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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

Would you consider China fascistic? Blackshirt 06/30/2020 (Tue) 05:39:07 ID: 2b2933 No.2643
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lmp51YN-7wc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7395qcF2MGA Perhaps national Bolshevik is a more accurate term but here are the key points. >They are ethno-natonalist, this has been shown from their suppression of the Turks in the west of their nation, they are demolishing the mosques and are settling more Chinese in. >Their military are very disciplined to the point where they put pins to new recruits necks in order to train a good posture. >They have considerably less liberal influence, you won't see LGBT rallies or rainbow haired retards in China. >I am not sure about this one but i have heard that old Chinese values are still a thing. In fact ironically most communist nations (Or at least ones that claim to be communist) have seemed seemed have been more fascistic and cared more about their race than any modern day western nation, North Korea definitely. I have heard some anons on this board are frond of Pol Pot's Cambodia as well.. Do you think China is free of the jew? Or is it just a favorable looking puppet?
Apologies for seemed being repeated twice.
>>2644 And the have.
>this thread exists >ethnoglobe thread exists FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
>>2643 Ofc course not. They are plainly Marxists.
Open file (46.98 KB 394x557 2pp000209o85s589rs4.jpg)
>>2643 >They are ethno-natonalist They opposed Han natonalism and East Asian natonalism >They put pins to new recruits necks in order to train a good posture. Cringe >They have considerably less liberal influence, you won't see LGBT rallies or rainbow haired retards in China. They have faggot parade in Shanghai Most zoomer loves hip hop fashion and music >I have heard that old Chinese values are still a thing. Learn some Chinese, visit thier community You will notice they have abandoned everything They have bad taste in everything They have nigger-tier manner ROC(Taiwan) and even Hong Kong did better in terms of keeping the confucian tradition Remember, Jew build PRC t. Hongkonger
>>2651 If anything, PRC is pro-faggot >Same-sex marriage is legel in China (not in Hong Kong, luckily) >Tranny can change thier gender legally >70% of Chinese support LGBT rights >Government media tweet "homosexuel and bisexuality is normal" on thier Weibo
>>2649 >>2651 >>2652 I see that i clearly have greatly mistaken things, thank you canons.
Open file (237.00 KB 882x525 pol pot pepe.PNG)
Only really Pol Pot's Cambodia can be called ethnonationalist. From what I've read they carried out mass deportations of minorities and based at least some aspects of their policies on protecting "the Kampuchean race". In one paper I read on JSTOR, The Political Nature of Democratic Kampuchea, we see quotes from Pol Pot like this: >Without a socialist collective system, we could never be able to defend our country, we would lose our country and our Kampuchean race would disappear. In fact, our socialist revolution, has set up a strong base for our collective system in our nation, thus turning the whole country into a bulwark which can totally and independently guarantee our national defense Likewise they strove for autarky and stressed self-reliance and opposed the amalgamation of Kampuchea into an internationalist and Vietnamese-dominated "Indochina Federation". I've said before that they less resembled anything Marxist than they did pre-Marxist socialists like the Narodniks in Russia
>>2654 Never believe Chink propaganda
>>2658 Pol Pot's a commie, no? Don't tell me NK is based too.
>>2675 What is there not to like about North Korea? It's nowhere near as good as anything that existed in the Third Reich, Italy or Japan in the 1930s but I still respect them nonetheless.
>>2677 NK kills anyone not following their rule.
>>2694 Let's not pretend that every state on the planet isn't one step away from filling you full of lead if you make one wrong move or threaten their internal security. Jewish media is selling you a false picture of North Korea as some sort of uniquely bizarre and totalitarian country, filling the airwaves full of content that makes them look absurd. To know one's surprise, half or more of the stories turn out to be utterly groundless bullshit, defectors have been proven to be paid by the South Korean government and it's hard to see the majority of these claims as any different from what the Jews used to say against Hitler, such as that he sperged out and chewed on the edges of carpets when he was angry (muh Teppichfresser). If you want to see the real reasons for the opposition to North Korea, look into its stance towards Zionism and its resistance to global Judeo-capitalism.
>>2696 Agreeing in Jews=Bad is not reason enough to like such a dysfunctional regime. Simple being anti-western is not enough to be with someone, is like those who like Ch*na >inb4: Is all jewish lies, NK is utopia When you discredit all information that disproves you then you can make any claim you want without possibility of a counter-argument, this is an argumentative stalemate
Open file (2.88 MB 1698x9194 north korea.jpg)
>>2704 I wouldn't call it a utopia, but neither do I think it is a hellhole. There are aspects that I admire, and things that I wouldn't seek to replicate myself.
>>2704 >a dysfunctional regime Take away the crippling sanctions, the threats to NK's very existence so it doesn't need to spend like 90 percent of its resources on defence and it wouldn't be half as "dysfunctional" if we want to call it that at all.
>>2706 Their crippling economy is because of communism. Still, social wise, it's shit. A better example can be Singapore.
>>2717 >be sanctioned endlessly for decades >have your primary trading partner implode and enter into a period of floods and droughts, leading to famine >have thousands of ZOG troops stationed right across the border >be forced to pour resources into nuclear weapons to deter ZOG “IT’S JUST COMMUNISM GUIYZE” Honestly I don’t see the need for the state to own all of the private property and I likewise don’t think that socialism actually changes the conditions of the worker as much as lefties will try to tell you, but I don’t think this is the primary issue here. >Still, social wise, it's shit. Objectively wrong. There is nothing not to admire in a heavily militarized society that exalts self-reliance and hasn’t completely sold itself out to globohomo, not to mention that they despite everything retain a strong Confucian-influenced ethos. The DPRK is a prime example of Jonathan Bowden’s saying that while communism may kill the body, liberalism rots the soul. I think there is a very good reason why the Jews have abandoned their doctrine of rousing the working masses against the capitalists and assuming direct control. Once the leadership passes out of the hands of the Jews and other assorted utopian fanatics it actually seems to turn into a run of the mill authoritarian semi-conservative nation.
>>2720 How militarized a country has to be in your opinion?
The best that can be said about the Chinese is that they're no more degenerate than Whitey is. Still degenerate. Sure, they have enough loyalty to the blood to not let hordes of Niggers in or let racial outsiders have a say but they're still filled with bugmen. A pity, there's much to appreciate in Confucianism.
>>2722 That's a good question. At the very least I definitely think that every young man should be required to do at least some military service for his country, that way he can learn some skills, some good fitness habits, weapons-training and discipline. And even prior to military service I think that it would be good for boys and girls to be integrated into organizations that build community and put them to service for their nation, much like the Hitler Youth or League of German Girls. Get these people involved in community service, group activities and various sorts of land beautification and I believe that they'll begin to feel more connected to the soil again and think twice before trashing it, given that they would have firsthand dealt with tending to it. Since I often think from an American perspective (since I'm an American), I highly doubt that it would have to be taken as far as they do in the DPRK with their Songun policy. The DPRK is essentially under siege and is small country. Something the size of the US would have no need for that most likely, but who knows what the political situation would be internationally if the US somehow got under the control of a White Nationalist government.

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