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Open file (11.72 KB 1200x720 Fash flag 1.png)
Open file (19.20 KB 1200x720 Fash flag 2.png)
Open file (54.72 KB 1920x960 Fash flag 3.png)
Open file (329.54 KB 4332x2600 Fash flag 4.png)
Open file (252.83 KB 2880x1728 Fash flag 5.png)
/Fascist/ flag and symbols thread? Blackshirt 01/10/2021 (Sun) 18:17:29 ID: d80b32 No.18522
Just something for anons to share flags and other symbolism perhaps for wallpapers and other uses, and perhaps their own designs, similar to the aesthetics thread. Just some swastikas and a black sun to start off with.
Open file (60.85 KB 1200x1200 Black Sun.png)
Open file (20.22 KB 1080x1080 sketch-1590994730581.png)
Open file (164.32 KB 1500x1500 sketch-1584490080627.png)
Open file (110.84 KB 900x837 Photo_1607002633665.png)
>>18522 Here, have a flag and some symbols.
Open file (33.19 KB 1200x720 rockwell flag.png)
Open file (214.92 KB 752x440 LSNS flag slovakia.png)
Open file (58.46 KB 630x378 patriot front flag.jpg)
Would it be wrong to say that Mosley leaned far to the futurist side of fascism than the more well known traditionalist ones? Like the early days of the Italian fascists his ideas were quite avant-garde with him later wanting to create a European superstate, he was somewhat technocratic as well. It feels like that with his party flag, symbolism and uniforms, the Mosleyite aesthetic just feels so futuristic, even today. Quite the contrary to men like Evola who seems to be on the opposite end of a very traditionalist fascism. The Strasserists had that vibe to them as well.
Open file (981.10 KB 2000x6295 fash flag 6.jpg)
Open file (24.59 KB 378x900 fash flag 7.png)
Open file (24.60 KB 1200x600 buf.png)
Open file (35.56 KB 1200x800 stra.png)
Open file (90.48 KB 2000x1000 321-3214114_laboe.jpg)
>>18590 Yes, I think your perception of Mosley is pretty accurate. If you've read any of his stuff you'd see the same type of stuff. Mosley was pretty modern and it wouldn't be surprising if he was really into futurism or similar ideas.
>>18600 I thought so, thank you for the information, i still need to read his books.
>>18628 I think a few have been posted in the reading thread. 100 Questions and Tomorrow We Live are pretty good and both short.
>>18629 Thank you.
Open file (357.60 KB 4000x2400 Fascist flag fasces.png)
Open file (322.13 KB 4000x2400 fasicst flag swastika.png)
Open file (413.46 KB 4000x2400 pol's flag.png)
Open file (343.93 KB 4000x2400 pol's flag 2.2.png)
>>18522 This is flag I made a few years ago. I've seen it floating around /pol/ a couple times, so you may recognize it.
Open file (224.97 KB 4000x2400 pol's flag 2 kek.png)
>>18522 another one I made for /pol/ back before redditors and normalfags killed kek and pepe with Trumpfaggotry.
Also made these Canadian Fascist/National Socialist flags
Open file (37.88 KB 2000x2000 Movement_Emblem.png)
Open file (94.93 KB 7201x3601 Flag_of_Canada_Emblem.png)
original .ai files for those who are interested
We all know it but I just really like the fasces. They look really good.
Open file (38.68 KB 1200x600 podnay.png)
i saw this and it looked cool
Based vexillology thread.
This flag isn't fascist per se, but it's kind of nice in my opinion. >>19128 Those flags are fucking terrible, both aesthetically and politically. If you integrated Austria into Germany, then it would be merely an other state, so either make some vomit-inducing flag that has the colours of all states, or just make a normal flag.
Open file (39.82 KB 462x258 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19128 >Austro-German There's already a flag for that
>>19128 Perhaps if each of the quadrants was a single color (preferably, all four would be the same color, maybe red) this would look good.
Open file (111.93 KB 3600x2400 INTEGRALISTBRAZIL (1).png)
Integralist flag someone made for me a few years ago. I was going to have it printed on a banner, but I never got the chance.
Open file (270.35 KB 1656x1120 perfect.png)
Open file (245.80 KB 1656x1120 perfect 2.png)
>>19141 >flag that has the colours of all states

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