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/fascist/ OC general Blackshirt 07/04/2020 (Sat) 10:31:45 ID: 934ffe No.2800
For OC and /fascist/-related content.
>>9526 Please work.
Open file (1.14 MB 500x500 nanananananann.gif)
>>9529 Nice, it took a second to get moving smoothly, but it's definitely working on my end now.
>>9530 any suggestions?
>>9535 It might look good if you put a black sun behind the words /fascist/ and have it rise from the bottom of the screen like a sunrise. Not sure of what colors I’d recommend but that’s one idea.
>>9537 I agree about having it rise instead of descend. The sun might be better off stationary with the "fascist" text in another color, though. Or, the text might be stationary with the sun moving, but then we're talking about a different image entirely.
Open file (1.90 MB 700x394 black sun glitch.gif)
>>9545 Yeah, it would be interesting to see a few different variants of the /fascist/ texts and a black sun of some form. All of those sound pretty good, honestly.
>>9497 They make Integralist so busty these days. It is a nice OC, although I'd give her a horse whip like Mussolini. Anchovy from Girls und Panzer has that.
>>9579 I know, her breasts have certainly expanded recently compared to the original, kek. >It is a nice OC, although I'd give her a horse whip like Mussolini. Anchovy from Girls und Panzer has that. Interestingly Hitler was known to do that too.
Open file (462.24 KB 769x904 red edit integralist.png)
>>9581 I'll do a regular-chested one in the near future, after I've finished Grace.
>>9587 Based Artchad. Can't wait to see your rendition of Grace too.
Open file (615.99 KB 1700x2048 u5DJfJxw.jpg large.jpg)
>>9587 I look forward to your gift, artchad. If you do "/monarchy/", also give me on that says "/monarchia/".
>>>/loomis/884 Grace is finished.
Open file (100.96 KB 610x383 fascist a pagan board.png)
Wasn't going for quality on this one.
>>3124 >>3127 >>5800 >>9497 >>9588 glad we have such good artists here. this totally doesn't make us look like a bunch of needle dick losers
Open file (96.89 KB 900x740 reallynow.jpg)
>>10558 >being triggered by a busty mulatto cartoon Do you know where you are?
>>10584 So if fascists aren't racist?
>>10591 Go back to /pol/
>>10591 Being racist and getting bent out of shape over a cartoon are different things. If someone posted a nigger or mulatto human and said, "this represents /fascist/" most anons wouldn't put up with it/it would get banned. Anyway integralist/tainara was designed with this kind of reaction in mind.
>>10591 Newfag detected, I've seen the BO explain this shit a thousand times by now. Whether he is crying or laughing at this point is a mystery >>10594 Based Nagatoro chad
>>10594 So /fascist/ doesn't recognize the jewish problem? Are you supporters of multiculturalism and racemixing? That's kinda disappointing if so.. >>10595 I'm having a hard time believing the words you say, correct me if i'm wrong, so /fascist/ uses shitskin as a mascot in order to filter out racist anons that don't like shitskin mascots? But why? >>10596 Of course as a newfag i don't know your board's lore and history, so why is it so surprising that the first impression i'm getting when i see a shitskin mascot isn't very flattering? The impression that i'm getting is that you are a board of shitskin fascists, i'm not saying that's a bad thing, perhaps its a good thing if shitskins turn to fascism.
>>10604 Most of this can be answered with a single "lurk more, faggot" if you have to ask about if we support multiculturalism and racism. >so /fascist/ uses shitskin as a mascot in order to filter out racist anons that don't like shitskin mascots? But why? It was created back in the 8chan does of this board nearly two years ago from shitposting about the Kuruminha meme that was going on in the meta thread there at the time. I worked up a shitty image of the character, posted it and people started making their own art. It caused some people to sperg, it was funny, and so people posted it more. It's not to filter out "racists" - it's too filter out bottom of the barrel /pol/ types who get triggered by cartoons. /fascist/ was created because 8chan /pol/ was so shitty under ImKampfy, If someone can’t handle some anime image, that’s on them. It’s stupid, ultimately and I don’t attach importance to it. for the discussion and the sharing of information on fascism and the third position wherever it has popped up in the world. It is like what Mosley said in his 100 Questions book on what Fascism is – he said that Fascism is one movement which manifests in different expressions in each nation according to different cultures, conditions and racial characteristics. Being a fascist myself, I want to learn more about fascism and talk more about fascism, therefore /fascist/ exists. /fascist/ exists because I was unable to satisfy this desire on 8/pol/, so I created a board for to attract like-minded people who were willing and able to discuss these kinds of things on a board that wouldn’t just be endless one-liner shitposts, and it has worked for the most part with a few bumps and retards here and there along the way. The board is mainly aimed towards White /pol/ users, and this is reflected in the fact that it’s mostly NatSocs who use this board. In fact, /fascist/ is more NatSoc than ever, and had more Strasserist and NazBol types in the beginning than it does now. Most of them fucked off or were banned at some point. And there is only a handful of non-White posters Another inspiration for this board was Cultured Thug. I love how he reads so many books from different fascist and third position thinkers and makes detailed breakdowns of the works. I tried to create something like this in board form. This is part of the reason why there is discussion of fascist and third position movements from all over here.
>>10604 Race mixing is not strictly incompatible with fascist government, and can be used to unite a people.
Open file (272.95 KB 600x750 zyklon pepe.png)
>>10608 This is why non-NatSocs will forever be cringe
I have updated the evolution of /fascist/ meme. The original 2020 image was made at the high-point of India-posting. We obviously still get that, but the trends of 2020 have become much clearer as of now late in the year.
>>10606 Are you in agreement with this >>10608 ?
>>10612 That's how you destroy peoples, not unite them. If there are multiple races in one state, there's not one people, there're many people. Mixing them together will create a nation of mongrels, bringing down the average level of the people and severing them from their culture, traditions and ancestors. There's a 95% chance that post was made to make the board look bad. There are a hand full of people who false flag and try to stir up shit due to various grudges they hold.
>>10613 Yeah, alright. >There are a hand full of people who false flag and try to stir up shit due to various grudges they hold. Perhaps it would be better to not give them free ammo then, that mascot sends mixed signals.
>>10604 I want /pol/ gone. High strung faggot the lot of you.
>>10618 Solution: more Integralist. Also, BO, you have the patience of a saint, but don’t spoonfeed newfags, if they have to be given as essay first they’re not worth bothering with
>>10618 >>10619 Its really telling that you have a problem with me, but not with >>10608 Don't worry, i'm gone.
>>10622 >can’t even lurk long enough to find out what this board thinks of Jews or basic questions (would take less than ten minutes) >wonders why people are rude with him and ignoring some dumb shitpost probably made to trigger you Pottery
>>10622 >implying one should worry about what a retard tornigger says
>mfw Integralist-chan is getting bullied again
>>10622 Yes because he's not serious (or if he is he's a kike), /pol/ turns everything into the tight assed environment that I left for this board years ago.
Open file (275.91 KB 2048x1170 gytLfhvd.jpg large.jpg)
I think Mexican anon will like this. So I'm posting it here.
>>11078 Grace looks good in almost anything it seems.
Open file (712.07 KB 1112x1246 integralist finger final.png)
>>11631 Your art is getting better, anon.
Open file (305.49 KB 794x847 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (412.41 KB 804x846 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (13.83 KB 241x399 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11634 I tried some new things that worked out good, I think. Usually when I vectorize the drawing in color it fucks with the colors in a way I do not like, but it does not do it, I learned today, when you vectorize it in black-and-White. So once I did that, I experimented a bit, and ended up taking the colors layer and hitting the "color" option, and it made the perfect overlay, while retaining the smooth vectorized lines. Another thing I'm really happy with is the new way for blending shadowed areas with unshadowed areas. In the past I've just made it a direct break between one and the other, but I recently discovered (lol) the mixer brush tool, which you can really see at work on her jacket. You can definitely see the difference between the final pic here and >>11631
Open file (92.82 KB 508x524 pvUGsLV3.jpg small.jpg)
>>11636 I think the lines need to be less wobbly, but other than that the pics are looking great. \ >Another thing I'm really happy with is the new way for blending shadowed areas with unshadowed areas. Shading is definitely an important skill to improve on. ... Do you use mouse or a tablet?
>>11637 Yeah I need to work on my lines a lot. I'll have to look into that. I use a tablet though for most of it. I think it's a Wacom Intuos. It was like a cheap $70 one but it works good
>>11638 I think some drawfags use a line or curve tool in whatever they're using.
I found this on /v/ 8moe. Looks like they did a 7th anniversary pic. And they added Integralist--nice of them.
>>11750 Very nice to see that they still included her even though we're just a bunker there now
>>11751 It's funny how Porky is between us. And Aurelia is standing near /leftypol/'s mascot. Does /liberty/ still use their board tan?
The full picture
Open file (25.56 KB 247x394 Integralist smile.jpg)

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