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QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads Blackshirt Board owner 09/06/2020 (Sun) 16:20:51 ID: 1e72a1 No.7682
If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT. That last thread went super fast. OLD THREAD >>5128 https://archive.fo/BiRxm
Edited last time by FashBO on 09/07/2020 (Mon) 04:46:06.
>>8566 >Push bump-limit to 750 I see no issue to this and think it should be done. Threads might be sinking just because people discard anything that is not on the top line in the catalog, even if they're accepting new replies.
>>9033 >picture cleaning tool That could be useful too. Any idea?
>>9055 I have just changed it, but it appears that the bumplocks have not been removed from the already-bumplocked threads. I just asked on /meta/ about this. Unfortunately unlike with 8chan, both here and on Julay I am unable to anchor or un-anchor threads. It's a very strange thing to lack ability to do. >>9056 I know it's possible to do in Photoshop. Maybe Gimp as well but I don't use that as much so I couldn't tell you. A really lazy way to do it if you don't care about quality too much is to just screenshot the image and post the screenshot.
>>9052 It's possible I have a mistaken view. Where I have a problem with Buddhism is when it gets too pessimistic and borders on being anti-life. Sure, a lot of the things mentioned in the first Noble Truth such as birth, aging, dying, feeling pain, loss, etc can result in suffering or make life hellish, but these are not inherently so. It is all in how one reacts to the impressions. The Natural Order simply is, I don't assign good or evil to it. It doesn't seem like the Buddha did necessarily either, honestly, at least from the one sutra I just consulted for this post. I am certainly not against self-control or self-mastery, but when it results in confining the best and brightest away in monasteries never to reproduce, or to cuck people with the idea of karma, is where I see more harm than good. Too much pessimism results in weirdos like Schopenhauer. Regarding Nietzsche again though, this is what he said in The Will to Power in passing: >It's opposite: the weary nihilism that no longer attacks; its most famous form, Buddhism; a passive nihilism, a sign of weakness.
>>9053 You don't say it one million times in one day, you say it 108 times every day. You say one mantra for about an hour then speak it again the next day. Of course you can't speak all mantras throughout your entire lifespan because that's impossible.
>>9059 >It's a very strange thing to lack ability to do. Yes, it's very weird. This anchor attribute might not be hard to find in the thread's file, but that's not something someone should manually fiddle with without knowing exactly what to do with the file, outside of the admin/BO interface. That does not mean it cannot be manually tweaked though. I suppose the admin/BO would need to add a test thread with the anchor attribute on true and see if this can be edited safely without destroying the thread's content. Dunno. >pic edit Ah yes, will have to look into it. I notice that threads here, on the average, have more replies than on 8kun. I hope it won't attract glowniggers and other board wreckers.
>>9061 >You don't say it one million times in one day, you say it 108 times every day. You say one mantra for about an hour then speak it again the next day. No, but you need to still say it up 10-30 million times just to finish a mantra depending on what it is. If you do the math that takes about four years per fucking mantra before going on the next. Imagine having to do the most powerful and known mantras in the each hindpoo theology, you will be over 50-80 years old before you can finish them all or get the ones you want to finish.
>>9064 The fuck are you talking about?
>>9064 I have no clue what you're on about, honestly. I've heard 108 just like >>9061 said.
>>9064 I hope you're trolling because this is not mantras work.
>>9069 Read the above posts >>9072 I'm saying that it takes too long for a mantra and too much practice. >>9073 Then how do they work?
>>9074 You record them on tape, press play and go for the fridge to grab a beer and relax.
>>9074 >I'm saying that it takes too long for a mantra and too much practice. Instant-gratification zoomer with the brain of a goldfish detected
>>9074 You do a mantra for an hour and then repute the next day. You're supposed to feel calm and spiritual from the medidation you fool. You find it too hard, because you're too lazy or probably find it too complicated. Each mantra is not needed to be done for a billion times for you to become a calming and enlighten. Doing it for a month or a year per mantra is enough. >>9077 >Zoomer >>>/cuckchan
Open file (5.38 MB 2480x3508 82931691_p0.png)
Is Kiara Sessyoin a goddess I should pray to?
Open file (450.45 KB 1066x754 tsugumomo kiriha.jpg)
>>9081 Any anime goddess will do! 祈りましょう~
are there any esoteric hitlerists here who are into serrano?
>>9060 I've only read Twilight of the Idols, Beyond Good and Evil, The Antichrist and bits of Thus Spake Zarathustra, so whatever I read must've come there. We pretty much agree, I just see karma as the working principle of the natural order. And I place life-denying but disciplined ways of life in a different category than than ways of life that are both life denying and undisciplined. Though it seems to me that Mahayana and Chen/Zen did much to curb the issues most fascists would have with the original message.
What's your thoughts on autarky and what do you think would be a suitable economic system for NS?
>>9037 Then what form of Buddhism isn't shit? I heard good about Zen or does that suck too, because it's too life denying?
>>9102 I definitely support autarky. A nation which can’t provide for itself in a time of need is a slave to others. This is why small nations will always irrelevant pawns of those with large areas of land and rich natural resources. Hitler understood this, and this is why he wanted to expand east.
>>9102 Autarky is an intrinsic part of economic nationalism, not only it helps a country maintain its sovereignty, but it also gets rid of what is arguably the greatest economic threat to the west, cheap labor, which is something that keeps the wages of our workers low or outrights leads to unemployment and the rise of the service jobs economy, therefore the first act of increasing the purchasing power of the worker is to increase the number of national industries, some say that those national products will be more expensive, and they will be, but they ignore the fact that the money spent on national products goes to national workers, the money stays in the country and is spent on other national products, fueling the economy instead of supercharging our enemies like china, india and japan and increasing international debt. Autarky is something that is treated as a beast by liberals, because it put the powers of international finance in check, by making so that national credit is only allowed to be spent financing the national economy, it comes at the cost of the profit of bankers who are more than willingly to throw money at third worlders at the expense of our own industries
>>9109 While autarky is great and all, it is still weaker than international finance and still has a hard time fighting agaisnt it.
>>9100 Life deyning is life denying, discipline or not. In fact, if you're going to deny life, why even embarrass yourself with discipline? To God's eyes you're useless, so do not waste His time and be reckless in your hatred of what you were given, the gift of life.
Open file (75.47 KB 674x506 schopenhauer 2.jpg)
>>9112 >if you're going to deny life, why even embarrass yourself with discipline? Many forms of life-denial are founded around asceticism and and ceasing to "suffer". Discipline is seen as a necessary part of this. For example Schopenhauer believed that as material creatures we strive towards certain egoistic ends. Basically the struggle for existence. We hunger, lust, desire, etc and we attempt to fulfill these desires. Competition with other striving individuals towards these ends creates suffering, and even the striving itself is a form of suffering, because one who strives only does so from a lack of contentment or sufficiency of some kind. So Schopenhauer, for this reason and more, says that life is shitty, vacuous and full of suffering. To denial the will to life through asceticism, to deny one's own nature, is the way to a state of peace, serenity and a lack of anger, fear, hate, lust, etc. In contrast, Hitler affirmed the will to life. He founds his entire political worldview in the Zweites Buch on the self-preservation instinct and the will to survive and reproduce, and how politics is the progression of the struggle of a people for existence.
>>9111 Unless you want to invite colored labor into our countries, then it's something absolutely necessary to keep our industrial might
>>9102 An ideal, but not very realistic for most countries and the cost to obtain autarky can easily prove more than a nation bargained for
>>9112 >Life deyning is life denying, discipline or not. In fact, if you're going to deny life, why even embarrass yourself with discipline? Because there will always be a certain portion of the population that will desire to "get off the ride". If there isn't a non-destructive and basically decent path to do so (Buddhism, for example), they will find a subversive, destructive path instead, one that will probably involve "fixing" your society, turning to drug culture and sexual "liberation", egalitarianism, worship of the "other", race guilt and so on. If you had to have either a "weather underground" style hippie, or an austere, disciplined Buddhist monk as your neighbour, which would you prefer? And before you object, this isn't something you can purge from society, like a subversive race element such as the jews. At most you can curb the tendency in this direction somewhat by inculcating a culture that assigns moral value to struggle. This urge is something that arises out of the human condition, and tends to arise most frequently and severely in the more intelligent and sensitive races. How often do you hear of blacks having an existential crisis? They aren't smart enough to realise the predicament they're in.
On a side note I see an invasion going on at 8cuck, with shills flooding threads with defeatist messages. Worst of all, they call these messages White pills.
>>9150 /pnd/ is absolutely terrible.
>>9150 >>9144 >>9130 Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys? It's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video. Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future. Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking! Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the real deal.
>>9186 Fuck off, /a/ was right to ban you.
>>9188 Did this happen on /a/ too?
>>9111 Autarky isn't weaker than international finance, what its weaker than is international cooperation between (((COMMUNISM))) and (((CAPITALISM))).
>>9189 Yeah, he's been spamming on PWL and ZZZ too because he's butthurt about meido banning him.
Don't both reporting the post, it's going to stay up, I was testing it earlier and the unique posts option requires that the post be on the board actively to work. Just gonna keep it there
>>9191 Imagine getting so butthurt that you spend days and hours posting a man eating shit. I'd hate to spend my time doing that.
>>9150 Does anyone under fifty even use 8kun?
>>9204 Ironically enough for anyone under fifty who does use 8kun I only hear them mention it to complain how bad it is.
>>9150 /pnd/ is filled with nazbol cucks, who think le china is based and le redpilled and some commie retardation is going to save the White race.
>>9190 Autarky does not work for everyone, and resources are severally limited. It is weaker than than international finance, this is not to say autarky is a bad or shouldn't be used, but to acknowledge its weaknesses.
I'm not a fag or anything, but I just want to get /fascist/ confirmation on this because I've seen some "White nationalists" on (((twitter))) (American Krogan), come to this agreement. Would you accept White homosexuals, trannies, etc in a White ethnostate?
>>9226 >Would you accept White homosexuals, trannies, etc in a White ethnostate? Absolutely not. These people are sick and corrosive to anything beautiful, wholesome or normal in human societies. Also twitter is full of queers
>>9226 >Would you accept White homosexuals, trannies, etc in a White ethnostate? No I would not >Why? Because homosexuality goes against the Aryan spirit. It is something un and anti natural. Gays are hedonistic enjoy receiving or giving anal to each other, only out of pure pleasure and their hatred for everything natural and traditional. I've seen many gays who openly and are proudly anti-White and have admitted themselves they hated nature and traditional values, because they know these go against their fake sexuality. That's one of the reasons why you see so many gays Jews and (((satanists))) today.
>>9226 Allowing gays in an ethnostate defeats the purpose of what an ethnostate is for and about.
>>9229 This. We will take the family as the building block in a life-affirming natalist culture. Homos and trannies are perversions of this ideal
>>9226 At the very least, we would not support homosexual "rights" and clearly oppose anything equally absurd. Certainly, all our cultures would be geared towards shunning homosexuality. Homos and trannies would be under large pressure, forced to keep quiet. Some would either commit suicide or flee to live outside of our domains. We would keep an eye on insidious fags trying to land a job in the upper levels of a company's or organization's hierarchy because we know they would be entitled to push for homo acceptance and would also try to recruit more homos, along trying to find spots where young boys are available. Himmler had a good speech on this and it's largely spot on. >Precept 35 >Homosexuality is a crime against Nature. All Nature declares the purpose of the >instinct for sexual union is reproduction and thus, preservation of the specie. The >overpowering male sex drive must be channeled toward possession of females, as well as >elements such as territory and power, which are necessary to keep them.
>>9226 Absolutely not. That is basic subversion, first they make you question the obvious, them it don't look so obvious anymore and if you keep hearing that time and time again you will start to tolerated such absurdity. Here is a video explaining the concept a little better, there's also the lectures of Yuri Bezmenov. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W53XVChC76c
>>9239 > That is basic subversion, first they make you question the obvious Well said. I was thinking the same thing, the very fact that questions such as these is a sign of extreme decadence in our societies. Very good video by the way, I recommend all anons take the time to watch it. I have never heard of this guy, and since he has like 86 subs I'm not surprised. I'll have to see if he has more stuff somewhere. >>9238 >At the very least, we would not support homosexual "rights" and clearly oppose anything equally absurd. Ideally, this is all that would be necessary. Today we are so deep in the mire that I often feel as if an over-correction will be necessary. Very strict enforcement, and hopefully through education and mass media it would only take a generation or so to repair the minds of our people. Luckily unlike the Jews, who are fighting against Nature, we exalt the Laws of Nature, the natural way. Once we get the means, the fix should not be as hard as one may think Nice Lane quote

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