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Open file (81.99 KB 736x904 aryan.jpg)
The True History and Distribution of the White Race Blackshirt 10/30/2020 (Fri) 21:29:01 ID: df2e38 No.11770
ITT we gather and discuss information concerning the origins, history and hisortical distribution of the White race. This thread is not primarily about genetics, though it may play a small supplementary part, with due caution being afforded towards such information. Areas of Potential Discussion: >Where did Whites in ancient times live? How big of a percentage of the population were they? >Why does White Genocide seem to be something that has gone on for millennia rather than decades?
Open file (549.69 KB 776x603 tarim basin fresco.jpg)
Open file (97.97 KB 800x531 wall painting tarim.jpg)
Open file (42.75 KB 768x311 cherchen man tarim.jpg)
Open file (134.51 KB 602x598 tarim mummy.jpg)
I'm particularly curious about East Asia. There is a good deal of interesting evidence for Whites in modern day Xinjiang China, more specifically in the Tarim Basin. Even today some Uyghurs exhibit a look that is very similar to Aryans. The Tocharian Princes The first image was discovered in the Tarim Basin in a cave. The site I am looking at names this particular piece " Tocharian Princes". Tocharian was of course the Indo-European language of Xinjiang as well as the name for the people who inhabited this area at this time. Carbon dating (dubious as it can be) places the origin of this wall-painting to 432-538 CE. Compared to the other images on this page, their eyes are notably rounder, their skin lighter and their facial features, as hard as they are to make out, noticeably less Mongoloid. https://depts.washington.edu/silkroad/museums/mia/kizil.html Tarim Mummies Cherchen Man: >Like the rest of the Tarim Mummies, he is famous for European-like facial features and clothing [...] His height is estimated at 176–178 cm. His hair was "reddish brown flecked with grey, framing high cheekbones", he had an "aquiline" "long nose, full lips and a ginger beard", and was wearing "a red twill tunic" and leggings with a pattern resembling "tartan"
http://arno.daastol.com/history/NordicBronzeAge.html This talks about how it's possible how a Nordic civilization may have contributed to the Greeks. >>11772 If I'm correct I've heard that the Tocharians had some of their culture stolen from the chinks. I can't remember, what documentary or what conference it was, but someone had talked details about how a-lot of European culture heavily influenced the chink empire.
Genghis Khan and the Borjigin >Persian historian Rashid-al-Din reported in his “Jami’s al-tawarikh” written at the start of the 14th century that most Borjigin ancestors of Genghis Khan were tall, long-bearded, red-haired, and bluish green-eyed, suggesting that the Genghis Khan’s male lineage had some Caucasoid-specific genetic features >He also said that Genghis Khan looked just like his ancestors, but Kublai Khan, his grandson, did not inherit his ancestor’s red hair, implying that the addition of Mongoloid-specific alleles for determining hair color to the genetic makeup of Genghis Khan’s Borjigin clan was probably from the grandmother or mother of Kublai Khan, that is, the wife or daughter-in-law of Genghis Khan. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0161622 Quoting Savitri Devi, who sourced from Harold Lamb: >Hoelun also told him of his ancestors, the Borjigin, the Blue-eyed heroes, sons of the legendary Blue-Wolf. “Their voices,” said she, “rolled as thunder in the mountains; their hands were as strong as bears’ paws — breaking men in two as easily as arrows. In winter nights, they slept naked by a fire of mighty trees, and they felt the sparks and embers that fell upon them no more than insect bites.” >His mother’s tales of the half-mythical Borjigin only stimulated in him the natural self-confidence which is the privilege of the strong. He too had blue eyes, like those ancestors who, visualised through Hoelun’s poetic speech, appeared as demi-gods. And his thick hair had the colour of fire. He too was a son of the Blue-Wolf. He set himself to his day to day task the hunt for food; and the watch against constant lurking danger — with increasing determination to snatch the best out of every circumstance, turning even the greatest set-backs to advantage.
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Dis bread gonna cross wiv fobidden fwinge archeology and you know it. >Gina's pyramids >4 complexes oriented in the likeness of Orion
>>11773 >a-lot of European culture heavily influenced the chink empire. Some Chinese monolithic tombs have engravings which bear a striking similarity with the Norse artistic style.
>>11778 And I forgot about the northern influence on Greece. Check this: https://ilionboken.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/where-did-the-events-in-the-iliad-and-odyssey-take-place/ >Someone who hasn’t made things easy for himself and who has thought about what Homer really says, about geography, climate, and other details, is the Italian nuclear physicist Felice Vinci. ... >The attacking Achaeans consist of a coalition of chieftains from different regions. They have flat-bottomed ships, which they pull far up on land in something resembling a large, coordinated raid. Similar to the descriptions of the Viking scholars Snorri Sturluson and Saxo Grammaticus. ... >The Italian Felice Vinci, who himself comes from the cultural cradle of the Mediterranean, has questioned whether the events in the Iliad and the Odyssey really took place in Greece. ... >Felice Vinci hasn’t used foolery; he has used two exact sciences as a starting point, climate and geography, and has used these to analyze where the events may actually have taken place. He has read, he has calculated, and he has measured. And among all the islands, sailing distances, and climate details, he has achieved a much better compliance when he places the Battle of Troy far up in the north instead of in Greece. More specifically around the coasts of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/245164.The_Baltic_Origins_of_Homer_s_Epic_Tales There is some influence. I read something else on the topic of a northern input lately, perhaps on the asocial networks and iirc it mentioned digs in some Greek region that had "high" Scythian origins. I wish I could remember now, it's a few weeks old at most. We know that the Aryan types who invaded Greece came from the northern Caucasus area, which as you can see on a map, is an arrival point with the Volga that has been routinely used by Norse people (plus alt. Rus and Varangans) a long time after that. Whites had occupied this vast region for what seems to have been millennia before being definitely expelled perhaps 2500 years ago (might need checking). It could have been gradual but surely, the big Hun move probably concluded this transition. The Hyperborean Apollo probably remains the most obvious remnant of this cultural transfer. But when you look into other gods such as Athena and Poseidon, for the former we find roots of her cult in Lybia which themselves go back to where Poseidon's sources stand: the A name.
>>11777 If /xpol/ is based, /xfascist/ will be even better.
asha logos bitchute channel has a series about this, its more of a brief primer than anykind of comprehensive conclusive explanation. highly reccomend it.
>>11778 >Some Chinese monolithic tombs have engravings which bear a striking similarity with the Norse artistic style. Can you give me some examples, also I found this on Twatter. https://nitter.net/xujnx/status/1259364705853997056
>>11774 >lotsa Aryan DNA Genghis Khan >fucking mong rice blood Kublai Khant
>>11790 Damn I wish but if I ever cross the path of these pics I'll point to them here. Meanwhile, a look into ancient Chinese tombs with monolithic architecture might yield interesting results.
>>11793 It’s truly pernicious how they often attempt to use this picture of Kublai Khan to represent Genghis in light of this information. When I first read Savitri Devi’s account of Genghis Khan having blue eyes and red hair, I thought it was utter bullshit, but, digging deeper, I realized that there was potentially actually something to this. In fact the more I dig in general, the greater I see the influence of Aryans throughout world history, and the more the total irrelevancy of non-Whites becomes obvious. I’m sure by the end of this thread we will have all learned much more.
Muhammad: The Red-Headed White Man >Narrated Anas bin Malik: While we were sitting with the Prophet in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel. He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: "Who amongst you is Muhammad?" At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us (his companions) leaning on his arm. We replied, "This White man reclining on his arm." The an then addressed him, "O Son of 'Abdul Muttalib."... https://quranx.com/Hadith/Bukhari/USC-MSA/Volume-1/Book-3/Hadith-63/ >Abu Tufail reported: I saw Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) and there is one amongst the people of the earth who (are living at the present time and) had seen him except me. I said to him: How did you find him? He said: He had an elegant White color, and he was of an average height. https://quranx.com/Hadith/Muslim/USC-MSA/Book-30/Hadith-5778/ >"The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) used to say the salam to his right so that the Whiteness of his cheek could be seen, and to his left so that the Whiteness of his cheek could be seen." https://sunnah.com/nasai/13/145 >The narrator Anas added that the Prophet (ﷺ) raised his hands (during the invocation) to such an extent that the Whiteness of his armpits was visible. >Ibn Mauhab also said that Um Salama had shown him the red hair of the Prophet. https://sunnah.com/bukhari/77/115 >`Uthman bin `Abdullah bin Mauhab said, "My people sent me with a bowl of water to Um Salama." Isra'il approximated three fingers ('indicating the small size of the container in which there was some hair of the Prophet. `Uthman added, "If any person suffered from evil eye or some other disease, he would send a vessel (containing water) to Um Salama. I looked into the container (that held the hair of the Prophet) and saw a few red hairs in it," https://sunnah.com/bukhari/77/113 Even to this day Mudslimes dye their beards red in imitation of their prophet
>>11810 Interesting, but I've also read theories and some articles that have claimed that Muhammad was a false prophet and was never real. The belief that the mudslime conquest into Persia wasn't that it was successfully taken it over by Arabs, but were invited and accepted into Persia to create social change just like Christianity was accepted and used for social change in Rome. So, I still remain skeptical of who Muhammad is and if he isn't just Arab propaganda to fetishize themselves.
>>11822 > that Muhammad was a false prophet and was never real I'm not a Christcuck, so I'm not really concerned with how legitimate of a prophet he was in the eyes of other Abrahamics, but in general I tend to think that Muhammad existed in some form. It makes more sense to me than the idea that this figure was completely fabricated and made up, contemporaries fell for it and believed it. It would also be strange for brown Arabs to make so many bizarre and obsessive references to the "Whiteness" of Muhammad if they were merely self-aggrandizing themselves when they themselves are brown shitskins. I'd be curious to see what if at all is in the tomb of Muhammad. This is one area where genetics would be interesting to see.
>we wuz kangs in the middle east and asia Why do we need this? We aren't like niggers whose race has nothing to show for itself, right?
Open file (226.56 KB 800x300 ancient aryans 2.jpg)
Open file (184.40 KB 1024x804 ancient aryans.jpg)
>>11828 We don't need it, it just turns out that it's true. Niggers wish they wuz kangzs, but we truly were kangz and the evidence ITT shows it.
>>11828 Believe it or not, there were Whites in the middle East. During the Neolithic within Mesopotamia, one of the settlements and cultures said to have built Sumer was called Samarra. There's a possibility it was with Europeans and have an a Indo-European name and some of there artifacts are said to have swatiskas. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samarra_culture
>>11830 It's true that the evidence for ancient Whites is stronger than that of kangs, but I still wonder what is to be gained from such research.
there are definitely White/aryan traits in Central Asia. also, the ancient Aryan völkerwanderung spread across Europe, Middle East, and South Asia; this is attested by the Indo-European language group, in which there are commonalities between languages like Greek and Sanskrit.
>>11833 Practically speaking, it doesn't provide us that much, that might be true. Is our whole world shaken to its core from learning such information? Not really, but it does give us a new perspective on the ancient world and what has been happening with Whites for the last several millennia now. For one thing, it further strengthens the claim that all higher civilization and technology above the most basic is seemingly the product of a White element within society, even if is very small. It also shows that many great, world-changing men were also White or half-breeds of some kind. Finally, and this is the most interesting, I think, it seems to indicate a millennia-long trend of White-inhabited regions becoming smaller and smaller. In the past we seem to have inhabited everywhere from the Ireland, the rim of the Mediterranean, the Iranian Plateau, the mountains of the Hindu Kush, the banks of the Ganges, the feet of the Himalayas, to the sands of the Tarim Basin if not even beyond. Outside of Europe itself, all of these were more or less mongrelized out of existence in most cases, except for some marginal cases in Iran, a tribe in Pakistan, and the occasional half-breed with a particularly Aryan-esque phenotype. While these declined for a strange reason, Whites in Europe itself thrived, and eventually conquered most of the globe, before again being besieged and subverted like never before with the current and ongoing Great Replacement.
>>11828 There's no shame in wuzzing. Wuzzers who back up their claims should be welcome and, as we will see, there's a fuck load of stuff to present here. It will takes months to make a decent thread.
>>11838 >Practically speaking, it doesn't provide us that much, that might be true. Is our whole world shaken to its core from learning such information? Not really, Woe thou! Jaded One! The implications are rather far reaching. It's a powerful bag of data to carry around when talking to normies, it provides a sense of uniqueness and importance that suddenly transcends their little life. They start realizing that while they're being taught to hate themselves about what Whites have accomplished in the last two centuries, we suddenly realize that Whites were literally in everyplace where civilization existed and that there's an ongoing real plan to silence us and hide this truth. Imagine the PRIDE gotten from such nuggets of truth! It grows inside them. Soon enough they want to know more, they want to be able to point their brewing hatred at some people with faces and names. When you combine this with the myths of White Gods who are found literally in all civilizations that left us impressive and mysterious ruins, you comprehend that you're part of something precious and very important. There's a cope-meme that's found on internet about these ruins and old temples that says something like that: "It's not because it wasn't done by Whites that it must be the aliens!!" If only they knew.
>>11857 The entire nonWhite world is going to be shaken to the core when they realise that Whites were around the world for some time and had influence in their own cultures. No seriously if there never was the biggest CUCKED moment, there soon will be.
Open file (32.64 KB 564x400 ainu1.jpg)
Open file (26.15 KB 1654x162 ainu2.PNG)
Genetic structure of a 2,500-year-old human population in China and its spatiotemporal change >Inconsistent with the geographical distribution, the 2,500-year-old Linzi population showed greater genetic similarity to present-day European populations than to present-day east Asian populations. The 2, 000-year-old Linzi population had features that were intermediate between the present-day European/2,500-year-old Linzi populations and the present-day east Asian populations. These relationships suggest the occurrence of drastic spatiotemporal changes in the genetic structure of Chinese people during the past 2,500 years. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10958855/ This in particular is something I think really needs explored. Usually when I say that some historical figure was possibly White, or that Whites inhabited some section of Asia, I’m usually imagining it to have in most cases been a ruling minority. But this is talking about the entire population. The main theory I have heard is that repeated incursions of Mongoloid barbarians over the centuries either displaced or mutted the original Chinese up until they became bugmen chinks.
>>11870 There was some interesting discussion in the Japan thread regarding Jōmon and Yayoi traits. It also came up that many of the elites in Japan, especially that we have photos on from the Meiji Era, are quite Europoid in appearance. >>11861 The average non-White today (just like most Whites) remains oblivious to these facts, but I feel that among some in academia, this is a known fact which must be touched very carefully. They go as far as to admit the existence mummies in places like China that have undeniably White phenotypes, and a few other subtle affirmations here and there that you really have to dig to find, but they obviously can’t let this get out and become general knowledge. For non-Whites too it obvious has bad implications, so the elites and people in academia in these societies actively cover it up and peddle lies. The chinks obviously are aware of the Tarim Basin mummies like Cherchen Man, or Yingpan Man, just as are Indians aware of the Aryan influence on their region. Indians, however, desperately try to downplay this by appealing to some Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, as if this was the peak of civilization. They will also deny invasions by Aryans, claiming that it was mere “immigration”, when their own Vedic scriptures testify that this was an Aryan war of conquest for Lebensraum >>11859. Their national ego would be permanently harmed if the truth came to light, and it will come to light.
> origins, history and hisortical distribution of the White race w­hit­es were the niggers of europe unless you count Roman, Greeks and similar. I don't mean this to be inflammatory. It's simply something that needs to be acknowledged in order to move forward. Until the conquest of the Roman Republic and Empire, the there was nothing of value there except a few shields.
>>11880 >w­hit­es were the niggers of europe unless you count Roman, Greeks and similar. Thats simply not true the Roamns themeselves came from the north and their own lore tells us this and does the gradual admission that interbreeding with the native mediterraneans and invading semite hordes weakened them >I don't mean this to be inflammatory. It's simply something that needs to be acknowledged in order to move forward. It does not need to be acknowledged for anything to happen, I would much rather live amnogst the "Whites" you call niggers than the "civilized Whites" you seem to idolize today >Until the conquest of the Roman Republic and Empire, the there was nothing of value there except a few shields. There was plenty of value in the Germanic lands to the north of Rome, why else would Rome attempt to conquer it and be repeatedly repelled such that Rome itself was devastated to a level that caused emperors to stop residing in the city, while claiming they did to maintain their power.
Open file (2.87 MB 1517x2155 arminius.jpg)
>>11880 Even if they didn't have material civilization on the same level as Romans or Greeks, it is extremely unfair to deride them as "niggers". To focus on the Germanic peoples of that age in particular, even Roman writers like Tacitus acknowledge how noble and virtuous the Germanic people were. Higher civilization can be a good thing, but it can just as easily slip into degeneracy, denature its inhabitants and lead to far more that is bad than good. Also, unlike real niggers, Europeans in general have shown themselves in general can be seen to manifest the same Faustian spirit, and to pioneer in science and art of all kinds. If these people were niggers, the civilization of modernity is far, far, far more decadent in every single way, despite its flashy technology and efficiency.
>>11880 Hey there medcuck, still ass mad that you aren't credited for indo-European culture?
Does anyone have any info on Africans, and redskins having any European DNA?
>>11875 It's only really Indian nationalists that try to deny AIT. Most Indians just accept that it's part of their history same as us.
>>11906 Interesting. I knew Indian Nationalist / Hindutva types typically denied it, but I didn’t know this was commonly accepted nowadays. Based on what I have read from Savitri Devi’s experiences in India during the war, it certainly seemed that they were much more aware of their Aryan history than even most Whites were at the time. >>11905 The only two things that have to do with Whites in North America I can think of are the god Quetzalcoatl, who was often depicted as bearded with eyes when not in the form of a serpent, and the story of the Pahana among the Hopi, the “Lost White Brother”. Quetzalcoatl is especially interesting due to the fact that Cortés was first taken to be Quetzalcoatl, and because Quetzalcoatl was a god of learning, writing, books and priests. Concerning White inhabitants of North America and South America, I will have to dig more.
>>11779 >Someone who hasn’t made things easy for himself and who has thought about what Homer really says, about geography, climate, and other details, is the Italian nuclear physicist Felice Vinci. ... >The attacking Achaeans consist of a coalition of chieftains from different regions. They have flat-bottomed ships, which they pull far up on land in something resembling a large, coordinated raid. Similar to the descriptions of the Viking scholars Snorri Sturluson and Saxo Grammaticus. ... >The Italian Felice Vinci, who himself comes from the cultural cradle of the Mediterranean, has questioned whether the events in the Iliad and the Odyssey really took place in Greece. ...analyze where the events may actually have >Felice Vinci hasn’t used foolery; he has used two exact sciences as a starting point, climate and geography, and has used these to taken place. He has read, he has calculated, and he has measured. And among all the islands, sailing distances, and climate details, he has achieved a much better compliance when he places the Battle of Troy far up in the north instead of in Greece. More specifically around the coasts of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. I'm convinced that St.Petersburg is Troy. The official history of that city is very shady, and from what I've gathered it was dug up from the swampy mud as the ruins of some ancient city.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX8ljqgNH10 New video from Asha Logos >>11911 This may be because of the fact that Israel and India has made close ties with each other.
Open file (763.01 KB 2000x1337 5o9njjn3abh3.jpg)
Open file (118.68 KB 510x329 Heuneburg_600_B.C..jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 5000x3520 9e80b5bm2d121.png)
>>11880 Greeks and Italians were White and are still White. Additionally, other Europeans didn't sit in mudhuts while twirling their thumbs. Celts, for example, did establish cities like Heuneburg all over Europe. Compared to Greeks or Romans, yes they get dwarved, but you don't think of the Greeks and Romans as mediocre, do you? Sadly, wood does fades away better than the stone, they went down the same path like most medieval castles, built out of timber and disappeared. >>11874 3rd pic related. Observe Shandong itself and Manchuria, where many Shandong natives migrated to.
>>11927 >Israel and India Honestly Indians don't give a lot of shit about jews. And on topic, when you said that youre referring to the Indian nationalists who deny the Aryan Invasion Theory.
>>11938 The first picture was made by an anti-racist and the portraits are off, considering some of them look like they came straight from India. >>11941 This is wrong, Indians love Israel and they have much respect for them. If Indians didn't give a shit about them, then shit-skins wouldn't praise Israel so much. The kikes likely promoted Dravadian nationalism to we wuz kangz the Aryans who aren't anything like them.
>>11880 This sounds like something a cuckchanner would say, you're retarded, because Whites weren't primitive thinking whatsoever, watch Asha Logo's latest videos, because he explains how we were the exact opposite of primitive. The vikings are an example of those, who get called primitive and stupid by Christians and Jews, due to their past of raiding and pillaging their churches and swaying their women from them. Even though their entire religion is based off Hellenic, Celtic and Astaru art and traditions and early Christianity only appeased the lowest denominator of men during Rome, they dare call us primitive. They weren't niggers like dumbasses will project, because they can't distinguish the difference between a modern mudhut nor understand what mudhuts are used for in the first place. The Vikings were wise enough to understand things such as laws, trade, community, kin, and the importance of leadership. As soliders they usually had some of the best equipment at the time which made them a powerful and feared force throughout Europe. The Germans were able to kick the Romans out of Germany, the Frisians handed out constant defeats to the Romans, and the Goths ended their gay cosmopolitan bugmen empire and still later on the Germans throughout history are known for occupying Italy and sacking Rome over and over again just like their ancestors did during the antiquity. Whites being primitive is a modern lie.
>>11951 I’ve seen Arabs Whiter than some of those emperor’s portraits kek, fuck. Unfortunately Thuletide’s “correction” was not much better, since it fails to acknowledge the shifts that seem to have taken place in how many of the ancient Romans appeared.
>>11951 >The kikes likely promoted Dravadian nationalism to we wuz kangz the Aryans who aren't anything like them. Probably. But if there are Indians who chose to accept their fate as having Dravidian blood and not Aryan, props to them. Imagine living with an inferior status forever.
>>11958 For them, they do not see it as forever. With reincarnation in their minds, they realize that being a shitskin is a result of their sins, and that they will be reborn one day if they are lucky as Aryans. A much healthier mindset. https://www.savitridevi.org/hindudom.html
>>11974 >they will be reborn one day if they are lucky as Aryans. A much healthier mindset. The flip side is a lack of empathy and drive for improving the current condition. Devi talks about it in Impeachment of Man
The Wusun (烏孫) >According to Yan Shigu’s 顏師古 commentary on the Hanshu, ch. 96A “Among the various Rong in the Western Regions, the Wusun’s shape was the strangest; and the present barbarians who have blue eyes and red hair, and are like a macaque, belonged to the same race as the Wusun.” http://www.sino-platonic.org/complete/spp080_saka_sai.pdf >Initially, when only a few number of skulls from Wusun territory were known, the Wusun were recognized as a Caucasoid people with slight Mongoloid admixture.Later, in a more thorough study by Soviet archaeologists of eighty-seven skulls of Zhetysu, the six skulls of the Wusun period were determined to be purely Caucasoid or close to it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wusun
>>11874 >Linzi Quite importantly we have whitish people who are located on the far east side of China, which would prove a complete crossing over the entire country from west to east, or perhaps from a sea-based group going up the eastern shores. Once way or another, the median of both the Tarim people and the Linzi subgroup would strongly suggest that historically, there would have been influences of Whiter ways of thought primarily through the presence of Whites on both sides of this large country. Which therefore brings one to ponder the true origin of discoveries such as paper and powder, or even the construction of mighty ships in what was reported in advance of those of the Portuguese. >>11938 >height, north-east Seems to potentially tie into the area that, just over that piece of sea, would land into Ainu territory. What about the physical appearance though? Height isn't everything, I've seen very tall niggers too. >>11941 Current India does juicy business with Israel, against Pakistan and sometimes giving a cold shoulder to China too. China big friend of Israel too.
>>11954 I think it's the idea that if you didn't have a swimming pool you were primitive.
Open file (19.47 KB 778x227 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12146 >Which therefore brings one to ponder the true origin of discoveries such as paper and powder, or even the construction of mighty ships in what was reported in advance of those of the Portuguese. Exactly what was I thinking myself. A cursory search on Wikipedia seems to suggest that papermaking was first done in China in the 2nd century B.C., well in the time frame where Europoid groups were living in Linzi some 2,500 years ago. Also important to note: > The earliest extant paper fragment was unearthed at Fangmatan in Gansu province, and was likely part of a map, dated to 179–141 BCE.[5] Fragments of paper have also been found at Dunhuang dated to 65 BCE and at Yumen pass, dated to 8 BCE Dunhuang, Yumen and and Fangmatan are "coincidentally" all in modern Gansu, the same province where it has been reported by chroniclers that blue eyed, red-haired "barbarians" lived, as seen in >>12048. This is quite eye-opening if we really stop and think about it.
>>12152 >Odious pro-White, Whitewashing, White-centrist and above all anti-non-White revisionism!!! Pure coincidence! Moving on! (Logic would suggest that there remained enough Whites in this area for smart things to happen.)
>>11874 This is going to be looooooong so sorry for the spam. Here comes a 2006 (!!) thread on Stormfront that talks about China. https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t351070/ It seems there was another old thread they had but it's dead, if an archive exists or still lingers in some web cache, please link to it. https://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php/chinas-caucasian-shaman-mummy-mystery-350555.html Here's how the OP (OdinPatrick) summarized some facts: >The Linzi(Zibo) population of 500 B.C genetically match up to present-day European populations. >The Current Day population in Zibo are genetically closest to the Mongols, Japanese, and Koreans. >Shandong Province, Linzi was in Central Shandong. >The 2,500-year-old Linzi population clusters with the present-day European populations: Icelander, German, Finnish,Welsh, and Portuguese. Oddly, no Russians. He goes on about the Whites in the Xinjiang's Tarim Basin and the Celtic mummies. We now know that for a long time these Whites were unmixed, then something happened. The following main question is when this started and how long it took to be complete? Tarim Basin DATE race(s) example(s) 2000 BC White Beauty of Loulan 1000 BC White Charchan Man 0 CE White Yingpan Man ....... ........ ........
>>12156 Poster OdinPatrick continues; >This leaves me with a burning question. > >Was Sun Tzu and Confucius White? > >They both lived around 500 BC, and in the Shandong Province. Just 90-120 km from the capital of the ancient Qi State - Linzi/Zibo. > >They were little known during their life, and their biographies, sculptures, and paintings were composed 600-1400 years after they died. Therefore, the people painting their image would have been Chinese, who probably didn't know that during 500 BC European people were the inhabitants of the Shandong Province. > >Confucius was a teacher who more than any other shaped Chinese culture. >Although little known in his lifetime, Confucius was revered as the greatest of sages throughout most of China's history. His teaching, Confucianism, was the state teaching from the beginning of the Han Dynasty in 202 BC to the end of the imperial period in 1911. > >The Art of War by Sun Tzu has been one of the most popular combat collections in history. Ancient Chinese have long viewed this book as one of the entrance test materials, and it is one of the most important collections of books in the Chinese literature. > >Just 90 km North of Qufu (Confucius' birth site), was Linzi, the ancient capital city. It was all White according to the oxford DNA study. This makes you think, if the Linzi inhabitants were drastically different from the rest of the province, wouldn't anybody write about this? That is why during the time of Confucius I believe all the people in Shandong were White, because you would think if Sun Tsu was Asian he would have amassed an army to kick out the foreigner from the State Capital right? You would think if Confucius or Mencius were Asian they would have mentioned the capital City being primarily inhabited by Icelanders! >Therefore, I can only assume that Confucius and Sun Tzu were White because the only Genetic Evidence in their birth province of Shandong shows the inhabitants were White during their life. If not White, at least highly likely to have had a considerable amount of White admixture.
>>12157 >This is from China's official website about Zibo(Linzi), the ancient capital of the Qi Empire. > >"Zibo, located in the middle of the Shandong Province, is a “comparatively big city” (with a) population of 4.13 million... Zibo has a long history and profound cultural heritage. The Linzi district was home to the ancient capital of the Qi State, making Zibo a famous historical and cultural city in China." > >The most famous cultural city in China is a White founded City! (ROFL smiley) > >Here is another site. > >Zibo was once the capital of the ancient Qi State, the most prosperous state during the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods over 2,000 years ago in China. Two thousand six hundred and eighty years ago, Qi Huangong, emperor of the Qi State, appointed Guan Zhong, the famous thinker and economist, as his prime minister, and adopted Guan's thoughts and policies to administer his country, reform the economic system and develop relations with other states, After scores of years, the Qi State became the strongest state for its economic and military strength, and was named as the "state with one thousand chariots" and the "head of the five strongest states", The culture and education undertakings were rather developed in the Qi State. Both poetry and music were of high level. The much-told story about Confucian's "not knowing what meat smells like" while listening to the graceful music is a best proof to that. Linzi District remained its capital for as long as 638 years, and was them the biggest city in the then orient. >-----As the birthplace of the famous Qi Culture, Zibo has quite a number of cultural scenic spots. In the national city of history and culture, Linzi District, the ruins of the ancient Qi city, the pit for burying the funerary horses and chariots and other famous cultural relics and historic sites, have been discovered and unearthed. All of them exemplify the past prosperity of the Qi State. The ancient city of Qi, one of the first batch of cultural relics protection units, is rich in cultural relics and historical sites, and, therefore, has won the title of the "Underground Museum". > >http://www.sdbol.com/zibotoday/ga1.htm Personal opinion: It's possible that even the men's and women's names might have been partially or fully gooked centuries later, just like they completely gooked their physical appearances as suggested by OP (author of the SF thread). >This is getting me all excited to learn about a hidden White history. > >The Qi State (whose state capital was Linzi) was founded around 1046 BC, and violently replaced by the Tien family in 384 BC. The DNA study by Oxford showed that in 500 BC the capital was a White city. > >The destruction of the Qi state in 384 BC probably brought further miscegenation, and this could be why by 1AD the capital city was no longer White majority. > >Interestingly enough Greek culture reached its pinnacle during the fourth century BC. Coincidence?
>>12158 >Shandong Province has been stated as the Birthplace of Chinese Culture? But I think with the evidence of Europeans people in China 2500 years ago, does this mean that all the Chinese advancement are because of Whites? Maybe not but the White admixture would help A LOT here. >Confucius lived from 551-479 BC in the Shandong Province, in a city called Qufu, > >During Confucius's time, there was no genetic DNA evidence in Linzi(Zibo) of any Asians. All the residents in the the Qi State Capital were most closely related to Icelanders, not Asians! > >Sun Tsu was born around 450-500 BC as well, exactly the same time of the study, in the shandong province, just as Confucius. Another poster, reltih145, provided good insight too; >I think the chief value of the Shandong DNA study is that it puts to rest any arguments about the old Chinese legends about Whites founding their civilization or the legends of the Wu-Sans (giants said to have red hair and green eyes). Evidently the stories are all true. >Something else I just thought of. Consider how lately North American scientists are attributing the Clovis tool kit to European influence rather than native indian. This is many thousands of years ago. White people were likely explorers as soon as they had evolved.There are undoubtably even older White civilizations in China and other nearby areas yet to be discovered.
>>12159 Now a curious point. >(OP) >What is upsetting is the slow miscegenation that occurred to the Linzi(Zibo) inhabitants. When they formed the Qi state in 1046 B.C they would have been pure European. Then as time progressed, according to the oxford DNA study, the more the inhabitants resembled Turks, and then what we know as a "Chinese" in the third wave. Emphasis mine. >Of course this is to be expected in China. What is flawed, is that their image of Confucius is what artists and people in Shandong would have looked like in 600-900 AD, not 500 BC. All the sculptures and paintings were done by asian artists over 1000 years after he died, so they were just creating his image out of thin air using the average shandong inhabitant as model. Then modern artists are now basing new models on the work from 600-900 AD artists. It reminds me how Buddha looks White in Greek art, Indian in India, and Chinese in China. They want Confucius to be Chinese, so they reject DNA evidence. >A lot can happen in a 1000 years. Heck look at Detroit, it was 90% White 50 years ago, now it's 90% non White. Jewish influence has this effect to accelerate replacement. >Imagine if somebody 1400 years(or even currently) makes a sculpture of Henry Ford using the average Detroit male a base for the sculpture? The real big question is how come two White peoples that occupied the same area for two thousand years uninterrupted got so easily replaced? Did they take mutts as slaves? Were they getting sick? Were they flooded by non-Whites in much greater numbers? >>(OP) The 2,500-year-old Linzi population clusters with the present-day European populations: Icelander, German, Finnish,Welsh, and Portuguese. Oddly, no Russians. >(Zeon) That's because in those times the areas of modern Russia were inhabited by Finnic and Ugric peoples. It was just later that Slavs emigrated north and east and pushed Finns, Estonians, Votes, etc. to their present locations.
>>12161 >(OP) Some interesting things about this time period in Shandong. > >Zhou Dynasty: 1122 BC to 256 BC existed in Shandong. The Zhou dynasty lasted longer than any other in Chinese history, and the use of iron was introduced to China during this time" > >"In the West, the Zhou period is often described as feudal because the Zhou's early rule invites comparison with medieval rule in Europe." > >All over the place, you see stuff from Sino-centrists and the china government saying "we introduced you stupid Europeans metallurgy , the yoke, etc" But, with the Oxford University revelation, DNA evidence shows the inhabitants of the Qi State capital were European before Asian. The other researh proved of DNA evidence of Europeans in Western China (tarim basin) 1000 years before Asians, these Sino-Centrist "facts" are now all in doubt. Think the kikes'n'chinks are going to suppress this as much as they can? >Interestingly though, after Oxford published this report, they haven't done any follow up debate or discussion regarding the implications that the original inhabitants in western and eastern china weren't Chinese, but Europeans. Nobody has mentioned that during this time period of the study (few years before and after 500BC) and the area(shandong) many of the Chinese achievements such as language, metallurgy, the yoke, and philosophical and military theory just "sprung" forth. All this "achievement" while the QI state Capital, (according to oxford) is genetically similar to modern day "Icelanders, welsh, portuguese, Germans". > >For example, Chinese claim they introduced the Yoke to Europeans, that may be true (Europe did have a period of lost knowledge), but who introduced it to the Chinese first? The sad thing is that Whites seem to go through periods of near complete reboot. This must cease. There must be unity at once. >(gilliam) Kazahks and Uzbeks are, on average, 50% White (or caucasoid), Krygytz are 25% White, Tadjiks about 75% White on average. > >The demise of the Tarim people wasn't quite a "WHAM!" thing. Check out the book "The Mummies of Urumqui" (can't recall the author). These people actually picked up and migrated out of the basin back in the late B.C. era, where they presumably lost their ethnic identity by melting back into the Hellenic population of Alexander's Empire. The ones who remained, naturally, eventually vanished into the Asian population. > >The book also points out that the height on Yingpan Man is incorrect; somehow, like Napoleon's height post-mortem, the numbers were mistranlated: he was actually 5'9". (The so-called "Beauty of Loulan" a red-headed female mummy a thousand years older than Yingpan Man, was a foot shorter than that!)
>>12162 >(gilliam) And check out this link: > >http://www.pbs.org/wnet/secrets/case_amazon/clues.html > >Somebody mentioned something about the Sarmatians/Scythians not being European because they spoke an Iranic language--well, the Iranic languages were once not confined to modern Iran! The Sarmatians and Scythians (and their predecessors, the Cimmerians--yep, Cimmerians) dwelled in the European steppes. Indeed, their modern-day descendants, the Christian Ossettes (the people who were the victims of the Chechen school atrocity a few years ago) are still around. >(hobobob) Some "unmixed" Chinese from the North do seem to hold a few physical characteristics that could otherwise be attributed to Europeans. They're generally much taller than those from the south or middle of the country, and also much lighter skinned. Whilst part of this is clearly an environmental and adaptive change, I believe that small degrees of Caucasian DNA clearly does exist in some of them. I've wondered about this before, noticing a couple of Chinese that could almost pass for White if it wasn't for their epicanthic fold.
>>12163 >(OP) the first study 3/5 scientists were Japanese, the 2nd study 4/5 were Chinese. The Chinese scientists are releasing Biased Data because they are told so by their tyrannical government. I would put a lot more weight into the first study than the 2nd. > >> Bias in Reporting of Genetic Association Studies >> >>"The authors examined 13 gene–disease associations. Studies were more likely to be published when the disease was considered common in China. They found 161 Chinese studies on 12 of these gene–disease associations, only 20 of which were indexed in PubMed. Chinese studies had significantly more prominent genetic effects than non-Chinese studies, and 48% were statistically significant per se, despite their smaller sample size. Moreover, the largest, most exaggerated genetic effects were often seen in PubMed-indexed Chinese studies. Chinese studies usually appeared several years after their equivalent was first postulated in the world literature. >> >>The larger genetic effects in Chinese studies are unlikely to reflect genuine heterogeneity and are more likely to do with publication bias operating within the Chinese literature, say the authors. It is possible that there was reluctance to submit and publish negative or inconclusive results when a large body of English-language literature has shown the presence of genetic effects. However, such “forced” confirmation negates the importance of independent confirmation of research results. This problem is probably not limited to the Chinese literature. These phenomena haven't been noted in molecular medicine before, but could become a serious problem in such a fast-moving field. Moreover, the inclusion of poor-quality research and additional selectively reported data may contaminate the better literature rather than provide a more accurate, comprehensive picture." >http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/art...?artid=1285068 > >Whattya know, several years after this genetic study (https://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/17/9/1396), the Chinese scientists released this study (https://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/20/2/214#F01). Each genetic study had completely different outcomes, what study do you believe? > >Basically, they are saying the Chinese genetic studies are biased because they are "forced". Pubmed also states genetic studies from the Chinese just cloud genetic studies of the past and do not help clarify the picture. This is why I'll believe those 3 Japanese scientists over those 4 Chinese ones. > >I don't trust any study on genetics where 4/5 scientists were Chinese. The Government had total control of the 2nd study no? I mean, the first study, the Government probably didn't care because they just assumed Chinese inhabitants were in Shandong 2500 years ago. > >But, when they realized that Europeans were in Shandong of past and ethnic Japanese consist of modern Shandong population, it would be in their best interest to make the 2nd genetic study reveal contradictory facts. Fuck I'm not paid to aggregate the best bits but it's useful to us.
>>12164 Tempering the excitement? >(Lost sock) Hey guys, I think it's neat that Whites may have helped out in building China, but let's not go crazy here. You're jumping to conclusions way too easily. You can't just read a study that says there were some Whites in China, then automatically assume, "This can only mean that Whites were solely responsible for all the advancements in ancient Chinese history!" there isn't nearly enough evidence for that, let alone to start claiming Confucious, Sun Tzu and every other important thinker was White. > >Besides, even if your theory is true [Note: OdinPatrick's], Chinese inventiveness continued well after these Whites were phased out. Or are you suggesting that they stuck around for thousands of years? Don't you think it would have been better documented if there was this small group of White people in China single handedly inventing paper, gunpowder, compass, block printing, etc.? > >As for why China stagnated for a few hundred years? Well, I don't know the answer to that. But it's not like Europe didn't also have its own period of stagnation (the dark ages). I think the failure to develop the market economy was key. At one point, China was easily in the position to conquer and colonize foreign lands far before Europe did (look up Admiral Zheng He's voyages), but they simply extracted tribute from them instead because they had this attitude that places outside of China were mostly worthless and not worth looking into. > >The Chinese built a great civilization, DEAL WITH IT. Gosh, it's not like we have anything to be jealous of, considering Whites built their own great civilizations. Strange reaction. The data provided by OP and his reasoning are very solid. They might have already been Asians in lower ranks of the Zibo area but we'd again be facing a case of a White elite, perhaps smaller in numbers. Mummies would be a privilege not accessible to the poorer people (damn those White CIS privileges again). >(newPagan) Keep in mind that Whites were likely not outright slaughtered but instead probably bred themselves into the Asian population. Just like modern day White males go for Asian girls our ancestors were probably no different. So now we have groups of Asians that are Whiter and higher achieving then their darker brethren.
>>12165 >(Kennewickman) Based on the available evidence a new picture is emerging about the population of Asia and the Americas, BC 2,000 and behind: > >1, It seems that the dominant population group in North America (and most likely in South America as well) and the Far East was White, 4,000 years ago and earlier. This is most likely true on the East from the Japanese Islands, all the way to present Xinjang Province, North-Western China. >There is no evidence to show that a single individual representing the Mongoloid Race was hunting the fields of North America 7,000 years ago or earlier. On the other hand all available evidence shows the presence of a White Population. >Any place we look we see a slow destruction of the Aryan DNA pool in these areas. >The Ainu of Hokkaido was pushed out of existence by a centrally organized Japanese drive starting around 1860. > >2, It is likely that out of the last ice-age the Aryans emerged as a dominant population group of this planet and they lost this position as the weather warmed. It seems that everywhere we were encountering the very same problem: We were unable to keep up our numbers and compete with the incoming Asiatic population groups. We even had problems in Europe where one can see the signs of systematical intrusions of Asiatic and African groups from the South and the East as well. >Basically the very same scenario is played out in North America today. > >3, Those Aryan Social Structures stayed well and healthy who went with the strict segregation policies. Racial segregation, the full exclusion of all other groups from our population is the only possible answer to our problem. >The White Social Structures who were able to remain clean spread out and became extremely successful again starting in the 15th Century.
>>12166 >(JohnJoyTree) The Ainu had no European heritage. > >Kenniwick man was probably Polynesian - (they are a Caucasian race). > >IMHO > >1) Before the last ice age the population of Eurasia was "ur-Caucasian" - Caucasian in the broadest sense, but not White. > >2) Mongolians evolved from ur-Caucasians in Central Asia, and spread from their homeland becuase they were better fitted for extreme climate. > >3) Whites evolved from ur-Caucasians in Europe > >4) Prehistoric Whites in China, North america, and elsewhere outside Europe, if genuine, are remains of comparatively recent and minor migrations from Europe (say in the last 2,000- 10,000 years), not the ancient founder populations (30,000 years old or so). For some reasons which you will observe next, I find this JJT moderator rather shady.
>>12167 >(Kennewickman) As we look back at the differences that existed between the races already, ten thousand years ago it is clear that there was a White Population, spreading out all over the planet. > >There is also ample evidence to show that this White Population was the spark that started up higher social structures all over the world. > >To state that the Aryan and the Mongoloid are descendents of the same group as a result of climatic adaptation is Clintonian in my opinion. (Clinton was pushing this Neanderthal line that we are all the same – a Big Happy Human Family) > >The evidence is very clear on this: The Aryans were engaged in a deadly struggle and lost in South and East Asia and also on the North American continent. One can literally follow how the Mongoloid population of the Japanese Islands kept pushing the Ainu population from the South to the North, mile by mile, finally cornering them on Hokkaido and melting them down in a final push. (again see the articles I mentioned for more details) >On the opening page of this thread you can see the map how the ancient White Population in China was already occupying the most inhabitable, desert areas of the continent. This was necessarily the result of long standing racial confrontation that resulted in the very well documented melt down of this large White Group. Their exact, detailed relationship to the present White Population will be established by more sophisticated DNA research as time goes on. > >However, simple logic tells us that during the ice age there were relatively small population groups roaming around in Europe on the ice-packs therefore the bulk of our population must have been residing in South Asia and around the Mediterranean. They were populating Europe in larger numbers by moving in after the ice-age. > >In my opinion at this time we have relatively few available samples (very often these ancient skeletons are destroyed by the active participation of the US government) and the science of DNA is at an early stage so we should not really hurry to reach “final” conclusions, yet. > >Again, we are simply short of information to create a map of population groups and movements that were taking place before the last ice-age, unless different governments are hiding or they destroyed the evidence. >And just how they do that? Again, please go back to the article I referred to above for the grizzly details.
>>12168 >>(KM) As we look back at the differences that existed between the races already, ten thousand years ago it is clear that there was a White Population, spreading out all over the planet. >(JJT) Much as I like and respect you, I can't agree >>There is also ample evidence to show that this White Population was the spark that started up higher social structures all over the world. >See above Yet this is literally inscribed right in these peoples' myths. Even the modern man and Cro-Magnon root is given to be tens of thousands years old. So why the brakes? Is this a hurt mutt? >(Ron) What I find interesting is one of the mummies was buried with a gold mask just as was done in ancient Greece. Is it possible a splinter group of these people migrated into Greece carrying with them some of their traditions? Hear! Hear!
>>12169 >(KM) The only oriental nation that was able to create a modern society of their own, closely following the Western example was the Japanese. >Present Japanese scientific opinion says that their population is sharing Aryan DNA with us in the 20 to 60% ratio, less in the South and gradually more in the North. > >The Chinese created a highly centralized society after WWII and they were still unable to propel themselves into the 20th century, although they had all the instruments and the need to do so. In fact in the 1950’s and 1960’s even their very survival seemed to depend on creating a modern industrial society. Their present achievements came only after huge injection of western technology and capital, starting around twenty years ago. Still, it is most likely that they will linger around at the level of a giant mass-producer and they will struggle to build or sustain a truly modern social structure in a 21st century sense – if they will make it. >I am not arguing here that China does not or will not have the military capacity to destroy any country on this planet. All I am saying that the technological, cultural and social inventions that truly give the edge to some groups on the long run as opposed to others are not clearly present in their ranks in a way where they are able to dominate and direct social developments. Aryan admixture again. >(Lost sock) >You have to give them a break, because Communism and Mao's Cultural Revolution set the country back hugely. If the Kuomintang had won the Chinese Civil War instead of the Communists, China would likely be approaching the U.S. today as the #1 economic power in the world. Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan are examples of places not wrecked by Communism that are inhabited by ethnic Chinese. These cities have been heavily influenced by Whites, starting with the abundant trading in ports. Who was this guy kidding? I already though this LS guy had a very strange reaction. This confirms an anti-White bias. Guy is likely a gook mutt or something (if anyone has even more time than me to spare on looking into the guy's bio). >Actually, an even better example is North and South Korea. The exact same people ethnically, but a HUGE difference in technological achievement simply because of the systems of government. South Korea did certainly not develop on its own, cut from all Western civilization's influence. This is highly enriched copium.
>>12170 A good comment to suffocate the low-brow racism while we can. >(KM) I also learned to have respect for any group or race that is able to take care of a country, a nation and creates, sustains a self-supporting system. There is nothing wrong with these people, as long as they are willing to reside on their own land and marry their own women. For example I have full respect for the Iranians for building and sustaining one of the largest, self-sustaining cities, Teheran, on this planet. I see no reason why we should go there and bomb the place. > >On the issue of segregation I feel we can not compromise even for propaganda purposes. >(Sonny Boy) http://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/co...full/17/9/1396 > >>The smallest genetic distance for the present-day Linzi population was that from the Mongols, followed by those from mainland Japanese and Koreans. Surprisingly, the three smallest genetic distances for the 2,000-year-old Linzi population were from the present-day central Asian populations: the Kirghiz (Sary-Tash), followed by the Kazakh and the Uighurs. Even more surprisingly, the three smallest genetic distances for the 2,500-year-old Linzi population were from the Turkish, Icelander, and Finnish, rather than from the east Asian populations. The results indicate that the genetic backgrounds of the three populations in Linzi are distinct from each other. Figure 3 shows the phylogenetic tree based on those genetic distances; present-day populations from east Asia, including the present-day Linzi population, form a cluster, which is consistent with their geographical distribution. However, the 2,000-year-old Linzi population lies outside the present-day east Asian cluster, and the 2,500-year-old Linzi population clusters with the present-day European populations There might be a point worthy of discussion here regarding the Turks, namely the population of Anatolia in the past. The racial makeup of ancient Anatolia would be most welcome. They must have a ton of bodies lying in ancient tombs, the country is littered with temples and tombs after all. >(guest post) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/6669569.stm >>Chinese archaeologists studying ancient rock carvings say they have evidence that modern Chinese script is thousands of years older than previously thought. >>State media say researchers identified more than 2,000 pictorial symbols dating back 8,000 years, on cliff faces in the north-west of the country. >Of course, "North West" is where White people used to live back then. >(Schopfergeist) This is surprising to nobody with half a brain. > >There are how many people in China? > >Far more than in all of Europe. If they were equal, on average, China would be such a global dominator as to be unapproachable. > >Can anyone here imagine a nation composed of 1.3 billion Germans? Emphasis mine.
>>12171 Last one. >>(Battle Cry) Is it likely that this will ever be properly researched by a non-partisan group with nothing to hide? >(KM) The Chinese are not overly happy of the whole thing: They are most likely hiding a lot... >The Xinjang Province mummies were hidden in the basement of one of their "museums' until a tourist guide kicked in a door by accident... Happy luck. >(æþeling) In the archaeological record Mongoloid skulls do not show up before 10,000 years ago. Humans in China before that time seem to have had the “generic early modern human skull” probably what JJT refers to as “Ur-Caucasian”. Mongoloid racial development would seem to be comparatively late to the other major racial groups. I wonder if perhaps we should expect to see some link between Europeans and these early Caucasoid type humans in China? Our divergence from the proto-Eurasian population would seem to be far less than the Mongoloid. >(PolishSlavAryan) Everything Han Chinese claim to have invented is a typical Chinese knock-off: >Buddhism was spread by White Tocharians/Yuezhi and is by itself an Indo-Aryan religion; martial arts were not developed recently by Bruce Lee but were a defense mechanism against the invading Aryans with their metal weapons, horses and chariots; hundreds of words in the Chinese language are Indo-European such as dog, honey, King, sky, god, hero, horse, etc; Chinese mythology resembles Greek and other European ones strikingly and uncannily. Should I go further? And there it stops. I'm done.
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>>11911 Some more info on the Aztecs to supplement your post: >(pg. 145) Throughout the Valley of Mexico, a hereditary upper class (pipiltin) traced their descent from the ruler of the ancient city of Tollan, who was believed to be a descendant or manifestation of the god Quetzalcoatl >(pg.150) The Aztec nobility (pipiltin) traced their descent ultimately from the god Quetzalcoatl through the male or female line or preferably both. In the centuries preceding the Spanish conquest, the pipiltin had replaced or absorbed local elites that could not claim divine descent. >(pg. 420) Quetzalcoatl, a major cosmic deity associated with creation, fertility and the planet Venus, was identified as the ruler of the former city of Tollan, from whom all members of the nobility in the Valley of Mexico claimed to be descended. This equating of gods and ancient ethnic leaders encouraged the view that all Mexican gods were deified heroes and ancestors [...] Quetzalcoatl [was] the principal deity of priests. Source: "Understanding Early Civilizations" by Bruce G. Trigger To summarize: the entire hereditary upper class of the Valley of Mexico traced descent from Quetzalcoatl, the "White God", and was identified with a specific city and bloodline. Mixcoatl (pic one) was said to be the first one to make fire with a fire-drill. He was the father of Quetzalcoatl, and his name means "cloud serpent" (Mixtli + Coatl). Now what is interesting here is that in the Codex Telleriano-Remensis Mixcoatl is depicted as having White skin and a red beard. Quetzalcoatl's mother was Xochiquetzal, about whom it is said: >(pg. 372) "Xochiquetzal (“Flowery Queztal Feather”) is the “patronness” of weaving, embroidery, and spinning (the feminine crafts par excellence) as well as of pregnant women and childbirth. Durán states she was patroness of weavers, embroiderers, sculptors, painters, silversmiths, and “all those whose profession it was to imitate nature in crafts and in drawing. Source: Aztec Philosophy by James Maffie So associations with civilization, just like with Quetzalcoatl himself, and his father, the maker of the first fire. I have another book on the Aztec Conquest that I will consult later to see if I can learn anything more.
>>12161 >The real big question is how come two White peoples that occupied the same area for two thousand years uninterrupted got so easily replaced? This is what I can't figure out. Something happened, and it didn't just happen in China, it happened everywhere outside of Europe. This thread is fascinating. This information needs to be in school textbooks.
I'm wondering what we should do with the information in this thread after we get a substantial amount of good information. Should I try to put it all in a PDF and edit the content up so it's readable and understandable eventually?
>>12195 That info is tricky to interpret, Mesoamerican civilizations regard their rulers as literal Gods sometimes, that or they use the same names as the Gods. For example the ruler of Tollan (Tula) was a valiant warrior who invaded and took down a previous kingdom (The Burned Palace of the Giants at Tula) and made himself the ruler. He was considered very benevolent and was known for doing a loophole in the human sacrifice rituals, Gods wanted blood but not necessarily lives so he instituted a mandatory "bleeding" for many citizens so blood was given but people didn't have to die unless they were captured in battle or were bad members of society. He later migrated to the south and supposedly founded another city in Salvador. Both this guy and the God are referred as the same fella so beware of that, Aztecs, and even nowadays mexicans, have tons of problems with "divine" ancestry because the elites were complete foreigners and in the late period they realized the barbarians up in the north (great chichimeca) were always the homeplace of the original leaders and not an actual imaginary heaven place. These northerners had powerful wizards/shamans/sorcerers and some skilled engineers in their power, along with good jewelers so they made quick progress, what you should look into is what exactly were these guys from: Their supposed homeland and language was in the Hohokam/Southwest U.S. area and around there the Anasazi disappeared not that long before the Lake Settlers appeared in the South. The twist here is that the injuns around the Hohokam/Hopi/Desert injun area claim by oral traditions that the Anasazi were not quite like them, physically speaking, and were among the best builders around. I wouldn't doubt them being ancient settlers not from the asian bering crosser type. Their human rests are prohibited to be seen because americans and some fringe regionalist archeologists claim they are proof the old elites were not even mexican but aridamerican or even chinese. Pre-hispanic history is difficult as fuck because oral tradition turned the stories into superhero stuff and the actual factual documents were almost all burned down by the Vatican or sold as relics by early foot soldiers, also doesn't help the historians were among the weak ones who died from the subsequent plagues; 65 to 80% of the pre-hispanic population died of illnesses, the other 25 to 10% died in war.
>>12244 I definitely agree that nothing here regarding the Aztec or other Mesoamerican peoples is as conclusive as some of the information regarding India and China. One problem is, like you said, a poverty of reliable information. At most we have some interesting facts that could imply something, or maybe not. Same with the god Viracocha, he is also a so-called "White god" from what I have read, and just like with the Aztecs, the Spanish were identified with this deity when they arrived among the Incas. >Hopi Speaking of them, I have read that they have some very interesting traditions about multiple ages, a great flood, 'flying shields' which could move at incredible speeds and destroy cities. Related to all of this, is Pahana, or the "White Elder Brother", a sort of messiah figure.
Open file (943.86 KB 700x515 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11772 >East Asia Wasn't the founder of Chan Buddhism "Bodhidharma" called "the Blue-Eyed, Red-Bearded Barbarian "
>>12264 You’re remembering correctly, if you look up “blue eyed” and “Bodhidharma” and some place like JSTOR, it will mention this fact, and papers often include small quotes in which Buddhists like Rinzai say “that blue-eyed barbarian, Bodhidharma” >My advice to you," said he, "is to take a rest and have nothing to do. Even if that little blue-eyed barian, Bodhidharma, should come back here and now, he could only teach you to do nothing. Put on your clothes, eat your food, move your bowels. That's all. No life-and-death [cycle] to fear. No transmigration to dread. No nirvāna to achieve, and no bodhi to acquire. Just try to be an ordinary human being, having nothing to do. https://www.jstor.org/stable/44368864
I am currently reading The Artic Home in the Vedas by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, in which he compares passages from the Vedas about the passing of the days and the sun to what they are like in the arctic zone, concluding that the original homeland of the Aryan people was this arctic zone (of course, during the era in which they lived there, the climate of that region would not have been the same as in our modern era). The amount of scientific evidence used to back his claims was impressive and was certainly enough to convince me personally. >At the North Pole, one sees the heavenly dome above seems to revolve around one like a potter's wheel. The stars will not rise and set but move round and round in horizontal planes during the long night of six months. The Sun, when it is above the horizon for six months; would also appear to revolve in the same way but with some difference. The Northern celestial hemisphere will alone be visible spinning round and round and the Southern half remain invisible. The Sun going into the Northern hemisphere in his annual course will appear as coming up from the South. Living in the temperate and tropical zones, however, one sees all heavenly objects rise in the East and set in the West, some passing over the head, others traveling obliquely. >The long dawn of two months is a special and important characteristic of the North Pole. As we descend southward, the splendor and the duration of the dawn will be witnessed on a less and less magnificent scale. But the dawn occurring at the end of the long night of two, three or more months will still be unusually long, often of several days duration. This would also explain the importance that the Sun had in Aryan religions and the constant references to struggles between light and darkness. The original Aryan people would have had to live without sunlight for very long periods.
>>12417 I have that book sitting on my shelf, but I have yet to check it out. It's especially interesting to see it having been written by an Indian man. I know Savitri Devi was convinced by this work as well, I will really have to check it out soon. Does he say anything about caste or Dravidians?
>>12439 >Does he say anything about caste or Dravidians? Up until the part where I am, he has not mentioned this topic, no. He does propose a theory about only one of four races which inhabited prehistoric Europe being Aryan. Sadly, I bought this cheap edition from Amazon which was horribly edited, it's like someone copy+pasted a Word document and turned it into a book. This makes reading it a bit tiresome.
>>12264 > Chan Buddhism
>>12444 (checked) Hmm well it will be interesting to start reading and seeing what remarks he makes on this topic. I'd think that it would be bound to come up eventually, especially since some of the passages in the Rigveda sound like a literal race war. Hopefully the Arktos version I have is of better quality. That's why I hate to take risks with books sometimes, especially with more obscure shit like this.
>>12223 A PDF could be interesting if it was well-made and not just a link-dump
>>12223 There should be dedicated archivers doing this for other topics as well. No need to save every post, but rather a summary of information presented, with notable posts recorded. I fear without this we will be talking about the same things over and over again.
>>12467 It's also smart to cap good posts occasionally for the future. I have some old shit from Julay that I should make a thread for if anyone would be interested. It's not a ton of stuff, but who knows if others have their own collections from the period of the move or not. Even if not, I'm sure there is a good deal of stuff we could cap or compile on this board at this very moment. You are right that it could be smart to get some of this stuff together for newfags and people in general so we don't have to explain the same stuff over and over. Regarding the info in this thread, I will try to make it into a little PDF in the coming weeks. Even if we get new info, it won't be hard to expand. My idea would be to take the info ITT and then write about it a little bit, nothing too long, not going out on a limb too much. Sticking with the known info, but making it something interesting as well, as well as including maps and references.
>>12439 >Artic home in the Vedas I always wondered if Hyperborea or any great Aryan civilization was ever North of the equator of Earth. Does any anons here have anything that suggest that the Artic possibly had a civilization?
On the topic of Hyperboreans, Abaris the Hyperborean is very interesting. Herodotus and others report that Abaris had an arrow which granted him the power of flight: A footnote on Strabo's Geography: >Abaris was called the “Hyperborean” priest and prophet of Apollo, and is said to have visited Athens in the eighth century, or perhaps much later. According to the legend, he healed the sick,m travelled round the world, without once eating, on a golden arrow given him by Apollo, and delivered Sparta from a plague. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Strab.+7.3.8&fromdoc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0198:book=7:chapter=3&highlight=Abaris Iamblichus: >Abaris is said to have come from the Hyperboreans collecting money for the temple and prophesying pestilence; he lived in the sacred shrines and was never seen to drink or eat anything; it is said, too, that in Lacedaemon he offered preventive sacrifices, and that for this reason there was never again a plague in Lacedaemon. From this Abaris Pythagoras took the golden arrow without which he could not find his way, and so made Abaris witness to his power. https://topostext.org/people/11001 Herodotus: >I have said this much of the Hyperboreans, and let it suffice; for I do not tell the story of that Abaris, alleged to be a Hyperborean, who carried the arrow over the whole world, fasting all the while http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0126%3Abook%3D4%3Achapter%3D36 The poet Nonnus: >Abaris also you have heard of, whom Phoibos through the air perched on his winged roving arrow https://topostext.org/work/529#11.113 This sounds like some sort of vimana to me. Vimanas were well known to have varied in size from the size of a city at largest, to smaller throne-sized objects. >>12544 I just found this, it seems to mention Tilak's book and argues for the Hyperborean origin of Indo-Europeans. This could be interesting: https://web.archive.org/web/20110914092948/http://www.matrixofcreation.co.uk/php/JGB/systematics-vol1-no3-203-232.htm
>>11905 https://archive.org/details/WilliamPierce/Who%20we%20Are Why not use this as a good baseline to dig deeper?
>>12611 Why did it quote that?
While this doesn't have much to do with Whites appearing around the world, but I have heard from others that the Teutonic race aka Germanics have always been a people who have centered their ideals on individualism and liberty thus why they usually lean more liberal or are more into capitalism than other races. Is this true at all?
>>12646 Looking at what Tacitus wrote about the Germans, I find it difficult to call them in any sense "individualists", especially in a modern sense. In his work, Tacitus notes that it is a "duty" among the Germans to adopt the feuds and friendships of their fathers or kinsmen, and that odious behaviors are strictly not tolerated. They'd kill you or punish you, and literally no one would have dealings with you if you were a degenerate. The reason I mention this is that it seems to show that they were a "shame culture", which is more focused on how others react to your behavior and view you, which I think does not lend itself to an individualist ethos. Regarding freedom, it was written they the Germans do not live in cities, instead in scattered villages. Kings did not have unlimited power, and that for very important matters the tribe was consulted (i.e. they held a folkmoot or a thing assembly). This seems to indicate that they put importance on freeborn adult men in the tribe, even if they were not of a kingly or priestly line. Obviously these tribes were small by today's standards of millions of citizens, so it was nothing like (((democracy))). Regarding capitalism, it's bullshit. Capitalism promotes disintegration of society (the same kin-bonds so prized by the Germans above) and enslavement to capitalists, its association with freedom is an insidious trick.
>>12648 Well it confuses me why there are people who claim that the Germans were always for democracy and generally freedom. Hell there is economic term called "Anglo-Saxon", which supposedly means free market capitalism and thing here is that I don't remember Anglo-Saxon ever being about economics nor being individualistic as a people.
>>12651 Usually when people say this sort of thing, they have an obvious agenda that they are trying to push. Many less critical readers would look at the source from which I drew my information above and proclaim that, due to the fact that the members of the tribe were consulted in important matters, the Germans were in favor of democracy even two millennia ago! (falsely equating modern mass judeocracy with some form of tribal consultations). I've seen similar claims to the ones that you're referring to before myself, I don't really understand it either, it just seems like one of those memes that catch on that have little basis in reality, especially when liberal ideas are projected into the (distant) past like this. With Anglos, I'm sure the link is made because of people like John Stuart Mill and Adam Smith, along with other pozzed figures. I think it would be false to claim that Germans or Anglos are inherently "individualistic" or "freedom-loving" in the liberal modern senses, though. They do often exhibit the Faustian spirit of Whites though in the highest form, but that is much different than those.
One last info dump on Quetzalcoatl, from William H. Prescott's "History of the Conquest of Mexico": >A far more interesting personage was Quetzalcoatl, god of the air, a divinity who, during his residence on earth, instructed the natives in the use of metals, in agriculture, and in the arts of government. He was one of those benefactors of their species, doubtless, who have been deified by the gratitude of posterity. Under him, the earth teemed with fruits and flowers, without the pains of culture [...] In short, these were the halcycon days.... >From some cause, not explained, Quetzalcoatl incurred the wrath of one of the principal gods, and was compelled to abandon the country. On his way he stopped at the city of Cholula, where a temple was dedicated to his worship [...] When he reached the shores of the Mexican Gulf, he took leave of his followers, promising that he and his descendants would revisit them hereafter, and then, entering his wizard skiff, made of serpent's skins, embarked on the great ocean for the fabled land of Tlapallan. He was said to be tall in stature, with a White skin, long, dark hair, and a flowing beard. The Mexicans looked confidently to the return of the benevolent deity; and this remarkable tradition, deeply cherished in their hearts, prepared the way, as we shall see hereafter, for the future success of the Spaniards. Interesting stuff. I'm not sure what a "wizard skiff" is though. Some sort of magical boat, I guess. And Tlapallan is clearly Europe. My real question though is - what was Quetzalcoatl's end-game? We have many stories about benevolent White gods going around and spreading their knowledge, but did they not think that doing this would threaten the existence of their own Volk? Were things really just that different back then?
>>12654 >have many stories about benevolent White gods going around and spreading their knowledge, but did they not think that doing this would threaten the existence of their own Volk How so?
>>12670 Well, I just compare it to what we have seen in the recent past (late 19th and early 20th centuries), where gradually Whites lost their near-monopoly on industry and high technology. Before we would just use our colonies as a cashcow for resources and to absorb the products of our industrial might, but eventually we began to move production to them too, and disseminate our knowledge, processes and technology to the natives, which in time gave them strength which otherwise they never would have had, something which I believe has eventually led White people to great harms, and an undermining of our former strength. Of course, this is not the only reason, as there are (((internal))) sources of our downfall as well. Either way, even if we are to take these tales at face value, it's clear that Quetzalcoatl was not teaching the Aztecs everything he knew given the fact that he has the ability to use magical boats and stuff.
>>12690 In that case, the non-Whites should be thanking us. It's not their fault, they got subverted by kikes.
>>12715 Of course, non-Whites owe essentially everything to Whites, this thread makes that even starker, but this is especially true in regards to the Industrial Revolution. > It's not their fault, they got subverted by kikes. Non-Whites, like all weaker parties, are very susceptible to subversion. Kikes feed on their envy, hatred, and feelings of powerlessness to turn them into golems. Jews have done the same thing to women with feminism. I can't blame non-Whites for seizing ahold of White technology, what group wouldn't? Technology allows one much greater power projection and the ability to do things much more efficiently (consequences aside). It just turns out that this is bad for Whites.
>>12654 >what was Quetzalcoatl's end-game? Maybe these gods were similar to modern-day Whites who try to help Africans develop their countries for no other reason that they want to help people, without thinking of the long-term consequences of these actions. It's like the story in Gilgamesh of the savage man who is assisted in evolving into a civilized human being by a member of a higher race. We can assume that many of these ancient gods were people who really existed, like Indra, Krishna and Odin/Wotan, who became deified because of great deeds. So it's not like they were perfect and all-knowing. Which is probably also why these gods are often depicted as having human flaws in myths.
>>12743 Quite unfortunate really. Some non-Whites have benefitted from the help and thanked Whites but the majority of their race would've hated Whites anyway.
>>12747 A classic case of biting the hand that feeds you
>>12654 >tall in stature, with a White skin, long, dark hair, and a flowing beard Thanks for posting this, i don't recall reading that anywhere here but now that you quote that it does remind me an awful lot to that Madock legend from bongland about a king who sailed to the west and supposedly landed around the gulf of Mexico somewhere.
Open file (398.40 KB 381x525 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (439.72 KB 360x525 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12777 Yeah, no problem. I had never heard of Madoc before, but this is a genuinely interesting story it looks like. I only wish we were told how far before the coming of the Spanish did Quetzalcoatl come and leave, or with this Madoc character, exactly where he is alleged to have gone, because if the many suggestions in this article are true, there is much speculation.
Open file (115.59 KB 465x549 StateCoat.jpg)
Open file (104.31 KB 736x845 Bas0809.jpg)
>>12256 Didn't see this one. >I have read that they have some very interesting traditions Hopis were some of the few who were very anal about oral tradition and cave paintings as testament, they belong or are considered father to the whole hohokam culture (Southwest US, Northwest Mexico). It is suspected they are orthodox descendants of the Clovis, whatever that means because they are thousands of years in difference, and yeah they do have some interesting lore behind due to their rampant shamanistic/ayahuasca rituals (very small sauna with booze and drugs). Along with your descriptions there's also the most famous one, a giant spider web in the sky watching us and the small box of dust that will fall from the highs and which can boil the lakes and scorch the forests in an instant, if you believe they had some sort of link to watch the future they probably saw the nuclear tests that were coincidentally made in their ancestral lands, they also mention they will all die and be replaced with another kind of man, one not good or bad but just different. Very interesting indeed, that movie Koyaanisqatsi develops on those ideas, recommended viewing if somebody wants to watch actual motion pictures. You can also take a wild guess what their (and Hohokam's) favorite symbol was
>>12778 That second page is pure speculation for sure, and a wild shot too because the possible landing places are the entire continent, with the full gulf as the most specific part. From Yucatan to Alabama there's a lot of bush, perhaps he went away and when he returned he simply landed half a world away. The fact no injun knew how to make metal utensils but just soft jewelry is also a point which means he wasn't very successful, but it strikes me that somebody using a green gambeson would scare more than one snake-fearing redskin away. Honestly the Vatican burning deer skins with finger paintings in them is second to the Library of Alexandria being burned down twice.
Open file (254.85 KB 598x498 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (229.36 KB 580x458 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (127.34 KB 477x441 ClipboardImage.png)
Info on the Hanau Epe (the long-ears) and the Hanau Momoku (the short-ears), two groups of people who are traditionally said to have existed on Easter Island. A decisive battle led to the extermination of the Hanau Epe, who were all burned to death in a great ditch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanau_epe http://ihr.org/other/heyerdahl-newworld https://archive.org/details/thorheyerdahlaku037009mbp/mode/1up
Moai with red-topknots
>>12783 I hear a lot about red heads, but rarely anything about blond hair. Where are the yellow headed gods or lords that are also said to be created with creating civilization.
>>12784 >To be created Meant to have created
Open file (22.36 KB 500x333 chachapoya 2.jpg)
Open file (25.54 KB 500x333 chachapoya 1.jpg)
>>12784 You know, I've been kind of thinking the same thing. The classic meme is of course blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryans being the source of higher civilizations, but as you've probably seen yourself ITT time and time again we hardly hear about blonds, just red heads basically. One example of blonds that hasn't been mentioned ITT are the Cloud People of Peru, or the Chachapoya >They are the Whitest and most handsome of all the people that I have seen in Indies, and their wives were so beautiful that because of their gentleness, many of them deserved to be the Incas' wives and to also be taken to the Sun Temple (...) The women and their husbands always dressed in woolen clothes and in their heads they wear their llautos, which are a sign they wear to be known everywhere https://www.amren.com/news/2013/09/how-did-blonde-Whites-arrive-in-peru-before-columbus/
>>12469 >It's also smart to cap good posts occasionally for the future. I have some old shit from Julay that I should make a thread for if anyone would be interested A "good ol' caps" thread you mean?
>>12887 Yeah, essentially.
>>12786 And these are one of the few I hear about truly having blond hair other than some other native tribes. But the problem here is that a lot of archeologists and scientists claim that some of the greatest rulers who were European had red hair. As an example would be men like Alexander the great are said to actually have had red hair rather than blond hair, doesn't make sense to me to be honest.
>>12779 >small box of dust that will fall from the highs and which can boil the lakes and scorch the forests in an instant The bible has a similar artifact used by some angel, which contains a liquid that can destroy a river and deplete it of its water.
>>12567 The arrow definitely sounds like a sleek monoseat needle-shaped airship. That's what they'd described as an arrow. furiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinju
>>12611 Beat me to it. Unapologetically supportive of missed opportunities of open genocide in some cases. Must read.
>>12652 There would be no point having a king if they had anything like our democracy. Their system was sane, with a natural feedback checking feature, but the king's final word seemed to be sought nevertheless. The Anglo-saxon individualistic meme is a mere association with the capitalistic culture and the taint of Protestantism since it did without the central authority of the Papacy that Catholicism respects, giving a sense in comparison that Anglos are more individualized and free, almost implying a faint hue of anarchism.
>>12654 Some names also clearly share an etymological root ~atls, i.e. cognate of Atlantis. >We have many stories about benevolent White gods going around and spreading their knowledge, but did they not think that doing this would threaten the existence of their own Volk? What if they were looking for a labor force to build the "temples" (with all their magical functions) but felt like they needed to civilize them so as to make them an efficient enough laborious people? That or they were just like too benevolent boomers of their time, wanting to civilize people who essentially wouldn't want any of it naturally, nor capable of it, but for some reason I don't think they were that naive. It's possible some of these explorers might also have had some kind of ego trip. Or perhaps they were trying to complete something cause their race has been stuck on this planet for a long time and wanna call home... ? I'm curious about those boats that move on their own and feats of destruction brought by some of these White gods (Quetzacoatl comes to my mind, Viracocha too) summoning fire from the sky. >>12782 >Easter island people: White vs **** How old is this? We are never shown such White ancestors. I know that many of them were extracted by force from these islands, but we're never told that there might have been very White people amongst these guys. Then many died of a virus they were never exposed to before, until the survivors were brought back to the island. >long ears vs short ears The now called natives have, I suppose, small rounded ears. Is that it? Looks like the top caste got too greedy or too naive and, perhaps flooded in numbers, got killed as the short ears didn't give much of a fuck about statues, which was all hard work to chisel out and drag. Then these morons turned onto each other and ate human flesh.
Open file (95.02 KB 540x677 moai easter island.jpg)
>>12926 The -atl ending (or more accurately -tl) is apparently a suffix attached to nouns under certain conditions: >Non-possessed nouns take a suffix called the absolutive. This suffix takes the form -tl after vowels (ā-tl, "water") and -tli after consonants, which assimilates with a final /l/ on the root (tōch-tli, "rabbit", but cal-li, "house"). Some nouns have an irregular form in -in (mich-in, fish). These suffixes are dropped in most derived forms: tōch-cal-li, "rabbit-hole", mich-matla-tl, "fishing net". Possessed nouns do not take the absolutive suffix (see Noun inflection below), but do receive a prefix to denote the possessor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_Nahuatl_grammar#Noun_inflection Regarding Viracocha, I have one or two books either on the Incas or that include information on the Incas, I will have to see what it is said about them in there here soon. >How old is this? It was written in 1957. Heyerdahl visited the Easter Island with an Norwegian archeological expedition in 1955-6.
>>12924 May I know what do you exactly support what Pierce was saying?
>>12961 You'll read at some point the invasion of the Greek area; for which he regretted that those civilization bearers of greater might simply settled on leading the people they conquered instead of slashing a good number of them, because in the end the greater racial input was lost and diluted well before the Turkic and Muslims invasions. It's a great read that offers a proper summary of the topic in this thread for the last 3000 years somehow concerned the most well known parts of Europe and nearby areas. Would make a good educational course at higher school levels.
>>13043 To me, I think that those who want to be lead by their conquerers can be taught.
>>13052 >You'll read at some point the invasion of the Greek area; for which he regretted that those civilization bearers of greater might simply settled on leading the people they conquered instead of slashing a good number of them, I'll never understand why Whites didn't just kill off all or most of the males, and took the females. It's doesn't make sense why they were so accepting of the iranian niggers and Dravadian when they could of just killed off their male population and that would of solved all their problems.
>>13053 What you say makes no sense. If you take the females then you're committing miscegenation. It's in fact more efficient to kill the females as the fewer of them immediately creates a serious biological bottleneck. Either you segregate racially or you don't. Whether you kill the others or simply maintain a form of religious apartheid as in India is another topic.
>>13062 Unfortunately even the system in India is flawed. It is a very good system in light of the state of racial science thousands of years ago, but unfortunately it is good at protecting the females, but allows higher caste White males too much leeway, allowing them to have children with lower caste women as well.
>>13062 >What you say makes no sense. If you take the females then you're committing miscegenation. It's in fact more efficient to kill the females as the fewer of them immediately creates a serious biological bottleneck. The thing here is that, the Indo-European invasions were mostly male. The lack of women within their tribes was probably the reason for why they committed in miscegenation.
>>13075 >unfortunately it is good at protecting the females Why is protecting the females bad? And how are they protected exactly?
>>13085 Looking back at my post, I see how you were able to read into it that protecting females is bad. I just worded it badly, what I was trying to say was that although it is good at protecting high-caste females from race-mixing, it fails in that it does not adequately prevent high-caste males from having children with lower-caste females. The women are protected in the sense that if the laws are properly applied, women won't be permitted to interact with lower-caste men. In fact the Laws of Manu I am referencing here do not permit much independence to females at all. The massive flaw in the system, at least according to the Laws of Manu, is that males can marry down, and that there is something which says something to the effect of "it is the seed that matters, not the field it is sown in" - this of course is leads to mongrelization, and a belief that it is only the seed that matters will directly harm the higher-caste women as mongrels will slowly seep into the higher-castes In contrast, the Bhagavad Gita appears to take a far harsher line regarding any racial mixture, just see the infograph I have attached.
>>13087 What do the Laws of Manu and BG talk about lower caste people (Dravidians)? Any praise or criticism of them?
>>13090 The Bhagavad Gita divides people into four castes according to the three modes of material natures / gunas. The highest guna is that of goodness, purity and knowledge. It corresponds to the highest caste of Brahmanas. The Kshatriyas are in the mode of passion, Vaishyas are between passion and ignorance, and the lowest, shudras, are in the mode of ignorance. They're basically lethargic subhumans who chase after sense-gratification and other forms of degeneracy. This is what the Gita says. It's pretty easy to see why Shudras need controlled by the higher castes. The Laws of Manu are very harsh towards shudras. Here is a verse that will give you an idea of how they are see in this work: >(8.413) the śūdra was created by the Self-existent One solely to do slave labour for the Brahmin The punishments for Shudras are also often harsher, and the penalties for harming them are less than for the higher twice-born Aryan castes. Even insulting a Brahmin is said to warrant the tongue of a shudra being cut out.
Open file (1.55 MB 750x420 cqJHWEurxOZhhmHs.mp4)
Open file (763.96 KB 738x410 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13095 >Euhemerism I don't know why it bothers me, but it does.
>>13097 im more bothered that there are people who readily believe the opposite
Open file (689.67 KB 680x1156 pagan galaxy brain.png)
>>13098 It depends on what view one is taking. Interestingly, the more one does research into what actually educated pagans believed, the more one sees that the literal anthropomorphic depiction that we are all taught in school was not the view that people had, especially among the educated. Euhemerism was one interpretation, as were other interpretations such as there was in reality a single God who was applied different names poetically as it worked in different areas of nature, such as the sea, the sky, etc. The third view, and I've seen this used by people such as Richard L. Thompson who published much on Vedic perspectives of science, was that much of what is referred to is real, but are referring to higher dimensional realities that humans cannot easily access with their five senses, especially within the Kali Yuga, where it is actually written that human sense perceptions, memory and the like have all degraded from their higher states in other ages. This one seems the most compelling to me, though whether it is true or not I can't say. What we are left with otherwise is basically the conclusion that our ancestors, and nearly all of humanity, were mentally ill schizos by modern medical standards. The other theory is that these pagan beliefs were per-scientific explanations for various forces of Nature, but to me this seems unsatisfactory as well once one really thinks about it, since what we are dealing with here is hardly an assemblage of ad hoc explanations for various unexplained phenomena, but something which seems often like a description of a totally different world and outlook from that of almost anyone today. I'm still researching though.
Open file (210.48 KB 1183x863 1494639890155.jpg)
>>13097 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=CQo3GvXO-VI Robert Sepehr did a decent video on the evidence supporting that Odin was a real-life person. I believe that Pagans probably had a conception of one highest God-like force (such as Brahman or Kami), which was superior to the members of the traditional pantheons we know of today. This would explain why the gods of these myths have human flaws and are also subject to fate and even death. Some of these gods were probably real-life kings, warriors and priests of forgotten eras who were seen as worthy of being worshipped for their exceptional wisdom or martial abilities. We saw a last renmant of this among the WWII-era Japanese, who believed one could attain the status of war-god through brave acts on the battlefield.
>>13105 The whole being praise as a God for simply doing something great or just for being a king, rather than actually being one, kind of seems atheistic in a way. It's like worshipping a king who says he's a god through propaganda, just, so he can do whatever he wants or change society into more of his perspective. I still wonder if the Gods were actually "Gods".
Open file (389.37 KB 847x543 kami.PNG)
>>13118 One way to see it would be think of it in the way that the Japanese apparently use the term "kami".
>>13118 It's possible that they weren't really Gods, but just heroes who were worshiped more-so as admirers than Gods.
>>13120 >In shinto there is no absolute deity that is creator and ruler of all Really? Is this book sure that they never talked about actual authentic gods who could actually do things that mortals couldn't do? >>13121 >It's possible that they weren't really Gods, but just heroes who were worshiped more-so as admirers than Gods. That's a possibility, it would also lead the question of who were the true gods, if they were any. We have creator gods like Wr-alda that were said to be worshiped by the Frisians, and ideas of the demiurge, so either Shintoism and Astaru are atheistic or because it just is or these religions are interpreted wrong due to subversions. https://www.bitchute.com/video/3afMkHPJwAiX/
>>13124 > Is this book sure that they never talked about actual authentic gods who could actually do things that mortals couldn't do? Oh, that's certainly not true, there are plenty of gods that are far beyond mortals in powers, but what is true is that in Shinto there is no being who is comparable to a Abrahamic God creating ex nihilo. But the term "kami" or "god" has a much wider application than what we are used to.
>>13092 Thank god India doesn't follow those laws. They'll be pretty much killing each other by then
>>13145 Kek the caste system there has truly become obsolete in many senses. It is important to keep in mind though that technically those three material natures don't exclusively sort in accordance with racial lines, but for all intents and purposes they seem to. In India nowadays they're basically working to preserve one lighter shade of poo from another
>>13118 Well, these gods would often be considered common ancestors of the worshippers so it also fits in the ancestral cult aspect of Paganism. Even Christian kings in early Medieval Europe would continue justifying their legitimacy by claiming descendance from Wodan. I think for a clearer view of this sort of thing, we can actually look at the person of Hitler. His impact on history, the events he lived through and his overall person have had him acquire an almost mythical status, both among his enemies and fans. And there already are people literally worshipping him or considering him a manifestation of some higher force.
>>13098 >>13097 It bothers you because Euhemerism was a tactic used by Christians to undermine native European traditions.
Open file (912.55 KB 828x852 hitler divine.jpg)
>>13162 It only took three centuries at max for the tale of some Jewish carpenter to become spun into an account of divine being part of a trinity who died and resurrected for people's sins, and to become sole religion of Rome, so I think it's looking pretty good for Hitler. Hitler has a much better claim than Jesus did anyways.
>>13181 Based, whose hand would you grab?
>>13095 where is this from anon ?
>>13192 Guy on the right is a youtuber who goes by Sv3rige, who has been eating a raw carnivore diet for several years and has been making videos promoting it. He recently tried to live isolated from modern society in Eastern-Europe with his wife and kid (so similar to Varg's lifestyle) but I guess he did not go through with it. https://youtu.be/RLrPJdd4708 Video where the clip is from: https://youtu.be/c0KSW4GAVps It seems like the original video does not have subtitles, except for the part that was clipped.
>>13095 dont steroids fuck up your hormones later in life though? wouldnt this mean that whoever ate the boar liver would grow man tits and get a fag voice as an old man, become estrogen dominant, lose function of testicles?
>>13197 I don't know if natural steroids (such as Zinc, which can be found in various animal foods) have effects like that. I think that might be exclusive to the medicinal form taken by mentally ill bodybuilders.
Open file (7.25 MB 359x202 bones.gif)
>>13197 Eating boar liver won't give you sustained supranatural testosterone levels that signal your balls to stop natural production lol
>>13075 >>13083 big question then guys as i doubt the miscegenation was severe even 3000 years ago in india, when did it really go south (lol, almost literally considering where dravidians lived mostly)? do we have racial and historical data? should we look into when this and that religious text or poem was written and look at the concessions it does on race (starting with omissions of racial partition) to start seeing the beginning of at least cultural intermingling before the racial mixing? i'd like to know when those aryan sovereigns started to favor brown females and their group experienced a dearth of White women considering how relatively rigid the caste system was when found by england, i dont think these Whites were forced by the lower castes to drop the racial segregation i have the feeling this happened on a very long period but i fail to explain how the higher caste went from White to mutt it's possible a soft coup might have happened, once or twice, with nobles mating with dark females and uplifting them as a result, bringing them into the higher layer of the caste system, putting them on equal footings with White women who were then forced to accept this racial intrusion so any idea what happened exactly or will it remain a mystery forever??
>>13256 I have the Oxford World's Classics collection of some of the principle Upanishads, and if we can trust this to any extent, I think it provides some interesting information to take into account regarding the migration of Aryans into India. We already know that the Aryans migrated into Punjab and later further East into the Ganges valley sometime after the beginning of the 2nd millennium BCE. As is shown in this image >>11859 there is an undeniable record of racial conflict at this early stage. Now to quote from the book: >But their [i.e. the Aryans'] domination was not necessarily numerical. 'Evidence of widespread settlement in the Ganga valley by the late 2nd millennium B.C.', Erdosy (1988, 101) points out 'would suggest, that numerically the native population would have been overwhelmingly dominant.' It is this blend of indigenous and Aryan peoples that constituted Vedic society >The subjugated non-Aryans appear to have been by and large relegated to the lower class of a quadripartite social structure... >It is likely that the élites of these groups were co-opted by the Kṣatriya ruling class and that the Brahmin priestly class incorporated both Aryan and non-Aryan ritual specialists Now none of this should be taken as definitive in the slightest. Notice how the author writes "it is likely that...", i.e. they have no proof. If this was true, however, it would signify the onset of an almost immediate degeneration, one that might not be noticeable in the beginning, but that would have gradually taken its toll as time passed and more and more dysgenic matches were made. One thing that is slightly contradictory though is that the author a page or two earlier said (as I quoted) that "The subjugated non-Aryans appear to have been by and large relegated to the lower class", and if I remember correctly, the Laws of Manu refer to the phenomena of shudra kings in non-Aryan areas, which would, under our theories, likely refer to a native mud person in charge of a kingdom, outside of Aryan dominated territories. Now you've probably noticed I've hardly answered your question, that is because it's impossible to answer, There were probably far more Dravidians in Vedic society than White Aryans, but there were enough where Indo-Aryan languages spread throughout the area and that the Aryans were able to establish themselves as kings and spiritual authorities. Another indication of course is that to this day "20%-30% of Indian mtDNA haplotypes belong to West Eurasian haplogroups, and the frequency of these haplotypes is proportional to caste rank, the highest frequency of West Eurasian haplotypes being found in the upper castes" https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11381027/ And this is millennia after they arrived, so there were substantial numbers, probably more than this author is estimating. >i fail to explain how the higher caste went from White to mutt If high-caste White males were permitted to have wives with lower-caste shitskins, and as a result of their ignorance of racial science Aryan mutts were considered full Aryans, high-caste Aryan mutts would go on to reproduce with pure-blooded White high-caste females, producing a 75% White mutt child. If this happened on any large scale, it would slowly degrade the ruling castes of Vedic society until they all had brown skin of lighter or darker shades. Also, we know the Buddha lived in the 5th to 4th century BCE and was described iirc as having blue eyes, so with that in mind, we can at least say that a little over two thousand five hundred years ago there were still Whites in India. Interestingly this is the period when there were still Caucausoid native populations in large parts of China, see >>11874.
>>13261 >Also, we know the Buddha lived in the 5th to 4th century BCE and was described iirc as having blue eyes, so with that in mind, we can at least say that a little over two thousand five hundred years ago there were still Whites in India. If I'm correct, I have a theory another major reason why Buddha might of stopped being a Sanatana Dharmist and created Buddhism is because he saw that the Aryans were failing to maintain their purity, due to the Dravadian rituals being incorporated in the Vedic tribes or kingdoms. The Aryans were becoming corrupt and he decided to create some counters to prevent the mongrelization of the Aryan caste. Although I don't know if Buddha ever emphasized on purity of race or generally kin.
>>13261 Were there stories of Dravidians and Aryans being friendly? Surely they cannot just be angry at each other all the time.
>>13304 I’m sure there were plenty of instances of that. Shudras made their livelihood by serving twice-born Aryans, and we can hardly assume that it was just endless anger and fighting, especially given the fact that that would have precluded any stable civilization. Shudras likely benefited from serving Aryans in many ways too, just think of how Vedic civilization flourished under their rule. I even believe with niggers in America, when they were slaves the vast majority of them probably just knew they were niggers and that their job was working for their master, and they made the most of it. The Aryans probably had more of a pathos of distance towards them than any sort of genuine friendliness. >>13263 In the Japan thread someone claimed the following: >>12919 (though I’m interested in the source), and another poster pointed out that the Buddha first said that there was no one who would be able to grasp the true nature of his teachings, but was then begged by a god to show compassion and that there were “some” who could learn. It’s definitely possible though that the rise of some of the new religions around the Buddha’s time were a reaction against Dravidianization or the over-ritualization of the Vedic religion. It seems to me like we have the same classic Talmudic / pharisaical degeneration of a religion, followed by a renewal like what happened with Christianity and how it contrasts with legalistic pilpuling Judaism (Christianity is still Jewish btw). Buddhism is the polar opposite of this mentality. I have also seen it explained as a barebones form of Sanatana Dharma by Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya, and I think it had some truth to it. In general I agree with Evola’s accessment that Buddhism is an aristocratic teaching, not something for plebs: http://www.jstor.com/stable/30233528
>>13306 >though I’m interested in the source I read this in Evola's The Doctrine of Awakening and Evola mainly used the Dhammapada as his source. I will look for the specific passage later.
>>13092 >shudras, are in the mode of ignorance. They're basically lethargic subhumans who chase after sense-gratification and other forms of degeneracy. pure hedonists absolutely open to slave mentality but who will claim have rights to greater power, but can also be very satisfied if given food and basic entertainment and will accept the harshest tyranny until manipulated into a mob to attack a benevolent and despotic power truly despicable men and women, one should not expect much from them although exceptions happen from time to time
>>13097 euhemerism is pretty much confirmed through all myths maintained by nonWhites all over the world who have had White wise "gods" who gave them access to civilization and other good things
>>13118 it takes the understanding of the hierarchy in soul quality, some founding their ways into men who change things on this world to extent no other man could dream of, whether these fateful events are good or evil
>>13120 too modern of a slant, this book has
>>13181 his greater soul is still accruing massive points from the simple fact that forces of darkness hate him and forces of light love him
>>13317 Yes, but these same peoples also have gods that are not described as White, and who are in charge of different domains of the universe. The difference with the White gods is that they are always the most clearly human members of the pantheon, and are more like exalted teacher figures
>>13324 isn't it my point though? the White gods are the most human and brought rather concrete changes to society (if you can ignore the miracles that intrude into those stories) that could be made today in the same way we share our tech and try to modernize niggers in africa
>>13352 Euhemerism can explain some phenomena and gods, but not all of them is what I was trying to say. Other gods and phenomena are not rationalized like this so easily. For example, though these are obviously not examples of Euhemerism, why do civilizations all around the world have stories of what sound positively like highly advanced aircraft today? Or more metaphysical phenomena like the cyclical nature of time. With some stuff like the technology, we're left with a few possible explanations >they made it all up >ancient astronauts >gods are real >ancient Whites had extremely advanced technology and seemed like gods to non-Whites
>>13352 >modernize niggers Didn't some of them benefit from it? Better than being eaten alive like the savages they are. I guess the few can't speak for the majority.

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