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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

Open file (4.04 MB 2383x1655 bt65.png)
Brenton Tarrant Thread Blackshirt 06/10/2020 (Wed) 21:12:31 No.858
Post news about Brenton Tarrant, as well as memes, images and general discussion.
>>1762 They're invaders nonetheless. Third World hordes will keep flowing in so long as a no one takes a firm stand against them. They're drawn here through Jewish wars and materialistic concerns. They're a tool to replace us. Just because they're being used doesn't mean they're "innocent". They're an alien race on European soil. They're gonna breed you out of existence with an attitude like that
>>1764 >They're invaders nonetheless. True, but is killing them really the tactically soundest option? What about creating your own sovereign state. It just takes enough people to say "Fuck you, I'm out." to their government. Everyone, who wants to leave the citadel can join. And you can decide who gets in and who doesn't. At least that's how I see it. There are enough such projects.
>>1768 >What about creating your own sovereign state. Blood and soil, abandoning the land that is ours is abandoning a part of who the folk is, arabs inhabiting our soil is an offence to our ancestors who lived and protected that land, they need to get out alive or dead
>>1768 >What about creating your own sovereign state. You make that sound simple. >It just takes enough people to say "Fuck you, I'm out." to their government. If you understood the nature of the masses as lemmings you'd realize why this would never work. At best you'd get a few dozen people in shabby buildings in the woods who get Waco'd on the first pretext. Might makes right. We're here to win back our homelands by any means necessary. Ceding any land to the mud people is cowardice, especially in Europe
>>1739 Two birds with one stone, they get their ritual sacrifice and the perfect excuse to crack down on white nationalists and lead some of them to pointless chaos. Very Crowleyesque if you ask me.
Hat jemand dieses Buch gelesen? Ich sehe es immer, als ich für Bücher über Tarrant oder den Christchurch-Angriff auf Amazon suche. Ich interessiere mich für das Thema, aber wegen den hochen Preis und die sehr kurze Gelänge will ich nicht das Geld ausgeben tbh. t. horrible at German
>>1864 >please, can you translate it? The Ecofascism of Brenton Tarrant. An Examination of his Writing "The Great Replacement" under Ideological Aspects >>1856 I don't think it's worth reading something like that, let alone pay for it. I looked this fag up and he's currently writing his PhD about muh holocaust. Apparently he's been self-publishing writings from 2011 lol onward, so he looks just like a self-important shabbos goy to me. Anyways, here's a sample: https://www.grin.com/document/492231
>>1872 >it. I looked this fag up and he's currently writing his PhD about muh holocaust. There goes 99% of my interest kek. Thank you for the sample though
If people really want to argue about the alleged compatibility of fascism and Islam make it its own thread. I’m partially responsible in prolonging this argument ITT but Tarrantposters probably don’t appreciate it and would be more than willing to participate in a thread on the topic.
>>1882 Yes, please. It's clear that this topic should be discussed in a separate thread.
>>1883 I’ll leave it to the people pushing the line that they *are* compatible to decide whether to make the thread or not. I’m not sure what I should do with the posts ITT though. Maybe I will archive the thread and then clean it up. And there goes 46 posts https://archive.fo/PW11d
Edited last time by FashBO on 06/19/2020 (Fri) 17:36:55.
>>1884 Here ya go. >>1889
>>1918 You can complain about moderation in a separated thread, if you don't have anything to discuss about the specific topic of this thread you can fuck off.
>>1989 It's best to ignore these types. They hunger for attention.
>>1989 I wouldn't care about moderation if it wasn't effectively the Tarrant defense force. It wasn't a KC tier derailment, it was about the core topic. Tarrant attacked those mosques and pinned the attack on white nationalism on Mossad orders. His travel history has Israel and its playgrounds in it. Last time white nationalists and Muslims joined forces the jews ended up stripped of their illegitimate power and forced to do manual labor for ages. And the Anglos, they ended up losing India, where Hitler is respected to this day. Everyone knows Israel and (((Saudi Arabia))) were behind 9/11 and that the US gov knew about it and told NORAD to stand down. All so that they could justify a war hoping to create legitimate terrorists in retaliation. Christchurch is no different. Those mosques were Al Qaeda fronts, Israel controlled. It's possible the entire thing was a hoax where no one even died. A push to disarm New Zealanders. In the entire manifesto Tarrant doesn't point to the talmudic man behind the curtain. This is deliberate. The psyop's idea was to get white nationalists to chimp out in the most improdructive way imaginable. Tarrant got rich beating the crypto pump and dump scam (((BitConnect))), had his license to purchase guns passed despite the many irregularities, left the mosque largely undamaged and we're supposed tp believe he did all this on his own despite being a high school dropout, not exactly a group characterized by being smart and in fact correlated with dysfunctional IQ levels. On top of that, the next day different iterations of /pol/ got flooded with posts advocating shootings when it was never the case in years, and mods were banning anyone who dared to call it a Mossad operation. I'm sorry but if the whole thing glew any brighter you'd have to wear sunglasses to not go blind watching the video.
>>2134 Oh and besides the usual Western and ME spook destinations, just as telling is one country he didn't visit: Russia. They would have blown his cover most likely. The tourist cover is widely used by Mossad assets, in particular their recon units in Argentina as part of the Andinia Plan.
Open file (1.77 MB 1250x10000 tarrant letter to alan.jpg)
>>2137 >just as telling is one country he didn't visit: Russia. And that's where you're wrong. He visited in September 2015.
>>2134 >>2137 >I swear all makes sense now 11!! hands tin-foil hat
>>2134 >>2137 I like how you mixed in some hoaxes and disinfo to discredit the idea that he was indeed Mossad. Flat Earth/UFO tier. CIA has been doing this for a long time. You glow.
>>2134 The amount of bullshit and plain lies in your post is staggering. This is not 4chan kid, you should fuck off back there.
I have found evidence that Tarrant actually thoroughly exposed the ZOG in a well documented way, supplemented by a valuable amount of references and links.
>>2335 Share with us, anon
>>2340 >two things happen on the same day that have nothing to do with each other WOW WTF TARRANT IS MOSSAD!!111
>>2342 You don't think Pakistanis and Palestinians are the same do you?
>>2343 Of course he does. Sloppy job posters are among the dumbest people on this planet.
>>2350 Breivik and Tarrant did nothing wrong. Kill yourself derad glownigger. Violence is the only solution. You don't get to vote your way out of genocide faggot.
Open file (1.47 MB 1488x1422 image.png)
>>2340 This is a new level of schizo boomerposting right here. Any chance you are an avid reader of Veterans Today? >>2342 >>2350 >>2352 After more than one year, they go on and on and on with the same lies and disinfo. It's all so tiresome.
Open file (388.66 KB 648x633 TARRANT BODY CAR.png)
I tried to combine two frames from the scene where he shows his face to create one image. It took a lot of warping and distortion, so not a perfect image , but I thought it was neat.
Open file (148.83 KB 1000x600 jew speech bubble two.png)
>>2350 > You think it makes sense to screw your entire life when you're young, healthy and supposedly wealthy Yes goy, look how young you are, how much material wealth you have, just live a life of comfort in the here and now, stop worrying about your future, never sacrifice or risk anything for a higher cause even if it ensures that I myself may never see the fruit of my actions. Embrace materialism >>2361 I've noticed that posts like those tend to come in waves, and they are all very obvious outsiders.
Only slightly related, but have any letters been released from Dylan Roof lately? I would like to see what he has to say about the riots. I believe he ended a hunger strike recently.
Open file (377.51 KB 965x1124 bt69.png)
Christchurch mosque attack: Gunman Brenton Tarrant interviewed to 'provide answers to the New Zealand public' >The Royal Commission into the Attack on the Christchurch Mosques says it has interviewed the shooter as part of its efforts to provide the public with answers about the tragic shooting. >The interview with the individual was done in private at Auckland Prison, Paremoremo. The content of the interview is strictly confidential at this point, the commission said. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2020/06/christchurch-mosque-attack-gunman-brenton-tarrant-interviewed-to-provide-answers-to-the-new-zealand-public.html Christchurch mosque attack: Muslim community divided over release of interview with shooter Brenton Tarrant >The Muslim community is divided over whether an interview with the man convicted of killing 51 people in their community should be made public. >The Royal Commission into the Christchurch massacre interviewed gunman Brenton Tarrant as part of its efforts to give the public answers about the tragic shooting, which occurred on March 15, 2019. >...leader of the Islamic Women's Council of New Zealand Anjum Rahman wants the shooter's interview released in its entirety. >"It's important information for us to know what was asked of the killer, what his responses were and how we can understand better why and how he did what he did." >Aya Al-Umari lost her brother Hussein at Al Noor Mosque, and she trusts the commissioners to make the right decision and include some or all of the interview if it helps achieve its objectives. >The Royal Commission isn't commenting on the situation. >The report is due to be completed at the end of next month. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2020/06/christchurch-mosque-attack-muslim-community-divided-over-release-of-interview-with-shooter-brenton-tarrant.html It would be huge if this footage got released, but I have almost no doubt that it will never see the light of day. Hopefully enough Muslims will pressure the government and they'll be forced to cave in "in interests of the victims". The report is also due at the end of July. Exciting times ahead.
>>2571 I doubt any footage will ever be released. We'll be lucky if anything useful will come out of the Royal Commission report at all.
>>2587 >I doubt any footage will ever be released. It will depend on wether his answers are deemed useful. If he's unapologetic to the hilt, i.e. the same as in his memefesto it won't ever face the light but if he looks worn down, maybe shows regret or even deep remorse it's a useful propaganda tool.
>>2571 It'll be great if the footage is released, he'll get to make a fool of himself a second time.
>>2587 I'm expecting to be somewhat disappointed by the report as well, but I'm still pretty hyped to get to read it. What I'm most curious about is the background to the events, maybe some of his Internet activity and the like. Concerning whether footage will be released or not, I think >>2588 is pretty accurate in that it will depend on whether it makes him look bad or not. Because if they were to release footage and it made him sound based and unrepentant you can bet I'd be making edits with his voice with music and good footage. I'd milk that big time.
>>2589 Tarrant did nothing wrong you goatfucking shitskin, kill yourself
>I'm okay with nonwhites in their own lands I doubt that he really meant that.
>>2629 We’ll probably never know, honestly. For rhetorical purposes it’s smart though. The most important task is ensuring that we have homelands at all. Everything else is secondary, though this isn’t to deny that overpopulation itself isn’t a ticking time-bomb
>>2639 >we who?
>>2589 Kill yourself, worthless nigger.
>>2589 This. Even funnier will be watching cultist retards like this guy >>2592 spam whatever dumb shit he comes up with everywhere thinking it makes for a good argument.
>>2589 >>2665 >Did I great >yeah you did *tries to swallow own cock again* your same-faggotry is beyond pathetic
>>2665 >>2589 I'd love to hear posters like this tell us exactly what we should be doing.
Everyone needs to be keeping up to date with this link: https://christchurchattack.royalcommission.nz/ They post updates occasionally >The Royal Commission into the Attack on Christchurch Mosques on 15 March 2019 is moving into the final phases of producing its report. Its object is to provide authoritative answers to the public about the attack. https://christchurchattack.royalcommission.nz/updates/update-19/
>>2699 >Its object is to provide authoritative answers to the public about the attack. Calling it now: >"Ebil White Nahdzees bad. Mudshits dindu nuffin. Bin those knives, citizen."
>>2713 That's pretty much to be expected. I'm really only interested in this report for what new info it will give us concerning the events leading up to the attack, Tarrant's travels, contacts, Internet usage info, etc.
>>2708 >first image I just read that with the saint's voice as if it were his own criteria lol no seriously these people are unbelievable in their quest for shitversity. No wonder mudshits laugh their ass off about retarded westerners
Christchurch shooting: Brenton Tarrant's sentencing date announced The sentencing hearing for Christchurch mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant will begin on August 24, 2020. Justice Cameron Mander released a minute and said it's estimated the hearing will last three days, but it will take as long as it needs to. It will begin at 10am on August 24. Justice Mander said appropriate technology will be in place so victims based overseas who can't travel to New Zealand can view and participate in the hearing remotely. This includes video conferencing facilities so victims can present their victim impact statement and communicate with the courtroom. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2020/07/christchurch-shooting-brenton-tarrant-s-sentencing-date-announced.html
>>2683 aside from following in his shoes nothing will help. Posting online or finding momentary enjoyment at the 20 or 30 people who validate your thoughts is akin to delusion. It's not going to go away because we hope so. Culling the herd is the first step to achieving our goal

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