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The Coming Family-State Blackshirt 07/15/2020 (Wed) 20:40:51 No.3518
>tfw you realize that "family values" fags are correct but that they don't realize that capitalism and feminism is destroying the family-structure The strengthening of the family is essential for the future. Effective familial relations are the root of both community and state. The family's are the ultimate source and ground of the political order. Atomized individuals and broken families are symptoms of a sick and degenerating society. The society has grown top-heavy. The individual finds face-to-face with the state with no intermediary associations. This too is unnatural. A truly strong state needs strong families, strong local communities and finally a strong and capable national leadership. The weakness of any of the three above is harmful for the others. How can the family be strengthened in future fascist societies? I think inculcating the people with Confucian-like ideas of role ethics, guidelines for conduct drawn from concrete familial and social roles would be one helpful educational policy, but the real problem is that Whites are totally spooked on the idea of the abstract autonomous individual, abstract universal principles and the idea of the state as something that restricts them.
>>4980 >have you read The Analects or anything Confucian? No, I mostly neglected it. I have read two Egyptian texts. Teachings of a Man for his Son is full of points favoring kings and Loyalist Teaching also. >For she accompanies and attends revered kings Whomever the daughters of mighty Zeus honor and see being born from kings nurtured by Zeus, upon his tongue they pour dew sweeter than honey and from his mouth flow soothing words. All the people look to him as he decides between opposing claims with straight judgments. He addresses them without erring and quickly and knowingly ends a great quarrel. For this reason, kings are wise, because for people injuring one another in assembly, they end actions that call for vengeance easily, appeasing the parties with soft words. As he walks in the marketplace, they glorify him as if a god with soothing deference, and he stands out in the gathering. >Such is the sacred bounty of the Muses to men. From the Muses and far-shooting Apollo are singers and guitar-players across the earth, but kings are from Zeus. ^This from Hesiod Theogony (conversation for another day). I am always looking for ancient sources that depict royal monarchy greatly.
Open file (1.32 MB 1648x2056 grace muse.png)
>>4969 Going to read your book recommendation now.
1. Every society has a center (a man/group/faction with the most influence). 2. Every society of note has an entrenched elite who pass on their wealth onto heirs. 3. All of them have a rule by one or rule by oligarchy.
>>5013 >muh tranime Doesn't it get old, posting this ad nauseam?
Open file (2.49 MB 2600x3718 grace unhappy.png)
>>5075 MODS!
Open file (59.77 KB 193x294 ClipboardImage.png)
Katō Hiroyuki believed that ultimate unity was enforced within the nation when strong leaders of kinship groups subordinated weaker members to themselves. At the lower level there is an instinctual need to form associations with other people. This subordination and coordination by the strong makes the communities able to subdue adversaries and become more powerful and organized. Eventually the leaders become kings and the nation is born. Katō believed in organicism, or the nation as a body politic or superorganism. The king is the "controlling organ" or "thought center", the state executive function. Other aspects of the nation are conceptualized as cells or "assisting organs" and they are subordinate to the "controlling organ", saying: >As auxiliary organs of the state the people have the duty and the right to be controlled by their leaders; and the leaders have the duty and the right to control the people who are their own auxiliary organs. It's clearly not classical monarchism, but as someone who served as the president of Tokyo University, he was offering a more naturalistic and scientific spin to classical ideas of the nation as a social organism
>>5087 I planned on making a compilation of pro-monarchy quotes, with these being the main centerpieces... But I have a bigger hurdle in the road to deal with first. >Schopenhauer quote related to organism
>>5093 That Schopenhauer quote is spot on. The more I read this stuff, the more I see how common such ideas were throughout history, as you have shown in your posts ITT. In particular I only recently learned that Hegel preached a sort of organicism and communitarian ethos which gave the whole society an overarching purpose (bound together by an ethical order / Sittlichkeit) and that these ideas later were supported by the facts being discovered in biology in that day regarding social structures and division of labor among some non-human animals. It's been a while since I read Giovanni Gentile's work on fascism, but if I recall correctly it lays out the same type of organicism.
>>5094 I planned on reading through Giovanni Gentile's work on fascism. I was surprised (from what I read) as he touched on the topic of royalism. I thought about compiling /fascist/ quotes on /monarchy/ and putting them on my board... Mostly to dismantle certain people's prejudice in my case.
Yes. Body politic is an ancient idea, like I said... Medievalists are foolish to say it was mostly John of Salisbury who created it. But I object that it is ancient in its origin... That Egyptian text, Teachings of a Man for his Son demonstrates it. >Praise the king, may you love him, as a worker He makes radiant by the giving of his powers. He is greater than a million men for the one he has favoured... >He is the bodily health of the nameless, he exercises his body for him. He is the right arm of the man whose arms are weak. A person is buried (only) as one cleansed by him, and is made radiant and secure at his name. The anxious man finds peace at his pyramid, From the Loyalist text: >Praise the king within your bodies >embrace his Agency in your hearts >spread Awe of him everyday >he is insight into what is in hearts >his eyes probe every body >he is the one who brightens the Two Lands, more than the sun-disk >He is Khnum for every body, This statue from the Biblical story of Daniel depicting Nebuchadnezzar II. It has similarities to Plato's 'noble lie' with monarchs as the golden ones. Nebuchadnezzar II with a head of gold. It reminds me of Leviathan on the cover of Hobbes. King James I is also the person who re-introduced Patriarchalism (often attributed to Robert Filmer, but imo it was King James I who commissioned and wrote about it himself first). In his screencap, King James I calls the nobility his arm and refers to body-politic this way.
Open file (83.38 KB 171x259 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5095 His book's definitely worth checking out. I first read it in like 2016 or so and wasn't hugely into it, but a few times this year I have went to reference certain sections for one reason or another and found myself pleasantly surprised about much of what I read. I think I probably just intellectually matured. Also that quote compilation you mention in your last two posts sounds like it would be an interesting project.
Open file (92.82 KB 508x524 pvUGsLV3.jpg small.jpg)
>>5098 King James I makes the point here: >But for the Nobilitie, the Kings right arm, to prostitute and set as it were to sale the dignity of their King, AS IF the arm should THRUST unto the Head But also, why they cut off the Head of the monarch like it was with Louis XVI. It was more of a political statement than an execution to remove the head... Arguably, I would say that a monarch is a person for a whole people moreso than just a head, because the monarch embodies it all in himself... as it is said, "The state is me."
>>5098 I like how in that video, Pyramid 01, the introduction: >And it was from this Chaos, that the Sun God emerged onto a mound, and the Great Mound from which the Sun God created the universe and all its living things, became a shape of great creative power, sacred to all the world Reminder that a pyramid is also the fire symbol, pointing up like fire goes up. I think the most creative energy, and for a powerful monarch to keep in touch with his power base, was through household rule (this kind of despotism)... >"As if there were no difference between a GREAT Household and a small state…"
>>5101 This is found on the ceiling of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. And this is why it was a special place, but also a commentary on kingship. http://www.galeriedesglaces-versailles.fr/html/11/collection/galerie.html ^ it can be seen here 1. Louis XIV, Patron of Arts 2. Louis XIV, Making Peace 3. Louis XIV, Reformer (Code Louis) 4. Royal Piety & Giving Food to his People during Famine All these depictions show extraordinary virtue, but also become the pride of France through Louis XIV in his Hall of Mirrors... Mirrors as a reflection, looking through the mirror.
>>5104 1. Establishment of Hospital for invalids/veterans of war 2. King Louis XIV Re-establishment of Navigation/Commerce 3. Commemoration of the Canal du Midi, engineering marvel 4. Preeminence of France Reocgnized by Spain
>>5106 #1. Louis XIV portrait w/ France in the War Room at Versailles. He wears laurels. #2. Louis XIV going to war. These other two pictures show victories. This was all found in Louis XIV's Versailles... It is a great demonstration of royal rule, and how it is household rule... how a royal monarch could build up his people or connect with them.
>>5107 #1. The King governs by himself. Found in Versailles also. #2. Louis XIV btfos financial harpies. #3, War room ceiling. #4. Louis XIV receiving apology from the Pope... a pyramid was built in compensation for the incident of papal guards attacking his ambassador... he occupied certain territories and this was greatly embarrassing for the Pope.
I think this post is fundamentally true, however the main flaw is that in attacking “state-centric society” it should more accurately be referring to the top-down liberal model of governance in contrast to the organic fascist state, which is ideally a bottom-up society in many ways structurally-speaking.
If only Filmer were alive today to see North Korea.
Open file (11.33 MB 544x304 Pi-Ramses Capital.mp4)
Open file (12.47 KB 553x133 aristotle-royalism03.png)
Pi-Ramses, the House of Ramses
Open file (9.61 KB 220x301 schopenhauer.jpg)
>>5093 Do you have a source for that Schopenhauer quote by chance? I was reading a selection from Schopenhauer's last work "Parerga and Paralipomena" and found a similar quote on monarchy, but it had no mention of animals or the organic conception of the state. It does declare monarchy to be the most natural form of government to man though.
>>6955 I found it here http://livros01.livrosgratis.com.br/gu010739.pdf Just ctrl + f and look for it.
Open file (75.47 KB 674x506 schopenhauer 2.jpg)
>>6956 Thank you, anon.
Why is there a shill for North Korea here?
>>6962 It's only expected that North Korea would come up in a thread so closely linked to Confucianism and ideas such as the "family state". Even if they do not instantiate this concept perfectly, they attempt to represent themselves in this light.
>>6963 North Korea still sucks and really shouldn't be seen as an inspiration or admired considering the country is only standing today is because of China.
>>6962 >Why is there a shill for North Korea here?
>>6964 >the country is only standing today is because of China. You can say the same about South Korea and its assistance from the United States. Only because they propped up shitty dictators for decades and killed anyone who expressed sympathy for the North did they continue existence as a sovereign state. Now today they are yet another semi-Christianized Zionist puppet state founded on soulless consumerism and K-pop. I would not see them as an inspiration per se, but I admire them for holding out against (((America))), practicing self-reliance and healthy nationalism. The leader is like a father to the nation, much like in Confucian philosophy. Families are stronger, pozz is non-existent. The White future will look far more like North Korea than one would think, though on economic grounds there will be many differences.
>>6968 >This gay meme You literally could make the same meme for South Korea and shit on the problems wrong with DK. >You can say the same about South Korea and its assistance from the United States. But this only half true, SK is pretty strong country in terms of military without the US. DK's tech is outdated and military is rumored to be really unorganized despite shilling how much discipline they so called have. >The White future will look far more like North Korea So in other words the White future is slavery and governmental abuses. So pretty gay to me.
Also why can't you retards stand consistent, either it's NS or not. stop shilling muh based China, muh based Russia, muh based this and that when all of these countries only end up being a place for kikes and pozz to rule over. It's either NS or no NS. This is why fascism is getting retarded nowadays because no one can stay consistent on their ideals.
>>6971 Stand consistent? I'm not sure what exactly you're arguing against. I am firmly NS, but this does not prevent me from admiring aspects of certain states in the slightest. >muh based China China is a shithole capitalist state founded on Jewish Marxist ideas. Not based at all. >muh based Russia Putin has numerous links to Chabad and Jewish oligarchs. Synagogues sprang up all over the country like poisonous mushrooms in the 1990s. There are numerous articles also which say that Putin is good for Jews, just CTRL+F "Jewish" on his Wikipedia page. Just recently Putin was caught wearing a red Kabbalah bracelet. You'd have to be stupid to say that Russia is based. There is no fascist state on the planet today. No NS state either, obviously.
>>6970 >So in other words the White future is slavery and governmental abuses. So pretty gay to me. No, the White future is of people homogeneously constituted within their nations, united under far-sighted leaders and working together for the good of the group. The organic state. North Korea is like this, albeit imperfectly.
>>6975 Yeah but you say bad word Kimmy's gonna hate it.
Open file (225.02 KB 1536x1022 Qu1KdDzZ.jpg large.jpg)
Open file (109.77 KB 800x600 vichy_france_poster.jpg)
Open file (1.23 MB 2880x2091 versailles.jpg)
>>7984 Is that a new Grace I see? Nice
>>8285 There will be more. I might keep using that outfit, who knows?
>>8282 Anyone else getting 90ies teen magazine vibes from this?
>>8311 The new outfit looks good, hope to see more.
Open file (251.18 KB 1536x1167 9Hkvt8Rx.jpg large.jpg)
Open file (488.94 KB 1536x1353 6asTDiMt.jpg large.jpg)
Open file (95.03 KB 1023x726 kim jong il photo.jpg)
Open file (89.82 KB 1022x726 kim jong il photo 2.jpg)
Open file (83.41 KB 661x573 kim apologizes.jpg)
Would any Western leader ever do this?

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