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>twitter posting thread Blackshirt 07/16/2020 (Thu) 12:12:13 ID: 77c45b No.3586
What the title says. Post whatever twitter stuff you find that's relevant and/or interesting.
>>10545 Just like in Weimar, everything the Jews do today is catered towards transforming non-Jews into animals who live for the sole purpose of satisfying their base instincts.
https://mobile.twitter.com/urbanartshop/status/1319111785409089544 Does anyone know who this faggot is? He seems to claim to be a fascist but is agaisnt White supremacism and acts a moralists.
Open file (130.96 KB 556x280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (20.10 KB 543x208 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (21.86 KB 542x223 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11220 It's a NazBol who wants to align with Muslims (#OneStruggle) and cries about the "Great Satan" it looks like. AKA another Keith Woods wannabe shill. Being against White supremacy is a being a cuckold, period, just as is appealing to "moral arguments" (What is moral is the will of the stronger). Look at how he retweets literal chinks, and people with the word "Juche" in their accounts who appeal to black Marxists like Fanon for God's sake.
>>11221 In other words a communist Jew who pretends to be a fascist. I also heard rumors he was a literal cuck.
>>11225 >In other words a communist Jew who pretends to be a fascist I feel like there are so many of these online unfortunately. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone who was concerned with supporting China and Iran online and shilling for Marxists was a cuck
Open file (106.33 KB 592x1024 Richard.jpg)
>>11221 >AKA another Keith Woods wannabe shill. Being against White supremacy is a being a cuckold Funny for you to say that, considering Spencer is now a Blacked.com subscriber. From the alt-right to the alt-kike and they're now the alt-cuck. I have more respect for ancaps then I do for these cucks and that says a lot. Imagine calling anyone rascist liberals and doing shit like this.
>>11227 I can’t believe Spencer has gone from talking about Nietzsche and eugenics with Jonathan Bowden on podcasts to supporting Joe Biden and nigger warlords. The absolute state
>>11227 >White liberals Yeah this guy is a fucking Jew, fucking Americans man. I hope this retard realizes that Rockwell wouldn't approve this type of shit at all. Calling the most Judaic political group who are filled with zionists and Jews, "White" is fucking retarded and his wignat twatter tards who orbit him are probably mutts. I'm starting wish someone just put a bullet in his brain already.
>>11221 >Being against White supremacy is a being a cuckold Not everyone here actually believes in supremacy but you do you.
>>11234 >not believing Whites are the highest race >wanting to be pushed around by shitskins pursuing their own interests at the expense of yours >allowing shitskins to shit up the planet with White technologies while you sick in your fictional lines on the map and never overstep Yikes.
>>11234 >Not everyone here actually believes in supremacy but you do you. Well you're fucking faggots and are truly blue-pilled. I have no sympathy for niggers nor chinks, they all either have to go or bend the knee.
>>11235 >while you sick *sit
>>11227 So wait raz Simone is a fucking warlord? And he's praising him?
>>11238 He was a warlord for the whole CHAZ shit and is a black nationalist, I have no idea why he is praising him, but my guess is it's because Richard's Jew genes are once again kickin telling to be a faggot.
>>11238 He’s the nigger who walked around with a rifle in Seattle when commies tried and failed to set up that CHAZ autonomous area.
>>11240 >He’s the nigger who walked around with a rifle in Seattle when commies tried and failed to set up that CHAZ autonomous area. So basically he was barely a warlord just a dumb nigger with a rifle.
>>11241 Yeah, that’s true, the term “warlord” makes him sound more powerful than he really was
>>11236 Chinks and niggers don't give 2 shits about ethnic Europeans. I wish we could get it through to all the normalcucks out there that racial empathy is only flowing one way, to everyone else's benefit, and at our loss.
>>11235 To be fair, a White can hold a more egalitarian view of the races, not want to be pushed around, have an non-expansionist view, and still be logically consistent.
>>11243 Well anyone who says stupid shit about they don't care for supremacy or muh moralism has already outed themselves as Jew or a mutt or even both. I can't stand retards who think we should be sympathetic to the poor mudslimes because they hate gays thinking that alone has some value.
>>11242 That's true, they really hyped him up back when the chaz situation first started to get out of hand. I hope he killed a lot of his own; that's all they are good for.
>moral argument for survival “p-please let us survive, j-just hear my argument first and you’ll understand!”
>>11229 Richard was always suspicious person considering, I haven't nor most of White nationalist have heard of him until the Charlottesville Rally, which I have suspicion of as well. Richard Spencer probably only supports things like eugenics because he believes it would benefit people like him. He's a faggot, married a kike, was tutored by a kike, is actually communist, half Jewish as well, shills zionist elites and excuses it by calling Trump worst and has this dumb obsession with Trump along with his fans. People like him resulting in supporting civic nationalism is probably because he would get gassed along with the other dumbass intellectual mutts.
>>11249 Where's the proof he's a faggot or that he's half jewish? I haven't seen that yet.
>>11260 Him being a fag is mainly supported by certain tweets that he has made over the years, along with his voice and face. He has a case of the gay face for sure
>>11244 If you hold any egalitarian view you are wrong, because the fundamental premise of egalitarianism is false, it is therefore impossible to be logically consistent while holding that belief unless you wish to believe only false things.
>>11267 Not a good look. But this is about as much proof as there is that Yukio Mishima was a butt fucker
>>11395 More egalitarian as in acknowledging that certain groups do better in certain situations, but not every situation. Can you judge an apple superior to an orange? They both have their own strengths
>>11405 Egalitarianism refers to social equality and equal rights. Even if there is not a way in which you can delineate what is exactly superior or inferior in something like an apple and an orange, they're of course different, and thus unequal. The closer things are to each other, the easier it is discern superiority and inferiority. That is why the difference between a retard and an Aryan Übermensch is so obvious, or why in most respects the man is superior to the woman, even though the woman is perfectly suited to her natural roles.
>>11403 So, this is decisive proof?
>>11405 And pray tell what situations does any other race do better than us when you pit our experts in that field against their experts in the same? there are not many places where other races beat us out in any respect, and when they do it's an adaptation like some pacific islander people who can naturally hold their breath under water longer and we just use scuba gear instead.
Open file (44.59 KB 1068x568 mishima violence.jpg)
>>11418 >>11403 Mishima's faggotry is over-played. He probably was to an extent, but he was also married with multiple children, and his wife denied the claim and even got books alleging the fact removed from shelves in Japan.
>>7640 >muh workout Dude infects steroid and the bitch is wearing skimpy clothes to whore herself out on the internet. Both Varg the fag and you need a good raping in the ass to learn your lesson, retard. Losing weight is extremely easy and anyone who's proud of of being skinny is obnoxious.
>>11413 >the man is superior to the woman The man-woman dichotomy is unusual because of how interdependent they are of one another. Man is superior using the metrics men judge each other and provide value, but woman has her own strengths, and it's natural for men to defer to women in certain cases, precisely because she is perfectly suited to her natural roles. >>11421 I'm not arguing that Whites aren't the clear leaders when it comes to civilization building and innovation, with some competition from the Orient. But there is a reason why evolution selected for the different races. The stability that more tribal cultures can offer may play a part. >>7640 >Except the jews aren't behind working out at all Only if you ignore bodybuilding, which dominates current ideas of fitness. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugen_Sandow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Weider https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Gold
>>11426 >Man is superior using the metrics men judge each other and provide value Yeah, that's true. I think the view of men and women as complementary is the most healthy and accurate one. There is a natural division of labor, and different areas where men and women should attend to because they are most suited to it.
>>11423 Mental retardation is not healthy anon you might wanna get checked out.
>>11426 We don't really have a lot of competition from the orient China and Chinese people are laughably incompetent no matter where they have power and Japan is the only compatible or even slightly competitive power there is in the Far east and even they are a racial enemy despite how friendly we may be with them.
>>11436 I used Orient to refer to the entirety of Asia, not just the far China. I wanted to avoid the specific connotation if I had used Asian. Apologies for not being more clear there. With that being said, I'm referring more to historical metrics than modernity, as I think the Ancients of both cultures would look at us with disdain. Europeans never directly competed with the far East until recently, but based off of the arts and the technology that we do know originated there, I think it's fair to say they were comparable at one point. And of course, we have the Persians and other branches of the Indo-European tree from the Near East.
>>11426 I think that even though men and women are different, that shouldn't mean that the husband must rule the wife with a tight grip or something. Like why not see your wife more than just a house servant? Like a friend?
>>11455 I think the idea of the traditional husband has been poisoned by feminist narrative-weaving that paints him as some sort of tyrant over his wife and children. The father certainly had authority over them, but a good father is not utterly domineering and controlling over everything – this doesn’t mean that he is permissive of wrongdoing though, or tolerant of disrespect. By male standards, women are greater than children but lesser than men. Recognizing this fact and structuring society accordingly with this in mind will obviously lead to a very different society than from what we have today. They’d be more restricted, but ultimately it would be for the best. Just as one does not allow children to do whatever they wish according to each and every passing whim, the same holds true for women, who are more emotional, less rational and generally of more average intelligence compared to men, who are spread over a wider range of intelligence. One can treat a wife like a friend and still realize that she is not the same in capacity or nature as a man. Generally, absent of feminist propaganda or exceedingly weak men, this relationship comes about just as naturally as the relationship between a man and his son or daughters, or between a ruler and the ruled
>>11426 >but woman has her own strengths I see this argument used a lot online by right-wingers who are against a strictly patriarchal system but I cannot think of any strengths that a woman has, aside from being good at dealing with children. But even in today's society, like we see in the case of female teachers, we see that women can be quite cruel to children when they have excessive control over them. That or their lack of understanding of what boys need in their education will mean they are too overbearing and turn them into pussies. So really, I cannot think of any features that women have which are beneficial to society as a whole.
>>11464 >So really, I cannot think of any features that women have which are beneficial to society as a whole. Having babies and child-rearing first and foremost, obviously. This is of course essential. I don't think they're capable of raising a child completely by themselves, though, as we see how single-mother households fair in the children they raise (not well at all). Traditionally, they did much more than just vacuum and clean the dishes too - from what I understand, oftentimes clothing was produced in the home, or locally among the women (capitalism destroyed this), not to mention other important tasks such as gardening and maybe even very basic lower education of children. All of this they are quite suited to and even enjoy more than a man ever could. Unfortunately many of the traditional areas of females in modern society have been undermined and replaced with state or corporate entities.
>>11464 You're looking through a male lens. Women's power tends to be a lot softer: as a muse, as something to protect or win. I also think women have a special insight, whether that comes to reading people or some sort of spiritual connection. That's why historically women advisors were not uncommon, and why institutions like the Pythia were always female.
>>11558 >2030 What a coincidence. This is the date that I have in my head for everything going to shit. It is likely that everything in this video has to do with (((The Great Reset))). These kikes are pushing the limit here.
Open file (2.67 MB 720x1258 YAZnWycLr3JEcPOc.mp4)
Open file (741.78 KB 728x546 based chink.png)
>>11678 I want to know why he was arrested

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