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Ride the Tiger

Important - Please Read Blackshirt Board owner 05/21/2020 (Thu) 14:56:00 ID: 24324b No.131
NEW LOCATION ESTABLISHED There seems to be some hesitation about this location so I’m not going to push it one way or another.
Edited last time by FashBO on 06/10/2020 (Wed) 02:35:48.
I did not add an "other" option to my poll. For this, just post about it in the thread.
Is it not an option to restore our threads here?
>>138 I had been assuming not since I'd never seen an offer or anyone else do it, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask on /meta/. This said though, if /monarchy/ and /liberty/ choose to move I might end up following them. I'll ask in a little bit though.
Currently it's back online but I get this error when trying to post >Database error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1040] Too many connections
>>142 That actually means that it has gotten worse kek. The clearnet version was never down, but it was impossible to post in any timely manner, since when it hit 100% the post didn't register for hours afterwards. Now, it seems (and I just tested this after seeing your post), you can't even post at all. Brilliant
Open file (143.53 KB 394x360 1510612372001.png)
where the fuck is the owner
Open file (240.12 KB 983x1145 bt42.png)
>>144 I don't know how someone can completely drop off the face of the Earth so suddenly. At least /monarchy/ and /liberty/'s BO resurfaced.
>>143 Nevermind, it's down again. What the fuck is going on?
Open file (139.15 KB 850x821 1467360781299.jpg)
Hey guys, it's the 8moe faggot here with your morning update. I'm probably handling the migration solo, which will slow things down a bit, but Ive got a plan and I am working on it tonight. >Convert from vichan to lynxchan 1.5 (You Are Here) >Upgrade lynxchan 1.5 database to lynxchan 2.3 >Write merge script to combine posts from converted database into 8moe database I'm tinkering with MongoDB right now. Once i have a local LynxChan instance I can begin testing in earnest. I've also been contacted by the /liberty/ and /monarchy/ BO and he has verified his identity with a picture of the Julay mod panel. I'll keep posting updates as they come in. I'll try to have one more before I fall asleep. I plan to work on this throughout the night and into the next day.
Both Julay and Hoppe are dead, but Hoppe can be accessed (It's just not possible to post), meaning that content can be scrapped and added elsewhere. The threads are still there. They can be archived.
>>164 julay can still be accessed
>>163 Thanks for the info, I'm not from here but I wanted to know this stuff all the same.
>>163 If you’ve emailed me I’ll check within a half hour or so, if not I’ve got a question anyhow.
>>169 Nah, only corresponded with /liberty/ BO in the last day. Per >>>/shelter/1171 the database dump is actually just a media dump, and doesn't have the MDF and LDF files that contain the actual MySQL database. I assumed they'd be included in the board folders, but they weren't. So I'm waiting to hear back from the anon with FTP access to proceed. Hopefully he can find the files and upload those. If he does then we're back in business. In the meantime I'm going to work on the merge script by doing some more research into the LynxChan database layout.
>>170 Alright then. My only question would have been how the other BO was feeling about moving to your site. Keep up the good work though, I do appreciate it.
>>171 He asked if I could help with migration and then provided proof of ownership on request. Can't really say I got a read. I'll send both of you guys an e-mail with the other's address right now so you can get in touch, though.
>>172 Alright, thanks.
Open file (139.54 KB 275x317 1432865595167-2.gif)
Wish I had more of an update for you guys. The good news is I have full confidence in the conversion script. I also have confidence in the upgrade script. So the new to-do list looks something more like: >Get MDF and LDF files from FTP-anon >Import them into MySQL server >Implement merge script Which should be trivial if the LynxChan database is the same version. So if we can get the MDF files I think I can have you guys up and running within a day or two, depending on the timing. Bad news is that FTP-anon hasn't graced us with his presence in the shelter thread again and I dunno when he'll check it. He didn't send me an e-mail or anything so I have no way to reach out to him directly.
Addendum to the previous post: I've got contact via another admin with one of the Tengu guys who has FTP access and claims to have backed-up the Hoppe-sama database. Might be FTP-anon from the other thread, but I haven't been able to confirm. So while I don't have the MDF and LDF files, I do have a point of contact with someone who can probably get them and they've been messaged. So we're probably in good shape. Sorry for the wait, but things are looking good otherwise.
Open file (139.51 KB 270x255 1410488230379.png)
>>>shelter/1176/ Bad news is we probably can't get the database. I'm still committed to helping you guys move, even if it's by hand. I don't want you to all lose your stuff. At the very least I can also promise that, if you do migrate to 8moe and the site does die for whatever reason, we'll do our best to release the database so something like this never happens. If any good comes of this, it'll be a firm plan for this scenario.
>>232 I broke the damn link >>>/shelter/1176/
Open file (19.26 KB 480x358 1468135810368.jpg)
Per >>>/shelter/1182/ The admin has returned and is in touch with Tengu Reich. Per >>>/shelter/1183/ If you guys still want to move, you can ask the admin for the databases. Whether you come to 8moe or no, I'll happily help you guys convert the databases. Merging them might be up to the given site owner, though. If you can't get the databases, I'll help you do it manually so we can retain all the files. At this point it's just up to the BOs what they want to do. I'll also send them an e-mail with the latest status.
Open file (2.46 MB 532x461 itrises.gif)
I mean unless we're dead sure about the webring, 9chan.tw has honestly been working out pretty well, definitely preferable to 8moe
>>236 9chan’s layout is unbearable
>>237 I'll admit it's not the best UI, I just got used to it
Monarchist here. Can anyone give me any news of what's happened to /monarchy/?
>>239 To any monarchists, the old bulletin has been updated: http://txti.es/monarchy
>>240 Good to hear, I had been checking it before this but had not seen any updates.
maybe the BOs of /liberty/ and /monarchy/ could move the sites here. this place seems stable enough, and it has enough other boards that cross-bannerization (like how 4chan has banners from other boards on some boards) might bring in new people.
I'm currently in the process of trying to rebuild the database from the dump we got. It's going to take longer than if we had the databases themselves, but it's not totally hopeless. It's actually going pretty well so far, and as a side-effect I've written a vichan scraper to make future migrations easier without server access. No solid ETA on when this will be done. I'm sorry to keep you guys waiting even another day. But progress has been steady. I'm going to acquire a dump of our database later tonight and use that to check against and start merging into. In the meantime, the BOs have requested the MySQL DBs from the guy who owns the server Hoppe-sama was on. If they can get those to me, we might be able to migrate within a day of that happening.
>>242 I like Anon Cafe, I just want the threads from Julay/HS. I assume that a lot of other anons do too. If I could get the threads here I'd probably just stay here. I don't know what the other BO thinks though in regards to preserving threads. He seems to have wanted all of the /liberty/ ones at minimum.
>>254 Big energy. >>256 I don't like the idea of everyone putting all their eggs into one chan like we did in Julay and we did at 8chan.
>>257 > putting all their eggs into one chan like we did in Julay and we did at 8chan. The same I was thinking. With all the instability we're witnessing and clearweb being progressively but steadily censored and imageboards shut down, you should either have your own website with an onion bunker or have several bunkers ready to jump in when SHTF
>>256 I guess we should wait for you to make a decision before we contribute anything of effort to the board?
>>268 That’s up to you. It could be a little bit before we get a better place to go, I can’t really provide an estimate. Personally if I get a decent thread idea I’ll probably still post it just to have people checking in for updates and new posts to reply to while we wait.
Open file (1.91 MB 2536x3000 grace sunglasses.png)
>>257 8moe doesn't sound like a bad place. >>254 My only nitpick with 8moe is not having 20MB file size.
>>271 Post to where though? here or hoppe?
>>278 Here, Hoppe’s dead at this point. It’s literally impossible to post on it now. I was going to go back and post a thread telling people to regroup here but I can’t even do that now. For all intents and purposes this should be considered the home of /fascist/ until we have a stable place elsewhere with our threads from Hoppe restored. If that doesn’t happen (don’t expect this at this point, but you never know), we’ll remain here. The guy from 8moe helping us might be able to give a rough estimate on the schedule but I don’t know personally, I’d count on a week plus and that’s just me pulling numbers out of my ass.
Edited last time by FashBO on 05/24/2020 (Sun) 04:39:33.
>>274 We have a big capacity upgrade coming. The file size limit will be bumped. Might even be able to go higher. >>283 I'm waiting to hear back from the guy who was helping me. We did some stuff separately and we need to compare notes now. I will try to have a time estimate sooner than later but we're still tinkering. So far it's been more time-consuming than difficult and I expect that to be the case for awhile.
>>284 >We have a big capacity upgrade coming. The file size limit will be bumped. Might even be able to go higher. Where's the money coming from?
>>283 I only care about 8moe if it also joins the webring
>>286 I think they are looking into it. Not sure though.
No major update yet. A lot of us are pretty busy today so not much has changed since yesterday. We're going back and forth with StephenLynx about the best way to inject the data. We will probably need to fill in data for fields we don't have anything on (for example, IPs) and it's important that each field's data type is right and that we don't input anything that'll cause the engine to choke. I'm also waiting on one of the other tech guys who offered to help. He was doing some work yesterday but hasn't passed on what he found out. Once he's online I should know more about how the situation looks. Your BO messaged the host of Hoppe-sama requesting the original databases and gave them my e-mail. I haven't heard from them, though. Cockmail seems to be choking so it's possible I just haven't received any e-mails sent recently. >>285 The extra capacity was already purchased. Hosting company forgot to install it. That said, I'm now pitching in and Vanwa apparently gave us some kind of break, so costs were pretty low this month. >>286 >>288 We will. It was planned for after the LynxChan 2.4 upgrade. We want to get the capacity upgrade done first, which requires downtime. Then once our new frontend is hits MVP we'll do the upgrade. Then we'll install the add-on.
>>289 >Your BO messaged the host of Hoppe-sama requesting the original databases and gave them my e-mail. I haven't heard from them, though. Cockmail seems to be choking so it's possible I just haven't received any e-mails sent recently. He hasn’t replied to me either
>>290 That's a shame. I have one more option for a quick and easy transfer, but it also relies on a site owner being friendly. You could try asking Robi for a database dump of your board. I think that's a reasonable request since he was going to purge it anyways. Since Julay is also on LynxChan, we wouldn't need to do any conversions. Since it's a dump and not a scrape, we wouldn't need to reconstruct the database. Just merge it in. If he's open to providing it, I'd be happy to coordinate between his team, our team, and StephenLynx to ensure he dumps the right data in a way that makes migration easy.
>>293 I just emailed Robi a moment ago in line with your suggestion. I mentioned you in the email and tagged you as a recipient as well so you should be able to see what I said.
>>314 Great to hear!
>>314 I took a lunch break Good news is that the script seems to work fine. It's a little rough around the edges but it gets the job done. Bad news is that it seems to only migrate the first five pages. I assume this is some kind of configuration issue. Not sure why it would stop otherwise. There's clearly more data and scraping that is no problem. The other slightly bad news is that it looks like some threads have broken media on Hoppe-sama, for example the "Unpopular Opinions" thread. The OP has a broken image. Not sure why this is the case. Pulling from Julay might fix this (have not tested either the Lynxchan Scraper yet) but in either case there's the chance some stuff won't work as a result of two migrations. You guys can have a choice between migrating from Julay (assuming the Lynxchan scraper works) or from Hoppe-sama. I'll try to do more tests and get more results soon.
>>316 Fixed another problem. For some reason, the apostrophe character (') keeps getting converted to â. Not sure if this is the script or my local database. Not sure if I'll have it fixed in time for a migration attempt tonight, so some of your archived threads and filenames might be a little borked. Some images are also broken, but it looks like they're broken on Hoppe-sama, too. Import from Julay is a problem. Some posts return a None type instead of an actual post and it chokes on that. Spent some time fixing the vichan errors and this is probably worse. So import will be from hoppe-sama, broken images be damned. We may be able to fix it later on the backend if it's a real problem. Oh, and some of the formatting breaks. Seems like it's not properly inserting end-of-element tags in posts with italics or bold, which leads to them trailing down the page. An edit might fix this. I'd test but my local frontend is pretty trash and not making these things easy.
>>320 Keep up the good work, anon. Again, I appreciate it a lot. Take your time, no rush at all.
>Try fixing Lynxchan scraper so we can migrate /abdl/ >Run test by scraping Julay/abdl/ >It fills up my hard drive >Completely breaks my MongoDB install in the process >mfw broke my computer by downloading diaper pics How will I ever recover? I'm just gonna put that one off until later. Can't risk this happening to the actual database. It also took like three hours and still wasn't finished scraping. By comparison, all of the Hoppe-sama boards transferred in 1-2 hours each. >>321 I'm pushing for tonight. We might not have a chance to get the tech team all together for another week and I want all hands on deck for this. There might be some minor errors but most posts will be in-tact and we can probably fix small issues on the backend eventually.
Further updates: One of the other guys working on the migration didn't have issues with apostrophes so it might have been my database configuration. There's one more issue with the scraper not configuring the post counts correctly. We will probably just manually set that in the database. But we want to do some dry runs before we commit, for obvious reasons. That all being said, things are looking good. We just have to work out the last kinks. And once this procedure is worked out, it will be much easier for boards to migrate in the future.
>>323 >mfw broke my computer by downloading diaper pics Diaperchads never relent
>>283 The /monarchy/ folk have prepared for this, they have an emergency bulletin they've been following since 8chan went down AFAIK: txti.es/monarchy
>>326 Monarchy has had a lot of experience with surviving religious persecution.
Open file (70.97 KB 427x450 1427985879202.jpg)
Tonight is probably a wash. We've all been up all day and are in no condition to do a big project. There's still some kinks and we're all exhausted. Most of us have been up all night working on various projects. I'll be back tomorrow with another update. We're getting very close. A couple more breakthroughs and the only question will be when we can all get together off peak hours to make the migration happen. But we've decided it's better to sleep on it and attack it with renewed vigor tomorrow.
Can't access Neinchan /pol/. It's only me ? http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol
Open file (3.71 KB 600x588 1558458334319-2.png)
>>364 Me too. It stops responding 10-20 minutes ago.
>>364 >>365 Same, came to ask if it was just me. Fuck lads, please not Neinchan, they don't have bunkers. How can we get in touch with the admins?
>>367 I'm sure they aware /fascist/ boards both on hoppe-sama and anoncafe.
>>368 I fucking told them we needed a bunkeresque place to regroup in case of troubles. Fuck. Sorry Fash BO for "invading" here with this off topic.
>>371 No prob, you guys are bro-tier and I use it daily. Hopefully its back soon if it’s not already
Edited last time by FashBO on 05/27/2020 (Wed) 14:02:48.
>>372 It's not. I admit I am really worried. I don't want to wander into all those other shitty /pol/ boards.
>>373 They haven’t been down this long for a while, that’s not good. If / when it comes back up it might be a good idea to raise concerns about having a bunker or way for the owners to communicate what is going on in the future. At this point Nein/pol/ is the only one worth using since it’s not full of schizos and you can actually talk about bad goy topics. The only problem is Niggerick
Open file (62.75 KB 299x288 1324685064001.png)
>>364 this is fucking bullshit
>>364 Let’s hope Spic and his friends don’t follow us here
Open file (77.90 KB 660x330 1543178800687.jpg)
Someone summoned me?
>>384 I’d rather have this spic than the one who shills on Nein
well, rus drawfag here too
>>387 >Contradicted half of his ideology >Was a frenchiephillic >Catered to jungle injuns while enslaving desert injuns >While his top military men had most of their army composed of said desert injuns disguised >Who were also planning a future guerrilla warfare scheme with a bunch of others low-rank military men >Who were also planning the entire governmental structure in the new independent state that ended up annexing the entire country in the upcoming war >Which was then hijacked by a communist leader affiliated with the OSS and the IMF >Which also happened to have one of his most hated states give harbor and let the US block the biggest port in the country, effectively killing much of the economy out of spite >His illustrious cabinet later on succumbed to pure communist in later years He did so many things wrong on so many levels in his later years it's not even funny, he should've just let someone succeed him and be way more lax with the rebel states.
>>389 I think he has talking about me, in the same way I was, I only used Porfirio-kun's image because I had no other glowing-eyed picture that were not anime. Although, I really tough that you were talking about me until the third point made me think otherwise, it is uncomfortable to be called francophillic because it is true
>Nein’s still down The longer it’s down the greater the chance that it’s owner was v& and Jews shut off the site. I’d be extremely cautious when it comes back up, seeing whether admin behavior becomes different or anything. If it were to happen to any site it would be Nein. Too much talk about /ourguys/, feds watch that place like a hawk, no doubt.
Open file (499.23 KB 300x250 1452872805570.gif)
Migration Update After a long day of fixing bugs, things are looking good. We had an import with no major problems. We're all really tired so we're checking out for the day. Tomorrow we'll poke at it real hard and try to find and resolve any lingering issues. The migration is tentatively scheduled for Friday night.
Open file (28.25 KB 591x716 1526347306904.jpg)
Is this how Jews feel every-time they got kicked from a country? Are we just like (((Them)))?
>>402 Nonsensical comparison
>>399 Old Twitter account of neinchan admin was deleted months ago, I found this that looks old as well, there are no updates https://tiblar.com/neinchan/ I guess it's the same guy because it has the same pic profile of the old Twitter account, I wonder if we can get in touch with site owner from there. The fact that none of the admins showed up to explain yet is really bad.
Open file (16.03 KB 1119x261 image1.png)
Guys, Neinchan is back at the moment, I also succeeded in posting.
>>404 Oh please, >superiority complex manifesting in urge to climb to the top of societies and implement their order >far-right >authoritarian >ultranationalist >planning to underhandedly manipulate gullible normalfags (see >>219 ) >repulsive to their enemies, let's be honest Fascism is basically a European version of the same concept. The network of jews (inclusive-and) billionaires at the top of America are every facet of fascist except for the overt shows of power and force. Their nations just happens to be a foreign one or a globalized ultra-corporation which they rule.
>>407 You're wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to begin, and I don't intend to start such a debate derailing this thread completely.
>>407 >Oh please /fascist/ allows communist females to speak here now? when did this shit start?
>>401 Good to hear!
>>410 We’re being baited, no one here is dumb enough to think that the Jews and capitalists who rule over this society are fascist in the slightest unless they just stumbled in here from Bunkerchan.
>>409 >>410 >>416 >three posts >cumulative total of 0 counterarguments If you don't want to discuss in this thread, we can crosspost to another. Just stop shitting this one up with self-reassuring fluff. It's not even bait, I'm just fucking sick of the instinctual denial that prevents any decent discussion of how to take advantage of the similarities.
>>423 You’re being dismissed because you have no idea what fascism is.
Open file (9.46 KB 668x99 ClipboardImage.png)
I assume this refers to us
>>414 Migration got pushed back to Monday night. The site is currently full of discussion about Section 230 and the riots. It was decided it would be better to delay at least a few hours so as not to disrupt this. Unfortunately, due to people's schedules, that makes it a no-go for tonight. The next time we can do an all-hands will be Monday. On the bright side, the script seems to work fine. We're running it against a clone of our database now to ensure nothing blows up, but so far everything seems stable.
>cakechan >site ran by two guys who've done nothing but push d&c campaigns against the webring for the last 6 months >both literal ethnic jews May god have mercy on your souls /fascist/.
>>451 >Both also are confirmed to have given info to the feds freely and were belittled by it constantly Sometimes i wonder if some of you guys even lurk
>>451 >>452 someone fill me in on this drama
>>453 Seconded
>>451 >claim of d&c campaigns <doesn't post any proofs whatsoever who is the d&c kike now? >>453 >>454 TL;DR Some faggots got butthurt for some reason and swatted acidman. Then, IIRC, acidman co-operated with the feds to try to give the fags taste of their own medicine.
>>453 It’s d&c. They’re doing it on /shelter/ too.
>>456 typical mark gaslighting. gtfo cakekike
>>455 If you really need proof of Marks incessant d&c then here >Mark stickying dolphin's post https://archive.ph/RhY5F >https://archive.fo/TJgnp#q16856564 Mark censoring anyone refuting dolphins lies in the GG thread, leaves dolphins post up (this is after he deleted the sticky after being called out). >Bonus meme where acid is actively advertising 8moe on literal fucking reddit https://web.archive.org/web/20200507131929/https://old.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/gewv1t/8chanmoe_is_live_bringing_back_free_speech/ So good luck on fedchan brothers, you'll need it.
Open file (62.66 KB 1280x720 sip.jpg)
It feels good not to browse /v/ or give a shit about video games or any of this gay drama
Monday night is a hard deadline. We're full steam ahead. I'll also try to move over your banners and such manually but I might miss a few. The script currently doesn't handle that and it's feature-locked until the migration. >>414 Please check the last e-mail I sent you and get back to me when you can.
>>465 >Please check the last e-mail I sent you and get back to me when you can. Will do EDIT: replied
Edited last time by FashBO on 05/30/2020 (Sat) 18:41:25.
Is Neinchan down again? Haven't been able to connect in like a half hour
>>470 It works fine for me.
>>471 Hmm. Whatever the issue was it works now
>no tor file uploading on redditchan >can't even enable it at the BO level Very epic.
>>478 Diaperfag here, we were told by a global vol that images were allowed on Tor if you access it via the .onion, but not if you use Tor and access via the clearnet domains. One of the posters tried to do it and it didn’t work, and the vol said this was a bug that should be fixed (this was a few days ago, might work now, but if not I’m interested in seeing if Moefag knows about this) Someone noticed that too but we were told it was a bug that needed to be fixed t. /abdl/
>>479 That's good to know.
>>479 Hopefully this is fixed soon, if it has not been already.
Edited last time by FashBO on 05/31/2020 (Sun) 02:10:37.
>>479 That was me. It got disabled temporarily because we wanted to find a way to throttle torposters so they couldn't spam images. I'm asking around right now to find out who is in charge of that and what the status is. If possible, I'll take it over and try to get it done ASAP.
>>482 Update on images over Tor: we've had a number of CP raids attempted already and the way LynxChan handles Tor makes it difficult to manage Tor posts the way we'd like to. We're examining possibilities to get it up as soon as possible, but we don't want the site to get taken down by a CP spammer. At least if they do it over a VPN we have an IP to look at. We might try a system where images on the .onion are enabled during the day when more mods and BOs are online to help handle the load. There's a lot of nuance to the technical situation. I'd be happy to explain in detail if anyone cares, but the short version is that we can't just write an addon to do what we want. We're speaking to StephenLynx about either having the changes we want rolled into a future version or at least to have it exposed so we can write an addon to do it ourselves. I'll bring it up again tomorrow night and see if we can come up with an interim solution.
>>453 >>454 Acidman is supposed to be a gun vendor or something akin to that, knows a couple feds but nothing serious, supposedly. He started some petty arguments with some people on the internet and because he was a dirty tripfag he somehow got doxxed sooner or later and got swatted or was informed he had some accusations. He then tried to get some info on his trolls and handed the info to one of his fed clients, and had some feedback from him from time to time. And he talked all this without feeling too worried, that's what gets anons. Mark Mann, if by some extraordinary circumstance you don't know him by this point, can be quickly resumed in relevant points as a Jew Yorker who is known by being the worst BO since an assorted selection of shady fellows from the anime boards back in 4cham, but the trick here is that he squatted on one of the biggest boards outside said place making his influence pretty relevant. Well in one of all of his sagas the guy was mentioned as last words by a spree shooter in his manifesto for the sole reason to fuck with him (that's how bad he is) saying thanks for all his support in a very ironic tone, feds weren't very happy about it and went to him to ask if he knew something, the jew ended up giving bank accounts, numbers from his closest associates, tech locations and probably even who Jim was and his last known location; supposedly the feds only wanted his words on the manifesto only. So he talked all about this with Julay BO Robi in a discussion about being handed over /v/ because he was their digital representative (really nigga) and Robi mentioning he wasn't a good suit, when appealing for confidence Mark confessed he was clean and mentioned the fed case, which obviously made everyone suspicious as fuck and started trolling him even more. Both these guys are the big shots in the new place, and there's even more drama on this but those are the relevant stats of why i think any sane man, let alone a conscious person like i bet most anons are here, who hangs around with said dudes is just asking for trouble.
I'm lost Is this place dead, are we moving or are we just experiencing a low-traffic period?
>>484 Thanks for the info Anon. I knew most of this about Cakefat, but was unaware of Acidman. What a pair. So, who let them on the webring anyway?
>>485 We’re moving tomorrow if things are still on schedule. It’s just a low-traffic period imo, people are probably holding back on posting since anything they post here that’s high quality won’t get as much attention on a bunker board.
>>486 >So, who let them on the webring anyway? As far as i am aware they aren't on our webring (Anon.Cafe, Julay, Smug, Sports, the french, Eris and the Florida anon) but on their own level, neither they are from the bizarre ACF. At one point he was invited because for some reason if you are constant in IRC chats you exist in a short list for candidates, but he rejected due to his own reasons not known to man. He then begged for it but after a bunch of shenanigans somewhat long to explain Robi blacklisted him and due to his de-facto monolithic head presence most everyone agreed. He was at one point with Vch, the only non-dolphin'd place, and if you go by the small branches and connections he kinda is with the Animu Bunker, which is already shady as hell, now that's one i don't know how they got in. One of his "friends", the TVch headman, seems to have already sidetracked himpublicly to maintain his userbase so i would discard that one for now, but the so-called /animu/ place had a previous history with him and one of their members did a number recently in Julay /v/. Acidman i don't know very well other than his tripfag antics and personality so i cannot say much other than him being an insufferable guy with a strange way to post, somewhat educated but off, if i was extremely quick to jump on conclusions i would say he's an agent for all i've read him.
Open file (853.82 KB 849x1200 1432861420725.jpg)
>>489 We're on schedule for tomorrow. The script is feature-locked and no further bugs have been found. Backups have been improved and further storage/redundancy is coming up soon. We've got a scrape from yesterday we're going to integrate. The only hold-up on Friday was discussion of the riots. Only thing that will hold up the migration tomorrow would be major shit going down. And even then I'll see what I can do.
>>485 Basically what >>489 said. I used to post a dozen times a day on /fascist/ but I don’t have any of my favorite threads except for the pagan one right now.
Open file (46.23 KB 400x400 1588298234150-2.jpg)
>>494 Seconding this.
>>483 I can respect putting in the effort rather than just flat out refusing tor file posting all together. I'll still never post on fedchan because of all the active d&c acidkike and cakekike participated in against the webring and how everything they do exists in their own little ecosystem as the arbiters of all things imageboards. Also advertising on fucking twitter and reddit lol. But at least within that ecosystem administration is communicating and not just ignoring the growing tor user base. Any form of enabling tor file posting is a clear good faith effort, even if it does need to be limited to prevent abuse. As long as you don't go 6 months without addressing it or making any progress then you can at least say you aren't as incompetent as Ron, for whatever the fuck that is worth (nothing).
Open file (166.81 KB 869x546 014.jpg)
>>513 Six months will be the earliest for an official solution (i.e. LynxChan upstream change to how Tor throttling works) Can't change what we need to with add-ons, unfortunately. But we don't want to wait that long so we're looking at permanent solutions Barring that, we'll see if we can't automate a time of day to enable and disable images over Tor. >D&C Nobody has an issue with the webring and we're planning on joining if people want to join. You should ignore any D&C anyways. We're all 8anons and this is all one community. We should be there for each other, not dividing and distrusting one another. Personally, I'm into cultivating an ecosystem but the goal should never be a "walled garden". I just want to provide tools for anons and the entire 8chan community to benefit from. Right now that goal is a stable site that's immune to takedowns and comfy to post on. I don't want to write a novel about this and I tend to ramble. If you want to talk more or have any other questions/concerns I can address then my e-mail is available.
>>514 Big contrast here with the 8moe admin’s earlier comments and underhanded sniping about the webring. Nice to see even though it’s also deflecting and trying to ignore that earlier behaviour.
>>514 >We're all 8anons and this is all one community. I can't believe you just demonstrated fedchan's autistic ego in response to a post criticizing fedchan for their autistic ego unironically. Is this post bait? <everything they do exists in their own little ecosystem as the arbiters of all things imageboards. We're not all "8anons". No one fucking cares about the 8chan brand outside of your circlejerk. >Nobody has an issue with the webring and we're planning on joining if people want to join. Except Acid and Mark have constantly railed against the webring, Mark especially so. I'm not sure why you and they pretend like this isn't the case or what you hope to benefit from pretending like everyone hasn't seen acid and marks constant shit-posts against the webring over the last few months which is essentially entirely responsible for all of the hate for 8moe. >We should be there for each other, not dividing and distrusting one another. Absolutely. Pointing out d&c on 8moe isn't d&c itself. Linking archives of stupid things acid and mark have done isn't d&c, especially when neither of them have ever apologized for their shitty behavior and have just doubled down on it. >Personally, I'm into cultivating an ecosystem but the goal should never be a "walled garden". You can say this but none of 8moe's actions have shown it. Joining the webring would be a sign of good faith but I understand there are some technical problems with the possibility of bare IP exposure, of which I don't know the validity. I know that neither acid or mark will eat shit and actually apologize for being such dipshits since they're narcissistic kikes who are reveling in the success of their site enabled only by the failure of fatchan rather than their own merits. I agree that the d&c needs to stop. And I do think 8moe needs to exist and is incredibly productive for the health of the imageboard community at large. But it's also a fact that people have a metric fuckton of reasons to hate acid and especially mark. The problem is that I think it's incredibly difficult to call peoples resentment to the way that acid and mark have acted as d&c, as much as it may have a similar affect on the community as literal bad faith d&c. Are some of the people that shit-post about acid and mark bad faith actors trying to stir the pot? 100%. Does that invalidate the criticism towards these two retards? Not in the slightest.
>>514 >We're all 8anons and this is all one community. Fuck you. t. overboard anon, never an 8qnon
>>514 >We're all 8anons and this is all one community. That's a straight out lie if we talk about that duo in 8moe. /v/ was very well known in several feuds that still hold true in this day with all the splinter boards. Acid also crossposts (into the bigger places) all the time and brags about it. Don't come with all a big community thing because that never was, in-fighting happened all the time and one of the big guys in moe was a main orchestrator, willingly or not.
Open file (61.82 KB 389x494 GTFO_asshole.jpeg)
>>514 >We're all 8anons and this is all one community. Go dilate yourself you literal cocksucker.
>>514 8chan is fucking dead you retarded nigger. 8kun, 8moe, and what-have-you are inferior successors made to profit off of retards, Discord trannies, and Qboomers. Actual anons have long left your platform for greener pastures.
Open file (274.16 KB 567x437 1572324745677.png)
>People getting this assblasted over what boils down to an incorrect pronoun
>>528 I pray for the faggotry that has begun to consume this thread to go away when we move. Hopefully we're moved over today
>>529 I'm still utterly confused as to why anyone would willingly choose Fed-chan over anon.cafe or any other place. It's frankly a stupid fucking decision.
>>530 People had literally weeks to complain and voice concerns about the choice of site, and only chose to do so until like two days before the projected date of migration. I don't think it's shilling, but it's retarded. Personally I wanted our threads and I presume most people here do as well. If you're so concerned about feds you should throw away your computer, smash your cellphone, remove all electronics from your house and go live in the woods. And even then you are within their reach. Jews datamine and observe literally everything posted on the Internet and they're likely reading and archiving this post here now. I see no reason why 8moe is any worse than any other site. If you don't want to post on it, don't.
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Open file (223.33 KB 600x464 Lain12-1-1.png)
>>529 The move will be tomorrow. Acid's gun store got hit by BLM during the riots and that triggers a bunch of red tape he's responsible for. If he gets up early enough we'll do it in the morning. Otherwise it'll be tomorrow night. This is the absolute last delay.
>>531 >People had literally weeks to complain and voice concerns about the choice of site, and only chose to do so until like two days before the projected date of migration What difference does it make? It's not like there prep work involved in literally just standing still and staying on anon.cafe. People are scattered and it's difficult to keep up with the news of every single board, especially rather slow ones that people likely don't visit on a daily basis. >Personally I wanted our threads and I presume most people here do as well. That's understandable, but personally I refuse to post on cakechan. It's impossible to accurately gauge how many good faith posters lean either way so ultimately you as the BO just have to make what you think is the best call. But I think it's naive to think a large portion of posters on the literal natsoc board wouldn't have any issue with moving to a site ran by a guy who works with feds and a literal jew. >If you're so concerned about feds you should throw away your computer, smash your cellphone, remove all electronics from your house and go live in the woods. And even then you are within their reach. Jews datamine and observe literally everything posted on the Internet and they're likely reading and archiving this post here now. What a retarded thing to say. Just be honest and say that you value having your threads migrated and aren't personally invested in the hatred towards acid and mark. That's a perfectly acceptable stance to take without needing to make an ass of yourself with this leddit tier take on privacy and security. >I see no reason why 8moe is any worse than any other site. People mostly refuse to post on 8moe out of principle rather than the site actually having any glaring technical problems. There is fundamentally no reason not to use 8moe if you don't take issue with the d&c campaigns acid and mark have ran against the webring. >If you don't want to post on it, don't. I won't. Will you leave this board up and continue to moderate it?
>>537 > Just be honest and say that you value having your threads migrated and aren't personally invested in the hatred towards acid and mark. You basically summed up my position. I don't follow the drama. I don't think what I said was wrong but looking back at it a few hours later it was kind of dumb in that context. >I won't. Will you leave this board up and continue to moderate it? Yeah, definitely. If for whatever reason people are more like you than like me and don't want to come to 8moe for some reason I'd just focus here then. I'm not going to lock threads or anything. At minimum this will be a bunker. I've largely been operating off of the position that people value the threads. I haven't heard people say that they don't value the threads so I've been pushing forward with this until now. Unfortunately it's very hard to gauge opinions since it's so hard to tell who's a shill or who is genuine.
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>>484 >Well in one of all of his sagas the guy was mentioned as last words by a spree shooter in his manifesto for the sole reason to fuck with him (that's how bad he is) saying thanks for all his support in a very ironic tone, feds weren't very happy about it and went to him to ask if he knew something, the jew ended up giving bank accounts, numbers from his closest associates, tech locations and probably even who Jim was and his last known location; supposedly the feds only wanted his words on the manifesto only. You mean Stephan Balliet manifesto ? He mentioned that jew Mark, which was former BO of 8ch /v/, give him a donation in bitcoins, but called him out "that is suspicious that jew will did it for free" .
>>484 Don't trust shit Robi says, he's friends with hot wheels (or was, depending on the drama these days). Acidman was a gun vendor with connections to the feds. He was their gun supplier locally and worked with them often. He's not just a random faggot. You got Mark right though. But you forgot to mention he was being paid by Pig farmer to admin 8ch not just /v/. He took hot wheels job once hot wheels left in a tantrum and hid it for years. He's completely untrust worthy even if he wasn't a kike. I left /fascist/ after Julay's connections to hotwheels came out and just rediscovered it here. I'd like to stay but what's with all the weeb shit and tripfags here now? Really off putting.
>>537 8ch is the worst image board out there responsiveness wise. It's slow as fuck, half the time images don't load and it's just unusable. >>538 Remember Mark is on staff at 8moe. Star wars board ran on his image board while 8ch was down. They thought of moving to Julay and Mark deleted their entire board, wiped it clean and said get fucked. If you value your threads you don't want them on any board Mark has control of. And Mark is in control of migrating boards on 8moe and has increasing control.
>>541 >tripfags That’s the guy helping with the move and giving updates
>>531 >People had literally weeks to complain and voice concerns about the choice of site, and only chose to do so until like two days before the projected date of migration I've been w/o my home board very long. >>542 >>541 >weeb shit and tripfags It's mostly to keep in touch for now, but I am a notorious avatarfag. I don't know what say about Mark and the rest of this. Initially, I was for 8moe b/c they helped us.
Open file (442.15 KB 1035x686 015.jpg)
>>542 If the site was running slow last week, you may have visited while we were under attack or while Vanwa was doing a migration. I think they moved or upgraded their datacenter? If the issue persists then I'd like to hear more so it can be passed along. If Vanwa is causing the site to appear slow to some users then we need to report that and try to diagnose it. >Mark is on staff Mark is not on staff. He's a BO. I'm on staff. Acid is on staff. There's another tech guy who is on staff. Mark only pings us to pass along info he thinks we haven't seen (bug reports and the like) or to inquire about the status of certain projects (pinktext, custom CSS, this migration, etc). Board migration has been my pet project for the past week and a half, and as a result I've become the point of contact for migrations. >>544 >>547 Sorry for tripfagging and avatarfagging. I just want you guys to have a point of contact for migration updates.
>>549 >Avatar using tripfag >FBI informant who fucked over Gamergate and tried to make a fake 8ch onion server Ron and Jim knew nothing about (acidman) >Mark isn't on staff he's just been paid thousands of dollars by Jim these past few years and is (or was) in charge of migration. BO this stinks worse than Jim's pig farm. If you go to 8moe you're even more retarded than /leftypol/ is. You will lose your entire userbase because we want nothing to do with it. You asked if any one objected while people were still lost between boards. It's like asking if any one objects to inviting the black panthers to your KKK meeting the last week before Christmas when no one turned up. It's stupid to do anything but sit in the bunker until numbers have picked up and people have had a chance to find the place. 8ch hasn't run right in years and 8moe is no better. It runs like shit. It's a known issue and nothing has ever been done to fix it. Either way kill yourself you fucking glowing nigger. I'm almost positive you ARE Mark you mother fucking kike.
>>550 I suspect Mark is this faggot because he's avataring faggot for attention and Mark was put in charge of board migration. I've not heard anything different since then so I'm inclined to believe Mark is still in charge since he was at 8moe's launch. He was specifically given the job and kept going to boards he wasn't welcome on and trying to force the migration. He was repeatedly told to fuck off but would go in the meta threads regardless and try to strong arm the BOs into doing it by going ahead with everything then threatening someone else will take the board if they don't.
>>550 >>551 It runs just as shit as every lynxchan board does because it's fucking lynxchan. Schizo posting about every random retard being Mark is not productive. If you want to actually counter the claims that Mark have no influence or control over the site then point to the fact he's paying for half of the server costs. Otherwise it just looks like you're a d&c discord tranny trying to stir shit, which I'm all but convinced you are. Your shitty posts have just made every legitimate criticism of acid and cakekike look retarded by association with your schizo posting.
>>552 >It runs just as shit as every lynxchan board does because it's fucking lynxchan. go on
>>552 It runs worse because the servers it's hosted on are shit. It has been shit for years now. Other Lynx boards run fine. Mark doesn't have the money to pay for 8moe server costs, he's a poor kike living in a care home. Jim is rich as fuck and a known data miner if you want to dig into that. I pointed out Mark was/is in charge of board migration. It's not exactly a secret and if this guy isn't Mark then he needs to explain what happened to remove Mark from the position. I'll also point out that Mark WAS being paid as an admin on 8ch. He received a monthly salary from Jim after he got cut off by his parents. Hot wheels leaked this after years of Mark being paid and Mark admitted it was true after the leak. So the site admin pays the most hated BO in history to admin a site and puts him in charge of board migration for free? Only an idiot would believe that. His job was being a site admin, why would he lose the income if he's a poor kike who depends on it?
>>554 Nigger Jim has nothing to do with 8moe you brain dead faggot. Mark was in charge of board migration on 8glow, he isn't in charge of it on 8moe you stupid fuck. At least put the bear minimum amount of effort into knowing what the fuck it is you're talking about before running your mouth. You're making people that justifiably fucking despise that obese kike piece of shit look retarded with your bullshit. Shut the fuck up.
>>555 Glow harder you kike.
>>556 He's right, retard.
>>554 If the threads cannot be migrated from hoppe to anon cafe, let's just take this migration to moe and run along with it until it works (I still didn't understand why hoppe went to shit in the first place, but if someway that can be retrieved by putting there new tech guys possibly form our /fascist/ bunch, I would definitely prefer to stay in our own place on hoppe). If hoppe does not come back and 8moe will also go down, we can regroup here or on Neinchan or even on 9chan or wherever BO's patience will arrive in keeping new bunker options active. I for one thank our based Fash BO for his service.
>>531 this. and no one has posted any reasons or proofs that 8moe or acidman glows in the dark. >>538 >I haven't heard people say that they don't value the threads so I've been pushing forward with this until now. Unfortunately it's very hard to gauge opinions since it's so hard to tell who's a shill or who is genuine. imo, it's pretty suspicious that literally no one objected moving to 8moe until the deadline for the move was set. >>551 >Mark was put in charge of board migration. but that was on 8kunt not 8moe
This is like being between a rock and a hard place. It took me a while to digest all the problems at hand. I am still a newfag to all the drama going on here. On one hand, 8moe did make adjustments for my home board and offer to help move everything over. On the other hand, it looks like 8moe is struggling popularity and maybe an 8kun reboot? I'm blissfully ignorant on the why and wherefore with Mark.
>>549 >Sorry for tripfagging and avatarfagging. I just want you guys to have a point of contact for migration updates. Don’t even apologize, you have a reason to be doing it. It’s usually gay but you’re doing something for us where it’s more important to actually know who you are.
I feel miserable since hoppe-sama went down. Being a board less anon is no joke.
>>572 The week where Hoppe worked was pretty comfy. Sad that it didn't work out.
>>565 >I'm blissfully ignorant on the why and wherefore with Mark. Willfully heading into a deadly trap when you know it's there isn't ignorance Anon, nor will it be blissful.
>>565 First off, Mark is a slimy New York Jew. That should say enough. But then there's also the times where he's abused his powers by deleting posts and banning anons critical of him and of Nintendo, his favorite game company. When that doesn't work, he uses typical tricks like IP hopping, blatant lies, and falseflags to shift the blame or avoid criticism. And this is before Tarrant-chan's adventures in New Zealand. Afterwards, he makes a bunkerchan vch.moe before becoming Jim's #3 stooge on 8kun, given a $2,000 salary for simple clerical work, which he spectacularly fails and gets fired, before moving onto 8moe. His personal behavior is abhorrent, since he's an eager Fed snitch, giving the glowniggers everything he has because he's afraid they'll get him for his CP collection, and he's also quite possibly raped his young niece. Needless to say, for /fascist/ to even associate with a board that has him is not only surprising but quite disappointing. I choose to stay on anon.cafe, until Hoppe-sama is repaired, or a superior alternative comes forth.
>>575 >I still didn't understand why hoppe went to shit in the first place I don't fully know either but it was something with there being no space left for the site or something like that, that is why the post issue started. What I want to know is why didn't Renart ever reply to me or the other BO even to this day??? Why would someone take the time to set up a website, likely pay for shit and spend the time moving over thousands of posts just to drop it and never reply to the people he sought out in the first place as soon as it goes to shit? That faggot still hasn't replied to me, even when I requested some stuff to help the move over to the new place. It's as weird as fuck, and honestly it glows much harder than anything going on now
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Open file (30.70 KB 724x965 index.png)
>>574 >>575 But one thing I like about that community is the draw threads and OC they sometimes get from those. They also are nice to let us use their booru. I don't really know what to say about the rest of this stuff. I almost feel ungrateful to reject moefag's help, that is my problem, and my BO and compatriots don't seem to have suggested alternatives here. What am I supposed to say when this is handed to us. I spent a lot of time migrating threads from julayworld to hoppesama and moefag is saying he'd do that for me. It makes me feel boorish. >>574 Back in the 8chan days, I really didn't know the community. autistic teenager >>576 We are being torn two ways. It looks like this won't end well either way.
>>576 Is it possible it was Dolphin setting up a honey pot to get BO passwords and emails?
>>575 Acidman is the same as Mark. He's the one who tried to hijack gamergate, ended up tearing the whole thing apart on image boards and is a FBI snitch. Anything with Acid's name attached to it glows
>>577 >I almost feel ungrateful to reject moefag's help They have given refuge and then squashed people in an instant, someone here already mentioned the whole /sw/ saga when Mark deleted their entire thing and its respective backup in the server when he heard they wanted to move. Also let's not forget Mark was also in charge of board claims in 8k, he ignored the many requests from anons to bring back the /v/ alternatives because it was direct competition, also that /a/ vs. /animu/ saga in which he handed the legacy board name to the latter, their digital counterparts, because the former had concluded their bunker was better and wanted to use 8k as a tech and archive place rather than the main place. Then there's also the /svidya/ saga and the /tv/ ventures as a global mod, the guy has plenty of shenanigans registered. Denying his help is like denying a loan from a banker, not food from a neighbor.
>>578 He usually is very explicit, if Hoppe was dolphin it would've been his first success due to the lack of a clear giveaway it was him. He definitely has the technical skills to do a spare site for a week. But he also brags about that kind of stuff, usually on IRC, Julay admins usually post as anon if a new site is a dolphin place or not because he goes there to show them. If it was him he's either remaining silent for the first time since he's around or the Julay dudes didn't blow the whistle. Hoppe tech admin probably got v&d or got knocked out.
>>579 I'm too lazy to look this up in exact detail so forgive me for the sloppy job remembering >8ch goes down >Acidman makes a zeronet alternative >None of the official 8ch staff know a thing about it >Acidman tries to keep it secret he's running it but is later found out >Tech anons investigate what the site is running >It allows users to be tracked across websites and has no way to filter CP being uploaded directly to your hard drive >Acidman and his friend spam it on every alt chan they can find >Make an image they can upload to get round text filters >Anons dig deeper into the website and it's running suspicious scripts on top of being easy to track users. >Anons turned on it and started pointing out it's problems >It died shortly after >8ch.moe appeared and has Acidman involved Not touching it. Glowie faggot is running yet another honey pot. Julay's suicide is setting up another chance for Acid to become head FBI informant on anons. >>577 Poisoned apples are not gifts. >>581 Good point.
>>582 >Julay's suicide As much suicide as shooting 2 rounds in the back of your head before throwing yourself out of a plane. It still was a wacky job from one of the globals but nothing out of the ordinary, it looks to me many people didn't realize at that point Julay was a /cow/ bunker with heavy emphasis in their chaotic stream and that the mods there were always nutjobs, yet they simply responded to a very anomalous event which was the raid of many "former" mark loyalists, and i use quotes there because they did return to a site/board managed partly by him. Not to mention the crazed BO was an animu guy, which are/were a group associated with him in 8k, they even fled full time at the same time as he did.
>>583 >crazed BO was an animu guy He was actually the one that made the most sense though, not the ones who decided to stop deleting CP since they were pissed at lolicon being posted. But it's ok you can try rewriting history everyday, as long as someone calls it out everything is fine
>>583 Animu is associated with Mark? Their bunker is PLW and hosts a lot of the boards who don't like /a/'s autism. >>584 Lolicon should never be allowed. It counts as CP in some countries and paints a target on your back. It only encourages kid fuckers to come hang out with you and bring their friends. Better to just ban it and avoid the head ache. Same with faggotry and trannies. Ban any positive mention.
We need a /monarchy/ consensus. BO, Luxembourger, Intelligentsia and anons, what are your thoughts?
Open file (29.06 KB 252x291 jew mask.jpg)
>>585 >Lolicon should never be allowed. It counts as CP in some countries and paints a target on your back. I agree, we should ban racism and Holocaust denial too. Our masters do not like it and it is often illegal.
>>584 Fuck off, i browsed there everyday and read every post, i might type things differently but you cannot deny the facts: 1. He was involved in an already suspicious group due to the /a/ transfer 2. Posted belligerently without consulting with the staff first to avoid conflict in a board already succumbed in it (Fatchan exodus) 3. Deleted the board twice due to "losing" power 4. Julay being a bunker for quirky characters with no obvious stance on anything regarding rules 5. Made it look like a fun venture in his subsequent boards at A.B. Also the CP order was because the animu guy didn't want them to delete the images that weren't full blown CP, for example the start of a child modeling set in which the protagonist herself was still dressed. The reaction was retarded and indeed product of butthurt but i feel its intended purpose was to force the BO to delete everything himself if he felt so competent about it, IIRC he had greater powers than vol so he might've been a global so said decision was leaving him with all the job. Dumb but inside the legal rulings, but sure keep hanging from that because if that didn't happen (and even if it did) you cannot justify the shitshow that happened all around. >>585 >who don't like /a/'s autism. I don't like it either but the /a/ transfer was highly controversial due to the heavy bias in favor of /animu/, and because they are usually favorable towards him (the first board to back him up in the "delete /v/" incident) one wonders what really is going on when the biggest incident in Julay /v/, the biggest competitor against his ventures, which gave the board its final thrust was done by a man heavily associated with them.
>>586 >>584 I'll ask this again: what's stopping you guys from using rita.null?
>>588 Fuck off pedo. Do you know why we don't have a /b/ bunker? The guys who spammed /b/ with lolicon on 8ch proceeded to chase every /b/ bunker that appeared and filled it with lolicon, pro-pedo posting and then CP. If you gave a fuck about your race you would consider hanging pedos to be the highest honour in the land. >>590 >4. Julay being a bunker for quirky characters with no obvious stance on anything regarding rules Wasn't Julay the bunker for Hotwheel's IRC friends? /cow/ died on 8ch when blood sports took over the place. Kiwifarms was by far the better place for cow material but Null is a faggot. I like /a/'s autism, it's a good way to force board quality and investment. I out grew anime so the board has no use for me. Wish the moderation grew in the alt chans circle and let the retards go to cuckchan where they belong. The bunker era has been full of fuck ups. Space chan trannies, julay admins and Acidman resurfacing. It's the same way the furries own all the TF2 servers.
To offer an alternative how about tvch.moe? It's stable, doesn't have a problem with political posting and other than it being the /tv/ userbase it's one of the best bunkers. Gahool runs it and did a good job fixing 8/tv/ after it got fucked so he's proven himself to have potential.
>>593 there's also antares.oss, zchan and PLK. Maybe /fascist/ would have to settle down on another, but PLK would definitely help /monarchy/.
>>592 >I like /a/'s autism I don't like their emphasis on seasonal content, you wanted to make a thread about animation techniques, that's a ban for grammar; fair enough you make it again in a good way and you get your stuff closed and redirected to the suggestions board for old content, only to realize they send you to a chart posting board with no activity because it's an archive. You comment criticism on the content's quality, that's a ban for flaming, you open a thread for a series from the season before, that's a closure. It's simply too focused on the current day's events rather than a meaningful discussion of the media itself, only the board's staff can do it and they have horrible grammar when they crosspost so it's not even a didactic thing to have the mod bot. The board quality is poor in terms of content, it's just approved feedback by the bot and if a mod didn't get angry at your comment. /animu/ is not much better either, i like anime but in small doses, some people do get submerged in it. In my opinion the Bunker era has been tough because people are simply too jaded to start posting like they did, a vicious circle, and truth be told many people posted based on lurking reactions which i mean anons posting due to their own ideas and not to give comments or feedbacks to something someone said. No content creators, so to speak. >>593 Gahoole is an enigmatic figure in terms of profile, he made his board a fun place at the cost of never reverting its original quality, effectively killing it by turning it into a /b/. He's Mark's friend but he knows how to keep distance and wanted none with him in terms of hosting him a board, usually collected he's also an utter attention whore but only for the reason to vent in his wacky persona, he's strange and the /tv/ userbase these days is pure poison so it's 50/50. My guess is Antares.
>>586 I'm unfortunately too ignorant of what the new options even are. I guess /monarchy/ still has a board over on Endchan, fwiw, that we can fall back to; but I really, really like the idea of keeping the place fresh, I suppose (and you guys seem to be a lot more aware of the moderator environments, whether places are honeypots, etc.). I don't think /monarchy/ needs to be 'officially migrated' to somewhere else with everything 'preserved' from hoppe-sama, since the monarchists have migrated so many goddam times that we all have duplicate copies of the reading list, Grace-chans, etc.. We're like gypsies at this point. >>591 What's that? >>594 I know of none of these places.
>>597 Is Sakamoto poster still around?
>tfw /fascist/ has become like Jews, ethnocentric and hated nomads wandering from website to website
>>600 >unironic wojak posting Jesus fucking christ where do you people come from. Haven't even migrated to fedchan yet and you niggers are already popping up.
ideally we'll be able to move all content to wherever we settle. in the meantime, anon.cafe seems reliable, and it's fairly well known. I think our best bet is using this place as a bunker for the time being, at least until we get things sorted.
Open file (149.99 KB 589x760 1552283795618.png)
>>529 Nah. Autism follows the hypothesis of spontaneous generation. Which makes me ask myself how to live, not despite of, nor with; but at the expense of Autists. Maybe there is no solution to the Autism Question, but an answer. >>602 The strict image-board model is not optimal for us. Once we get this done we should find ways of future-proofing our network. A nomadic digital community seems like the best way of describing us, although I find the paradoxical parallels with the Jews quite amusing.
Open file (599.91 KB 750x1000 1588253462968.png)
>>602 I think the sane way of handling this is to see which board gets accepted by most Anons. The site that gets most traffic should become the main board and the other should become the bunker. The pleb filter will allow anyone to see who is real /fascist/ and who is not. >>585 >>592 >muh loli = pedo only a someone who has fallen for (((their))) lies and who has became (((their))) ignorant useful idiot or an actual pedo would try to push that narrative. a pedo kike would say something like ""don't worry goy. you are one of (((us))) now! because you posted that 2D loli, because after all we are all pedophiles"" But you have a point, it's true that 2D loli is paedo in some countries. I just wanted to post this because imo, equating lolicons and real pedos is harmful because it divides Anons against each other and drains resources from fighting the real pedos and CIAniggers (have you heard about the Finders?) >>600 >>>/4channel/
Open file (57.83 KB 375x309 MOTHERED.jpg)
>>597 >rita.null /ita/'s bunker, currently has two boards (/ara/ and /ita/) and a shelter board. Owner could get you one in. Requires OpenNIC DNS server >antares.oss /v/ bunker, ditto with OpenNIC >zchan Yet another /v/ bunker but I don't really know too much about them >PLK /animu/'s bunker, would probably let /monarchy/ join.
https://web.archive.org/web/20200603081211/https://8chan.se/v/res/19246.html Mark considering advertising the site on literal cuckchan. You can't even make this shit up anymore.
>>606 And reversed course https://archive.fo/G1JEq
Open file (1.09 MB 1522x1100 14 lichess.png)
>>605 >Requires OpenNIC DNS server I have never tried that. Unsure what that means for the average /monarchy/ user. Does rita.null have a good file size too? >>597 >I know of none of these places. They're on the Webring. Zchan/anon.cafe have adequate file sizes. It seems that 8moe, Zchan, anon.cafe, and 9chan are what would have been on the table. And I heard our board was being setup today for 8moe. This is exhausting business. anon.cafe and zchan, unsure if they'd want us.
>>597 I'd like a few things preserved from hoppe-sama.
>>588 Go die in a ditch with your false equivalence, pervert. >>591 Ciao amico Lupo. Aggiornamenti su rita.null?
Open file (515.38 KB 2024x2024 6ad02.png)
>>609 It's fairly easy, just replace your current DNS (which is probably Google's anyhow) with one maintained by Opennic on their web page. It allows you to browse websites that would not otherwise be listed publicly. >Does rita.null have a good file size too? Sadly, last I've checked it's only 10 MBs. Don't know if it's just the owner's settings though. Do not go to 9chan just yet though. >>611 Il tizio che lo ha messo su lo può mantenere ancora per un bel po' ma nonostante si siano un po' arenate le trattative, non siamo ancora sicuri se cii convenisse o meno muoverci da julay/spqrchan. Non ci interessano molto le trattative ideologiche dei Luminati o dei partiti anti-Mark, ed a loro non interessiamo noi, relativamente parlando, quindi siamo abbastanza immuni da attacchi esterni, ma allo stesso tempo abbiamo creato altri covi qui e lì. Se trovi una sezione Italiana che non sia su Julay (o 8kun), assumi che sia un ApfelBunker di Melevisione o una Panzetteria di Plafoniera.
>>606 >You can't even make this shit up anymore. It's not the first time at all, one of the reasons for early animosity with the webring was him advertising it on Twitter and Halfcham even when he was against using it. Cuckchan at this point means both 4chan and 8kun
8moe /monarchy/ has all the recycled julayworld threads, but I wanted the hoppe-sama threads. I spent days carefully organizing those hoppe-sama ones. The recycled julay content is a headache. The julay threads are ugly/old/no longer relevant to our current timeline. I'm calling for a fresh start, or I will have to painstakingly bring over the hoppe-sama content. Not what I wanted w/ recycled julay stuff. Petitioning our King of /monarchy/ about 8moe move and the leftover uglyass julay threads left there.
>>606 >implying /fascist/ isn’t shilled on cuck/pol/
>>617 You’re gonna have to bring over the Hoppe shit, it didn’t work out and they weren’t able to pull from it so they had to go with Julay, and it didn’t help that the Hoppe-sama owner never answered are emails requesting the database info.
>>617 How very (((organic))) of you Anyhow, where has /liberty/ gone to?
8moe, Zchan, anon.cafe, 9ch, those are what we have already discussed now. King of /monarchy/ should contemplate. If the King is really feeling sticking to the Webring, then Zchan/anon.cafe perhaps? 9chan, but if it has 18MB+ file size. Otherwise, there is 8moe, but 8moe needs a fresh start imo--leftover julay threads gotta go. Unless King-sama has something in mind.
>>623 King-sama ought to weigh in, make the royal voice heard.
>>623 (((you)))
>>627 Julay threads are unwanted. I think if 8moe is going to be the next /monarchy/ home, there should be a fresh start/or hoppe-sama content moved over. It looks like I'll have to do most of that work regardless.
>>623 >>625 >>629 Pathetic samefagger. Remove yourself from the premises and take that awful attempt at D&C with you. https://archive.fo/TqDEb https://archive.fo/y0Cii
>>632 I'm sorry, but julaynigger threads on my 8moe /monarchy/ gotta go. This old content is intolerable, recycled junk. What 8moe /monarchy/ will need, if I'm going to spend any time there, is a clean start w/o julaynigger threads.
>>619 >2018 bruh >>614 ho visto una sezione su 9chan ma non so se sia opera di mele o di plafo
This is some crazy D&C. Weird how they're targeting /monarchy/ all of the sudden.
>>635 >all of the sudden. They are dancing with the hive nest that is 8moe, it is of no surprise there's several funposts to spread discomfort.
>>634 /italia/ la ha fatta Sottolupo ma è in gestione a Melevisione 8moe la ha fatta Plafo
>>604 I'm fine with being divided from pedos. Pedos always have a large stash of lolicon when they're busted. It's not a coincidence that pedos like lolicon. It's like leaving a jar of honey by an ants nest then complaining ants got into it. >>631 I like anon.cafe. It's stable, it's clearly got a bunch of us here and it's a bunker people come to when other places die giving us some foot traffic. I don't trust Acidman and I won't be using any site he works on.
>>604 >equating lolicons and real pedos is harmful because it divides Anons Stop coping, faggot. Lolicons are pedophiles. t. pedo
>moving to a server run by an autistic new york jew can't make it up
It looks like we're 8mules now. We will still keep in touch.
>>647 Don't forget the glow in the dark arms dealer.
>>647 You'd be surprised: >original /pol/: on a site made and admined by a literal jew (eugenics target one) >8ch /pol/: on a site made and admined by a cripple (eugenics target two) >bonus mission for faggots: gab moves to software created by a literal communist jew plus some random sjws You can't make this up.
>>661 The difference between then and now is choice. We have viable alternatives and ways to escape the feds and jews, and still anons choose the jews.
I'm not gonna kill the board over a choice of location, so if people want to stay here and just start over, I am totally willing to do that. My only issue is that I can't tell how many people are actually protesting against this new location. It does seem like people are still continuing to post here though more than the new spot. I'm not going to force anyone anywhere. So if this becomes /fascist/'s home, that's totally fine. Let me know what you think
>>666 No one is posting on 8moe but discussion is still happening here, I don't see the point in pushing the transition.
>>674 I definitely won't push. I've noticed what you've pointed out as well. Ultimately it's the community that's more important than threads. It would be a mistake to push
>>675 Without clear leadership people will feel lost, if this keeps for too long we risk disintegrating the community
>>689 Right now I think what would cause disintegration would be me forcing everyone onto the new site like I did with HS. Everyone knows it’s there, but no one’s posting on it – and that’s fine. People will post where there is activity, and all of the activity has been here. It’s possible we’ll just stay here. It’s a sort of vague position, you’re right, but I’m just seeing what’s going on right now. What I’m doing now (i.e. just letting stuff sift around organically) isn’t causing any harm, I don’t think personally. In fact the problems of the last few days seemed to have simmered down
>>691 I think letting people choose for themselves where and what discussions they want to engage in is the best course of action. At the very least it's always good to have more boards with threads up just in case.
>>692 Yeah the more I’ve thought about it the better a course of action that seems. I also checked the strawpoll and saw that the amount of people interested in 8moe was equal with the amount that wanted to stay here (assuming no samefagging or people trying to push numbers) so I realized it would be stupid to wreck the board over something like this. At minimum it would become a bunker.
>>691 >Everyone knows it’s there, but no one’s posting on it It's beginning to ramp up now. And a good thing too, there's more quality discussions being revived and the board has more viewing potential.
Open file (69.92 KB 600x789 redacted_merchant.jpg)
>>603 >although I find the paradoxical parallels with the Jews quite amusing. It's the filthy goyim scum's fault, oy vey.
>>693 >I also checked the strawpoll OH SHIT I FORGOT TO VOTE because voting usually doesn't matter I can't find the poll but I'm voting fexit, I like their posts, dark theme AND being next to /monarchy/ is great. Plus I get the feeling that cafe is more of a temporary shelter. and I hate more of these other boards here.
>>699 Yeah, it’s definitely picked up now. >>717 >because voting usually doesn't matter The best of dictatorships have to have a veneer of popular sovereignty to flourish ;) >I can't find the poll I wiped the OP of this thread today since a lot of it was ruminating on whether to look into 8moe before it was migrated.

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