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Please Report Shills and Retards in the News Thread

Aryan Religion Thread Blackshirt 09/20/2020 (Sun) 01:13:23 ID: d892f4 No.8730
This thread is for White pagan religions, or more broadly, non-Abrahamic pro-White religious and philosophical discussion
>>18168 "He who gives to little shits about spirituality and has no belief in rituals or the gods is a fucking faggot and shouldn't referred to as a fascist, but a degenerate"- Me 2021 >>18187 >At least these Atheists are White >You know, atheists may be bugmen degenerates, but at least they're White! This type of argument that is also used by dumbasses who think that White nationalism will protect gays or NS is only about protecting the White race a whole and improving it for the better by forcing and leading them into proper behaviors. Anyone who doesn't believe in a god or the gods is a degenerate, I don't care if you're White or not I despise fucking atheists and retards who think that they deserve to live by mooching off religious communities by being non-believing queers. It's Varg-tier, who only cares about his race and then cries about how muh aryans were geniuses and magnificent when they were super religious about everything that went on in their world and their cultures were created by their religions not science. I despise you and all fascists should if you are an atheists and only give more shits about fucking gay science, whether you're areligious or not especially if you're a White atheists, because they're some of the biggest faggots and degenerates next to Jews. The National Socialist even held this position, so it's perfectly natural for me to hold this as well. >are you implying that science and technology is total shit while belief in religion is the only correct path? Nordic game.png It's better to be a zealot than be gay. Convert or suffer.
>>18187 >At least these Atheists are White. This is the gayest thing you can say if you're a White nationalist and so many times have I've seen morons say this and then were exposed to be degenerates. >Like who the fuck cares if they're atheists are not. Like 99% of the fascists during the interwar and WW2 would care. >The non-White ones exist too. And they are using this board. Ok and? I could care less for non-Whites. >Would you say that a religious nonWhite is better than a White atheist? I would say that they're equal. Religious nonWhites are retards, but at least they're willing to fight for their religion and White atheists are faggots. >Besides, are you implying that science and technology is total shit while belief in religion is the only correct path? Why would you ask such a stupid question? Science is fake and gay in this day and age and don't even think about using muh fake science excuse, because Jewish science dominates all sciences. The ancient Aryans knew many things that we don't today and held beliefs that we didn't even need science and technology for us to understand, such as miscegenation and gene improvements. (((Scientists))) are religiously trying to destroy the White race with new bullshit research that comes up straight from their asses such as those dumb articles calling the Vikings gay and were niggers and chinks or giving all credit of inventions to Levantines and med-cucks. Any religious person who rejects science and knows that it's full of shit and holds that mythology are the only source of truths that matter is wiser than a lab-coat kike who's trying to shill that we all originate from Africa and mutated from niggers. It's better to follow noble lies than fabricated truths that will destroy your race. It's narrow-minded to think that being zealous is only a form of ignorance, but being a Rick and Morty plebbitor is the way forward for the White race, because science will totally save us. You need to hub dub dub the fuck off back to reddit with that statement.
>>18187 >At least these Atheists are White. Skin-color is like the bare minimum requirement one needs. Sometimes that is obscured in how we focus on conflict and struggle between races due to the fact that we are facing a genocide.Being White is necessary, but not sufficient. It’s not hard to pass that bar. I don’t downplay the reality and importance of the biological manifestation of race in the slightest, but if one is not biologically AND spiritually Aryan, there’s a problem. Evola speaks about this. We don’t accept bugman degenerates, sodomites and other weirdos just because they are White for this reason. >Like who the fuck cares if they're atheists are not. More people should care. Historically atheism is exceedingly new in history for anyone to believe outside of a few eccentric cranks here and there throughout history. Atheism began to become a small force alongside Deism in intellectual circles around the time of the Jew- and Freemason-instigated French Revolution. Atheism from then on was tightly tied in with progressive / leftist political thought, especially Marxism. Who are the major intellectuals of modern atheism? — >Marquis de Sade (über-degenerate) >Ludwig Feuerbach (materialist, influence on Marx) >Karl Marx (Jew) >Sigmund Freud (Jew) Along with this historical dimension, the term “atheist” can be virtually equated with “leftist” even today. In America 69% of atheists vote Democrat, and only 15% Republican. That’s literally worse than Jews. Likewise, 64% of agnostics vote Democrat as well. I’m sure the stats are similar in other countries, and though both US parties are Jew-controlled, the actual voters of the parties differ slightly enough whete these facts paint a very clear picture of what the average atheist is really like – a libshit https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/02/23/u-s-religious-groups-and-their-political-leanings/ >Besides, are you implying that science and technology is total shit while belief in religion is the only correct path? Bluepilled. There are several distinct interpretations of the exact relationship between science and religion, the conflict model being one where there is no reconciliation, the model where they belong to wholly separate spheres of inquiry, and one which views there as being no divide at all, and that the two are even capable of integration. Also, most science today is actually (((science))). It’s a politically-motivated tool of control used by politicians to absolve themselves of political responsibility and to give their unilateral decrees some aura of “truth”. https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/religion-science/#ModeInteBetwScieReli
An unpopular opinion but I think the cosmogony, hierarchy, and perception of Gods and divine nature in Zoroastrianism are much more favorable than the ones laid in Hinduism. The Gods in Zoroastrianism are infallible, indivisible, and all knowing. While the Gods in later Hinduism (They tried to rectify this by promotion of the worship of Vishnu/Krishna) and Greek polytheism are humanistic, deceivable, and with hubris. I think this is the main reason why Christianity was much more favorable to later Whites than their own native religion as the monolithic Yahweh was much seen as a force to be reckoned with to new converts in antiquity.
>>18200 >>18211 >>18217 I guess we just see things differently here. I'm not saying religion should totally be abandoned but you can't straight up abandon science and tech. You're using a imageboarr to say these opinions. If you really hate tech so much, you wouldn't be here. Unless you say that some tech is okay? Whatever you guys believe, at least you guys aren't muzlims who bomb people who don't believe their religion. >>18211 >Religious non-Whites are retards How? So would them not being religious is better?
>>18200 >It's better to be a zealot than be gay. Convert or suffer. Holy war is best war.
>>18136 To add to this, a lot of ancient Hebraic tales took matter from Egypt and Sumer, which were way back then lorded over by Aryans. Some say the Hebrew itself, the language, seems to be beyond the reach of what proto-Jews could have cobbled together.
>>18159 >So the Aryan might bring Light and Beauty into the world, but that's a demonstration of his character, not the goal of his actions. The Aryan is defined by this character and solely exists for this. What he does is what he is and comes to this world to achieve his purpose as his character is in line with his soul. Lest he surrounds himself with Light and Beauty, he withers on the vine, dry and full of sorrow. The end goal is renewed every day. I reject the "no attachment" vibe as if liking the physical form things can take in this realm were base. I am attached to it because of the opportunities it provides for the expressions of what I believe in, as being a field of sensations and experiments. The physical realm is neither good nor bad, it is what we make out of it. I see no issue in making art to make money too. The real difference stands in how money is made and what it is used for. The war against "materiality" (and its implied rule of property) has been a staple of Christianity, Communism and a lot of pro-detachment beliefs. It is just that some people want to possess something for the sake of possession and to show it off, others want to possess that same thing for all its existence and creation implies. >Maybe the life-giving property of Sol makes it feminine in some cultures, but it seems that those properties which would have otherwise been masculine have to be represented elsewhere in another god or another celestial body. it's hard to say because these cultures have a variety of Gods dedicated to all sides of life but usually respect the idea of strength related matters being given to male essences. Then, Greeks had a female hunter and also a female war goddess, Norse people had female deities taking care of rune lore and vows. I could also see how in a cold environment, the warmth of the sun could be likened to that of the mother's embrace, and the coldness of the moon to the severity of the father. Moon and sun orbiting Earth and spinning around it day and night also creating an averaged androgynous principle. > If everyone thinks that they have the chance to get into Valhalla, they will throw themselves into battle...but we can't have everyone doing that. But not everyone thinks that and Valhalla is apparently limited to physically battling people. Half of the dead warriors go to Valhalla btw, not all of them. What goes on for men of wisdom, for scholars, is not clear. It also seems that few religious systems make a difference between inspired craftsmen and mere peasants. This deserves more digging. Men of value and virtue should definitely get a reward based on the quality of their acts, regardless of the nature of such acts. >I think that the oldest ones are the most interesting to study - maybe because I'm less familiar with them. The question is, if we find opposing principles - say, between Gauls and Roman mythologies - do we have to rank one as more appropriate than the other? I'm mostly Celtic-blooded, but most of my mythological knowledge is Greek, Egyptian, or Norse. Gaulic culture has been largely lost and the Celts covered Europe from East to West and evolved into varying subgroups. Religions are best seen as bags of tools. The plebs will believe in anything good if it's properly hammered down. So we should pick what fits and serves our interests and adapt the findings to the current era and vision of the world.
>>18200 >"He who gives to little shits about spirituality and has no belief in rituals or the gods is a fucking faggot and shouldn't referred to as a fascist, but a degenerate"- Me 2021 HAIL ME!
>>18217 >More people should care. Historically atheism is exceedingly new in history for anyone to believe outside of a few eccentric cranks here and there throughout history. Atheism began to become a small force alongside Deism in intellectual circles around the time of the Jew- and Freemason-instigated French Revolution. Deism put back childish Abrahamisms where they belonged though, in the gutter of human history.
Open file (102.53 KB 749x936 kamikaze.jpg)
>>18223 > I'm not saying religion should totally be abandoned but you can't straight up abandon science and tech I already said in my other previous post >>18217 that there is not necessarily conflict between religion and science. Religion does not entail abandoning science and technology in the slightest either, unless you're talking about bugman-tier science. >at least you guys aren't muzlims who bomb people who don't believe their religion. I wish a nigga would.
>>18296 >Be as barbaric as muzzlims Why do you think indians in India hate Islam?
>>18335 The Hindus have an inferior group-strategy in comparison to the Muslims. This is why they were BTFO for generations on end. Terror can only be overcome by greater terror.
>>18296 NatSoc never opposed science to religion. The whole point was to bridge both, to put an end to a fake opposition such as Christianity vs Atheism.
>>18382 NatSoc was never science over religion either, they cared more-so about reviving Germanic tradition, heritage and reviving religion within the Germany. NatSoc isn't a science-based ideology and the NS parties across Europe were majority religious whether Christian or pagan.
>>18281 >The war against "materiality" (and its implied rule of property) has been a staple of Christianity, Communism and a lot of pro-detachment beliefs. >Communism Hard disagree there. Communism is dialectical materialism. Any consideration of immaterialism was heresy. And Christianity was at least a spiritual light for people when it rejected materialism. Now, with process theology rejecting the immaterial and attempting to create material heaven on earth (just like Communism), they have ceased to satisfy spiritual needs on any level. As ever, changing or abandoning the rites causes the spirit to decay. I reject the material world as the motivation for my actions. It's just the medium I currently have to work with. Material motivations are inherently flawed and will always end with pure materialism, naturalism, or something else that rejects the transcendent. Living for the material world results in higher purpose withering.
>>18335 Hmm, if Hindus have a inferior group strategy, how come they don't enforce their religion to others, compared to Muslims? Hindus confident on their own and don't need other people's approval of their religion by forcing it on them. Islam is the opposite of this, no?
>>18422 To have an superior group strategy you don't necessarily need to expand your group. Just look at Jews. They are less than 1% of the world population but have an extremely successful strategy which is well-suited to their natures and ensures their survival and prosperity even when they are a minority (as is typical). Islam is basically civnat supremacy, where the values that one attaches themselves to are Islamic values and worship of the one true God and His prophet Muhammad. That's all it takes to be a Muslim. Their unique attitude (similar to that of other Abrahamics) is a holdover from Jewish thinking. To the Abrahamist, there is one God, one Truth and only one correct way of approaching these. It is a one-size-fits-all approach to religion. Hinduism and many other pagan religions did not fall into Semitic dogmatism of this variety. Believing this, they alone are correct, and all others are in error and must be corrected. It is a matter of saving them from hellfire and executing God's will. Hinduism, especially back in the time when it first came into contact with Islam, was far less of a single entity than it is today, I'd argue. The term itself was coined by the British, and it is more or less an umbrella term for a huge amount of Indian traditions that in some form or another accept the Vedas. India too was racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse and literally the size of Europe.
"White" anything is a Jewish psyops, nice try kikes.
>>18454 Just thought I’d call attention to the fact that this guy here trying to tell us that anything “White” is a psyop is a Christfag who says we will burn in hell. They really never change do they?
Open file (31.42 KB 511x266 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (24.81 KB 438x382 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18285 Deism is a mixed bag. While it certainly undermined Christianity proper, it also paved the way for atheism and materialism. The universe was equated with a soulless machine that ran like clockwork, and animals themselves were likewise soulless machines according to people like Descartes. The universe was set into motion by God, and then ran in accordance with the Laws of Nature in a self-sustaining way afterwards. We can see both the good and the bad in this last statement. An emphasis on the Laws of Nature appears. This increasingly sterile view of the universe was eventually reacted against with Romanticism, which put the focus back on a living Nature, the sublime, beautiful and irrational. It is no surprise that at this time we can find many pantheistic poets and also many artists who depict Nature and look back to the pagan past. Later with theories such as evolution, Nature again had put back into it a form of internal creativity and dynamic life. We are still far, unfortunately, from the views of non-mechanistic scientists such as Da Vinci who declared that the earth had a soul and that its flesh was the land, and its pulse is the ebb and flow of the sea. See the pics attached to see the contrast between someone like Kepler and Da Vinci. Plato also believed that the universe was far from merely dead, soulless matter. The Deistic God was so distant that it was later declared not to even exist, but for some, this was instead inverted, and God became radically immanent within the world in a pantheistic and highly pagan sense that continues to develop even as we speak. As time passes, the clearer the pagan case will become.
>>18456 Nor do you kike, glad to know this place is a honeypot though. "Christfag" and screeching what is "White" is one of the oldest divide and conquer tactics by kikes since the 1400's. The board owner is glowing, that says enough.
>>18638 Race > Religion. Weird how you think we're not allowed to question and discuss religions here. Lol get the fuck out of here kid.
>>18638 Simmer down, how the fuck is it not evident to you that race is more important than proto-ideology(religion) at this point. >Why don't you convert to Judaism at this point because you are acting just like kikes. Jews are evil scum but regardless of evil and parasitism their proto-ideology is actually functional and preserves their race by actually putting their race first unlike christianity, or cuckstianity as people here prefer to call it, look into the reason beyond just having a meltdown. You know better than to act like this just because people disagree with 2000 year old deraciated scripts.
Open file (137.07 KB 885x808 christianity.gif)
>>18456 >REEEE WHY WON'T YOU WORSHIP MY RABBI??????? You are only angry about people discussing the racial aspect to all of this because your sand cult is most obviously not White and never will be. You niggers should be banned because you literally contribute nothing. Pagans on this board write paragraphs, Christniggers screech and cry
>>18647 meant for >>18638
>>18657 Sure we do, though I heard bubba(real name ezekiel) in kentucky does it all the time, he lioves him some cow, and he goes to church every sunday.
Open file (4.26 MB 3063x4430 thor.jpg)
"Primordial Laws of Reality" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDE_sWh2s5w
Open file (50.70 KB 679x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (8.24 KB 357x98 ClipboardImage.png)
Some comments from that video I posted above. These people really need bullied at every opportunity. Race-conscious Whites are a great thing to have, obviously, but don't go into pagan circles if you're just going to complain about when not everyone is a LARPer and how you have some special snowflake "allegorical" interpretation of everything
>>19235 I see atheists Whites as demoralized fags, a people who are either too nigger pilled, lazy or degenerate to want to believe in anything. They reduce all religions to nothing as mere worship, despite pagans having something worship and their worship being more centered around expectations rather than just praying. I don't think they realize that this type of mentality originated and is something Jews want you to do.
>>19431 Accurate analysis, I think. Most atheists just don’t understand religion, is what I have learned over the years. Once I began to actually study and look into various religions my views changed greatly, and I realized that much of my smug fedora-tipping was based on embarassing strawman (muh sky daddy). It’s a hard pill to swallow at first, but one has to realize that the entire paradigm we exist in is geared towards making you into a bugman with no beliefs who thinks he’s just a monkey on a rock in space flying through a void destined for the heat death of the universe—it’s pure demoralization. I feel bad for them, honestly.
>>19431 Atheists in general are technically a branch of the abrahamics, only that they're radical materialists who only care for everything that relates to what they can see, hear, and taste by their own senses and religiously believe in almost any research paper that comes from scientific enterprises and institutions. Atheists have a very nihilistic view on everything, which is why they are demoralized and love to demoralize everything especially if it's spiritual.
>>18388 I see but I was talking from the perspective of the official message of both of these groups. Then, as we move beyond their rhetoric, we will find if we look into Christian eschatology that it is just as materialistic too, but one guaranteed by the act of God, not by that of the collective proletariat as if some kind of Atheistic egregore was at play (both have or had one going for them). The anti-materialism in Communnism attacks the materialistic pleasures (the luxury of the bourgeois) in the same way Christianity does (the influence of the Devil, casting a veil before humanity's eyes). In Christianity it's pushed even beyond the world is divine-less, crass and bound for complete destruction. Christianity being a spiritual light is nothing but a morbid joke. It never had truth descend upon people, a complete red herring which is actually extremely worrying regarding what happens to the souls of Christians. It uses scare tactics, presents you with a monster and torment, then affirms owning the keys to the only accessible and acceptable exit to this entrapment. So it never explains the Laws of Nature, it essentially tells you to flee, to run, to jump in the Jesus boat ASAP. The notion of transcendance is one that puts me in a form of unease because there is the implicit value in the world being a form of dross, devoid of divinity. It is another form of detachment and nurtures disdain and hatred for the world as it is. Material motivations are not a problem in themselves if they're properly balanced. The point of this materium is to plan ahead all sorts of works on this medium. What is wrong is the sheer blind obsession for the matter itself to accrue more of it for the sake of volume and weight, without any concern for ideas and the invisible.
>>18598 This is an interesting point. I wouldn't say DaVinci denied a clockwork-like working of the universe either, for it's a rather obvious conclusion to reach when considering all elements at all scales. This vision of the universe does not exclude the action of souls, but DaVinci's wording leaned a lot on the metaphorical too. We should look more into Kepler and Bruno, the latter had a really live approach to the cosmos and his engaging ideas had him killed by the Christian Church.
>>19452 > I wouldn't say DaVinci denied a clockwork-like working of the universe either, for it's a rather obvious conclusion to reach when considering all elements at all scales. It's definitely not hard to see how one could reach this conclusion—when viewed at the timescale of human lives, the motions of the planets and stars seem to be quite like clockwork and unchanging, but of course this is not quite true, since they are dynamic and chaotic over longer periods of time. The change from viewing things as organisms to machines however becomes easier to understand when we turn our views away from the sky and look at plants and animals. Though many ancient and medieval Europeans of course viewed the sun and and planets as guided by intelligence or minds (many even still do today outside of the West), I will leave that question up in the air here - but a similar process happened with living things. Animals too were just soulless pieces of clockwork according to people like Descartes. Humans at least, for a time, were held to have a spirit still in an otherwise wholly mechanical world. Of course even this was later denied and humans themselves were just pieces of clockwork, their consciousness an illusion or epiphenomenon of the brain. The theory of evolution too was important in starting to undermine this entirely mechanical view of nature back towards a philosophy of organism rather than machines created by an external minds. I'm simplifying a lot here because I don't want to TL;DR but basically a view of dynamic, adaptative and creative Nature is once again coming to the forefront very slowly, and the hard problem of consciousness is leading some mainstream figures to radically alter their materialism.
Open file (331.41 KB 368x308 ClipboardImage.png)
>that kolovrat and life-rune at the beginning Bold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDena_k1BKA
Can someone explain, what both Swastika and Hexagram (star of david) represent ? I'm kinda confused, because both symbols are exist on Indian/Buddist temples and statues, which was builded 4000-5000 years ago, even before the Fascism and Jews was a phenomena. So they're probably are both Pagan symbols and pre-date any Abrahamic religion. My "theory", is that Swastika represent "Unity of opposites and cycle of life", when Hexagram represent "equality, erasing of boundaries and chaos". So it's explain why we Whites/Aryans are fighting for "order and purity", when Jews trying to bring "equality and chaos". Maybe my theory is wrong, so what the real deal about it all ?
>>19679 The swastika is a symbol of the Natural Order / Dharma in my mind. It is of course very ancient and can be found in cultures all over the Northern hemisphere since it is seemingly derived from the movement of the Big Dipper around the central polestar throughout the year. The movement around the polestar is dynamic and cyclical around an unmoving center—so I think you are right when you refer to ideas such as the cycle of life. The polestar has been equated with ideal kingship by some cultures such as the Chinese, as can be seen in the Analects, when the king is described as an unmoving polestar that all others pay homage to on account of his virtue and sagacity. The Sanskrit term for the polestar is ‘Dhruva’, which comes from the same Indo-European root as ‘Dharma’, thus giving it a sense of stability, immovability, and support. The Vedic king’s role was the instantiation of Dharma on Earth, seen as a deity. There is undoubtedly relation to the dharmachakra here as well, and by extension the universal ruler, the one who turns the wheel of Dharma, the Chakravartin. The Swastika is a very meaningful symbol. This is why I prefer it over the Black Sun. When it comes to the unity of opposites, I would have to think about it in connection with the symbol. I tend to think of the yinyang in relation to this more intuitively than the swastika, but like I said, I have not yet deeply considered it. Interestingly, it is the hexagram—in its original Vedic form prior to Jews appropriating it—that appears to be associated with the unity of opposites, or perhaps pairs. It is the shatkona, representing the union of Shiva and Shakti, or consciousness and matter (purusha and prakriti), which are two fundamental and mutually-reliant substances. There seem to be further connotations of male and female, active and passive, etc. Your interpretation of the erasing of boundaries seems quite intuitive though, and makes me wonder if the Jews have perverted the meaning of the shatkona into this. It is no longer an interdependent unity of sorts, but a melding or disintegration into a genderless, raceless stew. I am now curious of what it may mean in Kabbalah, but I am pretty ignorant there
I recently learned about a guy who made a lot of videos on a kind of european version of ceremonial magic and kabbalah. His YT channel was deleted twice. Here are channels that contain reuploads of Bear Heart's deleted videos https://invidio.us/channel/UCpmdXuBd8bXrmBGgedLATRg https://invidio.us/channel/UChuu4H9fqa4TNRzVKDBf7NA
>>19990 Weird, I didn’t know that Youtube (((contextualizes))) reptilians for us now. Very strange how they pick certain topics and ignore others.
>>19992 All the reptilian damage control from big corps in the last decade or so is really make me wondering what's up with that, not even other kind of alien stuff get such a knee jerk reaction than those things. It's like seriously trying to explain or contextualize how broom-flying witches or shapeshifting magicians are just old tales.
>>20003 >All the reptilian damage control from big corps in the last decade or so is really make me wondering what's up with that, not even other kind of alien stuff get such a knee jerk reaction than those things. Yeah exactly. By comparison UFOs almost seem kosher. I just looked a few UFO videos on Youtube and none of the ones I randomly selected had any sort of contextualizations. One would think, at least at first glance, that reptilians would be like you said, grouped in with other aspects of folklore and fringe kook theories and not labeled at all, but reality is quite stranger. The only example of reptilians I can think outside of the conspiracy theory are nagas in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. They live in one of the hell-realms, and they are capable of shapeshifting into human forms—which is spookily close to what I’ve heard about them in the modern examples. I don’t even know if I want to go down this rabbit-hole. Jews are bad enough, not to mention aliens or literal demons.
>>20003 >>20006 I think the reason why jews are triggered by "vampires" and "reptilians", is because these creatures are using "conversion of their enemies, rather then killing" and "shape-shifting" as their main behavior patterns. And the same behaviors are using by jews to deceive and take control over gentiles in real life. So, jews are simply seeing themselves in these fictional creatures and afraid, that gentiles can start applying this knowledge taken about these fictional creatures to real life, to find out the (((source of the problems))). That's why they either begin to (((shut it down))), or trying to correct/contextualize to misdirect our efforts to find out the truth.
>>20049 That's a good theory. On top of everything that you've said here, they are likely concerned that if normalfags literally think that they are non-human reptilians or whatever, this will be "dehumanizing" them and make people more likely to go Kyle Odom-mode on Jews
>>20050 Exactly. Especially the ritual murder by rabbis, which jews trying to downplay by calling it "blood libel". Which is not even the human thing, but literally demonic or alien in nature.
Open file (16.49 KB 141x300 heinrich.jpg)
I read in 'Tres Occult Philisophia' that one of the major principles of magic (what we should know to mean something completely different) was to "Divine new virtues" from the higher planes. To me, this means a lot. There is no single path for the White man as a group to follow because we must create a new way; Seed a new people and legend that later is told as bible to our descendants. People hold onto Old Ways, or ways they have no connection to, and I personally think this is foolish.
>>20070 >"Divine new virtues" from the higher planes Does he say how exactly this is done? I am somewhat interested into getting redpilled on the occult, but it is hard to know where to start. It's hard to discern when reading someplace like /x/ whether what you are reading is just LARPing or actual good information. >People hold onto Old Ways, or ways they have no connection to, and I personally think this is foolish. Especially with holding onto old ways, it is not necessarily bad in the slightest, but I do not support blindly aping every aspect of the past.
>>20074 i usually reccomend something like this >The Kyballion >The Arcane Teachings - The Arcane Formulas -i.e hermetic stuff + indo-aryan anthropology, like in Myth of the 20th Century, or the general outline you'd get from places like here. You need to understand 'Occult' as merely meaning 'Hidden' and differentiate between black magic and real, proper Mental Alchemy - assuming that what you read in these volumes is true After that, your own discretion and specific ethno-religious path must be hearkened too. If you need more pointers, I currently follow Gnostic, Vedic, and Hermetic teaching, understanding what knowledge is left to make sense of. Most of this stuff was burned and subverted for a reason. One reason that isn't hard to guess why.
>>20082 Thank you for the tips, anon. I will very likely check out these books when I get a chance. With the Hermetic stuff in particular I have been interested in, though I have not looked too deeply yet, it’s just that the idea of “as above, so below” is intriguing to me. Maybe I will have to look at Evola’s book on the subject as well. I have recently redpilled myself on a handful of things such as materialism (in the philosophical sense) and connected with that consciousness, so I am sure that this is the perfect time to get into this stuff

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