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/fascist/ Screencaps and Archive Thread Blackshirt 11/24/2020 (Tue) 17:45:28 No.13932
/FASCIST/ IS MOVING IN A MONTH, HELP ARCHIVE AND PRESERVE CONTENT Help preserve board good content ITT. OC belongs here: >>2800
Edited last time by FashBO on 02/19/2021 (Fri) 16:20:11.
Open file (173.81 KB 948x657 ethnoglobe redpill.PNG)
Open file (366.73 KB 966x665 tocharians.PNG)
Open file (205.35 KB 956x417 wusun china.PNG)
Open file (125.47 KB 956x483 china.PNG)
Open file (38.73 KB 959x301 quetzalcoatl 3.PNG)
Open file (230.56 KB 959x672 quetzalcoatl 2.PNG)
Some of this might be good to compile into infographs. I know someone said that they were thinking of turning the info into a PDF
Open file (140.44 KB 959x550 muhammad.PNG)
Open file (41.94 KB 962x364 genghis khan.PNG)
Open file (145.81 KB 953x581 hyperborea.PNG)
>>13951 What is difficult to understand? >we are White, ergo Whites dominating is good >jews are anti-White, ergo jews dominating is bad I presume you're nonWhite if you take umbrage with the idea of ethnoglobe - regardless of my own reservations about its feasibility, I would embrace such a change being White. What is the argument a sensible White man could make against ethnoglobe in terms of its value for Whites? That it feels bad to not have Chinese and Indians destroying the planet with impunity while the threat of nonWhite invasion from South America, Africa, and the Middle East continually harangues White nations because they are implied to be dead in an ethnoglobe scenario?
>>13960 Exactly. But you can't blame them for being born as who they are. Can't help it. Sucks that not everyone is born of the same race. Would solve A LOT of problems.
Open file (407.06 KB 2560x1920 disapointment.jpg)
>tfw you have been posting here for years but none of your own posts are in this thread
Open file (30.49 KB 702x395 thinking nigger.jpg)
>>13985 >not screencapping the best of your own content
Can I post some caps I got from /bestpol/ on 9chan? It's only a few ad it won't take over the thread or anything
>>13985 It's strange when it happens tbh, but flattering not gonna lie. I have seen my posts being screencapped and crossposted since 8chan (RIP). The most flattering thing for me is when I see screencaps taken from all the different places I post in, it indicates that like minded individuals in various places find my comments valuable. I don't save them though, so I have nothing of my own to post here lol.
>>14046 But OP said board good content, not general screencaps from all around the places.
>>14050 Same lol I've had some, my last one that Ive seen circulated from myself before the 8cike shutdown was detailed instruction telling people how to make kefir with a divine pic of Uncle Adolf haha. >>14046 Yes >>14069 more content the better imo, you can tell where it's from by looking at the site format anyway
>>13937 This was was amazing. I also saved it after anon replied to me. Thanks again anon for this juicy redpill straight from the horse's mouth.
>>14097 >>14069 >>14046 OP here, although I intended this for mainly /fascist/ content, if you have some good screencaps that are relevant to fascism, National Socialism or the broader Third Position I wouldn't really mind that much. Let's be real, a lot of good posts are made here on /fascist/, but this thread won't last long if it's just /fascist/ content, because truly screencappable posts are not too common of a phenomena. >>14100 I'm glad you were able to get something out of my post, anon. It's really astounding how blatant they are in their plans. It's literally all right out there in the open to the extent that hundreds of millions of Christians can open up their bibles and read it themselves, yet it goes right over their heads Also implying that Christians read that fucking book lmao
First post is from Neinchan, the other two are /fascist/ stuff though. I thought that this Lebensraum redpill would be useful for people though
Open file (305.42 KB 1872x816 jews world domination.PNG)
Open file (508.00 KB 1320x844 christianity fascist.png)
Open file (781.59 KB 2059x2824 christianity redpill.png)
Repurposing this thread as an archive thread for migration purposes. Feel free to use this thread for discussion of these things
>>23473 Does it need to archive every thread using archive.md and post it here ?
Open file (68.85 KB 750x714 1599626913874.jpg)
>>23473 wanted to say thanks for the effort you put into this place, it's not often these days that a political board of any stripe has an owner that not only doesn't betray its users but busts their balls to ensure it survives and has proper moderation. so no matter what happens after the move i gotta say it's been a fuckin' pleasure posting here.
Open file (561.99 KB 500x382 1601421471.gif)
>>23510 I share this sentiment. It's been a lot of good times, thanks BO.
What need to be done to archive all stuff ? Just screencaps or entire threads ?
>>23531 What I am doing here and there (and I assume others are doing) is just periodically archiving the threads and making sure they are up to date. That will cover entire threads for most purposes. With screencaps, if you know of a good post that you found really helpful and informative, maybe just cap it and save it just in case, or even if there are effortposts you made that you want people to see again in the future. All of those would be worth archiving, I think. Ultimately it's pretty subjective what is worth saving and what is not, but the less data-loss that we have in our move the better. >>23510 >>23517 Thank you, anons.
>>23510 >wanted to say thanks for the effort you put into this place, it's not often these days that a political board of any stripe has an owner that not only doesn't betray its users but busts their balls to ensure it survives and has proper moderation. I also echo this sentiment. Thank you for being a rational BO who takes an interest and an active role in the board community you administer. It has been a pleasure here, even if it was short lived for me. Will you be staying with us on the new sites/bunkers?
Open file (74.59 KB 1869x324 einsteinfraud.png)
Open file (159.52 KB 1869x548 vaccinehypothesis.png)
Open file (66.75 KB 1870x270 thething.png)
>>23583 >Will you be staying with us on the new sites/bunkers? Of course. We’re nearing the three-year anniversary of the original board, it would honestly feel weird not to be doing this at this point, plus it’s consistently comfy enough where I still enjoy posting with you anons after all this time. As long as it’s possible to have /fascist/ somewhere online, or if I’m not v& or whatever, I’ll probably try to keep it going in some way.
Open file (35.48 KB 513x616 1593128579984.jpg)
>>23590 good to hear it just woulden't be the same without you BO.
Open file (13.57 KB 871x96 1600504267.png)
Archive of the book thread hadn't been updated in almost three months on archive.org. I tried to update it today and it keeps redirecting me to the 11/25 version but there are a handful of new posts since then. I'm having this problem when archiving other threads using archive.org as well, as if they don't want to save the links. Here is an archive as of today from archive.is: https://archive.is/tahdx Here is the current /sig/ thread: https://archive.is/VVAEY The old /sig/ thread (link is also in the above): https://archive.fo/WDYRl The A E S T H E T I C S thread, which is more about art, music, the beauty of nature, etc: https://archive.is/8rwNi (as of today) https://web.archive.org/web/20200926014023/https://anon.cafe/fascist/res/961.html (old archive from September 26, 2020) The Aesthetics thread, which is about Fascist government and movement aesthetics specifically, but of course there is some thematic overlap between the two threads: https://archive.is/Q9utu (as of today) https://web.archive.org/web/20210221214301/https://anon.cafe/fascist/res/9538.html (also as of today. Not sure why this one worked when the others wouldn't). Of course, the latter two don't do us a lot of good since archives don't usually preserve images. Still it's good to have a backup in case things get worse from here, and there were some good posts in those threads anyway (pic related).
Japan Thread 2: https://archive.fo/dC4nF Abrahamism De-programming Thread: https://archive.fo/iQnq8 Race War General - /rwg/ (updated for the first time in seven months): https://archive.fo/nKXqf Unpopular Opinions Thread III: https://archive.fo/6sU6r Ethnoglobe is Likely Inevitable in a Pro-White Future (and that's a good thing) (updated for the first time in seven months): https://archive.fo/k4bf9 Christianity as a prototype of Bolshevism: https://archive.fo/oV6ez Woman Thread (first time archived): https://archive.vn/IjszL >>23641 Good work, anon.

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