere parasitism, it is higher.
>>19071 >I don't think global genocide is practical It isn't, not without destroying the whole planet. Others before us with more power albeit in very specific limited situations, the German imperial army in colonial Africa for instance, have considered and discarded the idea as futile. The only realistic way is to let nature run its course. That means no development help, no UN food program (except food containing sterilizing agents) and most of all no aid healthcare. Nothing whatsoever and Africas populace will shrink to a third in 2100. If there's a major plague much less much quicker. If needed herd them into the desert.
>>19120 >The only realistic way is to let nature run its course. That means no development help, no UN food program (except food containing sterilizing agents) and most of all no aid healthcare. Nothing whatsoever and Africas populace will shrink to a third in 2100. If there's a major plague much less much quicker. Exactly, that is the best way. As part of this the spreading of diseases and entomological warfare against crops and other food supplies would be worth considering. It should be as hands off as possible.
>>19120 I have certain reservations regarding your plan. Firstly, it is not thorough. Secondly, a secondary consequence of partial depopulation by sterilizing the weakest members of their society, would not only have a positive eugenic effect on the population remaining, but also help to safeguard them against famine until their population recovered to it's prior unsustainable levels (admittedly, without outside help, this would be unlikely, given your plan to only provide procreation inhibiting foodstuffs to refugees). You could end up accidentally creating a race of super-niggers. And also giving them a reason to come after us.
>>19122 >spreading of diseases and entomological warfare based and Unit 731-pilled >>19126 >it is not thorough. Granted, but what could we do more? War? This would mean massive destruction to the environment and I don't want that. Also killing 1 billion people? How do you even do that? Camps, camps and more camps? We'd need three generations of White men putting people in death camps. However necessary, what kind of psychotic personality will arise from that? Maybe the occasional igger hunting safari? Maybe even as a rite of passage for young White men? Fine by me but I'm afraid it can't be done much quicker unless we develope genetic weapons that target only subhumans and given that such weapons are an uncalculatable risk I think we shouldn't go that way. >eugenic effect Didn't think of that but I'm sure we'll have scientists with more brains than me to figure out how to avoid that.
>>19071 >Normalize fascism to non-Whites >Just use the brown races to kill themselves So wouldn't that mean that the global genocide works? Besides wouldn't theWhite want ALL non Whites gone?
>>19126 Why though, let them make Africa better.
>>19071 >Valid take. Didn't read the rest of your post. Stop talking like a twitter nigger.
>>19129 >Maybe the occasional igger hunting safari? Maybe even as a rite of passage for young White men? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crypteia
>>19131 Maybe. The hell do I know? I'm just some mook. I'm exploring these possibilities mentally; with the resources and will of any first world White nation as it stands , and the geopolitical situation right now; imagine, say France flipped Fascist overnight. Neo-Vichy France alone couldn't say, Genocide the Nafris out of their former colonial territories. Unless of course they just nuked the whole shebang, and the UN might find that (((Problematic))). >>19134 Valid take bro. Your tonal complaints are noted.
Open file (9.67 KB 613x108 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19129 >based and Unit 731-pilled Indeed. Apparently that has been estimated to have killed some 400,000 people. I can only imagine how useful that would be on a larger scale when combined with the other measures anons have discussed ITT such as cutting off trade, sterilizations and the denial of aid.
>>19132 If we subjected them to eugenic experiments at the cost of the lives of their kin, that would be one of those classic theatrical mistakes. Were they to survive, prosper, and god forbid, establish a domain to rival our own, forever it would be held up as our great crime against them, and also the ironic catalyst of them undoing us. You must either leave a potential enemy well alone, or kill him stone dead, so that he may not avenge himself on you. Petty injury lives on in infamy in petty minds.
>>19162 Our best friend in Africa is this little motherfucker, the Tsetse fly gawd bless her >They have a prominent economic impact in sub-Saharan Africa as the biological vectors of trypanosomes, which cause human sleeping sickness and animal trypanosomiasis. >Sleeping sickness has been described by some conservationists as "the best game warden in Africa" > The pandemic coincided with a period of drought, causing widespread famine. The starving human populations died of smallpox, cholera, typhoid and other diseases imported from Europe. It is estimated that two-thirds of the Masai died in 1891. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsetse_fly#Tsetse,_hunger_and_poverty https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_trypanosomiasis#Advanced/late_disease_and_outcomes
Open file (964.23 KB 770x661 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19164 Apparently untreated cases of the sleeping sickness they can cause has an 100% mortality rate, and I bet that a lot of that is reliant on Western medicine. One strain is apparently more deadly than the other as well. Tsetse flies seem based.
So we basically decided that we're going to exterminate most non Whites if not all. >>19031 >>19015 And the methods we want to implement are: Hijacking of their governments, forcing them to kill each-other. >>19071 Cutting off trade routes, (Starvation & No medical aid). >>19074 >>19120 >>19162 Poisoning of their food. >>19120 Sterilizing them. >>19120 >>19162 But being careful not to kill off the weak members of their society, so to make them strong and united against Whites. >>19126 >>19163 Herding them into uninhabitable areas. >>19120 Spreading diseases. >>19120 >>19122 >>19129 Entomological warfare, mosquitoes, fleas, flies, locusts. >>19122 >>19129 >>19164 >>19166 Nigger Hunting Safaris, after convincing large amounts of the White population into thinking of it as a cultural rite of passage. >>19129 Pretty sure all of this stuff is already happening but... If we're going to do this we need to test all these things out on some niggers, to master these methods of killing. I propose, we setup a hundreds of test sites somewhere underground in many locations in the middle of the desert in Africa, style these test sites to look like an ancient cities, do a whole manner of tests of biological weaponry on caught niggers. Niggers would be physically caught by groups of Muslims and Chinese far from the testing sites, while establishing a cultural rite of passage for the Chinks and Muslims. This will cause backlash from the nigger population against the Muslims and the Chinese. Testing hundreds possibly thousands of diseases in these underground cities, after mastering these bioweapons, we leave material treasure in these cities, and the bioweapons unsealed. Leave the area, wait until people naturally discover these ancient cities with treasures of the ancient supreme black culture. We hijack the current black government to prevent it from acting too greedily into taking the treasure for themselves. Propagate the idea that a superior majority black civilization used to exist in the region, and that it conquered the world, and that people are finding treasures in these cities. We trick current blacks invading our country to return to the roots of their supreme culture back in Africa. After 2 months of plundering, we encourage the black government to confiscate all the treasure found by foreigners and executing them.

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