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“Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”

Unpopular Opinions Thread Blackshirt 06/26/2020 (Fri) 16:50:13 No.2367
These are always fun. Me: >Dharmic religions are only slightly less cringe than Christianity >Pol Pot was based and was a racialist nationalist agrarian communist >People who say that people like Breivik and Tarrant "threw away their lives" are materialist Last Men at heart
>>2499 Either that or some idea of a unifying cultural institution. Now that, to an extent, I can understand, but as I've seen it, more often than the not monarchies have seemed to sell out fascists or side with Jewish elites against their own subjects.
>>2491 Pedophilia is having sex with kids/teens.
Open file (57.00 KB 286x676 qt.jpg)
>>2510 There is nothing wrong with having sex with a teenager. >b-but the law says... Fuck the law. Nature is my source of Law
>>2514 I can hear arguments on the line of aligning of consent for women with first menstruation, but that raises a little problem : it's far from uniform, even within a given ethnic group, and the average is shifting dramatically : the average may be around 10 today, but it was 16 in Europe 100 years ago, and that seemed to better align with a K strategy. Also, is it just my experience, or do smarter people of both sexes take longer to become sexually active ?
>>2520 Actually, it would probably be better to think less of consent, and more of marriage. If we do not approach it from this angle we run the risk of seeming like the interested parties here just want sex with younger girls to pump and dump—this would just be exacerbating many of the problems that already exist in our fornicating culture of today. Young marriages are essential for stable marriages, pair-bonding and a healthy outlet for natural urges. In a future pro-White natalist state in the future, this would have to be supported. The best thing to do would be to set a lower limit around where the vast majority of girls hit puberty, same for boys. Introduce a system of parental discretion as well, though while not totally removing a degree of choice from the parties to be married. The biggest problem today is that we focus entirely on love marriages, marriages based on superficialities like beauty at that moment, not realizing that beauty is something that fades. I'm not saying I want a hideous wife or anything, but the most important thing is health and looking for someone who would most likely be a good mother. People need to realize that marriage and sex aren't merely about love, it's part of duty to continue the race, elevate the race, assist in forging the future. >smarter people of both sexes take longer to become sexually active ? Tfw genius
>>2520 First bleeding doesn't mean ready to bare children. It takes time for the equipment to fully form and be able to carry life without serious internal damage. Birth isn't a simple and clean process, it's RIP AND TEAR even on an adult woman. >I don't know if I want to save my own people Lets be clear here, I'm not saying fuck my own people. I just don't know if I want them to be saved. I was thinking of the mouse utopia and how after so long the females were so damaged they couldn't bare children and what they did have died from being neglected. I look at most women today and see that same anti-motherhood damage. Gen Z should be the cut off point where women just abandon their children if they can even give birth to them. Free love > Gen X > Millenials > Gen Z is about where the mice utopia suicided. I think of how the people have been raised to just consume and wallow in filth. It's like Satan raised a population to be as sick and depraved as humanly possible. How do you come back from that? How do you as a group redeem yourselves from such hideous crimes like filling the world with more subhumans then it can handle then submitting to your inferiors? The entire group aren't bad, there are extremely rare exceptions who deserve better. But I don't make exceptions for smart chimps so should I make exceptions for the less depraved?
>>2522 The most important aspect of marriage isn't any of those things. It's creating a spider web of connections between your people. If your tribe are all intermarried and connected you treat them all like family. Marriage in it's base form has nothing to do with romance, very little to do with children and even less to do with liking each other. Two households wishing to join forces married into each other. It's a shitty example but Game of Thrones has an accurate portrayal of how marriage should work. Marriage for the non-elites is simply a meme the same way niggers wearing Nike trainers makes them think they're athletes. It's larping if your community knows you are in a relationship with someone and won't let you break that without severe punishment.
>>2524 >It's creating a spider web of connections between your people. If your tribe are all intermarried and connected you treat them all like family I definitely wouldn't deny this aspect either >It's larping if your community knows you are in a relationship with someone and won't let you break that without severe punishment. Honestly the whole family unit and state of communities is a wreck right now. It's unbelievable how many marriages end within five or so years nowadays.
>>2490 Doesn't matter. He's right about much, if only since him being a Jew means he can see things a goy denies. >>2496 There isn't a single society of note that isn't either a monarchy ("rule of one") or obligarchy ("rule of the few"). Democracy is a meme. >>2498 >Best Nothing more than striver taIk you have to appeal to something like "best" then it's obvious you're just a striver. One of the best insights of Neoreaction is that many of the problems of the modern world link to having an open system of power. If power is open to all, then all public life becomes a struggle for power between too many ideological and demographic factions, stirred up by rooted institutions, mass media and oligarchs operating via proxies. We have enough material prosperity and organisational hangover from older eras for this not to have broken out into open civil war...for now. Monarchy is a much better system for countering this. Since they are hereditary, they are closed systems of power, I am the emperor, since my father was such, you owe me taxes and obedience to my laws. That is the end of the conversation. Power becomes contractual but not as a "partnership of equals" meme, it is based on a chain of relationships and personal obligations that stretch upwards, eventually reaching the king, who is answerable to his ancestors, his successors, and to God. You might get the occasional Nero but mostly you don’t get Crowned Stalins. There is no incentive for kings to set up elaborate systems of surveillance either, since they are already the king. They are secure in their role, granted legitimacy by inheritance and the Grace of God.
>>2527 >There is no incentive for kings to set up elaborate systems of surveillance either, since they are already the king. They are secure in their role, granted legitimacy by inheritance and the Grace of God. I don't know about this. If there is a need for surveillance, a king's gonna use it. The Russian Empire, for example, had the Okhrana as its secret police to root out anarchists and communists. There may be a degree of stability in a good dynasty, but I don't think the "Grace of God" or "legitimacy" will stop anyone who isn't a total lemming from trying to kill them. >Nothing more than striver taIk you have to appeal to something like "best" then it's obvious you're just a striver. I'm not sure what you mean by "striver", but I don't think it is impossible to look for the "best". What we need to realize is that democracy is not the way to look for the ideal leader. It would not be that difficult, I think, to set up a system that does not involve competition over power and does not give the irrational masses a choice in the matter. We need a system which strives to cultivate and elevate the most capable and promising elements to positions where they can rule.
>>2528 If you just want "the best" like the proper Nietzchean you are to rule then you might as well stick with Globohomo and chop your dick off. Going by reliable measures like educational performance, "the best" populations where men like Bill Gates or David Reich come from overall support Globohomo or at least have no opposition to it as long as they aren't inconvenienced.
>>2530 Clearly your idea of "the best" is entirely different from my own, as Globohomo and trannies are the antithesis of this.
>>2530 Bill Gates was never the best, same way Steve Jobs was never the best. He was a marketer who found a nerd he could leech off of. The nerd did 90% of the work and the other 10% was back stabbing and backroom meetings to get contracts. They were the best at jewing people and that's all they had to offer.
>>2531 Too bad, the Tranny who LARPs are a lesbo is Current Year manifestation of the Nietzschean Overman who rejects tradition and follows his Will To Power. >>2532 >was never the best Oh, and how do you show that? It's amusing so many of the Will To Power crowd in the "Dissident Right" get so indignant at elite misbehavior that inconveniences them or is degenerate, when if anything that's a strong showing of said elite's Will To Power. I don't even need to bring in Bill Gates. I can point out how ever since the French Revolution the intelligentsia has always backed "Leftist" suggestions. The ones who can certainly be called "the best."
Open file (198.12 KB 644x720 1559867904369.jpg)
Pedos get the rope >b-but muh nature Every degenerate has an excuse, nice try, CIA
>>2545 >muh "X gets the rope" meme Have you ever given anyone the rope once in your life?
>>2544 Money and influence doesn't make you the best. I can get a shit load of people to fuck my wife, but that doesn't make me better than a man who makes his wife dress conservatively and avoid attention now does it? Those people cannot be called the best just because you hear about them. If they count as the best to you then tranny Jazz and Will Smith's son must be some of the greatest humans in history.
>>2550 >money and influence doesn't make you the best >he goes on about a NIgger celebrity's faggot son A Nigger like Will Smith isn't the one who pushes society. He's a trained chimp who follows his script. The ones who do push society have such control over it that they have effectively unlimited money. And trust me, they're the sorts who'd go to Harvard decades ago.
>>2552 >Jews give Jews fake diplomas which makes them the best. You view everything through a Jew lens then ask why the Jews are the best.
>>2546 Have you ever fucked a kid?
>>2544 >the Nietzschean Overman who rejects tradition and follows his Will To Power. Top kek imagine thinking that trannies are anything but what Nietzsche would call a “Last Man”. They’re firmly rooted in leftist slave morality as well. >>2545 Nature is non-different from God. When it comes to a conflict between human convention and the true nature of reality, Nature will always triumph. It is unavoidable. No matter how much someone protests, deep down they will prefer to marry an untainted loli wife over used-goods “stronk independent wamen”
>>2454 >I can't even watch anime anymore as I've become more redpilled. It seems so shallow, I can't help but seeing most entertainment as escapism for wagecucks, and it is so sad thinking of what Japan was in contrast to what it is now. Read pic related and learn the truth about anime and otaku. Otaku culture is basically part of the creation of a pseudo-Japan manufactured from US-made material. Japanese right-wingers despise these people, as its largely a product of post-war Americanization and consumerism. Postmodern degeneracy at its highest.
>>2580 Forgot pic
>>2580 Do you have a copy of it you could share? Getting people aware of the slant eyed menace would be a good direction to take.
>>2596 Thanks anon, I'll read it later
I unironically still browse /tv/ and /v/ because i still play old school vidya (with some recent ones from time to time) and some mid 2000 TV shows. You can start the shit flinging now.
>>2630 watch*
https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1278311315916931075?s=21 https://spdblotter.seattle.gov/2020/07/01/mayor-durkan-issues-emergency-order-regarding-capitol-hill-protest-zone/ The CHAZ LARP shows that rightie folk activism is a waste. CHAZ was an op to discredit secession by associating it with subhumans and degenerates who aid Globohomo.
>>2721 I don't know if this necessarily shows that activism by our people is a "waste". What they were doing was stupid in the first place, and I'm not even sure if they were attempting to actually "secede" given the fact that they were a tiny patch of land in the middle of Seattle. We have our own coward problem, but I expect than any similar right-wing / WN project that aimed at making an autonomous community would go about it in a much different way and at least be prepared to defend it.
https://twitter.com/Enopoletus/status/1277381982184452097 >George Floyd riots permanently refuted the "optics" meme. Optics don't matter. Media treatment does. He's right.
>>2739 Optics in regards to getting good publicity from the media is worthless and only leads to an emasculated movement. Optics as a means of gaining the support of the people is far more useful.
>>2739 Not really. It's been repeatedly shown that minorities who are well-funded and connected carry out revolutions. Be they the American or French one. Most of the colonists didn't even care about King George enough to fight.
>>2739 >>2742 I said it in another thread earlier, optics in one sense is merely a method of those who are not in power to prostitute themselves out to the masses, attempting to appeal to their sensibilities as implanted by the media and government, and desperately trying to look good according to what has been determined to be good according to the law. The tweet is right that optics don't really matter when you're faced with massive, wealthy and ZOG-supported institutions that have a reach unlike anything we could ever imagine. In another sense optics is not purposely shooting yourself in the foot when you could avoid certain controversies. In this sense I have no issue with optics. Optics-cucking is when you dilute / kosherize the content of the message to appease the Jews. This must always be avoided.
>>2745 It's the difference between "Great Man Theory" and the Marxist-derived "history from below" type view. I think that the former, like you seem to as well, is the only one that is in accordance with reality. The masses do not create new technology, great works of art, nor forge empires. They are merely objects in the hands of small minority of elites. I'm sure that economic forces and material conditions do to an extent shape history, I don't think anyone could deny this, but Marxists make it absolute with their "materialist conception of history"
here are my unpopular opinions +christfash, paganfash or islamfash better than atheist WN +white people are overrated +Extermination of lower quality whites very good +white nationalism as a movement is a joke/failure - lumping all indo-european races together is wrong - "white" miscegenation bad - jewish infiltration possible - WN's are usually amerimutts -no proper theory other than "huwite power" -they promote "huwite" equality -there is no "huwite" history, amerimutt +genocide fantasies bad +hitler and mussolini should've made peace with stalin +tarrant and the other guys were funny but their attacks were not beneficial in the long run. +America bad -not a real nation (basically a whiter brazil) -i don't expect any fascist revolution occuring there -nigger mentality +economical materialism useful +hitler should've nationalized all large business +both fascist and natsoc need update -Nationalsocialism needs to expand it's economical theory in order to appeal to more normals -Fascism needs some (((internationalism))) as a pragmatic move in order to prevent a premature failure of the revolution.
>>2769 You honestly can't call yourself a Fascist or National Socialist and not be Anti-American in some way or another. Hitler himself derided American culture as mongrelized and Negroid.
>>2773 If by America is meant the ideas surrounding the foundation of this country like 'Enlightenment' ideas, democracy and the like, not to mention the current Jewish-controlled state itself, I can't help but agree as an American myself. Like the other poster >>2769, America isn't even really a nation, it's a mutted-up amalgam rapidly descending down the route of Brazilification. We need to make our transition from decadent Republic to glorious Empire >>2769 White Nationalism is becoming more prominent is necessarily a result of the race-struggle becoming global. National identities, especially in America, are essentially meaningless or very tenuous, and there are numerous groups of White people which have came together and formed essentially a new White nation in the New World, for better or for worse. Unfortunately the idea of America is tied in with a bunch of subversive ideas like democracy, freedom, and the like. I don't think it's entirely a lost cause though, in fact I believe that if America is not liberated from Jewish power, no other nation will ever free itself either. I think your depiction of White Nationalism is a bit too (((Hollywood))) derived though. Obviously the stereotypes exist for a reason, but to characterize the ideologies as nothing but "huwite power" (>implying this is bad), racist liberalism and the like is painting with too broad of a brush, and anyone who studies the history of the movement can see this as plain as day. >+christfash, paganfash or islamfash better than atheist WN >Paganfash, atheist WN better than Christfash or Islamfash FTFY
And now for the ultimate unpopular opinions for here. The ultimate problems with advocates of Whites or "White Identity" politics is the following: >Refusing to acknowledge any part of White Behavior played a role in the coming of the current mess without being self-congratulationatory (see "pathological altruism"). >The cuckservative idea that you should accept the same premise as your enemy and therefore argue with cuck ethics. Yapping about muh White Genocide, thinking pulling a Gotcha! (like pointing out that wanting mass non-White immigration but complaining about colonialism is hypocritical) will win something of note. None is the plan of a man who expects victory, merely a man who already knows he lost and is just begging a place to hide and cry in.
Fascism, or any ultra-auth ideology for that matter, is too much of a gamble to justify willing implementation. Communist regimes, Russia, monarchies and shit Roman emperors are sufficient evidence.
>>2785 Monarchies have a pretty sound track-record over literally millennia. Commies are basically the only ones with a substantial amount of blood on their hands when compared with the amount of time they were in power.
Open file (227.33 KB 850x400 hitler struggle quote.png)
>>2784 >Refusing to acknowledge any part of White Behavior played a role in the coming of the current mess without being self-congratulationatory (see "pathological altruism"). Looking at the healthy behavior of white tribes and ethnicities in pre-Christian antiquity, I don't think our current predicament was necessarily inevitable or wholly stemmed from White behavior. The Greeks, for example, seemed to think that everyone who wasn't them was a subhuman barbarian, for example. The demise of White master morality was the real beginning of this problem where we begin to pity and sympathize with both White and non-White subhumans and saw them as in some way equals (spiritual or otherwise). I blame Abrahamism. I agree with you completely on your second point though. Never meet cuck ethics with cuck ethics. The bigger cuck (invariably the leftist) will always win. This is why when someone is crying about "stolen land" the only way out of it is to appeal to the right of conquest. They can easily turn this around to the Great Replacement itself, of course, but let's be real, if we refuse as people to preserve ourselves, according to the Laws of Nature we have forfeited our right to exist.
>>2785 You're only 56% White and filled with trannies.
>>2788 Look up Alexander the Great. He was the prototypical White cuck. Complete wjth demanding his men to marry foreign women
>>2793 Failing instincts are lamentable, but perhaps excusable in ancient times, as they were a product of ignorance. It is today in particular that being okay with miscegenation or even engaging in it oneself is inexcusable, as we know for a fact that it will lead to lower quality offspring, whether we're talking in terms of beauty, intelligence or anything else. Your white cuck narrative, by and large, doesn't stand up to scrutiny.
>>2793 >Alexander the Great. He was the prototypical White cuck. Complete wjth demanding his men to marry foreign women The way you describe it doesn't do history justice. Do you happen to have your knowledge from Colin Farrell's faggot impression of him? Alexander might in fact have been one of the first proponents of ethnoglobe. He wanted to spread the Greek culture all over the world, like literally. He was a visionary and like all true geniuses walking that thin line they sometimes go too far. He thought Greek ethnoglobe was only achievable by interbreeding with his former enemies he deemed worthy to that end and which turned out to too big in number to subjugate without some form of cooperation. Mind you, Iranians are Aryans so they are not some lesser shitskin race and of course he believed the Greek (male, superior) traits would be dominant in the offspring over time. Of course his plans are debatable and his men, for various reasons, didn't believe in them, either. The common thinking back then was this as summed up perfectly by Spartan king Polydoros. >If you worship your enemy you are defeated. >If you adopt your enemy's religion you are enslaved. >If you breed with your enemy you are destroyed. You can think of Alexander what you like but he was the White man closest to realising ethnoglobe and you're just text on the internet.
>>2814 >Mind you, Iranians are Aryans so they are not some lesser shitskin race This. And this would be especially true prior to Arabization.
>>2812 >admits Alexander was fine with miscegenation >he was based and redpilled Yawn. >>2814 >defending cultural and blood mongrels >going Iranians wuz White n sheet We have Iranian DNA going back milleniums and before Islam. They weren't White.
>>2864 Many, many Iranians to this day are White. Likewise it was the same in many parts of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Aryans ruled them and constituted the elite. You can joke and say “WE WUZ KANGZ” but we literally wuz kangz in that region
>>2864 In terms of being Aryan, not as white as we or not (forget the current browing trend in fake science), what was good enough for the Third Reich scientists is good enough for me edgelord Fun fact: I didn't even defend mixing of races or rather sub-races. Learn to read, it helps

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