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/fascist/ is joining 16chan in the near future. Please stand by.

Open file (54.74 KB 640x713 hitler brown house.jpg)
Rules / Moderation / Request / Meta Blackshirt 12/11/2020 (Fri) 15:55:22 ID: 2e3850 No.15492
WELCOME TO /FASCIST/, PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING Anon Cafe on Tor: (save locally!) tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/fascist/ Anon Cafe Fallback File (save locally!) https://anon.cafe/special_static/anoncafe_fallback.txt Neuchan Bunker (TOR ONLY): (save locally!) http://dibzdpeu52cpmeuvdynm5mf6nawoslxozxmhx3fjozjz44cksodhkaqd.onion/fascist/ Tertiary Bunker: https://8chan.moe/fascist/ /fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism, etc). Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, non-fascists are permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs as long as they respect the rules of this board! This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation (currently just me), banners and general bitching. BASIC RULES 1. Global rules apply (see https://anon.cafe/.static/pages/globalRules.html ) 2. Literature requests should go in the proper thread >>4 3. Threads with basic questions not conductive to discussion should go in the QTDDTOT 4. No avatarfagging or tripfagging without reason 5. No self-advertising. No Discord shilling. 6. No degeneracy* 7. No spam, flooding, serial double- / triple posting 8. No fedposting** * Note on 'No degeneracy' For purposes of this board, this means no unspoilered gore, no pornography, no advocating for race-mixing, transgender ideology, homosexuality, bisexuality, sexualizing prepubescents, etc. ** Note on 'fedposting' Fedposting will be defined as posts that actively attempt to rouse users into carrying out terrorist attacks or acts of violence. Speaking positively about Breivik, Tarrant or similar individuals does not count as fedposting, think more of ""Hey kid, you wanna bomb a federal building?" type posts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT TYPE OF CONTENT WE WANT Here on /fascist/ we want high quality on-topic discussion and threads. If a major news event occurs (e.g. war breaks out, major terrorist attack, migrant crisis 2.0, another 9/11-tier event), go ahead and make a full thread. WE ARE NOT A NEWS BOARD, generally speak. We don’t care about what Trump did today or muh Republicans and Democrats. That should go to the /pol/ of your choice. LOW-EFFORT THREADS ARE DISCOURAGED This means we don’t want here on /fascist/ shit-tier threads which do not foster any interesting discussion or contribute anything of worth. This style of thread will in most cases be locked after being directed to the QTDDTOT or outright deleted. Examples of this type of thread: >what do fascists think of X Y Z >can gays / blacks / trannies / Jews be fascist? IS FUN ALLOWED HERE?? Of course, but the main objective of this board is to foster actual discussion about fascism, third positionism and related ideologies, movements and literature. Some archives of the old boards: https://web.archive.org/web/*/8ch.net/fascist/ https://web.archive.org/web/*/julay.world/fascist/
Edited last time by FashBO on 02/13/2021 (Sat) 23:39:56.
Open file (62.69 KB 1200x800 confused anime cat.jpg)
>>23577 Why can't you just move to 8gag again? I think they can migrate the threads and handle glowing in the fucking dark. They obviously want to help you if it means coming over. t. curious shill
>>23586 Unix And Linux System Administration Handbook is a great overview and you can check out the related reading section at the end of each chapter if you need more info on any weak points. Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks is another good one. >>23591 You won't learn it overnight so you better start now.
>>23597 >why don't you move to a site run by a fed and a jew again? I think they migrate the threads and glow in the fucking dark. they obviously want more centralisation and power. >t. shill not sending their best
>>23573 >"I would propose a period of one month, though if any serious issues arise we would talk before it ended." Sounds like a pain in the ass. The 16 guys offering you a space is a great thing. The fact that a /pol/ board is present is not a big deal imo, didn't you manage your board on 8chan originally, where a very big successfull /pol/ existed after all? You managed to grow your user base then, and you kept it afterwards, so I believe /pol/ is a non issue. My opinion is to try and keep as many clearweb fallback options active as possible, so if we move on 16chan for example and kikes shut it down, we can move elsewhere where a bunker is already set up. Try and ask the zzzchan guy if he is okay in granting you a space as emergency bunker only, and meanwhile ask the 16chan guys if threads can be moved over from here to there. If threads can actually be moved easily and they don't demand trials or annoying conditions, 16 is to be favored.
>>23573 While I am unfamiliar with 16, I am somewhat familiar with the fish, and the fish has his janny army prune "CP" from b regularly (ie. pictures of how your niece dresses at the family barbecue) because he's afraid of "controversy," not out of any legitimate concern for whether or not something is actually CP. On zzz and probably other boards, instagram has a racier stance as concerning immodestly dressed minors than they do. Now, I'm obviously not saying to "go to 16 because they'll let you post CP" (I have no idea if they would or would not, I haven't been there.) and I thoroughly appreciate this board's hardline stance against degeneracy, I'm just saying the fish is fairly spineless and I would predict he would fold against fascist with any kind of external pressure. Consequently, I recommend 16.
>>23611 >the CP advocate strikes again >hurr durr fish bad because he deletes my based "legal child model" pics that I totally don't whack off to and they're 100% legal you guise look mr schlomoberg says so let me be a pedo in peace you fucking normalfags reeeeeeeeeee Unironically kill yourself.
>>23612 I recommend learning how to read. It's an excellent White man's hobby.
>>23614 >posting pics of your niece on /b/ >even instagram is more relaxed about pics of children Deleting pics of kids on an imageboard takes more of a spine than falling in line with globohomo standards.
>>23616 I'm not here to discuss abstract concepts of courage when it comes to naked little girls on an imageboard, nor do I care. I'm pointing out that sturgeon is of such a disposition that he would nuke the board if he caught a whiff of what he perceives to be "trouble" coming his way. Also take note that he's point blank refused to make a pol board for that very same reason, to avoid trouble. Basically, if you opted to go to sleepychan, even if you passed whatever "trial run" he's talking about, you'd always be a hair trigger away from deletion.
Open file (100.76 KB 345x553 77r7ldu0.jpg)
People who post their children on social media are retarded parents doing their retarded social media thing. On the other hand the only people who would post random pictures of children on imageboards are pedophiles, glowniggers baiting pedophiles, or leftists trying to take down the imageboard. There's neither parents posting their children nor children posting selfies in /b/.
>>23518 >I can't speak for the codexx guy /jp/, old /jp/, not whatever kimeemaru thinks he's a member of, solved who he is, and he already hosts several imageboards, and is quite well known in the farms.
/FASCIST/ WILL BE JOINING 16CHAN It's official at this point, but we're not going to be moving over immediately. I can't give an exact schedule, but there's a few things that need to be done first. I think that this will be the best clearweb location and one that users here will be happiest with
>>23634 >/FASCIST/ ok now what about this board idiot
>>23636 Some things are being worked out right now that may or may not happen, so we will be staying here until then. When we leave I'll let people know, but we're here for the time being.
>>23637 I think he was making a joke about your all-capsing /fascist/, and you missed it entirely.
>>23653 I was just pretending to be retarded
>>23634 What happened that made you change your mind about zzzchan in the span of a day?
Honestly this doesn't sound too surprising. The board just doesn't feel the same as it did when it started out on 8chan and I'm convinced a lot of oldfags left not only through migrations but an overall change in culture. This will probably be my last post as well. I was already coming here less frequently as time went on but I think I can leave this board and move on to greener pastures now. Goodbye /fascist/, it was good posting with you lads. I'll miss you BO. You were the best poster for all these years.
>>23663 User input and mulling over the pros and cons in the meantime. The offer by 16chan was very much a surprise as well. I didn't even reach out, they reached out to me >>23678 I'll miss you, anon. Thanks for the fun
>>23678 I hope you've moved either to /pol/ or exclusive real life effortposts, anon. If you were only posting on /fascist/ for muh intellectual bookclub, you might as well never have been here in the first place.
I just read the site owner's posts on /meta/ about how to set up your own imageboard anonymously. Some useful info there. But it's really a joke that he cucked on hosting /fascist/. What is the point of being paranoid and talking about deplatforming if you are resolved to only host uncontroversial content? You can find discussions from any of the other boards on even reddit because they don't care if you talk about your feels, play with your dick to anime girls and orgy porn, or non-racist gun discussion. The only anonymous discussion at risk of deplatforming are the ones that threaten the establishment.
>>23696 >What is the point of being paranoid and talking about deplatforming... To be fair, they are not the same thing. Wanting to remain anonymous can be for various reasons. Such as wanting to avoid online drama becoming real world drama. Wanting to avoid take downs can be as simple as wanting to avoid inconvenience and costs, both time and money, of bringing a site back online.
>>23682 The "book club" type elements are important, and I hope they can be emphasized into the future, but with this said, /fascist/ is not and never will be an end in itself. Knowledge not applied is wasted and one might as well have never learned it if they're just going to let it fester in their head.
>>23682 >If you were only posting on /fascist/ for muh intellectual bookclub, you might as well never have been here in the first place Ideas that you share will go into other people's minds for consideration. Even if you don't do anything about it, someone else might, or they may pass that idea along elsewhere through their life.
>>23680 I think it's a bad idea to use a non webring site but ok we'll see how it goes
>>23722 From what I've gathered their not considering joining it at just this moment, but they might revisit the question in the future. At least that's what I was told when I asked a guy at 16 about it. In general though I don't see what it would change much.
>>23722 There are pros and cons. On the one hand, being off the webring means we're a little more centralized and might go down due to unrelated events on another board on 16chan. On the other hand, it will take /cow/ users, other dramafags and kikes a little longer to access /fascist/ and their attention spans won't allow for that/it's arguably lower priority.
I would like to report something my pee pee poo poo thread was deleted in 10 seconds after being created slow mods 0/14
>>23828 Sorry anon, I'll try to get that efficiency at least doubled by the time we get to 16chan
>>23829 good it should take 1488 milliseconds to delete a retarded thread!
Open file (113.02 KB 426x553 tarrant thumbs.png)
Regarding 16chan we're trying to get our threads moved over. I'm not sure if it will work so don't get your hopes up in the slightest, but this is the reason for the delay >>23830 That's what I'm aiming for!
Edited last time by FashBO on 02/24/2021 (Wed) 16:43:18.
>>23634 Old time lurker/poster here, 16 is a pretty decent chan but it was better to have /fascist/ on another one in case either of them goes down. Pedo and terror posters belong in the oven and should not be tolerated. Most of them are degenerates and/or agitators trying to poison the well under the guise of free speech, and there is a prolific terrorposter with a codename "ZOG faggot" , easily recognized by his tryhard posting style, straight out of 80's and 90's entrapment manuals. While we understand that he has little to go until he finally gets pension and that he is not exactly enjoying his job, only doing the bare minimum to keep up with his orders, his posts might bring additional censorship. The board should maintain the character of abstract intellectual discussions.
>>24021 >terror posters belong in the oven How do you do fellow oldfaggot VPNiggers?
Open file (113.67 KB 1024x1019 stopgoyim.jpg)
>>24021 >additional censorship Peak cattlethink. Listen you fucking ape, this isn't a one way street, these kikes try to censor us no matter what we do , yes, no matter what, get it through your head so fuck your optics cucking anyway nigger, because we literally did nothing wrong, however people can write whatever the fuck they want as far as I care. Understand that cucking doesn't work nigger, cucking doesn't make them "treat us better" in any way shape or form at all because we are enemies in a death struggle here and all of this is a result of that our societies are literally occupied, get in your head you fucking moron. Do I have to remind you that leftist post death-threats/dox/terrorpost on clearweb/reddit and twatter/google/instagram literally posts and supports child porn/pedophilia nothing happens to them or their sites or the people who do it. That doesn't get canned though because the ZOG/jews only care about and are obsessed about what the "right wing" is doing because we're not on their team like the judeo-left and they neurotically fear what we speak about because it's the truth they have to try and shut down/ban at every turn, they're busy trying to shut down and censor the entire internet because of this, do you get it? You're a fucking moron if you don't understand this at this point. Also the zogfaggot guy is based a bit frantic but I miss him.
>>24024 >Also the zogfaggot guy is based a bit frantic but I miss him. He had his heart in the right place but he was certainly autistic.
>>24024 This. I also miss that autistic fucker, he always found a way to ignite debates. He stopped going to Neinchan months ago though, but I spotted him both on 16 and 8kun afterwards.
>>24021 >Pedo posters belong in the oven and should not be tolerated. this. > terror posters belong in the oven and should not be tolerated. i don't see why terror posters don't just stick to the neuchan or neinchan.
>>24064 There's significant overlap between the posters and had a radicalizing effect on /fascist/
>>24067 It's interesting to compare the mood here now with the 2019 thread on Tarrant up to Crusius: https://web.archive.org/web/20190805065804/https://8ch.net/fascist/res/11718.html There are more cucks, but still a good deal of /ourguys/ posting
>>24063 Newfag here. Currious, is Neinchan a fun way to say 9chan or was that the ligit name of the website? Because if its the latter then that'd be amazing.
>>24222 Neinchan is a different website from 9chan. Neinchan's Tor-only.
>>24222 Neinchan is the name of the website, 9chan is a different website.
Do we have a date for the move to 16 set?
>>23663 I called the BO a retard for not being able to figure out how to post without niggerscript and he got butthurt. I wish I was joking.
>>24263 No definite date yet. The reason for the delay is that they were going to try to move all of our threads over. I had gotten some news that sounded like it would work without a hitch when they got around to it, it's just that they haven't gotten around to it yet. Last I asked for updates was two or three days ago and I was told by the guy I talk to that he'd bother the actual owner of 16 about it. Since you're asking me I will ask again tonight. If it wasn't for the possibility of threads being moved I would have packed up already.
>>24277 It's no big deal, I'd just like to know when to remove the cafe version from my bookmarks.
Why is the move happening again? Sorry i have been gone for a while.
>>24288 The admins emailed me in late January telling me to look to start looking for a new place for the board. I didn't see this email due to it being put in spam. Either way it changed nothing. They attached as an example of a reason they don't want /fascist/ anymore some guy talking about the methods of genocide that would be used in the creation of the ethnoglobe. It was basically some dude's LARP because obviously you can't carry out a genocide with a few people on /fascist/, you need an organized state and governance to be able to do such a thing, but that was the demonstration of why we are going to have to be let go. Many people think they were pressured and used that as an excuse, but who knows. Either way, around February 20th or so they posted a notice saying that /fascist/ will be deleted by the site admins on March 20th, and tried as I did to negotiate a bit here, they really seem to be done with us, and so I've chosen 16chan as our new location after it was offered to me. Some relevant posts: >>23343 >>23382 >>19587 (the genocide post)
>>24263 Okay, I just asked, seems like they're gonna try to do it this weekend.
>>24290 I understand, thank you, i will see you all on 16chan when the day arrives.

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