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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

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QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads Anonymous Board owner 04/06/2020 (Mon) 15:03:45 No.3
Self-explanatory. If you have a one-liner question won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, post it here.
>>2468 No problem. To expand on what I said again I really should have just taken the time to write all of this out initially rather than make several posts, just think of various things that people have told you since coming here— such as being against liberal democracy, egalitarianism, the emphasis on building a better man, a united nation, the principle of leadership, opposition to degeneracy and the like. None of these requires warfare in any way, and if you really think about it, the principles that I listed above were mainstays in almost every society on the planet for millennia in one form or another. The ones who'll tell you that fascism needs an "enemy" or something to attack outside of itself are talking out of their asses. They don't ever think that Germany might have had a reason why they wanted to expand into the East (excessive population density, not enough farm land, no food security, etc), they just blame it all on National Socialism like Hitler sat down and thought he needed a reason to start a war for...reasons. If you haven't yet, check out Cultured Thug: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8ZNFr6idU1Wx/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/jessOBKeBk2A/
>>2469 I appreciate it, I'll save the links. Yeah I think the sources I'd heard from just went with what's emotional and parroted and spouted it out but like I said something just didn't sit right. There had to be more, ya know? They often did use the Lebensraum as an excuse but doing some thinking I figured how couldn't he? All those people, and the people who would come, would need all that room. For a while I parroted the same bullshit but I started smelling somethin' rank so I started exploring, questioning. Finally found myself here.
>>2470 Their hate-propaganda against Fascism and National Socialism is so absurd and non-nonsensical that it often makes people research more and, in some cases, come to the truth on these matters. Even when I was young and had no notions of White pride, the JQ, racialism or the like, basic factors of the narrative pushed down our throats in public education didn't add up -- they're the ones we've all heard before, such as why Hitler inexplicably hated and tried to kill all of the Jews in the middle of a massive war on two fronts. It's amazing how their entire system, more or less, depends on the idea that Hitler and the rest of the Axis were absolutely irredeemable, evil and irrational, and yet they give it such a flimsy foundation. Unfortunately, this is likely evidence that they count on the ignorance and herd-like nature of the masses who just unquestioningly accepts the narrative and prevailing political conditions.
>>2471 Pretty much. Their fervent hate and rabid speech made me think there HAS to be something on the other side, so I tried looking for it all.
sometimes it feels like this whole board is a glownigger op designed with a single goal to get SOMEONE to do some sort of terrorist attack that the MSM can use to vilify the right and get the goyim horde to destroy us.
>>2509 We've been around for two years with no incident, I'd say this would be a pretty bad track-record. We're just not afraid of bad goy topics and opinions, simple as that.
>>2509 If you want to go and blow up a federal synagogue then go and do it. Just have the balls to blame vidya and anime so we can laugh at all the weebs being called terrorists. You haven't spent enough time around radical elements if you think this board of fart sniffing philosophers is a real danger to any one. The dangerous people out there aren't having religious debates and reading books (except Siege). Those people are young, dumb and angry. The exact kind of people who don't engage in the kinds of discussions we do. /r9k/ is more dangerous than /fascist/ is. They have way more weirdos likely to go postal over sailor moon than we do.
>>2519 >Just have the balls to blame vidya and anime so we can laugh at all the weebs being called terrorists This. At least blame Cuckchan
Do all caucasians have an origin in the area known today as India?
>>2569 Aryans moved into India from the Iranian Plateau, but the Pontic–Caspian steppe is the true home of the Indo-Europeans if we are to believe what the research says. Of course there were Whites in Europe before these groups moved in though
>>2576 What known groups have an Indo-European background?
Why are white nationalists tolerating niggers among them?
Open file (38.82 KB 256x400 natsoc nigger.jpg)
>>2585 It's been an ongoing trend
I'm becoming a regular here. I was hoping someone could explain technofascism to me? Is it as simple as Fascism that doesn't reject modern technology?
>>2600 Where have you seen this term used? I could be completely wrong, but it seems like another "meme ideology" that no one in the real world actually adheres to besides teenagers online. I found this definition on Wiktionary that basically confirms what you say: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/technofascism It's weird though, because obviously people in a modern context would usually (in most cases) the means available to them. So why don't we have Technocommunism? Technoliberalism, etc? Well of course we do but there's no meme-term for such a thing. I will say one thing though, the luddism that runs through much of this board is actually kind of unique to here. You might see it in other communities but it seems always to have been more prevalent here for one reason or another, same with the Hindu stuff.
>>2605 I've seen it sprinkled about. I mostly ask because I know there's Eco-Fascists who're extremely tech critical and primitivist. I personally am supportive of technology, long as it serves a purpose and isn't just done for the sake of it.
>>2606 I don't know if I'd call Eco-fascists necessarily primitivists, but yes we are far more tech-critical than the vast majority of the population. The techpill can be hard to swallow, but once one really starts looking into Linkola, Ellul, Kaczynski and Spengler's book on technics it becomes clear that something is wrong.
>>2600 >technofascism Frankly, to me this sounds like another example of labelling something broadly authoritarian as fascist.
Open file (60.60 KB 700x584 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (33.01 KB 574x301 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2608 That was my first though as well, and that's what the search results broadly seem to indicate as well. It's like when people use the gay term "Islamofascism"
>>2606 >Eco-Fascists I have not seen anything that would warrant Eco-fascism being seen as a distinct theoretical construct. Most who label themselves as Eco-fascist are either no fascists at all, just pretty serious in their environmentalism or actual fascists who just happen to be extremely concerned for nature. This is no alien concept to fascism though.
>>2610 Looking at my comment I realize how it sounded when I lumped eco-fascists in with primitivists, m apologies. I'm concerned for the environment too.
Open file (109.87 KB 1137x532 What is ecofascism.PNG)
>>2610 It's definitely a misnomer. Not even Pentti Linkola identified as a fascist (though he did praise National Socialism throughout his life). As far as I can tell it seems to have originated as a pejorative against extremist environmentalists and luddites of various types. The real distinguishing feature here is an acceptance of the principles of deep ecology, which isn't afraid of actually questioning the human relationship to our environment, anthropocentrism and various aspects of technology (unlike liberal "shallow environmentalism" which tries to sell you green-colored products and make you recycle occasional while keeping the System running at full capacity). Like you said, none of this is really even alien to fascism (esp. National Socialism) in the first place, we all know that the Third Reich was extremely ahead of its time in its measures against animal experimentation, animal cruelty, certain types of hunting, kosher slaughter, etc
>>2519 You never know, a /fascist/ fartsniffer might just have enough of anons calling the board mascot a nigger and go out at half past nine with a solvent trap on the muzzle of his hood cleaning boom stick with a subsonic .45 in the chamber and quietly goodify a local jogger looking for a construction site to visit. Said anon would be careful to wear a mask and pick up the casing to ensure there is no evidence and the police/media will call it more gang violence after it becomes revealed that the jogger had a criminal and drug history. Obviously anon cannot bring his phone along since LEOs would be able to use the mobile carrier data to figure out who was in the area at the time of the cleaning. This is not a call to action, merely a hypothetical scenario for someone who doesn't like the idea of spending his life in ZOGjail. You never shine if you don't glow.
>>2605 It's the BO. He likes posting long posts about voodoo shit.
>>2627 I’m definitely the reason why luddite stuff and paganism seem to have become so prominent here kek. I don’t purposely do it but since I post here daily and frequently it invariably shapes the direction of the board. I’m not the direct reason for the Hinduism though.
Edited last time by FashBO on 06/30/2020 (Tue) 03:03:41.
Was hoping I could get an explanation (Even though I may get some hairy eyeballs for it) of the quote: "Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. " I know this was Mussolini's simplification of Fascism but is it the order of law for all of Fascism? Or was it just his view?
>>2642 >"Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. " This is just a slogan which nescessarily condense political complexities. While broadly true they don't apply to every thinkable particular situation. They are not law. So we should be wary to use single catchphrases without context to explain policy but admittedly the problem exists also with books. Mein Kampf for example was a big success but Hitler was never happy with it even kind of disowning parts of it because he felt it didn't portray that he thought correctly. He started a second book but he wasn't happy with it either and the project came never to fruition anyways.
>>2646 I appreciate the answer, Anon! I'll probably have more questions later, so I'll be a regular around here for a bit.
Opinions on the book adolf eichman false gods the jerusalem memoirs, is it good. Ja oder nein. Why can't WN simply castrate the coloured population and use them as slave labours(gulag style), genocide is too expensive. While slave labour will allow the state to rebuild itself after the revolution.
Can one of you cuties translate this to english https://archive.org/details/Jung-Rudolf-Der-nationale-Sozialismus I'm a litteral nigger so i can't read germ. 0w0
>>2689 Genocide would be less cost-draining that arranging the castration of millions, affording for their upkeep and trying to put them to work, honestly.
>>2691 >cuties >0w0 Fuck off, fag.
>>2716 calm down faggot and translate the motherfuckin book
Opinions on the book adolf eichman false gods the jerusalem memoirs, is it good. Ja oder nein
>>2724 Do you really expect us to just translate 193 pages for you? Fuck off
>>2726 atleast answer my second question about adolf eichman false gods the jerusalem memoirs, is it good or no. stop wasting my time.
>>2695 no need to feed, overworking will kill most of them. no? think of it like the soviet famines. If POC die in labour, we can simply shift the blame from ourselves but if we directly genocide image would be ruined.
>>2728 Oh, no, not our optics!
>>2728 If we've moved to the stage where we can actively enslave millions of non-whites and kill them off through labor, I think we're beyond caring about "optics". Optics is a tool of the weak, desperately trying to look good according to the law and the manipulated opinion of the masses. Those in power do not have to worry about optics, they merely do as they please. Might makes right.
Is this still the main server or are we moving to 8chan.moe?
>>2741 We had actually partially moved there back in early June, but it proved very controversial for the board and so I deleted it for the good of the board and after seeing enough of the arguments from anons showing the downsides of associating with anything that has to do with Mark or Acidman. So Anon Cafe's /fascist/ is our main board and there are, at the moment, zero plans to move anywhere else.
>>2743 Thank you, it was just to make sure to keep an eye out for the next move if there ever was one, i got left behind when the 8chan shutdown happened and it took me months to find you guys again on Julay, suffice to say i do not want that to happen a second time.
>>2750 >suffice to say i do not want that to happen a second time. Yeah hopefully we will never be in a situation like that again where we're all scattered to the wind with no place to go. But with how things are nowadays, who knows. We do have right now Neinchan (http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion ) as a good fallback, but my general policy has been to try to keep /fascist/ on the clearnet as long as possible for ease of being found and access for everyone.
Edited last time by FashBO on 07/02/2020 (Thu) 23:36:58.
Open file (499.83 KB 3400x2338 gnet.jpg)
Open file (403.54 KB 3400x2338 gnet2.jpg)
>>2751 nice i thought Nienchan died, a more complicated but more secure option would be to make our own mini internet, something far more off the grid than the dark web. unfortunately i am not educated enough, have the time or well off financially to create such a thing and it would be a pain in the ass to keep a server or servers running but if there are any tech savvy /g/ anons here with the time and money to spare it could be done, some anons over at Lainchan tried to do such a thing. https://lainchan.org/%CE%A9/res/14586.html
I do agree we should stay on the surface web for as long as we can but as Zion's iron grip on it grows ever tighter i am not sure how long that will be.
So is this the permanent home of /facist/ for now? or are we still thinking about going to julay for whatever reason. plz spoonfeed me ive been out of the loop
>>2754 It is the other way around we left Julay for here. it will (hopefully) be the permanent home.
>>2753 My thoughts exactly. >>2754 We were basically kicked of JulayWorld (or will be here soon) along with a bunch of other boards, purportedly because Robi thought the site had grown too big and he didn’t use a majority of the boards. I’m a little sad that we weren’t kept but I’m at least grateful to Robi for providing a place for us to setup after 8chan went down. So after skipping around a few places again that ended in disaster and controversy we’ve settled here for good hopefully Unless I ever try to figure out how to make my own site or board so we become self-reliant but I’m a total retard in this type of knowledge
>>2757 Like i said /g/ anons could help out with creating a website if there are any here.
>>2757 >(((purportedly))) Robi sold out, (((they))) want no big image boards because of the impact they can have, it's good ole divide & conquer disguised as oh guys we need to be more resilient, let's just scatter some more hhuehue

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