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Psycaldelics thread. Blackshirt 01/10/2021 (Sun) 21:09:25 ID: f1d1f1 No.18570
In this thread we discuss LSD, Mushrooms, DMT ,Anusasya, Salvia etc. Some may view them as decadent and degenerate because of the hippie cultures that surround them but I believe that they hold a deeper importance in unlocking the Aryan consciousness, what do you say /fascist/?
How does one know that these experiences are anything substantial and not just maya / illusions? It makes me think of makyō: >Makyō refers to the hallucinations and perceptual distortions that can arise during the course of meditation and can be mistaken by the practitioner as "seeing the true nature" or kenshō. Zen masters warn their meditating students to ignore sensory distortions. These can occur in the form of visions and perceptual distortions, but they can also be experiences of blank, trance-like absorption states. In the Zen school, it is understood that neither category of experience – however fascinating they may be – is a true and final enlightenment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maky%C5%8D Now of course drugs are different from meditation, but even with meditation it is not unheard of to experience hallucinations of various kinds.
>>18584 Some say that they only open the door to enlightenment and that it is up to the individual to step through afterwards through meditation, the human brain and mind still hides so many secrets that awate discovery, as neuroscience progresses we may get our answers.
I've known people who have done various psychedelics before and have concluded based on their experiences that it's a waste of time, resources, and energy that could be spent either self-improving or making strides for our people.
>>18586 > the human brain and mind still hides so many secrets that awate discovery, as neuroscience progresses we may get our answers. Yes, it is only a matter of time before materialists are left in the dustbin of history along with the rest of fake Jewish science. They are already being forced to consider extremely radical solutions that would completely change the average person's perception of reality. They will try to avoid this as long as possible.
Open file (103.72 KB 480x480 ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)
>>18570 I've never tried it or really felt the need to, feel free to share your experiences though OP since you made the thread. Mostly because I actually don't like to get high, whenever the green plant has been on the table I can only bare to do 1 puff for a slight buzz and done otherwise I get uncomfy. It's funny because I seriously wouldn't be able or have the desire to do it everyday like some people I know even if i tried. >>18599 On the usage and history front i have seen promises in therapeutics for afflictions like alchoholism and depression with LSD-microdosing and MDMA, which is pretty cool, not doing any damage or alterations to brain chemistry, just exploiting the already established neural pathways into rehabilitative purposes.
I think that psychedelics benefit from group experiences and that the answers one extracts from them, even if a myth of the brain, are beneficial, but not something the average user of an alt imageboard an imageboard that is not 4chan would find desirable in most instances. Much in the way classical music affects the brain in a way that makes one less violent/prone to crime and calms their overall demeanor for several minutes after it's finished, psychedelics (at least the ones I may or may not have used) similarly cause alterations to your brain in what at the time seem like natural ways until some White-hair-inducing event breaks you out of that cycle and causes you to realize/remember that the alterations to your mind weren't natural (in effect dispelling them) in a way that could be worse but ultimately helps you better understand your own character. At least of the ones I've possibly dabbled with, I would say that anon would likely have a bad trip and not enjoy the experience at all unless anon also happened to be using them for religious reasons or as an avid history buff trying to put himself into the shoes of his ancestors. That being said, if anon were interested regardless of this fact, a very mild one that is legal to obtain in 48 states is Soma, a tea brewed from Fly Amanita/Fly Agaric mushrooms. This isn't a banned psychedelic because it's mostly only used religiously or with intent to have some questions answered, or to discover something about yourself when ingested intentionally. If your brain just doesn't work quite right with it, you'll just get a stomachache for a bit and then feel drunk. If your brain does agree with it though, you'll get everything from simple grain-film/motion blur and shadow people all the way up to shit you can see and feel (or at least in my possible case). Just make sure you get the right kind. The young shrooms are more potent but can be mixed up with other poisonous mushrooms that will actually kill you. The older shrooms are a little less potent, but then you can clearly tell what they are. Only get the red ones. The orange ones I think might be ok but the yellow ones I'm pretty sure are actually deadly due to a different chemical in them. Amanitas are largely harmless unless you do something stupid. 1-3 mushrooms is a good dose, 5 is sort of an upper limit before the negative effects and positive effects are equalized, and past 7-8 is gonna make you very sick and hopefully very sleepy, because you may die on the floor of hypothermia as your core temperature drops or you unconsciously freeze outside due to how the ibotenic acid is currently fucking with your brain/trying to kill you. They can be eaten raw, dried, steeped, or pan-fried in butter. Do not deep fry them unless you plan to throw the pan and oil in the trash. If you boil them in a very large vat of water, dump the water out halfway through, and boil the rest of the way, you can then safely eat the mushrooms without any psychedelic effects. It was used by the Norse, the Slavs, and the Indians (and likely everyone inbetween) back in ancient times. Its actual ingredients and how it's prepared are a matter of myth, but the drink itself was considered very much real and was considered the wine of the gods sometimes across ethno-religious lines. The precise recipe can never be found, but Fly Amanita is a confirmed ingredient. I've made two forms of Anon Anonson brand Soma that will be referred to as Soma A and Soma B. A warning before making your own Soma: Carbon Dioxide bubbles interact with Amanitas to convert more muscimol into ibotenic acid, so never mix it with soda, beer, or bubbly drinks. Similarly, Amanitas will contain ibotenic acid either way just in different amounts. Do not consume amanita tea more than like once a month (or once every three months if using large doses), as ibotenic acid does cause brain lesions. This is mild and repairable at occasional uses, but common use is not a good idea.
Open file (588.42 KB 300x300 too_many_drugs.gif)
>>18617 Soma A Tisane Soma and mushrooms >Combine a half-teaspoon (approx. 5g) of cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, and nutmeg individually into a tea bag or infuser >Add desired number of mushrooms (2-5 medium sized recommended) into infuser (try to retain whole, but you can cut in half or fourths if needed) >Steep 250-750ml (8-24oz) 76 to 85C (170 to 185Freedom) water for 7-12 minutes >Remove infuser/teabag, remove mushrooms >Pan fry with a little butter >Consume mushrooms and soma together Optionally put the tea bag/diffuser in a little 2oz portion cup, drink the first batch of tea, then you can make 1-2 more batches of tea (each less effective) from the same bag, but the more you drink, the more you'll piss out the psychoactive ingredients. Soma B Mulled Soma Note: This recipe is meant to be enjoyed in a group setting. Do not consume the whole beverage on your own. >Take a nice cheap red wine that you enjoy (one with berry notes will be nicer) Cider can also be used and pour the whole bottle into a pot with a lid >Combine with an orange sliced into thick circular strips (you can peel the orange if you dislike the taste of marmalade/bitter orange taste) >Add half a cup of cranberries (Optional) >Toss in 8 whole cloves (you can embed them into the orange slices so they're easier to separate out if you're not going to strain your concoction) >Add 2 cinnamon sticks >Add 2 star anise (if available) >Add a teaspoon of nutmeg (optional) >Add half a cup of sugar (brown sugar or honey preferable) >Add some chopped fresh ginger to taste (optional) >Bring this all to a VERY LOW simmer then reduce the heat just a teensy bit and put a lid on it >Let that sit and do its thing for about 15 minutes to an hour (it's preferable to not let it come to a boil as this will reduce the alcohol content) >Add 8-12 medium sized amanita mushrooms >Immediately move to another stove unit or space without heat, and let it rest for 5-10 minutes >Either strain your mulled soma or fish out the whole ingredients >Enjoy with friends Technically you could just drink half and store half for later/reheat it gently.
>>18618 And before I forget, in reference to Soma B, you are welcome to add a dash of Brandy or Cognac to the mix when adding the amanitas for some extra kick to the wine.
>>18603 I have not tried any yet but i am planning to, the most i have done is cannabis and edibles as of the time being, as pathetic as that is.
>>18617 >>18618 >>18619 Big write-up anon but I'm really not impressed by this mushroom lmfao >fly amantia toadstool >is neurotoxin >hard to dose >hard to pick >wrong or unlucky ingestion can result in irreversible renal failure and/or death No thanks and very bad advice. Why not just rec Psilocybin mushroom which is perfectly safe in comparison and abundant in nature. Or LSD. If you really want to go any route like that it's preferable to spend a little time in the can(if at all) than pissing out of a straw for the rest of your life mate. It's not for me.
I've done weed a few times (I actually use it as a sort of sleep aid lately), and DMT just once. The DMT experience was interesting. I wasn't ready to fully immerse myselfe when the fractal imagery was starting and I was getting close to the breakthrough point, so I meditated, kept a hold of my thoughts, and a few minutes later mega-dosed the rest of the DMT, contemplating the immortal ego and the spirit of the White race. I can say I've gained some very important insights, and will be exploring this in a proper trip soon.
>>18570 >I believe that they hold a deeper importance in unlocking the Aryan consciousness In what sense? This discussion probably has a place in /fascist/ but your post isn't establishing much of connection between fascism and psychedelics. >Some may view them as decadent and degenerate Drugs are wholly degenerate. The perceived benefits to psychedelics are that it aids oneself in achieving enlightenment, but methods already exist to achieve this goal without the use of external substances. i.e. Kundalini, Buddhism, Hermetic practices, so on and so forth In addition to the redundancy of their purpose, the effect to which one becomes enlightened through any form of psychedelic (LSD, shrooms, DMT, ...) is completely dwarfed by the organic pursuit and achievement of enlightenment. Psychedelics simply thrusts you into an otherworldly scene with no context, seeing the entire picture via drugs (unlikely that it even is the full picture) is pointless; understanding is what begets true wisdom. That is to say, psychedelics provides a shortcut for the soul to see what may be true, but neither the mind nor the soul is robust enough to leave the experience with greater wisdom than prior. Many individuals have also noted the fruitlessness of striving for enlightenment in this manner; Buddha and this followers claimed that drugs were nothing but a distraction.
>>18651 It just seems like that these hold the key to witnessing another dimension of existence as well as them being able to turn the most hardcore of materialists and atheists religious and at least spiritual, and yes they are not they key to full enlightenment but they can lead you on the path by unlocking the door for you to go through. People seem to be able to interact and talk to these higher being in this other world, you can say that they are just illusions, but what if they are not? What if you are getting a glimpse of the other side?
What do you think of the risk of developing schizophrenia from using them?
>>18570 Where can I buy psychs? I'm interested in trying shrooms. Because I want to overcome anxiety
>>18688 It probably depends on how suseptible you were to developing it beforehand anyway and how hard you use the drugs, Datura would also probably give you a chance of getting it, that stuff is evil depending on who you ask. >>18690 Silk road like sites probably? Small local dealers are not trustworthy most of the time, they will most likely put random shit into their batch so you should always have a test kit on hand.
Open file (110.30 KB 956x644 53819.jpg)
>>18597 >it's a waste of time, resources, and energy This. Also when you're high or drunk, you cannot respond to emergency situations, if one were to occur. >>18690 >I want to overcome anxiety I took psychs a few times for that same reason and would advise against using them or any other drug to overcome anxiety. Yes it was an otherworldly experience but taking psychs gave me new problems I occasionally deal with like derealization and brain fog that has stuck with me for 6 years after quitting. I think about how psychs such as mushrooms are being heavily promoted in the media and by people like Jew Rogan, and I can imagine they're being promoted to distract Whites or lead them down a destructive path of drugs. Anons in the self improvement general at >>926 might be able to help with specific anxiety issues.
>>18690 There's no quick fix, maybe something like weed or microdose of psych will help if it's really bad, but see you can overcome anxiety naturally by pushing yourself into doing what you dread or associate with anxiety and then your anxiety will be gone after a while of doing what you don't like. If it is people related I recommend you get a side job or charity(make sure charity is non kiked) where you have to deal with and talk with people, you'll unironically become a chad and kick your anxiety right out.
I know I'm an asshole for saying this but I watch porn as a fix. Prevents me from doing shit like drugs. But I'm not stopping you. You're responsible for your own health.
People who take psychadelics and believe they have gained access to alternate dimensions of reality or some deeper plane of existence are self-deluding retards who miss the point of a trip entirely. A trip cannot teach you anything, since you are ultimately just experiencing an altered state of mind This isn't to say, however, that a trip cannot have value in creating greater self-awareness. In the one psychadelic trip I had, I was overcome with a great sense of pleasure and blissfulness. It was imcompraible to anything else I had experienced - pure exctasy, tunnels of rainbows, etc. However during this experience I had a moment of self-reflection that flipped the entire trip on its head. I took the moment to consider the fact that I was experiencing pure bliss and happiness for nothing. I reflected on the fact that I was slumped over in a bed, high on a substance, and yet feeling so good. In this moment, I felt disgusted with myself and disgusted with the trip. It felt ugly, wrong, and most of all, terrifying. I had almost allowed myself to be swept away in a sea of blissful nothingness, losing my ego and sense of self in the process. All I did was cheat my natural reward circutry into providing me ecstasy out of nowhere. The trip gave me a raw, first hand experience of the dangers of escapism and hedonism. It made me deeply conscious of how sickly sweet the allure of drifting off into a wonderland of false happiness can be, and at the same time, how ugly and unnatural it is. It affirmed my belief that true satisfaction and happiness can only come from self-restraint, sacrifice, and hard work, and that short-term pleasure-seeking and hedonism will never offer one fulfillment. Ultimately, I'd say the trip was valuable due to how it functioned effectively as shock therapy. By overwhelming my senses and forcing me to face the end-state of complete escapism, it taught me to value the struggles of reality and the satisfaction that it brings.
I don't really get how you guys think a trip gives you access to anything other than a random firing of neurons in your brain which it tries to make sense of like when it's confronted with a Rorschach test. What ever you see it doesn't give you an eternal truth at best you learn something about yourself and only yourself. Even so, you wouldn't need drugs for that. You can fast some days or sleep too warm to induce kind of an artificial fever. Honestly you should get off that degenerate shit instead of finding excuses for a bad habit or addiction.
>>18742 >I know I'm an asshole for saying this but I watch porn as a fix. Don't let the pornographic Jew colonize your mind. https://easypeasymethod.org/easypeasy.pdf
What is his endgame?
Wow a much needed thread. What are metaphysics without a bit of help after all? >>18570 >Salvia Was that the one that made you see green stuff and made you laugh like mad if you were receptive to it? >>18568 LSD was an unexpected discovery. Sure, (((CIA))) wanted to use it for nefarious reasons, but it appears that in the proper context, it provides positive gains. >>18617 >Much in the way classical music affects the brain in a way that makes one less violent/prone to crime and calms their overall demeanor for several minutes after it's finished The Planets: Mars doesn't really turn me into a teddy bear. >>18618 Effort appreciated. Have some ethereal +1.
>>18618 >take your soma goyim

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