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Race War General - /rwg/ Blackshirt 06/11/2020 (Thu) 18:27:58 No.1020
This thread for the discussion of pro-white resistance, past or present, from an onlookers perspective, especially focused on people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March 2019. Are they doing what has to be done? Is it more harmful than helpful? Are they all false flags? Discuss! Memes should go here: >>858 >The Breivik Archive https://ia601002.us.archive.org/6/items/breivikarchive/ >Manifestos >>823
Bump and thank you, OP. This thread will surely be useful, considering current events. Also, Breivik confirmed as a literal prophet every passing day.
>>1023 >This thread will surely be useful, considering current events. Undoubtedly. I unironically belief that we're at some sort of threshold right now. This unrest marks a new stage in America and the West at large. I have no doubt that anti-white sentiment is going to grow ever and ever stronger in the coming years. Anyone with a shred of dignity is going to be harassed, painted as the devil and pushed to the edges of society if they do not conform. There's a very good reason why so many of the disciples were young. They have no future if things continue to develop on their current trajectory. >Also, Breivik confirmed as a literal prophet every passing day. He's the GOAT
Open file (42.41 KB 600x600 turner diaries.jpg)
Open file (104.60 KB 460x268 william pierce.jpg)
>>1026 Based, thanks! I've heard so many people say about the recent riots that "this looks like something out of the Turner Diaries" that I've been meaning to finally get around to reading or listening to it. It will be fun to hear it directly from Pierce's mouth.
>>1026 Does anyone have a link to the pdf of Hunter?
>>1027 It's really a good reading. The only parts you might not like are pierces takes on intimacy, tbh. Also here's one of Andrew's lesser known works. Needs some spellcheck, though.
>>1037 I had an archive.org link of Hunter bookmarked but it appears that they shoah'd it. What a shame. I can't find one either now so seconding this request.
>>1027 im a few hours into the audio book and he even predicted the actual rape culture that is emerging in europe where the governement just doesnt give a fuck and its illegal to defend against it.
>>1095 It's remarkable how ahead of his time this man was. Brilliant dude.
>>1103 indeed. i hope his vision of the further future is right on too, the new era of humanity free from niggers.
Open file (126.75 KB 1280x720 dr pierce.jpg)
>>1111 >i hope his vision of the further future is right on too As do I. I honestly don't know why we don't hear about Dr. Pierce far more than we do now. I hear about him more than some figures like Ben Klassen or various pagan figures, but I've been really getting into his stuff on Cosmotheism and listening to his old clips on various topics lately and I feel like I have entered an entire new stage of my redpilling journey.
>>1026 Don't forget about the Hunter novel. It basically a prequel and focusing more on tactical details of RWDS work. Audiobook by W.Pierce: https://www.bitchute.com/video/k3IVOjRlm49E/ PDF file: https://www.murdochmurdoch.net/various/books/?book=Hunter+-+Andrew+Macdonald
>>1243 anywhere someone can place the pdf that's not hiding behind cuckflare? not turning on javashit to be able to read that.
>>1246 Here, I'll just grab it for you
>>1250 thank you based anon
A book analyzing Breivik's attack. It's academic so don't expect anything favorable but I thought it was interesting enough.
>>1699 thank you anon
>>1300 I was actually going to buy a physical copy of this soon, thanks for the PDF, it will make it clear whether this will be a good purchase or not I can't stand reading large works on my screen. I'm very interested in learning more about the history of the Alliance and especially the development of Pierce's Cosmotheism philosophy. I found this article, which contains an excerpt of this work, to be very interesting: https://nationalvanguard.org/2013/07/discovering-cosmotheism/
https://www.unian.info/society/sbu-exposes-neo-nazi-group-run-by-russian-man-11040308.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9py3BOQLbcg >SBU exposes neo-Nazi group run by Russian man >The raid was carried out in Kyiv and Kharkiv >It is alleged that gang members are followers of Brenton Tarrant, an Australian man accused of last year's deadly attacks on mosques in New Zealand's Christchurch, who has pleaded guilty. >To promote their ideas, perpetrators published and disseminated extremist literature. The group would produce illegal material and Nazi symbols in their own undercover print offices Kyiv and in Kharkiv. Part of material neo-Nazis have been receiving from Russia. >During the raid at the gang leader's place of residence and undercover print houses, law enforcers seized more than 300 copies of Nazi editions, Third Reich flags, arms and ammo, explosive devices, computers used to administer online communities, and receipts confirming literature deliveries from abroad. >Earlier, the SBU seized 200 copies of extremist literature in Kharkiv. The investigation into incitement to terrorism is underway.
U.S. Army Soldier Charged with Terrorism Offenses for Planning Deadly Ambush on Service Members in His Unit >The Department of Justice announced today the unsealing of an indictment charging Ethan Melzer, 22, of Louisville, Kentucky, for allegedly planning an attack on his U.S. Army unit by sending sensitive details about the unit – including information about its location, movements, and security – to members of an extremist organization named Order of the Nine Angles (O9A), an occult-based neo-Nazi and white supremacist group. Melzer is charged with conspiring and attempting to murder U.S. nationals, conspiring and attempting to murder military service members, providing and attempting to provide material support to terrorists, and conspiring to murder and maim in a foreign country. The FBI and the U.S. Army thwarted Melzer’s plot in late-May 2020, and the FBI arrested Melzer on June 10, 2020. The case is assigned to U.S. District Judge Gregory Woods. >Melzer joined the U.S. Army in approximately 2018, and he joined O9A by approximately 2019. Members and associates of O9A have espoused violent, neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, and Satanic beliefs, and have expressed admiration for both Nazis, such as Adolf Hitler, and Islamic jihadists, such as Osama Bin Laden, the now-deceased former leader of al Qaeda. Members and associates of O9A have also participated in acts of violence, including murders. >During a voluntary interview with military investigators and the FBI, Melzer admitted his role in plotting the attack. Melzer said that he intended the planned attack to result in the deaths of as many of his fellow service members as possible. Melzer also declared himself to be a traitor against the United States, and described his conduct as tantamount to treason. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/us-army-soldier-charged-terrorism-offenses-planning-deadly-ambush-service-members-his-unit
>>2161 I wonder what his unit looked like. Where many of them white, or was it a "diverse" group?
>>2190 If he was in the Army there is a much higher chance that is his unit was more diverse. The Army is over 40% non-white, after all.
Open file (629.00 KB 774x722 1592874644295.png)
>>2191 Cannot find it right now, but I read that US army is actively locating all his suspected "white supremacist" members to purge them all. This guy is not the first one that was found. The end goal is clear: when US army will be "diverse" (=no whites) and police disbanded and replaced with "diverse" ranks, times will be mature for the open hunt on the few remaining whites, who will be persecuted for their inner racism, they will be closed into "education camps", political dissidents killed on the spot because they'll all be labeled domestic terrorists. I wonder how many opticucks will still be complaining about wignats that make them look bad by then. Travesties like pic related are just the appetizer for the real thing, which is the ultimate goal of the kikes using their nigger golems as active agents to achieve it.
>>2211 I was super close to becoming a ZOGbot earlier this year, I had a swear-in scheduled and everything. I'm glad I had second thoughts, because from posting on places like here and Nein I'd probably have a huge target on my back. >pic I almost can't believe this shit is real
>>2211 >times will be mature for the open hunt on the few remaining whites Dumbass, not all of us are racial cucks. In fact most of us aren't. We have almost all the weapons, we're the smartest, and our violence is guided by wisdom. The ZOG is the only thing protecting the niggers and commies from us. Either they overthrow the country by subterfuge and scheming, or not at all. If it comes right down to blatant violent conflict us Rednecks will win, hands down.
>>2218 >Either they overthrow the country by subterfuge and scheming, or not at all You're right. ZOG's power is almost all soft. The last thing they'd want is an hot war against Whites. They'd much prefer that they continue slowly boiling the frog through edjewcation, entertainment, laws and social pressure.
Open file (449.49 KB 612x792 adl.png)
>>2220 If our numbers will be bigly reduced (and considering immigration + low white birthrates + higher fertility of foreigners this is what will inevitably happen) it will be much easier for (((them))) to achieve the final step of their genocidal plan. Reminder that the kikes have put their plan in plain sight, they literally do nothing to hide it.
>>2242 No one doubts their scheming manipulations Anon. You'd have to be a blind fool not to see it. But the simple fact is they can't afford a hot war with us. We will push them and their puppet's faces in if it ever came down to that.
Open file (1.88 MB 500x370 harmed.gif)
>>2244 You're optimistic, I am not. The path is clear, our shrinking numbers too. The plan is waiting just a tiny little bit until the moment we will be outnumbered and all our potential allies purged from military/police and arrested for terrorism. I guess the upcoming gun confiscations will be the clear signal that the final stage's finally arrived, just like in the Turner Diaries. I could feel the same way as you do if it were not for the staggering amount of NPCs that would gladly snitch on their own family rather than swallow the hard redpill about their fate. I have no hope for these people, I wouldn't want to feel that they'll deserve what's coming either, but I do.
>>2245 >I could feel the same way as you do if it were not for the staggering amount of NPCs that would gladly snitch on their own family rather than swallow the hard redpill about their fate. Blackpilling, potentially, but I think you're right. The last two hundred years have been a progressive destruction of all truly organic bonds such as extended families, community and nation. Everyone sees the ZOG parasite as the highest authority to be obeyed rather than their own blood. Despite what many may think about the Jews and their 'hypocrisy' in morality, this is actually a healthy ethnocentric form of morality. To be a Jew and snitch on a fellow Jew to the goyim warrants the death penalty under Jewish law. Why? Because being a snitch is bad for group integrity against a hostile group.
Open file (152.15 KB 885x516 2A.jpg)
>>2245 >>2247 >I could feel the same way as you do if it were not for the staggering amount of NPCs that would gladly snitch on their own family rather than swallow the hard redpill about their fate. I feel the way I do because as I indicated previously, I'm a redneck. A down-home country boy who grew up around weapons and hunting. I was a ZOGbot for a stint, so I know their tactics. I was and am an expert military marksman, heh I even know little 7yo girls in the country who are top marksmen. And there are millions like me who love both our families and our race. We will win if push comes to shove, there's simply no doubt about it as long as we uphold the 2A here. Our Founding Fathers didn't establish this law and this imperative so the country's folk could successfully hunt Tom Turkey or the squirrels. They had just waged a successful revolution and knew a thing or two about overthrowing tyranny. >Amendment II >A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Shall not be infringed. They don't stand a chance against a well-regulated militia, friend.
>>2251 Well, the only thing I can do is hope that you are correct and that if ZOG ever comes knocking you'll give them hell.
>>2255 And you as well. Don't leave that horseshoe nail un-driven friend.
>kikes want to genocide white people Then who will buy their products? This doesn't seem to be a likely hypothesis.
>>2278 >Then who will buy their products? Coffee-colored mutts
>>2278 Niggers are excellent consumerists, they spend money on the most frivolous shit, they cannot into financial planning and savings, basically are perfect slave to the system, especially when made dependent on gibs.
>>2289 In fact it's hard to think of any other group of people who are more materialistic than niggers. Even the poorest of them will have an iPhone, fancy shoes and all sorts of frivolous bullshit. Their minds are particularly vulnerable to the psychological manipulations of advertisers, to no-ones surprise.
Open file (841.39 KB 1333x1874 redpill on terror.png)
>>1111 He envisioned and ethnoglobe right
>>2161 >admiration for jihadists like Osama That guy was an unironic terrorist.
>>2478 As opposed to an ironic one?
>>2477 >He envisioned and ethnoglobe right Yup. Too many people forget that, it seems. I've had people claim to me that the ethnoglobe was a concept that wasn't invented until someone posted about it on 8chan back a few years ago. Maybe that's when the term was invented, but the concept is obviously much older.
>>2479 Wtf are yoy talking about? No one here supports al-Qaeda and Osama
>>2493 I think pierce didn't want an ethnoglobe. He wasn't a genocidal maniac. He supported the Palestinians.
>>2504 you*
>>2505 Yeah at the very most it's clear from what I've read from Pierce and in stuff like his Cosmotheism Trilogy that the most important thing is to genetically isolate our stock from mud people and to take measures to elevate it and create a healthier and stronger people. I don't have anything against ethnoglobe per se, but I think we can all agree that freeing our own nations and preserving our people must come first.
Open file (4.39 MB 856x482 BTL.mp4)
Open file (474.40 KB 432x324 Klondike.mp4)
Open file (7.44 MB 648x360 Brenton's Island.mp4)
Open file (291.68 KB 962x518 aussie shitposter.jpg)
Open file (388.37 KB 584x749 shills hate him.png)
>>2505 Pierce DID want an ethnoglobe the same way everyone here wants one. You're the muslim shitskin whose been ruining this board for a while now and you're speaking lies in order to try and save your worthless ass when DOTR comes. Ethnoglobe is the only solution. You don't deport cockroaches and rats from your house, you exterminate them. This board should engage in more Tarrantposting. Nothing makes muslim cockroaches angrier than Tarrant. Enjoy my library.
>>2515 Pierce did support Palestinians and lauded them for their actions against the Jews, but I don’t think that is necessarily incompatible with believing in ethnoglobe. If they strike a good blow on Israel, all power to them – though I only support them in the context of their attacks on the Jewish state. https://youtu.be/wOp0Tsd33KI
El Paso Walmart shooting suspect faces new murder charge after death of 23rd victim >The man accused in a deadly mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart last year was reindicted Thursday on charges reflecting the death of the 23rd victim and those injured in the shooting, the El Paso District Attorney's office tells CBS affiliate KDBC. >District Attorney Jaime Esparza said the new indictment includes the name of 36-year-old Guillermo "Memo" Garcia, who died nine months after the Aug. 3 massacre that's considered one of the deadliest attacks on Latinos in recent U.S. history. Garcia was at the Walmart with his family raising money for his daughter's soccer team when he was shot three times attempting to shield someone else from gunfire, KDBC reports. >The new charges are being added to the indictment prior to the grand jury's term ending on June 30, Esparza said. >"We're reindicting the defendant to include the additional death and to include all of those injured in the Walmart shooting in order to give the next DA all of their options," Esparza added. "We just want to cover all our bases." >Through a lawyer, Crusius' family on Thursday released a statement: >"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Garcia family and all those affected. Each and every victim, each and every family member, and all those touched by this tragedy are the focus of constant, daily prayers by Patrick's family. Respecting the rule of law requires the family to make no further comment so that there is integrity to this process that will yield justice for the victims, including Mr. Garcia and those suffering from injuries sustained last year." https://www.cbsnews.com/news/patrick-crusius-el-paso-walmart-shooting-suspect-new-charge-23rd-victim/
>>2661 >death of the 23rd victim and those injured in the shooting The gift that keeps giving Thank you for your service Mr Crusius
>>2663 He died around eight months after the shooting, I've never seen a score take that long to go up again.
>>2245 baste
>>2661 >that pic lmao
Dylan Roof's letter to Christian Piccolini. Its pretty good. Its clear he understands Jews better now. > note that the letter is backwords starts with "Traitor"
>>2758 Based Dylann. Nothing disgusts me more than these White Nationalists who do a complete 180° and turn into traitorous shills against “hate” and “extremism”. Maybe they’re just weaklings. It’s not easy to live life sometimes holding these views, but like Dylann said there’s nothing worse than knowing the truth and refusing to acknowledge it. More recent traitors like Matt Heimbach should receive letters like this.
>>2760 hes fucked if we win. while playing rainbow six siege of course
>>2760 im willing to bet that most of these "converts" are actually kikes pretending to be White or useful idiots that never actually held WN NatSoc views at all. it boggles my mind how someone could see so much truth and evidence, then revert back to such an ignorant perspective.
>>2762 If only there were some sort of warning sign that could alert us to their future behaviors.
Open file (460.34 KB 1000x500 blue-jew.png)
>>2758 Man, Roof has always been underrated af, Ultimately he was right all along.
>>2762 It's most likely that. Kikes infiltrate all movements, no matter how small they are, then they shill for their plants while simultaneously trying to undermine any genuine leaders. Once those plants gain enough community trust, they suddenly turn back to everything they were supposedly preaching in hope to fracture the community and get those whose conviction was weak, or those who are the follower types to abandon non-kosher lines of thinking entirely. If those plants are feds, they try to incite the group to commit acts of violence so they can get killed or arrested, while pressuring everyone who is against that by telling them how they are not devoted enough. When they encounter a more resilient community, they do the same, just gradually and by utilizing subversive ideas rather than individuals. Then they build upon those ideas until they release the poz fully.
Open file (153.32 KB 938x808 roof bowlcut.jpg)
Open file (92.04 KB 763x193 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (121.97 KB 773x238 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2766 I know, too many people are afraid of talking positively about him. Sad stuff.
>>2767 You mean the jews disturb the gentile races like chinks and spics or just the white races only?
I got the idea all of the sudden and it turned out better than I expected
>>2782 Nice OC, anon.
>>2780 I was referring to white nations, but yes, it happens to a lesser extent with any other nation, except those that they control with direct military force (of their golems), but that's temporary until they install and develop local ZOG's and imbue themselves and their shabbos goyim into every pore of society (just like a virus infects the cells). Otherwise, they have infiltrated even countries like India and Pakistan. If someone started a NS party in India and started naming the Jew, and if such party started gaining enough popular support, they would probably employ the same tactics to stop it in it's tracks. Of course, it would need to become huge for them to expend resources on thwarting it, as it wouldn't be nearly as dangerous for them as a much smaller similar group in W. Europe or USA for example.
Open file (41.12 KB 640x385 manshaus car.jpg)
Nice we actually got a pic from Manshaus' stream. Before we only had a drawing. https://www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/rot-under-politiutrykningen/72628382
A description of the El Paso attack from a recent lawsuit from one of the victim's wife https://www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/benavides-el-paso.pdf
Open file (1.86 MB 1920x1080 1512053579088.png)
>>2815 As much as he got molested as a kid by his fucked up cult member parents, it's nice to see there's people willing to do good in the world for the sake of their country.
Also, I've been trying to get some spellchecking for this paper, can everyone just help me out here? It has to be ripe with spelling and grammatical errors and I think I need as much help as I can get.
Open file (48.80 KB 619x326 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2821 You've been posting this repeatedly for months now asking for spellcheck, and the filesize and edition is even the same, what are you trying to pull here?
>>2815 >her husband was not so lucky, he was shot and killed Has this been written by a fifth grader?
>>2828 PoC lawyers do not have a solid understanding of the English language. fucking diversity hires
Open file (17.12 KB 395x459 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2828 >>2829 Lol all of their attorneys are either clearly non-white or dubiously White reptilian-types. https://www.abrahamwatkins.com/Attorney-Profiles/
>>2820 >As much as he got molested as a kid by his fucked up cult member parents Can you tell more about the story ?
Open file (720.52 KB 521x624 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (257.46 KB 375x560 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (502.25 KB 770x542 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (812.48 KB 850x514 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (826.81 KB 605x515 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2837 His dad's just some New Age kook who does a bunch of stuff with "sound and energy healing", and meditation and stuff. I see zero mentions of molestation or cult-activity (unless you want to call his therapy shit culty, but honestly these kooks are a dime a dozen) https://archive.fo/m1jWT
>>2828 What do you mean?
>>2875 hahaha two posts fed nigger?? you guys are getting desperate
>>2875 Drink some coffee, fed. You're slipping.
Open file (435.54 KB 1746x1655 bt25.png)
>>2879 >>2885 According to the IDs in the QTDDTOT he is the same guy who above posted the "pranking guide" on how to carry out attacks. He was told to fuck off by the BO but now he's asking when we're gonna slaughter niggers. Oy vey
>>2887 >he's asking when we're gonna slaughter niggers he's an intern at CNN trying to create some impressions he can later use to validate his own prejudice mfw we are all just leftists larping as natsoc while the last right winger died years ago
>>2893 >he's an intern at CNN trying to create some impressions he can later use to validate his own prejudice That'd be nice, actually, I love when /fascist/ pops up in the news occasionally. We've been mentioned by Media Matters and Slate. We could use some more mentions, I love knowing that Jews are seething to our posts
Open file (91.16 KB 735x406 fascist julay.PNG)
Open file (181.54 KB 869x421 fascist garlic.PNG)
Open file (28.80 KB 460x287 breivik utoya.jpg)
I just watched this documentary on Breivik's attack that I thought that anons might enjoy here. It's in Norwegian so make sure to enable subtitles, but there are lots of interviews with the people who got bombed in Oslo and a lot of the commies who (unfortunately) survived Breivik's shooting. I thought it had some good footage and accounts of the events. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnzHYhX4IDY
Open file (354.92 KB 518x657 SAINT BOWERS.png)
Saint Bowers has been canonized.
Open file (217.11 KB 985x554 patrick crusius.jpg)
Lawyer: El Paso shooting suspect has ‘mental disabilities’ > DALLAS — Lawyers for a man charged with shooting scores of people in a racist attack at a Texas Walmart say their client has diagnosed mental disabilities that should be a “red flag” for federal prosecutors considering whether to seek the death penalty. > Patrick Crusius “has been diagnosed with severe, lifelong neurological and mental disabilities” and was treated with antipsychotic medication following his arrest moments after the massacre in El Paso, his attorneys wrote in a court filing. > The shooting left dozens wounded and ultimately killed 23 people. Soon after it, Crusius’ lawyers say, jail mental health staff found the 21-year-old to be in a “psychotic state.” > Crusius’ mental health conditions, which have not been reported previously, were revealed in a request by his lawyers for more time to investigate these “mitigating themes” because of the coronavirus pandemic. > The court record also states Crusius was in special education for much of his schooling, but does not elaborate on his mental health. A lawyer for his family, Christopher Ayres, declined to comment. https://archive.fo/QA62Z I don't know what to think of this. I know that Crusius has been rumored or variously reported to have had some issues (was kicked out of school for being drunk out of his mind, apparently was drunk during the shooting, he accessed porn 89/90 days before the shooting, etc) but kikes like to lie and slander, even lawyers. There is likely some exaggeration of issues going on here. His manifesto wasn't great but it was coherent.
>>3415 It's not easy to stay sane in this clown world. Personally I fully empathize with Patrick Crusius: sometimes society is too fucked up for people who are very sensitive, and if one does not have some strong external support from family to make up for his own fragilities, I assure you it feels like living hell on earth every single day of your life.
>>3415 "Mental disability" doesn't necessarily mean that he is retarded, the fact that he was in university pretty much rules that out, it is likely the case that he may have Autism and it could be the case he was in a psychotic state during the attack as alcohol can do that to some people.
>>3467 Honestly there's zero reason to trust anything they're saying, and I'm not just saying this because I might support the guy ideologically. If we look at how similar cases unfold from a psychiatric angle, you wouldn't believe the bullshit "conditions" that they diagnose the prisoners with. If we look at Breivik's case you wouldn't believe the bullshit that they pulled on him. In Asne Seierstad's book "One of Us" on the Utoya attacks, she draws on police reports to give an account of Breivik's interactions with a psychiatrist after the attack. I laughed my ass off when I read this shit. Since he compared himself with people like Quisling he was seen as grandiose, because he referred to a "we" (The Knights Templar) and hinted there might be more cells, they said he had no clear perception of his own identity. Because he uses words he claims to have coined like "suicidal Marxist" or "national Darwinist" he was possibly suffering from psychosis. From all of this and more they concluded that he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Later more psychiatrists said that he had "dissocial personality disorder with narcissistic traits". And what the fuck is dissocial personality disorder? Well, Wikipedia redirects me to this: >Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD or APD) is a personality disorder characterized by a long-term pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others. A low moral sense or conscience is often apparent, as well as a history of crime, legal problems, or impulsive and aggressive behavior. It seems to be quite the claim that disregard for or violation of "rights" (as defined by who???) is some sort of disorder. This would probably be proof for kike psychiatrists that I am severely mentally ill too, I'm sure. Psychiatry is politically-motivated and abused against criminals, whether it is Breivik, Crusius or the Unabomber.
>>2824 The spread of important information. There's nothing imbedded into it as far as I know. It's good info for when things go south and actions needs to be done. Surf the Kali Yuga
>>3480 It's called medicalization of dissent, kikes have been doing it since USSR and it's typical for leftists. They have basically replaced the religious dogma with equally unreasonable psychiatric dogma, acting as a sort of modern inquisition where anyone questioning or going against their narrative gets labeled as mentally ill, heresy charges of old being replaced with "mental conditions" based on Jewish pseudoscience. The torture in dungeons that comes later didn't change much however, and the killing only became more subtle.
>>3537 It's devious, I'll give them that much. Despite the fact that our enemies coddle the mentally ill and promote them in the service of leftist causes, the labeling of dissenters as schizophrenic, psychotic or what have you is unfortunately very effective in neutralizing normalfag interest. I have no doubt that kikes would label me as a schizo and pump me full of anti-psychotics if they had the chance. I don't want to go to other extreme and say mental illness isn't real, but I think it is a lot less prevalent than kikes say when they pathologize any and every human behavior that exists, of course with clear political motivations. Like you said, pure commie tactics. It won't be long before racism is seen as a mental illness. They already heavily imply this with antisemitism.
>>3540 Just like they have infiltrated and corrupted religious institutions to serve their agenda, so did they the universities and other churches of modernity. Psychiatry is a genuine science, as is psychology to a certain extent, but they have been corrupted and weaponized by the insane against the sane. When it comes to normies, we return to the subjects of Overton window, hypernormalization, etc. >“HyperNormalisation” is a word that was coined by a brilliant Russian historian who was writing about what it was like to live in the last years of the Soviet Union. What he said, which I thought was absolutely fascinating, was that in the 80s everyone from the top to the bottom of Soviet society knew that it wasn’t working, knew that it was corrupt, knew that the bosses were looting the system, know that the politicians had no alternative vision. And they knew that the bosses knew that they knew that. Everyone knew it was fake, but because no one had any alternative vision for a different kind of society, they just accepted this sense of total fakeness as normal. And this historian, Alexei Yurchak, coined the phrase “HyperNormalisation” to describe that feeling. In other words, a clown world of today.
>>3543 I’d say that idea of “hypernormalization” is almost spot on, except for the fact that I think the elite certainly do have some sort of vision. It might not be very grand, but they know where they’re going – they being the elite of the elite, not puppets in Washington
>>3554 I think the supposed elites of the elites are given too much credit, they are simply leeching on a system created by their long gone ancestors. They are subject to great dysgenic forces and didn't have to struggle for a single day in their lives. I highly doubt they have some kind of grand vision, long term plans or anything like that, they are slaves of typical kike memes. One of the root causes of the clown world of today is that the Jewish mafia spent centuries trying to prevent the natural elite from emerging, they chose to bring everyone else down rather than uplift themselves, which is ironically, the opposite of what people like Theodore Herzl wanted.
>>3588 Beyond establishing the NWO (which, let's be real, is pretty much already complete) I think the Jews are pretty directionless true. They are satisfied with mere power over others with no higher goals. Unironically the utopian future of the Jews consist in ruling over a polluted planet inhabited by billions of coffee-colored consumers. They would be content with this.
Open file (883.57 KB 1080x3165 915 documentary.jpg)
Controversy among normalfags over a documentary that just came out called "915" over Crusius' attack. Apparently parts of the "graphic aftermath" are left unblurred and that is causing them to chimp out. I don't think it's out yet though, it seems like only focus groups have seen it. https://kvia.com/news/el-paso/2020/07/15/charlie-minns-documentary-titled-915-offers-disturbing-look-at-walmart-shooting/
>>3647 I wish there was a test for mental fortitude before one could access the internet. The amount of whining I see on a regular basis is enough to drive a man mad if he heard it in real life.
>>3655 Notice how it’s mostly women too. Giving normalfags Internet access was a mistake. It’s astounding how fragile some of these people are. I sometimes think that people have it far too easy. Look how faggoty everything becomes
>>3659 I noticed it was mostly women. It's not surprising. They aren't made of the stuff necessary to witness a massacre and come back with a vengeance. It's against everything a woman is. "Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen," to quote the common parlance, is indeed where they belong.
>>3647 >all that me me me me me Fuck I hate social media so much.
>>3660 >”Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen," to quote the common parlance, is indeed where they belong. They’d be happier that way too. >>3661 It really is one of the worst aspects of our society today, I think, as it gives any retard on the street the ability to construct an identity and to be given a platform to spout his nonsense to an audience of like-minded retards. The most pathetic displays of this can be seen in replies to Trump’s tweets where hordes of leftists still fling insults in response to every tweet to this very day. It brings out the worst in people and gives them a sense of unwarranted self-importance, especially with women who are practically worshiped as goddesses online.
Open file (753.77 KB 1000x1287 1522081957929.png)
>>3647 El atrocidad...
>>3673 That basic applies to everyone in the courtroom with Crusius the first time he appeared. He's in occupied territory.
>>3606 They have two goals, maximization of power over others and destruction of everything natural and beautiful. It's what they were programmed for. The supposed elites are NPC's par excellence.
>>3659 They're all latinoshits showing up in support of their race against the evil white man who attacked them.
Open file (551.80 KB 833x431 crusius in court 2.PNG)
Open file (741.11 KB 829x426 crusius in court 1.PNG)
>>3682 That video was very redpilling on the state of America.
Open file (39.23 KB 660x371 balliet court 4.jpg)
Open file (938.32 KB 1058x799 balliet court 3.png)
Open file (52.82 KB 578x814 balliet court 2.jpg)
Open file (57.63 KB 1242x809 balliet court.jpg)
BALLIET APPEARS IN COURT https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-53471496 >Stephan Balliet is charged with two counts of murder and 68 counts of attempted murder. Some of those who were inside the synagogue that day will be present as he goes on trial. >Christina Feist is among those hoping the court will hear her testimony. "It gives me the chance to look the guy in the eye, if I can manage that emotionally, to look him in the eye and to kind of prove to him, but especially to me, 'You're the one who tried to kill me but I'm still here. You failed - and not only that I'm facing you in court.'"
>>3867 What a petty kike. "I want to gloat at this prisoner."
>>3871 I'm sure they're all gonna act like that, just remember how they were gloating after the attack that their door cucked him
Open file (435.54 KB 1746x1655 bt25.png)
>Ihr Name ist hugenottischen Ursprungs, ihre Ureltern waren doch auch Flüchtlinge“, so probiert sie es. Und der australische Attentäter Brenton Tarrant, den Balliet verehrt, stamme doch auch von Einwanderern ab, nämlich denen, die Australien eingenommen hätten Lol is this the power of German courts? They're trying to tell Balliet here that his name is of Huguenot origin and that his ancestors were also refugees, and similarly that Tarrant was of immigrant origin in Australia. Why do they pull this kikery? It's almost like there is a major difference between Whites moving into White lands, Whites conquering territory and settling it and what we're seeing today https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article212008075/Halle-Attentat-Nach-der-Provokation-der-Richterin-lacht-der-Angeklagte.html
>>3875 No wonder (((justice system))) in the west is as pozzed as participants at a bug chasing party.
>>3876 The rest of the article just seems to be kike psychoanalysis asking him about his upbringing, whether he is lonely or not, or has friends. The Jews will never take on their opponents on a level playing-field. They will always view their opponent as someone sick and broken, as talked about here >>3480. I'd love to speak with one of these kikes in court, but I'd probably be silenced for too many redpills
>>3875 Huguenots were White, Christian and most importantly, they were invited to come and strangely enough they didn't start asking for handouts on arrival but started working, hard working. They didn't rape, steal and insulted the native populace, hell how is this even a comparison. That ZOG judge is either dumb or plain evil.
>>3875 the best part is this >Why did you do it anon? >Because jews >I DON'T ALLOW NO HATESPEECH IN MUH COURTROOM!!! REEEE!!!
>>2245 >I could feel the same way as you do if it were not for the staggering amount of NPCs that would gladly snitch on their own family rather than swallow the hard redpill about their fate. That used to be the case but they are being a little too slow with their boil. The recent race riots in the lefty hellholes all over the world have made any sane White person openly racist in the company of fellow White people that they know aren't infected with the brain problems. Christ even my dad who once thought that it would be cool to have a black president is openly calling for niggers and spics to be executed around me.
>>3872 Disgusting kikes. It's really quite a shame that Stephan was so ill-prepared.
>>3880 Fuck, how did I miss that? Top kek My German's shit so I can only really skim, here's the part I think you're referring to for other anons: >Munterer wird der Angeklagte, wenn er über seine Motive spricht. Er habe 2015 beruflich nichts mehr gemacht, weil die „Flüchtlingskrise das Land mit Muslimen und Juden durchsetzt“ habe. Mertens ermahnt Balliet, nicht zu hetzen, andernfalls würde sie ihn aus dem Saal führen lassen. „In meinem Gerichtssaal dulde ich keine Straftaten“, sagt sie. Rough non-native translation: "The accused becomes cheerier when he speaks above his motives. He didn't do anything professionally in 2015 because the refugee-crisis had filled the land with Muslims and Jews. Mertens admonishes Balliet not to hate, or else she would lead him out of the room. "In my court-room I will not tolerate any criminal offenses", she says The next paragraph has some shit about not giving him a stage to spread his "conspiracy theories" into the world. >>3879 >that ZOG judge is either dumb or plain evil. It's honestly hard to tell how knowingly complicit they are sometimes. >>3881 Lots of Whites are changing their attitudes more or less where I live too. I'm not going to say that they're necessarily redpilled, but even people I considered as hopelessly bluepilled in my family were agreeing with me when I told them that niggers will never be satisfied regardless of how many times you try to appease them and kneel before them. My father is a bluepilled Democrat and he was ranting to me how "niggers" are destroying our history with their destruction of statues. Myself, I've been a lot more open with my redpilling lately. Granted, I'm optical with it, since I don't want to scare them off, but I've been teaching people about Hart-Celler, demographic change, the Great Replacement, the Naturalization Act of 1790 and all sorts of babby's first redpills. >>3883 I would have loved to see him blast that shotgun into a crowd of kikes live on stream.
Open file (47.64 KB 630x356 630x356.jpg)
>>3884 >I would have loved to see him blast that shotgun into a crowd of kikes live on stream. That would have been kino for sure. Despite this, Balliet seems unrepentant and not willing to cave in to the kike system in hope for a lighter sentence (he even tried to escape weeks ago, lol). I guess he doesn't give a shit because, as the evil judge remarked, he didn't have so much to care for before his attempted rampage. How many like Balliet are out there, young White lads with nothing to old dear - a job, a wife, children? For how long can this go on without repercussions in society?
Happy July 22 anniversary, fellow /fascist/s
Open file (212.21 KB 990x693 breivik meme.jpg)
https://www.archyde.com/i-had-to-finish-it-the-killer-from-the-synagogue-in-halle-was-shocked-in-court-by-a-cynical-account-of-the-shooting/ >Already during the first day of the trial, Balliet shocked those present with his cold-bloodedness, racism, hatred of blacks and jews, as well as his absence of compassion. >He shot the woman in the back first. “I can’t blame her for turning her back on me,” he said. Then he left, but returned to her and shot the helpless woman again. “If you’re doing something, you have to finish it!” >If he hadn’t shot her, “everyone would have laughed at him,” he said. He thus came across the fact that the attack on the synagogue was broadcast live on the Internet. >He told criminalists during the investigation that he originally wanted to attack Muslims, but eventually decided to choose jews as his target because they are “the biggest problem” for “disgruntled White men” like him. >Asked what triggered his talks, he said it was an event in Christchurch, New Zealand last March. “A White man is fighting even if he can’t win. He took it in his hands, “he said. According to him, the event impressed him. “The only way to ensure your existence is to arm yourself and fight,” he said. His speech is full of attacks on jews and “multicultural development” in Germany. “I am one of the men who worked to keep Europe White,” Balliet said. >He rejects German refugee policy. “I’m angry, angry!” He says of the refugees: “They are conquerors.” The judge asked him what personal losses and disadvantages he had suffered because of the refugees. “In Germany, you are not free to express your opinion,” he says. >The trial is taking place under strict security measures in Magdeburg, where the largest courtroom in Saxony-Anhalt is available. Balliet tried to escape from custody this year. MADMAN A D M A N >>3950 Respects for our favorite Justiciar Knight! >>3948 >Despite this, Balliet seems unrepentant and not willing to cave in to the kike system in hope for a lighter sentence It's pretty fun to watch, he's unbroken and defiant to ZOG. Just see the article I posted at the beginning of this post if you haven't already. I think that there are millions of young White men out there like Balliet, Earnest and Crusius with nothing to lose and little future to live if the tide of mass immigration, demoralization and degeneracy continues to rise. Many young White men can't even find a good woman any more, and this more than anything will leave them with nothing to lose. Jews destabilizing the family and encouraging promiscuous behavior among women (hypergamy esp.) is actually the worst move they could have made, I think
Open file (436.94 KB 735x641 balliet quote.png)
>>3956 >unrepentant >unbroken Super-based and most impressed by the latter. Sadly he will inevitably get life followed by indefinite security detention never to get out of jail unless we kill ZOG. This would break many people but he's a fighter. I like him.
Open file (275.52 KB 828x822 doorchad.jpg)
>>3960 It may take decades, but I hope that they will all be freed in time. They have done nothing wrong. These aren't autists going on a shooting rampage just for the fun of it, they're fighting for the future of their race.
Open file (92.29 KB 1280x720 BALLIET.jpg)
The saga of Based Balliet continues >Showing no signs of remorse, he insisted to the court that "attacking the synagogue was not a mistake, they are my enemies". >On the second day of the trial, the video filmed and streamed live by Balliet during the assault was played as evidence, prompting some to leave the room while others covered their ears or looked at the floor during the 30 minutes when the scenes were played out. >Balliet meanwhile smiled as the video began playing. https://today.rtl.lu/news/world/a/1553523.html
>>3543 That entire paragraph sounds like it's word by word straight out of 1984. If Orwell added an extra page with it, it would fit right in. The Newspeak for "Hypernormalization" can be "Plusnorm."
>>4046 What's curious is how so many people all over the world chose to not only accept what's utterly broken and wrong, but to force others to accept it as well, rather than to attempt to fix it. Yes, the king it naked and it all comes from the pseudo elites, but average people seemed to be quite eager to play along.
>>4083 It's the nature of lemmings / NPCs, for better or for worst. They are people who always follow the path of least resistance and will slavishly follow the elites of any given society so long as they are provided for materially. Only when this is shaken and / or the power of the former elites has been completely discredited by a group of newer, stronger and more vigorous elites will the lemmings jump ship. Today this type of behavior is enforced by the existence of literally ubiquitous instruments of mass media and propaganda. Fear, a love of comfort, herd mentality, all are what prevent the masses from realizing what is happening to them. And it is a big reason why some people have come to believe in accelerationism
This channel I discovered recently is apparently uploading every single one of WLP’s broadcasts / lectures in chronological order, all 308 of them. Some of you might find this of interest. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/51tzsGDicpWB/
Open file (14.80 KB 640x360 breivik kek.jpg)
HAPPENING Anders Breivik Trying to Sell His Story for $10 Mln >Jailed Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik (legally Fjotolf Hansen), who is currently serving a 21-year sentence for his 2011 killing spree, has sent letters to 20 people and media companies, trying to sell them book, film and interview rights, the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan reported. >According to author and journalist Christoph Andersson, a specialist on right-wing extremism and one of the recipients of the letter, Breivik estimated the value of his story at SEK 86 million (nearly $10 million). Breivik's lawyer has confirmed to Andersson that the letter is genuine. >Andersson stressed that Breivik has a trump card in his hand, because the Norwegian principle of openness and availability of information doesn't apply to the judiciary. This means that access to preliminary investigation material and interrogations must be approved by the terrorist himself. https://sputniknews.com/europe/202007241079970098-anders-breivik-trying-to-sell-his-story-for-10-mln/ The madman plays PS4, successfully sues for "human rights abuses" and now wants to sell his story for 10 million dollars. Based Fjotolf
Open file (56.14 KB 640x400 ukraine attack.jpg)
Guard at Ukrainian synagogue fends off ax-wielding attacker Based Ukrainebros are at it again >Security footage shows assailant struggling with guard, then running off and returning to hurl feces at building; rabbi and worshipers reportedly inside at the time >Joel Lion, Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine, said in response that “it was an anti-Semitic attack,” the Kan public broadcaster reported. https://www.timesofisrael.com/guard-at-ukrainian-synagogue-fends-off-ax-wielding-attacker/
>>4236 >hurl feces I'm willing to wager he's a kike.
>>4237 I wouldn't put it beyond them. If this guy is never apprehended and it turns out that there were no injuries whatsoever, it will be even more likely. But still, I think Ukraine is a place to keep an eye on. With the apparent popularity of The Great Replacement there, I think it is very possible a disciple could emerge in time.
>>4237 >The rabbi also said he managed to slip out of the synagogue during the attack and snap a photo of the assailant. Note the picture is not in the article. Probably a kike.
>>4243 >rabbi managed to slip out of the synagogue ahahaha leaves his congregation alone in danger what a sneaky cunt though honestly he did in spirit of his faith I bet he sold the pictures already for a pretty shekel
Open file (1.09 MB 1493x908 jews poway.png)
>>4244 >I bet he sold the pictures already for a pretty shekel No doubt. These rabbis are grade-A crooks and run their own synagogues like cash-cows. With the synagogue that Earnest shot up the rabbi Yisroel Goldstein was just convicted of tax fraud, not to mention the scheme whereby they took federal funds for "security purposes" and never used the money! Where did it go? In the rabbi's pockets, no doubt. https://forward.com/fast-forward/450806/poway-chabad-rabbi-yisroel-goldstein-pleads-guilty-to-tax-fraud/
Open file (3.76 KB 441x90 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1020 Kek someone global reported this thread yesterday
>>4813 >there are still kikes around here screeching about our based fascist posting WEW
Open file (252.43 KB 785x1000 soyjack jew.jpg)
>>4821 I bet you that there are literally dozens of Jews who are monitoring this board daily, just seething.
Open file (63.05 KB 400x515 saint earnest.jpg)
Saint Earnest in court https://youtu.be/e1zdUqtRRxA
Open file (327.38 KB 522x490 balliet salute.png)
With a thread featuring the picture of a Zionist dog sent on a mission to curb radical leftists who were getting too cozy on the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israelian front, all with big money actually being involved, why do you expect anything good here to remain untouched by the Hasbara bois? It's literally controlled from the beginning with this not so subtle piece of propaganda. OP might have tried to use a picture of R.J Matthews instead, at least that would have made sense, but that wasn't the point I guess. You can also compare: on one hand, Anders Breivik, this Zionist asset, publisher of some 1500 pages long manifesto sucking on yiddick every two pages, got 21 years in jail for killing dozens of young people, most of them White, and destroying governmental assets with an urban bomb. On the other hand, David E. Lane, author of the 14 Words and 88 Precepts, got 190 years for barely participating in the theft of Federal money and the made up accusation, supported by perjury, of directly participating in the killing a Jewish radio host when Lane wasn't even around him at the time of murder.
>>6093 (1) Breivik wasn't a Zionist or philosemite, this has been explained to your ilk numerous times (2) The difference between sentences in the cases of Breivik and David Lane is irrelevant, since we're dealing with two entirely different legal systems. Breivik got a max sentence and will never get out of prison.
>>6095 >(1) Breivik wasn't a Zionist or philosemite His manifesto says he is. The rest is illogical ramblings. >(2) The difference between sentences in the cases of Breivik and David Lane is irrelevant, since we're dealing with two entirely different legal systems. I'll give you that, the Norwegian system is hopelessly cucked. Here is what happens when you do not have an accessible death penalty. The issue remains that in theory he could be pushed out if, for example, he decided to repent and argue in favor of tolerance, love and understanding, some nonsense like that. Nevertheless, the values are interesting because this is what is imprinted in people's minds.
>>6166 >His manifesto says he is. The rest is illogical ramblings. You have to take the manifesto with a huge grain of salt. You need to read some of his letters to people to get the full picture. He was trying to paint a certain picture in 2083 which he refers to as a "sales narrative", saying the following: >22/7 was an attempt to force these 20 editors, and their colleagues in the other 12 nordic countries into dialogue with their country's nordicist-movements (you call them Nazi-movements). The compendium was an experimental approach. I wanted to try a different approach by making it impossible for the MSM in all 13 nordic countries to end the discussion, using the Nazi-tactic. I was obviously naive enough to think that this approach would lead to a scenario where there could be a serious discussion about the MSMs 68-year witch-hunt and about securing nordic survival. >The reason I chose another <<sales narrative>> in the compendium was among other things to prevent them from immediately ending the ideological discussion with their <<6-million-omg-nazi-enough-said>>- bashing stick. I know a lot of people will be disappointed when reading this, but my love for Israel is limited to its future function as a deportation-port for disloyal jews. I am aware of the sad fact that all available statistics confirm that only aprox. three percent of eurojews oppose multiculti (but from an anti-islamist perspective), and that only approx. 0,2 percent support nordic indigenous rights. I wish it wasn't so. The reason why so called <<counterjihadists>>, at least the great majority, seemingly <<praise>> Israel, is to avoid the above described suppression-tactic. However, there is in fact a strong anti-nordicist/ethnocentrist wing within the counter-jihad movement, represented by Fjordman and his Jewish network, the EDL-leader, the SIOE-leaders, Wilders, Farage etc., but their organisations are so heavily infiltrated by nordicists and ethnocentrists that it's hard to say which wing are actually controlling them. The letter I link below is also interesting in that we see Breivik call himself a "Nordicist". He says that his "primary purpose is to contribute to secure the survival and prosperity of the nordic ethnic family (the nordic, race)". https://ia801002.us.archive.org/6/items/breivikarchive/ Some people also use the fact that he later viciously attacked Christianity in prison as proof of his insanity and flip-flopping, as he called Jesus "pathetic" and the church something that promotes "weakness and internationalism". This is less of a flip-flop than one would think though, since there is evidence of pagan interest even prior to being put in prison. He called one of his outfits "Loki's Armor", on one pistol he carved the runes for the word "Mjölnir", Thor's hammer, and on his rifle, "Gungnir", the spear of Odin. With the same weapons he gunned down dozens of communists. Not the most Christian action
>>6182 Only the gullible will pay attention to the letters and think they're a genuine opinion of man graced by the light of second thought and retrospection. Tarrant copied the same model and now he too is going through a "I was naive" phase. He recycled some of Breivik's logic and through his manifesto one can find echoes to Breivik's words. All a nice script. Same story about not naming the Jews because this & that, yet thinking that an open debate would ensue in the Jewish media after killing dozens upon dozens of people as if shooting at the fun fair. Two knowledgeable men who, oddly enough, suddenly fail to understand how the Jewish power really works despite how damn obvious it is to anyone with two brain cells to rub. Twice the same pretense at being able to control the form of the narrative delivered by the same Jewish media. That's already two men using the same blueprint, well armed, purveyors of carnage, at convenient times for their operations (in both cases during ongoing simulations). Then you measure the effects and drop the cui bono hammer. Two targets Zionists hate, not once Whites gained anything of value. And above all, useless actions because the Whites who bother to pay attention to details in the manifestos, the clues, the letters, are already obsessing enough over the topic of race, but those who should be drawn to this topic are immediately antagonized by such vicious Jewish methods. As I said above, why even pretend caring about reaching the masses if the effort is immediately ruined by the bloody method? It obviously does not one ounce of sense. It merely reinforces the echo chamber and serves no point. As usual, why not use bombs? Why always conveniently rely on the same weapons Whites will need to survive? It so conveniently makes guns an easy target of gun control campaigns and we know how this ended. Jews think they can win this and all they do aligns with this faith in victory. The handlers behind this are actually clever, far more than the usual Jews who mainly rely largely on the power of medias and justice to route the people's thinking processes. Besides, how many here have actually bothered looking how deep the rabbit hole of Norwegian anti-Zionism went in 2011?
Open file (40.17 KB 822x350 wn scale.PNG)
>>8095 Answer: fake being offended at such pepe compositions, or pretend not getting the point and once it's explained, just shrug and show no sympathy but just keep it at that and move away as fast as possible to avoid being thrown into a debate on the Jewish Holocaust.
It's almost like they're reading /fascist/ https://www.abc.net.au/religion/countering-extremism-and-conspiracies-in-a-pandemic/12656734 >Among leaders of the far-right, there is increasingly rhetoric and explicit discussion about religion and the nature of the soul. According to one far-right extremist figure, “normies” — that is, those in mainstream society who have not yet accept the true beliefs of the movement — have no soul and are not fully human. It is not only minorities or groups that are traditionally targets of right-wing hatred who have no humanity, according to far-right figures, it is all of mainstream society that is considered “animal” or “homo sapien” rather than fully human. This is an alarming escalation of dehumanising rhetoric entangled in discussions and conceptualisations of spirituality and religion that we are just beginning to observe among Australian extreme right communities. >We have also seen an appropriation of language across the religious spectrum. Heroes of the far-right — including Brenton Tarrant and Kyle Rittenhouse — are elevated by supporters to something resembling sainthood status; far-right activism is divided into concepts of spiritual and worldly struggle (like in concepts of jihad); and Odinism and Norse mythology are infused throughout far-right writing. This raises important, but largely unconsidered, questions about how well the state, religious institutions, law enforcement, and legal frameworks are prepared to respond to such developments. >If the acceleration of violent extremism is not addressed during these times of crisis, it will allow extremism and the distrust of government and mainstream religion to incubate and spread. This will make recovering and maintaining political legitimacy and trust in institutions in the long term all the more difficult.
Open file (51.30 KB 440x522 14395872584.jpg)
>>8148 >oy vey goyim, only our commienigger antifa golems are allowed to use accelerationism! don't you dare use it for your own advantage! hahaha kikes are so blatant
>>8155 I really think it is their number one fear. Hardly an article passes where they don't kvetch over the idea of accelerationism.
>>8106 I'm pretty sure you're answering a question that wasn't asked. Not all of us are so concerned about hiding our power level. I'm generally open enough about what I think that I've lost jobs over it.
>>8158 >I'm generally open enough about what I think that I've lost jobs over it. We need more people like you. When I first got redpilled I was more into hiding my powerlevel, but the more redpilled I've become the less I've cared about what lemmings are programmed to think and say.
>>8095 >without knowledge of the holocaust adorable
>>8180 I’m surprised these mythical individuals “without knowledge” even exist
https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1304522105296498690 Even more evidence that all the chimpouts were Globohomo's plan.
Open file (170.27 KB 735x1011 tarrant prison.png)
>>8234 >worked at the same place as the police officer who put a knee on his neck >potential freemason >informant I usually hate the niggers who say false flag to everything, but I'm on the verge of saying it... >tfw the Jews have adopted accelerationist tactics
>>8170 An outspoken NatSoc coworker (pretty unusual, I know, but he knew our boss from school or something, so they were old friends) was what started my process of becoming redpilled. I was basically horrified at the time that someone could believe what he did, and debated him all the time, but I started noticing the flaws in my own arguments. Even though I wasn't convinced at the time, the seeds were sown, and I never forgot this experience. I'm not as outspoken as that guy was, but I'll make an effort with people who seem to be on the fence, I'll fight outright horseshit like "diversity training" and I won't accept others pushing far left talking points, marxism, afro-fetishism, feminism or jewish exceptionalism etcetera.
>>8237 >I won't accept others pushing far left talking points, marxism, afro-fetishism, feminism or jewish exceptionalism etcetera. This is what is most important to resist an individual level, I think. Not to mention what has the most powerful effect on people. A lot of people don't like this bullshit, but they're afraid to show it and just keep it to themselves. When they see another White resisting even a little, I'm sure it bolsters them and gives them a bit of confidence.
How can we accelerate the collapse of western civilization? Spengler says that after 2000 it will take around 200 years for the complete collapse is their a way that this process can be accelerated?
>>8305 I think Spengler was off a bit, looking how things have developed since his death. He never even saw WWII, but that doesn’t mean I’m discarding him or anything. The one work by Spengler that I have read is “Man and Technics”, I was blown away by how accurate many of his predictions were about problems that would be caused by environmental destruction, the undermining of White labor by non-White economies, the dissemination of technology, etc. Where I think he has gone wrong is in the timescale. With the Axis losing WWII the pozz has more or less been able to do its work unhindered for 75 years now. I see America as a third-world country by 2050, and larger global decline sometime after 2100 but well before 2200. As to accelerating it, right now it seems like the Jews are accelerating everything for us ironically enough given things like (((Covid))) and the BLM protests. These have been a boon for us and have made Whites much more susceptible to redpilling. I’m not sure what their end-game is. The best thing to do right now is to redpill as many people as possible intelligently. Minimal effort and great results if one’s good at it. Anything that inflames racial tensions, draws attention to racial differences and points the finger right back at the Jew is good praxis right now. Pic related is one inflammatory and legal taction, though there are many others, of course.
>>8306 Regarding the efficacy of that pic featured in my post, just search up in parentheses “the Jews want a race war” to see loads of news coverage. Similar stunts and sign plasterings could be put to good use. Not even false flagging messages as our enemy is out of the question
>>8306 >Anything that inflames racial tensions, draws attention to racial differences and points the finger right back at the Jew Good enough. If the races learn who was pulling the strings, the like can't stand s chance against the rest of the world.
>>8313 Exactly, if the Jew is exposed, all is exposed. This is my major criticism of some of the Saints in this thread, as much as I like them. Without pointing out the Jew, we only have a collection of problems which threaten our people, but there seems to be no real reason why it is happening. They're just problems and rival ideologies. The JQ is the final piece in the puzzle. One perhaps hard to swallow at first, but one that everyone needs to understand sooner or later for us to make any real progress. This is a type of acceleration that anyone can dedicate themselves to. There are consequences if you fuck up, but you're not going to go to prison for it (yet!)
>>8306 >>8313 The thing is, anyone sane would want a race war. Even without any jews, those niggers and other shitskins won’t peacefully remove themselves. Too many love leeching off of Whites while also hating them, killing them. There has to be a reckoning anyways even if every jew died at the same time today.
>>8326 You're right. Jews aren't the end of the problem, of course. There will probably be a race war regardless, but I think there are still benefits at associating the current manufactured climate with the Jews. There have always been multicultural / multiracial tensions - these are of course inevitable when races and cultures are forced to live side by side, but right now what we see are the Jews in control of the media and major corporations propelling every nigger thug killed in the US to the status of a martyr, attacking Whites like never before and openly supporting Marxist BLM. I should have pointed it out before, but you're right that if this type of talking point was adopted, it has to be explicitly pro-White. It can't be co-opted by anti-Jewish civnats ("le Jews are trying to divide us on race"), if this type of person even exists. It has to be aimed at raising White consciousness. Luckily it's not hard to redpill people on blacks too.
>>8326 >>8327 I didn't mean that jews have always been the only enemy but they're the top in making nonWhites hate Whites while living in their countries. If they were in different countries, it wouldn't have been an issue. But I must admit that there is no peace forever even if kikes are removed from White spaces and the races are living separately. Quite sad and cruel, really but that's life.
Open file (30.73 KB 696x511 breivik.jpg)
HAPPENING Breivik asks to be released on parole and announces a new lawsuit Anders Behring Breivik, convicted of terrorism, wants to be released when the minimum term of the custodial sentence is ten years after the July 22 acts. https://resett.no/2020/09/16/anders-behring-breivik-begjaerer-seg-proveloslatt/
>>8395 Absolute madlad.
Open file (22.56 KB 395x392 breivik comfy.jpg)
>>8415 I love it when new Breivik antics pop up in the news, it shows us that he is still in good spirits and willing to mess with the heads of ZOG.
I heard breivik warned the Indians of something?
>>8490 I know that Breivik spread information in 2083 about the slaughter of Hindus by Muslims, and said that the Knights Templar supports Sanatana Dharma and Indian nationalists.
I do not discredit what breivik did, but 2083 being entirely about islam, as if that was the only problem, kind of sent off red flags in my head. i'm sure the 'zionist brother' quote gets brought up enough, but instead of shitting on him, rather, i'd like to ask how this helps us strategically
>>8579 >shoots a bunch of communists >"but he only concentrated on muslims!" You guys do this every single time
Open file (102.03 KB 680x373 breivik yes meme.png)
>>8579 Breivik bombed the executive government quarter right next to Jens Stoltenberg's office, and then drove to kill communists and shitskins for an hour on Utoya. It was a resounding success. It was a fantastic blow against the supporters of multiculturalism and elevated his message to worldwide notoriety, triggering several attacks, some nearly a decade later. Also see: >>6182
>>8324 >that pic hot as fuck, would marry and have kids with.
>>8596 She’d produce some real Übermensch sons, I can just tell
>>8579 after Bevike realized that everyone kind of disliked his cuckserative faggotry he has start hailing victory and also has made a national socialist genger bread house and his reading mein Kampf
>>8661 >national socialist genger bread house top kek
>>8661 It was definitely a big mistake, looking back. It can be difficult to honestly discuss Breivik even nearly a decade later due to low-info shills and retards. Hopefully people will realize that it's better to just start hailing victory and calling it how it is from the very beginning. Breivik taught an important lesson. >>8674 I wish we could see his creations https://archive.fo/QAzEo
https://iar-gwu.org/print-archive/blog-post-title-one-ftzda >The Far-Right’s Violent “Republic of Letters” >The publication of online manifestos has become a common element associated with far-right terrorist violence in the West. Perpetrators of extremist attacks produce and circulate written materials for inspiration, tactical instruction, and notoriety. This presents policymakers and media organizations with considerable analytical challenges. Each far-right text represents a constituent element within a growing body of extremist literature stewarded by a digitally interconnected community; situating texts in this way yields intriguing findings. This article examines the reception and circulation of four written texts, both printed and online, by the violent far-right: (1) William Luther Pierce’s The Turner Diaries, (2) written works attributed to the White Wolves in Britain during the 1990s, (3) Anders Behring Breivik’s 2011 manifesto, and (4) Christchurch attacker Brenton Tarrant’s 2019 livestream and online manifesto. >The past several decades have witnessed the rise of a violent far-right corpus using the internet as a preeminent medium for content-sharing and communication.12 From Pierce’s The Turner Diaries to Christchurch attacker Brenton Tarrant’s 2019 online manifesto, works of far-right literature have become a contributing factor to and a result of violent far-right extremism. Considered together, The Turner Diaries, Anders Behring Breivik’s 2011 manifesto, and Tarrant’s 2019 live stream and posted manifesto, provide critical examples of the factors that contribute to far-right writing’s “success” or “failure.” The ambiguity surrounding the actual authorship of writings attributed to the White Wolves consigned those works to relative obscurity. Meanwhile, clear authorship, media attention, historical motifs, multiple references to other far-right works, and creative literary devices all ensured that texts produced by Pierce, Breivik, and Tarrant became a part of the canon of influential far-right literature.
Open file (209.12 KB 512x512 suit pepe laugh.png)
>>8818 >that part where they discuss shitposting as a "literary device" This timeline
>>8829 kek Who are these "White Wolves" though? Never heard about them.
>>8829 well if it ain't broke, don't fix it. let them believe it. its Derrida for the right.
Open file (28.03 KB 942x340 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8843 Some tiny group or name under which people did stuff that didn't do much of note, it seems. I didn't know of them either, and that says a lot because I know a lot about these people usually.
The NRM has been banned by the Supreme Court of Finland. >Finland’s Supreme Court ordered the Nordic Resistance Movement banned. The group had appealed those rulings to the Supreme Court, but in its ruling the court rejected the appeal and said the group’s goals are contrary to the principles of a democratic society. Such is the fate of all lawcuck groups. Damned if you do, damned if you don't https://newsnowfinland.fi/crime/supreme-court-orders-nordic-resistance-movement-banned
Imagine what level of boomer the author of this is
when the us inevitably collapses, what would stop chinks from invading?
>>8926 I thought they were already banned?
>>8979 There is an article where he trying to "analyze" Crusius and Tarrant manifestos, but it's full of Zognald praising and "muh corporations are good, racism is bad and everyone who against it is a nazi commie marxist !". And the site is full of such cartoons. https://www.leftyliars.com/manifesto-murderbrats-are-left-winged-here-is-the-proof/ He even worse than Ben Garrison, since Ben at least know about 4chan /pol/ and noticed at bashing of zionists and jihadits equally (find Ben's cartoons "Shared vision", "Stuck in the middle east", "Bad Advice") .
>>8994 Having the gooks and nips stop them.
>>8996 >since Ben at least know about 4chan /pol/ The man posted on 8chan a couple of times, he's no stranger.
>>8996 That article is unbearable, I can’t imagine what drives a man to disparage environmentalism, praise immigration, suck off corporations and call Hitler and Mosley leftists. I swear that people such as this are sometimes far more harmful than actual leftist propaganda, because boomers will just eat it up and parrot it back at anyone who actually wants to secure the existence of their people. Just like “fascist” or “racist” among leftists, “leftist” and “socialist” are nothing but pejoratives you hurl at your opponents without understanding the meaning
Gas the kikes race war now. Someone just get a big kikeroach so maybe some real shit could start.
>>1026 If you've got youtube-dl in any capacity you should be able to just rip it off of bitchute. Just a heads up for anyone that prefers that.
>>9915 Shit, that works for Bitchute? If so I'm gonna be downloading tons of vids
>>9916 Compress the best ones with handbrake and upload here
Open file (259.09 KB 1200x1162 bt37.png)
>>9920 Thanks, anon. Most of what I want to download are miscellaneous NatSoc videos or Pierce stuff, but if I find any good Tarrant videos (or anything with the Saints and Disciples) I'll be sure to upload them here and probably on Nein.
This article posted on the /r/masskillers sub has a good overview of what exactly Crusius did leading up to the attack. There's some of the usual sob-story nonsense in there but just skip past that: https://old.reddit.com/r/masskillers/comments/j6uvrg/every_day_is_a_struggle_el_paso_one_year_later_a/
>>1020 Assuming Breivik gets released into the public in the next 12 years it's an assumption, not a question, do you think he will reoffend?
>>10459 He obviously won’t be freed but I’m sure he would reoffend, based on his reasoning he’d have every reason to
Open file (63.05 KB 400x515 saint earnest.jpg)
Attorney general is weighing federal death penalty in Poway synagogue shooting >The question of capital punishment continues to hang over the federal prosecution of John T. Earnest, the 21-year-old man charged with opening fire inside a Poway synagogue last year, killing one and wounding three others. >Earnest is already facing the death penalty if found guilty in a parallel prosecution by the state — that trial is set for March — but the U.S. Attorney General is still apparently weighing how to proceed in the federal case. >Earnest recently had a change in his defense team, as attorneys with Federal Defenders of San Diego had to recuse themselves in July for unknown reasons. The attorneys said in a filing that the conflict was not one that could be waived by Earnest and that details were protected by attorney-client privilege. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/courts/story/2020-10-23/suspect-poway-synagogue-shooting-earnest-federal-court https://archive.fo/PtWbs Barr is a mischling, they're gonna kill him for sure.
https://t.me/joinchat/Mxt0XBghCPIIu4pbLOuHeQ Been around for a while as a group of shitposters on pixelplanet, now geared towards accelerationist news and banter. Small fanclub looking for a few more members. No fedposting.
>>12101 Telegram is a honeypot
>>12129 I've heard both opinions. The fact that Telegram requires a phone-number is a big red flag in itself for me

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