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Indo-European Religion / Paganism Thread Blackshirt 04/28/2020 (Tue) 19:39:58 ID: fe0edb No.10
Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Asatru, Rodnovery - whatever you like to study or even practice, post about ITT. Channels: Survive the Jive: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThomasRowsell DharmaNation: https://www.youtube.com/user/DharmaNation Partial ThuleanPerspective Archive: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/hhoe86QNkKLo/
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>>11 the cover for the bhagavad gita in the dharmapill reading list needs to be changed. that image is for the new one thats been pozzed by the jews that poisoned prabhupada and took over his movement. also it might as well list the website asitis.com as its the 1972 original online for free.
>>25 Noted. I probably still have the PSD for that image. If not it should not be too hard of a fix.
>>11 Is there slavic paganism reading list?
>>10 European culture is christian culture, and has been for more than a thousand years.
>>40 Do I really have the post the issue that lays out of timeline of European religion back to time immemorial as being fundamentally "pagan" and the blip of Christianity? Come home white man.
>>43 i support moving onto something else than christianity, but he has a point. we cant just ignore it and act like it never happened.
>>50 We definitely can't just ignore Christianity just as we cannot ignore other intellectual and social currents that have swept through our societies in the past. Christianity has undeniably colored our culture to a large extent, not to mention in terms of architecture and morality. The real question remains though how much of this had detrimental effects on our people and the struggle that we see before us today. I do not think that Christians should be "wiped out" or any sort of LARPy position like that, but a better alternative must be provided.
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>>52 >a better alternative but that christian A E S T H E T I C though
>>57 there are some more restrictive sects of christianity that claim a lot of mainstream and historical christian imagery and traditions and holidays are pagan in origin. could we perhaps reclaim these parts of christianity?
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>>10 What do you guys think of bentinho massaro, moreso from an impersonal perspective. what he talks about seems like the same thing of advaita vedanta but he's taking it out of the cultural context. i did a of him and found an article defending him from the attacks of a jewish tranny who wants to "decolonize yoga". seeing that he was getting hate from such a source, i started wondering if what hes doing is something we should start paying attention to. he's a spiritual guru without all the mystical bells, whistles, mysticism and general new age vibe. are people like him going to be the beginning of a new western spiritual enlightment that want be endangered by the pozz of foreign cultures? (wearing dots on heads, robes, strange names etc) https://medium.com/@avera.media/cult-mania-inside-the-attack-on-bentinho-massaro-part-1-881b5628b89a Bentinho Massaro https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=334&v=imbGWNpHMpM&feature=emb_logo Swami Sarvapriyananda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-RFz56gb9E
>>68 i've barely scratched the surface of this bentinho guy and already i can tell theres a lot we can rip on him for, but we should be paying attention to how successful he is. i've been beating this drum for awhile now wherever i can, we need to get a cult going to accelerate our political position. also the tranny who wrote a hit peice on him seems to be an expert at exposing cults. cults are the greatest threat to the sort of power that jews wield, that of controlling what you think, so it makes sense why theres been so much attack on mormons (pro-white angle) and other cults that ignore the big jew globohomo world view and are very resistant to outside influence (subversion)
Open file (1.98 MB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
>>57 >implying that aesthetic isn’t as genuinely European as it gets
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.4.14: >"Now, Dharma is nothing but the truth. Therefore, when a man speaks the truth, people say that he speaks the Dharma; and when a man speaks the Dharma, people say that he speaks the truth. They are really the same thing." "He speaks the Dharma" - I need to incorporate this into my vocabulary kek
can we take a moment to just sit back and realize how the worship of the god emperor of man in warhammer 40k is the kind of beleif system we need? we already have hitler and some esoteric beliefs about him.
>>159 What we need is something much more rigorous that can incorporate the entire fascist / pagan worldview into a more or less rigorous foundation. A strong, more traditional conception of leadership is of course essential to this. I have been trying to write a version of the Dharma Manifesto (it’s a full re-do, not just rewording, drawing from a variety of sources) recently that actually takes these concepts to their final conclusions, which is nothing more than a pure affirmation of hierarchy, the justice of inequality, communitarian values, anti-secularism, tribalism, spirituality, etc — in short pure Jew-repellant. I’m only six to seven pages in, but this concept, the piece missing in the puzzle, is Dharma — or the Natural Order. People speak of this term, but they have to flesh it out and define it.
>>10 Those channels are co-opted by (((them))), otherwise you wouldn't be knowing about them nor would they be allowed on kiketube. Varg could be as well since his position is not really conductive to anything. >>58 And they are right about that, the only good parts about Christianity are coincidentally the "pagan" ones. The rest is a bunch of kike poz and pilpul. They had to incorporate a lot of elements from older, truer religions in order to make their monstrosity more appealing to Europeans, same happened with aesthetics, which were a result of European minds and their sensibilities, Christianity only being a theme. It was not the cause of any of that, it was merely a parasitic meme created by the ultimate parasite in order to leech on European creativity. Get rid of the (((tapeworm))) and you are good to go. >>69 "Cults" were historically the greatest threat to kike subverted societies, that's why they are creating so many of them today in order to attempt to preempt any damage. I see this trend in pretty much every movement, to the point that you actually get more kike subversives than genuine members at one point. The parasitic insect feels the need to subvert ahead, to have total control of information, to kosherize everything, from the most niche hobbies to the most niche beliefs (that would hardly pose a serious threat to them), because even a tiny speck of truth could destroy it. They are the organic lie. >so much attack on mormons (pro-white angle) and other cults that ignore the big jew globohomo world view and are very resistant to outside influence (subversion) A Jew (a rather prominent one) was one of leaders of the LDS (Mention of him was removed later) and it seems very poz'd today despite being somewhat based in the past. They raise people properly so they can corrupt them later on, they get a kick out of it.
>>166 I have recently learned that you are correct about STJ. He and his wife are utter degenerates and Zionists. His wife used to regularly hang out with niggers. If you browsed HS before it died you’ve probably seen this: https://ibb.co/album/gmCM6z I’ll have to get the BO to remove him from the OP. With DharmaNation I’d say that he doesn’t preach any direct pozz and is mostly valuable for his lectures on various topics and little more. Personally I like Varg, but more because of his lifestyle. He can be a little crazy sometimes
>>175 That's a shame. Could it not be that these were past mistakes and that they have now reformed?
>>176 It's possible, of course, but it definitely taints my image of him to know that he even considered marrying (and did marrying) a woman who openly posted pictures of her consuming copious amount of alcohol and hanging out with Zionists and both niggers and Arabs. I would be ashamed if I were STJ, someone who considers himself a traditionalist. I can excuse shit like having a Batman tattoo. It's very cringe but people do stuff like that before waking up, I guess.
>>177 >but it definitely taints my image of him to know that he even considered marrying (and did marrying) a woman who openly posted pictures of her consuming copious amount of alcohol and hanging out with Zionists and both niggers and Arabs good soil to plant seeds might just not exist anymore. you have to make do with what comes your way, or just not reproduce at all.
>>178 Maybe things are worse in Europe at this point, I don't know. Because this woman seems particularly pozzed to me. I do not think that they are all uniformly hanging out with non-whites and acting like alcoholics, but most likely are today.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P14cRV-m6ZY in this video this guy speaks the greatest heresy of all abrahamic religion
>>50 >>52 Read The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity. Blessed are the rich, for they possess the earth and its glory. Blessed are the strong, for they can conquer kingdoms. Blessed are they with strong kinsmen, for they shall find help. Blessed are the warlike, for they shall win wealth and renown. Blessed are they who keep their faith, for they shall be honored. Blessed are they who are open handed, for they shall have friends and fame. Blessed are they who wreak vengeance, for they shall be offended no more, and they shall have honor and glory all the days of their life and eternal fame in ages to come. >>166 >>175 That's Swede for you unfortunately. I have it on good authority that StJ and DharmaNation are more radical than they portray themselves on youtube. Let's just say that the 9th avatar of Vishnu isn't the Buddha. If you sperg out on youtube, you're just gonna get banned, and being a silenced martyr doesn't help us.
>>213 With DharmaNation in particular I certainly agree. Especially in his last video on Abrahamism – wearing a Mjölnir pendant – it became very clear when he was describing ideal leadership and the structure of the nation. He is describing National Socialism here and there is no doubt about it — this is almost word-for-word the concept of the Volksgemeinschaft and blood and soil ideology. I’ve talked many times before too how in his Dharma Manifesto he openly cites Savitri Devi, Yukio Mishima, Kerry Bolton, Julius Evola, Francis Parker Yockey and other certified bad goyim. I wouldn’t be surprised if he realized the true divine inner nature of Adolf Hitler. The evidence is all there, you just have to be willing to accept the truth. With STJ — maybe you’re right. I’ve never seen him preaching outright subversion, but he could be toeing a like just like Śri Acharyaji. Regardless, slightly disappointing.
>>215 Dharmanation guy is an alex jones tier controlled op. Too many redflags, youre getting hooked in on hopium. Even ignoring that dogmatic adherence to orthodox hinduism is not the solution to our problems which is what this guy preaches. The mlojnir pendant and the bad goy associations begin and end at just an appearance. They are there to rope in people like you. This guy is basically Q for traditionalists trying to escape the cave of abrahamism, oh wait HE ACTUALLY IS A QTARD!!!!
>>215 >Sri Acharyaji Cult Member Detected
Open file (144.59 KB 1697x549 puristnewager.png)
>>262 I’m not even Hindu, I just like the channel and take what’s good from it and discard what’s bad (Q shit, anti-Nietzsche, etc).
>>175 >With DharmaNation I’d say that he doesn’t preach any direct pozz and is mostly valuable for his lectures on various topics and little more. That potentially makes him more insidious and dangerous. He might draw people who adhere to similar worldviews only to gradually poz and brainwash them (this is what modern cults do) until they are 100% kosher certified. You would be surprised how far the kikes go with their subversion. Some people will get hooked up to (((alt-right))) , some to pseudo-redpilled cults, some will get pressured into doing what Tarrant did and thus stop being a threat etc. Different approaches for different personality types, exploiting different flaws. You need to apply a certain matrice for evaluating literally every belief, group, movement etc. Does it, as it's logical conclusion, eliminate the "bad goy thoughts" or otherwise eliminate free thinkers as a threat to ZOG, or, it actually makes them more dangerous. Then you would use that as a parameter in a function which also includes the matrice evaluating every idea, action etc. as being either positively, neutrally or negatively conductive to the interests of the white race. Then you would stress-test it for subversion. This is why my posts might seem as overly-detailed ideological purism or nitpicking, but it's actually a preemptive measure since there are entire (((think tanks))), (((institutes))) and (((departments))) on the other side, the type of people who will effectively exploit even the tiniest cracks in the ideological or organizational structure, or personal flaws of organization's members. If you actually want to put up any resistance, you will need to treat any information from a counter-intelligence perspective. Anything less, and you will fail. >>213 > I have it on good authority that StJ and DharmaNation are more radical than they portray themselves on youtube. I wouldn't exclude that either. I mean all of us held kiked beliefs at one point or another, to judge people for being uninformed would be dishonest. As well as judging them for not revealing their power level entirely, I mean I would behave no differently personally, at least not in public. Automatically assuming everyone to be a subversive is another trap that we shouldn't fall into. Treat everyone as a potential subversive, but give them a benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to show their merits. It's exceedingly difficult to keep up the "perfect act" for too long, they always show their true face sooner or later. You just need to know to pick up the signals. >>262 Then the best approach would be to expose this guy to the "higher truth" and observe his reaction. Or at least filter the information which he provides according to the aforementioned matrices. I mean, I even read books written by literal kikes because they had some good ideas (even a broken clock is right twice a day I guess) while disregarding all the other (((tendencies))). Which seemed as a biological imperative rather than willful conspiracy. You'd be surprised how many of them actually believe their own pilpuls. They unironically believe themselves to be the "good guys" , or the victims when someone puts and end to their kikery (which is a trait typical of psychopaths, total lack of self-awareness). t. serbanon
>>269 >Which seemed as a biological imperative rather than willful conspiracy. You'd be surprised how many of them actually believe their own pilpuls. They unironically believe themselves to be the "good guys" , or the victims when someone puts and end to their kikery (which is a trait typical of psychopaths, total lack of self-awareness). This is the best way to understand the JQ. There’s certainly some level of collusion going on, but it’s most just Jews acting in accordance with their own natures. It’s very possible that they truly do not comprehend at all why the goyim despise them so much, so they turn to narcissistic delusions like “they must be jealous because I’m chosen by G*d” or “because I’m so intelligent”, I’m so successful”, etc. It’s like that one meme: “Do the goyim hate me because I am a parasite with double standards?” “Nah, it must because they’re anti-semites!”
>>269 >Which seemed as a biological imperative rather than willful conspiracy. >>272 >This is the best way to understand the JQ. Yes. One of the biggest deflections they use is making fun of the idea of an exaggerated Jewish conspiracy, like every Jew in the world is coordinating around a huge table in a dark room filled with cigar smoke. Instead, think of it as the Jewish algorithm - they have traits that make them feel better when they hide and subvert, together with memes from their rabbi that keep them genetically cohesive while living generations as a tiny minority in host populations.
Varg’s twitter followers put me in physical pain.
>>267 Sorry, i just got on edge a little bit, that guy has a serious follower here who is like a shill almost
>>309 That’s probably me also, honestly.
Open file (321.50 KB 1920x1080 ZoroastrianTrilogy.jpg)
--Helpful Anthropology-- >The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by Frazer http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=BB5683559C1ECBD51A4F0A0D613EBE6C >The Sacred And The Profane: The Nature Of Religion by Eliade http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=3CF47842FD06FE2F7E74FBEF76785E06 >The Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History by Eliade http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=84AB14E863667060F6E0384B708E4FDE --Magick Itself-- >Visual Magick: a manual of freestyle shamanism by Jan Fries http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=58508975BEA05645EE09477BDDDCE557 >Cauldron of the Gods: A Manual of Celtic Magick by Fries http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=A287C6C74F9F09FD25E443FED9847075 >Liber Kaos by Carroll http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=19796024D30A71A81A5B16373C47CD43 --Vedic-- >Four Vedas http://libgen.lc/item/index.php?md5=0E2784CDC7A41C4FC9216133C30B7E42 >Ramayana (three volumes): https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=D9E8B9BA21457A7C7AEC4F6420219397 https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=54A8585A5A44BDB4F94799A62858010C https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=F908378AC39CCE17BD021E2D36A441DE >Laws of Manu (Manu-smriti) http://libgen.lc/item/index.php?md5=4643068185498966D6E416140B8724B0 --Zoroastrian/Mazdayasna-- >Original Magic - Rituals and Initiations of the Persian Magi: https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=389D009F8618379020AE60A6E178FF5D >Inner Fire https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=B9275B5C901C97D04595A5707310B6B9 >Hymns Of Zoroaster https://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=FD2491509C82880E3619AA42B44D6C09 --Lucid Dreams & Astral Projection-- >Lucid Dreams by Celia Green (original pre-LaBerge academic) http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=8CD9124BD75157CB943B20AB5BD36C27 >Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce (great techniques) http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=F4F6DE45252479AEBE137EF8BCA12C0C >Dreaming Yourself Awake by B. Alan Wallace (Tibet!) http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=A89D9A1A7D51D541236B2DDB327C943C --Levenda's Sinister Forces Trilogy-- >Book One: http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=14F9590C75FE8E37ECD713BF454D29A4 >Book Two: http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=0A9C28333CB74DF2EE0476BD4BCC8869 >Book Three: http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=D7048B15DFC1C89962BCE1532616B3E0 --Colin Wilson's Occult Trilogy-- >The Occult http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=1A3FBB6CF60BE8EB00F817D3A7619A97 >Beyond The Occult http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=7E3F82E2A3B4C98A410A0C0BA09437D5 >Mysteries, An Investigation http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=1537244C988B06D32A9C1C00F7C080BE --Edred Thorsson-- >Futhark: A Handbook Of Rune Magic http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=34C56460D815C69295D072083833666D >Runelore: A Handbook Of Esoteric Runology http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=25C9637A21AC8F0011DA44FDA8865F05 >Galdabrok: An Icelandic Grimoire http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=3A6FB075F5A5E3817001CA73BDEFEE8B >Icelandic Magic: Practical Secrets of the Northern Grimoires http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=6BBF7F9ADAE3E80FF4139061CC44E8A6 --Evropa-- >Mabinogion (Celtic): http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=707F4C9D51B0C578182A1907B3DE472F >Kalevala (Finn): http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=C722D432632871EF64644F7980BCFBAB >Poetic Edda (Norse): http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=8C0B3233BFDAC66C107FF4B5433ED763 >Prose Edda: http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=97752A6313141CC3DBE096425C120985 >Nibelungenlied (German): http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=C794FD7CAFCCF3C581587111573A6456 >Greek Epics & Philosophy http://classics.mit.edu/Browse/index.html
>>318 >>317 Nice collection
Open file (160.61 KB 768x1024 71m3oBUj6xL.jpg)
>>272 Some do comprehend it, but many do not. Parasitic and harmful animals don't perceive their behavior as negative, but they also do not perceive themselves as victims when they get killed in defense or get eaten by something bigger and meaner. This is what sets the Jew apart. This "one-sided morality" is a very interesting phenomenon. Although I have observed it in narcissistic, psychopathic individuals of other races as well, what's a deviation for them seems to be a "factory setting" for a Jew. Making the few Jews who are not kikes a deviation. Which is normal, since they were selected for psychopathic traits for many centuries. They were literally bred this way. >>273 > Jewish algorithm Yes! This is the root of the JQ. They are genetic robots, barely more sapient than insects. Projecting our sapience, self-awareness, higher reason and freedom of choice on them is wrong, even in negative context. You can't go swimming among crocodiles and then hate them for biting you. It's your fault for assuming them to have the same nature as you do. They did not willingly choose to bite you either, it was their instinct. In the same manner, the Jew jews. The best supporting evidence for this is that they always kept jewing to their own determent, even when they had no concrete benefits from doing so. Repeatedly. >together with memes from their rabbi that keep them genetically cohesive Their religion is a sort of eugenic blueprint and maintenance manual. It's pure social engineering and I'm pretty certain that they were created as golems/pawns for something even more sinister. They had a tendency for selecting specific genetic traits as well. There is no such thing as a "Jewish race", it's a sort of genetic/memetic virus which overtakes whatever race (or mixture of races) that they breed with. That's why they can't understand racism, from their perspective, it actually doesn't make any sense. One host is as good as another, viruses don't discriminate. "Jewish race" is actually a STD. Instead of hating them for not being like you, it's better to try to "see the world" from it's own perspective. Then everything starts making sense. They count on whites reacting emotionally and hatefully to their nature (they even provoke it because it maintains their cohesion and feeds their delusions), they do not however, count on us actually trying to understand them.
>>328 I really wish this version of this thread was more about Indo-European ways and mythopoesis and not at all about the god damn stupid boring fucking kikes. They really live rent free in your head, dude.
I would really like your take on this. The way Europe demographically developed in Pre-Christian time was that it was first populated by Neolithic Europeans during the Stone Age. These Neolithic Europeans then declined at the end of the Stone Age/Begin of Bronze Age and into this gap the Indo-Europeans migrated, mixing with the leftovers of the Neolithic Europeans, during the Bronze Age then this mixture developed into the great European Ethnic groups during the Bronze Age which survive until today. Now while the Indo-Europeans are the proof of the shared origin of all White/Aryan/Caucasian people, what is the point following the Vedic/Hindu/Dharma religion beyond being the religious version of the "melting pot of cultures" for White/Aryan/Caucasians who have lost their roots? The birth of the great European Ethnic Groups and their distinct culture happened in the Bronze Age and since that is the start of a distinct Germanic, Celtic, Hellenistic, Italic, Baltic and Slavic culture as opposed to a generic Indo-European culture, shouldn't the religion of these cultures be the faith to follow for any true Nationalist? Why would you chose Dharma over Germanic or Celtic Paganism?
>>331 >what is the point following the Vedic/Hindu/Dharma religion beyond being the religious version of the "melting pot of cultures" for White/Aryan/Caucasians who have lost their roots? I agree that oftentimes it does seem to sort of be a religious melting-pot for rootless whites, who feel as if they can’t devote themselves wholly to one of the European traditions since they don’t come from that people. There seems to be a view that the Vedic is somehow a purer expression and closer to the spirit of Indo-European ‘original’. This is mainly because of the wealth of information we have from them spanning literally millennia. This is why some are very drawn to it, whether they are one of these more “rootless” types or not. I think a lot of people are like me though. I’m just kind of a dabbler since I’m a Euromutt– I am very Vedic influenced, I hold a lot of the presuppositions common to the pagan worldview about the world but I also read stuff like the Hávamál and find great wisdom in there. >shouldn't the religion of these cultures be the faith to follow for any true Nationalist? If I were Germanic I would certainly devote myself to Asatru, or Rodnovery if I were Slavic. Granted I would probably fill in the gaps with Vedic stuff like many do today. Abrahamists don’t understand that non-Abrahamic spirituality inherently permits a plurality of expressions and norms by its very nature, and the contingent nature of different forms on different cultures and groups, which are an expression of their particularistic mentality and view of the world within a certain context.
>>331 I draw the line at the Irianian-Indian split. Basically, since Mohenjo Daro culture has recently been proven to have been Dravidian, https://www.indiatoday.in/magazine/cover-story/story/20180910-rakhigarhi-dna-study-findings-indus-valley-civilisation-1327247-2018-08-31 Then Zoroaster revolts against this cultural blending, Zoroastrianism is still the earliest amd most complete Advanced Aryan Religion. Other than that, pre-christian european philosophy is lost to time except for outright witchcraft like The Galdabrok or myth and legend. If you or others want to work out a true philosophy from those myths and legends, please do, because that entire ground has been ceded to liberal and left wing multiculturalists (NeoPagans, Contemporary Heathenry, fucking Wicca, Asatru groups) and even these are extremely vague and focus on ceremonial magic. Now, some ignorant retards claim all kinds of dumb things about Zoroastrianism, like it's universalist or monotheistic. Those people are absolutely wrong, and this is very easily verifiable.
Here's some reddit guy's thoughts on philosophical Heathenry >Am having drinks, so bear with me. There isn't much of a thesis but it's basically that the ontology in BT is very similar to Norse cosmology. To put it crudely, in BT, Heidegger writes that Dasein (us) feel anxiety because we know that we are going to die some day. This anxiety drives us to want to live our lives in a way such that we can die happy with ourselves and our accomplishments (which is hard because we have limited possibilities due to time). When we perceive the world, we perceive it as it is in the present moment, which has been caused by everything that has happened in the past. Things in the present are "in motion", so we Dasein find ourselves "thrown" into the future as every moment passes into the next moment. We have the option to "project" ourselves in different directions by making choices that expand our horizons and give us new options to live our lives well. If we can accept that our fate is to eventually die, and can use that resignation to have better control over our lives, we can project ourselves into the life that we want to live, and we can say that we are living authentically. >This is strikingly similar to the cosmology of the Urd's Well and the Tree, in which the Well and the orlog represent the past, that which has already happened and has been "laid down" as law and which produces the present moment, which is represented by the tree. The things that happen in the present pass into the past, like dew from the tree running into the Well, and nurtures the world (the tree) into the the following present moment, and this process continues forever. We have the ability to affect the world by acting in ways that change it, and those people who affect the world in drastic ways (which help a lot of people out) are considered "great men" or "heroes", giving us mortals something to strive for in life, willing ourselves to a better world (or at least one where we have influence!). The metaphor applies to individual lives as well, except there is an end point (death), and every action we take drives our lives towards fate. >Sorry for the mess, I've had a lot to drink. It's not a very compelling "thesis" because it's really just a comparison and explanation of both, but my major hope for this paper is to get some philosophy students interested in Norse mythology (and thus willing to write more papers) as well as to share Heidegger with heathens, because I love Heidegger. There's probably something to be said about comparing the "authentic" with the "heroic", which I recognize as clearly different, but for an undergraduate journal I think I'm better off being concise and just sticking to BT vs The Well. I can see a path toward establishing some European Heathen Contemporary Philosophy in this manner, much in the way James Maffie has done for Aztec Philosophy. I think Process Philosophy is a great place to start in on a contemporary system, because most interpretation of existing stuff, even complex stuff like Vedism or Zoroastrianism, are very much colored by Neoplatonism, Plato and Aristotle, and we need to recognize this. I do think though, that Vedanta of any kind, even more purely Aryan like Madhvacharya's Dvaita, is pozzed by Dravidian and Nastika influence. The funny part is that we the multi-ethnic europeans (I'm Dutch, German, Scots, Irish, English and French. So I'm just as interested in Celtic as Germanic stuff) need to recognize that Appeal To Antiquity is a losing battle. While conservative thought is prescriptive and traditional, we need to establish a contemporary application. This may require a universalist view of Indo-European aka Aryan systems, where we admit Thor, Shakra, and Zeus are the same on a philosophical level, and just go with "Lightning" and assign it a philosophical value based on the comparison and interpretation of the myths of Shakra, Thor, Zeus &c. This however, if not intelligently and consciously handled, if it's left to organic and decentralized emergence, we'll end up with White People Santeria. And I'd rather kill myself
Some more comments from that reddit thread (will have to be careful to see how pozzed they are. I also hate the fools that buy into Guenon and Evola because those two thought Advaita and Tantra were aryan when in fact Shiva & Shakti are Dravidian gods.) >"The Well and Tree: World and Time in Early Germanic Culture" is a good one, and there's a free copy of it in this subreddit if you use the search. There's also "The Road to Hel", which covers the various Germanic world views regarding death. You can also get that one for free from the Our Heathen Gods website. >For philosophy books that are more general but still related, "A World Full of Gods: An Inquiry into Polytheism" and "Myth of the Eternal Return" would probably be my next suggestions. >Culture of the Teutons by Groenbech >Way of the Heathen, by Garman Lord.
>>336 >Process Philosophy I'm not as philosophically literate as I'd like to be, but I've always thought that the type of stuff along this line was fairly intuitive, sort of like Heraclitus' "everything flows" or concepts of impermanence. These sort of themes seem prevalent in Indo-European thought. Do you have any reading recommendations on this type of philosophy in particular? Really I've only read some Nietzsche, a little Aristotle, some Cicero, Confucius, Jacques Ellul—I'm all over the place.
>>338 >>338 Process Pluralism (as in not-monism, nothing to do with cultural pluralism): >A Key To Whitehead's Process And Reality https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=19DC6E16450ED2ED24F793B6C8D0591A Process Monism: >Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=0019864EFCA4119BAC4615C6B0D1009C I suggest Aztec Philosophy first for the simple fact that it's more accessible (easier reading, less obscurant language)
>>338 This might be a good start as well. Based on years of research into European epic literature as well as Vedic epics like Ramayana, I feel the authentic Celto-Germanic weltanschauung is a Process Philosophy, but I'm not sure if it's Pluralism or Monism. I lean towards Pluralism, as there is no entity like Brahman or Teotl that I've seen in actual text. Most of the scholars that claim Celtic Monism are just going by what feelies they get off of petroglyphs.
>>340 This was a lot more substantial and interesting than anything I expected, not gonna lie. You can definitely see that their belief in something like eternal cycles of becoming over an eternal permanence of being is pretty fundamental to everything else that's mentioned in the articles like the best way to live one's life and to maintain one's balance on the "slippery earth". I will have to check out the book on this that you linked above in another post. >>342 I only skimmed this one but I was surprised to run into a name that I had been looking into recently: Samuel Alexander. A lot of people would probably dismiss him just because he was a Jew, but the thing that made this guy catch my interest was his sort of teleological pantheism. His whole belief system was uncannily similar to me in some aspects to William Luther Pierce's Cosmotheism, which was also pantheistic and teleological, with the Creator going through a process of gradual self-realization on the path to Godhood. There's an Urge in all beings towards this final self-perfection. Pierce's views are of course tied in with various amounts of Social Darwinism and White Nationalism, but Alexander talks about almost the exact same thing. God as deity to him is potential, not yet actual, and is the next level above mind, which emerged from matter, which emerged from space-time. In space-time there is, according to him, a nisus or urge which progresses towards higher levels of existence and the emergence of new qualities. I've been wanting to read the two-volume book on this sometime soon, but I don't want to be filtered by my low level of knowledge. It's fascinating how they reached a similar system seemingly independently.
>>343 Madhvacharya's Dvaita is probably the only worthy Vedanta for similar reasons, even though it's a substance Ontology. It's truly unique from every other Post-Upanishadic tradition because Reality is REAL. Difference is REAL. Hierarchy MATTERS, and so on. Here's a chart if his cosmology, which also lays out the hierarchical arrangements
More info: >An Introduction to Madhva Vedanta https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=EB115906FDB33FDC08E75144430838ED From Wikipedia: >The metaphysical reality is plural, stated Madhvacharya.[6] There are primarily two tattvas or categories of reality — svatantra tattva (independent reality) and asvatantra tattva (dependent reality).[42] Ishvara (as God Vishnu or Krishna) is the cause of the universe and the only independent reality, in Madhvacharya's view.[42] The created universe is the dependent reality, consisting of Jīva (individual souls) and Jada (matter, material things).[6] Individual souls are plural, different and distinct realities. Jīvas are sentient and matter is non-sentient, according to Madhvacharya.[6][43] >Madhva further enumerates the difference between dependent and independent reality as a fivefold division (pancha-bheda) between God, souls and material things.[26] These differences are:[6][13] (1) Between material things; (2) Between material thing and soul; (3) Between material thing and God; (4) Between souls; and (5) Between soul and God. >This difference is neither temporary nor merely practical; it is an invariable and natural property of everything. Madhva calls it Taratamya (gradation in pluralism).[42] There is no object like another, according to Madhvacharya. There is no soul like another. All souls are unique, reflected in individual personalities. The sea is full; the tank is full; a pot is full; everything is full, yet each fullness is different, asserted Madhvacharya.[42][44] >Even in liberation (moksha), states Madhvacharya, the bliss is different for each person, based on each's degree of knowledge and spiritual perfection.[44][43] This liberation, according to him, is only achievable with grace of God Krishna.[18]
>>343 Wanted to note that my favorite takeaway from Maffie's book was that "Teotl is a gerund" Reminded me of the Bookchin quote: "our being is becoming not stasis"
>>330 >Don't discuss the root of the problem go- err I mean fellow white heathen, here are these handpicked works and my totally not narrative shifting interpretation of them which should teach you how to be a good goy and not listen to those stupid nazis, ok? In fact, your presence in this thread made those posts very on topic. Your activity after I made those posts is a clear giveaway. >>335 Zoroastrians were the original SJW's and kike enablers. It's funny to see you shift away from monism since you've been BTFO. I mean holy shit, just look at this kike rat lol. Pardon my language, but you are such a fine specimen! He was "defending" it so hard only to turn it's back on it the second it stopped being useful for subversion. I'm actually amazed how quickly you managed to pull another batch of mediocre works to "support" your adjusted shilling. This is actually another example of the kike algorithm. But thank you for continuously verifying my hypothesis with your behavior. Would you mind if I ask you a couple of questions? For science? Now he will kvetch how he is contributing to the thread (with housewife tier material) while being incapable of actually defending any of the positions as he was only picking up material which may give people the illusion of him being knowledgeable about it so that he could push his agenda. Look how quickly he clogged the thread with related, but 100% kosher certified content. Just for the record, I am discussing those beliefs from a more practical aspect, and subversive influences over the span of centuries. Identifying those influences is very important for preserving the essence of Indo-European religions :>) But don't worry, I will respond to your "newfound" philosophy in detail as well. ;)
>>348 Hi O9A-fag
>it’s another monism versus non-monism shitflinging episode
>>348 Reposting from 16chan thread, my reply to your assertions on Mazdayasna. >Does it recognize the existence of unique and independent souls, gods and realities? Yes. >Ahuras & Daevas, Lords & Celestials, respectively >Amesha Spentas, Holy Immortals >Yazatas, Worshipable Spirits >Fravashis, external guardian souls >Getig, Phenomenal world >Menog, Noumenal World >Does it recognize the unbridgeable gap in quality between apparent phenomena based on their mutually incompatible emanating sources/essences/noumena Yes >Asha, Truth vs Druj, Falsehood, from which the previous lists emanate. >Weak dualism What are you even defining as dualism? Obviously you're a strong Dualist in the usual sense of Platonic or Kantian Idealism. >Aryan Fire Priests These are Magi
>>339 That book on the Aztecs looks fantastic, and I’m only skimming through the section on Teotl right now. Seems very similar to my own beliefs. I have always stressed “becoming” as characterizing reality as well. For a while it made me sort of depressive “boo hoo everything degenerates and dies eventually, why care about anything!” but I realized that sort of passive nihilism destroys your soul.
>>353 Everything has happened before and everything will happen again, as the saying goes. E T E R N A L R E T U R N
>>354 A M O R F A T I
Open file (36.24 KB 306x475 28025.jpg.cf.jpg)
>>356 Oh, have you read this'n?
>>357 No, I have not, seeing as how I confused Eliade’s idea with what Nietzsche said kek. Reading through the Wikipedia page on Eliade’s idea of eternal return though makes it sound like he’s worth looking into, especially that book. One quote apparently from him in the article is pretty relevant — >But repetition emptied of its religious content necessarily leads to a pessimistic vision of existence. When it is no longer a vehicle for reintegrating a primordial situation [...] that is, when it is desacralized, cyclic time becomes terrifying; it is seen as a circle forever turning on itself, repeating itself to infinity." I’ll have to get this soon.
>"In our day, when historical pressure no longer allows any escape, how can man tolerate the catastrophes and horrors of history—from collective deportations and massacres to atomic bombings—if beyond them he can glimpse no sign, no transhistorical meaning; if they are only the blind play of economic, social, or political forces, or, even worse, only the result of the 'liberties' that a minority takes and exercises directly on the stage of universal history? >"We know how, in the past, humanity has been able to endure the sufferings we have enumerated: they were regarded as a punishment inflicted by God, the syndrome of the decline of the 'age,' and so on. And it was possible to accept them precisely because they had a metahistorical meaning [...] Every war rehearsed the struggle between good and evil, every fresh social injustice was identified with the sufferings of the Saviour (or, for example, in the pre-Christian world, with the passion of a divine messenger or vegetation god), each new massacre repeated the glorious end of the martyrs. [...] By virtue of this view, tens of millions of men were able, for century after century, to endure great historical pressures without despairing, without committing suicide or falling into that spiritual aridity that always brings with it a relativistic or nihilistic view of history" ~Eliade, Cosmos & History
>>358 Nietzsche's idea is essentially the same thing, there's a distinction, but it's a distinction without a difference
>>349 I'm not O9A, although I should definitively look into that. I glanced over their pages a while ago and they seemed a bit cringe inducing so I didn't go further. >>350 See >>354 The ride never ends. Remember, you are here forever. >>352 Maybe early Zoroastrianism was more pluralistic, but you can't deny that it was a gradual shift to monotheism. Even at the beginning, there was indication of "supreme deity", at least among part of the priesthood, or should I say (((priesthood))), you said it yourself countless times, don't backpedal on it now. It has many good elements and is far preferable to many other religions, but it needs to be identified as the root of decay, as well as similar developments in Aryan India. >Asha, Truth vs Druj, Falsehood, from which the previous lists emanate. But that all will ultimately join Ahura Mazda. If they were separate, they would (potentially) maintain their natures indefinitely, and truth vs falsehood (in the context of that specific religion and it's narrative, not the ultimate truth) would be more a matter of perspective. And before you accuse me of being a relativist, I'd infer to say that there is ultimate truth, but that it's interpretations can vary radically, that's why unique souls and free will exist in the first place. But you don't actually believe in those Quality is also universal, so is beauty, while morality is not. They are not the same category. One is based on eternal Forms, another on eternal Will. The two are equally important, but most people really struggle with understanding that. >What are you even defining as dualism? What I meant by weak dualism is that you have the distinction between the "earth and heavens" , but that one is merely a subcategory of another. You also have dualistic morality (good vs evil) where "evil" becomes "good" eventually. When extrapolated to it's logical conclusion, you end up with monism. Yes, I would define dualism in Kantian sense, but I'm not a dualist. My approach is dialectical, perhaps even monist to a degree, but I go beyond one, into the realm of zero, where things start diverging without losing the totality. I call it transcendental pluralism. The false dichotomies being shilled ever since a certain banking cartel took control of the world are not real dialectics, but the opposite. They lead to disintegration rather than higher synthesis. My beliefs are also quite Vedic, but while recognizing the supremacy of the Self (Atman) over the medium (Brahman), which is actually closer to the original Aryan beliefs, taught to them by the "torch bearers". >These are Magi They were one group of the Magi. Another (opposed) group turned into the bearers of poz for centuries, trying to emancipate subhumans at the expense of Indo-Europeans, leading to the decline of civilizations at hands of certain gang of mongrel bandits and prostitutes and to the amazing world that we have today. Corrupt, brown Islamic shitholes like modern Egypt or Iran were the result of such "enlightenment" Europe and USA won't look much different in the future either. They also had the genius idea that giving the kikes everything that they want would somehow stop them from kiking and change their nature. Giving their knowledge to a rabbi with a messianic complex (Yehoshua ben Josef) turned out quite disastrous as well. It triggered them enough to plot to get him killed though, because they knew that this subversion could be a double-edged sword. We need a religion that will make whites grow balls and teeth again and have zero moral brakes and stop at nothing in order to survive and restore their weltanschauung and enforce their collective Will. Which was the original Indo-European religion. Also the one that every white European can relate to, including the intra-European mutts. Anything else makes us prone to D&C and petty "nationalism" which ruined Europe. Kikes can turn even the smallest of differences into pointless brother wars to their benefit. We can go back to our more specific beliefs, cultures and values once we reclaim the world. Then we can also fight each other like in the good old times, but as a natural consequence of our differentiation, rather than plots of sand bandits and greedy rulers :3
>>366 >But that all will ultimately join Ahura Mazda. No, you're still thinking of Advaita. Dvaita and even Vishishtadvaita have eternally distinct and separate souls, see Madhvacharya. Zoroastrianism has distinct and eternal souls with Fravashis that are also distinct. Yazatas and Amesha Spentas are also unique and distinct beings. Why are you a moral relativist and political anarchist on a fascist board? What kind of fascist has no interest in hierarchy and order? You're just a racist libertarian. Like I suggested before, read Troy Southgate's Tradition And Revolution and recognize that you're a National-Anarchist. (Also your philosophy is definitely O9A whether you're conscious of it or not, hard to believe you weren't at least indoctrinated by an O9A infiltrator.) And stop sperging out at me.
>>375 >Why are you a moral relativist and political anarchist on a fascist board? Did he really argue for political anarchism? Maybe I have zero reading comprehension but I only saw criticism of “petty” nationalism and modern ideas of the nation-state, not anarchism. Personally I think that the nation-state is somewhat artificial in nature when projected back as some sort of eternal idea, a stepping stone from looser forms of political and economic organization into more centralized ones, a preliminary move to the NWO, intended or not. Nationalism is damaging when it prevents our people from coordinating for self-preservation. It is the only viable instrument today though for liberation from Jewish power, let no one tell you otherwise. With morality, I believe it is largely a scam and coping pushed by the herd too, especially in the Abrahamic conception. Look into Callicles or Thrasymachus for the truth and a good account of natural justice. Might makes right. The only law is tooth and claw.
>>390 >I only saw criticism of “petty” nationalism and modern ideas of the nation-state L I B E R A L >Might makes right. The only law is tooth and claw. If that's the case, then whomsoever wins sets the rules and is by definition correct and the only source of law. Right now that's Communist China, the Muslim World (these two are 40% of the human population btw) and NATO. For sheer brute muscle, Niggers would be kangz for real. No, I don't accept this retardation. Abrahamic morals are indeed bullshit, but amorality is nihilism and should be stopped. Read Mein Kampf, fuck.
>wants to appeal to all white people to unite >somehow without that being universalist, globalist or even nationalist ???
>>391 >L I B E R A L I’m further right than you. >If that's the case, then whomsoever wins sets the rules Yes, it’s a descriptive claim. >For sheer brute muscle, Niggers would be kangz for real. We’re not talking muscle here, we’re talking organization, weaponry, intelligence and force. They who control these decide what is right and wrong. >but amorality is nihilism No it’s not. >Read Mein Kampf, fuck. Hitler largely would agree with me. He saw that struggle is the driving force in history alongside race, and he who wishes to survive must struggle. Like myself he recognizes hierarchy and the importance of great individuals in history.
>>394 en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_nihilism
>>395 If we say that observation of nature can disclose to us the content of what would constitute “natural justice”, we will see that this observation discloses the domination and exploitation of the weak by the strong. This then can be said to constitute natural justice, for the strong to rule over the weak and to have more than them. Nihilism avoided, provided one accepts an appeal to nature.
BACK ON TOPIC >Teutonic Mythology The Complete Work, Jacob Grimm https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=52780700F734978F1E87A73EC8F7A8CC
>>396 I prefer the "fortune favors the bold" iteration, but we're in agreement that Master Morality is generally correct, at this point it's a matter of taste, and an incorrect use of the word "amoral" by one or both parties. A settled issue: we are in basic agreement.
Oh sweet, look what I just found >The Nine Doors of Midgard are the gateways to self-transformation and mastery through the Runes. This complete course of study and practice has been used by the initiates of the Rune-Gild since 1980. Long out-of-print to the wider public and difficult to obtain, it is now being made available in a completely revised and updated fifth edition. The Runic Tradition represents a whole school of inner work as ancient as any other and with the added importance that it is the ancestral, or natural, path for folks of Germanic (English, German, Dutch, and Scandinavian) background. The graded steps of The Nine Doors of Midgard are the only curriculum to take a systematic and traditional approach to inner Rune-work. Through nine "lessons" the book takes the Rune-worker from a stage in which no previous knowledge of Runes or esoteric work is assumed to a high level of initiation. https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=CAD537B1E1C81F9FBDE21CE93699BAFE
>>400 >First of all, concerning the term Odian: in contrast to the term Odinist, the Odian does not worship the God Óðinn (Wōden), but rather emulates him. The Odinist worships; the Odian becomes himself. This is the true nature of the cult of Óðinn. The Odian does not seek union with Óðinn, but rather with his own unique self. This is the godly task of Óðinn himself. If we were to seek to abdicate our selfhoods to any external force, Óðinn would only look on in disgust. True Odians are few and far between. (ibid.)
>>408 It also doesn’t help that oftentimes when a people who have been in a Christianized (or in general Abrahamic) context for centuries think of “worship” they can only think of abject submission or abasement before a deity, like a slave before his master. Muslims illustrate this particularly well when they refer to themselves as “slaves of Allah”. It has seemed to me that non-Abrahamic worship – sometimes, but not always – has to do more with showing respect to what is undeniably a higher being, propitiating them and even reciprocity (do ut des, etc) between the god and human.
>Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Asatru, Rodnovery - whatever you like to study or even practice, post about ITT >Been studying Celtic/Gaelic mythology, religion, and traditions for yearssince it's part of my heritage >To this day, no group has arisen that truly promotes the traditions in a way that puts the homeland and it's people preserve it's way of life over others not tied to them. It really is a shame that there isn't a Celtic/Gaelic group that could be listed here as well. They could really use a group that promotes the old traditions and tries to research and discover more about the old ways, while providing a more Nationalistic, ethno-centric message. Most of the groups out there that claim to be the definitive "Celtic" religion are the Neo-pagan and Wiccan shit cults that have little to no relation to the original religions, practicing more perverted forms of the ancient rituals and holiday celebrations. The only one that could even try to claim to be such a group was the Celtic Reconstructionists, but they are in some ways worse than the other groups. One of their main websites goes out of it's way to state that they are vehemently anti-racist, anti-homophobic (which I'm sure has added trans-phobic at this point), anti-nazism, and so on. While they devote themselves to as much research (archaeological or otherwise) to uncovering and learning as much of the true Celtic religion and traditions as possible, they state that they will only incorporate information and practices into their group that are acceptable for modern times (essentially saying that if it isn't kosher to their modern beliefs (extremely progressive and globalist), they will ignore it or possibly hide it so it doesn't upset them). They also mention who is considered Celtic/Gaelic, believing that as long as you speak the language and/or are born in one of the modern Celtic nations, you are considered "Celtic", while saying that blood and ancestry isn't the only determining factor (though they won't (or can't) outright deny it). Just like most western nations, it doesn't matter if they are full-blooded niggers that have ancestors that were brought there due to one reason or another, or just migrants and refugees from the middle east that are playing the long game of subjugating the host nation. The concern with this group is that because they display themselves as a following that is actively trying to discover and spread the truth of the old ways, despite omitting "problematic" information and just letting anyone in, most people who try to find a Celtic/Gaelic group like them (that are aware of the bullshit the wiccan and other similar neo-pagan groups) will probably see them and think it's the right one to join. It probably doesn't help that multiple forces within the Celtic nations will go out of their way to subvert, control, discredit, frame, or just shut down any group that even attempts to promote a more ethno-focused form of the Celtic religion. Said nations treat any sign of this as being a worse threat than the very real threat of all the shitskins and other immigrants being brought in that are killing, mutilating, and raping the native population (all the while telling the natives that they are bad people just for being born). Any native that is against this and wants to promote the traditions of their ancestors properly either have to stay hidden (at least I hope they are) or are silenced in one form or another by the governments pushing for these changes. All this shit is enough to drive a man to drink. I'm sure there are others trying to help the culture, traditions, and people survive in their own way, but seeing so many of the people in these nations willingly let the cultural and genetic genocide take place is depressing. I only hope there are still enough people that resist this push for the death of what makes us who we are. Even so, I'll still be learning and practicing what I can, living by example however I can. I wouldn't be able to start any kind of group promoting the traditions due to not living in any of the lands of my ancestry. Any group like that should be started in the homeland of the traditions and by someone of pure heritage.
>>430 >Been studying Celtic/Gaelic mythology, religion, and traditions for years What are the best books for someone who knows very little about Celtic religion and mythology? >they state that they will only incorporate information and practices into their group that are acceptable for modern times >One of their main websites goes out of it's way to state that they are vehemently anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-nazism, and so on. >They also mention who is considered Celtic/Gaelic, believing that as long as you speak the language and/or are born in one of the modern Celtic nations, you are considered "Celtic" Wew. I can hardly see how they're much different from Wicca at this point honestly. These perversions of ancestral European traditions into shells of themselves with modern, progressive ideas and universalism always really repel me. It's clear that their minds are still thoroughly judaized to the point where what is supposed to be a "reconstruction" is no more than another New Age globohomo pseudo-tradition that one picks and chooses from like any other product today. There's a great duality in the pagan scene. If your group isn't explicitly racist, anti-egalitarian and intolerant of degeneracy it's bound to be subverted by this shit it seems.
>>431 Cauldron is on b-ok & libgen but Albion Awake is hard to even buy outside of uk. Cauldron is heavy with accurate history.
>>417 >like a slave before his master Abrahamic religions are all about this all-powerful dictator who knows whats best and never makes mistakes or does anything wrong even when he wipes out most of humanity to start over, it's like North Korea propaganda. Imagine choosing to trust and worship some who just kills people who disagree with their self-chosen rules (or banishes them to an underground torture chamber), constantly goes around spreading fear among his people through shows of power instead of helping them and then expects love and compassion. It's servile slave shit, psychological terrorism even.
>>433 >all about this all-powerful dictator who knows whats best and never makes mistakes or does anything wrong even when he wipes out most of humanity to start over, it's like North Korea propaganda Yep, def a National-Anarchist. Old school Fascism is all about Totalitarianism.
>>433 All-powerful dictators are based, provided that they are one with the people and soil. The fault in the Abrahamic conception of God goes much deeper than this. Abrahamic dualism and a radical separation from God's own creation create the conditions for nihilism by placing life's center of gravity into some mystical non-existent realm. The abject slavery demanded by Yahweh is much different than that of real dictators, in that you either worship him or burn for an eternity in hellfire (resentful slave cope invented by humans). >>434 I am a totalitarian myself, but I could see what he means if he's talking about the Semitic fanaticism that manifests among Abrahamists, where they are led to destroy and subjugate everything that is not themselves. When they have destroyed everything outside of themselves, they tear each other part. It's a Jewish mental illness.
>>436 O9A has always been super suspect to me, just like all “Satanist” groups. It’s important to note too that one of the people at the top of it, David Myatt, has shifted around between his Satanic brand of National Socialism, radical Islam and now some more New Age garbage. I have a theory that Satanism is used to subvert National Socialist and pagan groups and to divert them down the wrong path, much like how recently it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Richard Spencer, Keith Woods and the like are Duginist / communist shills attempting to subvert White Nationalism at large.
>>437 So SIEGE too is not pure enough for your majesty?
Open file (2.05 MB 3884x2026 IMG_20200529_221138.jpg)
Didn't want this to get slid >Cauldron of the Gods: A Manual of Celtic Magick by Fries http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=A287C6C74F9F09FD25E443FED9847075
>>438 Haven’t read Siege to be honest, partially because Mason never experienced what he was teaching, and never acted his guidelines. From what I know about its contents regarding anti-system activity it doesn’t bad but all of the shit about Charles Manson, Church of Satan and LaVey which Mason was affiliated with) should all be red flags.
>>440 Why? What's your criticism of those things? MKULTRA? Also, Being a Nazi with George Lincoln Rockwell just after ww2 is more dangerous than anything your doughy ass has ever seen.
>>440 Similarly, why is Serrano and Devi NOT red flags if LaVey and Manson are? What makes the one better than the other? Obscurity? >Yeah, I'm into Serrano, you've probably never heard of him
>>441 GLR is a hero and a great man. If anything that man venerated Hitler himself. My only objection to him is perhaps the men he associated with, but besides that I have no complaints. >Similarly, why is Serrano and Devi NOT red flags I’m aware of Serrano and some of his beliefs but I’ve yet to have read him, can’t comment. Devi was one of the greatest National Socialists to have lived post-WWII, after reading The Lightning and the Sun this is hard to deny and she was clearly correct in many of her views about the three types of men, the nature of Hitler, etc. LeVay, or should I say (((Howard Levey))), was a kike who preached egoism / individualism, hedonism, atheism, drawing off kikes like Ayn Rand. I certainly believe in “might makes right”, Social Darwinism and the like, but I don’t need some carnival con’s gay cult
>>444 As it turns out I agree on LaVey. Also, Satanism in and of itself, the way he does it, still relies upon JudeoChristianity because it's a reversal of same. Manson might actually have been MKULTRA'd as shown in Levenda's Sinister Forces. But if so he was a botched early attempt. He's one of the better Ecofascists, Manson. Devi's ideas are pretty good. Serrano is actually legit schizo
>>435 >All-powerful dictators are based, provided that they are one with the people and soil. And that is the hardest part. If it wasn't for that little hook, I'd be 100% confident in old-school fascism. The only issue is that when it goes wrong, it goes really fucking wrong (think totalitarian communism, modern faux-democratic russia) and I haven't seen anyone in my nation who actually wants the job and is clearly in it for the good of their brothers. Fascism is much better in smaller nations where the leader can be in touch with all the people and soil.
>>447 Or kinship/clan/tribe federations like pre-roman invasion Europe.
Open file (216.88 KB 1280x855 Nuremberg rally 1934.jpg)
>>447 >The only issue is that when it goes wrong, it goes really fucking wrong (think totalitarian communism, modern faux-democratic russia Communists are a bad example in my opinion. They are never one with their soil and people, as they actively despise such notions. Oftentimes communist leadership is no more than a clique of ivory tower elite intellectuals, criminals and Jews. The only communist I can think of who was truly in it for his people (at least from what it seemed from my readings) was Thomas Sankara, who lived an extremely frugal lifestyle as leader, refused pictures of him to be put up so no cult of personality developed, and cut government pay and luxuries back. That's admirable. Modern leaders are likewise often implicitly if not explicitly against the notion of blood and soil, even though they pay lip-service to 'patriotism'. They are oligarchs. A leader like Hitler is a true leader. These are rare men, but no one doubts their capabilities, and they are extremely forceful and powerful personalities, capable of mobilizing millions through their words alone. We need to return to a traditional style of leadership such as this, as embodied in figures such as philosopher kings and the Chakravartin >Fascism is much better in smaller nations where the leader can be in touch with all the people and soil. It's easier today to reach millions of people and have it feel like there is some sort of relationship of shorts, even if not direct.
>>431 In addition to >>432 there is the list of Celtic books mentioned earlier in the thread ( >>11 ). It's definitely a good start. Back a few years ago when I lurked on the Druid threads on 8/pol/, I happened to catch one anon posting a few books he recommended (and if I recall correctly, he was calling out the regular posters in said thread for not doing more to promote the traditions of the druids). >It's clear that their minds are still thoroughly judaized to the point where what is supposed to be a "reconstruction" is no more than another New Age globohomo pseudo-tradition that one picks and chooses from like any other product today. Considering that most of them were born and raised to follow the abrahamic religions/teachings prior to joining the movement, It's not surprising that they still hold those beliefs. Any that do try to speak about focusing on those that actually have the blood of Celts and preserving said blood are kicked out instantly. >If your group isn't explicitly racist, anti-egalitarian and intolerant of degeneracy it's bound to be subverted by this shit it seems. Indeed. The Rodnovery groups are one good example of this, as they promote such ideals. The Celts could do much better if they had a group similar to this that promotes the actual traditions and practices while trying to discover more about the old ways, but considering the state of the modern Celtic nations, it's hard to say if such a group could sustain itself without being infiltrated or outright shut down for being some form or -ist or -ism. >>39 Sadly, I don't think one was ever made for Slavic Paganism. It's in a similar state as the Celtic Paganism; Even within such groups as as the Rodnoverists, there is very little that is understood or even known about what the old traditions, gods, etc. were.What is known and recorded about the traditions more than likely hasn't been translated to other languages outside of their own either.
>>461 >The Rodnovery groups are one good example of this I probably should clarify; They are a good example on how to promote the old traditions for on those that share it's blood and ancestry.
>>461 >Considering that most of them were born and raised to follow the abrahamic religions/teachings prior to joining the movement, It's not surprising that they still hold those beliefs. Definitely not surprising. Even many in our circles, especially if they are newly acquainted with paganism, struggle to fully detach their minds from Abrahamic conceptions of the world and spirituality. Everything from our thinking on morality, politics, metaphysics, spirituality and the like has been thoroughly judaized
>>468 I feel like this will be a good one, I had no clue there were books like this. Lots of good suggestions ITT.
>>375 >Zoroastrianism has distinct and eternal souls with Fravashis that are also distinct It still asserts that eventually (((Ahura Mazda))) will rule for eternity. It has a lot of good concepts, but it was only the beginning of poz, the tendencies which were started with Zoroastrianism culminated with (((enlightenment))) , globohomo and other anti-white cuckery. You need to observe the pattern, not any specific instance. Anyway, Arhiman is [ourguy] because it was pretty much a demonization of our original sages and ancestors, a trend continued by kikes in pretty much every religion after that. Reposting this from another board: Well, in short, I have discovered that their power relies mostly on making everyone accept certain universalist morality, worldview or laws and then making themselves exempt from it. This gives them great advantage over competition, and allows them to amass wealth and power over generations. Christian kings allowing only Jews to do money lending is a good example. Templars became a competition, and were thus eliminated for being "heretical". Modern "atheist" rulers enforcing "equality" for everyone except them is another example. Open borders for everyone except Israel. Anyone questioning this is being turned into a pariah, a modern "heretic" . This way they have demonized so many of our deities, rulers, and forefathers. Those willing to oppose them and fight for their nations became the demons of their universalist religions and philosophies. You will find the same memetic 'backdoor' in most religious and political systems today. Now, fooling masses was not particularly hard, as masses would often believe anything. Things got tricky when it came to wiser and smarter individuals , which were often the rulers, but also the inventors, thinkers, scientists, creators, without which the kikes would have nothing to falsely present as their own. They had no delusions about equality, oneness or "god's given" exemption of the Jews. They properly recognized Jews as a competition and an existential threat, and were thus treating them as such. Since Aryans had very strong religious and philosophical systems rooted in natural law, they had to devise a meme which would override those and subvert them, allowing them to eliminate the natural rulers of those nations and overtake them. And so, the idea (weaponized meme) of "oneness" (Tikkun Olam) was born. Thus Angra Manyu (Angrisas) became the devil of Zoroastrianism. Thus Nebuchadnezzar II became the Lucifer. Thus heathen European deities and traditions became witchcraft. Thus Hitler became the devil of modernism. For thousands of years, this meme was bringing mighty Indo-European (white) empires to ruin, first by subversion (B'nai B'rith-ish crown) or elimination (The Romanovs), followed by subsequent miscegenation, cultural decay, and ultimate ruin. This meme was also the basis of Freemasonry, which sought the lowest common denominator for goyim, which was the root of such morality. The one god. The number one. The so called "brotherhood of man" . Neither Roman nor the Jew. The Proletariat, or the "enlightened" capitalism. This is also the logical underpinning of "humanism" , and every single religion based on dualistic morality and false dichotomies (another great weapon of the Jews), allowing for binary, Talmudic social codes and total control. From this perspective, morality and immorality are two sides of the same shekel. First comes the (((morality))) , then (((liberation))), spinning the shekel in perpetuum mobile. Of course, due to entropy, it just ends up siphoning all life eventually. It was also why whites kept trying to emancipate subhumans (at their own peril) because if we are all connected at the very root level, all distinctions become illusory. According to this deranged logic, by uplifting niggers, you are also uplifting yourself at some level. You would also have moral restrictions when it comes to bringing hurt to others, because you would effectively be hurting yourself at some level. Which couldn't be further from the truth. By shattering the logical/philosophical underpinning of "oneness" , you are effectively killing the Jewish god and making their most powerful memetic weapon null and void. Only by embracing the domain of zero and going beyond good and evil, can one ever hope to oppose them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nebuchadnezzar_II This is the evil demon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_the_Great This is the enlightened ruler >Despite the Islamic conquest of Persia in the 7th century AD by the Islamic Caliphate, Persia continued to exercise enormous influence in the Middle East during the Islamic Golden Age, and was particularly instrumental in the growth and expansion of Islam. And the reign of such great rulers tends to end up in being overrun by subhuman Islamic hordes, just like in Europe today. It's as if history keeps repeating itself.
>>652 STFU serbfag
>>375 >Why are you a moral relativist and political anarchist on a fascist board? I'm not, I just approach fascism from the perspective of enlightened self interest rather than master slave dialectics which saturnian slaves keep shilling. Your definition and expectations of fascism clearly show that you are just a SJW pretending to be one. Learn about positive and negative liberty for the beginning. Negative liberty (as envisioned by anarchists and libertarians) only leads to slavery. I am proposing selective moral pluralism, not relativism. Be moral to some, amoral or immoral to others. White morals are different from animal-men morals which are different from Jewish morals, essentially. Yes, their essences are entirely different at the most fundamental level and irreconcilable. There is no all-encompassing moral system, no (((absolute))), no single god. To each his own. The ONLY reason why kikes rule the world is because they have convinced whites to accept these delusions while keeping their own thing and exempting themselves from it. Which is the same thing that you are trying to do here. Rather than continuously being outraged at them for not accepting universalism, we should deny it as well. Only then will we be able to fight back. >What kind of fascist has no interest in hierarchy and order? Hierarchy and order based on truth, not delusions. Fascism has nothing to do with your masonic faggotry either. >You're just a racist libertarian. Well, modern states are parasitic and dygenic entities ruled by the worst gutter of society (by design), encouraging crab mentality and worst in people, so in that context yes. I wouldn't be libertarian in NS Germany however. It's contextual. Think rock-paper-scissors until you get a perfect system. And yes, race takes precedence to any political system because higher memes cannot manifest without higher genes. >hard to believe you weren't at least indoctrinated by an O9A infiltrator Now that I looked it up, their beliefs seem pretty basic bitch tier kek. There were far more serious groups of that type around Europe. Sharing some beliefs with some groups doesn't make you indoctrinated by them. >read Troy Southgate's Tradition And Revolution Can you give me a summary? >And stop sperging out at me. Stop acting like a weasel
>>262 what are some red flags of Dharma Nation?
>>664 The main red-flag according to people against DharmaNation is that he seems to believe in the Qanon LARP, the other is that he went to Loyola University of Chicago (I think) which is a Jesuit Catholic university. I don't see these personally as things which make the dude completely anathema off the bat, especially where he went to school, but the Qanon shit is disappointing at the very least. He's interesting to listen to but I wouldn't take him as your sole source.
>>667 I guess everyone over 35 is doomed to believe in the Qanon bullshit.
>>670 Seems so. Once one hits a certain age redpilling them or making them radically anti-system seems to become increasingly difficult. I wouldn't say impossible but clay is moulded while it is soft, I guess.
>>667 How about doing something productive for once and try to redpill that guy? Then he won't have any excuses and any red flags would mean that he is actually a kike sponsored subversive. Of course, he won't go full 1488 over night and thus lose everything, but it can be noticeable without him actually revealing it. >>670 That psyop was made to appeal to certain age category the most.
>>682 The thing is, if we take his sources used in his books to be indicative of his level of bad goy knowledge, he's already as redpilled as fuck, just see what was said here: >>215. His DharmaManifesto likewise stresses ethnic and cultural homogeneity as important for true nationalism, yet from his older videos we can see that the crowd in his temple is mostly ethnically Indian. The newer the pic though, the more that we see his modern congregation is basically fully white. I don't know what his endgame is. I don't think he's an enemy since he doesn't actively insert himself into our circles, I think he's more on the fringes of the pagan circle as a figure who preaches traditionalism and sells books to spread his message. And as someone who owns two of his books, there's nothing really that jumped out as kiked. Who knows
>>684 Perspective is really important here, he could simply be passing through various phases of development. I mean hell, I was a Buddhist and a monist universalist (ugh) at one point, and I used to attack the beliefs which I hold now with great zeal. We could conceptualize the degree of someone being redpilled as a line with certain thresholds. None __T1_S_T2___Absolute Where T1 would be the initial threshold where someone truly embarks on that path and T2 would be a threshold where someone actually becomes dangerous for the international jewry. I don't mean your ordinary Jew, but the inner circle, the giga-kikes. Now, they are mostly focused on preventing these two from being reached. However, once someone reaches T1, they mostly leave him alone until he reaches T2. Prevention until T1 is completely systematic and up until hypothetical point S is mostly systematic (passive, such as kosher religions, institutions, academia, media (including controlled opposition "alternative" media), kosher political movements etc, team red vs team blue, peer pressure and other NPC conditioning). After that it becomes more and more specific and individualized. Now, based on limited information that I have, this guy seems to have passed T1 (making him redpilled as fuck as you say from the perspective of an NPC, or someone less advanced on the line), but, he might seem misguided or subversive from the perspective of someone who has reached T2 and above. This is the breaking point. If he reached it, they would throw everything they got at him. Suddenly he would find himself in a rape affair, get set up with some other crime, viciously attacked and deplatformed or completely silenced, or ultimately, killed. This is not a line that many would be willing to cross, and no one could blame him, really. But only those who do could be seen as true role models and guides.
Open file (199.48 KB 762x1049 Lord Kalki.jpg)
Open file (5.38 MB 854x480 The_dreamer hitler.mp4)
>>686 >I mean hell, I was a Buddhist and a monist universalist (ugh) at one point, and I used to attack the beliefs which I hold now with great zeal. I feel like this is the same with many of us. I was never a dedicated leftist, but I was bluepilled and didn't understand being a racialist, anti-semitic or religious in anyway. Now I'm the exact opposite. Also I like how you laid out redpilling in terms of tiers. That really is the best way of thinking about it. Many are, like you say, aware inwardly of the problems that face, but are unable or unwilling to rise above this comparatively low level of redpilling for various reasons. We've reached the point today where even approaching T1 can lead to the loss of sources of income, family cutting off ties, Antifa attacks and the like, and with these nigger riots going on now it's only going to get worse. To use Savitri Devi's terminology, it appears that Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya may be more of a man "above Time", one of those who is inwardly exalted and plays no part in the flow of history towards disintegration and death. He plays no part, but merely does what he thinks that he can do, i.e. spread his teachings and influence others through metapolitics and spirituality. This isn't inherently cucked, as you'd probably agree, because he is not actively contributing to the downward path of this cycle, but instead he is above it. If we go any further passed the systematic level we approach Savitri Devi's men Against Time which achieve a unity of thought and action who institute the Natural Order through detached violence. They use the methods of the men "in Time" and have the outlook of a man "above Time". They are lightning and sun. The latest and greatest example of this in our history is Adolf Hitler. The worst fear of the Jews, and the reason why they drill "NEVER AGAIN" into our heads so hard is to avert at all costs the appearance of another great man "against Time". Kalki.
>>331 The dharmic religions inherently make sense to me. Im not at all attracted to paganism, i dont know vert much about it and im not inclined to based on what ive seen. It doesnt take a large leap of faith for me to buy into dharmic religion and its because of this intuitive understanding of its philosophy and its technical nature that ill never feel like a larper taking part in it, unlike with paganism. I cant look at a modern druidic ritual as acheiving anything more than a placebo effect and a sense of unity akin to a star wars fan club. That being said i almost hate the aesthetic of dharmic religion and culture, it is ugly. The hindu gods look like a pantheon of cancelled mortal combat characters wearing cheap niggerish jewelry holding bizzare facial expressions and poses that completely lack the grace and beauty of european peoples. The art is ugly, the buildings are ugly, the people are ugly, the music is ugly, the gods are ugly, the language is ugly, its all so fucking ugly. The aesthetic of christianity and islam is very attractive to me. The artwork of christianity is breathtaking in its grace and beauty, the symbolism of angels of light sent by a god beyond our comprehension to destroy a dark ugly serpent demon who is trying to corrupt the whole world speaks to me. The sound of the qu'ran being recited is beautiful as well and has a deep sense of meaning to it. There are many awe inspiring mosques and islamic artworks. The problem though is that the technical underpinnings, the reasons to believe, they dont hold water when tested. You cant rigorously criticize islam and christianity like you can dharmic religions, infact its a great sin wheres in dharmic religion it will only increase your understanding. For paganism though, neither the philosophy nor the aesthetic appeal to me and i dont know much about it, but im never incensed to learn more like i am with dharmic religion.
>>694 >The dharmic religions inherently make sense to me. Im not at all attracted to paganism, i dont know vert much about it and im not inclined to based on what ive seen. If you find dharmic religions appealing, you will find much attractive in the traditional European traditions if you look in the right places (i.e. if you read the original texts or what ancient Romans and Greeks said about the nature of the world with a critical eye and seek to draw comparisons with the the dharmic or Zoroastrian religions) >unlike with paganism. I cant look at a modern druidic ritual as acheiving anything more than a placebo effect and a sense of unity akin to a star wars fan club. I mostly agree. Druids in the past were a caste of priests much like Brahmins, being very knowledgable and transmitters of a vast oral literature. They hollowly ape the ritual, yet have lost 99% of the substance. I yearn for a “paganism” that is rich and fulfills the needs of our people, while also being in accordance with reality. It, I think, will be something quite new, but also not wholly separate, especially in ethos, from the old. Also, I agree with the general Hindu aesthetic today. It is ugly and gaudy to my mind. The product of Dravidian hands, no doubt. To me I find beautiful the art and statues of Classical Antiquity Renaissance and Romantic periods. They are beautiful and true products of the European soul. Any revival along a pagan or dharmic path (they are really one and the same when properly comprehended) in the future will resemble this above all else, as it is an undeniably European form of artistic expression.
>>687 I changed a lot of political positions and religious beliefs over time (Incl. atheism), but I was always quite racist, it came instinctively to me. Luckily, I lived in a mostly racially homogeneous country, so I did not bother much with it. We saw westerners as hopelessly poz'd decades ago. It also took me a while to realize the JQ, although it was more plainly obvious to us than to the others. But I did not consider those positions to fully replace or contradict each other, rather, I tried adding what they had of value to a greater whole. That's how I arrived to NS, or rather, something potentially even better. > We've reached the point today where even approaching T1 can lead to the loss of sources of income, family cutting off ties, Antifa attacks and the like, and with these nigger riots going on now it's only going to get worse USA seems to be going through the same process which happened in Russia once Soviets took power, Maoist China etc. But those acts, while making it more difficult to speak about those subjects, will actually redpill people much faster. Those who had the capacity for it in the first place, a lot of people are hopeless NPC's unfortunately. However, instead of ending up like USSR, there is a small chance for it to end up as NS Germany instead. Those cucks kneeling in front of niggers are the prototype for the American homo sovieticus. Once this type of people becomes the norm, it becomes very difficult to restore a nation to what it once was. The damage is tremendous. Not that Americans were a nation to begin with (unless you define it as descendants of white Europeans), but you get my point. This did not happen over night, they were preparing the socio-economic climate for many decades. Maybe even more than a century. >He plays no part, but merely does what he thinks that he can do, i.e. spread his teachings and influence others through metapolitics and spirituality. Yes, he seems to be doing the good work within the normie context, but shouldn't be taken as an authority within these circles where people are expected to be much further on the line. I mean, I'd gladly hang out and discuss various things with that guy, and we would likely agree on a lot of matters, but he should be held to a greater scrutiny within the context of the movement >They are lightning and sun Good point, although Devi was a woman "above time" as well. And held some potentially subversive ideas, but she was a woman so it can be forgiven. >is to avert at all costs the appearance of another great man "against Time". Kalki. Precisely. All of their efforts are directed towards this. >>694 >That being said i almost hate the aesthetic of dharmic religion and culture You are thinking of Dravidian Hinduism, old gods like Indra most likely looked like Thor from that painting. If we had temporal power, we could commission talented European artists to draw and sculpt those in classic style, rather than leaving it to the interpretation and artistic taste of the Hindushi. >The hindu gods look like a pantheon of cancelled mortal combat characters. This actually made me kek. You can find paintings where they look quite European and awesome. >The sound of the qu'ran being recited is beautiful as well and has a deep sense of meaning to it. There are many awe inspiring mosques and islamic artworks. Vomit inducing more likely, but it's individual taste.
>>694 >The sound of the qu'ran being recited is beautiful as well I agree, but it really depends on who is reciting it. Someone like Mishary Alafasy does a fantastic job in his recitations but other ones that I’ve heard come nowhere near his in quality. Case in point: https://youtu.be/JZW6aiuUY7w I wish though that there were more actually high quality recitations of stuff like the Gita and other Hindu stuff out there. Most of it is grating on the ears and of low audio quality, but I think this is a Dravidian problem, not a problem with these works themselves. Just watch this white woman recite from the Gita and a song from a Purana, they’re fantastic: https://youtu.be/0XYUOYffGhw https://youtu.be/uDd3iupKUyI >>734 >And held some potentially subversive ideas What are you thinking of in particular? I think her vegetarianism is taken a bit too far, though I sympathize with a lot of what she is saying. It seems confusing to me how she affirms in The Impeachment of Man that all life is imbued with an everlasting and reincarnating soul, whether this be in a man, plant or animal, which is a spark of the Divine, and how she seems to use this as part of her argument as why we should not eat them or harm them. Of course the next question one will ask is – can we harm niggers and Jews then? She would say “yes”, because she clearly holds a view of quality over quantity, but it’s not entirely clear why she would say yes, but it seems that from what I’ve read in The Lightning and the Sun she views mighty trees and lions as more in tune with the Natural Order and thus more worthy of life than degenerate mutt humans and nihilist consumer drones. I must be misunderstanding her somewhere. Still, I see life as defined by the struggle for existence. As long as we take our fair share of animals or resources, and allow them to renew or reproduce so as to replenish themselves naturally, I see no problem. Even still, the owners of slaughterhouses and factory farming should be strung up for what they do and the conditions present there.
I found an interesting YT channel about magic (actually this channel is backup of videos from Uncle Bearheart's first YT channel) He seems to be right about most things imo...?
>>736 >What are you thinking of in particular? Well, you guessed it right, her tendency towards the "one soul" thinking, or spiritual and moral universalism. Which was caused by Dravidian influences and her own need to reconcile her ideology with her life circumstances. Which is perfectly understandable. She made it pretty far for a woman, it's impressive. She made a category error of seeing niggers as humans for example, and from that error derives her conclusion that animals are somehow more pure and noble than niggers (to whom she applies the human criteria), which is not true for a lot of them. Take pigs for example. I could make an argument that I could at least eat pigs (compared to niggers), but it doesn't hold ground from a vegetarian perspective. From universalist standpoint, it's not really justified to hate niggers on one hand, but love predator animals like lions (that are the archetypal representation of a noble animal) on another. Racial Hierarchy is a gradient with several axes, although from the essentialist standpoint there is not really a gradient between a man and an animal, anything "in between" being an abomination lacking the essence of either. I'm still struggling with this question. Are niggers highly evolved apes or degenerated apes? Is them resembling humans a step forwards as a man, or a step backwards as an ape? I'd also take her (otherwise very good) categorization of men being either in time, above time, or against time in a more morally ambivalent context, seen in terms of (higher, spiritual) knowledge and will rather than universal morality, good and evil etc. (Men in time - strong will, weak knowledge / Men above time - weak will, strong knowledge / Men against time - strong will, strong knowledge) People who truly understand the nature of existence know that nothing that they do may truly affect the "absolute" (A more correct term would require much more explanation), that there is no "saving the universe" , that while they create one golden age, there are countless parallel instances of the iron age existing in other systems/cycles/universes independently of this one, that's it's mostly a personal and cooperative battle for ascendancy and conquering one's own (and group, since there is no individual without the Other) macrocosm. Trying to "fix" the "absolute" is Tikkun Olam, which is actually a plot of one (((group))) trying to force it's will and it's "golden age" (age of lead) on everyone else, enslaving them in perpetuum . It's the grand deception. >As long as we take our fair share of animals or resources, and allow them to renew or reproduce so as to replenish themselves naturally, I see no problem. Even still, the owners of slaughterhouses and factory farming should be strung up for what they do and the conditions present there. A rare voice of reason in this clown world. > Hindu stuff out there. Most of it is grating on the ears and of low audio quality Check these out, if this kind of music appeals to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4zS9PnB5Mg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71CjJB0vJyE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLuN_lPdYPA Not going into the background (or accuracy of understanding) of those, but Europeans can make those ideas rather beautiful, or at least powerful sounding. It's a shame there is not more like these.
https://twitter.com/ImperiumPress/status/1265523139624263681 Tweet thread naming Indo-Aryanism as the only alternative to liberalism.
>>747 >Well, you guessed it right, her tendency towards the "one soul" thinking Yes, that can easily be misunderstood in what it implies and turned pozzed. Personally, looking at it from her Hindu perspective, if our individual atman / divine sparks are finite reflections ontologically dependent on the Absolute / Brahman, I see no reason why they are so inviolable and unable to be harmed. Of course someone will protest “but muh karma!” — not convincing to me. The idea of a transmigrating immortal soul seems to me to devalue the importance individual lives to me, as is made very clear in the Bhagavad Gita when Lord Krishna says that even if the body is slain, the soul endures. Savitri Devi seems to imply several times in The Lightning and the Sun that niggers and other non-whites are “fallen” in some way from some sort of archetypal perfection most closely embodied in our age by the Aryans. My evidence for this interpretation mainly comes from the part where she says the following: >In the eyes of the believers in quality, however, (in the eyes of those who deplore that broadening disparity between actual life and its divine pattern, which characterises evolution in Time) any Bengal tiger, nay, any healthy cat — any healthy tree; any perfect sample of manifested Life — is worth far more than an ugly, — degenerate human bastard. Alone man in his perfection — superior man “like unto the Gods,” not the patched-up weakling that this conceited Age exalts — is to be looked upon as “the highest creature,” “God’s image,” etc... Thus it seems she believes that Bengal tigers and the like are in harmony with their divine pattern, and are perfect examples of manifested life. Mutts, on the other hand, appear from the passage to be fallen from this. Only the perfected man matters, which is the Aryan. I agree with the conclusion but not the way she got there. I do not believe that the white man has ever “fallen”, he has, more or less, only risen, until recently that is, given the dysgenic effects of modern life. Aryans and other races developed differently in different environments and thus changed physically and mentally over the millennia. A dry, scientific take, yes, but to me the most believable and least convoluted
>>772 >muh individual lives Actual Fascism isn't racist liberalism.
>>794 >racist liberalism t. Keith Woods You misunderstand what I’m saying here. I’m not decrying that such a doctrine devalues the individual – I’m a follower of Pentti Linkola myself – I’m just pointing out that in Hinduism, as I understand it, I find it hard to see that individual lives are so precious and inviolable given the fact that they are, fundamentally, an eternally transmigrating and immortal soul / Atman. The words of Krishna in the Gita seem to undercut this as well (obviously partially because Arjuna’s svadharma was as a warrior, but I think my point still stands)
>>801 Devitri is a woman who racemixed. That's enough to disregard whatever she said.
>>803 There is no evidence that she racemixed at all. With the outbreak of the war in 1939 Savitri Devi was in India and had previously become acquainted with Asit Krishna Mukherji, editor and proprietor of a National Socialist publication. With the war, and due to the fact that she was a Greek passport holder and a Hindu Mission lecturer, she was known to the British authorities as an alien with NatSoc sympathies and ran a clear risk of deportation or detention. Mukherji then proposed that they marry in order that she become the wife of a British subject and so remain at liberty. She herself maintained that it was a friendship, and if one takes the time to read her interviews in “And Time Rolls On” we see how she continually – and this is years later when they aren’t even living together – speaks of her “husband” as “Mr. Mukherji” and even expresses disgust at sex in general. https://archive.org/details/DeviSavitriAndTimeRollsOnTheSavitriDeviInterviewsEN1978212S.Scan
>>804 >White knighting this much
>>807 I have to defend my waifu’s honor. In all seriousness though, I have no reason really to doubt her on this – though there’s no way to really know, obviously. Throughout her life she practiced what she preached to such an extent that she was imprisoned after the war in Germany for openly spreading National Socialist propaganda. She was always outspoken about her beliefs. She was a bit wacky though, not gonna lie.
Open file (497.67 KB 472x625 1470965887178.png)
Open file (114.83 KB 1793x681 pic related.png)
Compare the concept of Kali yuga to this excerpt from The Asclepius aka The Perfect Sermon found in Corpus Hermeticum aka Hermetica. This quote is from Walter Scott's translation (https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/profecias/esp_profecia08.htm) but G.R.S. Mead's translation (https://www.sacred-texts.com/gno/th2/th245.htm) and Brian Copenhaver's modern English translation (https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=A51C562775C8D9590B0C622135814427) are also good. (also, compare this quote to the one from Bible. see pic related.) [code] Trismegistus: Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of heaven, or, to speak more exactly, in Egypt all the operations of the powers which rule and work in heaven have been transferred to earth below? Nay, it should rather be said that the whole Kosmos dwells in this our land as in its sanctuary. And yet, since it is fitting that wise men should have knowledge of all events before they come to pass, you must not be left in ignorance of this: there will come a time when it will be seen that in vain have the Egyptians honored the deity with heartfelt piety and assiduous service; and all our holy worship will be found bootless and ineffectual. For the gods will return from earth to heaven. Egypt will be forsaken, and the land which was once the home of religion will be left desolate, bereft of the presence of its deities. This land and region will be filled with foreigners; not only will men neglect the service of the gods, but … ; † and Egypt will be occupied by Scythians or Indians or by some such race from the barbarian countries thereabout. In that day will our most holy land, this land of shrines and temples, be filled with funerals and corpses. To thee, most holy Nile, I cry, to thee I foretell that which shall be; swollen with torrents of blood, thou wilt rise to the level of thy banks, and thy sacred waves will be not only stained, but utterly fouled with gore. Do you weep at this, Asclepius? There is worse to come; Egypt herself will have yet more to suffer; she will fall into a far more piteous plight, and will be infected with yet more, grievous plagues; and this land, which once was holy, a land which loved the gods, and wherein alone, in reward for her devotion, the gods deigned to sojourn upon earth, a land which was the teacher of mankind in holiness and piety, this land will go beyond all in cruel deeds. The dead will far outnumber the living; and the survivors will be known for Egyptians by their tongue alone, but in their actions they will seem to be men of another race. ... ... … … [/code] † the followind has been omitted from Scott's translation but is found in Mead's (and Copenhaver's) translations. The following excerpt is from Mead's translation. [code] And foreigners shall fill this region and this land; and there shall be not only the neglect of pious cults, but — what is still more painful, — as though enacted by the laws, a penalty shall be decreed against the practice of [our] pious cults and worship of the Gods — [entire] proscription of them. Then shall this holiest land, seat of [our] shrines and temples, be choked with tombs and corpses. O Egypt, Egypt, of thy pious cults tales only will remain, as far beyond belief for thy own sons [as for the rest of men]; words only will be left cut on thy stones, thy pious deeds recounting! [/code]
>>842 … … O Egypt, Egypt, of thy religion nothing will remain but an empty tale, which thine own children in time to come will not believe; nothing will be left but graven words, and only the stones will tell of thy piety. And in that day men will be weary of life, and they will cease to think the universe worthy of reverent wonder and of worship. And so religion, the greatest of all blessings, for there is nothing, nor has been, nor ever shall be, that can be deemed a greater boon, will be threatened with destruction; men will think it a burden, and will come to scorn it. They will no longer love this world around us, this incomparable work of God, this glorious structure which he has built, this sum of good made up of things of many diverse forms, this instrument whereby the will of God operates in that which be has made, ungrudgingly favoring man’s welfare, this combination and accumulation of all the manifold things that can call forth the veneration, praise, and love of the beholder. Darkness will be preferred to light, and death will be thought more profitable than life; no one will raise his eyes to heaven ; the pious will be deemed insane, and the impious wise; the madman will be thought a brave man, and the wicked will be esteemed as good. As to the soul, and the belief that it is immortal by nature, or may hope to attain to immortality, as I have taught you, all this they will mock at, and will even persuade themselves that it is false. No word of reverence or piety, no utterance worthy of heaven and of the gods of heaven, will be heard or believed. And so the gods will depart from mankind, a grievous thing!, and only evil angels will remain, who will mingle with men, and drive the poor wretches by main force into all manner of reckless crime, into wars, and robberies, and frauds, and all things hostile to the nature of the soul. Then will the earth no longer stand unshaken, and the sea will bear no ships; heaven will not support the stars in their orbits, nor will the stars pursue their constant course in heaven; all voices of the gods will of necessity be silenced and dumb; the fruits of the earth will rot; the soil will turn barren, and the very air will sicken in sullen stagnation. After this manner will old age come upon the world. Religion will be no more; all things will be disordered and awry; all good will disappear. But when all this has befallen, Asclepius, then the Master and Father, God, the first before all, the maker of that god who first came into being, will look on that which has come to pass, and will stay the disorder by the counterworking of his will, which is the good. He will call back to the right path those who have gone astray; he will cleanse the world from evil, now washing it away with water-floods, now burning it out with fiercest fire, or again expelling it by war and pestilence. And thus he will bring back his world to its former aspect, so that the Kosmos will once more be deemed worthy of worship and wondering reverence, and God, the maker and restorer of the mighty fabric, will be adored by the men of that day with unceasing hymns of praise and blessing. Such is the new birth of the Kosmos; it is a making again of all things good, a holy and awe-striking restoration of all nature; and it is wrought in the process of time by the eternal will of God. For Gods will has no beginning; it is ever the same, and as it now is, even so it has ever been, without beginning. For it is the very being of God to purpose good.
>>843 >>842 It's always fascinating how the ancients all had very similar ideas of decline - foreigners flood in, the gods are neglected, materialism sets in and takes over everything, society decays. I sometimes wish I could see how the writers of these works would react if they saw things today. I was going to quote some some sort from the Srimad Bhagavatam on the Kali Yuga, but there's just too much stuff. For anyone who wants to read it just see this: https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/12/2/ Also I'm not even sure what to think about the Jews turning the Nile to blood and the appearance of this in the Corpus Hermeticum as well. Certainly not a coincidence.
>>772 >I see no reason why they are so inviolable and unable to be harmed. They are not, but all harm would be coming from ignorance, and at the highest level, any harm that you do to others would be doing it to yourself. The idea is that the more you "dispel ignorance" (The closer you get to "enlightenment") , the more "compassionate" for all living beings (including kikes, ticks and niggers) you become. There is no fundamental difference between you, a cow, or a nigger in that worldview, all being different manifestations of the same. The nigger is also you (one mind), but the veil of maya and ego (which is seen as something bad) prevents you from realizing that. Sure, you can introduce many tiers, layers and categories to explain how one manifestation is superior to another, but the logical conclusion is as egalitarian as it gets. In a closed system, karma is a very real thing, because harm tends to have a gain of function. Sure, one could argue that niggers are an abomination and that utterly exterminating them would bring positive karma as they bring too much harm upon the world due to their nature, but then someone would ask "what if we make them behave like us and emancipate them to be less harmful" . And even if you eliminate them, you won't eliminate harm. So you keep eliminating things (Like SJW's are attempting to do), until you eliminate any individuality and identity. You get the idea. There are many variations here, but they share the same pattern. This deception is not actually exclusive to (((humanism))), modern Hindu religions and Buddhism, it's what most of the Judeo-Masonic (and derived) worldviews are based on, and it's the very pillar of globohomo and everything disgusting in the world today. NOT individualism, what's sold as individualism is actually a disintegration of individual, but that's a different subject. Of course, Jews know "oneness" to be a lie, and are using it to exploit everyone else while they keep worshiping their tribal god. They do it entirely for pragmatic reasons though, as they do not truly believe in anything immaterial. But what is true below, is also true above. Freemasons have a slightly different interpretation of the same underlying philosophy though, they (at the higher levels) believe that "If everything is actually me, then there is no true harm in me exploiting everyone else as their role is to be exploited and mine to do the exploiting, because some Jew convinced me how special I am as long as I work for his interests" . They also delude themselves how their kikery somehow contributes to the "greater good" (at lower levels), until someone briefs them on what it's actually about. Of course, most of the so called "elites" , or men entirely in time, are misunderstanding this philosophy (which I'm sure those truly adhering to it would agree with), as they make a lot of errors in it's interpretation. I mentioned harm having a gain of function? Well, the logical conclusion of this worldview is that the world will keep getting worse until it's utterly annihilated and cleansed from all impurity so the cycle can start anew. Men in time have a tendency of viewing this trend backwards (that things actually get better over time and that they are contributing to it), which seems to be the main disagreement between the progressives and "traditionalists" . Not the underlying philosophy and worldview, but direction. And we all know that pentagram (or in this case a Saturnian seal, the so called "star of David" that's so fancied by a certain family of usurers) doesn't change the meaning if it's turned upside down. The snake eats itself either way. What I'm proposing, is the actual "third position" . Which is, in essence, the "Spear of Destiny" . >The idea of a transmigrating immortal soul seems to me to devalue the importance individual lives to me On the contrary, it makes them all the more valuable, as they add to a much greater experience. Except for those schools which hold a position that it's pointless due to every rebirth being a full reset (no memory gets transferred, ever) and rebirths being entirely random.
Open file (484.63 KB 651x276 ClipboardImage.png)
>>935 I agree with most of your post and I think it does a good job discussing the issue. But could you explain exactly what you mean by "Oneness"? To me, all positions but that of oneness (in the sense of monism) have been demolished by advances in our scientific understanding - and I'm not talking about modern (((science))), I'm talking about what was clear already in the late 19th and early 20th centuries before science was totally pozzed. Far from affirming the sanctity of life, when approached from the right perspective (i.e. that actually conforming to the nature of reality), it seems to me like monism, having undermined dualism, anthropocentrism and other primitive Semitic superstitions, shows us the upward path as a people. Reality is one, but struggle is the nature of reality. It can be no other way.
>>772 >Savitri Devi seems to imply several times in The Lightning and the Sun that niggers and other non-whites are “fallen” in some way from some sort of archetypal perfection most closely embodied in our age by the Aryans. Well, it makes sense from several perspectives. They are neither men, nor animals. They look like cross-breeding experiments. Also, you noticed how the more degenerate whites become, the more niggardly they become as well? Synchronistically, they are turning into niggers, and will likely be reborn as them in next life. For certain if they produce offspring with them, and obviously, from purely materialistic perspective as well. The opposite could be said for rare non-whites who go against time but not biologically, due to "godlike" genes being recessive. The niggers don't have the capacity to ascend on their own. What this means is that they will most likely devolve even further until nothing is left. It's a spiral of disintegration. Racially pure and distinct creatures tend to be of higher quality than mutts. Even niggers (when they get actualized as 'purer' animals rather than impure men). She is obviously drawing from essentialism and Platonism, but seems to erroneously mix the categories. Or I'm looking at it from the wrong perspective. You have the ideal, eternal Form of a "tiger" and the closer to it a tiger gets, the more "tigerlike" and thus closer to "divine tiger" , the divine emanation of it's Form it is. Same goes for a tree. The 'further' away from it they fall, the weaker the signal gets, the more ugly, degenerate, sickly and deviated they become. The problem is, you can have two different, but equally beautiful tigers, or trees. Or two equally ugly, but different ones. That can be resolved by adding an "Y" axis to the equation. In practice, you get different white nations, each beautiful in it's distinct way. But when it comes to "man" , or "human" , things get far more complicated. Man being an abyss between a god an an animal as Nietzsche said. Maybe humanity (on a whole) is not a root emanation/species at all! Maybe it's actually a hybrid species, a result of DNA tampering experiments. Only that could explain various races being either closer to gods (whites), or closer to animals (niggers, kikes) while neither being entirely 'pure' . That would make "human" only a temporary state that has to converge back towards one root emanation or another. This answer transcends both the "fallen angel" and "rising beast" hypotheses. Which is pretty obvious at this point. Some species have existed for millions of years without changing much. Also, only "humans" can produce fertile offspring while being so different from each other, it doesn't seem to be an occurrence commonly found in nature. When it comes to soul, there would actually be no "human souls" . Only those of gods (pneumatics), potential gods/potential animals (psychics) and animals/biological robots (hyletics). And they all occupy "human" bodies. Things get far more convoluted when you introduce that element, but this seems to be closest to the truth. Of course, environmental influences, divine influences, and (((influences))) play a huge part in those potentials actualizing, so you have a rather high share of white NPC's (soulless automata) today.
>>943 >To me, all positions but that of oneness (in the sense of monism) have been demolished by advances in our scientific understanding That's an illusion resulting from certain secret societies influencing scientific community for centuries, if not millenia. They wanted to ensure that only their philosophy gets presented as the "higher truth" . Censorship of wrongthink is not exactly a modern phenomenon. Rather than doing it by brute force like Abrahamists (and their modern Marxist counterparts), they did it far more subtly and insidiously. Also, I'd make a distinction between monism and monadology, the latter being a far more encompassing and complex subject. I am not rejecting monism entirely, I am just incorporating it in a more encompassing paradigm that doesn't limit "whole" to a single instance. The problem with monism (oneness) arises with the question of Will. Only two logical conclusions are possible here. Either free will does not exist at all, or .... everything is subject to a single Will. Now, if someone wanted to ensure the latter, he would try to convince everyone else in the former, no? Doesn't this seem quite familiar to Abrahamism? Someone posted a link to some blog on Julay, where the author started by dropping some esoteric redpills, but his conclusion was that there is no free will. This is Saturnian cultism 101. Eventually, you figure out that a lot of philosophical, religious, scientific, etc. patterns, and thought patterns in general tend to converge towards the certain ends, even if their certain elements seem quite different, disparate, or opposed to each other. A lot of people get caught in them like in sea streams, thinking it's their own thoughts, their own beliefs, ideas etc. but they are mere puppets of much higher thoughtforms. There are memeplexes out there, far greater than anything which 'humanity' was able to conceive so far. This universe being but a single "carrier wave" . That does not make it the only one, however.
>>959 I know, I said without going into the accuracy of it kek. It's nice to see white bands use those themes, that's all.
>>949 >>948 All that verbal diarrhea and still no coherent, consistent Cosmology, Cosmogony, or FUCKING PRAXIS. LESS THEORY FROM YOU, HAMMER YOUR IDEAS INTO AN ACTUAL SHAPE NOW
Open file (965.13 KB 1582x1627 music.jpg)
>>972 >It's nice to see white bands use those themes, that's all. I agree. I am not really a fan of most music in general, but I sometimes wonder how influential pro-white bands have been in spreading concepts relating to paganism and traditionalism. I am sure that it has more power than one would think. We must achieve the opposite of pic related
>>974 I still need to decide on certain matters, I don't want my philosophy and weltanschauung to contradict itself. Maybe I should write a book, but I guess that a book challenging most beliefs and "knowledge" that people take for granted, where many non-whites are (degenerated) animals, a lot of whites soulless automata and Jews a mindless, genetically modified virus created to ruin everything good that exists wouldn't have much commercial success. I was hoping for some input actually, the one that isn't a bunch of kikes and glowniggers seething at me. >NOOO, YOU CANT KILL OUR GOD JUST LIKE THAT Nothing personel kid >>1000 (checked) Well, there is a lot of quality folk music out there, you just need to look hard enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeEcS2Q2Ofw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCCkpmxBB7E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWlT_fMIo6s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy44ocuoWhE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlqyBIQ-Cac But metal is probably your best bet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVVCB2gy6tI (take a good look at album art)
The Dharma Nation guy says he's Sri Vaishnav. What's the difference between Sri Vaishnav and Gaudiya Vaishnav (ISKCON). Why do a lot of people seem to like Prabhupada but dislike ISKCON?
Open file (920.63 KB 1000x1469 prabhupada redpilled.jpg)
Open file (321.19 KB 1000x563 jews in isckon.jpg)
>>1412 >Why do a lot of people seem to like Prabhupada There's likely a handful of reasons that different people have, but for me I like Prabhupada for his role in spreading Hinduism in the West and producing massive amounts of commentaries and translations. On top of this, he spoke the truth on everything from blacks, democracy, communism, Jews, the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler. ISKCON was taken over by Jews as soon as Prabhupada died. There were a lot of Jews in the movement, especially in high places. Why he allowed this to happen has always confused me, surely he knew. It's even been rumored that the Jews around him poisoned him to death.
>>1413 yeah he seems pretty aware of how things really are - but is it even worth looking into ISKCON these days with all the juice?
>>1412 although hindusim always claims to be the oldest religion in the world, its history is not so consistent in regards to new denominations and sects. sri vaishnav tradtion was started by ramanuja around 1st millenium CE, the story of that is in his wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramanuja Gaudiya Vaishnavism takes its name from the gaudiya region of bengal and was started around 1500 CE by chaitanya mahaprabhu (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaitanya_Mahaprabhu) sri vaishnav is more traditional and orthodox than gaudiya vaishnavism. gaudiya vaishnavas worships krishna as supreme being rather than vishnu/narayana. gaudiya vaishnavas dont dismiss the older more traditional methods of enlightment/salvation of vaishnava traditions, but they say that in the present age our lives are too short and we are all too stupid for them. so in this age the only thing that can save us is chanting the hare krishna mantra and hearing/chanting the pastimes of krishna. prabhupada is much loved because he was what would be considered radical far right traditionalist who hated democracy saying democracy means demon crazy. Prabhupada was a huge development for gaudiya vaishnavism and indian religion as a whole, because he came to america with nothing and managed to create a world wide cult of thousands of followers abandoing modernity and living his prescription for a traditional vedic lifestyle, multiple farm settlements, millions of dollars, in just 12 years. this was called ISKCON. his movement was subverted by jews while he was still alive and because it was made up of drug addicted hippies and jews he was the only thing holding togethr and when he died the whole thing went nuts and kids started getting molested like crazy, people were murdering eachother, gurus having sex with the members, it all went to hell. theres a reasonable conspiracy prabhupada was poisoned by his 11 closet disciples, which at that time had all become jews. ISKCON had a bad name because of the chaos that ensued after prabhupada died, but also because they have an extremely fantical sectarian view of vedic religion, calling any vedic group that disagrees with them a "mayavadi" while embracing and speaking highly of abrahamic traditions like christianity and islam. ISKCON has an abrahamic attitude and it rubs a lot of hindus the wrong way, but no other group has had the success of spreading vedic culture and religion like ISKCON did to the west, and now ISKCON is very popular in india. these days they edit prabhupadas books and staff their ranks with homos and child molester jews. i have little doubt that ISKCON will become the new catholic church but far, far worse.
>>1416 >prabhupada is much loved because he was what would be considered radical far right traditionalist who hated democracy saying democracy means demon crazy yes I am slowly learning all this. i always thought hare krishnas were like hippy dippy leftists but i am totally wrong. at least when it comes to prabhupada.
>>1416 In my limited research I found that Sri Vaishnavs use the 'Aum Namo Narayanaya' mantra. While Gaudiya uses the 'Hare Krsna' mantra. Do they both accomplish the same goal? Do Sri Vaishnavs chant 'Hare Krsna' or is it only for ISKCON?
>>1415 >is it even worth looking into ISKCON these days with all the juice? Don't waste your time, it's pozzed. They've even (((edited))) Prabhupada's commentaries to make them more kosher. When cross-referencing my copy of the Bhagavad Gita As It Is with the version on asitis.com, I came across this major discrepancy for verses 11.32-11.34. This is what my paper copy says: >The Supreme Personality of the Godhead said: Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, and I have come here to destroy all people. With the exception of you [the Pandavas], all of the soldiers here on both sides will be slain >Therefore get up. Prepare to fight and win glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a flourishing kingdom. They are already put to death by My arrangement, and you, O Savyasaci, can be but an instrument in the fight. >Drona, Bhisma, Jayadratha, Karna and the other great warriors have already been destroyed by Me. Therefore, kill them and do not be disturbed. Simply fight, and you will vanquish your enemies in battle Compare this message with... >The Blessed Lord said: Time I am, destroyer of the worlds, and I have come to engage all people. With the exception of you [the Pandavas], all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain. >Therefore get up and prepare to fight. After conquering your enemies you will enjoy a flourishing kingdom. They are already put to death by My arrangement, and you, O Savyasacin, can be but an instrument in the fight. >The Blessed Lord said: All the great warriors-Drona, Bhisma, Jayadratha, Karna-are already destroyed. Simply fight, and you will vanquish your enemies. And this is only one verse, you can find a full comparison somewhere online if you look. I think the DharmaNation dude warns about buying newer editions for this exact reason.
>>1420 >And this is only one verse, you can find a full comparison somewhere online if you look. I think the DharmaNation dude warns about buying newer editions for this exact reason. so is he legit? ive watched a lot of his videos and even read this eternal way book. he seems on point. but im new to hinduism/sanatana dharma so i don't really have any other reference point besides ISKCON.
>>1418 http://lordrama.co.in/ http://lordrama.co.in/resources.html In which you'll find a pdf of the Ramacharitmanas of Tulsidasa, a retelling of Ramayana of Valmiki (itself an awesome read, turns out Aryans used to hunt for and eat meat! Good Lord!) As well as a shitload of good info. There's a contact email in there that works, you can get cool blogpost type emails from them and ask questions. I personally use Ram Nam mantra: Shri Ram Jai Ram Jaya Jaya Ram
>>1420 I had a big fight with a guy on 4chan iirc about how Vaishnava Vedanta is Fatalist. He had to stfu when I showed him the Bhagavad Gita Bhashya of Madhvacharya verses.
Open file (547.79 KB 654x410 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (33.63 KB 766x308 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1421 >so is he legit? I don't know if I'm really qualified to answer that since I'm not super knowledgable, honestly, but as someone who has watched the vast majority of his videos and has (like you) purchased and read his "Eternal Natural Way" book and the Dharma Manifesto, I don't think he's necessarily a subversive or harmful character. The biggest issue I have with him is that he seems to buy this "Q" nonsense with Trump. He doesn't really talk about it that much so I ignore it, but besides that I think he understands a lot of what is going on today and I have learned a lot from him. It should be pointed out though that ISKCON, like >>1416 pointed out, is a very specific strand of Sanatana Dharma so I wouldn't take them as infallible. Prabhupada's Hinduism is very theistic in a way that some others are not (which are more monistic or devoted to other deities besides Krishna). I am an outsider though, and there appears to be an actual practitioner in this thread, so he can probably correct me if I am wrong anywhere.
Open file (14.31 MB 640x352 Our Purpose.mp4)
I only care about Cosmotheism, completely reasonable and not outdated. The only "issue"(not really though) is that cosmotheism requires more inherent understanding than believing in easy brainless salve morality and subhumanistic desert religion where there's only one abstract all encompassing psychotic-entity like daddy-yaweh to worship that everyone must hypocritically obey at all times OR ELSE.
Open file (52.63 KB 500x338 cosmotheism.jpg)
>>1429 Nice to see other Cosmotheists here. The more I've learned about Dr. Pierce's philosophy and thought about it, the more I've came to the conclusion that he was almost certainly onto something. I have no clue why it is no ten, if not one hundred times more prevalent in the White Nationalist community than it is. Perhaps it is because, like you said, that it requires a bit more critical thinking and observation to truly understand rather than banalities like "faith" https://www.bitchute.com/video/L3nZQOpHvomH/
>>1429 >>1433 >Cosmotheism wat is this tell me more
Open file (104.60 KB 460x268 william pierce.jpg)
>>1434 The Bitchute video I linked in my previous post is a good introduction to the basics, from the mouth of its biggest proponent himself. To really dive into it though, I'd recommend that you read these four essays linked below. The first one is a great introduction that covers a lot of important issues some may not think as much as they should. More specifically, it focuses on a question that is essential - Why should the white race be preserved in the first place? It also talks on the need to free ourselves as a society from Jewish egoism and materialism, and a conception of life based merely on "happiness" rather than larger imperatives that transcend us. To give the most basic of "quick rundowns" though: >There is but one reality. >That reality is the Whole. >It is the Creator, the self-created. >I am of the Whole. >I am of the Creator, of the self-created. >My purpose is the Creator’s purpose. >My path is the path of the Creator’s self-realization. >My path is the path of divine consciousness. >My destiny is godhood. Note that any talk of the Creator or God in the explanation below is not to be understood in any Abrahamic sense of a deity that one can relate to as a person or that is separate in any way from reality itself: Man, the world and the Creator are not separate things. Man is part of the world, a part of the Whole, which is the Creator. It is a pantheistic religion / philosophy. There is an Urge in all things and between all things, an immanent conscious in the cosmos towards higher and higher degrees of self-consciousness, towards self-realization, towards ever more complex states of existence. The final goal of this Urge is the self-realization, the self-completion of the Creator's latent potential. Man, being of the Whole and of its substance, has the same purpose as the Creator, in fact he is a manifestation of the Creator, the means of the Creator. We are not playthings of god, but manifestations of him. Man is merely a step towards higher man, higher man will be a step towards an even higher man, and so on on to infinity to a state that could only be called godhood. Before man, specifically the highest of men, the Whole was blind, groping and slowly working forward. Now, with man, it is sighted, capable of discerning our purpose and working towards it rapidly. https://www.counter-currents.com/2011/01/our-cause/ https://nationalvanguard.org/2010/09/cosmotheism-the-path/ https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/02/cosmotheism-on-living-things-updated/ https://nationalvanguard.org/2010/09/cosmotheism-on-society/
>>1433 Is that a brother from nein? had to reup ur vid from nein nobody wants an empty post. Pierce was such a champion and a prophet for us. He was right about so many things. If any thinker/intellectual type person should need a role model for the modern world it's him. Although i find him on the movement side "lacking" in that they did not have enough "fighers" physically, but that wasn't what he was going for, he was going for the informative and enligtening route, very useful in his own way hardly something to detract. That great man had a way of putting things that were so simple, and yet so well thought out nobody except furious kikes could really disagree with his arguments, messages, and what he had to say. And that's what it's all about. If he was still alive today I'm sure he would be huge, way bigger than he was. Everything he predicted came almost carbon copy close to fruition and will, and coming to fruition today. People say it's hard to predict the future, well with an unique understanding of the jewish question and simply understand that WW2 never really ended, it's not so much. But it takes a serious intelligence to just so accurately predict it and identify all the problems, and do the things like pierce did way ahead of his time. >https://www.bitchute.com/video/L3nZQOpHvomH/ my personal favorite too
Open file (126.75 KB 1280x720 dr pierce.jpg)
>>1436 >Is that a brother from nein? It sure is. If the National Alliance was around today and under the leadership of Pierce, you can be that I'd be a member, definitely. It's sad that it blew up and turned into such a big mess after Pierce's death. He was, in my mind, undeniably one of the greatest figures that we've had, especially on the American scene, that I can think of. Though like you said he didn't really involve himself in the movement side as much from what I know, on the intellectual and propaganda side of our movement he was a veritable titan. You're 100% correct when you say that if he was around today his organization would be massive. He's the type of man we're so lacking today.
did any of y'all catch the movie Midsommar? TL;DR it's about a Swedish pagan cult and demonstrates how foreign concepts like self-sacrifice / an honourable death are to the Westernized mind. I found watching it was a great way to introduce normies to these themes...
Open file (781.36 KB 812x403 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (849.90 KB 780x405 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (925.18 KB 791x396 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1442 It looked like anti-white, anti-pagan propaganda to me. From the Wikipedia too it seems to involve a lot of drugs, sex rituals, human sacrifice. Most sinister, of course - and this is even clear from the trailer - it seems to show all forms of white beauty and tradition as evil and cultish to gaslight the NPCs. Just look at these creepy attractive white people in white clothes! Also daily reminder that it was written and directed by a Jewish man named (((Ari Aster)))
Open file (10.96 KB 539x116 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (11.17 KB 605x116 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1438 Cosmotheism isnt developed enough to prevent subversion
>>1448 Elaborate.
>>1451 the easiest blow would be to say that the cosmotheist goal is obviously the mixing of every race together into one. what is to stop an otherwise innocent population into believing that 2 genders were a thing of the past, and now there are developments being made for 4,6, 8 genders. of course its all nonsense, but the masses dont have knowledge of that, and cosmotheism doesnt provide guidance to stop the creation from turning into another clownworld like it is now. in way the current population, having discarded all past traditional systems with a "progressive" attitude, is cosmotheist already. there are lessons that take longer than 1 generation to learn and religion and tradition are a way to preserve that learning, not having to learn those same lessons over and over again. theres nothing to stop the idea of white racial supremacy as being an antiquated suggestion by its well meaning but misguided old man founder. if you take out the racial stuff, it doesnt collapse the whole system, if you take out gender roles and insert non-binary concepts of gender, you can still say its cosmotheism and infact say the old is holding us back it was only an illusion and this is now the future. Cosmotheism is extremely vulnerable to subversion.
>>1457 >is obviously the mixing of every race together into one. That's retarded, you're retarded, Serbian Serranofag
>>1457 >the easiest blow would be to say that the cosmotheist goal is obviously the mixing of every race together into one. And where is your evidence for this? This is utterly groundless. Building off of what he said in the first and second essays, he ends the second by saying the following in no uncertain terms: >These are the ways in which man shall consciously serve the Creator’s purpose, combining true reason with immanent consciousness in the advancement of his stock along the Path of Life: >He shall keep his stock pure; he shall not permit his blood to mix with that of other stocks, for each stock follows a different course along the Path of Life. When stocks are mixed, the inner sense of direction is lost, and with it the potential for attaining Divine Consciousness. >He shall increase the number of his stock, and he shall make every land wherein he dwells free of the danger of mixing with other stocks. https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/02/cosmotheism-on-living-things-updated/ >in way the current population, having discarded all past traditional systems with a "progressive" attitude, is cosmotheist already. Jewish egoistic materialism is the antithesis of Cosmotheism. Pierce directly condemns "frivolous change" and a disruption of harmony with the past: >Through order and harmony, he seeks true progress, which is the ascent of the Path of Life; but he shuns frivolous change, which destroys the harmony between the past and the future. https://nationalvanguard.org/2010/09/cosmotheism-the-path/ >theres nothing to stop the idea of white racial supremacy as being an antiquated suggestion by its well meaning but misguided old man founder It's literally inseparable from eugenics, Social Darwinism and hierarchy. >if you take out the racial stuff, it doesnt collapse the whole system Yes it does >if you take out gender roles and insert non-binary concepts of gender, you can still say its cosmotheism and infact say the old is holding us back it was only an illusion and this is now the future All of the gender shit you bring up is stupid for the exact reason that (1) even bluepilled normalfags today hardly fall for this stuff and only do under social pressure and (2) you'd have to presume that a pro-white government in the future operating under such a philosophy would strive to corrupt and subvert its own kin, its own population. Leadership is not inherently kiked. This sort of idea where you corrupt your own population is exclusively modern and Jewish. Take some time to read the essays I posted or watch the videos that either me or the other guy posted. It seems that everyone who criticizes Cosmotheism - not to say that one can't raise good points against it potentially, but from my own anecdotal experience - literally doesn't read any of the available material and just makes shit up or strawmans
There is no alternative to monism and/or something like Samkyha if you reject all forms of Abrahamism (which includes modern cosmology like the Big Bang). If all there is ISN'T ultimately stemming from one and is entwined with one, then how is there anything?
>>1463 >>1462 I dont actually believe any of that, those were examples of the exact things that subverters or the misguided will proclaim in the future. You are, gravely, putting too much faith in humanity to not go off the rails and dive straight back into clown world, jews or not.
>>1467 >You are, gravely, putting too much faith in humanity to not go off the rails and dive straight back into clown world, jews or not. Remove the causes of the illness and gradually the Natural Order will reassert itself, especially under good leadership.
>nobodies gonna racemix because WLP said not to I dont have faith that this will hold for eternity. In a stage of peace, prosperity, decadence, and plenty, the cosmotheist model will not protect the white race from subversion of its destiny.
>>1471 Do people racemix en masse when not socially engineered and pressured into doing so? This is the Urge at work. Why feel natural aversion to mixing with the lower? Or why is there a natural aversion to it? Self segregation is a natural occurence. People don’t start racemixing like crazy as soon as there is peace or prosperity – in fact wiping shitskins from the face of the planet would be a prudent policy in the long run, let’s not kid ourselves.
>>1472 True, maybe im just paranoid
>>1425 Is there a way to directly contact this guy or all communication goes through admins? >>1435 >My destiny is godhood. And what happens when you get two gods in the same room? >>1444 Those sights probably gave PTSD to the kikes. They probably perceive those scenes in the same way that we perceive the movie Alien, it's a horror movie to them. >>1462 >Serbian Serranofag M'lady? That poster wasn't me, I'll need to look into Cosmotheism in more detail before I make a proper analysis. Pierce was quite fond of us: https://www.bitchute.com/video/YsCcboYQZrsC/ >>1465 >If all there is ISN'T ultimately stemming from one and is entwined with one, then how is there anything? You have multitude of "ones" and they all contain the same framework which allows them to communicate and affect each other, while potentially being wholly unique and separate from each other at the most root level.
im paranoid about subversion and long term failure because after discovering vedic culture i thought that if you could get a large enough group of westerners to follow it then it could magically fix our problems. eventually i found out about ISKCON and i was stunned at how horrible it turned out in the end especially in regards to how perfect it was setup. ISKCON and prabhupada was the godsend whites needed to start a regenerate traditional culture that would give us all the information we needed to make it in small matters like our daily life and large matters like government and state (there is an untold wealth of untapped wisdom written in sanskrit and forgotten in rotting temples across india and pakistan). But just as quickly as it was started it was subverted and it all went to hell. its true there were jews involved, but the post child for the horror of this period was new vrindaban, who was not led by a jew or controlled by jews, but became a splinter group. ISKCON is one example of the white race to utterly fail in acting in its best interest when left to its own devices without proper guidance and instruction, the actual worst example, the most monumental fuckup of the white race of all time, is what has happened to america. Whites were given the golden opportunity of all opportunities with america, and we fucked it up so bad its now the emblem of jewish evil that is wrong with the modern world. imagine if we all could pack up now and move to an undiscovered continent so vast, many times the size of europe, and yet its boundaries still undiscovered. once we went there all the troubles and problems of the old world couldnt follow us, all the wars political problems, past grudges between white nations, and the constant threat of invasions from other lands like the middle east and west asia. we fucked up bad with america, we fucked up really bad, and without the proper guidance, we will do it again.
>>1480 >Is there a way to directly contact this guy or all communication goes through admins? I think it's all through admins, but maybe look around on their website: http://dharmacentral.com/contact.html I also heard recently that members of his ISDS have access to weekly streams where he gives private lessons and does Q&A but I haven't been serious enough to want to pay this dude $10 a month tbh. >And what happens when you get two gods in the same room? Since it's the evolution of the Whole towards self-realization and self-perfection, anything that could be defined as "God" in the classical sense would be a unique entity.
>>1472 people tend to segregate naturally. we see this in ethnic enclaves in major cities, cliques in school, different online subcultures, etc. while some mixing happens naturally, it's to a much lower degree and is generally sustainable. both hard-line apartheid and demographic replacement require social engineering.
Open file (44.25 KB 310x310 school.jpg)
Open file (103.44 KB 838x540 13_00933582.jpg)
>>1487 thats true, but half the blm protesters look like white people
>>1487 Yes, you're definitely right. It's only in the current state that we have found ourselves in where this unprecedented mixing has actually became a major problem. It all depends on the goal. To build a better humanity, as I'm sure you'd agree, will take massive social engineering, hard-line apartheid and much more. The difference between Jewish social engineering and ours is that we seek the betterment of our stock, development along natural channels and eugenics, not dysgenics.
Open file (199.04 KB 252x330 chad kaczynski.PNG)
>>1489 They're oversocialized and self-hating due to Jewish propaganda
>>1482 Can you tell me more about this or point me to some resources that talk about it?
>>1517 you mean what happened in ISKCON? there are a seperate group that host all kinds of smear websites against ISKCON. they're generally referred to as prabhupadanugas and some of them are VERY pro hitler (truth.prabhupada.org.uk). You can also look up henry doktorski who has written two books, one of them about an infamous murder of a whistleblower within new vrindaban, and the other that goes into a lot of detail into what happened after prabupada died. the split happened because prabhupada never gave his 11 disciples authority to conduct initiations, they lied and said he did, and eventually by chance proof leaked out proving they did lie, but this hasnt stopped their herd of cattle from completely throwing off their leaders of ISKCON.
Where can I read the non-pozzed version of 'BG As-It-Is' with commentary online?
>>1543 PDF related. The commentary's good but it can be a little excessive at times.
Open file (143.50 KB 1983x914 Invitation.PNG)
>>1485 Judging by his interests, I'm pretty sure that he is already posting here (or on some other chan), but I went ahead and sent him a formal invite. >I haven't been serious enough to want to pay this dude $10 a month tbh. Inb4 I get a call from some sales rep in India offering me a super discount on spiritual insights if I pay $8 now. >Since it's the evolution of the Whole towards self-realization and self-perfection Shouldn't the Whole already contain those? >anything that could be defined as "God" in the classical sense would be a unique entity. Well, we partially agree at least. >>1532 >truth.prabhupada.org.uk Seeing this made me kek, this guy is overdosing on redpills
>>1548 I get the feeling he's definitely crypto at least.
>>1548 >Shouldn't the Whole already contain those? Self-realization would refer to the fulfillment of one's own latent abilities or capacities, while self-perfection would imply a state of completion and at its highest attainable state of being. So according to Pierce's philosophy - and I agree with this too personally because I think it's fairly self-evident - reality is an eternal process of creation, not a static entity, it is a dynamic and evolving Whole. . But if God (the Whole) as deity is not actual but ideal, how can something become God if it is now not God? Wouldn't that be different from God? This is why teleology is vital. A thing is more truly what it is destined to be than what it is now. An acorn in its fullest and actualized form is a mighty oak, man himself produces a 'seed' (sperm) whose nature it is to grow into a man provided the right conditions are encountered. >Judging by his interests, I'm pretty sure that he is already posting here (or on some other chan), but I went ahead and sent him a formal invite. He's used terms like "NPC" and "blackpilled" before so he has some sort of contact with imageboard culture. > this guy is overdosing on redpills Check out his Bitchute, it's fun to watch
Open file (33.62 KB 846x245 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1550 >I get the feeling he's definitely crypto at least. He references a ton of /ourguys/ in his Dharma Manifesto, I have no doubt. He's been on Red Ice, talked with STJ and praised PhilosophiCat's video on Evola's Revolt Against the Modern World (pic). Now this fact is particularly interesting - why? Because the woman who runs the channel, Cat Weiss, is a member of the band Überfolk. The lead vocalist for Überfolk is no other than George Burdi, founder of RAHOWA, a white power band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD5B8P2wUbA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNQxT73Qd-M Coincidences? Maybe
>>1543 asitis.com theres also prabhupadabooks.com
>>1548 Imagine how great it would be if a literal acharya came into this thread
>>1563 wish it was possible to get a physical copy of the unaltered versions of Bhagavad Gita As-it-is. I recently just cot my copy from ISKON not knowing their back story. I know there are PDFs but I prefer to get physicalcopies when I can; less strain on the eyes when you read on paper and not a screen
>>1420 Actually the "destroy all people" for 11.32 is what the new translation says, not the original. Prabhupada's original says "engage all people". Luckily with the Internet we can compare multiple translations though. I own the Penguin translation by Laurie L. Patton that says "destroy the worlds" for that verse. Swami Mukundananda's translation speakings of annihilating the worlds. The word क्षय (kṣayá) in the line seems to point to destruction, ruin, decline, corrosion and the like, so I'm confused why Prabhupada settled on engagement. To me the translation makes more sense with destruction in mind, because Krishna is declaring that he is all-devouring Time, which destroys all things eventually. I guess it could be read in the sense that time deals with (engages) all eventually
jewtube channels so far i've got: * Survive the Jive * DharmaNation *Philosophicat Am I missing anyone else? Looking for Dharma specific info or anything related to this thread,
>>1775 theres a massive amount of srila prabhupada videos on youtube as well. lectures, interviews, kirtans.
>>1775 Maybe check out the Right Wing Dharma Squads podcast on YouTube. I've watched a few of them and found them at least sort of interesting. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaIMBWbYx3f62w0oWF3znKw
>>1780 >theres a massive amount of srila prabhupada videos on youtube as well. lectures, interviews, kirtans. good one. didnt even think about that. >>1782 nice thanks.
>>1782 I don't even get suggestions like these anymore. i need to find them out/search manually.
>>1784 YouTube has turned to garbage, honestly. Ever since the pedophile-defense organization the ADL took over moderation in 2017 they've really policed bad goy content almost completely off the site. I use Bitchute a lot of the time now, but I don't really know about pagan or Dharmic channels on there besides DharmaNation's Bitchute. I don't know if you're looking for "based" channels in particular, but I've watched a few videos of this channel that I found interesting that you might enjoy: Dharma Speaks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi2jjWuj7lWG2-vSb-8OodA/
>>1599 Make a Facebook account and join the non-official ISKCON groups like ISKCON World, there's usually a pajeet in there selling the old copies.
Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya put out a good video earlier today that I just watched. It’s another one of his Discord Q&As. It deals with what constitutes authentic and traditional Sanatana Dharma and how it is different from “Neo-Hinduism” which he views as resulting from an intersection and corruption of the authentic tradition with Abrahamist ideas and radical universalism and the like. Worth a watch. It was interesting in here that he made a claim I hadn’t seen before – he said that *Odin* is Indra, and Jayanta, Indra’s son, is actually Thor https://youtu.be/vNDUBfIn0As
>>1915 my only issue with Sri Acharya is that he claims he will live for another 50 years and that he claims we will enter a mini golden age that will last 10 thousand years within a few years. stuff like that just makes me cynical and makes me think of UFO cults and other shitty materialist cults of the 20th century >>1834 I live in a city that's full og pahjeets maybe that will also make things easier.
Open file (811.44 KB 1879x2451 4gy4a5takcf21.jpg)
>>1915 >It was interesting in here that he made a claim I hadn’t seen before – he said that *Odin* is Indra, and Jayanta, Indra’s son, is actually Thor This dude is cracked. He's right about Dravidian and Semite influence overriding Vedism (this is where Tantra and Yoga comes from). Odin is absolutely just plain not Indra. Thor isn't either. Teutonic Mythology is very very localized, Wotan/Odin is more than likely an ancient Warrior-King, like King Alfred The Great. Really the Indo-European (or rather Irano-European) core is with the cosmogony. The early Cosmogonies are the place to find the actual primeval non-localized stuff from before the tribes left the Aryan Homeland. You can easily see these cultural layers of invasion and absorption by the layers of Gods. Titans supplanting Chaos Gods, Olympians supplanting Titans. Jotuns, then Vanir and Aesir. Ahuras and Daevas, and then the many many layers of multiculti India where you have Dravidian ancestor and snake and penis cults mixed with Iranian Devas who supplant Asuras, and then Rakshashas and Vanaras and others that correspond to Jotuns &c Wotan was a Chieftan of the original Teutonic Tribes. And in India, this position as Prime Ancestor usually goes to Surya, not Indra. There's absolutely no point in trying to salvage Indian religion at this point. I've even been convinced finally to abandon Zoroastrian thought. The only place where the Caucasian Mythopoesis remains is in Teutonics, due to very late conversion and luck in record keeping. Socioeconomic Clues of course are best found by research in Early Medieval society. Which can be found in Bloch's Feudal Society, where he clearly examines the Roman influence vs the indigenous western european Kinship structures. The most important thing to keep in mind is to suss out the important primeval Cosmogony structures and then put all focus into a functional way forward. The goal is not the re-institution of the past (this is one of the glaring flaws of both Hinduism and Islam, for example) but the foundation of a future implementation in biographical time. The reason that Vedanta and Upanishadic thought are so attractive is that they are highly sophisticated. But things are not true by virtue of complexity. We must find that cosmogonic CORE and build a sophisticated philosophy from that core, according to our experience and necessity.
>>1916 I’ve been pretty skeptical of his Golden Age claims as well. Maybe I am just a very pessimistic individual (though not blackpilled), but I just don’t see any sort of monumental shift taking place any time soon. He’d probably say that such ages take a while to become noticeable, but we’ll see, I guess. I would love to be proven wrong though. >>1917 >I've even been convinced finally to abandon Zoroastrian thought. What happened? Even a few weeks ago you were talking about it a good deal along with stuff like Dvaita. >The goal is not the re-institution of the past... but the foundation of a future implementation in biographical time [...] We must find that cosmogonic CORE and build a sophisticated philosophy from that core, according to our experience and necessity. This is the one claim of yours that I definitely agree with. The ‘paganism’ of tomorrow will be something that is simultaneously both new and old. We will be intermediaries between the past and present, linking the people of today to the people of the distant past, creating in the process a beautiful equilibrium and harmony between past and present. Of course, when I speak of “the present” and “modern” things, do not think of decadence. National Socialism was of course very modern, but at the same time in many ways the beginnings of a true renaissance in the Aryan spirit, a blossoming of true beauty, harmony with nature and a healthy self-pride. At the moment I am nowhere near philosophically sophisticated enough to have a great effect on the future I see, but who knows what will happen in time. I do know that the gap is not unbridgeable though.
>>1919 >Golden age claims of Dharmanation guy They probably have root in chaitanya mahaprabhu. I think a golden age within kali yuga was already part of the lore, but chaitanta mahaprabhu specifically said the golden age would start with him and it would be because of the chanting of the holy names of god being spread to every town and village. Iskcon and gaudiya vaishnavas even have a seperate calendar that begins at the birth of chaitanya mahaprabhu and the year begins on his birthday as well. Prabhupada said that his books and commentaries will become the lawbooks of the new golden age. The biggest blow to the theory that the golden age is nigh is that according to the chaitanya mahaprabhu prediction we are supposed to be 500 years already into it as thats when he appeared. Even if we dont enter a global vedic age, the ways to keep out kali the nigger have already been listed, and any kingdom who preserves those principles while living a god centered lifestyle lives in conditions similar to the satya yuga. Kali the sudra demon is forbidden to live where there is meat eating, intoxication, gambling, and prostitution, and gold as well because where all those things are found there is certainly to be gold.
Open file (103.03 KB 800x515 Parikshit and Kali.jpg)
>>1933 >the ways to keep out kali the nigger have already been listed, and any kingdom who preserves those principles while living a god centered lifestyle lives in conditions similar to the satya yuga. Kali the sudra demon is forbidden to live where there is meat eating, intoxication, gambling, and prostitution, and gold as well because where all those things are found there is certainly to be gold. We could use a king like Parikshit around now
Wanted to share this passage
>>1934 >Meat eating This verse will always irk me intensely. Moralfagging aside, what is bad in eating meat?
>>1465 >which includes modern cosmology like the Big Bang I know that this particular theory is the product of an Abrahamist, but what are the main objections to this theory? I only start to think it absurd and Abrahamic when people think this 'Big Bang' — granting for a moment that it was an actual event — was absolute start. I believe that the universe has existed eternally, and anything like the Big Bang was most likely the beginning of a new cycle of creation to be followed by destruction in the future. I'm by no means dogmatic on these views though, it is just what seems logical to me from my reading and thinking about reality. Everything else leads to into absurdities
>>1951 Nothing, Vegetarianism is based in Dravidian cuck Ahimsa, which is non-vedic. See Ramayana where they regularly hunt for and eat meat.
>>1952 It's only the absolute beginning of this particular universe, within the multiverse, which this Universe is expanding into. I think it's horseshit. There's only one timeline that moves in one direction, and there's just one universe.
>>1951 >Moralfagging aside, what is bad in eating meat? It's a result of their rejection of anthropocentric ethics, and the ideas of reincarnation and karma. A good example of an attitude of someone who believes in these ideas can be seen in that one story where Pythagoras comes across a dog being beaten. He intercedes on behalf of the dog and claims to hear in its whimpering the voice of an old friend of his who had passed away. If one accepts also certain types of ethical frameworks too you can be pilpul'd into this type of position. Vegetarians and vegans will likewise appeal to alleged health benefits as well. To me it's all bullshit, ahimsa is cucked and life-denying. I do reject the false anthropocentric view of reality which stems from the worst forms of Abrahamism, but I do not accept the rest of their arguments — i.e. I reject moralfagging. Life lives at the expense of other life. Life is struggle. Perhaps not a "war of all against all", that's too individualistic and not in accordance with reality, but struggle nonetheless. >>1954 >It's only the absolute beginning of this particular universe, within the multiverse, which this Universe is expanding into. That would make more sense than what we're seemingly led to believe today. Otherwise we're left wondering what exactly the universe is expanding into
>>1955 That's the actual position of contemporary physics at the moment.
>>1951 Meat eating is bad for your mind. It will make you dull and herd like, tamasic. >>1953 >Vegetarianism is dravidian i guess hitler was a dravidian then? if vegetarianism is so dravidian, then why is the story of parikshits encounter with kali about an A R Y A N K I N G telling a sudra (nigger) demon that he can only live where there is meat eating? meat eating is a filthy, inhumane, barbaric act. there is nothing wrong with eating meat to survive but in todays society that is not necessary and seeing as how the biggest problem with whites today is being dull and herd like we shouldnt be eating any meat, especially since this one ancient text that describes in stunning detail all of the things we are experiencing today says that all of it will go away as long as we avoid meat eating, along with a few other things. Be more like Hitler, dont eat meat. >dravidian cuck ahimsa you will say this here, and then later not say anything when people attack niggers for their high rate of crime and violence. everytime someone says that niggers are ultra violent, i want you to intervene reminding them that ahimsa is actually their value not ours and that whites should be more violent just like niggers are. Jainism is a religion all about ahimsa, but yet its regarded as a kshatriya religion, which is where all its great tirthankaras come from, infact they cannot be tirthankars unless they come from a kshatriya family, and all their tirthankars except for a few of the most recent ones are described as being golden in color.
Open file (65.26 KB 634x867 DravidianMan.jpg)
Pictured left, Dravidian Man in Germany, circa 1930's Europe
>>1957 Jainism is Shramana Nastika, you fucking Tamil dog
>>1958 Yeah, and where is he now? His glorious Reich? That's right, buried and marginalized. Don't be like Hitler. Actually WIN
Open file (221.72 KB 864x648 parikshit and kali 2.jpg)
>>1958 >>1957 >you will say this here, and then later not say anything when people attack niggers for their high rate of crime and violence. I don't think anyone here advocates for senseless violence of the variety that niggers carry out. Nigger violence is often a materialistic pursuit in search of women to rape and money to steal. What exactly is ahimsa? It clearly doesn't mean "non-violence" in the way that many Westerners would perceive it, i.e. as extreme abstention from violence even at the cost of your own well-being, since we see Krishna simultaneously commend ahimsa while also urging Arjuna to fulfill his svadharma as a kshatriya and to fight and kill. If it is in the sense of "harm minimization", then sure, ahimsa isn't that big of a problem. The fact of the matter is that a degree of violence, as I'm sure you would not deny yourself, is necessary for any degree of social harmony outside of some fictional Hobbesian "war of all against all". I think Hitler may have been onto something, but I have not yet taken the time to research the harms and benefits of vegetarianism health-wise yet. Hitler was right about everything else, and I already follow in his path in abstaining from degeneracies such as alcohol, drugs and the like. I certainly can't say that Parikshit did anything wrong in preparing to execute that nigger on the spot for what he was doing, and in areas where gambling, prostitution and drinking take place there is bound to be degeneracy. Slaughterhouses are undeniably degenerate, but I mainly think this for the horrendous conditions the animals live in within them, especially when kosher slaughtered.
>>1960 >Don't be like Hitler.
>>1965 Yeah, you can shoot amphetamines every day like Hitler too, why not, after all, he is Kalki right?His obvious human failures are all propaganda, even him losing the war is propaganda, from those dastardly Jews that rule the world despite being subhumans incapable of free will. Surely holding onto this fiction will make the next fascist uprising successful.
>>1959 why dont you ever make an actual argument with your own words outside of a cheap insult or ad hominem? i better reply would have been "why was king parikshit hunting a deer in the same purana?" or "explain the many references to hunting and meat in the ramayana then?". >>1964 i cant disagree with any of what you are saying, but i dont think its the view that c0f531 is supporting. I felt he was encouraging the wanton eating of meat and the indiscriminate use of violence.
>>1960 >My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that i was right
>>1968 Your schizo feels. I never promoted factory farming
>>1966 you're certainly one to criticize hitler seeing as how you have already eclipsed all of his acheivements.
>>1969 Some other cucks are STILL waiting for Saoshyant and Jesus and Madhi and Elvis and many other very dead losers
>>1966 >Yeah, you can shoot amphetamines every day like Hitler too Theodor Morell was a quack, I think everyone can accept this. Hitler's health didn't even decline that much though, I've heard Leon Degrelle address Hitler's health and he said it was doing well for all intents and purposes the last time he saw him shortly before the end of the war. Hitler was no perfect individual, that's an obvious fact, but I see no reason to denigrate him so harshly and in such terms. He lived a very self-disciplined life from a young age and refrained from all sorts of degeneracies that his contemporaries were being sucked into. Kubizek described him as "monk-like" in Vienna. He was a great moral example for his people and it is a shame that he could not have led Germany for longer. It's an objective fact that Hitler was the greatest fighter for our people that has come about for a very long time. It's no surprise that he is revered and reviled by so many today. What he created was a short flowering of true beauty again in Europe. Due to its very ephemeral nature, it appears even more beautiful
>>1974 >the quality of the discussion amongst us be damned!!! i'll shit on the table whenever i want, fags!!!
>>1975 Antebellum South (1607-1865) was a much more successful and long term White Civilization. How long did Hitler's regime last? 33-45. Just over a decade that's it. Wwwwwow impressed
>>1972 If you interpret spirit in a literal sense, Hitler will never return. I see what Hitler is referring to here as the return of the eternal National Socialist spirit in full force and under new leadership. Even Hitler knew that he was not entirely up to the task. He was laying the groundwork for the future: >“I know that some Man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. I have sought such a man. I could nowhere discover him. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work (die Vorarbeit); only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not, the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other One still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost. What else we can learn from this quote is that we can't sit on our asses waiting for a savior. Hitler took it upon himself to prepare for such a figure, and so should we.
>>1979 Agreed. Which is why we should chuck out Hinduism with the rest of the garbage
>>1978 It's not about civility, it's about having actually good threads and posts. Be as hostile as you want, provided one puts effort into it.
>>1981 Yeah well, let's put aside that this bitch went crying to the BO like a little kid. He was arguing in bad faith. Totally intellectually dishonest. He even points out what I already said as if I didn't already say it. If he knows the answer to the question, what did he expect from asking it again? Example: >why dont you ever make an actual argument with your own words outside of a cheap insult or ad hominem? i better reply would have been "why was king parikshit hunting a deer in the same purana?" or "explain the many references to hunting and meat in the ramayana then?". I don't need to reply that because I already fucking said it. He's just being retarded at this point, thus my hostility.
>>1977 The beauty and inspiring nature of the Third Reich can't be understood from its mere duration. This is why I attached the image of the cherry blossoms. We can't ignore either the fact that institutionalized National Socialism did not end through its own failings and contradictions in the way that the Soviet sphere did, but instead was destroyed in struggle with World Jewry. I do not think losing a war discredits an idea, especially one such as National Socialism. There is a certain nobility even in failure and death.
>>1982 >Yeah well, let's put aside that this bitch went crying to the BO like a little kid. I'm the Tor poster you're arguing with partially
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>>1984 So you have to flare up your red BO tag to intimidate me? Very high-T of you. Look, I'm happy to discuss things with you, but don't pretend I'm not making arguments with sources. I've always brought sources. You can not like them all you want.
>>1985 >So you have to flare up your red BO tag to intimidate me? No I just wanted to make one point about high quality content before it got too out of control (if it would have, that is). I think we disagree on less than you do with the other guy, I was mainly defending Hitler and the legacy of National Socialism in the back and forth more than anything, I am not a Hindu. If anything I am more into Pierce's Cosmotheism, not to say that I necessarily dislike Hinduism, it is at least better than the Abrahamic traditions by a long shot.
>>1985 i dont think anybody went crying to the board owner, and why are you attacking the board owner now? if we are fascists, then the BO is our rightful fuhrer, he does a magnificent service for us, why do you choose to attack our leader, if not our leader, the greatest civil servant to us all. an attack on the BO should be seen as an attack on everyone who regularly comes here.
>>1985 also i'd prefer if you argued without sources, just on the merit of your reason and ability to persuade with your own words on the spot when required.
>>1988 I'm not into reproducing labor. If someone wrote it already, especially someone who knows better than I do, I'll use them. You should fucking Intuit less and read more. >>1986 Oh hi, I'm the guy who talks to you about Process Metaphysics. >>1987 Bootlicker. Servility is non-aryan
Does anyone here know anything about the ayurvedic idea of the three doshas? the explanation that the physical and psychological composition of someone can be explained by a combination of the three doshas of kapha, pitta, and vata, can perhaps explain the differences between niggers and whites. theres a lot of vedic physiognomy stuff that hasnt been translated into english yet and should be Kapha (earth+water) learns things slowly, never forgets things, pale skin Pitta (fire+water) high body temperature, good digestion, prefers colder climates, tends to have lighter colored hair Vata (air+space) cooling. dry and rough skin, dark skin, learns things quickly, forgets things easily. this correlates to light haired peoples in cold climates, dark people in hot environments. niggers chimping out in a flash, but never learning not to break the law, and whites taking forever to become racist again.
Open file (246.59 KB 402x255 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1990 >Oh hi, I'm the guy who talks to you about Process Metaphysics. I was pretty sure you were that same poster. I'm waiting for that book on Aztec philosophy to come in the mail here soon, I'm excited to read it in-depth. I suck at reading long things on my computer screen. They definitely seemed to be onto something, at least in some regards. Even before learning about that book I had more or less held that idea from learning about Heraclitus and some of the stuff that Nietzsche said when attacking "Being", so it will be fun to read. Thanks again for the rec.
>>1991 one of the names for texts about physiognomy is samudrika. theres supposed to be texts of samudrika that talk about body composition and how it relates to your karma and psychology, and a text that goes in detail about the shape of the skull, but the only ones that seem to be popular enough to be translated into english are ones about how to do palm reading. the jains have a similar text thats never been translated called anga-vidya, that even went into detail about the way a person laughs, stands, how they respond when called by name, what they keep in their house (jain autism>vedic autism) and what all of it means. it was a forbidden science in jain culture but nevertheless a text about it has survived. i wonder what kinds of wonderful and interesting things we could glean from these texts that would have relevance to today.
>>1992 Check out this passage I posted earlier >>1950 It uploaded out of order, so check page numbers. Also, you should get a fire hd 10. I use f-droid and aurora store to get full android app availability, but FireOS is fast as fuck and the machine is extremely cheap for the quality. I read mostly on tablets.
>>1955 >the ideas of reincarnation and karma Reincarnation is evident once you recognize that all forms of Cartesianism aren't the case.
>>2006 Redpill me on reincarnation.
>>1957 >Meat eating is bad for your mind. It will make you dull and herd like, tamasic. but most vegetarians are women and faggots, who are more herd like. Hitler was only a vegetarian due to health reasons
>>2008 This. Vegetarianism is how cults keep you dull in mind and weak in body, easier to control. This is basic interrogation/brainwashing tactics
Open file (108.87 KB 682x384 MrBonesWildRide.jpg)
>>2010 >>2008 i dont have the energy anymore to argue with meatfags and meat trannys about this shit. if you dont see a problem with meat eating then you are an animal and you should live your dharma by continuing to eat it.
>>2010 also, meat eating is how cults keep you dull in mind and weak in body, easier to control. its basic interrogation and brainwashing techniques
>>2012 >>2013 Fine, sorry actual facts don't fit with your Tamil nonsense. Go be a smoothbrain nigger without us
>>1988 > i'd prefer if you argued without sources, just on the merit of your reason and ability to persuade with your own words on the spot when required This reminds me about a question I've been having the past few weeks. I remember when listening to the Audiobook of "Metaphysics of War", the foreword mentioned that modern learning is wrong since it attempts to dissect everything to the smallest level. but it did not explain what traditional learning was or the problem with modern learning. So what's the difference between traditional and modern learning? >>2012 I've simply stating my observations. since it was the peasants who eat vegetables and the kings who ate meat. men on average are more likely to eat meat and women eat more vegetables than meat. eating meat is seen inherently as a masculine concept, at least in the west.
Even woketards have to face the fact that veg diet is bad for you. Makes babies retarded for fuck's sake https://theconversation.com/why-vegan-diets-for-babies-come-with-significant-risks-108466
>>2014 But this raises the question as to why one should necessarily believe in the existence of the jiva or atman. I'm not against the concept though of course. >>2015 >>2008 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3761927/ The title is slightly misleading, but it seems to point that they did not eat much meat at all.
>>2017 Veganism isn't vegetarianism though. Most Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs are lacto-vegetarians as I understand it, though Jains of course have additional restrictions against root vegetables.
>>2016 Basically Tradition is about WHY while Modern is about HOW. >Traditional Education is also called customary education or conventional education. The main motive of traditional education is to pass on the values, manners skills and the social practice to the next generation which is necessary for their survival. In traditional education, the student learns about the customs and tradition of the society in which he lives. This type of educated is mostly imparted to the students by the means of oral recitation. There is very less written work or practical work. The students simply sit down together and listen to the teacher or another who will recite the lesson. The traditional does not include written tests but it includes some oral tests which are not very formal. Traditional education is very far from the use of science and technology. Neither the education about the sciences we study today in a great detail is imparted in the traditional education system. Traditional education system basically included the knowledge about customs, traditions, and religions. That is why it is called traditional education. >Modern Education is very different from the traditional education. The education which is taught in the schools today is the modern education. Modern education teaches about the skills required today that is the skills of science and technology, the science of medical science etc. In addition to listening, the modern education includes writing, visualizing, imagining, and thinking skills. This type of education also includes written tests to examine if the students are learning properly or not. This is done in a very formal way. The methodology used for teaching is very interactive. Modern education is just an evolution of the traditional education which was imparted to the students a few years back. https://targetstudy.com/articles/traditional-education-vs-modern-education.html
>>2015 >muh baseless insults and ad hominems >>2016 i dont know what the difference is between traditional and modern learning. i think that people like c0f531 have fallen into the trap that nothing you say matters unless someone else said it in a book. he is incapable of expressing any opinion or reasoning in his own words unless its a baseless insult or a cheap ad hominem. there is a point where the line between education and indoctrination and brainwashing can begin to blur. >meat is masculine, veg is feminine im assuming you are implying the common fallacy that eating meat makes you a man and that if you dont eat meat you become a withered soyboy faggot. thats meat tranny thinking. if you need meat to be a man then you are a meat tranny. what is the difference between someone who needs to eat meat to be a man and someone who has to take hormones to be a man? what happens to your genitalia when you take steroids? there is more than one study (google it) that says vegetarians, and even vegans, have higher testosterone than meat eaters. Dont be a meat tranny
>>2017 veganism =/= vegetarianism >>2019 he knows this, but he isnt going to bring it up unless someone else does.
>>2018 interesting, perhaps the solution is balance instead of simply going for one extreme to the other. >>2021 I didn't imply meat is required to be a man, what I meant to say is that men have a preference for meat, while women prefer fruits and vegetables. sorry if that brought a misunderstanding.
>>2019 most jains nowadays, at least ones in the west, dont drink milk at all. it started because of the dairy industry selling cows for meat, but now they claim that dairy has never been ahimsa and that cows only make enough milk for their claves. modern jains in the west are heavily pozzed and its only getting worse.
>>2019 You've just hit upon why cow slaughter was banned in Zoroastrian and Vedic civilization. Dairy. That's why Rama doesn't hunt CATTLE. The Sacred Cow or Ox is very universal to irano-european cosmogony, see the Ox in the Norse Cosmogony for instance. These were pre-agricultural societies, that doesn't mean Hunter-Gatherer which is a common mistake, but Pastoral Herding. I sincerely believe Gobekli Tepe was a Sale Barn like the one in my town, where people gather from all over to celebrate religion and TRADE HERDS.
>>2024 >what I meant to say is that men have a preference for meat, while women prefer fruits and vegetables. Is this really a trans-historical phenomenon though? I could be completely wrong, but I feel like this idea is a modern one and a result of Jews creating their own image of what constitutes a 'man' in their eyes, i.e. a meathead retard who lives to grill slabs of meat and mow his lawn.
>>2021 > i think that people like c0f531 have fallen into the trap that nothing you say matters unless someone else said it in a book. he is incapable of expressing any opinion or reasoning in his own words unless its a baseless insult or a cheap ad hominem I could just write fanfiction and flow-of-consciousness nonsense like you do, but I prefer to actually learn things instead of simply making things up according to how I feel things ought to be
Open file (738.00 KB 1007x637 face.png)
Can you 2 autists calm down?
Gonna clean this little sperg out up if anons don’t mind...
>>2045 please ban me.
>>2046 I just gave you a warning, you didn’t do anything bannable. I rarely ban tbh
>>2045 please do, it's a comfy thread and I dislike the agitation to one of my favorite threads.
>>2049 Yeah same for me. If they want to fling shit at each other they can go back to the “esoteric monotheism” thread where they did this for a while a week or so ago. Not sure how much to clean up though, probably only the posts that add absolutely nothing like wojack spam
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To get this thread back on track... How big of a part do you anons think that spirituality — of any positive variety — should have in the White Nationalist movement? As someone who has vague aspirations of making a group of my own sometime in the future, it is a question I wonder about sometimes. Of course if it is too overt it risks alienating the very people that you are trying to win over, i.e. everyday Whites, but I do think that we need some sort of grounding, otherwise we are operating, I think, on shaky ground. People seem to prefer to have some sort of higher meaning. The White Race is undeniably important, but it does not seem to have the power, especially to the lemming, of a belief that transcends this. While it's not explicitly pagan — though it does derive from European strands of thought throughout time — this is why I personally like Cosmotheism. It recognizes the importance race, more specifically, our race, while simultaneously aiming for something higher and higher. I think the best position that I can think of for the religious question is that it should inform the thought of the leadership and be expressed through their actions, but it does not always have to be explicitly expounded and preached. A more implicit sense that is inclusive of other religions so long as they are willing to put up for the White Race, whether these be pagans or even Christians. Of course even then the kikes will call you a "cult", but fuck them, if we live according to what they say we'd never get anything done.
>>2052 To quote Pierce: >The difference between true reason and false reason is this: True reason seeks to guide man’s actions in accord with the immanent consciousness of the Whole, while false reason does not. >The man or woman of true reason seeks order in all things, and he shuns chaos. He is pleased by a harmonious relationship between all the elements of his life and the world. He rejects that which clashes and does not fit, that which is alien. >He is happy in the knowledge that what was true and good yesterday will be true and good tomorrow. Through order and harmony, he seeks true progress, which is the ascent of the Path of Life; but he shuns frivolous change, which destroys the harmony between the past and the future. >He loves truth, and he hates falsehood. >He loves beauty, and he hates ugliness. >He loves nobility in all things, and he hates baseness. >And all these predispositions of the man or woman of true reason are like rays thrown out by the Divine Spark which burns in his soul. And this Divine Spark is the immanent consciousness of the Whole. It is the presence of the Creator’s Urge in him. >The Divine Spark burns brightly in some men, and their reason is true. It burns less brightly in others, and in them true reason may give way to false reason. >For the Urge is in all things, but the state of consciousness of the Whole is more highly evolved in some things than in others. It is more highly evolved in living things than in non-living things; in man than in other animals; and in some men than in other men. There exists in the various living creatures a continuous hierarchy of states of the immanent consciousness of the Whole. >In the best of times men and women of true reason prevail, and there is true progress. >But in the worst of times false reason overcomes true reason. Then the self-seekers, the liars, and those of base motives prevail. >And then all the other evils come forth: Falsehood overcomes truth and is held up in the place of truth. Ugliness replaces beauty and is preferred over beauty. Baseness is everywhere and is praised as nobility. Disharmony rules all men’s lives, and those of true reason are frustrated in their desires. >Lies are heard everywhere, and no one has the power to speak against them. Evil deeds are seen everywhere, and no one can act against them. All that is good, valuable, and progressive is pulled down and defiled. All that is alien and discordant grows and multiplies. There is no true reason or peace in the masses of men, and they are without direction or purpose. Seems to be Zoroastrianism + Monism, with non-ethnic terminology. Good enough. What do you realistically hope to achieve? White Nationalism is a Balkanizing culture. Christians, seculars, pagans, and even those that don't want to admit Slavs or Meds as white. The movement is completely fucked in all honesty, toward any kind of praxis. I hate it, but you need an Anabaptist Strategy. Essentially, do what's being done, establish a separatist cult and remain outside society until it fully collapses. Then you'll get the mass of whites the way they do in Prison: feed and protect them. This will take like two hundred years or more. But the only Nationalist movement is the National-Anarchism movement. Society as it stands is too big to fail. We have to live within but distinct from it until it dies.
>>2007 You and other living beings are "conscious." This "consciousness" can not be treated as just lies made by a floating atom brain as preached by the likes of Dan Dennett or floating atom souls. That leaves the teachings of the Vedas snd men like Plotinus who'd say what you call "consciousness" is a look into a deeper world than the casual one. Reincarnation is then not random floating atoms jumping into random bodies, but new forms of living.
>>2057 >Seems to be Zoroastrianism + Monism, with non-ethnic terminology. I don’t know about Zoroastrian, maybe more Nietzschean, Darwinian and pantheistic. But I don’t know too much about Zoroastrianism honestly. >What do you realistically hope to achieve? White Nationalism is a Balkanizing culture. Christians, seculars, pagans, and even those that don't want to admit Slavs or Meds as white.The movement is completely fucked in all honesty, toward any kind of praxis. One has to set their sights as high as possible, while also living in accordance with the reality of the situation. The WN movement has a lot of flaws unfortunately, one of them which you point out, which is the drive towards fragmentation. Everyone has their overinflated ego and can’t for once in their life submit to the group for the greater good, they’ve just gotta tear apart the entire organization. There’s obviously the closely related problem of everyone wanting to be the next Führer – more ego problems. It doesn’t help that, as being an objectively fringe position, we as a movement seem to attract all sorts of broken toys and freaks who are drawn by the reputation of dumb skinheads and Hollywood Nazis. The question to contemplate is: How can this be avoided? I don’t think the concept of White Nationalism is inherently flawed or anything, I wouldn’t be posting here if I believed that, but there must be some sort of recurrent mistake which the existing groups are making over and over again that leads them to the same problems. For one, splitters need thrown out the door. I have also been thinking that it is opportune for WNs to start pushing hard environmental issues, for one. Even this has issues though – the masses ridiculed even a milquetoast establishment tool like Thunberg. I am far more extreme, though I have enough wisdom to realize that, like every smart teacher, you speak in accordance with your audience. >I hate it, but you need an Anabaptist Strategy. Essentially, do what's being done, establish a separatist cult and remain outside society until it fully collapses. I have thought of these sorts of ideas for a while. I don’t know though about waiting for the collapse part. I am still unsure whether collapse will come, I do not underestimate the resilience of the technological society to adapt and worm its way into every niche possible. I’ve written on this before, but I don’t think people understand what will have to be done as a separatist group to become truly separate and distinct. Many people will not like the answers, as it erodes their precious individuality and smacks so much of “cultish” behavior — but it is the only way. I mean restrictions on clothing, unique styles to bind the group and separate from the outsiders, comprehensive education separate from the outside society, no televisions, Internet, radios, newspapers, advertisements, mass culture (((music))) — this is the only way to unkike ourselves and our children. Some might not be able to handle such a radical vision. Either in a group or alone I’m gonna do it eventually regardless. I decided years ago that I’m going to leave the modern world eventually and the last thing I’m going to do is wagecuck myself into the grave.
>>2060 I live in a majority Mennonite community, but they aren't Old Order. They watch TV and use the internet, but they don't drink, do violence, or vote, and remain ethnically distinct. Mennonites are way more useful as a model for this reason. They only avoid things that are actually detrimental. They have non-mennonite friends &c. But yes, you'll need to consider more Old Order remedies to avoid degeneracy seeping in But you need to face up to just how outside of the rest of society you already are. The shit people talk about on this board are absolutely not going to ever go down with anything like the rank and file of the working whites. Try and take shit back down to earth. Keep shit as vague and secular as you can. I too love all this stuff, and deeper thought, but there it is. In all brutal frankness, read The True And Only Heaven by Christopher Lasch.
>>2062 I will have to read up more on Mennonites tomorrow. I have several books on Anabaptists and even an enyclopedia of Anabaptism but I’ve devoted most of my energies to the Amish and Hutterites due to their more pronounced peculiarities. I’m sure there’s a lot to learn though. >The shit people talk about on this board are absolutely not going to ever go down with anything like the rank and file of the working whites. You’re right, by and large, doe the most part, unfortunately. I talk about this stuff with normalfags sometimes, and I definitely tone it down and realize that they’d be running for the hills if I started talking about some of the stuff that I say here. This is the reality of optics – keeping the integrity of your message while speaking properly in accordance with a given audience, true optics is NOT kosherizing your beliefs and being a cuck enslaved to the irrational whims of the masses. And thanks for the rec on Lasch. I actually had him on my radar, but haven’t got any of his stuff yet.
>>2063 This is a very interesting way to go: https://homecongregations.org/online-ekklesia/ Ekklesia are like decentralized mini-congregations. I found out this is going on through an article about some Qanon boomers : https://omegakingdomministry.org Another strategy would be to infiltrate the Atheist movement, which, like the Libertarians are already half infiltrated and back-infiltrated from people like us that started there. Like Libertarian thought, though, you're going to have an interesting time with these essentially Civic Nationalists. Atheists and Libertarians are extremely hard-headed though. Probably better off redpilling Christians with the Ekklesia cell-based thing
>>2065 I feel like trying the Christian route might be a plausible route to some degree of actual success, but it would be unpleasant, at least for me. I can’t stand most Christians, but most of this feeling comes from evangelicals more than anything. The only fruitful route I could see would be some form of Christian Identity-like teachings with an Old Order twist. I don’t know if I could believe it wholly personally, but the term “Noble Lie” exists for a reason. >>2066 Kek I knew that article would mention Ben Klassen as soon as I clicked on it.
>>2067 Mormonism is very WN as well. Seriously considering moving to Idaho some day.
>>2068 The fundamentalist ones in particular seem pretty based.
Of course the beautiful thing is that this exists: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Process_theology
>>2070 I need to read Whitehead. Process Theism sounds interesting.
>>2072 Sounds like that might be worthwhile based on reading what the back-cover says. Lol I have so many things to read it’s not even funny
Another very good book, about Non-Aristotelian thinking. http://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=F2B96F5C3C01BD1499EA844CCE6D463A
>>2074 Oh, before the usual mouthbreathing tards on this board REEEEEE at the -ski, he's not Jewish, he's just Polish-American. He apparently enjoyed the International Jew by Ford, so. https://korzybskifiles.blogspot.com/2014/09/chapter-18-alfred-and-jews-part-3.html
>>2073 Do Aztec Philosophy first, because these two books are very technical and hard to get through, even though they're good. I actually needed a notebook for Science And Sanity
>>2076 Yeah I definitely will do the Aztecs first, I’m looking forward to reading that one. I’m not sure I can even handle the denser philosophical texts yet. Honestly I’m still working my way through Socratic dialogues and fragments from other pre-Socratics. I think starting with the Greeks is definitely not just a meme
Open file (125.53 KB 763x1169 61GHB1y7jjL.jpg)
I recently got this book, but it is purposefully slimmed down and simplified a lot. There's still a lot of good verses in there, but lacking the whole picture. The hymns of the duo, Varuna-Mitra are not even in there, or if they are, Mitra is certainly left out.
As an aside, Debroy has the best no-commentary translations in general. His Valmiki Ramayana is excellent
>>2082 I have physical copies of Debroy's three volume Bhagavata Purana. It is definitely a good translation in my mind, but my main issue with it is that while he marks canto and chapter, there are no verse markings. It makes it difficult to reference between translations sometimes.
>>2086 That kind of autism is slightly out of my realm of the spectrum still, lol. Feels too Christcucky to be into "chapter and verse"
>>2100 It might be a little autistic, but it can be nice for cross-referencing between translations even if it's not a part of the original text. For example the letters and numbers in the margins of some of the Socratic dialogues that I've read make cross-referencing very easy.
>>2101 My point is that while I read multiple translations of things, I'm not autistic enough to find much use in comparing them most of the time. Even the supposed changes to As It Is made post-prabhupada are uncompelling to me. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be outraged by when I compare them. The thing is, Thakura in Brahma Samhita and Prabhupada in As It Is and SB have a creative interpretation of the Sanskrit that adds a color of contemporary Western philosophical language. Compare translation of the Isha Invocation from Sri Isopanisad to more direct translation, And the only difference is finesse. I've yet to see even shitheel advaitins fuck up the Sanskrit interpretation meaningfully. You should read the Devi-Bhagavata Purana translation by Vijnanananda, it's literal Pajeetspeak but is still just as insightful once you get used to the rhythm and usage.
Open file (297.88 KB 1200x1920 hekt.png)
>>2101 Here's some interesting stuff from Kenneth Grant's books you might find interesting, specifically the Resurgent Atavism and Lycanthropy. Datura fueled Lycanthropic Dream and Invokation are the true primal European Spirituality. Will be right back with a bit from the chapter on european Lycanthropic Shamanism from Hallucinogens And Shamanism
>>2102 >My point is that while I read multiple translations of things, I'm not autistic enough to find much use in comparing them most of the time. It probably largely is autism on my part. I enjoy reading different interpretations of things in articles on JSTOR and the like. >Even the supposed changes to As It Is made post-prabhupada are uncompelling to me. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be outraged by when I compare them. I agree. The first translation of the Gita that I read was the post-Prabhupada one and I didn't find it to be really subversive in any way egregious after taking the time to do some comparisons later on with the original and other versions that I own. Not denying that ISKCON got subverted, but still.
>>2105 Monkey On A Stick is on b-ok.xyz though not libgen. Well worth reading to see exactly how ISKCON was hosed from nearly the first day in the US; hint- never trust homosexuals.
>>2106 I'll definitely have to look into that book. I'm aware of some accusations of child-abuse, some issues with money and New Vrindaban, but nothing too in depth. Sounds right up my alley though, I enjoy reading about when sects go off the rails like this. Aum Shinrikyo is a particular favorite of mine. They were a blast to read about.
>>2107 It's fucking tragic, too. Dianetics is excellent stuff. Too bad the cult was a cult, huh? Same for the offshoot Process Church Of The Final Judgement
I need to look into microdosing Datura alkaloids to see if they aid in lucid dreaming work
>>2108 In some ways I don't like the word "cult". It is, I think, largely a snarl-word against small and newer religious movements. No one would attack them with such vehemence if they were a hundred or a thousand times larger. Obviously this is not always true though, there are certainly things which deserve some sort of condemnation because they outright frauds or harmful - The Peoples Temple of Jim Jones, etc. I might be biased to a degree though because I like to study these "cults", intentional communities and other enduring counterculture groups due to my own dreams and intentions.
>>2111 Christianity is a cult too, cult is just culture. Trumpism is truly a cult, no denying it. It's just celebrity Worship. The thing is to get the good ideas out and use them, I'm all about the praxis not the personalities. Not into the social manipulation of politics, just the social organization. Popularity contest shit is the most blackpilling part of the world of human existence. I guess in the end I agree more with James Mason's SIEGE than Populist Neoreaction. If only because I fully recognize that even the Aristocrats are retarded now, so it's Democracy Mob Rule even with an Autark
>>2112 >I'm all about the praxis not the personalities In a way, I think that successful praxis is dependent on the presence of strong personalities. Basically, I am a big proponent of "great man theory" - within reason though. Those who say that we must wait for our savior to come are passive and useless. I have my ego under control enough that I'm not the ideal person to attempt to propose intentional communities as a solution for white regeneration, but if I'm not going to do it, who will? The biggest problem is the how. We have to escape this miasma of pozz. It only gets worse and worse. Traditionalism is impossible in this atmosphere. >If only because I fully recognize that even the Aristocrats are retarded now, so it's Democracy Mob Rule even with an Autark We have no true aristocrats anymore. Only oligarchs, which is a perversion of aristocracy. A true aristocracy would look the Allgemeine SS. Now these were some truly stringent standards!
>>2115 Before it gets too buried, read over those screencaps about Atavism and let me know your reactions
>>2116 The Kenneth Grant stuff honestly went right over my head. I kind of felt how I did when I tried to read Frithjof Schuon’s “The Transcendent Unity of Religions”. That’s how I feel about a lot of stuff from people like Guénon and Evola as well, though some might find that controversial. I thought the stuff in the second set of images ok lycanthropy was interesting, and I bet it did have its roots in shamanistic practices
>>2118 Compare to use of tree Datura with Ayahuasca in S. America with Jaguar and bird shamanic transformation
If anyone wants to join a chat discussing potential White race-unifying religions, there's one at >https://riot.im/app/#/room/#altreligion:200acres.org
>>1550 His target audience seems to be mostly clueless normies so I'd say his contribution is positive at this point. Not something I'd like seeing being shilled on chans however. It's not like anyone posting here would buy "genuine spirituality" (TM) for $10 anyway kek. But I don't condemn it, a guy gotta make a living somehow. Better for normies to spend money on that than donate to BLM. Inb4 some kike publisher gets 90% of his revenue and then donates it to help rapefugees flood Europe. >>1559 I'm quite familiar with the concept of teleological evolution and potential-actualization, as well as dialectical monism. Judging by your posts, it seems that Pierce followed a very particular school of thought, and yes, it indeed explains and resolves a lot of questions. However, it doesn't resolve the most difficult ones. For example, how does this potential get suspended (creating an imperative for actualization) in the first place, and what's the purpose of that? Sure, you could say that it wants to experience itself, but wouldn't the experience already be a part of it? All of the experiences. Concepts like "Absolute" and "Oneness" actually contradict this school of thought, which is why I find those to be a later corruption caused by certain (((influences))). The only framework where it makes sense, is the one of pluralism and non-converging root system. Of course, teleology implies that Form A is objectively superior to Form B, meaning that the more you "evolve" (Or is it actually rediscovering yourself?) towards a higher Form/purpose, the more white, and later, more refined and beautiful races (not present on this planet) you will start resembling. In looks, views, behavior, taste etc. Which is what I absolutely agree with. "Universal" (Rather, mutual) framework does not imply oneness or universalism of particulars (Absolute). It's neither absolute relativism nor saturnian absolutism. However, proper dialectics is probably one of the most difficult philosophical approaches so I don't really blame people for not maintaining it properly, as even it's greatest proponents get it completely wrong most of the time. In fact, mathematics guarantees the existence of both unique (PC) and non-unique (NPC) souls. Ask yourself this, would you rather choose to be born as a white man, or as a woman in middle east (or some non-white in general) for example? Sure, some would chose the latter for the sake of experience or some other purpose, but most would choose the former. Yet, white people are a minority on this planet. Even so, most of them don't really have much control of their lives. What does this tell us? It's as if the great majority of people on this planet are totally compelled to act according to certain patterns, as if chained by certain forces, while the few are capable of diverging from that. And yet, those few, were and are almost exclusively white. >>1593 I was hoping for someone who actually understands what he preaches, someone who could have a debate without excessively quoting other people and their works. >>1613 >Swami Mukundananda's translation speakings of annihilating the worlds There is nothing bad about this, destruction is often necessary. Of worlds, or entire universes. Krsna seems kind of based. Engaging was probably Buddhist influence, he wanted to larp as Dalai Lama or something. That pic resembles Krsna showing all of his forms (lifetimes) together, a sort of ultimate being shaped by countless lives and incarnations. Just like your current self is shaped by your experiences, so is your higher self by multiple lifetimes.
Open file (662.27 KB 859x823 Government.PNG)
>>1916 That mini golden age was most likely the NSDAP rule in Germany, I highly doubt it can happen today. Hitler was a messenger, the actual Avatar will come with complete destruction of the old world. >>1917 >Thor isn't either. Their characteristics are very similar and they were worshiped by pretty much the same ethno-group. >Wotan/Odin is more than likely an ancient Warrior-King So was Indra >There's absolutely no point in trying to salvage Indian religion at this point. We should salvage what's worth >Socioeconomic Clues of course are best found by research in Early Medieval society. See pic >>1919 Things have to get worse before they can get better. Historically, there was always a collapse, great war, famine, or some natural disaster preceding the revival. Of course, those who are most responsible for the state of the world today would like to avoid facing the consequences, but it doesn't work like that. >The ‘paganism’ of tomorrow will be something that is simultaneously both new and old. It's called archeao-futurism, and it's essentially something that NS Germany did. A tree strongly rooted in tradition, values and myths, with it's branches extending into technological future. This is the only viable path, anything else converges into either relativistic (((transhumanism))) or luddite retardation which people like Linkola promoted. >>1951 Literally nothing, original Indo-Europeans ate beef, honey etc. and drank milk a lot. Then they had to invent some memes to keep Dravidian servants from stealing their cattle so they came up with vegetarianism, cow worship etc. Veganism is literal slave (Candala) diet, that's why kikes are shilling it to their shabbos goyim so hard today. >>1953 This >>1954 t. slave of Saturn >>1955 From the standpoint of reincarnation, that's only a concern for those who believe that they have no control over what they incarnate as in the next life (which is true for all NPC's and most living things on this planet in general), for those who believe that there is only one universe, and for those who believe that they can somehow affect it in the grand scheme of things. Otherwise, it's entirely pointless and unreasonable. I reject anthropocentric view of reality as well, but instead of replacing it with slave morality (being "life-centric"), i replace it with self-deification. >>1957 >Meat eating is bad for your mind. It will make you dull and herd like, tamasic. Vid related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-QaGzenEaQ
Open file (34.36 KB 529x448 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2129 You're right that Cosmotheism should not be understood as monistic, but rather as a form of pantheistic pluralism.
>>2140 Oh, and the the source for this is by the way from Robert S. Griffin's 'Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds' which can be found here: >>1300
>>2130 No. That excerpt has nothing whatsoever to do with my point about early Feudal European kinship and clan social organization. >Thor, Indra bullshit No. Flat no. >Mathematics proves souls at all in any fashion No. Just no. I can see you twitching now, getting ready to say "not an argument". You're right, it's not arguable. You're just plain not right. I've tried using sources and arguments, they don't penetrate your schizoid delusions. Also you don't know shit about the black cube.
>>2130 >Literally nothing, original Indo-Europeans ate beef, honey etc. and drank milk a lot. Then they had to invent some memes to keep Dravidian servants from stealing their cattle so they came up with vegetarianism, cow worship etc. Veganism is literal slave (Candala) diet, that's why kikes are shilling it to their shabbos goyim so hard today. You make one claim concerning the origins of vegetarianism, and then you go and try to link it to veganism and the Jewish shilling campaign in favor of it (which no one can deny). Vegetarianism has a long, long history, while veganism, with a few small exceptions, a new decadent trend.
>>2146 Don't mistake that retard for me. I made the claim about veganism. Lacto-vegetarianism is survivable but there's absolutely nothing better about it, and it's just a fact that humans need meat to fully develop. There's a long long history in Asia of peasants having a cup of hot water for breakfast and a bowl of steamed rice for supper every day, doesn't mean it's fucking good. Engage your brain when practicing Traditionalism, because Argumentum Antiquitatem is a very dangerous fallacy to build your delusions on
>>2148 I'm not a vegetarian myself, so I won't argue the point on that topic because I realize that life lives at the expense of other lives. Now there's of course the matter of factory farming, animal living conditions and the like, but that's a different topic. And while it might have seemed like I was doing "Argumentum Antiquitatem", what I was trying to say that was vegetarianism, at the very least, has a longer history and doesn't seem to be outright as harmful as veganism appears to be from all of the evidence. I very much agree with you that merely appealing to the past when it comes to traditionalism is about as low-brow as it gets. I often come across people who argue that just because our ancestors drank alcohol and did various forms of drugs, so should we - this is something I vehemently disagree with
>>161 Any updates on this? Any snippets you'd like to share?
Open file (19.84 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg.cf.jpg)
Open file (46.18 KB 542x798 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (54.28 KB 571x837 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (38.58 KB 567x591 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2166 I wrote some stuff (pics are merely excerpts from something about twice as long as this) about a month ago, but I wasn't entirely satisfied so I placed it aside for the time being. I haven't given up on the idea, rather I'm wondering whether there is a better way to approach this.
>>2174 Why are you re-writing Plato's Republic with Pajeet language?
>>2145 It's about much earlier European kinship and social organization, the one that wasn't too different from that. Feudalism was already tainted with Abrahamism, and it's quite far from the ideal government. >I've tried using sources and arguments It mostly consisted of ad hominems. What do you believe in anyway? I just wanted to write "Could you write a longer essay covering your worldview, beliefs and philosophy" when another anon made this post >>2174 You can hardly say that you truly understand anything if you can't even write a series of longer posts explaining it. >>2146 Jews are shilling it today for the same reason that other people have shilled it in the past. More meat, milk and honey for them, none for you. They become smarter, healthier and stronger (well, not the Jews due to being genetic abominations, but still), you become dumber, sicker and weaker. Simple as. Vegetarianism, while acceptable, is still an inferior diet compared to carnivorous (omnivorous) one. They tend to use the same ethical (religious) arguments so it's only a question of time until a vegetarian becomes a vegan, if he truly practices what he preaches. >>2175 Plato's philosophy and Dharmic worldview have a lot in common.
>>2175 You're making the mistake of thinking that Plato was the first one to have thought of such ideas. Traditionally-speaking Indo-European society is theorized to have been divided into three classes - priests, warriors and commoners, or to word it slightly differently, there was a division between religious, martial / administrative and economic functions - the trifunctional hypothesis. Within Vedic society we can see one example of this Indo-European social structure in the quadrapartite varna (lit. color) system. The specific Dharma of each group shows considerable variation. Looking from the bottom to the top of the hierarchy, the Dharma of the shudra (servant, laborer) is to serve others, that of the vaishya (merchant, businessman) to produce wealth, of the kshatriya to defend society and even to risk his life for it along with various judicial functions, represented to the highest degree by the king, who traditional hailed from this caste, and finally that of the brahmin, which is to attend to various religious and ritual matters as a spiritual and intellectual authority. Obviously this is extremely similar to what Plato put into writing. His might even be a purer echo of this system, as overtime the Vedic system seems to have fossilized into an exclusively hereditary system, while in Plato's version there is social mobility in order to sort each individual into the correct milieu befitting his or her nature (basically Svadharma)
>>2179 I don't need a history lesson, tiger. My point is that Plato says all that shit without any hint of Poo taint, and is still, even among the most leftist line, the Foundation Of Philosophy, and yet still you can't sell fascism this way. Why do you think writing The Republic over again but with cartoonist antisemitism and language associated with Poos will convert whites to fascism? If your intent is simply to write a philosophical book about these subjects, then why not skip all the elementary school QRD shit and just dive into whatever you have to say? Are you just trying to update and dumb down Evola and Guenon? I understand that for a few reasons. One of which is that both Guenon and Evola thought that Advaita and Tantra were Aryan when they are dead obviously and well established as DRAVIDIAN. Not to mention their ridiculous pseud obscurantism. My question is, if you're just saying what Plato said, don't rewrite Plato! Just propose why people should follow Plato and HOW you expect people to implement this in contemporary technological society.
>>2170 Lol. >>2174 I like what you've got. >>2181 >Guenon and Evola thought that Advaita and Tantra were Aryan when they are dead obviously and well established as DRAVIDIAN Can't Aryans develop what others have created?
>>2181 You're misunderstanding my intentions, it was not meant to be a book, it was supposed to be an introduction to the basic ideas that someone could look over in less than a half an hour to get a QRD on the whole thing. I have no pretenses for originality.
>>2184 As long as you're having fun
>>2187 No, I realized that I wasn't satisfied completely in my work so I stopped working on it. I only posted it on request.
>>2189 Let's talk about a subject that was brought up in another thread but is relevant here as well: Do we want slaves and slavery? How many of us are separatist and not world-order people? Because I'm a National-Anarchist mixed with Strasserism. I don't want a herd of nigger cattle doing my work for me, as Aristotle did. How much do we want Aristotle? I personally despise him and feel his work is absolute dogshit. I do recognize that it you're going to have a multicultural world society, you have to go Brave New World with it and have the Varnashrama. At this point though, we're NOT getting control until after a collapse, and then it will be in a distributed fashion anyway. Even if the major NATO governments collapsed tomorrow officially, the system would remain and degenerate over hundreds of years like Roman Empire. Of course there's PRC and Russia to contend with, although in different ways they are /ourguys/. (PRC is ethnonationalist and authoritarian and Traditionalist, RF is same).
>>2192 >Do we want slaves and slavery? Most wagecucks would be better off if they were enslaved, but they'll never realize this. Slaves are taken care of, fed, clothed and sheltered. Owners have an incentive to see you healthy. Slavery = bad is NPC cope. People today think "w-well at least I'm not a slave" when they work longer than any chattel slave in history. The edjewcation system spends so much time guilt-tripping over slavery that lemmings are brainwashed to think that they are so much better off than slaves. Do we want slaves? Slaves will probably reappear in the future, especially if we abolish many forms of labor-saving technology (which needs to be done). >I don't want a herd of nigger cattle doing my work for me, as Aristotle did. I don't want nigger-cattle doing my work either. Aristotle saw that slavery was the best condition for those with a naturally slavish disposition. Race didn't really come into play. It will be NPC-whites owned by their Aryan masters, if anything. No one wants to make the mistake again of having the genetic refuse of non-whites in our lands again. They need depopulated largely anyways. >Because I'm a National-Anarchist mixed with Strasserism. Tribalism is more organic than Nationalism, but we live in an age where the Nation-State is the prime actor. If we do not act nationally, we have no chances. Statist power must be used to crush our enemies and implement our vision of a New Order. >How many of us are separatist and not world-order people? I'm a separatist with visions for a world-order.
>>2193 >We should enslave all the poor whites Wow have fun selling that shit, surely the sleeping giant will awaken
>>2195 In the ideal future most whites would be working in subsistence agriculture. Your idea of "all the poor whites" being enslaved is a strawman. This said, in a general sense there are certain things that the populace doesn't need to know about. From an ecofascist perspective are we really going to tell the masses that it is an absolute necessity to depopulate parts of the Earth for our own good and the good of ecosphere as a whole? No, you make it a fait accompli. This same government will have to bring about a complete stoppage of economic growth, and even a state of extreme economic depression. It won't be democratic, obviously, but this is the only way forward.
>>2196 Just like the slavery thing, with your mass murder plan: who makes the lists? Do you think it's going to be you? Or the rich backers that arm the militia you're in? Because unless you're at least a multimillionaire, you're poor. As an aside, regional nuclear war (koreas against each other, israel-iran, Pakistan-india &c) would solve your Linkola problem. 1. It would set back the climate clock from 100-300 years 2. It would cause famines due to dehumidification and lack of sunlight, disease due to the rapid climate swing, and wars over same resources. You then implement existing green technologies and create a post-scarcity Feudalism as the world readjusts and recovers.
>>2070 to me process philosophy is just the prakriti part of samkhya philosphy. its only a stepping stone to realizing the more important part of reality, the one that observes the process. the idea of all of reality as being a continuous process was realized and moved on with by declaring the observer (purusha) of the process is in contrast never changing and eternal. >>2102 >post prabhupada translations prabhupadas english grammar wasnt the best, theres one verse in bhagavad gita thats very bad. this is the main cover for changing his books. if you look online you can find websites that point out where they changed not just the translations, but changed the meanings of his commentaries on the translations. >devi-bhagavata purana how was that compared to bhagavata purana? there are people who claim that bhagavata purana is bogus and that the devi-bhagavata one is the real one. >>2107 >>2106 monkey on a stick was good, but the author made some of those convos up. henry doktorskis books are very detailed into things that went down and i think quite unbiased despite the fact he is a believer. also anyone interested in how ISKCON is degenerate pozz should check out this website: lastingimpression.info this guy seems to have been intitiated by the same guy as the dharmanation guy, but somehow is in a different sampradaya. >>2130 i dont think an avatar of god is required to bring in the mini golden age of kali yuga. 10k years out of 432k yrs, probably wasnt the nsdap and we have a long time to go for it to happen if not in our lives >crazy vegans veganism =/= vegetarianism. the idea that you can find a video of vegans/vegetarians doing something stupid means nothing. i can easily present you videos of meat eaters acting retarded, which is probably every single video,story, etc, of someone doing something retarded and acting insane that you have ever read or watched. >aryans invented vegetarianism to control dravidians source? or is that just your speculation? they definitely ate meat because they talk about sacrificing animals a lot. milk drinking and honey are not against vegetarianism though, again vegetarianism =/= veganism. >veganism is literal candala diet candala actually means dog eater, so no. i think that ancient aryans ate meat but only through the rituals of sacrifices. the lower classes (dravidians) probably didnt partake in the sacrifices but still ate meat anyway, more specifically dog, because candala means dog eater. vaishnav sects will claim that after the original purpose of vedic sacifice of animals was forgotten and people only sacrificed animals to eat the meat vishnu incarnated as buddha to spread buddhism to stop them from doing so, and after buddhism wiped out hinduism shiva incarnated as adi shankaracarya to bring hinduism back. the vedic sacrifice of animals is said to be a phenomonenon of the dvapara yuga and not the other yugas in the puranas. its interesting that jains take the credit for stopping the sacrifice of animals, and they also claim to have written the vedas and invented hundreds of religions for people to worship as well. personally i am inclined to beleive that the original aryans and the whole world followed the jain religion and that animal sacrifice was a later invention as religion became diluted due to global degeneration.
>>2178 >Vegetarianism, while acceptable, is still an inferior diet compared to carnivorous (omnivorous) one. They tend to use the same ethical (religious) arguments so it's only a question of time until a vegetarian becomes a vegan, if he truly practices what he preaches. Vegetarianism is more than just an ethical decision. in the dharmic religions you will notice that health is synonymous with holy and that someone who is holy is also very healthy, and that things that are immoral and unethical are also bad for you. vegetarianism was seen as a moral good not just because its about not killing animals but because it was better and healthier for your body and mind, which need to be in good condition. the human body is a vessel for the most important work of a souls journey, so every measure for the assurance of its good health and proper functioning is considered a religious act. this included abstaining from meat.
>>2192 >>2193 the thing about slavery and the varna system that people tend to overlook is most people are born with that nature inborn to them. the varna system of 4 tiers is based on the samkhya philosphy of 3 gunas, modes of action existing together in different proportions in everyones nature >preists/scholars: goodness >rulers/warriors: goodnes/passion >artisans/farmers/traders: passion/ignorance >laborers/slaves: ignorance There is a population of people who dont have the inner nature to be a preist/scholar, ruler/warrior, farmer/artisan/trader and theres nothing you can do about it. varna system is never artificially implemented it is just taking advantage of and organizing people the way they naturally come. if we want to get rid of the slave class we need to look to something like crispr or an intense eugenics program, because droids and slaves and dumb laborers tend to be produced in a much greater ratio than the other types.
a discussion on whether or not to have a slave class merits its own thread honestly.
>>2229 >personally i am inclined to beleive that the original aryans and the whole world followed the jain religion and that animal sacrifice was a later invention as religion became diluted due to global degeneration. Hahaha
Open file (48.49 KB 1117x276 neet aristocracy.PNG)
>>2231 Exactly. Some people are naturally slavish according to their svadharma (or whatever term one would want to use). Just think of the millions of wage-slaves who are proud of being wagies. They think their work is what makes them 'useful', 'good citizens', 'fulfilled' and so on. This is a natural slave. Today increasingly the whole world is imbued in such a mindset of slave morality, wishing to turn all into worker drones
>>2246 its funny you post that picture, i remember prabhupada wrote in a commentary somewhere that someone of a higher caste would never accept employment for a means of living.
Open file (713.16 KB 1000x1500 augustus.jpg)
>>2263 I think the Law of Manu echoes similar statements on how it is disgraceful for those of higher castes to do such work. And none of this is surprising, a lot of ancient Aryans condemned wage labor and lives of physical labor (Aristotle and Cicero in particular, if I recall correctly). I adhere to this sort of idea as well, I only have contempt for the wage-cuck existence, but I think there is still a seed of decadence in these ideals. Once the blond beast gets too comfortable on his laurels its only a matter of time before he becomes fat and decadent
>>2192 >Do we want slaves and slavery? No, slavery is degenerate and white man's destiny is to be free, while enslaving lesser races always backfires and leads to extinction in the long run. That being said, some people are naturally inclined towards obedience and simple but demanding labor. Nature has kind of balanced things out, remove kikes, kike ideologies (including the ever-pervading Talmudic law and it's derivatives) and non-whites, and people will eventually fit in just right where they belong, they will even cherish their roles as long as they are appreciated by the others. Women need considerably less rights though, as they don't have the rational capacity and mental maturity to have as much freedom as they have today, which leads to absolute corruption and decay. Once we eugenically breed women to be near the level of men, then they can have their rights back. You'd be surprised how easy it is to create a near-perfect society as long as trash is being thrown out instead of being appointed as rulers. Even people like Plato figured it out back in the day. >How many of us are separatist and not world-order people? I'm for white ethnoglobe, with some non-white minorities made of best people that their race had to offer. Since that's hardly viable, our best bet would be to forge a white ethnostate somewhere, somehow, and get all like-minded people there. All while preserving the unique ethnicities and nationalities instead of going full amerimutt. You know what fasces represent, right? >(PRC is ethnonationalist and authoritarian and Traditionalist, RF is same). China is ironically quite close to being national-socialist, but they are way too corrupt, materialistic and have horrible mentality. Also a testing ground for gigakike social experiments. Russia is personal property of Khazar oligarchs although people can be rather decent. I think Russians are prevailing in spite of the Jewish mafia ruling their country, rather than thanks to it. >>2229 >I dont think an avatar of god is required to bring in the mini golden age of kali yuga Maybe not THE god, but a lesser avatar for certain. Do you think it just happens on it's own? It takes TREMENDOUS will of the right group of people to achieve something like that. Divine people, Heroes, Demigods. This is what most of NSDAP leadership was. >10k years out of 432k yrs Those predictions are ridiculous and a result of profane minds contemplating higher wisdom. The same Dravidians of today who wallow in their own poo for eternity waiting for something that will never come. >the idea that you can find a video of vegans/vegetarians doing something stupid means nothing. i can easily present you videos of meat eaters acting retarded The difference being that they are doing it precisely because of veganism/vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is a pointless diet in a post-scarcity society (unless due to health issues). It was always meant for ascetics following a particular path, but there is nothing inherently more noble about it, that's just idiotic virtue signalling not rooted in reason. Vegans are mostly mentally ill people. I have yet to meet a vegan who is a sane and balanced person. >or is that just your speculation? It's pretty much obvious. It was not part of Aryan lore until they started mixing with Dravidians on a larger scale. It was either invented in an attempt to stop Dravidians from stealing Aryans' cattle, or it was a Dravidian belief to begin with. >candala actually means dog eater, so no. Meaning they had no access to more edible animals. >I think that ancient aryans ate meat but only through the rituals of sacrifices Meat was very scarce back than, in fact, it was quite scarce until relatively recently. Our ancestors could afford eating it only occasionally. It was a special occasion, and it was naturally associated with religious rituals because it was a delicacy (food worthy of gods) , and people needed context for eating it. >personally i am inclined to beleive that the original aryans and the whole world followed the jain religion and that animal sacrifice was a later invention as religion became diluted due to global degeneration. I'd rather say it was the opposite. Not eating meat was mostly a result of cope and oversocialization, but you may have a point, maybe people just really wanted to eat meat (because it's natural and delicious) so they found an excuse for it by masking it as a sacrifice to the gods. On another hand, ancient Aryans could hardly spread so far by conquest if they didn't eat it. Maybe Aryan expansion was a result of dvapara yuga. A lot of things to consider.
>>2263 >someone of a higher caste would never accept employment for a means of living. >>2264 >how it is disgraceful for those of higher castes to do such work. And none of this is surprising, a lot of ancient Aryans condemned wage labor and lives of physical labor (Aristotle and Cicero in particular, if I recall correctly) You know who has these beliefs today, right? Yes, (((them))). Also, interestingly enough, the Gypsies. That group of pajeets who were so bad that they got kicked out of India. They consider everyone doing honest work to be a subhuman, have their parallel institutions (they even have kings despite being completely lawless in a civic sense), and most of their 'work' constitutes of stealing, begging, cheating, cheap entertainment and prostitution. Quite ironic, no? Or is it? I mean, I'm not exactly a fan of physical labor myself, but there is a world of difference between being a higher individual whose talents would be wasted on mundane activities and being a gypsykike. Context is very important here.
>>2269 >Meat was very scarce back than, in fact, it was quite scarce until relatively recently. Our ancestors could afford eating it only occasionally. It was a special occasion, and it was naturally associated with religious rituals because it was a delicacy (food worthy of gods) , and people needed context for eating it. This is such bullshit considering the vast population of megafauna and fauna in general. Our ancestors ate loads of meat. Liberal Academic memery
Open file (31.35 KB 400x462 disdain for plebs.jpg)
>>2270 I think there is a difference, personally, between aristocratic conceptions of physical labor and those of rootless subhumans. The former is a direct result of the master-status of the aristocrat. He has power over the lesser by virtue of his position and can dominate and exploit others from it. This is direct, unabashed might being right. It reminds of a passage in 'Twilight of the Idols' on the value of egoism / selfishness. To Nietzsche selfishness is commendable when it is practiced by those representing ascendant life. With the degenerating, descending, lowly, what they do is a type of worthless parasitism.
>>2272 So what's aristocratic physical labor and subhuman physical labor? this is one of the questions I was thinking about for a while.
>>2271 >Megafauna Are you going to say humans hunted mammoth while riding dinosaurs too? Meet has always been a luxury. It's something you some times have not always have. If you had meat every day as a hunter gatherer you would run out of things to kill really fast. As a farmer you couldn't preserve that much meat long term and it's needed for the winter. For your average peon eating meat on a Sunday would be about as good as it's getting. They didn't eat meat daily like we did. >>2274 Sculpting, engineering and other high education jobs that require labour.
Open file (719.75 KB 623x375 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2274 >So what's aristocratic physical labor Traditionally, I'd say, warfare. It's important to see that many forms of ancient warfare were far from how we envision it today, i.e. just the imposition of brute force and slaughter. It appears to have been much more ritualistic and honor-based. Just look at some of the principles for Dharma-yuddha, or a Dharmic war — two warriors could only duel if they carry the same weapons or if they are on the same mount, multiple warriors must not attack a single warrior, no 'unfair' war allowed, no one who was not part of the war was to be injured, etc. Some of these were broken in the course of the battle but this is an example of Aryan aristocratic warfare in ancient times. Today warfare has become a thing which mobilizes entire nations of millions and leads to mass death and destruction. Sadly the aristocratic conception of warfare may be a thing of the past now due to technological advancement. The lions left the shade of their trees to spill their blood and prove themselves, only to return and bask in their glory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dharma-yuddha
>>2275 You are an ignorant motherfucker you know that? >>2274 Aristocracy is well described by the example of Rama. Read the first few chapters of the first volume of Ramayana and you'll get it. For example (but not limited to): >Among them, the greatly energetic Rama brought great delight to his father. Endowed with superior qualities, he was like Svayambhu3 to creatures. When Bharata had gone, Rama and the immensely strong Lakshmana tended to their father, who was like a god. Placing his father’s instructions at the forefront, Rama, with dharma in his soul, performed all the agreeable and pleasant tasks required by the citizens. Supremely attentive, he tended to all the tasks required by their mothers. All the time, he took care of all the tasks required by the preceptors. In this way, because of Rama’s good conduct, Dasharatha, the learned brahmanas and all the residents of the kingdom were delighted. He was also peaceful in his soul and spoke gently. He did not respond to harsh and loud words spoken by others. He was content with whatever good deed was done to him. Even if a hundred acts of injury were committed against him, he did not remember them. Whenever he found time while practising with weapons, he always conversed with those who were aged, whether they were aged in conduct or wisdom, and with virtuous people. His birth was fortunate. He was virtuous and not distressed. He was truthful and upright. He was instructed by aged brahmanas who were conversant with dharma and artha. He knew about dharma, artha and kama.4 He possessed memory and innate intelligence. He was skilled and accomplished in prevalent customs. He knew about the sacred texts and about how they should be followed. He understood differences among people. He was accomplished in policy and knew about whom to reward and whom to punish. He knew about earning revenue and was accomplished in the techniques of expenditure. He obtained instructions about the best collections of sacred texts and about the ancillary texts. He knew that artha should not be accumulated through adharma. He was not lazy when pursuing pleasure. He was acquainted with details about artisanship and the fine arts. He knew how to control and ride elephants and horses. He was best among those who knew about dhanurveda. The world revered him as an atiratha.5 He was accomplished in commanding armies and could strike while advancing. The prince exhibited the best of qualities while dealing with the subjects. He was revered in the three worlds and his qualities of forgiveness was like those of the earth. He was like Brihaspati6 in his wisdom and like Shachi’s consort7 in his valour. He was thus loved by all the subjects and brought joy to his father. Rama was radiant in his qualities, like the sun with its rays. He followed all the vows and his valour was unassailable. The earth desired him as her protector, as if he was a guardian of the world. Rama was endowed with many such supreme qualities.
Open file (216.88 KB 1280x855 Nuremberg rally 1934.jpg)
Assuming for a moment that you are (1) able to get into power, and (2) are in a position stable enough to to actual influence state policy, how would you approach the issue of religious policy? Personally, I see our ultimate goal as a true European Renaissance. The main political objective is the overcoming of liberal democracy and egalitarianism, while the religious side of the equation is to bring a new spiritual / philosophical basis to government. I don't the forcing of some artificial or reconstructed pagan religion as the correct path to take, but rather the creation of a Aryan spiritual atmosphere. This can easily be brought about by a government through privileging the teaching of European mythologies in schools, use of certain symbols by the government and related organizations, promotion / production of entertainment for the masses on many of these themes and in the spirit of Aryan religions and values. Mass participation is certain events / rallies organized by the state could go a long way in integrating the people into this new atmosphere as participants and spectators -- just look at the massive National Socialist rallies. In many ways, I believe, National Socialism was the rebirth of Indo-European paganism even if they were not wholly aware. I believe this is the path, but a slightly more spiritually tinged version. Concerning the "freedom of religion", it won't exist. I don't see anything good coming from directly attacking Christianity, as it will only fuel their persecution complex, but Judaism should be stamped out, as well as well as the propagation of atheism. It doesn't matter if you don't believe in some form of theism, but it's undeniable harmful to the public to expose them to this type of thinking. Call it a "Noble Lie" if you like, but I've had enough of nihilistic atheists, they're almost worse than Christians.
What tradition do you guys follow? It seems like its mainly Hindui/Sanatana Dharmists here. I'm guessing most of you are Vaishnav. Any Savaites or Shaktas?
>>2271 >meat was very scarce back then not in vedic times, where they talk about sacrificing thousands and thousands of horses and cows and other animals. tonnes of ghee, mind boggling amounts of all kinds of resources. the vedic sacrifices could not be performed today. in the vedic literatures as the world becomes more degenerate the earth also gives less vegetation, cows give less milk, etc
>>2270 if i recall correctly, gypsies and kikes breathe air as well. am i wrong here? i think you need to cover all your bases.
>>2269 >>2269 >dravidians >pooo pooo >vegetables bad >meat good. meat tasty. >dogs are vegetables >cope
>>2336 >>2334 >>2333 Try to put your replies in one post instead of posting multiple times.
>>2313 Shaivism and Shaktism are Dravidian.
>>2345 . . . as opposed to Arya = Vaishnavism? Sorry if the question seems basic I'm still learning as a newcomer.
>>2387 yes. shaivism has a weird ascetic culture. packs of wandering naked yogis that smear ashes on their bodies, vow to do things like only eat/drink out of a skull, then the aghoris do things like eat poop and excrement. shiva is known to be a lord of these kinds of things in vaishnav puranas but should still be respected. i know less about shaktism, but its female worship and somewhere they worship a "menstruating" statue if that tells you anything. the values and ethics of vaishnavism are much more palatable to europeans. dharmanation guy said in a video that you would practice shaktism as a worship of the material world and theres a lot of focus on energy and super powers, shaivism is to renounce all activity and merge into the impersonal absolute reality blurring the lines between theism and non-theism, saying you are god. vaishnavism is where the ultimate aim is to serve a higher being renouncing the material world, but not activity or individuality.
>>2390 >renouncing the material world, but not activity or individuality. Sounds degenerate and life-denying. All one needs to do is live in accordance with the Laws of Nature to truly prosper.
>>2394 Can you elaborate?
>>2406 There are Laws of Nature, a Natural Order, which exists entirely independently of the will of man; it is immutable and we deny it at our risk. Many of its laws are well-known to people here, such as the daily struggle for existence among all life, hierarchy and differentiation, the will to life, etc. Man can flaunt these Laws of Nature, but at what cost? Will he grow healthier? Stronger? Will his offspring be more vigorous and healthy? Man does not exist apart from Nature, no matter how much we deny it, or falsely think that we are "conquerors of Nature". National Socialism is a philosophy which embodies this eternal urge for survival, for higher and higher levels of existence and perfection, towards God. This is not done through artificially engineering man through laws to be "equal" with lower men, or allowing weaklings, degenerates and retards to proliferate in our nations. If a nation condemns itself to impotence, unnatural lifestyles and environments, transgender abominations, obesity, degeneracy and other freakish and abnormal behaviors, it will not grow stronger, better, more beautiful, it will decline and degenerate, it is not ascending life, it is descending life. I don't believe that there is a reality beyond this one, or some sort of "Heaven" or "Hell" beyond this one, and believe that these notions are all products of human speculation and decadence which denigrate the beauty of this world and our own lives we live within it. Of course, none of this is particularly original and you can read similar things said by Hitler, Nietzsche, Rockwell and the like.
>>2409 You sound like you'd fit in here. >>2125
>>2422 I wouldn't mind checking it out, I just don't know how secure that program or website is
Open file (1.01 MB 686x536 ClipboardImage.png)
About to take the Aztecpill, wish me luck
>>2394 the opposite. vaishnavism views the material world and the laws of nature as degenerate and life denying. the laws of god are superior to the laws of nature. >>2409 >There are Laws of Nature, a Natural Order, which exists entirely independently of the will of man; it is immutable and we deny it at our risk this is stated in the bhagavata purana >Man does not exist apart from Nature the whole vedic paradigm is built upon the realization that we are seperate from this "nature" and that the world we are in is an unsalvageable degenerate hellhole that will only drag you down with it and is indeed designed to do so. > If a nation condemns itself to impotence, unnatural lifestyles and environments, transgender abominations, obesity, degeneracy and other freakish and abnormal behaviors they believed these behaviors resulted from the embrace of the material world and that the rejection of the material world and nature, viewing all beings as being trapped in a ghetto neighborhood, is regenerate, while embracing nature and the material world will eventually turn you into a freakish abomination that lives in the depths of patala. >I don't believe that there is a reality beyond this one, or some sort of "Heaven" or "Hell" beyond this one im hesitant to outright deny them, but i certainly think that we should be making our decisions without regard for an afterlife. we should be concerned with the actions themselves and not just the fruits of our actions, because the actions we take are what really determine how we change into what we are. realizing our true existence is spiritual and not material will give us the power to conquer the material world and degeneracy along with it. seeing ourselves as not fundamentally spiritual, but just animals trapped in nature and wholly beholden to its laws will make us transform into animals on two legs, also known as niggers.
>>2508 >vaishnavism views the material world and the laws of nature as degenerate and life denying. the laws of god are superior to the laws of nature. Is not Nature a product and / or manifestation of God? The Laws of Nature are the Laws of God. >we are in is an unsalvageable degenerate hellhole that will only drag you down with it and is indeed designed to do so. It makes me wonder what state of mind the formulators of this doctrine were in to think that life is no more than an "unsalvageable degenerate hellhole". This reality is neutral in value, it is not good or evil, it simply is.
Why did this get deleted as it's own thread?
>>2563 I typically delete one-liners that are just questions since they’re better QTDDTOT material. I wish I had a way to tell anons why something is deleted. Maybe I should post that in the meta thread when I do something like that.
A couple books about Arya Samaj
>>2517 >It makes me wonder what state of mind the formulators of this doctrine were in That the world around them is the ghetto and somewhere out there is a white neighborhood
Is anyone here actively involved with any sort of neopagan group or pro-white new religious movements?
Do we recognize different religions as the perspective of different racial abstractions of the same events? Much like languages, so too are the spiritual and esoteric aspects different across places. The only difference between the dharmapill and the paganpill and the christpill are the ascendants who lead the charge, and the language and interpretation. Don't forget also, that these things change across time as languages and abstractions change themselves. Things get 'lost in translation'. Certain bible passages may make no sense in the modern day, much like the epics of greece are considered fiction. If this is widely agreed on slash already been discussed, forgive me. Just returned.
>>2898 >Do we recognize different religions as the perspective of different racial abstractions of the same events? To an extent I believe this, but I would qualify my stance a bit. The original pagan traditions (it might be incorrect to speak of 'religions' given the fact that there was no separation between secular and religious) were certainly the product of different ethnic groups / races interpreting the world according to their unique perspectives on the world around them, which was further shaped according to lived experience over time. These worldviews were spontaneously and organically developed. In a way they might be the most faithful to our nature, but this is probably debatable. On top of this, I would argue that it would be an error to say that one racial group has one perspective -- there might be a common core of attitudes, but different types of life will generate different expressions of this (see the difference between master and slave moralities and how those are thought to originate, especially with the slave mentality being a countermovement against the master's). The different religious / spiritual "pills" of course have many commonalities because we are, regardless of race or place in society, observing and interpreting the same reality. I can't go far enough to say that they are necessarily equal though, obviously. Some are undeniably harmful and life-denying. There is such thing as Truth in that independent of us exists Nature and its Laws which operate regardless of what we think of them or what we do. We ignore them at our own detriment. That hopefully made some sense
Daily reminder: Sophists > Presocratics > Aristotle > Plato / Socrates
Open file (1.51 MB 1900x1564 heraclitus.JPG)
>>2999 (checked) I like some of the Sophists like Callicles and Antiphon, but I don't know if I can rate them above Pre-socratics like Empedocles and Heraclitus. The former's ideas of a cyclical universe of Love and Strife were pretty interesting as well.
Open file (4.26 MB 3063x4430 thor.jpg)
New DharmaNation video. I'm just about to watch this, but I think it might be a relevance to people ITT. The video is explicitly on Sanatana Dharma and the pre-Abrahamic religions of Europe. I think this might be a good one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4PvkrweWeM
Open file (577.33 KB 843x440 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (573.95 KB 714x462 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3276 So I watched the video, and it turns out that Archaryaji has revealed his "Thor Mantras". As many guessed they were in Sanskrit. The first one translates to something like "Aum I offer my obeisances to the son of Odin" and the second "Aum let us meditate upon the son of Odin, may Thor, that great wielder of the thunderbolt inspire and illumine our minds and understanding"
>>3299 I wonder how long will it take for this guy to get Serranopilled kek
>>3528 I thought it was surprise that his Dharma Manifesto didn't reference any of Serrano's work given the fact that he is familiar with Evola, Devi, Spengler, Stoddard, Yockey and other figures. Honestly I'm left wondering whether someone can be familiar with all of those figures above and not be aware of or familiar with Serrano. I can't tell what this dude thinks
>>3531 Maybe he doesn't want to share it with the plebes, maybe he is not yet ready to embrace the cosmic struggle.
>>3536 It's hard to tell. I had a good discussion with another anon back in early June on this very topic how Acharyaji may simply be another man "above Time". This isn't necessarily bad, but he's not willing to "surf the Kali Yuga" and use the methods of the Dark Age against the enemies arrayed against us. To be honest though, such men "Against Time" are extraordinarily rare. Posts in question: >>686 >>687
>>3541 That was me actually. Well, I was also a man "above time" for a while, but I was considerably younger back then. I'm pretty certain that being "above time" is just a phase or temporary relief from being "against time". The latter is the next step, but understandably, not the one that many would take. >and use the methods of the Dark Age against the enemies arrayed against us There is also the danger of becoming the very monsters that we are fighting against. A proper guru would be wise enough not to take the risk if he didn't feel that it was exactly what he was born for. By doing so, one partakes in a great drama.
>>3544 If becoming the monster is what it takes to save our people I am wiling to do it, All that matters to me is that the white race has all of its homelands to call its own, places where we will not and cannot be bothered by the lesser races, for that I would burn the world and I will not settle for anything less than that.
>>3549 The Man Against Time may very well seem like a monster to men of the Dark Age, but in reality he is anything but. Study the Bhagavad Gita (esp. in connection with “The Lightning and the Sun”), Hagakure and similar texts. The Man Against Time is simultaneously ruthless and violent, but he is a complete master of himself and cannot possibly disapprove of the selfless, detached violence preached by Lord Krishna in the Gita. Yet this man is not cruel, many great Men Against Time have been noted benevolent and loving characters — Hitler being one of them, just see his love for innocent and beautiful animals. Once one begins to view the Laws of Nature with divine reverence, they will soon learn what is real truth, justice, goodness and the like. Whether this Order is the product of a God or some sort of divine force / intelligence permeating the Universe I don’t know, but it should be treated like the unwritten law of the gods. It may seem impassive, cruel and indifferent to some, but this is its nature and the present society, founded in rebellion against Nature, has shown what happens when they are flaunted so carelessly.
>>3551 Those were some interesting links. Obviously I haven’t had the time to full look at the PDFs or anything though. The first guy is definitely right that Yahweh hardly behaves like a being that claims to the creator of the universe. Unsurprisingly he behaves just like a vindictive and power-hungry Semite. I wonder why... Some of the books recommended in that Kallisti blog seem well worth reading as well, particularly those on polytheistic theology. If I can find a PDF I’ll post one tomorrow.
Open file (177.14 KB 900x900 ragnar redbeard.jpg)
What the hell was (((Anton Lavey)))'s endgame? I ask this because after reading a bit about what Satanism in his sense was, i.e. anti-egalitarian, might makes right, laws of nature, etc, there's really not much I disagree with, at least taken at the level of what I read in skimming over stuff. It's also known that he plagiarized parts of Ragnar Redbeard's work. Was he just a slimy Jew trying to associate such ideas with his edgy Satan LARP and promotion of degeneracy?
>>3549 Some of us are, but some people are not. It takes great willpower to become a monster and retain control, many people were consumed and corrupted by it. One should become the darkest demon of hell in the eyes of contemporary last men and their (((handlers))), but never forget one's true nature and true self. The potential perils associated with this path discourage many from pursuing it. >>3556 Degeneration caused by rebelling against laws of nature has caused more suffering that they could. The problem with nature is that it starts mostly blind and indifferent, which causes tremendous cruelty and suffering until it refines itself enough to develop reason. Then reason recoils against it, until it understands that some of this cruelty is necessary. For example, removing undesirables or preventing certain people from reproducing, could lead to much healthier and fit offspring, society etc. and a much better social environment. While this might seem inhumane to degenerates, it benefits everyone else in the long run, and even the degenerates themselves, which is why belief in reincarnation is important. >>3632 He was just an edgy atheist who used "satanic" imagery for the shock value, but in general a false dichotomy. Jesus and Anton Oy Vey were both kikes, making their beliefs the democrats and the republicans of the contemporary religion (or lack of it). He was a Darwinian relativist and unenlightened individualist (like any kike), which is not compatible with organic/teleological society and evolution. Also a degenerate, but most Christians are degenerates too, it's just of a different kind.
>>3760 Resistance to eugenics reminds me a lot of resistance to taking any serious measures against environmental destruction / overpopulation. From a farsighted perspective both are absolutely necessary, but both of them involve methods which are wholly counter to (current) ideas of humanism, rights and individualism. Dumb black-and-white thinkers will think I mean creating a human bug-colony when I say this, but what is lacking in both cases is any sort of drive to subordinate the individual to a greater good. This is where a religious conception of eugenics and evolution comes into play. People tend to think of Pierce when this is mentioned, but Savitri Devi had extremely similar views. When people realize that through the removal of the deformed, sick and degenerate they are simultaneously working not just for the perfection of their race, but the perfection of the Universe itself, I think that attitudes would change rapidly. Still the problem is Christcucks. Christcucks LOVE deformed and retarded babies. So holy and sacred, each one of them. http://www.savitridevi.org/superman.html
>>3760 I know myself, have never been able to forget myself, and even if i should lose myself in the process, I am still fully willing to walk the path of the Man Against Time for the sake of our people, somehow I do not think anyone else will willingly walk that path, even Hitler didn't, he only followed it when he knew he had no choice and we exist and have the chance we do thanks to him.
>>3765 Once you discern your svadharma – if you haven’t already – it will become very clear to you, I’m sure. Most lemmings are shudras by Vedic standards, but people who become TRULY redpilled would be kshatriyas in a perfect world. That’s part of the reason the Gita is so popular here. It’s basically a 700-verse exposition of the Man Against Time preached to a kshatriya exhorting him to fulfill his dharma as a warrior. Sadly we live in a time where any true Man Against Time will likely live a short and tragic existence like that of many Japanese heroes, whose purity and devotion burns so bright that they are incompatible with this world and have a downfall as spectacular as their earlier victories. Hitler is one notable example. >While the Goddess of Suffering took me in her arms, often threatening to crush me, my will to resistance grew, and in the end this will was victorious.
>>3770 >It’s basically a 700-verse exposition of the Man Against Time False. Krishna tells arjuna to act above time, you have failed to understand the message of the gita. read it again.
>>3803 Above Time? Disagreed. Since I’m using Savitri Devi’s terminology here I naturally agree with her categorization and definitions. According to her, the man above Time is disinterested from the material world. They are proponents typically of individual salvation and escape from this world. They are onlookers. Like the Sun they may radiate power, but they above and afar the daily affairs of man. Krishna doesn’t recommend this path to Arjuna. He tells them that there is nothing better than war for Dharma, than doing one’s own duty regardless of skill, that he must fight — all while being detached, self-controlled and selfless. This describes a man against Time. In his detachment and acting in accordance with timeless Truth, he shines like the Sun, but in his methods and conduct he is like lightning, not eschewing violence, but embracing it and utilizing it. Arjuna, if he was above Time or within Time, would have fled the battlefield and not slaughtered the Kauravas.
>>3813 From what you describe here it seems that Hitler wasn't a, I struggle for a proper term but I will go with this, True Man Against Time, he struggled against the perversion that existed in his time yes, but he seemed far more reticent about doing so than the person you describe would be and yes I am the same guy as >>3765 and >>3549.
>>3862 This is described in The Lightning and the Sun. Savitri Devi. By Savitri Devi's formulation of the categories, Hitler is certainly a Man against Time, but it doesn't seem to be a perfectly black-and-White label. Hitler possessed qualities of both Lightning and Sun, but in Savitri Devi's view Hitler had too much Sun and not enough Lightning. And we can see this excess of Sun qualities in how Hitler held back at Dunkirk, on how Hitler soft-balled the British and continually tried to appeal to them for peace, and how Hitler didn't ever use chemical and biological weapons and how Hitler didn't exterminate the Jews even though he should have. Now it sounds like I'm shitting on Hitler here, but I have nothing but respect for this man, and above all I look up to him more than any other man, just as did Savitri Devi, but even she admitted: >One can say, with more and more certainty as the “Dark Age” goes on, that the godlike men of action are defeated, at least for the time being, not for having been too ruthless (and thus for having roused against themselves and their ideas and their collaborators the indignation of the “decent people”), but for not having been ruthless enough — for not having killed off their fleeing enemies, to the last man, in the brief hour of triumph; for not having silenced both the squeamish millions of hypocrites and their masters, the clever producers of atrocity-tales, by more substantial violences, more complete exterminations. It's important to recognize too that Hitler was aware of his short-comings, aware of the fact that he was not the one to win. In 1928, before he had even came to power, he said to Hans Grimm that >“I know that some Man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. I have sought such a man. I could nowhere discover him. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work (die Vorarbeit); only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not, the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other One still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost." The one to come, of course, is he who Savitri Devi refers to as Kalki, he who perfectly embodies Lightning and Sun simultaneously. The perfect Man against Time
>>3870 Okay so how will we know this Man? I have some kind of sixth sense telling me how things may go, I feel connected with our ancestors all of them, and I feel their anger, how very cold and yet hot, it is, at themselves as well as at the state of the world and of our people I know what they want done and I feel it is my duty to do what they will, to be the vessel of their and thus our will. I know that sounds a bit insane, but it's all just coming to me as I discover more about Nat Soc and our heritage.
>>3892 There's no way to really know, I think, until it happens. I mean, can anyone really have predicted that Hitler would have become the man that he eventually did? Before WWI Hitler was basically homeless and dirt poor in Vienna, working odd jobs and painting postcards. Granted, if we read Kubizek's account of Hitler's time in Vienna, it seems like Hitler had a strange experience where he foresaw what was to come in Germany with the Third Reich, but anyone can rant in grand terms and have it come to naught. After the war his rise was unexpected and rapid. The only way to know is to act, just like Hitler and other great men have.
>>3898 So there are no signs, it will just be a man wholly unified in thought and action who has equal parts Sun and Lightning within his soul? in other words the Sonnenkrad personified?
>>3917 Sonnenkrieg, i meant, but i think that's obvious.
>>3918 >>3917 I guess he really could be symbolized by the Sonnenrad, I had never thought of that, but the sig runes within the wheel really do look like lightning bolts... Sonnenkrieg is an overseas division of Atomwaffen in the UK, I think
>>3921 Oh, I thought that was the name of the symbol, my bad, well then yes Sonnenrad personified, the symbol has always struck me as very important.
Open file (1.92 MB 720x966 low res saint.PNG)
>>3922 Kek, no worries. If one doesn't know any German it could be easy to confuse. It's easiest to just remember that "Krieg" means "war" and "Rad" means "wheel". Honestly though I had never thought of the Black Sun signifying simultaneously Lightning and Sun qualities, I've usually thought that it signified a Dharmachakra if anything. I usually prefer the Swastika though, as it has a richer meaning behind it. The Black Sun is especially memetic though it seems.
>>3925 From what I understand the Black sun is supposedly made of swastikas, and I can see how it could be made of like 14 or so of them sort of cut up and positioned in a circle.
>>3928 I’ve heard the Swastika theory too. If that’s true, there’d be three Swastikas within the wheel given the fact that there are twelve “spokes” . Now that would raise the question of why there would be three Swastikas. I know the number three has some connotations in Indo-European cultures – for example there were three “castes” (trifunctional hypothesis) and we can often find “triple gods” in European / Aryan cultures, just think of the Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, or the three-headed Triglav of the Slavs. It feels like I might be stretchig a bit here though, it might just he twelve sig runes
>>3930 perhaps who knows? But if it is as you describe then it reflects much more of european heritage than most would think especially Celtic heritage and so on with its focus on symbols of three.
>>3934 I’ll have to look into the occurence of threes in Celtic culture. Sadly I have never really looked into any of their mythology. Now I’m kind of interested in exploring this theory a bit more eventually.
>>3937 The Triquetra is a big one and many of the Symbols I have seen a pattern repeat circularly in a way similar to the triquetra.
Open file (31.98 KB 273x269 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3946 The Triskelion too
>>3963 Yeah, I've seen that one, I haven't done a lot research into Irish/scottish celtic religion eitherr but being mostly Irish/Anglo thanks to my Northern Irish heritage c.1690, and Pilgrim heritage circa the Mayflower, I have both passively absorbed and looked for symbols reflecting my heritage, the Tree of Life is my favorite.
Open file (150.80 KB 967x753 christgolem.png)
I was talking with some Christcuck that I know and I can't believe how these people think, it utterly confounds me. He was telling me some story at how a low point in his life everything was falling apart and he was alone crying in his college dorm. He started to pray, and suddenly he felt a calming presence and after that stuff started to change for the better, he said. He called it a "born-again experience". Or another example is that he was watching videos on atheism when suddenly he felt very empty and felt afraid and had some sort of short existential crisis. But not long after, he prayed and suddenly felt like all was back together again, and this empty feeling he experienced was potentially (he told me) God punishing him for doubting. Are they all like this?
>>4068 Honestly that guy just sound like some faggot that was denying that he believes the the Bible because the communists in collage were bullying him about it and he just got tired of lying to himself. You need to remember that normalfaggots lie to themselves constantly to try and accept whatever a majority of people around them are telling them is the truth. It's why you will see people constantly shouting that niggers are people yet they refuse to interact with them whenever they can avoid it.
Open file (214.59 KB 1141x756 J6VwDxv.jpg)
>>10 >Paganism >cobbling together a religion based on a song/story book found, preserved, and translated by catholic monks while attempting to salvage a destroyed culture's religion. >telling Whites to embrace the fragments of a song/storybook glued together with "best guesses" as a way for them to reconnect with a traditional religion. Please cite your first hand sources for the religion you're attempting to recruit people into so that they can see how little is known about these actual religions.
>>4074 Pagan is the Jewish word for anyone who is not a jew in greek, it would be more accurate to refer to it as Indigenous European Spirituality, or {insert adjective for any given European people here} religion. Not all pagans, as you jewish fucks call us, are Nordic "Pagans", most do not care about the lore Christians warped and continue to shit on, for reasons nobody here knows, because even supposedly pro-White christians hate White pagans. Most of us are more willing to rebuild our spirituality anyway, ebven if shallow fucks like you call it LARPing because no matter what it would still be more ours than Christianity. Religion prior to christcuckery, was far more personal, you could believe anything you wished from that there were no gods to some frankly crazy bullshit, so long as you kept to the ritual, the Ritual was held above all and was largely simiular across Europe, so much so that Rome had little trouble integrating our indigenous religions when they ran Roughshod over all of europe, before they fell to Internal subversion via Christcucks.
Open file (1.18 MB 1600x1067 1595625801034-1.jpg)
>>4068 Many Christians will attribute a sudden moment of clarity to God. >>4074 My source is nature. One does not need books/songs/stories to feel connected to the gods.
>>4068 In my experience yes, even pro-White Christians will rationalize away any information that conflicts with their stupid book as if Kknowledge real knowledge has ever come from a book, no somebody observed the world and thought and worked hard figuring out how to prove it on their own, there is little of this evident in any christian lore let alone the bible, most of it smacks of fantasy and intent to foster ignorance on the part of those who are weak enough to believe in it.
Open file (393.36 KB 916x417 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4074 You people need to understand the key differences between the Christian / Abrahamic approach to religion and the so-called "Pagan" approaches to spirituality. The term "Pagan" is problematic in itself because it is referring to anything that is not Abrahamic, so it can encompass any number of differing traditions, religions, and interpretations of reality. Paganism is not exhausted by Norse neo-Pagans / Asatru or even necessarily pre-Abrahamic European religious traditions alone. Despite my emphasis on difference, many have pointed out true similarities that can be found in these diverse traditions, such as a foundation in ideas of Natural Law as the universal ordering principle of the cosmos. In Sanskrit this was the idea of Dharma, Physis in Ancient Greece, Tao in Chinese, Asha in Avestan Persian, Ma'at to the Ancient Egyptians, to give a few examples. Likewise, one just has to read any work of Greek or Roman philosophy to realize that there was lively debate on the exact nature of the divine. Were they anthropomorphic? Epicurus would say yes, Xenophanes would say no. Was God to be identified with seemingly all things? Heraclitus certainly thought so. In Cicero's Nature of the Gods we see firmly religious believers in the divine mocking the childish conceptions of the masses in regards to the gods. These men depicted in Cicero's dialogue looked at Nature and could not fail to see divine intelligence at work within it. Stoics, it seems, were pantheists who believed that God was identical with the Universe, while believing that the customary names of the "lesser" gods were metaphoric names attached to certain parts of Nature, imbued as they were with divinity. Thus men came to call Earth Ceres, the sea Neptune. And then again, some disbelieved totally in the divine, such as Diagoras, or at least declared their ignorance in the matter, like Protagoras. Some may see all of this as a weakness of this type of worldview, but it's exactly the opposite, as it's conducive to actual philosophical inquiry and fosters a spirit of orthopraxy over orthodoxy. Worship and State were one, but there's no need to exterminate those who have a slightly different view of God like Christcucks did in ruthlessly slaughtering other Christians who had some sort of "heretical" view of the Trinity. In a way there is one reality that we live in, and different groups of people living in different environments with different lived experiences will draw different conclusions and doctrines from these influences
>>4079 >My source is nature This. What I believe is not contingent on the existence of some dusty scriptures. Nature is God, Nature's Laws are God's Laws. Christcucks may coil back in horror to such a statement, but this can only be expected if one adheres to the Abrahamic / anthropocentric view where Nature is just nothing but lifeless material to be exploited for the benefit of man or for materialistic reasons.
>>3930 look into the 3 gunas of samkhya philosophy. thats how the theory behind the caste system and the 3 gods of aryan religion. >>3813 krishna tells arjuna not to care about victory or defeat in the battle, but to just fight in krishnas service. krishna later reveals himself to be vishnu saying "i am time". he goes on to say and show arjuna that he himself devours the worlds and has already slain every warrior on the battlefield whether arjuna fights them or not. he tells arjuna to act without wanting to reap the fruits of his actions, rather fighting only for krishna, because the world is temporary and so is everyones lives. although the gita encourages action within the world, the internal message of transcending the material world and being detached from what happens in this world are not the values of a man against time.
>>4089 >although the gita encourages action within the world, the internal message of transcending the material world and being detached from what happens in this world are not the values of a man against time. That's exactly how Savitri Devi describes the Man Against Time though. >But, as we have said, there are also people with a Golden Age outlook, — fully aware of what a splendid place this world could be, materially and otherwise, — who can, however, neither renounce life “as it is” nor ignore it; people who, in addition to that, are endowed with what the Hindus would call a “Kshattriya” nature: born fighters, for whom difficulties exist only to be overcome, and for whom the impossible has a strange fascination. These are the men “against Time,” — absolutely sincere, selfless idealists, believers in those eternal values that the fallen world has rejected, and ready, in order to reassert them on the material plane, to resort to any mea within their reach. As a consequence of the law of Time, those means are necessarily all the more drastic and all the more brutal as every historical Cycle draws nearer to its end. >They serve those ends with merciless realism but, to the extent they are “above Time” also, with the detachment preached to the warrior in the Bhagavad-Gita. In fact, the Teaching of the Bhagavad-Gita is nothing else but the philosophy of the perfect Man “against Time,” yogi in spirit, warrior in action; a Man like King Akhnaton, the Only-One of the Sun, free from the bondage of Time, and whose strength is cosmic Energy Itself, but... who uses that strength, on the material plane, in the service of his ideals, with all the remorseless logic of a Genghis Khan.
>>4091 if thats the case then we need something better than a man against time.
>>4122 Yes, the man above time.
>>4122 Where is the flaw? >>4124 The man above time would have given up, said that there was nothing to be done, living apart from it all. After all, “it’s the Kali Yuga”
>>4127 arjuna is a man above time, despite the fact that he is acting as a warrior. krishna tells him not to care about defeat or victory, we need a type of man who is heavily invested in attaining victory and not being defeated. vaishnavism is an end of the world doomsday religion where attachment to the material world, your nation, and your race, are viewed negatively.
>>4138 >vaishnavism is an end of the world doomsday religion where attachment to the material world, your nation, and your race, are viewed negatively. Into the trash it goes then
>>4139 i dont know of any religion that isnt like that. im suspecting theyve all been subverted at some time in the past. despite all their differences they all have this same flaw written into them.
>>4142 >i dont know of any religion that isnt like that I completely agree. This is the great flaw of almost every single major religion that exists today. I actually touched on this in a post that I made in the "New Age Pan-Religious Esoteric Mystic Ethno-Monotheism" thread a few days ago (see: >>4056). Since I operate from a framework where religions are the products of men, filtered through the mental prism of race and ethnicity, I have little problem discarding these religions. All of these views downplay or even deny the reality we find ourselves in for reasons that I believe we have no reason to accept, even if parts of each may have some partial truths within them. From this denial of aspects of the world we find ourselves in, or shifting the center of gravity of life into some ethereal "beyond", it seems to me that many humans are outright afraid to contemplate or even accept what would be the true "Will of God", which is the Natural Order or Laws of Nature, Laws which, no matter how hard we may fight and protest against their seeming "cruelty" or "inhumaneness", remain operative with us inescapably and eternally within their jurisdiction. Now I'm not claiming to have any particularly new insights myself, since all religions and currents of thought at least to some extent are operating off the same framework from which I draw my conclusions from. If they did not, they would simply not be able to exist.
>>4144 I dont think religion is based on the laws of nature or that the laws of nature are worshippable as a religion. Consciousness is opposed to nature and i beleive that religion is the manifestation of the battle between consciousness and nature for supremacy between one another.
>>4169 Religions come from the interaction of man with the world around him in attempts to explain the nature of this reality. Given the fact that humans are subject like all else at all times to the various Laws of Nature no matter how hard we may strive to free ourselves from them, religions are doubtlessly highly influenced by them, and in fact must adhere to them more or less since, like I said, one who totally flouts the Laws of Nature cannot even exist as he will be paving the road to his own destruction. >Consciousness is opposed to nature False. Conscious is, like all else, a part of Nature, a part of the Universe. >or that the laws of nature are worshippable as a religion. I think that this is a very limited view of religion. As I'm sure you'd know given your interest in Jains and Buddhists in particular, there is quite a lot less focus on worship in these religions. Worship is commonly an expression of dependence on a personal creator God, something which is a very Abrahamic idea, not to say that pre-Abrahamic European religions didn't have a mutually beneficial types of sacrifices and worship between man and divine. Once one starts to think in pantheistic terms what is being proposed will become much clearer. True worship of the divine is in communion with Nature, contemplation in silence, advancing the level of one's race and living in harmony with its Laws.
>>4170 im right and youre wrong.
Open file (429.17 KB 399x614 not an argument.png)
>>4256 >can't even refute me Yikes
Open file (30.85 KB 285x380 afaggot.jpg)
>>4257 >cant even refute me this is what you look like
>>4295 If you've sunken to this level of argument, you've lost. I accept your concession. Pantheism is superior and is the truth.
>not an argument le molyneux.jpg nothing could be more beta. relying on a technicality, needing an outside external measure to assert yourself, that is beta. the ubermensch needs no external justification for his assertion, no reliance on an agreed upon technicality. nobody can tell him he is wrong, they can only fail trying. this is the power of self realization. im right, your wrong.
>>4400 >if I believe it enough it will be true Delusional.
>>4403 >gross misinterpretation your tricks cant change the fact that i am right, and you are wrong.
>no mention of /fascist/ They could have improved their paper a lot tbh. Worth reading for the fun of it though. https://pure.uva.nl/ws/files/47637723/Tuters_et_al_Esoteric_Fascism_Online.pdf
I've been pondering on a question that's been on my mind for a while. I'm not sure if this belongs on the QTDDTOT thread or here, but given the subject, I'll post it here. If it doesn't belong, this post can be deleted.. For those who are looking to follow the ways of our European ancestors (Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, and so on), religion or otherwise, but are a child of parents from 2 different IE groups ("European mutts" as some would call it), what path should said person follow? While the various IE groups originated from a singular group at one point, they eventually separated and became their own unique groups, both in their traditions and religious practices/beliefs as well as their genetics. For those that want to follow the ways of their ancestors and/or help their kin, this puts them at odds with which one they should practice and help. Do they follow the traditions based on the father's line, try to follow both traditions and practices, follow which lineage and spiritual traditions they connect to the most, or neither at all?
>>5059 How far apart are your ethnic backgrounds? You might be making a mountain out of a mole hill.
>>5065 Without giving too much, One side is from Western Europe, and one is from Eastern Europe.
>>5067 I'd say the first step is to identify the religious beliefs those two specific groups had, educate yourself on them quite a bit, find the differences, and what they had in common. There are probably overarching similarities.
>>5067 I hope they are at least of Indo-European background, that will make stuff much easier for you; this anon >>5077 provided some good advice. I'm in a similar predicament, but in my case my ancestors are on one side Indo-European but on the other side almost wholly non-Indo-European but still White (Hungarian, Finnish, etc). I'm not sure what to do in that case. I mainly enjoy reading philosophy and stuff more than practice, and admire the ethos of ancient Europeans than anything else.
>>5077 Thank you for the advice. Looking into both sides is what actually brought the original question to mind (I started with one side for a long while before looking more into the other). Though I haven't seen much in terms of similarities on the religious side, some traditions and their experiences throughout history are quite similar. What I hope is that I don't end up dishonoring one side or the other (or both), as I want to respect my ancestors of both sides (though it may end up that I'll feel more connected to one side or the other). >>5081 >I hope they are at least of Indo-European background, that will make stuff much easier for you; That they are >I'm not sure what to do in that case. I mainly enjoy reading philosophy and stuff more than practice, and admire the ethos of ancient Europeans than anything else. I can't really give an answer to what you can do given your circumstance, but it may come to you should you continue your studies. Perhaps continuing or practices traditions you know or remember fondly (and/or helpful) from your direct ancestors may help as well. I wish the best of luck in finding your answers.
An interesting video on Vedic flat earth cosmology: https://youtu.be/XVx443S9Fs0 I’m curious what other pagans have thought in the past, definitely something to look into
>“For flesh-eating, drinking, gambling, and adultery, all destroy and mar the mental faculties of a man” (Atharva Veda, 6.7.70-71) A good stream on this verse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzphYNQUkHw
>>5787 >flesh-eating This is how religious subversion works, they list things which are obviously wrong and then add something that's not and focus on that so people stop doing it and become degenerated in the process. Alternatively, Dravidians couldn't afford meat so they constructed vegetarianism/veganism as a major cope, turning it into some kind of virtue signalling, or rather, they were told that so higher castes can keep enough meat for themselves. It's ok Shitab, I will sacrifice myself in the spirit of universal compassion and eat that juicy steak in your stead, so you can remain morally pure and achieve unity with Shiva's phallus
>>5790 I mean, most of my race got rid of the caste system so they don't care who eats meat.
>>5790 >muh Dravidians Vegetarianism has nothing to do with Dravidians. Vegetarianism can be found throughout numerous ancient European traditions such as in Pythagoreanism and Orphism. Besides, it's not as clear cut "NO MEAT" as one may think, just read: https://hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/25009/where-is-it-written-that-kshatriyas-are-eligible-to-eat-meat Same with ahimsa. Kikes twist the meaning
>>5787 I have issue with vegetarianism since it's usually the submissive pastoral cultures that eat vegetables while warrior cultures eat meat.
>>5824 Yeah, honestly out of the four 'vices' discussed in that verse that I posted, the least destructive is flesh-eating. Maybe I am biased against agreeing with it due to the fact that I do eat meat, but I haven't seen any very convincing arguments to stop doing it. The most important thing to do is to at least attempt to fix the issues we find in these industrial slaughterhouses and to ban kike methods of slaughter. A lot of the Vedic opposition to flesh-eating seems to be based off their particular ethics and views of the self and such which I don't personally ascribe to completely. For the other three, drinking, gambling and adultery though, I completely agree with the verse. They're degenerate. Adultery is the most degenerate, drinking the second most and gambling the third.
Open file (54.19 KB 515x380 joeroganhunter.jpg)
>>5790 the idea that vegetarianism is a subversive psyop by the higher classes onto the lower classes makes a lot of sense, but having experiences meat diet and vegetarian diet i can say its just not true. reading vedic literature it becomes more obvious that the opposite is the case, that the lower castes were generally meat eaters as it was seen as unpure and filthy. kshatriyas ate meat and drank alcohol, but the brahmanas who were at the very top of the social order did neither and were exiled and outcast for doing so. in my personal experience i feel happier and healthier not eating meat. its just a sense pleasure thing. >>5825 bibek debroy translates that verse from bhagavata purana differently. these four vices (which btw are specifically listed as the only four places where the demon nigger kali can live in the kali yuga.....hint hint) are usually from prabhupadas translation. prabhupada saw himself as the authorised interpreter of what the scripture really means to say, whereas bibek debroy only tried to make the simplest translation possible and using only footnotes to explain implications and such. bibek debroys translation doesnt say meat eating, it says slaughterhouses, and doesnt say prositution or illicit sex, but just says women. going by the simplest and most literal interpretation of the vedic text, the demon nigger kali is allowed to live where there is gambling, drinking, women, and slaughterhouses. the conclusion we can draw from this, and many would agree already without reading this text, is that not meat eating per say is spiritually degenerate but slaughterhouses are. maybe we should only eat meat that we have hunted? these 4 places were given to kali by kind parikshit, not much later in the book the story of king parikshit continues with him hunting a deer in the forest. he becomes tired and agitated from not catching the deer, hunger and thirsty, he insults a brahmana and becomes cursed to die in 7 days. is hunting the deer what brought the influence of kali? if so, why would parikshit give kali that place to live then participate in hunting? im thinking the original meaning of the text was not to avoid all meat eating, just that slaughterhouses are adharmic, a symptom of kali yuga.
New DharmaNation video that might be worth watching, Vanquishing the Tiger of the Kali Yuga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM2YQdU9vQ0 >>5916 What would be the implications in terms of law if Kali is said to be allowed to live among women? If we adopt that broad of an interpretation I feel like there could be a major impact
>>5928 that where there are women there is certainly bullshit. the activities of kali are described as beating the bull of dharma, and beating a cow who represented the earth. kali is perhaps supposed to be the personification of adharma. parikshit told him to leave his kingdom, but since parikshit had conquered the whole earth kali had no place to live. kali begged for a place to live, that he may continue his activities in service to god (weird). parikshit out of mercy gave him those places to live on the reasoning that where those things are, there is certainly to be adharma lies falsity etc etc already.
>>5928 >New DharmaNation video that might be worth watching, Vanquishing the Tiger of the Kali Yuga At 22:15 he uses the term "Men Against Time", WEW This video was basically "The Lightning and the Sun" in speech form without overt references. We got a mention of Evola too, but he said that we must "vanquish the tiger", not ride it. Basically we must become men against time, as he literally said himself. At around 36:15 he starts mentioning revisionist history and how the true history of "our people" will be revealed, blaming cultural Marxists in academia. Based
>>3870 How would you describe Genghis Khan in the Lighting and the Sun context?
Open file (300.71 KB 800x1200 mahakala.jpg)
>>6092 He's a Man in Time. Usually when this term is used people are using it to disparage lemmings, but Savitri Devi uses Genghis Khan as an example of a pure Man in Time, embodying "Lightning". This is pretty fitting, I think, because Genghis Khan seems to just have conquered to conquered, and to win glory and power for his "Golden Family". Unlike Hitler, who was lightning and sun, he had no higher goals towards race or nation, or the Natural Order. Devi identified him at points with Mahakala, all-devouring Time
>>6097 What are some good reads on Mahakala? Mahakala has been becoming a bit of an interest to me but alot of the information seems to just be some superficial stuff and not rituals or his mantras.
>>6265 I wish I could answer this question for you. After reading Devi's book I had my interested stoked in regards to Mahakala, but just like you I can hardly find any good information at all. I've read in one dictionary of religions that he represents Shiva in his destructive aspect, and also represents death. Beyond Hinduism he appears in Buddhism as a dharmapala or a door keeper of Buddha's temple, and is known among the Mongols as 'protector of the tent' (gur-gyi-mgnon-po). It's an interesting god, and I wish I could find more on him. You'd think that a deity of time, something like Chronos or Father Time, would play a much larger part than they usually do. Perhaps it just appeals to the wistful sensibilities I have though I will have to see if I can get an answer to this from someone here soon.
>>6270 Forgot to mention though that some of his mantras are based. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkY4rhWveJw
>>6271 love that Mantra, I listen to it along to this one https://youtu.be/W3EUTgrgXNc in the video you posted there was supposed to be an English translation in the description, but the link is 404 sadly.
Open file (3.03 MB 1776x2282 mahakala 2.jpg)
>>6275 Wow, I really like this one. From the recommendations to the side from clicking on your mantra I got recommended this video. It give a bit more info that you might find interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seD39kEvTLU
>>4138 >vaishnavism is an end of the world doomsday religion where attachment to the material world, your nation, and your race, are viewed negatively. >literally anti-14/88
>>4138 It seems to me that Krishna here is just relaying classical wisdom of the warrior path. The Hagakure, coming from a different standpoint, of course, also teaches not to worry about victory or death. What is crucial is action. Hitler fits into this legacy. He forged ahead regardless.
>>6580 >literally anti-14/88 very much so. i guess im the first to blow the whistle on this, i havent seen anyone else mention this. vedic knowledge on the nature of reality and the self, on society and politics, etc, can still be invaluable information for us. Be aware though that the end conclusion is just as poisonous as abrahamism. to where should we turn to for spiritual guidance for our people?
>>6864 I've been gravitating towards some of the types of ideas expressed in David Lane's 88 Precepts. He touches a little bit on spirituality within it. I think that the laws of Nature can provide much guidance for our people. And these are not just mechanistic laws, they are an expression of God, and nor is reality exhausted merely by matter. Looking into philosophy and the world around us is a good way to start thinking about what we should believe and what is the way forward for our people. My issue is that even if I think that the idea of intelligent design within Nature or that we are governed by the laws of Nature is very persuasive, I don't know if normalfags would be taken in by it in this bare form. The perfect system would take such facts that I have discussed above in this post (albeit in a more sophisticated and accurate way) and clothe it in various degrees of allegory and myth. It is more difficult for lemmings to have direct access to truth, so a more roundabout and tortuous route is required. The result may not be strictly true in itself, but would remain true in respect of the lofty meaning and profound truths contained within it. It's worth noting that many of the ideas of a "Natural Order", or Nature as a source of values and the like are all found within ancient pagan ideas and philosophy. I think about this issue a lot, and may be way off the mark, but the religious aspect is key to our movement, and few people understand this.
>>6868 Is the central basis for those precepts just the preservation of beautiful aryan women?
>>6874 It is much more intelligent than that. Read it for yourself, David Lane was a treasure. https://nationalvanguard.org/2013/06/the-88-precepts/
Open file (96.60 KB 500x733 odin wotan.jpg)
If only we could bring back some practices of our ancestors such as the extraordinary trust and generosity they had towards strangers. This was what any pious man was expected to do. I am referring specifically to the practices of hospitality and guest friendship. Reading stuff like how Telemachus in the Odyssey was received and treated by his hosts and the practice of xenia in general is almost unbelievable to how people act today. Of course taking a guest in was taking a risk, as some stories of the Greeks show though. Something like this an only function in a high-trust society like we can hardly imagine. Such practices encourage cooperation and reciprocal generosity, and the stranger may pay this back in time. The whole community benefits. The Havamal stresses hospitality as well, showing that this appeared all over Europe: >Hail, ye Givers! a guest is come; >say! where shall he sit within? >Much pressed is he who fain on the hearth >would seek for warmth and weal. >He hath need of fire, who now is come, >numbed with cold to the knee; >food and clothing the wanderer craves >who has fared o'er the rimy fell. >He craves for water, who comes for refreshment, >drying and friendly bidding, >marks of good will, fair fame if 'tis won, >and welcome once and again. [...] >A guest must depart again on his way, >nor stay in the same place ever; >if he bide too long on another's bench >the loved one soon becomes loathed.
Open file (35.97 KB 676x380 arithharger.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/user/VikingWidunder good sources for norse mythology?
>>7518 If you're talking about books there's of course this list here >>11. I kind of like Jackson Crawford's channel which focuses on the Norse language and myth too. https://www.youtube.com/c/JacksonCrawford/videos
>>7697 are there concepts and ideas from pre-christian european religions that could be used to guide the policy of the state?
>>7710 One could find, in a rather prosaic ways, many ideas at the core of the laws even up into the early medieval times. The Germanic and Celtic books would also help there. Admittedly, the range of sources is as broad as the question itself.
Open file (224.42 KB 1024x1020 odin+wotan.jpg)
Open file (70.82 KB 540x810 marcus aurelius.jpg)
What do you guys think of Marcus Aurelius? He wrote of many things that are often spoken about on this board such as living in accordance with one's own nature, and how this 'path' is coterminous with living in accordance with Nature / the Whole, constant change as a principle of the universe, and a view of the cosmos as an ordered whole preceding through cycles.
So why did the Romans exempt the Jews from worshiping their gods. Even in an Empire which has a history of BTFO'ing the Jews occasionally, we still see them getting special treatment.
http://honortheroots.com/basics-of-asatru/ >The ancient Northern Europeans viewed the soul in the exactly same way the Hellenic religion viewed the evolution of the soul. The goal of the soul was a natural evolution or progression. From human the soul has the possibility to become a hero. From hero the soul had the possibility of becoming a demi-god. From demi-god the soul could become a god and beyond. Can any of you confirm that they believed this?
Open file (181.35 KB 1020x806 Odysseus and Nausicaa.jpg)
Open file (266.10 KB 308x469 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8396 Well, at the very least for now I can provide you some information on the dead in the Hellenic religion from the book 'Greek Religion' by Walter Burkert. In relation to Homeric beliefs, he says is that what leaves the body at the moment of death is the 'psyche', which means 'breath' in ancient Greek. The psyche enters the house of Hades. It is not a soul as a bearer of sensations and thoughts, nor the person. From the moment it leaves the dead it is also termed an eidolon, or a phantom image. They're a dreamlike form that is not tangible by mortals, they'd go right through them, but on appropriate occasions they can be seen. They're not conscious either. In the Odyssey they are unable to speak to Odysseus until they drink sacrificial blood from an animal. Despite this we see some people condemned to eternal punishments like Sisyphus and Tantalus The ultimate desire of the dead is for a proper burial. Again we can see evidence of this in the Odyssey, where Elpenor asks Odysseus for a proper burial so he can be at peace, and Patroclus begs Achilles for the same. On heroes, this book says that "In later usage, however, the hero is a deceased person who exerts from his grave a power for good and evil and who demands appropriate honor". A page or two later it is said that "Whoever has died is not a god; whoever is honored as dwelling in his grave in the earth must have been a mortal - preferably, of course, a mortal from that greater, earlier age. The gods are elevated as an exclusive group into an ideal Olympus; whatever is left behind is subsumed under the category of demigods". So basically it seems like no god is a hero, and no hero can be become a god. The amount of gods is fixed, but new heroes can arise whenever a family, cult association or city passes an appropriate resolution to bestow heroic honors. There was even a term "apheroizein", to heroicize. The only exceptions seem to have been Heracles (who already had Zeus as a father) and Dionysus (who was either fully divine in some myths, or a demi-god depending on the myth). There's some stuff on the philosophical religious debates that went on, but nothing seems to talk about "becoming a god" or evolving into a higher state of existence. There's talk of an immortal soul among these people, or that the soul is a small portion of god (as Diogenes of Apollonia said), but not much else. Based on some of the LARPy pics on that page I'm not very surprised.
>>8399 Whether he is wrong or right, it's still weird to lie or take this information as objective. Is there any sources or persons who might of believed that the soul would evolve?
>>8394 The Roman argument for allowing the jews to keep their atheism was because jews have been atheists since the founding of Rome and were therefore 'traditional atheists'. Roman Emperors eventually started putting their statues in the jewish temple and it was declared that when jews worship Yahweh they are worshiping Jupiter. In 130 Emperor Hadrian completely destroyed Jerusalem and built a temple dedicated to Jupiter and Venus (where the church of the holy sepulchre is today) and banned jews from entering the new city of Aelia Capitolina.
>>8414 You'd be surprised how much shit people are just willing to make up and pass as "totally traditional and exactly what our ancestors believed". The closest thing that I can think of is Hindus who say that the soul can be reborn with a physical body that is lower or higher due to karma, but the individual soul itself never "evolves", it is unchanging and eternal, and this spiritual core self is identical in all life. We know that this type of view did occur in Europe too, as among the Orphics and Pythagoreans who believed in reincarnation and a possibility of liberation, but again it seems like this is more of a return to one's true spiritual nature than any sort of "evolution"
>>8414 The whole evolving into a God thing doesn't even make sense. I don't think there's anything in the sagas or any info whatsoever that says it's possible for you to become a God, especially with the soul evolution thing that makes zero sense as well.
>>8399 >>8421 But don't Hindus and some Dharmists believe if you follow natural law and do good in life, you can become a God yourself?
>>8438 Yeah but it's different from what the one anon is asking about, see >>8418
>>8440 I'm a bit retarded today and still trying to comprehend this myself. So if the soul is unchanging and eternal and it's possible for a mortal to become a God. How does a mortal exactly become a God, it just doesn't make sense to me. Unless all souls are able to become Gods or something.
Just how powerful were Vedic/hindu, Hellenic, Norse, Celtic, etc Gods were? It's stated and seems like that Gods like Zeus and Odin weren't omipotent or All-powerful, but only contain supernatural abilities, but did they have the ability to create things out of reality or were they just really strong like in Marvel comics/movies?
>>8442 The gods in some of these systems have souls themselves, qualitatively identical with our own. Often, as I have heard, they too are mortal and subject to rebirth. This is especially true in Jainism and Buddhism, and I have heard this claimed by some in Hinduism too. In the varieties of Hinduism that I have read about (mainly Vaishnava) the gods have their source in God, or the Supreme Being. We can see this in Bhagavad Gita 10.2, where Krishna says: >Neither celestial gods nor the great sages know my origin. I am the source from which the gods and great seers come. This source spoken about above is the ground of all being, it's eternal and necessary reality. These lesser gods may be extremely powerful or live for millions of years, but they are not omnipotent or anything. These are the ones that people have a chance of being reborn as in these belief systems. You can't really become the Absolute though. The true self / atman originates from God, and are one with God, but are yet different from God. We're of the same substance, but finite and contingent. I'm not entirely satisfied with this response but after rewriting it a half a dozen times, this is at least passable in my mind, and hopefully it will clear up a few things. I pulled most of the info from Hindu stuff as it is likely clear, I didn't really even touch stuff in Europe. Also here's a video from a guy who basically says what I am saying here on the gods. It's worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_YU4fAWdC0 >>8466 Read the response above you in this post and it might clarify a things for you in a roundabout way. They definitely shouldn't be described as omnipotent, but were extremely powerful, far more than any (((Marvel))) character would be. It's worth noting that in some philosophies though Zeus was described in such a way that he hardly resembled the Zeus of myths. For example, just look at how many Stoics spoke of "Zeus": >For Epictetus, the terms ‘God’, ‘the gods’, and ‘Zeus’ are used interchangeably, and they appear frequently in the Discourses. In the Handbook, God is discussed as the ‘captain’ who calls us back on board ship, the subsequent voyage being a metaphor for our departure from life (see Handbook 7). God is also portrayed as ‘the Giver’ to whom we should return all those things we have enjoyed on loan when we lose close relatives or friends who die, and when we lose our possessions through misfortune >Stoics hold that the mind of each person is quite literally a fragment (apospasma) of God (see Discourses 2.8.11), and that the rationality that we each possess is in fact a fragment of God’s rationality; https://iep.utm.edu/epictetu/#SH4f Marcus Aurelius can be found saying similar things in his Meditations, where the governing principle of the world-order is variously referred to as Zeus, Nature, the Whole, Law, Fate, etc. He says like Epictetus that our rationality is a fragment of God, but he also talks about perfect gods which are concerned with human welfare, are able to read one's thoughts, never die, etc.
>>8469 Thank you for explaining and I hope the question wasn't embarassing with the whole marvel shit, I just needed an explanation and comparing and understanding the non abrahamics and abrahamics.
>>8524 No problem, anon. It's important to address the Marvel shit anyways since the Jews have co-opted and perverted the gods of our ancestors and turned them into a cashcow
vedic philosophy (hinduism) states the soul never changes and is part of god the same way a drop of water is part of the ocean. different sects have different opinions on whether ones true identity is god or only a part of god. all of them agree on that you can merge with god, but not all say that this is the meaning of existence. Jain philosophy states that the soul does change and that the meaning of existence is to evolve into a "perfected being" that is omnipotent and omniscient and travel upwards to a permanent realm where activity ceases. the philosophy of reincarnation and becoming "a god" in these religions is that the soul is distinct from the body, and according to your karma you can be born as an extremely powerful entity in a heavenly realm. there are multiple realms of heaven. this doesnt mean that you become a god like in mormonism, where you would go on to create your own universe or planet or whatever. "gods" and "heavens" are sort of poor translations. the abrahamic concept of heaven, a realm where you live a permanent spiritual existence with god is more similar to vaikuntha in vedic religion than devaloka(the vedic heavens). the vedic heavens are very much material realms just like this realm is and the beings that inhabit these realms (the gods) are just very powerful beings who live exquisite lives of paradisaical pleasure (they still experience suffering though, wars with the demons, etc). when their lifespan is over they go back to the cycle of reincarnation as we do. prabhupada made the analogy that becoming a god can be like being appointed a position in government where you are tasked to minister something under the orders of the supreme god (paramatman). knowing that the souls existence is eternal and having no end or beginning it isnt improbable that at one point all of us could have been gods in heaven and still eventually winded up here, the same idea is more or less true in jain philosophy.
>>344 >>345 I need to look into this guy more. That chart you posted in interesting > From eternity souls have different qualities or potentialities (different “aptitudes”). Because of the eternal difference in their qualities and potentialities, souls have different destinies. Some (those with “an innate aptitude for good”) are destined for various levels of bliss. Others (those with “an innate aptitude for evil”) are destined for different levels of suffering. (Thus Dvaita is one of the few Hindu schools with something like a doctrine of eternal damnation. Some souls are permanently bound to this world with its endless cycle of births and rebirths.) The important point is that these differences in the souls' qualities and potentialities (“aptitudes”) are determined by God's will. Hence, says Madhva, “The Lord is the real doer, and the cause of the soul's activity.” (Quoted in Lott: 114) Everything depends upon the divine will, and salvation is through grace alone. (It should be noted that Madhva's view was modified by some of his followers) https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/concepts-god/ >>8550 In light of what I posted above, am I right in remembering that Jainism too had the idea of souls that would never reach the highest stage of existence?
can vedanons bridge the atlantean (egypt/persian/indian religions[read alfred rosenberg[) to chaldean/gnostic/hermetic theology and thus to the christian? i have been struggling with the information and unable to make a proper compass. i think that this line of thought is what the collective masses here need
Redpill me on the reason for historical pagan "tolerance" of other religious traditions. To a certain extent I can mind discussion over certain issues, but to allow a free-for-all is simply nonsense in my mind. The Laws of Nature can be scrutinized and understood, making them more or less clear to people, but even though there can be debate over that, the Laws themselves are beyond change and dispute. I can't help but come to totalitarian conclusions here.
>>6271 God damn you have to chant all of what he says?!
>>8708 That video is some Vajyrayana Buddhist thing, I'm sure what exactly it is. Most mantras I've ever heard of are only a few words or lines long at most.
>>8709 But most mantras also require you to repeat lines for a million times to get them to work?
>>8712 It's usually repetition of one mantra
>>8717 It's usually repetitive of one mantra having to be said up to one to ten million times over and over again. You can only say a mantra over a hundred times and hour, meaning that not even within a year or two you will be able to chant the next mantra.
This post will put us at bump-limit. Any tips for the new OP or what I should include?
>>8585 Bridging jesus to india is easy and has already been laid out. Maybe look into the connections between judaism and vedic mythology. Abraham is the father of all jews and his wife is sarah. In vedic lore brahma is the creator god (at the behest of supreme god) and his wife is saraswati, there are more connections people have found, its easily searchable on the net.
>>8727 The Old Testament is little better than tribal god-worship. The real Vedic-esque stuff is when Jesus came, but the Jews were just too spiritually benighted to understand.
Open file (12.46 MB 480x360 hitler dharma song.mp4)
>>8732 where did you get that video??? i
>>8778 That's some of my OC
>>8732 Just want to say thanks for this it's very inspirational.

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