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Open file (1.42 MB 2500x3000 fascist with flag.png)
Propagandizing Fascism Blackshirt 06/17/2020 (Wed) 00:59:48 No.1725
I know we have a thread on propaganda in general, but I think this is at least worth its own thread for visibility reasons alone. How can we spread awareness of fascism, National Socialism and related doctrines either online or through other means while maybe also advertising this board? I've been thinking that it could do us good if we attempted to produce various forms of content such as infographs, flyers, pamplhets and other forms of media — as long as they look appealing to the eye and are well-made and informative. With all of the shit going on recently I've been energized to do something, so I figured that it might be good to start from a small and manageable project as a board for those interested. If anyone has good tutorials for gimp, photoshop and the like on producing infographs or posters or whatever else could be useful to anons, post it ITT. I'm sure if we put our minds to it we could make some neat stuff.
>I've been thinking that it could do us good if we attempted to produce various forms of content such as infographs, flyers, pamplhets and other forms of media It depends on the targeted group that you are trying to spread fascism, for normies i honestly don't know how our message can get to them effectively outside of pure luck, if you try to reach them in their natural habitat(twitter, facebook etc...) it wouldn't be long before you get shoa'd, so the message would need to be diluted to reach anyone, therefore harder to red-pill but higher numbers, if it's infographs for boards, then it would be necessary to acommodate the graph to general board culture, it has a higher chance of sucess, but numbers are smaller and god knows what type of trash you can find and bring here. It has potential, do you have any direction on what we should focuss, like, do we try to focuss first on creating infographs, flyers, pamphlets on certain aspects of fascism, like economics, esoteriscism/anti-materialism, will of the state, history of fascism, or a more generalized approach were anyone contributes what they know and created?
>>1727 >It has potential, do you have any direction on what we should focuss, like, do we try to focuss first on creating infographs, flyers, pamphlets on certain aspects of fascism, like economics, esoteriscism/anti-materialism, will of the state, history of fascism, or a more generalized approach were anyone contributes what they know and created? As of right now I don’t know if I’m laying out an sort of particular “approach” since I don’t know how much engagement this thread will get yet, but when thinking of the thread I was thinking that anons would talk stuff over and either just contribute as they’d wish or discuss together, bounce ideas and drafts back and forth and come up with loosely planned things even. If that worked out there’s always potential for greater collaborations and more complex stuff. Some stuff is kind of vague right now, but I’m just gonna start throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks and see what direction this thread goes. When it comes to targeted groups, the approach will obviously differ depending on the thing. I think that it would be best to aim for as wide of an appeal as possible while keeping the integrity of our message. Any brainlet should be able to see this stuff and get the point, at least with with stuff like pamphlets, infographs and the like – maybe shorter essays and stuff could go more in depth. I was thinking of trying to do a few sample pieces that touch on the inseparability of man from the Natural Order in National Socialism – this is easy to understand and not hard to explain I think and people are sympathetic to environmental causes, but I think that you laid out a few good angles yourself with anti-materialism and fascism 101 type stuff. Basic overview for likely-intended audiences: >infograph Everyone can benefit from these >flyer Normalfags only, most likely >pamphlet Normalfags and the newly-acquainted the most, I think, but they would be good refreshers on concepts. >essays Probably preaching to the choir with these mostly but newfags can benefit, especially if they’re of digestible length
Fascism bad. National Socialism good. There's a difference. Fascism means that the government has total power, which is bad. National socialism means the government has a focus on it people and their well-being.
I would like to first talk about safe-production of content. Nowdays everything is traceable, from printed paper (steganography) to digital files (metadata) which would make tracking us back easer. We must first understand and deal with these before producing content.
>>1743 This is an artificial distinction. As Oswald Mosley said himself, and I agree with this characterization, fascism is a term for a movement that took on many different forms in many different countries according to traditions, culture and ethnic differences. National Socialism could be described as "German fascism" in a way, though I am of the opinion that National Socialism is far more than just another ephemeral "-ism". Like the biologist Ernst Lehmann said, National Socialism is politically-applied biology, or to put it another way, an application of the eternal Laws of Nature to the social and political realms. >>1744 This is definitely something that is important to be able to fix. Is there any way to get paper that won't be traced back to you?
>>1751 I'm new to this board, so I don't know what you mean when you say "fascism". There seem to be few different interpretations. 1. The mainstream media or NPC perspective: Fascism is those bad racist people on the right! 2. The people, who take the word root: Basically what's described here: https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/46654/is-fasciae-related-to-fascism 3. People on /fascists/ (At least that's where I've encountered another definition for the first time.) Can you recommend some literature, so I can understand where you're comming from? If you have links to some mega.nz archive, that would be extra appreciated.
>>1751 Although we can still talk about design and the like while we solve the metadata issue. I would like to first define our objectives. >>1755 >Too dark, will only attract edgelords >Too generic Nazi, out of those edgelors it will only attract the stormfront types >Is that a fucking blurred picture? >Typography all over the place >Three (3) different fonts for something that should only need two (2) And personally I would be against adding the URL into anything meant for the general public. Imagine the flood of autists and leftists who would come only to get us epictly trolled The best propaganda for conversion is one that makes you come-up with the conclusions yourself. Do not think of « This is why you should be NatSoc » but instead present « This is reality » and make people think « Maybe Hitler was right. More obvious propaganda should serve as PR, and completely separate from other kinds, we indirectly paint ourselves as the solution for the problems the first group of propaganda presents, and by separating the medium presenting the sickness and the cure people will not feel manipulated. In short, we must present a series of problems and questions, at the same time an alternative where these problems are solved, have them not be obviously connected, but instead let people draw the lines so their decision feels natural.
>>1777 (checked) Thanks for the criticisms, anon. When I get back on my PC tomorrow I will fix a few aspects that you are definitely correct on, such as the inconsistent typography and blurry image for the Natural Order pyramid. To explain some other design choices, I wasn’t really intending that this particular image to be normalfag-oriented propaganda, but more of an image that explains this type of concept of Nature for /pol/ types and those already redpilled, mainly to get the thread rolling. I do think that normalfags should be the main focus though, and you present some good design principles in your post. With that said, I will post a new draft tomorrow. It will retain some aspects due to what it was intended as, but if you think that this image – with modifications according to the design principles you mentioned – would be in any way useful for normalfags, I can put my mind to it. Thanks again.
Decided to do the second draft now while I had nothing to do. Fixed: >standardized all text except for the use of Fraktur in the heading >redid the hierarchical pyramid, should be less blurry >changed the opacity of the dark layer over the forest in the background from 75% to 70% >lined up the two paragraphs and made them of roughly equal width
Open file (1.75 MB 1440x2720 20200618091421.png)
>>1787 Looks good anon, but just as minor inconvenience you should change the way the swatikas are facing for symbolical purposes >In Hinduism, the symbol with arms pointing clockwise (卐) is called swastika, symbolizing surya ('sun'), prosperity and good luck, while the counterclockwise symbol (卍) is called sauvastika, symbolizing night or tantric aspects of Kali. >>1776 If you want to understand what fascism is i will recomend you to read the books recomended in the book thread, but you might want to read on certain aspects of fascist thought, on the corporatist sistem and general economics i suggest the works of the british union of fascists, althought some of their plan can't be applied nowadays since the british empire collapsed it should give you a general feel to how fascism approaches the economy, of the works that you should read include: >Fascism 100 questions and answers >Tomorrow we live >The coming corporate state >The alternative Also on national socialism: >Hitler's revolution >Wages of destruction >The program of the nsdap Also watch this video on corporativism: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1icfEw5vQxkw/ To undertand fascist tought on relation of the state with its citiziens and general filosophy read >the origins and doctrines of fascism For esoteric knowledge, the works of julius evola, rene guenom, savitri devi and study indo-european mythology and religion Mein kampf is also a good book to get started, since it's a jack of all traits and goes into many points of fascism This should get you started >>1777 I think our main effort of this project should be to educate the members of our movement, not everyone reads the books, and /fascist/ doesn't discuss everything, so maybe produce a bunch of them and randomly drop one of them at a /pol/ board that isn't on 4kike
>>1801 >but just as minor inconvenience you should change the way the swatikas are facing for symbolical purposes Wow, I am slightly ashamed of myself for not noticing this, but now that you point it out I can't help but notice it. Good eye! Very nice pic you made there! I have a few small nitpicks that will improve this image though. I noticed some spelling issues and awkward wording, I tried to change it as little as possible though: >Fascists put great importance on farming and the production of foodstuffs. As food-production increases under the fascist state, imports diminish and self-sufficiency becomes possible. >As modern society advances, there is a trend towards 'deindustrialization' in First World countries due to the fact that we cannot compete with cheap, sweated products from expanding foreign markets. Agriculture will encounter the same problems as China invests into Africa, and as South America invests into the Amazon rain-forest ― soon our agricultural self-sufficiency will be undermined just like our former industrial might was. >The results in industry are clear: >More and more of our jobs shift from industrial labor to service labor >This will only lead to economic dependency I left off the bottom because there are no problems with it ----------------------------------- >I think our main effort of this project should be to educate the members of our movement, not everyone reads the books, and /fascist/ doesn't discuss everything, so maybe produce a bunch of them and randomly drop one of them at a /pol/ board that isn't on 4kike This probably would be the most fruitful. Like I've said I think there could be some worth in aiming things at normalfags, but actually getting them to see this stuff and consume it in the first place is a difficult enough task. There are far too many people out there who call themselves 'fascists' who really don't know anything about it, and think that it just means hating niggers and Jews with no greater depth or theory behind it. These people, to the extent they are reachable, could benefit a lot from getting a deeper understanding through infographs like mine and yours, not to mention that it could help in arguing with people. >>1776 >Can you recommend some literature, so I can understand where you're comming from? I'd definitely recommend that you check out the book thread here >>4 for some good works and PDFs, but I think that >>1801 gave some really good advice in his post. Along with Mein Kampf though I can't help but recommend Corneliu Zelea Codreanu's 'For My Legionaries'. You were already linked one of this guy's videos, but the whole Cultured Thug channel is great, he's a big part of the reason that I actually started to take fascism more seriously than just being a memeing faggot: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/65ztOo4t23NB/
Open file (1.39 MB 1000x1500 draft 5 natural order.png)
>>1806 Fuck, I had a mispelling of "continuum" as "contiuum"
Open file (998.71 KB 1440x2720 1592503463648.png)
>>1806 I've decided to change the first paragraph, i felt like it was disconnected from the rest of the picture, tbh when i wrote it i was just trying to fill space, so now i've put a mosley quote more akin to the rest of the image
Open file (583.33 KB 840x741 Capitalism Evola.png)
>>1777 This Evola quote would be a good thought-provoker.
Draft one of an infographic on eugenics. I tried to take Synarchist anon's advice a bit more where the conclusion should be obvious, though that's a lot easier to do in connection with a topic such as this. I was unable to cover some of the stuff I wanted to, such as the gardening metaphor I like to use with flowers and weeds, and explaining positive and negative eugenics, but I guess it is supposed to be an infograph and not an essay. Let me know your thoughts.
Open file (1.16 MB 1000x1500 eugenics draft 2.png)
>>1835 Make that draft two, I don't think the down syndrome girl was ugly enough for what I wanted to convey, acrocephaly (girl on the top) is more shocking
Open file (1.07 MB 1440x2720 1592524592790.png)
I just need a spellcheck on this one
>>1846 >the totalitariam characteristic totaliarian This isn't a mispelling per say but I'd change this: >that the only purpose of the state is to give legality and protect property "give legality" sounds weird to me, I'd suggest saying something like enforce the law >the totalitarian character of its doctrine Change 'it's' to its. >its corporaration I think you meant cooperation. This is just me, but "its cooperation" doesn't sound wrong per se but as a native English speaker it sounds a bit peculiar. Through cooperation sounds a little better, but if you want to keep the flow with "its public schools, it's propaganda", etc you can probably leave it. I'm nitpicking a bit >citizien Citizen >through a revolution of thought and the mentality of the people Maybe change this to "only through a revolution in thought and in the mentality..." Not an error or anything, I just try to think of what sounds most natural and readable to me. One last thing is maybe move the box next to Mosley so the gap between the text on top and bottom is more equal. Overall good job. What font did you use for the word "Fascism" at the top? I'm using "Moderne Fraktur" for the two images that I have created, but I like how yours looks as well.
>>1848 Thanks bud, i probably shouldn't be doing this on my phone so i'll fix this tomorrow on my computer >I think you meant cooperation. I meant corporations, as in the corporative state, i'm just bad at writing shit >What font did you use It's plain germanica
>>1851 No problem, anon. And thanks for the font name.
>>1755 It's a good start, but there are too many words for the average normalfag to bother reading, let alone digesting and understanding. Try like this (I'm not very good with GIMP or PS so it's just adjustments to the text). >National Socialism 101 in a legible, serif font. All caps preferred but not required. >Lesson One, in the same font but smaller and possibly in a different color or with a border: >(negative space) >Simpler image of man above nature to the left of the following text in a simple, easy to read serif or sans serif font: "Man sees himself as separate from nature; this arrogance falsely places him above its laws of struggle, selection and hierarchy. Myths such as the equality of all men prevail." >(negative space, perhaps a line to separate the two ideals in the minds of the viewer) >less blurry image of men in hierarchy with nature, fewer creatures to the left of the following text in the same font as the above paragraph: "The highest strata of mankind recognize these falsehoods for what they are and understand that they are a part of nature and subject to its laws. These men strive to live in harmony with the natural order of all life, as this natural order of all beings is an interdependent whole." >The first quote is fine. >The first line of the second quote can be removed as you provide the same context that this line does with the points above. Both quotes should be in a serif font, preferably similar to the "national socialism 101" font but obviously smaller. Borders around text are your friend. They help the text to "pop," which will be especially important for the title (for lack of a better term). Lesson one also allows for more, similar images to be created in the same vein. Sorry to be an ideas guy; I'm more a writer than an artist. Hell, I still think this is too many words but I'm not sure how to cut it down further without compromising the ideas presented.
>>1846 There are a lot of commas that turn good writing into long, run-on sentences. People will nitpick as bad as I am, so it's good to sort out grammar and syntax in these early stages. >>1904 I'll take back one thing: I think the font for your NatSoc 101 image is nice, at least for the header, but not the rest. Here is a tutorial I've found for adding a border to text in GIMP. It's really easy, so there's no reason not to do it. It's much easier in PS, but I'll post both in case anons aren't willing or interested in pirating PS (I'm more familiar with GIMP, but if we get into animated work PS is far more intuitive, at least for me). GIMP tutorial here: http://archive.is/YyZDO For Photoshop, take the following steps: >type your text >select the text layer >in the layers menu, select layer --> layer style --> stroke >set the desired size and opacity <I usually like no more than 3 pixels for a border but it depends on the font >that's it It's much simpler than adding an entire, slightly larger text layer like in GIMP but GIMP is free and you don't need to worry about cracking it.
>>1904 >>1905 Thanks for the tips and critique, anon. As you can probably see, I am new to the world of infograph design and how best to convey information concisely. I’m more of an essay guy at heart, I think. I don’t know if your criticisms would change much, but here is the fifth and “final” (for now) draft of that infograph. >>1809 I will definitely play with your suggestions tomorrow and will likely adopt a good deal of them. I’m sure many of the same principles could be applied to my eugenics infograph as well (>>1836). If you or others want to see where I have – at least in these more /pol/-oriented ways – been drawing my inspiration from, see this small collection of Ironmarch infographics. My indebtedness to this should be immediately apparent (fourth pic onwards): https://archive.org/details/img20191119060248336 Unless something comes up I’ll post some tweaked variants tomorrow at some point.
I didn't take all suggestions but for the Natural Order infograph I used the one anon's shortened versions because I thought he did a good job abbreviating it will not compromising the core message. On the bottom quote I removed the first sentence. I also added in the lesson header. I likewise took some of the design principles suggested for the first and moved them over to the second, abbreviating one of the quotes a bit. For this one though I found it hard to cut down anything else. Already it seemed insufficient for what I wanted to convey. For both I added on the borders. For the first one it didn't really show up much due to the darkness of the background combined with the forest, but for the eugenics one, due to the black-and-white photo behind it, it really did make it pop more.
The best propaganda is an image of happiness, success, satisfaction and fulfillment, acheived through the principles and lifestyle of whatever it is you are trying to preach. Nobody is in reality searching for fascism or communism or anarchism or democracy or a representative republic or a globohomo jew world order. People are just searching for happiness, success, fullfillment, sarisfaction, etc, etc, and they will look for individuals who exude those qualities seemingly without effort and will do whatever it is they think they have to do to get those qualities even if it means their death or expulsion from society, because without happiness, fulfillment, success, and satisfaction they might as well already be dead.
>>1932 >People are just searching for happiness I will correct it dear; people seek consumption, that is why we say that today's society is the consumer society. Consequence of an empty subject, they do not seek happiness in the Aristotelian way, they simply see it as merchandise. I estimate that a propaganda that really works is one that gives content to that subject, the problem is that they are so demoralized that they do not want to be filled with content; I think the main thing would be to reverse that process, and then put the other propaganda as >pic related
Open file (313.36 KB 283x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1936 >>1937 Those are beautiful posters. I'd love to see modern versions of these with that same vibe
>>1931 Much better. I will say that your text formatting is all over the place. It would look better if the paragraphs weren't indented and, ideally, if they formed a "block" of text without any gaps. As it stands, they are a good start. If you have the .xcf files and send them my way I can fool with them a little this week some time.
>>1943 Do you have Photoshop? I've been making these on there. If you do I can try to get you the .psd somehow. I'll have to separate the two images though since actually both are made on the same file (lol) but it's no big deal for me to do that.
>>1945 No i don't have it, i was going to try to use photoshop, but yesterday i discovered i had to pay to use it, so i'm back on my phone
you can edit psd with gimp which is free, however take care to sanitize your files
>>1947 Huh, I did not know that you could do that. Though I don't use Gimp much except when making gifs. The biggest problem though is that it seems to have rasterized all of my text layers.
>>1948 Gimp rasterizes text layers under some circumstances, try clicking on the text and chances are it'll ask you if you want to restore the text
>>1945 I have photoshop. If you want to post the .psd here, the .pdf trick should work. Just add .pdf to the end of the filename (i.e. change it from [filename].psd to [filename].psd.pdf). At least, I think that's how it works... >>1946 There is a crack of PS on piratebay.
>>2085 I'll try that soon. I separated the files, now I just need to make sure that I actually removed all of the personal info from the file. For some reason it doesn't seem to be removing my info when I click the option to do so in properties..
>>2089 If I recall right, with adobe you have to edit that info within the adobe program the file corresponds to.
Two variants of the same infograph. The second one is pretty obscure unless you've got a good eye and have read the book, but in Mishima's Runaway Horses the idea of "To know and not act is not to know" is discussed at one point, and the image comes from the scene in the movie adaptation where the main character and his friends are pledging to assassinate the capitalists and form an eternal friendship among themselves.
To the first one i feel like it's a bit too much of a wall of text, but i don't know what to remove, to the second one i made small changes
Open file (463.12 KB 500x501 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3246 For the first one one here is my suggestion: cut all of the stuff on origins and everything from the Italian Union of Labor through the National Committee of D'annunzian Syndical Action. That seems like a lot, but what we want is the maximum amount of relevant information divested within a minimum amount of words. 99% of people don't give a shit about various long-gone organizations and the history behind an idea, what is important is the idea itself and that is what we want to spread. I'm not criticizing the quality of your writing or anything, just that people won't give a shit. My suggestion would be to keep what I cropped and attached to my post, replacing the three symbols with the heading at the very top of the original image (i.e. fascism and corporatism... anon.cafe/fascist/). Even after this I think we could find ways to condense the information here into as digestible of a way as possible. You don't have to follow this suggestion of course, but here is one possible way you could go about it: >Fascist Syndicalism establishes a system of occupational representation where workers are represented according to their occupations (whether they are employers, employees, blue collar or white collar, etc) rather than the geographical region in which they live. >Syndicalism opposes the idea of "class war". Instead of setting the natural classes of society at war against each other, this system settles disputes and integrates the disparate elements with each other, creating an integral and harmonious society under state-supervision where no class dominates at the expense of the others. I think the last paragraph of mine successfully covers all of the ideas of the second and third of yours. It might cut some detail, but I think I got the basic idea across as laconically as possible.
>>3247 >>3246 I forgot to mention that I haven't looked at the second yet, as I don't have the time right now, but I can do it tomorrow and offer a similar critique if you are interested. For the level of info-compression that we're thinking of, look at something like >>3073 -- here we have a simple image representing a concept, the scales in this case, and then we have one paragraph briefly giving a summation of the idea of the unity of thought and action, followed by two relevant quotes. It will take someone less than twenty seconds to look through this, max. We have to remember that frankly most people are retards with the attention-span of a goldfish and propaganda, by definition, aims at the lowest common denominator. I'm not saying that that exact format as present in that image needs to be strictly followed, obviously, but it's a decent model.
>>3248 >>3247 I would appreciate that, also, have you posted any of the ones created in this thread in another board?
>>3250 I posted a few on Neinchan’s NatSoc thread, somewhere on 16chan but I can’t remember the thread (or they were deleted for some reason), and once or twice on Cuckchan.
>>3251 To clarify on Cuckchan, only in /nsg/ threads
>>3253 A coordinated effort of screencaps and high effort posts on cuckchan is unirocally the best chance we have. All we need is 3-4 people bumping a redpill thread everyday.
Pasting posters everywhere should improve the general perception on fascism For example: "YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO ABOUT FASCISM" would catch the publics attention and "VISIT WWW.FASCISTSYSTEM.ORG/TRUTH TO LEARN MORE" would be inconspicuous enough for them to go to the (hypothetical) site without really thinking that it's fascist propaganda
Nothing can be gained from wasting time online
>>8066 >>8067 Or even better, it might be good to go click-bait style and say "WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT FASCISM". This is more ambiguous too – who is "they"? Is it the fascists themselves who are hiding something about fascism, or something else? At the very least it piques a reader's intention. What type of poster are you imagining? Something with images / more elaborate or more simplistic?
>>8068 Just the link to the site, the message and an optional fasces at the bottom. Any more details would raise suspicions.
Open file (339.89 KB 1200x1600 IMG_20201009_134845.png)
>>10195 I don't like the background color but otherwise this isn't bad. Though, I fear this kind of thing will mainly attract Q-types.
>>10195 Noice. Is the site that it links to yours? There's obviously not much up there yet, but I'm interested to see if that changes. One criticism I do have of the post is that the background is too plain. The color isn't necessarily bad, but the solid background doesn't sit 100% right with me. >>10206 >Though, I fear this kind of thing will mainly attract Q-types. I don't know, Qoomers are too busy sucking Trumpstein's cock.
>>10206 That would be implying that Q tards would get out of their house to read a poster >>10213 No, it says the URL is available I'm hoping to get it soon
>>10217 Hopefully you're able to get the URL. What exactly do you think you're gonna put on it? Also, hopefully it wouldn't get deplatformed instantly.
>>10220 I don't think it'll be deplatformed that easily since all it does is shill corporatism ans traditionalism
>>10357 That's what one would think, but who knows nowadays. A fairly dry, to-the-point and accurate description hopefully wouldn't be in danger though.
Open file (7.68 MB 2550x3300 the blackshirt cover.png)
The fastest way to get the kikes and feds kvetching, as well as getting people to read your shit, would be making periodically a short "e-magazine" spread by PDFs and freely available. For it to get proper attention you'd have to be autistic about graphic design and edgy (but good) topics.
>>10643 That's a good start.
Open file (5.14 MB 2550x3300 COVER SAMPLE 2.png)
>>10646 Thanks, anon. One thing that I think could be improved on is the header too. I think the Fraktur turned out nice, but the red line under the text was kinda boring. I'll have to play with it. Something like this would be interesting to try if it could be made to look nice and if good topics could be found. Fascism-related news, basic topics (like the one in my edited sample) and other stuff could be interesting. It'd have to be worth spreading around though otherwise it wouldn't be worth the effort.

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