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Open file (3.20 MB 557x768 hitlerkalkiodin.gif)
New Age Pan-Religious Esoteric Mystic Ethno-Monotheism Is The Way Forward Blackshirt 06/06/2020 (Sat) 23:53:27 ID: 8d68ba No.708
After reading the amazing, mature and insightful religious discussions here, i have concluded that this is the answer. We can all feel this, that we NEED this, and we are all desperately searching for it in different religions. Sadly though we must be bold enough to admit, every religion out there does not fully align with all of our values and does not stand up to intellectual scrutiny. Because of this, any current religious system can only carry with it the danger of subversion to the movements we hope to establish in our lifetime. One religion will provide proper guidance in one area, while failing in another, either not being explicit on some matters or worse yet giving the worst stance possible such as denial of race which should be the most egregious sin possible. I will attempt to breakdown each term in the lengthy title i have given to this. i hope these explanations will give understanding enough that arguments and criticisms stemming from confusion of terminology wont arise here. >New Age By new age i dont mean crystals and hippies and loony rich white people. By new age, i mean overcoming purist and dogmatic viewpoints pertaining to a certain religion. They are all bad and need to be abandoned. i will briefly cover this here for each one i can think of. >Paganism - Most of it is destroyed and forever lost - At best a re-enactment, otherwise known as LARPing - phallus worship, human sacrifices, other barbaric acts - at best a fucking LARP - failed to preserve itself from christianity - a LARP >Christianity - Explicit tenets of racial universalism, this should immediately disqualify it, nothing could be more subversive and dangerous - Non-White Origin - Not racially exclusive, millions of nigger believers - strong roots in judaic world - End of the World Doomsday Cult - pozzed by thousands of nigger believers, not exclusive to the white race. >Islam - Explicit tenets of racial universalism, this should immediately disqualify it, nothing could be more subversive and dangerous - Non-White Origin - Not racially exclusive, millions of nigger believers - strong roots in judaic world - End of the World Doomsday Cult >Buddhism - Racially Universal - Not racially exclusive - Nihilistic - Anti-Existence - Anti-Family, Anti-Procreation >Vedic - Racially universal - Not Racially exclusive - Lacks explicit instructions regarding race - fails to explicitly condemn lots of immoral acts, such as homosexuality - been pozzed to hell and back by dark skinned dravidians and possibly jews. - End of the World Death Cult - Anti-Family, Anti-Procreation >Zoroastrianism - Excludes anyone not already born into it, making it a larp - failed to preserve itself from islam. - End of the World Doomsday Cult When i say New Age i mean a new system that does not yet exist and a rejection of a dogmatic purist belief in any of the old currently existing religions. >Pan-Religious Despite what i just wrote, the new system of belief that we need will be built from a perceived common thread in all religions. the already extant religious systems are not all bad and they all have something good in them that each anon here is attracted to. Fortunately it is not the worst of these elements that anons are attracted to and rejecting the worst elements in no way collapses the good in them. I doubt that anyone was attracted to Zoroastrianism or Christianity because it contains a doomsday prophecy where everything we ever worked for was for nothing and the whole world and our race is destroyed by the will of an unverifiable god who we are supposed to love for doing so. >Esoteric Mystic This ties in to the pan-religious element. Esoteric meaning hidden, Mystic meaning mystery, This means rejecting literal interpretations of all existing religions but instead using a rational inquiry looking for a hidden truth placed within the legends and stories and statements of each one that coalesce into one truth. This is entirely possible and has been tried already by many people such as serrano, laying a foundation for this work. >Ethno-Monotheism Ethno-Monotheism means that the race and the monotheistic element are intertwined. The 14 words is our holiest mantra, but being aware of dysgenics and eugenics, a monotheistic metaphysical principle that is based on the values of strength, beauty, and truth is the best way to safeguard against degeneracy and dysgenic drift. The form of the Aryan Ubermensch should be seen as a manifestation that is closer to the monotheistic principle and the untermensch seen as drifting away from it. This is in no way a rejection of polytheism and polytheism can be embraced, each deity worshipped should somehow be a manifestation of the central metaphysical principle, or a certain individual who exemplified those values such as hitler or odin.
>>2804 Jung had to rewrite many of his works after the war for them to be kosher enough for wider publication and academic circles, but his original (pre-war) publications were quite insightful. He was a sellout, but his theories help a lot. >"The Metaphysics of Dante" by Guenon Do you have a copy? It was me who wrote the other post that you are referencing, you could have used complete instead of one, but this type of semantics indicates that you are controlled by those who control the language. And it is precisely racial totemism that we should return to, just in a much more advanced form. Yes, it was a common deception in certain circles to observe the Divine as something absolute and singular while considering anything physical (worlds and forms of life on them) to be the ever-shifting multitude of it's manifestations. Yet I am here to show you that the inverse is true, that the physical world is subject to different Wills of different Divinities, all self-existent and independent from any supposed "supreme being" , which is but an impostor. Physical is the most common denominator, for our sources might have originated from very different "places" beyond. That being said, the only other common denominator is the Law.
Doesn't it seem a bit autistic to need your religion to be specifically racially exclusive? Almost no religion is explicitly racially exclusive but a lot of people on the far right seem to go on an autistic rampage if someone "not White" is allowed to practice any give belief system
>>4052 The problem with existing or mainstream religions is that they are life-denying and don't recognize realities such as race, and this is why they are harmful. There seems to be a general trend with any sort of organization, party and religion where, if they are not explicitly pro-White, they will fall prey to the logic of anti-White ideology. There are so many religions / philosophies out there which are founded on the following sorts of ideas: >life is suffering, everything is impermanent (Buddhism) >this world is just a test for a perfect afterlife (Abrahamics) >I will be reborn endlessly in this world until I escape (Hinduism, Buddhism again) >the world of the senses is an illusion, nothing changes, all is one (Eleatics) Et cetera. All of these views downplay or even deny the reality we find ourselves in for reasons that I believe we have no reason to accept, even if parts of each may have some partial truths within them. Like David Lane said, God and religion are separate things, often conflicting. Evidence for divine handiwork is all throughout the natural world. Religion is the creation of mortals, and can hence help or destroy a people depending on the circumstances, and reflects their outlooks and experiences in life. If one really wants to learn what God / Nature, look to Nature. This can scare the weak and subhuman, as the fiction of God as "all good" from the human perception is utterly false, that force or intelligence than men have called God in reality can be quite impassive, indifferent or cruel from the limited view of mankind.
>>4052 >Almost no religion is explicitly racially exclusive >Judaism >Shinto >Yazidism >Zoroastrianism (at least the modern-day version) >Druzism >Mormonism
>>4060 There are nigger Mormons you fucking liar, I've been proselytized at by them myself.
>>4061 The Mormons used to be far more based from what I understand in disallowing niggers in the priesthood, at least until they received a "revelation" which conveniently said that this didn't matter anymore.
>>4061 Not the lad but then you have met pagan mormons or just ones who "suddenly" saw the light from an imaginary golden tablet vision and said blacks were okay. Mormons were always racially exclusive, either to keep guard of their own club or to kill people they didn't like and steal their land. See their multiple massacres of injuns and irish in Utah and Oklahoma, they usually burned and killed crazy feathers by the rivers to settle down there even when their religion claims the injuns are actually lost israelites that should be respected and helped around into civilization. Joe Smith was a high ranking mason and his last words were a freemason emergency code signal, the tablets obviously never existed, he paid lip service to injuns and to settlers who didn't like injuns, he reverted the tablets' monogamy views in favor to sleep publicly in his wife and lover's houses.
>>4063 That doesn't matter anymore, they're no different than other christcucks.
>>4065 Of course, Abrahamism holds nothing for White people anymore and essentially never has.
>>4064 There are niggers in the main line of the Mormon church, even if they haven't gotten to the higher positions yet or are kept out, they are still allowed today in Mormon communities, so imo even if they were badass and pure assholes even to their brother Whites once upon a time they are not now.
>>4067 Agreed, although they were always a bunch of phonies imo, using a strange set of religious rules and mental gymnastics to justify their brand of Manifest Destiny. Truth be told Americans always had an imperialistic vision, disregarding race at the end of the day.
>>4069 A lot of our imperialistic vision in regards to the mainland US as actually seen in fairly racial terms. Whites pushed west, driving the Injuns further west or exterminating them if they had to. We had a racial logic to our expansion, as can be seen by people like South Carolina's Senator Calhoun. He was in support of annexing Texas, but to occupy all of Mexico, which was overflowing with mutts and Indians, would be to upset the racial balance of America to devastating consequences.
Re-reading some of the knowledge on this thread has given me a little more strength. Nice to see some people get it. I believe this thread should be bumped whenever religious discussion takes root, because the knowledge here and the paper trail is too invaluable to let slide. We could use a better OP, though
>>4353 >Re-reading some of the knowledge on this thread has given me a little more strength Good to hear, anon. I have been enjoying this thread too.
>>4071 I never thought of manifest destiny/western expansion as lebensraum, but that's essentially what it was. we took vast territory and resources, and ensured the dominance of a White, western, english-speaking society in North America. this of course played a large role in making the US a modern superpower. if we had mixed thoroughly with natives and mexicans, the results would have been very destabilizing. contrary to modern propaganda, diversity is not strength, it's a weakness. ethnic/linguistic/cultural unity is a much stronger foundation to build upon than a bunch of bickering tribes clustered together.
Open file (139.63 KB 737x723 not sorry indians.jpg)
>>4398 Interestingly Hitler himself (if I recall correctly) drew the same comparison between America's expansion into the West and Hitler's plans for expansion into Western Russia. I think it might have been in his Second Book, but I can't remember, if anyone wants to really know I'll look. And you're right that it was the conquest of this Lebensraum in the West that help propel America into a power with global reach and influence, to mention Hitler again, this is why he saw that it was imperative for Germany to expand. He pointed out that it was large states with huge resource bases that would dominate the politics of the 20th century, and how right he was. Growing our populations is important, but overcrowding has negative effects on people (Mouse Utopia) and is horrible for the environment. A growth in White population should always entail an expansion in Lebensraum, not packing as many Whites in single area as possible like sardines. This was historically what happened. White populations expanded into the territories of other races and gradually wiped them out or subjugated them. The process stopped for various reasons and since then we've been dealing with the revenge of the mud people for a few decades now
>>4405 I'd like to know and would appreciate, if you can , a pdf posting of his second book, unless there is some non-pozzed publisher of it that would contribute to our cause, not sure I've ever seen it.
>>4406 >Zweites Buch by Adolf Hitler Check the book thread for it.
>>4406 Here's the version I read. The name (((Weinberg))) is of course disconcerting, but there was really nothing in the book that seemed too tampered with. If anyone has a better version I'd be happy to have that instead. Hitler talks a lot about America in this book and its large Lebensraum as key to its success, but I couldn't find the exact comparison that I talked about in my previous post. I swear I have read this in one place or another, but maybe I am misremembering and merely drew the obvious connection myself. I'm gonna look through Mein Kampf real quick to make sure I'm not missing it >>4416 I didn't see it in the thread here. I'll add this edition and we can add the others if people can dig one up
>>4405 >hitler wanting to expand into western russia should have went for a colony in africa tbh. would have been much easier than fighting russians, and it could have had success like america did. even being strained of resources because of war, dropping off a group of Whites with minimal resources and not claiming political ties would have been a small but possibly profound investment not just in germany but for the race as a whole.
>>4425 He addressed this in Mein Kampf. Hitler basically said that colonies in Africa aren't suited to large scale European settlement. It makes more sense to have control over a large and continuous land-base rather than a bunch of smaller territories covered with jungles and filled with negroes. Plus, in Eastern Europe and Russia at the time there were already millions of Germans scattered about (esp. in Poland, Bessarabia, the Baltic countries and as far out as the Volga River.
>>4426 >stay out of africa goyim
Open file (88.75 KB 253x399 mountain.png)
>>4417 >The name (((Weinberg))) is of course disconcerting You probably know it but I'll say it nonetheless for any lurkers, there's only some moderate correlation between names ending with -berg (ger. mountain) being jews, Alfred Rosenberg being just one prominent example of totally being not jewish although accused of being kek.
>>4476 I'm just reporting what Hitler said. From a German perspective I think it made a lot of sense to focus on the East. Along with the stuff I said in my previous post, Bolshevism was a menace that needed to be curbed sooner or later. Unfortunately Churchill - the same man who two decades earlier was sounding the alarm bells on International Jewry - and his kike advisors were hellbent on war despite everything Hitler did to try to keep peace between his nation and England. I think Hitler was wrong regarding the possibilities for European settlement of Africa. SA and Rhodesia seem to have been fairly prosperous for the time that they existed. It is just unfortunate that they fell prey to Marxist subversion. What they should have done was ethnically cleansed their areas of settlement of all blacks, mulattoes and other undesirables, creating large pockets of Whites-only settlement. Easier said than done, of course, but by now we have seen time and time again that relying on non-White laborers is detrimental to Whites. >>4489 The Weinberg with that book is a literal kike though, but I know what you mean. I've seen people sperging out as well when I or someone else recommends a book by Rosenberg. On one hand it's funny, but also kind of sad that they aren't aware of such a great man.
>>4493 >I think Hitler was wrong regarding the possibilities for European settlement of Africa. Although I have relatives who wanted to settle in Africa before World War 1 hit this was a broader sentiment towards settling in Africa though, not only Hitler's. Germany came late to its colonies and just sunk money, lost many people due to disease or hostile actions. Its colonies never paid off if you discount the diamond trade and some luxuries I'd say it was a financial disaster. Germans had no century old roots like the Boers or that feeling of being on a holy mission to colonize the world like the British. I think Germany looked on the colonies mainly as an imperial prestige object and potential source of income which wouldn't come to fruition similar to that Britain was for the Romans.
Open file (139.12 KB 577x553 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4495 >I think Germany looked on the colonies mainly as an imperial prestige object and potential source of income This is the impression that I've gotten as well. From what I know Bismarck got them a few pickings scattered around Africa. Maybe if they had established something like Mittelafrika it would have been more worth the time and effort.
>>4498 I think the biggest issue was that Germany never really had the experience and strength/means e.g. a Navy to sustain an empire. Germany was no real seafaring nation, and while its populace liked the exotic touch and took pride in having colonies overall Germans felt not all that much about entertaining an empire. It was just an alien thought not rooted in the German psyche. So Germans colonial ambitions were mostly a thing of its royal rulers who would've liked to copy the British. And this was just in peace times, as soon as a war would break out Germany knew it couldn't compete with its British rivals and its colonies would be lost.
>>4489 Rosenberg got executed after a mock trial despite never actually killing anyone, his only crime was writing books. That would hardly happen if he was a kike.
>>4501 Same with Julius Streicher. Nuremberg was a complete sham. Remember: >The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and non-technical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to have probative value. >The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof. It shall also take judicial notice of official governmental documents and reports of the United Nations, including the acts and documents of the committees set up in the various Allied countries for the investigation of war crimes and the records and findings of military or other Tribunals of any of the United Nations
>>4502 The city is called Nürnberg (or without ligature Nuernberg), not Nuremberg. https://www.thegermanprofessor.com/how-to-pronounce-o-and-u/
>>4535 >>4535 We're speaking English here, bro. It's Nuremberg. Don't tell me you'd say München instead of Munich too when speaking English? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_trials
>>4536 >Munich It's less weird than Nuremberg because you could at least write Nuernberg. It doesn't require any extra effort to write correctly for English speakers. I get that a words like Köln or München are too hard but Berlin is written Berlin in English too. It probably came to be like "referer" in HTTP. Some of you islanders write it wrong and then everyone adopts it. Another example: island. Originally it was written iland in English: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/island It's still spelled the same as German "Eiland". Some smart Englishman put a silent s behind the i because he thought the word was Latin.
>>4535 >>4537 >fascist vs grammar nazis the eternal struggle continues >inb4 getting corrected for mixing spelling and grammar
>>4539 >the eternal struggle continues It's not my fault the English war mongers declared war on us.
>>4538 Nuremberg is actually the least weird of those examples. The "n" sound in Nürnberg assimilated to the "b" in -berg (to same place of articulation, the lips) and formed an easier-to-say cluster in English. Still a sequence "rnb" is kind of unwieldy for English so speakers inserted a vowel and eventually the spelling came to match the pronunciation
>>4541 >Still a sequence "rnb" is kind of unwieldy for English They're word parts. Like in newspaper. You don't say "wsp".
>>4542 You need to disconnect orthography from pronunciation. Spelling has nothing to do with how a word is pronounced by a person, the sound has to due with the articulation of your tongue, vocal cords, lip-rounding, nasalization, etc. This is why the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) exists, so we can avoid these problems. No native English words have a sequence "rnb". This isn't a value judgement, it's just a fact, and so this makes it slightly difficult to say for speakers who know nothing but the phonology of English. In English a nasal consonant (like consonants at the beginning of "moose" and "nose" and at the end of "thing" (the "ng") seems to have to agree in place of articulation with the following consonant (as in hand, not hamd). German doesn't have this, I can think of words like Hemd over the top of my head and I'm sure there is others. It's not that it's impossible to say, it's just that to mouths accustomed to the English set of sounds we're left to deal with, that we'll readjust words to be easier to pronounce. The same happens in Japanese when when they borrow words. For example, instead of "Donald Trump", they say ドナルド・トランプ (Donarudo Toranpu)
>>4545 >No native English words have a sequence "rnb". This isn't a value judgement, it's just a fact Hahaahhahahahahhaaaa. Fact is a latin word. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/words-containing-rn CTRL F cornbraiding cornbraided hornblende turnbuckle
cornbreads thornback thornbush cornbraid
hornbeam hornbill hornbook
>>4549 >I pulled some obscure-ass compound words out, BTFO! Damn you got me, I never thought that smaller words could be put together! >Fact is a latin word. Judgement is a French word, your point?
>derailing the thread with this gay spam
>obscure-ass compound words Nürnberg is a compound word. >Judgement is a French word, your point? A stupid point because your language is mongrelised.
rnb can't possibly exist in anything but compound words and that was my point all along.
>>4555 >Nürnberg is a compound word. Tell me then, what is a Nürn? It's about as meaningful as the "cran" in cranberry today, so for all intents in purposes it is no longer a compound
>>4558 >The town was first mentioned in 1050 as a nuorenberc (rocky mountain) in a document of Emperor Henry III.
In German the most syllables are compounds.
>>4559 >nuorenberc Now I fucked over my own argument.
>>4559 Yeah that's the point, retard, no one knows what the fuck it means without having to dig up the etymology today, hence why I mentioned "cranberry". Or here's a better example - "cobweb", where the first element comes apparently from an obsolete word for spider

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