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Aryan Religion Thread Blackshirt 09/20/2020 (Sun) 01:13:23 ID: d892f4 No.8730
This thread is for White pagan religions, or more broadly, non-Abrahamic pro-White religious and philosophical discussion
>>10732 What is this guy even well-known for
>>10702 Saints with wings is nigger-tier projection, as if we couldn't conceive of superior forces without literally picturing them as flying above our heads.
>>10735 >Saints with wings What are you talking about?
>>10732 He's a marxist, who tried to claim that Hitler was a fan of Lenin, I think he's a shitskin from pooland, but h might also being a subversive kike just like all the other Nazbols or hell maybe he's both.
>>10749 Sounds like an utter retard. I don't know what it is with these ecelebs, they're literally all freaks
>>10754 Shit like this is one of the reasons why I stopped listening to e-celebs, because they never say anything knowledgeable and so many of them are either shit-skins, a kikes or both. Orbiting e-celebs will not accomplish anything.
Open file (3.64 MB 640x360 varg kick.gif)
>>10766 Yeah, they're mostly a waste of time in 99% of cases. The only ecelebs I really keep tabs on from time to time are Varg, Apollonian Germ and Cultured Thug, and I certainly don't orbit them.
>>10735 are you the anti-wings symbolism anon? whats your deal? arent a lot of depictions of odin with wings on his helment, and doesnt hermes have wings too? what a stupid fucking point to throw an autistic shit fit over.
>>10736 >>10773 Or angels as a matter of fact. Dunno who's that anon is but it's an opinion I share. Odin and Hermes have small ones and this includes very few representations, perhaps more numerous for the latter and almost nonexistent for the former. Are you offended? Yes you are.
>>9349 >>9355 Ossetians need to be independent from Russia.
>>10781 >Are you offended? Yes you are. Offended? I have no idea what you're talking about
>>10735 I think we should stop calling the likes of Brenton and Breivik and Ernst and the like "saints" and start calling them something more Aryan, as we should view the title Saint as an insult,because most saints, are the most pathetic creatures you can imagine, like Saint Theresa.
Open file (2.11 MB 5179x1109 the saints.jpg)
>>10790 I think it of as a positive recasting of the meaning of a saint. Christians hate the fact that we take their iconography and effectively canonize Aryan warriors. The saint of the past was a pathetic slave moralist, the saint of tomorrow is more akin to the hero cults of ancient Greece and Rome. I can't bring my reject the term saint for Tarrant due to how organic it was. People say him go into that mosque and fill those Mudslimes with lead and just naturally proclaimed "This man is a saint!"
>>10793 o understand what you are saying, but there is some serious consideration on the longterm impact of using the term saint. regardless of the opinoin of the user who uses the term, it can be dug up later as a pro-christian, pro-abrahamist and thus pro-jew sentiment.
>>10793 I understand how you view it that way but every example of a saint other than our co-opted use is that of pathetic martyrs and outright fictional creatures like the Saint whose name I bear, I hate the name because it means Christ-bearer but there is a certain irony in bearing that name and being so anti-christian that you think every dumbass who ever uttered the words "i am a christian" should be killed, in our minecraft server, Meinkraft, of course.
>>10802 Both my first name and middle name are kike names, it kinda sucks. Personally I don’t care enough to do anything about my own name, but I will definitely refrain from giving Semitic names to my future children, or having any of them circumcised, since that literally signifies that one is a Jewish slave
>>10803 I may hate my name but I won't change it, as if i chose I could go by my middle which is an ancient name of Roman origin or my last which has several possible origins all coming from the British Isles.
>>10766 Shit skin ecelebs? Lol, do they at least acknowledge the ethnic replacement? Like are they bad for their civnat fucking or it's just bec they're born as not White?
>>10790 >I think we should stop calling the likes of Brenton and Breivik and Ernst and the like "saints" and start calling them something more Aryan patsies
>>10842 Go back to Cuckchan.
>>10842 How about Paragon instead, you fucking coward.
>>10913 >emphasis on personal experience rather than dogma from an institution This isn't pagan at all, it reeks of New Age. He seems to be taking the idea that just because pagan societies seemed to have tolerated a wider range of practices and opinions on certain matters than what came later in Christian Europe, that it was a free-for-all all based on one's personal experience. From what I've read and understood, it wasn't really anything like Europe under the church, but it was certainly not all based on "personal experience'. There might have been a less stringent orthodoxy, but there was an expected orthopraxy that one was expected to adhere to. The role in the community was essential to pagans, and one was expected to adhere to certain duties and practices. It was a fundamentally religious society. I mean, they condemned Socrates to death for "corrupting the youth" via not practicing the Athenian religion properly, and for introducing new gods allegedly. It didn't matter what his "personal experience" was. Christians too were killed if they didn't sacrifice to the gods. And of course there was transmission of information from the older generations to the newer, and I bet if they started muddling with it due to "personal intuition" they'd be appalled at such activity. Along with that we of course had the idea of a Natural Order in many pagan religions. Such laws were immutable and universal in scope. Sad that so many retards spread information about paganism without knowing the first thing. I'm no expert myself either.
>>10917 i really want european paganism to be a viable alternative, but i keep coming up short handed wherever i look.
>>10850 >>10875 Typical one neuron replies. Ring me when your "heroes" start killing prime targets and also bother to avoid capture.
>>8730 Buddhism is the only large religion that is not anti-White at the moment. Interestingly Shingon Buddhism in Japan also honours Hercules. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shingon_Buddhism Herodotus is a good place to start when learning the classics https://8chan.moe/voxxe/res/334.html#q994
>>10923 I don’t think we’ll ever really see something like Asatru come into massive prominence, especially as a basis of government, but what I think we’ll see is some sort of pro-White religion that will certainly have pagan elements, but won’t be classically pagan (nor will it be Abrahamic for that matter). >>10931 I like certain aspects of Buddhism. Evola had a good short article on it I read a while back. The site Access to Insight is pretty cool as well. https://www.jstor.org/stable/29753843
Are there any recommended books for Astaru or at least articless that are truthful.
>>10930 Ring me when people like you support them so that they actually can do that, but in my opinion targeting the people who run things won't help because as soon as even one dies they will all flee to their hidden hidey-holes wherever they may be, I've heard at least a thousand different locations, which ones are they or is it even one that's known? It's better to start this from the bottom up because the jews and their far more numerous christcuck allies themselves will never attack us physically they have the non-Whites for that.
Open file (1.16 MB 1280x853 tarrant minecraft.png)
>>10930 >Ring me when your "heroes" start killing prime targets and also bother to avoid capture. I look forward to your livestream. Show us how it's really done.
>>10793 Feds.
>>10965 https://norroena.org/ theres this place. found out about them through dave martels "the bog" youtube channel who i found out about from dharmanation guys channel they have a pretty epic promo video. i dont exactly know whats on their site i havent been able to trawl though it and find out, mostly because its lots of promises and not much delivery. judging by what ive seen of dave martels channel though these people would be anti-pozz.
>>10981 >old tired glowing taunt Hello CIA. Change the bulb.
>>10969 >Ring me when people like you support them >asking me to support the enemy >but in my opinion targeting the people who run things won't help This makes no sense. If you're going to target someone, then target people who have power. Besides, this type of operation would only bring a strategical value if Whites also had a militia. Isolated lone wolf ops will change nothing either. Lone wolves strike in enemy territory, whereas militias secure our own grounds for the most part. > as soon as even one dies they will all flee to their hidden hidey-holes wherever they may be Good news then. Things are actually very organic but people tend to forget this since we're still dealing with humans who fill a vacuum. The illusion cast by networks and medias makes it almost feel like it's all disconnected from biology and the practical reality of our everyday lives and its inherent physical interactions. But it is not. If rats flee, then the power is literally up for grabs. We certainly are not in Minecraft at all. If you push people beyond certain frontiers in the physical world, the net and positive effects are going to be very real. This is easily demonstrated for example when a given politician or activist is captured, isolated or prevents from going back home. Systems work because there are people, preferably competent, who maintain and operate inside the structure with access to the assets and easy-made communications. >It's better to start this from the bottom up The 'bottom up' does not involve the literally valueless civilians, no matter how irritating they are, against which bullets will be wasted and precious warrior lives likely uselessly endangered.
Let's talk about shooters in another thread. Absolutely sick of hearing about them honestly. >>9255 > That said, it's not really a religious question unless the greeks separated women because of their religion. Was this the case? Since I've finally gotten the book where this was spoken about, I'm able to provide a bit better of an insight now, though I have not read the entire thing yet. It was connected with the ideas of purity / impurity so common in Aryan religions, especially miasma / pollution. This dichotomy served naturally as a sort of divider between sacred and profane, and higher from lower. This dichotomy operated in the sexual sphere, a sphere associated with the profane, and women (for a host of reasons) were seen as less pure then men and prone to bringing shame on a man and his virility. The woman was the weak-link in the family chain of honor since she is naturally less rational, less self-controlled and more self-aware than men. Male control over women was thus important for societal structure and the family's honor. Women were seen as more impure due to the fact that they menstruate, and due to the fact that they are inherently far more sexual then men. The book talks about the erotic power of the female gaze. There's some talk about why female hair in particular is seen as needed to be covered in some societies. There's this one quote from an author speaking on purity in Hinduism and Buddhism: >Impurity is not invented by the subtle minds of anthropologists but is a matter of fundamental importance in ordinary everyday life; everyone knows that impurity attaches indiscriminately both to the genital region and to the head. The most typically impure things are faeces, urine, semen, menstrual blood, spittle and hair. There's some talk of a strange head-genital connection that some cultures apparently make, but I have not read this enough to talk about it really. There's also some funny talk about how the Greeks valued women being silent, and how Aristotle complained about women's voices being annoying apparently
>>9255 >Whites aren't superior because all races are talented in certain ways, we just don't belong in the same lands I believed in this too. Then I came to this board and it changed my thinking. I would say that Whites aren't "perfect" but compared to other races, it's the best one. But that's already settled for years now? The question is "now what"?
>>11087 Whites are certainly not perfect, but we are most perfectible. While the other races lived more or less in stagnation (with some variation, of course), Whites are the dynamic element, willing to improve themselves, innovate and create better more organized groups. This is a dangerous game though. We can stray from the path and easily destroy ourselves if we misstep too greatly, but it could also lead us to greater heights than ever before. This is basically what William Pierce was talking about. The Faustian man. Now we just have to destroy the Levantine man. https://counter-currents.com/2013/06/the-faustian-spirit/
>>11088 >Whites are certainly not perfect, but we are most perfectible for me this is why understanding religion is so important. the true purpose of religion is to elevate mankind, to give him a roadmap to follow. to give the common man instructions that take more than 1 lifetime to understand and to provide a purpose that is greater than our current understanding, these are the things that we need to perfect ourselves and evolve. without them we are simply groping in the dark tripping over holes in the ground we cant see until humanity all at once wanders into a cave it may never find its way out of.
>>11088 hh'd The race with the greatest potential is capable of the highest fall.
Open file (689.67 KB 680x1156 pagan galaxy brain.png)
OC >>11093 >>11120 You guys get it.
>>11160 >the age of the gods will return we need to use what we know of ancient pagan traditions not to recreate it but to make contact with the gods, then a true recreation will take place.
>>11196 Making contact with the gods will be very difficult, but worthwhile if successful. As has been demonstrated in previous threads, gods do not just appear before anybody and in any place, especially in our current degenerate age. In order to even get the chance at seeing a theophany, one would have to be extraordinarily pure. If we look at what the Greeks saw as a prerequisite for purity, we will see that it often included ritual washings, abstention from sex, masturbation and similar practices, and sometimes temporary dietary prohibitions. This seems pretty regular across cultures. Basically you can't be indulging in degeneracy and sense-gratification and expect a god to manifest before you in some form. The Bhagavad Gita also advises that yogis should seek seclusion and refrain from having a sex-life.
>>11203 >If we look at what the Greeks saw as a prerequisite for purity, we will see that it often included ritual washings, abstention from sex, masturbation and similar practices, and sometimes temporary dietary prohibitions. >masturbation and similar practices >similar practices what did you mean by this?
>>11207 I meant basically anything sexual.
>>11218 are you saying masturbation is a way to contact the gods?
>>11224 Top kek, I see how you reached that interpretation, but no – NoFap is. Read it as [abstention from sex, masturbation and similar practices], not [abstention from sex], masturbation and similar practices — with the bracketed portions referring to a single unit
Open file (1.19 MB 797x529 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (228.50 KB 342x238 ClipboardImage.png)
What do we think about monks? I have some double-think regarding them. I somewhat agree with the view that locking up thousands of intelligent men in monasteries never to reproduce could be bad for the race, but I also admire monks and asceticism in many respects. Mount Athos, for example, seems so quiet, simple and comfy. I've read that in some Asian countries though, traditionally young men would spend some time in monasteries for a period of their life, most moving on. I think something like that could do society well.
>>11593 monks/priests form the core of a religious community, and serve a valuable purpose in perpetuating tradition. there's also the concept that religious life/holy orders is supposed to be a major commitment, and having a family alongside that would lead to 'divided loyalties' so to speak. at the same time, this produces a dysgenic effect. perhaps some compromise could be figured out.
Here is an interesting cap from smug's /tg/ about Roman religion and magic. It's written with RPGs in mind but still has a lot of information anons ITT may find interesting. Of note is the bit about Genius, the divinity inside all men.
Open file (820.26 KB 475x3180 img_01.png)
>>11203 Making contact with the old gods is dead simple, as long as you know where to look.

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