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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

Open file (237.39 KB 1400x1050 planet of the apes.jpg)
Open file (298.15 KB 538x302 white women kneel 2.png)
Open file (129.56 KB 800x533 zogbots kneel 2.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 528x760 white women kneel.png)
BLM Riot and Protests Thread Blackshirt 06/10/2020 (Wed) 15:35:45 No.816
Since this clown-show doesn't look like it will fade away anytime in the immediate future, I thought I'd make a thread on it. To me, this looks not like the beginning of race war, but yet another step towards it. Events such as this, completely supported by the Jewish oligarchs, will become more and more common as the demographic balance in America tips against our favor. What disturbs me most out of all of this is the behavior of whites towards these niggers. Attached to my post are only a few of the examples of what has been going on in numerous places across the United States. White women are forced to kneel in front of black people, whites kneel en masse to prostrate themselves and apologize for their ancestors actually having master morality and not being utter cucks and just today we see that there are whites actually washing nigger feet to atone in some bizarre practice akin to a sick final form of Christianity. When will this madness end? /fascist/ doesn't usually do news but this is a thread it might be good for. OLD THREAD https://archive.fo/srfvL
>>2483 >>2492 If the board ever goes against me then I will still stick around out just to piss-off insecure wh*teloids, only those who suffer from slave mentality are this needlessly aggressive, so it would signify the end of intelligent discussion anyways, might as well use the place for amusement until I get banned. >>2557 Oh, cut the aid and let the poor starve, I only care for the top 5% of Mexicans. In reality the plan would be less dramatic, but reducing this useless portion of the population is a must for every third-world nation. However, this is something we must do to ourselves, and thus any external force trying to reduce our numbers for their own goals will be considered an enemy. My friendship, while easy to obtain is not unconditional.
>>2560 Spics, just like faggots try to co-opt things they consider dangerous. What I find funny is how tolerant so called pro-white people are of non-whites. If you're running a pro-white space of any kind and you tolerate even one non-white you're a race traitor. Either you're pro-white or you aren't. There is no room for one based nigger and failure to remove them only proves you don't believe your own ideals. Years ago I ran across a group wanting to make a pro-white magazine of some kind. I was interested in helping produce some content until I found out their editor was Asian. They saw nothing wrong with filtering the whole magazine through an Asian and claimed to be pro-white. I've never forgot how most people claiming to be pro-white are larpers who won't disconnect themselves from non-whites willingly. I don't mean having no choice but to use a non-white in daily life when no other option presents it's self but this is online. You can control who you allow in your spaces and you're allowing mutts, asians and arabs run amuck.
>>2564 >reducing this useless portion of the population is a must for every third-world nation It's not just about third-worlders. White societies are dysgenic as well, perhaps more than nigger tier countries. Just look around you at these retarded kids born with birth defects by wh*te libtard mothers who are way too old to have children. If we left things up to nature not fostering weaklings with free food and maybe even more important healthcare it would be to the benefit of all, white and non-white. I'd rather have people not been born, hence my comment on sterilization, than see them starve or die at five years from something like tuberculosis but this planet is full and should not inhabitated by more than one billion people.
>>2566 White societies are certainly more degenerate than nigger-tier countries. The West has drifted further from the Laws of Nature than any other area on Earth. Like you point out, just look at the all neurosis, mental illness, obesity, porn-addiction, weak bodily constitution, acceptance of homosexuality, trannies, erasure of any survival instinct, etc. We have even Christcucks here in the states who have made it a felony to knowingly abort a fetus with Downs. Full-on Clownworld.
>>2564 One has to understand americans are highly insecure about other races because their gov has been throwing everything they find at them on the pit, it is of no surprise they see an italian they get scared. It is important to tolerate that fear they have but one thing that cannot be slided is how they want to affirm in all authority how fascism is white only as if they were a single race instead of looking that germanics and a couple of mediterraneans were the only ones using it with competency, that sets aside most americans i will omit the mutt jokes for their mental sanity the point about this board (i think) is discussing the ideology for its proper execution which doesn't discard races (at least not ones who have pulled important things) because the movement itself isolates the nations properly while opening a window around small commercial exchanges on certain commodities. If that wasn't the case then Germany wouldn't aligned with the japs and tibetans, let alone some caucasian areas which were basically half arabs in majority, and this alliance was not purely a research one so we can set that one aside. It's an ideology that preserves a nation while making it work and extol itself while scheming competent defense mechanisms from aggressive and usurping nations or hegemonies. It is obvious european or highly disciplined nations are the best for this but it is not excluded by race unless it is refined into another ideology, and by that i don't mean the implementation arguments like Mussolini did but more like what Himmler wrote about (Ancient civilizations and their heir apparent in the Germanics)
>>2566 That goes without saying, nowadays the concept of the white-race has being subverted to much that it has become a pejorative, one which is superficially provable. I too see reduction and stabilization of–I will call them « Fascist »–societies as necessary, but I never mention it as it can very easily be taken the wrong way. I ignore which would be the ideal worldwide population, nor what is the real percentage of people we would keep, so I do not know if this « clean-up » plan would require for the further reduction in numbers of all Fascist societies, or if the clean-up would give us some room to grow before stabilizing. Population reduction is something which will weaken you unless everyone else agrees to it, so cooperation and understanding are essential. >>2565 This is a Fascist board, not a generic white-nationalist board >>2577 I have noticed a great deal of misunderstanding from Americans, they completely discard manny things because all they know is their American version, which due to the uniqueness of the country and that they have being (((Their))) testing ground since its inception does not serve as a proper representation of anything. If all I knew was American Christianity then I would too hate Christianity, if all I knew was American free market then I would too hate the free market, if all I knew was the American road system then I would too hate cars. Just like with blacks and Mexico's underground, these people need to see the world.
>>2582 If I want the opinion of a shit skin.. Oh wait I never will. Fuck off nigger.
>>2582 >Population reduction is something which will weaken you unless everyone else agrees to it, so cooperation and understanding are essential. As I see it population reduction is already a fact in every white country so we wouldn't need to take additional measures. Measures need to be taken though as concerns quality of those born so the first birth should happen around 20 at latest and not 40 when the risk of many genetic disorders has drastically increased. We should strive for - some - more kids but certainly not the double digit numbers families had in the past. It's just not sustainable and we couldn't beat the lesser races at the number's game anyways. As for what number of people should dwell on earth I would leave that up to real scientists who will need to establish a number that can live harmonious with nature. I think one billion would be sustainable but if science says more or less I'm agnostic to that.
Open file (117.39 KB 950x960 chaika salt.jpg)
>>2584 But if I were to fuck-off where would we get our daily-dose of butthurt? >they called me a shitshin again :'( >>2586 But it is being done for the wrong reasons. The overall population in Civilized countries is going down, but if you divide them by race you will see that this reduction is very discerning. Everything between espresso and cappuccino is still going up, is is only whites (who for now make-up the majority of population in their countries) who are going down. The conclusion of this is not reduction, it is replacement. And for what? all hedonistic reasons, misguided ecological conclusions, or the result of propaganda about how guilty you should feel. If you care about the environment then it is better to raise two to one environmentally-conscious kids than letting your values die with you and having China take over, if you care about society then it is better to raise two to one kids with a strong sense of justice and morality than letting the current middle east propagate. Sure, let the liberals die, but we must not confuse the current reduction with the measures we should put in place
>>2590 I didn't refer to all the shades of nigger in white countries. They will be removed one way or the other once political will is there. My point is what happens after and I question the wisdom of increasing white births massively by whichever means. If there will be 500 million whites on this planet after the liberation war is won that's fine by me.
>>2582 Agreed. >Just like with blacks, these people need to see the world. That one i don't know, they have seen it and still make a mess if they even ever return to their village. Ironically the very best examples of africans doing something to the benefit of their own are the ones who know how to read and have done so with absurd amounts of resources while never actually going outside unless it's to get a paper from a college. The handful of architects and doctors who come from there usually are already experienced by reading theory and experimenting in their own environment although overly belittled by their own race, the only ones who get shit done are the military strongmen who merely do so with charisma and proper behavior. They are niggers, after all.
>>2590 You're alright with me, Synarchist-anon.
>>2584 Synarchist anon has been here, if I am remembering correctly, since the old, old days when the current BO (who is original BO) was still running the board. He's a honest-to-God oldfag and contributes to the board, I don't see why people are getting butthurt all of the sudden t. NatSoc
>>2595 >t. Nigger lover Remove niggers or become one.
>>2598 You're acting like a nigger. This isn't /pol/, you absolute retard.
>>2599 Shut up nigger. Why are you anti white? Weeaboo race traitor loves niggers. Who saw that coming?
Open file (326.54 KB 1338x710 synarchist anon.png)
>>2602 >>2598 Fuck off newfag
Open file (1.36 MB 1100x1200 brown.png)
>>2604 I think there are two mexicans who browse here I am more of a California Gold, but being a meme is still nice The other one is less showy but knows a lot and makes me feel insecure about my own mexicanism, conversations with him are always productive. >>2593 What I mean is something I was talking about with a friend yesterday, basically marginalized communities find themselves in a cycle of mediocrity: their situation makes them raise their kids in marginalization, these kids thus develop a worldview where this situation is normal, they grow up and take pride in it (thug culture), and then begin harassing anyone who does not conform to this mediocre lifestyle as their idea of improvement is limited to marginalization, this causes a positive feedback and you get an entire sector of the population incapable of becoming better. An interesting phenomenon is when you take these people out—when, for example, some mexican jumps the border to live in the US—and get to know a different culture, this experience ruins them, as their worldview makes it impossible for them to adapt to their new society, but if they were to ever go back to their communities they would be rejected as they would no longer want to conform to their mediocre hay of live, they have tasted something different and they are now constantly thinking about it even if it will ever be out of their reach. They are also insufferable with a inferiority complex towards their host community, so then a « Pocho » (Mexican-born; lives in the US) comes back to Mexico they act as if L.A. was the most beautiful and civilized place on Earth, even if they are gardeners themselves they will act superior to every Mexican in a sort of « I used to be a nobody here, but now I am a nobody there! » I suppose the same happens to blacks when they leave their ghettos and pursuit a better life, we all know how blacks take pride in how thug-nigga they are. It must be sad to be an African capable of thinking « Maybe I should do something » only to have those around you periodically destroy your everything. Worst-case scenario, these people embrace slave mentality and become the king of slaves, then they become a danger to other communities
>>2616 >I suppose the same happens to blacks when they leave their ghettos and pursuit a better life, we all know how blacks take pride in how thug-nigga they are. They usually, from what I've experienced, put on one act or another - either they act "white," as in "respectful, decently-spoken and polite" around whites and normal around their brethren, or act normal around whites and act like gorillas around other niggers so they "fit in." I haven't been able to pin down which with certainty but it's most likely the latter. Either way, it's a pathetic situation.
>>2618 >I haven't been able to pin down which with certainty You do realize it can be both, right? Non-whites aren't just magically all one exact same person per race. That's a dangerously oversimplified worldview I've noticed a lot here.
Synarchist spic anon is literally autistic so he can pass as a monkey mascot of a board or something, also he is quite open about his origin unlike (((certain))) anons. That being said, only whites can make fascism (or any other system for that matter) work long term and he is seriously deluding himself that Mexicans (on a whole) have any value whatsoever. Maybe 5-10% of them tops, and those would mostly be the ones with higher white admixture. The rest belong in the oven. But the real reason for him being out of the place here is that he tolerates niggers and has a lot of SJW views.
>>2618 I would go for the latter too, they « white » behavior is completely conditional, a mask they wear to achieve something—having a job—, their real identity is black, and their communities understand this dynamic, so for this I do not expect as much social shunning except for the absolute biggest retards who think you cannot be black unless you « be jogging all day », but I am sure most black do not care about acting white as long as it brings them money. They never actually embrace this new culture. Now that I am thinking about it, the back that black-american culture developed alongside white-american culture worries me, as they have found a way to make their mediocrity coexist with the constant reminder of a better life right besides them, I guess slave-mentality is in gull-gear with these people. Sad! You may remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWulZOKANB4 >>2620 Pretty sure he is talking about generalized behavior, the hump of the bell-curve >>2622 >Maybe 5-10% of them tops, [...]. The rest belong in the oven Congrats, we came to the same conclusion >has a lot of SJW views. I really do not like useless conflict, but I am very curious on what these views are, is it because I shout « trans-rights! » before going to sleep every night?
>>2623 >is it because I shout « trans-rights! » before going to sleep every night? W-wait, you do this too??
Open file (70.95 KB 427x450 kagami sigh.jpg)
I just got five reports for posts in this thread screeching about non-whites and niggers.
>>2620 As >>2623 said I meant "on average." A nigger raised by niggers pretending to be white/well-off niggers will put on the mask of being "hood" around niggers, but in general I think the opposite is true. Anyway, just saying "it's not magically this" sarcastically is something children do. Cut that out. >>2625 I've noticed a lot of people claim that trannies/traps are fascists but I've never actually seen a fascist tranny or trap that wasn't just an attention whore.
Open file (765.41 KB 1503x1506 diaper tranny nazis.png)
>>2662 >I've noticed a lot of people claim that trannies/traps are fascists but I've never actually seen a fascist tranny or trap that wasn't just an attention whore. Their attraction to National Socialism and Fascism is all edge and mental illness. Like you said, it's attention-whoring. Unfortunately since the Jews have made this type of politics somewhat of the "ultimate transgression" many weirdos seem to be attracted to it (pic related)
>>2662 >>2666 The psychology of the male who feels drawn to becoming a poor simulacrum of a woman and the man who becomes redpilled is more similar than one would think. Both feel there is something wrong either with either themselves or society. They both feel that the future is heading in a certain direction (perhaps even subconsciously), what differs is their reaction. Many /r9k/ and incel-types have realized that the archetypal human of modernity is the female and that males have been made obsolete. The state has usurped all of the functions of the male. The female thrives in modern society, is showered with attention, less mentally ill and is more in tune with her natural instincts than the modern male, and men know it, seeing as how they are offing themselves at record rates and are much more likely to have depression. The tranny reaction is one of defeat and resignation to the future mixed with some degree of sexual fetishism, the redpill reaction is to desire to fight back against this trend. At times this mutates into tranny Nazis through some sort of severe cognitive dissonance. There will be more and more soyboys, trannies and women in the future if this trend continues. I hope you like dresses and estrogen, anons.
Open file (337.91 KB 900x1926 327434527.jpg)
>>2662 >>2666 The « pink-pill » is a thread all by itself. If I remember correctly early BDSM—and thus early modern homosexuality— was inspired by the uniforms of the third reich. Probably something about slaves being incapable of understanding authority without oppression and suffering, and their cumbrains filling in the gaps with fetichism. There is probably a lot of documentation on this, but I would rather popularize gift-giving and bug-chasing in the LGBTQP2BBQBBCBDSM+ crowd than learning about why people like latex so much. >>2659 It is the life you choose...
Open file (554.28 KB 240x291 azusa laugh.gif)
>>2672 Top kek, loving the OC. Saved
>>2659 >five reports for posts in this thread screeching about non-whites Whoa rude, americans are good posters too!
Board is full of nigger lovers and pajeet worshippers. Would be better off posting on 4/pol/
Open file (20.66 KB 474x355 pepe sunglasses.jpg)
>>2684 You haven't even seen the final form of this board. Prepare yourself
Open file (96.59 KB 1280x720 12023051527.jpg)
>>2684 >pajeet worshippers what? im a pajeet and i wanna worship white people
>>2692 It's yet another case of someone not understanding the Aryan origins of the Vedic religion. Many such cases.
Open file (2.94 MB 568x320 kushner.gif)
TRUMPS REGRETS KUSHNER ADVICE HE TRUSTED A JEW >President Trump has told people in recent days that he regrets following some of son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner's political advice — including supporting criminal justice reform — and will stick closer to his own instincts, three people with direct knowledge of the president's thinking tell Axios. >One person who spoke with the president interpreted his thinking this way: "No more of Jared's woke s***." Another said Trump has indicated that following Kushner's advice has harmed him politically. >Trump has made clear he wants to support law enforcement unequivocally, and won't do anything that could be seen as undercutting police. https://archive.fo/shYUq
>>2698 Too late, he should have not kick out Bannon to appease his kike son in law.
>>2700 Problem is not Kushner, it's all the zogged swamp creatures and deep staters he stands for. They told Trump in secret how awesome he was, that he just had to do them some little favor here and there, and he could be one of them. Trump thought he could play them instead he got schooled.
Open file (430.60 KB 1000x1000 jared kushner israel.png)
>>2701 I agree that Kushner is only one part of a much larger issue, but in many ways he's one of the most dangerous given the fact that he sold his own daughter to this kike and brought Jewish grandchildren into this world. They have him by the throat. Of course getting rid of him wouldn't change anything much. I was a big Trumpfag in 2015-2016 (I was purplepilled and a first-time voter), but now I am left wondering how sincere his rhetoric against the Deep State even was in the first place.
>>2697 Yeah, that's quite the problem. Many streetpoopers don't get that part well. Heck if the indians were supposedly Aryan, then I can say that I'm smart and good looking because I'd be White.
Open file (45.61 KB 486x361 ClipboardImage.png)
Thank you for the notification, kind reporter, I shall deal with this miscreant at once.
I love how afraid negroes get as soon as a White brandishes a weapon
>>2734 "Mama" was axing for it. Anyway, Antifa/BLM are protesting and chanting about Israel. Looks like the kikes are losing control of their golems.
>>2735 Even Israel rhetoric is not necessarily redpilled. These would be the first people to throw us under the bus if someone pointed out that the problem isn't merely the nation-state of Israel, but rather this tribe of people, regardless of where they may be, as a whole. So long as golems are pushing for more (((equality))), (((progress))), (((anti-racism))) and other measures, the golems remain firmly within the acceptable limits of discourse, even if the controlled opposition throws a fuss
>>2736 I didn't mean to imply they are red-pilled, only to laugh at the kikes for pushing them far enough that their own false nation was caught in the crossfire.
>>2734 I don't get what's happening.
>>2747 >Social media posts from a person identified as a relative indicated that police arrested the white woman and confiscated her guns. The Oakland County Sheriff's Office plans to address the incident in a Thursday press conference.

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