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Open file (65.02 KB 556x604 hitler (you).jpg)
QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads Blackshirt 12/07/2020 (Mon) 14:18:27 ID: 20f558 No.15030
If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT. Old thread: >>7682 https://archive.fo/uaYpS
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In case anyone is looking for the old thread in the catalog it sunk like a rock to the bottom of the catalog, but I have archived it just a minute ago.
What is your opinion on the confederates states? Do you admire them or are they just as kiked as the unions?
>>15049 The CSA would not have lasted. It was something like 40% nigger. The reason the North won was because it was technologically superior. It was basically capitalism destroying an agrarian society and freeing up the labor that was tied down in the South and opening those areas up for development. Follow the money and it will all make sense. I feel like it would have been a massive shithole and more likely to get Natt Turner'd into Haiti 2.0 than anything else. I'd be interested to learn more about the Jewish nature of the CSA. Judah P. Benjamin was a kike who held multiple positions in the CSA government ranging from secretary of state, attorney general and secretary of war, even appearing on Confederate money. Wikipedia also says this: >This brilliance was recognized by contemporaries; Salomon de Rothschild, in 1861, deemed Benjamin "the greatest mind" in North America Also: >The Confederacy’s secretary of war and later state was Judah P. Benjamin – the so-called brains of the Confederacy – and the top Confederate commander, General Robert E. Lee, was known for showing great respect to his Jewish soldiers. >In contrast to the South, the North was a hotbed of anti-Jewish bigotry. Much of the political and military leadership of the Union government was composed of men – including such leading figures as generals Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman and Benjamin (“Beast”) Butler – who disliked Jews, openly expressed their feelings, and persecuted Jews when they had the occasion to do so. https://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/front-page/southern-jews-and-the-confederacy/2010/07/28/ It looks like the South was the most kiked, surprisingly. With the North we at least saw stuff like General Order 11 which was to expel all Jews from the areas that Grant controlled.
>>15053 (((Benjamin))) also fled the country after the war. Like a rat off a sinking ship.
>>15049 >>15053 http://archive.is/fqZ7a TL;DR everything about the CSA down to the secession itself was orchestrated by kikes.
Open file (7.99 MB 320x240 oy vey dance.mp4)
>>15057 >bring over millions of nigger cattle to work for shekels >tear America apart for Rothschild interests >blame Whitey for the whole fiasco to this day Classic. Thanks for the link though, a lot of this is a major redpill for me.
One last question, what are your thoughts on individualism? Is there a positive benefit to it or is it generally hedonistic and self-destrucitve and must be destroyed. I've seen American Krogan used a suppose saying or idea of "individualism, but within group solidarity." What means? >>15053 >>15057 Thanks this made learned a lot, I never guessed or even thought of kikes working the CSA, although I should of guessed this due to the amount of Jews who were slave owners.
>>15061 Individualism is an ideology against Nature. The individual does not have ultimate worth, and no individual is an end in his or herself. On the one hand, we certainly know that if all individuals go to follow what they regard as they personal self-interest, it may actually be harmful on the collective level. A classic case of something like the prisoner's dilemma. All the individuals involved, though rational and concerned with their self-interests in the short term lead to a collectively self-defeating result. Next, looking at the nature of the individual human themselves, we can see that they are of or two types - male and female. No human being by themselves can ever be a perfect representative of the species, can never be a self-maintaining unit that can single-handedly accomplish every task demanded by the species as a whole. The fact of human-reproduction being necessarily a cooperative act between the two sexes gives us an interesting but unavoidable observation, namely that human beings are not in themselves ends. Reproduction is an act which furthers the existence of the species, with the individuals involved serving as necessary means towards this end. It is deluded to think that we should sacrifice the whole to the part, the future to the present, the race to the individual, etc. Ultimately the only supreme end is the whole of Nature itself; everything within this whole is continuously recycled, comes into existence, is destroyed, and the cycle repeats. >Suppose you had to make a choice between throwing away a perfectly edible apple, or else chopping down the tree on which the apple grew. Which choice involves the lesser loss, and which the greater? Obviously, you should throw away the apple and keep the tree, since that particular tree can make other apples, which, though they won’t be identical with the apple you got rid of, will taste about the same, and will have about the same utility for pies, applesauce, and cider. Why? Because the genes of the apples that the tree grows next year will be almost exactly the same as the genes of the apple that you threw away this year. >Anyone who decides to chop down the apple tree, while preserving in his refrigerator its very last apple because “it is so very unique and special,” is either mentally retarded or mentally ill. https://nationalvanguard.org/2016/12/natures-guidelines-to-law-and-morality/ That same article makes a good point that I agree with - that morality is fundamentally the survival instinct above the level of the individual. Almost everything judged "moral" is that which is altruistic, while it has always been the egoistic and socially-destructive that acts that have been judged as "evil" by one's peers. Nietzsche was saying the same thing when he declared morality to the herd-instinct in the individual. I could get into some really schizo-tier stuff about superorganisms and multicellularism but I'll refrain.
How do we stop technology and its harmful effects? One thing I've always questioned in my mind is how would a fascist state if it occupied a modern nation would go about to stop the growing issues that is caused by digital tech. Of course simplying banning it or banning it by force won't be so simple have any of you have an idea?
>>15066 The best case scenario is twofold—tackling it through the state and (arguably most importantly) working to bring about a change in values that will lead people away from the technophilic, man-centered and materialistic mindset. To an extent this is the really the only solution, because the problem is one I struggle with thinking of a solution to myself. It’s also a perfect example of it being in people’s self-interest (esp. at a national level) for people to keep a good deal of technology, even though it’s collectively self-defeating (sort of like what I said in my previous post). Pentti Linkola and Savitri Devi are the best to look at here
>>15061 >>15063 Not directly related to individualism per se, but don't forget that people aren't equal. There's certain individuals who are much, much more valuable than the rest. >>15066 Start by clearly defining the harmful effects. Technology by itself isn't harmful, so without defining what's bad about it and having clear goals you'll just end up doing something stupid. Imagine telling farmers that you're now going to ban windmills because technology bad, I think you'd be lynched no matter what point in history you did that in. There's 2 related things I'm mainly concerned of personally. First is dependency on technology; the inability to do certain things or even understand how to do things without it and what exactly the technology is doing. Second, and one that we're seeing more and more in computer software, is that when you don't understand how technology works and keep developing it, you get further and further from reality and the technology keeps degrading and getting worse. As a programmer I can see first hand how this is becoming a problem, at this point it's hard to even learn how software really works and how to make it because most of the things you read anywhere is horse shit, the operating system you need your software to interact with is shit, and all the modern programming languages are designed based on misguided ideas, one of which is that you "shouldn't have to understand" most things about the computer. I'll repeat, you shouldn't have to understand the computer when you make software that runs on everyone's computers. And since we depend on this technology so much, we depend on broken and misguided technology. I look forward to the first nuclear reactor that explodes because of this. Dependence on technology, especially without the ability to understand and make alternative to it, also gives the author of that technology unwarranted power over other people. We're seeing this with all the spying that's going on with phones and web browsers and even CPUs. In a more general sense not understanding things can lead to loss of technology and knowledge from the society, there's a pretty interesting talk about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW-SOdj4Kkk Our education is at rock bottom, I've thought for a while now that we need to change this somehow. We need to reorganize information somehow so you can find it and there's no useless fluff in the way. Imagine if you could just go and get all the information about how to build computer processors, every step of the way, and get directed to related resources in case that information depends on you knowing something else. Imagine if you could just read about the manufacturing process and how one could approach getting the equipment to make it and where to get the raw materials. Now imagine having this kind of resources about EVERYTHING. Instead you go to blindly google something and have to shift through 7 million social media websites and epic "7 things you didnt know about X" clickbait articles and opinions from low-to-medium knowledge authors and "omg crazy redstone cpu built in minecraft!!!" videos, at best you find a book that's vaguely related to the topic or spends a million more pages than necessary just specializing on some specific thing.
Open file (5.83 MB 5997x5907 8086 stripped.jpg)
>>15074 >Our education is at rock bottom, I've thought for a while now that we need to change this somehow. You're talking about institutional education. We are pinned to a global lowest common denominator by the existence of subhuman races in our countries that create a racial tragedy of the commons. Another problem is women in the same educational system training up to wagecuck which brings men down to their level by treating them as equal which stifles their growth. If you are homeschooling and competent there is simply no education problem at all. >Now imagine having this kind of resources about EVERYTHING. Instead you go to blindly google something and have to shift through 7 million social media websites This exists, it's books. If you want to know about something you look up the subject and get the best related books. Nowadays you can even download them instantly for free from libgen or z-lib. Then if you want a high level understanding you look at the table of contents and systematically read the books. If you need something specific you look it up from the index.
>>15091 >This exists, it's books No it's not. I'm talking about information that's concise, comprehensive, precise, easy to find (see: without having to read through 27 other less useful books first), has a starting point that you can actually be in yourself, and doesn't have useless fluff around the actually valuable information. When I imagine teaching programming, I've never seen anything even remotely like what I think would be good. Just try to find a book that teaches programming at a low/medium level without misguided "modern" practices, and doesn't spend unnecessarily large amounts of time on simple/useless things. It doesn't exist, and if it does then it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. When you don't know anything about the topic, how are you even supposed to know which ones are good and which ones are written by some nigger faggot? It's essentially the same problem as searching for information online. I recall reading some popular programming book that's always recommended, it was filled with star wars references and spent way too much time trying to be funny instead of just explaining things, I couldn't stand reading that fucking book. I feel like books have been very damaging to me as a person, they've taught me to hate both learning and reading. I absolutely hate wanting to learn something, but then having to spend most of my time reading about things that don't matter or seem to have any connection to anything practical. I'm anxious to learn to do X but here I am reading about some irrelevant history and jokes and stories about the author's personal life and losing my mental comprehension of the topic.
>>15096 You need to borrow Hitler's reading method: >The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential. >I know people who read interminably, book after book, from page to page, and yet I should not call them 'well-read people'. Of course they 'know' an immense amount; but their brain seems incapable of assorting and classifying the material which they have gathered from books. They have not the faculty of distinguishing between what is useful and useless in a book; so that they may retain the former in their minds and if possible skip over the latter while reading it, if that be not possible, then--when once read--throw it overboard as useless ballast. Reading is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. Its chief purpose is to help towards filling in the framework which is made up of the talents and capabilities that each individual possesses. Thus each one procures for himself the implements and materials necessary for the fulfilment of his calling in life, no matter whether this be the elementary task of earning one's daily bread or a calling that responds to higher human aspirations. Such is the first purpose of reading. And the second purpose is to give a general knowledge of the world in which we live. In both cases, however, the material which one has acquired through reading must not be stored up in the memory on a plan that corresponds to the successive chapters of the book; but each little piece of knowledge thus gained must be treated as if it were a little stone to be inserted into a mosaic, so that it finds its proper place among all the other pieces and particles that help to form a general world-picture in the brain of the reader. Otherwise only a confused jumble of chaotic notions will result from all this reading. That jumble is not merely useless, but it also tends to make the unfortunate possessor of it conceited. For he seriously considers himself a well-educated person and thinks that he understands something of life. He believes that he has acquired knowledge, whereas the truth is that every increase in such 'knowledge' draws him more and more away from real life, until he finally ends up in some sanatorium or takes to politics and becomes a parliamentary deputy >On the other hand, one who has cultivated the art of reading will instantly discern, in a book or journal or pamphlet, what ought to be remembered because it meets one's personal needs or is of value as general knowledge. What he thus learns is incorporated in his mental analogue of this or that problem or thing, further correcting the mental picture or enlarging it so that it becomes more exact and precise. Should some practical problem suddenly demand examination or solution, memory will immediately select the opportune information from the mass that has been acquired through years of reading and will place this information at the service of one's powers of judgment so as to get a new and clearer view of the problem in question or produce a definitive solution. Only thus can reading have any meaning or be worth while.
>>15096 >Just try to find a book that teaches programming at a low/medium level without misguided "modern" practices, and doesn't spend unnecessarily large amounts of time on simple/useless things. Programming Language Pragmatics The Linux Programming Interface C in a Nutshell Algorithms in C by Sedgewick Designing Data-Intensive Applications Computer Networking a Top-Down Approach Computer Organization and Design How Linux Works Cryptography Engineering Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces Virtual Machines: Versatile Platforms for Systems and Processes C++ Concurrency in Action Identifying good books and reading them efficiently is a skill like any other and it sounds like you just haven't developed it yet. You might want to leaf through a book or two on how to read books for some ideas. But some tips are to use book lists like on goodreads, use recommendation engines like on z-lib, scan tables of contents and scan the book itself to vet them and before starting to read it. Don't read from from beginning to end unless everything is totally new to you. Deep read parts that you need time to focus on and scan through sparser material. Jump your eye to bolded and italic terms, and headers. Ask yourself questions as you read the book. Use a highlighter for dense books to force yourself to always consider whether something is truly important or not. Mentally process the diagrams. Differentiate between learning texts and reference books and use them appropriately.
I need to let it out - I am a shitskin. I would like to thank this board for showing me that here is no such thing as equality and that diversity can mean less White people. Even if some of you want me dead for my existence, I'd rather prefer living in the truth than live a lie where I am celebrated by liberals who think I'm a POC. I've been paranoid on a certain issue. What if I have kike blood in me? I know I'm a shitskin but maybe there can be 1% or 10% in me. I can't trust DNA tests because they can doctor my test results. And on that note, I get extra paranoia in my own existential problem. Imagine being lied to for several years that you're worth it bc your a POC and then wake up realising you're not. I get this burning ache everyday. How do I combat these schizo type worries? Thank you.
>>15113 I swear you shitskins act just like women. Instead of >I'm a girl btw! it's >I'm a shitskin btw!!
>>15113 Sorry friend but we're not a hollywood production board, relax read this, in this aspect we primarily want geographic separation which of course means homogeneity. Also congrats on your awakening. >>15114 Why are you berating someone for being honest, freedom from the Jews isn't just a White race issue, although it's a prime issue for us now when we're the ones who the Jews are now are targeting first. If they are not stopped they'll come for everyone else later with no mercy, because Jews and their globohomo traitors don't know how to create, they only know how to destroy.
I'm personally curious about the consensus regarding mischlings, especially given the Nuremburg Laws. Would someone like Bobby Fischer be seen as the ideal example of someone who embodied the Aryan Spirit in their blood, despite their worse aspects? Would he be allowed marriage and life, or would it be safer for him to live out his days and let his line end? What is the degree of which someone is no longer a jew, even if they have measures of that blood in them? Is it a matter of whether or not it is expressed, or a matter of degree? I am admittedly worried about the potential of having some of that blood in me, and wondering what I should do if it turns out such a thing is true.
Open file (160.18 KB 1088x612 tarrant_snap.jpg)
>>15115 >literally White knighting
>>15114 >>15117 What exactly am I supposed to do then? Better I say it now than be outed as one.
>>15117 Nothing I wrote was wrong though retard. >>15116 Mischling means mixed ancestry. >Would someone like Bobby Fischer be seen as the ideal example of someone who embodied the Aryan Spirit in their blood, despite their worse aspects? Would he be allowed marriage and life, or would it be safer for him to live out his days and let his line end? Are you a jew though? And I think so yeah. A decent lot of "fischerized" racial Jews but mostly only halflings were permitted IIRC served in the German army in WW2 also as officers, this was according to the nuremberg laws. Although that might have not been so smart in retrospect I haven't found any evidence that points to that they actually betrayed Germany under the war. >What is the degree of which someone is no longer a jew, even if they have measures of that blood in them? Is it a matter of whether or not it is expressed, or a matter of degree? Germany made some attempts to "rehabilitate" mostly full blooded kikes in camps (which was we know now a failed social experiment since they're mostly feral liars), although they wanted them all to go willingly back to Palestine(now israel) at that time with the signing of the Haavara agreement in 1933. A lot did but those who were hostile, unwilling and refused to go back or for some other reason to abide the new rules were sent to labour camps where a lot died due to wartime problems like allied bombing. A lot of nonWhites will have to go back to their countries to live with their own people at this point if they want to or not, Adoptees would likely only have some clemency to stay in that though, since they had no choice in the matter. Probably wouldn't be unreasonable to see notable non-White collaborators getting honorary exemption if they wish. America is a bit more weird in this aspect though since they weren't brought by their will but that's a digression, I think a decent solution to that issue would be an "americanized" kind of republic in Africa and getting some support for some years.
>>15117 This isn't even White knighting, it's brown knighting
Open file (42.65 KB 644x800 NOOOOO.png)
>>15120 >nooooooooooo a textual shadowskin >not in my hekkin sekret online klub
How is it that Hitler's own military command did everything to fuck over Germany, when they literally almost won against the Soviets and conquered all of Europe? Was his own command filled with retards or traitors?
>>15130 Did they though? I read that a part of it is that his Generals didn't want to respect him/were defying of Hitler making tactical decisions because he wasn't formally educated and drilled as a general, and was just a letter-runner so it created this small power struggle that went unsolved into a debacle that had a lot of bad effects. And the Generals had a fair case in point, after Hitler ordering and inspiring the blitz they gained respect for him however, in a way a dangerous kind of respect that still had some lingering regrets. Hitler clearly came up with some very, very good tactical choices initially but he didn't leave decisions completely up to his Generals when and which often he should have. Examples like trusting and choosing that moron Eric von Manstein to take on command at Stalingrad when he didn't have the damn rank to take it on at the explicit questions from his commanders, and other very stuck up things like halting mass production of SMG's/Battle rifles against his advisors refusing letting go of the k98 bolt action instead of fully mass produced automated weapon production quite early on. Hitler was a good man but he didn't know just quite when to step out of his lane. He actually caused a lot of trouble and headache. Other tactical blunders I'm not sure that are attributed to Hitler is not storming the baku oil fields cutting off Russian fuel production which where correct me if I'm wrong they had AMPLE time to commit to. Ultimately He should have stuck in his lane as a politician not a meddling "faux general". At least that's my informed impression on the subject.
>>15130 >Was his own command filled with retards and traitors I don’t know about the high command, but there were certainly many, many traitors among the military. Just look at this list from the July 20th Plot: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_members_of_the_20_July_plot So many military people. They had been trying to fuck over or kill Hitler for years prior.
>>15133 Will I've read that Hitler's own command went against many of his orders and did things behind his back.
>>15121 Go back to cuckchan with your faggotry. >>15133 No, I'm pretty sure Hitler knew what he was doing, his own command fucked everything over, because they did things too late and rushed off many plans that Hitler had in stored to win the war and supply the army with enough oil.
>>15134 It was very clear that they were indeed losing at that point though and certain cowards betraying to salvage for their own cowardice because they found it convenient. Those fucking retards literally thought killing Hitler over war grievances would change the outcome of semitic revenge. >>15138 But when where and what exactly? >>15139 Hitler wasn't a perfect tactician, from what I've gathered it's apparent that he had good takes at times but ultimately should have stayed in his field of expertise, I'm more than willing to debate this though.
>>15152 >But when where and what exactly A good example of this is Speer. He turned into a complete traitor when Hitler ordered the scorched earth policy in March 1945. It was his responsibility to carry it out, yet he refused to, and actively persuaded generals and gauleiters to ignore Hitler’s orders. Hitler wasn’t even told about this.
>>15156 Hitler was not told a lot of things during the war. My memory is fuzz at the moment, but I think he never even wanted to assault Stalingrad, until they've secured the caucus oil fields and Moscow, but his generals did it anyway without telling him, although I could be wrong. I feel like this whole war was sabatoged on purpose, so the NS could never win. If I recall he might of had a lot of traitors in 1943 as well, because they were so against the things he wanted to implement for the German people.
>>15156 The book is obviously anti-NS in the extreme and dubious on some facts (i.e. saying Hitler chewed on carpets and other nonsense), but I remember being stunned when reading William Shirer's 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich' with how many times Hitler's enemies within the military attempted to undermine him or planned coups which for whatever reason never came to pass. It really makes Hitler's achievements stand out even more when we realize that the entire time he was fighting an uphill battle against traitors domestically and Jews internationally.
>>15156 Could you pick any more fatal example. The war was already clearly lost at that point, Germany was going to be occupied, just how can you completely blame Speer for that and attribute it to "treason" it was literally too late to make any lasting difference.
>>15258 It’s still disloyalty and treason, regardless of how late in the war it was, or even given the fact that the war was clearly lost. It’s the same with Himmler and Göring. A lot of them showed their true colors in the final days.
>>15259 Sure Hitler was surrounded by treason but he was not infallible. Speer preventing him from taking down Germany with him in some mighty ragequit in the end effectively destroying the economic and cultural basis of future Germanic renewal is not treason. The NatSoc creed means loyality to your race above all else, even Hitler. So keeping an older incredibly black-pilled Hitler from doing that his younger more optimistic self had not wanted was in fact the most sensible thing to do at this point of time. After World War 1 Germany was ruined too. Just imagine if the emperor had ordered everything destroyed there would've been nothing left for Hitler to start with 20 years later. Hitler was sent by providence but loyality to him was not self-serving.
>>15278 I do not think that Hitler ever became blackpilled. By all accounts he went to his death very stoically. He shook the hands of those in the bunker, said his farewells, etc. When Heinz Linge asked who they are to fight for now, Hitler answered "For the coming man" (Kalki). If anything, Hitler was merely handing on the torch. Since the late 1920s he knew that he would never be victorious. He had nearly 20 years to know what was coming.
>>15289 >Since the late 1920s he knew that he would never be victorious. [citation needed]
>>15550 In 1928 he said to Hans Grimm: >I know that some Man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. I have sought such a man. I could nowhere discover him. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work (die Vorarbeit); only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not, the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other One still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost.” The source is Grimm’s book “Warum, Woher aber Wohin?”. Translation above is Savitri Devi’s. https://archive.org/details/HansGrimWarumWoherAberWohin/page/n7/mode/1up Hitler’s entire mission was a mere preparation for the “Coming Man” he mentioned on the day of his death to Heinz Linge. Even as far back as 1906 he became aware of his mission, as Kubizek makes clear in his book on Hitler, even recounting how when he met with Hitler decades later he recalled that it was that night that it all began: >Gradually his speech loosened, and the words flowed more freely. Never before and never again have I heard Adolf Hitler speak as he did in that hour, as we stood there alone under the stars, as though we were the only creatures in the world. >I was struck by something strange, which I had never noticed before, even when he had talked to me in moments of the greatest excitement. It was as if another being spoke out of his body, and moved him as much as it did me. It wasn't at all a case of a speaker being carried away by his own words. On the contrary; I rather felt as though he himself listened with astonishment and emotion to what burst forth from him with elementary force. I will not attempt to interpret this phenomenon, but it was a state of complete ecstasy and rapture [...] Like flood waters breaking their dikes, his words burst forth from him. He conjured up in grandiose, inspiring pictures his own future and that of his people. >Hitherto I had been convinced that my friend wanted to become an artist, a painter, or perhaps an architect. Now this was no longer the case. Now he aspired to something higher, which I could not yet fully grasp. It rather surprised me, as I thought that the vocation of the artist was for him the highest, most desirable goal. But now he was talking of a mandate which, one day, he would receive from the people, to lead them out of servitude to the heights of freedom. >It was an unknown youth who spoke to me in that strange hour. He spoke of a special mission which one day would be entrusted to him, and I, his only listener, could hardly understand what he meant. Many years had to pass before I realized the significance of this enraptured hour for my friend. > I was also present when Adolf Hitler retold this sequel to the performance of Rienzi in Linz to Frau Wagner, at whose home we were both guests. Thus my own memory was doubly confirmed. The words with which Hitler concluded his story to Frau Wagner are also unforgettable for me. He said solemnly, "In that hour it began." Hitler being an avatar is not a meme.
Is Telegram just a honeypot or there's actually good and useful things there?
>>15582 Both can be true at the same time.
>>15582 Like the other anon said, I've heard both opinions.
>>15152 >Hitler wasn't a perfect tactician, Hitler was a better tactician and strategist than his entire command. Hitler knew what the conditions and the problems that was wrong with his military, his German commanders fucked up everything and decided that everything was better under their conditions rather than listening to what he commanded. Defending the military command serves no purpose, because they were so incompetence that they basically just decided to allow their men die instead of coming up with new ideas that could save the Eastern front from being in the favor of the Soviets.
Anyone know if Pierce did an audio book reading of his book Hunter? I know Linder did, but was wondering if there is a copy of Pierce doing it as he did the Turner Diaries. Thanks.
Open file (77.59 KB 500x511 1462764257258.jpg)
Would the Third Reich have been as prosperous without American corporations sending them money? Why didn't Hitler breakup the giant companies and enterprises like Kruppstahl?
>>15701 Hitler's immediate goal was to uplift his Volk. Millions upon millions were unemployed during the Depression, degeneracy was spreading, communist ideologies were spreading, and Germany was being squeezed dry by international finance and countries such as France and the UK. Once he came to power, Hitler set to work overturning the stranglehold on the German Volk, stemming the communist threat and reconstructing a harmonious Volksgemeinschaft. Hitler's doctrine always was that first and foremost what mattered was nationalizing the minds of his Volk rather than unilaterally nationalizing and breaking up corporations. If they worked against the interests of the nation, Hitler had no qualms seizing the business and setting it under state control. This is what happened with Junkers Aircraft and Motor Works. The government removed Hugo Junkers and set it to work for the state. Krupp worked with the Third Reich, so Hitler didn't see it necessary to disrupt it. This was merely Hitler's policy though. He felt that this was the best way to tackle the immediate problems faced by the German Volk in the 1930s. Hitler didn't come to start a class war, he came to avert communism and fight the Jew. It's not an intrinsic part of National Socialism or Fascism. Fascism seeks not to bind the future. We are not dogmatists. We do what needs to be done in the pursuit of our goals (see pic). Today, I cannot imagine these corporations being given any leniency, as they have thoroughly internationalized and revealed themselves as enemies of the nations that they have originally sprung up out. of.
Open file (22.05 KB 220x280 hmm.png)
>>15704 So these corporations and industry giants had no sway in affairs or kissed up to him in hopes to persuade him to work for his means? And you didn't answer his question on if Germany would've survived without American corporations.
>>15705 Kissed up to what exactly? Hitler's actual social policies weren't far fetched and disagreeable. It is evident that they fought a right and just fight. >>15701 >>15705 Which corporations? Henry ford is the only notable person that actively supported the National Socialist worldview, but in the end he betrayed Germany by helping the Allies by begrudgingly assisting their semitic warmachine.
Open file (308.98 KB 500x384 49.png)
>>15706 >Which corporations? IBM, Coca Cola, Standard Oil, ITT, Chase, Nestlé.
>>15705 Corporations and industry did not dictate matters to Hitler, as should have already been clear to you by the previous example of a major corporation head being removed for not following the national line laid down by Hitler. Business obeyed the government, not the government business. To reiterate, nationalizing the minds of the people to work for the good of the nation was primary concern of Hitler. Even works on the economy of the Third Reich like Adam Tooze's make it clear the German business was not wholly in line with the attitude of Hitler and his government in economic matters. German business was split between more domestic and more internationally-minded elements: >The international outlook of German business, on the other hand, was far more 'liberal' in flavour. Though German industry was by no means averse to tariffs, the Reich industrial association strongly favoured a system of uninhibited capital movement and multilateralism underpinned by Most Favoured Nation principles >the disintegration of the world economy and the increasingly protectionist drift of German politics was profoundly at odds with the commercial interests of much of the German business community. >The first years of Hitler's regime saw the imposition of a series of controls on German business that were unprecedented in peacetime history [...] the New Plan, which effectively regulated the access of each and every German firm to foreign raw materials, created a substantial new bureaucracy, which controlled the vital functions of a large slice of German industry. These speak for themselves, I'd say. German business was internationally-minded, and were averse to the obvious protectionist drift of German politics in the Third Reich. Business was put under the thumb of the state and put to work for the Volk, not merely for private profits. >And you didn't answer his question on if Germany would've survived without American corporations. I don't speak on matters I'm ignorant of, as I figure that people want good answers to questions, not retards talking out of their ass.
>>15706 Kissing up to Hitler and manipulating him to protect them from any wrongdoing and once again have a say in government, standard fair. >which corporations IBM, Coca Cola, Chase Manhattan, Dow Chemical, and General Motors.
>>15709 >>15711 Look at this Jew IP-hopping now
>>15711 >shows some random low effort pre blockade 1936 coca cola selling in germany as "proof" >>15709 That doesn't prove anything because it's unbacked accusations. How about you muster up to provide actual evidence for your extravagant claim retard. GM also lost control of the subsidiary when the blockade started in 1939. The exact opposite of your lolbert "corpophile" garbage. I want names, dates and descriptions of what you allege in your claim because Germany was quite literally nationally manufacturing nearly everything, and their own brands such as Fanta and AfriKola because of trade-blockaded by Jews.
>>15719 I was asking if corporations did so and hoped to learn how much collaboration was done and support received between them and the government. >Fanta Made during the war do to blockading not before, otherwise they would've continued drinking Coke. >IBM IBM provided punch cards and other computation devices for train and camp management. >Dow Relied heavily on them for magnesium, oil, and refinery technology.
Anyone have any information on J.Edgar Hoover and his war on jewish communists? I've heard from multiple sources that they slandered him as a homosexual because he kept blockading their efforts to subvert and steal state secrets.
All foreign corporations operating within the Third Reich at the time were subject to same strict controls that were put on domestic businesses. >>15723 >punch cards, coca-cola and oil WOW HITLER WAS SUCH A STOOGE AM I RIGHT??? Also it is extremely well known that Hitler had a program for autarky. He knew that any sort of foreign links that he had were unreliable and ultimately dangerous to the national integrity and sovereignty of German. This is one reason why the Germans desired Lebensraum (which was absolutely a necessity) and fought for the oil fields in the Caucasus.
I'm quite worried as to whether I may be part kike without using DNA test. I keep looking at my nose from time to time thinking about it. Any help?
>>15755 Nice dubs. To answer the question as best I can while still assuming the best, I'd say look to the Nuremburg Laws if you're deeply concerned. Someone had made a statement I found appealing in that if it looks White, acts White, and fights for White interests, it can be counted as White. Take what I say with caution, however, as I'm only an eternal lurker with limited knowledge.
>>15755 It's important that part, if it's just the percent of your genom that tells how to assemble your nose you're still good in my book. In Germany there was such thing as honorary Aryans so what's good for the goose is good for the gander. You're probaby not Aryan quality breeding material oc but maybe we can gene edit that part out in your kids in the future. That said, your nose could be the way it is for other reasons, Romans had Aquiline noses so unless you're an geneticist you better leave assumptions such like as to experts.
>>15731 Production of synthetic fuel and rubbers was also a major project undertaken by the Third Reich.
Is Neinchan down? I can't connect
does hashes work here?
>>15766 It has been for a while. It was up 8 hours ago.
>>15795 I hate it when this happens. I was excited to get on today too because we had finally finished compiling our Jew list.
Nein is down again.
>>15804 For a few hours at least too. Sucks
>>15813 You think they got v& for the jew list? Or just technical issues/updates?
>>15825 I hadn't considered that theory regarding the Jew list. As of right now, I obviously can't draw any more conclusions than you can, but in the event that Nein remains down for multiple days for some reason, I would only be led to this conclusion, that the completion of the Jew list made them (((shut it down))) hard before anons could begin compiling and organizing the data. As we know, the thread was nuked suspiciously once. Someone didn't want this information out there and compiled. I don't know why it's down though. I'm not sure they even tell us, and I never see any updates done to the site.
>>15825 I would safely assume it's for the list. Feds know about that site and probably watch it like a hawk.
Open file (85.72 KB 751x701 crying merchant jew.jpg)
>>15830 Yeah, I bet if we knew the full extent of fed / Jew eyes on Nein we would truly be amazed. Just think of how many academic "studies" have came out mentioning Neinchan or featuring Neinchan memes. I'm sure some rabbi (likely featured on that list) was shitting his pants when he saw our list completed yesterday. I hope you've all saved the pastebin and archive links in the news thread
Open file (12.12 MB 646x480 Fire_montage.mp4)
Have faith brothers Neinchan will resurrect with the awesome healing power off this meme
Open file (6.47 MB 5000x2000 tarrant quote new.png)
>>15832 I'll throw a meme out for healing as well
>>15834 Fucking typos... I was in too much of a rush to get this meme out for you guys. I'll fix it.
Open file (902.43 KB 5000x2000 tarrant quote new.jpg)
Open file (850.28 KB 5000x2000 tarrant quote new 2.jpg)
>>15834 I like the way Pierce said it better. But good work regardless.
>>15838 Pierce definitely expressed it best, and even he was ultimately just quoting Odin in the Havamal. Really goes to show that BT was channeling some old Aryan wisdom here.
Open file (366.55 KB 1080x1086 fuck.jpg)
>>15831 I've got it archived as text. SecMail me for it. wadjet@secmail.pro
When will the fucking Nein admins get a way to warn us or tell us what’s up? Make a Gab or something and shoot out a notice, or come here to /fascist/. Not that hard tbh. I hope they’re not v&
What are your thoughts and criticism and marxists philosophers such as Engel?
>>15847 Marxism is little more than a Jew-created religious cult masquerading us as “scientific socialism”. Many, many people have pointed out that Marxism, despite claiming to be a materialistic, amoral “science”, is just another form of slave moralizing ideology with eschatological / millennarian overtones. The “chosen” Proletariat will rise up and overthrow capitalism and bring about a heaven on earth in some sort of utopian worldwide communist society. Also, Marxists place way too much emphasis on the economic basis of society and its ability to shape ideas and consciousness (base and superstructure). A good example of this is the belief that religion has no real independent existence, but is merely an epiphenomenon, a symptom of something more real and substantial that lies underneath it—namely, the material world. It’s a symptom of class-relations or something stupid like that, and it will wither away once they are removed. These sort of ideas are put onto humans as well. Niggers and other subhumans are only dumb and violent due to the economic system, not because they are biologically hardwired to act like that. Give niggers communism and they will be all genius savants.
>>15847 >>15849 summed it up pretty well. It's philosophy (or even dogma) pretending to be science. It's the economic and political equivalent of Sigmund Freud. Marxists claim to have "solved" history and therefore know its course and endpoint. Their scientific evidence is the underwhelming dialectic. While it can be argued philosophically that history is a process of continual transformation rather than sequential deterministic events, it can NOT be argued scientifically. All they've done is replace the promise of an eternal paradise with a temporal paradise. What's the source of your curiosity? I'd definitely recommend reading them if you're just trying to educate yourself about their ideas. Other systems offer some of the same ideas, though, so we might be able to recommend some books that explore them.
>>15851 >I'd definitely recommend reading them if you're just trying to educate yourself about their ideas. Yeah, I’d second this. I read various stuff by Marxists and lurked /leftypol/ for nearly a year and picked up all of that stuff, and it was definitely worth it. At the very least I know how to sniff out their rhetoric and avoid looking like a total retard when talking about Marxism like most boomers do just like they do with Fascism
>>15804 >>15805 >>15825 It has happened before. The longest I remember it stayed down a couple of days, explanation was for technical issues. >>15829 >>15830 Well, that thread was immediately archived and pastebined, so it would be pretty useless to shut Nein down for that specific reason. >>15841 I somewhat agree, but on the other hand it is dangerous to have their identity attached to kiked (((social media))), doesn't matter if GAB or anything else, because those networks are ideal for our enemies to doxx us. It would be nice if they would pop up here to update us though.
>>15855 >that thread was immediately archived and pastebined, so it would be pretty useless to shut Nein down for that specific reason. While you’re right, I still think it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Sure, the list was completed, but if Nein had been shut down it would seriously hamper the efforts to really visualize the data, make infographs, lay it out, and have anons spread it around.
>>15864 9chan.tw's onion has been down for like 2 weeks this month, but it had the clearweb working in the meantime. If Neinchan's having technical issues we don't have a clearweb place still on to keep posting, so we can only wait and see. Last time Nein stayed down 24-48 hours for server maintenance and shit. If the downtime prolongs, we can start to worry. It it doesn't come back, /fascist/ has lost its tor bunker.
Okay, So what is fascism according to you, according to this board? What is it's essence? Postmodernists like to say it's about nothing but aesthetics and they don't have a material basis. Liberals say it's authoritarianism and being mean to liberals and the more authoritarianism and disagreement with liberals it is the more fascist it is. Leftists say it's a institution of a petit bourgeois dictatorship, or the national bourgeoisie, while at the same time "the highest stage of imperialism" implying international and domestic is a false dichotomy. National Socialists say it is the enforcement of a race centered state and the enforcement of "traditional values" with the entire makeup of the nation being one ethnicity and class collaboration. Mussolini says it is the state with nothing existing outside of the state. What does /fascist/ say?
>>15883 If you don't have a good reason to be namefagging, take it off. We don't need people attention-whoring or needlessly identifying themselves on a board which gets less than a hundred posts a day and has something like 15-25 unique IPs depending on the day.
>>15883 >Postmodernists like to say it's about nothing but aesthetics and they don't have a material basis. Postmodernist are degenerate materialists who enjoy over-intellectualizing everything that favorable in their retarded viewpoints. Many of them can even be said to be kikes, so it only makes sense a bunch of idiots who have no sense of aesthetic values and a weapon for the CIA would say something so ignorant. >Liberals say it's authoritarianism and being mean to liberals and the more authoritarianism and disagreement with liberals it is the more fascist it is. Liberals don't understand what authoritarianism nor totalitarianism even means and only despise them, because it threatens their hedonistic views. > Leftists say it's a institution of a petit bourgeois dictatorship, or the national bourgeoisie And leftists are mentally unhinged fools who find that anything that does not support their nonsensical philosophies, sciences, and values. All they do is cry out the boogeyman that is the bourgeois, despite working them since WW2, and fascism oppressing people. because fascists refuse to be against hierarchy and Darwinism. > National Socialists say it is the enforcement of a race centered state and the enforcement of "traditional values" with the entire makeup of the nation being one ethnicity and class collaboration. National Socialists and Mussolini are the only ones correct, because even the so-called fascist who pretend to ignore blood and kin are still idiots and fail to recognize the reality of the material world and that it is indeed racial. Enforcement of traditional values and the nation making up under cooperation among all classes treating each other like brothers and all being the same ethnicity is also the ideal nation we would enforce and create. Anyone who tries to criticize fascism without reading any of the many fascist books to Giovanni, Mussolini, Codreanu, Hitler, etc do so, because they are afraid to admit that fascism isn't mere imperialism, authoritarianism, or bourgeois, but the re-creation of the natural world and end of artificial societies and anything that stops us from being in-tune with nature and the natural/cosmic order.
Open file (14.04 MB 480x270 tick tock smal.mp4)
If Nein's not up by tomorrow morning, they got v& as far as I'm concerned.
>>15830 Archive https://archive.fo/GAabI Tor pastebin depastedihrn3jtw.onion/show.php?md5=1bccedd25ee83b16f90eb20b40c063b5
>>15883 Fascism is a true aristocracy where the noblest and most virtuous are the rulers. >>15910 I hope you didn't just paint a target on the cafe.
>>15914 >I hope you didn't just paint a target on the caf All of that had been already posted in the news cyclical a day or two ago, I wouldn’t worry too much. What I would worry about is trying to do anything with that list here though. I don’t want to endanger the board, let alone the site.
>>15908 Considering the timing with the list completion and it being shoah'd I wouldn't not hold my breath. The feds probably were ordered to kill it by their heeb masters.
Also this should serve as a warning to most that you should never post sensitive information or plans on imageboards -even over Tor- as the reprisal from the feds isn't worth it and it harms the desired result. Serious people should consider using encrypted communication.
I’m looking forward to the articles in a few days which detail the “Nazi terror plot” against 600 poor Jewish organizations who supported niggers, and how the evil Nazi den Neinchan was shuttered JUST before the attacks. You know they’re coming if Nein’s admins have actually been v&
I’m interested in hearing some anons’ opinions on this matter before I do anything. This is only relevant *if* Neinchan does not pop up again in a day or two—would it be best if I removed all of the posts which have archives or links of that list? I’m assuming you guys have already saved all that shit locally anyways.
Edited last time by FashBO on 12/17/2020 (Thu) 04:13:52.
>>15918 >I’m looking forward to the articles in a few days which detail the “Nazi terror plot” against 600 poor Jewish organizations who supported niggers, and how the evil Nazi den Neinchan was shuttered JUST before the attacks. You can bet this is exactly how it will do down
>>15919 IMHO If it doesn't come back as you said I would delete all posts related to the list and discussion about it to cover our asses.
>>15919 I think not, I doubt it being posted painted a target on the Cafe, but as always BO it's your call.
Open file (59.73 KB 564x736 1458601083041.jpg)
>hundreds of rabbis list themselves as public supporters of BLM >but don't list their contact information
>>15921 I thought that that seemed like the best course of action, probably good thinking too to clean up discussion on it as well. Obviously it’s a bit too early to tell at this point, but the timing is a bit too on point for comfort. I hope I’m wrong though, because if Nein’s admins got v&, you can bet glowniggers will start looking over here even more due to the fact that we are bunkered down there. >>15922 I’m more worried about breaking a global rule, see: >Threats Against Specific Individuals, defined in the 2012 Criminal Code as "threatening an individual with the commission of an offense or of a prejudicial act against them or other individual, if this is of nature to cause a state of fear". Yeah, it’s stretching it a bit, and one could easily say that it’s just for information purposes using public information, but you know how these dirty kikes act, if they’re truly sperging out over this info in the manner >>15918 said it, it might be the safest choice. We’ll see though. Just save whatever you want now if you don’t have it.
>>15917 >>15916 >literally telling people to cuck off the web just because something might be shoah'd >over literal legalities Retard/concerntroll/fed detected Us based CyberNazis are gonna keep making sites and you can choke on it faggot
Open file (388.50 KB 699x699 1469196276938.png)
>>15919 If you delete the list you're a fucking cuck there is nothing illegal about it and it's all publicly available information. The level of fear some have over this is actually pathetic for something so benign.
>>15924 >I thought that that seemed like the best course of action, probably good thinking too to clean up discussion on it as well. Obviously it’s a bit too early to tell at this point, but the timing is a bit too on point for comfort. I hope I’m wrong though, because if Nein’s admins got v&, you can bet glowniggers will start looking over here even more due to the fact that we are bunkered down there. Yes this is what I was thinking. I'd hate to see a board as good as this get destroyed because the FBIniggers start turning over every table like a bull in a china shop. >>15925 I'm just careful, anon. Legalities don't matter when they can just make up the fucking news and grasp at straws. This is how Meguca got shoah'd a few years ago.
>>15926 Maybe your right. I of course have some concerns, but so long as the admin here doesn’t tell me to knock it off or say that I’m breaking global rules, you fags can run wild for all I care. I mean, Pastebin hasn’t deleted it, so I guess it might be cucked to cave. I’m not suggesting this stuff because I want to, it’s because I don’t want this board harmed, or the site. All it takes is one nigger writing a (((concerned email))) and the whole site will be killed off.
Edited last time by FashBO on 12/17/2020 (Thu) 04:33:36.
Open file (114.10 KB 640x300 dVOK08J.png)
>>15924 >>15919 >>15926 Seriously Neinchan has been down before though, there's fucking NOTHING illegal about it publicly available information either. >>15928 Yeah no fucking shit jews try to racketeer people all the time, even though it should be thrown out of court. As how the based smoloko.com guy drew JEWS DID 9/11 etc on a sidewalk and literally got jail for it, being nothing. It's not called Zionist Occupied Government for nothing, it's real. But what more can you do but keep fighting the good fight, they are our enemies remember?
>>15929 >so long as the admin here doesn’t tell me to knock it off or say that I’m breaking global rules, you fags can run wild for all I care. Best course of action tbh
>>15930 >It's not called Zionist Occupied Government for nothing, it's real. But what more can you do but keep fighting the good fight, they are our enemies remember Yes, ofcourse; However, the best course of action is to fight the good fight without them catching you or putting you out of action prematurely.
>>15929 How about this: if Nein stays offline, delete direct links and let us pass it between ourselves. .>>15930 It's hard to avoid apophenia when dealing with ZOG. Nobody would have successfully effortposted if they'd posted their intentions on the web months in advance.
>>15932 Of course but nobody can foresee that they'll be jailed for basically disagreeing with marxist talmudic judaist lunacy online except the best opsec >>15933 >It's hard to avoid apophenia when dealing with ZOG. Nobody would have successfully effortposted if they'd posted their intentions on the web months in advance. if they did 1337 behind 6 million proxies im sure they would, aditionally this way you waste ZOG time on the real targets.
As I know neinchan's admin have minecraft server, maybe someone can use it?
>>15919 >nein >I’m interested in hearing some anons’ opinions on this matter before I do anything. it's obvious nein is not exactly super competently run from a shitty server in someone's basement. You're really worrying too much, the feds give a shit about such lists
Did Hitler really fall in love with and fuck his cousin then forcing her to kill herself when the relationship failed?
>>15944 >Did Hitler really fall in love with and fuck his cousin then forcing her to kill herself when the relationship failed? No. And the girl wasn't his cousin, it was his half-niece Geli Raubal. Any scandalous claims are all Jewish lies or nonsense spread by traitors like Otto Strasser. Even modern books written by Germans don't repeat such sensational claims. Volker Ullrich said: >But as much as Hitler enjoyed the company of this young woman, he avoided any displays of intimacy even within his innermost circle. "Never did Hitler reveal his feelings in society," Heinrich Hoffmann observed. "He always behaved completely correctly towards Geli. It was only his gaze and warm tone that betrayed his affection." Heinrich Hoffmann was of course Hitler's photographer. A further quote from the same book: >on the basis of conversations with Anni Winter, Christa Schroeder felt confident that Hitler had loved Geli without ever having had sex with her. If anything, it seems like Hitler became a bit overbearing. Some of Hitler's household personnel like Anni and Georg Winter, former landlady Maria Reichert and Hitler's cleaning woman Anna Kirmair all thought apparently that Geli was exploiting her uncle and that Hitler was spoiling her. They weren't pleased with what happened. Not that you can find no scandalous claims from any of these people concerning Hitler's conduct, and these people literally cared for Hitler's apartment. Either way, after her death Hitler fell into a very deep depression, and many have wondered if he was considering suicide at that time. Hitler was not even home when she committed suicide. A day before he had left for a campaign trip in northern Germany, and the Winters were at home when she killed herself, discovering her body and calling Hess immediately. Hitler's servants were completely in the dark about why this had happened. Maria Reichert only said that she had been rather emotional before her death. The suicide itself was strange. It was caused by a bullet to the lung. All reports about signs of violence on the body or a broken nose were revealed later to be lies. Angela Hitler, Geli's own mother later agreed with Winifred Wagner that the most likely explanation was that was playing around with Hitler's pistol and accidentally killed herself. This is what she told American investigators at Berchtesgaden in May 1945. There is even evidence from Henriette Hoffmann that Geli and her had done target practice with the pistol near Munich before. Ultimately, Volker Ullrich sums up the section on Geli in the following terms: >It seems that the question of Raubal's motives will never be definitively answered. Most likely, Raubal felt unable to live up to the expectation of becoming a singer, and was worn down by Hitler's need to control her, which restricted her freedom and hemmed in her own initiative. She may have felt that Prinzregentenstrasse was her "golden cage". Perhaps, in an increasingly intolerable situation, she saw no other way out than to take her own life. For an alternate, and also very plausible account: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t545603/
>>15943 This. I remember admins saying the server was autonomously run in someone's house.
>>15947 Funny how some anons said nein was the only board you need as if it was some stable bedrock guaranteed to be around forever when they could barely figure out how to install exiftool
Open file (138.08 KB 1374x1021 bt63.png)
And now we see why BO didn't want to tie himself at the hip to Neinchan either by moving there or by making it our only bunker, because anyone with a brain could see that this was bound to happen.
>>15958 Never heard anyone say that, but many (including myself) think it's the best in terms of nat soc board after 8chan' demise.
>>15962 >Never heard anyone say that me neither and I'm there pretty much always. tech was always weak and if it wasnt for Tor i wouldnt touch nein with a ten feet pole
>>15962 There were some comments about how it's nein or nothing as if lurking somewhere else was cheating on nein. It's a great board but you need redundancy because shit like this inevitably happens.
>>15969 k remember that sperg but i think that was really just one guy who went nein or bust lol
>>15970 He typed just like you too
>>15969 Who is this and where is this?
>>15978 L O N D O N O N D O N
where's the jew list?
>>15982 got another link or a screenshot? link doesn't work for me (outside of Tor too)
Open file (338.55 KB 953x312 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (372.55 KB 970x311 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (337.32 KB 952x315 ClipboardImage.png)
>>15980 >>15978 Even worse than it being London, that picture is not in London, England, it's in London, Ontario. This very Jewish looking man is named Omar Hamadache. A story featuring him seems to have appeared in the Canadian National Post, but if you click the link it 404s and you cannot read the article. No Google caches of it or anything on any other archive site. Makes me think Here was the former link: http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/06/07/integrating-islam-can-school-meet-its-goal-of-creating-well-adjusted-muslim-members-of-canadian-society/
>>15986 Some FBInigger is monitoring every thread on every altchan talking about this,
Alternate theory: Neinchan was always a fed / Jew honeypot for academics to draw examples of "hate speech" and "terroristic rhetoric", and once they saw anons actually working to accomplish something such as exposing literally hundreds of Jews, they pulled the plug on the whole venture. One piece of evidence is that they fucking deleted the thread thinking no one would notice before. They wanted it shut down, and shut it down they did.
>>15989 All the more reason for serious anons to find alternative means of communication. It Imageboards are heavily monitored.
>>15986 Think you'll be v& next, BO?
>>15993 has anyone actually been v& for posting shit? like suddenly disappeared for posting something classified?
Pierce on what really happened in Waco and how the BATF operate publicity stunts. Important information on how these secret police NKVD fucks suppress us.
>>15990 All communications platforms where Whites coordinate to fight against their ethnic replacement are heavily monitored. There are no more green pastures.
>>15993 Nah, I don't feel too nervous. Especially since there is literally zero proof at the moment that anyone has been v& yet. The longer it's down the more my suspicions are raised though. I'll be on the look out for any articles.
Open file (3.32 KB 111x107 13253107632.jpg)
>>15985 >>15986 TOR depasted copy is currently offline. depastedihrn3jtw.onion/show.php?md5=1bccedd25ee83b16f90eb20b40c063b5
no one here saved the list?
>>16004 The archive’s still up: https://archive.fo/GAabI SAVE THIS SHIT NOW
>>16009 Meant for: >>16007
>>16007 bro friend habibi Everyone here saved the list.
>>16009 Thanks, saved. Is there any other site we can host it on? just in case something happens to the archived page
What is the best way to compress video for upload here? Best ffmpeg settings? Best format? It's very hard to get the file size under 20mb..
>>16013 I’d dump it on 8chan.moe’s /pol/ and maybe /pnd/ on 8kun if anywhere. I wouldn’t do it on /bestpol/ or 16chan’s /pol/ though because personally I value them more, and my general reading of you guys is that you are not much different in opinion here. >>16015 Good thinking.
>>16016 Yes I agree protect the good boards, dump it in the rats nest of 4/pol/ or 8/pnd/ to spread awareness
Who would have guessed that what started from a few innocent posts on our news cyclical could have led to such things kek
>>16015 Was just thinking the same thing. Beat me to it, good work anon.
Open file (112.60 KB list.pdf)
Here I made it in a pdf but just the text so the file size is smaller. I would make the pdf with an index for the letters and archive all the links, but I'm too tired for that, so if someone wants to do that, go ahead.
>>16021 Great job
>>16021 (me) you can still search between letters doing ctrl+f and typing (letter)== but an index would be prettier.
>>16021 Do you or anyone else know how people turned Tarrant’s manifesto PDF into one giant image? I don’t think I have that saved so I can’t show you, but it was like all of the pages arranged in columns from top to bottom, left to right. This would be good to do with this.
>>16024 Yes, I know what you mean. I don't know really, but I suppose it would be taking individual screenshots of the pages and sticking them together in paint.net or something like that.
Is there no way to contact the owner of Nein just to see what's going on? Has anyone tired their minecraft server?
Open file (7.15 KB 1154x120 image.png)
Open file (33.87 KB 591x390 slide1_win.jpg)
>>16014 handbrake.fr use a preset then reduce quality an tweak settings as needed to get under the limit
>>16031 >>16033 Kek I’m glad we were overreacting. Only wish that we knew more about when these downtimes were if possible.
>>16004 It's still up lol
>Google "Insurance lawyer" >Click on the first Google ad with a jewish name. >That just cost that Jew around $50 >Yes that's how much one click costs them >Everybody who uses the internet should install adnauseum just to fuck with advertisers. 3 months of adnauseum says that my ad vault has cost advertisers $2400. can anyone confirm this works, sounds like an easy way to steal them some shekels
>>16070 If you're just transferring shekels to a jewish corporation in jewgle not sure how much difference it makes.
Where is the evidence that Stalin would've invaded westward before Hitler.
>>16081 I mean there's obviously Suvorov's Icebreaker theory. It looks like some of his works exist in English which put the blame solely on Stalin, but honestly, I don't think it really matters that much. The Third Reich was going to expand east, this much is clear to anyone who has read Mein Kampf, Hitler's second book, or researched the economic situation of the German people in this period. It never had to turn into a European war. The blame for this lies solely on the Jews. They, along with Jew-controlled Britain and France, were the ones who prevented any settlement in Poland, declared war, and ignored all of Hitler's peace overtures, preventing an alliance with England.
Open file (187.08 KB 1600x900 7749140075409957386.png)
What does /fascist/ think of Iran, its people, its culture and history? I think the Iranians are still somewhat in touch with their ancestors genetically and culturally in some ways especially in the Caspian where the the Dubayad Dynasty held out against Islam for centuries after the rest of the Sassanid fell. They also have the strongest culture in the region despite numerous conquests that led to much of their heritage being destroyed. That's not to say the remaining Aryans are race-conscious like Levantines and Coptic Egyptians however or that they're fairly common.
Open file (6.85 KB 186x271 images.jfif)
Open file (5.07 KB 149x200 iOcyXVf.jpg)
Open file (48.72 KB 453x640 red haired kurdish.jpg)
Open file (131.47 KB 189x277 Jontron.png)
>>16094 Modern Iran is a shitheap genetically. There's still some fine leftovers of ancient Indo-Aryan blood though. I'd love to talk about ancient Iranic peoples. They are by far the truest and directdivergent branch of the Proto-Indo-European peoples, next to the Celtics and Balto-Slavs, as well as Zoroastranism.
What are your thoughts on veganism and what do you think would be a proper eco-fash diet.
>>16094 I like Iran. As you and other anons point out, genetically, linguistically and culturally they are directly linked to the Indo-Europeans who spread out over Asia and Europe. Just as we have been infected by Christianity in Europe, for the last 1400 years Iran has been enslaved by Islam. Some Iranians seem to be conscious of themselves as Aryans though luckily, just look at SUMKA and links like this: https://archive.fo/Lmdhp https://observers.france24.com/en/20101118-association-iranian-nazis-aryan-race-persian-nationalism
>>16098 Veganism is horrible for one's health. I'm just reminded of that story of a vegan couple whose baby was chronically underweight and almost died from malnourishment. I think they were from Australia. Interestingly enough too, it's a very new diet historically. Very modern, and that can only lead us to ask why it has been shilled so hard. Throughout history, even the most extreme of vegetarians like Jain monks still consume stuff like milk. I'm not an expert on diets but for some reason Ben Klassen advocated for fruitarianism in his Salubrious Living
>>16103 >it's a very new diet historically of course, only the completely degenerate yet wealthy people in a modern society can even afford such nonsense without dieing within a week
Open file (854.80 KB 384x288 hitler dance.gif)
>>16105 At least we have the solace of knowing that if we ever witness a major breakdown of order in our societies, it is the vegans who will be impassively swept into the grave by Nature
>>16107 These oversocialized faggots will abandon veganism without a second thought when push comes to shove. The second they can no longer get likes and follows they will drop all of their "beliefs".
>>16108 You're probably right, unfortunately. Those freaks are extremely driven by the perception that exists in the minds of their peers and what is popular. I don't think most golems have a true belief anywhere in their mind. This virus nonsense has made me hate these braindead cattle more than ever. To an extent the majority of the population will always be driven by herd-instincts, but modernity is encouraging this to an extreme extent. I'm not deluded enough to think that this phenomenon would cease to exist if the Jews were removed, but it would not be as exaggerated as it is now.
Open file (353.34 KB 1121x1092 soon.jpg)
Why are niggers so retarded? Despite all those billions and resources thrown at them they are still like baboons and have the same mindset they had in Africa four a thousand years.
Open file (274.45 KB 673x672 mental retardation iq.png)
>>16112 No amount of aid and shekels can alter millennia of evolution in an environment like Africa
>>16112 Yeah most of them are fucking retarded. I wish they could appreciate White people for giving them a lot of resources and help. But no, only the handful educated ones would do so.
Open file (107.63 KB 1000x667 china chang.jpg)
>>16117 Don't worry, I'm sure Chang appreciates the infrastructure and development
>>16118 Wish I could be alive to see chink get flooded with niggers. We all know that is the next step after their colonization of Africa.
Open file (5.56 MB 4000x3000 niggers in china.jpg)
Open file (53.28 KB 780x438 africa china.jpg)
>>16119 It's already happening in some places. Kikepedia says that only 10,000 Africans live in Guangzhou, but recent articles from like May of this year report that over 300,000 niggers entered or left China through that city in 2017 alone. They're gonna get BLACKED. If anyone doubts this they are delusional. Chinese don't control China
>>16120 kek and its already starting to look like Somalia the love affair the elites anywhere in the world have with these subhuman creatures its unbelievable
>>16122 >the love affair the elites anywhere in the world have with these subhuman creatures its unbelievable Because they are the ultimate bioweapon. They are violent and stupid, but easily manipulated and controlled. Interbreeding with them destroys intelligent racial groups and drags down collective IQ and culture. Asians and Whites are the biggest threat to kike world hegemony which is why they want us BLACKED.
>>16124 >Because they are the ultimate bioweapon. Kek I was about to reply exactly the same thing until I saw your post. Your post encapsulates it.
Open file (65.93 KB 640x440 monoculture.jpg)
>What are your thoughts on veganism Veganism requires more resources than a non-vegan diet. Since you cannot get all the nutrients you need eating exclusively vegan, you must get the missing vitamins in the form of supplements. To grow vegan food, large areas of land need to be cleared and plowed to grow monoculture crops. These crops require large amounts of fresh water, cause soil depletion and erosion, and kill biodiversity. They're also typically grown using non-organic fertilizers and pesticides. Finally, since many foods in a vegan diet are grown in warm and tropical climates, they need to be transported great distances to other parts of the world, requiring lots of fuel. Also, watch "Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment" by sv3rige on YouTube. >what do you think would be a proper eco-fash diet. Eat as local as possible. The best food is that which you have foraged, grown, or hunted yourself. Next best is food from small-scale, local organic farms. During the growing season, you should eat more vegetables and less meat to give wildlife a chance to reproduce. During the winter, consume less vegetables and more meat.
>>16124 The only peoples allowed to have an ethnic identiy or kikes and the races that aren't a threat to kikes. Honestly asians are not a threat to the kikes, that is why they are allowed to have an identity. But mongrelizing them like everyone is still profitable so they will push for it anyways.
>>16127 was meant for >>16098
Open file (577.41 KB 900x675 plastic weebshit.jpg)
>>16128 The only threat to kikes in Asia was Japan, but as we know ZOG nuked them into submission in 1945, and now the great grandsons of the soldiers spend their days locked in their apartments collecting plastic figurines of girls
>>16128 >Honestly asians are not a threat to the kikes The Japanese are a threat to them as they traditionally have a strong honor culture and identity like Europeans do, which is why they are weakening them with porn and other degeneracies now. But you are right about the others, the ones who are not an immediate threat they will leave until the dangerous ones are taken down.
>>16130 > great grandsons Meant to say grandsons
>>16119 kek, no. Chinks are incredibly racist. >>16120 If anyone is delusional, it's you. Chinks literally censor niggers out of western movies. Fun fact: The 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, started out as an anti-nigger riot. The Chinese population was angry over the arrival of a handful of African foreign student, who were only going to study in China for a few years and then fuck off back to Africa.
>>16138 Remember that less than a century ago all of the following could be found in America: >eugenics exhibits at state-fairs (Fitter Families contests) >laws preventing dysgenics from marrying >large-scale segregation in parts of the country >a millions-strong Klan >immigration laws restricting almost every area but Europe Et cetera. The average head of nigger cattle today would view these as beyond the pale, when they were quite popular among many until they were propagandized against and forcibly abolished or repealed. Chinks will be BLACKED whether they like it or not.
Did Hitler want to convert the reich to veganism and soya overtime?
Open file (583.25 KB 1017x1019 Tierfreund hitler.png)
>>16142 Don't confuse veganism and vegetarianism, they're very different. Hitler was a vegetarian. What would have happened after the war is anyone's guess. The following was in Goebbel's diary dated April 26th 1942 though: >An extended chapter of our talk was devoted by the Führer to the vegetarian question. He believes more than ever that meat eating is wrong. Of course he knows that during the war we cannot completely upset our food system. After the war, however, he intends to tackle this problem also. Maybe he is right. Certainly the arguments that he adduces in favour of his standpoint are very compelling.” Also this was in Table Talk from 1941: >One may regret living at a period when it’s impossible to form an idea of the shape the world of the future will assume. But there’s one thing I can predict to eaters of meat: the world of the future will be vegetarian.”
>>16142 >Did Hitler want to convert the reich to veganism good luck with that but no I dont think so I suspect he was vegetarian mostly because of his really bad stomach maybe genetic predisposition but either fucked up by more pills than were good for him his teeth were also in superbad shape I dont think he could enjoy his shnitzel anymore
>>16140 The little poz that is present in China comes from the West, particularly the USA,. Once the West goes down, China will recover. The same goes for a lot of other countries in Asia, South America, the Mid East, etc.
Open file (3.18 MB 988x839 jewish china asian.png)
Open file (790.86 KB 788x728 jewish asian 2.PNG)
Open file (950.87 KB 924x830 jewish asian.PNG)
>>16147 The culture of the West that you refer to is actually just rootless globohomo. It is tied to no land, no country, no race (though maybe to a certain tribe). Modern China exists on totally Jewish intellectual foundations and even was established with the help of many Jews. If / when the West implodes, the Jews will just relocate to China and blend in with Asians. The Talmud is already one of the best selling books in South Korea, and many Jews are intermixing with Asians in preparation for this
Open file (769.78 KB 584x556 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16148 It's Wasmannian mimicry. The mimic assumes the appearance of those whom they live among.
Does anyone know any website for hi-res third reich pics? An imageboard for that would be nice but any website will do me just fine.
>>16156 I just looked a bit for you and basically came to the conclusion that literally every good photo from the Third Reich has been ghettoed away by kikes at Getty Images or Alamy. Hopefully someone can hook you up
>>16138 >Chinks are racist This isn't really true, chinks from rural and poor areas are racist, but anyone from the Urban city areas are more Egilitarian or tolerant especially towards foreigners. China already sold out some of their women to niggers, so they're only racist depending on where they came from.
>>16148 >If / when the West implodes, the Jews will just relocate to China and blend in with Asians I've said this before as well on /pol/s imageboards and got backlash. You are indeed correct, the death to America bandwagon serves no purpose nor does it bring a better world whatsoever. One of the biggest struggle I see out of a-lot of anti-Americans is that they want to act as if America's destruction would lead the world to better place and zog will be defeated, when Isreal does not lose anything from the destruction of America. China is zogged and will become further zogged unless the process is uninterrupted.
>>16157 Yeah, I know. Some good places to find hi-res pics are national archives. polish archives (pic related), archives.gov, etc Shit is too decentralized though.
>>16147 China will become multiculti, it's under the same jewish thumb since Mao Zedong. It's in the Jewish nature to destroy pure races and unified nation states. After the West falls China will be next. Why do you think so many "White" jews are interbreeding with chink women and producing offspring? To blend in and destroy Asia in the next century. They are the eternal parasite and destroyer.
>>16159 Until all the races of man come together under a common goal of exterminated this eternal parasite nothing will ever change. It will continue to infect, destroy and escape before justice can be dealt. It will continue to use one host against another, to ferment tensions and wars between peoples in order to take control. It is in the collective interests of all non-jews to liberate the planet of them.
>>16159 The type of anti-American stuff I see around often is definitely a form of bluepill. The real elites have no homeland, and don’t see the importance of nations in the first place. To them, nations were (and are to a diminishing extent), the second best to world unity in the past. As communications and transportation get better, they can move to the next step of regional consolidation under central governments, as we see in the EU, the coming East Africa Federation, etc. The international finance kikes and capitalists get richer and richer from this. After that is JWO. America is ground-zero, but the real power lies in the unseen empire of ultra-wealthy Jews like the Rothschilds
>>16149 >hello fellow ants
>>16163 >Until all the races of man come together under a common goal No this sounds like some lolberg delusion. Ethnic Europeans just need to come together. It doesn't matter what is in the interest of shitskins because with their high time preference they can't see beyond the gibs at their fingertips. >>16164 And before America, England, France, Russia/USSR and at certain points even Germany were ground zero for jewish organization. I think you're right the death of the USA won't be some magical liberation flashpoint for everyone else. They will just operate from their other footholds. People talk about resilience of things like torrents, the hydra. Well the kikes are inherently decentralized and this must be taken into account for any lucid analysis.
Open file (96.62 KB 914x556 the wasmannian jew.jpg)
Open file (743.91 KB 914x710 wasmannian edit.png)
>>16211 Kek based, I was thinking that some good content could be made out of this. I hope you don't mind, but I added to your pic a bit
>>16220 Good pic, but I would choose a more indistinguishable comparison of a German man and a Jew for it to fit nicely. Like two blondes with one being a jew, or two brunettes etc.
>>16209 >Ethnic Europeans just need to come together. It doesn't matter what is in the interest of shitskins True, White nationalism is for White people after all. But if a shitskin like a chink understands the JQ, more power to them. Doesn't hurt, really.
>>16221 I was toying with the idea of making a comprehensive infograph with many examples from nature and with Jews, I will have to see what I can do here soon.
Did another edit of the Wasmannian mimicry image. I also threw together this one on trannies and sneaker males as a bonus that I had been thinking of making for a while
>>16221 >I would choose a more indistinguishable comparison of a German man and a Jew for it to fit nicely >indistinguishable the problem with that is that such a jew would probably be the result of interbreeding by some goy cunt marrying into the tribe so that we see isn't jewish mimicry it's still Aryan genes. true-blooded jews looking human in the first place is the actual meaning of mimicry.
>>16260 Proof read you shit faggot, don't be one of the hundreds of retards who put out misspelled memes/propaganda that only serve to discredit the idea by a public show of stupidity/carelessness. But other than that, nice job anon. Keep at it.
>>16267 >Proof read you shit faggot Perhaps I'm missing something extremely obvious, but after reading this shit three times with progressively more scrutiny, I don't see any typos or grammatical errors. I'm not even ESL either
>>16269 The word assuming is mistyped (it has three s). The word appearance is misspelled, it's missing a p. There might be more, I didn't really scrutinize it to any serious degree, those are just two things that jumped at me.
>>16274 Fuck, now they jump out at me like a sore thumb. I'll fix it.
Open file (914.66 KB 1876x996 sneaker male trannies 2.png)
Open file (627.23 KB 845x602 1566330088522.png)
Did anyone happen to watch an interview of a paranormal radio host interviewing an old scientist from NASA who was suffering from an affliction in his legs and was afraid to go to the doctors under concern they'd kill him discussing Die Glocke, the Kecksburg Acorn, "Hitler's Flying Beauty" who I presume to be Hanna Reitsch if there weren't any other pretty flygirls at the time, and and a stern-looking black or brown-haired SS officer who disappeared on May 8th or so. The program lasts from 45-60 minutes and I can't find it anywhere.
Do you think the National Socialists being sabatoged from within was the cause of the failure of the reich?
>>16347 It was one factor out of many, I think. Shit or distant allies, less production capacity, being outnumbered, etc, all of these contributed.
Can you give me a list of the greatest warriors and kings IRL who were blond and not red haired?
>>16366 You'll be hard-pressed. Red-heads are the master-race. Born kings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQqFc9JzNWI
>>16368 But aren't red heads and blonds equal to each other? I've heard rumors of lionheart being blondish red or reddish blond along with Alexander and Genghis Khan. What's with the pop-ups of gingers being literal kangz. I can somewhat understand why reds are so op likely it has to due to with being associated with fire, but what about blonds?
>>16372 I'm not sure if they can be called "equal" necessarily. I do wonder though how much hair color really determines, or if hair color is merely an outward sign of some qualities. I haven't studied this type of stuff too much. Obviously the one thing we can notice is that red-heads seem to be extremely over-represented in ancient kings for whatever reason. There's not much IQ data out there. Some cursory searches seem to suggest that blonds have the highest IQs, and black haired people the lowest (though still basically at 100). But then again, IQ is not everything.
>>16372 >I've heard rumors of lionheart being blondish red or reddish blond along with Alexander and Genghis Khan. Dont know about these particular cases but in antiquity and in the middle ages it wasnt uncommon to describe reddish blonds as redheads. Mostly regions where no actual redheads existed probably.
Open file (41.94 KB 962x364 genghis khan.PNG)
>>16376 I can't comment on Alexander, but pic related describes the situation with Genghis Khan
What are some completely unbiased and uncensored wikis, if there are any?
>>16380 Metapedia is close to what you're looking for: https://www.metapedia.org/
Me and some people I know have organized a discuck server for learning national socialism fascism and fascist world view would it be ok If I shilled it on here or no? I prefer lurkers would join then pp that already post
(also im prop going to copy paste this to other chans nein chan is holstile to discuck users so)
>>16391 Just asking, would the race of the member of the server matter? I mean its just a hub to learn fascist material. I get that no shitskins should ever be allowed in a WN movement but I think there's no harm in anyone learning the JQ. On another note, discord is know to be wiretapped.
Open file (45.37 KB 723x253 XS.png)
>>16394 this should answer your question
>>16395 >>16391 >>16392 Discord is a datamining piece of fedware. https://stallman.org/discord.html
Edited last time by FashBO on 12/24/2020 (Thu) 03:36:16.
>>16396 well yes thats why you use a vpn and don't openly praise the Saints and disciples or say terroristic shit lol
>>16396 Im prop going to move it to element/matrix or maybe something else
>>16396 it's just that discuck is way easier to handle
>>16397 >>16398 Is what my link says about Discord flagging you and demanding a phone number if you use a VPN false then? Because it even links to a Reddit post from Discord staff saying that they do this. I have used Discord sporadically in the past, and have experienced firsthand how they will demand a phone number or other information for little to no clear reason.
>>16400 well I use a vpn and it does nto make me have to use my phone also it's easy af to make a acc just fucking go yandex mail (only works on oprea) boom you have a email and make a account with that lol you don't need no damn phone number because you have a vpn discuck does log stuff and saves shit you save even if you delete it that is true but I never had a prop were I need to put in my phone and if that does happen it would be best to buy a burner phone
>>16401 Regardless, I’ve gotta stick by the rules I’ve laid down here. Rule 5 explicitly bans Discord shilling (see the meta thread for more details).
>>16402 what if I made it matrix only https://matrix.org/
>>16402 nvm it's not really made for that im prop going to have to ether some day make my own website or find a web site that is not jewish controlled
>>16404 Matrix can be used for whatever you want, because the protocol & client is open source. You likely will get banned for hosting it on Matrix.org servers, but you wont get banned for running a matrix instance on your own server https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDddKmdLEdg
Im not very tec savy so anything that is not extremely simple to use I just completely do retard mode
looking though other communication thingys discuck is the only one that is easy for a brainlet like me to use
so I will not shilling it on here
>>16401 Using a VPN doesn't matter it's a piece of Node JS software running on your computer with the same access to your hardway as any piece of C code. It's not some sandboxed Tor browser tab but something with unrestricted ability to your computer and connection metadata. Wise up, little zoomer nigger.
Happy Yule, /fascist/
>>16422 Happy Yule, anon. Here's to 2021.
>>16487 Different anon here, but thanks, the description given in the other post sounded very interesting.
>>16489 Here's the whole thing with other interviews with Clark C. McClelland. https://rense.com/Datapages/clarkdata.htm
>>16372 Alexander was blonde and had blue-brown heterochromia.
What's your guys' opinion on this video specifically on the point about Lend Lease? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzsKnKcb1-A
>>16554 What he said about the Lend-Lease was my general impression as well. The US really had a lot of weight that they could throw around.
I feel bad that I ate at an Isreali restaurant but I didn't want to reveal my power level to my family, I'll end up being outcausted by my family if I come out as antisemitic . Honestly I rather go to a Lebanese restaurant than a jewish one. It is almost the same food but felt more respected when I was there. Do I sound like a race traitor? What would you have done /fascist/?
>>16590 I wouldn't worry about it too much. Honestly if you really look into you'd probably see pretty quick that a good deal of the money you spend is indirectly or directly going to Jews, especially taxes, but also consumer goods, food and the like. I probably wouldn't go to such a restaurant if I could help it, but nor would it be the end of the world for me.
>There are several neo-Nazi groups in the United States. The National Socialist Movement (NSM), with about 400 members in 32 states,[205] is currently the largest neo-Nazi organization in the United States Fuck, is this actually true? Out of all movements in the US the fucking NSM is the largest group? That is very sad. One would think that with so many people talking online about the need for good stuff there would be a group worth it out there, or someone would make it. It seems like it will eventually reach a point where if one wants something done they'll have to do it themselves. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo-Nazism
>>16603 I wonder what percentage of them are feds. I'd guess 80% but that's lowballing it judging from what I've seen from the KKK. Why on earth do you think a public facing organization or "movement" would be feasible in the United States at this juncture, anon? The Rockwellian "you can't beat the jews by being sneaky" mindset that seems to encourage some to become totally pointless martyrs by exposing themselves with no endgame in mind truly baffles me. I blame Christian morality.
>>16619 Yeah, many of those organizations are full of feds, if not entirely comprised of them. I'm doubtful of the effectiveness of some more interesting groups such as Patriot Front. They are hitting on something true though, which is to create your own nation, but I am not as impressed by their propaganda videos. >you can't beat the jews by being sneaky" mindset that seems to encourage some to become totally pointless martyrs by exposing themselves with no endgame in mind truly baffles me This isn't even d&c. This is just calling into question the totally wasteful and ineffective actions taken so far. If the jew in its repulsive hunched sneakiness isn't willing to play fair and is a pathological liar, maybe someone should take note, whatever that means Blackshirts
I want to learn German because I'm interested in their history and traditions, but the current liberal Germany rather turns me off from learning their language. What do?
>>16631 Buy an old learn German for english speakers book+dictionary, it's vintage so your vocabulary and manner of speaking will sound cool, not stunted and you wont get your linguistics fucked up by (((contemporary))) subhumanism.
>>16632 Thanks. It would be great to have non-cucked Germans to practice with, but how to find them?
>>16633 That one you will have to find out on your own. I'd start trying to look for some "best books" list of the past kind of stuff.
>>16619 From what I've heard it's probably a good percentage of feds and a good percentage of low quality people otherwise. I don't like Cultured Thug too much, but he was apparently in the NSM for a while and was saying that it was just full of subhumans. >Why on earth do you think a public facing organization or "movement" would be feasible in the United States at this juncture, anon? It all depends on how one approaches it. I do know that people need to start networking at some point. We can't have shit happen and then get together, we'll be left in the wake.
>>16619 Daily reminder political groups that dont properly utilize cell system are suboptimal. >It all depends on how one approaches it. I do know that people need to start networking at some point. We can't have shit happen and then get together, we'll be left in the wake. Yeah. NSM is outwardly retarded though, even though there's probably good people in here. PF and such is outwardly is way better. >Why on earth do you think a public facing organization or "movement" would be feasible in the United States at this juncture, anon? Some cucks think like this, but they don't know there can exist groups for different purposes. If your group is political and protest in nature stick to it because glowniggers will try to usurp that(such as with violence). In some cases they will also try and usurp your group being "too hardcore". The line crosses in difficulty with more revolutionary groups. In any case if you dont trust anything just try to form small squad of based friends. Whatever your choices better start now, because forming bonds and trust takes time. And being afraid to reach out in the jew age of 2020 just proves how literally cucked some retards are. Subhuman(s)+leftists by the way have no problem in this regard organizing.(Yes they don't actually get targeted by ZOG much and are on team ZOG but still no excuse for anyone sorry kids) There is no excuse.
Is neinchan a fed op or is it real? Insult me all you want but I think it's a bit fishy.
>>16641 I use it, but I have some minor suspicions regarding at least someone with mod / vol powers due to what happened to the Jew list thread in its first iteration. I think the guys using it are legit, at minimum. I don't have any hard evidence about the site. I just try to remain cautious about everything. Trust no site absolutely. I don't really know shit about who is behind Anon Cafe either
>>16641 A fed op for what purpose? What proofs? Maybe your comment is a fed op.
>>16631 >I want to learn German because I'm interested in their history and traditions, but the current liberal Germany rather turns me off from learning their language. What do? German is eternal fren, it doesn't belong to the current traitor (((elite))) that rules us. >>16632 >Buy an old learn German for english speakers book+dictionary, it's vintage so your vocabulary and manner of speaking will sound cool, not stunted and you wont get your linguistics fucked up by (((contemporary))) subhumanism. Well, this would be cool but you would also sound very oldfashioned. Modern learning material may be pozzed with niggers and fags but you'll still learn standard German. You can work your way from there to whereever you want. >>16633 >Thanks. It would be great to have non-cucked Germans to practice with, but how to find them? There's actually a thread on /lang, whole board might be all but dead but if you post there we'll check and help if we can. Some Germans are here. >>>/lang/30 Let me help you though with some forbidden German curses, phrases and swear words that will get you fined in Germany immediately. If you're protected by the 1AD use them as oneliners on twitter or facebook and you'll pass as a German and also prompt mad leftist outrage. Might sound lame in translation but believe me nobody can say this in Germany so everything below is incredibly powerful and lulzworthy. >Hail victory you dumb jew pig. Auschwitz awaits you. Sieg Heil du dumme Judensau. Auschwitz wartet auf dich. >Germany for Germans. Foreigners out! Deutschland den Deutschen. Ausländer raus! no slur but the phrase is literally banned >Germany awake. Deutschland erwache. no slur but it's an old NS-phrase and banned >Drop dead you ugly "slur for roaches"-pig Verrecke du hässliches Kanackenschwein. >You filthy faggot need to be gassed. Dich dreckige Schwuchtel sollte man vergasen. >Hitler was right. Hitler hatte recht. >Son of a bitch Hurensohn >Nigger whore Negerhure >slur for usually roaches Kanacke >Turkish slut Türkenschlampe >I'm going to fuck your mother turkish pig Ich fick deine Mutter Türkenschwein this will trigger maximum turkish diaspora outrage >>16641 >Is neinchan a fed op or is it real? Insult me all you want but I think it's a bit fishy. I really think feds would run a board much better. Nonetheless opsec is always important and YOUR responsibility. Never trust a website to take care of things you could and should do.
>>16646 Damn, thank you so much for the answer friend. Fining people for cursing "nigger" or any of the racial slur sounds protrusive and extreme. Would niggers be fined if they curse at White people in the same way
>>16658 Autocorrect capitalized the "White" for some reason, kek
>>16659 It's a word-filter here, probably done because many media outlets capitalize niggers as Black but don't do it for Whites.
>>16661 Oh I see. Sorry for being a newfag
>>16663 Out of all of the newfag mistakes one can make, that was the most minor. Don't worry, newfren
>>16658 >thank you so much for the answer friend. welcome, glad I could help a brother out >sounds protrusive and extreme welcome to (((modern))) Germany >Would niggers be fined if they curse at White people in the same way insulting can indeed get you in trouble either way but the treshold is much much lower if the insulted party belongs to a protected minority and theres actually some slurs against Whites where the offender gets out scots free
>>16667 Getting fined for insults is pretty stupid, I don't understand why "son of a bitch" is banned either. What are the allowed swear words anyway?
I don't get non-Whites who want White power. Like they do realise Whites are going to kill the redpilled shitskins too right? Or is there another less fucked up consequence for them for believing in an ideology that would ruin their pride and ego? Tbh I'm new to this board so I'm not even sure what to do with them. Was them being redpilled a mistake?
>>16676 I wouldn't say that they would necessarily be killed, but especially if one is living in a historically White country and advocating for White power, they are a bit of a curiosity as far as I'm concerned. If they were serious in their position, i.e. if they were operating off some position where every race is entitled to land (this is a cucked position, but for sake of example), I would still expect that they pack their bags and leave if they were truly committed to this. For a non-White it would be totally non-beneficial for them to transition from anti-White egalitarian society to a White ethnostate. They would probably be deported at minimum. To me it is like if I were to advocate for Jewish supremacy or black supremacy as a White. Why would I directly harm my own self-interest?
>>16676 You're talking about an astronomically small minority to the point of being irrelevant and most of them would probably backpedal if they thought we had a chance of gaining power or it was imminent. Some of them just got redpilled on how shit their own people are and are nihilistic about a shitskin future so basically emo about any future anyways. Others just find the aesthetic to be a curiousity or even a fetish. Others just want attention.
>>16680 I guess no matter how knowledgeable a shitskin is in the JQ, it wouldn't matter. Shitskins are truly a waste.
How do you feel about castes and would you establish one in a fascist/NS state?
What are the best books that outline corporatist economic theory and/or discuss the major issues with laissez-faire Capitalism? >>16692 Fascism already contains a universal caste. The closer to the state one is the higher they are in a said caste. A civilian will always have less social status then a police officer, who will have less status than the soldier, etc. If you are talking about a caste system similar to India's then you are essentially asking if Fascism is tolerant of class consciousness.
>>16689 >I guess no matter how knowledgeable a shitskin is on the JQ, it wouldn't matter. I would argue it does matter. Shitskins knowledgeable on the JQ who have a sense of integrity and willing to teach others about it are a useful ally as they can disrupt the jewish slavery/ pawning of other racial groups and turn it against them. If it were possible to grow the numbers significantly and turn the jew's golems back against him would be a collective win for all mankind.
>>16692 If we’re defining caste as a sort of hereditary social group marrying among itself, this *perhaps* might be a thing. I only say this because I recall what Hitler said in Table Talk about his vision for the SS – that it would become, ideally, a pool for all of Germany’s future Führers, breeding the best of the best. In this sense I would support it, but it would take a long while to form, and wouldn’t be totally air-tight, I’d say. New people could be admitted, and if one’s offspring was of low quality they shouldn’t be permitted to contanimate the pool of very high quality people. This is of course one reason why we would have eugenic laws to prevent the birth of some individuals, or to prevent certain people from marrying certain individuals, or preventing them from reproducing. One area where castes might be necessitated is in countries where Whites come to power but for some reason are temporarily unable to remove non-Whites. Caste-like laws would be necessary, and mixing would be totally prevented among the White group and the non-White groups. This is what happened in India, I think. The Indo-European trifunctional division of labor fossilized into a hereditary system, though a leaky one at that, and browned the entire society over time. Today we understand the negative effects better luckily. In the more biological sense of the term caste though, there will certainly be a complex division of labor
What are your hobbies? I don't have any
>>16700 >What are your hobbies? Reading books, posting on /fascist/ and browsing the Internet. They are fairly interconnected too. Sometimes I hang out with friends I knew from high school and debate them on shit and try to redpill them. I guess that is somewhat of a hobby.
My hobby is just browsing imageboards. Because once you're in one, you're in it forever. I play retro games like Quake, Doom & Half Life mods. And I watch old time shows that didn't have modern day pozz like Sopranos. Yeah I'm a lemming. Better learning about JQ than listening to nigger bullshit.
>>16700 Outside: Fishing, hiking, blacksmithing, gardening, practicing bushcraft & survival skills. What motivates me to do these hobbies is the mindset that society will collapse in the future, so I better learn the skills now. Inside: Browsing the internet, watching YouTube, programming, playing instruments, reading, drawing, video games.
>>16700 Lifting, shooting, instruments, reading, math
>>16700 I no longer care about my friends, video games, drugs, shooting. Reading is my only hobby now, internet is an important tool, but its also an addiction that's keeping me back, i wish to distance myself from the internet and society, and reintroduce painting in my life again, but i'm also somewhat worried of falling out of touch with world processes.
>>16700 Reading, studying, working out, vidya, browsing imageboards, watching video, and playing tabletop rpgs with friends. Going to start shooting soon. I think this anon >>16703 generally has the right idea.
>>16700 Spanish and Portuguese learning thinking about learning another but in the back my mind I feel like learning another language is waste of time because I hardly play video games anymore and most people the US only speak English and maybe Spanish.
Does anyone get to be fashy in real life? I didn't become race/jq aware until mid 30s. Aside from image boards, I get most of my information about happenings from commie and antifa news outlets, because that's the only place that will let me know that there are living individuals who think the way that I have been.... I don't want to ask "where can I meet up with people?" because that question glows, but I'm also tired of online make-believe...
>>16783 I'm not as fashy as I'd like to be in real life. I'd love to be part of a group. I don't necessarily hide my power-level, as I think that is somewhat gay, but I'm not totally without a filter. The 'fashiest' that I get is talking about the JQ and politics with some people. It feels good to do, and you definitely get more confident of your beliefs once you articulate them, and you quickly understand your strengths and weaknesses, but even that gets sort of tiring, just like online stuff. Don't get me wrong though I like you guys but everyone would agree I think that this board, like all imageboards, are merely a means to an end.
Did Germany not bomb any unoffensive or unstrategic cities like the Allies did Dresden?
>>16846 The fact that you have to ask should tell you everything you need to know. If the Germans had done anything even nearing the scale of Dresden (potentially over 100,000 dead despite desperate attempts to make this number smaller and smaller) and Operation Meetinghouse (100,000 dead, 1 million homeless), you’d never hear the end of it. Instead they are forced to point to Backe’s policies or the Siege of Leningrad—both of which are totally justifiable. At the end of the day it doesn’t even really matter who did what. Stuff like Allied atrocities are good for deprogramming people on the black-and-White narrative of the war, but we can find brutal actions on both sides. At some point comparing body-counts gets tedious. History is written by the victors. Like Savitri Devi said, Hitler should have been even more ruthless and cold-blooded
>>16783 I have a close-knit group of friends who are at least open to what I have to say and at best agree with most of what I believe (besides being a christfag). But in terms of action, no.
>>16783 Are you associated with the FBI?
>>16848 What about Oradour-sur-Glane and Khatyn?
What are your thoughts on Machiavelli and his perception of what a ruler should be like in one of his books "The Prince"?
>>16879 I don't know much about Machiavelli and his works, but anything that leads to egotism or any form of self-centered attitudes that leads to preference of oneself rather than one's race is against the collective therefore against fascism. Machi's ideas sounds nice when you're trying to usurper power of an opposing government, but under a NS state it could be problematic if any other statemens or nobles got their hands on his book and decided to use power for their own personal viewpoints. I also don't consider philosophers who do not speak of ideas from personal experience or others' and their experiences.
>>16861 >Khatyn Done by Communists even according to the official narrative. >Oradour-sur-Glane Likely a place of partisan activity against the Germans. There have been theories that the church exploded due to an ammunition dump being stored in the church exploding. The SS were searching in the area for Helmut Kämpfe. There are also questions such as why the Germans would even bother separating the men and the women if they were going to just kill them all. Either way, it is not all as it seems, I think https://nationalvanguard.org/2019/03/on-oradour/
>>16879 In the sense that a ruler should engage in realpolitik and operate with a flexible disposition depending on the circumstances, i.e. whether to engage in "good" or "evil" actions, then yes, I think this is very sound advice. Being moralcucked in politics (especially against one's enemies) will inevitably lead to one's downfall.
Open file (186.71 KB 336x502 Dirlewanger.png)
>>16894 >Dirlewanger Lel it probably happened
>>16884 >be illegal combatant >murder and torture rear-echelon or support units >whine when the big boys come and wreck havoc on your sorry ass kek they had it coming >16896 >Dirlewanger based schizo
This is rather only a humorous question, so don't take it serious at all, but what alignment would you put National Socialism? >>16881 Machiavelli isn't an egoist, he's a realist who saw and knew that Italian politics had little regard for morality and that the elites were massive faggots who cared nothing for their own kind, so therefore those who are aristocratic should care nothing for the elites and do what benefits them and "the people".
>>16900 Chaotic good of course
>>16900 Lawful Good.
>>16900 NS seems to me to be more in line with lawful neutral. Due to our rejection of what is said to be moral and amoral.
>>16900 true neutral or lawful neutral as it mixes both socialist and capitalist principles for the betterment of the workers class. Commies would be lawful evil masquerading as lawful good.
>>16900 Somewhere along the neutral axis, I guess. NatSoc follows natural law, it's neither evil nor good, it just is though chaotic neutral seems to me it could be everything else too including either evil or indeed good depending on what is correct at any given moment. Maybe that's the most natural thing, no?
Open file (222.67 KB 742x1186 bt22.png)
>>16913 I'm not sure whether Natural Law should be viewed as something totally beyond good and evil, or whether living in accordance with it should be described as "good" (or maybe 'proper' if we wish to avoid the moral language). I guess Nature itself is truly beyond good and evil, and different moralities are 'constructed' (using this loosely since it is often an unconscious process) off of the specifications of Natural Law and that it is here that good and evil / proper versus improper assume relevance. Then that leaves me wondering whether NatSoc can be defined as anything outside of its own frame of reference given the neutrality of Nature, or whether it can be described as "good" since it has such respect towards the Laws of Nature. Something to ponder
>>16914 The idea of good and evil is not really a thing. Nature can be both benevolent and malevolent. While being mostly and usually lawful and orderly, it can also be chaotic in ways as long as it doesn't kill or harm itself. The light and dark duality make more-sense than the good and evil dualism.
>>16915 Good and evil are definitely memes that need to go, as far as I'm concerned. Nature is beyond these, and it says a lot more about the one who condemns all of the workings of Nature as "evil" than it does the one who chooses to affirm it all. I guess what I was trying to say though is that, regardless of moral system, what ultimately matters is survival. Without survival, nothing else matters. You or your group is dead. Nature 'rewards' proper behavior with survival, happiness, health and success, while 'punishing' improper behavior with death, disease and failure. Nature lays down the specifications by which all other judgements are made. I was wondering then whether things in accordance with this could then be labeled "good" in some sense, but perhaps it is better to trash the duality here all together, at least intrinsically. Within a given moral system (a product of humans) there can of course be things labeled good and bad.
>>16915 So would you consider raping and cucking a nigger to be logically or simply valid?
>>16920 Why would one even want to though? Even the thought of touching a nigger grosses me out
>>16920 It's not logical because it's a moot point. There is nothing to gain from that.
>>16920 No it's pointless and does nothing, but serve personal sadistic desires. Killing niggers is logical and valid.
>>16920 Yes, massing cucking nigger men and turning them into mindless useless cucks is based.
>>16924 >useless Cotton doesn't pick itself
>https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRightCantMeme/ How do you guys cope with the existence of such incredibly smug stupidity?
>>16925 Neither does shoes and dick washing. >>16927 >linking plebbit no >How do you guys cope with the existence of such incredibly smug stupidity? I don't because I don't consider left-wingers human nor do I think what they say is ever meaningful until it actually is.
>>16927 >smug stupidity Ignore it, because caring about a bunch of retarded soygoys saying "Nooo uuuu" every time they are BTFO'd gets tiring. The time for talk has long been over and is pointless.
>>16927 >How do you guys cope with the existence of such incredibly smug stupidity? By not even giving them the time of day
Can you give me a compilation and images and explanation on why China isn't based or good for the west?
>>16927 that shit gives me a headache, after even only one page of coooooomments, I can no longer tolerate the level of cognitive dissonance required to deny nature and that which is right in front of your face.
>>16934 No, as it is so obvious it should not need to be said, but is this for an argument or for your edification?
>>16936 No, because I'm seeing a-lot of china shills and saw one NS who rampantly defends it, unironically think that China is le based. I don't know much about the country or know why it has such a huge attraction in the first place, when they have openly supported Israel and considered it be a nation of "greatness" along with some American Jews saving it from failure. I also heard that it's not as pozz or zogged as America, what I want to understand is that how bullshit is this, because I much rather not rely on a country that loves Israel to supposedly "save us from liberalism".
>>16934 Even *if* China was “based”, they are not good for the West at all, given the fact that they are a rival group competing for power and influence in world affairs. It’s not hard though to see why China is shit. For one, the whole modern state is founded on Jewish political ideologies, namely Marxism. Jews had a direct role on the ground in the Chinese Revolution as well—look up Jakob Rosenfeld, Israel Epstein, Sidney Shapiro and others. They are horrible when it comes to environmental issues, and are part and parcel of globohomo, as can be seen with how cooperative they are in working with Western corporations to produce goods and undercut White industry in the West. Then there is how they are a massive, dystopian technocratic surveillance state, how they operate from a position or materialistic atheism, etc. I could go on. Also read from the second paragraph on in this post >>16642 to learn how Chinese thought was very compatible with Marxism, and how Mao was likely influenced by communist Christians
>>16937 China isn't the good guy or good country it's nazbol jews shilling it, because they're ass mad that liberals are more powerful and better than they are at obtaining power than them. China isn't fighting against liberalism for it embraces, China has a liberal market, liberal socialism and a very liberal perspective on nature, which they tend to destroy and fuck over. Israel and China have become more and more friendly with each other over the courses of years and China has been accepting many of their kikery as well. When you have a lgbt movement, having niggers fuck your women for money, destroy nature and hold anti-racist viewpoints within your city, when you aren't anti-liberal nor are you defeating liberalism you're just rebranding it under a new name. China isn't le based, it's a federal lie for American globalist love China and (((Nazbols))) shills love it as well, which is no conicendence at all.
>>16937 >I also heard that it's not as pozz or zogged as America This is trivially true in the sense that someone who has just recently been exposed to a deadly disease isn’t terminally ill yet. China is a ZOG as far as I’m concerned for a host of reasons that I touched on in my previous post, but it *will* be pozzed when the time is right. Jews are already rapidly intermarrying with Chinks in preparation to blend in with their population in the coming decades. It is becoming very clear that they plan to jump ship to China in the future, likely because they will have reduced America to South Africa / Brazil levels. Only then will the pozz really begin to spread rapidly among the Chinese. As was discussed earlier, >>16120, niggers are already showing up in China, and will be used to destroy China when kike vampires have sucked it dry
>>16603 Pretty sad. Nigger groups funded by spooks like nfac have members in the thousands.
>>16941 It’s also far more socially and politically acceptable to be involved with. Probably some Jew money pouring in from somewhere as well with groups like that. Though that doesn’t totally make things better about the fact that we are much smaller than we should be. I think our day in the sun is coming though, but we have to make it happen partially
>>16937 >No, because I'm seeing a-lot of china shills and saw one NS who rampantly defends it, unironically think that China is le based. There is no person on this earth who is truly a National Socialist who rampantly defends China, China's horrible record on environmental issues alone is a huge reason why they should just be wiped off the face of the earth and no NS could even begin to defend that in any way withut violating at least half the principles NS stands upon. >I don't know much about the country or know why it has such a huge attraction in the first place, when they have openly supported Israel and considered it be a nation of "greatness" along with some American Jews saving it from failure. A good portion of it is just people hating America, I go to 4 cuck from time to time to see if they are any better than they used to be and most of those who defend china are not under American flags, many are Canucks(chinks) and a fair portion are russians or other former soviet niggers as a rule they seem to have a deeply flawed understanding of China's military capability, vastly overestimating it and underestimating America, which even with the diversity within it's ranks is still more capable of destruction and death than china has ever been. >I also heard that it's not as pozz or zogged as America, what I want to understand is that Depends on where you look China is just as zogged but has a population far more devoted to wageslavery and surviving their wageslavery which doesn't allow them as much time to be degenerates but a cursory look at the occasional China hate thread on 4cuck or it's archives shows how degenerate China is in different ways than the West. >how bullshit is this, because I much rather not rely on a country that loves Israel to supposedly "save us from liberalism". You should not rely on any country, much less China, to "save us from liberalism" they are not the ally of any NS nor would taking their funding be a good idea if they should offer it during a revolution as it would only give them a thread to subvert and destroy us.
>>16942 It's good to maintain hope but that shouldn't be an excuse to not do anything. In my opinion, just from reading about many of the irl groups right now, the true party has not been formed yet. I think most of the groups that have been heavily publicized are generally useful idiots and controlled, they're all pretty spooky, from Atomwaffen to O9a and nfac. I have some faith in PF though, for the us at least. Some people here like Nordic Resistance as well.
>>16944 Unless you know something I don't, PF, is not an organization to look up to, it's failure to forward a workable ideology and enforce the worldview of NS count it out, in my opinion, but I am just a voice in the darkness.
>>16946 Yeah, they seem to be more of a self improvement club than a political organization and I kind of liked that bent. But yes, they don't have a workable ideology as you said and in terms of real potential I would cross them off.
>>16944 >It's good to maintain hope but that shouldn't be an excuse to not do anything. In my opinion, just from reading about many of the irl groups right now, the true party has not been formed yet. We completely agree. There’s no good group yet, and even though I think there are some favorable currents out there, anyone who would suggest that we not do anything is either malevolent in their intentions or simply deluded. Fascism has always been about action first and foremost.
>>16953 Hail Victory, may 2021 be a fruitful year for us
>>16944 Check this group from Switzerland out
>>16937 When the anons here say they hate China, they mean the government only right? I mean the people fucking hate their own govt.
>>16963 We mean the government mostly, chinks are somewhat subhuman, but their culture is nice in ways, but I still prefer Japanese culture.
>>16963 For the most part yes. The CCP has destroyed a lot of China's culture and "soul", it's a real shame too since I like Chinese culture. Many chinks are literal bugmen though, they lack empathy and are willing to cheat people if means making a quick buck (literally Chinese don't tend to plan ahead financially). >>16964 >chinks are somewhat subhuman Taiwanese aren't, but then again they're pretty (((Americanized)))
>>16967 Can you explain why you think the Taiwanese aren't subhuman?
>>16963 I, at least, mean the people too, I don't give a fuck if they hate their government, which seems unlikely as it still stands, but they willfully engage in destruction of the environment, and many continue to do so outside of china, they like most all other non-Whites need to be made extinct.
>>16964 They don't have teh same soulessness and greed that mainlanders do for one thing. They also generally follow traditional Chinese philosophy, where as mainlanders tend to follow a bizarre mixture of Dialectal Materialism Confucianism
>>16603 >>16619 >>16624 >>16637 "I am compelled at this time to add my voice to those few who have demanded that such things as "Phase One" type activities must STOP. Simply such nonsense as trying to "make headlines," "confront the enemy," or "rally the White masses" won't work, never has worked, and almost always results in merely revealing our weaknesses and making us look like idiots. The very strategy itself calls for numbers which we do not have at this time. My view is that just because the Jews and Liberals have succeeded in making goyim out of the vast majority of Whites, we need not sacrifice ourselves in the vain attempt at proving them wrong. We have GOT to trashcan 1933 strategy and tactics. They won't work. For a decent street demonstration you must have any where from fifty to one hundred uniformed and disciplined troopers. We have managed fifty on several occasions and one hundred on only one occasion. For the rest it is pitiful and ineffectual. Futile, counter-productive, and I might add costly and dangerous. As much as I hate to see a good comrade wounded in such useless actions, I hate worse to see the sacrifice of millions of lives in World War Two that went into building the terrific reputation that we have enjoyed, and are now wasting, as these "Laurel and Hardy" stunts gradually destroy our image. We don't have to set ourselves up for big let-downs; the Enemy does that for us. I will admit right here that it does require GUTS to stage these demonstrations. The tragedy that we can no longer tolerate is that those guts are wasted in this manner. Doing it the way it's been done in the past gives the Enemy full advantage of his power and places us at the mercy of our own weakness. It's GOT TO STOP NOW! First, never-ever announce your plans in any manner whatsoever. Second, forget about the use of uniforms unless, and until, you have a standing army of your own numbering fifty as a flat minimum. (From experience, I know that with fifty National Socialists, one can do anything, anywhere, anytime.) Better still, as Tommasi said, FORGET such activities as might be used in a campaign to gain political power."
Open file (448.00 KB 768x432 junge tat.png)
>>16960 Pretty good vid, I'm liking it. Not to mention the tiwaz mask. Do you know anything more about them? How big they are?
>>17012 >Do you know anything more about them? Not really, I know that they're doing a series of propaganda videos, like that vid, where they go to media agencies and shoot vids. >How big they are? I don't know
>>17012 Their telegram group has 3.5k members, decent size. I have no idea how many in real life though. probably like 100 or so.
>>17016 If you have any more good videos, definitely post them!
>>17018 There's videos on their telegram. You can preview the channel and view the videos without joining it. One of the videos has 31k views just on telegram, quite a lot. https://t.me/jungetat
Open file (10.92 MB 848x480 junge tat video.mp4)
>>17019 Thanks, anon.
>>17020 The channel is also pretty new. It was created 13th of September 2020 3.5K in 4 months is pretty good. They could have migrated from some other platform though, who knows.
Does anyone have the Crusius manifesto? I can't find it in any of the archive threads.
>>17022 Here you go >>823
Open file (116.29 KB 800x800 njs switzerland.jpg)
>>17021 Doing a tiny bit of digging, it seems like this group is a member of some larger organization called the Nationale Aktionsfront (NAF). We can see the initials for that in the profile image for their Telegram and in the video that I posted last. It appears like Junge Tat itself is genuinely new. There was a group called Nationalen Jugend Schweiz (NJS) which recently dissolved apparently. https://twitter.com/FabianEberhard/status/1333500613573939202
>>17024 Whoops I should have ran it through Nitter: https://nitter.net/FabianEberhard/status/1333500613573939202
>>17023 Damn that was fast. Thanks anon.
Open file (366.20 KB 696x554 patrick crusius quote.png)
>>17026 No problem, glad to help.
>>16947 >PF has no potential. Could you clarify please? From where I'm standing, they're both the fastest growing and only remaining nationalist group in the US. And their videos are fantastic, they make me want to run a marathon.
Open file (431.45 KB 1199x1128 2.png)
Open file (17.33 KB 506x467 1591748393858.png)
How do Germans feel about reviving the Runic and/or Gothic alphabet to replace the Latin one?
>>16897 >illegal combatant No such thing.
At the beginning of the 20th century their Latin script was already so distinct that it almost looks like a different alphabet. It's sad that it fell prey to cosmopolitanism. I've got a facsimile or two of old German books that are all in Fraktur. Very difficult to read at first.
Open file (581.21 KB 1024x799 old german book.jpg)
Why is the "Pagan v.s Christian" debate still allowed to go on? People who partake, on either sides, usually seem to know very little about either tradition. Equally curious is that Dharmic, Gnostic, or in general Esoteric threads are the least bumped threads despite being the most intelligent and the most alligned to the ancient Aryan way.
>>17037 Gnosticism is not Aryan at all. Unless every single Gnostic reference I've seen is misdirection. I agree with your first point though. A kind anon linked this article in another thread: https://www.unz.com/gdurocher/japanophilia-in-the-third-reich/ It is relevant to the topic.
>>17037 To enforce ideological purity and correct the misinterpretation that National Socialism can tolerate or co-exist with Christianity, both lie on the level of worldview, they cannot by definition co-exist. Lastly most of those doing the arguing do in fact know plenty about the Aryan Tradition and the Judaeo-Christian Anti-Tradition, or rather the ones blowing out the christcucks do. This is because christcucks are inherently ignorant, especially about traditions outside their religion, as being ignorant and seeking to be ignorant is a hallmark of Christian Theology.
>>17037 >Why is the "Pagan v.s Christian" debate still allowed to go on? Honestly here on /fascist/ it has been by and large a settled matter, at least among frequent posters. Christians or those sympathetic to Christianity pop up occasionally and are refuted. The debate has hardly even begun in society at large either. Vulgar atheism is laughable and basically a form of Post-Christianity itself. >People who partake, on either sides, usually seem to know very little about either tradition. I’d disagree with this to an extent. I don’t know about the Christians, but I think there are some well-articulated attacks on Christianity and Abrahamism at large put out here that can’t really be found on other boards. >Equally curious is that Dharmic, Gnostic, or in general Esoteric threads are the least bumped threads despite being the most intelligent and the most alligned to the ancient Aryan way. Anything esoteric will always have less people who can grasp it, for better or for worse. With Dharmic stuff, I think one poster has not been here lately. I post in the Dharmic philosophy thread a lot but the other frequent anon does not seem to have posted, so I don’t know what happened with him. I hope he comes back. I see the next big topic as being animistic paganism though. I saw an anon linking videos about how the sun has a mind yesterday and another anon spreading information about how plants appear to communicate with each other. The interest in the essence of Shinto too.
>>17041 >Vulgar atheism is laughable and basically a form of Post-Christianity itself. Not an atheist but how is it post-christian?
>>17032 >>17033 Still isn't their own alphabet though and would contribute to further to their own identity. Reading books in German letters is noid when your alphabet isn't German which further standardized to Latin with the 1996 reform.
>>17029 >How do Germans feel about reviving the Runic and/or Gothic alphabet to replace the Latin one? Disregarding the fact that runes are likely an imitation of foreign letters and that they were only written or understood by a tiny elite I think it would be cool to learn runes in school but replacing what we have now? sorry, nope
Open file (270.94 KB 793x1200 poster Sütterlin.jpg)
>>17058 I'd argue that what is shown in those images above is definitely their own alphabet. It wasn't just mechanically adopted, and if it was, over the centuries it truly became something that can be called authentically German, unlike the letters we are typing with now, which are soulless as far as I'm concerned. Runes themselves were an adaptation of Greek or Italic scripts, but over time became something authentically Germanic with its own aesthetic. So at the end of the day they are both borrowed, yet both authentically things that are Germanic in character. I like >>17059 's suggestion that children in Northern Europe should learn about runes in school. I can imagine that teaching them these things would lead to a small usage of runes again. It's a similar situation with Japanese. They borrowed the original characters from China, but gradually through use, the characters developed into hiragana, katakana and other variants that are unique to Japan and have a certain unique aesthetic.
>>17049 Maybe I need to clarify slighty—atheism isn’t *inherently* a form of post-Christianity, but it’s most common modern version most definitely is. A large number of atheists carry Christian / Abrahamic baggage with them, especially when it comes to (slave) morality, anthropocentrism, the idea of progress, etc. In Marxism it achieves this in its highest form.
Did the ancient Germans ever have something similar to the Roman's Pater Familias?
>>17086 It’s hard to draw a super detailed picture from Tacitus’ Germania, but looking through it we can see a couple of things that are pretty indicative in my mind that he was more or less similar to the paterfamilias: >It is the father who casts lots for the family in private, while the priest does it in public >Heirs are under the obligation to keep their father’s feuds and friendships >Husbands have the authority to punish their wifes, drive them from the house and flog them From the first point we can see that it fell on the father to conduct domestic religious / spiritual undertakings. This is especially telling to me, as we know that in ancient Aryan societies there was no separation between secular and religious, and the religious was given high value. In the translation that I read of my third point, Tacitus writes that the husband will drive his wife from HIS house, not “their” house, further hinting that the Germanic father was lord over his domestic affairs. The term ‘husband’ itself means “master of the house” as well originally, rather than just “married male” alone. If we look to other forms of family-structure throughout the Aryan world we see the same paterfamilias archetype. Ancient Greece and Aryan India were too good examples which show how absolute the authority of the father was. I also know that up until the 19th century the Russian peasant family was under the authority of the bol’shak (большак), the Russian paterfamilias. It crops up all over the Aryan world.
>>17088 So Aryans basically held that the father was a king of his own household? I'm also seeing surprising a-lot of similarities between the Germans and Romans in their traditions and cultures more-so than Celts and Greeks.
>>17089 >So Aryans basically held that the father was a king of his own household? That is my understanding of their view, yes. Aristotle says this outright if I’m remembering correctly at the very beginning of his Politics as well. I can’t comment on the Celts much, but it definitely does seem like the Greeks are somewhat of an outlier in a way. Just think of all of their experiments in government, how they spread all along the Mediterranean coastline and up into the Black Sea, the development of their philosophy, science, etc. They certainly stand out from the rest.
what was Evola's main beef with Nietzsche's philosophy?
Any anglo website that is not ((())), that has a large library (mostly books seen on this chan and other /pol/s) from which I can order online?
>>17132 Anglo as in in the UK? Good luck with that.
>>15053 >>15055 >>15057 With perhaps a bitter irony, the very first batch of KKK people were quickly assembled so as to save Whites from the niggers' wrath who would be rioting, looting, raping and killing. As for Lincoln, he adapted his speech to his audience. He might have fancied a plan to move niggers back to Africa (Liberia) but it seems that when he too became useless (a bit like Patton but that's a loose comparison), he got axed. It looks like South Jews vs North Jews is like Left Jews vs Right Jews: they always win on the long term. In this case, I would venture the idea that they were rather glad the niggers were set free to run amok and accepted that White southerners kept some slaves around because they were the high tier goyim in charge of the lowliest goy cattle. One way or another, this war was pure shite for Whites.
>>17092 Too Fedora-atheistic I'd wager but a solid critique of Christianity nevertheless. >>17133 :( I just want to avoid the major yiddish merchants here and perhaps give a smaller retailer its chance. I have a large collection of books to order and I decided that paper was my favorite medium after all.
>>17088 >From the first point we can see that it fell on the father to conduct domestic religious / spiritual undertakings. That was equally true in Roman families (patricians, not talking about the crass plebe of dubious origins). I'm also against sharing the wealth. A man should retain power and something to negotiate with. Women lose nothing with marriage, they get a roof, wealth if nice, kids and then can accrue lard because no need to be sexy any longer. Men only get more responsibilities and no more multipussy (in most cases). So yeah, King of the Domo!
Is an admin or mod able to edit a post's picture, even an OP?
>>17136 You might be able to order from Counter Currents or Arktos, but those aren't UK based. Don't take my word on anything I said about Anglo sellers though, I only said that due to my perception that the UK is an anti-White censorious dystopian shithole
>>17138 As BO I have no power to edit a post's picture unfortunately. I can remove or spoil an image, but not change it.
>>17140 >I only said that due to my perception that the UK is an anti-White censorious dystopian shithole I wouldn't put it that way but... yes. Prince pretends defending beauty, old heritage, trad architecture, but then screws Whites ten times over and goes into full support of the Great Reset. Perhaps these royals are too obsessed with making sure they're the 13th lost tribe and can't care about Britons. What I could do with a tenth of their wealth at the head of a country like that! Bitches. Anyways, I'd have to do a bit of digging to see how many brackets hang around CC and Arktos. Thx for the suggestions. >>17141 >wears BO hat lel
Anybody else feeling nein's glowing like a fuel rod right now? jannies and BO seem AWOL while their board reads like a fed's wet dream smh >inb4 cuck
>>17156 It’s been getting weirder the last few weeks in my opinion. People are constantly asking about how they can manufacture XYZ or where they can test out 3D-printed guns and shit. In the past it was mainly discussion about Tarrant & co but it does seem like it has ramped up to an extent.
>>15057 This archive is most informative. It provides a revealing background into the financial turmoil of Western Europe during the early 18th century, which was a major time for destabilization and fishy revolutions. >>17156 I would say that it glowed since day one. But opinions. I wonder if we ever got a ping back on the moderator who had deleted the original rabbi list I remember some anons had continued over there after it got started somewhere here. That was very bizarre. I vaguely remember that rabbi list thread, however I remember something peculiar: Some anoneiners suddenly became very aggressive when a more affirmative action was thinly suggested. For a board hailing sketchy mass shooters every now and then, I found that rather rich when BLM supporting rabbis were suddenly at risk of ending on the wrong end of a barrel. >>17158 Well, isn't what neiners wanted? Each one to get a chance to glow act like a "saint"? Who would be naïve enough to buy into the "board of peace" shtick anyway? I got to say, I'm not even sure Jews will need any of this any longer unless they need to undermine the antivaxxers who obviously reject the Covid-19 tale and are likely to be the first to understand what the Great Reset is all about.
>>17163 >I wonder if we ever got a ping back on the moderator who had deleted the original rabbi list They tried to sweep it under the rug. No action was taken, nothing was ever said again by anyone in charge of the board at all. All evidence points to there being a Jew in the ranks there. I wouldn't be surprised if the list gets deleted again when it sinks down low enough into the catalog there.
>>17158 >It’s been getting weirder the last few weeks absolutely, these help me plot an attack no matter what people are nuts >>17163 >board of peace >bored of peace well, that's mostly a meme and my concern is not what they do with their own life but as long as admins have to consider legal ramifications it's plain retarded to shit up a board with your plans basically handing yourself and others on a silver platter to the feds. You can literally discussy anthing you need on /k in a safe and lawful manner without yelling every other post what you want to do. It's like these idiots have a death wish
Open file (1.86 MB 900x774 ClipboardImage.png)
What do you guys think about Daoism?
>>17167 It's probably a LARP. They just want a place where they can openly praise, discuss, and promote violence without practicing it. Pretending to be a saint gets them good boy points. >>17170 I think it's an interesting system, but it's fundamentally incompatible with fascism. Most of my exposure comes from about five books - the Dao De Ching, an introduction to eastern philosophical concepts, and the big Alan Watts books. It comes across as pantheistic monism, emphasizing personal contentment. All natural things are as they are, but things are as they are meant to be. I tend to think that discontent is a powerful driving force behind change and growth, but it's possible that Daoism is an appropriate philosophy for peasants under Confucianism to be content with their lot or for aristocrats to be temperate instead of indulgent. So maybe it can provide something for given castes to function as they should, but it doesn't seem to provide any impetus.
>>17171 Yeah I kind of agree, Wu-wei seems to be incompatible with fascism. I have another question about Asian culture. What do you think about the Chinese imperial examinations?
>>17171 >>17173 You mean it would be inappropriate because we live in a time of us needing a true planetary racial revolution whereas we're looking at a system that tried to maintain what good hierarchy existed back then?
>>17165 Not just somewhere in the intermediary rank levels, otherwise they'd likely have had no issue organizing a witch hunt and purge the little critter out of the board. The decision not to do anything comes from above. Make the conclusion you want out of this.
>>17170 Pantheism is nice, but I think some of the downsides already expressed are basically what I would say myself.
>>17175 I doubt they even have that many people running the place, honestly. There's of course the site admin, and the /pol/ admin, I think they are different. There seems to be also a tiny clique including those mentioned before and perhaps two or three other people who are also jannies. The inaction almost certainly is due to the admin not wanting action to be taken.
>>17177 > There seems to be also a tiny clique I draw this conception from the fact that they had a Minecraft server and people seemed to know who each other were from it.
>>17177 that would be more staff than there's regular posters >The inaction almost certainly is due to the admin not wanting action to be taken. seems so
Open file (843.86 KB 800x505 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17174 Yeah, I think a system like that could work after the revolution, but not now.
What do we have debunking these new theories about the jew giving them Indo-european origins? the Irano-Turko-Slavic Hypothesis and I need a refresher on the debunking of the Khazar hypothesis.
Open file (139.59 KB 742x720 jew population tree.jpg)
Open file (217.86 KB 550x436 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (115.38 KB 476x263 khazars.png)
>>17189 >What do we have debunking these new theories about the jew giving them Indo-european origins? How new are these theories? Link? >>17189 >Khazar hypothesis. It's stupid because of genetic studies first and foremost. Khazar were a Turkic tribe, and the Jewish diaspora have all been founded to be related to each other fairly closely whether they're in Europe, the Arabian peninsula, esp. Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Ethiopia, etc. >genome-wide analysis of seven Jewish groups (Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Italian, Turkish, Greek, and Ashkenazi) and comparison with non-Jewish groups demonstrated distinctive Jewish population clusters, each with shared Middle Eastern ancestry, proximity to contemporary Middle Eastern populations, and variable degrees of European and North African admixture. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20560205/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23052947/ Further, contemporary accounts of Khazaria such as Al-Mas'udi's report that it was really only the king, his immediate entourage and his kin group that converted to Judaism. Notice how the second image with text says that some Jews joined him from other Muslim countries and the Byzantine Empire, implying, as any non-Christcuck would realize, that Talmudic kikes existed outside of Khazaria already. The second account from al-Bakri, written slightly later recounts a tale of how the king of Khazaria converted to Judaism literally after being pilpuled by a Jew. The Jew poisoned one of the representatives and thereby the king was won over since the Jew literally had the other debate party members killed. Just see the first pic, you can't make this shit up. Source for the quotes is from 'The Khazar Kingdom's Conversion to Judaism' by Omeljan Pritsak, published in Harvard Ukrainian Studies
>>17190 >Just see the first pic, you can't make this shit up. *third
>>17190 It's info percolating out on 4cuck, went to see if they stumbled on anything interesting here is the thread in which I ran across the Rhineland Hypothesis and ITS theory https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/299973977 Still up. and thanks will look deeper into what you provided
Open file (551.09 KB 1014x860 turk jew.jpg)
Open file (2.58 MB 540x960 christcucks 8.webm)
>>17195 I think I found the image you are talking about. I will have to look deeper into this. And I'm laughing at that dude with the EU flag posting the Tiktok videos. I think it's a Canadian. He's been BTFOing Christians with that and LARPing as a progressive pastor for a week or two. Funny shit
>>17199 We never stop going back there do we? Props to our Canadian Brother though.
>>17201 >We never stop going back there do we? The only thing it is good for is breaking news at this point. Honestly cuck/pol/ had never been that good, but post-2016 it just really went down the toilet with the surge in boomers, civnats, schizos, qoomers and christniggers. I’m holding out hope that some of them will leave in the coming months but I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.
Wait Turks are kikes now? I've been thinking whether every non-White race (indians and Chinese etc) are kikes. I hope not.
>>17204 True bu tsomehow we all end up back there from time to time. Some are probably already moving out of there, but to places like telegram, where echo chambers are easier to create.
>>17190 More importantly, I would say the falsity rests in thinking that Kazarian Jews would be something wholly different. But as we've seen in other countries and cultures, Jews move around as a group that, at most, disseminates a few members (liberal type Jews) on the fringes of their community (almost like waste) whereas the core of it remains close knit wherever they go. So, with this in mind, there is nothing impossible in the idea of there having been Kazarian Jews, just like we have German Jews, Polish Jews, Russian Jews, Italian Jews, etc. They usually manage to improve on their whole situation within a country by using a very few but very influential Jews, supported by lots of money, to negotiate a better treatment. With time, these top Jews intermingle with the higher class of the host society and tend to absorb some of the genetic material of the goy population if they stay there long enough through intermarrying. Kazarian Jews might have therefore absorbed a given amount of Turkish-typed blood to some undefined extent, this without deleting their original Semitic remainder. Of good note, it is asserted that there existed such a Khazarian empire in our current era (first millennium) but then after a while it faltered and collapsed to such an extent that no memory of it remained. It would be during the end of this empire that the Jews moved out of it (as always) and went West to join with other Jews already living in Europe. This alone is nothing far fetched and bears the signs of a typical Jewish strategy. In this case, since said empire collapsed, either it was destroyed by an external element that pushed the Jews to move out, in which case this external force might have come from either the East or the South, or it collapsed from within in a relatively quick time, which might be the consequence of Jewish influence. It might also be a case of both, with Jews opening the doors of this empire to external elements as per the also known tendency to betrayal of the hosting group. In other words, there is no necessity of an entire conversion from top to down to have happened. It's simply a case of a splinter group of Jews settling inside a kingdom and as always, managing to get very close to the powers that be. Jews like to claim that the entire empire was Jewish but it's a lie. If it were true, it would be all the more intriguing how this empire entirely vanished, as if Jews were not capable of building anything durable. This, of course, we actually know, but what an irony there would be here in them not even realizing what it would imply about their people.
>>17239 >refusing to extradite your countrymen to JewSA based and zog-pilled
>>17240 >post not found What was it?
>>17156 >>17158 >Anybody else feeling nein's glowing like a fuel rod right now? jannies and BO seem AWOL while their board reads like a fed's wet dream smh Wet dream? They're not wet until they have you in handcuffs kid. They hate everything we do and everyone like us who disagree and disprove them. >inb4 cuck >caring about what pic related thinks >thinking pic related are at all able to dispense non semitic justice or justice at all Yeah funny, because people like you are actual cucks. You damn well know that pacifist ego-stroking approach hasn't worked for Nationalists for over 60 years. Yet you cucks jump on the boat when people talk the talk on an actual anonymous service that's resilient towards jews shutting it down, where people are not just going "How is your day" and "Nice weather" every single fucking day. By this time you are not a fanatic, if you are not ready to do anything including killing for the greater cause in saving our societies and striking fear into those who are trying to destroy our peoples. Know that leftists are ready to kill you. I don't even think people like you understand the seriousness of what's going on today, you think violence=badlol violence=irrelevant like some stupid NPC but the fact you have to come to terms with is that many subhuman marxists, jews, brown animals, are ready to kill us for the system, they've proven it over and over again even just recently. In fact the system itself works hand-in-hand with these animals. So let me reiterate for morons who still subscribe to contemporary jewish false moralism: There is nothing wrong with the thought or action of KILLING criminal jewish bandits and their slaves who are trying their hardest at destroying our people, our race, our societies, and are openly killing us and our peoples worldwide through manufactured crisis' and calculated demographic genocide while bragging about it on TV and NEWS. Literally nothing. Neinchan is famous online, and journalists and glowie kikes fucking are seething in academic papers, as for this, yes it may be targeted by double standarded ZOG-faggots who conveniently only press false outrage when the right wing call for blood or discuss niche topics, but at the same time ignore and disregard all traces of the shitton of open, clearweb, marxist-left calls to robbery, burning, looting, doxing, and violence a literally every single fucking day on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit et al. And as for the whole jew list thing it's up now again to my awareness. I don't know if it got deleted or not though. If it was I will agree that it is strange. As for the site itself nobody should trust anyone with running a site either, only a retard puts full trust in strangers on the internet. This is why OPSEC exists. So stop being a might of the meek cuck, this is top tier weakboy christkike trash. There is nothing wrong with destroying subhumanity.
Open file (71.70 KB 500x738 armstrong_mad.jpg)
>>17247 Well said. Plenty of anons here don't actually want to win. They just want to have a comfy little bunker where they can commiserate about being smarter than normies and laughing about inside joke memes while being ethnically replaced. "Fighting back" = "glowing". Their winning strategy is to continue doing exactly what we've been doing for the past 80 years, while spreading FUD about anything that would present an actual threat to ZOG. Wake up you cucks there is no victory without risk even after reducing unnecessary exposure.
>>17264 I wouldn't say that about Anon's here, but I would say that about the newfags and ever present cowards and christcucks that will always plague our people until we finally exterminate those genes, which may be impossible but we should endeavor to try anyway.
>>17264 > Plenty of anons here don't actually want to win. They just want to have a comfy little bunker where they can commiserate about being smarter than normies and laughing about inside joke memes while being ethnically replaced. I don't really think this is a good description of the board, really. Especially when it comes to what you are talking about with "inside joke memes" and posturing as "le hyper-intelligent individual". I think most of the regular and active users of this board are well-aware of the route that things will have to take in order to be victorious and to stop the genocide of our people. /fascist/ shouldn't be seen as an end in itself. If people don't eventually apply the info they learn here they're wasting their time, regardless of how one chooses to apply it.
>>17247 t. le edgy internet commando ngmi >>17264 Everybody here knows the path to victory will be violent, where do you think you are, but if you don't see the problem with anons without need blabbering themselves and worse others into trouble instead of being smart about your power level until it's too late for the enemy to act you're a total liability.
Open file (1.99 MB 2100x1440 20180226_142421.png)
>>17275 >snide nuh uhh online cuck Neutered and DNGMI
>>17156 nein seemed to glow since day one. its been nonstop (((pepe memes))) and other low effort, low iq zionist shit since the beginning.
>>17330 >nein is zionist >thousands of brenton tarrant OC is low effort What's your agenda, fren?
I find this odd but why do some WNs have Asian wives? Like come in I get that theyre traditional but you want a mixed baby? No. On a similar topic, would it be ok to have friends of different nationalities if they share similar views?
>>17346 >I find this odd but why do some WNs have Asian wives? They're not WNs
>>17346 If you want an Asian GF you aren't a White nationalist, but a faggot race traitor and should never say that you love being White and are a fascist, because you're being a hypocrite agaisnt both. There are fools who unironically think that Asian women are le trad and are willing to be bleached.com by the White man when wmaf couples rarely see race in their relationship. They think that only White males are top shit and that females have nothing to contribute and should not be mixed with whatsoever or took some niggerpills from Jews that refer White females as coal burners, when White females rarely mix with other races and are the least race to do so.
>>17364 >females have nothing to contribute and should not be mixed with whatsoever This alone is extremely degenerate thinking that has nothing to do with Fascism or its idea of a healthy society. I'm sure that a lot of these racemixers blow in from MGTOW / PUA circles, which are themselves degenerate.
What is the ideal female?
Open file (97.01 KB 1024x685 women flower field.jpg)
>>17382 I think some of the most essential traits are the following: >altruistic >motherly >kind >caring >loyal >demure In terms of appearance as long as they are somewhat in shape and feminine I am pretty flexible.
>>17383 Would you say they would also have to be completely submissive as well? Willing to never question their husbands unless being abused, because I don't support domestic abuse whether victim is male or female. >In terms of appearance as long as they are somewhat in shape and feminine I am pretty flexible. I think they all generally have to be feminine and beautiful.
>>17386 >Would you say they would also have to be completely submissive as well? If the husband is a good enough of a man his wife will naturally follow his lead and trust his judgement. She doesn't need to be "completely submissive", but should also recognize her husband's authority (as she is inclined to do so naturally, I believe). >I don't support domestic abuse whether victim is male or female. You shouldn't support abuse, but you should support domestic discipline. Unfortunately (and this is a tough redpill to swallow) most of what was attacked by feminists as "domestic abuse" is simply this. Giving your wife a black eye or knocking her tooth out is nigger-tier, but giving your wife a spanking if she is being hysterical or stubborn is perfectly normal and healthy. There's a reason why depictions of this use to appear in advertising and in popular culture prior to the sexual revolution. Granted, this shouldn't be necessary too often, just a a state should not be using force without reason
Can someone give me an in-depth explanation about the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring passed in 1933? Are the "official" claims (numbers of sterilistions and reasons) true or disinformation? I will be honest I got hit by this right now and it's fucking with me a bit, any clarification would be greatly appreciated.
>>17391 What about it hit you? Sterilizing those who carry devastating genetic disease markers is a very eugenic thing to do, as for every single child those people don't have we have muted entire lines of weak burdens to the race in the future.
>>17391 Anyone suffering from a hereditary disease had to be sterilized according to this law. Those who fell under the purview of this law had the following conditions: >Congenital mental deficiency > Schizophrenia >Manic-depression >Hereditary epilepsy >Huntington’s Chorea >Hereditary blindness >Hereditary deafness >Serious hereditary physical deformity >chronic alcoholism >Rheinland mutts (this came in a 1937 amendment) These were decided on the basis of the most current medical science of the day and were decided by a Eugenics Court consisting of a court judge, state physicians and a physician with expertise in eugenics. I've seen claims that by the end of the Third Reich in 1945 some 400,000 people were sterilized under this law. Not sure how true it is, obviously, but if we are to take the population of Germany in 1933, which was 65,000,000 people and pretend that the population and borders didn't change over the twelve years of the Reich, this would amount to some 33,000 people being sterilized annually in a country with 65 million people, or 0.0507% of the population being sterilized every year. It's not as pervasive as people think. People like to think that eugenics was somehow confined to the The Third Reich, but it was extremely mainstream until 1945. At state fairs across the Midwestern US they held eugenics exhibits called "Fitter Families for Future Firesides", and many states either passed laws or attempted to pass eugenic laws. Pennsylvania passed a sterilization law in 1905 but it was vetoed by the governor Samuel W. Pennypacker. Michigan actually enacted a sterilization law in 1913, and Norway did in 1934.
This PDF is where I drew my info mostly.
Open file (26.53 KB 276x343 1453564133838.jpg)
>>17382 300 pounds of muscle and fat with the softness and tenderness of a baby sheep.
What's with the Proud Goys? It kind of sucks to hear them posturing masculinity and chanting master race lines right before falling into obvious police traps and breaking line after one gets a tiny burst of pepper spray. I can't help but feel those shitty optics rub off on us. I mean, I would have thought some of them were /k/ users...
>>17396 Calm down, they had not the absurde low standards back then they have today to declare someone insane or schizophrenic. Burgers are completely over-diagnozed by medical con artists, kids are diagnozed as autists and put on ritaline and whatever shit the perversion of jewish pseudo science is pumping out just for not fitting in. If you looked at that was considered insane back in the day and compare it today there are words between. Society just as much as the people who were sterilized in national socialism were done a huge favor. Don't even try to make comparisons with today. It gets you nowhere
If Blacks are the most aggressive race, then why did wh­ites invade every continent on Earth?
>>17442 What about them? They're led by a mulatto spic and full of "i'm not racist" lolberg fags. I don't see why their optics would rub off on you, unless a gay parade's optics also affects you.
>>17444 >the people who were sterilized in national socialism were done a huge favor. I completely agree. I am unsure of the exact reason why the sterilization law was "fucking with" that anon after he discovered it or looked into it, so I was merely trying to explain that it was an entirely reasonable law, and was something practiced widely in the era for obvious reasons, because they valued the improvement of their people and future generations. >>17458 Normalfags actually think that they are "a White supremacist group" due to Jewish media manipulation. I've heard someone say this IRL. They seemed to think the Proud Goys were skinheads and were going to be fighting against niggers in DC when the inauguration happens. I pulled up a photo of Enrique Tarrio and said "Why is this 'White supremacist' group led by an Afro-Cuban?" and of course the normalfag got angry since her perception was exposed as totally false.
Open file (23.00 KB 264x377 koleda.jpg)
Happy Koleda to slav anons!
>>17460 There is one actual WS group and that's the NSO. Most of the other groups are WN.
>>17469 >implying there is a meaningful difference >>17463 Happy Koleda, anon!
>>17463 Happy Koleda anon!
>>17247 Dear me, that teen angst, the real rage. I love it how every single time a form of legitimate criticism comes their way, within 24/48h a damage control operation is launched either in group or by a singular figure, by being immediately aggressive and throwing all sorts of accusations, such as you're ignorant, you don't fight, you're a coward, etc. I think we perfectly understand the tactic now, one of impudence and intimidation. There is simply nothing good coming from neinchan and the high majority of your board room is spent on praising the most outrageous manipulations centered on the profiles on people who always kill all but the meaningful targets, spending bullets in the lard of the System, aiming at the consequences but never the causes. How cohenvenient. Don't pretend in big red letters that there are violent and precisely targeted attacks being planned and completed against Jewish real bandits because there is simply none of that. What has neinchan achieved? Nothing at all. All the good data comes from other places, even from regular websites that are already far more popular and have already been setting the field ahead of further truths, leading one revelation to another.
>>17264 >Well said. Plenty of anons here don't actually want to win. Prove that right now. Show how anons on fash are losers and reject victory. Go on, put your money where your mouth is. > "Fighting back" = "glowing". neinchan is not fighting back more than people in this place or even on larger groups such as Gamers Uprising for example, or even mode moderate yet larger online communities. There's no truth coming out of your mouth, you're just here to badmouth other people.
>>17282 The good thing with you hasbara bois is how you never change you tactics. :-)
>>17334 (((absolutely blatant)))
>>17364 We Whites already are a minority on this planet and about to become one in many historically Whites countries. Asians are overcrowding this world. Cases of yellow fever are sad and must be resisted and rejected. It's correct, a WN cannot even think of producing mutts, be they coming in shades of piss or shades of shit.
>>17369 Would you be surprised if you learned that Jews tried to control a "movement" that tries its best and increasing the gap between White men and White women? I would certainly not, it would be totally expected. For now, I haven't found that many obvious kikes spearheading the MGTOW culture, although there is that Molyneux who is Jewish and seems to have taken the defence of it at some point.
>>17660 Even if it's not Jewish in leadership, it's still Judaic in character for playing into the obviously Jewish gender war initiated with feminism. They seek to undermine the most fundamental and natural division of labor in our society, and of our race, and MGTOW types play right into their hands.
>>17386 Starting at ~5/10 is still preferable and quite low already. It's like not being okay plus a thing or two and in good shape, of good health and race. A good mind and spirit suited for a stable relationship provide "secret" bonus points. However, Nature is not lying, she's ruthless, and beauty is the sign of something greater having found its way into the flesh, but sometimes it hides real poisons too. The most desirable women tend to be very dangerous and can easily fall into whoredom for gifts.
>>17396 >> Schizophrenia That's the vast majority of Jews. My opinion is that beyond the dangerous kikes that should be killed on sight, all the rest should get the sterilization. >popular eugenics until kikes won That's something that gets easily forgotten. That and, IIRC, the Roman salute being practiced in some US schools well before it became a thing in Germany.
>>17383 Usually short height is considered to be in shape of ideal of femininity should be like. Is that something you also support, because it would go against eugenics.
>>17668 Every single Kike is dangerous, therefore they should all be shot on sight.
>>17668 >, IIRC, the Roman salute being practiced in some US schools well before it became a thing in Germany. Yes, it was and is a pan-European salute
>>17679 As long as she isn't too short it's not much of a problem. For example my mom is something like 5"2' and my dad 6 foot, and I grew to be just over 6 foot myself.
>>17696 Let's say that it's the bare minimum. Their extinction... I'm fine with it. I will it. I'm done with this race of demons.
Open file (828.86 KB 3661x2179 crying_pepe.jpg)
>>17649 I browse both and I think you're being too hard on nein. The point of praising the saints is to galvanize us into action. It's a hidden, TOR-bunker to radicalize ourselves. To put it gently, I don't think that more data is what we need. We need technical proficiency and violence. Nein may not be the original source, but it's a place where we can get both training and indoctrination. We've gotten firearms, survivalism, guerilla warfare, chemistry, OPSEC and cybersecurity recently. I'm not going to say that we're all actively crusading for the downfall of our enemies but that we're all very enthusiastic about growing toward that point. I do agree that discussing targets for maximum acceleration and destabilization is helpful, but I'd be more comfortable doing that on Nein than the cafe. /Fascist/ is a place for enthusiastic political discussion and ideological development and we shouldn't shit where we eat.
>>17649 >>17652 I can smell your fear rats, pathetic.
>>17649 >majority of your board room is spent on praising the most outrageous manipulations centered on the profiles on people who always kill all but the meaningful targets Saints who PvP'd high level jews would be praised too. You are disingenuous. Imageboards aren't supposed to achieve something on their own they are information clearing houses. All that matters from them is their information, OC, and the zeitgeist that ripples into real life. You either have a personal vendetta that has buttblasted you or have an ulterior agenda.
>>17766 Wai, we have fear rats? badass when do they start spreading fear?
>>17696 Sure, that's for jews. What about the peoples they've used? The niggers, chinks, poos etc.
can anyone sum up fascism in a few lines? i still am not sure of what it is. sounds like communism with added socio-economic classes.
>>17766 Try harder.
>>17760 >I browse both and I think you're being too hard on nein. The point of praising the saints is to galvanize us into action. It's a hidden, TOR-bunker to radicalize ourselves. None of that obscure little board will be what galvinizes us and radicalizes us. It's a slow and GLOBAL build up, where one single White death by the hands of a shitkins or blue pigs will do far more to radicalize us than any of these crazy shooters literally nobody can relate to aside from four poor punks inside a desolate echo chamber. None of these acts even helped us in the slightest. Converting people is already hard enough as it is, being associated to nutjobs who storm into marketplaces to gun people down is not helping at all, especially when they all conveniently avoid the (((cause))), and the negative effect on the overall, numerous and varied large groups of people we stand against is near to null. When Marxists took power in Russia, they aimed for the head. They didn't waste most of their lives and bullets on random kulaks labouring somewhere in the cold countryside, no matter how much they hated them. What we need is a militia of some sort ready to attempt a coup. There is no other solution on the short term. To do that you need to identify the real enemy and focus on this first and foremost. Otherwise, the long term solution is to retreat into communities while waiting for the whole world to collapse, hoping that they won't come for us with WMDs against which we will be helpless. In other words, none of that Tarrant craze enters the picture at any point in the present time or the future. Wolves attack when humans don't see them. They kill what is necessary to kill, then retreat, without making much noise. That's what wolves do. And they form tight packs moving throughout the forest, hard to find and track. They don't throw themselves under the spotlights, publish gay manifestos that explain shit, only to be captured in 99% of the cases like some fucking golems who suddenly snapped back into reality and lost all their bravado and energy. All we can do is endure, prepare and convert. We're literally midway between wandering priests and knights. Wisdom and weapons, all against Zionism, the Jews and their slaves. Once we will have regained power, taking care of the non-Whites will be easier. This is not to say that we should ignore these migrants, we all know that they are a constant threat to our people and in the near future, they'll attempt more and more dangerous raids against our communities (to plunder and rape chiefly), but they do not hold significant power.
>>17768 >Saints who PvP'd high level jews would be praised too. You are disingenuous. Imageboards aren't supposed to achieve something on their own they are information clearing houses. neinchan clears nothing by supporting manipulative, armed and literally walking red herrings. As I said, all the meaningful and educative information is found elsewhere. All others /pol/s have been far more efficient. Many other websites are much more useful. I'm radicalized yet I never need to go to nein to obtain any form of useful information, I get all I need from books or other live sources. None of the Fascist or NS leaders would have even supported any of this masquerade of crazy shooters tailored to fool the gullibles.
>>17852 >All we can do is endure, prepare and convert. This is what I'm talking about. You don't really want to win. You think you do but you don't. Like the fatass who "wants to lose weight" but drinks beer and eats comfort food every day. You criticize and shit on the only people doing something, and those supporting them, while saying it's not enough and simultaneously doing nothing yourself and having no actived and armed group counter strike clan yourself. And of course you ultimately circle back to the boomer wait and see what happens "solution". I press X to doubt that you are actually genuine though, maybe even just a shill. So I won't take you as indicative of anyone else. But the thought patterns you present are a rough template of those who don't really want to win, and would say that nein "glows" for being vocal about sharing strategies and supporting effortposters to provide groundswell for a new zeitgeist instead of sitting alone quiet in their basement hiding their 9000 power level to prepare for a boss raid (as if it was a binary option and those types weren't galvanized by communities like nein).
>>17460 >the people who were sterilized in national socialism were done a huge favor. >I completely agree. ah sorry bro, my bad, I thought you were the other anon posting that list to strengthen his implied view that law was excessive
Open file (73.17 KB 400x518 hitler clay statue.jpg)
>>17824 Fascism is an organic political philosophy. We believe that as a nation we are stronger together and unified. We reject liberal egalitarianism and communism alike. The purpose of the state is not to ensure maximum individual liberty, nor is it to artificially equalize us and provide us equal access to physical goods while being ruled over by some technocratic elite who live like kings as in communism. Fascism is hierarchical, nationalistic, and authoritarian. We want the best to lead, we want to look out for the good of our people first and foremost, and we want to have actual order and authority under the aegis of the best and brightest true leaders. The core of the fascist state idea is that the society should be organized like an organism, as a body politic. As within an organism, there is a hierarchy of functions and roles, and together all of the different diverse parts work together as a holistic entity for the good of all >>17876 Quite the opposite ;) But no worries, anon.
What are the laws of nature?
>>17896 Obeying the laws of nature basically means to have knowledge of the workings and nature of reality, and to act accordingly. This essay on National Socialism describes it the best: >National Socialists believe that the universe is governed by natural laws, and that for Man to be happy and successful, he must first acknowledge that these laws exist; secondly, he must discover what they are; and thirdly, he must live in accordance with them. This is another way of saying that the universe runs according to the principles of Causality – that is, of cause-and-effect relationships – and that it does not operate on the basis of supernatural forces, or on the mental constructions and wishful thinking of intellectuals and ideologues, or on the religious fantasies of theologians. https://nationalvanguard.org/2018/09/national-socialism-and-the-laws-of-nature/ So basically, National Socialism accepts the Nature is something far greater than ourselves, and that we are bound by its logic, and to prosper in this world we must discern its workings and principles and live accordingly. It can be thought of as if Nature punishes bad behavior with sickness, disease, death and extinction, and rewards right action with continued survival, prosperity and happiness. National Socialism recognizes that man is an integral part of Nature, not something outside of Nature. Thus, there is inequality, there is a struggle for existence, there is everything that animals experience. We don't try to idealize man, but neither do we denigrate ourselves, for National Socialism is about survival, improvement and beauty. As it was said in a 1937 Hitler Youth handbook: >The National Socialist worldview is not the result of abstract and convoluted thinking. It is not a theory, but rather is clearly bound to reality. National Socialist thinking comes from experience. It is a worldview based on facts and reality. https://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/hjhandbuch.htm
>>17394 >>17396 Thanks for the replies. This question came about because I was watching a commentator that is not NatSoc or third-positionist in any way but whose analysis on a lot of things I still enjoy. He made a video on sterilization and this subject came about comparing it to whats happening today with the attempts of population control, it was quite brief but caught me off guard since I didn't have any knowledge about this law. Even though I get why it was done, taking away a persons ability to have offspring is still something that gets to me. I still think that a racional population would not seek to mate with a sick partner and have diseased children, I think nature, normal human behavior, would take care of this. But maybe I am being optimistic since there will always be people ready and able to corrupt others, making a preemptive action necessary.
>>17910 > I still think that a racional population would not seek to mate with a sick partner and have diseased children, I think nature, normal human behavior, would take care of this. The problem is that the vast majority of people simply aren't very rational, especially when it comes to issues the effects of which may not be immediately obvious such dysgenic marriages (race-mixing, reproducing with people who have hereditary deformities or conditions, etc). The vast majority of people would not marry and have children with someone who has Down Syndrome or severe deformities, but if you take a moment to look up these things, we can see that normal people occasionally do marry and reproduce with these people, and there are no laws against it. The same is of course true with miscegenation, even if the majority of people tend to date and marry within their own group naturally. Educating people against the problem is an important step, but laws are also a necessary component. Either we take steps to weed out these people from the gene pool and gradually improve our own stock, or there will eternally be these people who are fundamentally broken or degenerated from what they could be. Ideally we would be able to detect these people in the womb and have them aborted before they are ever even born, so that they would not have to suffer, and so that we would not have to deal with problems like mandatory sterilizations. The long term benefit far outweighs any short term loss for some individuals
>>17929 I'm sorry to hear that but you have to prepare yourself to do what you don't want to do. She will only end up a liability when shit hits the fan, not saying this to be mean by the way, if you wish to survive you may have to do it.
I see nonWhites want to desperately be along with White men when it comes to race discussion. As in, whenever I go to a internet discussion forum based on race realism, I tend to find non-Whites in there? Why? Do they hate themselves? But eventually wouldnt that mean they have to accept that they're gonna die too? Or even live? I just don't get why nonWhites want to be in an ideology that considers them inferior and robs them of their self-esteem and self-confidence.
I can't think of where else to ask this, what absolute nigger added 8chan to the webring?
Open file (69.93 KB 225x225 rideneverends.png)
>>17963 >Do they hate themselves? What do you think lol imaging being shit and knowing you're shit forever among a heap of shit that even if you are on the top of you will always be dragged down by the rest of your race and if you have children with a 10/10 european (they won't) they will regress to the mean of the pile of shit anyways in one or two generations and still live among shit
>>17867 >This is what I'm talking about. You don't really want to win. >Like the fatass >You criticize and shit on the only people doing something Same old tactics I already highlighted here and other threads. Between the obvious lies, complete strawmen arguments, hot air, empty assumptions and frontal (desperate) slander, I think we all know where you stand. I have no time to waste on this. Your ilk has tried this form of rhetoric manipulation for more than a year already and it hasn't gotten any better.
>>17963 It's some form of self-cuckery. Imagine if you just hung around on 'black supremacist' sites and cried about how you are the spawn of Yakub and are a White devil all day. Does it sound skin-crawlingly pathetic? You bet so.
Regarding >>17690 Will there be, in the near future, a /RWG/ thread that will be independent from any blatant promotion of mass shooters who have nothing on The Order's members? If there has to be containment thread, why not literally have a /MSG/ (mass shooter general) thread and allow independent talks about race war and struggle to happen in a clean place, where for one the works of real defenders of Whites can be discussed?
>>17963 >>18021 >hating themselves There's two three types tbh. There's the self haters, then there's the ones who think they are basically White because BLM keeps repeating it, and there's the ones who see political allies (Example: Chinese/Japanese Americans who aren't socially retarded and realize they will never be the majority, and thus need to align with one of the major blocks). Ironically, eugenics was encouraged for the longest time in China, and still kind of is
>>18056 If you'd like to make a thread, feel free. I could always edit the OP of the /rwg/ to read /msg/ and make it more mass-shooter specific.
>>18061 Thank you, that would be... ace. But my OPSEC sucks right now, not sure I could post a picture without fucking myself with data and stuff. Although if "my" /rwg/ thread would have to have one single picture, it would be of Robert J. Mathews. At least when it comes to this man, I have absolutely no doubt about his motivations and his acts are as clear as the doctrine he followed and the people he worked with.
>>18021 >It's some form of self-cuckery. That's completely fine to me, as long as they know their place and do their part in helping the White race thrive.
Open file (56.76 KB 602x459 robert jay mathews.jpg)
>>18075 If you want to write what your OP would be here, and what would be in the subject line, I could just post for it for you if you'd want.
Edited last time by FashBO on 01/08/2021 (Fri) 18:30:47.
SEEKING A place to talk with fellow White christcucks, that has similar fervor to this and nein, and almost the opsec. deus vult
>>18083 I unironically doubt that this exists. Good luck though
>>18081 That's exactly the picture I had in mind. I've always been impressed about how unironically Orwellian that antiracist symbol looked like (INGSOC). Thank you for the suggested effort, you're very welcome. I'm going to prepare that OP during this weekend and see what I can come up with. I shall have a couple reading suggestions added to it too, plus a few quotes.
>>17910 The problem is that "reproduction rights" are not natural rights. The last man in the world, with no woman to breed with him, does not have his rights violated. A 35-year-old whore is not having her rights violated when nobody wants to give her a baby. Some" right"s are granted by the state - things like voting, healthcare, and education. Civic rights, or "entitlements," come with responsibilities. These responsibilities entail your contribution to and consciousness of the good of the Nation. You can lose the right to vote by breaking the laws of the state. You can lose the civic right to bear arms by murdering another citizen. And yes - you can either lose your right to reproduce by having children that you can't support. If your children would not be a benefit to the Nation (as in Schiziphrenia, for example), then you don't have the right to make them a burden on the Nation. I know that this is a pretty tough pill to swallow since it's very antithetical to everything we've been indoctrinated with and it doesn't come up too often in serious discussion, but that's my own rationale for it. I hope it helps you.
>>18131 Nice, looking forward to it. I wondered if you would be choosing that picture. That's an iconic one.
>>18083 >>18086 We're out there. There's at least three Inquisition Enthusiasts hanging around. Hosting imageboards is easy, but running hidden services is hard. It's possible we might find some hidden pocket board hovering the TRS Third Rail or Godscast communities. Deus Vult.
>>18144 Isn't having as many children as possible a noble thing to do for your race? The way I see it, it is the state that is at fault if they fail to provide the workers with adequate conditions to fulfill their biological duty to their people. Your way of thinking is very backwards in my opinion.
Hey TOR users, anyone else feeling pretty throttled the last days? It's not only the chans that seem to take forever to load for me, it's like with everything.
Is there some type of esoteric or hidden meaning behind hair and eye color?
>>18266 You're not alone. I've been having problems as well. (((Coincidentally))), the first day I recall having issues is on January 6th, the day of the Capitol protests. Considering what is happening now in what is looking like a wave of Cultural Marxist terror from Big Tech and ZOG, you can bet on there being a connection. >>18260 Quantity needs balanced with quality, which is more important.
>>18266 >>18284 Yup, connections to anon.cafe fail multiple times since the Run for the Capitol. Would this place be exposed to a current ping saturation (DDoS or similar) that I wouldn't even be surprised. Kixelerate. They don't care, they spray and pray, hit with everything they can. Are they aiming for an exploit or just trying to disrupt? I'm not sure how influential this remote place is to warrant anything like, there are faaar bigger clearnet targets to take care of, even more normie-aligned ones that are starting to reject the "lockdown is the new normal" way of life.
How come there were black nazis? I look up "black Nazis" and it just shows me how the blacks were treated badly in Germany. But how come Jesse Owens was treated so well while other blacks weren't then? Not saying they should fuck German woman or anything.
>>18318 >How come there were black nazis? They were just soldiers recruited during the war. >how come Jesse Owens was treated so well He was a visiting athlete from America, not some nigger trying to settle and live in Germany. Germans were showing hospitality.
>>18317 >I'm not sure how influential this remote place is to warrant anything like, there are faaar bigger clearnet targets to take care of Feds know that places like /fascist/ are more dangerous because the average user here is likely more intelligent and more dedicated to their beliefs (i.e. not just here to meme). There's a much greater chance that users here could actually shift their posting into real life activity of some kind or network. This hasn't happened yet, but people have discussed it in passing before. Feds and Jews are definitely aware of our existence, and we have appeared in the media a handful of times in passing. Neinchan is another example of a small board feds and Jews are crawling all over. The reasons for that are more obvious of course, since Neinchan is centered around praising White terrorist attacks and calling for more - still, they are a small board, and have appeared in academic studies, reports on terrorism and in news articles time and time again. A board like Nein also is more dangerous and thus of more interest to our enemies for obvious reasons. And given the fact that /fascist/ is linked to Neinchan via the bunker, and has a substantial overlap in users, this likely makes them give even more scrutiny here. I think we have more influence than we think. Also, my connection to this site timed out several times as I tried to post this.
>>18318 >black nazis As the other anon said, there were some auxillaries and were there also a few, really only a handful blacks (as opposed to niggers), in Germany. Germany had also black auxillaries (mostly muslim btw) in WW1 that did a lot of the heavy lifting in the African colonies and indeed did not disappoint. Of course the Germans knew how to keep them in check so nigger behaviour like in America would've been unthinkable. The handful blacks that were in Germany were generally well behaved and well liked despite being considered subhuman naturally. In fact in Germany existed a great enthusiasm for Africa and its inhabitants since the 19th century. It might come as a surprise but Germans didn't hate blacks, they considered them just as below them but also as a somewhat likeable part of the fauna like bongs see the norfs or like we enjoy watching monkeys in the zoo. There's even a quite famous painting in a German museum that shows a black who became a soldier in a German army unit and is depicted in his colorful uniform and with his German White wife. This was of course during imperial times but race-mixing was frowned upon nonetheless yet somehow this was accepted.
>>18260 >Isn't having as many children as possible a noble thing to do for your race? No. If your children would not contribute to your race, then having children is an ignoble, base thing to do to your race.
>>18342 Lol. So wait like they see them as subhuman but they were friendly to them? That's just psychological passive agressive shitposting irl. Like this is what would happen if WN/NS had non-White friends.
>>18428 I mean they're smart enough to learn how to pick up a gun and shoot it at the enemy, so why not?
>>18431 Meh, idk. Don't you find it odd for non-Whites to support White power? I mean they're just used as pawns really.
>>17963 >>18021 Because the truth is the truth, it is not exclusive.
>>18440 Who cares. If it benefits us, good.
>>18440 >odd Not really, they were docile cattle, you like them just as you like your doggo unless you don't and after all they only had a handful of blacks not thousands who roamed the streets and did jogger things. Why would you hate a stupid animal, do you hate racoons too, that's giving them undue credit.Hate is an emotion I reserve for humans.
>>18229 >We're out there. There's at least three Inquisition Enthusiasts hanging around. Hosting imageboards is easy, but running hidden services is hard. It's possible we might find some hidden pocket board hovering the TRS Third Rail or Godscast communities. Deus Vult. Thanks, brother, I'll keep my eyes open
I'm pretty convinced that the only way you're gonna get people to "wake up" is if you maliciously comply with the system to get the system to attack them directly, and they have no one else to blame for it. I'm really fucking tired of libertarians and "muh China" conservatives and all this other shit and I think the only way to deal with them is to give them the entire curriculum all at once.
what country is most likely to actually become fascist soon?
Open file (144.95 KB 798x1033 kotleba 3.jpg)
>>18532 None of them are really close, but in Slovakia a fascist part controls 11% of the national parliament. The kikes are trying to throw their leader in prison for four years for donating 1488 Euros to disabled kids though. The leader is appealing the sentence. Besides that, America has the best chances since it is going to descend into chaos over the next decade. >>18521 It really sucks what is happening, but you're right that it really does seem to be the only way for people to wake up and realize that there is a problem. They are making it so obvious and blatant right now with all of the censorship, the Great Reset, basically everything.
>>18532 America, when cuckservatives realize that freedumb is gay and that Fascism is the only source of positive liberty, which is true freedom. But so far there aren't any fascist countries.
i have read revolt against the modern world, mein kampf, the doctrine of fascism and no more hunger. what should i read next? im thinking about for my legionaries
>>18550 You don't even have another choice now that you said you were thinking of For My Legionaries. It is 10/10. Read it.
>>18541 Either way, I keep remembering how jews would always say "we're only so crafty because you keep trying to kill us!" Well, if they're going to keep trying to kill us, maybe it's time we get crafty as well.
I just came across these images and was wondering if they have been debunked? It really throws my mind through a loop.
>>18602 One of Hitler's financiers was Kurt von Schröder. I don't think he's jewish (he certainly doesn't look like it) but I have seen some people online claiming he is.
>>18602 >>18608 Looking into it further, apparently the two sons of (((Paul Warburg))) were the directors of I.G. Farben branches during the time that the company was financing Hitler. Where I'm reading this from: https://web.archive.org/web/20101231113741/http://www.emoiz.com/on-the-jewish-funding-control-and-leadership-of-the-third-reich http://www.reformation.org/wall-st-ch10.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sydney_Warburg
>>18610 Meant to say >(((James Paul Warburg)))
>>18610 >Rudolph Hess became Deputy Fuhrer. He is the son of an Egyptian Jewess. >Goebbels was with Hitler to the end. He was a Jew. This reads like a Moarpheus post. Jews fund both sides in order to attempt greater opportunism and coax greed and shortsightedness out of the target gentile, that's all there is to it. Inventing a grand manipulation and taking credit for it after the fact is easy, and I've even seen ethnic Germans in Germany eat this narrative up, like that one male teacher who was being a bad goy and had some speeches on YouTube a couple years back. The end effect it has is preventing people from figuring out they should mold themselves into National Socialists, and they become one of the sheep who accurately point out where the problem lies and then simply conclude with something to the effect of "Jesus will fix it", thus nullifying themselves.
Open file (78.64 KB 510x269 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18610 >“Last November, the widow of the late General Ludendroff, on trial at Nuremberg, explained why her husband broke with Hitler, confirmed the reports in convincing detail. Ludendorff's wife is the 20th century equivalent of schizos posting text-walls on /pol/ in "convincing detail". Daily reminder that the Dalai Lama controls the Jews from Tibet.
Open file (60.87 KB 773x579 4765474.jpg)
Open file (94.53 KB 600x361 8567856.jfif)
Would anyone be opposed to setting up a refuge rescue operation in Mediterranean and dropping them off on in isreal? We can purchase a boat. Get it crowd funded by anti racist NGO's to cover maintenance. I remember back in the day JIDF became a meme after https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaza_flotilla_raid happened and moot changed everyone's flag to JIDF on old /new/ Would be interesting to see what would happen in today's political climate if happened again.
Open file (7.28 KB 179x282 index(1).jpg)
>>18625 >pic
I honestly don't give a shit about policy after the JQ is answered all I want really is to solve the JQ so we can be free to decide our own destiny, where hedonism or space. I don't know why I'm sayin it here I just wanted to get it off my chest.
>>18684 Jews need removed first and foremost in order for Whites to have any self-determination in the future, that's true. But it's definitely good to have some larger vision.
>>18727 Eh I'd just prefer the kikes to go back to israel and let them and the Arabs have a peaceful agreement.
>>18736 It will never happen. The cycle needs to be broken. Kicking them out and allowing them to survive only to return again in the future is a failed strategy. This is a struggle to the death. Either the Jews will destroy us and rule over their planet of nigger cattle, or we will destroy the Jews.
>>18737 Jews and the nigger cattle*
Open file (543.71 KB 658x960 1603208135033-1.png)
What's /fascist/'s opinion on Peron and Peronism?
>>18737 Exactly. Every failed genocide (on both sides) only empowers that side more. The pendulum keeps swinging, just a little bit farther each time. Eventually, of course, said pendulum will start hitting the walls of the clock and damaging it. We should do what we can to make sure that when the pendulum swings far enough to damage the grandfather clock it swings in favor of us.
>>18737 I suggest that the goyim countries put a wall around it and anyone who tries to leave would face consequences. Would your view be on kikes only or would it apply to other nonWhite shitskins?
>>18745 Real peronism is alright, I think it's more third positionist than right or left wing, anyway. Peronism of today is absolute cancer and all the peronist politicians should be killed. Peron is okay, as well.
>>18790 But why should we be so focused on keeping them alive in the first place? The planet is overpopulated anyways. History is full of way to many attempts to stamp out the Jews that have failed to the extent that you wonder if some demon is really working behind the scenes for them. It’s got to end.
>>18870 >But why should we be so focused on keeping them alive in the first place? We shouldn't. Jews have proven themselves irredeemable time and again although I think the best way is just to sterilize them and having them die out in 2 generations.
@BO Still working on the new rwg OP. Recent events and family affairs required a delayed schedule. I'm also finding myself returning to old quotations I had sorted and it takes time trying to trim down the whole text.
>>18324 Thus far Neinchan has only supported (((terrorism))) that directly plays into Jews' and Zionists' hands so I'm failing to see how they really are much of a danger to them instead of to Whites. I find the intellectual substance and acumen far superior here though so I think you're right after all on the danger this place might represent if for some reason the content were capable of engendering something. It will always be about the 10% after all. Right now I can't get through the onion. So much for being a robust, unkillable path towards the site. Still, the onion routing works on the clearnet version, you just have to raise all shields.
>>18541 >Besides that, America has the best chances since it is going to descend into chaos over the next decade. I wish, but I have the feeling that first, there won't be any of the expected violence, second, that if anything happens to some extent, it will be made in the name of democracy. The medias and FOX will be pushing a lot for this, appealing to nostalgia of the good days, scatterpost accusations of fascism thrown from both sides, etc. Besides, Jews always seeked maximum chaos, but one of a very unique kind, the kind they can control: chaos in a bottle. They want a kind of entropy they can contain and trap people in so the confusion remains extreme and the consequences negligible as they will never lead to any substantial change to society. At worst, would Jews lose too much control, the complete economical collapse and racial oppositions will lock Whites into a battle with many enemies that will give Israel ample time to build up its power with other countries until Israel is the de facto world leader country. OTOH, there is no way out of this without fight and copious amounts of murders. The quicker we are to reclaim control of our nations and exterminate our enemies, the better. Then we'll attack all other countries we deem dangerous or too weak until they're made to work the way we see fit. Finally, we take of Israel and nuke Jerusalem a thousand times over, just to be sure.
>>18563 If we become new Jews, the Jews win. just kidding, cunning is necessary, honesty is for noble and respectable people only >>18608 >>18610 It's possible. At some point even some of the most radical WNs have wondered if all of this wasn't a clever manipulation. But then you look at what happened in Germany, how clear and pure the message was, all doubts are lifted. So if some dirty money was accepted only to fuck the lenders over, that's part of the game. Besides, head for VNN forum, in the History section they have a good thread about the financing of the Third Reich, you will see that most of it came from German industries and donors, from rich people to modest party members. Fact is, National Socialism remains the best system to date. It had everything and was naturally headed for a rejuvenated kingship system too, far from the royal faggotry of the last centuries. It was building a society with Crusaders at the top, but Cruceferi honoring not the (((subverting cross))) but the Solar, Hyperborean one. This does not mean they were error free, as they both proved to nice and failed to see the need for allies closer to the Russian border. They were a bit too German-centric until it was too late.
>>18602 Schacht as a matter of fact was a spy. Hitler was fed up with him since he kept putting stops to all changes Hitler needed for Germany. Then one day he got rid of him and moved closer to fully nationalizing the central bank. Undoubtedly some Jewish bankers thought they could somehow keep control of Hitler and still find a use to him and his government as long as he had no complete control himself over the Reichsbank. It is claimed that (((bankers))) entirely funded and supported the NSDAP, mixing "international German bankers" (sic) with the Federal Reserve Board interchangably (sheer chutzpah). This is a lie. This is Alex Jones tier material. Sutton's works did a lot to hurt the truth and because anti-nazism sells well in America. You would certainly not want your good boys to think that they fought the unjust war, the wrong war, and betrayed their own race for the Jews' best interests. Please notice —and this is EXTREMELY important— that war against Germany was decided soon after the sacking of Schacht. In more recent times, we have seen countries that tried to free themselves from the Zionist banking cartel and all they got in return was bombs and revolutions. This is a good reminder that war can only be won by attacking the banking system, suffocating it and killing its elements and members. The more we provoke the banking cartel and take away its power, the more violent it will become. This is why rejection of national debt and any attack on the IRS and fiscal-like organizations in other countries has always been met with vicious violence. This is literally what stands behind the story of Gordon Kahl, which ALL Whites and not just Americans should be forced to learn about. It paved the way to a rise of a stronger White Nationalism and it also echoed in parts with Waco affair. The Jews said it themselves, they don't care much about your politics, your leaders, your faiths, as long as they keep control of the money, its valuation and its production. It is entirely feasible that top Jews thought they could use the rising German Nationalism and renewed antisemitism as an ace card. But they played with fire and couldn't consume the candle of providence. In a way, they thought they could manufacture the ultimate controlled opposition, thinking that an Aryan golem was possible. A truly stupid thought in itself, but not surprising as Jews are lacking in the understanding of what truly makes one an Aryan person. Now, you are on /fascist/ so you know that some people are waiting for more than just a revolution, or even a worldly alliance. You know that we have to become mad and thirsty for blood, go where no man has gone before, if you allow me this. Something that will redefine the meaning of bloodshed. As an extra note, on the Haavara agreement. The so called alliance with Zionism was short lived and most cursory. Peaceful and preliminary emigration solutions were logically considered. Mein Kampf provides an absolutely clear identification of the purpose of the Zionist state and why it should have never been allowed to be recognized. >Theodor Herzl I think it's about time people see beyond the Jewish delusions. There can be no friendship with true antisemites. Herzl simply saw here a perfect opportunity to support his Zionist vision by having diluted antisemites, the intellectual type that would have mainly focused on the unmixing of cultures, not based on hatred but a tamed mutual distrust. Foolish, yes. * * *= If more of this nonsense keep being peddled, I think it will require its own special debunking thread.
>>18895 No problems, anon. Sounds like you're putting some effort into the thread, so I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
>>18910 Sir your swastikas are the wrong way.
>>18926 It looks much better now
>>18900 Sounds like Germany was indeed sabatoged from within which could be the real reason why they lost the war.
>>18897 I know this is a blackpilling thought process even for this fucking board, but I honestly think our only chance at survival is to adopt Jewish tactics as in, change names, move often, try to make a lot of money to influence people, and most importantly WAIT for the really big opportunities to come. Two of the biggest opportunities I think there have been for Jews in the past was the Dark Ages (destruction of history more or less absolving them of crimes once the last person who knew them in living memory dies) and the discovery of the New World. My fear is that because White people have no allies, even succeeding at an armed rebellion in a single country will not be enough. Our other enemies will be furious and though there are countries that do not mind us, there are none that would fight for us and it would be all too easy for one to use said "international crisis" for petty opportunism. I think worldwide reaction is impossible, just logistically it is anyways. I'm don't really have any better ideas than this though but I think it has a good chance of success. But I am making a few assumptions that I could still be wrong about so I suppose we will see how the dice fall.
>>18927 I can see the swastikas on my phone but not my PO, weird.
>>19010 Nevermind, i was on the wrong CSS.
>>19008 I guess another aspect of my analysis that I had forgotten about is that it's pretty clear that the new Woke religion is going to take the world by storm, considering that China, like most countries in the HRE, is now aware of using it to justify their actions and condemn their rivals. It may not be a good idea to collect money for influence yet as such a thing + Woke's "Christ-killers" being White people might make you a target.
>>19008 Won't work for Europeans. Only works for jews because they are matrilinear and prosper by being cucked by mixing with other tribe's genetics, using an ethno-religion to bind it together (without which they would completely fall apart). Race mixing would kill the value of Europeans, might as well be literally jewish at that point.
Open file (256.90 KB 401x449 ClipboardImage.png)
>>15063 Untill you are able to concieve anything beyond mere matter and Reproduction for its own sake, you are nothing but a Toddler crawling along the ground, little do you know that the "collective" is nothing more than a mass of Automatons, multiplying for their own sake, and that is precisely that when one needs nothing, one needs not to Move nor to do anything and becomes perfect upon himself, keep going on with your petty Telluric Demons, unable to concieve anything beyond the little particles you see in your Microscope, unable to concieve something outside petty Social norms and Materialistic Pacifism you say Individual has no end in of itself, but neither does the "collective" of the Species, like all animals and Living things, even the plants and elements, it Multiplies endlessly and Consumes for its own sake, always moving, never reaching anywhere, never completing anything
>>19008 The thing about kikes and their tactics is that they cuck themselves and don't do any form of self-improvement and need to fabricate lies to put themselves on top of things. Jews make heavy sacrifices to get what they want.
Open file (60.20 KB 691x828 leftist brain.jpg)
>sign up to gab because muh racist hellhole >immediately christfags everywhere >trust the plan >nobody says nigger >see some pepe, turns out is libertarian >biggest meme group doesnt want "pro-nazi" content >racist jokes just barely tolerated >hardly any swear words at all >biggest Natsoc group has 2,000 members of 4 million But WashPo told me it's a place for right-wingers. What did they mean by this? Did I fall for the meme? Seriously disappointed
Open file (309.88 KB 1162x573 gabaiinvestor.png)
>>19058 This should clear things up for you
>>18737 i second this
>>19058 >Did I fall for the meme? Probably partially. Don't forget though that Gab is literally being flooded with normalfags right now though, and even before this they had been trickling in due to constant bans on Twitter. This will naturally drown out the redpilled and radical elements. The media has a tendency to greatly over-exaggerate the presence of White Nationalists and NatSocs on platforms they don't like (unfortunately!) What really is important though in my mind is whether they are banning us or not. If we're not being banned it's a fertile platform for redpilling people and spreading information, even if the majority of the userbase is full of Christcuck retards and MIGA golems. Gab itself is slightly suspect though. It's original name was gab.ai, which should make everyone think of "gabbai" instantly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabbai
>>19061 >>19069 yeah that's how I look it now basically. I knew the MSM whores were exaggerating but I nonetheless expected it to be better on Gab than on twitter but forget it. I find more redpilled folks and content on twitter or facebook without even looking than on Gab. It's basically a big semitic qboomer circle jerk. It's actually mind-blowing how the media gets away smearing them without being called anti-semitic.
Open file (171.30 KB 760x1026 bt103.png)
>>19061 >it's real I don't even know why I bother to look at this point https://gab.com/EOZ
>>19069 gab has always been a libertarian hellhole
Open file (15.31 KB 539x238 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (143.43 KB 599x514 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.43 KB 326x171 ClipboardImage.png)
Christcuck shilling is only going to get worse there based on what the owner is like. They've also gotten some 1 million plus new users in the last week, most of them who are probably like the owner in many ways. Also, I've heard that Torba might be a Jew. Is there any proof?
Open file (4.64 KB 441x105 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.87 KB 847x80 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.70 KB 900x95 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (11.30 KB 959x119 ClipboardImage.png)
Why can't this Tor poster (I'm almost certain it's the same person) stop talking about shitskins?
Does anyone know where I can find original footage of Hitler's speeches, without any subtitles, watermarks, or editing?
>>19148 That's a hard one anon.
If let's say I want to chat with my friends (who are redpilled) online, what services are optional? Let's acknowledge that Discord is total shit (even though it's so easy to use). Is teamspeak okay?
>>19167 what are you looking for? are you trying to avoid the botnet or are you looking for utility?
>>19167 Telegram has group voice chats get a burner and make one.
>>19170 Just want a safe group to talk in. Here's what I found out: >Teamspeak Costs money to own server >Mumble Same thing as TS but I heard that if you use Clear voice then you can get a free server - just renew it every 30 days >Telegram This is the best option but I don't know... I've heard that Telegram isn't that safe now.
>>19183 To add, it's mostly a gaming chat but politics can be discussed.
>>19167 My friend, I think you're better off accepting that you can't trust any of the software. There are some things that you and your friends can only talk about in person. I'm sure this is paranoia, but I'm also sure it's possible. If you have an end-to-end encrypted messenger on your phone, the messages cannot be decrypted in transit and the app vendor can't store or inspect your conversations. Once it gets to your phones, though, it's the same as always. If someone can get into your phone - and they almost certainly can - they can inspect your data. Or Google could create an Android feature to store any text sent to the screen. Or the app provider could add a feature to take a screenshot every time you use the app. For computers, you have to assume the same. If it's not end-to-end encrypted, then anyone could listen. You have to assume the vendor is storing it for turnover on request. If it is encrypted, then you have to assume there's a backdoor. If there's no backdoor, you have to assume that Windows is listening. If Windows isn't listening, you have to assume that there's a backdoor into Windows that lets people do whatever they want at-will. I know that all of these things could be proven or disproven by a pentester, reverse engineer, or the like; but I don't have the knowledge to do that, and I have to assume that you don't, either. The best we can do is to be as cautious as possible. To talk about normal things, use normal apps. To talk about quiet things, don't use apps.
>>19184 Then you will be fine, as long as you keep It private, Telegram is banning public chats at the least that publicly "advocate for violence", we will see if they will be fair or one-sided in their application of this censorship.
>>19187 >some things only talk about in person >dont use apps >dont use phones >dont use computers You're not wrong. But in practice this means that most things will not be talked about, and cooperation will be greatly hindered. Because most of us do not have people in proxmity to talk about these things in real life with. But if it's direct action then you're right anyways, unless using highly vetted encrypted comms in a tight knit group for specific ops.
>>19183 Why not use Ventrilo?
>>19210 Costs money to make a server.
>Posting spike >Slight risk of sliding on the northern part of the board, cool temp until mid day. Was the live-threads limit increased? Just wondering, being cautious doesn't hurt.
>>19362 I think with the updates to Anon.cafe that we got around a month or two ago the thread limit for the catalog was finally able to be expanded and actually work. We were losing threads in the catalog before these updates, but with the updates it seems like the number is not more or less in tune with what I have the catalog set to hold, which is 200 threads. So we are good on that front, I think. We're pretty immune to sliding, I think - I have several settings enabled that would kick in against any potential slide attempts. I'm wondering whether there is anything to be done against general low quality shit, though. I don't want newfags to shit things up. For all anons reading this, if you see garbage, report and type in a good reason in the box and I'll deal with it.
>>19008 >My fear is that because White people have no allies, even succeeding at an armed rebellion in a single country will not be enough. I realized that rather late too, surprinsingly enough, despite my understanding of how global this problem was. More precisely, I realized that it would not be only an alliance of nations that would save us, but really a steamrolling new imperial hegemony that would simply obliterate everything else. I don't know where the US secession will go and where the new/old states will fit into that, but for Europe I'm now absolutely convinced that a Northern Empire that's borderline on the metaphysical will come to life in a very, very close time. It's almost cartoonish how brutal it will need to be against enemies of Aryan Whites. This would strangely fit into the nearly expected cataclysm paving the way out of the Kali Yuga. By the Gods, it really feels weird. >I think worldwide reaction is impossible, just logistically it is anyways. My dude, if you believe in tales of the Grail, it's time to pray like you've never prayed before. >>19047 Absolutely. >>19049 The positive aspect to this is how it's clear beyond doubt that they are in panick mode. They have about increased every single anti-White scheme a hundred fold. All in. >>19069 I agree about the suspicions, they're well founded. Nevertheless, we must extract all we can from it. Don't worry, this whole electronic merry go round will end very soon. We will have to move to pure crypto frameworks and fight there against all the invasions, the captain picard, the glows and so on. >>19094 Sure but Twitter was a place you could influence normies too. What are the stats for Gab anyway? >>19183 >Teamspeak mfw it meant a shitty tool to talk during shootings and teabagging sessions while eating cheap food, now considered potentially and critically useful towards our racial survival in this universe... I hope this whole human experience thing will be revealed as just a very immersive and clever game.
>>19183 Former Telegram user here (I never posted on there, I only lurked because I liked their memes and because there were a couple of good podcasts). Telegram has banned pretty much every channel I followed there, they are cucked beyond belief and the place is filled with feds. A lot of the "far right users" on Telegram weren't even on our level though, most of them were fucking cuckchanners and there were a ton of grifters too. I deleted the app because I frankly have no desire to even lurk that shithole anymore. /Fascist/ and neinchan are the only places where I have any sort of meaningful discussions these days. Everyone else can fuck off.
>>19377 Apparently you didn't look hard enough I sit in several quite based Anti-christian chats, with both Siegebros and Esoteric Hitlerists, mostly separately, the latter get a little weird even for the entities they worship and commune with, if I had known another /fascist/ bro was on there I might have started a chat or group with you.
Does anyone have any jewish nosejob pictures?
>>19167 I would use Signal https://signal.org or Mumble (well, you could email audio files that have been encrypted using GPG (aka GnuPG), if you really want) >>19183 Mumble is open source software, unlike Telegram or TeamSpeak, and you can host your own server. >>19199 this.
>>19167 IRC, Mumble, heard Tox being said back on 8chan.
>>19377 > A lot of the "far right users" on Telegram weren't even on our level though, most of them were fucking cuckchanners and there were a ton of grifters too. I'm surprised to hear that. I guess it really makes me grateful for you lads on here and Nein.
>>19377 One guy told me that some of the WN channels in Telegram had fucking non-Whites in it. I don't know what to make of that.
How do you guys feel about confucianism I've always wondered if it were ever compatible with Western philosophy and fascism, although the thing I don't like about it is that it talks of a peasant utopia which makes it somewhat plebian in a way.
>>19427 >Western philosophy Meant western culture
>>19427 >>19428 The Confucian model is based on principles that all humans are intimately aware of, it is very concrete and intuitive, and based on the natural interactions between a man and his father, a king and subject (or any leader-follower relationship), a man and wife, etc. This is in contrast to many other systems which will root everything in abstractions / fictions like “equality”, “autonomy” or “reason”. I like it. It understands the importance of the family as the most fundamental unit in a society, and that if one were to fulfill these relations properly, there would be a much greater amount of societal / social harmony.
>>19389 >Siegebros and Esoteric Hitlerists, mostly separately, the latter get a little weird even for the entities they worship and commune with ?
>>19426 Largely the Christian ones like Andkons Reich, who is a Jew shilling Christian Aryanism/Positive Christianity, and the Fascifist that fucking catholic indian that lives in germany and stole and married a german girl, and Gypsy Crusader, is of course not White NRM and real NS are much better though still cucked as NRM's stance is Areligious, meaning they do not oppose christianity. >>19459 The Black Sun and the Aryan Gods, they also commune with the ancestors, for more information talk to them.
>>19460 > NRM's stance is Areligious, meaning they do not oppose christianity Unfortunate. Do they at least call out cuckery when they see it?
>>19463 I don't really watch a lot of their content, but i am sure they oppose globohomo, the banks, but their english chat forbids discussion of who is and is not White, religious discussion or "infighting", pretty much beyond banal mentioning it in passing, and they rather frequently shit on Siege, and those who follow it, though I am not sure how serious that opposition really is. I cannot speak any nordic language, so I am not privy to how they are in their more regional chats but in my experience, people are largely the same no matter what language they're speaking.
>>19460 >Fascifist Oh yeah. He'd make more sense if he never married a White woman. But he did. What a shame.
>>19460 >stole What do you mean by stole? >Indian Why are there so many nonWhites within fascist movements? Is this part of a CIAnigger plan to purposely do this, so that way Whites do not get the idea that they should build communities and movements for themselves for once? Other than that there is no reason for you to become a fascist and pretend that NS isn't for Europeans only.
>>19507 >stole White women belong to White men, and vice versa.
>>19507 >why are eo many shitskins in fascist movements Self hatred and self awareness. But I think they should not be a part of a movement for Whites.
Could someone give me some sources on why race-mixing is bad, I'm trying to redpill a friend. Thanks
Open file (595.51 KB 492x2346 race mixing.jpg)
>>19565 http://hatefacts.subvert.pw/hub.html Some malformation phenotypes appear to vary in their risk based on mixed racial-ethnic groupings. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15390318 http://archive.is/5kPn1 biracial Asian Americans are twice as likely as monoracial Asian Americans to be diagnosed with a psychological disorder. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/08/080817223530.htm http://archive.is/nKEF0 Mixed race black and White couples face higher odds of prematurity and low birth weight, which appear to contribute to the substantially higher demonstrated risk for stillbirth. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2867623/ http://archive.is/gyKM6 Adolescents who identify themselves as mixed race are at higher health and behavior risk than monoracial people. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1448064/ http://archive.is/hbpsV Mixed-race patients struggle to find marrow donors https://m.medicalxpress.com/news/2009-05-mixed-race-patients-struggle-marrow-donors.html http://archive.is/ItFpE http://pastebin.com/tGMEhbhf http://msu.edu/~renn/RHE-_mixed_race.pdf http://sociobiologicalmusings.blogspot.ca/2011/10/problems-with-mixed-race-marriages-and.html http://nature.com/scitable/topicpage/haldane-s-rule-the-heterogametic-sex-1144 https://pastebin.com/tGMEhbhf Outbreeding depression https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outbreeding_depression Asian-White couples face distinct pregnancy risks, Stanford/Packard study finds http://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2008/10/asian-White-couples-face-distinct-pregnancy-risks-stanfordpackard-study-finds.html 1/3 of hapas (White+asian) suffer from mental illness https://www.ucdavis.edu/news/biracial-asian-americans-and-mental-health?id=8732 Most congenital problems are more common on mixed-race babies: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15390318 Race mixing can trigger dental problems (in Portuguese, talking about this problem in Brazil) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WH7narf8Kzc [Embed] [Open] [Open] Prematurity and Low Birth Weight are a lot more common in mixed-race babies https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2867623/ Mixed-race people have the highest mental illness rates: https://www.unc.edu/news/archives/oct03/udry10302003.html Organ donations must be from person with the same race and similar genetics, due to this, mixed-race people for having peculiar genetic combinations face challenges when they try to receive organ donations http://content.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1993074,00.html Teenagers who identify as mixed-race have greater health and behavioural risks than those who identify with only one race: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1448064/ Mulatto teenagers show much more anti-social behaviour than both black and Whites teenagers: http://www.msu.edu/~renn/RHE-_mixed_race.pdf
White/Black babies are less healthy than White babies. Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2867623/ >Mixed race couples are more likely to have stillborn babies than same-race couples. Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15994621 >Black-White children are more likely than both Black and Whites to make poor decisions. Source: http://www.nber.org/papers/w14192 >Mixed race kids suffer from low self-esteem, social isolation, and poor family dynamics. Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1448064/ >Mixed race children are more likely to have health problems, high stress, smoke, and drink. Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1448064/ >interracial people cannot receive organ donations. Source: http://content.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1993074,00.html ALSO I IMPLORE YOU TO SKIM OR READ ANYTHING YOU MIGHT SEND TO A FRIEND JUST TO MAKE SURE IT IS ACTUALLY SAYING WHAT YOU WANT IT TO SAY AND YOU DON'T MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A RETARD AND MESS UP THE REDPILLING PRONCESS
Open file (264.28 KB 500x500 1463864556356.png)
>>16099 >In 1953, they were part of a large group of Zahedi supporters who marched towards the palace of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi demanding the ousting of Mossadegh. >nationalist party being against the guy who nationalized the oil What did they mean by this? >had lived in Nazi Germany since 1937, and was a former SS member, who fought and was wounded in the Battle of Berlin. Couldn't find anything on what unit he served in or his rank, I think it's bullshit. I think some of the Free Arab Legion were stationed in Austria until the end of the war however.
Open file (1.36 KB 1200x741 gayprideflag.png)
What are some facts about homosexuality and how it effects America?
Open file (684.93 KB 960x905 1589041069-1.png)
Open file (308.41 KB 617x571 1589041372-4.png)
>>19670 >What are some facts about homosexuality and how it effects America?
Open file (443.40 KB 1506x3976 FGaggot redpill.png)
>>19676 based and redpilled. I think it's also possible that HIV alters the host to be more promiscuous.
Open file (364.50 KB 1140x937 Gay HIV.PNG)
>>19670 >A Dark Rainbow Hangs Over The West: https://files.catbox.moe/it6erf.mp4 >Wow I Love Pride Month: https://files.catbox.moe/cbb8kf.mp4 >The Born Gay Hoax https://files.catbox.moe/pydiuy.webm
How do I get adequate military training without/reducing my support to ZOG?
>>19739 Are you talking in terms of physical exercise or practical skills? I know on archive.org that a lot of military manuals can be found that have some useful stuff in them: https://archive.org/details/military-manuals
>>19739 Take tactical carbine and pistol classes at your local training school
>>19746 >>19777 That's great and all, but I think I would really need someone like a drill instructor to push me (and anyone else) to the limit and give true discipline. Is there a way I can go through boot camp and just end up in reserves? What about adult sports?
>>19739 Exercise, go camping, learn to live off grid, horde ammo for a pump-action shotgun or semi-auto rifle.
>>19813 You don't get discipline from gun classes, anon. Although more advanced classes they will push your comfort zone for speed accuracy and communication. Do a barbell lifting program like starting strength. Gym memberships are inexpensive and you will actually get big and strong unlike boot camp which is just glorified running pushups and pullups while someone barks at you. Plus it builds disciple to lift 3-4 times a week especially when the weight piles up.
Open file (258.53 KB 543x609 ClipboardImage.png)
Is it true that Telegram chats are being purged?
>>19843 that is not news anon
>>19843 Yes, it is true, but it seems to be for advocating violence, Our sides channels were reported by Christkikes, CI, asd antifa, starting with Hatelab. I suspect it started over Hatelab issuing the Race First challenge which almost all christkikes promptly failed, especially CI niggers.
>>19843 Also antifa is getting purged as well, it is not one-sided and seems to be a fair application of their TOS which directly says not to call for violence on the platform.
>>19852 >>19851 Though it's unfortunate, at least it seems to be fairly even-handed based on what you are saying. Spreading ideas and stuff is more important than just talking about violence all day anyways. I'm not anti-violence, of course, but I do not think it would be very smart to talk about on a place like that.
>>19853 If you are going to talk about it on telegram, do not post it to public channels, thats all you have to do to avoid it, private chats and channels seem to have been left alone, largely, The Nazi Library(NLB) and Untitled Redpills are still up and both are locked way the fuck down, that stifles growth but keeps you from being purged for a while yet, until Durov cucks as all platform owners do.
>>19818 Which pump action shotguns would you recommend? Asking for a friend.
>>19843 >National Socialist Order What were their beliefs again?
>>19865 I'm pretty sure they're some sort of Atomwaffen rebranding.
>>19851 >Hatelab issuing the Race First challenge What's that did they have to vow to put race above all or something?
>>19856 best is mossberg 500 or alternatively a remington 870. maverick 88 is also acceptable
>>19874 Exactly that, and they of course failed.
>>19866 Not sure on that. NSO stated that they wanted more than just ethnostates.
Open file (139.62 KB 720x572 christcucks.png)
>>19876 What a shocker
We need another Alfred Rosenberg Mystic/Anthropology thread, but I'm too scatterbrained to compose one. Is anyone well versed enough in things like the Oera Linda, Hermetics, Indo-Aryan Migration to make something like this?
>>19899 >another Are you referring to a new version of this? — https://archive.fo/LweaV Either way, I would do it, but the only one thing I’m knowledgable on in any capacity is the Indo-Aryan migration stuff
>>19856 Mossberg 5XX or Remington 870 before 2007.
Do you guys believe in astrology? If so do you have a pdf or website that can teach me all about it?
>>19902 >>19875 What about the ammo? I'm a newfag when it comes to funs, I've heard that there's many different types of ammo for shotguns such as birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. Should I just buy slugs (because I've heard they are the strongest) or should I simply buy anything I can find right now. Would much appreciate the help.
>>19910 Buckshot (#4 and double ought for example) and slugs. Download the magpul shotgun video to learn techniques.

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