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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

Open file (181.68 KB 717x769 intgralist crying.PNG)
The Situation with Hoppe-sama Blackshirt Board owner 05/19/2020 (Tue) 17:52:35 ID: 39c156 No.48
As anons have probably realized, HS has been fucking up on and off for the last day or so, and Tor seems to have been down longer than that. I'm not sure what is going on, and I have emailed the owner, but after 24 hours there has been no response so far. I am unsure of how to get in contact with the owner of /monarchy/ and /liberty/ also so I can't tell you guys anything. Worst comes to worst we'll be hear if the whole site goes down, and naysayers against HS will have been proven right. Hopefully it won't come to that though. I'll be posting updates between here, Neinchan's stickied /pol/ thread or on Julay if anyone asks questions there.
Open file (77.02 KB 239x262 return the slab.png)
>>78 >Why you DO NOT love /monarchy/? I discovered that when life is on a thread, there is no time or space for political ideologies. The only thing that matters is to live
>>77 Kek. But honestly though I'm going to be slightly butthurt if this goes unfixed. I knew I was taking a risk but I didn't expect it to have potentially blown up in my face so quickly. I'm just glad that we had a place to gather in. I feel bad for the /liberty/ and /monarchy/ anons who are scattered about, at least some of them have found their way here.
>>78 >There is absolutely nothing sexual about them, stop lewding them! I can't tell...sometimes Integralist-chan seems innocent and pure, other times she seems borderline sadistic. Maybe she is yandere
>>78 I need not do anything; they’re doing a perfectly good job of lewding themselves. >>81 It’s a shame. I was finally starting to hope that we might see a few hosts successfully spin out of the Julay mess. All we have so far is downtime and drama. Maybe /monarchy/ and /liberty/ can make bunkers here too.
>>82 I don't have much Integralist lore to be honest, but I don't think tsundere or yandere really characterize her. It's true that she has an innocent and shy side like is depicted in the first picture, but recent pics have made it clear that she can be slightly mischievous if given the opportunity. She's an enigma. >>83 Yeah, I'm still holding onto the hope that the owner will pop up in a day or so and sort this shit out and maybe give us with an explanation. I'm not mad at him necessarily, I'd just like to hear something. It was looking good for a while and I was getting comfy over at HS. Hopefully the other two boards get things sorted out.
Open file (195.18 KB 825x584 031.jpg)
>>85 I'm a /tech/ anon helping with 8moe's infrastructure. I know you guys are trying really hard not to lose all your files and threads. If the situation doesn't resolve itself soon, I'd be happy to help migrate stuff over. I'm actually working on a scraper for this sort of occasion but it's not nearly finished, unfortunately. If you're not interested, then sorry for the shilling. I'd be really sad if /liberty/ died, though. It was a favorite of mine. Hope you guys can all find a comfy home soon.
>>98 Do you have an email or anything? I don't really know much about that site but I'll check it out, from a cursory glance it didn't raise any red flags or anything. I'd hate to keep jumping around but like you said having to start over from scratch again would be fucking awful. Maybe other anons can let me know if they know anything about this site that I don't, or how long I should wait before making a move, but if it comes to that I'd be interested.
>>100 Also I don't want to make it sound like I'm bailing on Hoppe but since I have no idea what is going on I should at least look into different avenues just in case for the worst case scenario. If we're lucky we'll be posting on Hoppe within 24 hours with no technical difficulties.
>>100 Try sending an e-mail to codexx@cock.li ASAP If you don't get a reply from me fast then cockmail is probably being shit and you can reach me on twatter @Codexx I've been up all night working on stuff so I'm probably gonna get some sleep soon, but I'm willing to hang around and chat for a bit if you're up for it now.
>>102 Okay, I emailed you.
Open file (530.01 KB 815x1200 1366561860757.jpg)
>>48 I was wondering where everyone went, but then I remembered these other bunkers >>62 because /fascist/, /monarchy/ and /liberty/ are the only politics boards that aren't cancer >>98 based!
>>104 Welcome, anon, I’m glad some people are finding their ways back over to here. I’m glad I had advertised this a bit back on Julay before Hoppe was a thing. Hopefully we’re not here long.
>>61 I'm going to patiently wait for it to be fixed, hopefully.
Open file (2.49 MB 2600x3718 grace unhappy.png)
I put much effort into the /monarchy/ reading list and music threads, mp4/webm too. A ton of work w/o a scrapper.
>>105 I sent you an update by e-mail a few hours ago. I'm also posting here so anons can follow along, and in case cockmail ate my response, which it has done before. This guy >>>/shelter/1132 says he has FTP access to the server hosting both Hoppe-sama and Tengu Reich. If he can pull the database then we can do a full migration of everything on Hoppe-sama and import it into the 8moe database using the vichan -> lynxchan import script. This is by far the easiest option for migration, especially since my scraper isn't ready and as far as I know there really aren't any designed for this application out there. I dropped a reply in the /shelter/ thread and am waiting to hear back. The rest of the staff at 8moe have been alerted and are all for giving you guys a smooth migration if that's where you want to go. I have claimed the board in the meantime so they don't get squatted. >>114 If for whatever reason the database cannot be retrieved, I will personally help to move files over manually like you guys did to Hoppe-sama the other week. But I'm actually fairly optimistic at this time that all the boards can be migrated fully. But it's all gonna depend on the guy with FTP access in the other thread. Hang in there, guys!
Is there a reason the triumvirate can't settle here on Anon.cafe? They’re not bouncing up and down or being subjected to successful deplatforming and the administration seems drama-free.
Per >>>/shelter/1158 it seems like the db is being pulled. It's looking very good. >>116 It's up to the BOs, honestly. I reached out to the /fascist/ BO because they're the only one here. I offered to help migrate to 8moe because it's the site I'm working on, so I can coordinate that. Ultimately it's up to the BO and the admins. I've got the green light at 8moe and we're preparing to make the migration expedient. I'm just trying to make a transition as quick and painless as possible, if indeed a transition is needed.
>>117 >I offered to help migrate to 8moe because it's the site I'm working on, so I can coordinate that. Things become clearer.
>>118 I literally introduced myself above as such in the posts above.
We have the DBs. We're working out an import procedure now.
>>120 What about /liberty/ & /monarchy/? t. monarchy anon
>>116 The issue is that they don’t seem to be offering anyone thread migration. AnonCafe is comfy but losing 8,000 plus posts and dozens of threads is almost as annoying as losing the 13,000 plus posts from the original /fascist/ on 8chan. If anyone knows how I can get in contact with the other BO of /liberty/ or /monarchy/ let me know >>115 I just woke up, so I will check and respond to the email here in a little bit. Probably within an hour.
>>122 /monarchy/ BO is also /liberty/ BO. I don't have contact w/ him. We're kinda in a strange hunch.
Glowniggers must have taken out the other BO and the admin. The torch is yours /fascist/ BO, begin the triple personal union.
>>125 why do you suppose such a thing happened?
>>122 Been thinking about that. We can migrate them along with /fascist/. If the BO shows up, we can hand them over. If some time passes and they never appear then we can put them up for claims and one of the regulars can grab it. Honestly it's up to what you guys want. It's your board. >>123 Take your time. I might grab a nap, so if I don't respond immediately then don't panic. The e-mail I sent was basically all good news. I've since hit a slight hitch. The migration script is not plug-and-play, so I'm going to either need to update it or do a conversion and then merge it in. We need to build a system for this anyways, but we've been playing whack-a-mole with our wishlist and it hasn't been a priority until now. I'll talk things over with the team, see if I'm doing this solo or if we're gonna make a group project of it, and then hopefully have an ETA sometime tonight.
>>126 Beats me. It’s possible that the other BO really just has never even thought of looking at Anon Cafe after it went down since unlike /fascist/ they didn’t have links with other boards like we do with Neinchan and here. When it comes to the admin, who knows, it was a complete disappearance.
>>128 Hope the famoli gets reunited soon.
>>98 I'm the /liberty/ and /monarchy/ BO, would you be willing to help us out? Shoot an email to kanonforward@gmail.com, and I'll reply from a more secure email address
Please look at this thread when you get a chance, anons: >>131 >>131 >>131 >>131 >>131 >>131
Open file (600.69 KB 633x625 grace face.png)
>>132 My king, I was worried you were gone forever.
Open file (209.93 KB 1323x2048 EUxAoIvXQAIGR.jpg)
Anons, 8moe's kindness has touched my heart. I advocate going there. But like I said earlier, my small dislike is less file size to play around with. I'm spoiled and like 20MB.
>>275 16mb isn’t awful, but maybe they’ll bump it up eventually. For me it’s usually only a problem with videos
>>132 >/monarchy/ and /liberty/ run by the same person >/liberty/ >run by a MONARCHIST What the FUCK.
>>361 It could easily go both ways. >/monarchy/ run by a /liberty/ anon? >wttfff!! But that isn't how you address your monarch, you churl. I, for one, welcome our Hoppean overlord.
>>362 Hoppe is up at the moment but posts don't go through.
>>361 If you think about it private companies are like kingdoms, they just wage-war against one-another in a different way t. Fascist-Monarchist with libertarian characteristics
>>275 >>281 Now it’s been bumped up to 24mb
Open file (712.21 KB 1200x2000 boot-lick!.png)
>>418 Great work, anon. All I want now is to get the music thread, mp4 thread, and reading list from hoppe-sama /monarchy/, if possible.
>>425 /monarchy/ went with a fresh start on hoppe-sama. No need to get any threads other than those ones. Neither do I want the threads from julay. Only the hoppe-sama threads we should get.
hey BO, is there any particular reason why you never tried 9chan, tw that is? Seems the only board with an experienced moot and some reach
>>428 >is there any particular reason why you never tried 9chan, tw that is? Not really any particularly reason, honestly. I did claim a /fascist/ there right after it came up but I've never really did anything with it. The one thing I didn't like about it was that the interface for running the board was kind of buggy when I was trying to configure it, but honestly I had never even really considered moving there. Nothing against the site though
We need a /monarchy/ consensus. BO, Luxembourger, Intelligentsia and anons, what are your thoughts on 8moe move?
>>587 I don't see how this site is any worse than any of the alternatives or where we've been before. No one seemed to mind for weeks and now a small group is throwing a tantrum. I'll be posting on 8moe's /monarchy/ before long, hopefully
>>361 Have you never heard of anarcho-monarchism? https://web.archive.org/web/20160302235611/http://anarcho-monarchism.com/ Also, there are a lot of minarchist monarchists.
8moe /monarchy/ has all the recycled julayworld threads, but I wanted the hoppe-sama threads. I spent days carefully organizing those hoppe-sama ones. The recycled julay content is a headache. The julay threads are ugly/old/no longer relevant to our current timeline. I'm calling for a fresh start, or I will have to painstakingly bring over the hoppe-sama content. Not what I wanted w/ recycled julay stuff. Petitioning our King of /monarchy/ about 8moe move and the leftover uglyass julay threads left there.
8moe, Zchan, anon.cafe, 9ch, those are what we have already discussed now. King of /monarchy/ should contemplate. If the King is really feeling sticking to the Webring, then Zchan/anon.cafe perhaps? 9chan, but if it has 18MB+ file size. Otherwise, there is 8moe, but 8moe needs a fresh start imo--leftover julay threads gotta go. Unless King-sama has something in mind. The King should weigh in.
>>618 >>624 >oy vey we got our new site but this is bad! I’s all gotta go!!!
Open file (209.93 KB 1323x2048 EUxAoIvXQAIGR.jpg)
>>626 I am not the King of /monarchy/. The King of /monarchy/ should bring a seal of approval. Now that everything is laid out.
>>626 8moe might do, but I petition a wipe of all the julay leftover threads.

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