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Freedumb Blackshirt 10/28/2020 (Wed) 04:10:03 ID: 795ca9 No.11642
Is the Jewish weaponizing of freedom one of the most destructive tools in their arsenal? It seems to me that the idea of freedom as a mere absence of external restraints is the perfect tool to atomize societies and break down all norms, and to let the populace become enslaved to pornography, consumption, drugs and other sorts of vices, allegedly of their own free will (lol). Freedom from internal restraints is arguably more important. Society is not founded on indulgence and freedom, but on order, discipline and submission. Freedom-lovers should go live with savages if they hate restraints and expectations so much. At the end of the day though, the freedom from restraints can only be maintained through power or might, and to internally free is the only way to externally free in any meaningful way. Anyway, how do you deal with Burgers who are obsessed with freedom to an excessive degree? I run into them a lot in real life
>Is the Jewish weaponizing of freedom one of the most destructive tools in their arsenal? yes. freedom is an illusion. we are bound to this fleshy meat computer existence constantly being kicked around by the mind and the senses to do this thing and engage in that thing. There is no freedom, only what you choose to serve. Serve something higher than your own self and you are free from the lower self. by spreading the false idea of freedom the goyim serve the lower self and its this self that degrades them towards the animal form of life making them weaker and easier for manipulation and control.
Freedom for your children to live next to homosexual and pedos that will turn them out and rot their souls. Freedom to be invaded by foreign tribes and ethnically replaced. But no freedom to do anything about it. Individual freedom is only part of the picture, and people who are obsessed with it while being blind to other freedoms are usually fat. And you can never trust a fat person because you can't trust someone who betrays even their very own self. They will sell their race out, they will sell their children and children's children out, and they will sell you out.
>>11670 An unhealthy body is always a very telling sign. One who cannot even free themselves from their own vices is a degenerate, period, and yet they think they can talk about being “free” in any meaningful way while in truth they are the most abject and repulsive of slaves – slaves to their lower selves. >>11668 Good post

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