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Open file (115.47 KB 1024x795 kihrJn3.jpg)
Open file (401.65 KB 1200x802 img_7767.jpg)
George Lincoln Rockwell /glr/ Blackshirt 01/01/2021 (Fri) 04:51:26 ID: 5ad10f No.16949
This thread is for the discussion of and sharing of materials related to Commander Rockwell and the contributions he, and his organization the American Nazi Party, made to National Socialism on the North American front and it's continued evolution into our current global Movement.
First piece: "In less than 100 years, Marxism has grown from a Machiavellian scheme in the twisted minds of Marx, Engels and a few other Jews, until today it is a scientific, terroristic monster astride the backs of half the earth's population, with powerful, slimy tentacles reaching secretly into the lives of all the rest of the people. By the use of incredibly clever lies, diabolically calculated to appeal to the noblest emotions of humanity, and by the enshrinement of its devilish doctrines as a RELIGION which is supplanting the failing powers of the older, genuine religions, Marxism has raced to the point where only a major miracle can halt its rapid and inevitable triumph over the entire planet. No laws, no present organization, no government in existence, and no ordinary doctrine can stay the historical march, of this evil giant. It should be obvious that the "democracies," rotted to the core with corruption, weakness and Jewish manipulations, have been the very breeding ground of Marxism, and it is ridiculous to pretend that these very forces which could not prevent the growth of the red monster, which actually fostered and nurtured it, can now destroy it. Marxism is actually a new RELIGION - the cleverly disguised, scientific worship of self - the religion of naked egotism which presumes to conquer Nature. Only an OPPOSITE doctrine, a doctrine of selflessness and idealism based on scientific TRUTH, advanced and held with the same religious fanaticism as Marxism, can inspire men with the miraculous powers to reverse the world revolution of evil, which has almost passed into history as an accomplished FACT. The only doctrine capable of such a heroic task - the only doctrine with the proven power to fire the minds and hearts of millions of men to fight and CONQUER Jewish Bolshevism, is National Socialism the doctrine of IDEALISM - the SACRIFICE of the selfish, ingrown EGO for the good of one's fellows - the stuff of all great religions. With such mighty inspiration, tiny Davids have ever conquered their Goliaths, as we shall ours. Unless the White Man can throw off years of Jewish brain-washing, muster the courage to face up to the nightmarish lateness of the situation, and organize himself into an effective, unified world organization to FIGHT for his ideals and against the Jew and his horrible Marxism, the White Man will soon sink forever in a brown chaos of degradation, slavery and eventual death. For, while it is mathematically certain that, except for a miracle, the Jews will soon conquer the earth with their Marxism, subversion and Zionist imperialism, their victory will be their last act on earth. Like the eternal parasites they are, the Jews will soon perish in the eaten-out corpse of their dead host. Therefore, we announce our purpose to be nothing less than a world-wide effort to free humanity from Jewish domination and subversion in all their forms, and the creation of the idealistic, racially realistic, socially progressive, international world ORDER which we mast have, if we are to remain masters of our own planet." To this world-wide goal, we solemnly pledge our lives. LINCOLN ROCKWELL, Commander American Nazi Party World Union of National Socialists
I love how unashamedly outspoken Rockwell was about his National Socialism. Hardly twenty years had passed since the war and he was out there showing White Americans that National Socialism was far from a dead idea, and that it was Americans too, not just Germans. Here are a few good links for those who would like a quick rundown on what Rockwell believed religiously / philosophically— On National Socialism as his religion: http://www.renegadetribune.com/religion-george-lincoln-rockwell/ A letter to Savitri Devi in which he calls the Bible a “Kike Bible” and Christians “Jew-hypnotized”: https://www.savitridevi.org/rockwell_correspondence_2.html
>George Lincoln Rockwell—A National Socialist Life by Dr. William Luther Pierce >White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell
>>16954 Complete Savitri Devi-Rockwell correspondence
Open file (59.19 KB 1265x284 Devi Aryan features.PNG)
>>16954 Found a fantastic quote and image.
>>17039 Kek she’s fucking spot on for the most part. I really need to start honing my study of Jewish facial features to see how we can easily discover possible crypto Jews and spot a yid without fail. I already have a very strong J-dar, but I can only imagine that it can become even more precise with training. One thing I think she is wrong on is the ears. She shows the bottom of the nose for the Jew as being lower than the bottom of the ear. All of the Jews in my pics have large ears, and the bottom of the ear is below the bottom of the nose it seems, at least in this small sample size. It seems like the sloping skull, fat nigger lips and large nose are key.
One more
>>17042 We need a thread on spotting Jews.
>>17044 Great minds think alike. I can make a thread here in a few moments, and will contribute some good info tomorrow after I do a bit of research
Open file (522.09 KB 462x642 rockwell christmas.png)
Open file (90.08 KB 864x816 Rockwell 32.jpg)
Open file (51.35 KB 544x736 Rockwell 45.jpg)
Open file (40.30 KB 688x512 rockwell-album (599).jpg)
Open file (2.95 MB 640x480 George Rockwell.gif)
Open file (391.71 KB 854x480 rockwell punch.webm)
Open file (41.96 KB 384x560 Rockwell12.jpg)
Open file (44.05 KB 672x480 rockwell-album (629).jpg)
Open file (26.01 KB 512x528 rockwell-album (565).jpg)
Open file (30.61 KB 512x512 rockwell-album (466).jpg)
>>17042 >That first pic Looking at that makes me fill with a deep seated disgust and anger. Hitler really was right about them looking like rats, not an exaggeration at all. They are so vile and inbred they even give a bad name to rats.
>>19196 They are truly uniquely ugly. Their character is evident from their appearance alone. Anyone who tells you physiognomy is a lie is themselves lying hard. Their inner nature literally shows on their ugly faces

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